Special Jeremy Lin News Links

This Sticky Post is designed to capture special Jeremy Lin links that fans often need to bookmark (i.e. quotes of wanting to start, why JLin did not go to Dallas Mavericks in 2015, etc.)

Please feel free to add more suggestion for special links in your comments. It will be incorporated into the post over time.

Memorable Youtube Videos:

4/23/2016 Jeremy Lin Leads Hornets to First Playoff Win in 14 Years by NBA
3/21/2016 Jeremy Lin Leads Hornets Past Spurs (15 out of 29 in the 4th quarter to erase 23-pt deficit) by NBA
12/17/2015 Jeremy Lin Drops 35 on Toronto Raptors by NBA
2/1/2014 Jeremy Lin First Triple-Double (15pts/11rebs/10asts) off-the-bench by NBA


  1. Ha me? 1st!

  2. hope there will never be confusion anymore as to what JLIN wants on his career, as opposed to the fans wants jlin to think!

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  4. I just wish they would give us a timeline for lin’s return. Instead they keep telling us hes a game time decision that gets all our hopes up :/

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