[Sportige] Los Angeles Lakers – Jeremy Lin Regresses, Kobe Bryant Simply Won’t Stop

The purpose of this thread is to not criticize Jeremy but help find ideas on what he can do to get more minutes than 19-20 min/game?

Greg has excellent points in his latest article.

I think it deserves its own thread for further discussion on what Jeremy can do to get more minutes in his currently marginalized role. Again, it’s not to criticize but to seek ideas of what Jeremy can do to help him get bigger role.

One line caught my attention “but Lin can’t afford to have them as his role for the Lakers continues to diminish. I’ll say again: A worthless player like Ronnie Price continues to get more minutes than him.”

Greg has been a huge Lin supporter like us so I don’t take it as criticism but a real challenge that Lin has to overcome in a system that doesn’t use his strength. Lin is in survival mode now when he has to battle for minutes against a lesser player like Price who was favored by Coach Byron Scott.

IMO, BScott was in panic mode to put in players that can put up points in an embarrassing game like last night. He used the same reasoning of putting up points in late game situation by putting Nick Young in 4th quarter in previous games.

Kobe simply took Lin’s job as the PG. And as Lin is a pass-first guard, Byron didn’t prioritize him. What should Lin personaly do to get easy points for himself in 19-20min while still doing great D and facilitating?
Without PnR with Davis, reliable roll man, Lin’s game is marginalized.

What will Jeremy do to solve this puzzle?

  1. Knowing how Byron Scott operates, how can Jeremy adjust his role to earn more minutes in the final year of his contract before the Free Agency?
  2. Is there nothing that he can do other than making his 3pt shots or driving to the rim 2-3 times?
  3. Should he wait until 10-12 more games until Byron figures out Price can’t do his job as a starter? There is no guarantee that will happen.

Whatever it may be, I’m convinced Lin is aware of this problem and is smart enough to know what he needs to do to survive and thrive in this system. It might take some time but he’s a survivor so I’m confident he will find away to overcome this latest challenge.

Lin had nothing to be proud of, as he put on another performance that was lacking in confidence, accuracy or anything of the things we saw from him in the last two games, as it seemed like he was coming out of his shell and adjusting to his new role. He played just 17 minutes, scoring only two points on 0-of-6 from the field. There are days when things go wrong, but Lin can’t afford to have them as his role for the Lakers continues to diminish. I’ll say again: A worthless player like Ronnie Price continues to get more minutes than him. Five points in 19 minutes is pretty much the best we’ve seen from Price since he got into the lineup.

Kobe Bryant called the performance atrocious, but Bryant’s comments are sometimes impossible to comprehend considering what he’s actually doing on the floor. A parallel universe – one that’s on the court and one that’s off of it. What does he care? He got the first milestone he came for this season and is getting paid more than anyone else in the league to achieve. Now it’s on to the next one. Actually improving as a team? He leaves that to the peasants and coaches, who can plan and train all they want to. Bryant is still going to do whatever he wants.