Steve Nash is ruled out for 2014-15 season

According to multiple news reports, Steve Nash is officially ruled out for the 2014-15 season, final year of his current contract. Some Links below has more details on the situation.


Steve Nash out for season with back issues (SSR)

To fans, most of us have foresaw this outcome coming into the season. After the 2nd game against GSW, and the moment his back issue was brought back because of a gym bag. We almost knew the time of him as an active player is about to be over. Now, to Lin fans, what does this news means? It means, unless LAL get another PG, Lin and Price will be the only two capable of running the team at PG position. Only one preseason game left, Coach Scott is about to name his starting PG for LAL. With Nash out, the decision might be much easier for him to make.

For now, let’s just enjoy some of his highlights