VOTE: Which Laker Will Receive the Biggest Benefit from JLin’s Playmaking?

Which Lakers Will Benefit the Most from JLin Playmaking?

Credit is given to webattorney who came up with a great idea following TWCSportsNet poll on which Laker newcomer will have the biggest impact

  1. Will it be Kobe Bryant who doesn’t have to spend all his energy to score and be a playmaker? He just came back from an Achilles injury that’s extremely difficult to recover.
  2. Is it Steve Nash who only has to play 15-20 min to reduce the chance of reinjuring his back?
  3. Or is it Boozer or Randle who will receive the benefit of Lin’s pinpoint passes?
  4. How about Nick Young, Jordan Hill, Wes Johnson, Xavier Henry?
  5. Or is it even Byron Scott as a new Lakers Coach who has a point to prove since his last unsuccessful tenure in Cleveland?

So let’s cast your vote, Lin Fans!

Perhaps we can look back at the end of next season and reflect on the accuracy of our preseason voting results.

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  • IsabeliJane*7

    Voted for OTHER-ALL OF THE ABOVE hahaha. On a game basis it specifically will depend on how the opponents will defend and who will be the opponent’s main defensive assignment/s.

  • 7iger


  • Boozer will have lots of touches off Lin’s passes as the PG for sure.

    I can’t wait to see how Kobe post-surgery might envision playing with Lin. He needs to adapt his game after the terrible Achilles injury.

    BTW, you’ll like this Realistic Garfield 🙂

  • 7iger

    Haha nice one. But this Garfield is 10 lb under weight and nope should never seek my advice for dating girls.

  • IsabeliJane*7

    roar… hahaha