VIDEO: “JLin Goes Hollywood”


Jeremy Lin collaborated with Harry Shum Jr. to produce a musical video not long after the tough loss in the 1st round of playoff against POR. The main message is to give thanks in all circumstances, especially the hard times.

As usual, JLin always provides a Bible verse to summarize the key point:

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Little did he knew that a few weeks later he had more things to thank for after being traded to the Lakers! So keep on rocking, JLin!

There is also a side-story of poking fun at trolls spend their days tweeting mean stuff. We can just ignore them away and keep working hard on whatever we do.

The most memorable line in the video is “Little Wang!” 🙂


  1. To be honest I don’t like this video. It’s not THAT hilarious like “You Changed Bro” or that one with Randall.

  2. true, they tried too hard to incorporate the musical w/o a strong plot. It felt disjointed at times.
    But on the positive side, it’s fun to see Lin fighting trolls with .. his piano skills! :]

    Which one was with Randall?

  3. The “Christian murderer” video hahaha

  4. oh yeah, forgot about that vid.
    I love Randall! I also like his “Too Fast” video 🙂

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