Sonnet for Jeremy Lin


I wish I could sit there with you, supporting

Give you hope, peace and strength for all you’ve been thru

You faced several struggles and I feel for you,

Then I found the right way to help you: praying.

Every morning I am down on my knees begging,

You can play your brand of basketball; or that your crew

Find a trade to the coach who really loves you

Cause when you’re on the corner, I feel like crying.

But then my heart is at peace ’cause Christ is your guidance

Whole your life he’s been telling: “Believe in Me?

He tested your faith and forged your character

As long as you’re in Him you’re the real winner

And don’t you worry, you’ll win on the court, believe it,

The bigger the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.

by Spot

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By Spot