Sonnet for Jeremy Lin


I wish I could sit there with you, supporting

Give you hope, peace and strength for all you’ve been thru

You faced several struggles and I feel for you,

Then I found the right way to help you: praying.

Every morning I am down on my knees begging,

You can play your brand of basketball; or that your crew

Find a trade to the coach who really loves you

Cause when you’re on the corner, I feel like crying.

But then my heart is at peace ’cause Christ is your guidance

Whole your life he’s been telling: “Believe in Me?

He tested your faith and forged your character

As long as you’re in Him you’re the real winner

And don’t you worry, you’ll win on the court, believe it,

The bigger the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.

by Spot


Guess JLin's stats in Game 30 vs LAL
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By Spot
  • Linja

    H A P P Y N E W Y E A R TO Y’ALL.

  • rookie75094

    Beat the tankers!!!

  • JoeTeam


  • Happy New Year!
    Hope you get a relaxing holidays with family & friends

  • 17pts/3asts is my vote.
    If Batum can’t start, double it to 34pts/6asts

    Victory against Byron Scott and Kobe will be quite a statement after the mistreatment last season.

  • CaliUSMC


  • CaliUSMC

    Kobe is playing and starting in tomorrows game. Charmin time. Lets go LiN

  • sport

    Not if Lin continues to be iced out. Lin better be ready to take over next game, look to shoot 1st and pass second is when he plays his best!

  • CaliUSMC


  • Phillycheese

    Are we gonna turn into a Lakers vs Hornets thread?

  • Dan Cohen

    but lin is not like htat..he does like revenge..and will choke on it if he hears that word.

  • rookie75094


  • yes, sometime in the US morning :]

  • Spot

    Thank you Psalm 🙂

    Go Jeremy!!!

  • tom

    Not a statement at all its a must lol
    They have to win
    The Lakers are so bad 2nd worst in the league next to the 76ers

  • tom

    Lin probably won’t play more than 20mins tomorrow because the Lakers are a joke
    He’s gonna take it easy and let teammates pad stats because he doesnt have to do anything against this team

  • 1mtoldman

    notes from yahoo/espn preview:

    “No Eastern Conference team averages more 3-point attempts than the Charlotte Hornets, and that’s something coach Steve Clifford would like to cut down on.

    That would also be good advice for Kobe Bryant, who is the league’s worst 3-point shooter as his illustrious career winds down.

    The Hornets will welcome Bryant for his final visit to Charlotte on Monday night, although there’s no word on whether Michael Jordan will be in the building to see the aging star.”

    “The 3s are great but in our league, it goes like this and this is just factual, statistical,” Clifford said. “The best thing you can do on a possession is shoot a free throw, that’s by the numbers. Then the second-best thing you can do is shoot a layup. Then the third-best thing you can do is shoot a 3.”

    “….Lakers team that has lost by an average of 20.4 points in a three-game slide and is 1-6 when playing the second half of a back-to-back set after Sunday’s 112-96 defeat to the Grizzlies.

    Bryant played only the first and third quarters and scored 19 points, making 2 of 8 3-pointers. His field-goal percentage of 34.7 and 3-point percentage of 25.6 are the NBA’s worst marks.”

    “Tomorrow I’ll definitely be ready to go,” Bryant said. “Those are cities I’m only going to go to once.”

    “Bryant and the Lakers (5-26) will see a former teammate in Jeremy Lin, who started 30 of 74 games in his lone season with Los Angeles in 2014-15. Lin is fourth on the Hornets in scoring with 11.8 points per game”

  • 1mtoldman

    i turned into a lampost once. (sometime in the us morning).

  • real-dsb

    nice sonnet, Spot! thanks for writing it

  • Spot

    That’s great!!

  • Michael

    I’m going to light you up! Just kidding.

  • 1mtoldman

    with jeremy lin/the plot sometimes thins/we need jw to thicken it again/
    he stands in the corner/and watches the ball/tell the defensive side/where he gives it his all/
    here’s kobe/now melo/now harden/now kemba/
    on acy/on p.bev/on clarkson and ….simba?/

    the hair it is spiked or the it is floppy/
    no matter the hair style/
    the ball style’s not sloppy/

    just give him some minutes/ some time on the floor/
    no matter the season/ no matter the score/

    when its time for the game to be put on the line/
    lin is the one to deliver the dime/

    or the drive or the three or/ or the hockey assist/
    no more lin/ no more win/ lin’s fans do insist

    so as a new year approaches us all/ we all just say one thing:

    give lin the d….ball!!!!!!!

  • 1mtoldman

    “sleep watcher”.

  • Spot

    Jeremy Lin fan are really the best!! 😀

  • gum

    Spot’s sonnet is very touching. Tears welled up in my eyes.

  • Spot

    Thank you all. Lin fans are the best!

  • ra

    great sonnet guys….

  • 1mtoldman

    over his last 5 games lin is a top 50 player in the league. averaging 17.6/5/4.4/ on 475/500/806% shooting.

    also has moved into the top 20 FOR THE SEASON among qualified players in efficiency in terms of points per shot: tied for 20th with the likes of klay thompson, dirk, anthony davis.
    (he’s 3rd among point guards in this category behind only curry and westbrook).

    and his on off plus minus net per 100 possessions FOR THE SEASON is a ridiculous +8.7 (way higher than anything he’s ever had before in his career including linsanity new york) –and higher than anyone else on the team.

    lets hope he can continue his positive play 2nite against the hapless kobe retirement tour led lakers who seem to have shuttled their previously best player on the season (randle) to the kennel (for unknown reasons).


    If Batum and Kemba did not play today, Lin could have a chance to break his 38 pts records with a better chance to win!


    Same here. Go Lin.


    Lin’s minutes is up with LESS pg role in the past few games. Inserting AL and Kemba to the bench has really killed the BF1 brand. Lin had proved he could lead the tanking Lakers to beat Hornets last season. There is no reason Cliff would not believe Lin could lead the rising Hornets to defeat the still tanking Lakers.

  • Hope

    You guys have scheelz.

  • adele

    You’re so talented. Much respect!

  • gasparthe2nd

    Holy shitaki mushrooms….now that is very nice poem that mirrors my thinking!

  • Love Lin

    Awesome sonnet! It rocks!


    Lin had some great games competing with Lakers and Hornets. I hope it would be a good show tonight.

  • heart

    Spot, thanks for an encouraging poem for Lin and for all of us to keep praying and believing!

  • new Lakers vs Hornets Game thread

    Jeremy Lin and the 16-13 Hornets should win this game against the 5-26 Lakers but the question is how big is JLin’s role in it?

    1. Will JLin start in place of Batum who is listed as probable?

    2. If JLin plays well against the Lakers, would the Lakers extend an offer in the off-season after Kobe Bryant retires and Byron Scott is no longer the coach? JLin played very well against the Hornets last season which intrigued Coach Clifford and the Hornets to pursue him so it can be a determining factor.

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s continue to shoot at least 10 FG & 4 FT attempts. Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

  • gasparthe2nd

    Jeezes, so may good poems here that I felt compelled to chip in.


    Behold the good point guard who bears the spiked hair

    who stands like a hero

    and sights the “Lord’s Prayer”.

    He draws three defenders

    while rushing the paint

    as by magic or magnets

    a faint heart he ain’t.

    ‘Ever Onwards, Skilled player!!

    Your fire feeds spirit

    May the aura of team work

    pervade where there’s merit

    So what if they snub you

    the stats prove you win

    we know who you are

    why, you’re Jeremy Lin!

  • So the chance for Clifford and the Hornets to resign JLin has decreased with this statement

  • adele

    Nice one.

  • Spot

    Well done! 😀

  • Acbc

    I think they already knew once MDA was hired.

  • Acbc

    Well done Spot.

    People often ask for proof of heaven. In my own mind I’ve found a semblance of it quite by accidentally and not by happy circumstances. When my mom passed away, I surprisingly never felt that deeply about her passing. There was immediate sadness but it very soon subsided and I felt surprising peace knowing she’s in heaven. Compare that to the lost of a friend who I foolishly pushed away by pride and self-righteousness, that loss still haunts me. It was a very tough lesson to learn but it made a better person for it.

    My friend is still very much alive but the emptyness he left me is far worst then my mom’s actual death. It was then that I realized how alive my mom still is within me and the comfort and support she has always given me is still there every day. But the physically alive friend who turned his back on me still affects me over 10 years later. When he took all of his love and support from my foundation of strength, that emptyness really made me aware how important and vital our spiritual connection is to one another.

    Like a lot of us, I don’t get to see many of my friends and family across the world and yet they are with me alive in spirit every moment of every day. I don’t even need to think about them, their love is the constant and their spirit is in a place that combines our unconscious thoughts together, just as I imagine how radiant and warm heaven would be. It’s that spirit that is the foundation of my well being. That foundation IS my little piece of heaven here on earth. The power of our spiritual support allows us to be strong and that spirit nourishes us. When I suddenly stop feeling that support from my friend, it was a shocking and sad expereince that still haunts me. His spiritual absence really taught me a lot about what it means to be a true friend. It’s not how much we hang out together or what we actually do for one another, it’s how much empathic love and support we share with one another that adds to our life essence.

    It’s not death that separates us, it’s time. To be more precise, corporeal time, existential time that locks us into separate entities of existence in present time. If we as humans don’t connect to our spiritual self, we forget that “force that binds us” or the invisible hand that guides us. It’s when we enter into eternal time of God that time and space, present, past and future all merges into one eternity and place. I call that place my little piece of heaven.

    So spot we who support Lin emotionally are part of his support and foundation. By praying and thinking good thoughts to him, our spirit finds its way to strengthen his spirit and by extension, we support each other in this online community. That is far more important to him than our constant nagging of his stats….although Lin probably understands that underneath it all, we all mean well by him.