Thoughts on Preseason by Jeremy Lin

The following is the newest blog post by Jeremy Lin himself, talking about his 1st preseason with the Lakers. ALso I believe he is forming a pray group online, for more information, please read the end of the that blog post.

The link is here. Please click it and read. I included the 1st paragraph as follow:

“Whatsup everybody!!

I’m going to start blogging periodically to fill you guys in from my perspective on what’s going on during my life and the season. Hope you guys enjoy it!

This year’s training camp was, by far, my hardest one yet. The first drill we did was called the “easy run.” It definitely involved hella running but was far from easy. We had to run from baseline to baseline with our hands by our head, then defensive slide to the sideline, backpedal with our hands back to the baseline, defensive slide to the middle and repeat…except we had to do it for 15 minutes straight! That was just one of many very difficult defensive/conditioning drills, but it’s all worth it because Coach Scott is building a culture of toughness and defense. Defense has always been the cornerstone of every great NBA team and we are fortunate that we have a coach who believes in that formula for winning, which is why our team has been working hard knowing that it is ultimately for our benefit.”


  1. FIRST!!

  2. Thank you very much. I beat my personal best by 9.

  3. Thanks Brent for making this happen. Quite stun to hear from JLin on this post. Am totally amazed with his care and love for his fans.

  4. Oh yeah, loved reading that blog. Hope he writes weekly or something so we don’t have to speculate on his thoughts as much as we do.

  5. LOL. Really???!!!! Could have hit first first before I began to write my thought:-)

  6. LOL…it’s your fault for writing 3 sentences. I wrote one word.

  7. Not surprised… you’re Jedi 🙂

  8. LOL It’s okay for me. Let u have fun fun!!

  9. It’s true. I felt a disturbance while eating my fruit salad to make me press refresh.

  10. Took me to reread at least twice to make sure that I didn’t misread this:

    Kobe…. is an “extremely talented trash talker as well haha.”

  11. LOL I laughed at this line “Defense has always been the cornerstone of every great NBA team…”
    That’s the truth aptly spoken .. but could very well be a subtle jab of the famous “cornerstone” self-admission by a certain star :]

  12. “I envision many bike rides along the beach on my off-days this season.”
    I guess I’ll be purchasing a bike in the near future.

  13. hidden message! LOL Jeremy i trolling now

  14. Yeah, thats a known fact in NBA 🙂 He must be really really good, for Jeremy to hint it

  15. You need to teach Jeremy to eat his salad and hit refresh 😉

  16. I wonder how Jeremy would give a come-back when Kobe trash-talks to him :>

  17. I doubt, he is too buzy for that

  18. He ignores, I think jeremy had mentioned this previously when he was in NY

  19. He is such an inspiration to all of us.

  20. I was laughing when I read that. JLin is very good in getting message across.

  21. He’s doing it again.
    So many hints…basically yesterday he said his experience in Houston was like in the D-League…
    And today, cornerstone of every great team is defense…
    Basically Houston is a D-League team which will never be great!

  22. I hope Jeremy doesn’t read what I write… 😛

  23. LOL…fortunately or unfortunately…ROX is a good team, they could have been great with proper utilization of Jeremy’s talent. They missed it!

  24. You should do it now. Ride it when u know it’s his off days. Would like to see your pic with him:-)

  25. Really!!!???? Learning new info everyday:o))

  26. Jeremy is refreshed. He just needs to eat his veggies 🙂

  27. I actually talked about getting a bike with my best friend just few days ago… this is a sign 🙂

  28. LOL Great sign! Go and do it now!!!!

  29. I might suggest to buy a purple & gold bike with number 17 painted on the body.
    Then name it “Linsane Bike”! :]

  30. good summary .. but it’s also the truth :>

  31. I think this is posted somewhere, but I will post it again.

  32. Lin Park

  33. or “CycLIN”

  34. Would you sketch harde_ faces on the tires?

  35. he copied everything from Jordan!

  36. They are, but if they are a 1st rd exit again, I will think otherwise.

  37. I think so too….1st round exit

  38. Then they are not a good team, they are just a bunch of talented and flawed guys. Nothing “team” about it.

  39. Thats where the flaw is, they just dont understand the “team” concept.

  40. not just team flaw, individually, there are lots of it too.

  41. not just individual, but the Coaches flaw as well

  42. This is so wrong at so many level LOL

  43. Oh Ya….add the FO too

  44. put on a beard around the tires? Lin would definitely stop and notice haha

  45. even better :] one more idea since Lin likes his meat
    Gril-Lin’ Girl LOL

  46. ignoring is definitely best way to neutralize any trash-talker

  47. Looks the same to me.

  48. I don’t like veggie either..

  49. Reminds me of Legos.

  50. Dear Mods, Please keep your guards up. Jeremy Lin is trolling us! lol

  51. Jeremy’s team mates: Let’s win this one for Jeremy.

  52. I get the feeling he plans to kick my behind in the kitchen. Challenge accepted, Lin…

  53. Good link, Brent!

  54. Jeremy Trolling is one thing that we look forward to! 🙂

  55. @psalm234:disqus what’re we going to do once Jeremy’s caught red-handed trolling here? 🙂

  56. My two favorite things to cook right now are baked chicken with a
    balsamic, jalapeno, garlic and green onion sauce, and a medium rare
    rib-eye steak with flaky sea salt sprinkled on top. I’m awful at cooking
    veggies though, which makes sense because I don’t like eating veggies

    I’d be really interested to know the exact measurements for the chicken recipe because that marinade sounds great.

    And has Lin never had good Asian cooked veggies before? Maybe he’s talking about American veggie dishes because I feel that they are either tasteless or covered in cream and cheese.

    I’m guessing Lin likes a heavier flavor so maybe he should try some Thai or Szechuan veggies dishes. Those are often more heavily spiced but still retain their veggie flavor.

  57. LOL, he watches his diet, so he’s not going to indulge Asian food as we do…its fattening 🙂

  58. you need glasses

  59. Deleted.

  60. Jlin doesnt really match the play boy charcter, he is more a spiderman to me. fast and smart

  61. He got glasses on.

  62. LOL Hill and Boozer are perfectly fit their role.

  63. Noted in passing:

    The NBA has announced that 101 international players, from 37 countries, will be on opening-night rosters. The previous high was 92 (last season). The San Antonio Spurs lead the league for the third consecutive season with nine international players. Canada leads the way with a record 12 international players.

    See :

  64. Hah! I think if he stays away from the sweet stuff and fried foods he should be fine ;p

  65. OK, now I am confused. The other day Mark medina reported that Scott said the PG was fluid, now he is reporting today that the position is not fluid, meaning lin has the starting position?

  66. I think he means the starting spot EVENTUALLY is Lin’s.

  67. I’d rather not go into what Medina said but how Scott will actually manage Jeremy’s minutes.

    But hey, if that means Jeremy is already a starter, then by all means get ready for lots of butt-kicking ( and thank You for answering my vigil).

  68. at first I thought those were this season’s predictions but later realized they are just last year’s numbers.

  69. Poor veggies. No one likes them.

  70. I agree..:)

  71. After reading Jeremy’s take on their offense I’m STILL confused about Scott’s 3-point policy. I don’t mind him trying to avoid an offensive identity like what the Warriors have and they would prefer to depend on their midrange game, but.. really, less than 5 attempts?

  72. I think medias are twisting his words. I don’t think Scott will ask his guards to NOT shoot any open 3s. Maybe not transition 3s at most….

  73. Yeah I think so too. Jeremy shot open 3s this preseason but he’s not yanked or reprimanded.

  74. “I’m in a better place now,” Lin said. “There’s more opportunity for me here. No knock against anybody in Houston. The reality of the situation here is there’s a lot more room for me to be aggressive.”

    Someone who’ll go to the game tonight should have this on a shirt or something.

  75. I think the 15 3s per game statement is bad in a sense that it confused ppl. It is an average, not the upper limits. Also it is just an estimate.

  76. ha….I think a shirt is not enough for this many words.

  77. Banner? lol

  78. that across 10 seats….

  79. I think so too.

  80. The preseason was a blur of excitement and much anticipation. It turned out to be a puzzle and a mystery. There was injuries to many and LIN missed almost half of the games. It was a mixed bag of emotions for all LIN fans.

    6 months ago I wrote something during the darkest days of the aftermath of the post season lost to Portland. I said then that all LIN needs is just one team or owner, GM and coach to actually give Lin a fair chance to win by the merit of his play. Here we are, Lin has a real chance to prove his worth. While Scott has been a mystery in the way he has handled the starting situation, the team does seem to be heading in the right direction. So what does Scott want from Lin?

    Last year around November I wrote that Morey and Mchale’s motivation to bench Lin made no sense. There was no logic behind it except for one and that was to protect their pride for having missed Linsanity and no recognizing his talent. Morey especially with his analytics was supposed to be able to find hidden talents. M&m’s motivation was to make sure Lin failed so that they can say that Lin was just a fluke.

    All humans act upon self motivation for personal gain. Samuel Adams, the great economist and philosopher believes that we all must have a personal motivating key to their actions. So what is Scott’s key? Why make Lin come off bench with the second unit when clearly Lin has more than proven to be better than Price; Davis much better than Hill? What then is the key motivator? Scott knows that Kobe is on a mission to break a record and knows that his job depends on 2things to happen. He has to keep Kobe happy AND he needs to prepare for the inevitable time when Kobe retires or is injured again. Scott’s job security depend on his ability to seamlessly transform the Lakers from Kobeball to the next generation. That next generation is Randle and the rest of the younger players. Why is Scott keeping Lin and Davis on the second unit? He is placing his own personal future in the hands of Lin to develop the second unit into a variable replacement for Kobe when the time comes. It could be in 2 years and it could be in 3 months. Scott NEEDS Lin to groom Randle into a force while developing chemistry with what will be the future of the Lakers.

  81. Awwwe, so much love in the city of Angels <3

  82. Everyone’s thinking of the Lakers today:

  83. This starts to make more and more sense now.

  84. I totally agree with everything posted. Lin has already proven that him leading that bench makes everybody look good. That bench grows together and they take the forefront when kobe retires. They will win a lot of games because they will have gelled and grown together.

  85. IF Scott thinks like this, then he is a smart guy.

  86. Great explanation of BScott’s personal motivation and self-preservation, Bob!
    1. PRESENT: Keep Kobe happy by putting the ball in his hands and break MJ’s record this season
    2. FUTURE: Groom Laker future stars by playing Lin together with Randle (and possibly Clarkson) to groom them.

    Now BScott just needs to hire you as his PR person rather than advocating the weak reasoning that Price gives more winning chance than Lin :]

  87. I hope he’s smart this way but why he felt the need to advocate Price over Lin rather than laying out his great plan is another story :]

  88. One Laker bench back, 2 more to go (Kelly and Mr. Iggy Azalea)

  89. I think, it was desperation on his part. I think Mitch/FO probably told him that lin is the second best player on the team, and that Lakers need to be transparent and not put him on the bench like houston calling it fit.

  90. How did he know… he just afraid of Ido? lol

  91. Maybe some political issues, e.g. Scott wants to be seem as a guy who has control

  92. Lin is always appreciative in his own humble ways. Magic must like him more and more.

    “Starting has always been a goal for any team that I’ve been on,” said Lin, who expressed his appreciation for Johnson’s public endorsement. “Part of me is like, Wow, Magic knows who I am. The fact that he thinks what he thinks, I’m blown away by it.”

  93. Yeah, he seems to have toned down. Also some fans on twitter have been tweeting jeannie,asking why lin wasn’t starting. These were not only lin fans, but Laker fans..just sayin

  94. Imo, Scott is still letting Kobe do a lot of play making when he is on the floor, thus he put Price to play alongside him. Kobe is the de facto playmaker for the starting unit because of one probable reason: Byron Scott said his offense will incorporate elements of triangle into his offensive system. In this starting unit and the whole roster, no one has played into that system except Kobe.

    For the younger unit though, including Jeremy, he might be easing them to play pure Princeton.

    Purely my opinion.

  95. 2 guards front can go to Princeton then to Triangle then to PnR. All about reads and cohesion. LAL has a long way to go.

  96. This should not have been a debate. JLin is the Lakers 2nd best player. Can’t wait for tonight.

  97. Nicely written. Just one correction, I thought Samuel Adams was a brewmaster, no?

  98. “Don’t mistake his humble hesitancy for a lack of desire……..” M…….seems like lots of ppl doubting Lin are confusing between this 2 things.

  99. This article has so many gems.. very well-written by Ben Golliver!
    Thanks for sharing. It might need a separate post later because it explains how Kobe and Lin plan to make it work playing together

  100. Bingo, that is what he wants to have the appearance of. I think they will let him coach the way he wants, but PR moves that he make that are dumb, they will reel him in.

  101. I agree, Lin is learning and teaching the younger group the pure Princeton offense like Show Time Lakers when Magic was running the point.

  102. Yeah, it does. My buddy and I are going to the game tonight and we both already have butterflies in our stomach. We will be praying hard for lin and the team to get this win.

  103. You are a busy man (or lady?). You kept passing by….lol

  104. “JLin is the Lakers 2nd best player”… behind Ronnie Price, right? =p

  105. LMAO…

  106. Lin lays out how he has gotten better of the defensive end…good stuff

    More from Lin

    • Bryant’s advice for Lin has extended to the defensive end, where Lin has long been considered a liability. Bryant, a 12-time All-Defensive selection whose defense has gotten less attentive later in his career, is preaching the importance of studying “nuances” and opponent tendencies.

    “[Bryant is] challenging me to be a great defensive player,” Lin said. “He thinks I have the tools to do it. … I’ve gotten better at containing dribble penetration and staying attached, fighting through picks. I’m more solid, I make fewer gambles, I make it more difficult on the offensive player. I’m better at getting deflections and trying to be disruptive.”

  107. This is good news, then Lin won’t have to play 45 mins.

    Also, I hope Ronnie Price comes off the bench and plays well with the second unit, then that would reassure Scott and whoever else Price can run the second unit just fine, freeing Lin up to be the starter.

  108. “9) Houston’s biggest weakness may be handling the ball. The Rockets committed the second-most turnovers last season (16.1), while Harden surrendered the ball more times (3.6) than any player except Stephen Curry. This could be compounded by the loss of last year’s starting point guard, Lin.” —
    Lakers Preview: 10 Things to Know About the Rockets

    So this proves that most writer does not watch games? LOL

  109. Who is the backup PG for HOU? Canaan? I think I saw some HOU fans saying he is an offensive power house, or something like that. So….He is the “Lin” now.

  110. This proves most writers should not be writing

  111. good point LOL…

  112. So…from the interview of Scott, he thinks that LAL have a decent half court defense. Not sure about it, but I guess it is true.

    BTW, most of the discussion here should be on the pregame thread tho….just saying ….not a big deal…LOL

  113. looks like Canaan had a good preseason (50% from 3s). I think he more of a scorer than PG. some compared him to IT

  114. you cannibalized your own pregame thread LOL

  115. is that worse than stealing your own First?

  116. so we should see Lin take less charges this year as well then? (Kobe doesn’t like to take charges)

  117. The secrete of surviving NBA for 19 yrs…lol

  118. Not sure….good question

  119. LOL…well, as long as every is happy

  120. According to coach dave miller I think it was, lin is the second best player. Somebody on Lakers sports net said that during preseason.

  121. Jeannie Buss seems to be a Tiger Mom when it comes to kobe..LOL

  122. I can see why lots of critics thinking she is not up to the job. Still much better than some Orgs IMO.

  123. You need to read her Bio, she has been in this business since she was 19. She has a head for the business. So don’t let that unassuming impression that she doesn’t know what she’s doing. she knows exactly what she is doing

  124. It’s cold, sarcastic and hilarious. Love it. Especially Hill with all those bills floating around him :P.

  125. So you are saying I am trolling the wrong thread? (・A・)

  126. Dag, Jeannie ain’t taking no prisoners:

  127. otherwise we could have had a record 1000+ posts for the pregame =)

  128. I don agree with them….at all. I think she is doing good. Just saying the way those Critics are approaching this…..I can see why they think that way. THose kind of critics usually will also say LAL should dump every thing and start to develop Randle. They are just so star driven.

  129. Haha, you are right. It’s actually Adam Smith I was thinking of. I don’t even drink and never liked beer!

  130. Too much beer commercial?

  131. Then it should be the beer of “The most linterested man in the world.”

  132. SI is weird a few days ago they came up with a poor article that didn’t deserve clicks and then this.

  133. No wonder the name sound familiar even I don’t know any economist.

  134. same author? editor?

  135. OK, but we all know that they don’t have an original thought in their heads, they just jump on each other’s bandwagon.

  136. yeah…..I guess….while saying they are objective, but so clearly they only give opinions based on how hyped a particular ppl is.

  137. Lin is 50% too…..LOL well Canaan did hit a game winning shot I think.

  138. You’d probably look like this with so many words…

  139. He’ll probably keep eating all your food ‘while’ you cook it.

  140. Hey Psalm234
    I need to change the name of the philosopher I mentioned from Samuel Adams to Adam Smith. It was pointed out to me by Brewkowski on the error. You can just do it for me if that’s Easier. Thanks

  141. At least you didn’t say Adam Sandler.

  142. It probably better if he said, Adam Sandler…

  143. you can easily change it yourself. Just click the “Edit” link under your post.

  144. what is that thing on Boozers head?

  145. Next time, we will have a lot of chances…I guess..:P

  146. wow, Lakers have 4 players from Switzerland? did not know that

  147. Like a leader. very good.

  148. What is Jeanie, Jim and Kupchak’s current relationships? do they work together on a daily basis? Who calls the final shots?

  149. Unrelated, Steve Adams is starting over Kendrick Perkins……..finally…

  150. Well, Samuel Adams was mainly known as a philosopher, founding father, and one of the leaders of the American Revolution. The modern day beer company just used his name, partially because his family was in the brewing business as well.

  151. Jeannie Buss’es full interview with Sam Amick, interesting stuff:

  152. toupee?

  153. I think she’s thinking Lakers will lose money if Kobe stops playing :]

  154. I can change the date for Pre-game thread so it will appear first on Homepage :]
    when we get that nice Topic table, this problem will be solved if we put it on homepage.

  155. Bob, you’d have to do it yourself by clicking ‘Edit’ as @real_dsb:disqus said.

    Apparently, you can’t edit a comment once it’s been “Featured” to put on top so I temporarily unFeature it so you can make changes 😀

  156. It’ll be okay :] we’ll just pray Lin will have the peace inside to perform his best and stay safe.

    Don’t forget to have 7 deep-breathing when you get the butterfiles 😀
    Enjoy the game and share with us how the atmosphere plus Lin/Kobe/Byron’s interaction!

  157. Yes….most of will go to game thread soon anyway!

  158. That sounds so good.. but so wrong at the same time :]
    She loves her dad for loving the Lakers so it’s actually family first.

    But maybe she’s sending message to her siblings who’s not always on the same page with her.

  159. Lakers shoot-around with assistant coach Paul Pressey and Mike Trudell:

  160. As the first regular season about to start the trolls are out of the cages (don’t want to use cave cause that is an insult to ancient cavemen) into JLindotnet.

  161. Trolling the troll. Lol.

  162. Brent.

  163. Then you could ride all over it.

  164. Game Thread is open. Don’t forget to vote your best guess of JLin’s Stat!

  165. Thanks, done

  166. Duplicate entry.

  167. Not related to Adam Sandler or Samuel Adams?

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