The Wizards’ Last-Minute Spell Paralyzed the Hornets’ Sting

The Hornets lost a close game 109-101 against the Wizards.

The Hornets got close on 98-99 with 2:24 left but Kemba missed a quick 3pt shot followed by a traveling TO quickly gave the Wizards to extend the lead to 107-99 with 26 seconds left.

Jeremy Lin played well to finish with 15pts/7asts/6reb in 36 min.

Nic Batum came back from illness but did not look too sharp like his usual self out there.

Kemba finished with team high 18pts but only shot 6-18 FGM. Unfortunately, he was t0o small to guard John Wall who finished with 27pts/12asts/3reb as he had no problems driving to the lane to score or create assists.

Kemba and Nic finished a combined 2-14 3FGM (1-7 each).

We will add Game Report from KL who attended the game in person after he provides the game report. HIGHLIGHTS

PFV Game Report


Guess JLin's stats in Game 27 CHA vs HOU


  1. 1st?

  2. 1st is worst

  3. 1st sting!

  4. Reposting this from the previous thread:

    Ok here is my game report on little details I noticed.

    Team chemistry is definitely good but not nearly as wonderful as some have made it out to be. I think they are a work in progress, trying to get somewhere. Perhaps to a place where real teamball rules. Not there yet.

    I saw Jeremy dunk in the pregame warmup. It looked so easy and effortless and I wonder why he hardly attempts dunks.

    Jeremy had that thing wrapped around his lower back. At first I thought it might be common but I looked carefully and no one else had it. When Lin was inserted earlier than expected in the 2nd half he was rushing to tear it off. He played well but we will never know if this was precautionary or recovery from injury.

    The bench knew that the starters would begin the game by digging a hole. I was behind the bench but the body language was like, ok time for us to turn this game around again.

    Lin was very comfortable leading the second unit. He was giving instructions on both ends and they were listening to him. No wonder they are such a good unit and have their own nickname (i.e. Bench Force One).

    Lin’s intensity on defence is off the charts. It is definitely more obvious in the arena compared to watching it on a screen. He really sets the tone for the bench’s defence.

    Clifford does trust Lin in that he often relays instructions to the team through Lin.

    Interestingly, during timeouts, the coach and assistant coaches would huddle and discuss before the coach addresses the players. In one timeout, after Wall was going off against Walker, Lin pulled assistant coach Silas away from the coaches’ huddle and told him something. It shows the trust that these 2 have in each other. (Also Lin is a coach!)

    You may already know this but Clifford monitors every detail of the game and exercises strict control. During the aforementioned coaches’ huddle usually only Clifford talks. This is good in that Clifford has structure but this is also bad in that Clifford could be stubborn.

    Lin does complain to the refs! He is quite vocal but respectful. We rarely see it because he would often rush back on defence and complain later. In one play where he got fouled but no call he actually spoke to both refs. Jeremy is doing his part but not sure what else can be done to improve the officiating. Wall definitely got the calls tonight.

    2 random observations in my first NBA game in an arena. Firstly, the players are so big they make the court look small. Secondly, NBA games have lots of entertainment. Never a dull moment.

    Overall happy with Jeremy’s game. Sad about the loss but Jeremy did his best and he cannot carry the team every single time, especially since they are not built around him.

  5. Thanks for such a good report.

  6. Thanks for sharing!! Good report!

  7. Here is a picture of the coaches’ huddle at the start of every time out before the coach talks to the players.

  8. Awesome report. Thanks!

  9. I like most these 2 points raised by KL on hi observation of the last game:

    “The bench knew that the starters would begin the game by digging a hole.
    I was behind the bench but the body language was like, ok time for us
    to turn this game around again.”

    and this is so TRUE to those who expect JLIN consistently believe JIin need to carry the team:

    “Sad about the loss but Jeremy did his best and he cannot carry the team
    every single time, especially since they are not built around him.”

  10. Marvin can finish. I’d like to see Lin work with Marvin more rather than have Hawes butcher his point blank shots from feeds. Let Hawes shoot jump shots.

  11. Obvious reason..his defense is not developing well.

  12. Lin is the best friend of the Bigs in the league.

  13. Even the team lost, Lin’s got nice stats. U mustve had a blast. Interesting 2 see the reaction btwen Lin n coach Silas. Thanks 4 the game report.. 🙂

  14. who is KL?

  15. I’m really curious about interaction with Lin and Clifford. You mention he had a separate huddle with assistant coach Sillas. Does he have a better relationship with Silas?

  16. poster here..see the FEATURED post above..his observation was pinned together in the post.

  17. Phillip Jung is also the Co-founder & Treasurer of the Jeremy Lin Foundation. He’s a venture capitalist in Washington, DC. He grew up in Palo Alto.

    See :

  18. problem with MW is he can’t jump that high and sometimes he had shown he need some acceleration just to jump high, but he’s ok as part of BF1!

  19. edap 1 hour ago
    Went to the game. The guys trash talking lin in front of me even gave him their stamp of approval after some of those drives.

  20. So after that side talk w/Silas, Lin probably asked Silas to ask Cliff to let Lin guard Wall for a little bit, was it during that time?

  21. If not Mike D Antoni…what about coach Silas if he gets a head coaching job next year. Pray that Hornets get into playoffs and coach Silas get’s recognition, especially for the work he’s put into JLIn!!

  22. wonderful post. thank you.

  23. unfortunately, i dont think ewing is helpful.

  24. psalm if youre going to keep making a post-game thread like this, please make it soon after the game is over. because theres a lot of discussion about the game in the actual game thread that gets lost because it is detached from the new one. not much pt to reposting here as duplicates.

    or create the post-game thread before the game is actually over.

  25. JLin is chosen as the Hornets Player of the Game on Game Summary

    Hornets Player of the Game
    Jeremy Lin had another fantastic outing for the Hornets, finishing with 15 points on 6-of-13 shooting (2-of-2 from three-point range), six rebounds and a season-high seven assists off the bench. Over his last five games, Lin is now averaging 17.6 points on 48.4 percent shooting along with 4.4 rebounds, 3.8 assists and 1.4 blocks for the Hornets.

  26. Did you notice Marvin Williams limping. Someone at the game said he was limping.

  27. Good point.
    I probably should create an empty post-game thread first and fill the content later.

  28. i understand u are trying to write a head post for the thread. but you can always fill that in later.

  29. He’s crafty enough to fake and still know when to put it up and make the shot. Cody, if he doesn’t dunk it, and Hawes don’t finish well at the rim.

  30. I would be interested in hearing an interview with Sila’s about his experience in coaching Lin in GSW compared to this year with the Hornets some time in the near future like the interviews with his shooting coach! That would be very insightful regarding Jeremy’s growth as a player, potential, and their relationship in the NBA.

  31. the tricky part is to find the pic or youtube highlights but it can wait later, too

  32. this loss is on cliff… AGAIN! wall was absolutely KILLING kemba in the 1st half yet NOTHING was done to stop it. lamb got in foul trouble early and cliff’s answer is to put his goldenboy kemba back in early? NO! ugh… these games are so winnable but there just isnt enough talent. all those beautiful dimes by lin and guys like hawes and zeller cant finish at all. they’re too soft.

    i dont agree that lin is “scared” or “defers” too much. the simple problem is that he doesnt have a worthy pnr partner that gives him tons of picks. often times when kemba and batum play with lin, zeller is on their side and if the ball swings to lin, he’s out on an island and cant pnr. lin’s limitation is that he needs picks. when he doesnt get them he just stands there. this looks bad, but if they’d simply give him a pick, he’d attack and open things up…

    one reason BF1 worked so well is that lin plays pg and has zeller constantly giving him picks. lamb also gets touches and he gets going. when al is injured and zeller gets bumped into the starters, hawes just isnt a threat to get to the rim.

    ultimately TOs killed the team tonight. and the refs were not on our side… on to houston…

  33. He was Lin’s high school friend. Wondering whether they play basketball together or not. But they were friend since high school.

  34. Ximo Pierto highlights

  35. 林書豪Jeremy Lin’s Offense & Defense Highlights 2015-12-20 Hornets VS Wizards by Jun Liu 7:18 min

  36. Yeah, I can’t imagine Ewing adding anything to the huddle.

  37. Nice threads on game … sry I missed the fun. I noticed in the JLiu highlights that JLin chose to pass off 2x when he had clear unobstructed path to the basket. Maybe he was going too fast. One was mishandled by Hawes, and the other was blocked and Lin got a foul. Hope he has that lob at speed that Curry has. but Lin is fine, he closes out at the rim plenty.

  38. Sorry, can you please stop making Curry this and that comparison with Lin? The fact is that Lin isn’t inferior to Curry in most aspects.

    You coming to this site to always quote Curry doing better than Lin is like you bragging about other kids achievements and asking your friend’s son to emulate, not realizing that you’re being rude and oblivious your friend’s and his family ‘s feelings.
    Politely I request that you stop this type of posting.
    Thank you.

  39. Watching them lose winnable games is frustrating. If they lose tomorrow to the rockets, I will lose it!!!

  40. Quotes from today’s articles on the MDA hire & Brett Brown:

    “The men spent the past two days talking basketball philosophy together.”
    “He’ll join the team during its West Coast trip from Dec. 26 to Jan. 2.”
    “If I’m Brett Brown, I’m pretty uneasy,” an NBA executive said on condition of anonymity. ”
    “The Sixers said they basically agreed on the extension on Dec. 6, the day before Colangelo was introduced.”

    Lin to Philly after Christmas please.

  41. Curry is a better shooter but Jeremy is a far better distributor, a real PG.

  42. Just focus on Lin.

    Why do we have to always come here and sing praises of Curry.
    Lin has many obstacles to overcome. We don’t need those subtle bragging to promote Curry here.

  43. im not one to play the speculation game, but it occurred to me just now an interesting scenario that could make this happen.

    there were rumors lately (which the owner denied) that phily ownership wants to sell the sixers. for fun, suppose that it true. the team’s sale value would increase if they could turn the team around with exciting basketball under dantoni and a fan magnet like lin. afterwards, the team would be primed to be sold.

  44. Absolutely. And worst case scenario is that they get a cheap half-season rental. It’s win-win.

    Also, I read that Brown’s extension is for a relatively puny 2M. And only for 2 years! That’s nothing to a billionaire owner. That extension seems a lot like a “severance package” for Brown being a good soldier.

  45. I don’t think Lin will go to 76 this year bc I just don’t see why Hornets will want to trade Lin since they are still fighting for playoff spot….

  46. Not saying it’s “likely,” but I think they know Lin will opt out and leave. Kemba will always start ahead of him and Lin is sick of being a backup. 6th man is fine for now, but CHA is committed to Kemba and Lamb.

  47. brown’s contract is starting more and more to look like a severance package.

    as ive said before, it would be unwise for philly in the long run to give away assets to get lin this year. BUT if the team is prepped to be sold, that changes the picture entirely.

    draft pick assets arent worth much in terms of increasing the cash value of the team on the bidding market, because prospective owners dont think like GMs. they just want an expensive toy. eg, clippers didnt need a stash of draft picks to fetch a ridiculous price on the market. with that in mind, the best way to maximize the cash value of assets is to use them to build a roster now that will excite people.

  48. Did you read comments above… I think Lin is the one who helped the game plan for the team why they need to trade him? As for Lamb, he didn’t even play that much now bc due to PJ played well also bad D.

    “In one timeout, after Wall was going off against Walker, Lin pulled assistant coach Silas away from the coaches’ huddle and told him something. It shows the trust that these 2 have in each other. (Also Lin is a coach!)”

  49. They have so many picks this draft that they won’t even have room on their roster. Trading the OKC protected 1st (mid-to-late 20s) or the Denver 2nd rd pick (late-30s) wouldn’t be a big deal and CHA would rather get something than nothing for Lin.

  50. ive never looked up how many picks philly has horded. i expect the stash to be ridiculous tho. hinkie has been a busy squirrel.

  51. I don’t know. Lin’s hugely increased time (and Lamb’s hugely decreased time) also speaks to classic “showcasing” before a potential deal. Also, Lin posted a photo of him meeting with his agent for breakfast. Never seen that before in any of his Washington visits. Hmm.

  52. Someone mentioned j. Tanner is based on DC

  53. Or they could just trade Wroten or something. He had a nice volume stat year last season like Kemba.

  54. W Lin’s salary he didn’t need the showcase. Plus this low salary means low risk I bet 29 teams will want him if Hornets is willing to give him up now.

  55. good pt. that explains the meeting.

  56. I mentioned that earlier! Maybe someone else did too. But like I said, he’s never posted any photo of meeting him before in previous Wiz road games.

  57. It was David nurse who posted it in insta gram not Lin. I think.

  58. dont say that. zxcvb is very invested in the philly idea.

  59. Top shooting coach sitting down with Tanner and Lin is just as interesting, IMO.

  60. ill play along. the importance of lin playing with MDA is not just that MDA would use lin effectively, but also that MDA would be able to build a roster that would really complement lin’s game. (bc lin is the perfect PG for MDA.)

    even tho MDA does not have GM power, if he became head coach, he would certainly get considerable input in what free agents the the FO goes after, and what players they would draft.

    so lin would get shooters around him. bigs who can screen well, can dive/roll, and finish in traffic. wing defenders who can play tough D. etc.

  61. Some people will probably think I’m arrogant for saying this but some people who had been on this board and the other board will know what I will say is true.

    During the time when Lin was in Houston, I kept telling people that Houston is Lin’s fertilizer…which is smelly, stinky, disgusting and painful, but it’ll make lin grow. It will make him better in that he will learn how to play off the ball, go left, increase his 3 point shooting and also his defensive play. (Houston was into 3 and D and off the ball players except if your name is harden. So for him to sustain on that team, he must do well in those areas). During that time, I even made the argument that I was actually glad that he was learning it there when he was young like 23 then later on when he is older and have to learn them if he goes to another team, which might jeopardize him more because there are other teams in the nba where he is not going to be the main guy. Similar to what mda had *later* said “well, you have to learn to be employed too if you are not the CEO”.

    But I got ‘attacked’ as a hater and say that is stupid, etc. Well, who is stupid now and delusional. Take a look at MCW. He is no longer that good, is he? What about lawson and lance stephenson and others who needs the ball in their hands (basketball, that is.) Their stats are scrubs’ if they are not the ball dominant player. Lin does NOT have that problem anymore and his stats are much better than theirs even if he does not have the basketball in his hands anymore.

    I even said that it might be better for him to go to different team and then try to win the championship with him contributing big under a coach other than mda. Then after that, he reunites with mda to win more championships Why another coach? The reason is that haters and others will no longer say he is mda’s boy or he is one dimensional and can only play in mda’s system. That prediction seems to be in progress right now. Some had argued with me ‘who the heck cares what others say’. Of course it does. It will influence even the media in general and for others gms, owners and coaches who might be ‘blind’ about lin for them to really see Lin is capable of winning championships for other coaches besides his favorite one..if the coach trusts him..and to prove the old coaches who never gave him the chance wrong. (Don’t argue with me about lin is not a revengeful person.. all this have to do with his career because his career depends on how gms, owners and coaches sees him and don’t give me cr-p about people don’t say that about nash….yes some did and also nash is not the first american born-white person to play in the nba).

    Anyways, I am proud of lin. He is now an ALL AROUND better player than during linsanity. He continues like this and improves, he will eventually get voted in as an all-star not only by lin fans, but by others as they start to be ‘not blind’ and have to admit that he is an all-star because he plays BOTH ENDS of the floor extremely well…as oppose to playing only on the O side (ahem.harden) on only on the D side (ahem pb who is not an all-star and his D is not that great.. just ‘look’ great).

  62. if PJ replaced lamb in the 2nd unit with lin, i think that group could play some good basketball. i surprise myself saying this, but the more i think about it, it just makes sense. PJ’s shooting has not been great but its picked up noticeably in recent games and he is playing with high confidence now. meanwhile, lamb’s shooting has come down to earth considerably.

    PJ can play good defense unlike Lamb.
    PJ can cut well, unlike Lamb.
    PJ can move the ball well and play 5-on-5 unlike Lamb.
    PJ will not try to handle the ball so much like Lamb.
    PJ does not force shots like Lamb. he takes what the defense gives and not much more than that.
    PJ is a well-rounded player unlike Lamb.

    basically, PJ is a linsanity teammate prototype.

  63. Clifford and Silas are turning Lin into a better player. Clifford may not utilize his offensive and defensive playbook as well as he should, but Lin’s game is growing under them. I’m not one to go back and try to recapture something with MDA. MDA was fine during his time and if it is meant to be with MDA again, it will be. But I don’t buy for a second that Lin can’t play well with other coaches that at least have him out there on the floor. The Hornets offense is still a work in progress, particularly with Batum, Kemba and Lin. It will get better and Lin will be able to do more with it. We just really would be better off seeing the progress, not fantasize about him being elsewhere being some hero leading a hapless team to the promise land, and see what he has here in Charlotte and how that is taking him to another level. His work is not done with Clifford and Silas and this is a valuable part of Lin’s growth and maturation as a player. He is now a PG and an SG and his defense is being solidified and showcased. That makes hime more versatile.

    I’m proud of him too and thanks for the detailed post.

  64. But I don’t buy for a second that Lin can’t play well with other coaches that at least have him out there on the floor.

    See, the bold face has many meanings.

    1)Out there on the floor as in trust him and let him do whatever.
    2)Out there on the floor as in during garbage time.
    3)Out there on the floor as only because he is required to
    4)Out there on the floor with a short leash.

    and more..

    Lin is a rhythm player like many nba players. Number 4 above will cause him and anyone to not play well to his optimal ability.

  65. I somewhat agree with this however, I don’t believe the coach will send good players to the 2nd unit. He needs more help with the 1st unit that is why at the start of season we kept seeing changes in the lineup that seem to improve the starting lineup and takeaway from the bench lineup. He moved Zeller out to 1st unit when we knew Zeller was really good with Lin. Now that Lin and Hawes is flowing together, Hawes is actually looking better too even though he misses easy buckets. I doubt the coach will move PJ to bench for Lamb. The defense will take even a bigger hit for the starting lineup and you’ll have way too many shooters and not enough defense.

  66. Easy answers.

  67. I don’t think McHale or Byron Scott improved Lin. I don’t believe you can give any of them any credit of how Lin is playing now. Lin pushed himself to learn these things by moving from team to team and trying to fit in and be a bigger role for these teams. I believe his unfair treatment is the main reason he picked up so many skills. Do you know of any other PG that can get the paint, PnR, shoot 3s, defend, go left/go right, shoot off the ball, etc.?

    However, Charlotte, I think gets some credit since they are invested in Lin and improving him. Especially coach Silas. I have seen a lot of change already in Lin. He looks like a really good defender now and he can shoot jumpers and go left and shoot off the ball, be point guard, etc. He sure has a lot more skills now than when he was in New York.

    It’s kind of sad if you think about it cause he’s been training so hard just to get the opportunity. There are players out there like Harden who are partying with the Kardashians and not even defending but gets his opportunity cause he has a beard.

  68. Out there on the floor like right now. He’s the closer, Cliff is sticking to that so far but he only officially said that on Sunday. He doesn’t play garbage time. He is trusted, but the Kemba/Batum/Lin combo is a work in progress. He doesn’t seem to have a short leash at this stage in the season.

    I don’t think Cliff is the problem with the rhythm, it’s more the way the team is structured. If Kemba has to be the PG when Lin is in, then he has to hand the ball to Lin and let Lin be in the offensive flow. That’s beginning to happen. But everything then changes when Batum comes in and it stays on one side and Lin doesn’t get touches. That’s the work in progress.

    But we may never see Lin get the PG-centric type of offense we saw with MDA. He didn’t have that in Thursday’s game and still scored 30 in regulation.

  69. Byron at first may have wanted to but that soon wasn’t the case after about 20 games. Turns out he’s just incompetent. McHale didn’t seem to at all. I don’t know if McHale knew how. I think McHale just gave him a unit and said play hard, be aggressive. It’s kind of a joke but Lin had to figure it out and he did.

  70. ya there were moments where it looked like Lin was drawing up plays for McHale.

  71. And Kemba plays 41 minutes bc … He’s from NYC and wears Jordan’s

  72. Thanks for playing along! Obviously, I’m speculating for fun, but those are great points. Colangelo and MDA are very close, so they would definitely be an ideal combo for Lin. And PG is the one position where you might want someone older than your “core.”

    With Lin’s marginalization, he doesn’t have a lot of mileage on his body anyway. I honestly believe that one reason Nash played so long was that he wasn’t a full-time starter until his 5th year. Players often flame out early, playing too much, too physically before their bodies are “NBA strong.”

  73. i like Jimmy Butler. he’s similar to Lin in a way because he’s a 2-way player who is doing all of the heavy lifting. and he’s passionate about winning, at all cost, just like Lin is. his situation in Chicago is a bit like Lin’s because there are guys on his team who aren’t “doing their job” and nobody is calling them out, especially not the coach. i would love for Lin to join the Bulls this offseason and play with Butler..

  74. looks solid

  75. I don’t agree with you. You are being judgmental and incorrect, as I have no bond to Curry – he’s just awesome the past 2 years, and I believe he is better than LeBron.

    I see lots of people here talking about Curry and other great players. I have no problem with JLin and where he is relative with Curry. For example, earlier on, Curry didn’t take contact as well, for sure 2 yrs ago. That’s why his lobs are so good, because he doesn’t go into contact as well. JLin has always been able to take contact and score at will this way, either by finishing, and1, or just getting 2 FTs.

    But specifically and relevant to my post, if you see the JLiu highlights, you will see JLin had 2 chances to up his scoring by 4 today. The announcer even said on the 2nd one that he should have taken it all the way. I saw him giving up on it because of his closing speed, and a lob would have been good. Then I just saw on my FB stream a friend had posted a Curry warmup where he does those lobs, so that’s the point.

    I can’t link that vine now as once one of these FB things go past, it’s impossible to find. So, anyway, it was a guy at the baseline and Curry was doing his normal 3s and he just took a run at the basket from the side and lobbed it high and it went in all net, from about halfway to the sideline. I was thinking, is he just messing around or what, that was great. Then when I saw Lin’s 2 missed chances where he earned every bit of it, it was the lob that he needed. That’s all. This is about bball. Sry I didn’t post that vine, I should have. If you all saw it and compared it to the Lin highlights, you’d agree. I’ll try to find it.

  76. Can’t hold grudges online, Dan Cohen. People come and go. But yeah, I agree on Lin’s HOU steeling through fire. His catch and shoots improved a lot there is what I think, the other stuff you mentioned too.

  77. Lots of fuss on Twitter about a picture of Lin’s turnover in an article from ATH. For a blog, those guys are really defensive.

  78. You’re a friend of the GSW owner. Get free thx to attend GSW games
    I see your hidden agendas.
    Given the circumstances, Lin is even more persons than Curry.
    So enough if your Curry is so good kind if stuff here.

  79. I know Lamb was not playing much D, but then neither was Kemba. Washington has a big guard line-up, so you need length on their best player. If not Lin, they should have put Batum on Wall and let Walker deal with the less potent Sessions / Temple.

  80. You’re a friend of the GSW owner. Get free tix to attend GSW games
    I see your hidden agendas.
    Given the circumstances Lin has been put under, Lin is even more awesome than Curry.
    So enough of your Curry is so good kind of stuff here.

  81. Let’s leave this up to the mods to decide. Curry is in the NBA and we talk about other NBA players here.

  82. You’re wrong. I do not have a bond to Curry – to me, he’s as much a good player as Tim Duncan or Magic in his day. They are great leaders who have changed the culture of their teams, and they deserve to be appreciated. I love them all, and I don’t need to justify my posts to you given you are attacking me. Also just so you know, I pay for my games and sometimes I go with friends who pay, and sometimes I pay for a group of guys to go. Just like you and everyone else. So, stop with your assumptions. They are wrong.

  83. Batum was in no shape to guard Wall. Plus Lin has guarded Wall well in most games. Lin was the man to guard wall with help when Lin needed it. Lin can’t keep Wall in front of him and Wall can’t keep Lin in front of him. They both have to do recovery defense and Lin is the better defender. They could have tried Marvin but I heard Marvin was limping.

  84. Joe, hopefully a mod will clean this up. I’m feeling there’s no reasoning with “Guest”.

  85. On what? That’s troll behavior. You are jacked up over this assumed issue. The bball point in the op stands … JLin had 2 clear runs to the basket, and instead of using the lob/floater, which people on these boards have wanted from Lin, he tried to pass it off both times. Announcers, and I and you and we all wanted those 2 scores for Lin. The floater at speed would have done it. You are indeed a troll, because you have your agenda and have no problem making up things to attack me. All you have to do is read what you wrote as can everyone else.

  86. You got it, bro.

  87. Joe, I don’t know if that’s Lin’s resistance to use it, as he used it successfully in two other cases, or Lin just being Lin and passing off shots he could take himself. I hope that the coaching staff, Cliff, Silas, Ewing and the rest tell Lin to take the shot himself and then if he misses the big guys will tip it in. Lin should pass when he’s drawn in the defenses enough that the big man is clear to just dunk it. Unless it’s Marvin, who has enough BBIQ and craftiness to put it in the net.

  88. took a peak over at the realgm game thread. pretty amazing, many posters basically think winning games about players scoring individually and “showing up” and “taking over.” smh. oh well, i guess thats what typical viewers are like. the crowd that NBA’s ‘points per game’ is marketed towards.

  89. The first one was a Hawes choke, so I took it that Lin was being his same amazing team leader. I mean, a great dunk by Hawes would have been beautiful bball. The 2nd one, … man, he was above the rim and it would have been glorious had he been able to hang in for an air-jordan dunk. That or a pull-back floater, I would have preferred the dunk 🙂

    Yes, I think Hawes would have cleaned that first one up. Yep, I was thinking, maybe it’s a team philosophy or a lin philosophy. Since KW usually goes all the way in himself brick or nice layup, I think it’s JLin trying for the beautiful team play. Who knows …

  90. Thanks for the report. I’ve been really busy even before the game. Only watched maybe the last 3-4 minutes of the game but not the whole time as I was in and out. Tried to catch on a little but was busy again. This report really helps me to piece together what was going on. Thanks!

  91. indeed lamb would not make the 1st unit better, so moving PJ to 2nd unit wouldnt happen anyway.

  92. What subtle bragging are you referring to? Stop attacking in a passive aggressive manner.

  93. heh heh, Lin’s chase down block of Wall jamming the ball on the glass, 2 yrs ago, right? That was great.

  94. This was posted on a Hornets fan site:

    t wasnt.. What was the main

    Problem was the same thing that has plagued them in recent losses… They simply cannot stop opposing sg and point guard penetration. Their guards got anywhere and everywhere and reaked havoc..

    It got them assists at the rim easy looks. They ran the one five/ four pick n roll and got money throuh out the game putting kemba again in the grinder. Kemba has no pride on the defensive end at all. He gives up.

    Its pathetic.

    Then kemba goes and tries to outduel the other point guard as if its gunna make a difference in the allstar balloting .. Hes too selfish. He knows these conf teams are building a wall. He knows they meet him at the elbow and rack w a big but he wont make the pass to his teamate whos open for an uncontested shot. We lucked up w toronto. We would be. 0 n 4.

    All those teams that beat us know ezaxtly how to play him. Biz was doing the same but lost. Contest the two spots w a big along w his defender and u can beat us bc he wont give it up.

    Batum. Lamb. Lin. All get doubled. What do they do???? They make the pass. Its ok to miss but not to force. Hes done this inexcusably for 4 years.

    In big games, its few dimes forced shots and sometimes bad d. Its time to turn the offense over to Enter the Dragon.

    by Brooklyn123netts on Dec 20, 2015 | 3:49 AM

  95. my favorite is when sports commentators say that “this team won because they wanted the win more”

  96. I think that is a good suggestion by occupatio. I assume you can do a scheduled posting something like 3 hrs after game start with a generic post-game title, then fill out content later.

  97. Love it, that was what went wrong in the TOR game too. JLin was bustin’ a move and then KW came in and the offense slowed. Not as bad as Harden, but we’ve seen this movie before.

  98. The picture of lin is kind of shady. The Hive claimed they had no TO picks of batum/Walker.

  99. Sorry I fell asleep right after making my post due to jet lag.

    Some of you had questions about the interaction between Lin, Silas and the coaches. Basically there was a timeout called, and the coaches were assembling for their private huddle. Before it started, Lin quickly pulled Silas aside and said some things to him.

    I don’t think he was saying “let me guard Wall”. It looked like he was pointing out something that happened on the defensive side and Silas semed to agree. However, there was no noticable change cause Silas did not speak at the coaches’ huddle. In fact nobody speaks at the coaches’ huddle except Clifford. In fact I was wondering about the purpose of the coaches’ huddle since it was usually Clifford talking and everyone listening.

    Only once a white haired guy said some things and then this same guy also spoke to the players.

    I think it is quite clear that the assistant coaches do not have much say. And yes Lin and Silas trust each other. Lin could see what was going on defensively and was concerned enough to talk to Silas but nothing Silas could do.

    And no, Marvin Williams was not limping. He looked good on the floor.

  100. What was your take on JLin and Cliff?

  101. Clifford does convey instructions to the whole team through Lin in between time outs. I think their relationship is good and there is no anymosity. However, I would not say that they are close. Seems like a formal relationship.

  102. So Lin, not Batum/ Walker convey instructions ?

  103. That is what I noticed. I don’t know if this was just a coincidence but it seemed to me that Lin was trusted by Clifford to convey and carry out instructions and not go rogue iso or something.

  104. You are probably right. Also did you notice kemba doing any deliberate ball hogging? Also was there any interaction between lin/wall?

  105. That’s very interesting. Make little sense to me why then he put JLin in 2nd unit???!!!

  106. Because he knows the first unit is fluff with no consistency.

  107. Enter The Dragon lol

  108. No, did not notice Wall interacting with Lin. I would imagine Wall being unhappy that Lin had built up his reputation at Wall’s expense a few times. Ramon Sessions came over to talk to the Charlotte staff.

  109. Yep. Why kept on letting first unit to dig hole and needing JLin and 2nd unit to bail them out. How many games thus far have lost as a result??? Not sure I like the reasons behind all these.

  110. I know it’s too early to predict,but do you think will stay in Charlotte based on the interactions you saw at the game?

  111. This was also posted at the Hive:

    agree with this

    don’t be a do or die by the 3. Have a balance.

    Marvin 1 for 5
    Batum 1 for 7
    Kemba 1 for 7

    try to work the ball inside a bit. That’s where we missed Lamb last few games. A guy getting to basket like Lamb can cause problems. That’s Lin’s strength too. That’s why Lin and Lamb work well together. They don’t do or die by 3

    by Championships on Dec 20, 2015 | 12:27 AM up reply

  112. Good point
    3-19 combined is atrocious
    A good inside game opens up the outside game

  113. Shady indeed. Zero mention of others high turnover games. Chris B is not very bright

  114. Very difficult to say. I think Lin has really adapted to his role and is doing his best to win whilst accepting certain things are beyond his control. Hardly ideal but things are still evolving so amything could happen.

  115. When players that can’t hit 3s are relying too much on the 3, that usually means that they’re not running their team’s halfcourt offensive sets properly.

    All season long, both Lin fans and Hornets fans have complained at how the starters are unable and unwilling to grasp the nuances of Clifford’s halfcourt motion offense schemes.

  116. Clifford perceives the starters as being the most athletically imposing crew on defense that he can put out there.

    However in actuality, the bench plays superior defense.

  117. Kemba Walker DOES NOT RUN Clifford’s offensive sets.

    Doesn’t even try.

  118. I’d take my defensive chances with Lamb anyday over Batum and Walker and Hairston.

  119. Lin can EASILY keep John Wall in front of him.

    That has been repeatedly proven over games for the last four seasons.

    In fact, some Charlotte video analysts used video of Lin stopping Wall to debunk the myth that Lin could not play defense.

  120. It would be an ideal fit if the Bulls wanted Lin.

  121. No, PJ would BRING DOWN the 2nd unit.

    Lamb has been playing well, and his alleged defensive shortcomings are totally blown out of proportion.

    Lamb is vastly superior to Hairston on both ends of the court.

  122. Lin was already a finished player by the time he arrived in Houston in 2012.

    I have seen absolutely no technical improvements in Lin’s game since he burst out on Linsanity.

    If there’s any “improvement” in Lin, it’s that he now knows how to handle hater coaches and teammates better. But that doesn’t translate to actual on court success for Lin.

  123. McHale had a big agenda against Lin.

    After all, McHale was the coach that cut Lin in 2011.

    McHale committed career suicide by eliminating Lin twice off the Rockets.

  124. I see NO IMPROVEMENT in Lin’s game.

  125. True. No need to compare or use Curry as an example to correct Lin.

  126. I think most of the credit for Lin getting better is from his hard work off-season. The credit may go to the coaches for the type of schemes and style they want to play, but why hasn’t anyone from the Rockets or Lakers gotten any better with defense, pnr, ball handling, etc…all the things Lin worked on during off-seasons?
    Lin’s defense was better than people give credit for before the Rockets, but he looked better even in Lakers at individual and pnr defense (and I know Byron Scott had nothing to do with that). Lin even said in a recent interview that he gives some credit to Clifford, but I think that has a lot to do with Clifford making the team accountable for help defense (except the so called stars on the team) where he had none on the Rockets, but found some on the 2nd unit with the Lakers..
    The only person that I would give full credit too, would be Silas. Lin specifically talks about Silas helping him improve his game during practice. Otherwise, I think Lin has masterfully been able to over come any scheme or situation he has been put into with all the teams he’s played on so far through individual effort and his own IQ!
    I would really be interested to hear an interview with Silas in the future regarding him working with Lin in GSW vs. now with the Hornets. If the Hornets can get into playoffs and Silas gets a little credit for Lin’s improvement, pray that Silas gets a head coaching job in the future and may team up with Lin, if Mike D Antoni can’t.

  127. Sorry KHuang,
    This is something I don’t understand you. So what do you call the work he put in during off season ? Eg. Going left, growing more muscle, shooting 3s till the sun come up, not needing screen, tuning the posture, lower the release point. …
    Thanks in advance !

  128. I see absolutely no improvement in Lin’s defense since Linsanity.

    But this season, Lin’s playing for a modern coach who does modern TEAM defense.

  129. Where can I see the photo Lin eating with his agent?

  130. there only one reason for that and that was JLIN’s own ADAPTABILITY and PERSEVERANCE…Houston was of no help but just a medium for JLIN to see that to arrive on who he is right now, he needs to make some room for development. HOUSTON,LA and now hornets was just means to an end and not the cause or reason why he is what he is right now.

  131. Give me a break, it’s like saying the same “tough love” garbage is the way to raise kids. I sure hope you don’t treat you’re own kids this way. if someone does that to a child, that would be child abuse. I’ve seen way too many tough love parents in tennis to last a lifetime. I’ve seen the hate and hurt in their eyes as their parent put them down in front of everybody.

    It’s easy to act all tough and scream at people because you have the power. But it’s much harder to actually create a nurturing environment to tap into unknown potentials. Read the book ” The Gold Mine Effect” and learn how these small pockets of the world produces extraordinary amounts of gold medal winners. They don’t do it with “tough love”. They do it with nurture and belief. They do it with positive self fulfilling prophesy.

    Some people are made with the mental toughness to endure garbage thrown at them. Others no so much. Yeah, Lawson is one of those guys who’ll buckle and I’d suspect a lot more of the stars would too. Lawson is a perfect case study of negative self fulfilling prophesy. At teachers colleges, they warn all teachers not to use negative leading language to do report cards. This is to stop themselves from influencing their students to live down to your expectations.

    There will always be special kids that can overcome anything you throw at them. Lin is that type of person. What Houston did to Lin was so wrong in so many ways that only abject failure will ensure that the perpetrators will never get to do that to others again. Mchale and soon Morey and all the media will pay the price of their complicity. Les Alexander will clean house soon.

    You can look at Stef Curry and how he was nurtured and wonder wishfully how nice it would have been for Lin to have had that type of support. Look at what Lin produced with just a month of full support from MDA or even now with a half Asik support from a hornets.

    We’re all proud of Lin for having endured the mental beat downs in Houston and LA. But all you have to do is look at Stef Curry and wonder how much further on could Lin have been if he was nurtured instead.

  132. BYRON is just a puppet, nothing more and maybe less..LOL!

  133. maybe not sick of being a backup but waiting to be a starter is a bit appropriate

  134. Previous thread. I’ve posted it and another poster also posted it.

  135. why..movement forthcoming?

  136. It’s the best case scenario for Brown. Most coaches know that your basically hired to be the scapegoat eventually. That’s just the nature of the beast. You either accept it and build up a thick skin or stop coaching. In this case, Brown is given a golden handshake for having to endure tanking for Hinkie. Any success going forward he gets to share with MDA and pad his own portfolio.

    Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

  137. I have to say that I like today’s hair the best. Why hasn’t anyone commented yet? What does everyone think?

  138. It’s only good if he wins. Lol

  139. Thanks….

  140. No I just wanted to see it..

  141. What else is new. Back to the starters digging a hole and the bench would try to make it up for them. No new illness, no injury so Lin is back to the usual role. Even if Lin will score 100 in a game, if they let him play his game if somebody is injured, he will still be back to being a bench player in this team.

  142. Im with you on that. I like Lambs play. Quite unique in his own way. Athletic too.

  143. Even if mchale did NOT want or care to improve lin..which I also suspected and agree, that obstacle alone itself can make lin stronger. Sometimes in life it’s not that we need or want someone to be there to improve us but it’s the wall that builds there and see if we can overcome that wall or figure it out and improve ourselves how to overcome that wall to reach the desire destination… improving or empowering us is to put a stair there and you step up to climbover… without the stair you have to break it down or climb over somehow on your own and that alone ,if you can do it, make us stronger.

  144. Lin improved by himself and not because he is in a certain team like Rockets and Lakers. He was constantly challenged (even until now). The previous teams? These teams pulled him down. Lin had to follow their rules without any complaints and just work and improve that things that he can control. It’s not about the team, it’s about Lin as a person who improves despite the unfair treatment and marginalization.

  145. Somehow it can make you stronger but it depends the type of person you are. Some people will break. But going back to Lin, it did make him stronger and a better player, but what happened to the team now? What happened to Lin’s career so far? Is he a starter and the face of a franchise? Is he an all star caliber because of Rockets and Lakers treatment? We have to see the bottom results and effect of how a certain organization treated you.

  146. Going for it 100%

  147. I know this is irrational but seeing the Rockets logo on this page is giving me PTSD.

  148. Lin and The hornets have a great potential to be awesome together. I’m really hoping it works out

  149. This is an interesting debate. I think whether or not the obtuse McHale’s and the callous Scott’s treatments in Houston and L.A.were “tough love” depended on the intent. Based on what I saw, it was hard for me to imagine what they did to him was with the best of intentions—to toughen him and to make him a better player. It was simply done to appease two narcissistic, selfish players who would not share the ball or the spot light..

    In that case, how can we say it had anything to do with honing his skills, as in tempering by fire, let alone nurturing his development?

    However, with that said, it might be said that what Lin has been through does indeed steel his resolve, making him more resilient and mentally tougher to withstand adversities and to reemerge a stronger person and player.

    So in the end it’s how Lin has processed this in his mind, and how he would use this as a learning experience going forward.

  150. well yes and no.

    there are some positive potential trend lines here. albeit skewed by the illness/opportunity hairsanity nite but not entirely dependent on that.

    for example: the last five games are only the second time this season lin has received 26 or more minutes in 4 or more consecutive games. that isn’t entirely dependent on someone else normally available being “not available”.

    and twenty six minutes seems to be the break number this year so far for lin “getting his”. (regardless of how he is used or how few touches or opporutnites with the ball he is given, given the minutes he generally will find a way).

    further: in those five games lin is averaging almost 18 points and 4 assists a game. (pretty impressive).

    further: his shooting % has improved each month: from 39 to 41 to 47 (rounding up).

    his overall ratings have stopped declining and addtionally he has reversed historic year over year production decline.

    his shooting % this season is now above what it was in l.a. as is his scoring average; in fact he has now for the season at his career scoring average of 11.7 per game.

    the hairsanity game was the key to this turnaround after a poor game by the entire team and lin the previous.

    if these trends can continue lin should be able to break the string of reduction production coming from reduced minutes and other factors and be in a position to be a desired player come free agency.

    the next few games will be key to see if this reversal of what had been a clear downward trend in his statistical realities in charlotte continues, factors in that circumstance would include the return of “big al” but perhaps more importantly imo the possibility that the hornets forutnes are going in the opposite direction of lins– with the team having lost 3 of 4 and only got that single win in o.t. and only thru the son of linsanity riding again.

    looking at their sked ahead its conceivable the hornets (facing many road games) could be if continuing to utilize their players as they have been facing a majority of losses ahead thru the end of the month.

    how this mite push changes in the lineup could be the most significant opporutnity for further postive things forward for lin.

  151. no i didn’t like this hair at all. i actually like the high spikes, what did he have for the hairsanity game? the high spikes.

    how can you call it hairsanity if he has a more conventional actually ridiculously conventional to the point of cliche hairstyle?

    but there are other options, i do think he needs someone with better style sense than hawes to decide for him tho.

  152. wow a lot of disgusting breakfast food there; i dont really understand how anyone can eat breakfast. all those carbs and what do you balance it with, fruit which is just more sugar, more carbs, more sugar calories leading to bad health and large stomachs. but just beyond that: how can anyone actually want to eat in the morning?

    lemon water and a biscuit sound about rite.

  153. Who is Nurse?

  154. 123 is a big lin pusher. (on that site).

  155. thumbs up. you should post philosophical summations more often.

  156. Wouldn’t have even gone into OT if they kept the ball in Lin’s hands.

  157. Oh I see that David Nurse is an author and shooting coach? Wonder if Lin going to get some coaching from Nurse?

    NBA shooting coach David Nurse Asia tour

    Nurse, 28, is an NBA shooting coach specialist.

  158. I LIKED the picture.

  159. Good question.

    I posted from the beginning of Linsanity that Lin’s alleged inabilities to go left and shoot 3s were TOTAL MYTHS that were EASILY DEBUNKED by stats and video.

    Lin was already going left and shooting 3s in Summer League 2010 and throughout his rookie season. If anything, Lin had a more fluid stroke earlier in his career.

    I have constantly written that Lin should have stuck with the same side shooting form that his dad taught him. That’s the form that made him a stellar shooter in college and got him to the NBA in the first place.

    When Lin DOESN’T have his feet set, he shoots better because he defaults to that old school shot form that his dad taught him from watching people like Larry Bird.

  160. Agree.

    I wish that Lin could be the starting PG on this Hornets team for this season and future seasons, but that will never happen.

  161. I’m more disturbed by the Hornets starters playing selfish losing clueless isoball than Lin starting or coming off the bench.

    It’s really hard for Lin to protect the starters when Batum and Walker are breaking the plays in order to shoot their bricks selfishly.

    If Walker and Batum had enough game to run Clifford’s offense – which they DON’T – Lin would effortlessly score in the 20s every game and the Hornets would have a record similar to that of the Spurs.

  162. Fantastic stats analysis.

  163. Joy Jeng
    @JLin7’s lil bro joe_linstagram IG:Congrats to the newly weds, Chris and Annie! Me and mother stuntin together hahah

  164. Lin knows a lot of shooting coaches it seems…And while I know none of them…I think their philosophy are all pretty similar…

  165. W Kemba, don’t think Lin can do too much in 1st unit.

  166. its true that sometimes you need to bench a person for doing something selfdistructive. So yes, the intent is what matters. The reverse should then be applied when they are doing what they should be doing. There is consistency and there is meritocracy. This clearly not what Houston and LA was doing.

    Most of the time however, psychology is a better tool to get people to move in the right direction. In the case of Houston and LA. That psychology was to break down Lin in a full court press. Lin was subjected to coach and media attacks constantly to break him down to a third string mentality. This is what’s happening to Lawson and he’s fulfilling their prophesy.

    As a coach, I firmly believe that you only give them a timeout is a last resort that puts you in an adversario position. Coaching should actually be a co active interaction. You should try to make them feel that “we have to work together” to make the team work, to make your game better. It should never be I’m telling you what to do and you need to do it. Once you’ve crossed the line into adversaries the questions you ask, the things you tell him to do becomes something else with history attached. It’s a lot like negotiations between companies to find common grounds in order for both of us to succeed. Good coaches must first build trust. With that trust, they then rebuild their goals into something that fits the team.

    Phil Jackson did this with Kobe when Kobe was just starting out and he was hogging the ball and wouldn’t play as a teammate. Phil took him to his office and showed him his rings, then he asked him what his goals were. Phil co actively made Kobe feel trust and that it wasn’t him against everyone else. Kobe then in his own words said the things that Phil wanted him to do. They did the goals together and not as boss and slave. Kobe changed himself to fit into a goal that matched both what he wanted and what Phil wanted AND WHAT THE TEAM NEEDED.

    In the case of tennis moms, football dads, pushing their kids to become stars. That intent is full blown psychotic. It actually wrecks families and kids wound up hating the sport and their family. This is my ranting! When you have to push and scream at your kid to get them to do things that should be fun, somethings wrong. A red light should go on and you should stop.

  167. Actually starting Lin at SG wouldn’t be too bad either just like last game before Batum came back. Lin and Walker were willing to share PG duties that would be perfect!

  168. He played starter’s minutes and played with starters much of the game. He closes games. If you view bench as something bad, you’ll never be happy. He’s on the floor a lot. That’s what he signed up for in Charlotte. Clifford is now doing what he said he would do with Lin. Playing him alongside Kemba and Batum and he plays point when Kemba isn’t on the floor.

  169. I do. PnR defense is better, concentration is better.

  170. LIn didn’t score from 9:30 mark in the 4Q?

  171. good work putting that info together! cautious optimism, and let’s hope the trend continues.

  172. I still think it’s hilarious how many more plates JLin has… he’s probably eating more than both of them combined.

  173. Thanks for this stat. I can only draw one conclusion from it.

  174. Not easy when you’re 4th option on the floor.

  175. Really good boy, I won’t take this kind photo with my mom.

  176. Bacon power!

  177. Pro entertainers who work nights often need a big calorie boost in the morning to replenish their depleted bodies.

  178. Yep. How convenient that he does not want to acknowledge that Lin is only used mostly for defense in the 4th, (when playing w/KW and NB in crunch time also). Sometimes Lin will exert his own scoring when there’s a tiny chance if he has the rock, but most times KW handled and kept the rock to himself.

  179. That has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Lin.

    It is completely about Lin’s superior teammates and coaches this season.

  180. Lin is there as a DECOY.

    Batum and Walker don’t have enough game to produce their own offense, so Lin’s stuck there to magnetically draw defenses away.

  181. Exactly!

  182. I see it not as a Walker Batum issue but a BAD COACHING BY CLIFFORD issue.

    Even if Walker and Batum deliberately froze out Lin, Clifford could easily step in and correct that. All Clifford would have to do is run a few more plays for Lin the way Clifford did in the 35 point game.

    Clifford is too permissive a coach with Walker and Batum. He needs to crack down on them for a abandoning the gameplan.

  183. If Clifford demanded that Walker and Batum run his offense, Walker and Batum and Lin could all easily coexist.

    In fact, Lamb could be added to that mix too.

    Ironically, Clifford’s inability to force Walker and Batum to play teamball is INCREASING Lin’s importance on the team. Because the more selfish Walker and Batum play, the more Clifford needs Lin to clean up messes.

  184. Interesting that this photo shows the same kind of imperfections as the photo of Lin, Nurse, and Josh Fan (?) having pizza. Compare the black / white patches on the countertop (below) and the car (above).

  185. Either way, it’s still leadership that’s not changing the course of a game. I’m not sure whose at fault. It may be coach, GM, owner, stars, but as a team, they failed.

  186. Good for him to speak out against BS in public. Enough of covering up.

  187. I like it better too. I think it’s more stylish. The hair also reminds me of fifth element. The villain loss but was pretty bad #_ss

  188. Without Lin to be the scapegoat, the Lakers fanbase is FALLING APART.

  189. Tougher matchup against rockets. D. Howard played hard last night. Hornets bigs will be tested. Slowing down Howard will be key.

  190. I agree to that. Last night’s game wasn’t well coached by Cliff and he’s had a few stinkers lately.

  191. How convenient nothing. I just gave the stat for discussion. That’s all.

  192. The key isn’t Howard or Harden or how well the Rockets can play.

    The key is how badly Charlotte’s starters stink up the game when Lin isn’t in the game protecting them.

  193. Poor usage of Lin. Lin took some shots but didn’t hit them. I don’t think many though. A Lin fan that was at the game made this observations (this if from RealGM): i think Lin was pretty aggressive down the stretch… about 9:30 left in the fourth, he already got 15 points, did not score again, but he was pretty active in almost every possession, missed two open jumpers, got a offensive rebound, missed the put back, but Zeller got it again, put it back in… he drove and passed out twice for open jumpers, they missed… a fastbreak pass to kemba who got two points… a pass inside to zeller who got two free throws… the fourth quarter possessions were all good (the team as a whole), Nic came alive… what hurt was the turnover after they got back to 98:99, ball slipped out of Kemba’s hands… they still had opportunities, but they missed rotation in 3 consecutive positions which sealed the deal for Wizards… all in all, the defense was the biggest problem… John Wall picked the defense apart, particularly the first half and the last two minutes in 4th… clifford tried Marvin hedging on Wall’s PnR in the second half, but not very effective, should trap him, show harder….

  194. where the F is the journalism integrity to follow up lakers and rockets post lin problems and seeing the pattern.
    it’s a template. Lawson and russell live in Jlins shoes today!

  195. It’s called YELLOW JOURNALISM.

    The American media HATES ASIANS.

  196. So it sounds like Lin took 3 shots past 9:30. One of the keys is the refs. Lin was battered a few times on drives and he got no calls. Lin got ZERO foul shots this game, he just took a tech shot. That’s it. If Lin isn’t drawing fouls then a big part of his game is denied. And that’s on the refs last night.

  197. Great post as usual.

  198. I think Batum plays team ball, his version of it.

  199. If the offense were run properly, Lin would not only get more shots but would CREATE more shots for Batum and Walker.

  200. No doubt. It is time for Clifford to figure out the Kemba/Lin/Batum balance and for the team to run the plays. We’ve seen times in games they run them and then Kemba freelances and everything falls apart. That needs to change and soon.

  201. I think some of the plates are for the person sitting next to him that probably took the picture.

  202. im ticked but I do realize Jeremy is always more diplomatic and didnt complain loud
    he was making 25 million so he didnt whine too

  203. Byron is disgusting. I saw some comments by Ed Davis on Lakers vs. Portland. Ed was classy but made his points.

  204. There’s no journalism integrity and there hasn’t been any since I can remember. The media is horrible. Some guys are OK but the institutions and agendas are corrupt to the core.

  205. The medium length Mohawk is the best imo. But now it’s way too long

  206. see his PT go down
    if not we know BS is gone soon

  207. In my opinion, the idea of Batum is better than the reality of Batum. When he’s going well, things are nice in that he at least makes passes that guys catch and are in position to make easy baskets. But, Batum has a narrow vision. He sees one side of the court or one area of it. If it goes into a zone that he sees, he passes it. But guys having opportunities in other areas aren’t getting the ball (yes, often where Lin is). It stays within his narrow realm. That’s his big limitation and I don’t think he’ll move beyond that anytime soon.

  208. good post, JLin as an indie for rent for 1 yr min is his own choice, so he’s extra motivated to get in, do the job, and get out. I hope his next team will put the ball in his hands for 30 mins a night. Starter. Someone here said the 35pt game proves he’s starter. Yep, once again, he reminded us. If he had the ball for even half of KW’s minutes, or if KW shared in team ball, he would have been over 40 easily. Maybe mid to high 40s.

  209. Nic And Walker probably have more power than Clifford then after all this is a players league

  210. Kemba too…his very own version

  211. That’s what I said before the season started. JLin can’t close the gap every game.

    Chuckers get ball everytime they want. Jeremy doesn’t. That’s why I hope Jeremy will be out of Charlotte ASAP.
    Thankfully they’re so bad they must play Jeremy to win games…

    It’s a pity cause if they played together they would’ve been best team in Eastern Conference.

  212. It’s frustrating to watch, we’ve seen that on HOU before. Only, it’s better to watch that than to see JLin on the sidelines with his hands on his hips, watching CParsons and Bev argue over assignments (and Lilliard putting in a buzzer beater).

  213. the saying ‘do or die from the 3’ is from before the modern era. that was before pop integrated the 3 ball into his team strategy. i dont think the expression is relevant in today’s game because every team has to shoot lots of threes now.

    19 threes but what kind of threes? contested? rushed? are they corner 3s? are they 3s shot because the team did not try to penetrate or is unable to penetrate? just looking at the shooting volume from the boxscore doesnt say much.

    kemba and batum do have a pattern of just shooting from the outside when the defense is tough. its one of their bad habits. especially batum — he doesnt distinguish between contested or open.

  214. Batum is a 3&D: defends well and can hit shots.

    This Batum is a Clifford’s idea. And it’s not working. In favour of a mediocre player like Hairston and at the expense of the Jeremys

  215. This.

  216. But the solution can’t be 76ers, right? Too much to build on for too long, or are the pieces there achievable?

  217. Because he needs those calories
    Its Lins day job to run, play basketball(cardio) and work out so yah

  218. Fools gold –Pat Riley

  219. In Philadelphia JLin could have a coach who gives the ball in his hands and make plays for him. Plus they’re without PG.

    If they bring Jeremy in before New Year they could even make the play-off. I’m sure of this.

  220. ok, yes, if it is now there is time to build. I am impatient for JLin to do something just to see him have a home. Really, 76ers can make playoffs? That would mean ownership is gonna try v hard to line up with anti-tanking. That would be …. swell.

  221. good observations. in last handful of games, kemba’s defensive intensity has slacked….IIIRC starting from the grizzlies game. specifically, when he gets beat by a screen, he doesnt try to recover but just kinda gives up.

    lamb has the same body habit, especially from raptors game. truly embarrassing.

  222. Batum is a very good player when hes not your first or second option
    In Portland, he wasnt looking to shoot as much and it worked well for them Batum as a distributor and D guy
    now hes their 2nd option he just keeps taking contested shots and still avgs 16.4 pts he is obviously not an elite scorer and 4.7ast to 3.2TO is NOT good at all almost 1.5:1 He’s just a glue guy not your 2nd option or primary ball handler hes simply not that good

  223. You dont know that
    Things are different now

  224. hey Mods, what’s up with ‘tom’s posts? They seem to come and disappear with no record of anything. Just been trying to affirm some good posts by him and consistently they seem to disappear right away.

  225. Same here. Please make Tom’s posts stop disappearing. They are good posts. Thanks.

  226. EASILY could be 76ers.

    Lin would completely turn that team around by himself if Brett Brown allowed him to.

  227. If the Sixers did not add a single player other than Lin this offseason, Lin would still singlehandedly propel them into the playoffs.

  228. True.

    The problem is that Batum fancies himself a “point forward” despite not having point forward skills.

    Batum plays best as a finisher, not a creator. At his best, Batum is like a poor man’s Grant Hill.

  229. I’m not seeing great defense from Batum.

    He’s getting lit up badly, which is what I predicted him doing this offseason.

  230. Hmmm… strange. His posts are all going straight to spam for some reason and not even pending. Let me go through them and approve. I might need to put him on the whitelist.

  231. Don’t agree with that at all. No one player turns around a team, and that team is horrible.

  232. doesnt take predicting. batum has never been a good defender, besides bothering ppl with his length. all his defensive fundamentals are weak.

  233. Terrific post.

    In Portland, Batum was deployed by Terry Stotts very effectively especially on defense.

    In Charlotte, Batum has been a very mixed bag that’s probably barely more positive than negative.

  234. He can guard SF not SG.

  235. yep, changes cannot happen even with the agent of change if people don’t want it.

  236. That’s fine.

    But I KNOW that Lin could turn the Sixers around.

  237. That’s what I meant 😀

  238. Agree.

  239. Spot is talking about now. I like that.

  240. Sorry, I have no interest in Philly. I don’t like that stadium or market nor do I care for the team’s personnel. I’m not a huge fan of Okafor right now either. Lin is a Hornet right now and the Sixer stuff is premature in my opinion. But if it comes down to Lin moving, that’s one of the least desirable teams, MDA or no MDA.

  241. I’m looking at Lin’s role and not on the minutes. He can play the whole time non-stop but if he will just stay in the corner and wait for Kemba and Batum to pass to him, that’s still marginalization to me. The fact is, the coach knows what Lin can bring to the team if they let him play his game. They know how smart he is. They know how good he is in defense and offense. But still the politics should be the priority. Kemba needs to be in the all star first before Lin can be in his glory.

  242. Looking at some of his earlier posts, he got flagged few times by other posters (religion, race) and violated couple of rules (mostly #1). This might be the reason why his posts are going straight to spam. I approved some of his posts though.

  243. That’s what im seeing. But too bad. Politics is their priority right now.

  244. Too bad Hornets didn’t get Ed Davis too.

  245. Embiid and Lin would be the second version of Stockton and Malone.

  246. Oh yes. 54 games. They have to win 40. 40-14 is possible for me.

  247. Right! If Hornets at this point will continue to lose, they won’t be in the play offs and they’re no better than Philly if that happens.

  248. We don’t know if Hornets will be in the play offs also. The margin is very small.

  249. I think he’s stepped up well in that role, at times. But he’s limited. Lin is the best facilitator on the team yet he’s the #3 facilitator. Batum would be better used in spots. This has been revealed in recent games. A few weeks ago Batum played the best as facilitator overall, but now Lin found his groove on this team.

  250. Amazing mod work, blubell.

    You have done a perfect job!

    I admire what you do.

  251. You’re very right in your analysis Khuang. Very smart of you.

  252. I think Lin’s ball handling is now on a good level. Hear me out please. My problem with his ball handling up to a few recent games was he was being slowed down under pressure to where he couldn’t get to his spots. That was the complaint and why I said Kemba’s was way better. However, with Lin now in a better groove and using his skills he practiced in the off-season without thinking so much about them, he’s getting to his spots well. I think it’s the footwork, not the dribbling, the hesitations and burst of speed stuttering, that he’s figured out gets him to maneuver under pressure. Also he’s using his stout body better to protect the ball. He’s not Kemba’s shake and bake style but now that street ball type of handling is getting Kemba in trouble and Lin’s handles are looking better than Kemba’s at times. Lin is finding his groove.

  253. Why? You think they won’t give Lin a chance? Im pretty sure though that Kemba will be voted by the coaches for the all star. So this will be Kemba’s team and not Lin. And the FO or anybody high up there won’t allow Lin to outshine their Kemba.

  254. It’s good, to have a fellow fan who has taken the time to look ahead. That’s me cruising off you lol.

  255. 3 point shooting on the Hornets in December. I don’t have Kemba, Batum, Marvin but it’s bad. I asked who has good 3 point shooting on a forum and Lin is one of them.

    Hawes: 50%
    Kam: 33%

    I think Lin wants to get to 39%? Was that a stated goal? It’s possible if he can have some hot streaks.

  256. Khuang it will be like Lin will be their housekeeper. Hired to clean up the mess of their masters? I don’t want Lin to be cleaning up their mess and give the stars their glory.

  257. With Cliff describing how Lin holds Demar at his hip while scanning, and bring able to go left at will, it’s a checkoff for sure.

    Actually, I always saw Lin being able to go left, so maybe he strengthened that his first summer after NY. Last night’s highlights, he sliced between 2 defenders going left and it was great to see.

  258. The biggest issue with Lin is that when he’s driving and get to the lane, the ball tend to slip out of his hand a bit too easily on contact…It almost feels like he doesn’t have a strong grip on the ball…Also, he’s susceptible to the ball being stripped from him as he’s driving because he doesn’t have a good grip.

    Maybe that has to do with his hands being sweaty or it could be that Lin doesn’t have large hands with long fingers and strong grip.

    Sometimes, when he goes for lay-up, the ball tend to get loose so easily based on contact…Last night, as he was going up for a lay-up, the ball slipped off his hands but he was lucky Batum was at the right spot to pick it up and score…Lin got an assist for that but it could had easily been a turn-over.

  259. shes great mom , organized a Basketball club for Lin in High school to play against AAU All americans

  260. sorry, I don’t see that in the minutes I watch. No one can have a grip on the ball because you cannot palm it lol I know what you mean. The wet hands theory is unlikely. No pro athlete would have wet hands on a handle; I’ve never experienced that even in gym rat ball.

  261. His hands aren’t that large and yeah, maybe he is sweating but he used to cradle the ball and protect it going up for layups. If he doesn’t do that or they get to him before he cradles it, then they get the strip. It’s happening less now in recent games? It does happen to other guards too, even Lin strips guys that way.

  262. yep a 20 cents on the dollar laborer paid 80-85 % less than his colleagues
    a temp worker with no security , shameful shame on NBA
    edit: Lin’s a special case in NBA , he does make sponsor money but it’s still not like hardashians 200 million addidas

  263. that cradle is hard to do at the speeds he’s able to make his runs, because he needs to bring it up for the floater and that takes time. So you can see him try for the wraparound pass when he draws the bigs in. To me it’s just working it out with Hawes, Zeller, Kaminsky etc. With them, there is better chance than with Asik. If it were KW following, then it would be pretty effective.

  264. It’s right there, Lin is coaching him on Chopsticks 🙂

  265. i’m happy with Lin’s game. I even admit some points I make are nitpicking as I have high standards for him. I still think he could use a more forceful demeanor at times in games. But his games have been strong now. I think he knows he has the confidence of the coach. He’s playing with force and getting out of control much, much less to the point that it is almost minimal. His teammates get out of control more than he does.

    I think he may start getting fairly heavy minutes from Clifford and I’m beginning to wonder if Cliff doesn’t grind his players down with heavy minutes. Kemba and Batum are going to get high 30s to low 40s in most games. Lin looks like he not only is going to get heavy minutes, but may get some 18-20 minute stints. So, I’m hoping for the best for his health. So far, great. Just an ankle sprain that didn’t take him out of the game and went away in 2 games or so. Back still looks like its getting special treatment.

  266. Maybe Lin gets sweaty palms..We constantly see guy wipe their palm off their jersey when they feel the ball slipped out of their finger doing a jump shot…I saw Lowry wipe his palm after a turn-over…Maybe he was unjustly blaming his turn-over on wet hands.

    Before every game, Lebron puts powder on his palm to keep them dry….Maybe Lin need to put powder on his hands…and then do the Lebron tap to let the dusk fly in the air…

  267. Crossover is one of the best in the league right now.
    One of the problem he got few touches and can’t get in rhythm.

  268. he got fouled manny times on that drive but no calls. that’s why he complained to the ref about it.

  269. They took that assist away from him later. Thats why he end up with only 7 assists instead of 8.

  270. Hawes and Zeller have done a pretty good Asik impersonation on a lot of his passes. Kaminsky seems better but doesn’t have the finishing touch quite yet at the rim. Lin does better assisting Kaminsky and Hawes from drive and kicks.

  271. Which then gave the assists lead to Batum at 8 and Lin at 7. Oh well.

  272. anyone noticed that game sequence with Lin on point, Kemba asked for the ball and Lin gave the ball to him. Cliff yell something to Kemba and gave the ball back to Lin to run the point..Kemba walking heads down…

  273. Batum’s in a contract year, if he was in Portland he would get a 4-5 year extension 75 Million deal ( in respect 2016 TV cap NBA salaries)
    but Chordan got him to CHA and they are working behind the scenes with Batums agent on an extension
    that’s why Clifford has been test driving him for 20 games to evaluate Batum. PJ Hairston failed his evaluation and did not get extended. Lin may have already received a lowass offer but we dont know . this is my speculation

    CHOrdan has been active reupping Clifford Lamb AND MKG to multiyear deals

  274. Thought his goal was 40%. At least, he said that was possible before season.

  275. Walker is from Bronx? NYC and he wears Jordans. MJ has a billion dollar shoes brand business and is a grear business man now… follow the $
    I’m talking about shoe sales in New York

  276. Thank you, Imtoldman

  277. yes, Disqus automatically does that after posts get too many flags.
    For now, I added @disqus_K9eFIC11zu:disqus to a White list to see if it makes a difference

    Flags would still make certain posts disappear.

  278. OK, I was off 1 percent. He could get there with some hot streaks.

  279. I think so. Definitely NYC.

  280. I agree that Batum is reaching above what he’s capable of. IMO, that’s a coaching problem and not a player problem.

    Fundamentally, you SHOULD TRY to create a slight separation between what a player is actually able to do and what you’d like them to evolve to. Give them realistic goals to reach for and nit pipe dreams. The real tough part is how you go about improving a skill set of a player. That’s what separates great coaches from good coaches. Bad coaches will force players into what they believe he thinks they should be ( like Mchale telling Lin to be a backup ).

    CHO and Clifford promised Batum the moon and created a scenario where he could become a Lebron type player. Parsons also wanted to be “Lebron light”. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to become a next level player, but if they are reaching beyond what their talent level is actually capable of, then a coach is actually doing a disservice to the player and the team.

    Players have very fragile egos and confidence is shaped by their performance. If you push a player too far, they can lose too much confidence in what they actually do well at.

  281. Coach Lin doing his magic and turning a failed first rounder into a good player.

  282. From what I’ve seen of his current stroke, it looks really technically sound with very little misalignments of his moving parts. The shoulder arm and wrist now works on a simple supination of joints. His old stroke had way too muc pronation in his elbow and wrist. That rotation ads variables that leads to dispersion patterns that is way too wide. Now he can make a very simple extention of his arm. This will make it possible for Lin to take that super quick snap release that Curry does.

    Lin will get to at least 38.5 this year and 40% next season, finally…

  283. Nothing wrong with 38.5. That’s a good number if he gets there. And I think it’s very possible.

  284. I don’t agree. Okafor got into a street brawl in Boston out of the frustration of being stuck in a no win situation. He has file a lawsuit against the league! Why do you think all these changes are happening now. The league finally stepped in because it’s a total embarrassment to the league if this actually goes to court? Can you imagine first rounders refusing to go to teams?

    These kids got to the top of collegiate ranks by winning. They’ve grown up as winners. They absolutely hate losing. The artificial tanking is killing them inside and the frustration is expressed in anger and blind rage. They want to win so bad that they can taste it. Give them direction instead of tanking and they will show how they can win.

    Hinkie and Morey have no understanding of chemistry and the importance of leadership. They have a talent pool that’s equal to a battleship ready to fight, but so far they have no captain to aim their weapons. Give them some leaders at the helm and at the guns and I expect them to build a great fighting ship.

  285. He’s given the green light to be aggressive, to attack, his confidence is up.

    So he wasn’t in Houston?

  286. He’s nice to Lin when Lin was in Rox?!

  287. That’s not a pipe dream for sure, it’s only 1-1.5 away from last year. Lin’s process is coming together and no one can stop him now.

  288. I hear a well hidden message that “McHale didn’t give Lin green light back in Houston”.

  289. Don’t think that’s what Cliff yelled.

  290. Maybe.

  291. Hard to tell. Sampson took over when McHale was on leave and he wasn’t at all nice to Lin. Bickerstaff didn’t seem one way or the other.

  292. funny how his 3P shooting increased when his minutes/touches did.

  293. Yep nothing is certain
    Lin will not neccessarily be given the reign if he goes to philly Hornets making the play offs is more likely

  294. Agreed. Batum is still a good facillitator for a SF he should still handle the ball at times but not too often

  295. you got that right, people unconsciously do body language moves that are mind-defensive in nature, like you said, wiping off his hands to demonstrate unconsciously it wasn’t a fault of his.

    I guess for me, I’ve never had grip problems dribbling the ball, so it maybe goes to that speed in traffic situation and not being able to protect the ball and get it up in time as he’s flying by. They are always grabbing wet shirts though, so I imagine you get wet hands on D and then just before a FT when they are going through the sniffing and wiping.

  296. Yep hes just not the offensive threat that Lebron is
    Hes still leagues better than Parsons imo
    a great role player

  297. LOL, yep on some of this. But with Asik, you know if Lin didn’t put it above stomach height, it was a flub.

  298. He’s great as a role player not so much when hes your star
    This charlotte team has no real star like Lebron James or Kevin Durant
    Isos will not get them very far. They have good players who can be effective when used properly so they should stick to teamball thats their best chance imo

  299. Lol I remember this guy yelling at Lin on several occasions during the game

  300. Not really

  301. When you disagree I will listen. I didn’t know about the lawsuit, cool. You need to be strong and have resources to stand up, or just know your own value over the long run. That’s v cool to know.

    Yep in the killing of spirit. That’s a v hard thing to express and manage as a leader, because it does lead to years of undefined malaise for top performers. Lots to think about. Thank you.

    But all that said, I still say it’s v hard to usher in change if people resist, so you have to have a clear runway to get people to buy in and that takes some signaling from all the sources that are stopping change. If they do believe in it, and signal it has to be done through choice or lawsuit, then it will come through.

    sw others saying we have games left, so I’m in – trade Lin and give it a go. KW, Batum, and JLamb boosting has been a problem. KW and Batum boosting is still at it.

    And then, take note of Jlin’s last 30 sec in post game when he was in a towel – he said it takes a lot of time for a team to gel. Maybe he sees something we don’t.

  302. Much more. Hornets are a winning team and very competitive in the very competitive east. Philly isn’t on the map, they are not even close to contending for the league’s worst team. They are it.

  303. Wonder what happened with Lamb, he hasnt played a lot lately
    He’s not a starter but hes still a pretty good shooter and they just paid him 21mil
    He can score effectively just not sure what they are trying to do now
    Still hope Lin gets his 25+mins a game though

  304. Actually a lot of his TOs come from getting stripped when driving

  305. He’s an energy guy Psycho T is way better than him and he wouldnt get mins on the hornets anyways
    Way too limited offensively

  306. He got into foul trouble early last game in the first half. 3 fouls in first half. I think the problem with Lamb is that the coach doesn’t like his defense and the fact that he doesn’t run set plays fast enough. He likes to hold onto the ball too long. He has clumsy feet so he is often beat by other SGs that are defending him too making it harder to run plays with him.

  307. The night Lin scored 35, Lamb did not play well so that is why his minutes were low. As for the game against the Wizards, I have no clue b/c he played well.

  308. Thank you!

  309. or no calls

  310. Yah, agreed.
    I will try to keep my posts free of insults and such…

  311. Yah that too but that happens to other players too only stars get the benefit of the doubt
    Coach understands this

  312. hey you are back and able to be respond-to. Thanks for your good posts.

    By looking at fantasy scoring, for Dec:

    Lin 5 good, 2 stinkers
    Lamb 3 good, 4 stinkers
    KW 5 good, 2 stinkers
    NB 5 good, 2 stinkers

    But JLin could have had more goods in games where his usage was up, and the 35pt game would have been off the charts good in this group had he had more usage when KW was in.

  313. Has he changed his stroke again or is it the same stroke he’s been working on since the pre-season?……If it’s the same, than why wasn’t it working during the previous game when he wasn’t shooting well…Did he make some adjustment?

    I was hoping he could become a more consistent shooter like Nash instead of the current streaky shooter that he is….I fear that this month is simply a hot month for Lin and we may see month where he gets cold.

    Let’s hope his current shooting will be locked down and become the norm for the rest of his career…He’s been shooting very well during the past 4 games.

  314. Yep, and that team is a chaos only Okafor and Noel are guaranteed minutes the guards rotation is awful everyone is uncertain of their role. Lin doesn’t need that right now.
    He is on a winning team and playing an important role, he is in a really good place right now.

  315. His Shooting will probably take a couple more years but he will get there I believe he works hard

  316. I don’t know about how his preseason stroke was, but this one is a keeper for sure. I think he’s finally almost perfect IMO. I’m actually really excited about it. It may be the holy grail.

  317. Thanks for the kind words lol
    I think the Hornets really want to win now so they rely on Lin more
    I feel like Lamb is gonna play more in blow out games to pad stats and gain more experience
    Right now Lin is the 6th man but more focus on defence and running the 2nd unit and think Lin will get featured more in offense as we go
    Just hope this doesnt change because they wanna develop Lamb

  318. Yep, he doesnt pass a lot but hes a SG so thats understandable

  319. So what happens if they disagree on coaching philosophies or late-game management? What happens if D’Antoni doesn’t like the way practices are run?

    “In the short term, yes, it’s great that D’Antoni comes here,” the anonymous NBA executive said. “But you know, there’s a reason why he’s there. It’s not only to help coach. He’s the eyes and ears.”


  320. what did Ed Davis said?….I remember reading that the Lakers wanted Ed to wait and not sign a contract because they wanted to figure out who they wanted to sign/draft…but Ed davis didn’t want to wait since it could had lost the opportunity to sign for a team offering good money.

  321. Agreed with the time line. It takes a great deal of effort and dedication to change a form. Lin has had good coaches to keep him real. As you get higher and higher in efficeincy, there is diminishing return from effort. 1.5 percentage gain is actually huge. To get to. 40% 3 will become harder and harder but I think that he can get there as well. The separation at that level of athleticism is so small but Lin’s clutch and mental toughness can make his 40% seem much bigger than stef’s 44%.

  322. 2nd unit should play “BeFore 1st unit” LoL BF1

  323. could be a combination of Lamb getting in foul trouble, cooling down shooting and the re-emergence of Lin’s clutch shooting

  324. I wouldn’t go that far Curry is simply too amazing but if Lin could hit 40% that will be huge for the team

  325. Good one 🙂
    It’s pretty bad when BF1 is needed to save 1st unit all the time

  326. I think the re-emergence of Lin has more to do with the fact that Clifford gives more PT and touches
    We all know Lin can perform
    Think They just tried to test Lamb as 6th man didnt work because he didnt really do anything
    Lin is more effective in that role and they are in the win now mode
    Then again, I could be wrong just hope this continues and Lin responds well to the increased trust from coaching staff

  327. that could be the case. Lin might be given the chance to be the difference-maker after Lamb failed to convert few game winners.

    Hairsanity 35pts was definitely an eye-opener. There will be more Linsanity performance if Clifford keeps trusting him

  328. Don’t forget to add “Jeremy Lin. #NBAVOTE” when you RT
    Otherwise it won’t count

  329. yep, right on Lamb direction.

    They will win more if Cliff will run the KW, JLin backcourt with JLin as PG. He does get that for initial minutes, when KW comes in and JLin is ending his stint. If Cliff ups usage that makes all the difference because it’s like falling off a momentum cliff (pun) when KW just comes in and changes the game.

  330. don’t forget a v strong move by Lin to produce and change the flow when he got in, a few games ago. That set the tone.

  331. Lin was putting up with this all last year:
    Check out @DimeMag’s Tweet:

  332. Clifford’s Cho’s job goals
    Install Pace and Space Ball Movement 3pt Offense
    Feature Kemba and his Beautiful shoes
    evaluate Nic Batum as SF point Forward for Max Contract Extension negotiations
    teach Al High Pick n Pop evaluate Al s progress for trade
    develop Lamb as a starting NBA SG ASSET
    develop an offense independent of Lin and his Addidas , except at the close of games or losing by 22 pts
    try not to lose alot, Win with Lin
    turn PJ into NBA 3 and D

  333. Cool, he lost the locker room and when Kobe does final goodbye, BSc is done. They are just tanking again to get another pick because there is no way to play winning or avg bball with Kobe needing to do his farewell tour. Maybe they will try to tune the team after ASG and enough ‘final games’ for Kobe who knows.

  334. yep, I don’t see a lot of hand slips where the ball shoots out unexpectedly without contact. I do see some rockets come out of his arms when he’s fouled and there is no call.

  335. Russell needs to lose some weight
    Hes too slow for an NBA guard

  336. Thanks for the thorough report, KL =). Win or lose, Hornets games will never be Dull again because of JL7 and great team chemistry. They will only gonna get better from here … Remember: many new players, new style of play, and much to prove for everyone. Since the the beginning, I still expect this team to be Top 4 in EC and can really go deep into the playoffs. If the Rockets DID it with Harden last season – So CAN this Hornets team with JL7’s big impact.

  337. Only if Lin will be played properly. Otherwise, unlikely.

  338. And if he is traded to Philly, then theres a big chance.

  339. ahaha wtf, where are you getting this fantasy from

  340. IMO Brown is basically a lame duck coach. He’s been given a golden handshake because he was forced to tank by Hinkie. I’m sure this is to keep him quiet just in case he decides to go to court becuase the team forcing him to tank and ruining his reputation.

    NBA is preemptively stopping any embarrassing possibilities from Hinkies tanking.

  341. he should use some powder to absorb the sweat and to handle the ball better. Maybe its illegal, but if its not he should do it.

  342. It may also be that Lin’s defence makes him way too important as well.

  343. Too bad Byron scott isn’t done LOL Lakers are commited to him.

  344. “Maybe he sees something we don’t.” Ya think? 🙂

    There’s a lot of intelligent observation and comment here, but of course a lot of pure speculation too. The problem with the speculation is that there is a giant hole in most of it, which is that we really have no idea whatsoever what these guys are actually experiencing/calculating/dealing with.

  345. Teams fire coaches with unfinished contracts ALL THE TIME. Both Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni were dismissed under such circumstance.

    That being said, I do wish Lakers keep the clown forever, or at least as long as Jimmy Buss’ in charge.

  346. Another biased, lin hater crappy writer.

  347. I’d like to see lin in Phillies asap playing for 76ers second half to build chemistry with the players so they can just make a run for next year playoff.

  348. jeremy lin stats last 5 games

    34 minutes per game
    13 fga’s per game
    48% fg%
    40% 3pt%
    85% ft%
    4 rb’s per game
    4 assists per game
    17.6 pts per game.

  349. Have spent some time over at realgms charlotte forum and all i have to say as a fan of lin is that to try and put other players down in the team is not the way to go here. it’s not good for the relationship with the charlotte forum and the Lin forum…have said it before will say again. Philly is a career killer and a disgrace of a team.. This is the best team Lin has ever been on and i bet he knows that as well..the team has character and is building up the chemistry game by game…speaking for myself the worst thing in my opinion is if Lin goes to philly…but he might as well explode when he is there…but i’d rather him being in this team instead of moving from team to team.

  350. Oh yeah forgot… Lin has been Ballin lately! great too see knew it was only a matter of time.

  351. So, you have no problem Lin backing up Walker for rest of Lin’s NBA career hence not winning a ring?

  352. I agree. Philly has no interest to anyone except D’Antoni. That’s the only interest. But he is a tree, Philly is the forest and it is full of bad things.

  353. he is more of a combo guard than a pg on this team he has been averaging over 30 minutes these past few games ha is allowed to play through mistakes. And all you are seeing is Lin is backing up kemba? Lin will be a starter this year i guarantee you this if he keeps playing like this.

  354. you guarantee me he will be a starter this year (without anyone injured)? OK, we shall see. Even if he DOES become a starter, he will still be #4 or even 5 LOL

  355. Like to see lin does 5 back door cuts on jh this game.

  356. If he keeps playing games Like this outperforming other starters he will become a starter. see thats just not true about him being the fourth or the fifth option. Clifford is the best coach Lin has had in years what warrants all this complaining? That kemba is being to egotistical? i give you that kemba is not a Pg he is more of a SG but Putting him down every game is not the way people should want this to go… he is a good player and a good teammate Raports game told me all i needed to know about that…Lin,Batum and Kemba are vital for this team to succeed therefore growth is neccesary. I am patient and am enjoying the game that Lin has played and chemistry he is developing with kemba. This is not a duel between the 2 They are teammates.

  357. not fair with the ot in there.

  358. Look like a poster for a ghost movie.

  359. “team has character”??? You forgot the game when Lin helped to win while EVERYONE was cheering for Lin and co., Kemba was the only one standing behind with a stone face. You did not see how Kemba and Batum iced out Lin day in and day out?

  360. Never say never. When JLin was traded to Lakers we thought it was a match made-in-haven. But as it turned out, it was beyond nightmare…a disaster….ultimate HUMILIATION by Kobe.
    So, do you still think Lakers or Houston was a right choice?
    Charlotte, to me is the ultimate Downgrade for Lin. But he was seeking more of a refuge so that he could RESTORE his dignity in NBA and play ‘true’ BBall.
    Why is Philly a career killer and a disgrace – as you have put it?
    Any team fit to be in NBA are fill with NBA quality players.
    All they need is a good coach and a PLAY MAKER.

  361. Philly is a disgrace because of how they intentionally have tanked for years thats why. and let me ask you somehthing. Would be happy if Lin avergaed 20ppg and 9 assists but the team never made the playoffs? or would you rather he be in a team where his role is vital and the team makes the playoff. and philly needs a whole lot more than a playmaker.

  362. Clifford maybe better than McHale and BS, but there are MANY much better coaches out there. As far as Kemba/Batum does not have ego problem , pleeeeeeeease.

  363. i saw Lin hug kemba after the game and i saw Kemba being the first one to help Lin up and pat him on the back ;Multiple times and smile evertime he made a good play, i saw him after the game pat lin on the chest exchanging words with lin o yeah he has character to me.

  364. yes, when Lin did not outshine Kemba, it was ALL GOOD. SMH

  365. James Harden admitted he hasn't really been paying attention, but he knows JLin is talented— Howard Chen (@TheHoChen) December 20, 2015

  366. This is the problem here Kemba is Lins teammate not his RIVAL

  367. Exactly, you are preaching to a choir. Go tell Kemba that.

  368. will be patient and see how the season goes instead.

  369. I get your point. So, playing good minutes in Charlotte is better than leading Philly.
    I respect that.

    But the saying goes:

    一山不容二虎 (1 mountain cannot abide 2 tigers)

    Kemba the 1st tiger will not allow a second tiger to step into his territory.
    Jealousy will arise even in GSW!!

  370. Totally, it is human nature. Only very few can escape it. Even people like Lin has to fight his pride…

  371. Yes. Lin is very careful in his post game interviews. Even in NYC days. He gives credit to the team win any win. At sure young age he understood Human Nature. He even called Kemba playing Unselfish. Why has he had to say that? Guess he knew what people are saying in the social media.

  372. Just posted similar thought on other site: Don’t understand why some people don’t want Lin to leave Hornets… So he can be a permanent ‘backup’ to KW? NO thanks! It’s a crying shame that they want to pigeonholing and holding back Lin (as a backup), who clearly has the talents of a starting caliber PG and who can lead a team IF given an opportunity.

  373. “Who’s Jeremy Lin? I don’t know what you guys are taking about. “

  374. I hear you and i understand. and i will say like i have said before I will wait and see before i judge…Jealousy is poison in sport if it is in your own team. but i would like to believe that this team is more focused on sucess as a team rather than an individual…That goes for all players.

  375. Jeremy Doll Interview!!!

  376. I really can’t hear what he said… but Jeremy…. people… ?!

  377. “this team is more focused on sucess as a team rather than an individual”??? Did we watch the same games???

  378. That is what i believe if you think otherwise then thats your view..once again i see we do not agree about anything.

  379. I agree we do not agree about anything lol

  380. then we agree nice !

  381. nice!!!

  382. Starting is so overrated. He’s a 6th man and a crucial part of the Hornets now. He played 35 minutes yesterday or so? What matters is usage, matchups, closing games, being counted on to produce to help your team win, not starting and hearing your name in the dark over the loudspeaker. Backup is a stupid word and so is reserve. He’s a rotational player meaning he’s one of the 9-10 in the game and Lin is just as important to the Hornets as any starter and more important the maybe PJ is who starts for the team.

  383. Some Lin fans make adversaries of all players. It’s just something that comes with the territory. I hope one day some will see that isn’t a productive way to view his teammates. He needs them and they need him. Basketball is not a one-person sport like tennis is.

  384. Howard cornered Harden with that awkward question?
    Like asking Kobe: Have you heard of Jeremy Lin?

  385. Reggie Miller once said a quote that i loved about the spurs… there are no starters and there are no bench.

  386. Lin’s interview w Jonathan about Hornets….

    “It’s too early for that,” he said. “I don’t really know what that means now. I’ve been in situations where I didn’t play well enough and that’s why I got moved or I played well and I still got moved. If I sign a longer deal I might be more ready to call it home.”

  387. Kobe?

  388. Who is Jonathan? and when was the interview?

  389. 40

  390. Lin himself is not ready to call Hornets “home”, but some Lin fans want Lin stays with Hornets and stop searching for better opportunities. SMH

  391. Thanks. It does shed some light about how Lin feels about Hornets as his future team.

  392. They want him to re-sign cheap and stay as KW permanent ‘backup’. They ask why do we get hung up w/ ‘backup’ label where we true Lin fans know that Starting and Finishing games are equally important. Let their preferred guy be the backup to Lin and see how they react…

  393. So far I don’t think he will stay but Hornets & Cliff finally do let him plays his game more & more now. I am sure he will get teams want him next summer.

  394. I think the major reason is because they do not believe in Lin as we do. That is why I always wonder what is a “fan”. If one does not believe in the player, are they still a “fan”?

  395. I think team can be changed with different coach and players.

    Agree with 一山不容二虎 (1 mountain cannot abide 2 tigers). Add another one 宁做鸡头不为凤尾 (Would like a Big Fish in a Small Pond than Be a small Fish in a Big Pond). ?

  396. Lin and McHale always had a special bond but he was a company man

  397. Good to hear that from Harden
    Still love this kid He became more likeable after Lin left

  398. still a losing team

  399. There was no special bond… I remember after Lin went to Lakers, when reporters asked him to comment his time at Rox or something, we could tell he was trying to dodge it and be PC. Also when asked about coaches, he did not hesitate about saying he likes MDA the best and without saying a thing about McHale.

  400. Ya! I don’t think Lin likes Mc…

  401. You know your own ideas best, not others.

  402. McHale wasnt a good coach but he doesnt seem like he hated Lin quite the opposite actually

  403. Beyond losing. They’ve won 1 game and lost 27. I don’t think that’ sinking into people advocating he go to Philly. 1 game is all they’ve won. There’s losing and there’s that. It’s worse than the Lakers last year.

  404. I know I am a Lin fan. I do not know about you, AND you know your own ideas best, no others…

  405. Mc doesn’t hate Lin but also doesn’t seem to like Lin either.

  406. Clifford is actually one of the better ones out there
    He wont have a hard time finding a job if he gets fired right now

  407. What bond? McHale didn’t hesitate to throw Lin under the bus while Lin was w/Lakers NOT Rox!

  408. the Lakers?

  409. But you mention are they still a fan? There are all kids of Lin fans. They know how and why whether you agree or even understand what they know of themselves.

  410. Ya! I really hate Mc.

  411. Yep. I remember reading an article of his interview before Lakers vs Rox, and McHale said something like this. Paraphrasing: Lin has a tendency to play for other team…
    Found similar article:

  412. Lin said it will take time. Raptors game showed them all something, but it would have been all easy had kw shared in the late second and third.

    Then the loss after showed learning moment was fleeting.

  413. 1) I am asking what is a “fan”, not an “observer”.
    2) I am not questioning any individual is a fan or not. cool?

  414. Ah, yes. Cool.

  415. that ‘lin is ok’ poster is annoying on realgm, but i dont see ppl putting down other players. on that board, it’s as if kemba can’t be criticized except by old members. kemba legitimately deserves criticism, but that’s somehow off limits there.

    that board is in many ways not a hornets board but a kemba walker board. there is a large and very loyal contingency there whose favorite player is kemba, and won’t stand for serious questions about his performance and how he compares to lin.

    it is what it is. but it’s not as if lin fans are the only ones who are partial.

  416. I remember he said Lin is good and helps the team most of the time
    but other times hes helping the other team
    Lin has had bad games where he turned the ball over too many times
    Its barely throwing him under the bus
    its just his opinion as a coach
    Even Lin admits to some of it himself

  417. Lol, you’re smart and tough 🙂

  418. Lin had as much a bond with McHale as he did BS and Kobe, not sure whether NONE counts as something special.

  419. He will find another team looking for a bad coach. It’s the club.

  420. Let me put it this way: People sometimes say McHale likes Lin as a person. Well, if someone likes you as a person but constantly throws you under the bus that person either has to be awfully double-faced for political reasons or he actually does not like you. In McHal’s case, I think it is the later.

  421. = something else had been working against me and I’ll figure it out first.

  422. I agree. I saw no bond. Lin stayed disciplined and polite but the coaches were not his favorite and after awhile I think he lost respect for Byron seeing how he treated Booze and others. Booze certainly had no respect for Byron.

  423. Hornets may be a better team than Phillies, but the question is whether Charlotte is willing to pay the price for retaining Lin? Certainly not at the $2 million price. If Charlotte offer Lin $8-10 million per year for 4 years and let him start as combo guard I think Lin probably will accept even if he could get more else where.

  424. Houston trying recruit Lin back but not happening

  425. LOL, love it, but to be fair to McHale, I think Lin does have better bound with him than BS and Kobe.

  426. I would appreciate it very much if people here aren’t judged on whether they are Lin fans or not. I’ve stayed with the kid through thick and thin and have travelled across continents to cheer for him and watch him play. I donate to his causes because I admire him as a person, and not just as a player.

    I believe in him in his role now, and believe he is becoming a better player than he ever has been in the past. I don’t think changing teams again at this moment, particularly to the Sixers, will be good for him. But I continue to hope for the best.

    I am not satisfied with his role, but I believe in him enough to hope that he will thrive in it and make the best of his circumstances, because where he is right now is where he chose to be. If it leads to a starter role elsewhere then I will cheer just as loudly as anywhere else on this board.

    We can agree to disagree but calling someone not a Lin fan for not agreeing with you is hurtful and uncalled for.

  427. have seen many people on that board criticize kemba. they have been praising him and the team saying that he is playing better because he has good players around him now.

  428. My theory is Lin does not connect well with dumb coaches. Lin knows more about basketball then they do and he brings up insecurities about the coaches own inadequacies. Intelligent coaches like MDA and Clifford appreciate Lin’s knowledge of the game. Not saying either one is perfect but at least Lin doesn’t make them feel more dumb.

  429. Don’t believe that bond survived the dysfunction.

  430. I am less and less confident about Clifford.

  431. that $2 million dollar price is a joke charlotte knows it Nba knows it aliens out in space knows every damn animal in the universe knows it..even donald trump knows it…it will go up

  432. If your coach who bad mouth you in public to the media is not ‘throwing under the bus’, then I don’t know what else to tell you. McHale has said many other unfavorable opinions about Lin in the media. You can search for yourself.

  433. I’d accept that or even coming off the bench but getting 30+ minutes a night and getting to close games.

  434. as i said, old members can say anything but new members are not allowed to criticize kemba.

    from what i see, the problem with some lin fans’s criticism of hornets players is that it’s done in an unpalatable and aggressive way. the tone is wrong. but the basic substance of what they are saying is not without basis.

    but it’s a sports board. that’s how ppl talk when bashing players. lin fans are no exception.

  435. McHale just tried too hard to please his superstar with a beard.

  436. McHale has never coached his team. He’s just making sideline comments to please Harden.

  437. Your post is cool. Can we call.people who use the Lin fan construct to attack others non fans?

  438. agreed there is legitimate reasons to criticize kemba. but there are better ways to do it in. and i have seen people who have been member for only a couple of months criticize kemba. but look he like all nba players have their good and bad so far with kemba i am holding my judgement on that.

  439. He has knowledge and a lot of it. He understands the game. His execution, strategies, adjustments and rotations all need work because, he’s not that experienced a head coach and maybe he’s stubborn in nature. He excels at communication skills and it seems his people skills are good. The players seem to like playing for him.

  440. Not sure you are referring to me or not. If so, please re-read what I wrote. I did not question ANY individual is a Lin fan or not. I was questioning what is a “fan” in general. Can be a Kobe fan. Like we follow Kobe news and knows Kobe more than we want to. Are we a Kobe fan now? That has been my question for a loooong time.

  441. That’s acceptable for sure. Close games part is big. This has to happen when MKG comes back.

  442. my view of the matter is, if a person is a lin fan, he should really think about what his purpose is when participating in a hornets team board.

    some good reasons to join a hornets board:
    — to learn about the team and get information
    — to have actual conversations with ppl in which you might change your mind about what you think

    bad, stupid reasons to join a hornets board:
    — to somehow feel better about yourself when ppl praise lin. to go there to fish for compliments about lin. (“lin is ok” does this and it is truly pathetic)
    — to launch into some set spiel about lin just to hear yourself talk instead of actually trying to talk to others.

    personally, i dont know why many of those lin fans go to team boards. their motivations are strange to me, and often silly and misguided.

  443. LOL

  444. There are so many arguments about where should Lin go next season here.
    Staying in Hornets as the nth option is certainly not where Lin should consider.
    This year is a win-win situation for Lin and the Hornets. Lin wants to polish his game and Hornets wants to go to the playoff.
    Next season, when MKG is back, I’m not even sure Lin will be the go to guy anymore. His role and minutes will certainly diminish.
    76er is a young team where Lin could lead with abundant young talents. Hornets is not a team that Lin will start and stay with. I believe 76er might even have the big that can finish the rim better than the Hornets. I’m sure Lin is open about joining 76er rather than playing behind Nic and Kemba.

  445. I don’t think any Laker has any respect for Byron, not even Kobe.

  446. i agree with you.. about all of it…i myself want both of the forums too have a good relationship for the future if Lin is here. This hornets team has character i know people dont think so but i geniuenly see it.

  447. Just in case not posted. Jeremy Hornet Player of the game.. Noted Jeremy Dec stat..17.6pts..all star nos..Please remember to vote for Jenery

  448. who is Jenery?,,,,,,JK

  449. I am not a bball person, can not comment on that, but based my limited bball knowledge and experiences from dealing with people, Clifford does not seem to be flexible and forth thinking.

  450. brent is trolling again

  451. Please be more accurate with your verbs, technically it was more “brown-nosing” than pleasing. *wink*

  452. Ban him! Lol can we ban a mod!?

  453. I’m on it. He’s banned.

  454. McHale is the result of a GM system (Jerry Krause, Daryl Morey, Sam Hinkie) that believes coaches are no more than babysitters, hence he was hired to do such job.

  455. Looks like DM w Lin… Good to see that… But who took the picture for DM & fan? Lin? LOL!

  456. Agreed.

  457. LOL. He admits the positive part, but the negative part of the fact is he was jealous and had Lin marginalized.

  458. Dont think Lin ever lost respect for McHale

  459. Thats hardly bad mouthing

  460. sounds about right

  461. Please don’t. He is my favorite troll.

  462. Herman’s hermits….jenery 8th I am, jenery the 8th I am. ( Henry 8th). Early British Invasion.

  463. and hes a big donald trump supporter..

  464. LOL If it was Lin it was a bad photo cause it looks very blurry!

  465. Agree and the league is actually forcing 76ers to sell and hire the people they want including MDA! Everyone knows MDA will not just be an associate coach but the eyes and ears of the team if not why even hire him?! The only person I’m worried about is Hinkie the GM who learned under Morey and the coach. I feel better about Lin joining if they fire Hinkie ASAP!

  466. I know… Haha! Looks like it’s different person who took the picture for Lin & DM w fan.

  467. i like this statements by lin in an interview by Jonathan Feigen to wit:

    ““I feel even more appreciative of the time I spent with him and the two years I spent here,” Lin said.” (Houston)

    for what is worth, i feel that JLIN meant was, what happened with houston and him becomes pressure and stigma for him that now of all the things that happened with the team, JLIN saw that he’s been blessed having that experience. It makes him better person and it has shown the strength of his faith!

  468. that’s why i consider now 76ers a different team as before the intervention of NBA org.

  469. Rox is really a nightmare period but I have to say bc Rox that’s why Lin got a lot better in everything for his skill. So….

  470. another quite from same article:

    ““It’s too early for that,” he said. “I don’t really know what that means
    now. I’ve been in situations where I didn’t play well enough and that’s
    why I got moved or I played well and I still got moved. If I sign a
    longer deal I might be more ready to call it home.”

    so we know now that jeremy is not giving in just because he is receiving more PT..and the only sign he’s staying is by signing a longer term and it will become his home if and when his demand is met by the team he’s going to sign .

  471. so now he’s saying that Rox being toxic before is a blessing still for him because that makes him who he is right now.

  472. That is best part I like the most from his interview. And from that I know there is nothing we need to worry about. Lin knows what he is doing.

  473. Hate to say this… but true. W/O Rox, Lin probably will have hard time like Lawson who just can’t play well off ball. But Lin can play well w or w/o the ball now.

  474. agreed..
    to the other who says he’s in a better team, they don’t see it better than JLIN himself..given more time doesn’t mean he’s in a better team, because to him, he doesn’t take it as it is because he’s not sure of its meaning!

  475. that’s the beauty of JLIN’s appreciation of facts and his experiences as a player!

  476. In fact, I really think Rox’s training are good bc look at all these players out of Rox all play well now.

  477. dm took Jlin picture then Jlin took dm pict….Jlin need glasses…lol

  478. Haha! That’s what I thought….LOL!

  479. the only toxic about houston is the FO morey and the Ousted Coach in McHale!

  480. Like Lin said at season beginning ” One game at a time” Lin focus on every game to do his best. That is what we are witnessing right now. He is elevating his game day by day. Everything will play out accordingly after that.

    This attitude is not pessimistic. Actually quite opposite, it shows that he is confident!!

  481. i guess he’s a realist now because of his previous experience. he knew that what matters right now is what will happened so he gives himself a STEP for every WALK he makes!

  482. ha ha very Buddhist – live for now.

  483. good call, glasses.

  484. the dude is in shape …

  485. That is also the only reason he choose Hornets to re- gain his ground.

  486. Yup true fans know becoming All-Star and then winning Championship is Lin’s goal and that will never change! The only want to do that is for Lin to be a starter and lead his own team!

  487. Won’t be so sure about Cliff, he’s still being pulled by politics. A coach with authority and respect like MDA or Pop would not let politics get in the way of his coaching! But Pop was GM of Spurs before coaching so that’s a special case.

  488. From Hornets FB.

    Practice in Houston ✌? Michael Kidd-Gilchrist working hard to get back into action.

  489. I’ve loss confidence in Cliff long ago. Also these few games he was forced to play Lin cause Batum was sick. As we can see this game, once Batum is back, Lin gets benched again no matter how well he plays!

  490. hahaha agreed! The clown had a bad roster last season. Let’s see what their record is this season when they have so many better players.

  491. The roster was below average as a whole, but with Lin’s magic they were able to beat GSW. The biggest problem was hardly the roster, but the toxic tank-meisters KoBS.

  492. Lin never wavers of his dream of starting point guard and winning a ring. I never doubt that lin knows he is better player than other pg. The guy does have confidence.

  493. The mastermind was Morey to prove to Les Alexander he wasn’t wrong about Lin when he released him on Christmas Eve. Alex was really upset with Morey because he really like Lin and what he could do for his Asian interests. Alex chewed Morey out over the phone and told hi. To get Lin back or else. Morey hated Lin for that and set out to make Lin a third string player.

    Mchale was a willing partner in the crime. The media in Houston followed the party line and set out to destroy Lin’s reputation and they succeeded to convince everyone that Lin was a third string scrub.

    Mchale may have not been a great coach, but he was complicit in the destruction of Lin’s confidence and status in the league. Lin is just too tough mentally to let them win.

  494. He’s joining mda.

  495. so sad, just finished watching the last episode of One-Punch Man. i feel Lin is like One-Punch Man. he never gets credit for anything. yet he’s 100x better than the guys who does

  496. Lin made a great personal choice to join CLT, we will see where he goes 7 months later.

  497. It’s what Bruce Lee called “tighten the circle.” When enemies surround you, it’s imperative to define your defensive circle, tighten it and control every square inch of that circle.

    Lin can’t control forces beyond his circle of influence, only what’s in it. Coaches decisions, teammates opponents, they are external forces. Jbruce illustrated this to his student by drawing a circle around his student that matches the radius of his kick. That was his defensive circle. When Bruce moved forward to challenge him, he immediately moved his circle away.

    When life threatens us with multiple forces pulling every which way, it’s important to know your own limits and focus on the things that can be controlled.

  498. You can bet there will be a season two, which should end with the Garou Battle.

    One Punch Man, while being a parody of the superhero genre, carries very cold and heavy messages reflective of the real world. For instance, people denying the truth that does not conform their perception, or being flat out unappreciative.

  499. They did not make Lin a 3rd string you went way too far

  500. deeeep. i just love the show cus it cracks me up 🙂

  501. 🙂

  502. My Christmas wish – JLin dropping 40 on the Rox tomorrow night.

  503. He’s like Kato in Green Hornet. Sidekick is more famous than the star.
    Bruce Lee in Green Hornet was a precursor to Lin in teal Hornets.

  504. Can’t say it better than this!!!

  505. If Lin is there, theres a big chance. If Lin is not in the hornets, they will still like last season.

  506. True. Always treated as second fiddle. Unless somebody is hurt or ill.

  507. Yes yes yes!

  508. Loving his attitude. Just the kind of attitude that you want to show to your kids or even to each one of us. Not to back down agains challenges and unfair treatment.

  509. Nice way to put it

  510. If people are stung by your statements even if you dont mention their names, they must be guilty. Best way is to move on and disregard. Our goal is to show these people that Lin is our star, our champion and our hall of fame.

  511. Some people might just want to pose as a fan.

  512. True. Wait until Mkg is back. LIN won’t see the light of the day.

  513. really hope JLin gets the chance to torch the rox…he’s torched the knicks multiple times, but hasn’t done so against the rox yet.

  514. “Kemba Walker had 18 points, which is right at his season average, but it took 18 shots and he’s been limited to 36.2 percent in the last four games. He was held to 8.0 points on 28.6 percent in the two losses to Houston last season.

    The guard is adjusting to playing more with Jeremy Lin – who played 36 minutes against Washington and is averaging 17.6 points in the last five games – and Clifford is intrigued by playing the two along with Nicolas Batum.

    “What it does is it gives you three pick-and-roll players, so I think you saw last night we had really good stretched of offense with those guys,” Clifford said. “They can spread the defense out, which creates space for each other.” “–yahoo sports game preview

  515. Lin scored 11 points in the 4 qt against them in a game last season, and 8 were from FT line I remember, it was fun to watch.

  516. ill repost this here tho i was dissed for posting it before because quote” “not fair overtime game”.

    what? so overtime game stats dont quote? we’re supposed to ignore the 4 overtime game of the bulls detroit the other nite? would be “not fair” to include those stats in averages.

    what is is what is. you count what counts.


    anyway; heres lins major production from last 5 games, a quite impressive performance which he definitely needed to turn around what had been disappointing to date otherwise production this season.

    and he did it and its not just 1 overtime game; its a five game sample, the second time only this season btw lin has been given 26 minutes or more for a 4 game stretch or more.


    lin last 5 games

    34 minutes pg
    13 fga pg
    48% fg%
    40% 3pt%
    85% ft%
    4 rb’s
    4 assist
    17.6 points

    (note in my post above yahoo sports game preview also notes lin’s 17.6 points per game; they dont qualify it by saying “not fair” because there was an overtime game in there. smh).

  517. I guess you enjoy the view just as much as the interview.

  518. Jenerally speaking…

  519. Justice!

  520. If the Hornets execute their motion offense properly and share the ball, the Rox won’t know what hit them. Dwight will have to guard his man at the perimeter (hope Hawes and Frank get more burn than Cody in this game) then they have no other shot blocker in the paint. I cannot see Harden chasing Lin around multiple screens.

  521. cbs sports nba writer lists lin as one of 5 possible candidates for 6th man of the year.

  522. Sixers may draft a young point guard and that may marginalize Lin there since that young player will get his minutes to develop….

    Maybe Lin could still play SG alongside a young PG…but I’d rather Lin point guard next year.

  523. Why do you ask? Are you stung by my statement?

    Take your friend’s advice and just move on and disregard then. And let’s just try not to be adversarial.

    I was nothing but polite – to everyone – in that post.

  524. Tbh, I’m not sure what you mean but I wouldn’t issue a call to attack anyone JoeTeam.

    My point actually was there is no Lin fan construct, apart from supporting Jeremy and wishing the best for him.

    I’ve said this before – none of us know what’s going to happen and all our different opinions could actually be wrong. Why create divisions between “these people” and “some Lin fans”? Unless somebody here has a direct line to Jeremy himself, we are all in the same boat and nobody has a right to say one’s support matters less than the other.

    It’s annoying and sad what this board has become.

  525. I was advised by my friends not to attend the game because of the terrorists’ threat…I felt quite secure witnessing much stricter security measures than before and also seeing countless police cars surrounding the Verizon Center.

    Since each Nations’ Ambassadors are well protected in Wash., DC, the spectators also benefited by the presence of Ambassador Shen Lyu-shun (沈呂巡).

    Many Asians were present at the game also many riding the metro from/to Northern Va,, the DC suburb.

    Wonderful game summary by KL!

  526. Your post was indeed polite and I agree with you. Just the timing… You posted if right after I asked what make one a “fan”. The timing… People can be PC all day long but with a subtle message… Therefore, i am not quite sure why you wrote your post at that time.
    Again, I agree with what you said, but if you wrote your post accusing me judging other Lin fans, please re-read what I wrote.

  527. May the force be with Lin……and you all…LOL

  528. The force has spoken.

  529. I was actually referring to that entire series of statements by several people referring to “some Lin fans” “true Lin fans” and “they” as if referring to a different set of people. If nothing else, it sends an “us or them” tone in a board where we are all true Lin fans. I’ve very politely asked the mods to look at the kind of environment being created by conversations like that in a board where, apart from the occasional troll, we all support Jeremy. I personally feel slighted by it because I am happy to have divergent opinions about Jeremy (and I sometimes have in the last several years), but to call me not a true Lin fan, less of a Lin fan or a part of “them” that don’t believe in Jeremy enough is false. Ignore me if you think it’s sensitive.

    To answer your question, imo a fan is someone who supports and wishes the best for someone, even if we differ on what we feel is “the best.” Some manifest that by learning all they can about the sport that Jeremy plays, others like to tweet about him and others follow his every move socially. Our approach and backgrounds tend to lead to different conclusions and thoughts. But we are all fans in that we all support him.

    It’s a long winded post, but that’s my only point.

  530. shooting % last 7 games
    lin 48% 40% 3’s
    walker 44% 33% 3’s
    batum 40% 33% 3’s

    quick quiz: who has the higher career scoring average (points per game) lin or batum?

    answer: lin 11.7 to 11.5

  531. Lin = Pick #1 .
    It doesnt matter what player they will draft for pg. If the coach don’t see that in Lin then that coach is not the right coach. Lin have to find a place where he’ll be the 1st or 2nd option,

  532. Thing is: A Lot of NBA players like Harden are still jealous of the Linsanity phenomenon…

  533. 4. Jeremy Lin, Charlotte Hornets — After an up and down year with the Los Angeles Lakers, Lin’s career has been rejuvenated with the Hornets. Lin has been a perfect fit for Charlotte, playing exceptionally well off the bench.

    Leading Charlotte’s second unit, Lin is roughly averaging the same numbers he did last season, 11.7 points, 3.0 rebounds and 3.1 assists, but he has been playing a more consistent role for the Hornets which allows him to play with more confidence. Using his combo-guard skills, Lin attacks the basket, sets up teammates for threes and is the primary ball handler for the Hornets off the bench. Lin not only runs Charlotte’s second unit but since he plays wells with Kemba Walker, he also closes out games.

    Although Lin has been in Charlotte’s starting lineup, he has primarily been the team’s sixth man, a role he’s been excelling at. It’s also a role that Michael Jordan envisioned Lin would play when Charlotte signed the combo-guard in the offseason. The Hornets could make a return to the postseason after a one-year absence and a large reason why that could happen is because of their depth, which Lin is a big part of.

  534. I don’t think of Batum as a PnR player.

  535. I didn’t listen much. U could tell Lin was annoyed.
    Questions were inane

  536. Sure were. Can the guys get dressed before the interview?

  537. Since they are playing in Houston, the refs are going to give Houston favorable calls. Hornets has to be ahead by double digit, if not they will loose.

  538. First option for what? When Lin plays point with the bench Lamb is the first scoring option. Then maybe Frank is second. Sometimes Lin calls his own number. Lin often scores a lot when a key scoring player doesn’t play or when he senses he needs to. All Lin needs is the ball to flow through him in most offensive sets, not even all. He’s no longer the player that needs the ball in his hands constantly to play well. He’s improved and evolved beyond that.

  539. They aren’t any different team. Their record is the same. Before we go and put Lin on the worse team in the NBA can we at least see if there’s any improvement with them?

  540. Bottom line is we all support Jeremy. We may do it in different ways and have different criteria but we all do. Questioning our fandom is unacceptable. I’m truly getting annoyed by a few posters that do it to me and I’ve been patient. But no more, time to be firm. I do trust the mods to keep things under control.

  541. With jimy butler hinting he wants rose off the bull…how about the hornet trading al + Jlin for rose….does the salary match?

  542. I agree, it was questionable with the last game with the camera angles against the Wizards. I thought all NBA games would be televised the same, especially with it being a home game for the Wizards with a superstar like Wall, unless it depends on the broadcast company televising it?

  543. Did Butler say he wanted Lin? Why would Charlotte do this trade? I don’t think Lin wants to be traded anyway. I think he wants the power to choose.

  544. new game thread

    Jeremy is back in Houston as a Hornet who had a much better chance to beat the Rockets than the tanking Lakers last season.

    1. Jeremy has been playing well in the last 5 games. Over his last 5 games,@JLin7 is now averaging 17.6pts on 48.4% shooting along w 4.4reb/3.8ast/1.4blk. Would it continue in this game or even be better against his old team?

    2. Would Jeremy guard Harden as the SG position in the 4th quarter? It would certainly be one interesting matchup to watch as JLin would try to contain Harden’s ability to draw fouls.

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s continue to shoot at least 8FG & 4 FT attempts. Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

  545. Butler knows how good Lin’s defense is addition to his PG skills.

  546. Where wer you dissed? I don’t get how anyone could refute facts. The fact Lin played 47 minutes is an anomaly to his usual 25-30. The same people that diss you would try to compare Lin’s regular 25-30 to Walker and Batums 35-40 minutes. Lol.

    Minutes are minutes and Lin’s production out of those minutes prove him to be more effective, which is why offence is designed away from Lin and he gets to stand for 9 minutes without having a chance to affect the outcome of the game.

    Haters will hate!

  547. Let’s agree to disagree because it’s obvious you are a fan of Mchale. As you can see no one here likes Mchale so why even bother fighting our opinions. You see it as half full and we it’s half empty.

    What is no debatable is the result. Lin started as a full glass in Houston. A mega star that set records no one else has even come close to. When Lin was chased out of Houston with Melogate, he was a less than half empty/full glass. How that happened is point of view. Our point of view is simply that Lin was slowly cut into smaller and smaller pieces by everyone in Houston, much like what they’ve done to Lawson now. Lawson is the beta test hat showed how easy it is to tear someone down from star to bench. Lawson is showing the rest of the league how and why Lin was cut down from star to bench. Lawson is showing that what we saw was not our imagination.

    The truth is coming out. Mchale and Morey and the media dogs that wagged the tail is overdue for some major correction. When Howard leaves this year, Harden is the goat and Not The G.O.A.T. Houston can revert completely to a place no one wants to be.

  548. Haha. More than the lame interview, for sure.

  549. Your last sentence is what I meant so we’re all good. Thanks for your post it is good. This board is well moderated, and there are people here at the fringe who look for ways to get past hurts resolved. I tend to think of everyone as for the moment, like Buddhism. By that, I mean generally people are who they are, but boards tend to have the posts be driving by the time and emotion. So, if a person posts great, I try to support it. If they post something I disagree with, I disagree in a straight way. If they troll me, I respond back factually calling out the behavior.

    Yep, some days it’s hard here too, but it’s way better than other sites and way better than the 2nd yr in HOU when it was clear the organization’s agenda was at the price of JLin’s future.

    Happy week, it’s almost holidays!

  550. upvoted, but no, I’m not thinking what you are thinking LAJane ha ha.

  551. Yeah baby, the power to choose. We all pay a price for that, and thank God we can.

  552. If I can get a ticket lol.

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