[Sportige] Los Angeles Lakers – Jeremy Lin Regresses, Kobe Bryant Simply Won’t Stop

The purpose of this thread is to not criticize Jeremy but help find ideas on what he can do to get more minutes than 19-20 min/game?

Greg has excellent points in his latest article.

I think it deserves its own thread for further discussion on what Jeremy can do to get more minutes in his currently marginalized role. Again, it’s not to criticize but to seek ideas of what Jeremy can do to help him get bigger role.

One line caught my attention “but Lin can’t afford to have them as his role for the Lakers continues to diminish. I’ll say again: A worthless player like Ronnie Price continues to get more minutes than him.”

Greg has been a huge Lin supporter like us so I don’t take it as criticism but a real challenge that Lin has to overcome in a system that doesn’t use his strength. Lin is in survival mode now when he has to battle for minutes against a lesser player like Price who was favored by Coach Byron Scott.

IMO, BScott was in panic mode to put in players that can put up points in an embarrassing game like last night. He used the same reasoning of putting up points in late game situation by putting Nick Young in 4th quarter in previous games.

Kobe simply took Lin’s job as the PG. And as Lin is a pass-first guard, Byron didn’t prioritize him. What should Lin personaly do to get easy points for himself in 19-20min while still doing great D and facilitating?
Without PnR with Davis, reliable roll man, Lin’s game is marginalized.

What will Jeremy do to solve this puzzle?

  1. Knowing how Byron Scott operates, how can Jeremy adjust his role to earn more minutes in the final year of his contract before the Free Agency?
  2. Is there nothing that he can do other than making his 3pt shots or driving to the rim 2-3 times?
  3. Should he wait until 10-12 more games until Byron figures out Price can’t do his job as a starter? There is no guarantee that will happen.

Whatever it may be, I’m convinced Lin is aware of this problem and is smart enough to know what he needs to do to survive and thrive in this system. It might take some time but he’s a survivor so I’m confident he will find away to overcome this latest challenge.

Lin had nothing to be proud of, as he put on another performance that was lacking in confidence, accuracy or anything of the things we saw from him in the last two games, as it seemed like he was coming out of his shell and adjusting to his new role. He played just 17 minutes, scoring only two points on 0-of-6 from the field. There are days when things go wrong, but Lin can’t afford to have them as his role for the Lakers continues to diminish. I’ll say again: A worthless player like Ronnie Price continues to get more minutes than him. Five points in 19 minutes is pretty much the best we’ve seen from Price since he got into the lineup.

Kobe Bryant called the performance atrocious, but Bryant’s comments are sometimes impossible to comprehend considering what he’s actually doing on the floor. A parallel universe – one that’s on the court and one that’s off of it. What does he care? He got the first milestone he came for this season and is getting paid more than anyone else in the league to achieve. Now it’s on to the next one. Actually improving as a team? He leaves that to the peasants and coaches, who can plan and train all they want to. Bryant is still going to do whatever he wants.


  1. So the Lakers got that big 4 in Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Paul Gasol, and Dwight Howard for the 2012-2013 season and what happened?

    Nash was reduced to spot-up duties (ball belongs to Kobe), Gasol was camping at three point line (mid-range belongs to Kobe), Howard was treated as Jordan Hill turbo (you want the ball? go get the offensive rebound) lol. The winning is only acceptable when Kobe is the MAN! We need to be aware that marginalizing other players (including superstars) to make Kobe look better has been the ongoing theme in the Lakersland long before Lin was traded to LA. It did not help that Lin already had the track record of “losing his starting job to defensive stopper” in Houston which gave BS an easy time to marginalize Lin through benching.

    Actions speak louder than words! Gasol has been very supportive to Kobe vocally but what did he do once he had a chance to leave LA? HE LEFT IMMEDIATELY! I don’t think I need to describe how much Howard dislike Kobe here lol. As for Nash, it speaks volumes when he didn’t even bother to show up around the team even though he was paid handsomely to “tutor” Lin. At the end of the day, what can Lin do? No one has been able to overcome Kobe, not even superstars like Nash or Howard. Lin basically had his work cut out for him. Fortunately, he can follow the lead of Gasol and Howard soon by fleeing from the Lakers as soon as possible once his contract is up.

  2. I think you have the correct perspective that All-Star players struggled playing with Kobe.
    And Lin’s struggle would be magnified by playing for a coach who will cater to Kobe no matter what.

    Lin either has to wait for his chances when Kobe’s health is wearing out (2016 contract is too long) or leave as soon as possible in summer 2015.

    In the meantime, Lin just has to keep fighting to earn his minutes by scoring and playing Defense

  3. If I have to summarize 1 sentence of problem description, it would be this:

    “Kobe only wants to win when he shines the brightest so all other good things (Lin/Davis PnR, Lin/Boozer PNR) became marginalized”

    With that in mind, Lin’s strategy has to account for observing what could work in the broken system like Lakers:
    1. Play like Nick Young with a lot of ISOs? It might garner Kobe’s respect to occasionally pass the ball to Swaggy because it resembles him. But this is not Lin’s strength.
    2. Keep the balance to 50-50 in passing to Kobe and scoring himself similar to DFisher role
    3. Focus on offense more with the 2nd unit since focusing on D and facilitating didn’t give him enough minutes to finish the game
    4. … ?

    For now, I would prefer Option 2 and 3 because Lin can do that.

  4. Scoring and assisting are both more objective than playing defense because they showed up on the stat-sheet (Lin still got cheated out of assists anyways LOL). We have already seen filling up the stat-sheet (MIN game and BOS game comes to mind) would accelerate the benching because it ruined Kobe’s mood. So Lin can not earn more minutes by scoring and making plays.

    As for defense, the quality of defense is very subjective so BS could get away with making outrageous claims on the defensive stopper Ronnie versus defensive incapable Jeremy. I think Jeremy is simply unsure of how he can do to earn more minutes now. It’s pretty much like damned if you do, doomed if you don’t for Jeremy. Nevertheless, I am confident that Jeremy will eventually get out of this and play so well in his limited time to force BS into giving him no playing time at all (DNPCD LOL).

  5. The answer? Let the year end and choose wisely in free agency. Had Lin really wanted to stay in NYC, he should have signed with CAA. Sure he’d be sleeping with the devil, but he would have been resigned. Benched in Nyc? It’s possible. We will never know.

    Now with this summer, is Lin with the right agent? Impossible to know. what I do know is that Lin is a lost puppy who is slow to adapt to what is going on off court. Now his game on the court is slipping too. So sad.

    Lady Luck will not find Lin again. He will have to fight his way out and let his play do the talking. So far, his play is terrible and inconsistent. He has to get a lot better a sap and consistent.

    Lin must play with his own hidden agenda and figure it out quickly. Stop proving you are great in D, save energy and score the ball and rack up assists.

  6. Lin needed to go rogue a long time ago. He’s a slow learner. He has to play off court politics ehich is not his forte

  7. that’s actually really good idea to score/assist but be careful not to score more than Kobe! :]

    Jealousy is the keyword with Kobe here. Lin needs to relish how he needs to find ways to be Robin to support Kobe. Kobe’s ego is so big that he needs assurances that noone would take the fame away from him

    Even if DNPCD might come from playing too well, they’ll eventually have to play him to showcase him for a trade :>

    Man, playing with superstar egos is definitely TOUGH!

  8. The downside of having too much Harvard brainpower :>
    But he’ll eventually get it!

    But again, saying Lin is a slow learner won’t solve the problem. We gotta focus on what Lin can do to improve the situations

  9. Hindsight is 20-20 indeed. Lin made the right choice to leave for Houston leading a young team with supposedly a lot of PnRs. If not because Harden surprise trade, Lin would have a lot more 38pt Spurs game and 34 Phi game (9 threes) w/o Harden.

    LAL is not his choice but again Lin is forced to play politics to stroke Kobe’s ego and figure out what will get him more minutes. He learned that Kobe didn’t mean it to say “go all out, not pass to him if necessary”
    So he got duped again by Kobe. Now he’s reeling to figure out what he needs to do.

    No doubt Lin needs to fight back and figure things out quickly. But we’re not in his shoes so we can only hope he’ll find it quickly.

  10. IMO, lin should just go rogue and do his own thing. Force Scott’s hand and make him react by benching Lin. Shoot each and every time he gets the ball. If Scott makes the mistake to bench Lin, the Lakers will lose ALL Chinese support. The FO will be forced to step in for a possible PR nightmare.

    Instead of looking at this team as one he can help build to be a championship calibre team, Lin needs to understand that it’s the Titanic as long as KOBE and Scott is guiding this ship. Lin just need to bail like NASH and the rest of the superstars ASAP. If he looks at his situation this way, he could maybe see that he actually is playing from a position of strength instead of weakness. Lin needs to accept that he won’t be a Laker again no matter what kind of BS they shovel. Make the Lakers know now that he will not be a patsy, make them know that he’ll be gone at the end of this year by going rogue. Make them bench him and sit out the season like NASH and save his body for his next team. Play like Swaggy and just shoot until they sit him. Play defence like KOBE and sve his energy for offence and play for his next contract.

  11. Hey pslam234, I wrote something 3 hrs ago and it went into moderation. Can you fix it for me?

  12. got it.. I approved it :>

  13. I don’t agree, every battle has the right timing. This is not a war to make himself look good. This a small battle to force and corner an enemy into making making a mistake. To force the FO chose their future. To make the owners finally see why KOBE is just killing the Lakers. It’s now a battle to force them to lay down their cards and let it all play out in the media. Let’s see how much they REALLY wanted Lin or was that just to get the Asian fans to buy in. They fooled the tire company and the fans from Taiwan.

  14. I think the best thing for Lin to do the rest of this year is to:

    With 2nd team, be a score first PG the way he prefers. Drive and dish.
    With 1st team, do the Houston role. Space the floor for Kobe, take any open 3s.
    And of course, play excellent defense.

    If he does that and has good FG%, 3pt%, I think other GMs will see that and expect Lin to be able to translate his 2nd team skills to 1st team on a team without a Kobe or Harden.

  15. I think this season is a throw away for the Lakers. I think Lin will be wise to walk in the summer. I think we just have to deal with it for the next 5 months.

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