Two weeks …

Summer is gone: the sun goes to the bed much earlier than the previous days, the leaves are falling from the trees, just like Edith Piaf sang in one of his most famous song, and the wind starts to knock on your window. Or at least it should be like that. Not here in South of Italy. I came to my country house on Sunday and started to play basketball on my little court. He was so hot I could even play shirtless. It looked like Los Angeles. Without the sea, of course. And then I thought about Jeremy…

What will happen this year? Will Byron Scott trust in him? Will he start? All these questions came to my mind. But this year I’m feeling different. I’m feeling relaxed. Sound strange but it’s like that. This is set to be one of the worse Lakers team in years, and the West is full of very good teams, every sportswriter is telling Lakers are gonna suck pretty bad. But I don’t feel any negative vibe this year. I’m calm and curious to see what will be.

No more summers of pain and anxiety, where we all had to check the trade rumors and see if there were something new (we did that this year too), no more Houston writers or forum who were trying to bashing Jeremy in every possible way. I’m feeling good and smiling like the Jeremy’s face in training camp. We just need to wait two weeks. 14 days. And then real basketball will happen. All the stories from sportswriter all over USA will be nothing. The ball will speak. And the ball always tells the truth.  “Ball don’t lie”, said Rasheed Wallace.

Two weeks and the season begins. Lakers-Houston. Oh, the irony. Jeremy Lin vs James Harden, cause Kobe will be marked by Beverley. Oh no, it will not be a sprained ankle to scare me. Neither these preseason games. These are not real games. They’re just friendlies, test matches. One of the best football manager of all time, Ernst Happel (OK OK, i know it’s soccer in US but I find it difficult to call it as such), preferred to lose all the preseason games so every troubles the team had came out and, most important, the team stayed humble.

Two weeks and the city of Angels will have his angel. A basketball angel. And he will fly up and down the court with his wings and will bring joy and good feelings to everyone who will see his beautiful smile

By Spot