Thank You Jeremy Lin Inspirational Quotes Videos

Thank You Jeremy Lin Inspirational Quotes Videos

Thank you very much for your donation to support this JLinPortal site 🙂


Together we can improve the site to be the best Jeremy Lin website

In a small way, we all work hard trying to realize our vision to “Positively Bring Jeremy Lin Fans Together”.
This site was born because we want to have a safe place for cheer for what Jeremy Lin tries to represent in life. Perseverance, Hard-Work, Doing Good is Contagious, Believe, Play for Audience of One, and many others that he tries to represent.


I would like to take the time to relive what has inspired us to watch Linsanity in Feb 2012.
We might never dream of dunking the ball like Jeremy Lin but we can be inspired to never give up in life like he never did, persevere through the circumstance where nothing is going right.


Many times life is hard and we grasp for something positive, something good to propel us forward. Lin is a fresh reminder of something good.


I’m glad to know so many good friends around the world even though we have never met one another  in person 🙂 Someday perhaps we can shake hands and have lunch together.

Jeremy Lin Story – Underdog or Just Prepared

Stay Linsane, my friends  😎