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  1. Let me start with my Intro so it’s fair 😉

    1. The moment I followed Jeremy Lin

    I started following Jeremy Lin after reading the excellent ESPN article in late 2009

    LINK: Immigrant dream plays out through son, ESPN, Dec 10 2009

    Harvard’s do-it-all star learned the game from his father and a host of NBA legends

    The thing that caught my eyes were how he filled up the stats in the Ivy League showing he has athleticism to potentially be drafted in the NBA. And even Jim Calhoun, UConn coach who won NCAA championships, sang high praise after Lin scored 30pts on his team:

    This year? He is merely second in the Ivy League in scoring (18.6 points), 10th in rebounding (5.3), fifth in field goal percentage (51.6 percent), third in assists (4.6), second in steals (2.4), sixth in blocked shots (1.2) and top of the pile in turning the heads of esteemed basketball minds, including Hall of Famer Jim Calhoun.

    Want athleticism? How about leaping high into the sky to block a shot by UConn’s Jerome Dyson.

    “I’ve seen a lot of teams come through here, and he could play for any of them,” the longtime UConn coach said of Lin. “He’s got great, great composure on the court. He knows how to play.”

    I thought it’s a nice story and if he can bring his Harvard team to qualify for NCAA tournament in March and shine, there’s a small chance NBA scouts will draft him. This was how it had to happen for players in less well-known basketball schools. Can he compete against more bigger and better NBA prospect from big schools? But Harvard didn’t make it and Lin wasn’t drafted in 2011 but Lin still got his chance by outshining #1 draft pick John Wall in that summer tournament to get the GSW contract. And his strong faith and charitable work was easy to make him to be one of the good guys (Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Steve Nash, etc.) to root for in the NBA.

    2. Favorite Moment

    The 1st Linsanity game against New Jersey Nets when he went one-on-one to outplay Deron Williams.

    How good can this be? 🙂 I and a few other JL.net fans were hoping Lin would get some good games not to get cut and get some playing time. He scored a bit against Spurs, perhaps Houston but didn’t do well against Boston. Then this exhilarating moment happened when he scored and scored and scored again. 😆 I must have looked crazy to my family jumping around in front of my TV.

    Jeremy Lin NYK v NJN (Feb 4, 2012) 25pts 7ast 5reb – Career high points


  2. I think we should keep a record of this article (http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/columns/story?id=4730385/ in the forum as well as record keeping. Never know when the espn article goes 404

  3. @blubell, I copied yours from Forum to this post. You can copy and paste so I can delete mine here.

    By @bluebell

    Great post, Psalm!

    After being a die hard Lakers fan for years, I gradually lost interest in basketball once I entered college and didn’t have much time for basketball. One day, this buzzer beater youtube video popped up on youtube homepage. I didn’t think much of it and ignored but it kept popping up on most popular video list and youtube kept recommending it to me. So I finally watched and Linsanity began for me. However, the most important reason I am such a die hard Jeremy fan is because of his faith. Yes, he is Asian like me and a nerd like me and the underdog story is great but he has inspired me to be a better Christian/human being… the rest is just icing on a cake.

    Even though I was a die hard Lakers fan, my knowledge of basketball was very limited but Linsanity has enhanced my knowledge so watching basketball is now more enjoyable than before!

    It is hard to pick a favorite Linsanity game… I always love watching the games vs Nets, Toronto, and Lakers… Dallas game deserves honorable mention.

    My family (except my bro) and friends are not basketball fans so I’m glad there are Jeremy fan communities to share my excitement!

  4. Brent Yen , I copied yours from Forum to this post. You can copy and paste so I can delete my copy here.


    By @Brent Yen

    Ha! totally different, “you know who” CAN not become a good defender.

    My not so Linspired story…

    I was a HOU fan in 90s….with the 2nd retirement of MJ……I stopped watching NBA at all…..until I saw the NJ game highlight which went viral on facebook. I knew Lin after he signed with GSW from news. But was not his fan. So…..basically I am one of the so called band waganers because I followed him more closely after that NJ game. I watches his highlight for the next 2 months, realized that he is an all-star caliber player who still have big flaws……It is very encouraging because you know he still has rooms to improve and he was already very good at that time, just a bit raw due to lack of experiences…After that, completely became a big fan of Lin…..

  5. @Maknusia , I copied yours from Forum to this post. You can copy and paste so I can delete my copy here.


    By Maknusia

    I would echo Brent, having followed MJ and I was excited with Kobe coming into NBA picture, while news were out MJ is retiring. But Kobe just didnt have the same charisma that MJ had.

    My home city, Pistons were at their lowest as well, hence lost interest to stay up or going for a live game. I used to drive all the way from Kalamazoo/Detroit to Chicago to just watch MJ’s game, while dining at MJ’s restaurant (ps…and this was overnite drive and back to school the next day!!!…dont know what had happen to all that energy, which I lack now

    Eventually lost interest although I do still play atleast once or twice a week, while part-time coaching soccer and badminton(birdie).

    Having heard this new kid coming from nowhere viz undrafted, underdog, etc taking on the game, hence started to follow NYC (my most hated team during MJ). But the bunch of players surrounding JLin was really appealing to watch, especially the support and confidence they had on him, brought me back to BB.

  6. @wilsc, I copied yours from Forum to this post. You can copy and paste so I can delete my copy here.


    By Wilsc

    Typed a long post, but the “webpage failed to load” and lost it. So I’ll just replace it with a brief intro.

    I started following Lin because he was Asian.

    I have surfed box scores since high school, watched the Vancouver Grizzlies, and before that short era caught the occasional game on NBA on NBC on the weekends.

    I was interested in Nash because he is from Canada. I was also interested in Asian players, because being Asian myself I always wondered if an Asian is capable of being an high level NBA player.

    For a while there was Yao, but I was never a fan of him. Then there was lesser guys like Yi Jianlian. But one doesn’t follow an NBA player just because he’s Asian. He has to be able to play.

    It must have been the autumn before Linsanity when I came across aman2k YouTube videos of Lin in GSW. I was amused that an Asian guard made it in the NBA. Loosely speaking, one could say I ‘followed’ him since. Of course, the Linsane degree of time spent on following his on court and off court story only started after the Nets game.

    I remember the few games leading up to the Nets game and being impressed that he was actually getting playing time. Then the Nets game came, and I was shocked (with the box score).

    I found highlights of the game. The performance itself was amazing, but what Linspired me was his humility and most importantly acknowledgement of God during the interviews during Linsanity. I could tell he relied on God through the tough times, but it was Linspiring to see him also remember God in his success. Of course, his continuing faithfulness to God is no less encouraging.

    From a sports spectator perspective, I started following Lin because he’s Asian, but I continue following him because he can actually play.

  7. @webattorney, I copied yours from Forum to this post. You can copy and paste so I can delete my copy here.


    By WebAttorney

    I started following Lin during his Senior year at Harvard after I watched the UConn game. I thought he could be drafted late 1st round or 2nd round. The only thing Linsanity proved to me was that Lin can play in NBA.

    I am more interested in seeing whether Lin can reach 18~20/8 level, or become a 15/6 pretty good PG. People around me don’t give a s*** about Lin because they are not into sports or didn’t play sports themselves. If and when I believe strongly that Lin will not or cannot make it to the 18~20/8 level, I will stop following the Lin saga. So far, I am giving him a pass because he needed some time to improve his game, and he was playing under the Harden-centric Rockets system.

    For me, Lin should show a marked improvement this year with Lakers if he is to reach that higher level.

  8. @juanlegend, I copied yours from Forum to this post. You can copy and paste so I can delete my copy here.


    By JuanLegend

    im not an NBA game watcher at all..i love watching local basketball games here in the Philippines for a simple reason i’d like to watch a no dominance big players game. i love a game when even a small team competes and make the game worth watching for as you will see the beauty of every plays that involves team effort as against height.

    And that’s started it all, seeing this out of nowhere guy played his heart out game and make every part of the team a cohesive and composed collections of great individual player makes me think twice to try and peek this time this so galled NBA games.and as they say,the rest is history.

    Thru Ups and Downs in Jlin’s career, i’ve seen reality as it unfolds as to the truism that “there is no impossible things to those who BELIEVE”..and Jlin made me believe to have a time to watch and like this NBA games .

  9. @IsabeliJane, I copied yours from Forum to this post. You can copy and paste so I can delete my copy here.

    By IsabeliJane

    Hello, my handle name is IsabeliJane and I am new here 😀

    1. The moment I followed Jeremy Lin

    It was due to my colleague’s constant blabbering of Jeremy’s game winning 3 against Raptors. Ironically, this colleague is a big Kobe homer. At first,I’m not really intrigued just hearing Jeremy’s name and I mellowed in watching NBA, reduced to watching the Lakers and Spurs sporadically.

    Finally,with my colleague’s incessant blabbing, curiosity finally caught up to my cat-I began searching about the guy in the internet.Initially I was impressed with his personal life,but as what they say about Pringles,”once you pop, you can’t stop”. Something just stirred in me. I spent lots of days searching about Jeremy and watching old Jeremy videos whenever I can, even during office hours.I ’m impressed with how his game looked so fundamental yet gets the job done.

    2. Favorite Moment

    That block against Derrick Rose, Knicks vs Bulls.Basically, the whole game of Knicks vs Bulls. Enough said.

  10. @Charles, I copied yours from Forum to this post. You can copy and paste so I can delete my copy here.

    By Charles

    I’m a Jeremy Lin fan living in Hong Kong.

    I first heard about Jeremy Lin from a brother at church, he asked me if I’d heard Jeremy Lin’s testimony. He said Jeremy challenged people to spend 1 hour each day in God’s word (I still haven’t found this testimony, but would like to hear where he said this). This was towards the end of Linsanity.

    I looked up Lin and really liked the way he played. I hadn’t followed basketball since the Jordan era, and I don’t have much basketball knowledge, but started watching cause it was the most fun basketball I’ve seen in a long time. The fact that he’s a Christian who is serious about sharing his faith and got me routing for him. It doesn’t hurt that he’s from Palo Alto (where I grew up) either.

    Following Jeremy from Linsanity til now has taught me a lot about life. The setbacks he’s been through and the mature, optimistic, and may I say righteous way he deals with them has helped me to deal with the many disappointments in my own life as well.

  11. @one2one, I copied yours from Forum to this post. You can copy and paste so I can delete my copy here.

    By one2one

    The first time I heard about Jeremy was when I was vacationing in Harbin (aka ice city) way up north China. Internet was available in these smoke filled internet bars and I was able to read about the exploits of JL with Knicks. I followed the daily highlights and became fascinated with his story.

    Since then I try to introduce my none BB friends in china about this remarkable person. oh by the way , I also happen to have the same Bd as JL and now KB as well.

    Prior to following JL, I was a 3 pair season ticket holder of raptors during the Vinsanity times. After Air carter left , I lost interest in Raptors and Bb overall. I don’t post much , I prefer reading peoples comments and how everyone sees different views of JL.

    Ji am posting in here as I hope this site will be as successful as jlin.net and eventually surpass CL. Yah, I lurk in there as well to see what kind of BS and hatred people spew about JL. Sheer jealousy and ignorance.

    Memorable moment would be JL 2014 playoffs. He is Mr. Clutch.

  12. Let me add to my initial comment above. I feel that Lin will have a great season with Lakers, but I do see a slight possibility that he will not break through 16/6 level PG. We will find out soon though. I think he will have a break through season with Lakers.

  13. Are you concerned with the uncertainty of how Byron will utilize Lin in his system?

    I think there will be many games that Bryant and Nash have to rest that Lin would be the primary playmaker in those games. I’m not sure if it will be 16/6 or 19/5 or 15/7.

    I want to listen more to what Byron has to say in Training Camp. He hasn’t seen Lin playing and compete daily

  14. I’m Melody Ting from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

    First time I heard of Jeremy Lin was in summer 2012. A long time friend of mine (at least 30 years) who loves bb and NBA shared a link in his FB of a picture of Jeremy Lin and the story. I didn’t read. Few days later another FB friend shared the link. This time I clicked on the article and read. If my memory serves me right, it was actually talking about the coming evangelical event that JLin would share his testimony in August 2012. That was when I decided to check this young man out to see whether he acted upon what he preached. At that time I was rather skeptical since I have witnessed/seen many so called “famous” persons who claimed to be Christians brought shame to Christianity.

    At those days I seldom even used FB. Didn’t even know the existence of youtube, Twitter… (probably heard of them but didn’t know much about it at all). So, for the first time I used yahoo to search for Jeremy Lin. WOW! So many articles were found and I was able to watch a couple Linsanity highlights and interviews. I really liked what I saw. My search happened right before he signed with R I believed. At the time with my limited IT skills, I tried to find info esp his testimonies in my less busy working days.

    In the beginning of 2012-2013 season, I was only able to follow JLin via R web page and articles in the net. Then learned how to get JLin highlights in youtube. Sometimes few games into the season, I accidentally found PFV vid. I did see JFV before the season and didn’t enjoy it. PFV’s quarter and quarter analysis helped me understand what was going on in the game. What I read in R websites didn’t give me very much info of how JLin played as well as some articles that I read wasn’t very complimentary. Soon I learned who to read and not to. With PFV, I learned even more.

    After hearing PFV for few more games analysis and comments, decided to make the first, short comment. However, I received a backlash by a hater. I felt so embarrassed and told myself not to make anymore comment. To my surprised, PFV was quick to defend me on the comment as well as in his next vid. I was so impressed that PFV would stand up for me. What a change! As a result, I began to make comment more regularly with PFV.

    During my listening to PFV aud, I learned about different JLin
    fans sites, etc. I only took action few more games later. The first JLin fansite I joined was jeremylindotnet. Initially I only visited the site occasionally to see JLin’s pics but not much on the comments. They were quite confronting at times. Believe I only began to make comments probably around January/February this year after PFV stopped making vid. The rest is history.

    To me the highlight of following JLin is listening to his testimonies and his walk in Christ of his NBA journey.

    I enjoy to see all JLin games esp during the clutch time. The ones that I like the best are 4 February 2014 vs Nets, the clutch 3 vs Raptors and vs Lakers; 2013-2014 triples game, etc.

  15. Wow, I got a mention! haha thanks Melody!

  16. LOL Give you the credit for embracing me into JLin fans world:o))

  17. He brings positive energy, it is good to be his fan…

  18. JLin is the only one that I follow in my almost 50 years life. It’s mainly because of his faith and character. Learn so much from him. Definitely an inspirational person even though he is almost 24 years younger than me (I’m also a dragon:o)).

  19. uh oh, did someone save the article? the link is 404 now. =(

  20. This is spooky! I cant remember of my post above and predicting it going 404! Jeez

    Does anyone remember what was the article about?!

  21. Turns out your link was bad. It had an extra slash at the end. Here’s the correct link:

    It’s the article after Lin’s original breakout week in his senior year at Harvard where he scored 30 pts on UConn and 25 pts to upset BC.

  22. Thanks mate

  23. welcome @internallogic 🙂 Thanks for posting your JLin story in the Archive Forum. As far as I know, you’re the 1st fan who shared they became JLin fan through KevJumba. Very interesting. There should be many more haha..
    PS: I love hilarious PapaJumba and AsianDad series :>

    From @internallogic

    My name is Elle. I’ve been a lurker for about a week, and decided to finally introduce myself.

    1) The moment I followed Jeremy Lin

    I first saw him on Kevjumba’s video, I’m not cool. At the time, I honestly didn’t pay too much attention to him, because I had ZERO interest in basketball, and I was kind of a fangirl for Kevjumba. Lol.

    Time skip to three years later (about 4 months ago), I was rewatching Kevjumba’s old vids and stumbled across that video again. This made me curious about what happened during Linsanity, which I barely knew anything about. So I decided to watch the highlights of that first game against the Nets and from that moment on, I was hooked. I watched all of the Linsanity highlights (including some from HOU) over and over everyday for weeks.

    2) My Favorite Moment

    It has to be the game against the Nets. He may have had greater moments, like his triple double or that game against the Lakers, but that game is special to me. I just watched those highlights out of mild curiosity, and I never expected I would become such a huge fan of his. (This is coming from someone who is still not 100% sure what a “field goal” is lol.)

    Though I know little about the sport, there’s something about the way he plays that is just so fun to watch.

  24. This is just a terrific article. So glad it’s here in the Portal.

  25. Awesome to find this site. Been on the other one for many years and never felt compelled to post, just would check things out here and there. When I stumbled upon this site this week I decided to give my two cents.

    Been following Lin since his sophmore year at Harvard when I heard an Asian guy was averaging double digits. When he signed with GS I was amazed when he even got into the game. His steals per/minutes were great! Now, even though his situation is less than ideal it is such a blessing to see him become a quality NBA player who hasn’t come close to hitting his true potential.

    I try to watch every single game he plays and enjoy talking about the game of basketball. I have been playing my whole life so my main interest is talking about the game and analyzing areas he can improve. Thanks for putting this site together with positive attitudes and allowing real basketball discussion to flourish.

  26. Lol grr, I typed like a whole paragraph on the intro forum page but read we use disqus here. Well my name is Jake from Los Angeles, never seen Jeremy playing live yet :/. I plan on changing that this year. Jlinportal should plan an event to go watch Jeremy at Staples(hopefully before he gets traded). That would be exciting!

  27. From Texas,

    I’m not from Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio so it’s hard to really root for a team from my “hometown”. I first heard of Jeremy Lin in his debut with the Knicks back in 2011. I was a strong supporter as I myself is asian. It wasn’t until his injury and the whole Melo deal that I stopped keeping up with him. When he moved to Houston I followed but for some reason fell off all of NBA interest in general. I would read about him here and there even when he went to the Lakers, but when I really started to follow him and watch every game was his run with the Hornets. Even in the beginning of the season I thought it was his chance to shine and so many people doubted him. Few weeks before the 2015-2016 season started I watched Linsanity: The Movie, and that was when I really understood who he was and where he came from, what he went through to get to the point he is right now. I hope that Jeremy Lin can go to the Nets of the Spurs. I strongly believe IF Kenny Atkinson truly believes in him to run the show that Lin will bring back the Linsanity days, or if he goes to the Spurs Pop will genuinely take care of him and although he may not play starter minutes, he’ll soon be integrated and have a chance in the future as long as Popovich is there. I hope he doesn’t go to Houston, Lakers, or the Knicks, no matter how great the deal is. They lost their chance.

  28. Just adding my two cents. I don’t think Lin played a lot better with Hornets than he has in the past. Therefore, I don’t see why the media is suddenly saying Lin turned things around with Hornets. But he did play several good playoff games with Hornets and did clearly contribute to Hornets’ winning several games against good teams. Whether GM. owner or coach will give him a starting PG position remains to be seen, but I am skeptical of that happening for various reasons. Nothing has changed my perception that Lin is 17/7 in 34 minutes per game for a season player.

    P.S. Kyrie has done enough in this Series against GSW to show that he’s a supremely talented offensive scoring Guard; his defense wasn’t that bad either. When everything is said and done, I doubt LeBron would have made the final shot to win for Cavs. Kyrie curried Curry this Series. I just don’t like Matt Barnes too much.

  29. woah, did you reply to my post from 2 years ago? 😀

    Media would always give some credit when the results are there (i.e. playoff) so JLin gets some credit for the playoff wins

    Kyrie certainly performed well as an SG while LeBron did his best as the Point Forward

  30. Hi All, My name is Norman, I have been living in New York for more than 30 years and was fortunate enough to witnness Linsanity 1.0 back in 2012! J Lin is such an inspiration to me, his underdog story helps me to stay strong whenever I go through a rough patch in life (I will just watch his highlights) and inspired me to give my best efforts in everything that is important to me.

    My favorite Lin game is when he scored 38 pts on Kobe after Kobe said he didn’t know who Lin was:))) I probably watched that highlight 100 times. I am so glad that he signs with the Nets so next season I can see him play in person and Linsanity 2.0 (not to mention saving the $200 for NBA league pass, I cna use that money toward game tickets). I look forward to share my thoughts with all of you as the new season progresses, especially whenever Lin leads the Nets to a big win!!!

    Thank you!

  31. Hi, my name is KHuang.

    I am a longtime NBA watcher who’s closely followed the NBA long before Lin was born.

    The way I learned about Lin was like this: I was following St Mary center Omar Samhan who I thought was the best player in NCAA 2010 over even John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins. I knew Samhan had gone undrafted but was directly recruited by Dallas owner Mark Cuban to play for the Dallas Summer League.

    Once Samhan was recruited, I heard that his Summer League roommate was a player called “Jeremy Lin”. I had never heard of Lin, so I did some research. “Unathletic 6’2″ point guard with outside shooting ability” is what I read.

    I was dismissive of Lin because I’m dismissive of any player until I take a look first. So I put up the Lin vs Uconn video.

    Instead of a meek unathletic weak shooter, I saw this BEAST with quick reflexes and incredible explosiveness completely dominating both ends of the court by himself. Within 30 seconds of watching the video, I jumped out of my chair and yelped out loud to no one “Holy s—, that’s a NBA player!!!”

    I have followed Lin closely since, and I only started posting on him in January 2012. I called him “a cross between Jason Kidd and Steve Nash” and said he has “All Star Potential” and would “could average the same stats as what he did in Harvard”. I was VIOLENTLY FLAMED for that back then, and I still am getting flamed for it NOW.

    I also said that I could imagine Lin being a “low usage defensive guard sorta like a Bruce Bowen or Keith Bogans”. Well, that’s exactly how Lin has been used since Linsanity even though Lin has far more game than that.

    If I had to pinpoint the one thing I missed out on with Lin, it’s that I never knew he could play point guard as well as he has.

  32. My favorite Lin moment?

    Definitely the Lin vs Wall summer league game where Lin really LINBARRASSED John Wall.

    I knew that Wall was super athletic to the point that he was going to be the most athletic PG in the NBA over even Russell Westbrook who Wall is faster than. So I was excited to see how Lin would do against Wall.

    Rodrigue Beaubois and Dominique Jones were eaten up by Wall that game. That’s why Lin got the chance in the 4th quarter. And then Lin ATE UP WALL.

    After that game, I knew that Lin could succeed in the NBA because Wall was as tough an opponent as Lin would ever face at guard. It’s been DOWNHILL ever since for me.

  33. Hi, I am Ace Pagoda. I have only recently begun to post on blogs, actually JLin blogs are my first. I first heard mention of JLin when he played for Dallas in the summer league. Thought it interesting an Asian kid was trying out for the NBA but did not think much of it at the time. Then I heard Golden State signed him but did not follow and after a while heard nothing more. Then came Linsanity with NYK. Whoa! I still go look at the videos from that magic time for an inspirational lift. Though I am almost 70 years old and have been rapidly tiring of the NBA and other professional sports as they became celebrity TV shows rather than sporting events with people I could once associate with. seeing Jeremy Lin during the Linsanity run brought me back. Actually my attitude towards professional sports is still the same and were it not for JLin I would not have interest. But I do follow because of his story, because I am Asian but mainly because his story is so compelling because of who he is as a person, being a Christian in this day and age and using his stage as a professional basketball player as his ministry. No, I am not an evangelical as JLin is but having watched Tim Tebow go through his trials in the public spotlight had made me curious as to how JLin would be treated as well as how he handled criticism of his evangelism. Basketball-wise, he is one of the few pros in in the NBA who actually makes all of his teammates better and that translates into winning. I love the team concept. I love watching people working together towards a common goal (winning games) and enjoying each other. One of the things I like best about the Linsanity times were how he took a bunch of nobodies and turned them into somebody winners. Guys like Steve Novak, Jared Jeffries, Landry Fields and others on that NYK team play joyful winning basketball. That time was also revealing in that it showed the ugly side of humanity, the jealousy, envy and other negative human traits. Following his travels from NY to Houston, LA and Charlotte and how he has developed his skill even more in preparing for this time on the Brooklin stage, no matter how things turn out is an inspirational story and one to continue to follow to see how he responds as a player and as a person who will be under the spotlight. In some ways he is the anti-NBA and though I know there are other players in the NBA who are talented and humble as JLin is I don’t think any of those players has so many people following his career and living vicariously through his experiences. Reading these blogs, other sports blogs, sports commentaries, seeing comments from other players, coaches and analysts is educational and revealing about so many human traits. I used to be a basketball fanatic when I was a young man so I can identify with his dreams of being successful as a ball player and equally successful as a human being. After all of his bad experiences with NY, Houston, LA and their divas, and then Charlotte where he had moments of success that for some astounding reason was not recognized by the coach, JLin is in an almost perfect position with a supporting and understanding coach to show what he can do as a leader of a team. I expect that he will demonstrate that the ability to make others around him better will be the best legacy he can leave in his NBA career. With a little help, good health and good coaching I think Brooklin can make the playoffs this season. that may be overly optimistic but such is the dynamic I think his persona and basketball style can bring to Brooklin.

  34. I almost forgot, my favorite JLin moment was when he measured up Calderon in Toronto for a game winning 3 pointer. Coldest shot I have ever seen.

  35. hi

  36. Not in my wildest would have I thought Lin to be on the worst team on the NBA. This is unfortunately on Atkinson. The team has no heart, there is no camaraderie. They stopped playing for each other. Poorly coached.

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