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  • wu kong

    I like the first table set up but i do like the grey background easier on eyes

  • ok, I’ll see if I can change the 1st table background to grey easily

  • real-dsb

    yeah, I agree with Wu. First table format, but 2nd table colors.

  • I still have problems modifying plugin CSS for table 1.
    Will add it to my To-Do List. I might modify the format for Table 2 if it’s easier

  • Michael

    I’m here~~~!!

  • Brent Yen

    you can comment on every blog posts…LOL or go to sleep

  • Michael

    I’m a creature of habit, it will take a while for me to migrate to this site….maybe after a nap.

  • Je Ballew

    Kobe’s post game interview:: Question: What happened? “I just let the game get away from ME in the third quarter and couldn’t get it back”. Interpretation . ” I should never let anyone elso get in rhythm, especially Jeremy”.

  • floyd green


  • chan c

    Hello everyone! I see… you’re all here. 🙂

  • 22cents

    Ho Ho

    A lot of guys are here. No wonder that I have not seen you guys’ post for a while. ^_^.

  • loc vu

    Hey all…
    Damn, its been craps over at site..literally.

  • Linning is winning

    hello all ! die hard lin fan here!

  • dave lam

    For the devoted Christians here, need some answers:

    Is the judgment of God an outdated concept?

    Is the idea of an all-knowing, all-powerful God that will ultimately judge all of humanity a concept that society is now moving past?

    Would a loving God pass judgment on someone?

    Would a loving God punish someone?

  • spiderman

    These are profound questions that deserve well-thought out answers. For answers, I’d recommend RZIM ministries (online and on youtube). God honors people who sincerely seek

  • dave lam

    Thanks. I will check it out
    I think the God that I seek is one I can I pray too
    The higher power that is a loving one. Not one that is judgemental or punishing nor rewarding either. Salvation comes from accepting

  • Guest

    Jeremy Lin’s Laker Year

  • K. P. Chan


  • K. P. Chan

    This is a test. Lost access & was blocked for some reason. I couldn’t sign in using my username or password. Site wouldn’t recognize them.

  • K. P. Chan

    Did anyone experience the same thing? This afternoon I received an Email asking me to validate my username. Unwisely I ignored it. I think that was the reason for my losing access.

    I went back to the email & validated my username. Now everything is fine.

  • JT

    houston gonna close out the series in game 5 =(

  • K. P. Chan

    What does anyone think about what Lebron did against Blatt for the buzzer beater last night?

    I am sorry. I may be old fashion, but it rubbed me the wrong way. Kudos to Lebron for calling that play, making the shot, and winning the game. But you just don’t openly defy your coach like that, whether or not you agree with your coach.

    He already got what he wanted, had it his way. Why did he have to disclose the disagreement and cause Blatt embarrassment? No one would have been any wiser. He did what he thought was right. No one wold have faulted him for that. He should have just let it go. Why shame your coach and cause a rift?

    And that J.R. Smith! Once again he reaffirms what most people already know: that he is immature and a moron. He had some nerve to call Blatt “dumb”. It was the classic kettle calling the frying pan black. J.R. calling anyone dumb! And he did that openly. Things can be said behind closed doors. Guys do air stuff out in the locker room. But calling your coach dumb in front of the press?

    Psh! I know I am born in a different era, but at some point these man-childs must grow up!

  • Sunny Sullenberger

    Al Jefferson has some post moves

  • spiderman

    Relevant Quote:
    “I would never recruit a player who yells at his teammates, disrespected his coach, or scores 33 pts/game & his team goes 10-10.” Dean Smith

  • spiderman

    seems to be a stubbier, less finesse version of Hakeem Olajuwon

  • KHuang

    Ah welcome!

    It’s about time you showed up here!

  • LinMad

    On another Lin fansite

    rosebud68 • 3 hours ago

    Pic from hornets Knicks game with Lin , my boys and myself. Lin is so kind to always say hi

  • LinMad

    If Hornets were in Western Conference right now they would be in 6th, but Eastern Conference they are 11th with their 7-6 record. Looks like Eastern Conference is more competitive than Western this year.

  • Pica Sso

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