JLinPortal Site Guideline & Feedback

Let’s use this post to discuss ideas/suggestions to improve the website.

The following is a summary of Vision, Main Functionalities and Site Guideline

1. JLinPortal Vision

“Positively bringing together JLin fans”
Build a community to enjoy interaction and positive discussion among Jeremy Lin fans.

2. Main Functionalities

  1. Provide general discussion in the “Disqus Hangout” room for recent JLin news
  2. Allow members (with Contributors role) to create Blog Posts so we have focused discussion on separate topics
  3. Allow members/guests to quickly browse Latest Posts/Comments so they immediately know latest topics and choose which one to participate
  4. Provide “Chat” functionality for more interactive experience
  5. Provide interactive Game Thread experience (Chat+Post with Disqus, future live scoreboard)
  6. Provide more Social Networking features (Private Message, Private Group Discussion) and User Rank by assigning points to establish user credibility and ensure quality postings
  7. Next Project: a STATS ANALYSIS REPORT page.
    The 1st one would be an interactive “Game Stats Analysis” which serves to provide statistical average (pts/asts/stls per game) based on multiple input filters such as player (i.e.JLin without Harden/Bev) or time (>15 min/game).
    That way we can actually track the stats next season how Lin performs with/without Kobe/Nash/other players in games.

Note: We will use Blog Posts with Disqus Comments to simulate a Forum experience. We are moving away from bbPress Forum due to its lack of features (search Best/New, voting, centralized notification, limited membership vs Disqus accounts, etc.)

3. Site Guideline

Many moderators are needed in this site to realize the vision of “Positively Bringing JLin Fans together”. A Site Guideline Page would need to be created to clarify guideline.

The #1 priority is to have respectful discussion (no personal attacks, no putting down others based on race/gender/background) so even children can read and learn how to have a healthy discussion.

  1. Disqus filter is already in place to put comments with offensive words in moderation awaiting approval.
  2. When violations occur, moderators can give a warning to posters of the violation. If posters do not comply, their Disqus username or IP address can be blocked by mods from Disqus Admin site (https://jlinportal.disqus.com/admin)
  3. Disqus setting also allows individual comment to “disappear” when flagged up to X times (i.e. currently at 5 but can be increased as users grow)

Please give your feedback on what else would need to be included in the Site Guideline or important Functionality (i.e. live scoreboard, counter, reliable chat, etc.) as the new NBA season will start soon

Thank you very much for those who agree to be moderators 🙂

@Brent Yen
@joyce warde
@psalm234 (me)
Together we can bring Positive JLin Fans vision and best JLin Fans site experience to realization !  😛  😎

ARCHIVE FORUM: http://www.jlinportal.com/forums/topic/jlinportal-site-guideline-feedback/