JLIN in MoWilliams Academy Grindweek Camp (Sept 1-5)

Let’s discuss the videos of BB drills in the MoWlliams Academy.

Will they help Lin? Is it something new? What about the competition of participating NBA players?

Main Link: http://instagram.com/mowilliamsacademy

A Nice compile from @supjackjack on Twitter



FINAL GAME (12-min quarter)

JLin had at least 9pts/1reb/1ast in a 33-27 win

Warning: the music lyrics can be offensive to some people and not appropriate for kids so you can mute it.

Score Lin’s Comment
—— ————-
2-0 Lin 1 reb, 1 assist
2-0 Lin 1 block (called as a foul). Looks clean to me
4-2 Lin 2FTs
6-4 Lin 2pts midrange J
?-? Lin 3pts off screen
25-12 Timeout. Lin’s team leading with 3:42 left. Monta tried to psych his teammates for a comeback
27-14 3:08 left
?-? Lin 2pt layup
33-27 Lin’s Red team won!

Sept 5 Smooth 3pt jumpshot by Lin.

MO Williams Ground Week Day-3 by Lin Jimm

MO Williams Ground Week Day-2 by Lin Jimm

Sept 3

Sept 3 Nice Step-back Jumper by Lin. Source: http://instagram.com/p/sgI4izvzFF/

Sept 1 Plyometric Drill – Lin looked good, quick and balanced. Source: http://instagram.com/p/saU0ntqApi


Sept 2 Instagram video showing lateral movement drill. I believe this will improve Lin’s ability to defend opposing guards laterally. Source: http://instagram.com/p/scxw1fu0o4/

Sept 1 Plyometric Drill – Lin looked good, quick and balanced. Source: http://instagram.com/p/saL_xnu0ph/

(credit to Mo Williams Academy IG)