Some Numbers, Some Health Updates and Rotation/Chemistry

Early-Season Numbers

Here’s a look at some of the good, bad and ugly numbers from the Lakers’ 3-11 start to the 2014-15 season:

1: Rank of L.A.’s schedule difficulty through 14 games. Opponents post a .589 win percentage, putting the Lakers well above No. 2 Sacramento (.574). At the opposite end are the New York Knicks (.412). The Lakers have played only two games against the far weaker Eastern Conference, beating both Charlotte and Atlanta, while losing 10 of 11 games against Western squads.

1.4: Blocks per game for Ed Davis in his 22.2 minutes per game, a team best.

3: Players that are out for the entire season if Xavier Henry’s Achilles injury suffered during Monday’s practice is confirmed to be a rupture, as feared. Julius Randle (fractured right tibia) and Steve Nash (back/nerve issues) have already been shut down for the year.

Assists per game for Jeremy Lin, which leads the Lakers.

15.9: Points in the paint per game for the Lakers, which ties Minnesota for second-most in the NBA. Indiana paces the league with 16.2 per game.

19: Years in the NBA for Kobe Bryant. Here were the league’s most prolific scorers in year 19 prior to Kobe: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1987-88) – 14.6 ppg; Karl Malone (2003-04) 13.2 ppg; John Stockton (2002-03) – 10.8 ppg; Shaquille O’Neal (2010-11) – 9.2.

26.7: Bryant’s NBA-best scoring average.

35.5: Kobe’s usage rate, which tops all other players, including Indiana’s Rodney Stuckey, whose second-place rating clocks in 4.0 points behind Bryant.

35.7: Bryant’s minutes played per game, tied for 13th in the NBA.

: Bryant’s field goal percentage, by far the lowest of his career.

L.A.’s field goal percentage, ranking 23rd in the NBA.

Opponent field goal percentage for the Lakers, which ranks 29th in the NBA.

104: Steals for the Lakers, the 9th most in the NBA, led by 18 from Bryant and 17 from Ronnie Price.

148: Three-pointers made by Lakers opponents, the most in the NBA. It hasn’t helped the Lakers have played so many high-scoring Western teams.

181: Offensive boards grabbed by L.A., the most in the NBA, led by Jordan Hill’s league-best 61 (4.4 per game).

218: Points needed for Kobe (32,074) to catch Michael Jordan (32,292) for third on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

319: Games missed to injury for the Lakers in 2013-14, by far an NBA high. They’ll miss at least 231 more games with Nash, Randle and Henry alone this season, plus the 10 games Nick Young has already sat out with a thumb injury. Ryan Kelly has already missed 12 games with multiple hamstring injuries and is expected to be out at least five more weeks.

403: Free throw attempts for L.A.’s offense, ranking second in the NBA, which comes by design of Byron Scott’s offense considering the personnel. However:

408: The Lakers have allowed the most free throw attempts in the NBA.

54,708: Combined regular season and playoff minutes played by Bryant, which ranks 5th all-time behind only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (66,297), Malone (63,493), Jason Kidd (56,199) and Wilt Chamberlain (55,418).

55,000: Miles the Lakers will fly this season traveling to road games, second in the NBA to Portland (60,000), according to Sports Illustrated.


Rotations Changes?

Some picks from tweeters

@TheeCoreyH @LakersNation clarkson over price, Davis over boozer, less minutes for kobe in first to preserve energy

— ladiesman321 (@ladiesman321) November 23, 2014

@TheeCoreyH @LakersNation Start Davis. Have Boozer and Young come off bench. #LNDebate

— Will James (@WB_james22) November 23, 2014

Bring in Nick sooner, rest Kobe 3-5 more minutes a game. Give Clarkson a little run in the 2nd & 3rd quarter ax #LNDebate

— Sten (@StenBender) November 23, 2014

@TheeCoreyH @LakersNation more clarkson less Ronnie #LNDebate

— Martel (@ThoughtsofCole) November 23, 2014

@TheeCoreyH @LakersNation #LNDebate I would get Ed Davis more minutes and have him rotating in and out with Boozer

— D.R.A.K.E. (@drakescoop2323) November 23, 2014

@TheeCoreyH #LNDebate Wesley to the bench along with Boozer. Ed Davis starting and Ellington. Boozer Nick Young and Wesley control 2nd unit

— Ryan Soares (@ryangsoares) November 23, 2014

@TheeCoreyH Boozer out. Davis permanently in as a starter playing the most minutes. Our only proper defender. #LNDebate

— SEUN (@Daniel_Onas) November 23, 2014

So the notion is to bring
1) NYoung and Ellington early and reduce Kobe’s time.
2) Bring Davis to play starter, with Boozer helping from the 2nd team
3) Give Clarkson time and reduce Price minutes
4) Give Kobe a longer rest


How’s Kobe and Jeremy Chemistry

Kobe said chemistry with J. Lin is “fine.” “He & I are playing two-man action a lot & trying to take advantage of the defense that way.”

— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) November 24, 2014

Lin also said that adjusting to off-the-ball scenarios hasn’t been too much different from his role in Houston when playing alongside James Harden. Scott said Lin needs to continue to develop the mentality of searching for his teammates, which he thought he did a good job of in the second half of last night’s overtime loss:

Really make quick decisions, move the ball. If you got a shot, take your shot. If you got a drive, take your drive,” Scott said about the role he wants Lin to play. “First half was a little bit more trying to search for me, second half was searching for his teammates.

Injuries Update:

Xavier Henry – suffered Achilles rupture (season ending)
Ed Davis – ankle
Carlos Boozer – sore shoulder

Good News:-

1) Jeremy been Shooting and Scoring well!!!( eFG%=54.6; TS%=61; FG%=48.7; 3P%=38.9; FT%=87.0 )
2) More winnable games to come, namely Timberwolves (2 games), Pistons, Celtics, Pacers). Hence in the next 11 games, we should be able to seize atleast 5 wins.

Injury Update


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    Excellent summary of important numbers after 14 games. Most interesting number is 218 (pts to let Kobe surpass MJ’s record). I’m curious how Kobe plays after that, also his minutes.

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  10. From Lin fans facebook in Chinese

    我希望大家不要再怪Kobe了 …

    他已經很想贏了 , 他已經傳球了 , 他已經打的很合理了 …
    為了湖人隊 , 他食物中毒也依然上場打球 …
    為了湖人隊 , 他就算手指骨折了也依然包起來繼續打球 …
    為了湖人隊 , 為了實現承諾 , 他已經拚斷自己的阿基里斯腱了 …

    也許Kobe的打法會讓你們覺得他打的不合理 , 傳出來會更好 …
    但19年來 , 他都是這樣 , 始終如一 , 這就是讓人又恨又愛的Kobe …
    說他盲幹之前 , 請看看他的年紀 , 請看看他受過的傷 , 再看看他的上場時間 , 再看看他投丟球之後自責到不行的表情 , 也許未來這樣的情形不會少 , Kobe依然會試著靠自己去力挽狂爛拯救球隊 , 不管成功與否 , 我相信Kobe會希望我們跟著他一起享受在那個當下 , 贏了 , 我們為他鼓掌、喝采 , 輸了 , 那也沒什麼大不了的 , 下次一定要投進!!!

    再過兩年 , Kobe就算你想看 , 那也看不到了 ~”~

    請把這個影片看完吧 …
    請讓Kobe自私這一次吧 , 讓Kobe自己看清事實吧 , 看清他已經老了的那個事實!!!

    here to see some more

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  15. Past thread we had been discussing 50-40-90 club.

    To qualify, a player has to make at least
    300 field goals, 55 three-point field goals and 125 free throws.

  16. Past Jeremy Numbers:-

  17. Yeah, Disqus is odd like that. I remember early last year somebody commented that their post was under moderation for using “Chris Baldwin” in his post (but he didn’t write those words, just described who he was talking about). I thought that was absurd but was curious and tried posting a comment with nothing except “Chris Baldwin” to remove any doubt that it wasn’t another word triggering it. Wow, wouldn’t you know it, my comment was put under moderation!

  18. I predict MEM will go under the screen when Lin is running given he only shoots 25% from 3

  19. Kind of not wanting to translate nonsense,,,lol..jk…I can not do it now. Not on my computer

  20. Just under 300 FGM last season but he was coming off the bench, with super reduced minutes and missed games due to injury.

  21. If Lin averages at least 15/6 and joins the club he will be a really good PG. He’s definitely capable of that.

    Jeremy just needs to not pass up his shot which I’ve seen him doing a few times this season (and sometimes resulted in turnovers.) The Lakers aren’t that good and Lin is the best shooter on that team, he needs to take the shots.

  22. I have to say, I’m not even upset at all about this. It’s still so much better than Houston.

  23. Which GQ magazine?

  24. Did Kobe shoot the Lakers out of the 4th quarter against the Nuggets (Video Analysis)?

    Let’s take a look at the Lakers 13 half court possession in the fourth quarter last night.

    Possession 1: The Lakers went the first 3:15 of the fourth without a field goal before Kobe returned to the game. They go to him on the first possession. He catches in the high post. No double comes, and he gets the easy bucket.Kobe 1

    Possession 2: The Lakers go back to Kobe in the post again. No double comes and Kobe draws the foul. Kobe 2

    Possession 3: Here the Lakers decide to isolate Wayne Ellington. It doesn’t work. Hill catches in the high post and nobody moves. Lin has taken himself out of the play and Kobe goes to post up again. It’s an ugly shot. This play is just bad for all five men on the court. Dumpster Fire 1, No help 1, Haters 1

    Possession 4: Kobe isolates again. This time he draws a triple team. He does not force up a shot but instead kicks the ball out to a wide open Lin for a spot up attempt. Kobe 3 However, Lin hesitates and loses his rhythm. After a missed shot, the Lakers get another wide open 3 in the scramble but Ellington lays another brick. No help 2

    Possession 5: The first thing you see is Jordan Hill’s weak ass pick that forces Kobe to establish post position all on his own. Because of this, he has to catch way higher than how the play was designed. Kobe makes a move in the post and the double comes. He stares at Lin who should probably cut to that open space in the corner while his man is helping. Upon seeing that the cut isn’t coming, Kobe jacks up an ugly jumper. No help 3

    Possession 6: So the Lakers finally try something else here. Oh, who am I kidding, it’s another Kobe isolation. He beats his man on the dribble but can’t finish over Mozgov. Taking on a guy like Mozgov at the rim when he’s already in position head on is a losing proposition. Swaggy is wide open and in the his line of sight. All five Nuggets players are surrounding him. Pass Kobe Pass! Instead he forces up a miss. Jordan Hill makes a great effort play to get the offensive rebound and give it back to Kobe for the easy bucket. Haters 2

    Possession 7: Kobe sets a great screen to free up Lin. Hill mistimes his roll, which allows Lawson to recover while Mozgov shuts down the passing lane. Lin resets and calls for a second pick. Lawson and Mozgov just shut down the pick and roll here stone cold. A wide open Wes is irrelevant because they completely seal the passing lane as well. Kobe throws his arms up in disgust. No help 4

    Possession 8: Kobe dribbles the ball up the court, backs his man down, and scores. Kobe 4

    Possession 9: After the Lakers defense generates an easy bucket in transition, it’s back to Kobe’s iso-ball. Here we see an ill-advised chuck early in the shot clock. Haters 3

    Possession 10: Kobe post up draws the foul, which leads to a Kobe post up and an ugly shot. Haters 4

    Possession 11: The Lakers run their second pick and roll. This time, they opt to not use Hill to set the pick. Kobe sets a good pick to get Lin free, makes a nice move into space, and then finds the open man instead of challenging Mozgov head on again. Kobe 5

    Possession 12: Kobe beats his man on the dribble again but Wes Johnson is late on his cut to the corner. His eyes are on the corner and there’s a huge passing lane but there’s nobody there. Kobe is forced to challenge Mozgov at the rim again. 36 years isn’t going to win in that situation. No help 5

    Possession 13: With under a minute left, both teams know that this is going to be Kobe going one on one for a mid range turn-around jumper. The entire defense keys in on him but it wouldn’t matter if there was weak side motion or not. Hero or zero time, he misses the shot. Haters 5

    Results: Kobe justifying himself, his teammates failing to support him, and him chucking away the game all came in tied at 5 a piece. No wonder nobody can agree

    Discussion: After looking at the raw data, you see that it’s split fairly evenly. A third of the time Kobe creates for himself or others. A third of the time the Lakers look like four D-league players around him, and a third of the time Kobe plays ill-advised hero ball.

    Kobe is quite impressive in that he can still consistently open up a defense at 36. He beat his man off the dribble every time he tried to drive and consistently collapses the defense around him. The modern post up game for guards usually involves one to two screens to create space for the catch but Kobe is able to establish similar court position without any help. It’s astounding that the Lakers utilize him so much on the right block without coming up with better ways to let him catch deeper. He also sets better picks for the other guards than anyone else in the Lakers finishing five. I suppose I need to cut back my ESPN because I was quite surprised to find out that Kobe is the best off ball player out there for the Lakers in terms of motion to open space. I’m also surprised that his eyes are staring down the spot his man is supposed to be cutting and not tunnel visioning the basket on about half of his wasted possessions. That being said, regardless of blame, here’s the problem. The Lakers ran the same play (Kobe posting up in isolation) 85% of the time for an entire quarter. It generated 0.45 points per possession (5 points in the fourth quarter on 11 possessions). Lin historically scores about 0.85 points per possession when coming off the screen. For perspective, giving Lin the green light to chuck off the wheel 11 times in a quarter likely gives you about 9 points and a win so long as the defense doesn’t key in on you running the same play every time. That, regardless of what the play is, probably has a lot to do with the terrible efficiency as much as anything.

  25. Tried to find the person who posted the pic but couldn’t anymore:-( Maybe it’s the old one? But it looks different though. Don’t have the answer. Sorry!

  26. China vision. It’s old one I guess…

  27. Went to Baidu and learned that this was indeed a new one that was sent out by GQ but had no info except pic. Maybe we will hear more about this later on.

  28. Old photo. Not complaining though 🙂 Imo after that GQ shoot he started caring a little bit more about how he dress up.

  29. To be frank, we dont really know whats going on with FO and Kobe including the team’s standing. Most of us are just trying to put the puzzle together and coming do a or couple of scenarios.

    I trust Jeremy would know the best how to strive and survive in NBA.

  30. yes, in that thread I calculated he can meet the min requirement.
    But the toughest part definitely is maintaining the %. Very tough job to do

  31. I second Brent’s opinion, written by Kobe apologist. No one’s really hating on Kobe, but there are definitely better and more efficient ways to maximize his production than playing him to death.

  32. True, sadly….Kobe nor Coach realizing it…yet (keeping my hope)

  33. Thats should be 30% isnt it?

    Thats gives more reason for JL to take 3s!

  34. So far it is 25…catch and shoot at 50

  35. Ok guys, i just saw Josh Lin in my hospital. He is a dental resident here. I saw him at the elevator. How cool is that

  36. Am I seeing it wrong or you are using a diff reference? (refresh).

  37. Did you guys talk?

  38. Just wow! so…..hmmmm…any whispers? 😉

  39. He and Joseph don’t post much on Twitter anymore. Seems like after JLin had that 38 pt game against SAS and Joseph posted on Twitter “that’s what happens when you put the ball in Jeremy’s hands!” they went in relative radio silence.

  40. Tiger Brother at work? 🙂

  41. Monday Practice Interview (Nov 24th)

  42. that’s pretty cool, joyce!
    maybe you can strike up a conversation about forming a Lin lunch club there :]

  43. No, I was trying to decide if was him, then i went to our global address book and there he was. I will talk to him the next time I see him:)

  44. No, not yet

  45. This is a more complete complete video of how Kobe decided what the final play in the regulation will be.
    All his teammates and coach just looked in disbelief. “I guess Kobe is coach!”

    Had Kobe made it, he’ll accomplish his goal to be the Hero. It’s just the way he superseded the coach authority and teammates that tells everyone this is not a basketball team but a “performance art” (coined by Voulgaris then followed by Zach Lowe)

    Kobe Bryant Is Not Even Pretending To Respect His Teammates Anymore

  46. IMO it’s more like Tiger Mom :>

  47. It was funny to see Kobe’s reaction after he missed the last shot in the regular time. He felt embarrassed but tried not to show it.

  48. Cool. Did you say anything to him other than “Hi”?

  49. As long as Lin scores 15+ per game, I am all good. Since I watch highlights most of times now days, if Lin doesn’t score around 15 points, there is not that much highlights to watch. 🙂

  50. Seems like they should have tried something to get Kobe a cleaner shot like have Lin drive to the paint to draw the defense then kick it out. Of course defense probably always knows it’s going to Kobe and intercept the pass.

  51. Or Kobe can drive himself to the rim and try to draw a foul.
    But of course, it’s not as artistic of an off-balance fadeaway 3pt shot with the highest level of difficulty.

    His shot selections have been the kind of stuff we try to play HORSE on the driveways. Cool but so inefficient *sigh* I keep telling myself, “It’s a performance art like Circus De Soleil”

  52. but after 19 years, he’ll take it again 100% of the time because that’s what MJ would have done.
    Just Kobe being Kobe trying to create a legend.

  53. JOKE OF THE DAY. BS says LIN PLAYS SELFISH “to much me” 8.5 shots per game and 48.5 FG%. Guess he think Kobe doesn’t have a, to much me, problem with 25 shots per game and 38% FG.

  54. exactly, Lin does not need to force contested shots, but if he’s open with less than 10 seconds on the clock, he should just take the jump shot.

  55. To BS, Price is perfect PG as Price doesn’t score.

  56. where did BS said “LIN PLAYS SELFISH”?

  57. Best thing we all know the highest percent play is for Kobe to drive draw the double team, pass to Lin for an open shot but we know, as well as the Nuggets that won’t happen.

  58. Right, the difference is that things aren’t clicking with the Lakers yet, but the Lakers want Lin to more impactful, it’s just taking a lot longer time. Whereas with Rockets, they wanted Lin to do less.

  59. awesome, you are our insider source now LOL

  60. He said Lin played “to much me” and I think that is a definition for selfishness.

  61. Thing is, Jeremy knows that if he took 25 shots he wouldn’t maintain 48.5 FG% either. But he’s smart enough to get his teammates involved so that as a whole the team gets better than 48.5 FG%.

  62. No “one man team” can win. IMO, an AVERAGE of 25 shots a game is a one man team.

  63. He lives up to his initials.

  64. All you can do is chuckle at that. It is what it is.

    I think the teammates should just go along with Kobe and everyone (even C and PF) just iso behind the 3pt line for Kobe. Refuse to shoot and force feed Kobe the ball. Let him take 50 shots a game and see how the Lakers do.

  65. Maknusia, you wrote all that? That was a great article. Really useful numbers. Great job!

  66. I found out that deadspin has a tag dedicated to “lollakers”. It’s a pretty entertaining collection!

  67. When did BS said that? Yesterday’s interview?

  68. @psalm234, Maknusia was talking about Disqus, not WordPress. That word is indeed in the Disqus word filter

  69. If they would change the starting lineup it would be a great leap forward. Looks like the highest TS% lineup is:

    Boozer,Carlos – Bryant,Kobe – Davis,Ed – Johnson,Wesley – Lin,Jeremy with a TS% of 72.4%, NetRtg 32.4

    I would have thought: Bryant,Kobe – Davis,Ed – Hill,Jordan – Johnson,Wesley – Lin,Jeremy would have been more effective but TS% of 57.9 and NetRtg -19.4

    Perhaps Davis & Hill are kind of redundant but Davis & Boozer more complementary. Or maybe still too small sample size to really tell. Davis hasn’t played with starters much.!/1610612747/lineups/advanced/?CF=MIN*G*15&sort=TS_PCT&dir=1

  70. Michael Jordan would have passed.

    Jordan knew what was good basketball and what wasn’t.

  71. In the Lakers games I’ve seen, Kobe doesn’t cut and doesn’t run the offense the way the other 4 guys are.

    He BREAKS the offense and then calls for the ball.

    Just because Kobe passes the ball occasionally doesn’t mean that he hasn’t completely messed up his teammates by being in the wrong spots.

    I detest Kobe Bryant’s outright refusal to play team basketball.

  72. Morr importantly, I despise the way Byron Scott blames the rest of the team for Kobe’s failures.

    Byron Scott has inflated Kobe’s head so much, Kobe doesn’t feel any more need to stoop to practicing with the team or playing team basketball.

    This is a surefire way to consistently lose winnable games.

  73. true, I still can’t picture Kobe made the MJ play to pass to Steve Kerr for the last shot.
    That’s why Kobe will never achieve MJ’s level

  74. Ya! Kobe doesn’t need to do any practice w teammates bc he is all the way for ISO.. no game plan at all… smh! Maybe more L games will come…

  75. when did he say this?

  76. (Live Chat) Lakers Voices: Byron Scott
    Event starts Tue Nov, 25 2014 1:30 PM PST

  77. that part I totally don’t understand.

  78. Which part are you talking about?

  79. You guys who tweeted him about SG comments scared him from saying bad things about Lin. /jk

  80. Many more losses will come.

    With Bryant being the most selfish player of all time, no Lakers lead is safe.

    It’s such a shame because the Lakers would be a playoff team if Kobe Bryant was a team player.

  81. Despite bad record, I feel real good about the media/Laker experts especially James Worthy, AC Green and Robert Horry starting to call out Kobe and BS to let Lin handle the ball more. Hope this will happen more tomorrow.

  82. If Boozer is still not available tomorrow, Ed Davis has a great chance to show his former team what he’s made of.

  83. is his ankle ok now?

  84. I forgot Davis is injured too. Don’t have the update, maybe after practice today.

  85. Last game, he did get into foul trouble.

    With speedy PG or SG, Ed playing last line of defense can be difficult for him to stay on the court cuz he needs to help and can get into foul trouble more easily.

  86. Yes he fouled out very early too.

  87. on which interview? could you link me please?

  88. I didn’t hear him say anything like that. He said Lin was solid in the 2nd half and looked for his team mates. I think he looked for his shot most in the 3rd quarter so I’m not sure how he looked for his team mates.

  89. he did not practice today.

  90. Here’s another number :

    114.4 – Number of points allowed by the Lakers per 100 possessions this season (i.e. defensive efficiency). The NBA’s worst defensive efficiency reading over the last 30 seasons belongs to the ’92-93 Dallas Mavericks, who surrendered 112.5 points per
    100 possessions en route to a record of 11-71.

    See Lakers comment in NBA Power Rankings :

  91. Wow, took him long enough. But I think it should be more than a couple minutes.

  92. I use

  93. Ya! He is OK to go on Wed & if Boozer can’t play… He will start again.

  94. Translation:
    Kobe: “Byron, play me less in Q1 so I can look good in Q4”
    Byron: “Yes, as you wish Mamba”

    Kobe: “Can’t let my upcoming Showtime documentary not have good ending .. uhm, can’t let those people keep committing crime. Now they stole Player of the Game from me!”
    Byron: “Yes, as you wish. And only 218 more points to MJ record, Mamba”
    Kobe: “Good, good. You’ll get 30 secs in my documentary!”
    Byron: “Thank you, you’re one kind Mamba”

    What everyday conversation in Byron’s office must look like :]

  95. Wow, what an astute observation that almost all laypersons have already noted. What a coach. I feel very confident that Lakers will make it to Finals with a coach like BS.

  96. I see his lips moving…..

  97. Yes, at least Lakers’ “experts” in the media are not blind to the issues, unlike you know who.

  98. Yeah, scott probably was told by the FO to play kobe less minutes. Scott has a disconnect from FO. According to laker sources, the Lakers were going to cut price and scott still talking about price.LOL

  99. Like duh, pretty much what every Lin and Laker fan (except the Kobe is god ones) have been saying. Let’s see if he actually does it though. We’ve heard this before the season started.

  100. Enlarge and look at the expressions on their faces and body language:

    Lin: “Kobe, you got to quit jacking up bad shots”

    Kobe: “It’s this arm, I can’t control it, when it touches the ball it just automatically shoots it up there”

  101. ah, ok.. I saw *** in the post so that’s what I thought.

  102. That would actually be an enjoyable Harlem Globetrotter game :>

  103. Scott moves like an iceberg.

    Bill Oram
    BScott using next 3 games to evaluate whether rest in practice solves Kobe’s heavy legs. If not, that’s when he’d consider minutes reduction

  104. Lin has that yeah, yeah look on his face. LOL

  105. Oh great, from one chucker to another.

    Bill Oram
    BScott says Lakers will “forcefeed” Nick Young tomorrow vs. Grizzlies to try to break him out of his slump.

  106. He took 12 shots not enough now? 2-12? I think maybe bc he signed 4 years deal so…

  107. Well…I don’t think he’s inflated Kobe’s head. Kobe’s head has been as inflated as the Hindenberg for some time. It’s just that BS is not willing to risk being incinerated by throwing a match in that direction. He’d rather grind down and be fired, ’cause at least there’d be the deniability of it being due to Kobe’s uncoachableness.

  108. Kudos to the fan who asked “When will we see more of Jordan Clarkson>” in which BS responded saying “he’s thought about it since Ronnie has been struggling” Well at least BS is willing to admit his golden boy sucks and he overestimated his abilities!

  109. I think that must be from Tops not BS… LOL!

  110. Doesn’t hurt to forcefeed NY because LAL need the points and that also means JLin, KB will be in control. NY is ineffective when he’s freelancing. He looks cool with the swag moves and kids love that because it looks right for the playground, but when he’s out of energy, he’s not NBA professional good.

  111. It’s ridiculous for BS to rest in practice vs rest in-game. We’re talking about a 36 yr old with a lot of miles. He needs naps every few hours, that’s the ticket. I’m kidding and everyone here knows what I mean.

  112. Forget it Kobe. You’re amazing as is. Just back off and breath a bit and let the team win for you and everyone. You’re going up against the best, and no amount of in-season work is going to overcome what the NBA has. Just pace yourself, bro, and do the smart thing.

  113. Have stopped to understand an illogical BS for a while now. No common sense at all!!!

  114. Maybe but I’ll give BS credit for admitting his favorite sucks compared to Rockets media, Morey, and Mchale’s fake hype to justify starting a scrub over someone better!

  115. only nine more games to lose.

  116. No sis, they are square dancing 🙂

  117. LOL Lip service is applied to him and Kobe only:-)

  118. Resting in practice doesn’t mean Kobe can play long minutes during games! BS has no common sense at all. Can we eat and sleep today and not eat and sleep tomorrow?!

  119. Interesting, Scott has not been in contact with Mitch about roster. Scott is down to 12 active players and Mitch hasn’t spoken to him…hmm. I bet Mitch has spoken to kobe about roster

  120. Ronnie Price is one of the worst players in the NBA getting significant playing time.

    His stats so far this season:

    3.3 points per game
    .245 field goal percentage
    .154 three point shooting percentage

    Those are horrific numbers.

    And the worst part of it is that he’s averaging 21 minutes a game!! Jeremy Lin plays only about 10 more minutes a game (30.6 mpg)

    To put Ronnie Price’s numbers into perspective, he is averaging more minutes a game than 19 other point guards who are a million times better than Price, including:

    JJ Barea – 18.4 minutes a game (back-up to Jameer Nelson)
    Nate Robinson – 13.4 minutes a game
    Pablo Prigioni – 20.6 minutes a game (back-up to Shane Larkin!!)
    Aaron Brooks – 20.3 minutes a game (with some starts b/c of Rose injuries)
    Ramon Sessions – 15.3 minutes a game (back-up to Darren Collison)
    Beno Udrih – 18.2 minutes a game (back-up to Mike Conley)

    What’s even worse, is that the fantastic PG for Phoenix, Isiah Thomas, is averaging 23.6 minutes per game, ONLY 2.6 MORE MINUTES THAN PRICE!!

    The fact that Ronnie Price is taking away minutes from Lin is an utter travesty, and another reason among many for why the Lakers have lost so many games this season.

    I hate Ronnie Price, lol.

  121. You think so!!!!!! I would say probably the rest of 69 games and win a couple games here and there because of JLin and teammates defile the odds.

  122. Why do people like using pick of Lin in pain after being hit?

  123. If you check out Jeremy’s head tilt in the vid posted below by Psalm234 “Kobe Not Pretending….” as he hears Kobe allegedly telling them all to get out of his way, you’ll notice it looks pretty much the same as how he’s receiving Kobe’s instruction here. I’m sure there’s great stuff he can pick out of his “mentor’s” ego-dreck, and knowing Jeremy, he will not lose the opportunity to mine for whatever gold can be had, but methinks the bloom is totally off the rose. “OK, if I look at you straight on, the crap will get in with the good, so I have to tilt my head just enough to get some filter action going.”

  124. We’re talking about finals? At this rate Lakers might not even make the playoffs! And even if they do, Kobe might just chuck their way out of 1st round. ><" I see Spurs, Mavs, and Warriors making the finals more likely than Lakers they are the teams with 3 point threats with great teamball!

  125. Did you talk to him? nm, you answered below. Super cool that’s how cool.

  126. I can’t wait for your adventure!

  127. Don’t hate Price, it’s BS (pun intended) who decides his minutes.

  128. Thanks for finding the info.

  129. Intellectually I know that. But, when it comes visceral emotions – well, I hate Ronnie Price, lol.

    But, you’re right, and if Scott doesn’t reduce Price’s PT and increase JLin’s PT soon, I’m might join the BS sucks train. I’m not quite there yet, but almost.

  130. No need to hate Price bc it’s all BS’s fault… Why Price would play such long min due to BS gave up 4Q in so many games that’s why his playing time became the longest one among all these backup PG.

  131. Well then, I hate B.S. lol.

  132. This is by far the favorite post read all month, fun quips aside. Thanks so much. I wish some of us can watch a game together. Very good work, khomphuong2!

  133. I agree Mitch didn’t discuss roster w BS.. You see… Last Mon BS even said to that reporter he wanted to start Price but in fact, FO was busy to try out new PGs to replace him…?!

  134. If MItch is NOT consulting Scott about possible players to bring in and with other personnel moves, then it speaks volumes for Kupchak’s lack of trust with respect to Byron’s talent evaluation.

  135. Good point. B Scott’s thinking is going one way (starting Price) while the FO is going the completely opposite direction (wanting to replace Price)

  136. Trying to start someone whom FO is trying to dump? That’s way past “not getting a hint” and borders on stupidity.

  137. I’m just making fun of the MJ goal. khomphuong2 had a great post below, this team has to have better coaching. It’s not all kobe’s fault, … I guess.

  138. Scott wants to see Kobe break MJ’s record. That’s the only thing that makes sense. It isn’t helping the team or Kobe for him to play so many minutes.

  139. bulimia …

  140. There was another tweet that he was meeting with mitch later on today and he doesn’t know if that one of the things they will be discussing. smh

  141. The equivalent of running towards a impending train wreck instead of running away from it.

  142. The plot is like honey …

  143. That’s sad if you have a meeting with the GM and you’re not sure what it’s going to be about!

  144. How about more Lin minutes or hit the road?

  145. Pretty sure many Lakers fans and JLin fans do! He’s so horrible that a rookie like Clarkson plays better than him! Even the likes of Tony Douglas and Aaron Brooks plays better!

  146. Byron needs to be paid more so he can buy some basic clues. I guess clues cost a lot in LA. Duh, duh, duh to all of his comments. It’s like, you’re an NBA coach? For real?

  147. Tony Douglas is like Chris Paul compared to Ronnie Price.

  148. They will be like this:

    M: You know, we only have a few more games to work this out.

    B: Yes, I know. Kobe …

    M: I think it goes well beyond Kobe, don’t you?

    B: Uh, … well … yes.

    M: Ok, let’s meet again in a week. Get it done.

  149. Your sarcasm filter is functioning outside normal parameters…

  150. Lol. Good metaphor.

  151. Yes on Mon, BS even said to media he’s considered starting Price! Good thing Lakers FO aren’t as Stxpid as him! Thank goodness Magic Johnson called BS out for not starting JLin! Imagine the horror of backing up this scrub that’s even worst than Pat Bev!

  152. I believe BS just the one who takes the order & do it. Sure not the one who can decide anything on this team at all.

  153. LA is rarified and dense in opportunity and noise. Clues need an aware person to see them hidden amongst the distractions …

  154. Yes and Pat Bev the scrub looks like an actual starter compared to Price! Remind me again why someone like Ronnie Price can hang around in the NBA for 10 years? Any PG from the D league can play better than this guy!

  155. Haha! Me too. LOL!

  156. If the GM called the meeting and didn’t tell BS anything than of course he won’t know. But I’m sure this meeting is about their recent “tanking” record. Any meeting with GM can’t be good, must be about changes to roster.

  157. I am not surprised bc BS doesn’t have any power to really decide anything in this team. He just followed the order to do whatever tops or Kobe asked him to do…

  158. Who on here doesn’t, he’s clueless just like Mchale only slightly better.

  159. Kobe was the one who brought BS in, that’s why BS can’t say anything bad about Kobe. I’m sure he can barely convince him to shorten his minutes.

  160. LOL .. selective hearing is very much necessary here sprinkled with lots of patience :]
    It’s like having a ball-aholic older brother who often relapses!

  161. BS sounded stupid and bunch of bs! Even my grandma can see Kobe made the team tanking by throwing bricks after bricks with ISO!
    Another reason is BS is afraid of Kobe makes him jobless!

  162. For early Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for:
    1. Lin/Davis PnR
    2. Lin/Davis tag team to spread the cheer with 300 Thanksgiving turkeys
    3. …

  163. LOL! I know what you saying. What I’m trying to say is that even when Kobe reaches MJ goal, I don’t believe Kobe will stop there like many fans believe. Kobe is Kobe, when will he stop for being Kobe??? You are asking impossible. Seem like no one is able to rein in Kobe and be a more team player. BS fails miserably and he is still in denial. Hence, more losses than winnings.

  164. Me 3!

  165. Lin & Davis are good together…

  166. ROFL. You are one kind Mamba Facka!

  167. Laker Girls
    A very Happy Thanksgiving today at the Salvation Army of Inglewood, with the Lakers and East West Bank! #La…

  168. It’s like “Yeah Kobe, let’s obsess about the little details but just ignore your 38 bricks a game.”

  169. That should be the starting one – two punch right there.

  170. It’s OK, let Davis play until he fouls out.

  171. Scott is clueless and soon Mitch will make him Price-less.

  172. Funny video of Swaggy giving Love Advice before being corrected by his GF (Iggy) LOL
    I wonder how long will Lin’s Love Advice video will be if he decides to make one

  173. I hope they hand BS a pink slip! The reason is simple like 1, 2, 3.
    When BS see the boat sinking, he kept putting more rocks! When Kobe against double teams and triple teams and throwing bricks after bricks, he still drawed a final play for him without even thinking the other hot hands in the team!

  174. Dont be surprised it also means BS LAL days is numbered!

  175. Yep, he’s after Kareem and honestly, I prefer Kareem.

  176. My friend taught him in NYU.

  177. Where’s Lin in that left picture ?

  178. Mike Bresnahan ✔ @Mike_Bresnahan
    Byron Scott says he might shorten Kobe’s minutes by a couple per game. Main reason: Kobe’s shots falling short = sign of fatigue.
    3:40 PM – 25 Nov 2014

  179. Clue. Guess who the two ladies are smiling at (///▽///)

  180. Smart thinking. All three of them were looking up so whoever snapped the picture must be pretty tall or on a ladder :]

  181. The Lin family probably knows who you are if your screen name is your real name. I bet he would be happy to talk to you. But don’t expect him to reveal any secrets. We’re not exactly a discreet bunch. LOL.

  182. Only time I’ve ever seen Swaggy not smiling is when Kobe was going off the rails at the end of the Denver game. That expression was priceless.

  183. So, jobless by Kobe or jobless by Mitch, pick the poison.

  184. I would restrict Kobe to no more than 32 minutes or 20 shots. Whichever comes FIRST!

  185. Laker Girls‏@LakerGirls
    We’re at the Salvation Army today handing out Thanksgiving meals to 300 families! #LakersHoliday #NBACares

  186. Can’t figure out if he has sense of any kind, common or otherwise. What does he like so much about Price????! Or is is not about Price at all, but about the ego of his guy vs. FO guy (Lin)? After these many games he still imagines not practicing will fix Kobe up? …and so many other examples. Really dumbfounding.

  187. At this stage, Kobe doesn’t need a training program, but a telomere crafting workshop.

  188. It’s worked so well for Kobe, lets make it our go-to strategy.

  189. lufbrassww: #jeremyLin #lakers at The Salvation Army Inglewood Citadel Corps http://

  190. Slow PFV response to JLin’s interview:-)

  191. ha ha good one!

  192. There is this site called J something portal that has better stats.

  193. Oh well that’s clever. The Asian Laker Girl chose to give away pies so by the time she works her way across the table she’ll be standing next to JLin.

  194. Clever indeed. Grl

  195. LAL got the player exception for Nash. Shopping season!

    Edit: Oops, JW scooped it! Cred to JW.

  196. But who can they get right now? I think they really need a good center.

  197. KHuang, you’re being summoned to provide a good candidate list.

  198. That’s great news! Now, what will it be? PG, C or SF?

  199. They were trying out Gal Mekel. He’s the other Israeli player that was on the Mavericks that’s Casspi’s friend. They say he looks like Chandler Parsons. I remember there was a picture of him, Casspi and Jeremy having Sabbath dinner together. Should be an improvement over Price.

  200. “LET’S GO LAKERS!!! Psycho T or Jimmer.” said KHuang not me.

  201. My question is: Even though they have the $4.85M exception, why would the Lakers want to spend more money this season?

  202. They need a tanking C.

  203. I think even if they don’t spend all $4.85 million it opens up a roster spot to bring someone in. I don’t think any FA worth $4.85 is still available. Perhaps a trade?

  204. > “Byron Scott also said he’ll be meeting with Kupchak today, though it’s not clear whether that’s something they’ll discuss.”

    Uh, that’s usually not a good sign. LOL

  205. wow. Scott’s solution is to have Nick Young shoot more? wow.

  206. I agree right now FA all the cheap guys… they maybe will try trade more than just bring in someone..

    Rumor about trade Hill…

  207. they might move clarkson as backup and mekel for 3rd after they cut Price..

  208. Lol. make your move JLin..

  209. What Scott should do is sit Kobe one of the back to back games. And play him less minutes in the first half.

    Kobe’s going to insist on doing it by himself in the 4th quarter. I mean, he didn’t even want to share the ball with the Shaq, the most dominant center of his era. So he’s not about to change. But he obviously doesn’t have the stamina that he used to, so might as well reduce his first half minutes.

  210. Another p guard will only stand around and look to Kobe to shoot, what the Lakers need is a big man shot blocker.

  211. Yes that would be a good move.

  212. I agree bc Kobe will not let them run O when he was w PG. In 2nd unit maybe Young will be in charge O now.

  213. NBA needs its Billy Beane, the real kind not the Morey kind. Ed Weiland would be a possible candidate.

  214. If Kobe rests or sits I would put Ellington to replace him. Ellington seems to be the only guy knows where to run and to get himself open. He’s like Chandler Parsons or Steve Novak.

  215. Have JLin @3:48

  216. When will the Lakers get the coach exception? BS obviously can’t coach.

  217. The girl has some Lin-genuity! :]

  218. Mayhem. Promoting violent.

  219. Ferguson shooting incident

  220. yup, pure shock-and-bewilderment :>

  221. Kobe

  222. lol. good one.

  223. Greg Monroe is on his last year at Detroit on a qualifying offer. They could use a rim protector. Perhaps they might trade Hill or Sacre for him. Detroit might go for it because they’re losing him anyway. Unless the Lakers are just tanking.

  224. hahaha… so true!!! LOL

  225. Alex KennedyVerified account‏@AlexKennedyNBA

    James Harden’s defense in this video looks like when someone is playing NBA 2K and their controller turns off:

  226. error deleted

  227. I think maybe Ferguson & Kobe both… LOL!

  228. Swaggy trying to sneak one in under the table.

  229. these are all very nice to see! Thank you!

  230. Today’s interview? But how come no tweet mention what Lin said ?!

  231. infinity88
    #NBACares #LakersHoliday via lakersscene

  232. Kevin James Shay
    Police re-open child abuse case against Rockets center DHoward #NBACares #NBA via @espnnba

  233. that was from last week, I don’t think any new developments have taken place

  234. Oh, ya, didn’t notice the date.

  235. Nice vids!

  236. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful to see all these!

  237. Sister In Law and Mom in background?

    SalArmySoCal ‏@SalArmySoCal 5m5 minutes ago
    Thanks @LAlakers @JLin7 @eddavis32 @EastWestBank – for distributing 300 #Thanksgiving food boxes with us today!

  238. I really like Lakers tried to help Lin to do better for his game. If Lin w/o the hesitation then his game will be even better in the future.

  239. Lol, so true

  240. Jeremy Lin’s post-practice interview today (Tuesday):

  241. WoW…SCurry was all out against MIA with 40pts! (12-19); 7AST, 3STL; 2TO and (8-113P)

  242. Why did the FO send Lin and Davis to do volunteer work together today?

  243. I think in the beginning only Lin w 6 Lakers girls but maybe Lin asked Davis to go w him? This is also sponsored by east-west bank who’s really support Lin when he was in HOU.

  244. I wander what Scott’s temperament and dialogue will be tomorrow after his meeting with Mitch….inquiring minds want to know…LOL

  245. Do you think Mitch will cut Price?

  246. Xavier Henry gave a new definition of ‘Face-Palm’ to Swaggy :]
    Amazingly, Swaggy still smiled afterwards!

  247. they volunteered?

  248. I don’t think he will have a choice. I think Scott and FO on not on the same page. Scott is very stupid. He thought kissing kobe’s butt was all he needed to keep his job. Mitch/FO hired him because they thought he could possibly curtail some of kobe’s bad habits. Scott failed. I also think that Kobe knows that he can run over Scott and he uses it to his advantage. Also kobe knows that lin has his number, and kobe is uncomfortable with that. Lin/Boozer stood up for the team, when nobody else did, not even Scott. Scott has failed to develop Clarkson, because his development of Clarkson is to send him to the D league to get him some playing time. The Lakers might be tanking, but I think Mitch/FO thought Scott would not make it so obvious.

  249. Was Lin the first player to show up for workout? Who was next? Young or group players?

  250. Not sure how it works but I think they were asked by the FO.

  251. You know, Lin passed Davis the turkey then he put it in the basket? lol

  252. Even in SalArmy they still did PnR..?! LOL!

  253. Kobe post practice interview.

  254. Haha! You’re good at these strategies. Is that how you plan your moves when you are hitting on someone?

  255. It’s a good plan. If you told Kobe that he only had a 20 shot limit before he got benched, I’m 100% certain his shot selection would become 1000x better.

  256. whoa!!!

    OKC wants Lin in a trade— #LNU #WWLG4L (@LakersDynasty33) November 26, 2014

  257. looks fake

  258. This fan is crazy.. don’t believe why OKC wants Lin? RW is back so is KD. Plus RJ plays well why they need Lin?!

  259. Because it’s a fake.

  260. they can not afford Lin.

  261. Even if it’s true, why would Lakers want to trade Lin?
    He’s the perfect 2nd option to run offense next to Kobe, doesn’t create headache, and most importantly generates a lot of Asian revenue.

    Who will OKC send to replace all of this? Reggie Jackson doesn’t really meet all the requirements

  262. YA!!
    trade Westbrick & Mr. October for Lin!!
    OKC is a sister city of Taipei, so Thunder cares about Taiwanese market, so it’s very possible 🙂

  263. Looks like Parsons twin

  264. I’m watching a podcast.. Did he say anything interesting?

  265. Dude is always tired. lol

  266. I need some pie and turkey too!

  267. Who’s always tired? You mean jeremy? That’s because he works hard every night!

  268. I know from the way Lakers treats Lin… don’t think so.. I guess why so many reporters or fans still don’t get it? Lakers will not pay 15M for one year rental..?! If so they can use someone else cheaper than Lin like IT, he even had better stats than Lin last season.

  269. Proud Mamma

  270. And from HOU years, we know how much money they made from Lin.
    At the end of the days, it’s a business after all. If Lin can potentially be an NBA star and a once-in-a-lifetime Asian marketing star, I don’t think the Lakers would give up that soon.
    It simply doesn’t make any business sense.

    That $15M should be easily covered by the Asian broadcasting rights. Not sure how much was that, someone mentioned it here previously.

  271. Tomorrow game is very important. if they beat Memphis they can carry their momentum to the next 5 with good chance to be closer to .500 team.

  272. The Asian cheerleader girl seemed to nudge a bit closer to Lin but Lin seemed oblivious to it.
    100% focus on the turkey!

  273. I hope they can but w/o Boozer’s points… ?!

  274. They need to shoot well especially Johnson and Kobe.

  275. She’s one of the 6 laker girls.

  276. Johnson?! Don’t expect too much from him in O. Hope Lin can have big game to help the team win then.. 🙂

  277. ok, @blubell. This was the 1st volunteer event.
    Were you there? :]

  278. I know but he’s still one of the starter and he needs to knock down shots for Lin’s assist stat.

  279. I watched the game Between Raptors and Phoenix and they are really playing great team ball. They haven’t lost to a western conference team yet. They are for real and have so many scoring weapons and a great bench. Even if Lin played out of his mind, I don’t expect Lakers to beat them.

  280. yes, yes .. one of 6 happy laker girls

  281. Get a CENTER first.

    Earl Barron would do nicely.

    He’s old, but his body is young with almost no mileage.

  282. Maybe Monroe and Lin can be traded for each other.

  283. I agree they’re a lot better team than the Lakers but if they can beat Memphis there will be close games to decide.

  284. 🙂 No doubt.

  285. You mean Raptors or Sun?

  286. This will be an extremely tough game to win. MEM is 12-2 and Marc Gasol scored 22, 32, 30 pts in the last 3 games.

    Lakers can steal a win if the Lakers play team-ball, everyone shooting well for 4 quarters. Personally, I don’t Kobe is ready to give up his hero-ball in the 4th quarter yet.

  287. Mamma Lin is there watching like a hawk 🙂

  288. What? Marc Gasol scored that much per game?! Wow! W Boozer it’s hard to win now w/o Boozer…?!

  289. Yeah, the young centre Valentunus has matured so much from a few years ago. He totally dominated the Suns bigs. I’ve followed the Raptors for many years and they’ve always been my second favorite team to any LIN or NASH team. They are built like the Spurs with no big name star. I am amazed at how they’ve actually improved from even last year. You can see it in their eyes now that they BELIEVE in their own destiny.

  290. …and we hardly hear anyone talk about them.

  291. I don’t know how much but Lakers games maybe it’s the most expensive one in NBA I guess… if Lakers after Kobe retired & also w/o Lin, Asia will not buy all of their 82 games for sure.. .. Bc at least in Taiwan it’s follow where Lin go.

  292. It wasn’t just the points, every shot was so beautiful. That guy has a killer release and follow through.

  293. Lin does seem to be thinking too much, making him hesitant. He should just play.

  294. Yeah, I dont think LAL would be able to come with a Win, if they do, then its sweet!

    The only promising chances we have are the next game onwards

    Timberwolves (2 games), Pistons, Celtics, Pacers).

  295. Hehe, just like the Spurs. The biggest change in fortune was when they stole Masai Ujiri from the Nuggets to become GM of the Raptors. He has steadily built a better and better team. The addition of Lew Williams has made them so strong off bench along with the likes of psyco T, PPat, Landry Fields.

  296. MEM PreGame Thread+Voting is open now.

    Cast your vote. Without Boozer and a more assertive Lin, I voted for 21pts/5asts as I expect he practiced hard to drain a few more 3s!

  297. I agree. Wolves would be the best chance but I’m convinced which Kobe will show up in Q4 will determine the outcome. If Kobe behaves, Lakers can win all 4 if Lin is trusted as the floor general for 4 quarters.

  298. yeah, a lot of things have to go right

  299. Raptors

  300. I’m sure she’s doing her job screening well :]

  301. He’s focused on the Turkey, I think she’s focused on his arms.

  302. He needs to get a slap from Jeremy

  303. i’m surprised Kobe didn’t say, “Get the $#@! out of my way! I got this guys.”

  304. May I share them on Baidu forums with other Lin fans in China? Thanks very much in advance!

  305. lol Except Jeremy will look like he’s trying to tell someone not to suicide.

  306. Not sure if Boozer is back but Davis needs to step up and prove that the support from fans for his starting spot weren’t wrong!

  307. Well Johnson has turned a corner, he just needs to forget about those 3s and cut to the basket and dunk like previous games!

  308. Only if Westbrick is gone, who’s Mr. October?

  309. please go ahead, thx.

  310. D Rose is so explosive but it’s sad how injury prone he is.

  311. I saw Clarkson first, and he was the only one (with the trainers) (around 2 hrs before the game), he worked for quite a long time, too bad BS didn’t play him.

    Then came Lin, once he came out, my focus was on Lin only, so didn’t notice if there were any others ^_^
    but recalled from vid, there was him only.

  312. 3-11 right out the gate yea that’s pretty obvious.

  313. Yet Harden was listed as NBA All Defense 1st Team last year?! Shows what a joke the NBA is!

  314. Affecting innocent people’s lives instead of taking it straight to the government!

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