[SLAM] Jared Dudley Says ‘Most Guys Don’t Want to Play With Kobe’ (Plus Melo is the Most Overrated NBA Superstar)

Jared Dudley surpisingly was very honest in a radio interview
“Most guys don’t want to play with Kobe & Melo is the most overrated NBA superstar”? Truth!

I wonder if this statement would help JLin’s Free Agency if media uses Dudley’s statement to conclude that JLin was under-utilized in LA due to Kobe’s super-sized ego. Only time will tell.

LINK: Jared Dudley Says ‘Most Guys Don’t Want to Play With Kobe’

Dudley talked about:
– the Cleveland Cavaliers and the impact Kevin Love‘s shoulder injury is having on their title quest;
– James Harden‘s reputation around the League;
– said that Carmelo Anthony is the most overrated NBA superstar (Zach Randolph the most underrated);
-and talked about why he thinks Kobe Bryant is a pain to play with.

Here is the video


  1. test

  2. Thanks, psalm, worth listening to given the truthfulness to the discussion. Didn’t hear the part about Lin … is that on this clip?

  3. Good to wake up to hear this kind of news:-)

  4. well you beat me to it i was just headed here to put something about that up:

    i guess the next question for lin fans would be: who’s jared dudley? and why is he saying all these things we’ve been saying?

  5. 34 days to FA. Can’t wait.

    How come there is no confirmation date and itinerary on JLin’s Asia tour?

  6. Wow Jared Dudley must not fear the wrath of CAA & Pelinka and dissing on fellow players. Is he retiring?

  7. Librafree
    @JLin7 just at Sushirrito, Palo Alto.(cerdit stephdoan13 IG)

  8. Lin is finally back to Palo Alto now. Guess he is starting to train w his trainer.

  9. no, sorry .. I’m just wondering if this clip would help JLin
    Jared Dudley didn’t bring up Lin at all 🙂

  10. yeah, even if he’s retiring, he’s a brave man!
    He basically doesn’t care for any future coaching assistant job with Lakers/Knicks

  11. maybe he had 1 drink too many before the interview?:]
    That was so unexpected, shooting 2 divas down in one interview

  12. Librafree‏@Librafree
    @JLin7 at Titan Gym, Gunn HS, Palo Alto today.


  13. Penny Lee‏@penny10654
    @JLin7 and fans ( jerkannotto :low-key dope af )


  14. Ok,Thx. Definitely good to have the truth out.

  15. Both teams play badly.

  16. started already, lol

  17. the good news for gs is theyre only 5 points down despite shooting 22% 12% from 3 and their lowest point total of any quarter this season.

    the bad news is harden is on pace for 28 fta’s tonite.

  18. GSW need to buck-up…too many giveaways on Q1

  19. Looks like JH will be getting his normal FT rate…GSW need to adjust/compensate for those freebies that ROX will be getting

  20. harden working on a unique triple double: points, fta’s and turnovers.

    11/7/8 (at half)

  21. Hou 46 – GSW 54 3Q

  22. KT with 5 personal foul!…hmmm looks like another tough night for GSW

  23. knock knock…anyone home?

  24. Go Warriors!!!

  25. Is Andrew Bogut the unsung hero of GSW?

  26. Not many:-)

  27. Harden ties playoff record for turnovers.

  28. JH with 11 TOV!!!

  29. Harden tie for the most TO in playoff game, 11 TO!!!

  30. and gets his unique triple double. points/fta’s/turnovers.

  31. Came here just to say that …. hope he gets the record. Go ,gsw!

  32. well likely thibs but thats not unexpected.

  33. I see you! 🙂

  34. since 1979!

  35. I know but only by himself not w the Pinewood coach. Since high school is almost end of the semester so Lin is back to Palo Alto.

  36. Barnes on FIRE!

  37. omg

  38. broken record

  39. harden 12 tov

  40. up by 15 gs has never lost. this year. up by 15 now.

  41. I think Harden’s teamates are cursing him for so many TO! 12 TO formplayoff record! Congratulations to Harden’s excellent achivement! LOL!

  42. Wow! He finally made his name for his playoff game. LOL!

  43. and counting…..

  44. 12 already…lets make it his own jersey number, 13 ;>

  45. Exactly! Who likes to play with him? Ball hogging and TO machine!

  46. I’m so glad. Mr. I’m the real mvp.

  47. Brewer is the only guys who seems to have some urgency

  48. Barnes!!!

  49. “Honey Bun”! Go Warriors!! Go Barnes!!!

  50. gsw should know that the game is not over until the clock hits 0.0

  51. smh comeon

  52. Dirty plays by Rox to hurt Iguodala…

  53. Went after the injured arm too imo

  54. Enjoy cf tonight

  55. 13 TO by Harden. Sweet

  56. still 14 TO possible.

  57. ok, i’ll take it ;>

  58. no faith. 15


  60. GSW deserves to go to the final!

  61. Hahahahaha
    13 TOs MVP

  62. Oh Harden, harden, king of turnovers. In that, too, you are consistent. Another 4th quarter tragedy. Thank you, Curry, for showing the bearded one how it’s done. Bye rockettes. see you next year.

  63. Harden: "Aye how many turnovers I got Dwight?" Howard: "Just look at your jersey" pic.twitter.com/k7cGuduMUB— ⛅ (@remezzo_) May 28, 2015

  64. Record xD

  65. Future All-Star Barnes has that Tar Heel swag! Would love for Lin to play with a player like him!

  66. Haha! Harden made 13 TO to match his #13. LOL! So glad Lin is not in Rox anymore otherwise they will blame him instead.

  67. I want to see Lin standing there giving speech as the leader of the Championship team some time, soon.

  68. The next challenge : Can the Warriors beat the King?

  69. Fear the Beard !!!!
    He made the history hahahaha

  70. No

  71. It is gonna meltdown in KKKlutch .

  72. Did anyone call on Harden being inconsistent, TO proned?

  73. off his foot on 13th TOV.

  74. Harden played for other team sometimes! LOL!

  75. @psalm234, you never started a new thread without alerting the old thread and even providing a link. I was on the old thread talking to myself about Harden’s turnovers. You’ve changed bro…smh 😉

  76. off his foot too.

  77. Why make you think so?

  78. Barnes and Iggy did it during that final separation run. Really nice to see.

  79. Haha….crickets

  80. Harden the 6 man on the Warriors! MVP.

  81. Sweet sweet karma. Clutch fans were all about lins one to that one game and their MAN breaks the record for mostt in playoff s lol

  82. Will be fine read. Lin will be blamed, just see.

  83. another interpretation of 13 in 33! ^_^

  84. no way, he’s the superstar, cornerstone!

  85. 6MOY for GSW, good one!

  86. LOL sorry man 🙂
    I was testing multiple thread format then forgot

    You must be like “How come I’m celebrating alone?” Hehe

  87. me too.

  88. bc Jeremy said so.
    Though last year he predicted the same thing and LBJ failed him, ^_^

  89. I’m alright with him as the big 3 or big 4. Champ!

  90. Probably just an over-clubbing star 😄

  91. Harden’s Book of Record!

  92. Harden is #13 and he had 13 TOs. What’s 33?

  93. Yeah meant 6

  94. He got to be the leader to have his contribution recognised. Else, it’s marginalisation all over again and be tagged as perennial backup role player. He got to wise up.

  95. Bye bye Rox!!! Good fishing time:-)

  96. Lebron James.
    Also, I just feel that the Cavs want the championship more. The will power will decide who is the winner, especially both teams are on the same level.

  97. hey, i came to ur rescue, bro

  98. Hahaha! This is awesome! LOL!

  99. WOW! Can’t wait to find out who:-)

  100. I’m off and on person!!!!:-)

  101. I am a little bit worry too not bc LBJ but more of their D seem to be better than GSW. Hope GSW can win.

  102. Lebron has a mission to bring it home, Irving, JR both need to prove himself…..
    And yes See how they defend and you can feel they are really determined.

  103. Clubbing time for TO MVP :))

  104. Ya! Both rookie coach…. who will win?

  105. The other time was when the NBA started and everyone was a rookie coach.

  106. That’s ok. I think I would have realized if I weren’t distracted by other things.

  107. Yeah you did. Much obliged.

  108. I’m too happy about the result to mind.

  109. James Harden post game kept saying “we”, ” we had too many turned over” , we we we we we !!!

  110. Woooot! Btw, happened to me b4.

  111. Would like to see Warriors to win the title but not sure I like the coach:-) I like Cav coach but not players. So, either team is ok with me.

  112. This is a very good reason 😁

  113. I had never been to that site! Sorry!

  114. James Harden, the go TO guy.

  115. Lol. I see what you did there.

  116. Harden with the double-double. Wonder if he will flak for not taking care of the ball.

  117. From the other site. Chef harden cooking turnovers! LOL.

  118. mchale said they couldn’t finish at the rim. only if they had someone o finish at the rim. also harden had the ball way too much only if they had another playmaker. if only i ask

  119. McHale or Byron Scott. Hopefully.

  120. For Harden’s playoff game record. What he did the best it’s TO. Improve every year. 10-13. LOL!

  121. I love CF on nights like this because there are some good bball guys there who can talk bball sense on nights like this.

  122. He had 13 but his teammates also had 7. So “we” is not incorrect.

  123. Both will be best!!!!:-) Doubt it happens to these two:-(

  124. Your wish came true!!! 🙂

  125. Those who never take responsibility for their mistakes will never fix it

  126. you bad boy!!!! 🙂

  127. with 13pts would have been a sweetener…unfortunately missed it with a 14pts

  128. LOL

  129. It’s quite an accomplishment by Curry to meet all 4 1st-team NBA in the history.


  130. Oh, oh

    Ken BergerVerified account
    Warriors announce that Klay Thompson developed concussion-like symptoms after the game and “began not to feel well.”

  131. I hope he can play in game 1. Too bad.

  132. I hope he’s okay.
    Having bleeding ears is a serious matter 🙁

  133. Klay Thompson seems to be questionable for next game with his concussion…hope he recovers swiftly

  134. lol

  135. Good they swept rox, have a few days to recover. Beat rox!

  136. McHale will never call him out.

  137. totallly

  138. No doubt Harden has the scoring and flopping talents but Houston Rockets advanced to the WCF with a bit of luck — Mavs had Rajon Rondo ; Clippers had many factors that failed the team despite 3-0 lead.

    GSW is the BEST team in the Western Conference. I hope GSW win the Championship.

  139. Where’s everybody?

    Joyce, Brent, Bluebell, IsabeliJane?

  140. HI….I am in the process of moving…..that is why I have to disappear for a while. Lin is not playing anyway…..

  141. Glad rox got swept out, got to have a good good sleep, ^_^

  142. How’s the % of moving? Almost done?
    No worries, you’re still a champ more so that Dwight thinks he is 🙂

  143. If Dwight insisted on PnR with JLin, he’d be a real champion


  144. At least Olajuwon agreed with that point…

  145. Man this is like Kuroko’s basketball (Japanese anime) where the miracle 5s went head to head with each other. Can’t get more exciting than this…

  146. Joe Team, i tip my hat to you. You were right about your team. I think they will take it all. Go Warriors. Welp harden does what he does best, crashes and burns badly in the end. BTW, I have no doubt the rockets will be one of jlin’s suitors come free agency.

  147. Rox Ad will read something like this:

    One scapegoat needed. Needs to take all criticism, true or fictitious, in absolute silence. Experience preferred. Asians preferred.

  148. Sure…now all that he’s missing are a ring and a trophy. *roll eyes*

  149. LOL

  150. Rox are a sick organization. When they have a good PG to play alongside Haren they sound like someone is stealing Haren’s Spotlight. When their back court is weakened to make Haren the sole hero, they begin to say that all wins are due to H and all loses are because H has to carry all offense without help, LMAO !

  151. “The Missing Piece For the Championship – Not Wolf or Flop or Ref, but Leadership.” The title of a coming article by Chris Baldwin.

    Just kidding. Had feeling the article will come out soon.

  152. Poor James, he should have given credit to Lil B for that cooking thing. Now look what happened.

  153. Jeremy Lin Suiting Up for Denver Nuggets Next Season Now Very Likely!


  154. Please…

  155. I hope they don’t trade Faried though. Lin / Faried combo would be awesome.

  156. Considering metro Houston has a large Asian population, why did the team never really embrace JLin?

  157. Morey and McHale were more concerned with wiping egg off their faces (from cutting Lin) than embracing the Chinese community and cashing in big time. To be completely honest, it’s not entirely their fault. Les is the one who hired someone with little (if any) basketball savvy to be the GM, who then in turn hired a puppet.

  158. You had me excited for a brief moment LOL
    I actually checked for his new article last night but I guess we need to be patient

  159. Definitely not BS but McHale would be a very pleasant surprise. Rox would come off the ruled out list.

  160. Sometimes Harden just can’t do anything right. smh

  161. Yes, patience is a virtue. I checked his site this morning. Nothing yet.

  162. Hmmm…I seem to remember they used to have a guy who can get to the rim beside Harden. What was his name again? Asian guy, smart, real humble, never give anyone any crap, exert leadership on and off the court, what happened to him?

  163. I felt a little bit bad for Harden, then I remembered how Rockets FO did Lin wrong and Harden was indirectly a part of it. Better luck next season?

  164. Okay, first shoe drops. Now B Scott fired and Thibs to Lakers?


  165. Baxter HolmesVerified account
    One of the more aggressive statements I can remember about the firing of a coach:

  166. Wow! What about BS? Lakers should do it now.

  167. Sounds just like the Knicks a year later.

  168. Nice payday for Thibs …

  169. Steph Curry answers questions at the post-game press conference last night as his daughter, Riley, plays under the curtain (at right).

  170. Harden and M&M can’t have it both ways. That’s why the scales of justice is blind. There is a karmic balance that must be served. None of them felt bad about how Lin was mistreated. They have to pay the price for their crimes. Justice is best served cold.

  171. So Reinsdorf doesn’t trust Thibs because the coach is not participating in the “free flow of information”?

  172. It surprised me that the Rox kept Beverley as their starting PG this season. I rationalize that decision as the Rox spoiling their bearded superstar, giving in to all his demands. But now that Bev is a free agent, is there really another NBA team that would want him to be their starting PG and pay him accordingly? As curious as I am to see where Lin ends up, I’m also intrigued to see what happens to Bev when he realizes there is no actual demand for his services. And similarly for Rondo. Aside from the Lakers, I wonder if any other teams are interested in him. At best, I picture Rondo taking a big pay cut as the Lakers can now lowball him.

  173. as lin p beve is preceived as a bottom end starting or top end bench player. despite his being no longer part of the narrative in houston this year his performance was pretty much the same as the previous year. i would think he will get a decent contract whereever. there are a lot worse players in the nba; matthew deledenova for one.

    what shocked me was the way jason terry played in the playoffs. i would not of thought it possible at this stage of his career and there was nothing in the regular season to suggest it.

    but houston will bring in someone new next year; i dont even know rumors here as there are more interesting ones.

    rondo to lakers seems a go but you never know. rondo seems the perfect match for kobe; doesn’t shoot and gets a lot of assists.

  174. it looks like the other existing jobs will fill from a pool of contenders referenced; gentry, thibs, skiles and ..somebody else, all are mentioned for orlando and new orleans.

    with hoiberg to chicago; the deal with that is hoiberg has health issues, serious health issues, that may temper his willingness to accept now.

    but the only open job seems to be denver and i dont see hunt as the “front-runner”; if dantoni is going anywhere it would have to be denver as all the rest seem spoken for,

    also: if hunt should stay it would be more likely faried/lawson would stay, new coach probably start over sweep them away.

    btw harrison barnes the star of the clinch for gs was star hs. player in the same town hoiberg played h.s. and college ball and now coaches. (small college town in iowa). –thats why hoiberg is known as “the mayor” (of ames, iowa).

    –doug mcdermott was also on same team with barnes that won state title. (in h.s.)

  175. not necessarily. rumors were bulls hate thibs enuf to not fire him until all open jobs filled; reinsdorf’s unwillingness to eat the 9 mil probably at base of firing him now, if he (thibs) gets another job opening then under nba rules bulls dont have to pay all the 9 mil. (look it up).

  176. why? scott did exactly what was expected. please kobe and get the lottery pick. next year will be lather rinse repeat as even more important for lakers to tank next year cause they have to be bottom 3 not bottom 5 to keep pick from super-tanker sixers.

    scott looked so smug and happy at lottery. and he is “in love” (he says) with russell westbrook. (the next kobe).

  177. then Thibs could stick it to Reinsdorf and sit out a year, right?

  178. So torn, I would love to see Scott get the ax, but I don’t want the Lakers to have the fortune of getting Thibs.

    I think I’m going to go with keeping Scott and seeing another disastrous year.

  179. I don’t think the Lakers goal is to tank next year (at least not intentionally)!

  180. “ends”? The season already ended, Dwight. There’s no Game 6.

  181. He turned the ball over too often, the Rockets decided to let Harden handle the ball instead. lol

  182. lmao, this should be the featured comment

  183. why don’t you like Steve Kerr?

  184. Kobe: “hey Mitch, can I get another $25 extension?

    Mitch: “no way, Jose”


  185. I was on vacation. I’m back now 🙂

  186. Wow. Reminds me of gsw last year.

  187. Wow Thx Joyce. The cred goes to everyone who believes in team play for the greater good. Everyone has to sacrifice lol.

    Stay watching, I’ve missed your posts.

  188. Come back to the five and dime, Jimmy Dean.

  189. Ha ha espn sports radio ripping dw on that one. “That’s what your mom tells you when …”

  190. Riley Curry was trending #1 last night by being herself :]


  191. They need to have mom in there so it’s just many seconds of fun …

  192. Pesky Bev was really there for exactly that, pestering the the PG for lazy Harden. Problem is, when he is out there, there is one less creator offensively.

  193. The hot rumor now is Love desiring to leave CLE and HOU is supposedly the interested team.
    I can see it happening. Harden and Love focusing on offense while Dwight and Bev are supposedly playing D

    It will be interesting to see what it does to team chemistry. Maybe deep playoff but not championship if noone is on the same page on defense.

  194. Gsw as proxies for jlin.

    Lin cool like steph. Iggy for shump. Livingston better than toney d. Bogut for Tyson c. Barnes for fields. Kt for Novak.

    Only thing missing is jlin for real. Good enough for three weeks.

    Except for shump, I will enjoy rooting against jr, prig, and lebron. Delly too, now that he’s gone pbev in dangerous play. You know as an athlete what’s dangerous. Ariza did it twice in two games. It’s easy but to upend someone on your back and rotate the knee so contact is not like a hammer.

    Funniest tweet … the one asking how melo feels about lebron taking the Knicks to the finals.

  195. The page starts with les.

  196. “p beve is preceived as a bottom end starting or top end bench player.” And how many times have we heard the cliché: “Bev is the type of player you don’t want to play against but want on your team.” If you were a GM/HC would you even consider Bev as your starting PG? He only “fits” a team that has a SG like Harden or Kobe and I don’t think there are any other teams like that. You really cannot compare Bev to Lin. Bev has absolutely no offense and his “pesky” defense could be provided by any scrub willing to be both hated and frequently injured. Lin averaged 15/6 per 36 minutes despite having to play under a tanking BS in a “system” that’s working against him. Hopefully, there are teams that realize how great Lin can be with a supportive coach and do not judge him by his stats when playing next to Harden or Kobe.

    “rondo seems the perfect match for kobe” Perfect in the sense that putting two egotistical, stubborn, and volatile has-beens together could make for some high drama. Rondo will rue his bad behavior with the Mavs.

  197. I’m feeling good about GSW against Lebron. Might take 7. Need to wear him down slowly but surely. GSW too deep, strength in numbers!

  198. Right. That’s the way Harden wants it but I suspect M&M may no longer agree with that strategy. They’ve gone along with it until now just to keep Harden happy.

  199. It seems intuitive to me that all 5 players pulling their weight on both ends of the floor will always be more efficient than having a division of labor which results in a 5 on 3 situation.

    As far as Houston’s team chemistry, there may be a lot bubbling under the surface that will soon lead to an implosion. M&M may be forced to push Harden out of his comfort zone, Dwight may ask to be traded, who knows?

  200. Love would definitely be smart to choose Rox over Lakers. Only a rookie or guys like Price and Sacre, who otherwise wouldn’t get any court time, would want to play for the Lakers while Kobe is still lingering around. On BS/Kobe’s tanking Lakers, rookies and scrubs get to be starters.

  201. He knew Harden can’t go right LOL

  202. stand by my statement because its true; again im not saying lin and bev can be compared im saying: “bev is preceived as a bottom end starting or top end bench players” as is lin.

    that is the league preception.

    rondo and kobes games compliment each other; rondo doesn’t shoot can’t shoot, does pass, does get assists.

    kobe can’t play with anyone else who will take his shots or glory away; rondo wont do that, yet is preceived (at least still by some) as a “name” player.

    and supposedly kobe “wants him”. (or did, rondo’s behavioir should endear him to kobe because its the type of behaviour he admires, its the “soft” ie. not egotitisical stubborn and volitale players (howard, pau, even shaq, lin) that kobe is offended by.

  203. thibs wants to coach more than to “stick it to reinsdorf”. there was never any question of that the question was did paxson/garman (or whatever his name is) hate thibs enuf to stick it ot thibs, apparently the tight fisted reinsdorf did not.

    thibs will get paid regardless, its just a question of who pays him. if he gets a job somewhere else (which there is every indication he wants and is wanted) then the bulls dont have to pay him as much.

  204. u admit taht keeping scott will produce another “disastrous” year, ie. just what i said: another tankathon but even worse. (once again scott doing just what was needed of him).

    two years of tanking/kobe; then with draft picks acquired and kobe it seems from kupchaks statements pushed out at the end of his contract then scott can go.

  205. we’ll know on first game now it looks. I’m concerned about Shump and Delladova messing up GSW offense, esp if Delly scraps on the floor. Lebron … I know he wants to will a win, but I think if CLE D doesn’t not mess with GSW rhythm, GSW D will do it’s job. I mean, look at the Harden highs and lows, and if we give Finals 6 – 7 games, they should prevail with ‘strength in numbers’ I am hoping. Just want to prove Lebron isn’t able to lift a team singularly to the championship, what’s the sense in that when team ball moves more faster.

  206. As much as I don’t like Scott, it would be extremely unfair to fire him after 1 year where it was not expected for him to do much but to secure the draft pick.

    Lakers will have to have some balls to fire him…It’ll be a bit of a PR problem for them, specially to the fact that he’s black and Thib, the man that would be replacing him is white.

    I say Scott will be fired by all star week next season…He did his job and the FO will soon be looking for a more serious coach to win….Scott is the guy you bring in to tank and secure high draft picks.

  207. Cav are very physical team so alot of adjustments and mental play is needed

  208. oh My! JLin on hupu.com, Q&A session now—-

  209. Hope Memphis has made them tougher.

  210. Good point.

  211. Haha Mama Lin is in on the action. She’s like the JLin version of Riley Curry I guess, until J has kids of his own. Translations would be very much appreciated!

  212. ywah…there is nothing in Lakers for now….their so called “rebuilding mode” would take easily 2-3 years…at minimum

  213. I did a crude Google translation…it was funny! 🙂

    Here are some that made sense..

    Best fiend? – Parsons
    1st Dunk – 16yrs old; high school sophomore
    Who wins nba finals – Warriors
    Most diffcicult PG to guard – SCurryl has many ways to score
    When are you coming to Beijing – End of June
    Will you continue with Lakers – I dont know…have to wait till July1st

  214. I hate the double standard applied to Lin.

  215. Top 5 Underrated Free-Agent Point Guards: Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverley & Mo Williams

    Jeremy Lin (11.2 ppg, 4.6 apg) – the former Harvard star had a subpar output last season with the Lakers, although a strong second half surge intrigues others teams. He’s still struggling to play in a more disciplined half-court offense, but excellent in fast-paced, free-flowing offense. Lin is also a potent pick-and-roll finisher and a relentless attacker at the rim.

    Potential Suitors: Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Golden States Warriors

  216. Aww thanks. Nice of you to do that!

  217. Latest updates on Denver Nuggets head coach search.

    Christopher Dempsey: Denver Nuggets will name a coach by the end of next week
    This Christopher Dempsey is a big fan for Melvin Hunt. His rationales seems a little strange though.

  218. Success of GS owing to draft:

    Harrison Barnes Drafted 2012: 1st Rnd, 7th by GS
    Festus Ezeli Drafted 2012: 1st Rnd, 30th by GS
    Draymond Green Drafted 2012: 2nd Rnd, 35th by GS
    Ognjen Kuzmic Drafted 2012: 2nd Rnd, 52nd by GS

    Klay Thompson Drafted 2011: 1st Rnd, 11th by GS

    Stephen Curry Drafted 2009: 1st Rnd, 7th by GS

    Steve Kerr owes much of his success to the 2012 draft that Mark Jackson didn’t. Four of the players are still with the team.

  219. Harden paid the price for wanting to be “the man”. He didn’t want to share the ball with Jeremy and now he’s broken the playoff record for turnovers. This embarrassing playoff exit will sting for some time. Melo also couldn’t cope with sharing the spotlight and basically had only one good season post-Linsanity.

    I don’t pay too much attention to the past and keeping scores. But it is unavoidable getting satisfaction from seeing some justice being done.

    Can’t wait for 1 July.

  220. there was a quote i put on here form somewhere else earlier in playoffs in a previous harden fail (dont this blatant) something about harden is a great player but sometimes when the competition gets intense he just doesn’t seem to want to compete. he just…well fails. (ill see if i can find it again).

    but yeah it was a really sweet vindication for all those who have criticized harden’s mememe approach.

  221. good point. about mama lin is to jlin as riley curry is to steph; tho i don think she can match that under the curtain thing. that was pretty cool.

  222. I remember you made a lot of good observations about Harden. He has talent plus the free throw factor but the lack of mental strength and poor leadership were so obvious to us. So yeah it was vindication. Maybe we have gotten so used to seeing Jeremy’s great character, leadership and clutch factor but the average fan is more used to choking, selfish NBA stars so they do not see what is so obvious to us.

  223. If it’s true that they haven’t interviewed D’Antoni then seems more likely Melvin Hunt.


  224. the answer:

    kj mcdaniels, robert covington, tim frazier, damion james, james anderson, arnett moultrie, malcolm thomas, lorenzo brown, eric maynor, darius morris, glenn robinson the third, henry sims, dewayne dedmon, pierre jackson, darius johnson-odom, jakaar sampson, jerami grant, malcolm lee, drew gooden, furkan aldemir (my favorite name), jarvis varnado, cenk akyol, arsalan kasami, tony wroten, caspar ware, isiah cannan, elliott williams, brandon davies, adonis thomas, earl clark, daniel orton, solomon alabi, ishmael smith, larry drew, chris johnson, lavoy allen, spencer hawes, javale mcgee,

    the question:

    name a long list of entirely forgettable required tank soldiers necessary for the sam “genius” hinkie tanking army.

    (google “sam hinkie genius” and you will find within two pages a dozen entries referring to him as such).

    additional hilarity:

    “The brilliance of Sam Hinkie. … The NBA’s most interesting GM got hired by making a PowerPoint about the genius of the James Harden trade.”

    “Since he got hired in the spring of 2013 he has refused to sign free agents, traded his team’s best players, drafted guys who are injured or overseas, and generally done everything possible to amass assets to build a championship team down the road instead of a good team right now.

    A lot of people hate the plan because it’s flagrantly anticompetitive, but it makes total rational sense. In fact, Hinkie was involved in the best example of how this type of team-building strategy works — the 2012 Thunder-Rockets trade that brought James Harden to Houston.

    According to ESPN’s Pablo Torre, the 76ers hired Hinkie after he made a presentation centered around the Harden trade at a dinner with ownership in 2013. From ESPN:

    And Hinkie, as if to underscore that divergence, walked into dinner carrying a laptop, complete with a massively detailed PowerPoint presentation that Sixers executives now recall as an “investment thesis.” Its centerpiece was a diagram that illustrated, arrow by arrow, transaction by transaction, how Houston had amassed the assets — two first-rounders and a second-rounder, along with guards Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb — to acquire superstar guard James Harden from the Thunder in October.

    Before the Sixers hired him, Hinkie spent eight years as executive vice president of basketball operations for the Houston Rockets. Many of those years were spent conserving cap space and hoarding assets in order to either sign a big-name free agent or make a trade for a superstar.

    In the fall of 2012, that happened with the Harden trade.”

    –business insider

    footnote mine: # of playoff series won by houston rockets since hinkie’s “genius” was available to houston to produce results in past 13 years: (2)

  225. Too many so call experts use what is obvious to measure a players/human value. What is obvious is the credentials they carry, the physical skills they’ve acquired and the physical manifestations of their actions.

    While there is some correlations to what they can achieve, it doesn’t necessarily add up to actual success if they can’t cross the bridge between what they can to what they’ve dream to do. Not many people realize that a dream sets goals that propell us to action, but that action must be told like a novel of beginning, middle and end. As Joyce Ward would like to say, “the plot thickens”; and as it does so the story gets lost.

    When athletes choke, they’ve lost their mind into a fog of wants, desires, fear of losing and even fear of success. The story has lost its plot as it has thickened into a writers block that impedes a path to the ending we’ve dreamt.

    Harden is clearly lost mentally, just like Kobe or Melo. These “stars” want to tell their story but it never includes anyone else. They keep saying “I” when they win and “we” when they lose. How can you write a story when it’s full of “we” and “I”s.

    As a tennis coach, my approach is to teach the student that winning points and matches must begin then build to a conclusion of the strengths of your game. This is such a simple concept and yet few people do it cognitively. They fumble through it by experience instead. Chess players study masters matches. Bridge players also must build their contract through building bridges between the board and hand.

  226. I’m here.

  227. So Chandler Parsons calls Bev every day, possibly to steal him to Dallas
    I sure hope he calls his best buddy Lin every 12hr then.

    I don’t mind Lin starting and Bev backing him up as he should be.


  228. Yes, I’m sure he’d know that JLin would be a great addition to Dallas.

  229. He would remember how JLin gave him so many easy points.
    Man, I can’t wait Lin visiting DAL for FA workout 🙂

  230. Yes, SCurry shows he understands the importance of “we” by sharing glory & giving credit to his teammates to win “together”.

    Harden & Kobe only sees his teammates as means (complementary players) to achieve his ultimate individual goal of MVP. They fail to see the selfish goal has limitations in the long-term.

  231. For the Q&A in China someone should have asked him if he’s been talking to Parson’s.

  232. That’s interesting fact that Hinkie got the 76ers job and convince ownership to tank based on the success of Harden trade.

    What remains unknown if Hinkie sees JLin as the valued FA to finally put all his 1st draft pick to succeed next season.
    I’d love to learn what his role in bringing back JLin back to HOU before Harden arrived.

  233. true, someone should’ve asked if he talks to Parsons and MDA frequently nowadays

  234. I’ll be curious to see if 13TOs would convince Harden that he can’t do it alone.

    Will he see the Splash Brothers as the better recipe of success? Will he ask JLin or other guard to join him in HOU?
    I highly doubt it since he was threatened by JLin’s popularity & still refuse to pass the ball enough to Dwight as the “Dynamic Duo”

    Perhaps 2-3 more years of playoff failure will finally convince him. Or he can be the next Melo to never change.

  235. Why am I not surprsed? Bev always knows how to connect to “the important & famous” one. Remember how he treated Lin before and after?

  236. That’s a really good post, that we all need to tell our stories. The difference is, what is the plot and how many people are the heroes of our stories. I once read on a famous Asian investor’s framed wall a ode to all our teachers, mentors, parents, etc. Those surely have to be a part of our stories for it to be relevant to people. Example: Riley and Steph. He’s doing the ‘we’ thing.

  237. His inconsistency and the social tweets signal his focus level. When you get close to the top, one has to focus for just another few weeks.

  238. could be a joke by Bev, in which case it is v funny.

  239. I wouldn’t want to see JLin with Parsons again. I’m not sure that’s a loyal friend on the court first of all.

  240. Or a ploy in contract negotiations with Morey.

  241. I think Parsons is a snake.

  242. Ariza should also get a flagrant, not just dh12.

    klay now has a concussion. I don’t care who or what rules are in places.. IF you end up giving someone a concussion..IN BASKETBALL either purposefully or not, you should be suspended for 2 games.

    it’s BASKETBALL.. no contact.. how can you give someone a concussion in a noncontact sport!.

  243. in fact, ariza should’ve been ejected.. I saw the slomo.. he was looking at klay’s head as he kneed him.. could’ve beeb a coincidence..but still.

  244. Hasn’t Hinkie always been a big fan of Lin. I remember reading before that he was instrumental in bringing back JLin back to Houston and he kept the pen that Lin used to sign the contract because it meant so much to him. That’s why I have never been surprised when I heard of trade rumors that 76ers were interested in Lin.

  245. When I was watching the game, i felt it was more of purposely than accidentally. If you watch it closely, you will see Ariza purposely and unnecessarily moved his knee toward’s Thompson’s head. Ariza should be ejected, but ref were trying to keep Rox alive.

  246. Yep, it’s like which bull crap do you believe less:
    a) NBA players walk up to BS during games asking to join the Lakers or
    b) Bieber calls Bev EVERY day to beg him to join the Mavs

  247. The number is cleared…beverly is better than harden base on those 13 tovs…so to paraphrasing clutch the racist hater…Beverley should start over harden…hehe

  248. The real problem is that not many have the clarity of vision to know how to end their story. “Fame and fortune” is not an ending. It’s why Lin kept pushing it away when he was thruster into the limelight by the massive New York media.

    Kobe wants his story to be the greatest above Jordan! That’s not a story, it’s an compulsive disorder.

    The life lesson is that few of us know what we really want until it’s all too late. Too many chase the “American Dream” without knowing why or what for. Some want it so much that they are frozen in fear of failure and they choke…just like an athlete would choke at critical moments. They freeze with so much fear and anxiety that instead of reaching for “their story”, they passively hope that someone would step out of their way.

    I marvel at the strength of Lin to have such singular focus to tell his story. A lot of People have tried to tell him to be a super sub, to accept being second tier player. Dreaming to be a starter is easy, doing the work and never allowing others to tell your story, that’s what telling a good story is all about.

  249. Hard to say, but did not look like he was trying to avoid it. Curry was trying to avoid Ariza, that’s why he flipped over.

  250. I believe it’s PB called him everyday bc it’s PB’s contract year not CP.

  251. Strange hire since he hasn’t done much in his other stops

  252. Apparently he used to play for Magic. More connections hire:-(

  253. and yet everyone seemed to want him; he was according to “sources” the first choice of more than one of the open spots.

    so…that leaves van gundy, alvin gentry, and ..somebody else, forget as pool (to which now it seems vinny del negro has been added) to fill the n.o. job.

    chicago everyone says belongs to “the mayor” (fred hoiberg)…

    and so where does that leave thibes?

    maybe (as someone on here suggested) “sticking it to” reinsdorf and just sitting out for a year waiting for the dust to clear (and the tv pot money kick in) and collect his 9 mil.

    meanwhile: denver allegedly has only interviewd current interim coach hunt….. too many coaches, not enuf jobs.

    as to dantoni; frankly imo no one wants him or his style, which was (you will recall, treated as rudely in l.a. and n.y. as lin himself).

  254. it appeared and i thought at the time intentional. i mean come on how do you accidentaly fly thru the air and knee someone in the ear.

    it was also clear at the time that this was not going to be something easily recovered from; a bleeding ear is never never a good thing.

    yep and howard too; at the time even the announcers said he should get a flagrant, but they didn’t give it to him then because if somehow the rockets back and won they didn’t want howard to be not available for the next game.

    then after it doesn’t matter anymore they “look” and decide oh yes that was flagrant. smh.

    dont forget p bev’s previous dismembering of russell westbrook; its no wonder a recent article on a rockets site even admitted that the rockets are the most hated team in the nba (by fans and other players alike).

  255. Yup. No JLin to save Haren’s butt..and a scapegoat of Mchale..lol

  256. The reason that it was not a flagrant on Ariza is because when Ariza jumped on Thompson’s fake, Ariza’s trajectory was going to clear Klay by 2-3 ft. But unfortunately, Klay stepped forward while Ariza was in mid-air, placing his head directly in front of Ariza’s knees.

    Ariza moved his left knee back to avoid hitting Klay, but every action has an opposite reaction, so his right knee naturally moved forward to maintain balance. Unfortunately, the same spot that Klay’s head was moving towards.


  257. That’s why Harden said “WE had too many turnovers” LOL

  258. “best fiend” <- freudian slip?

  259. well i saw it live and i disagree. i agree with the other commentors who saw it as most likely intnetional but as cohen says: even if it wasn’t intentional the results are enuf to warrant action; the long haired white boy from boston maintains he didn’t intentionally break loves arm or whatever and that was a much less violent confrontation. but he still was deemed actionable.

    currys flip over was clearly not caused by anything done to him; but the knee to thompsons face with that kind of violent force seemed to me and other observers (and still does) as entirely if not “intentional” at least “excessive”. and something that could have been avoided.

    yer description by the way sounds like a joke a bad joke; like someone trying to justify something thru elaborate entirely speculative analysis that well frankly in the words of cousin vinnie: “dont hold water”.

  260. to sum up todays headlines all in one spot; rockets are still thugs, giving klay thompson a concussion and a flagrant given to howard after the fact when it couldn’t matter, one less coaching job to be filled, the thibes/chicago divorce getting even uglier, lakers to build new practice facility in el segundo, and at 31 the melo one has to only be remembered for the last time he won anything: as a collegiate.

    and one more thing: national sportwriters are not letting up on their long articles condemning the choice of isiah thomas for liberty, comparing his past actions to donald sterling and actually as being much worse because he did actual direct harm to a female employee and paid basically to have it shut down without ever admitting any wrong doing. ever. still. now.

    i dont if people know this but several major national writers have called that it is a insult to womens rights in general and the wnba in particular that thomas be let back into a position of power in the league (also that it is just a step towards further reintigration back into the nba).

    heres what howward megdal says: “sterling was rightly ejected from the nba for his words. thomas’ words are every bit as hostile and demeaning to women as sterlings were to african americans. the difference is that sterlings words …werent directed at those working for him while thomas directly affected a womans ability to do her job working for an nba team. and sterling apologized..thomas never has.

    “..employment of thomas makes a mockery of the leagues (wnba) reason to exist…is a matter of dignity and respect”

    “thomas needs to be banned form the wnba”

    (christine brennan has said the same thing previously).

    for those who dont know, in 2007 ” a jury awarded brown sanders a knicks emplyee 11.6 million in damages from a sexual harrassment and wrongful termination suit against the knicks for the hostile work environment due to thomas’ mistreatment of sanders.

  261. Either he really wants Bev in Dallas, or he just wants to mess up the Rox. I vote the latter. Either way, never liked them both.

  262. So Harden wants a playmaker now to help him from getting 13 TOs
    But probably not one better than him .. like Lin

    Some names like Arron Afflalo, Monta Ellis or Jameer Nelson are mentioned


  263. nice summary.
    – bullets will be helpful to read

    I just learned about Isiah Thomas aiming to coach & be partial owner of WNBA team (NY Liberty)
    I agree he never apologized for the sexual harrassment case so he should never be allowed to do so.
    NBA is sending the wrong message.


  264. the truth is out there in the social verse, all of Parson’s moves documented. Real friends …

  265. yes, true, telling the powers that be he’s on the move. So transparent ha ha.

  266. Melo Olympic glory off KT and Steph.

  267. Funny videos of JLin not playing LeagueOfLegends for a while


  268. i to would have been easy for Ariza to rotate in the air. You would do it anyway to avoid fouling. I did it all the time in soccer, going up for headers. You know where people are at, and you can tell if you are going to knock heads or knock a head with a body part. You just rotate in the air. On the other hand, when someone is hurting your team mates, you just don’t rotate or adjust and you make clean contact that hurts the other player. So, I say Ariza had a lot of choice in that play. Only, he probably didn’t know he would hit KT in the temple … probably just didn’t think about it. His upending of Curry also was to me a controllable move. You have the contact anyway, the foul by Curry. He didn’t need to pump upward to carry Curry higher.

    Anyway, ask any gymnast now much control someone has in the air … all you have to do is move 1 lb at the foot, head, or wrist and your whole body trajectory changes.

  269. I think Lin is dreaming to be a champion, to make a bigger difference. I believe he wants to start, but that’s just the step for the bigger prize, to make a difference wherever he is …

  270. I think they will get one. Hope it’s Rondo. LOL!

  271. Me too. Don’t like either one. Rox doesn’t want PB. Cuban will not be fooled again to pay big money for PB.

  272. Lin’s story is to give glory to God. A lot of people say it but few walk the walk like Lin does. It’s that resolve that makes his unravelling story so powerful. It’s exactly that clarity that makes his path so steady and full of divine deliverance.

  273. I know the owner would have a problem to make the right choice. MDA is obviously the best choice they have if they aim to win. If they want to tank for next season, Melvin Hunt will be the ideal choice.

  274. We’ll have double champagne-celebration in that case LOL

  275. Maybe parsons want a PG like Bev because he wants to be more playmaker.

  276. I think PB is very upset about this…Arent they best friends as PB claimed? lol I really cant wait to watch the drama if they sign Rondo…hahaha

  277. How did Bev treated Lin when they were in Houston…Weren’t they amicable at the least?

  278. Parsons will put himself first but JLin considers him his best friend
    At least he is a better teammate than Harden, Kobe.
    It could’ve been worse, it’s all I’m saying

  279. Remember when Lin was at Rox, PB trying to get Lin’s Asian popularity he acted as if Lin and he were best friends to the point he kept saying Lin was his ‘brothers from different mother”, and this is what he said about Lin after Lin left Rox http://www.jlinportal.com/pat-beverely-says-no-friend-of-jlin-and-parsons/ He definitely tries hard to be friend with the “right person” , that is why DW12, Harden and MM all loved him even though he is so lack of skills/talent..

  280. PB will be lucky to have another contract next year.

  281. i’m curious who will get offered more in FA, bev or Lin

  282. They did better w/o him. Won’t work.

  283. Monta Ellis?

  284. So, Harden says they need help at guard. Hmm, they had a pretty good one that they threw away. Funny how so many posters on that Rox site go out of their way not to mention Lin, because they are all scared of the backlash from some of the degenerates there that manage the site. Serves them right that Harden had a million turnovers in the most important game of the year.

  285. Is there any doubt.

  286. They want Lawson – can’t shoot threes and can’t defend. They want Jack – can’t defend. Monta Ellis? That would be a fun backcourt.

  287. I think bev…

  288. Honestly, Harden just wants a lesser playmaker as decoy so it relieves pressure on him.

    Lin is too threatening as a much better playmaker. Harden will not be happy being a stand-still shooter.

    So Monta is out of the picture, so does Lawson. They shoot too much.
    I can see Bev and Jameer Nelson to be the lesser playmaker to cut down Harden TOs from 13 to 8

  289. Monta and Lawson shoot too much

  290. Ah, I remember the pen story.
    Maybe Hinkie does see Lin’s potential.
    We’re just too wary of him being too close to Morey

    Let’s hope 76ers bid on Lin as the starting PG

  291. Yup, Bev is a worse friend to Lin than Parsons for sure

  292. no way

  293. yes, well we cannot really tell. I just personally am not a fan of Parsons.

  294. It’s a great thing to hear from others … our prayers were answered. For one, it’s great to be around people with the capacity for gratitude. From that flows a lot f goodness.

  295. Hey come to think of it, might as well say this regularly:

    Psalm, and everyone else who puts time to support this site, I have a lot of gratitude for your vision and work.

    Thank you.

    Now, back to worrying about KT’s concussion and looking fwd to Mo Buckets’ (Speights’) return. I swear, I’ve banged my head, but never have thrown up – that’s v bad.

  296. i think so… bev doesn’t deserve more than lin, but ever since bev was promoted to the starting lineup, his value went up, while lin was benched and his value went down.

  297. the bleeding ear is the scary thing to me; not good.

  298. their basic main numbers performance last year was about the same; they both pre and post season were ranked by independent observers (ie. not lin fans or lin haters) as bottom of the top 100 players in the league, ie. eitehr “the worst” starting point guards, or the best not starting point guards. yes i would agree with you that both would command about the same about of money in f.a.

    obviously there is a lot more potential for upside with lin.

    bev has (as charles barkley i guess said) no skills. but he has done well with the opporutnity as abl he was given, more so than anyone but j “the future” clarkson. (and clarkson, who i dislike tho more than bev, does have some skills).

  299. So, GSW next season?

  300. bev is no longer part of “the narrative”; he was last seasons reg. season scapegoat. jameer nelson….yeah that would be a good fit, 4th point guard at dallas for awhile i guess. non threatening still allegedly a playmaker.

  301. i think yer confusing melo and harden (an easy thing to do).

    as far as i would think without looking it up splash wouldn’t have been on teams melo would have been on; more wade, kobe, etc.

    in any event i was just referencing the only photo being shown on melo’s 31st bday was of him winning college championship.

    (so yes counting his olympic glory regardless of who off of, still never won anything as a professional).

  302. there are two varied conspiracy theories here as well:

    1. this is just a step towards getting thomas back in the nba
    2. that its a ploy by dolan to get the liberty sunk as for him they are money loser.

  303. parsons said when he went to dallas that he wanted to have the ball in his hands more yes. true and correct. so yes bev would fit in that scenario. but dallas has been flooded with point guards in recent years, using 2 3 even 4 a season alternately; still have barea and harris even after rondo and nelson gone.

  304. why all the hate on the charismatic and “most handsome” other cp? obviously “you people” are not impacted by acute fashion sense and ability to remain prominently a media magnet.

  305. not a good idea; no minutes; loaded back court, loaded front court, “strength in numbers” to revive his career lin needs minutes. he would not get them in g.s.

    and he should never go anywhere he has already been, that’s why its always confusing to me how lin fans are pushing from him to go back somewhere he’s been dissed from previously;

    g.s., n.y, hst, la.

    now where i think lin would fit best in terms of team would be: utah. who have no credible guards period currently, but i dont know if the social atmosphere there would be to his liking.

    the main thing is go somewhere he can get minutes. else his year over year in misuse declining primary production numbers will continue to limit his chances to fulfill his potential.

  306. But only these teams will interested in him…”he should never go anywhere he has already been…”….. Plus if you don’t pick up your formal teams then not many teams you can go then…

  307. I really think this picture tell a lot bc Lin could pick any picture from that event 2 years ago why Clay w him?! GSW probably contact him now….

  308. Don’t worry either PB or CP will do the real PG job if Ellis stays w Mav. They both will only be 3P shooters. LOL!

  309. He will.

  310. JLin 2014~2015 highlights by n1b2a3 tweeted out by @jain0517

    BTW, tiger mama Lin is not so tiger after all, I was expecting her to tell JLin to remove his earrings (I can’t stand men wearing earrings), oh, well…

  311. Lol, Lin is a grown man. Personally I don’t like them either, prefer a cool tattoo, lol.

  312. Thanks for the memories. Great highlights.

  313. “I know what you’re thinking,” Chris Rock said. “You watch the games, and you go, ‘Oh so now Steph Curry’s going to play defense for the white man. Couldn’t play it for the brother. Now he’s like Dennis Rodman.’
    “Couldn’t do it for you. Yeah, everybody’s boxing out now. Couldn’t do it for a black man. Ooh, they play some defense for the white man, don’t they? Ooh, they play some good defense for the white man.”

    What do you think of this joke to Mark Jackson? GS actually played great defense under Mark Jackson ranked third in defensive efficiency. That’s how the brothers saw it.

  314. I don’t understand what you mean. I read that you think what Ariza did was intentional … “i agree with the other commentors who saw it as most likely intnetional ”

    What I’m saying is Ariza could of avoided the incredibly aggressive knock.

    To your: “yer description by the way sounds like a joke a bad joke; like someone trying to justify something thru elaborate entirely speculative analysis that well frankly in the words of cousin vinnie: “dont hold water”:

    Not sure if you are being aggressive or snide here, can’t tell given I’ve read your posts and they are generally fair. This one doesn’t read fair to me. All I’m trying to say it’s easy for a world class athlete to know how to rotate on contact – how you know that is when they go up for the 3, they can make body-up adjustments to contact and still make the basket from the 3, so they have fine grain control of their body in the air.

    Ariza just blew through the contact with force, and he could have lightened it up in both cases. He did it in Steph’s case too. The last time I saw a play like that was when Jahvid Best got a concussion and could not play in a bowl game.

  315. Yes, sorry, indeed I mixed it and it was Harden for FIBA with Klay and Curry. But yes, Melo did win Olympic glory, and I mixed that up with FIBA. 2008 and 2012 Gold, so he was not just a collegiate champion.

  316. On one hand, that’s Christian grace. Secularly, that can be co-dependent ha ha. I don’t agree that a disloyal insider is better than a dominant teammate aiming to get the ball, openly. I can deal with people who are straight. Conceptual only, I don’t know what the real nature of Parson’s/Lin’s friendship is, just guessing from the public news over the years. It doesn’t read like they hang, but you never know with schedules being what they are.

  317. that can be read out of all the public positions Parsons takes and the the absence of that when it doesn’t seem to be good times for Lin.

  318. When did Klay, Curry, DLee, Barnes diss Lin?

    Ppl say Kerr dissed him so what. Commentators diss ppl all the time. Kerr has shown he really supports his guys … did you see him in the mic telling Livingston something like … “your making a big difference out there” when he helped GSW come back in that key gain v MEM? He also makes great in-series adjustments, unlike McHale. So, I believe if he got his hands on Lin’s talent, Lin would showcase just like Livingston. He’s a good coach, though it pains some ppl to admit. Let’s change the narrative on Kerr … he’s done a great job with his players, and I would venture to guess his team are more loyal to him on bball fundamentals then they were to MJackson. Dunno the inside story, though.

    I do agree that the Rox system is the same, so yes they did diss Lin. Same with NY and Melo.

    Lin will probably head to another team, them’s the odds.

  319. I am exhilarated by your post, but alas, odds are against us. If Lin lands in GSW, I will not be able to afford tix for a decade. Come to think of it, with the move to SF and this season, it’s already too pricey. Crazy, nose bleeds are now $600 and local news saying court side > $20k.

  320. he he interesting discussion but really doesn’t matter just want Lin to go against Rox on a new team and sweep them.

    Now, as to PG that Harden can live with, it’s a D one like Iggy or Delladova or even Danny Green given he can do 3s and D. I don’t follow trades, just thinking that Harden just wants someone to be a real D guy, not just a pesky defender (thought Delly is being called that, his work rate is way more than Bev I believe haven’t verified).

  321. Nice!
    3. this is Dolan’s plan to get Isiah Thomas to be the 1st coach harrassed by the the WNBA players LOL

  322. yup, “non-threatening” playmaker & “willing-scapegoat” seem to be the good criteria for HOU PG.

    So yeah, I don’t think Lin is willingly going back to there 😀

  323. I see what you see too 🙂
    I thought about the subliminal message there with Klay
    But only if there’s 2nd and 3rd GSW sighting

  324. Fake friend can definitely give us the hibbie-jibbies

  325. I want Lin to start but GSW is a good team if he really go over there then he can be a real 6th man. Better than fake starter in Lakers or Rox bc he needs to fight for the position from evil coach & teammate who doesn’t want him to be in charge the ball. The ticket will be expensive but ….

  326. It depends on what they do with livingston. He’s already a back up point guard.

    If Jeremy will be the sixth man there and will close games i’m OK with that. If not, better find another team.

    Knowing Jeremy could be important for him winning a title for his hometown team. Depends if GS win this year or not.

  327. For some strange coincidences, after the Warriors beated Houston, our friend webattorney disappeared. Poor guy. He’s still counting Harden’s TOs in game 5.

    I’m pretty sure we will see him days before free agency just to call us delusional fans and he will tell us Jeremy is worth max 5 mln per year.

    No matter what we will still support Jeremy! Go JLin! Choose well!

  328. I’m watching a PBS show right now Dr. Wayne Dyer. Called Divine Love. So amazing that he talks about so many positive things to change your life. He talks about fearlessness and ego. He talks about process and to not allow your soul to be finite. Be fearless and break beyond the the finite fences others built or even we build ourselves. The funny thing is that all I can think of is Lin. This man has lived a lifetime of experience and his lessons all describe Lin’s journey. This is why I admire and shake my head at how far ahead Lin is compared to me on his journey.

  329. yer in a different era again; read carefully what i said: teams he was with. were klay curry dl etc there b4 when lin was ? no.

    the abl syndrome still started in g.s. (can you say acie law?)

    i dont have any problem with kerr tho a lot of people do.

    i get what yer saying that the g.s. now is not the g.s. that was then; but still…dont go back, go forward.

    and lin needs minutes. he doesn’t need to be a starter, he needs minutes. lin would not be the 6th man in g.s.

  330. close out games? uh hello mvp steph curry. why would there be any delusion of lin closing out games.

    there is livingston and barbosa and the splash brothers. right now if lin went to gs (a place where he was intitally treated horribly and where the abl syndrome began) he would not have any realistic chance at minutes and tho he mite get a ring his further career possiblities would basically be over .

    im losing on this one so im not debating any more but you are all just wrong; forutnately there is 0% chance of lin going to g.s. so, you wont have to endure the disaster for lin’s career that would be.

  331. on the show and in person he’s the one who gets the girls.

  332. yeah, i agree with all you said, but i can’t control how much teams are willing to give their players. i just get a feeling bev was just promoted in a positive light more than jeremy has been.

  333. Yes, those are great topics. Expanding life at all stages, founded on good values, is pretty good.

  334. Yeah, to me it’s a homer wish for JLin to be at GSW, and I really want for our boy to have a Championship ring earlier in his career. Water flows downhill, so might as well get it going early. Yeah, really, Lebron has a chance to beat GSW, we just don’t know how these teams will match up under finals pressure. I think Shump and Delly will step up to disrupt the offensive rhythm, and DGreen has played great but he has made big mistakes in rushing plays. And, we have not idea if they can get Mo Speights back into the flow in a productive way. I’m not in love with Barbosa, because he freelances at key moments. But really he has a fast first step.

  335. Yes, that whole big man on a small team thing … Lin doesn’t deserve that. He’ll do better in the game and for his goals if he’s a champion and can play team ball. We tend to talk about him as coach lin, and that’s just to cope. What Lin needs is a supportive Coach, FO, and we already know he can win the support of team players on the court.

  336. Well, if Lin lands in GSW, I’d be torn because I would want the minutes but hey, then I’d only have to watch one team and love all the minutes.

    I agree about not going back in life … but you know, there are only 30 teams and if Lin wants to pay our high state tax, he might as well be close to the green trees and wine country valleys.

  337. ha ha, I’ve had many fake friends, so that was what I wuz feelin’ the hibbie0jibbies …

  338. I saw him all over the other site, and was going to ask him how he felt about Harden’s 13 TOs and his 17 pt game, but decided I’m out of the flow and it would come across wrong. I’m really interested in how he feels about it because I did agree with him, Harden was doing well. Now that it’s over, it’s clear harden was inconsistent because he didn’t focus on the game given the tweets about his going out yeah sure everyone has to have dinner lol. Whatever, harden is to me no one to admire, at least not now. Back to Lin, TDuncan, and Steph and crew. I really like his family, they are at every game.

  339. Cavaliers led the NBA in isolation plays this season. No team in the last 10 seasons has won the title ranking in top 5 in isolation plays.—espn stats and info

  340. Trivia question: This player was just too inconsistent, TO prone, and bad on defense.

    If you thought Harden, you’d be correct

  341. Such a lovable pimp

  342. I was there 2 yrs ago. Steve Nash is really good in soccer, but not Lin and Klay. 🙂

  343. Magic found Skiles
    Chicago found Fred Hoiberg
    New Orlean found Alvin Gentry.

    Denver is still undecided.

  344. It’s really kinda freaky because I just turned on the TV and he’s talking about synchronicity and how there are divine interventions that intertwine as if by design. He starts talking about how he met his brother on the New Jersey Turnpike in the middle of a blizzard. They both hadn’t seen each other for years serving in the navy on different ships. It was synchronicity that I just happened to turn the tv on just to watch him talk about it. Lol. It was timely since we were talking about telling your own story and reaching for your dreams.

    I also had that sense as well when I met my wife. It was a chance encounter that led to other chance events that led us to be ready for one another. We fell in love and the rest is history, but it required both of us to end our previous relationships first. We both were on long term relationships that for all intents and purposes would lead to marriage. For both of them to end at the same time was like someone had their hands in making it happen.

    Later he talked about fearlessness and how he gave up tenure early in life to take a chance on his own writings. He was driving to accept the job when he pulled over on the highway and made the choice to reach for the infinite instead of the finite of accepting to be a professor in university. He took the risk on himself and bravely reached for the infinite instead.

  345. It’s a pity that Mike D’Antoni had the misfortune of coaching both Melo and aged Kobe. His stock has gone down as a result. It would be nice if Jeremy and Mike D’Antoni could find redemption together. But I really don’t know what the future has in store.

  346. Wow distracting for gsw right now.

  347. No news for Lin. So another amazing shot by Curry

    Stephen Curry makes half court no-look shot nonchalantly after practice

  348. After firing of George Karl, Brian Shaw, Nuggets FO has lost some of their credibility. The delay of naming their head coach is another concern. I’m afraid they won’t be able to attract any top coaches to work for them anymore; not even assistant coaches. Nobody wants to go to Denver to pick up a losing record. The worse part is they couldn’t even keep their players. What else the coach have for their leverages? The FO is doing a terrible job and their owner is wasting invaluable time. The top candidates will be all gone before they make up their mind on a deleted list of candidates. No top coach candidates will ever want to work for them without some sort of guarantee.

    So the owners virtually has to beg on their knees to look for a better coach than Melvin Hunt next season.

  349. I said GSW will beat Rockets for sure. No surprise there. Harden sucked 5th game but played well during GSW series. Not hiding. Been watching EPL and Barcelona soccer. I rather watch Barcelona soccer than any NBA team or player.

  350. This kid has something to tell and show to his friends 😁

  351. Harden sucked 5th game but he played well during series. I don’t admire Harden as a person but I do think he is a great offensive player.

  352. I’m a Juventus supporter! 😂

    See you in final 😁😉

  353. They will lose for sure. Messi is to me the greatest athlete now, and I love to watch Suarez.

  354. We will see 😁

    Suárez against Chiellini (the one who bited in world cup) and Evra (the one who insulted with racist slurs in premier league) would be pretty fun to watch 😁

    Juve are underdogs and i love being the underdog 😉

  355. Nuggets in the Finals: Why are many of Denver’s old players succeeding elsewhere

  356. No one in the building even cared… probably because he does amazing things like that at every practice. It would have been more amazing if Bogut made a free throw! (just kidding, I love Bogut)

  357. Yeah, definitely. The NBA should ban coaching talks until after the Finals is over. It’s very unfair to playoff teams to have their assistant coaches interviewing with other teams while they’re in the middle of the playoffs.

  358. If you are Alvin Gentry, all you need is a chance to prove yourself.

  359. Oh, that was an old pic. I thought for a second that Klay played in the charity soccer event after his concussion. LOL

  360. That would be hilarious. Morey, make it happen!

  361. Lol

  362. @JoeTeam, 1mtoldman was disagreeing with me, not you. LOL.

  363. That would be a dream if an NBA would hire D’Antoni before free agency starts. Then Lin could join that team.

  364. who else would it be? LOL

  365. Who is the most overrated player in NBA?
    Woody gave six: Kobe Bryant! That’s funny.

  366. He’s sixty and was a head coach before. He’s had many chance.

  367. yes, that sounds right. If players can’t talk, coaches should not talk. V weird rule.

  368. hey welcome back. Harden is indeed a good offensive player, on any given night hard to defend. But I loved his bad nights and attribute that to his off court antics that were tweeted (at least the first 17 pt game). Harden is to me one dimensional, so in soccer (sorry I don’t follow Euro leagues) maybe someone like CRenaldo but really much worse. I guess I can’t find someone like that in soccer because the came is unplayable at the highest levels if I imagine someone like harden on the starting team.

  369. maybe next game if they turn him around at the buzzer …

  370. whew, glad I wasn’t in a bad mood. getting old, posting on boards is a hard thing ha ha. 1m, all is well in Disneyland again lol.

  371. The KT rest … I’m hoping it gets him out of his shooting slump, though the last game he was doing well.

    Love the matchup … worried for GSW about Shump and Delly. Possible it’ll take a couple of games for GSW to puzzle out the LeBron thing and beat their D.

  372. C Ronaldo is 2nd best offensive player in the world, but Messi can create goals out of nothing, and he can pass. Harden type of player cannot exist in soccer because if he ball hogged too much he would be taken out of game. On soccer, you cannot put back the player you took out. Even selfish Ronaldo passes.

    Ronaldo is a great player, but Messi is sublime. To me, he has been the greatest athlete in the world for the last 7 years. Even Kobe is awed by Messi because Kobe knows soccer.

    I would put Suarez over Neymar because Suarez can also score and pass but at slightly less level than Messi. I would put Suarez in top 5 scorers in the world.

  373. Hilarious. Both of them had their list of the most overrated players and Melo was top of both their lists.

  374. we’ve talked about these players before. I guessed we were right after all. lol

  375. Exactly!
    I am glad TO machine record will be with Harden’s name until someone breaks the record!

  376. If the whole team had 7 TO and he himself alone had 13, a humble person would said I had too many TO! Eat it and moved on! The past he had a way to say “I” , I, I , I and I if they won a game!

  377. Why would I call people here “delusional fans”? I may differ in BB related issues, but I don’t think they are delusional. Also, all I said is Lin will probably get $5 Mill per year offer from some team probably as a back-up; if you think Lin will get a better offer next season, you have right to that opinion. I have no desire to see Lin do worse than my expectations; in fact, I would be very happy to see Lin exceed all my expectations of him as a BB player.

    I also don’t know why you would think I am a “poor guy” still counting Harden’s TOs in game 5. I am not Harden’s fan, even though I still think he’s a great offensive player. I said many times Harden is no franchise player and lacks leadership qualities.

    I will say that some posters here seem to have a higher ceiling for Lin than I have, but that’s all good. I have said consistently that I think Lin’s current ceiling based on what I have observed is 17/6 per game in 35 minutes for the season, which is the Conley stats.

  378. I thought there was no way Rockets could beat GSW, but the first two games were very exciting and could have gone either way. I also was amused to see Harden rack up TOs. I am the first to agree that without “iffy” foul calls, Harden’s effectiveness as an offensive player would be greatly diminished because he doesn’t have awesome shooting percentage, but he would still be a very good offensive player. I would say out of 10 foul calls he gets, around 3 of them are highly doubtful calls, but 7 of them are legit foul calls in his favor.

    Anyway, look at Harden’s assists/TO ratio this season; it’s similar to Lin’s.

  379. Kobe-prime is. Like in past prime.

  380. Report: Unexpected NBA team will fire coach within next couple days

    Could it be the Brooklyn Nets who are about to fire their head coach? There is now solid evidence the Nets will try to unload Joe Johnson and their current starting PG, Deron Williams:

    Deron Williams, Joe Johnson not mentioned in Nets’ letter to fans

    Despite making the playoffs this season, the Nets are a team in disarray and have proven to be a very poor investment for their billionaire Russian owner. So what better way to right the ship then by trying to bring Linsanity back to New York? Perhaps it takes an outsider to realize how lucrative such a scenario could be and seize the unique opportunity. And if you’re going to try and recreate Linsanity in NY you might as well go all the way: Replace D-Will with Lin and replace the current HC with D’Antoni (or Nash.)

    As the article points out, getting rid of D-Will and Johnson will not be “easy”, but in the end it’s really just a matter of money. Interestingly, the current coach made a point of telling the media that D-Will is no longer a Franchise player. If you’re trying to unload a player and get other teams interested in him, why would you make a point of undermining his value? Is that an indication that the coach is on his way out too?

    This is, of course, wild speculation fueled by wishful thinking, but crazier things have happened.

  381. Not only Conley. Even Tony Parker.

    My question is: why are you here on a Lin fan site if you’re not a Lin fan?

    Answer: just to flame people.

    OK, got it. Your answers are always incorrect and offensive towards Jeremy and comprehensive towards Harden.

    You say Jeremy and Harden got the same TO ratio. Could be true, ok. But if you speak the truth you’d say Jeremy’s Tos are from risky passes to teammates to get easy points; Harden’s ones are from selfish plays in which he just lose the ball.

    Again: you say Harden calls are right. I say Jeremy doesn’t have that type of calls. And he’s one of the best in attacking the rim.

    What else? Jeremy will get no more than 5 mln? We will see. In the meantime Jeremy is one of the faces of Adidas’ advertisings. He got also money from them.

    Want something more? I can go on. These are not only sentences of a person who knows couple of things about basketball but also are things that a Jeremy Lin fan says. And clearly you are not, flame.

  382. You are saying I am not a Lin fan just because I have a different opinion on his BB ability for now? I have seen both Lin and Harden make very good passes and very dumb passes, so what’s your point? Harden is expected to be the MAN in his team, and he plays that way. So making risky passes to one’s teammates for easy points excuses TOs? Got it.

  383. And that 5th foul on KT in Game 4 I think … that made KT sit … Harden was doing his usual foul baiting and sure, it was a foul. But they really have to start defining the rules to give judgement to ref because clearly on that one, Harden was just straigharmed trying for the foul. Yep, KT was dump to go for it, but foul baiting has to get some kind of disincentive.

    On Harden Assist to TOV, I trust that you are right, but the assists are different. I would say JLin is breaking down the defense when he tries, in general, for a tough pass. Harden just mostly bricks a bad shot, so he has many more bailouts to terrible possessions than a TOV. Also, in the JLin years, we noted he always had a clock-beater pass that cleared him of the missed shot or clock violation.

    I think we agree, when Harden is clicking, it can be a fun game to watch. In the GSW series, to me it was just when he turned on the press in Game 2, when they lost. Also Game 1. There were moments when you knew he was unstoppable. But, he did not have the grit and guts to keep that up through crunch time, as the well analyzed Game 2 ending indicates. He had about 3 decisions that would have made it his game, and I’m glad he’s who he is at this point.

    For me, the advice for him would be … become a team player. In 2 years, he will be up one level.

    For Lin, I would want him to be practicing the Curry trick shots, because if he adds all those tough shots to his game, confirmation bias would come back to support his run, from everyone. That and yes, keep working at your shots so you can be way better and try to be in Steph’s circles. When a guy can shoot at-will, above the good guys who can shoot, you get a lot of support throughout the league and fan base.

  384. I’m with you on everything you said. Neymar needs more strength in his calves, quads, and hips. You cannot be tops unless you have strength there to power on when you are low.

    I got to see WC Finals Live in 1994 Roberto Baggio and Babeto, Romario. I paid face value as that was the time when American’s didn’t quite get it so it was easy to hit redial and get tix at face value. Would not do it today with StubHub actually improving market info, so you can’t just know what to do when and get face value.

    I was also at the WWC 1999 finals when China was out-reffed and USA women won on penalties. Rose Bowl, both places.

    You are right, a Soccer final is way way more then an NBA final because it is one game, about 80k ppl, and it takes an entire team to win.

    I can only think of one final I would have paid $2k to see … last WC final when Germany won it on that final play. It was one of the best goals for me of all time, the D and O and how narrow it had to be cut.

  385. huh? he’s a former coach of more than 1 team. Odd ball comment or hopefully just uninformed.

  386. When posters like you or I try to sound too smart or offer a holier than thou tone whether intentional or not well, you know many posters on this site will try to shut you down and kick you out of here.

  387. Free agency will be interesting. But Lin will choose a team with a white coach. It’s what he prefers. All of you will see.

  388. Maybe it’s because of the times you posted that JLin has the worst handles of any PG, starter or bench. That JLin can’t shoot. That JLin should stop acting like a little girl (quote). When? Usually you are most negative when Lin is going through a tough time. Check your account history.

  389. very astute comment. You are either coming around or becoming more jaded like me. Either way I like it!

  390. What he tried to say….?!

  391. You mean like McHale or Kerr? About 90% of the coaches are white anyway. Don’t see why you would want to post something that sounds so racist.

  392. Yet again he has to reassure peeps the universe is not aligned in eternal opposition, he’s not done, not giving up and they don’t need to either. Just goes to hint at the noise he must hear all the time about “whatcha gonna do?” He must have to work on his “tune-out” skills as hard as he works on his bball ones. I can’t even imagine.

  393. I interpreted that as words of encouragement that he needs himself. Unlike the previous two season endings when Lin said, “I feel more determined than ever.” this season may have come closer to breaking his spirit.

  394. True. But Jeremy’s spirit is still strong though at times even his fans’ comments can be darn discouraging. Hang in there, Jeremy and his truetrue fans.

  395. Mother’s Day has passed. But here’s JLin saying Happy Mother’s Day to thank her for raising her 3 boys right in Ryan Higa’s video


  396. Annual Jeremy Lin Taiwan Trip schedule is released. pic.twitter.com/7cPmZjRvcr— Dennis Ginobili (@manu77728) June 1, 2015

  397. Very strange arrangement, why Lin arrange his try during July 1? He trust his agent that much that he don’t plan to talk to any team or coach for any decision?

  398. I strongly believe Lin would be best to join a team that is not considered as good IF that would guaranty him starting minutes…so I don’t mind the “Big fish in small pond” analogy here.

    It’s its between the Sixers or GSW, I would rather Lin join Philly because it is more likely he could reach his goal and become in All-Star there than with GSW.

    Joining GSW would make everyone forget about Lin because he’ll be completely overshadowed by Curry, Thompson and even Livingston who is more versatile at 6’7 inches. I don’t even think he’d be the first guy of the bench.

    Lin priority for next year is to prove himself as a starting point guard that can be very productive….He’ll need to average about 15ppg and 7 assist…….he’ll probably need about 32 minute per game

  399. Seems strange indeed. Perhaps he anticipates negotiations will go on a bit longer and he doesn’t foresee signing on that particular week? I’m sure he knows what he’s doing but for us fans, it’s just another thing to worry about.

  400. What happened to the watch promotion? I think Lin pretty much knows which teams wants him & price already that’s why he can just come back before 7/10 well do….

  401. I think it must be less than 90%. I have seen many Black coaches in NBA.

  402. Agreed. That’s the way I read his comment.

  403. Wonder his trip to China is before or after Taiwan trip…The arrangement is really strange…Dont like it…

  404. Again, misrepresentations. And here is why.

    1. I stick by my statement that IMO Lin’s handle is below average, although I never said he has the worst handle of any PG, starting or bench. If you find anywhere I said this, let me know, and I will correct it. I even broke down in more detail by saying his handle is good enough when he dribbles forward in fast breaks, but his side dribbling or dribbling to create enough spacing to get off his shots or dribbling when trapping defense is attempted on him is below average.

    2. I said Lin has to improve his shooting. Why would I say he can’t shoot? That’s just too general.

    3. I specifically mentioned one time that Lin should stop fouling like a girl (not act like a girl) involving a specific play where he was defending and he put his hand lightly on a player who was going up to the basket and the player scored. If Lin is going to foul, he has to wrap his arms around the player to prevent him from scoring, not just give him a slight push.

    4. Yes, I criticize as well as applaud and acknowledge his good performances.

  405. I try to make my posts as clear as possible and I also admit when my prediction proved not to be. For example, I stated that I was wrong in having predicted that Rockets would lose to Clippers, but I was right that Clippers would beat Spurs, that Rockets would absolutely make it out of 1st round this year, and GSW would beat Clippers. The reason I like to make predictions is because it’s more fun for me.

  406. some people said end of June to China, so that must be before then. Well, if that is the case, and he is coming back on 4th, that might be okay, as teams might still waiting for decisions from big fish at that time.

  407. I personally would like to see guys looking at video replays QUICKLY overrule the refs. It’s just too tough for refs to make correct calls. I don’t think Lin’s shooting technique will allow him to ever break 40% shooting in a season. I think maybe he can get to 38% though. It’s been improving each year. I also don’t think Lin will ever approach 90% in FT shooting percentage for the same reason.

  408. You never know … local news is saying Steph improved by leaps and bounds first 2 years. It takes peace and support to break through, Lin can have some good years ahead now that he can choose his team more carefully.

  409. I would splurge just several times on various sporting events for the experience (for example, Wimbledon, French Open, UEFA soccer games), but if you are going to spend the money, why not also on yourself? I mean I donated $5K to some charity organization one month ago, but I would also have no problem from a moral perspective to spend it on myself. Heck, if I can’t spend money on myself, especially if I really want to, why the heck would I want to make money? I consider it helping economy when I spend money. Seriously.

    I personally don’t drive a nice car in my daily life because I drove nice cars before (and put convenience and gas mileage first) and I have no people that I need to show off to. If I want to drive nice cars time to time, what I do is rent a really nice car when I go on a business trip and check out the car.

  410. Some good points, the excitement about GSW is really just that they have a shot at the championship and we all want that for Lin sometime soon.

  411. Of course, I never know 100%. I am just predicting. It’s more fun for me to make predictions. Of course, I sometimes itch to make bets on my predictions, but knowing I can get addicted to SPORTS gambling (I get bored in regular table gambling after 1 hour), I stay away from betting big money. Lol

    I probably could get into sports betting, but what I noticed is that the odd is set up by the betting company so that the FAVORED Player or Team doesn’t get all that much, whereas NOT FAVORED Player or Team gets a bigger winning. Basically, the betting system is designed to make people bet on UN-FAVORED Player or Team.

    I actually think I can make money on tennis matches if I bet on many matches and be patient. Looking at French Open right now, I would bet that either Djoko or Murray will win it. But if I had to choose one, it would be Djoko for the Win. I am hooping Djoko will win all 4 Majors this year. Djoko is the best tennis player I have ever seen even if he has less Majors than Federer or Nadal. I think Djoko can get to around 14.

  412. NBA Rumor: Melo to the Lakers for #2 pick and Julius Randle.

  413. Many? Please don’t generalize this site by the action of a selective few vocal posters. Don’t try to turn this into a “us vs them” thing. We are all Lin fans here(I hope).

  414. Can’t wait for FA to start…. interesting rumor… Hope it’s true then. LOL!

  415. I crack up when SAS talks excitedly like a Black preacher. I find him entertaining actually.

  416. I think their salaries offered will not differ by more than $2 Mill either way.

  417. Hopefully, Lin practices his BB as passionately as he seems to be playing computer games. Lol Having never played LoL or online games, I just can’t take people who play them seriously. Lol This is coming from a person who used to play Arcade games (Pacman) and pinball machines a lot. Lol

  418. There is news saying Taiwan is the last stop of his Asia trip. Really hope he could focus on his new contract and pick the best team for him.

  419. Thanks…hmm interesting…Lin knows his surroundings better than us….he must have his reasons

  420. Reap what you sow. Be patient, Lin has been tending the garden.

  421. Lakers won’t do it. They know it’s a bad trade. If they do it, they (front office) are dumber than they look. But it will sell tickets.

    But the 2 overrated has-bins will do very poorly together and lose.

  422. Ohhhh, tease. Make it happen. Next best thing to Rondo.

  423. No not trying to be racist. Just trying to be real. Is it racist to say many Asians who are not born in America speak with an accent? It’s just the truth.

    It’s obvious Lin gets a long with a certain type of coach. That coach does not have to be white but have a particular type of personality and mindset. It is well known Jalen Rose hated black players who attended Duke during his era. Jalen Rose did not grow up book smart or well read. But he is very smart even though he preferred hanging out in drug houses in college and high school. Still, Lin is unable to relate to people like Jalen Rose. And there are many in the NBA who think and relate to Rose.

    See who was Lin’s coach in college? A black man from Duke. A coach from the Ivy or someone with more of a tolerant perspective fits Lin. Lin also grew up “soft” since he himself grew up in middle class/ upper class Palo Alto depending on your perspective of his upbringing. That is why Scott cant stand Lin. Nothing Lin can do about it at all. Those players who are now coaches, black or white, who chose to go to the Ivy or Duke, will be more willing to try and relate to Lin and try to look beyond his yellow color and at least try.

    My point is Lin won’t do well with a Jalen Rose type coach and needs a Tommy Amaker coach. It is easier to express what I said by saying he will choose a white coach because I have combed through the NBA coaching circles and there is no current NBA black coach that fits the Jlin mold.

    D’Antoni did not go to the Ivy but I believe his European experience as an American outsider makes him more tolerant. Also MDA is an oddball and hot head and was desperate when he played Lin. So that’s an outlier of sorts.

    I’m pointing out if you remove all the black coaches from the equation, you can cut down and figure out which remaining teams Lin may land on.

    Clippers, Lakers, Pelicans, Nets (if Hollins stays), New York Knicks, Milwakee Bucks, Toronto Raptors. Denver (if Melvin Hunt is hired).

  424. There is no indication of Tag Heuser promo which was suppose to be end of June. Can’t read Chinese but is it scheduled for June 30?
    I thought FA period begins on July 1st and singing deadline was on July 8th or 9th? This schedule seems odd but gotta trust JLin in what he’s doing. I wonder if Team Lin already knows his FA prospects?

  425. ha ha, you need to team up with acbc to bet in tennis, he’s a tennis coach.

  426. I can’t stand having a nice car now because my BMW blew up with a water leak through the sunroof (about $10k worth of electronics, controlling the suspension too) shorted out. Really bad design, and yep, outside of the warranty period. So, nowadays, I just drive an avg car and enjoy life better.

  427. I know you team guys will like this, and Jack Clark just today won yet another championship (College Rugby Championship) in 7s.

    acbc, you’ll love this:


    (so applies to why we can’t stand Rox and love Lin)


  428. From the first link above:

    “Jack Clark: The NBA basketball coach Pat Riley wrote a good book called The Winner Within. Now, if you’re an NBA basketball coach you’re coaching gazillionaires. The shoe company pays them — you know, they’re making 20, 30 million dollars a year or more. So they don’t really have to ever play hard, they don’t really have to ever do what you want them to do.

    Riley has a chapter in this book that’s called “The Disease of Me.” Symptom No. 6 is “constant feelings of underappreciation.” If you’ve been on teams you go, “God, I’ve played with that person. I know that person. I know what a distraction they were.” So, a value like selflessness, this idea that in making decisions, team comes first, self comes second — you get this done and it solves 10 problems. If your choice is that you just wait for individual drama, 65 guys all have something wrong.

    Try to process all that on a daily basis and you spend more time keeping everyone’s nose pointed in the same direction than you do actually trying to beat the opposition or trying to improve as a team.”

  429. 6/30 exclusive TV show interview, don’t think it’s related to Tag Heuser, I suppose the watch promo will be held in mainland, LIn’s billboards are spotted in Beijing and some other cities.

  430. right, more to worry about.

  431. TV program will be his annual testimony. Taiwan is the last stop. Schedules for China will be prior to Taiwan.

  432. Taiwan is his last stop. He will be back for start of FA.

  433. We were talking about the 6/30 TVshow recording, the opportunity is highly competitive for local news people.
    You are right about the 7/1 Good TV event.

  434. He accepted TVBS interview(方念華) before. Maybe an interview like this or like the game-show of Videoland Sports Channel(緯來)?

  435. The FA signing deadline, I think, is in Feb. It starts on July 10th. Teams will call agents at 12:00 AM of July 1st. I hope Lin could get many inquiry calls since midnight!!

  436. I think he did an annual TV show also. Sometimes his parents participated. Kind of an interview format.

  437. Hope so.

  438. That is way too much for a 31 year old Camelo who by the way comes with a max contract….

    The only way that makes sense is if Lakers are sure they will get another big star…Maybe even a guy like Deandre…
    I still don’t think they’d be title contender but at the least, maybe they make a strong run at the last playoff seed if they all stay healthy.

  439. So so so admire Taiwan and China JLin fans can go to these events:-) One of these years I will make an efford to join them:-)

  440. That’s redestruction rather than rebuilding.

  441. “Mitch Kupchak left him a voice mail message confirming the report was just an unsubstantiated rumor and the Lakers were “incredibly happy” with their guy. Jim Buss then called and endorsed Scott personally.”

    “Scott was always the coolest guy in the room, and is worthy of remaining there as the Lakers evolve. Thibodeau was fired last week by the Chicago Bulls, and Scott is still here, and should be — his work in last season’s darkness has earned him the right to keep coaching under the cracks of new light, the new draft pick, a new free agent, the recovered Julius Randle, the revived Kobe Bryant, all of it.”

    “The gleam in our eyes is back,” Scott said. “The hope in our eyes is back.”

    “Lakers fans are anxious to see not only how Clarkson will adjust to next season’s new expectations-heavy environment, but also Scott. He coached so well through failure, how will he do with impending success? “

    –bill plaschke,l.a. times

    (quotes without comment)

  442. “He coached so well through failure”… this writer has got to be having a laugh.

  443. http://www.christiantoday.com/article/jeremy.lin.news.move.to.denver.nuggets.now.more.likely/54882.htm

    JLin and D’Antoni to Denver would be a dream come true. It might be the beginning of a new era for Lin and Mike D’Antoni, the proof that many Lin fans called for. Many of us were correct about Harden being like Melo…even worst than him, for Harden proved to be the precarious TO king that Lin never was. Give Lin the chance to lead, and Linsanity can very well be reborn… and at a higher stage.

  444. Agree! He might forgets but us who read him remember. You did not misrepresent him .

  445. That’s my point: we are all Lin fans here; some rate Lin’s BB skills higher and some lower.

  446. Different era, different games :]
    I too don’t like LOL or games that consume so much time but I got the competitive nature of it.

    Let’s hope Lin will be so determined to raise his NBA2K rating by shocking everyone (again) next season!

  447. LOL I wouldn’t go that far to be jaded, hehe..
    With Harden, we need to be realistic with his MVP-driven mentality, desire to replace Kobe, reluctance to shine together with Dwight as the Dynamic Duo on the offensive end although he’s capable.

    So he probably wouldn’t relish being upstaged by Lin’s playmaking if he comes back. Lin’s too much a playmaker for him.

    IMO Lin is too smart to go back to HOU to be the scapegoat, esp. his best buddy Parsons not there anymore

  448. Don’t forget Harden might challenge to break his own-record next season LOL

  449. Forgets? He forgets? Selectively forgets? But he never forgets every single minor “mistake” by Lin.
    Every single move made by Lin is always wrong; Lin shouldn’t make public his private vids with friends playing LOL, NBA2K..and this forgetful poster can also understand Morey’s Ball philosophy: Houston Rockets build around Harden makes so much sense to him.
    So no, he isn’t forgetful. He and his accomplices have hidden agendas. SMH

  450. Why are you posting this garbage here?

  451. that would be an unexpected miracle :]
    My concern is Lin hinting to play with GSW as another backup PG
    Good time with friends but not the ceiling of his career

  452. In gms’s shoes, I will give him another year to make up. So far, they can say that kobe is hurt and you have missing pieces to do your thing, etc.

    But in my personal unbias (yes unbias.. as in lin neutral and race neutral , gender neutral or whatever neutral) thought of seeing how he did the whole season, makes me wonder:

    1) so no kobe = failure? That shows incompetent coaching. In fact kobe was there and it didn’t work. Now devils advocate can say it’s due to lack of time to gel. I saw that kobe was also playing with less lin and they still lose..but again, it’s argumentative that it’s due to lack of time to gel. As lin and someone else said, it can take 1 full half season to gel. (That’s why I was more patient than anyone here when I was watching rondo play in dallas.. it’s more time to gel..even during the end, when everyone bought into the system, he couldn’t mesh in well..and I think rockets might’ve played to last game of the round one..and 50/50 chance of winning. barea was much better).

    2) bs’s concept of bball is outdated. He even overtedly say.. no 3 balls and get the ball into the post with a postup play.. (it’s semi-mchale..but mchale also believes in the 3 ball). His entry pass and system is all too predictable ..even a ex player of his pointed out…and thus ended up with the steal. I do not see how you can win with his system…AND also there seems to be no FASTBREAKS.. it’s like watching the oldies play. Fastbreaks is what made roxieoriges and also the warriors a great team as opposition has their defenses at random points and not set. Plus, his ideal is opposite of the ideals of most contending teams, as you all already know.

    3) He will now let clarkson play more and be more free because he wants to continue to prove that it’s lin who stinks..not him restricting lin. I saw he allows clarkson to play through with hogging the ball more (maybe he is training the youngsters..so training is different mentally as you just have to play him and let him play whatever). But as time went on, there are times I see JC doing what lin did.. just entry pass more to boozer or whatever. But again we can make the argument that JC is playing without the king of ballhogs. Also Kobe might really realize he is old and therefore will like JC ballhog it while he himself assist.. Mark my wordio. This is to continue to develop youngsters. So it might also continue to look bad for lin as unaware fans will all say , no more excuse jc is better..even though jc has more touches.
    But if JC stinks, they have to blame kobe.. lol. This is still lin neutral becasue there is so much revolving around lin as they all know.

    4) Players are starting to not respect bs. That is a no-no.

  453. it’s not really garbage.. we like to know the other side.. to instigate a response. At least only 1 person clicks on the link that said that and then post it here to know as oppose to 10 people clicking on it.

  454. The PR will always be: “It’s NEVER BS’s fault”. They will always blame on the players not his lousy ability of coaching even on the day he got fired by Cleveland. Lakers will have do the same, just when.

  455. of course.. it’s the same with interviewing for a job.. you don’t want to work for a company where they badmouth employees after they leave.. because can happen to you. Plus, they made the decision to hire bs.. so they will look like idios if they badmouth him because they it will tell eveyrone, they are idios or..politically correct, made a boobo

  456. Misrepresentations? LOL. You can’t have it both ways. These are your own posts.

    Has anyone come across a PG at starting or back-up level who arguably has a worse handle than Lin? Even Price seems to have a better handle. I ask this question because I look at the dribbling skill of every PG I watch on TV, and I have not yet come across one.


    Believe me, if his teammates sees him make those, they will be passing him the ball. I think his teammates already know Lin can’t shoot well.

    I said the same thing 2 or 3 years ago and been called troll many times for making the same point. My two points were: Lin doesn’t have good handle and his shooting is weak.

    I was talking to my Asian-American friend regarding Lin’s play. I will quote exactly what my friend said regarding Lin’s play: “Jeremy Lin, that fool!! needs to be more aggressive and stop playing like a little girl.”

  457. well i was laughing but i would assume the writer was serious (and not just shilling). that’s what made it so remarkable. and worth referencing.

  458. I read somewhere and they had talked about overrated and underrated.

    So what is really Overrated and Underrated.
    A player can be very good and great but never won a championship because winning a championship is not an easy task. It requires team work and coaching. But doesn’t mean that the player is overrated. The opposite is true. Does it also have to do with salary.

    Is Steve Nash overrated or underrated. (some can say he is overrated, because he never won a championship)
    Is Kobe overrated or underrated. (some say he is overrated, because he never won one after Shaq left)
    Is Shaquille overrated or underrated.

    So basically, definition wise, is it.. a player has to win a championship, but doesn’t get the star treatment and has salary under 10 million range and has very good stats but not superstar stats to be underrated.
    is it that a player has to not win a championship, but gets the star treatment, and has salary in 20 millions even when his stats are amazing to be overrated.

    Most ppl based it on salary. So if say lin was 5 million when he was a roxie, they might not hate him as much. (but his stats will drop even more because mchale has no reason to play him when he has hardenio).

  459. sure wearing a lot of Warriors gear lately. Very odd and very telling I guess. I suspect Lin will be a 6th man bench backup sometimes super sub for the defending world champs. Actually I hope they lose and with Lin then win it.

  460. Your post is rambling, illogical and inconsistent. You know that Lin doesn’t care about his coach’s race. He just wants a coach who will treat him fairly. Bottom line is that even you agree there are black coaches who would work well with Lin. If currently the 5 or 6 NBA coaches who happen to be black are not good fits, then you could just list those coaches/teams. By taking a shortcut and saying Lin will choose a white coach you were purposely trying to be provocative.

    Perhaps based on his upbringing you might have expected Lin to turn out soft. But clearly he is anything but. If Lin were soft he could never have survived, let alone thrive in the D-league.

    So this idea that “Scott can’t stand Lin” because he isn’t tough is bogus. I don’t know if Scott likes Lin or not, but on this Lakers team, Scott is not his own man. Isn’t that clear to you? Scott carries out Kobe’s orders. At a certain point, Kobe turned on Lin and used Scott to make Lin’s life miserable. That’s why Price took Lin’s starting spot. That’s why no PnRs were run for Lin. That’s why Lin and Davis never overlapped. That’s why Lin was always singled out for harsh criticism to the media.

  461. Guys, it’s June! Which means it will soon be July!

  462. Makes you wonder how much Kobe’s PR team paid this reporter to write such an absurd piece. Can’t wait to see Kobe/BS try to spin their way out of next season’s horrendous performance.

  463. It’s so ridiculously apologetic BS’s and Kobe’s incompetence that it’s kinda funny. Only diehard Kobe fans would take it seriously.

  464. And I don’t know if I should laugh or I should cry.


  465. and then will be August.

  466. then September

  467. then October

  468. then November!!! bball

  469. then Christmas!

  470. then 2016!!!!

  471. should be indifferent.
    because I don’t even know whether to laugh or cry..
    but I’m mix ..so doesn’t bother moi.

  472. It’s been three long years but I hope his spirit will come back as strong as ever.

  473. Doesn’t bother me I just think those people are funny.

  474. What is an American? Native Indians? How many years or generations in US before becoming American?

  475. Is Lin just rooting for his bay area team? Go Dubs!

  476. July 1st, here we come!

    JLin in an ideal team as the PG is all we wish :]

  477. One thing that I am amused is if Americans are used to seeing Blacks dominate in NBA, why can’t they get used to Indian-American kids dominating Spelling Bee competition? I guess it takes time. Lol

  478. Seems like Lin being referred to a Chinese. Lol

  479. Didn’t you know Native Americans are not Americans? Lol JK

  480. Seems like around 20% are African-American coaches. Can’t tell from their names. Around 6 out of 36 I think.

  481. You know what cracks me up? You have some White or Black Americans saying “Forget the color of your skin; we are ALL Americans”. Sounds very nice and logical, and I am tempted to agree. But then some ignorant White Americans calling any Asian-Americans “foreigners”. Lol

    As an Asian-American, I am glad to see the rise of China, because had China not gotten powerful, Asian-Americans would be more discriminated IMO. At least, Asians out-number other races in the world. Lol

  482. Lebron James is shooting 15% from 3 point line in post season.

    That’s the reason why i laugh out loud when people says great players shine no matter what.

    If Lebron James would’ve ever been in Jeremy’s shoes he would’ve been out of the league after his rookie year.

  483. But isn’t it amazing that LeBron, while shooting only 15% in 3 points in post season, still plays the most significant role in helping his team to Finals? That’s what a great player does. LeBron does other things well, so even 15% 3 point shooting did not pose an obstacle to Cavs going to Finals. I find it more amazing that Cavs is going to Finals with LeBron shooting only 15% from 3s. In some sense, ATL or Eastern Conf is not that good at all. I just don’t think LeBron’s team would have gone to Finals in the Western Conf.

    Heck, if Lin took Lakers to Finals while having 10 TOs per game, I would say Lin is the greatest.

  484. Spot on Spot.
    Double sstandards much? Yeah, we see those too often in the world of NBA.

  485. Considering the Himalayas make it very hard to cross, it seems plausible that Indians are closer to Iran than East Asia. Same with Pakistan. Easier to travel east from the Middle East to India than West from China

  486. That’s what some Iranian guy told me. He also said the Persian religion called Zoroastrianism was the first religion in the world which believed in One God, not Judaism as is popularly thought. I researched and it seems true.


  487. Lin would be benched after 5 TOs, unfortunately.

  488. Sweet. Yea Persia is full of rich history that I don’t know much about

  489. I told the Iranian guy he’s a descendant of the Persian evil emperor guy in the movie “300”. Lol And that I was a descendant of Ghengis Khan who plundered and murdered half of the world. Lol Ghengis Khan should have kept on going until he conquered the entire world.

  490. Not if he has 15 assists per game.

  491. not sure old school parenting is all about reminding the kids how well their peers are doing even knowing it very well their own kids have never been given the fair shake.
    yo son, I know you been tryin your best but look at your buddy, he’s doin much better than you, I want you learn from him. He’s the best right now and everybody is talkin about him the best.
    yo son, why not you join you buddy if you have the chance, you knoe life will be much better if you’re one of his…you knoe, when yyou’re his..you’re the winner…

  492. The biased/racist lawyers certainly showed he is not a professional by not apologizing or even writing a proper letter.
    Now he’s in hot water in the media.

  493. wow .. twitter is like a megaphone for people to announce they are racists and have no class.
    very sad but not surprising

    Jeff Chu said this year is less than last year’s offensive/racist tweets so that’s 1 improvement, I guess.

  494. Lin looks great ..
    But we need to be ready for TV commentators saying “Lin is deceptively deceptive” next season =)

    They always come up w new stuff to act surprised when Lin does things well beyond their expectations

  495. I know I like this Forrest Wheeler kid from the 1st time I saw him :]


  496. not enough minutes for 15 assists lol.

  497. Give me a break, Lebron was a no show the final year he played for Cleveland before ganging up with Wade and Bosh in Miami. He gagged so badly in that play off and still the media gave him a pass. Lin meanwhile keeps get beaten down for phantom weaknesses and learning pains that Lebron and John Wall gets.

    If Lin was black, he’d have been toasted as the next greatest thing when he set those records in NYC. He’d would have had the backing of the FO and allowed to learn to handle the ball better while LEADING THE KNICKS TO A WINNING SEASON.

  498. Nice blog. He’s so honest. Almost made me cry. JLIn has turned this tough old woman to a little softie. Like Charmin. 😄

  499. Djokovic doesn’t compared to Federer. He and Nadal has benifited by the deliberate change in the pace of the game to change it into a grinding style of play. The fact is that the slower pace has homogenized the game. Even Wimbledon on grass by the second week is now like clay. The volley game is practically non existent now because the slow court speed makes charging the net a suicidal attack unless you hit a near winner approach.

    I’ve watched tennis for a very long time and no one has played the attacking game as elegantly as Federer. He’s more Nureyev than Mayweather. In his younger days, you would have seen Federer coming off the clay courts of Roland Garros with clean socks while his opponents would have red clay caked on their calves and socks. The longevity of Federer’s game is a testament to his graceful efficiency to float across the court.

    Nadal and Djokavic has a very tough task to stay long enough in the game to surpass Federer because of circumstance and talent. They have separated themselves from the pack but the way they must play do wears down their body much faster because of how they must grind out wins.

  500. He is a good young man. Strong self-managemhent of his spirit. Thx for making me click.

  501. Let’s look fwd to a great team ahead. New adventures. New inspiration for up and coming kids. I’m wanting lebron to lose, not for gsw but for team ball. Lins brand.

  502. So time for you and him to join forces and conquer the world

  503. Agreed, he’s a lot more likeable than his onscreen brother Eddie.

  504. This blatant lie has as much comedic effect as Pennywise.

  505. Valid argument, but still not as good as paying zero attention to it. Already too many lies out there that obscure the truth.

  506. Don’t cry.

  507. Hahaha. I just about stopped myself.

  508. Well his secret is he has no butt.

  509. I totally feel ya, not sure whether this is more funny or sad.

    On a related note, one of my favorite movies is Idiocracy, which portrays the U.S. 500 years into the future, ruled by complete idiots.

  510. FYI

    Swaggy might be traded soon but he’s committed to Iggy (Azalea that is, not Iguodala)


  511. Being traded away from Lakers is a blessing, They aren’t going anywhere for years!

  512. is jeremy drinking? his asian glow is spot on. LOL

  513. From GoodTV Magazine 6月份”好消息月刊”的介紹(封面+內文第6及7頁)
    每年暑假,林書豪總會特別撥出一段時間展開亞洲巡迴之旅,他連續五年返台,7/1 將在台大體育館與大家見面,今年林書豪將傳出什麼好球呢 ?!


    GOOD TV 擁抱約書亞時代
    GOOD TV 執行長曾國生表示,現今台灣能佈道的牧者不在少數,能同時引起社會關注者,林書豪是不二人選!他將基督信仰落實在生活中,是年輕人很好的榜樣;擔任林書豪佈道會多年口譯,靈糧生命培訓學院院長周巽正牧師表示,他欣賞林書豪的坦誠與敞開,他的信息深入淺出,而且帶著先知性的恩膏,很能點出當代青年人的需要。

    因此,延續去年「傳好球,一起加油」行動成功進入社會,今年籌備會乘勝追擊,雖只有不到 2 個月的籌備期,連結眾年輕牧者的籌備團隊必須在既有的工作中,承接各項分工。但是眾人仍齊心努力,因為我們相信,神要在這個世代興起更多的林書豪,我們相信這世代是約書亞世代!


    青年人困境 七年級豪哥懂有人說,每一個新時代的到來,青年都是時代改革的領航者,同時也是新觀念的見證人,青年的態度決定了國家的未來。

    在台灣,學生不堪課業壓力選擇自殺的憾事時有所聞,留下的遺書讓人不勝唏噓:「一出生我就注定了失敗」、「我是一個瑕疵品」、「成績害了我」、「反正我就是個廢物」…。根據衛生福利部的調查,青少年自殺的 3 大主因,分別是「情感及人際因素」、「精神疾病」以及「經濟壓力」。社會大環境不佳,青少年對未來感到茫然、絕望;生活沒有目標;迷失、困惑、沒有榜樣、缺乏異象是這世代許多年輕人的寫照,甚至連醫學院高材生,學科表現優異,卻在愛情學分中將自己死當。

    Damon),在《邁向目的之路》這本書中提到:「今天普遍充斥的問題是空虛感,空虛感將年輕人長期困在一種漫無目的的生活中。」他針對全美 12-22

    據指出年輕世代的需要,現在!正是 GOOD TV 向年輕世代,傳遞屬天異象的關鍵時刻。主辦「林書豪青年勵志之夜」,是傳遞的開始;另外,GOOD
    TV 下半年的節目規劃,特別針對青年世代製作專屬節目,為要與青少年每天的生活、

    7 月 12 日首先推出《少年體驗隊》,連結青少年充滿好奇,勇於挑戰的特質,邀請具豐富教學經驗的姜義村教授(Uncle John),與金鐘獎兒少年節目主持人劉清彥老師(阿達叔叔)共同規劃與主持,節目中邀請了專家、學者擔任顧問團隊,透過教育界與實務界的結合,設計體驗教育活動。本節目適合闔家觀賞,讓全家人一同學習生命教育,共同參與這個可以提昇孩子品格,且能增加家庭幸福感的優質節目。


    無論是七月一日林書豪來台傳好球,以及今年下半年GOOD TV 即將推出的青少年節目,讓我們共同為青年朋友們禱告。也盼望 GOOD TV

  514. News in Mandarin on JLin’s coming trip to Taiwan

  515. maybe he’s trying to challenge phil jackson for the world’s longest engagement.

  516. so is that why he gets all the girl then (both on show and in real life?) hmm never worked for me.

  517. What is the likely chance Lin going back to NY?

    If the rumor about Melo to Lakers comes true.

  518. Mental fatigue is more draining than physical exhaustion.

  519. It sure was a season full of mental games bs was coaching & lil bbal mixed in. smh
    May the lakers franchise implode next season!

  520. My guess is that you have to be white to be American else you are Asian-American, African-American or Native-American.

  521. Haha I don’t know. In episode 8 of the show, around 15:00, his dad was trying to practice firing an employee with him, and Forrest explained that he has no butt, so he can’t be fired.

  522. That’s a really big “if” but Melo is the reason Linsanity ended and is an obstacle to Lin returning to the Knicks. So if Melo were to waive his no-trade clause and move somewhere else, the door would open for Lin. To put it mildly, Lin’s return to the Knicks would create a lot of buzz.

  523. And yet there are many Lin fans who still talk about Lin signing with the Lakers. If you’ve been following Lin this season and paid just a little bit of attention, you’d have to realize there is just NFW!

  524. yep, you don’t go back to a manager that constantly disses you and takes your efforts away and blows your confidence and sometimes takes your credits as his. That happens in corp and NBA too. Once DNP gate was set, the bridge is already burn. No turning back.

  525. That would put a lot of pressure on Lin. But you know, #Don’tCrackUnderPressure.

  526. When the spotlight is bright and the stakes are high, Lin plays even better. I don’t think pressure concerns Lin anymore. He just needs a decent coach and a lot of playing time.

  527. One of the more annoying things is the way sportswriters use deceit to diss Lin. Almost all of them will pretend that the Lakers were not purposely losing (aka tanking). They will cite Lin’s “underwhelming” 11/4 stats without taking into account his limited playing time. And then, in the next sentence, point out that his minutes were reduced as an indication the coach didn’t appreciate his game. But if you acknowledge the undeniable fact that the Lakers were tanking, then you realize that reduced minutes and DNPs were given to the more talented players. Only a tanking coach would start Price and Sacre and give them significant playing time. Conversely, there were games that Byron decided he wanted to win: Celtics (Lakers arch rival) and Bucks (coached by Byron’s arch enemy). Guess what happened in those games: Lin played starter minutes and got to run tons of PnR plays with Davis. So much for the idea that Byron didn’t like Lin or play him because he was “soft.” Lin wasn’t too soft for must-win games was he?

    Another example is that article making the case that Lin is not a starter. It listed 19 PGs that were presumably better than Lin (some of which were bogus) and said see, clearly Lin is not an All-Star. It then made the non-sequitur argument that this means Lin is also not a starter. Um, I think you would have to list 30 PGs who are better to conclude that Lin is not a starter. Where are the missing 11?

    It wouldn’t be so bad if only some writers seemed to have an agenda. It just seems so universal. That’s the thing that worries me. I can’t understand why the entire NBA would want to block the ton of revenue that would flow from Linsanity.

  528. Well, you have Chinese American, Indian American, African American and so forth. Why not Norweigian American, French American, Italian American…so on. Illustrates why color is an issue. Is Obama black or white. How about J. Clackson or Steph Curry?

  529. who’s lil bbal? is that some new rapper?

  530. yeah this is what gets me, how lin fans talk about lin going back to places he’s been badly dissed b4. and really even tho it was thought at the time couldn’t be worse than rockets, lakers were worse.

    now i personally wouldnt say it was out of hostility to lin entirely but just in line with the teams overriding interests, with which he was counterproductive, ie. when he got “starter minutes” they had a better chance of winning.

    clarkson for all his personal upbeat stats once given “free rein” at the end of the year as “the future” actually had no effect on lakers win/loss results.

    btw whats nfw?

    i usually have to ask sophie to explain those initials for me but she hasn’t been around lately?

  531. Despite the fact you seem to be a smart guy and hold yourself out to be a smart guy, it seems you are blind to the obvious reasons why the NBA would want to block the revenue flowing from Linsanity. At the root of your confusion is the premise that Linsanity creates tons of revenue. And assuming your premise is correct, inherent in that belief is a prior assumption that the NBA wants to produce that revenue at all costs by way of promoting Lin/Linsanity.

    That’s a lot of to assume. That’s why I believe you are confused.

  532. Yes it’s more about something other than race as far as what Lin is looking for and needs. But stereotypes and profiling exists because it works more often than not. When it doesn’t work, there are serious consequences to doing so. It may be unfair for me to go there as well. Lin himself has been profiled his whole career. I am simply doing the same as far as the coaches in the NBA. And like those who make decision about Lin based on similar factors, I am doing the same in deducing Lin will not end up on those teams this summer.

  533. Apparently most fans did get it because we were counting down to the end of the season, wanting the nightmare to end ASAP. I guess some fans think it would be fun to start it back up again in the fall. It might help some people to realize if Lin himself ruled out a return to the Lakers. But of course he would never do that, especially since it’s not in his interest to burn bridges.

    I definitely sensed hostility because even if you accept their basketball reasons for doing what they did (starting Bev over Lin, keeping Lin and Davis apart, not running PnR plays etc. for the purpose of tanking) they didn’t have to add insult to injury the way they did. Lin was often criticized and used as a scapegoat. I doubt any other players have been treated like that.

    NFW: No Feasible Way (polite form:). Sophie is the best but when she’s not around you can always ask Google.

  534. Linsanity creates tons of revenue:

    At the time there was a dispute between Madison Square Garden and the TWC company. Many New Yorkers were unable to watch the Knicks that season but Linsanity “sparked” a deal. MSG stock surged to an all-time high that was said to represent billions of dollars for investors. You’d have to believe that renewed Linsanity would attract millions of people to become NBA fans who otherwise would have no interest. So what are “the obvious reasons why the NBA would want to block the revenue flowing from Linsanity?”

  535. You’re saying the entire NBA power structure is so racist that no amount of money can change their minds? I hope you’re wrong. The good news is we don’t have much longer to wait and find out.

  536. Who is the boss and who is the leader in GOT, from your opinions?

    To me Jon Snow is the obvious leader. Those fake Kings are or were definitely bosses that never lived too long.

  537. you know nothing bobbyh

  538. Enlighten me.

  539. it was a joke if you actually watch got you would know that the catch phrase for jon snow from his now deceased gf is “you know nothing jon snow”.

  540. I forgot that line. Boy, I am getting too old and too serious.

  541. yes, that was so long ago, he’s probably sober by now lol.

  542. “Lin To Denver?” Update:


    Hunt has been interviewed for the job. The Nuggets have also talked to Mike D’Antoni, who coached current Nuggets Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari while with the New York Knicks from 2008-11.

    “He was a good coach, in my opinion,” Chandler said of D’Antoni. “He had some great offensive things. I think he’d be good here. He’d be good. I think Mel would be good, too.”

    My personal take: If they hire Hunt, it means they’re tanking. If they hire MDA, it means they’ll try to compete. Lin + MDA + Denver’s altitude advantage would at least nab that 8th seed.

  543. Hi @zxcvb 🙂
    Wow this is huge development that they talked to MDA already & they want to find their coach to help w #7 pick in the draft 22 days from now.

    Good sign that Gallinari & Wilson voiced their support diplomatically. MDA handpicked Gallinari before so I’m sure he wants MDA.

    Good analysis, let’s hope Denver doesn’t choose Hunt. It could be 1-2 weeks so there will be enough time to plan for the draft

  544. Yo, Psalm! I completely forgot about this place! I usually just post at JLin.net for simplicity’s sake but I’ll try to post here more often, especially once the next season is under way.

    The prospect of MDA + Lin in Denver seems too good to be true, but it’s an increasing possibility. Certainly not a *probability* but it is realistic for now.

  545. welcome back! 🙂

  546. The writer, Christopher Dempsey, is a strong supporter of Melvin Hunt and he has gone out of his way to root for him and questioning if Melvin has got a fair consideration. Given all that, Dempsey writes probably the only article that I know of being impartial to the selection between Melvin Hunt and Mike D’ Antoni for the vacant Nuggets head coach position. I guess not even he’s sure of the outcome.

    This’s good news coming out from him.

  547. Nuggets have #7 pick? Is there any possibility they will draft a point guard like Mudiaty or Russell or Mudiay?

  548. No way Jose’. They would all be gone. Figure Russel to be the third pick and Mudiay would be picked up by Knicks at fourth. In the first 5 picks, 3 of them would probably be big men and 2 are PGs.

  549. I have almost given up on this because the brothers have raised tons of support for Melvin Hunt in the media. His picture is everywhere while Mike D’Antonio’s picture is nowhere to be found.

  550. In the beginning of the past season, Jeremy didn’t even practice with the first team until Ronnie Price got hurt. Of course, Jeremy couldn’t possible know what the hell Byron Scott was running in his offense. Ronnie and Kobe had been playing together after Nash was sidelined.

  551. Thanks for info. Not very interested in NBA draft. lol

  552. Jeremy is born in California and has been living in the United States since he was born. He is an Asian American; 100% American; not an Asian with a green card. Those Americans treated him like a foreigner.

  553. your insights is always welcome here :]

    Let’s hope things fall in place quickly and we get to enjoy Lincredible season with Nuggets running high-octane MDA offense in high altitude!

  554. My hope was also dwindling but it’s great that they have talked to MDA and solicited players feedback about him :]

    There is hope now!

  555. LOLL

  556. seeing Lakers short

  557. Gallinari’s father was Mike D’Antoni’s roommate when they were playing for Olimpia Milano.

    I’m pretty sure Gallinari would like D’Antoni as coach and Wilson Chandler too (they were together with the Knicks).

    Obviously they can’t cut bridges with Hunt if he will be hired as coach.

    We’ll see what happens next. Even if D’Antoni will be the new coach we must wait til Lawson will be traded elsewhere.

    There were rumors about Lawson and Faried not happy in Denver. I think Sacramento could be an option for both. Maybe this year’s pick and some other ones …

    We will see

  558. He is still a Laker now…He also wore Warriors and Rox ones before.

  559. ah, I forgot the tie was even closer since Gallinari’s dad used to be MDA’s roommate.
    No doubt Gallinari would want MDA

    What’s interesting is if Lawson to be traded based on MDA hiring or any other coaches.
    It might not be a slam-dunk that Lawson will be traded if MDA hiring also appeases him.
    In that case, JLin hiring might not be automatic.

    Still much uncertainty but I hope Lawson is all set to want to go to Dallas.
    Or Lin gets the 1st dibs to either Dallas or Denver PG opening.

  560. If you had read this article posted @29th May, you certainly would be discouraged.

    What’s up with Mike D’Antoni and the Denver Nuggets? By Nate Timmons

  561. On the contrary, I think Kenneth Faried and Lawson could still contribute when MDA and Jeremy are recruited by Denver. We all know that there are over 80 games in regular season which is enough for both Jeremy and Lawson. Both of them could play over 30 minutes per game with or without the ball.

  562. I think Karl would like to recreate his Nuggets in Sacramento.

    And both lawson and faried would gladly come back to their former coach instead of being in a rebuilding team.

    It only depends how much Sacramento want to give and what Denver want.

    Obviously if D’Antoni will be their coach.

  563. Means they’re not too sure DAntoni is the guy.

  564. Anyone not white or black is not considered American by most whites in America. Does anyone see a black guy and think he’s from Africa? No.

  565. Why does he have a nonChinese name?

  566. Indians are actually caucasian.

  567. Same is true that they’re not sure Melvin Hunt is the guy. Melvin is pulling in support from players and all the brothers in the media to make his case to the owner. It might work against him though.

  568. Generally the teams appoint their new coaches quickly and give no time for their players and others to have any saying about who is going to be the new coach for the team. Denver Nuggets front office makes a mistake of giving players and media polling support of Melvin Hunt as their new coach. This is probably one of the reason that the team could start a mutiny against Brian Shaw. The whole new coach search is getting out of control now.

    I’m not sure what the owner wants is what some of the players want and what some of the reporters want.

  569. If they like MDA, that might work
    Lawson has had rough time with mgmt so he might still insist on a new start somewhere else. Not sure if he’s keen to compete for starting job with JLin & Linsanity
    I guess we’ll just have to wait & see. MDA as a coach would be a good start

  570. it certainly depends on the coach & if they will trade disgruntled Lawson.
    The article made it sound like the new Head Coach will have a lot of say in the Draft

  571. Great to have your posts here!

  572. dont forget the nuggets fired karl when he was coach of the year, and then shaw lasted only 2 years before basically being mutineed out as you correctly identify.

    it seems hunt is sort of a defacto front runner as the players liked him better than shaw, maybe a case of abs?

    but most outside observers say the team is shopping lawson, faried, everyone! regardless of who the new coach is and want basically a “whole new deck”. to work with.

    theres only a few days before the draft and they will have to have someone before the draft; all the other vacancies filled quickly….

    i dont know the history of ownership (ie. whether there has been a long term or multiple owners) but shaw is not alone in being a 2 and out coach: since the 90’s only denver legend dan issell last more than 2 years and in the year he was let go the club went thru 3 coachs in the space of one year! (including issel).

    d’antonio had a run here before as well: 50 games in 98-99

  573. just being frugal.

  574. i think lawson and also possibly faried will be both gone regardless of who the coach is.

  575. i wouldnt forsee either of them being available by then. in fact some predictors then they could both go top 4.

  576. yeah i didn’t see youd already posted that. tho i think viewing their history that knicks will flip their pick.

  577. i got kicked off (that other place) for inviting you to come over here with your insite a long time ago.

    in the course if the post i suggested something to the effect that the atmosphere there was so generally toxic it must be impossible to get banned there.

    thats what got me banned. no regrets. i was rarely if ever posting there already.

    its much nicer here.

  578. the thing is the draft is basically the start of the trading season defacto as teams flip picks and players for picks so…following what happens on draft day can start to tell a lot about what teams have what openings left on their rosters, starting rotations etc.

  579. Yeah it was looking kinda bleak. But you shouldn’t give up. Linsanity never come easy 🙂

  580. Aren’t you leaving out Karl who coached for 9 seasons from 2004-13? I did think it was very unfair to fire him after that COY season though. The Nuggets were like 38-3 at home. What more can you ask from a coach than to win virtually every home game? And they lost in the first round because of injuries to key players. It’s like the thunder firing their coach because KD’s foot was slow to heal.

  581. Tom HaberstrohVerified account
    The 35-year war over the 3-pointer is over. My Finals feature for ESPN: http://es.pn/1ANRvh1

  582. Seriously? That is messed up. I know it’s their site so it’s their rules but a warning would have suffice. If only they would moderate the comments that actually matter with the same “vigilant” lol.

  583. I prefer Tyrion. Very pragmatic. Almost as cunning and sly as his father, but not as cold-hearted.

  584. But, but BS said we don’t need 3s!

  585. I don’t know, you have to ask them it was just my guess.

  586. If Denver wants Lin, then they have to go with D’Antoni…..If they hire Hunt, that probably means they have no interest in Lin……

    Could they hire Hunt and still try to sign Lin?

  587. Eric PincusVerified account
    Jeremy Lin at the Lakers facility

  588. Why???

  589. To beg him to convince his fans not to place a voodoo curse or bad mouth the Lakers org…lol

  590. Nuggets are interviewing Woodson too. What a bad organization.

    They are shopping Lawson AND Faried.

    They’re completely rebuilding so lots of coaches could decide not to go there.

    On draft day we will know much more. Probably at the end of next week

  591. I like the character too. Kind of the mind and hand behind the hero.

  592. He’s still a Laker and I could not think of any reason other than a meeting with FO.

  593. Yahoo Sports By Adrian Wojnarowski 2 hours ago

    Mike D’Antoni met with Denver Nuggets management to discuss the franchise’s head coaching opening, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

    .Mike D’Antoni had his best coaching years with the Phoenix Suns. (AP)
    Denver general manager Tim Connelly conducted a sit-down with D’Antoni in California on Tuesday, league sources said.
    D’Antoni’s vaunted running game fits into Denver’s determination that it wants to play faster in the future. Melvin Hunt, the interim coach in the wake of Brian Shaw’s firing, remains a strong contender to retain the full-time job, league sources said.

    Along with D’Antoni and Hunt, ex-Sacramento Kings coach Michael Malone has had conversations with Connelly and could soon emerge with a sit-down interview, league sources said.

    Denver was 30-52 in the 2014-15 season.

    D’Antoni, 64, spent less than a season as the interim head coach with the Nuggets in 1998-99 before re-emerging as the highly successful Phoenix Suns coach for five seasons beginning in 2003. D’Antoni largely revolutionized offensive basketball with his seven-seconds-or-less offense, leading the Suns to the Western Conference Finals twice and the playoffs two more years.

    He moved on to the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers, where he managed to make the playoffs once with each franchise.

  594. So it has begun. Hope we get good news out of this

  595. @JLin7 Learning from the best!! @stephennash #bayareaproducts pic.twitter.com/bFQF24C5dk— Penny Lee (@penny10654) June 3, 2015

  596. D’Antoni for Head coach of the Nuggets. Nash as assistant offensive coach. Thibs as assistant defensive coach. JLin as starting PG.

  597. Wonderful to see this and now we know why JLin went back to Lakers facility:-)

  598. Serena Winters
    Working at the Lakers facility & a familiar face walked in – good ‘ole Steve Nash! Said he had a workout planned w/ Jeremy Lin.

  599. WOW! That’s very good news! Go JLin!!!!

  600. Wow how skinny is Steve Nash? I thought he had a bigger frame than Jlin. And Jlin has a smaller frame than some ladies he takes pictures with. I guess that is why they are so fast on the court.

  601. There is no other NBA player Lin can learn more from than Steve Nash, especially with Lin’s style of play. I really wanted Lin to learn from HandleLife or trainers of that mold but Lin’s game is not that type. It would be like putting a round peg in a square hole.

    I do hope Steve can impart some shooting tips to Lin. Lin’s shot still needs improvement to really make it clear he is a force to be reckoned with.

  602. LOL. Now that’s a post I can thumbs up.

  603. “youve got to have a dream/if you dont have a dream/how you gonna have a dream come true”.

    dreaming big here i guess.

  604. the legendary penny lee.

  605. You can see Lin’s release point should be higher. His elbow is barely above his eyes. He jumps too high and doesn’t shoot with enough consistent arc. His arc is good though because he jumps so high.

    I’d rather he jump less with higher arc on the release point. I feel his shot would be better.

    The Gun is a great machine. Wish I had one at home.

  606. Lin’s biggest supporters are Asians with a greencard. Let’s be real. And those fans who are Asian Americans are just lumped with those with the greencard.

  607. agreeed

  608. Lakers still have Lin’s Bird right, however it’s going to hold up a big chunk of space for them.

  609. Until JLin becomes a free agent, I hope he picks Nash’s brain as much as possible

  610. Ha! That’s so petty and unfair. Well, now you got me!

  611. That would be amazing, though I don’t think Thibs would subordinate himself…he’s too proud.

    I can definitely see Nash in a coaching role eventually; retirement only feel good for so long if you’re a competitor like Nash.

  612. To train with two-time MVP Steve Nash, that’s why! smh 🙂

  613. LOL

  614. probably a soccer workout =)

  615. Lin is one of the biggest, strongest PGs in the league. Most “6-3” guards are barely 6-2 and “200 lbs” usually means 180-90. Lin is a legit 6-3 w/o shoes and ~205 lbs. He could list himself as 6-4, 210.

    Like a lot of players, he carries a disproportionate amount of weight “under the uniform” — core, chest, quads, glutes. Those are the areas where you really need muscle.

  616. oh, forgot about Jeffrie there, I remember he wants to be the youngest GM. So hopefully he will start to have bigger roles there in Nuggets, and as a scout, he should know Lin well.

  617. You want them to be fat like you? LOL. Nash and Lin are the same height but Nash weighs only 170. You must know that Nash had neither speed nor vertical. His greatness came from the more intangible skills: court vision, creativity, coordination and he could shoot.

  618. Nash is lean and cut.

  619. Thanks!

  620. Pretty sad, they don’t ban many people there. Lol

  621. Dont exagerate! Lin is not smaller frame than some ladies he took pictures with, are you talking about those big fat balloon ladies? Name any lean females bigger frame than Lin please?

  622. I’m not sure either. No immediate info on parents

  623. That is even funnier! We will laugh out loud! LOL!

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