Submit your Favorite Jeremy Lin Linspirational MEME

Let’s have some fun and submit your favorite Jeremy Lin LINSPIRATIONAL MEME below 🙂

I believe we can positively influence Social Media about good values that JLin represents in the NBA.

Just submit a picture or tweet of your favorite meme.

And based on the number of Disqus votes, we can rank the Top 10.

Then we can finally tweet the Top 10 Inspirational MEME to @JLin7 and Social Media (FB/Twitter).

Criteria for Top 10 Linspirational Jeremy Lin MEME :

  1. Kid-friendly MEMEs so kids can enjoy them without parents blushing trying to explain them
  2. Keep them positive since we want to support JLin’s upcoming season as a Laker & not get distracted fighting the haters.

I provided an example for the 1st submission.

I thought this is my best MEME so far 🙂 but I know some of Lin fans can do better!

Just go to or other sites to search or create a new meme.

Example of MEME Candidates
1. The Most Linteresting Dog in the World (by psalm234)
The most Linteresting Dog in the world

The most Linteresting Dog in the world

Other well-known Linsanity memes in 2012

MEME_Yolo Meme_AsiansCantDrive

Lin Fans, let’s be creative and find or create Inspirational MEMEs.

Then you vote!