Steve Nash is ruled out for 2014-15 season

According to multiple news reports, Steve Nash is officially ruled out for the 2014-15 season, final year of his current contract. Some Links below has more details on the situation.


Steve Nash out for season with back issues (SSR)

To fans, most of us have foresaw this outcome coming into the season. After the 2nd game against GSW, and the moment his back issue was brought back because of a gym bag. We almost knew the time of him as an active player is about to be over. Now, to Lin fans, what does this news means? It means, unless LAL get another PG, Lin and Price will be the only two capable of running the team at PG position. Only one preseason game left, Coach Scott is about to name his starting PG for LAL. With Nash out, the decision might be much easier for him to make.

For now, let’s just enjoy some of his highlights


  1. Paul Villarreal @CNM_JLin_Vids 19 minutes ago
    [CNM VIDEO] ===> “Steve Nash Out For The Year — Will Jeremy Lin Or Ronnie Price Be LA Lakers Starter?” #NBA #Lakers

  2. Disheartening news indeed, It would have been nice, if had couple of games into season before throwing in the towel.

  3. Couple times Nash wanted to return to play but he just couldn’t. It isn’t that he doesn’t want to play; it’s his body betrays him from playing. Guess if he continues to push, he might be paralyzed for good.

    I suffered lumber 4 and 5 injury in 1987. After the second injury in 1992, specialist told me that if I wasn’t taking care of my back, I would be sitting in wheel chair in less than 10 years. At the time I was only 27 years old. Thank God that I’m still able to walk but fall easily for no reasons. Believe my back/nerve just gives away. Also suffer pain all the time.

  4. really wanted Nash to be able to contribute.

  5. First.

  6. Yes it is terrible. And he spent one full year of rehab just to be pain free enough to make it to practice.

  7. That’s the spirit!

  8. It’s like saying Lin shouldn’t start, if you say it enough times it becomes true. ( Complete lie )

  9. Great assist highlights… lost for words.

  10. IMHO, Nash in his prime was the closest to Magic in terms of being both fancy and effective, despite height discrepancy. Jason Williams got pretty fancy moves too, but not effective in elevating teammates for win.

  11. I forgot who said it, but “there’s no such thing as a small sciatica problem”. Same applies to back. My dad was on wheelchair for a while because of portruding disc (he’s fine now), he said even kinks on the bed sheet would hurt him.

  12. You stole the 1st from @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus and @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus. Michael is still in denial…:P

  13. Lakers News: Steve Nash Ruled OUT For The Season

  14. TWC on Nash

  15. Man…injuries suck. Get better @SteveNash #legend #truePG— Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) October 24, 2014

  16. LOL I don’t even bother to say I’m the first. Just posted what I’ve got.

    Was pretty upset to see the theme of JLin needs to be with second unit…… as I chatted with PFV when the news of Nash came in. Just didn’t buy in with the rationale and told Paul about it what I really thought in private rather than in public. Will wait and see what Scott and Lakers do now. Hopefully I won’t have the dilemma of not watching NBA but still supporting JLin. It’s going to be hard. Don’t need this kind of infuriation as I have so much things I have to cope besides NBA junks.

  17. We will see after about 20 games…..NBA landscape changes everyday. who knows. I think Scott is way better than McHale, so……I have hope

  18. Total bummer about Nash … it so would have been fun to watch Nash and Lin play together. Ho hum hope he feels better and can coach the boyz.

  19. So many narratives are being pushed out there. I’m just glad that Magic and Kobe spoke up about Lin being a good starting PG and a difference maker as a playmaker.

    I can buy starting 2-time MVP Nash with the starters as the “old slow” team while Lin plays with the “young fast” team. But replacing Nash with Price in that scenario doesn’t make sense to me.

    I’m a big believer of starting and finishing your best players to win.

  20. I’m First! ( Complete denial)

  21. No matter what Scott decides now, if it doesn’t translate to wins or being competitive he will have to make adjustments. Unlike McHale who could just do whatever he wanted, Byron has to answer to a lot of folk. Let’s all keep positive.

  22. I ended up watching Nash vs Hope playing FIFA Soccer = =

  23. Nash’s no-looks are different than Lins. He has more misdirects. I hope they work on that this season when Nash is around the training room and practice court.

  24. I also had hope of Lin and Nash playing in the backcourt but Father Time has spoken and it’s just not meant to be :{ Hope Nash would have healthy retirement not be affected by back issues.

    I would remember fondly how Nash and Stoudemire would anchor the Run N Gun offense in Phoenix Suns. 7 Seconds or Less is just so exhilarating to watch. In a way Steve Nash really paved the way for Jeremy Lin because his team-first style that reminds people so much of Nash. I also remember the bloody nose and tough battle against the Spurs.

    Perhaps Nash will feel indebted to the Lakers and help to mentor and develop Jeremy Lin as part of his legacy.

  25. That’s my sentiment. It will be intolerable if Price starts. I most probably won’t watch anymore NBA if that happens.

  26. That comes with cohesion too. Lin does not have that…hard to do

  27. Good on u but for me that’s even too much to watch. Will catch up JLin news via PFV and here occasionally.

  28. This is too bad. Better Steve retires before he suffer more internal injury that might come to a point he can’t even walk anymore.

    This got me worried for their fight neck-to-neck for playoff seeding. Their PG DEPTH is so thin now. Once Jeremy is eased back to being a starter, his depth is questionable to say the least.

  29. Let’s hope u will Hear Paul yelling woohoo….in every post game vids….lol

  30. I still give Byron the benefit of the doubt even if he starts Price for a while.
    He’s said enough to acknowledge Lin’s strength but he might think strategically Lin-Davis-Clarkson-Randle would be the future.

    Price-Kobe lineup won’t give easy shots for Kobe so Kobe might push for Lin? We don’t really know. Many people like Magic and Kobe would express their thoughts to Byron but we’ll see what happens

  31. More precisely, McHale was doing what Morey wanted, which was to bury Lin and highlight Harden and Parsons. And if that led to losses, he doesn’t get flack because it was Morey’s idea to begin with.

  32. good thought …

  33. Understand where u come from. Am not in a very tolerable mood today. Dislike the wishy-washy of Scott and Lakers. It’s very disheartening to hear JLin continues to “defend” himself for not practicing with starters. Almost the end of preseason and we continue to hear this. That is very unacceptable. It’s getting too much. Same nightmare in a sense to me with a less talent team plus a combined biebar and beard in at least one rooky. Just too much for me to watch! If Lakers develops the rookies without reining in who continue to ignore JLin, I just don’t have a good feeling about JLin in this team.

  34. In the end, probably, it’s better like that. Jeremy will be the starter, Price was playing just because Jeremy is not 100% fit. Steve Nash will fly with the team and be the assistant coach and start to build his carreer as coach if he wants it. Now he has to develop Jeremy’s skills in playmaking.

  35. I lost respect to any coach that even thinking about playing Lin with the bench with current roaster.

    I am not buying any Rockets like excuses.

  36. It is just too “coincidence” that Lin is the only best pg on the team that better to play as a bench player.

    I will reserve my judgement till it happen, for now.

  37. Kobe fans have weighed in …
    Don’t know if they’ve heard something, or are just making a presumption, or are expressing a preference with respect to Kobe’s point guard partner.

  38. Some of Lin’s passes are pretty but some of Nash’s passes are jaw dropping. He just had a complete control of his body, dribble and ball. Mis direction passes come from his soccer skills. CP3 cannot even come close to Nash in terms of passing. Nash and Magic on top. Was an amazing player at prime.

  39. Here is a great set of Steve Nash highlights drawn from a triple overtime game against the Lakers in March, 2011. He had 19 pts and 20 assists:

  40. Here’s a better link. I’m pretty sure they’re just making a presumption.

  41. Sad news, Nash was one of my favorite players.

    I think this is actually bad news for Lin in the sense that he will be losing a mentor. With Nash out for the season, I assume that Nash will not be on the sidelines or practices to give tips to Lin. Whereas before, Nash always had the possibility to play a few mins here and there, so he would be attending practices and games.

  42. LOL, pretty much the same as Jlnet fans are saying that he is coming off the bench.

    Up to this point everything is just rumors or personal assumption based on what had happened in Houston!…smh

    I would give some room for the FO and coach to decide the future of lakers. Starting or not, as long a JL beings his A game, there is no denying he wont stay where is during that stint, it will be way much higher!

  43. perhaps Nash will stay with the Lakers to some capacity as mentors/coach/consultant.
    That would be the best scenario if Nash likes staying in LA.

  44. If Lakers get someone like Will Bynum who’s like a mini-Swaggy scorer, it can give sparks to the bench while Nick Young is out
    So Lin can help Kobe+ starters.

    I can’t believe noone has brought up the point that Kobe needs help with 1st team so he won’t get injured trying to do all by himself. To me Kobe’s health > bench development.

  45. Someone has to go, either Price or Nash for this to happen, Or Ellington

  46. Isn’t Nash a foregone conclusion?

  47. why wouldn’t Nash just take a medical retirement? Even sitting watching film or games for hours could take a toll on his back/nerves/body.

  48. whether he will formally retire or not is unknown

  49. At the moment he is on the injury list, so if he wanted to he could still help Lin. But I heard today that that is just one of the possibilities, he may retire, stay a player and help the other teammates or may be be included in a packaged trade.

  50. Why wouldn’t the Lakers just waive Nash if he didn’t retire? His contract expires this year. They have to pay him either way. At least waiving him would free up a roster spot that they could at least use for a minimum vet or a d-league prospect.

  51. They can, I just do not know if LAL will do it or not. So I just assume they will not.

  52. a trade??? why would anyone trade for Nash?

    one of those expiring salary cap games?

  53. yes….to unload bad contract? like the one D-Will got

  54. Price was playing just because Lin missed 3 games IMO. Had Lin started that 3 games, things would be different.

  55. This. Boooo D-Will

  56. There is another possibility, if the league rules that it fits a disabled player exception they can use 5.3 mil on a player to replace him. Won’t count against cap space. Nash’s salary will still have to wait til April to come off the books though.

  57. Still that will happen only if one of the player leaves.

  58. Nash is gone for sure but Lakers need at least 3PG.
    Lin, Price +Clarkson who is a combo and still a rookie.

    I thought I saw Lakers might get $5M exception if Nash can’t play so they can sign a player. I want a Tony Douglas type of player who can bring some scoring off the bench so Lin can help relieve pressure off Kobe to start and close the games.

  59. So if Nash doesn’t retire, he can stay as a Laker while Lakers get $5.4M disabled player exception to sign a player. That should be good, right?

    Nash can still mentor Lin and be an assistant coach someday in LA.

  60. We still not sure if he will remain on the roaster list or not tho..

  61. not sure if the nerve is so debilitating if he’s not playing.
    Previously he mentioned he can still function normally, play soccer/basketball but not at NBA level.

    I guess we’ll know more soon

  62. yeah, not sure what the whole implication of being on the roster or getting injured $5.3M exception

  63. I know there is a lot of anxiety among Lin fans at the moment with so many uncertainty.

    But it’s always good to look back of his journey from GSW playing Lakers, NY, HOU and finally home to Lakers as a reminder that whether he starts or not in the near term, his future will be bright.

    Making it in the NBA is never easy as we watched Jeremy Tyler being waived in the Backstage Lakers videos. So I choose to dwell on Magic’s not-so-subtle hint to start Lin and Kobe’s unsolicited praise that Lin is a difference maker as a sign of things to come.

    Whether tonight or 10-20 games into the season, the big Laker names believe in Lin! And this is not Houston anymore :> Lin will be just fine. The Big Man upstairs certainly has a plan for Jeremy “Shu-How Time” Lin in LA even when we sometimes can’t see it.

  64. While Magic as spoken, his tweet doesn’t hold much water for me. I doubt Byron Scott even knows about it; he doesn’t even have Twitter.

    On the other hand, Kobe’s statement has a nuclear bomb effect on the Lakers – both in the office and the fandom. I’m sure Davis’ and Hill’s statements have loud, resounding bomb-like effects too.

  65. your link starts the youtube video at 9m40s. Did you meant to link it like that?

  66. Marc Stein writing about Steve Nash’s leadership style (as well as his drive):

    As a teammate, I’d put him in an exclusive club of two when it comes to on-court leadership over these past two decades. Nash and Tim Duncan are the two finest star players I’ve ever seen when it comes to the rare art of positive reinforcement, making everyone around them feel good about themselves and galvanizing a group.

    See :

  67. well said……

  68. not really, I fixed it πŸ˜€

  69. As for Magic he’ll talk to Byron but Byron will be careful to act as his own man.

    Kobe’s statement is definitely the biggest X factor. wait, what did Davis and Hill say? :]

  70. yes, Tim Duncan and Steve Nash are my favorite NBA players next to Lin. High-character and classy team-first leaders.

  71. Yes, there is always a part of any sports played by human that are not related to the sports themselves.

  72. So Coach Dave Miller said Price will start tonight but thinks JLin will start as PG on Oct28

    Translation: Byron Scott agrees with Kobe and Magic that Lin should start but since he wants to show he’s his own man, he’ll let Price start tonight and Lin gets his conditioning back.

  73. Maybe he is just avoiding Ido…..LOL

  74. afraid of all the yelling CAPS πŸ˜€
    Good job with the screen grab idea :] Perfect for Ido!

  75. Totally agreed….I don know how many #truePG are left in this league now

  76. I think people are too insecure to worry about Jeremy’s starting role. There is no way Price will start over Lin. In both games, Price had the team lowest +/- and Lin has highest. Everyone could tell Jeremy’s role is not replaceable.

    However, this is preseason, Kobe is not playing, what’s the point to start? Practice to play with Ellington? It is much more important for him to get used to Ed Daivis, Randle and Clarkson.

    Also, it is pre-season, and Lin is coming back from injury, and trying to get his condition back, so it is not bad to ease him in.

  77. true, I see sports amplify the character inside the human.

  78. Yes….that is why I don’t buy this Lin is mentally weak sxxt. Completely made no sense.

  79. If I’m going to be optimistic, I’d say Byron is being precautionary. Nash just got ruled out of the season. He only has 1 playmaker on his team. If this sole playmaker goes down, they’re more than dead.

    If I’m going to be realistic, Byron wants for Jeremy to have another practice to assess his conditioning. He looks gassed like last game, and he admitted it himself.

    If I’m going to be a media nuthugger and like MAJORITY of the folks at the other site, dang it Byron Scott is a Jeremy Lin hater and he will be forever tied on the bench! Miller went from being a celebrated “Pro-Lin” anchor to the other site’s Disqus punching bag.

  80. LOL yeah…pretty much it…

  81. Good points.

    I think it all started by Byron’s non-commital 2nd Utah post-game comment where “Price has performed well so he keeps starting” then “Price gets some rest so Lin closed out game” which is more worrisome.

    But tonight’s game is meaningless so let’s see what happens in Oct 28 onwards. JLin starting is nice, I care more about how positive Byron talks about Lin and his role in closing out games than the starting role. Lately he hasn’t revealed much about Lin’s plays.

  82. haha.. excellent summary of which hat we can wear πŸ˜€

    I chose wearing your optimistic and realistic hats!

  83. you are greedy….

  84. people who said that also reflect their character inside.
    They thought Lin is just like them .. mentally weak LOL

    Makes no sense whatsoever. Lin is known to persevere since elementary school to NBA and gets accused of being “mentally weak” just because he managed to work hard & carried himself well.

    Some people just want to live through Lin in such a bad way without learning much from his successful ways. Crazy!

  85. I’m kinda counting on Kobe to drop a “bring Jeremy to the starting lineup NOW” bomb in the regular season.

  86. So….to me, seems like Ellington will be the one most likely to be cut. BUT to replace a shooter with a new PG, you will want that coming player can shoot 3s at high %age. I wonder who will be that guy.

    If Nash cleared his spot, I guess they will simply just sign a PG for depth purposes with less requirement. Might focus on someone who can penetrate.

  87. Any time when Lin refer back to Houston he isn’t happy.

  88. “Byron Scott open to starting Jeremy Lin”

    Jeremy Lin’s bench role doesn’t sound permanent.

    Ronnie Price has filled in as the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakersthrough the majority of preseason, but head coach Byron Scott said his place in the starting five is not “definitive” for the season, reports Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News. Price has played a large role for the Lakers with injuries sidelining Jeremy Lin, Jordan Clarkson and Steve Nash through preseason. Nash has since been ruled out for the season, while Lin and Clarkson have both returned to the Lakers’ lineup.

    Lin has played well off the bench, stepping in as a secondary ball-handler to help the Lakers’ bench offense. Los Angeles is still missing bench pieces like Nick Young andXavier Henry, making Lin’s presence with the Lakers’ reserves important. He’s averaged 10.8 points and six assists through preseason while shooting 50 percent from beyond the arc and overall in four games.

    Scott said he’d look at Lin possibly starting “on Friday,” following the Lakers’ win over the Portland Trail Blazers, but Price is expected to start in the final preseason game. Scott mentioned he’s stuck with Price because he’s played well through exhibition, and Lin only recently returned from injury.

  89. Start or not in preseason games don’t matter. Will Lin be starter in regular season? We don’t know until then.

    Some people worry because Lin gets to start or not is not base on the best player is to be starter.

  90. My guess is it was really supposed to be Jeremy who’ll start tonight UNTIL that news flash of Nash ruled out of the season came in.

  91. Really think Ellington shoot himself out of the team. Clarkson could be better than Ellington though.

  92. I don’t know, I think since Kobe is not playing, thus changing the line up for this last pre-season game is pretty meaningless. Plus, I’m not sure how much the other starters could remain as starters in the future, thus play with starting line up is also not that meaningful either.

  93. Lin going to start in regular season or not I am not going to worry because it is out of my control.

    Seriously, excuses after excuse just too Houston-like and I don’t like it or I have a bad feeling even if it is true.

  94. Lakers should blame Rockets for the fans not trusting any organization.

  95. I think Scott would like to check first about Jeremy’s conditioning thru this last preseason game, then that news about Nash came about. If I’ll be optimistic, Scott’s just being precautionary.

    I agree on the second statement.

  96. Scott is going to hear about the tweet. It was on Lakers access sport net also after the game. Whether it will carry any real weight is another matter but Johnson is not the only one that feels this way I’m sure. Like you said about kobe.

  97. Kobe’s statement has more venom than Magic’s tweet, with Kobe still under Lakers’ payroll and still playing. Magic’s tweet is his opinion. Kobe’s statement resonated like an assessment of Jeremy playing with him and the rest of the Lakers.

  98. Eric Pincus outlines the options regarding Steve Nash:

    1. Nash may retire before the end of the season … If he retires for medical reasons, he’ll still receive his money …
    2. The Lakers can apply for a disabled-player exception, for up to half of Nash’s salary.
    3. The Lakers can look to trade Nash, enabling the Lakers to take back about $15 million in salary.
    4. The team can buy out Nash’s contract, perhaps offering to pay him around $8 million to $9 million.
    5. The Lakers and Nash can do absolutely nothing …

    See :

  99. I don’t think Lin has any issues with his cardio conditioning, just maybe endurance issues with sore ankles.

  100. Probably that’s more like it.

  101. lol.

  102. that’s terrible.

  103. I hear you, and I’m not going to make any judgment until regular season.

    But given that Lin was demoted from starter after outplaying Beverley in preseason and regular season makes all Lin fans anxious. All Scott has to say is, “I’m just giving Lin more rest in the preseason for his ankles to get to 100%. He’ll start in the regular season.” But Scott hasn’t said it, so that’s why people are not assured that “There is no way Price will start over Lin.”

  104. Are Hill/Boozer/Johnson starting tonight? If so, Lin should be starting with them. Those guys are going to be the starters for the season.

    If those guys are playing tonight and Lin doesn’t start with them, then the writing’s on the wall.

  105. This is another example how LA media is better than HOU by clarifying things not to make Lin look bad.
    Lin came out as classy to be respectful to Byron as a coach. It should go far with Byron to respect Lin back.
    If not, it’s Byron’s loss .. literally πŸ˜€

  106. pre-season games do matter. this is where coach determines the best lineups and rotation.

  107. bullsh**********t.

  108. sad part is Ellington is probably the Lakers best 3 pt shooter (39% career)

  109. Don’t know the context of the tweet but seen like Lin already know if he start or not, just my opinion.

  110. I can pretty much guess what units Lin will be in because every time when they say something good about Lin it is follow with the word bench. Let’s hope I am wrong.

    Well, at least he get to handle the ball more judging from past preseason games.

  111. What is the differences? I would think you would lost your cardio if you are inactive for 10 days…So is the endurance.

  112. Jeremy Lin talking about starting in the regular season:

    “One thing I’ve learned is, just, nothing’s guaranteed in this league. Just because he’s out [i.e. Nash] doesn’t mean I’ll be necessarily playing a lot or the whole game,” he said. “The reason why I say that is just kind of my whole experience in Houston. But if I do get a bigger role or a bigger chance, I’m definitely going to try to do everything I can with it and have fun with it.”

    See :

  113. it depends on what question he was asked. I’d prefer to watch the complete video to make an assessment.

  114. It’s not right for them to say Lin lost his starting job to Beverly, it was handed over to Beverly just like it may be handed over to Canaan soon. Plus saying Lin may start over Price only because he has more experience is avoiding the truth that Lin should start because he is the better player. Ronnie is not exactly a rookie. Even a Lin troll like me tries to get the facts correct before presenting them…First.

  115. Yes. I am glad that even though there are still some that don’t get their facts straight, the number that do is so many times more than over the past few years. Different level of professionalism I guess.

  116. You really have something in for tactical missile deployments πŸ˜›

  117. He is not all in a slump, I think he was set to fail (unintentionally of course). He had to initiate the offense, this will decrease the %age by a lot for some shooters. Just think what would it like for Novak to run PnR with Tyson….

  118. That’s why I said Byron felt the need to be his own man by not starting Lin immediately. If he starts Lin this game after Magic tweeted it in the last game, he’ll look weak.

    This part is just power-play and PR on Byron’s part so he doesn’t look weak and undermined as a head coach. I fully expect that.

  119. Let me reiterate what I said (and I think IJ also said) about why Byron HAS to start Price tonight.

    After Magic tweeted Lin should be a starting PG during last game, Byron CANNOT immediately start Lin tonight without looking weak since Magic’s words can be misinterpreted to ‘control’ Byron’s decision-making. I can fully understand Byron doesn’t want his authority as a head coach to be undermined. That’s the right step as a head coach.

    Let’s see what Byron will do on Oct 28.
    1. Will he stick to Price as the starting PG to show he’s not influenced easily by what Magic and outsiders said? (the downside is Price will look bad getting benched after 5 bad games)
    2. Will he decisively start Lin in Nash’s absence because he’s fully recovered from his injury and can help Kobe stay healthy?

  120. Very entertaining…XD

  121. Agree most of your point except Scott digs his own grave from the very beginning and now he is stubborn to prove he is “right.” Just like M in R all over again. Same story; different city/org. The only thing that is going to hold me back from watching my NBA hand off is wait to see his final hand on 28 Oct.

  122. To Byron’s credit, he did start Lin on the 2nd game against the Warriors. But after Lin got injured, he opted to bring Lin off the bench with the reason of recovering from injury. I can buy the reasoning for now.

    I’m also holding my assessment to see what he’ll do on Oct 28. The right thing to do is to start Lin (even if Lin is not 100%) to make a statement to the team. He doesn’t really want a controversy of Lin vs Price to be the main media questions. IMO he will make Lin the starter on Oct 28 because Kobe and Magic let their thoughts known but he can’t do it immediately today to protect his HC credibility.

  123. Disagree. He said in the past few days that Price played well. Nothing to do with JLin returning from injury. That’s why I’m furious. It’s just like PB story again. A starter is a starter. Doesn’t matter the starter is returning from injury or not. Play the starter less minutes. Unless the starter can’t perform, then you can make the change and I’ve no issue at all. He didn’t do it and said Price has played well and he was going to keep it that way (this was what he did). Rewatched all his interviews and probably you will find the uneasiness that I have right now. Am not going to accept JLin be a bench player because of Price/Scott. If this happens on 28 Oct, I will wash my hand of NBA for good. Will only see how JLin’s doing and his news; not going to waste my time and energy on NBA. Too much garbage for me.

  124. BTW, @brentyen:disqus can you please help to create the Game Thread? Got to finish something here. Thanks!

  125. I noticed that too. Not because Byron said Price played well which he did in the 2nd Utah game. But because of the lack of good things to say about Lin when he came back in the Suns game. It gave me some reservations too.

    But let’s be patient. If Lin becomes a starter in Game 5, will you watch again? :]

  126. I just want to comment how wonderful it is to be able to discuss and share differing viewpoints about a heated topic, in a respectful manner that doesn’t resort to name calling of a coach, player, or each other!

  127. Haven’t been watching or following hick town. Is Canaan playing that well, to start over bev?

  128. I disagree. I really don’t think scott cares about what magic says, on twitter of all places. Scott hasn’t really given any indication that Lin is good enough to be the starter of his team. Everything he’s used to describe Lin is that of a bench player. Gritty, hustle, plays hard…

  129. So Byron has said whoever he starts (Lin or Price) on Oct 28 will play the most minutes.

    Lakers coach: Chance for Lin, Price”

    His absence creates an opportunity for point guards Jeremy Lin, who returned earlier this week from a sprained left ankle, and Price, who has impressed the coaching staff during the preseason while Nash and Lin have been out.

    “It’s a huge chance, a huge chance,” Scott said. “It’s obviously increases the chances for Ronnie as well. Both those guys are going to have big-time opportunities.

    “We have two quality point guards. We’re probably going to have to look for another one as well, but right now I’m pretty happy with Ronnie. I think he’s played extremely well for us, and Jeremy is just coming back from an injury and in the last couple of games he’s getting back into it. I’m not concerned about it.”

    Although Lin would appear to be the clear favorite to be the starter with Nash out, Scott said he hasn’t decided yet who will start, and Lin said he isn’t taking anything from granted after last season, when he started only 33 of the 71 games he played for the Houston Rockets after starting all 82 games the season before.

    “One thing I’ve learned is nothing is guaranteed in this league. Just because he’s out that doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily be playing a lot or the whole game,” Lin said. “That’s just something I have to continue to take day by day. The reason I say that is my whole experience in Houston taught me that nothing is guaranteed but if I do get a bigger role or a bigger chance, I’m going to try to do everything I can with it and have fun with it.”

    Scott said he would wait until just before Tuesday’s season opener against the Rockets to name the team’s starting point guard, but he likes both Lin and Price.
    “If Ronnie starts or Jeremy starts, both of them play well with the first unit,” Scott said. “That’s not a defining factor. It’s all about who I feel gives me the best chance to win basketball games. Whoever I start is going to play the bulk of the minutes. He’s going to play 30 minutes or more. It’s really who I feel comfortable with, and to be honest with you, right now I feel comfortable with both of those guys.”

  130. I’m beginning to dislike Byron’s waffles.

    We need to keep track of stats to quantify Byron’s criteria of “who I feel gives me the best chance to win basketball games”

    Let’s get ready to collect Clutch Time Stats, TS%, +/-, etc.

  131. you have a point. And he said both Lin and Ronnie play well with starters although it’s not the criteria to choose a starter. He hasn’t given Lin chance to practice with starters so it’s not the same comparison. But did he give Lin chances to close out games with starters?

    I think we can help with collecting stats on “Whoever he feels best to give them chance to win” criteria

  132. Don’t know. Never says never. Am just too furious with this same ” ” happening again in so-called “classy” org. Lost my confidence in Lakers and NBA. Too much emotional energy and time I have invested in this and it’s time to draw back and concentrate my energy on my own life–to get everything under control again.

    Having said that, I always believe in JLin and his capabilities to succeed in NBA and whatever he does. I will choose not to watch NBA and JLin’s bb life closely like now. Don’t want to waste my time on NBA garbage if Scott is as bad as M & M in R to treat JLin. My respect of Scott has gone south very quickly since JLin returned to play after injury. He and Lakers and NBA as a whole will totally lose my respect if JLin isn’t a starter on 28 Oct. I won’t give them more chance to redeem their reputation. That’s my limit on this garbage. Have seen enough in the past year or so. Don’t need to go ups and downs with this garbage NBA.

  133. Didn’t the FO tell Jeremy that he would play lots of minutes in their first meeting after the trade?

  134. I guess we should be careful of the context of the remarks, but this is starting to feel a bit odd:

  135. LOL Told u so. I’m so disgusted with Scott now. You know what Ronnie is what he really wants because he played with Scott before. Scott wanted him and because of JLin’s injury, Scott gave Ronnie the chance and for his own good, he played ok. When I first heard about this, my first reaction, oh no, not another PB experience. Here I’m, I have heard this over and over again in the past week. So, to me Scott = M & M in R. No respect for that kind of person. The only good card that JLin didn’t have in R right now, everyone else esp Kobe but Scott in Lakers wants JLin to be the playmaker. Even if Scott gives in at the end of the day, fear the same garbage is boiling soon for JLin and his fans.

  136. Well, at the end of the day, Scott is the one who makes the decision of who plays what minutes. I can see the “talk” is gone to the garbage bin.

  137. This got nepotism written all over it. Scott starting Price can’t possibly sit well with Kobe, who’s taken Lin under his wing. Oh, and for what it’s worth, I’ve always wanted Karl before Scott.

  138. If Scott starts Price over Lin, and the Lakers start losing, or if Lin has to save the day from the bench, Lakers fans aren’t as easily fooled. Adjustments will have to be made.

  139. Sound too familiar????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M & M all over again in so-called “classy” org– same plot; different org. This will be the story for JLin’s NBA career.

  140. Enough of my furious over Scott/Lakers. Time to move on away from bb.

  141. that would be wonderful

  142. Byron is oddly high on Price although everyone else knows he’s not special at all.
    Let’s keep tracking Price’s mediocre stats ( 40FG%, 21 3FG%, 2-1 Assist/TO ratio)

    I want to be ready to tweet a nice graph showing how superior Lin to Price if Byron insists on this questionable choice.

    This article has good stats to hold Byron accountable if Price is really better than Lin

    Price has been in the NBA nine seasons but basally as the third point guard, a guy respected as a leader but who isn’t much of a scoring threat, nor is he a great playmaker. So far in preseason Price has looked okay at times but
    – he’s shooting 40.9 percent overall,
    – 21.4 percent from three,
    – and has less than a 2-1 assist to turnover ratio.

    And that’s all against preseason rotations. Plus he’s not a very good defender.

    In spot duty Price would be a good guy to have on the roster, but leaning on him like this shows just how much Scott is looking for anything that might work with this Lakers team.

  143. LOL

  144. remember to come back and check from time to time! πŸ˜›

  145. I think much as we love Jeremy, we gotta remember we can’t influence things in his life, unlike God whom Jeremy leans on. In that context, let’s see what happens first.
    And remember, I’m a guy who is super skeptical about the intentions of these coaches, but I also know that Linsanity happened without our help.

  146. yes, it’s good to step back and don’t get invested too emotionally on what the results (Win or Loss, Lin starting or not, etc.) It’s not worth getting overly stressed out and upset to affect our personal lives.

    What’s important it to focus our effort on situations and actions that we can control. If Byron chose to follow personal bias, there’s not much we can do to prevent it but hoping and praying those who support Lin like Magic and Kobe will exert their influence.

    But at the end of the day it’s still a basketball game and Lin is still winning in the game of life with his strong characters. It’s good to acknowledge how Lin still carries himself well in the face of adversity and uncertainty. I’m not happy with the development but will focus on my energy to do what I can. Track the stats and be ready to show how wrong Byron is.

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