Thoughts on JLin Interview with Alex Kennedy


Some thoughts on JLin’s Interview Answers with Alex Kennedy

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NBA PM: Lin Ready for Fresh Start With Lakers By  | Senior NBA Editor



1. Something to Prove in LA?

On continuing his development as an LA Laker, Lin said,

“I definitely don’t think I’m close to my prime yet,” Lin said with a laugh. “I’m 25 years old and I think because of the way things have happened, people always think I’m older or I’ve been around longer than I really have. I’ve played two full seasons in the NBA – two full seasons and those 25 games in New York. I guess people have been very quick to write me off just because they saw how it started and then they saw what I was like in Houston, but I have to just keep reminding myself it’s a marathon. If, God willing, I can still play another 10 years, I think it’s just the beginning for me.”


Lin has always been a very self-reflective person and he knew his time in Houston playing behind Harden and for the wrong system/coach was the main reasons people underestimated him now. He might not play to prove people wrong this season but there is no doubt he wants to play to show what he’s capable of when he’s trusted as the main playmaker.

 2. Looking Forward to Making Lakers a surprise team

I mean, it’s by far the most prestigious organization I’ve ever been a part of, obviously with all of the championships and just the level that it’s traditionally been known to be at. I think it’s a challenge for us to get the team back to where it was before and I think we have an opportunity to really surprise people this year. I think people aren’t expecting too much from us, and maybe they shouldn’t, but we’re hoping that we obviously do a lot better than anticipated.”

Lin sounded confident that the current Lakers personnel and with Byron Scott as a coach can be a surprise team in the NBA.  In contrast, Lin was not as hopeful in his 1st season in Houston with young personnels. I think Lin knows if everyone is committed with a combination of veteran players (Kobe, Nash, Boozer) and young players (Nick Young, Randle, Wes, Clarkson) plus Byron Scott’s message to prioritize team defense, they can be very good.

3. Lin likes Coach Byron Scott’s emphasis on defense

“I think it’s great,” Lin said of the decision to hire Scott. “I think the first thing that he talked about from a public standpoint was reestablishing the franchise, the team and the emphasis on defense. I think that’s great, and I think that’s how you have to win games. If you look at the top four teams, the top two from the East and the top two from the West, they’re always top five, top 10, in the NBA in defensive efficiency. I know that’s been one of my weaknesses in the past, but I truly believe I’m a much better defensive player now and I think I’ll be able to contribute a lot to this team.”


I think Jeremy is very aware that it will take great defense to be a surprise team next season so that’s why he likes how much Coach Byron Scott emphasized about defense in his press interview (i.e. benching player comment if they don’t get with the program).

It’s good to see Lin is at peace with how things are lining up for him and the Lakers. Let’s hope the Lakers can jell quickly and everyone buys into Byron Scott’s system, starting with Kobe, Nash, Boozer, Nick Young and others.

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