TWCSportsNet Poll – Vote which Laker newcomer will have biggest impact

Calling all Lin fans to help vote in the TWCSportsnet (TimeWarnerCable Sportsnet) poll for JLin as the Laker newcomer to have the biggest impact next season. Let’s show how big Lin fans support in his new Lakers team!

The results will be disclosed Friday, Aug 1.

Open Forum: Which Lakers newcomer will have the biggest impact next season?

courtesy of Rick Johnson at


  1. Voted for Lin.

  2. Why does Miller feel that Lin has a chip on his shoulder? Is it because Miller understands that he was held back in Houston?

  3. You should also create a blog content poll asking which other Lakers will benefit the most by Lin playing for Lakers.

  4. Who was David Miller? Not familiar with him.

  5. Not sure either, but apparently he had coached alongside Scott.

    From Miller’s twitter:

    Studio Analyst – Commentator – Reporter for @TWCSportsNet. Former NBA assistant coach.

  6. aha, smart idea :]
    That will be interesting

  7. I think he might have based the assumption of being benched in favor of Bev due to Harden’s presence. Plus Lin also referred to his Houston experience as being not in the right system, coach, etc.

    He probably thinks Lin has something to prove even if he didn’t say it publicly.

  8. yes, multiple times! Not sure if they track IP address to filter out multiple votes

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