Thoughts on Preseason by Jeremy Lin

The following is the newest blog post by Jeremy Lin himself, talking about his 1st preseason with the Lakers. ALso I believe he is forming a pray group online, for more information, please read the end of the that blog post.

The link is here. Please click it and read. I included the 1st paragraph as follow:

“Whatsup everybody!!

I’m going to start blogging periodically to fill you guys in from my perspective on what’s going on during my life and the season. Hope you guys enjoy it!

This year’s training camp was, by far, my hardest one yet. The first drill we did was called the “easy run.” It definitely involved hella running but was far from easy. We had to run from baseline to baseline with our hands by our head, then defensive slide to the sideline, backpedal with our hands back to the baseline, defensive slide to the middle and repeat…except we had to do it for 15 minutes straight! That was just one of many very difficult defensive/conditioning drills, but it’s all worth it because Coach Scott is building a culture of toughness and defense. Defense has always been the cornerstone of every great NBA team and we are fortunate that we have a coach who believes in that formula for winning, which is why our team has been working hard knowing that it is ultimately for our benefit.”