JLIN in MoWilliams Academy Grindweek Camp (Sept 1-5)

Let’s discuss the videos of BB drills in the MoWlliams Academy.

Will they help Lin? Is it something new? What about the competition of participating NBA players?

Main Link: http://instagram.com/mowilliamsacademy

A Nice compile from @supjackjack on Twitter



FINAL GAME (12-min quarter)

JLin had at least 9pts/1reb/1ast in a 33-27 win

Warning: the music lyrics can be offensive to some people and not appropriate for kids so you can mute it.

Score Lin’s Comment
—— ————-
2-0 Lin 1 reb, 1 assist
2-0 Lin 1 block (called as a foul). Looks clean to me
4-2 Lin 2FTs
6-4 Lin 2pts midrange J
?-? Lin 3pts off screen
25-12 Timeout. Lin’s team leading with 3:42 left. Monta tried to psych his teammates for a comeback
27-14 3:08 left
?-? Lin 2pt layup
33-27 Lin’s Red team won!

Sept 5 Smooth 3pt jumpshot by Lin.

MO Williams Ground Week Day-3 by Lin Jimm

MO Williams Ground Week Day-2 by Lin Jimm

Sept 3

Sept 3 Nice Step-back Jumper by Lin. Source: http://instagram.com/p/sgI4izvzFF/

Sept 1 Plyometric Drill – Lin looked good, quick and balanced. Source: http://instagram.com/p/saU0ntqApi


Sept 2 Instagram video showing lateral movement drill. I believe this will improve Lin’s ability to defend opposing guards laterally. Source: http://instagram.com/p/scxw1fu0o4/

Sept 1 Plyometric Drill – Lin looked good, quick and balanced. Source: http://instagram.com/p/saL_xnu0ph/

(credit to Mo Williams Academy IG)


  1. Sept 2 Instagram video showing lateral movement drill.
    I believe this will improve Lin’s ability to defend opposing guards laterally.


    Source: http://instagram.com/p/scxw1fu0o4/?modal=true

  2. Sept 2 Lin was resting and laughed at his workout mates doing calf workout.
    Good he’s having fun during tough workout!


  3. Sept 1 Lin took a breather during ball-bouncing workout


    Source: http://instagram.com/p/saMwGgO0rG/?modal=true

  4. I really wanna see how other athletic guards like RWB or Rose does this….So I can compare by eyes….But I think Lin is really on the right track for his improvements!

  5. That’s a great point. Westbrook and DRose are known for their explosiveness. I wonder how similar their training is compared to this Grind Workout.

    I laughed at Monta not wanting to “Get Up” too high as his trainer is yelling at him 🙂
    I added this to the post. Feel free to add more so we can simply click play.

  6. So…this is practicing step back jumper? LOL how to create separation with more explosiveness…

  7. Now I start to like Mo Williams…(fan boy mode)

  8. I like his MW Academy to train youth and NBA players.
    Go Mo! :]

    Maybe you can swing by this facility in Dallas and say hi to Lin?

  9. I think it is closed to outsiders….

  10. yeah, probably true.

    It’d be nice if you can bring the kids and catch him after practice, ya’ know :]
    I’m sure he’d appreciate some Taiwanese takeout after a grueling workout haha..

  11. Time to practice how to shadow a ball handler to one side…

  12. trapping defense? GP would be impressed with how much Lin is willing to learn and do on D.
    I was surprised to see the comment on Lillard not taking up GP’s challenge in improving on D in the RantSports article.

  13. Those jumps in the second gif looks a bit like suicide jumps. They’re tiring as hell but fun.

  14. Which article ? Lillard had almost zero defense tho….

  15. That RantSports.com article that I referred to in the new post. There was a reference on Lillard not taking up GP’s challenge.

  16. those are weighted ball

  17. I’m pretty sure had gone thru drills long ago during HS. Doing it again at this stage would give him better conditioning.

  18. Lin doing step back J

  19. Fun to watch 😛

  20. nice one.

    I added the gif above 🙂


  21. not so fun to do :]

  22. And we can tell Lin got the most stable core and try to push hard jumping high every time.
    That’s why he became better so quickly. He takes these drills seriously. A++ for effort!

  23. looks more like WWF move than BB move to me 🙂

  24. For the luv of Jeremy! 🙂

  25. Fun to watch… not so fun to do initially because it will send you throwing up your lunch, but later it gets fun haha

  26. It’s all about the core, Jeremy’s core hahaha 🙂

  27. exactly…many trainees tend to put so much effort all over the body except the core. They dont realize its importance.

  28. Funny moment when Monta Ellis announced “Jeremy Liiin!” as he was getting a drink 🙂


  29. Around 2:25…mo was joking with Lin…..seems like they have good interactions….

  30. probably thanking Lin for not being on court for the last 0.9 second in Game 6 playoff 🙂

  31. Lin’s D seems good. It just depends on what standard are we imposing here…..Mo or Monte seems still able to get past him relatively easy sometimes.but he did not give up the play. Also the Big paired with him seems was not in sync with him defending PnR. I think Lin will look way better than he has shown in the videos for his D…..because he will have to endure the training camp with a fixed lineup, hence better chemistry and understanding. Plus I will take Scott’s words for it when he said he will fix LAL’s D. After all, that was just pick up games…

  32. It reminds me of the excellent article by raining3 that “Jeremy Lin’s Defense Far Better than Reported”

    Lin’s lateral man-to-man defense is not as great as Bev but he recovers well to challenge the play. I’m not sure if Lin would be able to improve his lateral speed eventually with training but he’s good enough to challenge them with hard work and great anticipation.

    You’re right that the PnR defense with the bigs would be better with his Lakers teammates. It’s still great that Lin worked on his lateral speed during the camp. He truly is a hard-worker to improve in all aspects

  33. BTW…..seems like there are not as many players as Mo said b4 this camp….

  34. Combine those videos (including those earlier videos from anglesmovie?) plus Doc’s interview. seems like
    1. Lin is in very good physical shape,
    2. he tackled almost every weaknesses on his list,
    3. his shooting form is great, he chose 1-2 for shooting off the dribble and hop for C&S,
    4. his confidence level is pretty high,
    5. he is having fun.

    I don’t know how long will he stay in LAL, this is his chance to learn from the true greats in Nash and Kobe. I think he will pick up things here and there very quickly. Combine that with his current skillset…he will be great…..My prediction of 17/7 still stands tho…:P

  35. What an excellent observation of his latest plays!

    I particularly am impressed with his effortless shooting stroke. He must have practiced them so much he can do so in his sleep. This reminds me of last off-season where he was in a good groove until McHale started benching him even when he performs quite well shooting-wise. I don’t think it’s going to happen this year. He’s mentally much stronger now.

    I got a sense he was truly dominating in the MWA game. Monta truly wanted to win the game for sure so it was quite serious business. 9pts/1ast meant he was truly responsible for 1/3 of the 33 total points. And it could have been more for all we know.

    This is looking very good for a breakout for Lin. Maybe we’ll have “Linsanity Outbreak!” soon 🙂

  36. Parsons and Lillard withdrew for sure.
    He’s lucky Lin came so his MWA camp gets some good recognition.

  37. Just noticed that JLin’s dribble with his left hand for the 3 points (I meant the whole time when he went left. He was so natural about it as well). With my limited game watching, didn’t remember that I have seen him did that before. Could it be true???!!!!

  38. That off the dribble three is more important to him than those catch and shoot he did in HOU. He was pretty good at it in NYK…..not elite tho. For a player calls PNR that much, it is crucial that you hit threes off a pick constantly. Let’s see if he can hit it this yr at a higher %age

  39. Yeah, I noticed that too. He was playing a lot with his left hand.

  40. I posted this yesterday @jeremylin.net So did Lin and his team win all the games from this tweet:

    Dorell Wright @DWRIGHTWAY1 · Sep 5

    Last day at the bro @mowilliams grind week!!! We gotta get a win today in the hoops

  41. Day 4 vid at 2:15 – mid-range jumper alert. I’ll be happy seeing that back in his game. Lethal drive, floaters, pull up j’s, wow it’s gonna be a fun season to watch.

  42. Can’t wait!

  43. Have your brother see the videos?

  44. Sort of thinking that it becomes very natural to him now. Used to be I was kind of “worrying” him to lose the handle when he dribbled left went for the rim. Have never seen him dribble to the left with left hand for the 3 pointer with my limited view of games.

  45. He was like, always went to his left last season….just almost were drives….I don think he was “greenlight-ed” to shoot 3s off a pick…

  46. That’s it. I only saw his drive and not to shoot 3s off a pick.

    Hopefully JLin is more comfy to do anything that helps his game in this new season. That will be lethal! Linsanity 2 in making!!!

  47. Great observation.
    My prediction for Lin is at least 20/6…
    LAL will need Lin to contribute on the offensive end to be successful…

  48. Day 5

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