Three NBA Teams to Meet with Jeremy Lin on July 1 to Discuss Free Agency

On June 27 ESPN article, Chris Broussard wrote that Hornets feared Lin will sign elsewhere. Also, 3 other teams will meet with Lin in his home-town beginning midnight ET on 7/1 to present their offers.

This is an encouraging development to Jeremy Lin’s Free Agency to have multiple teams compete to have his services.

Lin, who has played for four teams in the last five years, is looking for stability and hopes to find a long-term home this summer. After coming off the bench the past three seasons with the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and Hornets, he also wants to start. Lin averaged 17.5 points and 4.8 assists in 13 games as a starter last season.

“I’ve played six years in the NBA; I’ve played on five different teams. I’ve played for two D-League teams — so seven cities in six years. I’m tired of boxes, I’m tired of moving companies, and I want to find a home,” Lin said in an interviewwith the World Economic Forum over the weekend.

Lin had a strong season last year for Charlotte, averaging 11.7 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3 assists as the club’s sixth man and helping the Hornets reach the playoffs.

Who would be the identify of these 3 NBA teams who most likely will recruit Jeremy Lin as a starting PG on the 1st day of the Free Agency?
One of them would most likely be the Brooklyn Nets who was an assistant coach who helped Jeremy Lin create Linsanity as a NY Knicks in 2012 and was recently quoted to emphasize the importance of Point Guard in the system like an NFL Quarterback

Recent Twitter Poll also shows many Lin fans agree that the Nets (69% on 6/27/16) is the leading team to offer a chance to realize Jeremy Lin’s FA goal to be greatest player he can be.

Who will be the identity of the other 2 teams? The Rockets has Mike D’Antoni who is Lin’s favorite coach to create Linsanity but James Harden is the biggest obstacle as he would remain as the main ball-handler. Harden’s his lack of interest to play defense would be a big question mark to create a great team chemistry that Lin desires.

Another one could be the Bulls or 76ers who have desperate need in the starting Point Guard position. And there might be more NBA teams to contact Lin on July 2 following these 3 teams.

Lin has recently listed 5 criteria as his new team for the Free Agency:

“For me the most important thing is that I want to be happy. There are a lot of factors to take into account, such as the coaching staff, style of play, be a starter or not, whether the team is strong, and the city located. Most of all, I have to be very happy.” Lin said.


  1. Lin FA possibilities:

    1) Nets
    2) Rox
    3) Bulls/Bucks/Kings

    I think Nets has 70% chance of landing Lin. I’ll give the Rox 20% and rest 10%

  2. Nets,Nets,Nets

  3. Hope for the best. Whatever happens it’s important Jeremy will be happy.

  4. Hm, some notable players are discussing the possibility of teaming up?
    Maybe Durant & GSW? Or even Lin & Dwight Howard in the Nets?

  5. Lin better not play with Dwight since he is not good at PnR and he doesn’t like it. Some big like ED or TC will be much better.

  6. 1. Nets
    2. 76ers
    3. Bulls

    1. Nets for obvious well defined and well documents reasons on this board.
    2. 76ers last season tried to operate without a veteran point guard and it was a 1-31 disaster; they will not throw Ben Simmons into the fire. Colangelos will get a veteran Point Guard from day 1 – it might be a placeholder as they train their youngsters but it could be become permanent.
    3. Bulls, I love the attitude of Jimmy Butler as a player and he just wants to win and he thought Rose was either too soft/too lazy. Hoiberg would love a dynamic back court like Butler/JLIN and Butler I believe would share equally with JLIN.

  7. true, Dwight doesn’t like PnR and will be too expensive
    Tyson Chandler has slowed down tremendously.
    Ed Davis would be a steal if he can be traded from Portland

  8. Yes, I’d like to see JLin mentored by JKidd.

  9. Some good rookies will be great with Lin.

  10. Brook Lopez is good and can hit midrange.

    Anyway, let’s wait and see. Hope for the best.

  11. My prediction on the 3 teams:

    1. Nets
    2. Mavs
    3. 76’ers

    Hoping for Spurs.

  12. Since Jeremy has a prayer group, let’s start ours 😀

    Before going to bed or anywhere in the day, let’s pray Jeremy will find his home where he can be happy, playing his basketball with good teammates.

  13. Brooklyn should come to the meeting with a 3yr $50 million contract and a pair of keys. What are the keys for you ask???? They are the keys to the franchise as a starting pg and then Brooklyn drops the mic. Lin then has the rest of his meetings out of respect and then sign on the dotted line for the Nets.

  14. Love it!

  15. Funny you mentioned Ed Davis. This highlight video has a lot of Ed Davis and Lin alley-oops during their time on the tanking Lakers:

    Too bad Ed Davis is now with the Blazers and will be for another 2 years unless he gets traded. But imagine what Lin can do with someone like Brook Lopez…

  16. FYI… the FF video is still getting talked about… way to go hc_jadc!

  17. Yes, please!

  18. haha.. *drops the mic*

    But we know Lin’s smart with Harvard Econ degree so he’ll smile and turn to the other teams and say, “Try to beat this!” lol

  19. If I’m being greedy, I say Lin should go for 3-year contract with 1 year player option, because after 1 year of starting at PG, Lin’s value should skyrocket. This would only be about the money, since I still want Lin to stay with Nets long-term. I really think that’s where he can find a home and help build their culture as long as Atkinson/Marks are there.

  20. Ideal scenario: Nets offer 15M/year at 9PM PST and Lin accepts within 24 hours. Just end the drama ASAP.

    Who I think the 3 teams are:
    1) Nets (no doubt)
    2) Sixers (still no PG)
    3) Houston (hate to say it, but the MDA factor remains)

    Bulls and Kings could also be there. Maybe even Memphis since they offered Lin last year and Lin improved his stock.

  21. I love the female anchor’s impression on LeBron’s asking for a foul call …”Whaaaaat?”
    Great to see ESPN Asian-American podcast discussing this issue.

    She’s the only one thinking refs have racial bias (unknowingly) due to cultural bias of quiet, work-hard and seemingly passive

  22. Lin said he and Ed talked about teaming up last year.
    Davis comes off the bench, but could be much better as starter.
    Marks recently hinted that Lopez is on the block for the right piece.
    Alex Kennedy has done interviews with Lin in the past…could be a “source” of his.

    Lopez would be great for Portland (who needs a big man threat) while Davis’ defense, rebounding and athleticism would be great for Lin’s PnR.

    Lopez for Davis and a 1st rd pick? Ed has a great value contract.

  23. twitter link if you want to retweet it out to followers:

  24. yes, I’d love to see Brook-Lin PnR
    Brook can be unstoppable if there is a driving threat and multiple shooters

    Ed Davis had a special connection with Lin. They shared with 1 look they can almost read the other’s mind when to roll to the basket. I’d say it’s the best so far in the NBA, better than Lin/Tyson Chandler

  25. i was not but I guess I should be following this group. did not even know it was on… new Show started in April

  26. Hm, I wonder how much Atkinson loves having Lopez.
    Lopez is still 7-footer bigger than Ed Davis at 6-10″

    Maybe the Nets will try to have both?

  27. I also just learned about this podcast

  28. I think they need a stretch 4 (probably why Young was traded).

    Ryan Anderson is out there and so is Marvin Williams.

    Maybe Lin and Marvin talked about teaming up? They did the Bible study together and Lin said Marvin is the “best teammate ever.” Marks wants character and chemistry…

  29. It’s nice to see ESPN finally allowing Asians into their broadcast areas. However, they’re still not shown on live national TV but would rather allow clowns have their shows, talking about nonsense all day. Also, it’s a bit disappointing to see that they used the stereotypical Chinese font for “BENCH” in their “Off the Bench” title.

    They are right in this video though. Lin was obviously the victim of racism, jealousy, and resentment in this league. Lin’s ex-teammates know they can get away with vicious, physical, hard-fouling Lin. Something needs to be done about this crap, but I don’t think the league cares about Lin at all.

  30. Lin’s team hard at work! Can’t be a coincidence with the “3 teams” news, WEF interview, random “insider” leaks over the weekend. Now this video again.

  31. You know, given what Morey said about the fa market, I won’t be surprised if it’s just the Nets, Sixers, and the bulls now.

  32. Yeah, those remarks lessened my expectation (thank god!). But Les already told Morey to pipe down (by refusing JVG and hiring MDA), so I can’t rule out a meeting. MDA is MDA after all.

  33. Marv would be a great veteran presence in the locker room. The risk is he peaked last season (just turned 30), so they’d be paying him peak money for declining performance. But maybe it’d be worth it for the character and chemistry you mention.

  34. I see $10-12M being more of Lin’s range, realistically. That’s the number that’s being put out there, even by pundits that aren’t that high on Lin.

    My guess on the 3 teams:

    1. Nets
    2. Sixers
    3. Bulls

  35. FWIW, every pundit of late has a baseline of 12M for Lin.

  36. Shout out to the female anchor to call out the truth! The obvious evidence is at hand and the other two guys still reluctant to call out for what it is? They need to use their platform of the show to speak up too…

  37. The video was already featured on ESPN proper and TNT. NY Times covered it too. Got a ton of mainstream attention fortunately.

    Unfortunately, the NBA was a weasel and denied, denied, denied with a straw man argument (“Lin can draw FTs so everything is fine!”). Only fair treatment will come when Lin is given a chance to shine and becomes a bigger source of income for the league.

  38. For that reason, I’d only offer a 3-year deal to Marvin (3/36?). To be fair, I bet his stats would be even better if he played with Lin as true PG for 34mpg.

  39. 30 is fine, Marvin is in great physical shape. He’ll play well for many years. LeBron is 31 or 32 I think and just played great in a tough playoff series. Not to say Marvin is LeBron, but 30 isn’t old. 33/34 is beginning to decline. 30-32 is still playing at a high level for many players.

  40. Definitely a possibility he plays at this level for a few more seasons. I like him as a person, so I certainly hope so for his sake. But if the Hornets also think that he can continue to perform, they’ll probably make a strong bid for him to stay with them.

  41. I bet they’d love to play together in a starting lineup. BTW, I just looked it up: Marv just finished a $14M/2-year contract. Hornets got a deal with both Marv & Jeremy.

  42. I liked the big guy, lol deron williams pissed that the asian guy showed him up and wants to get him back. That was funny.

  43. All aboard to BrookLin hype train. Surprised to see Horford there…don’t think he’d leave ATL for Brooklyn, but maybe I’m wrong. Crawford is a weird rumor.

  44. JLIN get the phone number of the Movers ready so they can get your stuff out of Charlotte and move it on up to New York City.

    Great stuff!

  45. LOL! That would be awesome if it happens. Im still rooting for 76ers but nets have my blessing too! Go Lin Go!

  46. $10-$12M range is lowballing and Lin most likely will decline those offers unless it’s to play on a championship caliber team. This is not a realistic estimate. You really shouldn’t be listening to clueless pundits on what they think players are worth, especially those who are biased against Lin.

    Lin will command starter money if these reports are true and he’s got 3 teams lined up at midnight, looking to deal with him and his agent. Starter money this year with cap raise is $15M minimum. If a bidding war starts, I can see Lin getting $18M+ a year on a 3 or 4 year deal.

  47. PG-JLIN
    SG-Jamal Crawford
    PF-Al Horford
    C- Brooks Lopez
    then add
    SF- Marvin Williams (or someone else)

    and you have a team that gets 3rd seed in the Playoffs

  48. I can totally see it. This will be Horford’s last big contract. He always wanted to play the 4. Atlanta seems like they’re hitting the reset button and NYC has a huge Dominican community. A trio of Horford, Lin and Lopez make the Nets an instant EC playoff team.

  49. YEAH, 6 teams!!!! 🙂
    6 teams: Nets, Rockets, Bulls, 76ers, Hornets, Spurs?

    Mama Lin might run out of tea for the guests on 7/1

  50. I wouldn’t be surprised if the meetings take place in Momma Lin’s kitchen.

  51. where Lin showed Mama Lin his fake tattoo? lol

  52. While she’s making tea and dumplings.

  53. I also hesitate on the “Off The Bench” name. It’s a pun on the popular “Fresh Off The Boat” TV series but can be better

    I think when Lin becomes an All-Star, the spotlight will be bigger

  54. That’s a fun video.

  55. Very nice and optimistic lineup there, but could be possible. Not very probable though.

  56. Just line up!

  57. Yeah, they should change the name of the show and get rid of that font.

    ESPN would be wise to develop a lot more shows with Asians as hosts and pundits. And not just to talk about Lin or other Asians in the sport. The Asian market is wide open for the taking, both in America and in Asia.

    Acutally, Fox Sports should be all over this idea. Not sure why they haven’t done it yet.

  58. The female is Prim Siripipat is an ex-college tennis player turns ESPN anchor/reporter.

  59. I wasn’t talking about the “Too Flagrant Not to Call” video on Youtube. I was talking about this podcast video clip.

  60. Yeah, lob city all day with Lin and that Laker squad.

    So sad he was put into that terrible position and benched by the tank commander Scott for actually playing too well. They wasted every player on that team’s potential and almost completely destroyed Lin’s career. If Lakers had a good coach, they had a chance to make the playoffs with Lin leading that team.

  61. Good points. My wishful thinking lineup:


  62. I love me some Marv, but in the playoffs, he practically disappeared.

    He’d be good for the Nets though and would help Lin get to the playoffs on any team.

  63. Then she should serve Rox last.

  64. No Crawford. He is one of the biggest chucker there is. He was a net negative for the Clippers when he is in the game. I would take Nick Young before I take him.

  65. 6 teams on July 1st? I feel like we’ll get a decision by Sunday night.

    Then an official Facebook announcement on July 4th: LINDEPENDENCE DAY.

  66. They do not get any tea.

  67. ESPN article also listed his stats as starter: no one has done that until now.

    Tanner and Montgomery doin’ work!

  68. Like Jeremy, that season is a blank in my memory. It really was messed up in so many ways. I’d also forgotten how much I like the Lakers’ black & gold jerseys.

  69. I think Kings are in there. Rondo is a cancer, Collison has legal issues, Asian owner, Asian-American market. Joerger is a smart coach with high character. Memphis offered Lin last year.

  70. but the washpost article trying to under value him at 5-6 mil.

  71. Cancel on the Rox last second.

  72. He probably didn’t know how many teams will talk to Lin on 7/1 yet….

  73. Another flawed statistics using win. Win is a team effort with so many dynamic factors contributing. This RLP derived market value is a joke.

  74. He must be out of the loop! Every other pundit has him at 12M baseline.

    But increased exposure for Lin today shows his reps are getting his name out there.

  75. It’s unknown how much Lin is looking for on his next contract, but as we see above, even after taking into account the rising salary cap due to a new influx of television revenue, he isn’t worth much more than he was already getting paid.

    Good ‘ol WashPo. What a terrible, biased, liberal rag. Honestly, I don’t take anything they say seriously.

  76. Huh? Give me some of what he’s smoking. Last paragraph: “It’s unknown how much Lin is looking for on his next contract, but as we see above, even after taking into account the rising salary cap due to a new influx of television revenue, he isn’t worth much more than he was already getting paid.”

  77. LOL. Must be on Morey’s payroll, ha.

  78. Yes count me in?

  79. Never underestimate the dark side of the force. Knicks may be desperately trying to undermine the return of Linsanity.

  80. Lin once got paid $8 mil per yr so now assuming not much more would be $10?

  81. Lin getting lots of attention today — he’s just trying to get clicks. But he’s horribly out of the loop.

  82. Can’t be happier?music to my ears??

  83. The old-school newspaper companies now have subsidiary blogs. This is one such outlet and doesn’t fall under the same editorial scrutiny. This particular author “analyzes advanced sports statistics for the Fancy Stats blog and prefers to be called a geek rather than a nerd”. And you know what they say about statistics.

  84. Wow. This writer did not waste anytime putting Lin down. Lin must be doing something great because this writer is scared of what Lin may unleash onto the league next season.

  85. Dude is a hack. He thinks that some creative math, he can come up with fair value for Lin around $4-5M. What’s Jeremy Lamb worth in his book? Whatever, it’s really what the market dictates and not some clueless writer.

  86. Every single year, people say Jamal Crawford is washed up, an old has-been (I’m guilty of it myself).

    And every year Jamal keeps putting up the numbers and stats and winning the 6th Man of the Year.

    I’m not going against Jamal’s capabilities, the NBA has learned that lesson too.

  87. Don’t click for this article.

  88. Not really funny. It is the truth. Lin has to fight for every ounce of respect he has in the NBA. He is a tough guy but he definitely deserves more foul calls. It is BS some of those calls aren’t fouls. Kobe should be in jail for that foul FYI.

  89. Very exciting to hear that 3 teams will be meeting Lin at his home in Palo Alto California as soon as July 1st, which is the first day of free agency….Wow, Lin will actually get visits at his own home…what a big change from last year.

    Now, I’d like to know who these 3 teams..I’m sure many are speculating that Brooklyn is most likely 1 of them…but who could be the other 2.

    Could be the Kings, Grizzlies, Dallas…I picked 3 teams that not many have thought about…..But my guess is these 3 teams are likely Brooklyn, Bulls, Sixers.

  90. The writer picked & chose stats to hide the truth to basically lie.

    No mention of how JLin was ranked 6th best in On/Off Court Differential during Playoff?
    As a professed geek, he should know these stats but chose not to disclose it.

    Hatred can hide the truth.

  91. BBALLBREAKDOWN @bballbreakdown
    The Bulls need a PG and I think Conley is the best fit, but I’d be very interested to see Lin there too
    11:14 AM – 27 Jun 2016

  92. Great recognition by J Tyree, ESPN Charlotte journalist.
    I always have great respect of his fairness

    Kemba Walker had his best year, but some of his success came from having Lin. His presence will be missed, don’t fool yourself #Hornets.

  93. AT LEAST three. Could be “up to 6.”

    I think the 3 will be the “midnight meetings” (i.e. 9PM PST). And the others later on July 1st proper.

  94. If Butler is staying, then he’s right. Conley isn’t as dynamic and doesn’t need/deserve as many touches as Lin. So a lower-usage PG is “better” next to Butler. Lin would be best served with max usage.

  95. Some? Hornets did not win a single big game without Lin’s good performances) . Name one? The only close one was one of the Heat game in regular season, which Lin only had 5? points and actually won big for Hornets with the few points.

  96. “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

    But that cuts both ways, so let’s be careful not to overstate Jeremy’s performance metrics by highlighting only the positive numbers. We’re not his agents and it does no harm to honestly evaluate both positive and negative parts of his game.

    “I want to see how great I can be as a player…” He mentions working on his shot most often this summer, but it’s certainly not the only aspect of his game that he works to improve.

  97. That’s ridiculous because Lin has never been allowed to play to his strengths since Linsanity. It’s a miracle that his stats look as good as they do. If the average sportswriter cherry picks stats to make Lin look bad we don’t need to be so careful about being “evenhanded” on a Lin fan site.

  98. Performance Metrics that I enjoy Highlighting
    LAC twice – JLIN point guard = WINs
    TOR – JLIN starter Batum out = WIN
    CAVS – JLIN starting PG Kemba out = WIN
    BOS – JLIN playmaker Batum out = WIN
    SPURS – JLIN playmaker TEAM frightened = WIN
    HEAT – JLIN playmaker Batum out = 3 of the first WINs in 14 years of HornBob team history.

  99. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s trying to help another player who is also competing for a starting PG role.

    Could be the agent of a player who’s client is also looking for a starting role, asked him to write an article to bash Lin so that maybe some team may think twice about signing Lin…

    There are huge comptetition going on behind the scene between agents trying to get their clients starting role..there are only a few starting PG role, so you better believe these agents will use whatever contact they have to take down a competing agents and his client.

  100. I don’t think Conley would go to a dysfunctional mess of an organization just because Butler is there. Lin shouldn’t either. Bulls needs to clean house from top to bottom and start fresh, like how the Nets did. New front office, new GM, new coaching staff, new coach, new players, everything.

  101. My point is the self-professed geek/statistician deliberately ignored the overwhelming good stats in order to make a weak point. That’s simply not professional

    For example, he quoted only teams only outscored 9 points per 100 possessions in Lin’s 13 games as starters without mentioning his excellent stats in those 13 games like ESPN does.Then +3.2 net points as a reserve. He simply could dig deeper to discuss how Lin was more effective as PG as a reserve because he mostly played as an SG with Kemba as a starter. But he implied that Lin is better off as a reserve. He also included LAL tanking years without mentioning HOU years.

    What’s the point of using teams’ performance to try to make a case of JLin as individual player?
    A responsible article would compare individual stats when given chances as starters with all the FA PGs to see if they perform well against opposing starters. JLin was #1 in PPG and FG% but you can see his FT% is only 7th
    It’s about asking the right question and coming up with truthful data

    This is a poor job with hidden agenda by someone who professed to understand analytics. Nothing more, nothing less. Most people reading the ESPN article will question why this writer didn’t mention JLin’s excellent basic stats as a starter much better than a reserve.

  102. Orlando Magic is one of them.:)

  103. Once again JLin’s humility simply made people like him.
    LAL reporters also got gifts after JLin finished his LAL season

  104. Lin and Jamal are definitely high character players. I assume Horford is also

  105. But I thought he prefers to be 6th man. Will he start as SG/SF at Nets?

  106. Kemba had some good games against lesser teams but he sure benefited from JLin being a threat so it freed him up to score against good teams

  107. we should comment on the blog, saying he is a HACK

  108. Who’s your guess for this FA?
    Mine is Nicolas Batum 🙂

    NBA free agent who asks to be anonymous says his top 4 destinations, all things being equal, would be:
    1. Spurs
    2. Raptors
    3. Cavs
    4. Knicks

  109. If it’s Batum, the Hornets have got real free agency problems. . Posters on the Charlotte and Sacramento SB Nation sites are wondering if Belinelli’s injury will void the trade (not final until July 1). Not sure it would affect JLin’s future relationship to the team in any event.
    “Soon-to-be Hornets guard Marco Belinelli breaks jaw in exhibition game”

  110. Will these 3 team reps bring actual contracts? BTW, when does a FA actually sign on the dotted line?

  111. He said it’s a big man. Biyombo or Pau?

  112. “While team’s can negotiate with free agents starting July 1, they can not officially sign a contract until July 8. This is known as the “July Moratorium” and is when the league reviews the revenue from the previous season and officially sets the salary cap.”
    (from faq’s on nba site).

    it was longer b4 but because of the d jordan thing last year they shortened up the period.

  113. They will present an offer and Lin can accept. He can’t physically sign the papers (or electronic copy on a tablet) until July 8th, but with the exception of Deandre Jordan, it’s a sure thing once he verbally agrees.

  114. I agree with you. I was simply pointing out that it is not necessary to go overboard in the other direction.

  115. I think Pau Gasol is also very likely.
    Big name FA, I think. He just declined player option with the Bulls so it makes sense he wants to win a ring

  116. Might be a MJ tactic

  117. Will Lin has a couple of days to think about it before he verbally agrees. Meanwhile will the team just wait, and not talk to another PG?

  118. I think each offer has an expiring date and/or time. Say Bulls targets Lin as first priority at PG, but if they can’t hear Lin in 24 hours, they will move on and continue search until Lin’s agent gets back to them and re-start the negotiation.

  119. They can but the ones who are serious will wait. Teams will probably agree on a deadline (e.g. “let us know by Sunday afternoon”).

    I honestly think Lin will make his decision very quickly. Why? Because he’s meeting with three to SIX teams on July 1st alone! I think he’ll decide by Sunday. Heck, maybe he’ll decide evening of the 1st. Lin is tired of this crap. Just wants a chance to ball out for a team that lets him be a real starting PG.

  120. Exciting to hear, so there will be real contracts offered at the time of the face to face. Since Lin already knows what these teams are, he is doing his homework about the teams now. I hope these 3 teams offers are for starter position.

  121. Thanks, things seem to move fast.

  122. Hornets fans were much better than Lakers, Houston fans:

    Original Buzz CLT Ⓜ️ ‏@OriginalBuzzCLT 4m4 minutes ago Charlotte, NC
    Jeremy Lin is the closest to a star this #Hornets franchise has ever seen IMO. Will be sorry to see him go. #JLin

  123. Definitely. Real offers will be made (“3y/50M” “4y/60M”).

    That said, depending on each meeting the offer could go up. Let’s say Nets offer 3/45 as baseline, but Sixers counter with 3/50. Then Lin’s agent will try to get Nets to match.

  124. Looks like those anonymous leakers over the weekend may have been legit. They predicted this on Friday/Saturday and now here come the stories on Monday.

  125. Yes, Hornets fans are very good follows. Just some of them may be confused by stats. or stay too long with this mediocre team.

  126. he later said its a big. don’t think batum is considered as a big. could be Pau Gasol.

  127. A lot of Hornets fans are already coming out of the woodwork, trying to diminish Lin’s importance to the team, saying he’s replaceable, not worth $10M+, overrated, etc…

  128. I actually think will take a few days to think it over. This is a huge decision for him and he’ll get a lot of interest and offers. Previous years, he didn’t have this many teams clamoring over for his services. He shouldn’t be making a rash decision now.

    Obviously if he gets a team to meet all of his criteria and the offer is too good to say no, he’ll agree to the terms immediately. However, it would have to be a heck of an offer from a great team.

  129. Check out the slideshow by HoopsHype

    2010 Redraft: Undrafted @JLin7 should have been #12 pick in the 1st-round

  130. I agree that Hornets fans were much better than Lakers or Rockets fans. Only because they didn’t insult Lin over some non sense. But there were a large group of fans who didn’t want to see Lin come up in Charlotte. They proudly kiss Batum’s butt and want him to get max contract and also think Courtney Lee is worth $14 million while placing Lin at a value less than Lamb’s. It’s ridiculous. Lamb hasn’t even played enough last season to even be considered being worth more than Lin. These fans are anti-Lin and I think I know why. They don’t want to talk about Lin anymore cause Lin last season was 50% of the discussion about the Hornets.

  131. Lance Stephenson #9? I assume they’re basing this on certain statistics, but really?

  132. Yeah, no need to rush unless it’s one of those ultra-rare “offers you can’t refuse”, just hopefully not of the Godfather variety.

  133. LOL

  134. After this season they will revise that to a top 5 pick.

  135. That tweet should read “team option”.

  136. Two days tops. You can be sure he already has a good idea of what teams are offering. And he can’t afford to keep teams waiting and possibly lose an offer. Even the Nets will have other options ready just in case.

    Starting job from the Nets with a 15M/year salary would be a slam dunk. He should agree that same day if that happens. Six teams on Day 1 tells me he wants a quick decision.

  137. I actually think Lin will get close to $54M/3y if a bid war happens.

    3-6 teams meeting on the first day doesn’t mean anything other than the fact a lot of teams are interested in Lin and will be throwing offers at him. It doesn’t mean he wants a quick decision.

  138. Lin at #12 is insulting. top 5

  139. No Rondo? So Lee maybe will not stay w Hornets….? He wants 14M per year….

  140. Calm down, this is a big improvement and Rick Johnson is right.

  141. Minor correction: it’s “hometown of Palo Alto”. These aren’t colleges recruiting a high school player. I’m guessing his agents have prepared an appropriate location.

  142. IMO your assertions are probably correct. Besides the media there are many ‘ghost bloggers’ on most or all the sbnation team site and other team blogs doing just that. Heck most probably there are some of these ghosts bloggers here. Haha

  143. so who actually wants Rondo if the Kings don’t?

  144. Rick Johnson below also agrees with me. lol

  145. i hope hornets give him 14M LOL

  146. Hope Rox gets him.

  147. Ya! It’s.

  148. that would be a Lin fan favorite pairing for sure. Let’s see how well Harden get alone with Rondo eh?

  149. Meeting in Palo Alto definitely means something. This isn’t a phone call. Meeting all on the same day is also pretty unusual.

    And if you know Lin’s personality, he’s not the egotistical type who enjoys being wined and dined and taking up others’ time. Last year he “waited” because he had no choice. In fact, he didn’t wait at all — he wanted Dallas and was ready to sign if not for Deandre. This year is WAY different.

  150. Not sure Hornets can keep Batum. I hope they can. If not, wow. i do not think they can make top 10 in the east next year

  151. Rondo will be a fall-back plan for teams looking for a PG. I can only see Houston making him their #1 choice. Maybe Orlando since they’re trying to make Payton into Rondo anyway.

  152. Yep, only a primadonna like LMA can take his sweetass time. I’m ready for a Friday afternoon announcement from woj.

  153. Lin could have taken them pass second round if … Forget about it, move on.

  154. Hahaha. What blog if any are you having. I may comment there if you write a reasonable thought provoking piece on Lin. Haha Cheers

  155. it would be comedy central.

    poor MDA

  156. Hahaha. He sure learned well some of the crap from Morey overrated analytics. Haha Cheers

  157. I think Harden will love Rondo. Rondo’s specialty is padding his assists stat. Guess who he’ll be passing the ball to 80% of the time?

    The real question is, how will D’Antoni deal with players like Rondo and Harden. I honestly feel bad for D’Antoni. I don’t know how he’ll be able to run his type of offense with guys like that on the team and nobody to pick and roll with.

  158. Maybe it takes an even older prima-donna to handle someone like Harden. Rondo also prefers to rack up his assist stats and used to be a good defender. It might work.

  159. lol…you beat me to it by a minute.

  160. I do wish they’d keep Batum to show how well they’d do w/o Lin. Seeing Lin defeating them is also more the sweeter.

  161. What has CLee done to deserve 14M? Honestly his best game is when JLin set him to be the clutch player, which I think pissed off Cliffy because he’d prefer KW or Batum making the last shot.

  162. Used to be. With Rondo at 1 and Harden at 2, the Rox has zero backcourt defense.

  163. IMO a player of Lin’s unique caliber in a 5 on 5 basketball game will get the max however for Lin case after going through all the trouble in Houston he will be happy to give a hugh discount just to be happy about it. So a range between 13M to 20M per year for 4years is on the card. Haha

  164. This guy also tweeted “If you want — add Rajon Rondo and Brandon Jennings to the report both are said to be mutually interested in Nets”. So many self-proclaimed “NBA experts” in the twitter-verse.

  165. Morey: “You no like players with big ego? How about I get you TWO player with big ego? You no like? How about me fire you in 2 months?”

  166. yeah how do you figure him better than JLin…

  167. you mean Lin’s agent or buddies? LOL… now we have 6 teams.. that number can still grow if Conley’s staying with his old team…

  168. Harden likes to handle the ball all the time. Rondo is the same way.

  169. Some Hornet fans are making the stark realization – that their max staring PG isn’t really all-star material. The guy can play his hardest and his team would have been sweep out of first round by an ancient and slow Heat team. They saw that w/o Lin it would have been 4 and out. Sigh.

  170. Hahaha basing on Morey!!! He cannot be rely on and trusted right! Les learned it the hard way with his franchise reputation at stake. If there is a shaqtin’ a fool MVP Morey would have won it for the last 4years. Haha cheers

  171. Yeah, sorry I didn’t make the sarcasm more obvious in that last comment. It’d give Harden a good shot at being the first repeat Shaqtin’ a Fool MVP.

  172. I meant Shaqtin’ a fool MVP for GM. Haha


    Yeah, this guy doesn’t seem trustworthy. He seems to be just making crap up to get more follows.

    Also, anyone can say the same things he’s been tweeting out. “I have heard” “May have” “Hearing” “said to be” Yeah, I’ve also heard a lot of things about a lot of people. Doesn’t mean it true or that you should tweet it out.

  174. 60? 30? 20? Black White Grey? I think you are trying to tell us something? Oh is that the future team color? haha

  175. W? Win? White? West?

  176. IMO Kobe is the worst of its kind in showing disrespect for others. Haha cheers

  177. FYI Kemba is not on a max contract. In fact, he’s on a relatively cheap contract given his skills and especially with the cap raise.

    But yes, Kemba and the Hornets can’t win against good teams without Lin’s help. They would have been swept by the Heat this year if Batum didn’t sit out and if Clifford didn’t finally let Lin take control of the offense. Next year won’t be pretty without Lin on the Hornets. I feel bad for the nice Charlotte fans that has been fair to Lin.

  178. I would be very surprised. Does anyone have even a halfway reliable account of NBA players negotiating $30-50M contracts in their parents’ home? I can’t imagine any pro-level athlete would do this. His agents are going to get a healthy cut of this next contract. I’m sure they can front the cost of renting a more appropriate location.

  179. you’re right, my bad, I thought he was Max due to the way some of the fans propped him up. Which makes it so interesting that they are so insistent on starting him when KW is only a 12 Mill a year player.

  180. Those colors… Yup, I do now believe Lin is sending a message as to which team is at the top of his preferred list. I didn’t think they meant anything when he was wearing so many black, white, and grey clothing in Taiwan and China, but now, this is him trying to be even more obvious.

    That said, he could still get a much better offer from any other team and decide that offer is better than the Nets. The suspense is killing me lol.

  181. Spurs: black, grey & white. Nets: black & white.

  182. You’re right. The plot thickens.

  183. Well as far I can recollect, he’s been basically black and white colors since he informally opted out and posted that strange, goofy video with a broken kiddy Net behind him.

  184. Suspense is killing everyone on the board. 3 more days!

  185. W… Warriors? NAH, they had their chance lol

  186. I do agree there’s some subliminal message.

    What are the odds of having two Lin Bros wearing color-coordinated black/grey/white without being pre-planning?
    We know JLin has a wacky, fun-loving personality and likes to throw pranks.

    At this point, they might be laughing watching and reading Lin fans trying to guess 😀

  187. I think we need to do some detective work and get as many Lin photos as possible and collect them into 1 photo album on imgur or something. Then we’ll see if there’s a correlation.

  188. Making a Spur with their hands?

  189. or number? 8? 8 Mill a year? That’s super low.. can’t be it.

  190. I was thinking of that too but I don’t wish that on D’Antoni. McHale or Byron Scott yes.

  191. Oh man, I really hope so. I’ve been saying for the past month and a half, 2 months that the Spurs are the best destination for Lin…

  192. I remember reading somewhere and saw you also mentioned that Morey said something negative about this year’s FA. Can you post what Morey said. Thanks.

  193. lol…this is like trying to see animal shapes in cloud formations. To me it looks like they’re about to attempt a Vulcan mind meld:

  194. I can’t find it at the moment because I read it here on the last thread I think. I remember basically said something like this year there are no good FA on the market.

  195. Yeah, they’d be rolling on the floor. I’m laughing myself.

  196. I really wouldn’t listen to Bonnell, especially when he’s guessing.

    Plus, the Nets are already most people’s guesses as to one of the leading teams on Lin’s list.

  197. I think Rick Bonnell has the same deductive reasoning logic with us lol

    But only JLin can confirm it. Things can change in 3 days.
    HOU might up the offer with another kind of ‘poison pill’ ;=)

  198. Houston has that seductive feel only because of mike dantoni. I just cant see that working sinc3 harden requires the ball

  199. I don’t like the Nets. Lin wants a competitive team. All the Nets have is cap space when lots of teams have cap space all chasing a small supply of good free agents. Every team has it’s downsides but I like Spurs, Bulls or Sixer’s.

  200. Hahaha. That hand sign is catching with Nets. Haha cheers

  201. lol…good catch. I know each team has at least 6 or 7 uniforms, some “throwback” and who knows what else. But I think the basic colors are probably the same as on this chart.

  202. You don’t like the Nets, but like the Sixers?!

  203. Bulls and 76’ers aren’t competitive either, at least not with their current rosters.

    Spurs (especially) and Mavs are the 2 teams that can offer Lin the best chance to make it to the playoffs and maybe at a championship. They’re also the best fit for him if you look at his criterias. It just sucks that they might be chasing after Mike Conley instead of Lin.

  204. Kenny Atkinson ‘PG is as important as QB’ is what makes me inclined to go with the Nets.

    I just saw Bulls’ Hoiberg comment about pure PG not being necessary in his system if there were multiple playmakers.

    Yes, the Nets have a question mark in the competitiveness but with 1-2 veteran FA, JLin can achieve 2 out of 3 his NBA goals (starter, All-Star, championship).

    This year, JLin desperately needs to post All-Star numbers to prove his doubters wrong once and for all that he’s not a starter material. If there’s anything that taught me in the past 3-4 years, there is a consistent force in the NBA who doesn’t want to see JLin succeed. Perhaps it secondary racism because ‘it has never been done before’ by a ‘deceptively quick’ Asian-American athlete

  205. Unfortunately for him, this summer’s free-agent list is below average. “No, it’s not a great free-agent year, it isn’t,” Morey said. “It’s a lot of money chasing obviously quality players, but there’s way more money chasing way too few players.”–houston chronicle

  206. Why it’s not Rox?

  207. I think the Sixer’s with their selection of bigs to pair with Lin could be very good. They have the most cap space to get free agents and excess assets and future picks to trade for good players.

    I think a Lin / Butler backcourt will be the best backcourt in the East and if they can find a good rim protecting PnR big would be very good.

    Nets are just Atkins who would be good with Lin but hasn’t ever head coached before and cap space but only have Lopez. They aren’t going to attract free agents. I’m not sure if they meet with Lin early without commitments from other FA Lin will want to go there.

  208. The Sixers are trying trade Noel. Ben Simmons is a Playmaking PF a la Draymond Green and will have the ball in his hands a lot. Not sure that’s a great spot for Lin. Not a bad one, but definitely not the first option.

    The Nets are ideal because they have a nearly blank slate of a team. Their one established player is a center and they have plenty of cap room to play with. They are not likely to get a big-time FA other than maybe Horford, who is also close with Atkinson.

    It’s hard for some Lin fans to come to grips with (not me), but he’s likely going to have to go to a bad team to become a starting PG. if you believe in Lin like I do, that’s not a problem as I believe he’s the type of player that can elevate such a team into winning on a consistent basis.

  209. Spurs trying to sign KD too? wow
    Lin-Green-Leonard-LMA-Duncan(hopefully) would be deadly but oh well pops is not that open minded I guess
    He’s rather have an overrated foreigner over Lin smh

  210. by foreigner, I mean Patty Mills or Toney parker now, not KD LOL TP’s a better choice in his prime of course but he’s washed up now

  211. No one knows who the Nets’ top target is. We will find out in July 1.

  212. this guy is a fool he doesnt give Lin as much credit

  213. Lol. Lin to Spurs! Not going to work with a diva like LMA who is slow and impede ball movements. Haha

  214. Nah it can work. LMA is still a top notch player

  215. I agree. No idea about next season for them because their roster hasn’t been solidified and I think we’ll no more after they play a month on two what the team for that season will look like—before any major trades at least. (for those interested).

  216. Lol. IMO there are people in the know but are not telling at this juncture. From whatever information out there and the interviews and reiteration the Nets FO and HC we would be able to deduce who are their top priority to pursue and sign this FA. No need to be too obvious!

  217. Lol. IMO he is quite discerning as hornets media as he need to temper expectation Hornets seasons being mostly disappointing. Haha

  218. He makes other players better but he needs something to work with. How many times have we complained of stone hands Asik, or passing to open Wesley Johnson to see him brick it or can’t play at the rim like Hawes or Lin running around covering 4 guys because teammates can’t defend?

  219. Cliff also flew to see him last season and look at the lies he said. It’s no biggie these people make millions. Have to see what they offer to be sure.

  220. What does that even mean? LOL anyways he doesnt think too highly of Lin if hes “quite discerning” I guess you are not much of a Lin fan lol

  221. Thanks. We have to keep this in mind. I think DM is indirectly and covertly took another cheap shot at Lin.

  222. For calling someone a fool. Relax n Cheers. Haha

  223. IMO LMA as one of your key piece in a ball movement team is not good enough to win consistently in playoffs. Too slow and bog the team down a few notches. Haha

  224. I don’t know enough about the players involved with the Sixers and Nets to discuss their various merits. I just imagined that both teams have enough challenges ahead that it’s unlikely, though not impossible, either will be competitive anytime soon.

  225. I got it! They’re both flashing W’s so it’s the Washington Wizzards. Or maybe the Memphis Grizzlies. One is flashing an M and the other a bear claw.

  226. they might still make the playoffs with MKG healthy… without MKG 30 wins max

  227. Thumbs up to you, Sir!
    You are a great ambassador for Lin on the Web! Very diplomatic – giving Kemba credit.

  228. Sixers not ideal for Lin. Too many rookies needing playing time to learn and particularly Simmon if he was given too much time on the court to handle the ball as point forward if what Sixers FO contemplating about is true. It will be like Cavs or Wizards with their No1 picks the previous 4years. Haha

  229. Lol. I am a casual bb fan who happen to like the way Lin play his game. Haha

  230. Houston is probably hoping this poison will finally end Lin

  231. Lin + team players = playoffs

  232. Sports Illustrated being dumb, as usual, ranking Lin #30 among all free agents this summer. Even though I don’t like Rondo, he’s not even on the list of 50.

  233. Everyone smells rosy because JLIN saved CHA’s season. Of course Batum stays. Batum could never replicate his role on ANY other NBA team & Batum knows it. I watched all 70 games Batum played:
    1. Batum’s point playmaking struggles mightily under pressure from tough teams who play him tight
    2. What’s worse is Batum (like most Hornets) can disappear against elite teams.
    3. When Batum is bad, he is awful – loses concentration, lackadaisical turnover prone (he doesn’t always playmake so his TO stats are misleading)
    4. Charlotte, and likely NO OTHER team, only needs Batum because Kemba is not a facilitating playmaker.
    5. Batum has durability/injury concerns – missed 15 games (many big games against elites) and mostly the team played BETTER because JLIN had a larger role.
    6. No NBA team would pay Batum Max but CHA; and CHA is foolish because next season they will find their
    Max player helps them MISS the playoffs.

    Hopefully last time I’ll ever write about Batum.

  234. That’s one opinion and here’s another opinion:
    – Sixers have more than enough raw young athletic talent to be absolutely competitive in the East and just need an elite PG to generalship the team
    – Nets have a great P&R partner in Brooks Lopez and some enthusiastic veterans and will complete their team with strategic acquisitions free agency.

    Either team with a starting PG in JLIN, each make the playoffs (and the Hornets most likely don’t depending on CHA’s personnel in free agency.)

  235. There’s a chance MKG helps but the year previous MKG didn’t help and contributed to the 33-49 record. This season MKG played 7 games and did alright but there is no proof he has a consistent outside jumper with such a small sample and what he provides on defense he takes away on offense with poor spacing and a questionable jumper.

    MKG is over-rated on a mediocre team with Kemba as the volume shooter and Batum as team facilitator. With or without MKG team wins 30 games unless they get a great rim protector because there is NO adequate replacement for JLIN.

  236. That year they had Lance stephenson… one season where there where a lot of locker room turmoils…

    They made the playoffs the year before that with raw MKG, Al Jefferson, Gerald Henderson, Ramon sessions, and a really raw walker

    MKG is really good defensively and hustles really hard…

  237. Just personally feel Batum not tough enough. He may have outstanding play when face the bottom teams. not face top teams or these very close games.

  238. What do you expect from the people who’s “expert” in rating for swimming suite models?

  239. max….can’t wait for clutchfans response, haha.

  240. Why would you highlight the secret? Let the Hornets do what they do by paying Batum max. “He deserves it”.

  241. if they can also get Horford and Bazemore, then they can compete for a 6-8 seeds.

  242. Nets is also black white and grey

  243. Point well taken, especially “5. missed 15 games (many big games against elites)” which means his numbers are twisted.

  244. Interestingly, he was the only Hornets media guy who voted 6MOY for Lin. Neither Dell Curry nor Eric Collins voted for Lin.

  245. You folks are too funny. Three means there will be 3 teams meeting with him on July 1st. Colors could be Nets & Spurs at these meetings. I’m guessing. lol

  246. no!!! this was given…..they were not SMILING because LAKERS NOT INCLUDED among the 3 teams selected and they both wear Black and white because they are mourning the case..LOL!!!

  247. i think it’s too much to expect lin to elevate scrubs. have we all forgotten his stay in LA? even if he drew 3 defenders and kicked out to wide open shooters, you need talent to sink the shot. i swear when he was playing with guys like ryan kelly, rob sacre, and boozer there were SOOOOO many blown assists. he creates the play, makes the pass, and….. nothing….

    lin cant do it all by himself, he’s gonna need some talent on that team. lets all pray the nets can sign some talent to play with lin…

  248. That is why I have been thinking in addition to the starters who will be the backup PG of Nets, Bulls etc

  249. Is the pix taken at their parents house?

  250. you forgot that during that time, his coach was not on the same page with him..remember the word “TANK”? if they weren’t purposely tanking, scott made it clear that Lin will never be the focal point of lakers by Kobe’s command!!!

    Lin can elevate a team if the FO and Coaching staff allowed him to be …IMO!!!

  251. The first hint Lin gave about his FA after the Hornets season was over was the FB picture with basketball nets hanging behind him on the background:

  252. nba on espn’s facebook page just posted an article regarding Jeremy Lin and his decision this coming year and man the comments are so freaking negative its making me sick to my stomach. It looks like all the good Lin did last season still doesn’t out weigh the b.s ( bbq sauce) he dealt with in Houston and LA and his image will be tarnished until he puts up Linsanity numbers… good thing for him we all know if given the chance which most likely wil happen this next year he will definitely prove all the racist doubters wrong.

  253. Next year when he’s an all-star with the Nets, all doubts will be forever erased

  254. you missed the point. he can make the most amazing passes, but if his teammate is garbage, he wont get the assist and the team wont score. it has happened over and over again. when he played with tyson chandler, ed davis and sometimes dwight it was lob city out there. with boozer, asik, and big al? blown layups cuz those guys cant dunk or play above the rim. with novak it was raining 3’s. with ryan kelly it was raining bricks…

  255. with haters who now see that JLIN can be focal point of a team, they will surely be pissed and will try to throe lots of things even if its not true.

    i am just chill on these persons for i know JLIN’s worth. these anger against jeremy and jealousy ….its by product of the world!

  256. I hope that JLin rejects the “most improved player award” next year and releases a statement saying “I’ve always been this freaking good, all of you just refused to open your eyes!”

  257. it will come down to whether or not lin is ok with having a mediocre to terrible team, at least at first.

    i always thought minutes are more important to him than starting. starting is but a way to “guarantee” minutes. same thing with money. it’s a way to show investment. if the hornets create cap space and give him a larger role with more minutes, i still think he stays. if they cant, he’ll leave….

  258. No team with a JLin-Lopez + free agents that compliment a JLin/Lopez PnR attack will ever be anything less than above average

  259. but still, you also forgot that on those occasions, he was not really allowed to blossom and have the chance to teach his teammates encouragement and trust for he wasn’t also trusted by that time…

    I got your point but 5 and 5 is not made out of the blue and if it not working immediately, the soonest his teammates buys on it, the better (including his coaches and FO) and who will buy it? not the superstars on the team nbut those who has talents and potentials who also wants to win will be benefited by JLIN’s character and skills.

    it can be good if his teammates doesn’t need teaching, but those who we can consider those kinds aof players are already players who are no LONGER TEACHABLE and with BIG EGO’s!

  260. yeah and you already pointed out factors for his decision..PT, POSITION and VALUE to the team.

  261. Hahaha good observations. Those blur blur so-called journalists got confirmation biases to throw out there just to seek attention reminiscent of people with low esteem and questionable characters. Haha

  262. but NBA will also say, we need to tag you first as an IMPROVED player otherwise you are not (pathetic)!!!LOL!!!

  263. im talking about talent, not chemistry. lin will help scrubs in terms of chemistry, playing together, playing harder, etc. but that doesnt make them better shooters or jump any higher…

    with the statements marks has been making, i have no doubt the nets will be high character guys, but will they be talented???? you need BOTH to win…

  264. Honestly, it’s not even worth wasting your energy dealing with haters, doubters, and trolls. There’s just way too many of them everywhere. There’s literally nothing Lin or Lin fans can do or say to convince them they’re wrong. Their hatred, jealously, and ingrained prejudice stereotypes and racism runs too deep. It’s pointless to argue with ignorant individuals who choose to lie and slander those who they perceive as inferior.

    I’m actually surprised that official NBA subreddit has so many Lin fans, or at least people who aren’t so vitriolic and hostile towards Lin. That subreddit is shockingly civil for such a large forum. Their view on Lin is generally positive.

  265. you severely overestimate lopez. he’s a high usage big that wants the ball way more than he deserves…

  266. “All of you just refused to open your eyes!” Hey, that’s riceist!

    Just joking around…

  267. Lol. Your first paragraph reminded me of toxic cf forum blog owner and his many sidekicks. Haha

  268. At this point, I’m RELIEVED.

    Knowing that at least 3 teams want Lin, that allows me to have faith in the NBA as not a totally racist place.

    It’s good to know that NBA teams indeed seem to be able to get past Lin’s ethnicity and are legitimately interested in hiring him based on his on court production.

    I’m no longer worried about Lin not being hired just because he’s Asian. So now, it’s just a matter of which team he selects. Lin will make the right choice – and there are likely at least 3 choices that are all right in their own individual way!

  269. that’s why i wish Jeremy avoids that toxic Houston for now until harden and morey leaves.

  270. May be Hornets’ last-ditch effort hoping for retaining LIN on the cheap.

  271. Lol. Mr KHuang now you are relieved! IMO there are always a tint of white in black and a little speck of black in white like ‘yin and yang’ Hope you are more optimistic from now and its good for your health generally. Haha

  272. I know about this picture, it’s been discussed to death among Lin fans. I’m just saying we need to somehow gather pictures of what Lin was wearing during his Asia trip so we can see if he really was dropping hints this whole time.

    It was a bit odd how he kept wearing the same colors. I chalked it up to Adidas providing his clothing and their colors are black and white. But this recent picture of him and his bro makes me think that there’s more meaning behind the colors they’re wearing.

  273. i believe all players in the NBA has some skills and talents to survived the rigors of selection (maybe except for the few). given that, talents are not somewhat of equal footings, so we come up with the word “specialty” in one player, and one player specialty can be raised one notch to make him EFFICIENT and better teammates but no better alone as a shooter, etc..

    i can surmise the ideal notion that talented and skilled 5 players is still better than less talents, but with character and dedication, a team can mold these individuals to a more cohesive and functioning unit…look at the ants, they are less in size but even bigger and more dangerous animals succumb to their numbers (just my analogy).

    again, i am with you that the more talent the team has , the better the chances, but if one doesn’t that liberty, i believe JLIN can still survive and emerges victorious whether on winning or losing the battle!

  274. My health is more than just fine.

    The NBA is merely ENTERTAINMENT.

    Still, Lin is the first major Asian American entertainer to have finally fully made it.

    Even when he broke out with Linsanity, there were too many racist forces conspiring to eliminate him. But Lin PUNKED them all over the last 5 seasons.

    Now, Lin is cementing his validity as a professional entertainer in the rabidly anti Asian American entertainment industry. He’s the first to ever have succeeded on a major scale, he’s the pioneer.

  275. As long as NBA teams hire Lin based on his oncourt production and not (entirely) blacklist him for being Asian, it doesn’t matter what Lin haters or even fans think!

  276. Their disgusting media and fans will still be there. While Harden was a selfish ballhog who played no defense and Morey was a disrespectful little slimeball, they weren’t the main reasons why Lin was tormented in Houston.

    Houston is the last place I want Lin to end up at. I don’t think there’s any chance Lin wants to go back there a 3rd time and torture himself again, especially now that he’s got so many options and has so many teams wanting to sign him.

    Lin might have said “never say never in the NBA,” but notice how he never talks about wanting to go back to Houston? He’s open to the Knicks who did him dirty too and has Melo and Dolan there, but he won’t say anything about Houston, other than praise D’Antoni and the new Chinese draft pick they got.

  277. great observation!

  278. Good to hear what you said. Keep positive and optimism, enjoy the fun which Lin bring to us.

  279. That’s what I was thinking. I think the people who support Lin don’t bother to write on ESPN. The people with an ax to grind or just like to say that guy isn’t as good as the hype tend more to go on many of these boards. Charlotte fans at the stadium there seemed to love him. Not everybody is going to like who any of us likes.

  280. fans do change may i include the admin of that toxic forum will leave too when harden and morey got traded or funked!!!

  281. KHuang, you’re true to your word.

    But, and I’m hoping this isn’t the case, we haven’t heard the offers yet. If they are low-ball, insulting offers, then what you are saying will be proven. They have to show their true sense of knowing his worth by offering him something fair in both the money and the role.

  282. That’s a start. But that culture there is unenlightened and ugly. They have a long way to go.

  283. Yeah, we should all be carefully optimistic about everything. Anything can still happen, good and bad.

  284. maybe/maybe not..but as they say, winning cures things..having eradicated those hardliners means their is still a chance for a recovery to those who are merely infected…

    but true, its along way to go!

  285. i have my laughs on those kids, they are better than harden on defense!!!

  286. Told you repeatedly no need to be so pessimistic.

  287. lol ill take that back

  288. whoa, I say Bruce Lee, our Green Hornet did it first!

  289. 3 teams will meet with Lin in his home town wow this is serious!!
    Lin gon get it!!
    If Lin actually gets a big contract as a starter and treated like a core guy to the team averaing 15+ppg, it’ll be great but following Lin is not gonna be as exciting any more lol
    Lin’s struggles also made following him so much more exciting

  290. Lol. From your knowledge of NBA history I reckon you are quite senior now. Wishing you good health and many more years to entertain and be entertained as well. Just take it easy a bit Mr KHuang. Haha

  291. “he rabidly anti Asian American entertainment industry”
    I wouldn’t go that far.
    Indians and arabs get no roles whatsoever lol
    Asian americans are still getting some and it’s pretty proportional I’d say

  292. That’s the most positive post I’ve ever seen you make, wow!

  293. Don’t read comments
    First rule of being a Lin fan lol

  294. This is stupid!

  295. No the fact that you don’t see it is stupid.

  296. That would be the 1st step in the right direction for a total culture change and makeover in Houston. It will be the start of a long long journey for the Rocket franchise after all the bad influence and damages inflicted by Morey and his sidekicks the three stooges. Haha

  297. I call it B.S. It will be even more amazing when Lin leads his team of rag-tag, no-name players and compete every night for one of the higher seeds in the playoffs in the East as well playing his brand of basketball to defeat his old foes like the rival Knicks, Hornets, Rox and Lakers. The Sixers are improving as well as the Lakers. The Nets will likely the be rated as the worst team to start the season. If Jeremy can somehow leads them to a middle or high seed in the playoff, it will be one of the most stunting achievement in recent sport history. It is not likely to happen, but very possible. Besides the tanking Lakers, Jeremy’s teams has all pretty much made the playoffs. I don’t see why his next team can’t either.

  298. Lol. Not too late to laugh Sir/Ma’am . Rick Bonnel is a reasonable bloke and he meant no harm. He was quite supportive of Lin and Hornets.

  299. Lol. That would be classic and entertaining meltdown at cf. That cf admin guy may smash his monitor or Ipad or jump out the window. Haha

  300. Ya! I agree w your statement & so happy for Lin. He finally made it. Haha!

    “It’s good to know that NBA teams indeed seem to be able to get past Lin’s ethnicity and are legitimately interested in hiring him based on his on court production.”

  301. please note that this was a sauce of chris broussard….

  302. It will be very tough to make the playoffs on the Nets with the roster they currently have now. You have to remember, the entire organization is new, including the head coach. He’s never actually coached in the NBA before, so we have no clue how he will do. I’m optimistic that Lin on the Nets can make the playoffs, but I’m also realistic and realize how difficult and improbable of a feat it would be with only Lin, Lopez, maybe another good free agent, and their current roster.

    Atkinson will definitely be better than Woodson, McHale, and Scott because he prepared himself the right way to become a coach, learning from some of the best coaches and organizations in the league. He didn’t jump into the coaching job with no prior experience as assistant coach like those 3 stooges I just named, relying on just his player experience. Atkinson was also praised by many coaches and players alike, including Lin, all saying he was ready for this job.

    What we do know is that he will give Lin all the time he needs to figure out how to lead the Nets because Atkinson trusts Lin, which no NBA coach has ever done with Lin other than D’Antoni for a few weeks. Nets and Atkinson will cater to Lin’s playstyle and give him full control of the offense. It’s a huge responsibility with a lot of pressure, but I think Lin is up for the challenge.

    Of course, this is all assuming Nets make a great offer to Lin and wins the bid against other teams.

  303. nice title: Jeremy Lin’s savvy openness to Knicks: “Never say never”
    and nice photo (wrong jersey though 😉 )

  304. I just view all of this Nets stuff as the great coach hope. Around these parts, it was LIn to 76ers central for months because of a hope that D’Antoni would become their head coach. Then he got hired by the hated Rockets and now it is full-on Nets central here.

    There’s a possibility of the Nets for Lin, there are other possibilities. Lin is not on the Nets now. And until he’s on the Nets, if he goes to them, they’re just another team IMO. And not a very good one right now. I wish Atkinson luck, seems like a good guy and I am curious to see how he does, Lin or no Lin.

  305. my thinking on this is atkinson doesn’t neet to explain to jeremy on his prospective role with the nets. all JLIN is looking now is how the nets caters to his BRAND of Basketball and the environment there. there’s no assurance thats why jeremy will balance the pros from the cons.

    this applies also with MDA, (if houston is in play) Jeremy now have to see if the former houston is the same today or its on its way to changes , esp on its players and FO…

    while the 3rd team will have to pitch in everything including the coach as what coach cliff and hornets had done last season.

    given the three team, nets and houston has a edge except the 3rd team had shown great potential and the same environment pitch in by the first 2 team.

    (this is assuming these are the 3 team vying for his services first)

  306. I have no clue what you just said.

  307. i believe nobody here is saying a 100% to the nets…but great part here sees the bigger chances of jlin being with the nets because of some factors which might not be perfect but good investments to start with. same goes with the sixers before MDA left for houston.

    as i mentioned before on my previous post here, its great we have more info and materials to talk with because we can dissect them until JLIN finally found his new home. nothing is set on stone yet until jeremy signed the dotted line.

  308. i was thinking during my typing whether i make this as individual post rather than reply to your post, It was not a direct answer or reply to your post but as an additional input with differing perspective on how these teams will be enticing to Jeremy…(and an indirect response with the mother post of jamie above all of us here)

    my apology for making you dizzy deciphering my thoughts..LOL!

  309. It’s high time to get some ZZZ’s maybe. Lol. Too much excitement today knowing suitors will line up outside Lin’s door.

  310. Just to be clear, Nets are 3rd on my list of preferred destinations for Lin. I want him to go to Spurs 1st, Mavs 2nd, Nets 3rd.

    I was just making the case for why I think he could succeed on the Nets but also being realistic and knowing that it’s a huge risk for Lin to go there because that team might suck for the next 2 or 3 years if they don’t acquire the right free agents.

    The Nets are a high risk, high reward team in my opinion. If they make the right moves and Lin balls out there, he would be hailed as the savior of the franchise, unquestionably a legit top-tier starter in any sane NBA fan’s eyes, and might become an all-star there.

    The opposite can also happen there too. If something goes wrong, Lin doesn’t play well, team doesn’t mesh well, brand new, inexperienced coaching staff messes with Lin somehow, or Nets not acquiring the right players to compliment Lin, Lopez, and Atkinson, Lin will be crucified by the New York media and the naysayers and doubters will have a field day saying “see, we told you so.”

  311. Nets has more than 50 mill in cap space maybe more… they can sign other key role players… pretty sure if they sign lin, along with other tough, defensive, high energy high character teammates, this team will make the playoffs…

  312. as with regards with JLIN, this will always applies to every team he will be with…
    “The opposite can also happen there too. If something goes wrong, Lin
    doesn’t play well, team doesn’t mesh well, Nets not acquiring the right
    players to compliment Lin, Lopez, and Atkinson, Lin will be crucified by
    the New York media and the naysayers and doubters will have a field day
    saying “see, we told you so.”(just change the names of the teams and of his will be teammates on the team and that will be applicable scenario too)

    Naysayers and Doubters will always be like themselves especially with JLIN case.

  313. As you know, we Lin fans were traumatized by how his former coaches mistreated him, marginalized him and even demeaned him in public.

    It is understandable that some (most) of us wish for a supportive coach who would use Lin properly and treat him fairly.

  314. and if were going to analyze things that happened with JLIN, we can see that MAJOR factor that affects him was all about his coach.

  315. No, it wouldn’t be the same on other teams because if Lin ends up on the Nets, he will have keys to the team and freedom to play his way with a coach that will cater to his style. There will be no more excuses or fallback reasoning as to why Lin failed there.

    Legit excuses on prior teams were the fact that he played for terrible coaches that ended up getting fired and don’t have a job now, or a coach that doesn’t trust in Lin and played players who played like crap ahead of Lin. Lin had to play with selfish ballhogs who he had to always pass the ball to everytime, regardless if other teammates are open or not. He played on teams where the system did not fit his style of PG and skillset. Lin was never given steady playtime except the first season with the Rockets. These are all legitimate excuses we use to explain why Lin could never reach his potential and made to look like a backup Guard.

  316. Thanks for this…beyond cute! The older girls were very determined defenders. Loved the little ones taking him down with leg hugs and nearly pulling his pants off. So nice to have the laugh break!

  317. well for NAYSAYERS AND DOUBTERS will always have the field day every day whenever they want to trash JLIN whether its justified or not…

    we made those stands for JLIn because all these reports were coming discounting all of these conditions and will never change just because he is in better position.

    I truly believe that given the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY, Jeremy will rise and will be recognize by LEGITIMATE NBA analyst but will always be the target of Haters and naysayers as well as doubters.

  318. usually its never the extreme cases, but somewhere inbetween. Lets hope its more towards the positive side.

  319. Jeremy Lin & Dwight Howard. I’m calling it. Maybe they will try and get on the same team. I think Dwight found out who really impacted the team and improved his game when looking back at the years he’s played for the Rockets.

  320. Dwight wants to play low post game, not PnR.

    Players at his age can’t adjust.
    I saw enough in HOU.
    It likes the Knicks wanted Tyson Chandler to learn to score at low post. It’s unrealistic.

    Teams chase him b/c they want his D.

  321. What’s the first thing Jlin do after a long trip to Asia? Play Dota2.

  322. Plus D12 can be loud and obnoxious. I don’t think a FO building a neo-Spurs will want a character like that. Nets is not what D12 is looking for anyway.

  323. Quick Question:

    If the Lakers make an offer for Lin to come back and start…
    for a shorter, three year contract at 10+ million a year…
    do you think Jeremy would/should go back?

  324. no man, if we see kind of a new normal where it’s Linsanity, all the time, and he get to lead his team to a winning season, it’s gonna like party here everyday, and everyone, even people here who really has been with him through everything, will be super excited… LOL

  325. When JLIN calls her his “human courier” evidently she acts as his in-game mule moving stuff back and forth and carrying extra gear?

    I’ve never played DOTA so if someone has a better explanation please provide.

  326. Haha. The 3 team courting Lin may be Nets, Kings and Grizzlies. Haha

  327. It’s always curious to me why some posters feel the need to rain on people’s parade,

    FANS wish to celebrate – it was a big day for JLIN Fans since last season no team “pursued” JLIN but this season 3 teams including the Nets are staking JLIN out at the opening bell.

    There is absolutely no reason NOT to discuss JLIN on the NETS just as last season with JLIN on the MAVs what happened last year was one-time historical anomaly and unless someone feels DeAndre Jordan is going to take away the deal again then allow Fans to celebrate a great day for JLIN and the clear front-runner team (by every NBA expert) which is the Nets.

  328. I’d like to finish with a deep run in the playoffs and taking Lebron to 7 please.

  329. Hey I’m not a Troll stop erasing my posts! They are not bad posts. They are reasonable posts. I don’t know what your problem with my posts are? Maybe explain to me at least what the issue is?

  330. From what I’ve heard, Rondo and Jennings agent’s are pushing hard to get them on the Brooklyn Nets and they might regard Lin as a big threat to steal the starting role there, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you see some mainstream reporter or analyst criticizing Lin and stating that he’s only a back-up.

    When I read the WashingtonPost article bashing Lin, specifically, I quickly wondered whether this reporter wasn’t in the pocket of another players’s agent who is trying to pressure potential team with starting-role to not sign Lin as a starter.

  331. Ha, you are right on this…Clifford did flew to California to speak to Lin..

    or was it after Lin signed?…Clifford wanted to check-in on his training regimen..I think guys like Al Jefferson was training in Cali so he also went out to see Lin since he was in the state.

  332. I don’t know how to play the game but I think that maybe his GF bc it’s 2 am in his house. It’s about time bc he finally will settle down w long team contract…. in this Asia trip there’s so many people asked him about when to get married…. ? Good to see this.

  333. I think that’s Mama Lin’s sister’s daughter, Lin’s cousin. She seems to come back to Taiwan with them every summer?

  334. Really? Oh! I hope he can have GF asap.

  335. but rondolo and jenninglo will demand much higher contracts.. I don’t think nets will pay rondolo that high. I don’t know about jellings.

  336. Not you, you are here after the 76ers were the popular choice. They were just a popular choice as the Nets was, if not more. The hope was for Lin to reunite with D’Antoni, because since he was Associate head coach the next step was assumed to be Head coach. That didn’t pan out. IMO, just as that didn’t pan out, the Nets may or may not pan out. But it sounds like they are frontrunners here and there’s simply no solid information to support that yet.

    And I agree with you. I do pose the question, what if it happens and it doesn’t work out? There are so many factors that go into success, team chemistry being one of them. We don’t know who the Nets will sign. A coach saying he wants high-character guys isn’t enough. The actual chemistry and the way things pan out can’t be predicted.

    The thing is, Lin may not go to the Nets and go somewhere else. And there is a lot of not only Lin to Nets talk here, but stuff about what they are up to. Yet do we really care about that if Lin ends up on another team?

  337. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA look at the little one holding onto lin’s leg.
    Lin can seriously practice his dribble skills with these kids.

  338. Hey maybe he already has one. Dont worry 2 much. lol

  339. Talk of where Lin will go is very Nets heavy here, and with some, almost the only choice. I understand preference, but the reality is, we don’t know much about where he might go from either Lin’s camp or the team’s camps. We’re almost there, just a few more days, but not there yet.

  340. so will u still be relieve even some happens to be backup offers?
    I’m predicting 1 will be starting offer.

  341. Rondo only asks 12.5M not max contract.

  342. LOL the first thing Lin and his bro does when they get home: play some Dota 2. 😀

  343. It’s tough having a steady girlfriend when you’re constantly moving to a new city every year, on top of having to travel almost daily as your job requires of you. I think this is part of the reason why Lin said he wants to settle down and find a home for the next 3 – 4 years. Being a journeyman in sports takes a toll on people. Lin isn’t a “playa” and he’s a Christian, so he doesn’t sleep around with random fangirls he meets in random cities like so many star athletes or famous people do. I’m sure there are TONS of women who would be more than happy to throw themselves at Lin.

  344. Got this from the other side…

    Interesting take on Lin’s free agency with WOJ and Mannix. Think he’ll get $13m+

  345. wha!!?? ew….tthat’s his FIRST cousin! Don’t marry within the family.. it’s the modern century!
    That’s disgusting to think of that man! LOL.

  346. As much hate Clifford received on this forum, much of it deserved, I like to give him a little credit. He said the Hornets would give Lin an opportunity to rehab his career. He did not allow him to rehab it to star status as I think Lin deserves, but he only spoke positive of Lin or said nothing. He never bad mouth Lin in the media or DNP him like BS. And now Lin has options.

  347. Exactly. Clifford kept his word when he told Lin at the beginning of the season that he’ll be backing up Kemba and that he’ll also get a chance to play. This is why Lin respect Clifford, even if Clifford doesn’t trust Lin and/or wasn’t allowed to let Lin outshine and show up Kemba and Batum.

    There was a lot of politics and/or corruption behind the scenes that nobody knows about. No other reason why Clifford would make such an odd, surprising move that infuriated Lin and his fans in game 7 by benching him and allowing the Heat to blow out the Hornets.

  348. i always think he is better than all his other coaches in the past except for mda who disocvered him by accidnet..but once mda see wht he can do.. I give mda credit for continuing to use him even more. (many coaches will reset back to square one and doesn’t know how to adapt and follow politics)

    clifford is probably doing whatever he can within limits of politics to play lin. Without politics, he might just go full fledge with lin.. hey..he did that when lin was playing against the knicks and lin was playing a lot and kw sat..remember?

    So to me even if clifford say lin is coming off the bench.. that is what he was signed up to do. It’s many lin fans start to forget that politics is involve and that he was signed on as a bench player. I never had much grutch against clifford..esp knowing his previous coaches. if cliff was his first coach.. then I might..but compare to all others.. he is just doing his job within politics. That is why I say some lin fans aren’t realistic.. I’m a realist.

    Game 6 or was it 7 of the playoffs, they play batum. But that is their point is to sign batum. If batum wasn’t there and mkg was still out.. lin would’ve play. So right there it’s tORGANIZATION and the politics that determines WHICH players they want to sign or shine.

    So for lin this FA..I hope he is smart to take a look AT THE ORGANIZATION… not just the coach.

    I think MDA doesn’t care about politics as much and that is why he seems to just quit. He is saying ‘fu’ if it’s not conicide with my way.. unless other coaches who just say continue and kiss up to organization management.

  349. Washington post never said a good word Bout Michael Chang 20 years ago.

  350. “unless = unlike ” in the last line.
    There are more error and grammatical mistakes but too lazy to backspace and cmputer is slow.

  351. “Teams chase him b/c they want his D.”

    Dat double entendre doe…

  352. I agree even I wish Clifford could let Lin played more his game….. Clifford did say all positive on Lin’s D.

  353. I will explain the joke. In dota 2 there is an animal called a sheep that you use. When you buy items during the game to upgrade and make your character stronger, the “sheep” takes the items and brings it to you from the store in your home base. Basically it is a courier aka a delivery service. This saves time from you having to make the trip back to your home base yourself. So basically, Lin is saying that she is like the real life version of the dota “sheep” in his life ahaha.

  354. Excellent post.

    To this date, Clifford has been Lin’s BEST coach – even over Mike D’Antoni who QUIT ON LIN only after 12 games of Linsanity.

    Lin can and will do much better than Clifford, of course.

  355. If that’s so, this time Linstructor will TEACH Dwight Howard how to play the right way.

  356. Well, if D’Antoni didn’t leave Philly and they made him their head coach, I’m pretty sure 76’ers would still be the favorites right now over the Nets as a destination for Lin. He’s got a ton more experience than Atkinson and we know for a fact D’Antoni knows how to use Lin and he trusts him. It didn’t pan out because 76’ers were dumb and allowed Morey to steal D’Antoni away.

    Like I said, if it doesn’t work out for Lin on the Nets, the backlash may be brutal. His critics, doubters, haters, and naysayers will have a field day with Lin. A lot of them have either shutup or even converted to becoming a Lin fan or supporter. Make no mistake about it, there’s a ton of them still hiding in their troll caves, ready to pounce if Lin screws up a golden opportunity on a team like the Nets who will allow Lin to play the way he wants, with no restrictions. That’s why I said the Nets are high risk, high reward.

    Obviously Lin can end up anywhere. Nobody knows who he’s even scheduled to meet yet. Even if we do have a list of teams interested in signing Lin, we don’t know what they’re offering nor do we know what Lin will prefer and end up choosing. Everything is up in the air. We can only speculate right now just as we’ve been doing this entire time. We’re just talking about Nets because it’s one of the top speculated and logical choices for Lin.


    Criticizing other posters here for disagreeing, that’s TROLLING.

    Adminstration, PLEASE CLEAN UP THIS FORUM. Obviously this troll cannot post without firing constant daily personal attacks.

  358. Always thanks Cliff for trusting Lin and giving him chance to improve. But if there weren’t injuries of MKG, Batum etc, we know how many PT Lin could get.

  359. While I thought Clifford could had done more to give Lin more minutes, I don’t believed he promised him that he would start.

    My biggest issue with Cliff is when MKG went down, I felt that was the perfect opportunity that slide in Lin…This is where I think Lin could take issue with Clifford…Starting Hairston ahead of him.

    And than trading for Lee right away instead of giving him a look at SG….That tells Lin that Clifford can only sees him as a bench player and Lin can only start if he has no other option.

    Every player would prefer to start and Lin is no different.

  360. Moderator please take care of this unprovoked attack by this FLAMING troll repeat offender.

    “KHuang – My guess is that the Nets are “keeping the starting pg slot open” for a surprise acquisition of a nonAsian player they deem “better than Lin”.

  361. Steve Clifford promised JLIN that he would be Kemba’s backup at point guard. And JLIN wanted to be Kemba’s backup because Kemba had a poor previous season in most statistical categories, injuries and obviously in just 33 wins; so JLIN knew he could OUTSHINE Kemba easily.

    But Clifford made JLIN’s plan much more difficult because Clifford LIED. Early season JLIN did backup Kemba but eventually JLIN only backed up Kemba 15% of JLIN’s time. Ultimately Batum, Brian Roberts backed up Kemba as much if not more than JLIN who was relegated to a defense Shooting Guard role for most of the season.

    Clifford minimized and misused JLIN all season long and those instances where Clifford was desperate with injuries or against Elite teams, were the only real times that he threw a bone at JLIN and fortunately JLIN made the most of it.

    Clifford is in the rearview mirror and deep down, JLIN looks forward to getting out from under Clifford’s thumb.

  362. It’s correct of me to be pessimistic.

    Expecting the NBA to not be racist – that is not realistic.

  363. NO IT’S NOT.

  364. Please stop flaming, you’re better than this.

    Asian Americans are disproportionately HATED ON in the American media.

  365. He’s Asian American, but he built his career OVERSEAS and then CAME BACK.

    Lee doesn’t count because he’s not like Lin who built his US career totally domestically.

  366. Not much to see here with Woj, kind of some back handed compliments:
    “Jeremy Lin is out there, his market right now is $12-13 million + a year; he’s a backup point guard. He’s was a backup in Charlotte. Now there are teams where they project him to potentially as a starting player but they’re not elite teams they’re maybe not even good teams but there’s 30 teams and everybody, it’s not a great point guard group and he brings some other qualities some marketing some things that other players don’t have that come with Jeremy Lin with his popularity. And he’s a guy who’s going to capitalize on this market.

    Jeremy Lin is going to be really hard for them to keep him.”

  367. Flagged. The flamer insinuating other Flame.

    KHuang – “My guess is that the Nets are “keeping the starting pg slot open” for a surprise acquisition of a nonAsian player they deem “better than Lin”.

  368. Yes, I agree. If D’Antoni was still in Philly, the Nets wouldn’t be top choice here.

    Everything is up in the air, exactly. It’s just a week or two and we’ll know where he’s going.

    But this time next year is important. Did Lin really get to play his game? What was team chemistry like? Did they have a playoff run and how did it go? Was Lin even healthy most of the season? Did he get traded mid-season (that hasn’t happened yet but could always happen)? Really, the decision is a beginning to an unknown.

  369. Had the Hornets started Lin at SG all season, they would have won about 55 games and taken the #2 slot in the East and either pushed the championship Cavs to the brink or outright beaten them.

    That’s even with Walker and Batum playing freezeout ball against Lin.

    Had Batum and Walker not frozen Lin out, I think that 55 games would have been a high likelihood in the regular season. But where it really would have showed would be in the playoffs where going to Lin would have easily pushed the Hornets all the way to the Eastern Conference finals and likely beyond.

  370. Wouldn’t you admit it is more coach-centric than personnel? Sixers and Nets had awful records. I actually like the Sixers better, I found them entertaining to watch. The Nets were mostly a bore to watch.

  371. Agreed. But life is an unknown most of the time, especially if you’re a sports player. We can only pray for Lin and hope that Lin ends up on a good team that treats him well, he stays healthy, he balls out, and that he’s ultimately happy. No point in worrying about too many other things none of us or even Lin can control.

  372. If Clifford was fair to JLIN. Then JLIN might have more than a 0.004% chance of coming back to Charlotte and that is all the proof anyone needs of how Clifford treated JLIN.

  373. Actually, YES.

    Last season, Lin was hired by Charlotte to be the 3rd string point guard sitting behind Kemba Walker and Brian Roberts. Lin was paid $2 million, which is actually far less than 3rd string point guards like Austin Rivers or Kendall Marshall are getting.

    The backup offers will be solid and reasonable, though obviously not at starter pay. They’d still be 2nd string options – and Lin would do like he’s always done and pick the team with injury prone starters so that he’d end up starting anyway.

    I’d imagine that any team that’s truly serious about visiting with Lin is meeting with him to make him a starter, given how openly Lin has demanded to start over his entire NBA career.

  374. Sixers and Nets will be as good as the projected 2015-16 Hornets were at a concensus 26 wins.

    JLIN takes the Nets or Sixers to playoffs just as he did CHA.

  375. JLin basically paid the Hornets 6million dollars last year to speak highly of him, that’s about it

  376. JLIN was hired as 2nd String Guard, respectfully get your facts straight.


    Jamie calls another member here “stupid”, and this HATE TROLL is defending the other member for insulting people here.

    Administration, BAN THIS TROLL!!!

  378. I don’t agree. It’s not the same position. MKG is a 6 7 forward. PJ was around the same height. PJ just started, IMO, as a placeholder and they thought MKG would come back. It would be starting Lin for starting sake, not establishing roles and playing groups which is what Cliff was trying to establish. And PJ played 18 minutes a game vs. Lin getting like 28-30 at that time in the season PLUS Lin closed most of the games.

    I’m down on Cliff for his love of Batum leaving Lin’s playing time and involvement less than it should be to win games. And that ultimate bad judgement led to what happened in game 7. But not for not starting Lin with MKG out. And Lin did play with Kemba, but most of the time we wanted Kemba to sit because Lin didn’t get the ball enough.

  379. He could have started at SG with Batum at forward. But, really, when LIn and Batum and Kemba played together, Lin’s touches were minimal.

  380. Flagged again. Every flaming incident begins with KHuang verify that Moderator and ban the appropriate instigator.

    KHuang – “My guess is that the Nets are “keeping the starting pg slot open” for a surprise acquisition of a nonAsian player they deem “better than Lin”.

  381. From my understanding, Rondo’s people have already come out and stated Rondo will only asked for about $12M….I was socked to hear this and this news was probably sent out to pressure the Nets to sign Rondo.

    One of the excuse for not signing Rondo is that a team could not afford to give a hot-head like him $15m-$20M which was what many people thought he was going to ask.

    So now that Rondo has brough down his asking price, it put a bit more pressure on the Nets, specially if Nets wanted to offer Lin $10-12 Mill.

    Since Rondo is viewed in higher regard than Lin, if his asking price is $12M, Lin will be forced to lower his asking price since they can get Rondo for the same price.


    This hate troll comes on this forum, criticizes Lin fans for “feeling the need to rain on other people’s parades”.

    This is an open discussion forum where we can all disagree without insulting each other. I thought that’s why you set up this forum in the first place, to stop the kind of HATE that this DESPICABLE FLAME TROLL is gleefully trying to POISON this forum with.

  383. Moderator the record is clear whenever this poster posts he makes an unprovoked attack on me and begins the FLAMING troll repeat offender.

    “KHuang – My guess is that the Nets are “keeping the starting pg slot open” for a surprise acquisition of a nonAsian player they deem “better than Lin”.

  384. He re-established himself. He showed some people willing to accept it that he is a tough defensive player, he went into the playoffs and had announcers talking about LInsanity again (yeah, Batum was injured, but that’s how the first Linsanity happened—because of injured players). Cliff, as a coach, told the media that he worked away some of the narrative that was built around him. Like Cliff or not, Lin came back from being very far down after the LA experience, to being talked about as a legitimate talent again.

  385. It still would have opened up the court on offense and dramatically bolstered the Hornets defense.

    Then the starters wouldn’t have been beaten into the ground as badly as they were by most NBA teams.

  386. Everything that JLIN did to further his own success or improve his skillset he did IN SPITE of STEVE CLIFFORD not because of any help from Clifford.

  387. Right. Hope for the best. You need some luck in life. Lin has had some, with some challenges of course. And his journey continues.

  388. nets changed its FO and coaching staff just like the sixers meant that the boring team can be an exciting one in the future because changes were made..they are still under the microscope and Nets action during FA will be a sign whether they are contending or not..on the other hand, sixers are doing odd things right now which started when they let go te opportunity to have MDA as their teams head coach.

    picking jeremy lin’s mind, and this is purely “GUESSING”…as much as personnel is important, right now his priority is to find a home where the FO and Coaching staff truthfully wishes for him to succeed.(no assurance still but he has to gamble to achieve something given the best scenario and opportunity)


    This troll opens the day by attacking other members here TWICE (calling another member “stupid”) and he dares call that “unprovoked”.

    Administration, I keep warning you that this DAILY INDISCRIMINATE FLAMING by this DELIBERATE HATE TROLL will not end unless you BAN HIM PERMANENTLY.

  390. Cliff admitted the bench would win games. During the season, he tried to defend the starters. But when the numbers were presented he said, well our bench wins us a lot of games.

  391. Clifford’s primary responsibility is to make the team better. It might’ve been better for Jeremy as an individual to start, but I can see the logic in having him lead the 2nd unit. Cliff essentially had no drop-off at point guard when the bench came in.

    The other important factor had to do with Kemba’s lack of height. Clifford places a lot of emphasis on defense and a backcourt with Kemba & Jeremy simply gives up too much size defensively. They would’ve done great offensively, but would often have been severely challenged on the defensive end.

    We can speculate “if he’d done this instead of that” all we want. MJ & Cho hired him and extended Cliff’s contract mid-season because they knew he’s highly respected in the NBA and would have plenty of offers for his services if they didn’t retain him. He did what he thought was best for the team and few outside this forum would criticize the unexpected success they enjoyed this past year.

  392. Like all NBA coaches, Clifford’s WORDS MEAN NOTHING but his ACTIONS MEAN EVERYTHING.

  393. Moderator : this poster KHUang is a trouble maker and begins every instance of pollution of your website.
    KHuang – My guess is that the Nets are “keeping the starting pg slot open” for a surprise acquisition of a nonAsian player they deem “better than Lin”.

  394. I believe he had to weigh the risks. Lin was brought in as #1 backup point guard to kemba. If Lin is starting games, what happens if he gets injured? What if kemba gets injured again? He has injury history. I think this is the reason he didn’t want to start Lin as SG. He needed to keep the “insurance” healthy in case he needed it.

  395. The point grover made was Cliff did not DNP Lin. Nor did he ever badmouth him. Compare that to both Scott and McHale. My first sentence was He re-established himself. He is Lin. Not Cliff.

  396. But Lin SHUT DOWN top scoring SGs like Khris Middleton and Jimmy Butler.

    Lin also guarded athletic tall SFs like Rudy Gay and Andrew Wiggins – and Lin completely shut down the athletic 6’8″. Wiggins!

    The problem with Clifford is that he allowed Walker to play no defense, just like he allowed Batum to play no defense. So opponents relentlessly attacked those two, and it didn’t matter what defenseless scrub (Hairston or Lee) was playing in front of Lin to “protect” Walker and Batum defensively.

  397. Yes, I do compare Clifford to Scott and McHale and the disturbing similarities cannot be ignored.

  398. Good point. But I also think it was height. Kemba is undersized at PG, he liked the idea of height then at other position. Cliff was into height.


    As we can see, this troll is INTENT on SPAMMING THIS FORUM with his insults.

    I won’t back down from this troll, and this troll won’t quit from insulting forum members and calling them “STUPID”.

  400. Yup, I agree with you. I honestly don’t get why some Lin fans here are so hellbent on hating on Clifford. He’s not the GM making all of the changes to the roster, signing guys or getting rid of them.

    Lin is a 6’3″ point guard. He’s not a big 6’7″+ Forward like you said, nor is he a 6’5″ shooting guard for his entire career like Courtney Lee is. Cho made the right move in bringing in Lee to fill the SG hole on the team.

    It’d be unfair to expect Lin to play SG full-time when he’s never even played at SG his career up until he played for the Hornets. Lin held his own defending against some SGs, but he did it coming off the bench and not full-time. Lee was there as a defensive specialist against SGs and as a spot shooter, a role in which Lin does not excel in nor did he sign up for.

    I think some Lin fans are being unrealistic and trying to find any and all reason to blame and hate on Clifford. If Lin failed miserably as a starting SG, a position he was never meant to play at nor did he sign up for, we’d be here blaming the Hornets for putting Lin in a position to fail. Seriously people, lay off the sauce and come back to reality. Clifford did not do Lin dirty except during the last game of the Heat series and that was due to politics and/or corruption.

  401. so moreyeel’s plan failed.
    he ship lin to bad lalaland in hope to diminish his value even more..
    but nope.. lin still survive the storm and come back with vengence.

  402. Moderator : this is now approximate FOUR Consecutive Days where he has INSTIGATED a flame pollution attack on this website.
    KHuang – My guess is that the Nets are “keeping the starting pg slot open” for a surprise acquisition of a nonAsian player they deem “better than Lin”.

  403. I’ll listen to the whole thing later, but a time stamp for the section on Jeremy would be helpful.

  404. I found Lee to be an excellent defender. I didn’t love his offense however.

  405. I found Lee to be a TERRIBLE defender AND a TERRIBLE offensive player.

  406. FYI, Lin’s position during his collegiate days were all SG and sometimes PG only. But for some reason and maybe because of his height his position becomes combo PG/SG after NYK…

  407. The storm of Clifford/Cho/MJ. – the decision makers.
    I can laugh and pity the insecurities and faults of KemBatum, but can’t blame players for players just want to play.

  408. It’s not just Cliff. I can’t remember where I heard Jeremy talk about it (probably a Youtube interview), but he emphasized that 2-3 inches is a big deal in the NBA. It’s a much bigger deal than most fans think.

  409. hornets were lin’s best option. Most teams were low balling him with $5 million/ year for 4 year. Contracts like that. Hornets wanted him, they gave him a $2M deal for 1 year, because Rich Cho is asian, that is the only reason he did Lin a solid, and clifford also liked Lin alot after seeing how he smoked the hornets on 2 occasions last season.

  410. OK man, you need to calm down, seriously. Calling Lee a terrible defender is just ridiculous and delusional. He’s also not a terrible offensive player. May not be elite or very good, but far from terrible.

  411. There are MULTIPLE starting shooting guards who are SMALLER than Lin, none of whom can defend like Lin. Nobody questions them defensively.

    Courtney Lee got ROASTED on defense against the same players that Lin shut down.

    Lin put up ELITE numbers as a starting SG.

    The claim that Lin “failed miserably” at SG and “cannot defend SGs” is not backed up by either video or statistics.

  412. You hit the nail on the head. IN college where the talent level is so far below NBA, JLIN had to play the 2.

    NBA where they are bigger, faster and desperately needing players with great Basketball IQ to floor general, that is what JLIN does best.

  413. Nobody tells KHuang to calm down lol

  414. You need to reread my comment because you clearly didn’t understand it.

  415. And the obvious DISsimilarities cannot be ignored:

    Mchale ONLY praise lin ONCE in two years.
    Clifford praise lin MULTIPLE TIMES in one year

    Mchale YANKED lin if he made a mistake
    Clifford lets lin CONTINUE to play through mistakes (this is BIG.. without this.. he will not be able to stat pad). this is the ‘help’ he got from clifford.. until lee came.. blame lee on CHOsmoe.

    Scott DNP lin for no reason very first time since linsanity
    Mchale at least did not…probably due to lin’s huge salary
    Clifford did not.

    Scott is NOT a coach.
    Need I say more about this dissimilarity.

  416. Shooting guards like Eric Gordon, Monta Ellis, Isaiah Canaan, Lou Williams, and many others are all smaller than Lin and cannot defend effectively or even score against taller opponents like Lin can.

  417. I’m not sure what happened in that last game. I was out of town and only saw the 2nd half. Lin was utilized in the games the Hornets won and had Miami whining to the league about him getting too many fouls called. Lin had a rough game 6, though I would have liked to see him late in game 6, I can’t make a case for it because Lin had a rough game overall. Lin seemed to be playing quite well game 7, Kemba couldn’t get it going, Lee was scoring, Batum was just ok, and then things got out of hand but Cliff still went with Kemba and Batum and not LIn. Made no sense.

    But how many times during the regular season did Lin have a rough game, Cliff called on him late in the 4th, and Lin delivered? That’s what I liked about Cliff. He trusted Lin in the clutch. Or needed him. But whatever it was, he used him a lot in the clutch.

  418. No, I’m actually in total agreement with you” because you’re the one NOT making those claims!

  419. i thought he was a good defender, and more than that he was a CLUTCH rebounder. In my opinion, if he were not in the nba, he would make an excellent wide reciever in the nfl. He can read where balls will go, or he has natural instincts for it.

  420. Those are not significant dissimilarities with McHale if you look objectively at your points.

    And BScott, was a tank commander who did things to command the tank.

  421. Yeah, I hope so too…It’s time for Lin to look for a Girl Friend…I’m sure there are a lot of good looking Asian girls who would love to date Lin…

    Lin simply needs to stay away fro gold diggers…He should go to the Harvard campus and fish for some good looking and smart Asian girls to date.

  422. Astute observation lol

  423. don is a drama queen, no point trying to persuade him. In his view, the only coach for lin is MDA, or maybe Spo (because of his asian roots), then again if Lin ever played for Spo, I am betting he would call him a sell out uncle chang by the end of the week.

  424. Yes, he played both positions. See, I don’t think Lin would have played SG at the 2nd guard position. He would have been a 2nd guard and Cliff even talked about Kemba attacking and shooting jumpers on one side of the floor, Lin attacking and distributing on another, while Batum looked over the scene and distributed. That rarely happened, but that wasn’t a bad idea at all. Then it was supposed to be Lin and Kemba or Lin and Batum or Batum or Kemba at all times. So, the idea of SG, PG, and others sort of broke down on Charlotte and it was more attackers in the front court, and Batum as distributor in the mid-court.

  425. Don’t call me “ridiculous and delusional”, that’s TROLLING.

    What you don’t know is that I’ve been following Courtney Lee for years long before he was Lin’s teammate, as I follow the entire NBA and not just Lin.

    Courtney Lee is an athletically limited guard who has had the fortune of playing on defensively competent teams for the most part. He had Dwight Howard’s powerful defensive squad in Orlando, played in Memphis’s rugged defense led by Marc Gasol, and got burned up pretty badly in Boston where he was neither able to defend nor score.

    Then he comes to the Hornets and he’s the same limited player that he was in Boston.

    Lee didn’t help the Hornets defensively at all.

  426. The Hornets have been a top-10 defensive team for the past 3 years. I don’t think Clifford allows any of his players to totally slack off on defense.

  427. agree!!! can’t see really where the love for Lee is coming from..MKG is way better than Lee, and i don’t like the game of MKG still..LOL!

  428. Lee was a good defender. You can’t deny him of that

  429. Clifford can promise him.. But at the end.. it can also be someone with power in the organization influencing him.
    Batum is the top priority so it was given the task to clifford BY someone in the org to play batum A LOT.
    Watch moneyball and see how brad pitt influence the baseball coach who was in conflict with brad.
    You can also say clifford’s OWN goal is to play batum more because he wants batum…so can be him or someone else.

    Don’t kid yourself and tell me that polictics is not involve. Politics is involved EVERYWHERE including your own family. Yes, you read that right, your own blood.

  430. LOL!!!

  431. MKG was amazing, better than Lee for sure, but he is way too injury prone.

  432. Call me whatever names you want to call me. But don’t put words in my mouth coaches there are dozens of potentially good coaches for JLIN, and with respect to the Asian comment about Spo – what do you got against ASIANs?

  433. Scott is a fraud. Agreed. McHale is a poor coach.

  434. I never said there was no politics and in fact I agree with you but Clifford not only instituted the politics, he active participated in the design and distribution of the brunt of the politics on JLIN back imo.

  435. The Lee love is because there is so much admiration for Lee’s alleged prowess from the media and especially from the Hornets.

    MKG is another SCRUB that I’ve hated for YEARS.

    I followed him from the instant he left Kentucky as yet another wildly overrated Kentucky player. I knew he’d be a scrub, and I wrote about it on the other Lin forum FOUR YEARS AGO.

    What I didn’t anticipate was MKG being WORSE than what I thought. I thought he’d at least stay somewhat healthy, albeit not produce much. Instead, he’s missed well over 50% of his games because of poor conditioning. But poor conditioning is typical for John Calipari’s early entry NBA draftees.

  436. This past season was great in so many ways for Jeremy. He enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching him play with the Hornets. Some people just want to grumble and be unhappy with something. They basically rain on their own parade.

  437. Traditionally, in Chinese culture, only cousin’s from the father’s side is forbidden. Marriage to the daughter of mother’s sister, I supposed, would be “親上加親”. Point is, the cultural lens used might be different here.

  438. well, i just responded to click’s post that ..”It’d be unfair to expect Lin to play SG full-time when he’s never even
    played at SG his career up until he played for the Hornets.”

    sort of clarification for him so he can change his assertion to make his statement stand on itself.

  439. I would hardly call MKG “amazing”, though he did look far better in his very brief time than he has in the previous 4 seasons.

  440. I think Cho and Jordan like Lin and respect what he brought to the team as well as know how important he was in the playoff wins and big regular season wins. In fact, they may be letting him go because they don’t have the role Lin deserves to play in Charlotte.

  441. I didn’t see it.

    Charlotte still got badly lit up when he was on the court.

    That’s totally in line with what has happened with Lee in both Memphis and Boston.

  442. and TRUE!!!

  443. Clifford also helped himself and his team by letting JLin play and get crucial wins during the season. The win/loss of the Eastern conference playoff teams were separated by a small number of games. JLin helped the Hornets avoid a dismal season and having the “loser team” label. So it’s a two way street. Both JLin and Hornets helped each other. Although without the injury of MKG, I’m not sure if JLin will get enough playtime to showcase his abilities. Regarding Clifford not saying anything negative about JLin, that assumes JLin has something negative for him to comment on. So essentially Clifford had done nothing extra special for JLin. He’s just doing his job as a coach. Clifford being a better coach than the likes of McHale and BS should not be a compliment lol.

  444. yeah, that was weird…I don’t think many people understand the other meaning for that phrase.

  445. well, yes, but he is still an employee.. and to follow the politics there is not consider such as big negative to him that he will quit because he does think of lin as a bench player. If MJ or someone say look play lin a lot.. he will do that. If there are any big disagreement than he will resign/quit.

    Mda quit because there was big disagreement with the organization and players

  446. Well, I didn’t enjoy seeing Lin being benched behind D league scrubs and nonproducing starters and being frozen out and being artificially benched for producing well.

    Do you expect us Lin fans to NOT grumble over those VERY TOXIC THINGS?

  447. Clifford was nowhere near as bad as Mchale. You can honestly say Clifford was a saint compared to Byron Scott. The tank commander did not want anything to do with Lin.

  448. I liked him overall. In fact, that’s the guy I wanted to see Lin play with more. He was athletic enough to go over the rim and would have received some Lin lobs, and unlike most on Charlotte, MKG loved to run. Those exciting fast break points in the Cavs game had MKG running down the court in front of or behind Lin to execute. And MKG hustled and got offensive rebounds, another thing the Hornets needed.

  449. MDA was forced out by Carmelo Anthony who told Dolan that if MDA(JLIN’s benefactor) did not LEAVE then he would.

  450. He never looked great to me until those 7 or 8 games he came back. He looked good when he came back in most of the games.

  451. Here are my notes from Game 7:

    Jeremy enters the game with 5:43 left in Q1. Hornets were down by 7. When Jeremy subs out with 7:54 left in Q2, the Hornets were down by 10. They would cut that deficit down to 4 points in the subsequent 4.5 min., so subbing Lee in for Lin to guard Wade seems to work…temporarily.

    The Heat then called a timeout with 3:27 remaining and went on a 10-2 run to end the half up by 12. So you could make an argument that putting Jeremy in for the final 3.5 min. of the first half might have made a difference at halftime.

    In Q3 Jeremy entered with 6:24 to go. The deficit was again 12 points, but grew to 30 by the time the quarter ended. For whatever reason (fair to argue he wasn’t given the ball enough) Jeremy was not able to help stop the massive bleeding.

    Jeremy leaves with 8:45 remaining in the game. The Heat still lead by 30 and hovers around that range until the Hornets throw in the towel. There would’ve been no point in putting Jeremy back in at this point. 3rd stringers play the final 6 minutes.

    Aside from the few minutes before halftime, I don’t see that giving Jeremy more playing time would’ve made much difference. You could argue that giving him more control and more shots might’ve made a difference, but that would’ve been a drastic change in how Charlotte had played all year.

  452. The Hornets got burned badly at SG when Lin wasn’t in there stopping All Star level SGs.

    Their defense would have suffered BADLY if Lin were not there protecting both the starters and bench.

    Besides, Clifford’s defense goes to waste when his team cannot score because Lin’s not on the court. That was the case all last season, and that’s the case this season too.

  453. that’s actually very true… at least some..
    mchale allows harden to be sieve or invisible when harden’t doesnt have the ball.
    scott let’s kobe do whatever he wants.. oh kobe wants to take a dump on the side court..fine.. but just watchout for the refs.

  454. lol, got to love it. You say “don’t put words in my mouth” then you turn around and do the same thing. I think you have a huge lin complex, and its not healthy. No coach would be good enough for lin in your eyes, maybe MDA and that is it. I believe that if Spo was Lin’s coach you would act similarly towards him as any other coach including BScott, Mchale, Woodson etc. You’re narrow minded views prevent you from seeing outside your little box that you have placed everyone in — Good coach/Bad coach/good teammate/ bad teammate. As an asian myself, I have nothing against asians and want to see them succeed, but you would readily bash them like you did Rich Cho/ Coach Spo in the past to keep up your own agenda.

  455. Anybody can look great for a handful of games, but can that player LAST THE SEASON?

    MKG is of no use to his team if he can’t even stay on the court.

  456. but he does instill on players to really play defense..doesn’t matter if his defensive scheme stinks.

  457. You ignore the fact that JLIN is a 2nd half, specifically 4th quarter optimized player that is from statistical evidence.

    Believe what you wish, the picture of JLIN’s face with the towel spoke more volumes than any number of words that we can right to justify game 7. And that game cost Hornets any snowball’s chance at JLIN.

  458. Only thing I disliked about Clifford was Jeremy Lin’s usage in the Play-Offs. Other than that, you can’t really say he minimized and misused Lin all season long. The reason why Lin is in such a positive situation right now was because he was given opportunities (how much of that opportunity is relative because people will want JLin to get 35+ min every game). I’m sure you watched all the games last season, but there were many exciting games from the perspective on Lin fans because Clifford did utilize him, not minimally and misused. Very few back up point guards are often highly praised…Jeremy Lin is one of those few, which means he did seize the opportunities he was given. If Clifford didn’t give him opportunities there is no way JLin is at the position he is today in FA. So rather JLin despising Clifford, I think he is appreciative to a certain extent, but not appreciative enough to want to come back and play for the organization, hence Play-Off incident.

  459. Clifford’s defensive scheme is SUPERB – he’s the first modern day coach Lin has ever played for that truly understands that the illegal defense rule is abolished.

    Clifford openly stated that he wanted to let Walker and Batum not have to play defense so that they could do offense. And that’s how Clifford ran it in games as Walker and Batum got TORCHED.

  460. If my impressions about Marks & Atkinson are correct, there’s zero chance Rondo is anywhere on their radar. He doesn’t fit the “high character” profile they are targeting.


    Now this hate troll is pretending that he didn’t call people “stupid” today.

    Hate trolls LIE AND CHEAT. That’s all they do.

  462. I don’t think I every heard that he say walker and batum does not have to pay defense.. in fact I will be very surprise if he did overtly stated that.

  463. conditioning of players is a huge problem in my eyes. I have the same issue with derrick rose, kyrie irving. Compare them to lebron or lin, both of whom spend religious amounts of time in the gym lifting weights and strengthening their bodies. They both look CUT, strong/powerful, especially lebron james, you can barely see any fat on his body. I have seen some shirtless pics of D.Rose, Kyrie and honestly for an athlete it is pathetic. Oh, lets not forget steph curry, another blob lol.

  464. Are you done making things up about me?

    “I think you have a huge lin complex, and its not healthy” oh, is that the case? You come to a JLIN oriented FANSITE and you type something like that? If your favorite player is not JLIN you might want to search for their fansite.

  465. I don’t know that MKG can. So far, no, hasn’t happened.

    Hornets are nuts if they are banking on him being healthy all season. If he plays half the games that would be success for him.

  466. Also because Charlotte has too many holes they need to fill and Lin isn’t a priority in their eyes. They need a Center who can block shots and play defense BADLY. It was one of the main reasons why they played so poorly in the playoffs.

    I do think MJ, Cho, and Clifford respects and likes Lin. They’re faced with a big headache right now because they have so many free agents who outperformed their contracts and expectations. It’s nearly impossible to sign everyone back, especially Lin, after the year he’s had. MJ and Cho succeeded in what they were trying to achieve this year: make the Hornets relevant and a potential team to sign with in the eyes of free agents.

    Having said that, they’re too attached to their “stars” Kemba and now Batum. People need to remember that this team way overachieved this year and has been terrible for so many years prior. They’re desperately looking for stars to bring excitement and success to the franchise. The problem is, they’re putting all of their hopes and trust in the wrong players. They should be making Lin a priority and not Batum or Kemba.

    It is what it is. I hold no grudge or anger against the Hornets, their front office, their coach, coaching staff, fans, etc. They helped Lin resurrect his career and at a perfect time too. Lin has said so many good things about his time in Charlotte. Lin fans need to stop hating on Clifford and the organization. It’s getting really annoying and ridiculous. Just be happy for Lin that he was given the opportunity to prove himself this past year and look forward to the next team he plays for. Way too much negativity around here.

  467. Flagged.

    KHuang – My guess is that the Nets are “keeping the starting pg slot open” for a surprise acquisition of a nonAsian player they deem “better than Lin”.

  468. You people forgot the last in first out 18 min games early month of season.

    Cliff has done everything not to start lin.

    Cliff put the ball in kemba hands 100% causing lin run to the corner and hustling defense for kemba’s man. That way he has all energy to pat up stats.

    And don’t make me remind you about in the playoff.

    Cliff micro managing lin on courtside with creaming and yelling while let loose everyone else.

  469. I didn’t call you ridiculous and delusional. I said you calling Lee terrible defensively and offensively is ridiculous and delusional. Reading comprehension helps, bro. So does deep breaths.

  470. Can you please turn the bold off?

  471. We should leave Lebron out of this conditioning discussion because of Lebron’s known PED usage under agent Rich Paul’s known peddling of designer drugs out of Miami on Lebron’s behalf.

    Derrick Rose (yet another Kentucky unconditioned guy) had a few brief brilliant years but is now a washed up injured hobbled player. He’s still getting some numbers, but he’s a shell of what he was athletically.

    Kyrie Irving has been injury prone his entire career. Let’s not forget that he only played like 11 games his freshman year at Duke because he got injured before he even entered the NCAA, let alone the NBA. So Irving being constantly injured in the NBA, that’s to be expected.

    I would also add that when a player is properly coached and fundamentally sound, he becomes far less injury prone because he doesn’t do stupid stunts on the court. A big part of Lin’s durability is because he simply knows how to play.

  472. JLIN has a plan as he always does, he thought he could outperform Kemba from the bench since Kemba had a previous rough season, but the Hornets weren’t about to allow JLIN to do that blatantly so they obstructed.

    But the Hornets plan was only partially successful as JLIN in the few opportunities he was allowed, excelled and JLIN’s own plan won out.

  473. there are healthy lin fans like myself, well maybe not because I spend way to much time here. But you take it next level, I believe your obsession has crossed the wierd stalker territory. The kind that lin was telling the news about, how some guy would ring his hotel in the middle of the night during linsanity and scare the crap out of him.

  474. No I can’t
    Show me in the regulations where you see that?

  475. Flagged.

  476. I agree. Lin is tough to bring back because he has no Bird rights and because he’s so good. The other players have Bird rights and early Bird rights and aren’t the catalyst Lin is.

    This is supposed to be a positive site. And you’re helping to bring some of them out. Ultimately, that’s all any poster can do. Others will express what they’re feeling, I just would love for the tone to be more positive sometimes too.

  477. NO.

    You directly called me “ridiculous and delusional” because of my statement. Now you’re insulting my reading comprehension. And now you’re insulting me again by telling me to “take deep breaths”. THAT’S TROLLING.

    If you want to insult me, I can fight you all you (don’t) want. But I’d rather stick to ANALYSIS.

    You think I’m “ridiculous and delusional” for claiming that Lee can’t defend based on what I’ve watched him (not) do over the last 4 seasons? OK then, CONVINCE ME that Lee is a terrific defender. If you can back that up, I’ll be OK with you calling me “ridiculous and delusional”.

    Otherwise I’ll just assume you’re just another wannabe troll spouting off nonsense.

  478. They did that’s why they extended lamb contact and now in hard pursue to keep batum and other before lin.

  479. Grumble all you want if it makes you feel better. It just sounds like that’s all you do except for an 11-game stretch back in 2012.

  480. Lin was brought in to backup Kemba. That is not a secret or a surprise. People thinking that Lin would usurp Kemba’s starting role were setting themselves up for disappointment. Lin was never promised he would start. He was promised to be allowed to play his game and Clifford for the most part delivered on that promise


    Please address the poster KHUANG who is starting yet another FLAMING attack on a second poster today.

  482. I just asked politely.

  483. And you got a polite response back in return.

  484. he spends time adding html tags just to annoy people, he won’t listen to your request lol

  485. wow. geezzz..
    there is no love in bball lol
    you sound like the famous phrase.. “if you love the person.. let him/her be free”.

  486. I don’t thumbs you up often Debear but you get one here.

  487. I don’t agree he was brought in to backup Kemba. He was brought in to take some of the facilitating pressure off of Kemba as well as scoring pressure. So was Batum. Batum was chosen to do it in the first unit, Lin was chosen to come in sometime later in the game to do it. Usually, Lin played while Batum sat, not while Kemba sat, alongside Kemba. That’s not really backing him up. Lin was a 6th man who interestingly sometimes came into the game 7th or 8th off of the bench.

  488. In an radio interview, Clifford openly stated that PJ Hairston started because “he took pressure off Batum defensively and allowed Batum not have to work on defense so that he could concentrate on offense”.

    In that same interview, Clifford then said that the “PJ Hairston trade now requires Batum to play defense”.

    Clifford didn’t say that about Walker specifically, but his ACTIONS showed it. Walker didn’t have to defend, and he got torched repeatedly.


    I got called “ridiculous and delusional”, and now this DIRTY HATE TROLL is LYING that I started this.

    BAN THIS HATE TROLL, admininstration

  490. But sometimes that’s what happens. Wouldn’t say love, but professionally respect that others can offer that person what their organization can not.

  491. hrmph, SILENCE.

    Click click, can’t back up your claim of me being “ridiculous and delusional?”

    Just as I expected.

    That should teach you a lesson to not troll by calling people “ridiculous and delusional” just because somebody posts analysis that you don’t agree with.

    You’re better than this – you post good stuff usually.

  492. Anger management issues IMO.

  493. lol

  494. That’s 100 percent true. He said that some post-games as well.

  495. I saw a guy lit up not just on Charlotte, but on previous teams he played for.

    I’ll keep denying it just like I have the last few seasons!

  496. To be honest, I didn’t even want to start posting here at first because of the negativity and fanaticism that Lin fans have developed over the years. Some of us have PTSD from having to defend and support Lin through some very, very difficult and ugly situations Lin’s previous teams have put him in and hatred from Lin haters, naysayers, and trolls.

    It’s understandable that some of us get extremely defensive and lash out at whatever we perceive to be hurting Lin and his career. But we need to keep a positive attitude and not make ourselves look even worse, proving LOF haters right. We should be cheering for Lin and follow in his footsteps. Be positive and spread love, not hate and negativity. If Lin and Jesus are able to forgive those who have trespassed against them, we should too, especially because we’re not the ones being persecuted.

  497. Double Flags, these comments are uncalled for and should count in the accumulated body of work of some of these posters Moderator .

  498. i think the mods see your flags and ignore them by now, since you flag a million people a day for little or no cause.

  499. Since I go by what people do and not what they say, I found Clifford’s unwillingness to make Walker and Batum play defense to be very bad for the Hornets.

    When people look at the awful +/- that Walker and Batum put up in the playoffs, their refusal to play defense is a major reason why.

  500. Using the term LOF loosely whether to make a point or not isn’t helpful.

    What I find most disturbing are the posters to go to Team websites and perpetuate the false meme (narrative) that JLIN fans know nothing about basketball, never played the game, never watched until JLIN entered the scene.

    Those posters are the most detrimental to the entire JLIN fanbase community.

  501. Disagree.

    Lin was brought up to back up not only Kemba, but to sit behind Brian Roberts.

    Lin was paid a 3rd stringer’s salary, less than even Brian Roberts. In the NBA, a nonrookie scale player like Lin gets paid according to his perceived importance to a team.

  502. ok, what do you think about that mods?

  503. Very good. Thanks. Game 7 wasn’t meant to be and unfortunately game 6 was won due to Wade’s heroics more than anything else. I think Kemba deserves credit for playing like a superstar down the stretch of that game. But Wade made sick, tough shots. He is a huge late-game performer.

  504. There are videos where JLIN says verbatim that he was brought in to back up Kemba.
    You are completely correct.

  505. If Lin was not brought in to backup Kemba, then why didn’t he start from day 1. Lin was brought in to anchor the 2nd unit. Even when MKG went down in the preseason, Lin still did not start. He was a backup that only started if Batum or Kemba was hurt.

  506. fair/rational and most importantly big lin fans like myself who share similar views as mine. They have no time for your own personal drama here.

  507. Yes, very good.

  508. Frankly, I think MKG helped Lin far more than Clifford did.

    Had MKG not gotten himself in the 1st preseason game and not stayed out all season long, Lin wouldn’t have seen any court time even in the preseason!

  509. It’s a futile effort with some of the “fans”.
    You arm yourself with real facts and that even won’t help oftentimes..

  510. He went with the bench during the regular season at times. Then he dismantled it. But then the bench was Lin/Big Al. Sometimes I think “bench” meant Lin and Al when he spoke of it late season.

  511. NOT TRUE.

    I’ve been saying all season that “Clifford is the best coach that Lin’s ever had”. I’ve also openly complimented ALL of Lin’s coaches for various things.

    This is the NBA where things are never all bad and never all good. I grumble about the bad, but I cheer about the good too. Even I was happy when Byron Scott and Kevin McHale at least played Lin more minutes than Clifford played Lin when the Hornets had their “full” roster.

    Don’t even try to paint a picture of me being strictly a grumbler. That’s LYING. Don’t try that weak sauce with me.

  512. They get into Lin pretty early on. I’m not sure exactly when, but I think within the first 3 minutes or so.

  513. if nets don’t sign him it doesn’t matter, Lin can go to the 76ers who have a bright future. Lin is a veteran now, and he can bring out the talent of the young pups in my opinion.

  514. Credit Clifford for what? If you want to credit this coach for not saying a negative comment, you might as well give credit to 90% of the coaches since they did not say anything negative also. For not liking a coach, he needs to say something negative? Smh!

  515. I’m with ya Sister.


    When trolls taunt and flame Lin fans, they should at least have the guts to NAME NAMES.

    Instead, they just COWER IN FEAR.

  517. You can learn to quickly filter out the consistently negative posts. Some folks just view the world through a very different lens and it’s non-constructive to try and convince them to change.

    Although Cho and Clifford clearly have influence, I’m guessing Jordan makes the big decisions. It looks like he’s sticking with Kemba, MKG and now, Nic as his core group. I can’t see how they’ll go very far with those, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  518. Flagged, again,

  519. Yeah I agree. That core is good for the regular season playing against half a league full of scrubs, but against good teams or if they get into the playoffs, they’ll be going nowhere. I still wish the Hornets organization luck. It was fun watching Lin and that team play real team basketball this past year.

    Just a quick note, not only does this troll break rules prohibiting the INSTIGATION of FLAMING,

    he also is promoting the Naming of Names in attacks which is a violation in and of itself

  521. Excellent post.

    But the negativity here is LEGITIMATE.

    Lin deserves better than what the NBA has offered him so far. There’s nothing wrong in fans being unhappy about the way Lin’s been treated.

    Hopefully Lin’s next team will be better.

  522. in america, it is viewed as incest mostly. Even in China, i don’t think it is viewed favorably or even encouraged, however to increase family ties, arrangements sometimes take place. In Lin’s case, I hope he spends time around lots of different women, and not only his cousin lol.

  523. I think most reasonable Lin fan never expected Lin to upsurp Kemba….But many of us felt that Lin should had gotten a shot at starting at the 2guard spot after MKG got injured….At the least, Lin should had been given more minutes as a back-up PG instead of playing Kemba so much as the starter.

    There’s a decent argument against not starting Lin and letting him run the second unit with no scorer to take the ball off his hands, but considering how well Lin was doing playing shooting guard, I personally felt Clifford should had rolled with it and see whether Lin could keep up the good play starting alongside Kemba.

    Remember, Lin starter 12 of the 13 games as a shooting guard and he averaged 17ppg in those game…..Not saying Lin would have kept such a production, but even if that production had dropped to 14ppg, it would had still be worth it to keep him in the starting unit.

    Lin also played very well during the training camp and the trip in China, so based on how he was playing, I felt Clifford should had think given starting Lin a serious consideration.

    That’s my own opinion…Most players hate the idea of being caged on the bench, eventhough they have demonstrate they can play well as starter…so I’m sure Lin was probably a bit annoyed that even when he plays well as a starter, Clifford refused to keep him in there.

  524. The Hornets will need every bit of that luck, for sure.

    Now that Lin’s been replaced by Lee and Belinelli, they’re going to have trouble scoring and defending as a team.

  525. Lin have a lot of positives in his play so no point in making negative comments. I have to say I credit Lin not the coach. The only coaching I remembered about Clifford is giving Kemba and Batum the ball and get out of the way. I don’t think I will give him credit for that in relation to Lins production?

  526. Fan is short for fanatic! We all have some of that to varying degrees! I agree with your last sentence. Lin knows what to do as well in dealing with the NBA. He’s doing well.

  527. The Clifford coaching points that will stay with me the most are:
    1) Ungratefully limiting JLIN after he beat the Cavs for the first time in 23 historical tries
    2) Forth quarter of Game 6 and all of Game 7

  528. My impression was Jeremy played 4-5 min. each in the 2nd and 4th quarters when both Kemba & Nic sat. Those were the times he quarterbacked the 2nd unit.

  529. I wrote earlier today that I strongly feel that MKG being injured all season was what allowed Lin to play, not Clifford thinking Lin was a good player.

    If MKG was not injured, Lin would be the 3rd string PG behind Brian Roberts. That’s because Lin was offered a lower salary than Brian Roberts.

    I’m absolutely convinced that Clifford originally intended Lin to be strictly a DNP CD practice player like Tyler Hansbrough, and only MKG’s injury allowed Lin onto the court.

  530. FANATICISM? please define this because you are in a Lin fan site. How do you call yourself? Well, I guess that there are two kinds of categories of people who make comments here then. Fans or haters/trolls. You know which category you belong.

  531. Because coming off the bench doesn’t mean you are just a backup. Lin relieved the SG more than he did Kemba. And Clifford specifically said the Lin and Kemba combo were to run together. And they did. I think it is more staggering your talent and having someone in there that won’t have the dropoff when Kemba is off was the dynamic more than some traditional starter/backup thing. He was a 6th man. And I find a big difference between 6th man and backup no matter how many journalists and others want to call him a backup. On Houston and Charlotte, Lin was a 6th man (not always utilized enough as such, but a 6th man overall).

  532. You’re a futile effort and one that butts in to discussion you’re either incapable of or inflexible enough to consider the points being made.

  533. No sws94, if one comes off the bench then he’s a backup.

    Clifford never saw Lin as as starter and openly said so. And that’s how Clifford coached.

    Clifford was hoping that Lin and Walker would gel like Curry and Thompson. But they didn’t because Walker wouldn’t allow it. And Clifford didn’t want it either after he saw how badly Lin outplayed Walker and Batum in games and practices.

  534. That’s one opinion you should really learn to calm yourself.

  535. Lin was paid a salary, but Roberts had the DNPs, not Lin. I see nothing to support Lin was brought in for a small role. Clifford talked of the big role he’d play. Not starting does not equal small role necessarily.

  536. For me, he is 2nd team or a staggered major player sometimes. You can call them what you want, but Lin’s role was not to relieve Kemba specifically. He played less than 40 percent in the PG position of the time he was on the floor.

  537. That’s because MKG’s injury shifted Batum to SF and Hairston to SG.

    With Hairston being an utterly incapable SCRUB, Clifford was forced to play Lin as the backup SG and backup PG. Clifford didn’t want Lamb because Lamb was perceived as being a bad defender despite his 6th overall defensive +/- among all guards. Roberts was the odd man out because Clifford couldn’t win at all without Lin despite hating Lin. Mchale, Woodson, and Scott found that out too.

    Lin was brought in to play a small role because that’s what the Charlotte Hornets thought of him based on what they offered in salary – not just last season, but this season too at a pitifully low $5 million MLE. And right now, Charlotte is definitely not one of the “at least three” teams courting Lin.

  538. That gives even more validity to my original claim that “Lin was brought in to be the 3rd string PG”.

  539. He was a bridge. He relieved Lee or Batum, hardly ever Kemba and did play 4-5 minutes with Kemba. He didn’t seem to play that many minutes without Kemba or Batum. Cliff liked having 2 of Kemba, Batum or Lin on the floor most of the game.

  540. HATE TROLL FLAGGED (getting close to the 20th time today).

    Of course, the hate troll has to fire more insults by telling members here to “calm” themselves.

    The hate troll starts the flaming by calling Lin fans “futile”, then FANS THE FLAMES by firing additional insults.

    This is why Administration needs to mercifully BAN THIS HATE TROLL.

  541. Good point about “staggering your talent”. I think he might have done a better job in managing Jeremy’s playing time, but I imagine it’s very situational and dependent on the opposing team and how players are performing on a given night.

  542. I doubt he says “backup”. I remember him saying “help” Kemba. Lin used the word “help” a lot and if he said backup, it was in the sense of support him. It’s Kemba’s team.

  543. Sometimes it happened that way.

    As the season wore on, Nicolas Batum gradually took over the ballhandling and playmaking responsibilities. And he made a MESS of it.

  544. Moderator anyone who goes back through the timeline record knows who needs to be banned.

  545. I agree MKG’s injury gave Lin extra minutes but to say Lin is behind Brian Roberts is just insulting. Roberts got playing time because Clifford kept the starters and the 2nd unit separate. That ended because the 2nd unit kept digging Charlotte out of the hole the starters put them in so Clifford mixed up both units and that regulates Roberts to garbage time duty.

  546. Well, I don’t count college as being a career, since they don’t get paid to play. Lin has always been known as a PG, not as SG. Hornets turned him into a combo Guard, but SG is not the position he excels at nor played at in his NBA career.

  547. Exactly, matchup oriented and flow of the game. Most of what Clifford did was to support a team win. As fans, we have every right to say he didn’t use Lin enough. And I think he didn’t. But I don’t think he was trying to hold Lin down, he just had a different view on who he needed to have on the floor to give him his best chance. And yes, he favored Batum and Kemba. They played big minutes.

  548. He WAS promised to start if he played well and the opportunity arose. That’s why on day 1 all Cliff’s promises were revealed to be worthless when “PJ the great” started instead of Lin. Later they traded for C.Lee. Why do some people write revisionist history with such confidence?

  549. OF COURSE it’s “insulting”.

    Brian Roberts was paid more than Lin is.

    The original plan was to play Lin behind Roberts, as NBA teams don’t generally play lower paid players behind higher paid ones.

    But then MKG’s injury completely wrecked Charlotte’s plans. Suddenly the Hornets needed a SG, even though I warned on this forum before the season that Batum at SG would never work.

    Even with the injury, Brian Roberts played backup PG while Lin played backup SG early in the season. So yes, Brian Roberts was the 2nd stringer until FURTHER INJURY forced Lin to become more important.

    In the end, Lin played so few minutes at backup PG that he TRULY WAS the 3rd string PG for the entire season!

  550. I thought he was inconsistent. He looked great some games, sloppy many games, and out of his league others. I don’t know, he was injured so much or playing injured, but the ball went through him throughout most of the season.

    I disagree somewhat to as the season went on. At least in terms of Lin, I think Batum started to play better with Lin and look for him more. It’s just, Batum’s injury situation was up and down. And he played poorly through injury.

  551. What?

    QQ Sports: You also mentioned you had a long talk with Clifford. Did he talk with you about whether you will start or come off the bench because Kemba plays at the starting 1, and things like you will be at 1 or 2? Are there definitive answers to those questions already?

    Lin: He said if I was asking him now, then I would come off the bench, But he emphasized if I play well and the team needs me to start, then he wouldn’t limit me to a bench player. The coach also said he will let me play with Kemba for a long time and even if I don’t play well in Charlotte, he will give me a lot of room to play with mistakes.

  552. It wasn’t just Batum that was injured.

    Hairston, Jefferson, and other players were injured too. That shifted Lin’s level of importance to the Hornets.

    Clifford would have preferred to play players other than Lin, but he couldn’t because no one could win like Lin. That’s why they made the Lee trade – to DITCH Lin. And even that still didn’t work because LEE STUNK.

  553. ” if one comes off the bench then he’s a backup.”

    KHuang, many posters here , I am sure, love to see this from you. The definition of a backup, a bench player (Lin’s role in Hornets) has been the core of heated debates and disagreement here.

    I enjoy your comments when you are not busy raising flags.

  554. I also hate having to raise flags.

    But when I’m flamed or somebody is being flamed, I have NO CHOICE.

    It’s not my call at all.

  555. In the beginning of the season, I would agree Lin was the 6th man. But then Clifford made sure that Kemba or Batum remain on the floor at all times. Lin’s 6th man status was neutralized. I am sorry but coming off the bench means you are someone’s backup. If that was not the case Lin would start more game and Kemba would come off the bench more but that is not how it works. There is a pecking order.

  556. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Clifford was not a good coach for Lin and did not trust him, that’s the truth no matter how much he praises Lin
    Action speaks louder than words.

  557. I don’t know why you’re focusing on 1 word of my entire post. Call it what you want, it doesn’t look good for the rest of Lin’s fanbase for a few bad apples to be going around spewing hate, negativity, delusions of grandeur (for Lin), and a constant victim mentality everyday. This is not a healthy way to live, nor is it a good way to cheer for your favorite player or hero in life.

    Also, there are a lot of Lin fans who are not fanatical. They support Lin and cheer him on without being overly aggressive or angry at every little thing they think is hurting Lin and his career. There are varying degrees of fans. I know it’s short for fanatics but the term fan is widely used as someone who supports a particular person for whatever reason.

    As for your fans or haters/trolls comment, it’s pretty obvious which camp I belong to.

  558. Given that Lin usually came in after a frontcourter was replaced, it’s actually far more accurate to call Lin a “9th man” just like he was in Houston and LA.

  559. Lin got lucky because MKG/Batum/Kemba injuries and so he had chances to beat those top teams including 3 wins over Heat. No credit for Clifford at all. I would credit Kemba stayed away from Cavs one game and let Lin help Hornets beat Bebron 1st time ever.

  560. thats not true lin was brought in as a back up PG and he was played like one but a bit more minutes cuz MKG was injured

  561. Ok I found the videos
    Would you like to make a bet that JLIN did not speak the words “backup” to Kemba

  562. What Lin stated in this paragraph seemed to suggest that Clifford promised him he wouldn’t tied him down to the bench and I believe this is what Clifford did when he started Hairston and to a smaller extend, trading for Lee just to keep Lin on the bench.

    It also sound like Lin, also, expected to start when MKG went down…Lin, just like every players, would rather start, so it’s no big surprise.

  563. More than the blacks and hispanic? I don’t think so

  564. We’ll agree to disagree then. This whole notion of starting is overblown. Most starters are role players. Courtney Lee, Cody Zeller and even Marvin Williams played with the only two designated starters, Kemba and Batum. Zeller started off on the bench and stayed as starter because he played well with Batum mostly. Courtney Lee is 3 and D. Marvin is a stretch 4. Lin’s role matters not WHEN he gets on the floor, but his minutes and if he closes.

    There is a distinction made with 6th man and backup in good NBA pages. A 6th man is a starter-level player playing off the bench to add depth to a team and to add flexibility as well to them. They are also insurance should a starter go down. And Lin was nominated for the 6th man award. Later in the season he didn’t play as much or close enough, but overall, Lin still qualified as 6th man.

    Not all starters are equal. Not all bench players are equal. And some really solid players play from the bench. Like Iguodala (except when he plays the Cavs).

  565. lol but i might miss all the angers ahaha at coach, teammates etc

  566. @_bk_chino
    so @WojVerticalNBA just predicted Jeremy Lin is going to get $13m per year

  567. He trusted Lin’s skills and but he was afraid Lin would shine over their starters.

  568. hes not the worst

  569. Good for you. Not interested.

  570. Yah you are right aha

  571. If everything goes smooth, its not that exciting either
    thats all

  572. It wasn’t just MKG that was injured.

    Hairston, Lamb, and Jefferson (among others) were injured for large stretches of the season. Their absences forced Clifford to play Lin.

    Earlier in the season, Brian Roberts started off as the backup SG. But then all the injuries to Hairston and Lamb set in and that caused Clifford to cement Lin as the backup SG.

    For a while, Clifford tried Lin as the backup PG while Roberts sat. But that was just as as stopgap until Batum became more comfortable as backup PG. Once Batum was comfortable (still not productive), Batum fully replaced Roberts as backup PG.

  573. It’s hard for it to have validity due to Lin having no DNPs and Roberts having so many. Then Gutes.

  574. Give credit where credit is due or not due.
    Clifford did:
    1) Openly gave credit for defensive effort for Lin
    2) Openly gave credit to Lin for offensive effort, although not as the top dog aka walker/batum.
    3) Not bad mouth Lin openly in the public and blames himself when loses occurs, even when most of the time it’s at the fault of over shooting/taking too many bad shots aka walker/batum

    Clifford did not:
    1) Allow Lin to take over a starting spot, even when MKG went down. Hairston was a nonsense and should’ve not started.
    2) Let Lin over shine walker/batum, only when he “have to” aka against top dog teams in the off season and few of the playoffs games.
    3) Allow Lin to take all the credit for important/hard wins, always mentions walker/batum as well.

    In summary, I still respected Clifford for helping Lin take back some positive images. Clifford isn’t the best coach for Lin for he does not treat Lin the same as he treats walker/batum but at least he isn’t as bad as most of Lins previous coaches.

    I will never recommend Lin going back there to hornet unless it’s for the starting PG job, but I do appreciate the little effort that the hornet did to at least not hurt Lins image and helped a bit.

    It’s Lins time to shine soon! Hopefully, this time will be different and a real starting PG job will be offered to Lin aka have the teams full support to help Lin get to the next level that all us Lin fans want to see!!!

  575. I don’t think that starting is overblown at all.

    In the NBA, it’s easy to fall behind FAST in the first quarter if your starters are scrubs. That happened all season long with Charlotte.

    Starters are starters because they’re the BEST. Or so the coach thinks.

  576. I don’t agree. Jordan doesn’t say Lin is our biggest acquisition if Lin was expected to have a small role. He got paid small, but he definitely was used in crucial times in games for Clifford. His minutes weren’t great, not terrible, better than many others who came off the bench on other teams.

  577. No, it’s not what Cliff did. Of course if MKG went down Lin should start. Batum moves back to 3 and Lin should start at 2. Instead they started PJ the scrub. Then MKG went down a second time so they traded for C Lee, another 2 to start instead of Lin. Lin was totally ripped off based on what he was promised.

  578. But Lin played less than 25% of his minutes at PG.

    The stats don’t back up your claim that Lin was the 2nd string backup PG for the Hornets when Roberts and then Batum were manning the backup PG position.

  579. Benched Lin in game 7? It killed Lin.

  580. I take predictions from Woj or any other pundit / insider just as seriously as I take predictions from fans.

    I only take Woj seriously when he reports on his insider reports.

    At least he’s not lowballing Lin’s worth like some other pundits and media outlets. $13M is pretty fair, but it’s the value of Lin IF he was to remain a backup PG. If Lin gets offers to become a starter, $13M is a bit on the lower side of base.

    I think $15M/year is the minimum Lin is worth in this market and free agency class. I predict he’ll get around $18M/year from a team like Nets who desperately needs someone like Lin to revive and lead their new franchise.

  581. Not really. They support the best players in player groups. Some starters aren’t the best players. Zeller is not a top player for instance. I look at a lot of starters on teams, they aren’t the best players. They just play with some of them because you can’t have too many cooks in the kitchen. Some have to serve as sous chefs.

  582. He didn’t play backup PG mostly. He was a combo-guard x-factor like player coming off the bench. In many ways, an underdeveloped Ginobili type of role the Spurs had for a long time. That’s IMO. Can’t really add much more.

  583. Click click, this is an INTERNET FORUM where FANATICS like me and you (yes you too) are able to have extremely varying opinions and it’s all good.

    It’s all part of being on a Lin fan site.

    Or another way of putting it is “if one can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen!” That’s not aimed at you specifically, I’m just talking about the overall FUN reality of seeing extremist posts on any NBA forum fansite.

  584. $13m only for Lin?? Not enough if you ask this tiger fan. 🙂

    Isn’t Courtney Lee reportedly asking for $14m? Lin should be paid more, much more.

  585. Roberts played PG earlier in the season and Lin played SG alongside Roberts.

    Then Batum took over for Roberts at PG and Lin played SG alongside Batum.

    Sure Lin occasionally brought the ball upcourt, but Batum as PG hogged the ball and called the iso plays for himself.

  586. You could compare it to squads in a platoon. You don’t place all of your best soldiers in a single squad. You spread them around in order to best achieve your objective.

  587. Accurate assessment, excellent post.

  588. What you don’t get is that Lin expected so much more based on the promises made during FA. Lin would not have signed with Hornets if he knew his minutes and role would be so sh-tty. Once someone rips you off and doesn’t give you what they promised, it’s pathetic to go back and submissively thank and bless the con artist for the small things he did provide. It’s sickeningly pathetic. STOP TRYING TO GIVE CLIFF CREDIT. HE DESERVES NONE!!!

  589. Benching Lin in game 7 did not hurt Lin. It’s just ended the Hornets season. That to me says that Clifford or the Hornets organization wanted Batum and Kemba to deliver the series victory but it backfired

  590. My “credit” is that I’m glad Lin’s done with this HATER COACH and will presumably move onto a BETTER coach.

    The next coach that gets Lin will be the first to openly accept and play Lin.

  591. I suspect that Lin looked at the INJURY STATUS of the Hornets and figured that even if Clifford hated him, Lin would still end up on the court anyway due to the known history of the Hornets being a physically frail team.

  592. Lin doesn’t benefit from advancing to the next round, especially if he’s the driving force? That would increase his stock value in FA?

  593. At least Woj talks directly with NBA decision-makers (executives, coaches, etc.). He recently interviewed a panel of 3 executives and they agreed this year (much higher salary cap) was going to be crazy and unpredictable. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I’ll bet at some point he mentions the volatility of this year’s free agency.

  594. Yes that’s why I said he did not allow Lin to be a starter. All I list are just facts. What I am saying is at least he isnt as big of a hater as Lins previous coaches. I did say I would never recommend Lin going back unless it’s got starting pg which means walker is gone. I am just looking at the bright side and that’s what kept Lin happy. Lin can’t change what the team or how the team will use him.

  595. Within 2 hours, there are 128 posts sprung from your post!! ?

    Love/hate, credit/blame, and merit/fault for coach Clifford from Lin fan?? You clearly opened a can of emotional worms here!

  596. He didn’t have a choice…it was a last minute sign since time was running out and also because no one except the Hornets wanted him…

  597. Lin really wanted to win and the only person can block him is his own coach.

  598. But you also said “Give credit where credit is due” Cliff deserves no credit because everything he did was for his own interest. He did nothing to help Lin. Previous coaches like BS and McHale were worse, but they never promised Lin anything. It wasn’t McHale who told Lin to come join the Rox and I’ll treat you right. But Cliff lied and deceived to get Lin to sign up as his much need PG backup. He promised Lin much more knowing he would only get backup.

  599. I know he’s the king of NBA insider news and reports. Him and The Verical destroyed ESPN’s coverage during this year’s draft for crying out loud. I know he has tons of connections deep inside the NBA somehow.

    I’m just saying that predictions are just predictions. Anything can happen during the meetings and negotiations in meetings. A bidding war can happen and teams might go nuts over Lin once they realize Conley is no longer available or if they’re convinced their only shot at winning is with Lin on the team.

    $13M is a bit below what I think is the baseline value of a starting PG in this free agency, regardless of what I think Lin deserves or is worth. $15M should be that baseline and starting bid. I personally believe Lin is worth up to $20M, but will only get around $18M.

  600. That’s not accurate. Lin still had at least 2 other choices, Grizzlies and Nets. In fact, Lin prayed before choosing Hornets to make the decision. He needed to convince himself to trust Cliff.

  601. So are you saying if he went to the Nets or Grizzlies his outcome may have been better?

  602. Look, it’s ok to say Cliff was not as miserable a human being as Byron or McHale. But he was far from a supportive coach to Lin and some other posters are trying to claim otherwise.

  603. I was referring to you “us Lin fans”, not you individually. As a group there’s a large majority here that never seem satisfied or happy. So much anger and negativity. But that’s just my overall impression of this forum. It’s obviously not 100% that way or I wouldn’t bother visiting or participating. Normally I don’t even comment on it, so I’ll just leave you to it.

  604. Sounds possible to me. Not you?

    Nets PG Jack went down after game 30.

    Grizzlies would have used Lin as a real backup PG who would have helped them go much deeper into playoffs. And I believe Conley also was out with injuries a bit wasn’t he?

    The decision to choose Hornets was not easy for Lin. He extensively interrogated Silas to try and verify Cliff’s promises.

  605. Yes. And in hockey first 2 lines are your best, then 3rd and 4th. Basketball will be a better sport when it gets out of this starter/backup notion and see players as what they can bring at various times in the game teamed up with other players. And I think have a closing squad, and that may be different than your starting squad.

  606. What Clifford promised Lin was to play his game and through mistakes. Clifford delivered on that promise. Lin had more rope in Charlotte than he ever had in Houston and LA.

  607. Then why did Lin get benched and play only 16 minutes the game after his amazing victory over the cavs?

  608. I just stated facts. That’s why I said he isn’t as bad of a coach as Lins previous coaches. I didn’t say he is one of the best coaches Lin can have. It’s very different. I am just listing the positives for this season and also naming facts. Clifford could’ve just as easily bad mouthed Lin in the open public but at least he didn’t. Clifford also never give Lin a real chance to be the starter for hornet as he rather cater to walker/batum. Which is why I said, after listing all the facts, I will never recommend Lin going back unless Lin is to take walkers spot at the starting pg.

  609. Let’s take a deep breath, folks 🙂
    We all have nervous energy with only 2 days 10 hrs 37 min left before July 1st.

    Here’s the countdown clock to June 30, 9pm at Palo Alto.

    There’s no use of fighting over Clifford’s role.
    It’s better to see how among us can do surveillance in front of JLin’s house to see who showed up first (Nets, Rox, etc.) LOL
    Who lives close to JLin’s house in Palo Alto?
    Maybe we can see Mama Lin chase Morey’s entourage out of the house or Papa Lin teaching Sean Marks some skyhook 🙂

  610. Of course Lin benefits from advancing. It helping Byumbo. Lin not playing most of game 7 did not hurt his stock. He has interviews setup immediately when FA begin.

  611. They probably not set the meeting in his house.

  612. Anyone thinking we hate Cliff too much and he was actually a fair coach to Lin consider this: You will soon see that Lin never gave any thought to re-signing with the Hornets.

    And since this season started, Lin has never praised Cliff. When Lin likes someone, he loves to praise enthusiastically.

  613. true .. maybe JLin will rent a place easier to do some business transactions.

    But I also remember Rich Cho came to JLin’s house last year to have JLin sign the contract

  614. Because he is a backup. That is the reality of the NBA. Bench players don’t magically get elevated if the person they are playing behind still plays well. Kemba for the most part of the season was great and the Hornets was pleasing Batum so that he would stay with them long turn.

  615. Buried in all that mess somewhere down below, I posted almost verbatim the point that you just made.
    Note: just the first part about never resigning.
    The point you made about JLIN never praising Cliff’s decisions/coaching is brilliant.

    Great post.

  616. Here’s the picture of Cho and JLin

  617. But Atkinson wasn’t there, so who knows if the current coach would have used him or not.
    Grizzlies’ coach is not Atkinson as well.
    It wasn’t easy but Clifford and the organization was who he wanted to trust. In the end I think it turned out pretty well and since he “prayed”, I think God is leading him into the right direction. Productive season, even the CHANCE TO OPT OUT(probably the most important factor) so that THIS current mysterious scenario comes into play. Lin isn’t naive, he probably knew SOMETHING wasn’t going to go the way he wanted and he probably had that mentality joining the hornets after all the horrible back stabbing prior. But in the end everything worked out, and the Hornets became a stepping stone. A bigger,better,brighter future.

  618. Well bless his heart for using Lin as a 3 and D guy, while paying him peanuts, and not also bad mouthing him. Personally, I don’t think Cliff or the Hornets are worth discussing anymore. They’re history. Who cares about them?

  619. Cho that’s for signed the contract only but this FA recruit meeting will take much longer w more people show up for talk & discuss… Don’t think they will held in his house.

  620. Exactly. Let’s credit coach for yelling and shouting too. No one should be entitled to that behavior nor recipient of it. there is one thing that Lin never sign up for that is to be yelled and screamed at

    In the WEF forum, among many things he talked about, one was on being humble and stepped on. He mentioned Superbowl coach Dungy who has a rule to never yell or cuss at a player. The fact that he raised it up in telling of how he felt in moments throughout the season.

  621. Whatever. Moot points. IDC.

  622. Great, Wait on the heavenly Decision maker.
    Did we ever try to find out who’s credit that is due when ROX offered Lin the 25Mil contract?
    Did we ever find out the 4.3Mil Lin signed as the only offer last year?
    There is something in play that Lin is still in NBA, and is preparing to take off.

  623. I agree .. JLin and his agent would need business office setting to handle multiple phones, etc,
    I also doubt teams will send people to knock at the front door.
    Everything should be done via phones/text/emails

  624. Yes, Lee is asking for $14M, and Steve Kyler from basketballinsider said that is just an average.

  625. At first glance I thought that was some lottery number.

  626. It’s always nice to see when someone else “gets it.” But for the most part it’s frustrating to post clear, logical explanations of the same topics over and over again but the same posters try to counter with the same old tired misconceptions. That’s why I’ve blocked like 4 posters and my screen is now filled with “This user is blocked.” messages.

  627. Hey @Dinoneseus:disqus, finally awaken from your sleep :}

    yes, it could be .. don’t forget to share the winning if you do lol
    What are your Top 3 teams?

  628. I’m not ready to block them yet because at the end of the day, this is a JLIN fansite where we are trying to promote positivity toward JLIN’s spoken dreams and desires.

    The negativity on this board who perpetuate as you rightly noted the, “same old tired misconceptions” should NOT go unchallenged on a fansite dedicated to JLIN. If I have to be one of the only voices acting as a standard bearer to defend against misconceptions and passive-aggressive denigration of JLIN – I’m happy to do it.

    It’s not my call, it’s their call.

  629. All I said was that it was possible. The Lord works in mysterious was. Maybe this was his will as you believe. But even so, once the season started, Lin was extremely disappointed. At least thats how I interpret the two tweets he sent out:

    During preseason when Cliff decided to start PJ over Lin since MKG was injured:

    Lin resigned himself to his fate and made peace with himself:


    OK, here are the exact quotes from the Woj interview:

    2:25 – You’re gonna see players like Jeremy Lin and Bismack Biyombo and Tyler Johnson, who is a restricted free agent, Allen Crabbe, not all starters, several of which have come off the bench this year, looking at either offer sheets or straight free agent deals in the 12, 13, 14, 15 million dollar a year range.

    3:51 – Jeremy Lin is out there. His market right now is 12, 13, 13 million plus a year. He’s a backup point guard. He was a backup in Charlotte. Now there are teams where they project him potentially as a starting player, but they’re not elite teams. They’re not even good teams, but there’s 30 teams and everybody… it’s not a great point guard group and he brings some other qualities, some marketing, some thing that you know, that other players don’t have that come with Jeremy Lin with his popularity. And he’s a guy who’s gonna capitalize on this market.

    4:24 – Charlotte’s an interesting team with the money they’re gonna have to outlay. Steve Clifford’s done such a great job of maximizing the value of the players who went in there. Nic Batum is looking at a 20 million plus. Marvin Williams’ market I’m told, is in the 14, 15 million dollars a year. Now that can change, but I know that’s what Charlotte’s sort of budgeting for. Courtney Lee is a player they would love to keep. He’s gonna be over 10 million on the market. They’re may not be able to pay him.

    4:53 – Jeremy Lin, I think is gonna be really hard for them to keep him. And Al Jefferson in the middle. So I think the priority in Charlotte for example are, Batum and Marvin Williams, and everyone will fall in line after those two.

    5:20 – (Chris Mannix) I’m curious, do you hear anything about how, about the possible fears, you know, of seeing a team next year where your star player is making $15M and and Kent Bazemore or a Jeremy Lin or a Marvin Williams is making more than him?

    6:31 – How’s it going to impact the locker room when… let’s use Jeremy Lin or Kent Bazemore as an example. If Kent stays in Atlanta or goes somewhere else. Another player next year who says, ‘hey, I’m as good as Kent Bazemore or I’m as good as Jeremy Lin…’ or the follow year, well he may not get paid like them. And that could create strife in locker rooms. You may see like a crop of agents get fired by their clients the next couple of years because they couldn’t deliver. Players the next 2 or 3 years will see deals done this year that, they think hey, I’m better than that guy, I’m more productive. Well, once the cap sort of levels off, the money won’t be there for those guys. And how does that impact locker rooms, and teams, and organizations? We’ve never seen anything like this.

  631. totally agreed…Starting PJ Hairston ahead of Lin was the big sin, in my opinion…PJ simply hadn’t done enough to even merit the chance to start.

    Even during training camp and the China trip, Lin overly outplayed PJ even as a shooting guard, so not starting Lin after how he was playing, and deciding to let Hairston start was unfair to Lin.

    Now of course, you can make an argument for not starting Lin there, but our argument is one of fairness..Lin outplayed PJ and PJ was simply not effective enough..He didn’t shoot well enough and his defense was average at best.

    The team would had been better off starting Lin to make sure he plays 30-32mpg and scatter Lin and Kemba minutes so that there’s always a PG on the floor…simple as that.

  632. I don’t mind $13 million for first year. I would prefer 3 years for $40 million with the last year option for the team and player both.

  633. Clifford was just a lesser trash coach in comparison to most of the other trash coaches but no where near the coach that really gives Lin the real chance to be a TOP PG. People can’t ignore the fact that the hornet and Clifford did help reinforce and remind the media that Lin can play defense! Yes, this isn’t the same as giving Lin the starting pg job, but it’s something and I’d take it.

    For example: Most parents pays for their kids to eat, live and daily expenses. Is it the right thing to do? Yes. Does he have to? Well that’s why people get adopted. Sometimes we don’t appreciate something just because they are the right thing.

    Lin learned to appreciate and look at the positive and that’s what I like about him. He knows Clifford and the hornet never meant to cater him as the top dog. He looked at the bright side that at least Clifford isn’t bad mouthing him and is giving him credit for his defense. As Lin fans we know Lin puts efforts into defense, but did Lins previous coaches actually give Lin credit? Just because it is the right thing, does not mean someone has to do it. Which is why I am giving credit to Clifford even when it is the right thing to do.

    Yes, Lin got credit for something he DID and not what Clifford did. What Clifford did was reinforced what Lin did to let the media know that Lin is actually a good defensive player. When you do this for a whole year, the media will pay attention and give Lin some credit. Because apparently, Lin never got his credit for defense in the past.

    If you want to talk about the negatives, there is just NO ENDs to that. Starting pg, 30+ minutes, teams support, ball in hand and more. I know this wasn’t the best situation ever, NOT EVEN CLOSE!

    I wasn’t happy when Lin did not get to start after MKG went down!!!! I don’t want to keep it so negative, as the season was still a net positive for Lin. After what happen in lakers that nearly killed Lins reputation, I’d like to take the little positives. Let’s all hope that Lins next team will cater him to be a top PG and have Lins back with full support!!!

  634. It must be longer than 2 days which know the official result.

  635. Can someone please tell me why it’s so hard to find Jeremy Lin basketball shoes?? I really want to buy a pair…

  636. Thank you for the confirmation.

  637. From a basketball and team sport perspective…then who leads the 2nd unit when Jeremy Lin starts?

  638. I don’t think Lin should give any thoughts of re-signing because the return of MKG makes it very hard for him to get consistent 25mpg.

    Clifford could realistically still find 25+minutes for Lin, but that would take some guts on his part to only play Kemba about 31mpg…Also, he will also have to let either Kemba/Batum/MKG sit on the bench at the end of the game to allow Lin to close-out the games that he’s playing well in.

    I don’t think Cliff has the guts to do that, and neither should Lin trust Clifford if they tried to convince him to stay…Lin should go…

    Batum will get paid $20M per, so he will close 95% of the game..Kemba, the face of the franchise, will also close 90+% of the game….and so would MKG since you need the best defender to guard the stars on the other team…..So in what games will Lin close out next year?

  639. Not talking about just the hornets. If hornet really wanted Lin to start its just as easy to trade away walker for other backup pg and still have remaining money to get other decent players in other position.

  640. But that’s not realistic at all…Kemba Walker is the FRANCHSIE player for Charlotte. The city stands behind him…you can’t just trade him away after some FA joins…
    This is not a rhetorical question but im just curious. After MKG went down, and it was a chance for JLin to start. IF Clifford chose to put JLin in the starting unit, who takes over for the 2nd Unit?

  641. I’ve been a bit out of touch with the teams rosters, and coaches so atm I do not have a preference. ( man that was a weak answer lol )

  642. What reason would the Hornets trade away Kemba??? He had a career year with them.

  643. That’s why I said I am not talking about the hornet but nba as a whole. Which is why I write up the little positives that Lin got this past season and is hoping for a team that will truly cater to Lin. Anything is possible as long as the team wants it.

  644. Not talking about any reasoning, the seaking33 was just asking what happens if Lin starts, well if that was the case then of course walker would have to go. Just a simple logic.

  645. oh that’s not gonna stop… lol… he’s still gonna have off days and he will have sub-par teammates for a long time. Coaches would make mistakes as well. HATE will be there, it’s just that we’re gonna have so much joy in addition to that…

  646. lol .. that’s one deep sleep you had there.

    In that case, just be ready to pop the champagne since whoever JLin picks on July 1st will be a good one!

  647. What you are suggesting would get a GM fired. You don’t trade your franchise player who had a banner year for a bag of peanuts just to elevate the backup guard. The only way this scenario plays out w/o much consequences is if the franshcise player demanded a trade.

  648. I did a quick search and found them on ebay for $99. Not sure what you’re really talking about. If Linsanity blew up again then I can understand. Most people in the world outside of Asia and fans here do not care for JLin or his shoes.

  649. Thanks. Yeah, they pretty much started with it. Woj framed it in the context of his previous conversation with high level execs from the Warriors, Rockets & Jazz (2/17/16 podcast) when those guys talked about the uncertainty of the upcoming free agency. They predicted that mid-level players (they mentioned Batum & CLee with Jeremy) were going to benefit from the big boost in salary cap, but that it might cause friction in locker rooms. Not everyone is a Steph Curry who can handle being the best player, yet paid the 5th highest on his team.

    I think he threw those numbers out there without any real conviction. The execs didn’t even want to make firm guesses, so it’s really a big question mark until the offers actually start to fly.

  650. Don’t ever buy sneakers from eBay lol. Way too many fakes and shady sellers of sneakers on there.

  651. Excellent I can hibernate til Saturday then.

  652. NYDailyNews: Linsanity Part II: Nets could be interested in free agent Jeremy Lin
    More NY media coverage 2 days before July 1 is good to generate excitement

  653. Didn’t finish reading after second paragraph. Another article/video to ignore.

  654. I remember this period well when Lin confirmed our concerns by posting the bible verse w/ the hashtag #surrender. On this forum, we had great discussions about his circumstances during this trying time when we saw Hornets & Cliff didn’t keep their end of the bargain to Lin. So you’re right to remind some fans the trials and hardships that Lin went through. Lin just found ways to deal w/ his circumstances through his faith. That’s why he’s special. Lin paid w/ sweat, blood & tears and took less $ to get PT. So the few token praises that Cliff gave Lin are just token when Lin deserves so much more. Other players would crack if being put under those type of pressures and injustices… Also, the Hornets/Cliff had seen Rox & Lakers past treatment of Lin. So that is why their treatment of Lin MAY APPEAR less harsh to some…

  655. Really don’t like him. Hope he gets less money than Lin.

  656. Read what I said. Not talking about just the hornets. Seaking33 was asking about the hornets, so I answered based on hornets having walker.

    Plus you saying gms being fired isn’t true, because if hornets wants Lin instead they could careless about any player.

    Which is why when answering seaking33 I said “if hornets really wanted Lin”. Yes if hornets wanted Lin trading would not be a problem.

    Please read everything I’ve typed not just one word or one sentence and reply.

  657. Whoa! Slow down. That’s a giant leap to make just because a female cousin is hanging out at the family home. My guess would be that Jeremy’s paying her to help out with “courier” type duties. It might not be a direct salary, but maybe pay for her travel expenses and buy her an iPhone or other electronic gear. At least he can trust close family members.

  658. I hope Chandler know this verse, Proverbs 16:18: “Pride goes before a fall..”

  659. When asked if he’ll come to Taiwan, he said it’s up to j Lin

  660. eh, not saying he should buy there… lol.. just saying a quick google search showed the demand isn’t that great.

  661. Like why would he even say this? I know him and Lin are supposedly buddies, but why would it be up to Lin, especially when Lin is already done with his Asia tour and is back in the States? So weird…

  662. wow! But salary depends on position you play. Centers, SF, SG’s, all tend to get more $$$ than PG’s, since PG’s are a market that is saturated right now. Supply and demand, even the nba follows the rule. Good thing lin expanded his role and showcased himself as an SG/PG/combo guard, it will only increase his stock!

  663. I guess he hasn’t been invited back to JLin’s summer trip

    Prob. JLin hasn’t called him up much lately

  664. Parsons learned this attitude from Daryl Morey, buy low, sell high, back stab and betray. Rinse, wash, repeat. Morey probably watches “Game of Thrones” and takes notes.

  665. Yeah, I was just wondering if there would be any sneaker heads on the forum. I play basketball and I never really liked ADIDAS brands because i bought some Derrick Rose shoes a while back and they fell a part SO easily. I stick with Nike and Jordans because they’ve lasted the longest and more quality material. I really liked JLin’s shoes (Picture 2 & 3 from above), and personally i really liked the hornets color way, so I was wondering if anyone knew any more info. I also want the shoes with his trademark on it. the “JL7” like in the photos above.

  666. LOL sounds like Rondo’s agent wrote it “Nets is the front-runner to sign Rondo because they’ll pay max for him”

  667. Lin is not a man of words, he shows his praise by playing his best, most intense game for that coach. For the Lakers and Houston, he didn’t play as aggressively or went above and beyond for McFail and BS. He only did what they asked him to do on the court, and nothing more.

  668. people are never greatful or satisfied with what they have, only until they lose it all do they recall how good they had it. Lin was getting average of 26 minutes per game!! As a BENCH player!! Sure, cliff could have given lin more playing time, a starting role (which is just a LABEL), and more trust, but in my eyes cliff gave lin what he promised. As long as he played well, he would get playing time and a big role on the team. He never made bad remarks about lin like mchale did, nor did he move him to the end of the bench like byronn scott and call him soft like charmin. By the end of the playoffs, it was clear what Lin meant to the hornets and cliff…the #2 or #3 option on the team, right affter kemba/batum. In the playoffs he was depended on as the #2 option over batum even. In an year where Lin was trying to rebuild his image, you can’t ask for any more than that!

  669. Yeah I don’t wear adidas either. Also a Nike / Jordan guy like you, as I’m sure a lot of people are. I used to be a sneaker head but that was back in my teenage years where I worked at a huge sneaker store and sold shoes. That was a decade ago lol. I still wear Air Max running shoes and Jordans though…

    It would be so cool if Jordan signed Lin to a big deal and made Lin sneakers. MJ doesn’t know what he had within the grasp of his hands with Lin… a gold mine of epic proportions if marketed correctly to the enormous Asian market worldwide.

  670. Some people underestimate the massive challenges involved in turning a 21-win team to a playoff caliber team. But if, and only if, the Nets sign Lin and “give him full control of the offense”, there’s at least a chance for them to make the playoffs next year. As you point out, many other stars would have to align for it to happen.

    A few weeks ago I posted the best example I’ve found to a fast cellar-dweller-to-championship story. Cast of characters were the Nets, Jason Kidd and, and old favorite here…Byron Scott.

    2000 they selected Kenyon Martin with the first overall pick.
    *Won 26 games. Missed playoffs.

    2001 (actually during the offseason) traded point guard Stephon Marbury to the Phoenix Suns, for Jason Kidd.
    *Won 52 games. Made it to Finals, where they were swept by the Shaq/Kobe Lakers.

    The critical difference is that Jason was the #2 overall draft pick in 1994 and already a 3x All Star when the Nets acquired him. He walked into the locker room that first day and was instantly the leader of the team. Jeremy will not have that advantage.

  671. Good luck with that. Aim for the stars, I suppose.

  672. Yes, I own a pair of Jordan XX9 and they are by far the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I have ever worn on the court. Kobe 8’s are 2nd…I’m willing to wear ADIDAS now though after looking at some of the recent Player Edition shoes ADIDAS made for Lin.

    I would have been ALL over if Jeremy Lin got a deal with Jordan…that would have been the best.

  673. Thesolonians 518, some people don’t realize how good they have it and only when they lose it do they regret not appreciating it. Lin appreciated every opportunity in the league I am sure of it, however this season with clifford was much easier for him to stomach LOL. No undercover snakes, no bashing in the media, no calling him soft or moving to the end of the bench. Giving lin room to make mistakes and give him the benefit of the doubt. Cliff is the best coach Lin has had since MDA, period. Some people like khuang, don, and you may not agree but almost every realistic lin fan here are greatful for what hornets/cliff did for lin this past season.

  674. Sorry, but Steve Kyler sounds like a doofus.

  675. Routine NBA agent propaganda

  676. It’s borderline embarrassing how Rondo’s camp tries to write the narrative “Rondo is open if the Nets pay max” while no teams are high on him (except for the Kings)

  677. I thought Rondo is asking 12.5M so that’s his max price….? LOL!

  678. Yeah they’re looking desperate, trying to project an air of superiority and cockiness, when they know not that many teams want Rondo and the drama he brings. Similar to Dwight and his PR tour last month. Their agents know their clients’ reputation are in the dumpster and are trying their best to cash in this offseason, knowing full well this will be their last chance at a huge payday.

  679. All I can say is: If a team WANTS Rondo, they very much DESERVE Rondo

  680. Yesss … #Undervalued = Jeremy Lin
    Conley and Rondo? Not so much

  681. Nice. Those Lin PEs look sick. Hopefully after Lin signs with whatever team, adidas will make new PEs for him and available for purchase. I might grab a pair lol.

  682. He opted out of $16M. It’s pretty much a no-brainer he’ll get a multi-year contract worth more than that. It’s not going to be a max deal and may barely match $16M per year, but the total value of the contract will probably be much higher.

  683. This is one of the most confusing, round-about conversation. Look, Kemba wasn’t going to ever get traded. I wasn’t as if Lin was lighting the league on fire last year. His stat were awful. One of his worst year in the NBA. The Hornets wasn’t going to dump their franchise player, who happened to just signed a 4 years contract as well as a shoe contract with Jordan brand. Kemba is also beloved in Charlotte. You just don’t dump your franchise player for a one year rental player. The only objection I had was that Clifford should have played Jeremy as a starting PG after MKG goes don’t and also not played Jeremy more when he was needed in the playoff. Other than that, they treated him well. It’s just wishful thinking to think that Jeremy should be catered to when they were only paying him $2 millions a year.

  684. Let’s keep promoting @JLin7 excellent starter stats among FA PGs!
    Only 2 days are left #everymillioncounts

    Top FA PG 15-16 Starter Stats
    #1 in PPG & FG%
    #2 in 3FG% & TS%

  685. If Woj speculate Lin will get around 13M.. maybe Rondo is trying to give a discount to compete with Lin. after all he is desperate to get to NY team. lol!

  686. Rondo is not popular anymore… I think he tried hard to get any team not just NY….

  687. I dont think Conely will go to Nets…
    Rondo is not high character guy…

  688. See if you can read Kenny Atkinson’s mind:

    – Kenny Atkinson on who Nets will go after in free agency: “Undervalued guys, guys that might be a little under the radar that can produce.”
    – Kenny Atkinson admitted the Nets’ FA target is “Maybe not necessarily the big star. Maybe were not in the position to get that guy.”
    – Coach Kenny Atkinson was also insistent that the Nets aren’t trading Brook Lopez: “No. Absolutely not. Have not talked about it.”
    – Does Kenny Atkinson think his past relationships can help Nets recruit free agents?“No doubt. No doubt… Relationships are big in the NBA.”

  689. Atkinson and Marks don’t want to deal with a head case. Doc R. and Rick C. had issues with Rondo, I don’t think Kenny wants to go there…

  690. 2015-16 earnings :
    Conley 9.5M, Rondo 12.9M – Hardly classifiable as in the under valued category
    Lin 2.2M – now this is a serious #undervalued #undertheradar #thatcanproduce

  691. “It’s not going to be a max deal…”

    He thinks it will be:

  692. Add in Kenny’s past statements about “high character players” and we have the description of only one player that fits all of Atkinson’s stated criteria.

    I hope Kenny brings JLIN his Brooklyn #7 Jersey to JLIN on July 1st.

  693. Add Pelicans into the mix, but as a back up? No thanks!
    “Jeremy Lin is a guy Demps should pursue — and pursue hard.
    That said, so many teams are looking for point guards that a team in desperate need may make a crazy offer to Lin that New Orleans simply can’t compete with.”

  694. I guess you might call it your calling. I used to do what you do but it seems futile. I’ve decided to just post my opinions for those that appreciate it. I’ll strive to minimize the arguing.

  695. BTW, today marks 1000 Twitter followers of @JLinPortal after 2 yrs!
    Thanks, faithful @JLin7 fans who spread positive message

    Our wish is only #Linsanity2 in 2016!!!

  696. Congratulations! ?

  697. Thank you! Also, give yourself a big backpat because our vision won’t happen without all the hard work of our mods and regular posters here 🙂

    At times it’s hard but JLin is making a positive difference on and off-court so it’s definitely worth it.

    PS: I just realized how the BROOK-LIN background picture in the profile can be prophetic. But if JLin goes to the Nets, we need to find a new picture so Brook Lopez won’t be so blurry LOL

  698. Crazy. But you never know what might happen in the NBA, especially this year.

  699. that’s really all about Lin, talk about undervalue and under the radar. Even now oh he’s just a backup PG…

  700. And then the other side of the story …

  701. … If Brook didn’t get traded soon after.. 🙂

  702. 1. Andy Vasquez
    Kenny Atkinson on who Nets will go after in free agency: “Undervalued guys, guys that might be a little under the radar that can produce.”
    = Jeremy Lin

    2. Andy Vasquez
    Kenny Atkinson admitted the Nets’ free agent target is “Maybe not necessarily the big star. Maybe were not in the position to get that guy.”
    =Jeremy Lin

  703. The reporter also gave Lin, Horford, Bazemore as examples

    ‏@andy_vasquez Al Horford, Jeremy Lin, Kent Bazemore are three off the top of my head.

  704. 1. Andy Vasquez
    Kenny Atkinson on who Nets will go after in free agency: “Undervalued guys, guys that might be a little under the radar that can produce.”
    = Jeremy Lin

    2. Andy Vasquez
    Kenny Atkinson admitted the Nets’ free agent target is “Maybe not necessarily the big star. Maybe were not in the position to get that guy.”
    =Jeremy Lin

    Lin wearing brooklyn nets uniform color in china tour LOL

  705. Brian Roberts.

  706. KHuang and donsmacau,

    It’s obvious both of you have vehement disagreement recently.
    Let’s respect other people’s opinions and simply agree to disagree respectfully.

    If you’d like to express disagreement, please do so on the issue and not on the person
    All of us are huge JLin fans,I believe we can learn to get along

    Thank you

  707. donsmacau and KHuang,

    It’s obvious both of you have vehement disagreement recently.
    Let’s respect other people’s opinions and simply agree to disagree respectfully.

    If you’d like to express disagreement, please do so on the issue and not on the person
    All of us are huge JLin fans,I believe we can learn to get along

    Thank you

  708. Spurs uniform color…

  709. Exactly heart! You totally get it. Clifford’s betrayal of Lin was extreme and Lin was devastated at first. It must have been very challenging for him to get over the severe disappointment. Both the Rox and the Lakers had tried to force Lin to be a 3 and D guy rather than focus on his offense. But Lin stubbornly resisted. Both times Lin said that he would insist on playing his style of basketball or go down trying.

    But now the Hornets were also applying heavy pressure on him to give up his style of play and after 2 weeks (the time interval between the 2 tweets) Lin finally agreed to #surrender. By using his faith Lin would make the best of his oppressive situation and find joy by ignoring the negatives and focusing on the positives. And he began to express how joyful he now was.

    But here is where the sad irony comes in. Some fans, whose motivations I believe are questionable, zeroed in on Lin’s expressions of happiness to falsely conclude that Clifford and Kemba and Batum and the Hornets in general were just fantastic for Lin and he could never be as happy on another team. That was a vicious exploitation of Lin’s faith to twist reality into what was actually the exact opposite:

    No, Lin was not happy playing only 3 and D. He was not happy being iced out waiting in vain in the corner for a pass that never came. He was not happy to never get the chance to run the point. And he was certainly not happy watching how Kemba ball-hoged in the extreme. But by using his faith he managed to somehow find joy and persevere.

  710. The thing is, it fits Lin. But it fits other players as well.

    There are 3 people involved in personnel decisions. The coach, the GM and the owner. What position will they look to prioritize? And based on that position, will that impact the type of players they get in other positions?

    Everything is still a big question mark. But in a week, maybe less, maybe more, more will be known about a lot of teams and their personnel. It’s almost all in place now, but the big FA piece has yet to really get churning yet.

  711. But add Kenny’s comments about the importance of a quarterback-like point guard and the field of possible players shrinks. Nets have plenty of salary cap to fill lots of holes, but it sounds like they’re not a very attractive place for the big-name free agents. You’re right: question marks everywhere.

  712. Chris Wittyngham ‏@ChrisWittyngham 4h4 hours ago
    Woj also said Charlotte’s main free agents (Lin, Lee, Marvin Williams) will be 10 million plus, with Batum 20 million plus

  713. Of course it may fit other players but combined with another comment of how important relationships in the NBA plus FA availability, it’s clear that Lin, Bazemore and Horford are the most likely candidates of players to recruit by Kenny Atkinson. Let’s not minimize the importance of the comments.

    That being said, it’s not a certainty that Lin will go to the Nets.
    But I take heart to know how joyful the FA atmosphere for JLin in 2016 compared to 2015. With at least 3 teams contending for JLin’s service, I believe Lin and his family would make the best decision for his career, whichever it may be.

    Some of us won’t be as happy if Lin chooses a different team than what we have in mind (i.e. HOU for me) but at the end of the day, I know Lin faithful fans will trust JLin made the best decision 🙂

  714. Yeah, total BS from his agent. Pretty easy to spot.

    Lin has 3 teams showing up to his house at midnight. 6 teams on July 1st. Rondo? Nothing. No news. no rumors. Just the same old speculation that Knicks and Nets must want him because they have money to spend. Knicks traded for Rose, so now the Nets are the “frontrunner” for Rondo. Funny how that works!

  715. I can see Lin and Marvin Williams teaming up in Brooklyn. High character, undervalued.

    I still think Horford is a long shot, but I can’t rule it out. He only averaged 15/7 in ATL the past two seasons and he probably wants a bigger role. Playing pick-and-pop with Lin would do wonders for his stats (he’s 49% from midrange!).

  716. First 3 items: talk is cheap, means absolutely nothing. Second 3 items, all action, all negative, all true reflection of Cliff’s attitude. I don’t understand why anybody would spend one second to speculating on why JLin should return to Charlotte.

  717. Also, as far as priority, Kenny Atkinson also mentioned how important PG in his system, as important as QB in NFL. With deductive reasoning, we can certainly conclude the Nets prioritizes PG position and considers undervalued players. Now how important it is ($12M/yr for 3 yrs or $15M/yr for 3-4 yrs) remain to be seen.
    Also, will HOU counter with something like $17M/4yrs? I can’t wait to see the development
    Atkinson made clear that having a good point guard is vital for his vision.

    “I think the point guard is like the NFL quarterback,” Atkinson said. “That’s how important the position is. It’s the Drew Brees, it’s the Aaron Rodgers. It’s super important. It’s going to be a big decision for us — which way we go there.”

  718. Good point. No leak or no rumors that a certain number of teams are interested in Rondo on July 1st FA

  719. In my opinion, I don’t think you can be a play-off contender with a Brian Robert, leading the 2nd unit as PG…but who knows, maybe I am underestimating Brian Robert’s skills.

  720. In my opinion, I don’t think you can be a play-off contender with a Brian Roberts, leading the 2nd unit as PG…but who knows, maybe I am underestimating Brian Roberts skill set.

  721. Lin does like to praise with words. He just hasn’t had anyone to praise lately. But for example, he definitely praised MDA extensively many times. And he liked to talk about how Ed Davis was “his guy” and how skillful he was. Heck, he praised Cliff like crazy until preseason ended.

    I also disagree that he plays less aggressively for certain coaches. He knows that he is playing for audience of 1 or himself but definitely not for the sake of the coach.

  722. ICYMI 11 teams to benefit from signing @JLin7 in FA
    Feel free to give a click to this excellent CBS article

  723. Horford will resign most likeldy.

  724. “Woj said on Mannix’s pod that midlevel free agents will get between 12-14 million dollar/year offers.”

    2:24 mark: “You’re gonna see players like Jeremy Lin and Bismack Biyambo, etc…not all starters, several of which have come off the bench this year…looking at offer sheets or straight free agent deals in the $12,13,14,15 million a year range.”

    The general gist of the conversation was that this year could see mid-level players, including bench players, getting contracts previously reserved for higher level (all starters) players.

  725. 11 teams that can benefit most from signing Jeremy Lin in free agency [CBSSports]
    There’s no shortage of franchises that could use a little Linsanity

    Here’s the excerpt of the possible Top 6 contenders:

    1. Brooklyn Nets
    The Nets have had two goals since Mikhail Prokhorov purchased the team:
    1) Become a brand you can sell and
    2) Become a brand you can sell that ticks off the Knicks.

    A pursuit of Lin not only accomplishes that criteria but it also adds some much-needed depth at the point guard position. Sean Marks is trying to rebuild a roster without many assets. He has Jarrett Jack as the incumbent point guard, Shane Larkin as a free agent and just drafted Caris LeVert as a combo guard, who Marks would like to see become the point guard of the future. That’s where Lin fits in perfectly.

    Bringing him back to the New York area gives a nice pick-and-roll combination with Brook Lopez. It gives this team a PG who can play alongside both LeVert or Jack. The Nets have a lot of cap room, so they can afford to throw some of that toward lineup versatility that Marks would love to bring in from his days with the San Antonio Spurs. The Nets also don’t have a lot of available talent, so getting someone like Lin just increases the skill level on the roster, especially if Lin rediscovers his 3-point shot.

    2. Houston Rockets
    So what about a return to the Rockets this summer? The last time Lin signed a big contract, it was with Houston. It went fine, but it got complicated with James Harden later being added to the roster. The combination of Harden and Lin on the court was tricky because both were accustomed to having the ball in their hands. So why would Lin go back to that situation? He’s more accustomed to finding balance off the ball now and the hiring of Mike D’Antoni would make things much better for Lin.
    He thrived under D’Antoni in New York and he shot the best of his career during his time in Houston. If the Rockets lose Dwight Howard, they’ll have plenty of money to pursue a replacement and Lin. Could be a very nice option for D’Antoni as he splits time between Lin and Patrick Beverley at the PG position.

    3. Chicago Bulls
    All of a sudden, the Chicago Bulls have a big opening at the point guard position. They acquired Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant in the Derrick Rose trade, but they still need a full-time point guard who can move the ball in Fred Hoiberg’s system. Lin can be that guy, so Calderon’s red carpet defense isn’t utilized as much and Grant is able to be brought along slower. Assuming Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah are gone in free agency, there wouldn’t be many issues in finding room for Lin under the cap. But they also need to go find a big man first.

    4. Philadelphia 76ers
    Despite a great draft night, the Philadelphia 76ers still don’t have a real point guard. T.J. McConnell and Kendall Marshall aren’t starters for an NBA team getting serious about winning, and with Ben Simmons becoming the primary playmaker for the Sixers, you need a guy who can play on and off the ball. That makes Lin perfect for Brett Brown’s attack. He can run 100 pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop plays with the options on offense. He adds a veteran presence they’ve been desperate for since the tear-down of the roster.
    Lin also adds some marketability to the Sixers they could use in this Bryan Colangelo-led restructure. All of that stuff matters and with Lin taking the bulk of the point guard minutes, the Sixers would be far more competitive than they’ve been in the past. It’s not the highest profile guy the Sixers can get, but he’s a great second option for them in free agency. Plus, they have a lot of money to spend.

    5. Charlotte Hornets
    The Hornets should absolutely try to re-sign Lin, but they’re in a bit of a tough cap situation. They have a handful of important free agents to keep. Al Jefferson, Nicolas Batum, Marvin Williams (early Bird rights), Courtney Lee and Lin are all free agents. That could be tough to finagle getting everybody within the cap space because of Williams’ early Bird rights and Lin not having Bird rights at all. It probably means he’s on his way out, unless the Hornets decide to part with some of the available free agents they need to re-sign.
    The acquisition of Marco Belinelli on draft night probably makes Lee expendable, but the Hornets are still tight for flexibility.

    6. Dallas Mavericks
    The Mavs have plenty of options at the point position. They have J.J. Barea and Devin Harris on the roster for depth. They can try to re-sign Deron Williams and Raymond Felton this summer, and both players saw jumps in production under Rick Carlisle. They’ll also be targeting Mike Conley as their main free agent acquisition. But if all of that falls through and they decide Lin is the guy for them, it’d be a great move. Carlisle isn’t just happy to use lineups with two point guards; we’ve also seen him go with three point guards in a lineup. Lin’s versatility on both ends of the floor would give Carlisle the adaptation he wants with a lineup. The Mavs don’t have great success with drawing the big-name free agent recently so maybe Lin is the right backup option for them.

  726. I agree. But I believe that he’s willing to consider leaving. With his advancing age, ATL may hesitate to give him a max contract. And like Lin, he’s a big fan of Atkinson.

  727. sws was answering your non-rhetorical question, but Roberts has since been traded. The Hornets basically have no PG behind Kemba as of today.

  728. I’m convinced Sixers are 1 of Lin’s 3 “midnight meetings.” Still no quality PGs on the roster or even rumored yet. Also, they drafted Simmons so they may not even want a “star” PG who may stunt his development (since Simmons handles the ball too).

  729. true.. I also lowered my hope once I saw Ben Simmons quote on “I’ve always been a Point Forward”
    I know they won’t give Lin equal amount of playmaking since they will use the 1st year to see how far Simmons can be a playmaker

    JLin being a veteran PG to mentor Simmons does not fit well into the criteria of a team that utilizes JLin’s talent to the fullest to be great

  730. guess not.. also thinking about it he wasn’t included in Lin’s ‘How to fit into NBA’ video 🙂

  731. I wouldn’t be too against it like Houston (or even Chicago) because Simmons is not a guard. He can’t take the ball out of Lin’s hands completely like Harden (or even Butler). The Xs-and-Os don’t allow it. Also, any truly great team must have multiple ballhandlers. Lin could still flourish big time in Philly.

    But I’m selfish! After Lin being marginalized for years, I want to see him granted maximum freedom to prove himself. For this ONE season coming up, Lin’s stats are more important than his W-L record (it’s not like the Nets/Sixers are winning a title). Then again, there’s no way a Lin-led team isn’t at least decent (.500 in a weak East).

  732. LOL I love that video. Even Dwight was in it. To be fair though, a lot of his other good NBA friends also wasn’t in it. If he fit all of his NBA pals into that video, it’d be 15+ minutes long and start to get boring.

  733. hmmm.. just checking the site and noticed JL 2016 May release was in “black”

  734. Nets colors…

  735. simmons is a guard if the team wants to go that direction. that’s the problem

  736. adidas colors… :p

  737. More like 1 Underrated and Discriminated NBA Free Agent, Jeremy Lin

  738. Sixers already gone on record saying that they “don’t expect the rookie to shoulder all the burden”, effectively slapping Simmons’ statement down.

  739. He’d be a point-forward. Basically, they want him to be Diet Lebron.

  740. I just hope it all works out in the end. Because, I think Lin is looking to sign a 3-year contract. So it would make sense that he’s ultra-careful with his choice.

  741. There is still a significant group of posters on the Sixers main fansite libertyballers who have JLIN starting at point guard for them and talking giving JLIN 3y/50mill. and noting what you posted about not rushing Simmons easing him into the NBA.

    That said, for me if JLIN gets an adequate offer from Nets then he is going to Brooklyn.

  742. Correct. Roberts was their backup PG last season and most Hornets fans found him inadequate to run the 2nd unit.

  743. The Jackie Robinson of our generation.

  744. Okay? Your point?

  745. He’s listed as UNDERrated thank goodness.

  746. Lin Adidas shoes sold only in Asia? However the link to purchase item is broken. Maybe they are in the midst of replacing his jersey and shoes colors 🙂

  747. Harrison Barnes vs. Chandler Parsons, which player do you guys think is more overrated?

  748. Face of a man who got “stepped-on” not by a player but by a Coach and FrontOffice Organization; However, he will take the humble high road to redemption and was probably already planning his next step as this photo was taken. (compare this photo to the one in Nets colors with wide grin on face)

  749. from the little I read about Simmons, a mini diva in the making… hmmm…

  750. I’ve always had this fantasy about JLin & D’Antoni teaming up again. But Houston just seems so toxic (and I’m not only talking about their fanbase). Stuff like the following isn’t going away anytime soon.

  751. I think that face wasn’t about himself. I think he’s really sad at the fact that his team basically gave up a very winnable game 7. Yes he was taken out and not used much, but this man is a team player. He’s not pissed about what just happened to him, but that his team mates, his coaches, all think that just taking the Heats to game 7 is “good enough”. This is why I say he’ll never return to Charlotte – that is just not his culture.

  752. How convenient! LOL

  753. Who’s DDR?

  754. some people will never accept that, even though it’s totally true. Even more so because Robinson wasn’t the only black player out there, he was the first to integrate. There are very few Asian-American playing in the US even at major college level even now.

  755. Demar DeRozan

  756. Or maybe Dance Dance Revolution.

  757. the progress made last year. The narrative used to be “He was a scrub who only had a NBA job because he was Asian” to “He’s a quality backup, but can’t start because reasons”.

  758. Parsons. At least Barnes made some contribution on the best regular season team ever.

  759. “Hey NBA teams! You want to give the Knicks the finger for whatever reason? Pickup JLin ASAP!”

  760. Oh ya, thanks. Another playoff no-show.

  761. I re-read the Nets part and realize that they think the Nets needs Lin only so that they can get a temp vet to groom their REAL PG in Lavert. OK man…

  762. Yes, of all the 30 teams in the NBA I can’t think of one I’d like less for JLin and MDA to team up on.

  763. I am just curious to know who is dumb enough to max out Parsons again. I mean the Mavs did it to give the finger to Morey, and I guess they got their money’s worth on that deal, but anyone else?

  764. I highly doubt Lin was thinking about himself and how he was wronged in this moment…

    Oh, and Batum had the same wrapped face behind Lin, but Lin was in the front and ESPN decided to focus on him with the extra long and awkward zoom in.

  765. I’m not sure about some people posting here if they really understand the word fan or dropping the term fanaticism or just the statement or innuendo about the loudest people aren’t the ones who people listen to… To me it’s a matter of putting in your support to Lin instead of bashing him as a player and as a person. This is not being fanatic this is giving your moral support to somebody that you believe to be a great person inside and outside the basketball court. Aren’t we have enough of those negative comments about Lin from different sides of the fence. Some people here wants to put their two cents and spews out their uncertainty and mistrust and their own negative personality. Instead of just praising and acknowledging and recognizing the strengths of the person whom this site is addressed to. Sigh!

  766. 林小弟:相識滿天下,知心能幾人。

  767. parson will find out that he was paid only because he was USED politically by the Mavs! He is to arrogant to think that after a serious injury, teams will look at him as the new LEbron?

  768. Nets clearing the decks for Lin

    Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojVerticalNBA 2m2 minutes ago
    Sources: Brooklyn shopping Jarrett Jack w/ buyout date looming Thursday. Without trade, Nets plan to waive PG; would clear nearly $6M on cap

  769. True that JLIN rarely talks about himself JLIN said a number of things about the playoffs:
    Over 24 hours after Game 7, JLIN was still fuming about Clifford not giving him the chance “to stomp on Heat neck in two closeout games”.

  770. Dirk took a pay cut to get him too. Ungrateful greedy player. Should refund Dirk that money instead of opting out to try to get more.

  771. Another piece falls into place. Jettison the previous year’s first choice starting point guard.

  772. trying to put this in some perspective what the dramatic cap increase means: solomon hill who was only the third best player named hill on his own team last year is being said by the salt lake tribune to possibly be able to command a salary of upwards of 13 million from “interested” utah in coming free agency.

  773. yeah, ESPN just want to make Lin being bitter a thing. Only time they like Lin is when they can talk negatively about him.

  774. Right on.

  775. Oh he totally knows that and probably orchestrated the whole thing by telling Cuban in a night club while he’s drunk: “Hey, you know what would really tick off Morey? Pay ME the MAX! Come on let’s do it right now, I’ll sign right away..”

  776. yeah, paint himself as the Raptor’s #1, and couldn’t make the clutch shots.

  777. Hope Nets are getting ready to offer a starting PG spot to Lin.

  778. Confident to get Lin?

  779. i know he’s arrogant, but CUNNING might be the better words..LOL!!!

  780. dumping their PG? replaced by whom?…let see july 1!!!!

  781. 沒那麼嚴重吧 小林好好先生眾人皆知吧? 人格不是說說就可以的. 我們當作他的粉絲, 自然會仔細的觀其行,知其人; 那麼純正的人, 不難懂的.

  782. lol
    Democratic District of Rhodesia

  783. I had to google that to see if there’s actually such a district in Apartheid Rhodesia.. that’s kind of a slap in the face… lol

  784. Hey, when you have a good agent going to bat for you, you can get more than you deserve. Nothing wrong with that.

  785. A little more foresight to getting to this point would have helped greatly. Impulsiveness seeks trouble. lol

  786. Yup, there were a few Asians who came before Lin, but they were all super tall, from China, and only in the NBA because of their height (except Yao, he was actually a very good Center).

    Lin is still the only Asian American to have ever played in the NBA. He’s also the only Asian Guard to have ever played in the NBA. How is that even possible when the Asians make up 5.6% of the United States population and 60% of the world population?

    I know Asian Americans don’t focus on making basketball their professional career, but I’ve personally known many good Asian ballers growing up. It took an extremely talented player like Lin just to barely break into the NBA, after he was passed up by all colleges and never offered a scholarship. He was cut 2 times, almost a 3rd that would’ve ended his career in the NBA, sent to the D-League twice, and almost had his career ruined another time. The only explanation is hardcore racism in the basketball world, from college to the NBA in the 21st century.

    Anyway, I’m glad that Lin is about to finally receive what he deserves. He’s a true trailblazer and I hope by the time his career is over, everyone can look back and realize just how special of a person and player he was.

  787. HA, that’s so obvious… backup PG opt out, starter PG is being planned to be WAIVED. Hmmmm… I wonder what position they want to bring in a Veteran for…

  788. I told you guys lah… Lin already agreed before he went to Iceland lah!

  789. What? I will be happy if Lin gets the starting PG spot for Nets.

  790. I think the Nets are actually planning on bringing FA to compliment Lin now. The meeting is more of a formality.

  791. What do you mean?

  792. 哇!你把他说得像圣人一样看待。说实在的,粉丝越多的人,或许在夜深人静的时候,会更加寂寞。毕竟是朋友易得, 知己难觅啊!不过那会是十年后的事,感觉上小林闲时无聊,还是在那儿玩他的 DOTA。

  793. Hold up bro, let’s not jump to conclusions and make assumptions.

    If Lin and Nets came to an agreement, they’d get in so much trouble because it’s illegal. It’d be difficult to prove if they hid their tracks properly or went through several channels to communicate secretly, but I don’t think Lin is the type of person to do something like this.

  794. 哪裡什麼聖人 他就不過是一個很有原則又很倔強的人 他不是為了自己在打球喔 他可是為了他的信仰喔 這樣去揣摩就不會太難了

  795. This is just me, but in my mind Lin has agreed to go to the Nets way back before his vacation. The Nets now are just planning to get pieces to complement Lin; Young may got traded because he’s too slow to play in Lin’s high tempo offense. Draft choices are done to complement Lin by getting a 3 pt specialist SG, and decent PG backups and he gets tired out more often due to his defense. It’s just a carefully executed plan to built a team of young players and hidden gems around Lin to make a major run. Call me optimistic, that’s just how I see it.

  796. Well, technically, it’s not “illegal” but it is against the NBA rule. Sorry, don’t mind me… please carry on.

  797. That’s just my very positive assumption 🙂 I’m sure most of you guys won’t agree… that’s just how I see it, especially after that selfie with a small net in the background. Agent/players talk to teams all the time.. NBA has no way of tracking it and the involved parties will never tell. Lin would do it because there’s no good reason for the “moratorium”. Just an arbitrary rule NBA come up with. If they can be flexible about what a “Flagrant Foul” is, players can be flexible about “illegal contact”, LOL. Lin has principles, but like he said, he’s not going to be a pushover.

  798. Man, free agency is going to be interesting. So much money out there apparently , I wonder how much Parsons is going to get.

  799. is it happening??

  800. This tweet was about a week before the draft and Nets have not gotten a taker for JJack. Now Wojarowski just tweeted that Nets will waive him if not traded. It seems Nets are clearing the deck for a new starting PG.

  801. Obviously that’s the hope, but we’ve all been disappointed before. I’m almost expecting them to pursue Rondo, Jennings, or even Lawson before Lin. That’s the pessimistic view of this. Really trying to stay positive, though.

  802. Maybe need more money to bid for new starting PG? Haha!

  803. Young isn’t “too slow”, he’s actually a good athlete. He just hasn’t shown the ability to shoot the 3 at the level Atkinson wants from his PF.

  804. I’m more afraid of DeAndre Jordan like an apocalyptic horseman pulling another fast one than anything else.

  805. It’s not illegal just the team will be fined just like Rockets got fined for Dwight signing but they were too obvious anyway.

  806. It’s a dog eat dog business, Parsons was smart to get Cuban to show Morey up. Dwight not so smart and lucky lol.

  807. Barnes, he made zero impact during playoffs.

  808. black and white? are these suppose to be hints?

  809. It just makes sense, Lin or no Lin. No reason to have an aging backup coming off major surgery.

    They can use that space to sign Sergio Rodriguez as Lin’s backup. He’s a savvy, pass-first Euro veteran who won’t ruin Lin’s leads and can play alongside him in a small-ball lineup (imagine Lin, Rodriguez, Bazemore).

  810. As crazy as it sounds (to me anyway), don’t rule out a max offer to Horford. Players love following their favorite coach (AH loves Atkinson) and Horford has been underused in Atlanta (only put up 15/7 last 2 years). Like Lin, I’m sure he wants to show he can be an elite player (e.g. 20/10).

  811. Bryan Colangelo said he’ll overpay on short contracts. I think they wanted Teague or Schroder, but now they have no one and they might be one of Lin’s 3 midnight meetings. 3y/50M maybe?

  812. Can Sergio shoot ? Last time he played for Portland Trailblazers he was a 1 dimensional guard who can only drive to his left.

  813. Lin wants long team contract so….

  814. I think you are reading too much into this lol
    He wasnt a starter to Clifford but not a 3rd string

  815. Nah, if that’s the case, Lin should avoid going there. He could be dished any time

  816. Meh, he’s not gonna be good enough
    I’d rather have Bazemore lead 2nd unit

  817. Hornets are gonna need a backup point guard to JLIN’s loss; might want to look at Jarrett Jack would/will be making a lot less next season and is older, non-threatening to Kemba and a small upgrade from Brian Roberts and Gary Neal.

  818. Nah Rondo over Lin, sure.
    Jennings and Lawson? I don’t think so

  819. I mean, he’s tall, white and handsome. At least one white-pride owner will offer him max lol

  820. ugh the worst player in the NBA

  821. Parsons
    Barnes is solid

  822. Parsons would make way less

  823. At this point, Lavert is just a gamble because he’s in a walking boot.
    I doubt the Nets will rush him to play or it will backfire. He might only start playing in 2017.

    Once Linsanity returns, there’s no going back 🙂

  824. Not saying he should go there, but I think they’re 1 of the 3.

    I’ve been beating the BrookLin drum since Atkinson was hired!

  825. He said “3 or 4 years” in his interview.

  826. Bazemore is a not a PG or even a combo. He’s actually a SG/SF.

  827. Not saying he’s being traded, but Atkinson doesn’t actually say that. Just that they “haven’t talked about it.” And that they value him and blah blah blah. Same stuff they told Thad Young before he was traded!

    Bad headlining as usual by journalists.

  828. Nets from top to bottom Prok to Marks to Kenny have been more emphatic about keeping Brook, be surprised if they let him go.

  829. I’m curious if Lin and him already know each other from the Stanford connection and actually would like to play together?

  830. Brook is very good and they aren’t going to dump him like Young, but nothing is off the table. Atkinson called Young “my guy,” but he and Marks never explicitly said,”We’re not trading him.” In this case the quote is: “Absolutely not…We (Brook and Atkinson) have not talked about that.”

    So it just means they haven’t talked about trading him. Not that they won’t.

  831. IMO I tend to agree with you. You need not be aggressive to counter those passive aggressive behaviour. Not even necessary to be passive aggressive like them but just be a bit subtle. These blokes may well be ‘ghost bloggers” of agents for some players and are present in every sb nation team sites to pollute those site with false narratives. Haha

  832. Yes but he can play make hawks coach praised his play making skills last season

  833. I bet they vaguely know each other from summer pro-am games and stuff, but I’ve never read anything about them being friends.

  834. If “You’re my guy” gets Young traded, I’d rather hear Atkinson tell JLin “You’re my QB”

  835. yah but if hes not what they wanted originally, then yah he probably should avoid

  836. What? This forum would be quiet as a tomb if people didn’t jump to conclusions or make assumptions. 😉 But seriously, I agree that Lin (along with Marks and Atkinson) aren’t the kind of people to break such rules.

  837. Well then Brook, meet Lin.

  838. He will be nocturnal this week so he will be ready to meet NBA teams at midnight Friday:

  839. Obviously. But if Philly offers big $$$, it can affect Brooklyn’s offer sheet. They may have to match/exceed.

  840. Playmaking abilities for a SG/SF. Not leading a second unit.

  841. I think they knew each other from their Stanford days.
    I remember an article when JLin mentioned Lopez brothers in Stanford during HS.

    Lopez was in 2008 class and Jeremy was in 2010 class.
    Robin Lopez also helped Lin up during a game (after he fouled him) so it could be civil or friends

  842. Not unusual and he did for the Hawks 2nd unit for some time
    Still a better option than a euro vet

  843. A twin towers of Brook Lopez at Center and Al Horford at Power Forwrd would be devastating. Talk about 2 P&R partners for JLIN that could just destroy the bigs of other teams.

  844. Horford is likely going to get the max, either from Atlanta or perhaps the Lakers, Brooklyn or some other non-contender. Hes considered a Top 10 FA and would be huge get for the Nets.

  845. 9:01 PM Thursday in Palo Alto. His body still thinks it’s Noon in Beijing…if he really follows through on the nocturnal plan.

  846. Then he probably is good teammate for Lin. I hope they keep him. How could they just ignore the Brook-Lin kitsch?

  847. “Jack will be owed $500,000 of the $6.3 million on his 2016-17 contract if waived by Thursday. The move will deliver the Nets $44 million in salary-cap space for the free agency period starting on Friday.” —Woj

  848. Superb post.

  849. Lin played at Harvard and was in the same HS graduating class as Lopez. They do likely know each other as Lin frequently played pickup ball at Maples Pavilion during the summer while in college. It’s how he got to know Landry Fields, as well.

  850. Also not prototypical PF size.

    Young is a classic “tweener” that still is effective but in specific instances.

  851. just noticed in the 2nd pic you posted – Atkinson in the background looking intensely at Lin 🙂

  852. 9PM: Marks and Atkinson arrive with Chipotle.
    10PM: Colangelo and Brown arrive with In-N-Out.
    11PM: Morey and MDA arrive with Popeye’s. Lin pretends not to be home and texts MDA that he’ll make it up to him with dinner in Brooklyn next season.

  853. Everyone counts, bro! Even Jackie Chan.

  854. Jeremy graduated Harvard Class of 2010. Brook would have graduated Stanford Class of 2010, but he opted to enter the 2008 NBA Draft.

  855. only a few more days! Who knows where JLin lives in Palo Alto? If you know, take photos of the inbound NBA FOs coming by, no stalking 🙂

  856. Guess Chipotle wins?

  857. LOL…someone really smart would bring a platter of good sushi. But my guess is it’ll be in some hotel conference room or a law office.

  858. ah thank you.. Brook and Lin must’ve known each other

  859. I was going to say they’re destined to play together w/ their last names connected like that. It’s like a story book coming around in full circle in NY. I pray that Linsanity 2.0 will happen and this time it’s in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan. Can’t wait to find out. But we have to temper our expectations a bit, we’ll have to remind ourselves to accept wherever God places Lin for Lin’s sake.

  860. good post, I have the same suspicions. But lin NEEDS to play the field. If nets are not an option, he should keep an open mind about returning to rockets, or trying out 6ers

  861. Brook Lopez is a top 5 Center in the league, both defensively and offensively. He’s still young (a year older than Lin). Lopez and Lin are a match made in heaven. Other than Atkinson, Lopez is the only reason why I want Lin to go to Brooklyn (as my 3rd choice for Lin).

    There’s a reason why Nets won’t trade Lopez. They know how dominant he can be with an actual PG dishing him the rock. There’s also a reason why so many Nets fans are so excited for Lin other than the Brook-Lin meme. They know with Lin, Lopez will finally have someone who will help him shine and win.

    Lopez is also an adidas sponsored athlete like Lin. I think he’s been to China 3 times already and was even there a week or two ago:

  862. Woj commented in the Mannix podcast that they’d have a live podcast around 0:01 EDT on Friday. That’s Thursday 9:01 PDT or Friday 4:01 UTC. It might be easier just to follow him on Twitter:

    Any other sources to follow in ~50 hours?

  863. IMO if ever that was promised it was clearly broken by not starting Lin when they needed to start him to ensure that Lin can play freely his game to help his team win consistently . Heck, even after Lin was playing his way, out of necessity without Batum for game 3, 4 & 5 in the playoff leading to 3 straight wins inept Clifford went back to playing Batum leading to two straight loses. Pathetic coaching there. Haha

  864. just to update something i posted previously below before i go back to the shadows: tom ziller (sb nation) updated his top 117 free agents today; lin did reasonably well placing second among legitimate free agency candidate point guards only below conley and above rondo, delly, brandon jennings and dwill in that order rounding out the top 5 but my point was not that it was about

    solomon hill as example of how the salary cap huge (historically speaking % wise) boost is anticipating inflating salaries.

    ziller has hill 91st out of 117 with the note “cant shoot pass or rebound”.

    a legitimate source not some random blog but the primary utah big city daily newspaper reports today that the jazz are “interested” in hill and that he could command upwards of “13 million” in coming free agency.

    “The Tribune has learned the former Arizona star is seeking anywhere between $9 and $13 million per year, and multiple teams are willing to meet that number. ” –salt lake city tribune

    as i noted previously: hill was only the third best player named hill on his own team last year.

  865. Lol. You got the misconceived justification right there not to elevate your best player to starter. That is the clearest sign of inept FO and lousy coach and they do not deserved to have Lin their most significant and valuable FA signing. Haha

  866. LOL. The vertical is just a high class courier service provider of fresh hot news. They are not evaluator of talent and good at predicting salary of FA. Just take it with a pitch of salt. Haha

  867. Lin camp asking for 16M only!!! No wonder the competing FOs are lining up to have a pitch for his undervalued service. What more the exposure and popularity he brings to the franchise and city he plays in. Haha

  868. A lot of people are underestimating how much money Lin can command. If people are willing to throw a max contract at Conley, who is slightly better than Lin but is coming off of an injury, has way more mileage than Lin, and is a year older, Lin will get tons of offers that shock people once Conley is off the market. There are so many teams who NEED a good starting PG and only 1 team will get Conley. Most teams don’t want to deal with Rondo’s drama, attitude, and controversies either.

    I’ve said this several times already, my guess is Lin will get a contract in the neighborhood of $54M/3Y. Prepare for all salt coming our way from the haters, naysayers, and doubters.

  869. Fabulous post. IMO Some posters probably the ghost bloggers types just want to be negative for some reasons they themselves only know and keep on with the false narratives. Haha cheers

  870. Great observation. IMO there are a lot of unsavoury divas in the NBA both the players and coaches and even FOs. Some are going overboard like Kobe , BScotts, Morey and Dolan. Haha

  871. I see a lot of other reasons to like Brooklyn. The huge Asian fanbase, the Knicks rivalry, the likely hood to start AND get paid, etc. But many others questioned if Brook posted too much. I would guess that they’ll get along well because they’re both smart.

  872. But… neither did Parsons.

  873. Well, those are the extra perks of playing in Brooklyn. The coach and teammates are the most important factors when considering which team you should play for. The coach is a question mark due to his lack of experience, but we all know he’ll be much better than the likes of Woodson, McHale, and Scott. Atkinson will let Lin play his style, his way, with no threats of getting benched.

    Teammates, well, it’s almost a clean slate roster. The only star on the team is Brook, who isn’t a cocky ballhog. He’ll be able to fit into Atkinson’s system, especially if they get Lin to drive into the lane to draw 2, 3, 4 guys, then dish it to Brook or an open perimeter shooter. Of course, Nets will have to find the right pieces to surround Lin and Brook with if they want to win and get to the playoffs…

    As for Brook posting too much, here’s his shot chart from last year without an actual PG:

    He actually has a good shot, especially for a big guy. With someone like Lin to create space and draw defenders, Lopez will dominate.

  874. IMO that was too risky on Clifford and Hornets to DNP CD Lin after his great preseason games and beating Clippers in China. Mr KHuang, your kindself abovesaid comment was too presumptuous IMO. I am sorry to say that and my apologies in advance. Haha

  875. “San Antonio Spurs center Tim Duncan has elected to exercise the $5.6 million player option on his 2016-17 contract – but that is not an indication he’ll return for his 20th NBA season, league sources told The Vertical.”

    Not sure if this would affect Spurs’ interest in Jeremy, if that even exists. Since I assume this would lock up Duncan’s minimal share of the salary cap, he’d likely try to give the Spurs a decision before July 1?

  876. Likely NYCAgain. Convert every Knicks fans and tv stations. And convert Rose too

  877. [email protected] to host live NBA free agency show on Thursday night. Coverage starts at 11:30 p.m. ET.

  878. Between Lin’s 3 serious offers and the Spurs’ interest in Conley/keeping Parker, we can rule them out.

    I like the idea of the Nets trading Jack’s non-guaranteed contract for Danny Green. Spurs would create 10M in capspace by trading Green and cutting Jack, and Nets would get a high-character 3&D SG who has known Lin since D-League. They played great together in their short time there.

    Would prefer Bazemore at SG, but he may re-sign in Atlanta now that Teague is off the books (more $$$).

  879. Spurs are going after Durant with every $ they have available.

  880. “With his D-League, horrible, no-good, very bad guard rotation this year, he was still fourth in points as a roll-man and fourth in points as a cutter.

    Imagine him with an actual point guard getting him the ball? Not Shane Larkin and Donald Sloan, but a real honest-to-goodness NBA-quality point guard.”

    “he’s a pretty nerdy quiet dude who doesn’t try to get attention on and off the court.”

  881. So are the Warriors and others.

    “However, with Tim Duncan opting in to his $6.3 million contract for next season, the Spurs’ process to land Durant has become much more complicated than the path to clear cap space for Aldridge last summer.”–kevin-durant-s-options-184021631.html

  882. Few people know who’s in or out and they’re not talking. Conley rumor is suspect if Spurs are really trying for Durant. Maybe (yeah, I know it’s a longshot) both rumors are smokescreens and their real target is Lin? 😉 Let me dream for a few more days.

    Nets have been shopping Jack for some time. Wouldn’t the Spurs have done the deal by now if that’s what they wanted. It might clear cap space for them, but who’s going to replace Green at starting SG?

  883. They will convert Knick fans if they start winning. He’ll convert Rose to just the second best PG in NYC… lol… Rose will be HATING to play Lin.

  884. Nah, there’s a new Spurs-type team in the East called the Nets. He’ll be better off there.

  885. Hmm. Some were calling him another Big Al.

  886. if getting durant means letting timmy go, then its a no brainer for me, stick with timmy. Timmy is still a top defensive PF in the league, he can still score big points in the playoff. Hell, I feel that if popovich stuck with his old man crew of duncan, ginobilli, parker and kwahi on the side they would have done better this season.

  887. I mean the lady Rose with 2 kids

  888. I’ll be happy to see Jeremy in a Nets uniform, but I’d be even happier to see him wearing a Spurs uni. Unfortunately, I think the latter is less likely to happen.

  889. And the plot thickens. I was hoping Pop wasn’t stupid enough to overpay Conley when Lin is a great deal.

  890. And the Spurs FA Linterest is ..a bit understated? ;-}

  891. Interesting. But until Parker and Manu retire, they’re not an exciting landing spot for Lin.

  892. Yeah, this rumor has always been suspect to me. Conley wants a max contract and is unlikely to reject one from Memphis. The Spurs are very cap constrained. If they’re going to make drastic moves, it would’ve been to try for Durant.

  893. Even so, Lin wouldn’t be starting next season w/ Parker still there. So Spurs are out.

  894. most net fans want rondo over lin. Hell they will take 4 other crappy point guards over lin, including austin rivers..Some of the fans don’t even have lin on their list lol.

  895. Even KD doesn’t make sense when you got Kawhi.

  896. I always assumed teams keep their interest in the large majority of free agents a secret. Why telegraph their plans to the competition? The only time teams would blatantly announce their interest is to court a major superstar.

  897. Nets haven’t seen a great point guard since Jason Kidd got the to the NBA Finals.

  898. That is to be expected. Let Linsanity change their minds one by one.

  899. lin on the spurs would be an unstoppable force, but they need to let lin play his style. Also all of Lins basketball skills would improve by a large margin. Not to mention, he will be playing next to a legend like tim duncan, and learning first hand from tony parker and manu ginobili.

  900. This whole KD drama is nonsense. As per recent articles, he’ll sign the 1+1 with OKC and hit free agency next year (along with Russ). This ego-trip tour is all about next year. Establishing some relationships, feeling like a big shot, and putting pressure on OKC to make good moves. No one but OKC is getting KD this summer. Next summer, maybe.

  901. I know. Are people thinking Tony, Kawhi, Durant, LaMarcus & Timmy? There wouldn’t be enough shots to go around.

  902. Pop isn’t the GM, but might have some say in who Spurs acquire.

    Pop knows first-hand just how deadly and good of a PG Lin can be. Lin has torched the Spurs on more than one occasion. Pop was very impressed with Lin this year when Lin single-handedly led the comeback to win from 23 points down.

  903. the minds of the deranged do not work that way unfortunately. Hopefully the GM does not share the same feelings as the net fans.

  904. Well then Pop will be sipping some tea at the Lin residence.

  905. Yes. But part of what he’d learn from the Spurs is better control of his style without actually cramping his style.

  906. I thought Pop was the defacto GM?

  907. Spurs’ approach has always been very low-key and intentional more than any NBA teams.
    Who knows who they’re courting the most? Probably KD

    I like the Spurs but they still have to play Parker as a starting PG so it’s a bad timing for JLin at this juncture of his career where he needs to be the main playmaker with lots of PT to prove he can be an All-Star.

  908. And RC Cola for RC Buford.

  909. hehe…nice understatement. Pop is President of Basketball Operations and hired the GM in 2002. Yeah, he might have some say in what happens.

  910. It’s the TD and TP positions that need to be rejuvenated. Not the SG or SF.

  911. Wow, I didn’t know that. Thought he was just the coach lol. My bad.

  912. he has a lot of say he used to be the GM until he felt it was too much

  913. With all these guests coming to the Lin residence on Thursday night I’m reminded of the first chapters of The Hobbit and the LOTR: An unexpected party and A long expected party. It should result in Lin setting off on an exciting new adventure.

  914. I heard that for Spurs to fit in Durant they would have to get rid of, most likely, Lamarcus

  915. Actually, Parker is declining and he’s no longer able to slash into the paint like he used to in his younger years. I wouldn’t be so sure if he’s the guaranteed starter if Spurs can get someone like Lin to help them with creating space and draw defenders like Parker used to be able to.

    Even if Parker starts ahead of Lin, I would be perfectly fine with that. Pop won’t wear out Parker, so Lin would get plenty of minutes like Manu has. Essentially, Lin would replace Manu if he decides to retire this year.

    The main problems the Spurs had this playoffs was that they didn’t have a PG who could drive into the paint to get open looks for Kawhi, LMA, and/or Timmy. They also didn’t have legit treats beyond the arc. Their entire offense was basically to give it to Kawhi and hope he can score. OKC easily exposed their one dimensional offense. Their bench also sucked, which was usually a strength of the Spurs.

    Having Lin on the team would solve a lot of current issues the Spurs have. They get to kill 2 birds with 1 stone if they acquired Lin and would also have a great successor to Parker once he decides it’s time to retire or at least come off the bench. Spurs need someone like Lin and 1 or 2 sharpshooters in order to be a championship contender for the next few years. While it’d be great to have KD, he’s not the actual answer to the Spurs’ problems.

    Of course, Manu would need to retire and/or they’ll have to ship out Mills to make room for Lin.

  916. Haha. If Spurs are one of the 3 teams meeting with Lin on the 1st , Pop won’t be there

  917. HAHA I doubt Lin’s guests are as unruly and messy as the dwarves. :p

  918. Wow. I wish they’d never gotten LMA in the first place. Lin would have already been a Śpur instead if a nasty Hornet.

  919. The ones that leave empty handed will be 🙂

  920. I think for most of the teams on Durant’s meeting-list , each team would have to get rid of a major rotation piece to fit him in.

    OKC and Boston are the only ones that do not

  921. Lakers aren’t on his list right? But they got plenty of room.

  922. Why not :-). I hope they all take lots of selfies and post them in real time.

    Crabbe would also be a good SG next to Lin. Portland has so much cap space though, I doubt they don’t match. Interesting that all three of Crabbe’s suitors are prime suitors for Lin. [/tin foil hat]

  924. Yup, I’ve posted all of the benefits to Lin if he was to be on the Spurs before. The benefits are massive and nearly all of the criteria that Lin has in choosing his new team would be met by the Spurs. Happiness, check. Teammates who aren’t selfish ballhogs, check. Team-oriented basketball, check. Playtime (as either a replacement for Manu or starter in place of Parker), check. Good head coach with pick and roll system, check. Contact length, I’m guessing Spurs would offer at least a 3 year deal if they want Lin. Chance to win, be on a championship caliber team, check.

    Another benefit is Lin will be mentored by some of the best players in the league. He’ll also get a world-class coaching staff, renowned for their ability to fix players’ shots, making good players great, great players into all-stars. Lin’s only glaring weakness is his inconsistent shot. Spurs can help him become a great shooter to go with his elite driving skills.

    Spurs are literally the best fit for Lin. Sure, he might not get the biggest contract and he might not start, but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

  925. This has been debated many times before, so I’ll just say that we don’t know which of his goals Jeremy would choose to accomplish first: start & be an All-Star or NBA Championship (with starting role & All-Star status soon to follow).

    I personally would rather see him take a career path with the Spurs where he has an excellent chance to reach all of his major basketball goals. He might reach most of the same goals with the Nets, but a Championship is probably out of reach for that organization for many years yet. JMO.

  926. Hey, the dwarfs clean up after themselves. But they did clear out Bilbo’s pantry.

  927. I don’t think it affects Lin one way or another.

    I personally would love Duncan to stay on.

  928. He might not start immediately, but I think he’ll start long before his contract expires. It’s really a question of delayed gratification on one of his main goals. With the Nets, the delay for a chance at a ring would go past his contract with them.

  929. The way Big Al tightened up his defense and scoring and teamwork by learning from Lin, that would be awesome!

  930. Starting is important to Lin, but it’s not the end-all, be-all “if you don’t let me start, I refuse to come to your team” criteria for Lin. Especially on a team like the Spurs and with a coach like Pop, where they’ve always had 2 great PGs sharing playtime and glory of winning. Pop knows the importance of having 2 legit starter-level PGs and also the importance of having a quality floor general lead the bench players. It honestly doesn’t matter who starts on the Spurs, because Pop will distribute minutes correctly.

    I would pick the Spurs over the Nets anyday if I was Lin or ANY other free agent. It’s really a no-brainer. I’m just hoping the Spurs are smart enough to go after Lin.

  931. I agree. He still averaged 25mpg last year and his efficiency hasn’t dropped off a cliff like Kobe’s did his last 3 seasons. Play him a little less, but he can still contribute so many intangibles to the team.

  932. Could mean Horford may leave. Millsap is the clear PF and Hawks badly need rebounding inside.

  933. Nah, I don’t see it like that. Linsanity happened in NYC before and NY fan’s acceptance of Lin is still the best anywhere. Only the most ardent of racists will persist in their views if Lin bring their team wins.

  934. “Signed July 10, 2015 for 4 years, approx. $84,100,000”

    Spurs knew Durant was going to be a free agent this year. It would be a clear admission that they’d made a mistake if they traded LMA after just one season.

  935. IMO. Dwight meeting Hawk after July 1 meaning after Horfort goes to Nets!! Haha

  936. Come on broussard ! How come you can’t name the 3 teams for Lin 🙂

  937. According to Nathan Gottlieb, Horford is a “Mobile athletic C/PF who can spread floor & PnR and team player.”, works well with Lin. I would not mind him being on the same team as Lin.

  938. IMO. If Spurs get KD then LMA will be traded to Rockets for picks etc..Haha

  939. Boy the signs are there. All the PG Nets are looking for are either rookie or old vets; they are hunting for vet SG to probably start over the drafted rookie… Not a whiff about PG. This all feels like they already have Lin penciled in at PG and now just filling the other pieces. If the like Brook well enough as C, it’s logical they’re looking for a SG and maybe a stretch 4. The two 2nd year forward they have are promising and were considered lottery picks before their health issue dropped them.. They might work well with Lin if healthy.

  940. A dual PnR attack with Brook and Horford would be deadly…Horford is also a good screen setter

  941. Yeah, Conley feels like he wants to become a Max Super Star; Spurs won’t allow him to do that. Same reason why he’ll be a bad fit for the Nets as well.

  942. Yeah Spurs really really need to replace Duncan. Then they’ll be a monster team again.

  943. Just remember Net’s GM came from the Spurs and from reading his philosophy he’s building Spurs 2.0 in Brooklyn.

  944. I’m lost here,,, is this Downtown Abbey reference? LOL

  945. It’s crazy how good a duo they’d be. With the right pieces surrounding Brook-Lin, Nets not only have a shot at the playoffs, but might even win a round or 2. Sean Marks has a lot of work to do. If he does it right, Nets can become immediate playoff contenders.

  946. That leak probably came from Lin’s agents to encourage anyone else interested to not delay. But they would be breaking trust if they named any of the teams. These agents represent other players and need to maintain good working relationships with all NBA organizations.

  947. DHoward is a cancer and overrated. He was never happy with the Magic, Lakers and Rockets. He’s often injured and on the decline. If ATL or BOS is paying him max, they deserve him.

  948. They will in a few months! LOL many I’m just setting myself up. I would be devastated if Lin didn’t ended up with the Nets, LOL

  949. What make Spurs special is their system and Doc. At least Nets new GM is trying to create another, similar system in NY.

  950. Sean Marks wants as much secrecy as possible. He even fired the Nets PR guy and brought in his own people, from front office to communications to medical staff.

  951. Conley stays in Memphis makes JLin the top FA PG on the market. No wonder 3 teams meeting him at midnight on the 1st:

  952. I don’t think Lin’s agent has to worry about “representing other players.” Lin is basically his only star client…

    I remember seeing this guy in Linsanity documentary. The interesting thing is, his agency is located in San Antonio…

  953. If Lin’s words at Beijing mean anything, he’s at the prime of his career, he wants to start and be the best he can be, BrookLin is no brainer for Lin. Also, with Parker not retiring anytime soon, forget about the Spurs.

  954. I don’t think WashPo knows much about sports nor do they have any actual insider information. Don’t take them seriously.