The Nets Lost a HeartBreaker Game 108-110 to the Bucks

Milwaukee, WI - OCTOBER 29: Jeremy Lin #7 of the Brooklyn Nets drives to the basket during a game against the Milwaukee Bucks on October 29, 2016 at BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2016 NBAE (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

Milwaukee, WI – OCTOBER 29: Jeremy Lin #7 of the Brooklyn Nets drives to the basket during a game against the Milwaukee Bucks on October 29, 2016 at BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2016 NBAE (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

What a heartbreaking loss! The Nets gave it their all in the 2nd game of back-to-back game on the road but they lost 108-110 to the Buck on the tip-in by John Henson.

Jeremy Lin had a cold-shooting night (4-16 FG, 1-7 3FG) but still managed to finish a double-double (12 pts/10asts along with 3stls/3rebs/2tos) in a valiant attempt to steal a win on the road against a well-rested Bucks who played 3 days ago. Booker (14pts/14rebs), Bogdanovic (26pts/8rebs), Scola (14pts/8rebs), Kilpatrick (15pts/2asts) also played very well

Down 7 points (97-104) with 3:18 left in the 4th quarter, Lin led the Nets 11-4 run to tie the game 108-108 with 2 FTs, 3assists, 1 steal. With 11 seconds left, John Henson grabbed an offensive rebound of Jabari Parker’s miss and scored 2 points on a putback.

Note: The Nets showed grit and guts in almost stealing a win even without Brook Lopez (rest due plantar fascitis) and Randy Foye (hamstring). They proved that they can compete well and will need to continue to be better with interior defense to not allow easy points.

The Nets would need to rest and regroup to face the visiting Bulls in 2 days


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  4. It was a tough loss but noone expected to compete with a well-rested Bucks (3 days) being short-handed without Brook and Foye.

    #BrooklynGrit, yeah!

  5. On one hand, I was disappointed by Jeremy’s cold shooting night — it’s early in the season and he was great on back-to-backs last year. On the other hand, I was doubly impressed (pun intended) by his passing and ferocious defense. In the end, the Nets just needed one more rebound on a night where the refs were giving every 50/50 call to the home team.

    Overall, I’m very encouraged by tonight’s effort. I thought Bojan played much better teamball tonight and got his buckets in the flow of the offense. If Jeremy stays healthy all year, this team can compete for that 8th seed.

  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it hurts

  7. Nets can definitely improve from here giving Lin a little more time to figure out his teammates, and get a lot better getting a critical defense/rebound Big through trade.

  8. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  9. i need to know. does kenny plan to eventually try to win all of our games and not just the home games? sitting brook when we dont have talent as is, is setting us up for failure. i get why he sat brook this game, back to back, we have an extended home stay coming up so why have him travel, etc. but will he eventually play him all games? for 30 minutes? with the starters getting 30 minutes?

    cuz development tank and tank for picks both mean no playoffs, and a “wasted” season of lin’s prime so…. we NEED kenny to start trying to win games before it’s too late…

  10. Yea, he played with more flow yesterday. He was much more comfortable too. Bucks starting PG, don’t know his name but he’s pretty good.

  11. Proud of the Nets. Tough game to win without Brook, on the road, back to back games. Refs screwed the Nets hard, but we were cold shooting for most of the game. Not bad considering the Pacers also played back to back games and they got blown out by the Bulls.

    Lin’s shot was way off tonight. He had the green light to keep shooting opens shots, even though he was ice cold. However, I would’ve preferred Lin to drive more if he knows his shots aren’t going in. Still, he played a pretty good game, doing a great job distributing the ball with 10 assists and a few more that guys didn’t convert and/or were fouls / free throws. Also had 3 nice steals and 3 rebounds.

    Bog carried the Nets like I’d hope he would. That clutch 3 at the end… wow. Simply amazing. Kilpatrick had his 3rd straight great game off the bench. Booker had another monster game and a double-double, scoring 14 points and getting 14 rebounds. He is definitely our most important player in terms of providing energy, defense, offense, and most importantly, rebounding. Scola also quietly had a good game, with 14 points and 8 rebounds.

    Looking forward to Nets playing the Bulls at home on Monday with Brook back (lol).

  12. i have a revelation as to why Atkinson is preserving Lopez’s health. it is for a pending trade

  13. Man, Lin really does have a knack in clutch situations. Either Lin nails the clutch shots himself or he finds a man that will do it for him i.e. Troy Daniels, Bojan, etc.

  14. Lin in first 3 games of season (32mpg) – 17pts / 7asts / 5rebs / 1stl – 38%fg / 31%3pt / 78%ft.

    I see him averaging 20/8 this season. Just a bad shooting night!

  15. Uhhh I doubt that. He’s just following the Spur’s and Popovich’s rest strategy.

  16. Game killeds his percentages

  17. I hope he brings those percentages back up real soon.

  18. looks awfully similar to my season stat prediction for him

  19. but the Lord hath spoken

  20. He will man… trust the process 😉

  21. a small possibility but probably not now.

    Knowing Atkinson and the “character” focus, I doubt Sean Marks & Kenny Atkinson would lie and betray Brook by telling him he’s getting rest to “build up” and lengthen his career. Brook also helped recruit Lin, Tyler and other FAs.

    I doubt there’s hidden plan to trade him. If they do later, they’ll be frank with him.
    Otherwise, it destroys any credibility of “Character” culture that Sean and KA tries to promote

  22. oh wow, the Nets actually scored opponents 328-326 in 3 games?
    so far only 2 close losses on the road

    After 10 games, I predict this Nets team will hit its stride and play even better!

  23. i seriously do believe Lopez will be traded sooner or later simply because he doesn’t fit the system. and if they do, it wouldn’t really mean that they lied either because they really are resting him to build him up and lengthen his career, maybe not for the Nets

  24. worried about monday. chicago has been surprisingly good

  25. Post-game interview:

  26. i’m gonna enjoy that game. i think they will do quite well against them as they’re not a very good defensive team. they just need to focus on shutting down Jimmy and contain McDermott’s 3 point shooting

  27. Yea Chicago is pretty good I’m actually a bit worried. Wade is killer.

  28. i really hope not. Lin and brook are building chemistry and he’s lethal in the post. As long as Brook continues to position himself better, PNR will be lethal if KA allows it.

  29. he’s definitely a threat in the low post and he did great in the last game against basically a shorter version of himself but with shorter arms (Big Al). but the league (especially the Nets) are going away from that style. i see them wanting to run a lot more and they need a Big who can run, grab rebounds, and defend the paint

  30. Yeah, Kenny could’ve gotten us 3 wins in a row if he played Brook-Lin more in the first game and if he played Brook even 15 minutes this game. It’s a shame that Nets are 1-2 when we could’ve been 3-0 right now.

    It is what it is. Kenny is sticking with his plan not to overplay players in fear of injuries. It might’ve been a mandate from Marks not to give Brook that many minutes at the start of the season. Also, Brook has issues with plantar fasciitis, so that could be another reason why they’re so careful with playing him.

  31. Since there is a plan (I assume) and only 3 games….no need to panic and change it I guess

  32. YES Network changed their Twitter header to guess who…? :p

  33. who was the better floor general tonight: Lin or Delly? I only saw the 4th quarter where Lin was amazing in leading his team back. how come Sean didn’t get more shot attempts?

  34. The Nets used Lopez to recruit Lin, it would be odd if the plan was to trade him. Thad Young, on the other hand, was not part of the presentation to Lin. They won’t get great value for Lopez because of his injury history and the fact that he’s an UFA in two years. It’d take a desperate team like the Cavs were when they traded for Mozgov. Even then, any picks the Nets would get would likely be a mid to late 1st Rounder at Best.

  35. Agreed?

  36. Delly didn’t face the pressure Lin faced. He could play much more relaxed. Delly played a good PG but Lin was more dynamic.

  37. because of their tendency of shooting a lot of 3’s, I suspect the Nets will win games comfortably whenever they shoot at around 35%..That’s because they take so many of them that it would give them a huge edge.

    So far, they’ve taken more 3’s than their opponent and they’ve also made more 3’s than their opponent.

    The 3Point weapon is exactly what’s keeping this team close…They have many players that will keep firing them..I believe Kenny should not discourage long as he the players can shoot them…

    If Lin could at least make 1 of his 6 missed 3’s, Nets win.

  38. I came away with the same impression as well.

  39. Even though Lin had a bad shooting night which was long overdue statistically, he was still helping his team tremendously with his facilitating, assists and defense. In fact he got a net +12, second only to Booker in his team.

  40. Under the adverse situations, without the starting center, a back to back road game, and the backup center on cold feet etc, the Nets at least showed that they are competitive. They definitely will improve with better chemistry. I have a strong feeling that they will help each other to play at their best.
    They play much better than 76ers even with less talents.

  41. Nets can’t afford to trap Delly like the Bucks do Lin. There are too many potential weapons with talents on Bucks’ side. But this signify how hard the Nets fought and hustled despite being on the short end of the talent stick.

  42. Hamilton redeemed himself partially in the 4th. I guess Jefferson, Hamilton, Bennett, Harris will improve if coach Atkinson trusts them with more minutes just like what he does to S. Kilpatrick.

  43. For sure! The nice thing is that we all know KA, Jlin, and the rest of the team will watch the film. It’s one thing to kinda be a veteran of the game, and think you know it all, so you slack off a little bit in terms of studying the game. But I feel like both Lin and Atkinson still prepare for each and every game just as intensely as they ever have, and will continue to do so for the rest of their careers. That’s the coolest part of this whole thing – I think that’s all Lin ever wanted. It will be a joy to watch the fruits of their labor and passion.

  44. The Nets is a brand new team; the only starters who have played with each other before are Bodanovic and Brook. They will definitely get better as the season goes. They really have no pressure.

    They are already exceeding their expectations.

  45. It’s a tough loss, but it’s the kind of loss which just fire everyone up to play better next game. They were w/o Brook, their star player Lin was double or triple teamed the whole game, and they STILL was this close to beating a powerhouse team. This is all heart and grit on display. I ain’t made or worried. If 12/10 is a BAD DAY for Lin, then ASG is within reach.

    I can’t help but wonder… this sitting Brook was entire intentional and planned way ahead of time. KA wanted to see how Lin and the team plays if Brook’s gone; injured or traded, so he just did it as soon as possible – an 2nd back-to-back away game, which is a loss for most NBA teams. This is purely a training exercise to see if the team can adopt. They had problems the whole game, but I think in the 4th they’ve learned to adopt and started to jell around Lin. You can see in multiple plays the big men did not know how to screen for Lin, and others didn’t step up and cut in for a pass. THEY GOT BETTER AT READING LIN. This is highly encouraging. I think yes it’s tough to lose but again, we gain something of value out of it. A “quality” loss.

  46. they got better in the 4th and again outscored their opponent with Lin leading them. It takes time but honestly, they are doing much better and faster than I thought. I was thinking it will take 10-15 games for them to reach this stage. I’m pretty hyped.

  47. bad night and ended up with 12/10. This is the real power of Jlin, lol

  48. Without Brook, Brooklyn Nets certainly lacks something to space the court that Lin would thrive.

  49. I doubt it. Brook adds to the versatility of the team. His presence enables the team to be competitive in and out of the paint area. Also Brook’s character fits in the winning culture that the team starts. Brook is a star player who is huge around the net.

    Don’t think Lopez would be traded at all. He is going to be the cornerstone of Brooklyn just like Lin.

  50. Nobody could have predicted the bench of the Nets becomes so promising. They are still in progress. By all standard, they have passed the eyes test in regular season games.

  51. It seems that Kenny sticks with his plan to protect his players from injury. In a long run, the Nets will have a better team with healthy players.

  52. Agreed. It does take a few games for Lin and his teammates to play like a real team.

  53. This Nets team remains me of the Rockets – chucking up lots of threes. Its not a bad thing. They can win just like the Rockets – #8 and #6 seed. Just like the success of last year’s Hornets.

  54. I’m excited that we’re going to face the Bulls, Hornets, Knicks coming up. We can win. And it’ll go a long way for our confidence moving forward.

  55. Lopez was effective against the Big Al’s of the league but he won’t be playing against too many of these type of bigs. Lopez’s style is just outdated whereas the Nets run a modern fast pace offense (and defense) with lots of 3’s and movements. i just don’t see Lopez in the Nets future

  56. NYK beat Mem today??? Mem just couldn’t make the shot? smh!

  57. PFV’s Game #03 Report — Jeremy Lin & Brooklyn Nets Lose To Milwaukee Bucks 110-108

  58. A lot of teams shoots tons of 3s – The Dubs for example. It’s just modern NBA offense. the chemistry of the team is 180 to the Rockets. There’s no prima donna here and everyone seemed to like and respect each other.

  59. @Sportige
    Not Jeremy Lin’s best game, happens. On to the next one. He did have this impressive circus shot

  60. +12
    good point!

  61. From Blaiyan

  62. it would be very interesting if the Nets discusses their long-term plan with Brook that may include both the Nets scenario or even trading to a contender.

    That might be the only way that the Nets can maintain the “Character” culture if they indeed trade Brook due to misfit.

    I just have a hard time accepting Sean Marks and Kenny would blatantly lie to Brook.

    I see how happy Lin and Brook together on court from high-fiving during shooting drills. If Brook knows he might be traded, it’s hard to fake the little things of being so happy playing with Lin.

    I’m just saying it’s possible but in my assessment very unlikely.
    But I guess we’ll find out the truth by Feb trade deadline, hehe..

  63. Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks | Full Game Highlights | October 29, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

  64. The box score tells it all.
    T. Booker +15 21 min
    JLin +12 33 min
    Bogdanovic +9 31 min
    Hamilton -12 30 min
    Jefferson -15 23 min
    Scola +10 18 min
    Kilpatrick +4 24 min
    Harris -2 18 min
    Whitehead -5 8 min
    Vasquez -9 7 min
    Bennett -17 18 min

  65. JLin can play with anybody! He lets everyone around him play their game. That’s his gift as a Leader and playmaker.

  66. Yes Jeremy wasn’t hitting his hot percentages this game, but watching just these few highlights I can’t stop hooting. His court vision is so COMPREHENSIVE. He simply doesn’t accept being stopped, he keeps FLOWING. His teammates have a little hesitation step that betrays they can’t quite see how he’s gonna capitalize on the moment, and he’ll break someone’s ankles (so much fun!) and dish a no-look or thread a heat-seeking dime and they’d better be ready for anything. I can see his relentless momentum becomes contagious. If they can step up to that level, anything can happen 🙂 High hopes here!

  67. who is jefferson?

  68. Dude seriously I thought it would take much longer but man they’re looking pretty good only 3 games in.

  69. Actually more positive after this game. Pacers’ game was mostly on shot making…..this game, they could fight till the end without Lin making tons of shots…..very impressive…

  70. I think Lin’s shot being off today perhaps was the result of being tired. He played the most minutes in the past two games out of any player in a very taxing motion offense system (requires conditioning). Not to mention he played great defense in the past two games as well. Doing all of that would take a lot out of anyone and I think it’ll get better as the season goes along and players are more conditioned.

  71. With all things considered like it being a road game, a b2b for the Nets but Bucks being fresh, etc–very very impressive.

  72. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

  73. Every time I look at the BS picture. I can’t stop relating you with him.

  74. Jeremy Lin Scores 12 Pts, 10 Asts (2016.10.29) – Nets vs Bucks Postgame Analysis, Recap

  75. KA pregame said resting Lopez is planned. The Net announcer Sarah? said Spurs does this a lot and Nets is imitating San Antonio.

  76. but no excuses.. tired or not. He didn’t shot well, a few times he had open looks, but still didn’t get it in.

  77. al jefferson

  78. shooting wise that is.
    but 12 and 10 and 3 is not his best game.. dude most other players don’t mind the stats..especially when rubio gets almost a double double, nad they call him good. smh.

  79. I would feel beat up if I tried that hard and didn’t win.
    So I don’t know about their moral now.
    They did win, yes, then I will be just as excited as you…maybe a bit less compare to you.

  80. This game is saying something in terms of lesson even if it’s obvious and KA should see this.

    1) They need an insider. A post person.
    2) If they get theise 3s falling, then they win.. But they still need inside game in cases 3s is not falling because you don’t want the ‘live by da 3 and die by da 3’ saying

  81. Amazing game. Honestly I had a feeling we lost this game even before it started. Lin was due for a stinker…he put up too many games of high scoring consecutively plus the “not so secret” secret that we Lin fans know already: Lin plays much better with energy of the crowd behind him.

    Actually this wasn’t even a stinker by Lin because it was a double double performance. Putting things in perspective, we know that Lin can just as easily have 1 pt games with 6 TOS. Again it’s rare but it does happen.

    It’s one game, one loss. Likely there are many many more on the way. Either way this rag tag nets team is so far blowing away my expectations big time. I have hope that they can grow and develop into a good team later in the season.

  82. btw this game they’re suppose to win as buckies aren’t going anywhere nor a playoff team anyways.

    They aren’t know as a top defensive team..but they can be.. I mean.. once a player has the ball, it seems like he is surrounded by an octopus.. long swingy armies.

  83. So I have to say.. maybe Khuang was right.. He always said that one of the pgs who gives lin trouble is dellanovaly. I don’t know if it’s b2b (and should not be an excuse)..but delly was covering lin.

  84. This was not a bad Lin game by any measure. Speaking objectively, Lin has had much much worse than this…its not even close.

  85. I like delly, he is a scrappy player who plays hard. In a way he reminds me of Lin. Let’s be honest though, he is dirty as heck, on par with the other dirty Australian in the league Andrew Bogut. Not to mention, Bogut disciple who is even dirtier than him, Draymond Green.

  86. Think about this. This is actually the first game Lin did not win when he was given the key to lead a NBA team and play his game.

  87. I know. Really felt like they were going to win.

  88. I think this was a special back to back. He normally plays worse on back to backs. But I think this one was not just physically tiring but emotionally tired. Their open day win, as the starting pg, with his friend coach Atkinson outplay such an emotional high that he was extra tired the next night.

  89. He hasn’t played very well. I like how he is less selfish then in preseason but can’t recall him making a lot of plays so far.

  90. Loss. But does seem like they still improved as a team. Looking forward to this week of bulls, pistons, hornets.

  91. I was expecting to be complaining for the next month. I instead find myself loving their play. They are not perfect but I see them meeting their goals. They play hard, unselfish and they are good.

    Will I be disappointed like last night in the future? Probably.

    Will I be angry about Lin and the team? Not likely.

    Will they provide a lot of wins and high points? Optimistic.

  92. Delly is good. Look forward to the next match up with Lin on fresh legs.

  93. Delly would be a perfect backup in NETs…….He is dirty, indeed.

  94. that’s why I say.. let’s see how lin does in span of 82 games. what we had was small sample in the past even though it was good. due to statistics there are bounds with have games like this.

    I wonder if lebron or someone has a shooting games like this.. I mean I know there are but don’t know how bad. 4-16 with 12 points is bad… in lins’ terms…. melo I know has 25% shooting nights but somehow end up with 19 points or 20 points… same with harden.

  95. Jeremy played in his first NBA game 6 years ago yesterday. The Warriors played the Clippers at home …

    “It was Asian Heritage Night at Oracle Arena and the crowd of 17,408 rose in a standing ovation when reserve Jeremy Lin checked into the game with 2:32 remaining in the fourth quarter. Lin, who grew up in the Bay Area, didn’t score but hustled for a loose ball that brought the crowd to its feet again.”

    See :

  96. IIRC Lin felt uncomfortable with the crowd cheering every thing he did his rookie year. He has such a weight of so many Asian fans to carry. He is such an amazing and faithful person to carry so much pressure.

  97. Glad he finally came through….and became a much better player

  98. His fans used to be so much easier to please.

  99. It’s really hard to win when the only other star on the team doesn’t play and instead the coach gives 17 minutes to Anthony Bennett (-17). Minutes to Vasquez and Whitehead also consistently create deficits that are hard to climb out of.

  100. 4/16 is terrible but 8/16 is fantastic! So we’re really talking about 4 missed shots. There’s a very small margin of error. It happens to Curry, Durant, and even LeBron. No need to dwell on it.

  101. How would that fit the Nets high character image? And teams might take their revenge out on Lin for Dellys dirty plays.

  102. He plays hard, just like this Nets team.

  103. RHJ has made good cuts and drives to the basket and he made a 3 last night, but he was really bad last night offensively. His defense is supposed to be his major strength and the only reason why Nets fans want him to start, but he got abused last night by Giannis. To be fair, not many people can guard Giannis, especially without a good rim protector. Brook was sorely missed last night against the tall and lengthy Bucks team.

    I’ve said on Nets subreddit before the season started, that I would rather have Harris start with Bog instead of RHJ (and Foye). Defense might not be as good, but spacing will improve greatly with 2 sharpshooters on the perimeter. It also frees up the lanes for Brook, Booker, and Lin. RHJ can dominate opposing benches, especially on defense. Too bad Marks, Kenny, and Nets fans don’t see it this way.

  104. You don’t need to worry about Vasquez for quite a while. He’s on the injured list after this game. So Atkinson should have rested him too. Now all the backup PGs except Whitehead are injured.

  105. Vasquez has a sore ankle. Shouldn’t be a major problem. Foye should be back soon too.

    If the vets are both out for extended period of time, the Nets are in big trouble. However, they could then call up Yogi, which I wouldn’t be against seeing him get some real NBA playtime.

  106. The only reason they lost was because of INJURIES:

    1) No Brook Lopez – having him would’ve defeated the Bucks by a minimum of 15 points

    2) No Greivis Vasquez – I had predicted he would not last the season, and it’s happening sooner than I had anticipated. Even with Greivis playing lazily and terribly all season long, at least he allowed Lin to legitimately rest.

    3) The Nets were a bit flat from the 2 am arrival time and the brutal Indiana victory. Other than Lin, there wasn’t a single Net out there who had played heavy minutes last season. The Nets will improve on conditioning within the next month.

    3) No Randy Foye, but he’s not needed because the Nets have the deepest rotation at SG in the entire NBA (Harris, Bogdanovic, and Kilpatrick are all STUDS)

  107. From what I can see, Randy Foye played like a PG, Lin and Randy switched their roles at times.

  108. I am actually a little surprise that Lin’s shots did not fall the whole game. He usually was able to make it upduring 4th quarter if given opportunities, but that did not happen last night.

  109. So far, Vasquez could not help much as backup pg. I hope Foye would play against Heat Monday.

  110. Not too long after college, in Oct. 2010, Lin was a wide-eyed, chubby-cheeked, baby-faced NBA rookie. 🙂

    Finally, his dream/goal of being a starter came true. It is a difficult journey that took him six long years. Defeat in one battle matters not, there are 79 more to go. Lin and his teammates certainly will learn from this loss and improve. Win or loss, his devoted fans, like me, will follow and cheer for him. Go JLin!

  111. This is a result of his dedication in playing video games. It is known to many teachers, parents, and doctors that video games and t v screen time affects concentration negatively. Hope he is aware of it.

  112. First win came a bit earlier than expected. The emotional exhaustion with late flight (3am arrival ?) could have huge impact.

  113. Vasquez has been recovering from ankle surgery since last December and that’s why he’s been playing so poorly. Choosing him to be Lin’s backup was a risk that is not panning out.

  114. It’s really Skil that is the bench’s strength. Hamilton is good and sometimes Harris is good. I hope Atkinson develops Whitehead, because he’s dynamic.

  115. Lol now we tiger fans

  116. Yes…Delly would be a great addition to the nets in my opinion. Even though I think they’re dirty players…I’d love to have Draymond, Bogut and Delly on the team, even one of them would be fine.

    What annoyed me about Delly last night was how he shoved lin near the end of the 4th lol! He didn’t even try to hide it as an accident, just ran up to lin after he shot his free throws and shoved him real good in the back….its like kindergarden bullying all over again. Not only that but he tackled kilpatrick when we got the steal in the final minute…what a clown!

  117. Atkinson is a brilliant coach,I won’t even doubt that after 3 games.He already knows his rotation and how to rest and maximized players strength.Everything will get better from this point.Hamilton is becoming a force in the middle from defensive stand point,I really like his game a lot.

  118. I don’t think Lin has played well against the Bucks in the past. They’re a lanky team that trapped Lin at the top. They’re determined to get the ball out of his hand. Lin’s 3s were short last night possibly because of the back-to-back games. The legs not there. Nothing to worry. IMO Rondae Hollis Jefferson should play with the second unit and move Kilpatrick up to the starting unit. Whitehead should play over Vasgue and Bennett more time in the second unit to add length.

  119. I don’t agree with playing SKilpatrick in the starting unit. The way the rotation is set, Lin plays with Skil and Skil is there to provide the bench some ability to slash and handle the ball and make things happen. You need a bench that can hold the lead in games, it’s important. RHJ is supposed to be an athletic, defensive player and he just has to get better at it. His play has to improve. Bennett won’t play much and Whitehead is raw but talented.

    It’s not a good idea to load up too much offense in the starting unit. That takes away touches from Lopez, who needs a lot of them to stay in rhythm and Lin with effective 3 point shooters is a weapon. Booker also provides scoring inside for Lin. I think Skil should get a lot of minutes, and be the dynamic 6th man that he is currently.

  120. Lin’s played fine against the Bucks.

    But Dellavedova is the BEST point guard defender in the NBA, he limits not just Lin but even people like Stephen Curry.

    Had the Nets put Brook Lopez out there, they’d have won by at least 15 points.

  121. This is the NBA where NOBODY hits wide open shots consistently (not even the best scorers).

    Now had Vasquez been able to play more than 6 minutes, Lin would have gotten a bit of rest on the bench and likely would have come alive later.

    This is why I wrote all summer that Vasquez was the weak link on the Nets.

  122. This Nets team has so much firepower at the swing positions, starting Kilpatrick and Bogdanovic while benching the utterly useless RHJ would actually open up scoring for Harris off the bench.

    Starting Harris instead of Kilpatrick would work too.

  123. Lin at SG is utterly deadly, NOBODY can stop Lin the SG.

  124. Do you believe that Vasquez’s ankle can recover?

    I really don’t, I see Vasquez retiring this season.

  125. Yup. But, really, Atkinson is no dope. If he’s sitting Lopez imho his foot must need careful introduction to full-on game stress. Don’t want to chance losing that guy sooner than later.

  126. Lin STILL GOT HIS.

    10 assists is still potent offensive production.

    Besides, this is the NBA where even the best defenders (Lin is #1, Delly is #2) can get lit up when super scorers like Lin get hot.

  127. Part of the game –

    no harm done.

  128. It’s more than Lin NEEDS HELP.

    6 minutes from a broken down Vasquez, that doesn’t give Lin the necessary rest time on the bench.

  129. One more 7 footer (i.e. Greg Smith) would have easily gotten the Nets a victory.

    The Nets should consider bringing up Yogi if Vasquez indeed cannot continue.

  130. NONSENSE.

    If anything, Lin needs the rest from playing MORE video games.

    This is the NBA where EVERYONE has poor shooting games (OK, maybe not Jimmer Fredette). Even shooting stars like Stephen Curry will fire up clunkers too.

  131. I believe that the Nets must have a legitimate reason for resting Brook Lopez’s legs.

    That said, Marks is learning that Bennett and even Scola aren’t really capable of playing center.

    The Nets should try CMC at backup center.

  132. Like I keep saying, Hamilton is going to get better defensively simply by getting into NBA shape.

    I predicted before the season that he’d become one of the NBA’s top centers.

  133. The modern day Microwave off the bench, he’s playing like an All Star.

  134. Delly would fit right in with the Nets.

    I wish the Nets had gone after him instead of Johnson, Crabbe, and Vasquez.

    On this Nets team, Delly wouldn’t even have to be dirtty. There is too much firepower for Delly to work with off the Nets bench that is essentially a 2nd starting lineup.

  135. Miss oft-injured ex-dancer here…I tend to agree with you. The ankle is a miracle of an unstable and complicated joint that is asked to handle tremendous stresses of weight and torsion. It’s not like the hip which has the luxury of a a ball firmly seated into a cupping bone. For a normal human, his surgery would be a blessing of success. For an athlete at his level, it probably is being asked too much.

  136. No we weren’t.

    We KNEW how great Lin could be, even before Linsanity.

  137. So true. However, he was being treated so very hideously that every small opportunity was savored more 🙂

  138. Harris isn’t ready. He tries to drive but that’s not his strength. He gets the ball taken away from him too often. If his shot falls, he’s great. But he’s had some not so great shooting nights.

    RHJ is the guy to start in my opinion. He just has to play to his strength. On offense, cut, run, Lin will find him for thunderous dunks the way he found Wesley Johnson after awhile or Lamb on lobs. And play the defense he’s capable of playing. His physical abilities are fine, his mental game is horrible so far.

    RHJ can’t make any big impact on offense and if you have a bench that doesn’t have some athletic slasher and only has a shooter, it’s just not as strong as it should be. I believe in balancing the lineups and that’s always why I’ve been into having a strong, strong player off of the bench just to stagger the offense. To me it’s not all that important who he is, and he could play 30 plus minutes. It’s just, not all of the big guns should be in the starting lineup. The closing lineup, yes, but not starting.

  139. legal dirty? You may be right, he skirts the rules dangerously close. He dived at Korvers knees and caused him an injury which helped knock out the hawks from the playoffs. If he did that to Lin, we would be here screaming for blood…you and I both know its true.

    I get it he played rugby as a kid so hes a bit rough for an nba player. However, in nba nobody has any real protection and their bodies aren’t built to take such physical damage.

    Yeah, I still agree he would be a valuable addition to the team though, but again I hate playing against guys like Delly/Draymond/Bogut/Steven Adams.

  140. Hamilton is good. He just needs to play more, get experience, and he’s going to be a weapon.

  141. its ok.. tough loss for the nets and tough shooting night for lin.. however, hes played phenomenally up until now no need to worry.. i do wish lin had driven to the paint more instead of shooting so many jumpers as his shot was off. i really like KA as he has a lot of trust in Jeremy Lin letting him take 16 shots when lin is not shooting the ball well says a lot about their relationship and atkinson’s trust in jeremy

  142. Agreed but I think he played phenomenally this game. It seems like he lost his shooting confidence throughout the game but he made it up by playing amazing defense. The Bucks held him well by doubling him..

  143. drive in the paint into the trees. Not a good idea

  144. great pic, got to admit.

  145. Yes!! I am Kilpatrick’s new fan. 🙂

  146. I look forward to seeing him more! He’s honestly my 2nd favorite player on the Nets now.

  147. Lol

  148. its hard to choose between harris and RHJ. Harris has nights where he just doesn’t miss from beyond the arc. On the other hand, RHJ clearly has a ton of potential, he is a better defender than harris (both are still bad) and you can’t deny RHJ’s length and athleticism. You are definitely right about balancing units 1 and 2 properly to stagger the talent and maximize their potentials, so I think KA should look at the units and see what players complement each other best. Whatever happens, I’d like to see the Lin, Lopez, Booker remain as the big 3 of the team. Bogdanovic and Kilpatric being the final 2 of the starting unit would be good. 2nd unit with Vasquez/Whitehead, JHam, Foye, RHJ, Scola.

  149. I think he tried to get into paint but it was packed and he was probably tired exerting too much energy already since the game against Pacers. Brook’s presence will help as it will share some loads. You just can’t win every game or shoot like 50% every night, especially in a B2B.

  150. RHJ is THE WORST.

    He can’t score, he can’t dribble, he can’t rebound, he can’t pass, and worst of all HE CANNOT DEFEND.

    Right now, RHJ is playing not just like the worst starter but the worst PLAYER in the entire NBA!

    Harris has produced way more than RHJ and would produce even more with more minutes and touches.

  151. He’s a better player than what he’s shown so far.

  152. Where is this alleged “defense” that RHJ does?

    Every single game, his opponents EASILY scores double figures on him.

    He is the weakest defender on the Nets, and he is the PRIME reason the Nets cannot get stops.

  153. NO HE ISN’T.

    You’ll see.

  154. Once Hamilton gets into better shape within less than a month, he’ll start beating opponents to death inside on both ends and that will make Lin even more devastating.

  155. I think his 1 on 1 defense is decent, but his team defense needs work. He gets lost on switches easily but that is something that he needs to learn through experience. I do agree that he would be better on 2nd unit for now, but his physical traits are very hard to ignore. Very long wingspan, athletic, good instincts…he is a good player to develop in my opinion. Of course it would be better on the 2nd unit than on the 1st.

    Also you bring up Harris, but he is likely even WORSE than RHJ on defence something that is hard to believe. The 3 players with worst defense on the team are, in no order: Harris, Bogdonavic, Kilpatric. RHJ would be #4.

  156. First of all, RHJ is NOT ATHLETIC by NBA standards.

    RHJ is not fast or strong or jumping enough to physically compete against athletically superior NBA opponents. This is why he can neither score nor rebound nor defend.

    Second of all, RHJ who’s essentially a clueless inexperienced rookie is getting TAKEN TO SCHOOL every single game. Opponents are effortlessly losing him in 1on1 AND team schemes because RHJ doesn’t have a clue about defensive coverages.

    RHJ has not earned a single NBA minute. He’s singlehandedly dragging Nets down. Remove him from
    the rotation and Nets would have won the last 2 losses!

  157. Chicken legs

  158. Chicken court sense too

  159. During the post-game interview, Lin seems not that upset about the loss, compared to the past. Anyone has the same observation? He seems confident that even with the loss, he and the team will move on to a better outcome.

  160. Foye utterly stinks too, he’s almost as bad as Vasquez.

  161. I look at him as a complement to the starting lineup and what abilities he has. He did a good job on Paul George in the Indiana game, so he has the capability if it is directed properly in my opinion. So in the starting unit you have the director/slasher/dribble penetration scorer/disher in Lin and I don’t feel you need to duplicate that right off the bat in Skil. Skil isn’t the director/disher but he is a dynamic slasher and scorer. Lopez is the inside presence that can knock down an occasional 3. RHJ, if used right, can cut and finish near the rim after Lin draws defenses, but he just has to do that. Booker is the muscle/hustle/defender rebounder in the bunch that can score inside, and Bogs can be the perimeter shooter. And defensively, I think RHJ is much stronger than Skil.

    Now on the second unit, only Skil shows a good ability to slash. In fact, he shows an exceptional ability to slash. The other player would be Whitehead, but he’s going to be eased into the job and isn’t ready yet. Skil can light it up. To me, you need to save that energy and scoring for the 2nd unit. The way Lin’s minutes go, is he plays with both units, so at times you will have him with Skil and Hamilton and others on the bench. The team can’t fall apart when Lin is not on the court, and that’s what can happen with a weak bench. But they haven’t been weak, mostly because of Skil.

    I tend to look more at how lineups complement each other and what can give the most touches to the talented players, not trying to put all the best players in the starting unit. And for reasons I’ve stated, to balance the ability to score and defend during the course of the full game.

  162. RHJ “complements” the starters by giving them a WEAK LINK that opponents are eagerly exploiting especially in the horrid Nets 3rd quarters.

  163. wished Lin would have used his floater more in this game. Delly has a decent floater as well.

  164. I think RHJ has potentially some ability to handle the ball. Harris is good for catch and shoots and limited ball handling. He’s trying to expand his game to going to the rim, but that part of his game needs work.

  165. who do you think won the PG match up in this game?

  166. I think that can change. I just think we have a different opinion on “RHJ” and “MKG” types of players. But RHJ is a long way from MKG, and you aren’t big on him. But, as you said, we’ll see. So far, I’m going with the idea of RHJ more than how he’s played. He’s played poorly.

  167. “Potential”?

    Harris already can handle the ball and score it, RHJ cannot.

    It’s important to go by a guy’s actual production.

  168. lol…its game 3 of the season. Lopez was given rest, vasquez injury, most likely this was a “scheduled” loss for the team. You bash RHJ but he barely got 22 mins playing time, compared to 23 of skilpatrick. Hell, even old man scola got 18 mins playing time lol. KA is still figuring out the team and what works best, things aren’t staying the same, this team is changing fast.

  169. I don’t think it can change.

    RHJ doesn’t have the athleticism or skills to raise his game.

    Where the other Nets are getting stronger, RHJ is REGRESSING.

  170. Right now, MKG and RHJ are playing like SUPERBUSTS.

    I predicted this for MKG YEARS AGO before he was even drafted, and RHJ is no different.

    They are basically the same useless losing player.

  171. Each has their strengths, im not sure about RHJ handling the ball either, he seems to be giving the ball away whenever he tries to dribble. Yeah Harris has big time weaknesses, he has no real nba experience because of being buried on the bench and injuries. Neither of these guys are 1st unit in my opinion. They both need to develop and would work better playing against other teams 2nd/3rd unit.

  172. Dellavedova and the Bucks, of course.

    With Vasquez being out (much earlier than I had predicted), Lin could not get proper rest to shoot his customary elite percentages or get his typical elite defensive stops.

  173. Next Friday, MKG may be put on Lin. I’ll be at the game. We’ll see how Lin handles MKG and MKG handles Lin if that happens. MKG has shortcomings, but I like some aspects of his game. RHJ is much less developed, but he’s a project that if he develops some think he will have a lot of MKG qualities.

  174. Unless Lin has no backup PG help, MKG will not impede Lin in the least.

    Far better defenders than MKG have come after Lin and been BURNT ALIVE ANYWAY.

  175. But even in those 22 minutes, RHJ showed NOTHING.

    RHJ’s production has steadily decreased since the preseason. And now it’s the regular season, RHJ has produced virtually nothing.

    Meanwhile Harris produces, will continue to produce, and is getting stronger every game. The OPPOSITE of RHJ who is FLAMING OUT!

  176. but it seemed like Lin has to carry his team much more than Delly.

  177. But on the Nets, RHJ has the ability to leap, run, play over the rim that can work with Lin’s game. It’s when RHJ tries to create he gets in trouble. He should minimize that. He plays better D than Harris does. So, on this team, he complements Lin and provides the starting lineup a valuable function. But that’s not based on how he’s played in the 3 games, but how, if used right, his game benefits the lineup. Harris is Bogs like in a way, but doesn’t handle the ball as well or create as well for himself. So, I don’t see where he works as well in the lineup.

  178. It’s just beginning of the season so they still have plenty of time to catch up. I am sure Nets will be fine.

  179. Bucks has long arms he couldn’t get to the rim without being blocked. Instead of just shooting 3s he should’ve shot some mid range jumpers or tried a floater.

  180. I think most of his 3s come in the flow of MO, where he stood on his hot spot outside the arc. Not much mid range or floater opportunities unless he wanted contested with long arms.

  181. In the period of 3 games. Skil looked awful in the pre-season and look at him now. I need more the 3 games to totally say RHJ is a bust. And still, he’s 20, and he’s not developed as a player. And he’s playing for one of the best development coaches in the NBA.

  182. Well, GOOD.

    The Nets barely lost despite playing a “bad” game by their standards.

    They not only had their best player in Brook Lopez out, they also had to deal with an additional injury to backup PG Vasquez. And STILL the Nets hung in there!

  183. THat’s the area of LIn’s game that needs more development. He has the slick fake them out then shoot the short J. But if they don’t go for the fake, then Lin is surrounded by long arms and has to pass the ball deep in the paint. He needs to shoot it 3-6 feet away from the basket more, especially against shot blockers. Or, if he is going to the basket, he absolutely knows that there is someone running with him he can pass it to without the pass being picked for a TO.

  184. Kilpatrick be the one starting not RHJ.

  185. Of course!

    Lin’s team was banged up and tired, Delly’s was fresh and rested.

  186. We’re not seeing that alleged leaping or running from RHJ.

  187. If he could draw fouls at the rim he could certainly take a mid jumper. Lin didn’t try a single mid jumper, turn around jumper for separation, or floater, last game. It would be a higher percentage than his ice cold 3s.

  188. But Kilpatrick has looked PHENOMENAL in the regular season!

    He’s getting stronger every game after having a terrific Summer League, unlike RHJ who is getting weaker.

    A player like RHJ who steadily regresses despite being forcefed minutes, that is usually a bad indicator of that player LACKING NBA ABILITY.

  189. Disagree, would weaken the bench and scoring balance through the course of the game.. And RHJ is better on defense. I love how SKil is being used now. But sooner or later, the opponent’s coaches are going to game-plan for him.

  190. Usually, but is it always? That’s what Atkinson and his staff and Marks have to assess.

  191. Disagree that’s no different from the lame excuse the hater coaches made Lin come of the bench! You want your best players to start especially on a limited Nets team! RHJ have not been effective if anything Kilpatrick is better on defense than him! RHJ’s defense style reminds me of Patrick Beverley a lot of movement but no affect on the opponent.

  192. Then we disagree. I view the whole team’s wave of attacks and all that means not all of your best offensive players are there at the start of the game. It makes a stronger team, so long as the best players get the most minutes. I view it somewhat like hockey lines with synergy. The closing unit is very important, and there you put in what the game demands with regular closers. I’ve always thought, Lin should be a regular closer on all the teams he’s been on and get proper minutes.

    As for RHJ’s defensive style, I don’t see Beverley. I see the wingspan and lateral movement being the keys that those that support his defense base his defensive potential on.

  193. Yea, that guy is really good… never heard of him until yesterday. There aren’t many PGs Lin can’t defend and I was quite surprised. Lin seemed pretty frustrated too.

  194. I think he is angry that his shots didn’t fall, as if he shot his normal % this would have been a win. BUT the team showed grit and a refuse-to-lose attitude, which is pretty commendable.

  195. YES. Loved seeing him play. It was really exciting to see. Hope he gets more minutes off the bench.

  196. Haha

  197. I can’t tell if you’re joking or not but it’s funny that this even crossed your mind lol.

  198. well actually statistically from the data i respect hes not entirely the worst player in the nba; but close.

    from the player rating service i like there are 6 players worse than him with minimum 23 minutes played. thats out of oh i dont know about somewhere around 200 players.

    by position its easier to track; comes in 37th out of 41 small forwards.

    lets go to some basic simple #s since those ratings are based on a formula (like hollingers per but imo more credible) but still to some extent subjective.

    here’s some team numbers only:

    clearly rhj is the weakest link on the team,

    rhj is averaging 4.6 pts…. (thats not per game thats per 36!)
    all other players getting any significant playing time are averaging in double figures…per game!

    so to summarize rhj’s scoring per 36 is less than half that of all his teammates per game.

    but it is said he is a defensive standout and that offsets his nonexistent offense.

    lets see:

    his defensive rating is roughly the same as all other players on the team playing any significant minutes (except trevor booker who is much better than everyone else)

    but his offensive rating is so terrible (20 points worse than the 2nd worst player) that the spread between the two is a horrendous -45. the 2nd worst player is a minus 17.

    so purely in terms of defensive numbers he is just average but his nonexistent offense makes the spread between the two a wide chasm.

    from the eye test, has anyone seem him shut down anyone he has attempted to guard?

    from his few games last season he garnered a reputation as a defensive standout. there was nothing in preseason or regular season 3 games to confirm that. a false narrative.

    he was bad in summer league, bad in pre-season; and is (seems to be) getting worse progressively now in regular season– the only player on the team performing not only signifcantly below his own teammates by any cumulative statistical measure but near the bottom of the league overall and at his position.

    at best his defense may be statistically marginally better than some but his offensive uselessness deeply negates that.

    and especially if they would reinstate foye at the starting 2 (something i hope doesn’t happen) you can’t afford two deep offense negatives like foye and jefferson on the floor at the same time.

    oh then theres this intangible thing that says: but look when rhj is on the floor as shown in basic +/- the team is better.

    that went out the window this last game as well; rhj +/- minus 15 in only 23 minutes; only the hapless anthony bennet was worse.

    btw as i type this the nets just exercised their option on the its been proclaimed future defensive player of the team.

  199. Good observation. This aspect (weakness) of his game has not changed IMO. Sometimes you can see miles in advance that he’s not going to be able to score against some players by driving inside, so it’s better to pull up and shoot short jumpers. But he rarely does so.

  200. Agreed. I thought his shot selections were not all that smart.

  201. well he was the leading % shooting guard of any sort in the league in preseason and was shooting a high % coming into this game; so i mean it would seem time for a clunker shooting nite, but still it did hurt his numbers for the season to date regular season that is significantly; obviously when only 3 games in 1 game can have a major effect.

    he and kevin love are the only players among top rated players overall on general performance efficiency shooting under 40% now for the season.

    will take a few games of average to above average shooting to boost back up that extremely low %.

  202. Lin does worse guarding savvy, slow guys than fast opposing PGs.

  203. Bennett is the worst, and RHJ is around that level. But Bennett is athletically just not NBA level, while RHJ is mentally not NBA level.

  204. Ohm Youngmisuk
    ESPN Staff Writer

    The Nets have exercised team options on Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Chris McCullough.

  205. Agreed. Hamilton is a back-up level player at least. Just can’t see him compete against top level Centers.

  206. I see RHJ as being worse than Beverley. Lol At least Bev could knock down open 3s.

  207. I am sure other teams have their own problems. Nets lost because they lost. Nets were I think (correct me if I am wrong because I missed some portions of these games) when 4th quarter started, and then rallied. I would like to see Nets for once have the lead going into 4th quarter.

  208. Foye, Bennett, RHJ & Vasquez — not good.

  209. 4/16 is better than 2/16. But some of Lin’s shots were not too smart IMO.

  210. Different positions. Beverley couldn’t run an offense, he was put in because Harden runs point. D’Antoni recognized that and just made Harden a PG. RHJ is longer to guard different players from PGs to forwards. His offensive game will be further defined during the course of the season. He’s a work in progress.

  211. But RHJ’s shooting motion, especially on 3s, is horrible, no? I don’t think this guy should be encouraged to shoot long 3s. That’s a definite way for Nets to lose. I would leave this guy open on 3s and cover other guys. That’s a weakness there on offense, no question about that. Bog Hog but he overall helps Nets.

  212. We all agree that Bucks is not a playoff bound team, right? Looking forward to Nets playing Knicks with D. Rose or Hornets.

  213. Delly was better I thought. Delly and Greek Freak — that’s really the Bucks team.

  214. I’d like to see him receive lobs from Lin and cut, not shoot any type of jump shot. There are good 3 point shooters on the Nets. He’s not one of them. Booker isn’t a good shooter either, but he’s a much better scorer overall.

  215. But looked like he was rushing his shots. He needs to just collect himself take some time before shooting the three next time. He had more time than he thought

  216. You should tell Steve Kerr this message.

  217. The Nets are on pace to a very good season – See it in the players’ chemistry and energy. JL7 will bounce back with 30pt & 8ast in Bulls game. Believe it.

  218. Yes, good teams coming up: Bulls, Knicks, Hornets, and even Wolves will be a good challenge. In all honesty, I don’t see any “easy” wins at this moment. If we let up any team we can lose.

  219. That is to be expected.

  220. The Bucks announcers really like Lin..I remember them saying nothing but nice things about him last year with Charlotte.

  221. If he makes 5/5 FT, and AB makes one more FT Nets won. Anyone can have a bad night shooting. Every PG should be able to make more than 60% FT, which was Lin’s FT % last night.

  222. Ham has all summer to get in shape, so what happened?

  223. If there is a stamina problem, Jlin needs to get together with his trainers and coaches to figure it out. He is 28 at his prime. Back to back is tiring tell that to RWB. But I think Jlin was doing just fine so far, and I believe he will improve including his stamina.

  224. lin had some good looks with foye driving and dishing

  225. Agree! We have seen progress in T Booker, Bogdanovic, Brook. With Lin there are 4 legit NBA players as starters. S Kilpatrick comes along just fine.

  226. I’ll be happy with 2-2.

  227. we was defended pretty well all night, plus his legs were tired. he should return to form after some rest and having Brook back.

  228. Yes at least Beverley knocked down RWB lol

  229. Yeah, but early season back-to-backs seem to be tougher than most. Celtics lost their 2nd game of a back-to-back. Pacers lost their 2nd game of a back-to-back by 17. Cavs ALMOST lost their 2nd game to the lowly Magic.

  230. They played a great game, only problem was tired legs and bad calls.

    2nd game of a back-to-back against a rested team on the road? All but the 2-3 most elite teams are going to lose most of those, no matter who the other opponent is. It’s just fatigue.

  231. He was due for an off-night, though I was hoping for a big scoring game. Counting preseason, he hadn’t had a bad shooting night in 7 straight games. Legs were clearly tired on his jumpers.

    He was fearless in shooting them, though, which is a big change from the past. Even during Linsanity, Jeremy became gun-shy from 3 once he missed 2-3 shots.

  232. A lot of NBA conditioning can only happen in games.

    No matter how hard one trains in the summer, there is no substitute for playing against beastly opponents in real games who are going all out to bully people physically.

    Hamilton is rapidly adjusting, he’ll fully get into shape in less than one month.

  233. Lin simply couldn’t defend the high screens because Lin’s teammates were too tired to help him.

    A rested Nets team would MURDER Delly and the Bucks.

  234. At least Bennett competes and scores.

    RHJ doesn’t even do that.

  235. Kilpatrick has a HISTORY of success, he’s doing nothing he hasn’t done before.

    Same with RHJ who gave up a far worse FG% to opponents than the league average last season.

  236. Not yet.

    You’ll see that in about a month, Hamilton will be more than a match for ANYONE.

  237. RHJ has NO WINGSPAN at 6’6″.

    And his slow lateral movement is getting him KILLED.

  238. But RHJ cannot get high enough to receive lobs, nor does he have the foot speed to break away from opposing defenses.

  239. Tired legs, bad calls and no All Star Center!

  240. Plus, Vasquez has been messed up by that ankle THE LAST TWO SEASONS!

  241. Lin himself is not fully in starter game shape.

    Within a month, Lin will be.

  242. No backup PG and no starting SF either!!!

  243. Kilpatrick could easily start, as could Harris.

  244. Not Lin’s call.

    With all the injured players and his tired teammates, Lin simply didn’t have the help he needed to score properly.

  245. Some players are totally 100% conditioned on min 1 of regular season.

  246. @_Ed_Hamilton
    @JLin7 double teamed, triple teamed whole night, it must be tiring for Lin after this game. The Paint is completely shut for unwelcomed Lin

  247. Patrick Beverley’s goal is to return from arthroscopic knee surgery in mid-November; no later than Nov. 21. He had surgery Tuesday, October 25.

    In the last 3 regular seasons he’s missed 63 games.

  248. Ok… so he thinks he is the Wolverine…

  249. KA and his coaching staff need to make adjustments from now on whenever they see opponents keep loading on Lin every time he touches the ball. They can’t keep leaving Lin on an island by himself all night long and expecting him to escape each time. This is not a training drill. This is real game situation. They need to direct Nets players to give Lin screens and outlets. Lin must be so tired to defend by himself and also has to compete w/ his own teammates for the rock in this ‘motion offense’.

  250. it was definitely a whirlwind experience for Lin.
    With so many changes in the rotation, it’s hard to find stability.

    Without Brook, it was very taxing for Jeremy to make it happen. No other Nets can consistently apply pressure to defense. JHam is not Brook offensively, especially in the paint. I see this as a real problem if Brook gets frequent rests. They’ll get better but I’m not sure they can beat good teams in games without Brook. It’s too much to expect Jeremy to do it all.

  251. He gets that treatment most nights, though. Whenever he goes into the paint, he’s swarmed by 2-3 guys. And he wants it that way — opens up his teammates or gets him FTs on contact.

    He would have been fine if his legs were under him. He missed 5 wide-open 3s and a couple easy midrange shots. Lin makes even 2 more shots and this is a great game and a win. No sweat. Onto the next one!

  252. Yep. If KA wants his lead pg, an extension of him, to succeed, then he needs to game plan to protect him also, not just against the opponents. Knowing that Bucks have bigs with lengths and blockers occupying inside the paint, KA and his staff should have played Brook to continue their win momentum to build players’ confidence. To me, the move of resting Lopez this early was very strange. Learning to play together b2b is also important for team chemistry. But most importantly, I don’t like the expectations/burden that KA had placed on Lin to make assists and control game tempo when he has no help. I cringe every time when I see everyone else and his brother dribbling the rock up from inbound. They’ve missed so many opportunity for offense and fast breaks bc they don’t have the same court vision that Lin has.

  253. if we know anything about lin he always has a great game following a bad night

  254. From NBA official site:

    *** Major difference: Booker Play 30 min instead of 21 min; the rest diff are minor.

    T. Booker +14 (30 min)
    JLin +11 (32 min)
    Bogdanovic +8 (31 min)
    Hamilton -12 (29 min)
    RHJ -15 (22 min)

    Scola +9 (18 min)
    Kilpatrick +3 (23 min)
    Harris -2 (18 min)
    Whitehead -5 ( 8 min)
    Vasquez -9 ( 6 min)
    Bennett -17 (17 min)

  255. Yet you were always the one who said It was ok for Lin to be Bench player or sixth man. Good thing talented players don’t believe in that crap. If Lin thought like you he’d be a bench player forever. Those who are the most talented and skilled should start. Kilpatrick has potential to be a borderline star. So far RHJ has not done anything to justify his start when both Harris and Kilpatrick are playing better than him.

  256. Sounds more like a creepy romantic pitch than a recruitment pitch.
    The shoe-throw must’ve grabbed his attention

  257. Like it really matters….delusion…hehe

  258. He’s no wolverine. …more like a raccoon or a weasel

  259. Hogden just cough up the ball…mavs scored…only down by 2 now…hahaha

  260. Harden 8 TO…. I hope Rox loss…lol

  261. I have to admit …the hogden plays hard…sometimes for his team…most of the time for the other team…hehe

  262. Come on mavs!!!

  263. Wes Mathews just tie the game at 92…4 secs left…go mavs!!!

  264. WOWOW No way, Matthews hit a FAR 3 to tie the game with 4 seconds left!

  265. Wow ref just gave the rox the game…smh

  266. That was BS. Harden clearly grabbed Matthews’ jersey and no call.

  267. Yup…that was so bs….the hogden style of play is so disgusting!

  268. The Bucks had lost their b2b 2nd game to the Pistons. And not a close one.

  269. This rox team is full of critters…hogs and raccoons,some weasels.

  270. Yup, B2B are very difficult to win, especially on the road… and in the Nets’ case, without their starting center.

  271. Wish Mavs won that game. They’re now 0-3 and Rockets are 2-1. Game got stolen by refs just like in last night’s Nets / Bucks game.

  272. Totally agree brother

  273. Just watched bucks game. IMO this was the best game Nets played as a team. Several scattered post-game thoughts here:
    1) Pacer’s game was not entirely KA’s adjustment, it was more like JLin and Brook made up their minds to play more PnR for the win. I think they didn’t quite follow KA’s playbook.
    2) Buck’s game- clearly it went back to motion offense. For the first 3 quarters Lin’s missing shots were all straight but short. That’s a clear sign of fatigue. Lin will need more games to get used to the starter’s minutes. KA didn’t do that for Lin in the preseason.
    3) KA seems to purposely rotate bench players to play against opponent’s starters for the sake of game development among bench players. If you play team sports you would understand, the only way to improve your game is to play against better players. It’s really a blessing for bench players who play for this system.
    4) This rotation will hurt Lin’s game in short term because Lin has shorter leeway to get into the zone with less continuous playing minutes. If lin plays the whole 4th quarter, I believe his shots will fall.
    5) But I agree with KA, this is the right approach for the long run. First, Lin will be targeted by other teams all season long – just look at those 3 season games. Second, too much PnR adds more wears and tears on his body, the new system will elongate his career.
    7) Lin-Bog connection shocked me in Buck’s game. I finally saw a player who can read Lin better.
    Overall, this motion offense vs Lin ball is going to be fun this season because I expect the motion offense will add an additional dimension to Lin’s game, meanwhile Lin ball will add more dimensions to the system. I believe this will happen only because the trust between Lin and Kenny. Difference can only work well with open communication and trust.

    To honor this new Nets team, I bought single-team League Pass:) but boy League Pass sucks big time, hehe.

  274. It’s kind of garbage that Knicks got 3 days rest after their first game and now, they will get 2 days rest before going on the road to play their 3rd game.

  275. I’ll post this a 3rd time just in case you didn’t see it… League Pass is free if you have Verizon Wireless “L” plan or higher:

  276. So unfair…. smh!

  277. I think Nets will bring it against the Bulls tomorrow night. They’ll be at home again, so I hope fans pack Barclays again and give the team energy to beat Wade and Rondo. Jimmy Butler will be tough to stop, but I believe Nets can limit his production.

    The game will be on NBA TV, so I hope Nets give it their all again like they did in the home opener. Lin needs to show basketball fans all over America what he showed 2 nights ago. Brook will be back and rested, so he’ll most likely dominate his brother Robin lol. It’s going to be a fun and interesting game…

  278. I love Atkinson’s system. It’s just beneficial for the players in so many ways. In terms of rest, playstyle, ball movement, opportunity, etc everything is well thought out and its great.

  279. I thought it was a sweet deal, but apparently you can only watch on mobile which sort of ruins the deal =/

  280. Chromecast. There are also other methods to watch on TV.

  281. So the game won’t be on league-pass if it’s on NBATv…That sucks…That means I would need a stream.

  282. It’ll still be on YES.

  283. Ah, if you can get around it without watching on mobile that’d be great. But darn I really wish I had Verizon now.

  284. Does that mean it’ll be on League Pass?..I don’t have NBATV…When a game is on NBATV, it’s usually not on any league pass channel.

  285. I have no clue. I don’t use LP since I get YES (and NBA TV) on TV.

  286. Man, I don’t know why but I’m more scared of Wade than I’m scared of Butler/Rondo. I think it’s cause Wade can hit some incredibly difficult shots and he’s hard to stop if he gets going.

  287. wade is a veteran all star that’s why. He still has mojo and hungry to prove he can still carry a team with less power. I believe that Jlin can hinder this and wade by all means know this too!

  288. Point 1) is very scary if KA is still not making the adjustment and it’s simply Lin/Lopez just ignoring the motion offense to run PnR…I think this may be what needs to happen…Lin should not be forced to run motion offense too much…Just like Lin stated on one article that he hope KA trust his instinct..That means let him call the play sometimes.

  289. Yeah, he shot 4 for 6 3-pointers in the win against Celtics. Wade never shoots 3s and usually don’t make them unless he’s in playoff mode. That home and season opener, Wade was in playoff mode. Like Lin, nothing was going to stop him from getting the Bulls a win at home that night.

    Rondo sucks, but he’s good at passing and that’s all he really has to do with Butler and Wade on the team. I think we can win this game though. Hopefully Bulls don’t take the Nets seriously so we’ll be able to surprise them.

  290. It’s funny how we played exactly the same teams the Bulls played. We weren’t too far off from beating both teams as well, so we have a good chance against them tomorrow.

  291. i saw on the highlights during the Bucks game that though they start with motion, Jlin has an option to go Lin’s way or proceed with the full motion offense. I think that KA has given Jlin the power to alter the plays after he reads the defense being given and he is the one that directs the flow of the game for the nets.

  292. Exactly. Again, it’s a home game, and we all know how Kenny, Lin, and Brook love defending home court, especially because tomorrow is a nationally broadcasted game… one of the very few Nets have this season. I believe they’ll go all-out and do everything possible to win.

  293. Yea he has vet moves and his playstyle is the opposite of explosive, but he’s still hard to handle.

  294. If we can beat the Bulls tomorrow, I borderline might have to push us at 40 wins. We’re already gelling a lot faster than I expected, and not to mention Caris LeVert will be back soon and maybe Greivis Vasquez will become healthy again (I’m hoping).

  295. Yup. Lin has the keys to the offense already. Kenny didn’t let Lin do what he wanted in the first game, but since the home game, Lin has authority to be the on-court coach. Like I said in my home opener review, I saw Lin directing all of his teammates during the game. Not sure if they showed it on TV / streams, but that’s what I saw.

  296. Anyone know if Vasquez is injured? Did he reinjure his ankle? I really want this guy to heal up and show what he can really do. He still looked to be bothered by his injury.

  297. No point in predicting anything TBH. We don’t know how healthy this Nets team can stay. Backup PG position is still a major issue.

  298. True, just that at the pace they’re going we’d be looking really good and that’s how many I think we can grab assuming no major injuries or roster/front office changes.

  299. You need to spread the floor with shooter…simple as that…there’s not much you can do about it…The only way you can triple and double team him is if the other team don’t respect the other guys shooting ability.

    That’s why I’m a strong proponent of keeping Bogs on the starting line spread the floor..Bogs at least has the respect of other team as an elite shooter…Bogs’man will think twice about leaving Bogs to shut down the lane to stop Lin.

  300. Not just Bog, but Harris also needs to be a starter. They need 2 perimeter threats in the starting lineup. I’ve been saying this before the season started.

  301. more like he will get superstar calls and get away with it ..
    just like how jason kidd got away with flagrants.

  302. Do you take RHJ out?…Frankly, RHJ is not hitting shot and his defense is not impacting, at least not yet.

  303. I believe the Bulls were well rested and faced each of those two teams on the tail ends of back to backs. In other words, the Nets softened them up before fresh Bulls had to face them. Some teams had a much easier schedule to start the season.

  304. It is the same ankle but it’s not clear if the original problem has been aggravated. That would be a big setback.

  305. yes, I saw Lin’s shooting form was excellent but short due to tired legs so it’s no biggie indeed =)

    He might have to figure out what’s the best way to play in back-to-back games; he won’t take off on defense but his strong defense would still take a lot of energy. Perhaps more midrange jumpers and save the strong drives until the 4th quarter

  306. If Bogs just focuses on being a deadly 3pt specialist, then I don’t mind. But he seems to ‘hog’ the ball and doing all sorts of other things out of his strengths that cancel out his points or effectiveness and disrupt the game flow. It’s not completely his fault. This is partly due to KA’s motion offense that requires or allows everyone equal touches or equal offense. Therefore, he feels he has equal rights to take as many shots or gets as many touches as he could. Last night his 3pt shot which tied the game was one example that he was playing w/in his strength which was catch and shoot.

  307. 4) I actually like KA to rest Lin in the middle of 4th, so he could take a break and come in more fresh. I really hate coach Clifford play Lin straight 12 min, sometimes even 18 min, bad to the body.

  308. on-court talent of a different kind? Lol.

  309. they could’ve been 0-3.

  310. Bulls will be hard out when you look at their roster. Then again every team looks difficult compared to the Nets roster. I love Lin and this team. But just saying, the Nets were not predicted to have the worst record for nothing. Wins will not be easy.

  311. it does.. they start losing after he is back.

  312. Good % of PnR plays (46.6%) that Coach Kenny allowed Lin to run so far.
    Nick Sciria is a BBBreakdown analyst that was impressed with Lin in the Pacers game.

    @Nick_Sciria what do you like about Lin and Atkinson?Some fans’ concern is that Lin might lose his PnR edge w/ MO.what do you think?

    Nicholas Sciria Verified account
    @cheesychee3 It looks like KA is giving him more than enough opportunities in the PnR still. 46.6% of plays in PnR so far.

  313. Best 4Q team in the NBA is …. Brooklyn Nets

    Best 4Q team in the #NBA? Would you believe it’s [email protected]? @Jlin7 blames self but #Nets missed #BrookLopez:
    “The Nets are averaging 34.0 points in the fourth and holding opponents to 23.3, a 10.7-point differential.”

  314. Best 4Q team in the NBA is …. Brooklyn Nets?

    Best 4Q team in the #NBA? Would you believe it’s [email protected]? @Jlin7 blames self but #Nets missed #BrookLopez:
    “The Nets are averaging 34.0 points in the fourth and holding opponents to 23.3, a 10.7-point differential.”

  315. I don’t disagree with your opinion on RHJ at all, and frankly, if it was a merit-based system as for minutes, RHJ should not start at the moment, but because the focus is developement, and because they drafted him, they have to play him…That’s his only saving grace in the starting unit.

    The motion offense may be best with Bogs and Kilpatrick starting or Bogs and Harris.

  316. Our third quarters have been our weakest but we make it up with our 4th quarter. Now if only we can fix our 3rd quarter so we don’t have to worry as much in the 4th.

  317. True, but I have a good feeling about the game tomorrow.

  318. the last time wade and lin met there was a foul and with rondo and robin lopez i expect there to be enough fouling going on. I will be very surprised if we win against the bulls but still fingers crossed

  319. is booker and vasquez injured as well?

  320. yeah…Wade is definitely the scariest player on the bulls. If not for him, then the nets walk all over the bulls. He just hits some incredible shots AND gets all the foul calls from refs. On the other hand, he does have his “off days”…hopefully tonight will be on one of those. Id like nothing more than Lin to exact some small revenge on wade for game 6/7.

  321. You can still watch game even if they are broadcast nationally like on NBATV but only on replay. You might have to wait maybe half an hour after or even a day depending on other factors. Usually though it’s about half an hour after game ends.

  322. Not sure about either of them to be honest.. We have no real information.

  323. Thanks for bringing a good laugh.

  324. I think the problem is that Lin usually starts each half by setting up others instead of himself. Hence, 1st and 3rd quarters are always tough.

    It’s time to mix it up. Find his own shooting rhythm first and then let others feed off his energy. But Jeremy is so unselfish that it’s a tough habit to break.

  325. Not always. Last season he followed up the Spurs game with a big game vs. Brooklyn.

    In fact he was great last season on back-to-backs. It’s just early in the season and a lot of guys are flukey right now.

  326. If Bojan can continue to improve in rebounding and defense, Coach KA will give him more hugs.
    And possibly no trade

    [NYPost] Nets coach wants to hug big forward Bojan Bogdanovic

    He was the worst on the Nets last season in both defensive rating (115) and defensive win shares (0.0). Atkinson repeatedly has prodded him on the defensive end, and he’s given him some tough assignments already this season.

    “Listen, we put him on Giannis [Antetokounmpo] there for a stretch. We put him on Paul George the other night,” Atkinson said. “So his size and he’s smart, there’s no reason why he can’t be a good team defender.”

    Atkinson has challenged him to improve his rebounding — his career 3.0 average unbefitting a 6-foot-8 wing. So far this year, he is averaging a career-best 4.7 rebounds per game, and he grabbed eight Saturday in Milwaukee.
    “I want to go hug him,” Atkinson said.

    That will be a reoccurring sentiment if Bogdanovic keeps playing this way.

  327. did kenny have any comments on lin’s poor shooting night?

  328. I’d love to see Bojan with improved defense.

  329. if Coach KA manages to instill more confidence in Bojan by increasing his rebounding rate and guarding tough assignments like Paul George and Giannis, that’s truly a great accomplishment!
    Can you imagine? Bojan can be a 2-way player? Wow, there won’t be any need to trade him

    Coach KA can be a miracle worker =) #CoachOfTheYear

  330. Literally would be a poor man’s Klay Thompson.

  331. Oh yeah but he think he is…

  332. Currently they have to settle with Whitehead who has been terrific and exceeded expectations. The rookie led a comeback in the first regular season game. Why not?

  333. i am more worried about rondo and wade fouling lin – known as dirty players imho.

  334. don’t feel sorry for the mavs – they have deron williams there and i just dont like the guy.

  335. vasquez and foye and levert are all injured –

  336. IMO, it’s also the coaching directive. I feel like Lin does not have the autonomy to decide, especially at the beginning of each quarter. KA wants to see Lin make assist right away instead of letting his offense evolves instinctively. I have a feeling KA gets anxious or antsy when he sees Lin shoots/scores first… In this ‘motion offense’ Lin has to compete w/ his own teammates to get rebound. It’s becoming so frequent that his teammates don’t give the rock back to Lin once they get the rock from rebounding or from his passes. It’s getting very tough for Lin to control the next play or the tempo of the game. W/ Lopez controlling paint, Lin seems to have some help and more outlets.

  337. PER of Nets players with meaningful minutes

    Trevor Booker (first round 23rd) 22.39
    Sean Kilpatrick (undrafted) 21.36
    Jeremy Lin (undrafted) 20.12
    Luis Scola (1st round 56th) 19.06
    Bojan Bogdanovic (2nd round draft choice) 18.93
    Justin Hamilton (2nd round 45th) 16.81
    Brook Lopez (first round 10th) 16.42

    Joe Harris (2nd round 33rd) 10.45
    Anthony Bennett (1st round 1st) 9.51
    Isaiah Whitehead (2nd round 42nd) 5.69
    Greivis Vasquez (1st round 28th) 4.65
    Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (1sr round 23rd) 1.01

  338. This 8 man rotation seems good to me…

  339. That’s a nice rotation. I feel skp could handle the ball when Lin rests.

  340. why, were they planning to trade him..where did you hear about it.

  341. no excuse.. he just didn’t have it that night!.

  342. yes.

  343. primary production simple stats update:

    lin is 14th in scoring, 6th in rebounds and 5th in assists among point guards.

    the only 4 in top 15 in all three categories: westbrook, paul, lin and dragic.

  344. a large # of both fans and scribes assumed (and still i think do) that this is a “wasted” season for the nets and they need to trade the only assets they have (to their mind lopez and bogdanovic) for draft picks.

    it has been a pretty standard theme from many sources.

  345. and he appears to have acquired a 3 pt shot.

  346. bulls did not look good in preseason; very chaotic but they seemed to have gotten it together against the celts. on the other hand wasn’t boston b2b after the nets ground them down by forcing their starters back in the day before?

    i could be wrong about this not fact checking just drawing on age-fuzzed memory.

  347. hey i was right! should have looked further down the page to confirm.

  348. appreciated. I have no such plan anyway.

  349. I think he did make the adjustment not for the system, but let Lin make some decision for the system which would be even better I think.

  350. didn’t you have that in the last game too?
    and everysingle game.

  351. I agree, I finally see a coach with vision and plan.

  352. Bogdanovic is playing so well, Klay Thompson is more like a poor man’s Bojan!

  353. Truth or Satire?
    Jeremy Lin’s Donation Creates Linsanity Professorship of Romance Languages and Literatures

    “Freshman fall I accidentally registered for a comp lit class instead of a comp lift–competitive lifting–class, but it turned out to be a gem,” Lin explained to reporters. “So now, as any of the Nets can tell you, I’ve given our plays names like ‘Victor Hugo right and I go left,’ ‘Don Low,’ ‘Crash the Quixote’, and ‘Moliere and Roll’.”

  354. Jeremy Lin: “The last few years playing in a backup position, to me, that’s not who I was created to be as a player”

    And he’s definitely ready for the challenge.

    “To have this role, I’m so excited I can’t even really explain just how happy I am,” says Lin. “There’s days where after we work out or play pickup or whatever, I’m just like, Man, it feels natural. I’m a leader. I’m a starting point guard. I run the show—and that’s something I’ve done my whole life on the court. So the last few years playing in a backup position, to me, that’s not who I was created to be as a player, that’s not natural. I feel like I wanna be the guy in the front. I wanna be the guy leading the charge, and I feel that here.

  355. Wish they could do the same in the 3rd

  356. Jeremy Lin:
    “The last few years playing in a backup position, to me, that’s not who I was created to be as a player”

    And he’s definitely ready for the challenge.

    “To have this role, I’m so excited I can’t even really explain just how happy I am,” says Lin. “There’s days where after we work out or play pickup or whatever, I’m just like, Man, it feels natural. I’m a leader. I’m a starting point guard. I run the show—and that’s something I’ve done my whole life on the court. So the last few years playing in a backup position, to me, that’s not who I was created to be as a player, that’s not natural. I feel like I wanna be the guy in the front. I wanna be the guy leading the charge, and I feel that here

  357. How can we not love Lin? Thanks for posting this. It touches my heart. I always remind my very science oriented son to have a humanity side. Just forward this to him 🙂

  358. so far (small sample size obviously) this regular season no question. go to any “ratings” system. bogdanovic is way above thompson.

    (the one i like has booker, lin, hamilton and bogdanovic all top 100 in the league thru games played last nite oct 30.)

    rhj? still in the bottom 6 in the league; and look at those per #’s (even tho i think per is not a good indicator generally, i mean there are a lot better formulas, in this case, i mean no matter what numbers you use yer going to find rhj at the bottom).

  359. westbrook paul lin and dragic are the only point guards in top 15 in points, rebounds and assists. no conley.

    dont know whose “pie” # this is either, but the total player ratings system i like has lin one spot ahead of conley so pretty close to the #s here but just flip-flopped.

    course conley is being used as a comparison because conley is the highest paid player in the league right?

    pretty impressive for someone (lin) who as recently as after the first game of the season was still being referred to frequently outside lin fan circles as “a career backup”.

  360. Imagine Lin’s stats and rankings if he didn’t have an ice cold shooting night last game…

  361. Crazy…if Lin is a backup then you may as well call Conley, the $35M/yr man a career backup. I’ve been saying it for a while, Lins stats are as good as Conleys.

  362. Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis
    Randy Foye (mild strain, right hamstring), LeVert (left foot rehab) & Vasquez (sore right ankle) are all out tonight for the #Nets

  363. You and I know that Lin probably had his worst shooting game of the entire season last game.

    I doubt that happens again.

  364. the boys are back in town–thin lizzy

  365. I’m relieved!

    WIth the two veteran nonperformers out, the Nets chances have improved!

    Isiah Whitehead is raw and mistake prone, but he also brings real energy and athleticism. He’s way more productive than the disinterested Vasquez. I’d like to see him share the court with Linstructor a bit.

    Foye being out is good. That guarantees more minutes for the Nets 3 headed shooting guard BoJoSkil hydra beast which has been THE BEST in the entire NBA!

    CMC is another player I hope gets more minutes at backup C. After a terrible preseason, he looks solid. He provides raw energy and athleticism that the other Nets bigs don’t have.

  366. and no reason kilpatrick can’t get some pg time.

  367. We have to wait a few more games before making any comparison.

    Lin will need a bounce back game tonight to start making comparison.

  368. thanks for your hard work psalm as always 🙂

  369. TRUE!

  370. funny how Conley said to be worth max 26.5/153 mil when the same argue Lin does not deserve 12/36 mil. Talk about blatant bias, this is plain discrimination to the highest degree.
    and….. Conley career avg is 13.6 plagued with injury.

  371. you’re very welcome 🙂

  372. No, I only had a good feeling about that preseason game vs the Heat or Celtics, I forgot, but I was wrong on that. I was unsure of the Bucks game yesterday, hence why I didn’t say anything.

  373. yeah, something is really wrong with Q3, I wonder why

  374. nice comparison!

  375. Rhj is looking real bad

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