Progressing Young Nets and Lin’s Future Scenario in 2018-19 Season

Mid-way through the season, the young Nets continue to progress while being ranked 13th in the Eastern Conference standing with 17-29 record. Playoff seems to be out of reach with the 8th place Bucks possessing 23-22 record. Nets is 6.5 games behind with the schedule getting more difficult after the soft December schedule.

Rebuilding Nets with Young Talent

To be fair, Coach Kenny Atkinson has done a marvelous job in developing young players (Dinwiddie, LeVert) in the absence of their top two players (Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell) and integrating new players (Jahlil Okafor and Nik Stauskas). Losing their defensive leader in Trevor Booker in December 2017 trade with the 76ers did not help the Nets to win more games. But the name of the game seems to be Sean Marks trying to stock up the Nets with young talent.

Both Russell and Okafor were the 2nd and the 3rd draft pick in the 2015 NBA draft so the Nets certainly have long-term plans to develop them. They are both still 22 years old and the emergence of Spencer Dinwiddie (24 years old) and Caris LeVert (23 years old), they certainly look to be the future building blocks for the Nets. This certainly leaves the future of a 29-year old Jeremy Lin up in the air when he comes back next season.

Lin’s Future Scenario as a Nets

A healthy Jeremy Lin most likely would be the starting Point Guard in 2018-19 season but with 1 year remaining in his 3-year contract, it is unknown if the Nets and Jeremy Lin would extend his role with another contract.

There would be trade rumors abound next season with his $12M contract being attractive in a trade scenario to get more young talents. His special relationship with Coach Atkinson and his veteran leadership would be valuable to teach the young Nets how to win games but will it be strong enough to keep him as a Nets? There is also the X factor with Joe Tsai as the new minority owner whose favorite player is Lin and understands his potential marketing value in Asia as the 3rd most popular NBA player in Asia. NBA is a business after all so Phokhorov and Tsai understand the tremendous business values that Jeremy Lin brings so it may play a huge factor.

Even if the Nets want to shop Lin around for trades, many teams would probably want to see whether Lin can be healthy after being sidelined with injuries 1.5 out of the last 2 seasons. The Nets would certainly want Lin to play well before the Feb 2019 trade deadline to make proper assessment whether they want him to stay as a veteran/mentor or a valuable trade asset. Only DeMarre Carroll (31 years old) seems to be the other veteran leader who is needed to mentor young players.

What could happen is for the Nets to entertain the idea of a new contract with reduced salary where Lin might slowly transition the starting PG role to the future PG. If Lin’s camp does not like the idea, he might end up being traded to a different team before his contract expires so the Nets can get some asset back. If that is the case, hopefully and ideally they will try to trade him to a playoff team so Lin has chances to win championship ring(s).

Brooklyn Nets 2017-18 Game Schedule

Sun, 21 Jan @Detroit Pistons 16:00
Tue, 23 Jan @Oklahoma City Thunder 20:00
Fri, 26 Jan @Milwaukee Bucks 20:00
Sat, 27 Jan @Minnesota Timberwolves 21:00
Tue, 30 Jan @New York Knicks 19:30
Wed, 31 Jan Philadelphia 76ers 19:30
Fri, 2 Feb LA Lakers 19:30
Sun, 4 Feb Milwaukee Bucks 12:00
Tue, 6 Feb Houston Rockets 19:30
Wed, 7 Feb @Detroit Pistons 19:00
Sat, 10 Feb New Orleans Pelicans 18:00
Mon, 12 Feb LA Clippers 19:30
Wed, 14 Feb Indiana Pacers 19:30
Thr, 22 Feb @Charlotte Hornets 19:00
Mon, 26 Feb Chicago Bulls 19:30
Tue, 27 Feb @Cleveland Cavaliers 19:00

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  1. I think this is a solid analysis, psalm. I agree with just about all of it. I just hope he plays a minimum of 60 games next season.

  2. Thank you. As fans, it would be good to prepare ourselves for all possibilities. As long as Lin is healthy, it should be fine. His ability to help team win would be very attractive to the Nets and other NBA teams. We better pray a lot that he will come back stronger than ever before 🙂

  3. Any winning team needs core veterans to bring out the best of everyone and score at the clutch moments. DeMarre is a very good example after he’s fully recovered. Lin will be on his way after his recovery for the team soon.
    Carroll turns out to be the best acquisition in the off season for the time being. Crabbe is also improving as an all round players and his contract is much higher than Jeremy and yet the team is willing to invest on him. Lin’s contract is not big for the team and he’s highly affordable. Just look at DLo’s contract, he doesn’t come in cheap in his next year. He won’t be a cheap player.
    Riding on Lin’s injury, Nets could certainly get a bargain in signing Lin for his next contract. After Lin’s recovery, he could be the most effective player on the team like Carroll. If Nets give up on Lin now, the team is liable to miss the best part of Lin’s career on a healthy body. The team has paid the cost of Lin’s injury and recovery. If Lin GETS traded, the team will miss out the best part of Lin’s ability which the team sorely needs to go to the next stage.

    I don’t think Nets will make a less offer to Lin after he recovers and performs well. This is not how the league operates. These two seasons of Lin are already sunk cost. Players got paid for their future value. If Lin proves to be the one who could contribute after injury like DeMarre, Lin will get an offer based on his most currently expected value. Any offer less than that will be a losing cause for the team to sign Jeremy. Yes Nets will be liable to get a bargain in negotiation for Lin’s next contract but certainly not too much of a bargain to fail the team in his acquisition of Lin’s better years.

  4. Anyone watching the game? Nets up 11 in the beginning of the 4Q on the road.

  5. As Dinwiddie has become more aggressive, he’s committing more turnovers. But I still think he’s playing well.

  6. LeVert is doing a good imitation of Lin. He’s driving into the paint and making things happen and getting to the foul line. Except, he’s not hitting his clutch free throws. Just 2-4 on his late FTs.

  7. Dinwiddie makes the winning shot on a drive, and difficult up and under pump shot. It was one incredible shot and Dinwiddie is most definitely a clutch player.

  8. Nets now 17-29 and are in 13th place.

  9. Lin’s response to the Nets 101-100 win over Pistons:

  10. 18-29

  11. yes you can credit me. after i post a long piece explaining how and why bad the nets are they naturally go out and win two strait against what everyone assumed would be potential playoff teams. (just to make me look bad.)

    just looking ahead of them (in standings) ; without doing any of my usual data analysis they and the bulls could conceivably pull up into the last two playoff spots.

    on the issue of russell: its looking (as i assumed) his # games of any significant minutes will resemble those of lin last year.

    so that will be a nice comparison to do at the end of season and it seems kind of weird that russell’s first season in brooklyn has pretty much replicated lin’s first season (in terms of games out and games in).

    (the nets point guard curse?)

    in the meantime the lakers reconfirm they can win without the baller. (at least if they’re playing the knicks).

    when the knicks are (according to their beat reporter): “looking to ron baker to steady things” you know they’re in trouble.

  12. Lin must’ve been stoked watching Spence’s game winner vs his former team

  13. I think that a key element is the establishment of team culture. Spurs take care of their own, and don’t easily give up on their injured players. Nets patiently took care of LeVert, Lin and Russell, and I highly doubt they’d dump Lin, a move that would render the culture talk hypocritical. With KA and Tsai in place I don’t think Lin is going anywhere, or even sidelined/relegated to lesser role until at least 3-4 years from now.

  14. Brooklyn Nets 101-100 Detroit Pistons: Three Takeaways

    DETROIT – Revenge is a dish best served in Detroit.

    Just 11 days after suffering an embarrassing loss to the Pistons at Barclays Center, the Nets returned the favor with 101-100 win at the Pistons new home, Little Caesar Arena. And it was a bit of personal retribution for Spencer Dinwiddie.

    Dinwiddie iced the victory for the Nets with an unbelievable floater over Andre Drummond with just 1.1 seconds remaining to silence the home crowd. The point guard, who was a 2014 second round pick of the Pistons, was unceremoniously traded away by the team in 2016 for Cameron Bairstow, a player who cut a month later. Dinwiddie admitted he had something to prove in Detroit.

    “Everyone’s been asking me that question [about his personal feelings after the win],” Dinwiddie said before motioning to Jarrett Allen to come and listen to his response. “I’ve kind of tip-toed around it, but let’s be real here. I started my career off here. For lack of a better word, I was essentially cut. So how would you feel?”

    Dinwiddie then explained that the result obviously has bigger implications, but then repeated the same question again for emphasis. “So it’s much bigger than me, but if you’re talking me personally, how would you feel,” he said.

    Dinwiddie finished with a game-high 22 points, five assists and four rebounds. Tobias Harris led the home side with 20 points and seven rebounds.

    Here are three observations from the game:

    Nets Contain Andre Drummond

    Drummond didn’t convert his first field goal until almost three minutes into the third quarter. That’s a testament to just how effective Brooklyn was in slowing down the Pistons’ star. Drummond finished with just seven points on 3-for-8 shooting.

    The Nets refused to allow Drummond to get into the restricted area and when he did, they made sure that he wasn’t in a one-on-one situation. There was one possession in the second quarter where four Nets players surrounded him to stop him from making a hook shot. Drummond was never allowed to get into a rhythm in Sunday’s win.

    “The game gets easy for him when he gets easy looks or when people are putting on a body on him. We made it a focal point when he were getting rebounds, everyone was coming back and trying to get a piece of him,” Joe Harris explained.

    The Nets have struggled in guarding in All-Star centers all season, so this was a big step forward for Kenny Atkinson’s team – arguably their best defensive performance on a star player this season. In the previous matchup between these two teams, Drummond dominated the Nets as he had 22 points, 20 rebounds, five assists on 60 percent shooting. Brooklyn made sure that wasn’t a repeat of that in the Little Caesars Arena.

    Dinwiddie Shines Against Team That Drafted Him

    After struggling in the first matchup between these two teams, Dinwiddie sent a not-so-friendly reminder to Pistons and their fans of what could’ve been.

    Dinwiddie wouldn’t be denied in the fourth quarter as he scored 11 points in the final 12 minutes of the game. The point guard’s heroics in crunch time were crucial for the Nets as he hit two go ahead baskets in the final three minutes of the game before his winner. After being stuck in a three-game shooting slump, Dinwiddie appears to be back to his best.

    Dinwiddie’s breakout year has been a hot topic in Detroit, especially with the Pistons current starting point guard, Reggie Jackson, still on the sidelines with an injury. Detroit’s head coach Stan Van Gundy has mostly been curt in discussing Dinwiddie’s exit, mostly praising the point guard’s turnaround in Brooklyn. However, he was a bit more revealing in his pregame presser on Monday.

    “It was a situation where Spencer was looking for more of an opportunity,” he explained. “We liked Spencer a lot, we had a good relationship with his agent, they asked us to make that trade and we did. It didn’t end up working out in Chicago, but he’s moved on.

    “He had to fight his ways back as a G League guy…Whether that helped him, helped with his focus or he just got a better opportunity, I don’t know, he’d have to answer that, but he’s played extremely well.”

    Dinwiddie wouldn’t get into whether or not that was accurate, preferring to highlight his current situation and leave Detroit on a positive. “Like I said, everything that went on in the past, is the past,” he said. “Unfortunately, from my time here, I made it a lot of friends…A lot of lasting relationships. I loved my time here [in Detroit], but obviously for the betterment of my career, I needed to move on.” He then added with a smile, “No hard feelings – especially after the win.”

    Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Shows Off All-Around Game

    Hollis-Jefferson is the Swiss Army Knife of the Nets – he can do a little of everything. On Sunday, he showed just how effective his all-around game can be with 21 points, eight rebounds, a career-high-tying seven assists and one block. He also matched his career-high in three pointers made with two from behind the arc, both were in the third quarter and were crucial considering that the Pistons were making a run.

    “It’s just being confident, I told the guys before the game I shoot a 1,000 of them a day [in practice] so it’s going to go in. That confidence rolled over into the game.

  15. That was one heck of a layup against 3 defenders! Reminded me of what Lin could do in tough situations. Dinwiddie has come a long way. He’s much more mature and ready as a starter compared compared to both Russell and Levert. I’d like to see KA start Lin and Dinwiddie next preseason to give them a fair shack. Those two are ready while Russell and Levert still have a ways to go.

  16. It’d be amazing if Nets could make the playoffs even with Lin and Russell injured majority of the season! It’d prove that Nets certainly have talents and that those who contributed like Dinwiddie and Harris should get paid this off season!

  17. Thanks for the article.

  18. I guess from now on, Atkinson has to be fair to Dinwiddie as far as playtime and usage is concerned. Before DLO GOT injured, Dinwiddie did not get his playtime and usage despite he was instrumental in beating Cavaliers. Atkinson kept on using DLo despite the team was losing with DLo taking over 20 shots a game. How many shots Dinwiddie took in this game? (13)!!!!! He plays like a real PG; to win.
    It was absolutely distressing to see Atkinson allow DLo to play like he did before injury. DLo did not shoot well either. The whole team had to be sacrificed to justify the trade to bring DLo here. I am sure that kinda game would never come back to haunt us again because if it does, Dinwiddie has the leverage to go to the other team in the league. Nets will definitely lose the gem that they have found in G-league. Dinwiddie will be an unrestricted free agent as long as the team option on his contract is over.
    DLo is horrible in defense and he still is. Now he has to fight for his playtime on the court with LeVert who has also taken the opportunity to establish himself on the team. DLo will not be on the driver seat anymore because both Dinwiddie and LeVert have proved their value in this season that DLo didn’t. The team is desperately working to move back to the win column. They can’t afford to experiment heavily on DLo because Dinwiddie has shown enough of his upside that DLo didn’t in his career. He became a two way player that DLo isn’t.

  19. Harris and Dinwiddie should stay in Nets. Anyone suggesting to sell high on them has a problem with team development. There is absolutely no current evidence that can support t DLo and Crabbe are as effective as them.

  20. Before giving you predictions from experts, I want to take this opportunity to send my condolences to the prediction of Colin Ward-Henninger from CBS Sports again and again. He had predicted 14.2 wins for the coming season of this Nets team.

    I’m also rooting for Nets to make the CBS SportsLine eat crow because they predicted 20.9 wins for Nets this season.

    Kunal Kohli (40 wins) 29/9/2017 Brooklyn Nets: Making the playoffs all but guaranteed

    Mason McFee (35:47) 20/9/2017 Sir Charles in Charge Brooklyn Nets 2017-18 season primer: Building their way to relevance

    Erik Slater (31:51) Brooklyn Nets 2017-2018 Season Preview 2/10/2017

    Alec Nathan (30-52) Bleacher Report

    Brian Lewis (30-52) New York Post

    ESPN predicted (29.5 wins) Aug 3, 2017, Kevin Pelton, ESPN Staff Writer

    Vegas Prediction: (28.5 wins) 30/8/2017
    Vegas releases over/under win totals for the 2017-18 NBA regular season

    Adam Fromal’s (28-54)
    Over? Under? Predicting Records for Every NBA Team Against Vegas Odds

    Bleacher Report NBA Staff (26 wins) August 19, 2017 predicted (26-56) wins Aug 16, 2017

    Basketball insiders (25 wins) By Benny Nadeau on July 19, 2017

    ESPN Zach Lowe 22nd team The 2017-18 NBA League Pass Rankings, Part 1

    Josh Cornelissen (25:57) 19/09/2017 Brooklyn Nets: 2017-18 NBA season preview

    Vegas (21.5 wins) 6/7/2017

    Adam Iafrate (21: 61) (last season ranked Nets (20:62) Aug 24, 2017
    Ranking the Atlantic Division: End of August edition

    CBS SportsLine (20.9 wins) Sep 5, 2017

    Colin Ward-Henninger @ColinCBSSports (14.2 wins) Jul 7, 2017 SportsLine

  21. Very sweet! Double Happiness!

  22. Every time Spencer Dinwiddle has a good to fantastic game, many Lin fans worry that he’ll lose his place on the team. So why do we feel this way? Why must we worry that Lin’s team won’t need him anymore? That’s totally wrong way of thinking. The truth is that the better all players do, the better it will be for Lin when he returns. The truth may in fact be that we misunderstand what the Nets mean by culture and how that relates to team philosophy.

    Fundamentally, there are 2 distinctive styles of management, hierarchical vs holistic or parallel system WE MUST NOT USE ONE METRICS TO JUDGE ANOTHER!

    Hierarchical system
    Analytical Thinking – seeing the parts
    Budgets and Targets
    The Performance of the Individual
    Job Specifications
    Accountability (and Blame)
    Staff Appraisal
    Training on Individual
    Auditing and Compliance
    Performance Related Pay

    This hierarchical system is how 90% of the teams use. Players are “interchangeable” parts. They work on a performance based pay with audits and compliance. There’s routine staff appraisals and always accountability for anyone who isn’t an chosen star. Most of us are so used to this system of operations that the only thing they can see that’s wrong is the “star selection process”. Everything here all seems reasonable because we’ve all grown out of this system of management. And yet, this is exactly the system the Nets are trying to get away from.

    Holistic Thinking – seeing the whole
    Systems Thinking
    Capability of the System
    The Performance of the Team
    Statistical Process Control
    Intrinsic Motivation
    Our Needs as People
    Theories as the Basis of Knowledge
    Organisational Learning

    Holistic thinking is to identify the needs of the team first. This view changes dramatically from the hierarchical system where I’m the star, I bring the wins, I bring the crowds, I should be paid the most.
    It’s a radical idea to even think of the health of the franchise first, but when you do, you realize that everyone down to the floor cleaners are part of the team that keeps the good ship Nets afloat. There is no “ I “ on that ship and there is no “ I “ on a team. Every part is dependant on each other. The Warriors in many ways operate like a a tech startup, instead of chips, they operate the same team concepts of holistic systems. That’s why Stef goes out of his way to thank ticker attendants and cleaning staff. They are part of the Warriors team and no one is unimportant. At the same time every player is important. This conceptual change means that instead of fearing someone taking our place on the ladder, we help each other with intrinsic motivation to rise above what we can be.

    Lin does that on every team he’s been on, helping even Patrick Beverley. On a hierarchical team like the Rockets, helping others become better literally letting someone step on your head as they use you to get ahead of you. Lin being the team player he is never flinched because he is so invested in helping the team win that he nevertheless will sacrifice his own status for the betterment of the team.

    On the Nets team however, the metric of team first and parallel management, mean his place isn’t lost because it’s not hierarchical. The team comes first and everyone does there own best to contribute in any ways they can. It’s when we use the hierarchical metric that we feel Lin isn’t the top of the heap anymore….well he never was to begin with in this new style of management.

    The best analogy I have is that an NBA team is like a battle carrier fighting a war. A wise captain will install a parallel style of management to prevent each and every division of that ship fight amongst themselves to make sure they are the “top gun”. When in war, you need each and everyone to do their very best in battle. To win that battle is how you survive! That means if you can help the flyer next to you perform better your chance of survival is better. You need your engine room to be peak efficiency, you need your gunners to be the sharpest. You need every sailor to be striving to help make their team that much better. You need everyone’s input to make their unit that much better. YOUR OWN SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON YOUR COMRADES AT ARMS! The better the ship overall performs, the more battles it wins and everyone on board shares in those victories. This is why I keep saying that “the rising tide raises all ships.”

    To further illustrate how powerful holistic/parallel management can be, we can simply look at how Steve Kerr help the Warriors win their first title. “Kerr listened and delegated, constantly weighing the advice of his assistants and soliciting comment from his players. Indeed, it was Kerr’s personal assistant, Nick U’Ren, who suggested in the middle of the series that Kerr go small against Cleveland. And when the strategy worked, Kerr gave U’Ren the credit.
    “He was very humble about how he was going to approach his job,” Curry said. THIS COULD NOT HAPPEN IN A HIERARCHICAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, NO ONE WOULD DARE TO SHOW UP THE BOSS BY MAKING HIM LOOK BAD!

    A parallel organization encourages employee involvement and fosters the idea that everyone is a stakeholder in the business. Managers share information with employees and employees share their intimate knowledge of the business at the detail level to demystify processes and suggest efficiencies. Managers promise to listen and implement suggestions where feasible.

    As a counterpoint, I’ll bring up the Korean airline crashes before 1990s. The success of the Korean airlines since those terrible days is remarkable and deserves recognition. The real issue was the use of hierarchical management instead of a parallel management to ensure successful flights. When lives are at stake, two brains are much better than one!

    “G: Korean Air had more plane crashes than almost any other airline in the world for a period at the end of the 1990s. When we think of airline crashes, we think, Oh, they must have had old planes. … What they were struggling with was a cultural legacy, that Korean culture is hierarchical.Jul 10, 2013
    Malcolm Gladwell’s Cockpit Culture Theory and the Asiana Crash – …

  23. As predicted, the issue of whether Lin will be back in his 3rd year or starts as the PG has started in the social media. But there’s definitely too many factors.

    IMO, logically Lin will opt in his player option for his 3rd year and the Nets “has” to start him, even more if they plan to trade him. So the Nets need him to be a starting PG material to trade him with high values

  24. Meanwhile, on the latest breaking NBA news Jason Kidd has been fired as the Milwaukee Bucks coach because ownership thinks it’s underachieving.

    Here’s the link on another thread (“Off Topic: Latest News” so we won’t clutter up Nets game thread and Lin’s related discussion

  25. JLin’s Monday message (with Papa Lin’s appearance)

    jlin7 #NeverDone – you heard my old man!! #igothyped #headbuttthecamera

  26. “Be comfortable being uncomfortable.” – that’s an interesting motivational message.

  27. “Antetokounmpo, selected to his second-straight All-Star Game last week, is reportedly “devastated” by Kidd’s ouster, as the two are said to be close.”

  28. Fantastic writing. I hope you write blogs and share it!

    I hope the Nets are Holistic, of course.

  29. Thank you for the interesting and informative article!

  30. Who’s worried about Dinwiddie? If he gets the start at least he’s a legit PG and leader. I’d be more pissed if Russell got the keys to the team without the skills and results to prove it.

    Also Lin will be treated as starter just like Lopez even if Nets don’t want him to maintain high value and as a sign of respect; unlike the Rockets, Lakers, and Hornets.

  31. I suffer from PTSD just like a lot of Lin fans. We’ve seen so many unworthy people put ahead of Lin in the past that it’s not easy to calm my own fears. It’s not easy to forget “the head of the snake!” I did this research mostly to calm myself with a bit of logic.

    Even in parallel systems, there’s always team leaders that guide the ship. Lin needs to be the starter as Kwok Wai Lai correctly put it. Veterin leadership is essential to settle the nerves of the youngsters. Every team needs a spiritual leader, someone that others will follow. Lin is perfect for that role. I expect that the management of the Nets already know that.

  32. word

  33. upvote!

  34. Kidd being the pariah here unless he had a hand in bringing in Bledsoe.

  35. Kidd supposedly helped Antetokounmpo develop mad PG/ballhandling skills, Front Office should’ve been more careful, or else they could risk losing him.

  36. Haters rearing their ugly heads again…

  37. I know it may not be saying much, but KA is no BS (Byron Scott), in fact not many are. Nets paid Lopez utmost respect until the last day, even when his style no longer fit the Nets’ future, and I wouldn’t expect them to do anything less for Lin.

    Too many are eager to kiss #2 and #3 butt, even before they accomplish anything. Russell was nothing but toxic before knee surgery, almost destroying whatever team chemistry that took Nets one full season to build. But many casual fans are either too amateurish to catch it, or choose to turn a blind eye.

  38. Word! At least Spencer plays team ball and is a true PG, not an SG in PG-disguise so to hog the ball and stat-pad.

  39. No it’s NOT hater, after 2 seasons and thanks to the everybody offense aka MO offense, Lin was no show to prove he’s reliable. Ben Nedeau said it with honest opinion from fact.

  40. Cut off your fantasy and face reality. Lin has one biggest fact to overcome, he needs to get 100% healthy to deliver what he signed up for and he failed. Dinwiddlie is the last player Lin should be worry about, talent young players are all over are ready lining up to replace him.

  41. The NBA trade deadline is Feb 8. Aside from Kemba Walker, and according to ESPN, everybody is available to trade, except no one wants Batum and Dwight Howard and their contracts. Kemba is the only talent with a friendly contract. Just posted MJ’s comments on the “Latest News” thread.

    Anyway, here is a podcast about the Atlantic Division teams and potential moves. Some comments about Knicks and Kemba Walker. Also, Trevor Booker not working out with 76ers. Comments about the Nets and Dinwiddie and Carroll start at 44:00 to 52:00, with brief mention of Lin.

  42. JLin contributed 43 wins for Tommy Amaker at Harvard.

  43. New thread! (But, I feel bad about some interesting posts in the old thread that will be left hanging.)

    Psalm – Really glad you wrote this unbiased review and recap. It underscores the fact that Lin supporters and fans are well aware of what the situation is, for Lin and the Nets.

    If I could add a few comments.

    Okafor has only played in 10 games so far, averaging 12 mins, so we’ll need to see more to see how he fits in. Stauskas has played only 16 games average 14 mins, and now out of the rotation. Not much integration going on there, yet.

    The focus is on Dinwiddie and LeVert, and now Russell, because of the ball-handling and point guard “controversy”. But Sean Marks also traded for Crabbe, who is costing $19M this year. Joe Harris has also developed nicely with the Nets. They are only 25 and 26 years old. They are not point guards. But as shooting guards, who can put the ball on the floor, they are still very much in the mix. (Unless they get moved to small forward.)

    NBA GMs are generally a bunch of heartless idiots. They would tell us that the NBA is a business, and that their job is to do what’s best for the organization, in the chase for the holy grail of a championship. They are only interested in “assets”. Managing salary caps and luxury taxes. To me, all the maneuvering, playing games with contracts and salaries, trading and drafting players. Just for show. To sell hope to the fans. From year to year, winning doesn’t always seem to be priority.

    The Nets would seem to be playing to win this year. But, who knows? There’s a lot of talk about the 2019 pick that they control, and could possibly “tank” for.

    For the Nets, it’s very possible that the roster will look very different next year. RHJ, Dinwiddie, Carroll, Harris, Tzeller, Acy, Stauskas. All, or some, could be gone. Even Russell and Okafor. If they don’t develop enough to fit the Nets system and culture, but have gaudy stats, they too could be gone, as soon as they have value. I think the only sure bets next year are JAllen and LeVert.

    I’m no expert, but we all have seen what goes on around the NBA. There’s very little loyalty.(Look at how many players from last year are no longer here.) My point is that many factors and agendas go into who teams will trade, who they sign, who they keep and develop. Gets tricky trying to guess GM motives and moves.

    Can we hope that the Nets, and Sean Marks will be different, because of all the talk about culture? Of course, I certainly hope so. Will Lin be with the Nets? I hope so too, because of Kenny Atkinson and Joe Tsai. But how much control do they really have? We’ll see. Anything can happen.

    The NBA and the media loves drama. So trade rumors have already started. As an example, in this article, Brian Lewis asked Joe Harris about the possiblity that the Nets will trade him. (The idea being that the Nets signed him and gave him an opportunity, developed him, but now he’s too good and they can’t afford him? LOL. Some business model.)

    So, Joe said “At the end of the day, you can’t really get caught up in worrying about all that stuff. It’ll drive you crazy for sure. You’ve just got to live with the ambiguity. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the league, and you just do your part and focus on what you can control.”

    Smart guy. I’M TAKING A PAGE FROM JOE.

    So, I agree with Psalm. HOPE FOR THE BEST, but prepare for the worst. The only certainty is the uncertainty.

    In the mean time, I will try to enjoy watching these Lin-less Nets. They are a gritty team with some good guys. They are easy to root for. Having said that, I have to admit. As a Lin-only-fan, it really isn’t quite the same. 🙁

    On the bright side, the season is already half over! Time flies. Next season will be here before we know it.

    Above all else, the ONE thing we can all agree on. Is to see Jlin HEALTHY again. For all of us to see Jlin play basketball again. STAY POSITIVE Lin supporters and fans!

  44. I was concerned about JLin being too remote from his team in Vancouver. And, despite what Sean Marks said, there haven’t been too many Lin sightings back in Brooklyn. But, it seems like he is still very much in touch with his teammates. At least via social media.

    The first tweet is funny. The second one funny and good-to-know.

  45. For anyone who might be interested. Here’s Nets salaries and caps.

  46. And JLin, ever “dissing” his Dad. (And Mama Lin.) JLin is very lucky to have such supportive parents!

  47. No tears shed here.

  48. Don’t know Ben Nadeau. But NetsDaily for sure. Even if not a “hater”, definitely a Lin fan-troller. I stay away from his twitter and his articles on Nets Daily as much as I can.

    I’m probably overly sensitive. But, I was checking out an Anthony Puccio write-up. And I saw something about the All-Star votes. So stupid me, I clicked on it.

    NetsDaily’s bias against Lin, subconscious or not, shows through. He listed the number of votes that the few Nets received. His comment on Lin’s 38K votes, “DESPITE HIS HUGE ASIAN FANBASE”. A deliberate put-down. Instead of saying “despite his injury and being out for the season”. A more complimentary spin. Hater or not?

  49. PTSD for sure, not easy to trust and recover from. I’m not sure I’ve recovered completely. LOL.

    But, IMO, this time it’s different. It’s due to injuries, not deliberate agendas against him. So, agree with NO NEED to worry that Lin will lose his place. What will be will be.

  50. I have faith in KA, but he’s just the head coach.

    Acbs refers to PTSD. I may still have some of that. I’m not losing sleep over it, but, not quite trusting Sean Marks yet. You talk about Russell’s toxicity. I’m not sure I would go that far yet. But who brought the fox into the hen house? Sean Marks. Who will be giving Russell lots of chances to prove himself? But maybe SM has a grand plan that we can’t see. So, who knows?

    Most NBA fans are always looking for the shiny new toys. They think the next free agent or the next draft pick will get them the “savior” of the team.

  51. Puccio turned on Lin big time after getting into some kind of an argument with a Lin fan sometime last year. Apparently a huge Russell fanboy, though I can’t ascertain whether he just likes the stat-padding style or he’s being paid off by Russell’s agency to lead to tide in public opinion. Anyways, Puccio was painting Russell as the Nets’ messiah up until Russell had that infamous “Phantom Defense” on Devin Booker and was ripped a new one by New York Post.

    That’s when I stopped reading anything from NetsDaily and Puccio. As far as I’m concerned, they’re kind of like KKKlutchfans.

  52. Thanks for keeping track!
    But these guys are never held accountable. They have no credibility with me.

  53. I had my own healthy share of doubt on Marks. However, if only to play the devil’s advocate, one could explain away Russell’s acquisition on the Nets’ desperate need to offload Lopez’ fat contract. Russell was at least worth a shot to see if KA could turn him “to the light side”. As for starting Russell, agree that Marks made a rash decision, but he completely changed his MO with Okafor and Stauskas after the Booker trade. This may be indication that he’s learning from the mistake he made with not reeling in Russell’s ego, and is treading more carefully with the #3 pick in Okafor.

    Just my personal view and obviously conjecture, but not too far out as a possibility. I remain cautiously hopeful. And yes, I can’t say that I’m 100% PTSD-free either.

    No true Lin fan is.

  54. Somehow I missed that from last year. Thanks for tip.
    I was going by some of Puccio’s recent tweets that seem more objective about the Nets team in general. Once in a rare while, I’ll read a write-up about a game that I missed.
    But, TOTALLY AGREE. I have avoided Nets Daily and stopped giving him clicks.

  55. GUTSY REVENGE WIN – especially on the road! Hung in there after losing 15 point lead.

    In a way, some of these close games had a silver lining – good learning experience to close out for wins.

    My perception was that the Nets lost a lot of close games. That is true. But, in games decided by 6 points or less (2 possessions), the Nets are actually 12 and 9. With 6 close wins over playoff team, and 7 losses (3 Overtimes) to playoff teams.

    Considering all the hurdles, that is surprisingly good!


    “He went to Schembechler Hall, the team’s football facility, almost every night to watch extra film. He soaked up everything: schemes, opposing players’ tendencies, the minds of Michigan’s defensive coaches. Slowly, a different quarterback emerged. Brady recognized defenses before the ball was snapped. He knew which receivers would be open and, in what would become his hallmark, became unshakable in the pocket, able to maintain both his concentration and his accuracy when he was about to get hit.” &

    (amazing thing is that Brady Belichek has now evolved to the point that they can even win without Gronkowski, too!)


    “He went to Schembechler Hall, the team’s football facility, almost every night to watch extra film. He soaked up everything: schemes, opposing players’ tendencies, the minds of Michigan’s defensive coaches. Slowly, a different quarterback emerged. Brady recognized defenses before the ball was snapped. He knew which receivers would be open and, in what would become his hallmark, became unshakable in the pocket, able to maintain both his concentration and his accuracy when he was about to get hit.”

    (amazing thing is that Brady Belichek has now evolved to the point that they can even win without Gronkowski, too!)

  58. It’s a very hard thing to teach btw. A lot of athletes get too comfortable with their game and will stop learning. They fine tune what they’ve got and keep doing what they do best. Guys like Rose never adapted to their bodies as if injuries never happened. John Wall has never learned to shoot 3s (well). Rubio too was also single dimensional. My experience with high performance athletes is that they get complacent because they fear losing what they’ve got. I would even venture to say that it’s the minority that is willing to risk being uncomfortable.

  59. Other teams will jump at the opportunity in an instant. lol

  60. Wow, Nets are tied with Thunder with 6 min left

  61. Man, Lin and Allen, if they can develop some chemistry next year, that kid will have a break out year with Lin as the leading PG.

  62. Allen had his first double-double (12 pts, 11 rebs) tonight in Nets loss to Thunder.

  63. So close. The good news is the Nets lost only 1 point on the road vs the Thunder.
    But the bad news is the Nets blew a 15-point lead 🙁

    Raymond Felton scored 11 straight points in the early 4th quarter? I wonder who was guarding him.

  64. This one is quite funny and ironic 🙂
    Cavs have been losing a lot recently (4W-11L)

  65. He’s Lin’s kind of center. And shoots FTs well.

  66. I guess the timeout and adjustment came a bit late

  67. Instead of Spence they should offer Russell and Mosgov together.

  68. Worst part about KA is he doesn’t make adjustments against opponents during the game.

  69. This is what we called growing pain and it applies to LeVert, Crabbe, Russell, Okafo, Stauskas. Atkinson’s priority is in development more than winning and he wouldn’t mind leaning heavily of some players because of reasons other than the competence of the players.
    All of the abovel have the potential to be developed as good or even better than Joe Harris for the team. Currently Joe Harris is consistent and more effective than all of the above.
    Of course players like Crabbe and Russell have an edge in playtime allocation because the team has invested heavily on them. LeVert is the best drafted player on the team right now and he will be given precedence in playtime too because of his rookie contract. Jarrett Allen no doubt will be leaned on heavily because of the weakness of the team in the front court.
    Big Jah and Nik could have a hard time to break into the rotation not to mention starting. Zeller plays extremely well but his playtime has been low even when he’s starting.

  70. Allen needs lots of playtime to improve on his defense.

  71. Russell is so overrated and he takes too many shots for a balanced attack. Dinwiddie is a fine player. I’m just happy to see Lin pair up with him on the court. In fact Lin can play with both DLo and Din and be effective. I don’t know about DLo who is essentially a ball hogger like Kobe.

  72. It’s up to us to make them accountable by exposing the madness of some predictions. CBS is notorious in their reporting of Nets. They have been so biased.

  73. If Pop can not do it, who does KA think he is? NBA is a business. Every player looks out for their own interest. Forget about MO team play.

  74. KA’s solo motion offense is what hurts the team the most. He forces players to accomodate his offense instead of adjusting to their abilities. His lack of adjustments also shows incompetence.

    If it was any recognized star and franchise, KA would be forced for change or fired to a coach who fits! Unfortunately Lin doesn’t command that kind of power.

  75. There are more for them to worry about DLo than Lin.
    Lin will come back with a new and rejuvenated body and I’m sure of it.Yeah every time Lin is injured, there are too many of these haters who wish Lin will never come back. They haven’t found much success yet. I’m sure glad Lin can take his time recovering rather than consuming himself with an immature team and got banged up night after night. When Lin come back, he will have a team playing team ball which he flourishes.
    In fact it’s an improvement already. The night that Lin was operated on, there was reporting that injury of that would end his career. In God we trust. We will see those haters eating crow again and again.

  76. This time the Thunder has Paul George back.

  77. 2019-20 Nets has to think of keeping and resigning the players below
    DeMarre Caroll
    Jeremy Lin
    Spencer Dinwiddie
    I do think the team needs more than $50M cap space to keep them.
    This is going to be the turning point of Nets as a team. The season after that (2020-21) Mozgov and Deron William’s payments ($21M) will be off the pay book, the team will only have LeVert to worry about. Crabbe’s next contract couldn’t be more than his current one. The team will have ample cap space to spare then.

  78. The Nets have played a lot of close games. For whatever mistakes KA and the young team makes, they’ve been competitive against top teams. I think KA’s doing well.

  79. And PG’s tackle on Dinwiddie enabled Westbrook’s game-winner.
    Refs gave star-call again as NBA usually does 🙁

  80. I don’t blame some BB analysts if they’re being fair that Lin is still very good when healthy.

    I just find it odd if someone concludes Nets is okay to pay $12M for Lin to come off the bench without trying to at least trade him away with good numbers as a starter. It does not seem logical to me.

  81. I think he’s getting better compared to last year but he’s still learning, I guess

  82. Kidd is a talented coach but for some reason always had problems with management in the Nets and the Bucks.

    Here’s an interesting article with 6 possible reasons of why Kidd got fired from the Bucks

  83. I see Dinwiddie also has the ability to learn from Lin on how to be clutch. He’s quite a brainy player.

    I wonder how long will the Nets try Russell as a PG, maybe 2-3 years since Sean Marks picked him. They probably won’t give up too soon. It will also mean job security for Sean Marks for the next 3-4 years to see how well he does.

  84. In a CBS-NY article discussing the possibility of Sean Marks trade Joe Harris before 2/8 trade deadline, it’s mentioned that Lin is likely to opt-in next season rather than risking a lower FA offer.

    Trading Sweet-Shooting Harris Makes The Most Sense For Nets
    With Guard Headed For Free Agency, Brooklyn Should Cash In On His Development Now

    ..Why not bring Harris back with a well-deserved raise, you say? You need to look at the big picture. The Nets, despite the media love they have been receiving for their competitive nature this season, are still miles from competing for anything significant. They’re 18-30.

    And thanks to the aforementioned additions of Mozgov, Russell, Crabbe and Carroll last offseason, Brooklyn probably won’t be flush with cap space this summer either. Reading between some lines, Lin could very well exercise his $12.5 million player option for 2018-19 rather than risk a lower free agency offer following two seasons in which he played in just 37 of 164 games. Per, that would put Brooklyn at $86.2 million against a projected $101 million salary cap next season for 11 players (including Dinwiddie, Tyler Zeller and Isaiah Whitehead, who aren’t guaranteed) plus the Deron Williams stretch provision that runs through 2019-20. Re-signing any of his own free agents (Harris, Quincy Acy, Nik Stauskas and Jahlil Okafor) and draft picks (the Nets’ first-rounder belongs to Cleveland, but they do have Toronto’s) wouldn’t leave Marks much room for making the Nets better next season. Then the ensuing offseason will require paydays for young players like Russell, Dinwiddie and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.

    Harris’ development has been admirable, but he wouldn’t be worth the price he would likely get on the open market. He’s a backup. He struggled the few times injuries elevated into him the starting lineup. Despite some improvement in his defense, many opposing teams continue to view him as a liability, often seeking him out as the mismatch to expose with isolations.

    Still, his stroke could help a contender swing a playoff game coming off the bench. That makes him a valuable commodity for Marks to auction off.

    By Feb. 8, the Nets should make the tough call to send Harris to a new pride.

  85. KA and the young Nets players are definitely getting better as can be seen with close games and more wins.

    But they still miss Lin’s knack of getting FTs to close many of those close games and I think the coach and GM know it, too. If Lin were playing last night, they wouldn’t have blown the 15-point lead since Lin’s FTs would have stopped OKC’s momentum in coming back.

    What we don’t know is whether it’s a big reason that Sean Marks want to keep Lin for the next 3-4 years. I don’t see anyone else in the roster that can consistently draw fouls in the 4th quarter as well as Lin does.

    Perhaps Sean Marks will see if any of the young Nets can consistently replicate Lin’s ability to close games by the end of the season before making any decision.

  86. Harris is one of their most reliable shooters. Nets are already lacking in talent they’d be dumb to let him go. Honestly Harris will be a bargain compared to the overrated players they’ve signed in Crabbe, Mozgov, and Russell!

  87. in the category of ridiculously small sample size….
    counting any player who has played AT ALL in the nba this season who are the #1 and #2 scorers in terms of points per game FOR PLAYERS WITH LESS THAN 28 MINUTES AVE. PER GAME??

    answer: #1 jeremy lin
    #2 d’angelo russell

  88. They have better luck drafting a star PG than actually think any of their players can replicate what Lin can do.

  89. Exactly what I tell them at RealGM. They miss Lin’s ability to get players in foul trouble and actually make the late FT. They miss Lin’s overall leadership. They miss Lin’s open court football passes as well. Nets win this game last night if Lin played, IMO.

    What happens with Lin next season and beyond is Mark’s decision mostly. It’s out of any of our hands. But, KA is doing well, and Lin has to feel happy for him and eager to get back with his better-performing team.

  90. Alanta Hawks have a worst record than the Nets. With KA trying to replicate what the Hawks did, this is troubling. If KA doesn’t wake up and stop pushing his motion offense on everyone this team isn’t going anywhere.

  91. I think that most of the reasons mentioned are either excuses, or results of other behind-the-scenes actions. The logic is simple: Kidd had the same issue with different teams, so the common denominator is him. Kidd has always preferred to have “extended influence” beyond that of a coach, cutting into GM territory, which makes Jon Horst uncomfortable. I saw the Bledsoe trade as a move from Horst to undermine Kidd’s power, just didn’t expect Kidd to be fired and in such a sudden manner.

  92. Atlanta gave up on MO when they got rid of Teague and Co. to build around young Schroeder.

  93. This theory completely defies logic. Harris commands pennies for his services, and is just beginning to thrive in this system that nurtured him. It wouldn’t make any sense for Nets to trade him, or for Harris to wish to leave (at least not at the moment).

    Either the author doesn’t see this (unlikely) or he has an ulterior motive.

  94. In basketball, there’s 2 ways to create separation. The first is to have superior athletes just flat out run by people, like Lin used to do! The second is to use the motion offence to create multiple picks to peel off defenders. This is what you do when your star PG is down. You use a system that runs the defence to death and peel off defenders to create separation for a better shot. The fact remains that what Atkinson is doing makes a bunch of average players overachieve. These kids are doing so much better than anyone gave them credits for. How’s this possible? None of these guys are high draft choices. They’ve never had anyone believe in them the way Atkinson has. All their lives they’ve been told they aren’t as good as the rest of the league. ATKINSON IS EMPOWERING THEM WITH POSITIVE SUPPORT. They are doing it by using the MO to create open 3s. The proof is in the pudding. This bunch of nobodies are turning heads because of great coaching. Pop recognized this recently.

    I am totally convince that the MO is a base template to play the modern game. If you want to play against bigger, faster, quicker, more athleticism than anyone you have, you have to use a smart system that plays hard and use shooting skills to egualize the playing field. If you can’t see this then there’s really nothing I can’t say to change your minds.

  95. The casual user is too drugged up by fancy ISO to truly understand the sophistication of team-oriented basketball. The term almost sounds like an oxymoron because basketball “should” be a team sport, but it’s appearing less so nowadays with most teams. Fans understanding of the sport get stuck at the street-ball level.

  96. I agree. That’s why it’s great that you are keeping track.
    Unfortunately, the media and fans at large are not. So these guys, who are too lazy to do any real research, will just continue to publish nonsense, to get the clicks.

  97. Ever since signing Lin, the Nets have been trying desperately to move on from him.

    Assuming that Lin opts in, the Nets might be looking at a 76ers Okafor situation with Lin. That would be where Lin is with the team but isn’t allowed on the court and might even be prevented from practicing and traveling with the team.

    The exact scenario I described happened years ago with Indiana Pacers guard TJ Ford. Coach Jim O’Brien and GM Larry Bird put Ford in the doghouse despite a great attitude and production from Ford, and so TJ Ford ended up collecting a full Pacers salary while being ejected off the roster.

    The one saving grace to the Nets situation is that Kenny Atkinson would probably move to get Lin waived instead of stranding Lin as a permanent DNP CD. That would allow Lin to join a new team next season in the waiver wire or the more likely aftermath.

  98. Great post.

    Unfortunately, the Nets are still a bunch of bad players on a bad team.

    The NBA is a TALENT league, no system including the motion can make a winner out of career losers. But at least the motion maximizes what little ability the Lin-less Nets have.

  99. Unlike any other NBA fan, I do see occasional iso as being absolutely necessary for winning in the NBA.

    No matter how fancy an NBA halfcourt set is, there are plenty of times when a committed NBA defense shuts down all the picks and motion and passing and cuts. That’s where players like Lin put up their above average iso stats and score even when the defenses are packed in.

  100. Harris is the best Nets SG this season, way better than Crabbe who has performed as poorly as expected.

  101. None of the Nets can replicate Lin’s closing ability.

    That takes a level of athletic talent that only Jahlil Okafor has, and Okafor doesn’t have Lin’s fundamentals or conditioning or leadership or savvy.

  102. There’s a near 100% probability that even if they drafted a star PG, that PG could not take over games like record breaking Lin routinely does.

  103. Too much doom and gloom. 🙁

    Did you read Psalm’s post above, to start new thread?

    I don’t have a crystal ball, any more than you do. So, after next year, who knows. But if Lin is healthy next season, I’m pretty sure your scenario will never happen.

  104. Actually, the motion offense is the ONLY offense that works for these untalented Nets that are too slow to break defenders down off the dribble and too vertically unchallenged to get their shots off.

  105. How am I being doom and gloom?

    Actually, it would be in the best interest of both Lin and the Nets if the Nets dump Lin:

    Lin gets PAID, no matter what.

    If Lin clears waivers or gets traded and goes onto a new team, then Lin would get a raise on top of the $12 million.

    The Nets feel that they already have replaced Lin with the “backcourt of the future”, and now they want to move on. How is it good for Lin to stay with a team that spent all offseason and this season getting his RACE REPLACEMENTS?

    Just because the Nets want to move on from Lin, that’s not necessarily “doom and gloom”. Try looking at the situation not from a pro Nets perspective, but from a PRO LIN perspective.

  106. Like I said, the Nets EXILED Lin to deliberately keep him away from the team.

  107. I meant more in the context of “dribble dribble dribble stare down taking highly contested shots”

  108. There are many things I hate about the NBA. This is another example.

    Atlanta came off a 60 win season in 2014-15. Making it to the Conference finals. 4 guys made it to the All-stars. That team wasn’t exactly old.

    I don’t follow the Hawks, so don’t know the whole story. But, seems like stupid move.

  109. From the Nets perspective, agree that makes no sense. Wasting time and effort to develop a player, only to let him go to another team? Especially a guy who fits Atkinson’s system perfectly.

    And I disagree with the writer about Harris’ defense. Suspicious about what source he’s citing.

    But this is the NBA logic. Salaries and cap space and flexibility nonsense. The problem is, Joe Harris will be free agent. He’s currently only getting $1.5M. But, because he’s playing so well, he’ll probably get more from another team. The Nets have to decide whether he’s worth that much to them. To offer enough to re-sign and keep him.

  110. Disagree. Some of us already debated this.

    Check again and read Psalm’s other thread behind the Fortius connection?

    So, if it doesn’t work out with the Nets, who cares. Ample evidence to suggest it’s a good setup for Lin, for the long term. Definitely hope so.

  111. Agree “they’d be dumb to let him go”. But it wouldn’t be the first time an NBA GM has been stupid, would it? Need we look further than Lin?

  112. It IS looking from PRO-LIN. What do you think Lin values more? Getting paid or playing ball? (Not that the two should be mutually exclusive.) He doesn’t want to go from team to team. He has stated he wanted to be a part of this rebuild.

    Assuming he comes back healthy. Lin needs the chance to play on the Nets, to re-establish his value in the League. Do you seriously think Sean Marks and/or Kenny Atkinson won’t let him? They will be stupid not to. He will have no trade value. This is a $12M man, not Okafor on rookie contract.

    For every person who wants Lin off the Nets. I always challenge all of you to come up with a better team that Lin should go to. Where he will get respect. Either with playing time and role, or with pay. Better yet, both. There aren’t 100 choices, only 29 other teams.

    Maybe you’re right. I’m actually “doom and gloom”. Because, at least for NEXT YEAR, the Nets is the best, and maybe, ONLY team for him.

    Like I asked, did you read Psalm’s presentation?

  113. Again, agree.
    This is why all the hype all over the place, when Russell played at Dykman over the summer. It was just a pick up game. Give me a break.

  114. Yup, ala Carmelo Anthony.

  115. Definitely agree with your last paragraph!

    I don’t know enough about X’s and O’s to comment about MO. But I have noticed that more pick-and-rolls have been run this season, evidenced by LeVert and JAllen.

    The Nets don’t have superior talent. But talent doesn’t always translate to heart and will and fight. (Harden is a good example.) This Nets team may be overachieving at the moment, but has all the grit in the world. But I have to say though. Still lots of room for improvement.

  116. OT – Dan Devine is a big fan of Lin. Here’s his story from 2012 explaining what Linsanity represented for him.

    And when Lin went down opening night, he wrote another sad but supportive article “We’d rather watch Jeremy Lin run the pick-and-roll, though. This sucks.” (I won’t post that link, too sad.)

  117. Knicks. But they have Dolan who is, quite frankly, very unfair when it comes to evaluating Lin. He’s the only reason why I wouldn’t want Lin on the Knicks if the Nets don’t work out or post-Nets if that’s to be. The Knicks are crying out for a PG like Lin more than the Nets right now. And if Charlotte lets Kemba go, maybe Charlotte.

    To be honest, I find the combination of Dinwiddie and LeVert to be Lin-lite. LeVert does the PnR and penetration, Dinwiddie looks for teammates and has some clutch gene in him.

    I’m not doom and gloom. I think in scenarios. Either Nets reintegrate Lin, or they think their younger players cover what Lin brings to a satisfactory extent. I find a few things Lin brings, and some intangibles, that just aren’t there with any combo of players on the floor now. psalm mentioned just about all of them in a post below. But, I’m irrelevant to what the management may think down the road. All of us are, IMO.

    I personally think Lin lifts up big men and 3 point shooters the most. He doesn’t lift up guys that can create and take shots unless they let him. He shares with them, tries to create for them, or exchange with them. Most of them aren’t of the mentality to work with Lin, though I think LeVert would, and Dinwiddie to some extent.

    I don’t have as dark a view as KHuang, one of the posters I respect most on any forum. He’s so knowledgable and has been watching basketball a long, long time. I just have a cautious view. The only thing is, I rate the talent as a unit as kind of high. And I’m high on LeVert. There’s synergism, and that’s without Lin. I think, if Lin can get back to being what he would be best, leader of this team, without any nonsense from DLo (he’s not there mentally regarding Lin, IMO. Just listen to his interviews) he can, in a reasonable amount of time, direct the synergy to a playoff-bound team that can, at the least, go 7 in the first round. Lin is that good.

  118. It would only make sense if some of those players challenged the coach, so he and the GM got rid of them. I always thought Atlanta was tough. But listening to their feed, with Dominque was painful. He’s a homer and said insulting things about Lin. I always loved when Lin basically made him be quiet or eat his words.

  119. Totally agree. He’s so much more than a 3 point shooter. He’s been terrific. Sad thing, is, they probably will trade him, or won’t resign him. Crabbe has been so-so at best.

  120. What bothers me about Marks is the Booker move. He got rid of Booker, who provided a lot of grit and offensive rebounding. He did some things I didn’t love, but at least he had that. And Booker is a vet. Was Okafor and Staukus really necessary for the Nets?

    That’s why I’m leery of him and Lin. Lin’s a vet, Marks seems to go for the youngsters, so is Lin really the exception here? I hope so, but I just don’t know.

  121. I don’t think so. But, effectively, it seems he is 🙁

  122. Thanks for the optimism. Thumbs up!

  123. I think we’ll feel better when we see Lin shooting a basketball. But before that, we’ll see him running and jumping a bit. That’s a few months down the road. The tough part is him being away from the team, not engaging with them person to person, just only on social media.

    Hang in there!

  124. NBA GMs are dealing in the business of selling false hope. Most of them don’t give a rat’s behind about winning, as winning no longer equates profit (i.e. Spurs) like in the old days. This type of GMs operate in a way only a greedy, short-sighted fool would, because that’s exactly what they are.

  125. IIRC, it was at Lin’s insistence that the Nets agreed to let him travel North. And in my own conjecture, it was a telltale sign of Lin’s loss of confidence in the Nets’ medical team.

  126. I think the guy missing Lin most may be RHJ. RHJ can get to places on the court at good times. That’s the big part, timing, what makes Lin stand out, IMO. But now, RHJ is not getting the ball at the right time in the right places and he’s forcing the issue. He doesn’t have the skills to get off as high a percentage shot as he could, or the passing ability and vision to execute in that way. He’s improved his fadeaway shot but he’s forcing it too much. His TOs are going up. And he’s working too hard. Din and LeVert and Russell don’t have that sense of timing to help out RHJ enough. Lin does.

    I think LeVert and Allen do well. Lin would get Allen more lobs. I think LeVert has a good instinct at PnR with working with Allen. What Lin would do is have him run out, like he did with Brook, to get him more lobs. I’m high on LeVert. I think he’s learned much from Lin and some he has on his own BB instincts.

    Crabbe would get far better looks with Lin in the lineup. Lin would attract the usual double and triple teams, and would hit Crabbe at the right time, in rhythm, for the right looks. Crabbe is up and down not because he doesn’t shoot well, but because, IMO, his timing is off on the shot. Also, Lin would hit Crabbe more in transition and getting him the ball when defenses were napping.

    Harris needs less help, but along with Lin, with Harris’s sense of rhythm, he’d be in sync with Lin for cuts, 3 pointers, in give and go’s.

    Okafor. I think Lin could work with Okafor on many levels in his offense. Oakafor could work in the give n’ go. Okafor may end up underutilizing his offensive abilities. DLo is trying to force chemistry with Okafor, we’ll see what comes about it. I’m not sold on Okafor defensively, however.

    Acy. I think Acy is best at the corner 3 and worse at the pump fake and drive. Lin would work with him to get him the most corner 3s or 3s in rhythm and his shot would be more reliable. On the defensive end, Lin is gritty as well, can help with doubling and such. Acy’s efforts at least are good on D. He takes the most charges it seems.

    So, yes, Lin could, of course, help the Nets. While it isn’t as obvious to the casual fan as it was last year, he still could help the Nets in many ways. Defensively, end-of-game execution, knocking down foul shots in the clutch, and helping to make timely plays to limit the opposing teams’ runs. Dinwiddie has shown a knack for making shots, but not necessarily executing in the clutch or making great decisions (which makes sense due to his experience).

    KA knows what Lin is capable of. He has to do a balancing act of player’s time and establishing roles now and when Lin comes back.

  127. Good points and analysis there.

    The other JL’s contributing factor is, his veteran presence. We have young and rookie players on the team, having a senior in a young team (as in any other sport), is a major factor for unity, togetherness, everyone on a same page hunting for the same goal, encouragement during low and ensuring foot are kept on ground during high times, etc.

    JL as a senior and experience member of NBA, bring this really much needed and valuable knowledge and guidance.

    Further, not forgetting his playoff experience and coaching guidance as well.

  128. MO is just the foundation of a scheme, it can be incorporated with any types of plays for X and O.

    But before one would do that, they have to ensure all members do understand MO’s scheme of play. Once players start to gain confidence in the system, Coach KA taking it to the next level, similar to Spurs.

    Nice graphic demo here (hint…continuously click on the play button to go thru from one play to the other)

    Further reading here…

  129. The problem is Lin’s goal is win now but Nets will want to tank to get their pick when Lin comes back. The only saving grace I can see is the 49% owner wants Lin. Most people say he is a minor owner. Please, 49% is not minor especially he gets to decide whether he will pay for the rest 51% later. If the team does not go the direction he likes, he may not buy the rest. Therefore, he does have huge impact in how team treats his favorite player. GM and coach will take that into consideration if they want to kiss up their future boss.

  130. The knack for seizing the right time to deliver is one of the criteria to define elite PG. Lin is talented for that. We should fast forward to November 🙂

  131. Are Brooklyn’s close losses the result of a league-wide issue with ‘star’ calls?

    Nobody is blaming the losses on late calls —maybe some of US are— but it’s become a reoccurring issue when Nets games come down to blatant no-calls.

    The latest came on Tuesday night in Oklahoma City. The Nets led by one with 7.8 seconds left when Spencer Dinwiddie was practically laid out by Paul George, which helped free up Russell Westbrook for the game-winning shot.

    According to the NBA’s L2M report, released this evening, George made illegal contact with Dinwiddie that affected his ability to defend Westbrook. So, incorrect no call.

    What does that mean?

    Head coach Kenny Atkinson has refused to speak against the officiating in the previous games where this happened, but Tuesday was a different story. He didn’t say the word “refs” or “officiating” or anything like that, but he was very close.

    “There was a collision between Paul George and Spencer [Dinwiddie]. That kind of turned Westbrook to the rim and we were a little late getting to him,” a somber Kenny Atkinson said about the last play in Brooklyn’s 109-108 loss to Oklahoma City.

    Dinwiddie literally laughed it off at first, then said, “Hey look man, I stopped talking about stuff like that two weeks ago.”

    Then, he decided to chime in with a football analogy.

    “Actually, I got a great one for you. So, you know how in the NFL, they say receivers can’t cross and then hit the defender out of nowhere. I think it was a very similar situation to that. He just kind of ran and I was running after [Russell] Westbrook and then I just hit something. It is what it is. If I run him over, it’s probably a foul on me.”

    However, the way he finished his answer was the most revealing, the most real thing that he’s probably said all season.

    He said it. We were all thinking it.

    “It’s like, that’s Russell Westbrook, and that’s Paul George… and I’m Spencer Dinwiddie.”

    Dinwiddie’s voiced his thoughts on the officiating twice before this season – both in a respectful manner where the league didn’t think it was necessary to fine him.

    It first started after a two-point loss to the Boston Celtics, where absolute mayhem took place on Brooklyn’s attempt to send the game to overtime. Dinwiddie went to the locker room and voiced is displeasure, citing how ‘The same type of respect’ isn’t reciprocated towards the Nets. That includes refs shushing him and other players, he explained.

    Then it happened again in the following game. The Nets had the Raptors in a tightly contested overtime battle, down 114-113 in the finals seconds. After a few missed no-calls, shown in the L2M Report, Dinwiddie drove to hole and missed a wild layup. Nets lose, again.

    Afterwards, he sat down on the court, looking depleted into the camera and said, “See this is what I’m talking about.”

    The Nets aren’t blaming the refs for these losses because quite frankly, it isn’t their fault. It isn’t their fault the Nets blew a 15-point lead against OKC. It isn’t their fault the Nets miss layups or free throws or open 3-pointers. They’re simply answering the questions asked with sincere honesty —and frustration— without trying to antagonize the refs, a tough balance.

    That being said, this has become a theme in tightly contested games. Whether you agree with it or not, the Nets have a point. And for Kenny Atkinson to mention it… you know something is wrong.

  132. The last person Lin needs is RHJ.

    RHJ is the worst defensive PF in the entire NBA. Anybody that can shoot layups and dunk can get 20 and 10 against him.

  133. Don’t imply that I’m ILLITERATE, lay off your STOOPID TROLLING.

    Your problem is that you think you know what Lin is thinking. You don’t have ESP, LEARN YOUR PLACE.

    None of us want Lin to play for a team that doesn’t want him.

    But if no NBA team including Lin’s Nets wants him, then at least Lin gets PAID.

  134. Joe Tsai has utterly no control over the Nets.

    Prohkorov has engineered the deal such that Tsai has no say whatsoever. It is identical to the ugly situation with the Sacramento Kings where Vivek Ranadive controls everything and the other minority owners are angry and powerless.

    GM Marks signed Lin to be a temporary veteran stopgap for the last two and possibly 3 seasons. Even if Lin somehow gets onto the court next season for the Nets, Lin’s already been phased out and will have to seek a new team. Tsai cannot help Lin return, not when Russian ownership is hellbent on eliminating the Asian guy.

  135. Okafor is the only Net who is capable of consistently competing athletically on both ends at an NBA level.

    Not surprisingly, Atkinson has handcuffed him because Okafor’s elite talent causes the Nets to lose their amorphous egalitarian motion offense and focus on feeding Okafor “selfishly”.

    Sooner or later, Atkinson better learn that you need STARS in the NBA like Lin and Okafor. Coaches who don’t learn that and try to peddle their egalitarian offense mentality, those coaches end up as losers.

    Keep in mind that I’m not criticizing the motion offense playbook that had been THE BEST offense for Lin and even Okafor. I’m criticizing Atkinson who doesn’t realize that the motion offense needs super iso but UNSELFISH scoring stars like Lin and Okafor to make it work.

  136. Agree.

    Any fake superstar can ruin any offense with selfish Kobe Melo Kemba style selfish loser iso.

  137. Agree.

    Like you, I don’t understand the Hawks’ mentality.

    My suspicion is that they have a bunch of statisticians in the front office who don’t know basketball and erroneously assume that guys like Paul Milsap and Jeff Teague and Dwight Howard can be easily replaced with no name cheap players. That’s not how winning basketball
    works, as we both know.

  138. Heh heh, I always give a long leash to former superstars like Dominique Wilkins and Clyde Drexler and Kevin McHale that criticize Lin.

    When I see superstars criticizing Lin’s ability, I always remember how those same superstars felt they were better than everybody else as players. That certainly translates into broadcasting, even as those same superstars criticize Lin and not lesser nonAsian players.

  139. For the $19 million Crabbe is earning per season, he has been a MONUMENTAL BUST.

    Crabbe would be the single worst bust in the entire NBA if it weren’t for his teammate Timofey Mozgov who has played as badly as I (annoyingly) predicted he would last summer.

  140. I feel Harris is a solid defender who only gets roasted when he’s playing against guys like DeRozan who score big against everybody.

    At least Harris exerts effort defensively, which cannot be said of Allan Crabbe.

  141. Exactly why the motion offense works for GSW and not teams like the Hawks or Nets who are at the bottom.

  142. Okafor is a FANTASTIC talent.

    If he had been on any team other than Philly with Embiid, Okafor would right now be a 20 10 All Star center and regarded as highly as Karl Anthony Towns.

    Even as a Net, Okafor has provided quality two way basketball play that Booker never could. It’s no surprise that the Nets have been significantly more competitive once Okafor joined the team.

    Atkinson is mishandling Okafor by limiting Okafor’s minutes and not allowing the Nets to play off him. Atkinson is TERRIFIED of Okafor becoming a STAR, just like Atkinson keeps railing against Lin for being the star Lin is.

  143. Except Tsai will be able to buy out and be the majority owner in 4 years. Pretty sure Marks have to take that into consideration or he’d be out of a job when Joe Tsai takes over

  144. Dinwiddie and Atkinson are correct.

    But what they experience is barely a fraction of the illegal reffing that is done against Lin.

    The difference is that Lin’s got so much superstar game, he can PRODUCE despite the ref cheating while the very pedestrian Dinwiddie can’t.

  145. Except it also limits Lin’s PG passing abilities with the PnR offense by taking the ball out of his hands.

  146. From what I saw in the preseason, this Nets team doesn’t have enough talent to consistently win even with Lin at full strength.

  147. The Nets are filled with CASTAWAYS that other teams don’t want. The sole exceptions to that are Lin and Levert and Allen.

    The reason other teams don’t want the Nets players is simple: the Nets are UNATHLETIC. Other than Okafor and Lin and Levert and possibly Allen, not a single Net has the necessary NBA athleticism to be more
    than a 3rd stringer in the league.

    My view isn’t truly “dark”. I just view things without emotion, calling things as they are and recognizing the glaring thought patterns that characterize the Nets’ very consistent behavior.

    In my years of studying the NBA, I’ve found everything to be predictable except for ONE GUY: JEREMY LIN. He is the only player who’s so damn good and so racially hated, I have no idea how to fully predict how teams handle him. But I can predict his court impact accurately, I did that before Linsanity.

  148. I’d like to make a nonbasketball point related specifically to basketball:

    As an Asian American male myself who was born and raised entirely in the USA, I always have UNCERTAINTY in my social and professional dealings in America INCLUDING with other Asian Americans.

    For me it’s a simple thing: Is the person I’m dealing with strong enough to resist the endless anti Asian media hatred such that they can see me as a person and not as a racially incorrect CARICATURE?

    Certainly Lin has dealt with this same problem. So have a lot of Asian American males that I know.

    I’ve always said that Lin has been the only player whose career trajectory I could not accurately predict. That’s not because Lin himself is the reason – from a strictly basketball standpoint, Lin is one of the best NBA players of all time and is a true champion on and off the court. But the way people handle Lin has been completely unpredictable, and it caused justifiable consternation among Lin fans like myself.

    The dilemma is this: Nobody wants Lin because Asian American males are reviled in America, yet Lin’s basketball prowess on and off te court is so significant that even the racists end up utilizing him to win games. So that has put an uncomfortable pressure on NBA teams that end up with Lin but don’t want to win with him. That’s why every NBA team is so eager to get rid of him, including these Nets.

  149. Dolan is a typical NYC older generation racist, the kind that I spent the entire first half of my life being openly discriminated by.

    While every NBA team’s ownership including the Nets feels that way about Lin, it doesn’t preclude a savvy (more like DESPERATE) GM from signing Lin at an “Asian discount” salary to prop up his own precarious job situation by having Lin as a low minute superstar production one season bench rental.

  150. Crabbe simply CANNOT PLAY.

    He’s a smaller less athletic Steve Novak, only he doesn’t cut like Novak and certainly doesn’t defend like Novak (a statistically DOMINANT defender, particularly in isolation where opponents gleefully missed shots against him.)

    Crabbe “Basic Cable” has only one NBA skill: he can shoot from 3 unguarded. Other than that, he’d a D league level player in all aspects.

    Not even Lin can redeem a nonathlete like Crabbe.

  151. It is in both the Nets’ best interest and Lin’s for him to go to Fortius.

    The Nets need to beef Lin up physically for trade, and Lin needs to get healthy again.

  152. If the Russian owner does not want Lin, then yes, Lin will be out. But if the Russian owner wants Tsai to buy the rest 51%, he will not want to piss off Tsai.

  153. ALL teams in the NBA play a motion offense nowadays.

    They have very rudimentary ways of setting up in the halfcourt, but then it’s all about motion and especially TALENT.

    The trick in the NBA is this: Motion is created by SCORING SUPERSTARS that consistently score against single coverage and siphon off help defenders from less talented teammates.

    For example, the Spurs plow all their money into their dominant centers down low so that they can run their motion off the double stack halfcourt set that they use on EVERY SINGLE PLAY. The Spurs play from inside out, and it works because they have two of the NBA’s deadliest scorers down low in Gasol and Aldridge.

    Right now, the Linless Nets have only one true superstar level player who can consistently score against single coverage and needs to be help defended against: Jahlil Okafor. Unfortunately, Atkinson is TOO DENSE to realize that the Nets play their best basketball when Okafor is on the floor siphoning defenses away from his less talented teammates.

    Similarly, the Nets are trying desperately to artificially make Russell and Crabbe the superstar race replacements for Lin. The problem is that neither Russell or Crabbe have Lin’s ability to draw doubleteams. All of Lin’s past teams that race replaced Lin have FAILED because NO ONE in the NBA draws more coverage than Lin does.

  154. Lin delivers ALL GAME LONG.

    It’s just that he appears to “seize the moment” because his steady production results in him producing positive results in crunchtime where so many more hyped players have miserably failed.

  155. There are teams like the Blazers and Raptors and Rockets that win with the kind of isoball you described.

    But those teams never play to their fullest potential and never go far in the playoffs.

  156. I found they had a good chemistry when they played together. Lin got RHJ a lot of easy baskets and made the game easier for him. RHJ is out of position, he’s probably best at the 3.

  157. I think we can see it a bit more positively, though I’m probably aligned with you. Perhaps Lin was thought of as a 3-year transition for the young team as it seems they had plans to deal Lopez for a long time.

  158. Yes, we can’t predict. And having an idea on the real situation in the NBA has me not wedded to Lin on the Nets. And where he goes from there, not seeing the NBA thinking of him as a starting PG. That’s the view I always operate from. I’d love to see Lin as a starting PG for at least the next 4 years. It’s just, the NBA really doesn’t want to see that and I can’t escape all the evidence I see of it.

    And I think you’re correct, it’s all about Lin’s court impact no matter the position or starting or from the bench. I just feel he needs the minutes. And he makes it tough for coaches to justify not giving them to him over the course of a season.

  159. I don’t care about RHJ’s offense.

    The good thing about RHJ with Lin is that when RHJ’s man doubles on Lin, then RHJ can put the ball on the floor barely enough to get to the rim for layups. It would help a lot more if RHJ had an accurate 3 point shot.

    But on DEFENSE, RHJ’s utter inability to defend is getting Lin beaten up in switch mismatches against RHJ’s man. Lin’s body is broken down from banging away too much at power forward and centers that RHJ and the other Nets big men were physically incapable of guarding.

  160. Tsai’s already the minority owner, in appearance and in franchise impact.

    The Russian owner could easily sell the remainder to another owner, the TRUE majority owner.

  161. Marks goal is to win as much and ELIMINATE LIN long before those 4 years arrive.

    If Marks can win without Lin, then he can resist Tsai on bringing Lin back.

  162. Personally, I no longer care if Lin starts or comes off the bench.

    The reason it doesn’t matter is because whenever Lin steps on the court, opponents have to guard him with no less than 3 players while also running him through pick after pick on defense.

    Basically, the entire NBA reacts to Lin as if he is THE BEST PLAYER.

    If Lin weren’t as good as he is, the entire NBA wouldn’t have to spend so much effort planning against him. But anybody who’s stupid enough to ignore Lin (i.e. Popovich and the Spurs) gets REPEATEDLY ROASTED by Lin.

  163. Absolutely NOT.

    Lin is fantastic at moving without the ball in his hands. With his matchless speed and strength and explosiveness and fundamentals, there is no single defender that can impede Lin off the ball. It takes 2 and even 3 defenders for opponents to locate Lin, and Lin still beats the traps anyway.

    Even when he’s off the ball, entire defenses key in on him and abandon their assignments just to track him. This opens up the court for Lin’s teammates.

    Lin’s own passing is “limited” when he doesn’t have the ball to pass with, but the passing from Lin’s teammates to wide open guys more than makes up the difference. That’s why Lin’s TEAM offensive numbers have been elite for every NBA team he’s played for.

  164. I prefer he starts. But, I don’t insist on it. I more insist that he closes games and always have.

    I tend not to go by what fans and the media says, but more how opposing coaches view Lin. When they double and triple team him and try to trap him, that shows they fear him. And Spoelstra and a few other coaches have mentioned to media, when they go on about the “star” players to defend, that they really need to worry about and game-plan Lin. That’s what matters to me.

  165. The best PGs don’t always have the ball.

    If you look at Dinwiddie, one of his weaknesses is that he over-dribbles and hangs on to the ball too much. He often takes too long to get the offense started. Lin needs touches and to be integrated into the offense, not be so ball dominant where he’s handling the ball too much.

    The aim is to get the team the best shots. If Lin doesn’t get the assist, so be it. It may be a “hockey” assist. It may be motion that leads to foul shots. Ball movement is what is desired, great shots, not a team watching a PG with the ball in his hands.

  166. JLin is a master at running the fast break. If his teammates are willing to run for him, he will get them easy baskets. I actually enjoy his assists, and no-look passes, and the lead passes, even more than his scoring!

    You’re right. November can’t get here fast enough. Here’s reliving a little bit of the magic from last season:

  167. Absolutely agree!

    If the Nets want to develop a “winning” culture, they would value Lin’s experience and leadership, by setting an example of a winning attitude, a don’t-give-up attitude.

    Not counting Crabbe, who played limited minutes with the Trailblazers, or Mozgov, also limited minutes with Cavaliers. Right now, only Carroll and Lin have significant playoff experience. They know what it takes to win.

  168. That’s also my take on Joe Tsai. The 51% is HIS option. If Prokhorov is serious about selling 100% of the team, I think he would want to at least get some input from Joe Tsai, to keep him happy.

    There is concern about tanking for that 2019 pick too. But, even if winning isn’t the goal, I would think Marks and Atkinson would at least want to establish a winning “culture”. For me, I’m going to wait and see.

    Lin ALWAYS wants to win! He hustles, dives on the floor for loose balls, fights for rebounds, never takes a play off.

    Having said that, I think Lin knew what he was signing up for. He wanted to be able to start and lead his own team. And to be able to play for the coach who helped him, before he became famous, was a big bonus. He has compared the Nets to a startup company, which requires patience and investment. I think he thought he could help them rebuild faster. The injuries were not part of the plan.

  169. Tsai owns the option to buy the 51% or not.

  170. Chill, KHuang. No need to get bent out of shape. That was NOT my intention.

    The reason I asked if you read Psalm’s post is I wanted to know if you agree with any of those points. Which I thought were thought-out and logical. But it seems you see another scenario altogether.

    I agree that I don’t have ESP. If you agree that you don’t have a crystal ball. However, I didn’t guess Lin’s thinking. I am repeating what Lin himself has stated in interviews when he joined the Nets. See link.

    Of course, if, God forbid, there are any more injuries, then I agree. All bets will be off.

    But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s worry about that bridge if and when we get there.

  171. Thanks for the links! Will definitely take a look later.

  172. Agree about Harris.

    Not sure about Crabbe. Maybe not a lockdown defender. But I think he has improved a lot. He doesn’t give up even when a player gets past him. He has made some steals and blocks. And rebounds okay for a guard.

  173. I considered Psalm’s post to open the thread as a very logical and realistic look at the situation for Lin and for the Nets.

    I also added my two cents worth. And I thought Joe Harris had a great attitude about what happens with NBA teams. He has no illusions about it, but stays positive. “It’s just the nature of the NBA, where you’ve just got to try to focus on what you can control,” Harris told The Post. “I’ve experienced the other side of it when I was in Cleveland. I got traded the same day I had surgery on my foot, so there’s definitely a business. At the end of the day, you can’t really get caught up in worrying about all that stuff. It’ll drive you crazy for sure. You’ve just got to live with the ambiguity. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the league, and you just do your part and focus on what you can control.”

    I was hoping we could also stay on the positive and optimistic side for the duration of Lin’s recovery. And not think the worst until it happens. Oh well, guess that didn’t get far. LOL.

  174. Speaking of trades, already another article about DeMarre Carroll.

  175. I think we establish our own criteria for what is positive or negative. If positive means, Lin will stay and grown on the Nets, then we monitor what’s going on with the progressing Nets and talk of the factors. psalm did this superbly. Optimistic, again pro-Nets or pro Lin finding always a way to be a crucial link on any team he plays regardless of how he’s used.

    Positive, for me, and I think everyone here, is Lin being healthy. So, that’s what we all want. So, contingent on that, then positive for us can take different meanings. For me, it is where Lin is utilized to his highest extent. If a team makes some changes where Lin isn’t used to his highest extent, or close to it, then I’d look for a place where he could be used that way.

    I think I’m “sober” in terms of how GMs will change teams often to take the leading role from Lin. It may not be to slight Lin, but that ends up happening. So, Lin is left having to play less of a role than originally planned and is that role acceptable? It depends on if it is to Lin first and foremost. And to fans, it depends on the fan.

    So I articulate, hopefully, what’s acceptable to me. And that’s 27 plus minutes, Lin plays a leadership role, he’s involved in the offense and I want him closing games as the highest priority. With another poster, it might be different priorities and what they view as positive and crucial. What may sound “negative” is the view of how Lin is perceived in the NBA or changing views on his role assigned by management on his current team. That sober view some of us have. But it really isn’t a negative about Lin.

  176. At this rate it looks like Nets are getting rid of all their veteran players. If so they are in for a rude awakening.

  177. well said my friend!

    Voice out one’s opinion is fine, but harping over the same thing over and over its gonna take a toll on the members and readers here.

    Totally agree.

  178. YES IT WAS your intention. Don’t even PRETEND it wasn’t. You chill out, not me.

    That said, I am just as optimistic about Lin as you are. But I do so from a strictly Lin perspective and not a pro Nets perspective like you do. Just because my optimism isn’t your brand of optimisim doesn’t mean I’m “doom and gloom” like you ERRONEOUSLY claim I am.

    The way the Nets are going, I don’t like their direction on tall but unathletic players that are long in body but short in talent. I don’t want Lin to be part of that, and the Nets don’t either.

    Lin is a great player, in my opinion THE BEST impact player in the NBA. No matter where he goes or what league he is in, he is THE dominant player and is treated as such by opponents. He is the single most game changing player of the modern era.

    As far as where Lin will end up, it’s not Lin’s or our call. It makes no difference to me personally, as I’m satisfied with Lin’s career even if he has to retire right now.

  179. Since when was “repeating the same thing over and over again” a “problem” here?

    Everybody here is an astute NBA fan, we all see the same things.

    I wasn’t aware that there was a problem you had with us on this forum. Should I be changing my behavior then?

  180. 49% with no decisionmaking power IS a minority owner, on paper and in practice.

    By the time Tsai can bully his Nets employees for Lin to rejoin the Nets, Lin might already be in retirement.

    At big business, billionaires take into consideration every small detail. They don’t become billionaires without carefully considering all the options, even if they’re making stupid race based decisions that will cost them billions of dollars.

    The Russians are acutely aware of how Tsai feels about Lin, and that’s why they engineered the anti Lin deal with Tsai the way they did. The Russians are all too aware of how Joe Tsai is angling to make the Nets LIN’S TEAM and have engineered the deal to prevent that from happening as long as possible.

    One must understand Russian ANTI ASIAN MENTALITY and their historic business practices to see how this predictably plays out.

  181. That was the Marks plan all along.

    Marks views veterans as stopgaps that keep the Nets afloat on a temporary basis until they can be moved or cast aside for the preferred youngsters who are all on the “big and tall” side.

    Lin knew this coming in. His Nets contract was supposed to be a short term lease for Lin to anchor the starting PG and SG positions until Marks found Lin’s RACE REPLACEMENTS. Marks found Russell and Crabbe, and indeed Lin was displaced JUST LIKE I PREDICTED.

    It’s only a matter of time before Lin is ejected off the Nets again.

    The only question in my mind is how will the Nets utilize Lin next season when they have their “big and tall” slow moving low savvy three headed PG rotation of Russell, Dinwiddie, and Levert? Atkinson doesn’t want to put Lin at SG where he said “Lin got overpowered at SG”. Besides, the Nets are openly talking about replacing Lin at SG by sliding over Russell to take Lin’s SG role.

    The Nets could:
    1) Showcase Lin by playing Lin adequate minutes, though that would “impede” the development of higher priority players in the minds of the Nets

    2) Keep Lin as a DNP CD practice player like Jahlil Okafor was with rhe Sixers, just ride out his $12 million until next season is over. That’s assuming Lin opts in.

    3) Trade Lin for draft picks as a salary dump. This is the preferred way the Nets would use to dump Lin.

    4) Waive Lin, let him catch on with another team, then swallow his salary.

    5) Keep Lin, but make him inactive and tell him to stay away from the team. This is the worst possible option, and I don’t think Atkinson would be so cruel to do this to Lin.

    So where does Lin fit into all this? That is my question and the Nets’ as well.

  182. Like I told you before, what you think is “the worst” is NOT necessarily bad for Lin.

    There are many ways for Lin fans to be very optimistic about Lin, but you just refuse to see them. That’s why you keep bashing your fellow Lin fans on this forum.

  183. If a coaching scheme was so great that it could win despite not having great players, then NBA wouldn’t be throwing around huge salaries and would be paying minimum wages to replacement level players to win championships with.

  184. Lin knew exactly what he was signing up for.

    This was his only NBA chance to become a full time starting point guard. It lasted exactly one season and ended after exactly one season.

    I got flamed all
    summer on this forum for writing that “Russell would be undeservedly handed Lin’s PG position”. Well, that is EXACTLY what happened. So nobody is flaming me now.

    If the Nets could have, they’d have traded Lin last summer. But Lin’s injuries and Lin’s Asian pariah status prevented that from

  185. That is EXACTLY how the Nets see Lin: as a transition player.

    Now if we want to talk TRUE optimism, we can look forward to Lin’s next NBA team actually wanting him.

    And if no NBA team wants him, then we can look forward to Lin moving onto a different league or enjoying life after basketball.

  186. And the Russians can make things so miserable for Tsai that Tsai might not WANT to opt in.

    While the Russians control the Nets, Tsai has no power. This is how things work in the NBA for franchises like the Grizzlies and Kings where the unhappy minority owners are powerless against the majority owner.

  187. I also don’t care if Lin is PG or SG.

    Lin got stupidly criticized by Atkinson in the preseason for allegedly not being able to defend the SG position. Well, Lin faced off against Tim Hardaway who is a high double figures scorer and Oladipo who is Indiana’s go to guy and an All Star. So like always, Atkinson has no idea how STUPID he sounds when he criticizes Lin in the press.

    Lin is as good a SG as he is a PG. He wins from either position, at least in the minutes that he plays. This is why I am not the least concerned about Lin playing either SG or PG.

  188. I would be OK with Crabbe playing the way he is for $1.9 million but not $19 million.

    At $19 million, Crabbe needs to be a dominant All Star level
    player. He ISN’T.

  189. If I had to ask for an “ideal” situation for Lin, these would be my terms:

    1) Lin is allowed to play his game and be involved on both ends

    2) Lin is not made the scapegoat for his teammates’ failures, on and off the court.

    3) The team actually builds around Lin instead of constantly auditioning inferior higher paid players to be his race replacements – and using Lin’s minutes to audition those inferior players.

    4) Instead of Lin losing his role and minutes for playing well, Lin is rewarded financially and situationally for winning.

    5) Have a team that isn’t viewing Lin strictly as a one season stopgap rental.

    Other than point #1, the Nets have FAILED LIN in all the points I just mentioned.

  190. Khuang, i believe we’ve come to an impass like we did a few years back when you kept defending Mchale and I was bashing him. I have a totally different perspective as you on what the Nets will do. IMO, Lin will be a Nets for the rest of his career. Joe Tsai isn’t going to buy the Nets to lose his favourite player, a fellow Christian and a friend. Marks would a fool to get rid of the one player that both his coach and his soon to be owner both love.

    Your assessment of the Nets players are so negative and yet you refuse to see that they’ve got 18 wins already with no Brooks or Lin. The proof is always in the pudding. They didn’t get those wins by fluke. They can easily get 25-30 wins with these talentless players.

    Having worked with high performance athletes, the skills difference isn’t that far off. What is far off is the way coaches and media keep them believing the worst about themselves. They react by playing down to their expectations. Guys like Dinwiddle, levert, RHJ, Acy keeps improving because someone makes them believe in themselves.

  191. You just might see a whole lot of Russell in the near future. A trade to dump Mozgov and Russell to get back the first rounder is a great deal for both Cavs and Nets.

  192. This will be the best outcome.

  193. KHuang, I have to disagree here that Tsai has no control over the Nets. The deal with Tsai is so good for Phokhorov that he would work hard to keep Tsai happy. He still has 100% ownership of the building and and option to be 20% owner by the end of 4-year.

    And don’t underestimate about the growth of Nets in China. This line about there are months where NBA revenue from China is greater than NBA revenue from North America is quite shocking. No doubt it will play major role in any business decisions. It’s about business and money after all.

    —Finally, the acquisition by Tsai should help the popularity of the Nets in Asia and China and Taiwan in particular. The Nets are already popular there because of Jeremy Lin, but now are likely to be even more so. Tsai is the third international owner of a NBA franchise (not counting the Toronto Raptors or the defunct Vancouver Grizzlies.) He’s also the first owner of Chinese heritage. The Nets already have a Chinese language website and a big presence on Chinese language social media. Tsai no doubt will want more. There are months when NBA revenue from China is greater than NBA revenue from North America.

  194. Lin fans who are interested in business and investing 💰 would appreciate (see links below):
    – the analysis in a Forbes article about Joe Tsai’s purchase of Brooklyn Nets as a way to diversify and invest in the future: using Alibaba’s stock that trades at 18 times revenue to pay roughly 9 times revenue for the Nets. For Tsai, the $2.3 billion is a relatively cheap buy.
    – the fact quoted in an ND article on how good Tsai’s deal to purchase the Nets says that on some months the NBA revenue from China are already greater than the NBA revenue from North America. This is the type of stuff what get NBA owners and NBA excited and get off their chairs to do a little dance 😁

    Lin fans might not like to discuss Lin’s importance in marketing and generating more revenue because it seems to minimize his basketball accomplishment. But the reality is NBA is an entertainment business and the ownership and NBA want to make more money so it’s good to acknowledge that Lin has an extra staying power in the NBA because of his #3 popularity in Asia. He has both the rare combination of NBA basketball skills and marketing machine that is enviable.

    Whether we like it or not, Jeremy Lin has an extra importance to the Brooklyn Nets and the NBA because Joe Tsai has the clout and power with his Alibaba ownership to generate more cash for the NBA. How big is the influence? We get to see it by Feb 2019 trade deadline 🙂 Some say Lin will get traded, some say Lin will stay as part of joint venture in a startup called the Brooklyn Nets.

    My prediction is JLin will eventually be offered a longer-term contract (3-4 years) if he proves he can be mostly healthy by Feb 2019 trade deadline or the end of season. He gets to prove himself as a starting PG, continue to mentor young players like LeVert, Spencer, DLo, etc., helping to expand the Nets popularity in Asia, and perhaps has a future position in the Nets front office and/or Alibaba’s sport division after he retires as an NBA player in 8-9 years.
    It makes sense for Tsai to pare back his holdings in Alibaba and use the cash from the stock’s rich valuation to diversify. The NYSE-listed stock trades at a price-earnings ratio of 61 and price-book multiple of 10. The comparable multiples for the S&P 500 are 22 and three, respectively.

    Or look at it this way, Tsai is using a stock that trades at 18 times revenue to pay roughly nine times revenue for the Nets. Even before the aforementioned filing Tsai was selling shares of Alibaba. The Forbes Asia wealth team estimates he sold $665 million worth of Alibaba in the 12-month period ending August of this year.

    For Tsai, the $2.3 billion is a relatively cheap buy.
    —Finally, the acquisition by Tsai should help the popularity of the Nets in Asia and China and Taiwan in particular. The Nets are already popular there because of Jeremy Lin, but now are likely to be even more so. Tsai is the third international owner of a NBA franchise (not counting the Toronto Raptors or the defunct Vancouver Grizzlies.) He’s also the first owner of Chinese heritage. The Nets already have a Chinese language website and a big presence on Chinese language social media. Tsai no doubt will want more. There are months when NBA revenue from China is greater than NBA revenue from North America.

  195. Looks like the Nets try to drum up interest for $15M DeMarre Carroll for 1.5 year?
    Perhaps Sean Marks is looking for a package if some teams are willing to take Mozgov’s $16M contract for 2.5 more years.

    Teams will no doubt ask for Spencer ($1.5 for 1.5 year) or Harris ($1.5M for 0.5 year) whose value is very high now.

    Hard to see any offer for DLo and Lin since they’ve been out with injuries.

  196. No doubt SM will try to unload Mozgov’s massive contract but it’ll be hard since he has not been playing.

    And it’s too late to showcase DLo since the Feb 8 trade deadline is less than 2 weeks away. He’s still trying to get his shooting rhythm back after being out for so long.

    It’ll be interesting to see if SM is willing to part with Spencer. My guess is no since PG is an important role for the Nets in the years to come.

  197. “As Chinese New Year approaching, on Feb. 6, the NBA’s Weibo account will feature a live stream with Jeremy Lin as he participates in a traditional Chinese New Year dinner and answers questions from fans.(last CNY Video)”

  198. also mentioned in this larger “nba does chinese new year” piece (official release actually it says):

  199. Yikes, just checked the box score. Seems like the Nets were never in this game, wire-to-wire win for the Bucks. Aside from Joe Harris and Jarrett Allen, the +/- of the bench looked bad. DRussell had a better shooting night, but wow. 14 shots in 21 minutes, 7 turnovers and -0- assists? Not singling him out because apparently the whole team didn’t play well. But that stat line sticks out. Also, Acy -0- points in 21 mins, LeVert 4 points in 29 mins. Maybe will watch a little bit of the game later on LP.

    I’m stating the obvious. But this pattern of starters starting slow, bench comes in with energy, gets them back in it, close game at the end. Or, starters build a decent lead, but team makes mistakes, lets opponent back in it, close game at the end. Looks like tonight starters didn’t have it, and the bench was even worse. End up with blowout.

    It’s too bad that after two days off, there wasn’t enough energy. I guess what they say about young teams is true. Maintaining consistency is a challenge, will be ups and downs.

    Second half of back-to-back game on the road tomorrow, against the Timberwolves. Another challenge. Hope they can bounce back!

  200. NBA has no hesitation about leveraging JLin’s popularity in China. Confirms your point earlier about his impact on the Nets brand and Tsai’s many interconnections with JLin.

  201. Thanks for link:

    ““Jeremy Lin: Roots”: A 10-minute documentary featuring an all-access look at Nets guard Jeremy Lin’s recent journey back to Pinghu, China, the home of his maternal grandmother, will air across NBA China’s TV and digital partners. On Feb. 6, the NBA’s Weibo account will feature a live stream with Lin as he participates in a traditional Chinese New Year dinner and answers questions from fans.”

    Wonder if we’ll be able to see any of it. Maybe if a Lin fan puts it out on You-tube.

  202. Always cheers me up to see young Lin fans, especially with Lin gear on.

  203. The Forbes article was a nice read. The other half of the $2.3 billion wouldn’t even be due until he exercises the 51% option, 4 years from now. His Alibaba holdings could be worth even more by then.

    I would think the deal has closed by now. Wonder why the Nets still haven’t made an official announcement.

  204. What was especially revealing about the Nets plans for the future was what Kenny said in the article. That he is part of the discussion. Sean Marks has also often alluded to being “strategic”. So, it could be Carroll, or Harris, or Dinwiddie, or anybody! LOL. Again, confirms what we know about how the NBA machinery generally works.

    “Atkinson was asked about the Nets’ philosophy about trading players they’ve developed.

    “Every case that’s presented, we have a group discussion about it and talk about it,” he said. “We value continuity, but we also understand we need to improve. A lot of that is on [general manager Sean Mark’s] shoulders, thank God.

    “But we talk constantly and talk about those things. They’re never easy decisions when it comes down to having to deal a guy that you don’t want to let go because you’ve had him and he’s developed. But we also understand we need to get better.” – Brian Lewis, NYPost

  205. Haha. Too funny. Yeah, Psalm posted that very ironic tweet from Dan Devine, although DD suggested Dinwiddie and Mozgov.

    Just strictly on a needs basis, Cleveland probably needs Dinwiddie more, a better point guard who can give them assists, with better defense. They already have Thomas, not sure they need another guard who is mostly a scorer with questionable defense.

    Here’s another take on the Cleveland pick, from David Aldridge on

    “But every Brooklyn win makes the pick, potentially, less valuable, lessening the chances of it becoming a top pick in the Lottery in May…..Cavs’ horrible defensive flaws…..The Cavaliers have made it clear all year that they don’t want to and don’t intend to the trade the Brooklyn pick…”

  206. Yeah, SM gave up a lot to get Russell. I’m not sure who would be willing to take on Mozgov, even with other assets attached.

  207. Another update on what the NBA is planning to do to address the issues. Seems like only because it’s all the superstars that are getting all the attention with the ejections.

    So, in addition to meeting during the All-Star break:

    “2. The league will re-emphasize its “Respect for the Game” rules with referees, coaches and players to ensure consistent enforcement of those violations.

    3. The NBA Referee Operations department will expand its overall rules education initiative for coaches, players and team personnel to ensure clarity of the game’s rules and their proper interpretations.”
    I’m cynical enough to doubt it will change the officiating all that much. IMO, this is probably more public relations and window dressing, more than real consistent improvement from the refs.

  208. I posted this earlier, way down in this thread. But I liked this story so much, I want to share it again.

    This was written by Dan Devine, Yahoo sports writer, from 2012. He explains why he’s such a big Lin fan. Still is. It again shows the diversity of Lin fans.

  209. Poor Acy, highlighted last week on Shaqtin-the-fool. I like to think I can lighten up, so I laugh at these clips all the time. But, honestly, never thought they were funny for the couple of times when Lin was shown. Overly sensitive? Maybe……

    Starts at 1:45

  210. Okay. Weird tweet of the day from verified account of Daryl Morey, for several reasons:
    1) He didn’t @ or tag Jeremy.
    2) JLin plays DOTA2, not League of Legends
    3) If true, JLin is definitely much more forgiving than I would be – to help Morey with this endeavor. Maybe there is a charitable element involved?
    4) Gordon Hayward is the big LoL guy. And he’s at Boston now. Why not highlight GH?
    The conference is scheduled for Feb 23 & 24.

    “@DanReynolds we are putting together a celebrity League of Legends match at the MIT analytics conference. Jeremy Lin is playing. Please DM me if interested. You would be joining a star studded group at the conference this year – former POTUS Barack Obama is attending!”

  211. Hey Psalm. Checked in at jlinportal twitter earlier. This is not being a wise-guy. Just an observation. And only just realized 🙂

    Looking at the banner there, including JLin, only 5 players left from that group, if we even count Whitehead. Wow.

  212. As a follow-up to Psalm’s post of the Fortune article evaluating the Joe Tsai acquisition.

    Some other things to consider too, which may or may not impact the future revenue of the Nets. The NBA is considering legalizing gambling on its games. If Chinese government ever allows this in China, talk about revenues! “…the laws on sports betting should be changed,” Silver said, citing sports betting’s popularity both among fans in the United States and throughout the world…”

    JLIn has gotten involved with e-sports fairly early on. Is there another possible connection here? “Chinese e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba believes it is only a matter of time before its bet on competitive video gaming comes up big. ”

  213. Latest horrible NBA injury: Boogie Cousins. Torn Achilles. Injuries can happen to anyone playing at any time.

  214. I find them mostly funny. Lin’s were funny. When Lin sported the Mahawk Shaq said maybe some of that hair grease leaked into his brain. I thought that was funny.

  215. Mike Conley is now out for the remainder of the season. This is a tough season for injuries in the NBA.

  216. I apologize the website has been down due to malware attacks that overwhelmed the server. But after working with tech support and server admins for 10 hours, it looks to be good, up, and running.

    I will need to make preparation to secure the website more or migrate it to a different ISP. Thank you for your understanding and patience. It has been a frustrating day indeed. Let’s hope the malware is 100% deleted and won’t be back again.

  217. one horrible injury behind; roberson carted off for okc in earlier game with what mite be perhaps the same injury as lin?

    and conley also announced now out for the year.

    btw i couldn’t access this site all day today until just now just a lot of weird error messages.

    seems like some kind of continued hacking going on? but why? its basically just the lin the zone blog now (not complaining or criticizing) with an occasional mod or other.

    lin hasn’t played in forever; why would any one possibly want to keep messing with dis site?

    or is there some other explanation. could be js. me i suppose.

  218. there has been malware attacks that affected the server so I have been working with the ISP tech support to clean them up. Lately it has been getting more prevalent with WordPress sites so I need to find out how to increase the security and close any loopholes.

    I might need to migrate to another web server soon in 2-3 months. When it does, I’ll let everyone know if there needs to be a scheduled downtime for 2-3 hours.

    I apologize for the inconvenience. It has been a thorn in my flesh in the past few months so hopefully it fixes the problem for a while 🙁

  219. Yes, when we think about the money being involved, there’s definitely incentives for Phokorov to keep Tsai happy.

    And the recent bad news about Phokorov can’t be very good either.

  220. Seriously, your hard work is Lincredible! Such a sacrifice of time and energy. We all appreciate it. I know I do.

  221. Hey 1mtoldman. Sorry if I seem to be hijacking the threads. Have been a long time lurker, maybe since inception of the site. But only joined in November, after Lin went down. Guess there were a lot of posts built up over time that needed venting. LOL.

    In all seriousness. If you have the time, I wish you could post more. You are a proponent of the Points Per Shot stat. And I agree. I think that’s a much more meaningful number than points per game, and even points per minutes, for sure. Should be more widely used as reference.

  222. Very sad. Unfortunately, yes, they are saying it’s the same injury as Lin. It’s not supposed to be a common injury. Yet, two in same NBA season?

    Another sad connection. Spencer Dinwiddie has a girlfriend, who helps him run his foundation. Andre Roberson is his girlfriend’s brother.

  223. I don’t remember which one that is. That line in itself IS funny. Hope it’s not the one I object to. Where Lin had an open fast break layup. Butler came up behind and tripped Lin, so Lin lost the ball and missed the layup. Add insult to injury. Not only didn’t he get the foul call, Shaqtin makes fun of him.

    There was another one from Lakers where I think Lin & Kobe and other guys were in huddle on sidelines and the opposing team inbounded the ball. Lame. The refs should have blown the whistle before letting the ball be inbounded.

    Yeah, I admit it. Lin only fans can be overly sensitive sometimes.

  224. Yes, I saw that. He was livid. Or trying to light a fire under the guys. Or both.

    I think he had a legitimate complaint. Jimmy Butler by himself had 14 free throw attempts. The entire Nets team only had 15.

    In the meantime. Harris missed a couple of layups because he got hacked. No calls for him. It was terrible.

  225. NBA doesn’t respect Kenny or the Nets, the bias and rigging is clear as daylight! Even Lin has gotten less calls since joining the Nets and he used to have way more FTs even when the refs were bias.

  226. Don’t see why not, if state governments can gain revenue from Casinos, the NBA sure can consider legalizing gambling for their games. It’s a lot of money loss and gone to illegal betting sites really.

  227. To imagine, Morey has the nerve to invite Lin after treating him like dirt and ruining his reputation! JLin should’ve just declined really but I guess he tries not to hold grudges.

  228. Agreed!
    But it seems like all the teams are complaining. That’s why the NBA is arranging all these meetings with each of the 30 teams. I think it will probably clear the air a little bit. Good for PR. But probably won’t improve officiating that much over time.

  229. JeremyLin林書豪(Weibo)
    Finally I understand why girls need to do this!”

  230. you’re correct. Very sad to see how quickly the roster have changed 🙁 I guess it’s a sad reminder that NBA is a ruthless league but it’s quite amazing how JLin has survived in 7 years =)

    Out of 14 players, only Lin, RHJ, LeVert, Harris, and Whitehead are still there. And Whitehead is in Long Island Nets

  231. Yeah, they’re talking about billions.

    If they do legalize gambling for the NBA, I wonder if the teams will have to be more transparent about injuries. And if there will be even more complaints about bad officiating impacting the game results.

  232. thank you, it’s good to know there are faithful Lin fans so it might be worth it. TBH it’s getting harder to find time to manage it with all the family and work responsibilities plus these malicious hackers. I’ll see how things go. Hopefully things will be okay

  233. Definitely glad the good guy (Lin) refuses to quit!

    And I really really hope they can find a way to keep Harris.

    As it turned out, they happened to call Whitehead up from LI Nets for tonight’s game. I guess because of all the injuries.

  234. Believe it or not, it’s hard enough for me to find time just to make posts here. So I can imagine how tough it must be to be the owner of the site.

    Wish there was something we can do to help. If there is anything, please LET US KNOW!

  235. It even made SportsCenter.
    Hope it lights fire for the Nets players to see how he went out there to protect them from bad ref calls

  236. I know, right?
    I’m thinking maybe there will be raising funds for charity, or something like that, as motivation for Lin.

  237. Hahahaha. What a character!

  238. Thanks for having a website at all.

    This is the prime pro Lin web forum right now, so you are doing very important work.

    Thanks for hosting us.

  239. It won’t improve anything.

    The NBA is a RIGGED LEAGUE where the league sends representatives to the refs before every game and TELLS the refs how to bias the games.

    The refs are easily capable of calling a very straight game. But the NBA refuses to let them because then it spoils “competitive balance”. This is what makes the “good”
    teams seemingly invincible and the “bad” teams seemingly hapless. The NBA still has that Commissioner David Stern mentality that dynasties somehow have to be artificially “created” in order to maximize earnings (Stern was WRONG about that).

    If Lin were officiated the same way nonAsians were, Lin would suddenly become a Michael Jordan level scorer who would get to the free throw line over 10 times a game. Lin would become pretty much the best player in the NBA overnight, it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the league for Lin to be officiated fairly.

    Similarly, “top” teams like the Warriors and Spurs and Rockets would drastically lose their “competitive advantage”. The NBA would see much more parity and the bad teams would start beating the good teams with alarming regularlity. We’d see lower scoring games, more competitive games, a whole new “star structure” with Lin at the very top of the league, and the whole flavor of the league would become much more NFL-like in that the focus would be more on the game and less on “personalities”. But the NBA would make even more money because the horrible rigged officiating has made the NBA a laughingstock among pro sports.

    So when I watch the NBA, I am
    aware of the insanely bad REF CHEATING that goes on every game. It’s less pronounced in the playoffs, depending on who’s playing. If a Lin team plays well and loses because of reffing, I don’t get bent out of shape because I know it’s NOT REAL the way the WWE isn’t real.

    I wish the NBA was more like Mongolian wrestling which is one of the fairest pro sports in the world. In that sport, anyone can rise to the top because traditionally there just aren’t that many ways to cheat.

  240. It has been the roughest season ever for NBA injuries.

    Coaches blame the shortened preseason, but I don’t buy it.

    The truth is that players today play much harder on both ends of the court than they ever have in the past. Anybody now, particularly high impact players like Lin and Cousins, are at serious risk for season ending injury.

  241. No, you’re not hijacking the threads at all.

    You’re one of our most important members here, your pro Lin voice is really needed at a time like this.

    I don’t think it’s possible for a pro Lin fan to “hijack” a pro Lin site with messages of POSITIVITY.

  242. justified anger–that’s my kind of boss– u know he got your back 🙂 🙂

  243. A historical discussion that explains why Lin and his bad teams always get ref cheated:

    When Commissioner David Stern started to take over the NBA in 1980, pro basketball was a SHAMBLES.

    At the time, pro basketball was regarded as a druggie dirty league filled with bad unsavory racially unacceptable characters. The American public, still heavily racist in its views, simply largely refused to accept pro basketball because it was heavily African American.

    Then two things happened that changed pro basketball: the ABA NBA merger in 1976 and the emergence of rookie Larry Bird soon after. What the ABA did was bring the REAL talent to the NBA in the form of mostly black high flying stars like Julius Erving, and then of course the pro white American media hheralded Larry Bird as the “Great White Hope” and treated Magic Johnson as Bird’s “race nemesis”.

    Stern, at the time, astutely saw an opportunity to MAKE A BUCK. He capitalized on Bird’s white popularity in contrast to the black high flying talent as a way to get American viewers to pay big money to watch the league. Stern’s strategy worked mainly because Larry Bird was so good that he’d have been the best player in the NBA even if the refs weren’t rigged in favor of his Boston team. Audiences, mainly pro white but also black audiences, just LOVED Bird.

    Unfortunately, Stern used this tactic of BAD REFFING to “generate” stars across the NBA and to “create dynasties”. Stern’s NBA guys would predetermine who gets to be the big stars and winning teams based on media markets and revenue. Of course, that didn’t prevent a truly poorly run team like the James Dolan Knicks from sucking year after year, much to the ongoing consternation of the NBA.

    Linsanity completely took the NBA by surprise. The NBA wasn’t ready for an Asian American to suddenly become the best player in the league overnight. In their racist opinion, Lin singlehandedly threw their entire moneymaking scheme out of whack and threatened to expose the shoddy refereeing that was creating “dynasties” and “superstars”. Since Linsanity, the NBA has been on a constant mission to prevent the Asian guy from succeeding again.

    Because the NBA is run by older generation American males who don’t have a clue that the world is changed and that the general public is not as vitriolically anti Asian as it used to be, the NBA still has the 40 year old outdated mentality that “Asians are the ENEMY” and that “Asians are bad for business”. The truth is that Lin has always been one of the NBA’s biggest figures on and off the court, particularly financially. So though the conservative elder generation of America still regards Lin as America’s ENEMY, the younger generation regards Lin as ONE OF THEIR OWN.

    The unfortunate thing is that the pro Asian views of younger generation Americans will not overtake the NBA during Lin’s playing career. That means Lin will be subject to more illegal reffing and leaguewide racial ridicule.

    If Lin were officiated fairly, he would become an All Star averaging over 20 ppg and being utterly unstoppable like a modern day Michael Jordan. I would go so far to say that if Lin was given Jordan’s EXTREME preferential ref cheating treatment, Lin would have competed evenly straight up against Jordan similar to how Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were able to play each other straight up.

    I myself am acutely aware of the shifts in how Americans perceive Asians because I work in the WEDDING INDUSTRY as a pro entertainer.

    99% of the time (not 99.9% or 99.99%), I have utterly no professional traction with older generation Americans when they are clients or agents. I have only 6 consistent agents that regularly hire me, and only 2 of them give me steady work (i.e. more than 2 gigs a year). The older I get, the more clients I get and it’s not because I’m getting better. It’s because younger audiences don’t have the same anti Asian mentality that older generations do. I’ve become so attuned to this that I can always tell BEFORE I’m hired who’s going to hire me and who isn’t, and that’s why I can accurately predict exactly how NBA front offices feel about Lin.

  244. the nets are now 7-17 in their last 24. prior to that they were 11-15 in their first 26. were they to continue at the pace of their last 24 they would have twenty some wins on the season which would be consistent with their past two seasons and indeed 6 of their last 9.

    perhaps more interesting is the “point guard curse” which mite well be called the “curse of the kidd”.

    2006 was the last time (with one exception) that the nets had their scheduled starting point guard (kidd) start 70 or more games for them. in 2007 kidd forced a trade out to dallas and from then on for the last 11 seasons only deron williams in 2012 the nets most sucessfull season managed 70 games as a starting pg (he failed to do that in all the rest of his seasons with the nets and of course the nets are still paying him!–i think?)

    last season of course lin only played 30 some games and this season both lin and russell went down without reaching anything close to 70. i suppose you could argue that dinwiddie this season could theoretically (just barely) break the curse, but clearly at the start of the season he was not intended to be the starting point guard. maybe it was lin maybe it was russell. but certainly not dinwiddie. so i dont think that counts.

    since kidd seems to have brought this on by actively agitating to leave (something he has done elsewhere tho his recent results seem to be not that great)–i think (and this is nothing new to me many long term nets fans have given this view) it should be named “the curse of the kidd”.

    as to the return of russell and its possible effects: well only one game now has he actually played any significant minutes and the results were consistent with past performance; lots of shots, lots of points, a big loss and pretty much the worst +/- on the team.

    it remains true following the previously walker now russell index that “anyone taking that many shots would score that many points” (actually after his last game for the first time this season fully true with no exceptions, usually there are one or two). and his usage rate has equally escalated; he’s fourth now behind only harden westbrook and embid. (and ahead of boogie and the greek).

    and im still holding comment on lins possible future on this “curse of the kidd” team. (to date his actual experience here has been the inverse of the enthusiasm with which he was met– something i would argue has been a consistent and progressive fact thru all his post-“linsanity” days).

  245. The Butler one wasn’t funny.

    tbh, Shaq’s getting on Javale McGhee got obnoxious. That was way more horrible than what he did to any other player. It started off as funny, but then he started to pick on McGhee. That felt like bullying and was the worst aspect of Shaqtin a Fool.

  246. As far as this point guard “curse” goes, it’s not a superstition to me. It’s REAL.

    The curse is this: Russian Nets management has done a poor job of selecting NBA talent.

    When Prokhorov and his CSKA contacts first entered the NBA, they tried to buy expensive players. But all the ended up with was broken down expensive older players that played poorly. This caused the younger Nets to falter and get injured, particularly in the backcourt whenever vaunted guys like Deron Williams predictably went down.

    Now in the current Lin era, Russian ownership knowingly put together two teams full of NBA castoffs who had failed repeatedly in previous stints. The only two veterans in two years that have not been big time failures with other teamd are Lin and Lopez – and opponents targeted those two exclusively with their game plans. Well, now Lopez is gone and so opponents are solely focused on Lin. No wonder Lin gets physically bashed repeatedly in Nets games.

    This is no mere “curse”. This is a systematically arrived result of POOR basketball planning spanning many years, and it literally all ends on at Lin’s feet to deal with.

  247. Stern didn’t take over as NBA Commissioner until 1984, I believe.

  248. How is a racist Asian hating troll like you NOT BANNED?

    You are too young to know how influential David Stern was before he even became commissioner.

  249. I was positive on McHale for one season for starting Lin, then I turned on him. Don’t even try to say I am a McHale supporter.

    Your problem
    is that you are so rah rah toward the Nets just because they’re Lin’s team, you’re PRETENDING that these guys are long time castoffs that other teams didn’t want because they CANNOT PLAY.

    See, I’m not a Lin only fan like you. I follow the ENTIRE LEAGUE, not just Lin. I’m far more aware than you of how these players were coddled by other teams and then ejected for failure. I didn’t make up the way these players are perceived, it’s ACTUAL RECORDED HISTORY.

    The reason your predictions keep going wrong and mine keep going right is because I am a generalized NBA fan that follows the entire league while you follow only Lin. And that’s why my predictions rarely go wrong.

  250. Joe Tsai has no BASKETBALL control.

    The Russians made sure they stuck it to the Asian guyS this way.

  251. It is all about Sean Marks clearing out the roster for “his” big and tall guys, RHJ excepted.

    Marks seems to think that big and tall is all it takes to win in the NBA.

  252. Didn’t Lin make Shaqtin’ A Fool years ago when he threw up a last second contested airball against the Blazers in the playoffs?

    I remember the commentators making fun of Lin. I shrugged my shoulders because a last second contested airball play is a routine basketball play, not an egregious bonehead violation.

  253. Heh heh, McGee got the last laugh.

    He won the title, got heralded by his coach and teammates as the fine basketball player he’s always been, and Shaq got roasted not just by fans and players but his own family.

    It’s all good, it’s ENTERTAINMENT

  254. I don’t do NBA trade rumors, but I sometimes wish the Nets and Suns would swap Greg Monroe and Jeremy Lin.

    Both players would be expiring rentals, but at least they fit on the basketball court.

    Greg Monroe actually has played very well in Phoenix, and of course that’s why the Suns are desperately trying to get rid of him.

  255. If there’s one thing Lin fans like myself are good at, it’s recognizing Lin’s “game within the game”.

    When Lin plays, he always tries to win in the minutes he plays. Despite usually having the odds stacked against him especially by his own teams, Lin usually comes out on top no matter who the opponent is.

    We Lin fans recognize that Lin can have a great game even if his teammates are getting destroyed. For example, I have felt that Lin has historically played very well against MVPs Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook. Lin’s team usually lost because Lin’s teammates were overmatched, but Lin at least made sure that he wasn’t the reason his team lost.

    With the biased officiating killing the Nets, I personally don’t truly care if the Nets win or lose once Lin comes back (assuming Lin ever suits up for the Nets again). As long as they play hard and compete honestly, I can tolerate the ref garbage and bad play from weak teammates and still enjoy Lin’s time on the court the way I did when I thought he played so well in LA.

  256. Blake Griffin is traded from LA Clippers to the Detroit Pistons.
    First blockbuster trade?

  257. I saw an article about possibly trading Monroe for Nerlens Noel.
    It’s hard to see anyone has high interest trade to get JLin before they see he can play healthy next season.

    And I have to say the Nets has much better culture than the Suns 🙂

  258. Is he dating Kendal Jenner? She is not moving from LA to Detroit.

  259. Agree, the Suns have one of the worst team cultures in the NBA.

    But I want Lin to go to any NBA team that WANTS HIM – if there’s such a thing.

  260. Wow, that’s a bit of a shock.

    That’s a major Clippers REBUILD.

  261. DeAndre Jordan to the Cavs, Tristan Thomas/Kevin Love to the Clippers.

  262. not real

  263. So much for the $132M cornerstone of the franchise. Who helped mess up the DeAndre Jordan signing with the Mavs. (Which in turn MIGHT have messed up JLin signing with the Mavs.) My question is, does Stan Van Gundy really think Griffin will help the Pistons win now? I don’t see the fit. But, what do I know? (shrug)

    Another example of no loyalty from teams to players. No one is untouchable.

    We Lin fans know the score. Which is why we “hope for the best, but prepare for the worse”.

  264. —–“As long as they play hard and compete honestly, I can tolerate the ref garbage and bad play from weak teammates and still enjoy Lin’s time on the court the way I did when I thought he played so well in LA.”

    That’s the way I see it. Hate everything in the NBA that surrounds Lin. But if Lin comes back healthy, and get time on the court. We can look forward to the fun again!

  265. As a Lin fan still with that bit of PTSD, the arrival of Russell, with his poor history, to the Nets was not great news.

    And, so far, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT about Russell’s stats. Ignoring the first year when he was rookie under BS Scott. His Percentages, especially FT%, are pretty bad. I attached a link with the numbers.

    But that’s how the NBA works. All the hype about total points scored, and nothing about how inefficient the player is, and how it doesn’t help the team win. Have they learned nothing from Carmelo Anthony?

    The stat that I laugh at a lot is whenever they talk about Russell being one of the youngest player to “do this and this”. Well, he was a one-and-done, with high usage! Like when Lebron just got celebrated for being the youngest to get to 30,000 points. The youngest, sure, DUUUUHH. He came into the League out of high school! He was given the ball, and had a four-year head-start! How is the age in itself an accomplishment?

    However, and I’m just GUESSING here. Maybe Marks thought that, since Russell had such a bad time with the Lakers, that he would be humbled enough to want the second chance with the Nets to work out. And to rebuild his reputation. Because he was only 21, maybe Marks thought that it’s not too late for Kenny to re-train Russell to buy into the Nets system.

    I’m always willing to give someone some benefit of the doubt. And I’m referring to BOTH Sean Marks and Russell. And as Lin fans, it’s not like we have a choice. So, let’s see what develops.

    Certainly, if Russell can learn to play team ball, and not to grab individual glory. If he can improve his efficiency, and make better decisions. Then when Lin gets back next year, that will be a good thing for Lin. LET’S HOPE SO.

  266. I know Shaqtin makes fun of everybody, “superstars” included. I mean, Harden was the Shaqtin MVP last year. LOL.

    So, it’s not like they pick on Lin specifically. And off-court, Lin himself is a clown a lot of times.

    Like you said, if it’s a true boneheaded play, then okay, he’s fair game. But when it’s not, I just don’t always appreciate Lin being made fun of.

  267. Even aside from Shaqtin, Shaq thinks he’s the ultimate judge on big guys. He’s always harshest in his criticism of them.

    With the Shaqtin stuff on McGee, I agree. McGee got tired of it and didn’t appreciate it one bit. Unless it was a phony feud to stir up ratings. Otherwise, it reflected very poorly on Shaq.

  268. This is a GREAT story! Thanks for posting!

    Loved this part: “The 6’ 1″ sophomore Baylor guard gets positively giddy at the mention of the Nets’ Jeremy Lin.” Haha.

    And this part: “Natalie played for NBA veteran Jason Terry on his Lady Jets AAU team from sixth through ninth grades.” Now I have to bring down my dislike of Jason Terry one notch. Kudos that he gave Chou an opportunity!

  269. Do you mean the stories of Russian Olympians and doping and cover-ups?

    Maybe this is why Prokhorov wants to sell sooner rather than later? If proven to be true, he might have been forced to sell, and who knows what the valuation will be then.

  270. fake account.

  271. OT – David Lee’s fiancée, Caroline Wozniacki just won her first grand slam title at the Australian Open. And just got World #1 ranking. She’s 27, relatively old in terms of tennis age, to win the first grand slam. GOOD FOR HER! Good for DL too, haha!

    Starts at 12:35, she thanks her father, and DL too:

  272. OT – funny interview with RHJ & Caris LeVert. Chemistry does matter.

  273. BTW, it’s not just Lin fans who may have concerns. Some Nets fans seem to have doubts too.

  274. I don’t like Bryan Fonseca much. Another one of those bloggers who fights with Lin fans on twitter.

    But this was a podcast interview with Howard Beck. Beck is relatively good journalist, used to be with New York Times. I think Beck is a friend/fan of Lin. Wrote nice articles about Lin during Knicks days. He had interesting comments about the Nets and trades and culture. Worth a quick listen. Not verbatim, but essentially said:

    “Do the Nets now sell high, you’ve got guys now with value, that contenders could use (Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris, DeMarre Carroll)…..but those guys are also the epitome of your culture now….if you trade them, that would be painful as an organization to do…..what Rockets and Daryl Morey were doing, just churning through guys….and what the 76ers were doing, LOOKING AT GUYS AS ASSETS INSTEAD OF AS PEOPLE…..there’s a certain logic to selling high, but what does that do to your culture that you have spent the last two seasons building……how do you weigh these things…..who do you think are the guys that will define your franchise for the next 5 to 10 years…..”

    Starts at 1:09:18 until the end

  275. JLin making positive impact on young kids. Always heartwarming!

  276. Okay, haven’t been following this story. But just saw this. Hmmmm…….

  277. Exactly why it’s better to get a max contract because it means you will play no matter what! The team acquiring Blake is obviously looking to build around him. No way you’re giving up that much to “bench” someone. That’s the difference between being seen as a star and a player like Lin.

    If Lin can stay healthy and break out next year his team should ask for a min of 4-5 year max contract.

  278. Players like Russell grew up idolizing Kobe and wanting to be like him! You seriously think he can change? You can tell he doesn’t respect Lin and already acts like he’s the man of the team.

  279. I saw the list but not sure about the implication. Does it mean NBA wants to distance itself from Putin’s oligarchs?

  280. And after the Clippers recruited him heavily last year to be a Clipper for life, players won’t trust Clippers FO anymore

  281. Part of the grand plan to recruit LeBron

  282. Not sure about that. But if true, then yes probably not likely

  283. We were rooting for her as well. She’s had it rough since when she was the hot shot rookie…number 1…no slams….engaged to Rory McILroy and basically left standing at the alter! She’s worked so hard to complete her game and found a nice guy as well. She deserves what she got.

    The other great story was young 21 year old Korean Hyeon Chung who beat Djokovic by out Djokovicing him and advancing to the semifinals of a slam. He needs to change his serve ( a lot ) to contend for slams in the future. Even if he doesn’t, he’ll be a top 10 player and hover around there for his career. He may just develop the same elbow injury that’s killing the real Djokovic.

    Exciting to see another superstar Asian on the rise.

  284. This is great news for all of us starved for updates on JLin’s status…SI is doing a series on JLin’s rehab…. here’s the first.

  285. Beautiful.

  286. Thank you. I watched the 8 minutes video twice already. 🙂

  287. Just saw this! Makes me excited for the new season!

  288. Hard to maximize his shootimg when he’s forced to limit his skills to accommodate the motion offense.

  289. Thanks for posting!.

    JLin’s family is such a great support system for him! His little nephew is totally cute cute cute!

    Was wondering when this video series will start. Jared Zwerling talked about this back in December. We suspected the subject might be to follow his rehab process. It will be very interesting to track his progress! I’m guessing the Nets front office also agreed to this behind-the-scenes look.

  290. Okay, caught up with what’s going on.

    Per “The Treasury list, copied uncritically from a Forbes Russia list, shows the Trump administration isn’t serious about sanctions…..The individuals on the list aren’t subject to any restrictions “. It is nothing new, so looks like Brian Lewis was correct in saying it’s just an arbitrary listing, no sanctions implied or expected. And won’t impact the Nets.

    From that, I will stay away from the politics here.

  291. IS IT JUST ME?

    Didn’t have problem the first time. But then, tried a couple of times to re-watch the video, via the link at SI dot com. Got “Trojan malware” warnings. Luckily it was blocked.

    Really strange because you would think SI would be a safe site.


    Here is the video on Sports Illustrated channel on You-tube. Hopefully, much safer to watch it on there.

  292. NO

    Lin got CAREER NUMBERS in the motion offense, you cannot say that the motion offense does not work for Lin.

  293. Stern was influential long before 1984 in commissioner level dealings, but you are too young and CLUELESS to know what actually happened.

  294. I’m trying to think of how Lin can improve his game and physique at Fortius.

    I can’t think of any ways in which Lin can.

    I think that this SABBATICAL for Lin is all about resting his body after so many years of illegal NBA pounding.

  295. Thanks for the YouTube video. Good to get some updates from JLin.

  296. Trust me, Russell does not have enough game to be Lin’s RACE REPLACEMENT.

    For the last two seasons, Russell has amply demonstrated that he is a SLOWFOOTED UNATHLETIC tall guard who can’t get to the rim and can’t defend his position. Two years of heavy usage stats have shown that with alarming consistency.

    Russell’s poor play is going to continue. Unlike Lin who has the athleticism and savvy to adjust to whatever the defense is giving him, Russell simply isn’t fast or explosive enough to do anything other than flit around in the midrange and shoot uncontested jumpers. In short, Russell is NOT A STAR like Lin.

    Regardless of whether Lin ever suits up for the Nets again, the Nets and their Lin hating fans will learn the hard way that Russell simply CANNOT PLAY.

  297. I wouldn’t say he can’t play. I don’t really care for his game but he puts up big scoring numbers. He can also put up assists numbers. And unfortunately, that’s today’s NBA criteria. No matter how inefficiently, if you average 20/7 you’re considered a star. You can basically not play defense, like Harden, and be considered a star.

    I don’t find fans Lin hating. It’s just, they forgot how good he is. And they are youth obsessed. But there are a few fans I find, even on the team sites, that miss Lin and think he’s the best guy for the team at starting PG for many years to come.

  298. More flexibility. When Lin made of video of him doing yoga he had a tough time.

    The game, just expand on what he does now. Drive less but still draw fouls. Maybe find ways to have less hard contact. That sort of stuff.

  299. As far as I know, Lin is the only PG who has led Nets to defeat Knicks in this era of Sean Marks and Atkinson despite the improvements of the team.
    I myself think Lin’s injury comes to me as a kind of blessing. If not for his injury, he would be battered badly and meaninglessly for Nets. Now Nets is noticeably improving. When Lin comes back, he will have the supporting cast he needs to succeed which he hadn’t had before injury.
    While Nets as a team is reviving with more talents, Lin is also reviving with a new body. Lin hasn’t played that many years in NBA as his age shows now. He’s actually not that old. God is protecting him from playing for a real bad team.
    Lin is the PG who always made this team a totally different team.

  300. Very close game at Barclay’s tonight. Dinwiddie and Russell are the leading scorers on the Nets. Simmons on the 76ers. It’s a high scoring game.

  301. Hey guys! Are we back?

  302. How are these career numbers? I don’t think he even got 30+ on any games he’s played for the Nets? Not to mention his 3 point shooting and mid ranges were off.

  303. From what? Trading and the economy, yes we are.

  304. Even if lin is back healthy, he will no longer be able to play NBA level starter minutes.

  305. Isaiah Canaan broke his ankle in a most gruesome way. This is an incredibly brutal season for injuries in the NBA.

  306. He really should be doing tai chi with socks on a slippery surface. It will teach his body how to stretch while perfecting active balance.

  307. I think you have it backwards… Fonseca was attacked by Lin fans on Twitter, simply for reporting some news.

  308. Another bad trade of the Pistons.

  309. Wow, just checked box score and Jarret Allen had a super efficient night with 16pts and 12 rebs on 6 shots. He’s really coming along nicely. Nets are now with 19 wins.
    Disturbingly, Russell took 15 shots in 16 min of play. Luckily he was 50/40 efficiency but that’s just unreal numbers. It’s almost unbelievable that he was taking a shot/min.

  310. I can’t say enough about the Nets’ injuries but there is a funny side of those injuries. Every time a player is injuried, it provides a development opportunity for the next player up. When Lin is injuried, DLo takes the opportunity to step up nonetheless he didn’t last long but he seems to learn from this experience now. Then DLo got injured, Dinwiddie and LeVert step up and they have developed well enough to be decent PGs for the team. Now RHJ and LeVert get injured, Jarret Allen and DLo pick up the opportunity to assert themselves. Injuries pretty soon turn out to be blessing for team development.

    The injury of the Nets have turned out to be blessing for the team because they provide excellent opportunities for player development. At the beginning of the season, we all thought the front court of Nets is going to be the problem for the team. With RHJ out, Jarret Allen and Jahil Okafor have asserted pretty well in the front cour. Zeller played pretty well for Nets all season but his service is temporarily not needed because big Jah and young Allen became very interesting to watch in the paint. Apparently the time that Nets being weak in the front court would soon be over. Now Nets could have 3 bigs that could play; Zeller, Okafor and Allen. They are all looking good; so good that Mozgov has to sit on the bench and watch.

    Next season when Lin comes back, Nets will have a healthy and very deep team to watch. More draft choices are coming in too. What can I say about Atkinson? Nets have found the right coach.

  311. Scoring is the main part of DLo’s game. Fortunately, he hasn’t played long enough to impede the ball movement.

  312. That’s a bad assumption. If Lin is back and healthy, his speed alone will be unmatched.

  313. I do think Russell is just the material to be a role player. He could be an excellent bench player to come in and score some baskets in a hurry.

  314. I agree, scoring is the main part of DLo’s game. I guess I’m OK with his shots last night because he wasn’t playing well and needed to bust out. But I share Acbc’s concerns with his volume of shots.

  315. I mostly agree with this. I don’t think DLo’s development was due to Lin’s injury. He was going to start and play regardless of Lin getting injured or not. I think Dinwiddie’s development was where he had to play PG and even moreso when DLo went down, as you mentioned.

    For next season, I’m not sure if the Nets have too many guards for the minutes in the game or not. We’ll have to see. If they can make Lin, Din work with DLo and LeVert, then they have a powerful group of guards. Just have to pray for their health, especially Lin since he’s not played many games as a Net.

  316. If he starts from the bench, there shouldn’t be any problem for the team.

  317. If the Nets had not made all those STUPID TRADES FOR BAD PLAYERS, we probably would be watching a healthy Lin and Lopez as the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference!

  318. D’Angelo Russell is a player that can only score out of two man pick and roll isos.

    Russell doesn’t have enough game, fundamentals, or court vision to play effectively in a true motion offense system.

    Atkinson will have to do what he did earlier in the season (and another CORRECT summer prediction of mine): abandon the motion offense and let Russell run his low efficiency two man pick and rolls if the Nets want Russell to get back on his game.

  319. Not necessarily.

    If Lin has the right help around him, then opponents cannot double and triple Lin as hard. That would limit the hits Lin takes.

  320. I saw the Knicks against the Celtics last night.

    The Celtics guards are not Lin’s equal in creativity or athleticism or unselfishness, but they broke by the slow NY guards at will and caused secondary defensive failures by the Knicks whose bigs valiantly tried to cover up the mistakes of the guards.

    Lin has been THE SCOURGE of the Knicks, just like Lin has been against many NBA teams.

  321. Lin with the Nets guards other than Levert will not work.

    The other Nets guards are just too damn untalented and unathletic to play the intelligent consistent relentless rugged two way winning basketball that Lin does. Those nonLin Nets guards just don’t have it athletically or mentally to consistently compete against real NBA backcourts, even with Lin protecting them.

    The Nets without Lin have the worst backcourt in the NBA.

  322. There will be no less hard contact.

    In Lin’s entire NBA career, he has never played with a single teammate that has been good enough to siphon the crushing double and triple teams away from Lin.

    Even when Lin had Harden and Howard, opponents still sent three guys at Lin every game. Opponents that didn’t (i.e. Spurs and Cavs) got LIT UP LINSANITY STYLE.

    That’s why the triple teams won’t stop coming.

  323. I respectfully disagree, as I don’t like modern day Chinese government sanctioned Tai Chi as an exercise or a martial art.

  324. The Nets are still
    horrifically weak in the front court.

    As long as RHJ continues to start, opposing power forwards will torture the Nets every single game. RHJ CANNOT DEFEND.

    Allen is doing OK offensively, but he still cannot guard anyone. I predicted this summer he would struggle defensively, and he will continue to. Many young NBA big men never truly figure out how to defend adequately and wash out of the NBA entirely.

  325. Whether Russell is with the starters or bench, the Nets will have to abandon the motion offense because Russell can’t do anything other than dribble around behind a screen and shoot.


    I’m so tired of this WIMP RACIST Mark Michaels SPEWING DISINFORMATION.

    Administration, BAN THIS TROLL who goes from forum to forum spreading LIES AND RACISM against Asians.

    This troll is on the other Lin site currently spreading hatred. He is a Houston Rockets Clutchfans troll racist spambot.

    This is a pro Lin site that says it is anti troll. PLEASE CLEAN UP THIS FORUM!

  327. Spencer Dinwiddie is in the Skills Challenge at the All Star Game.

  328. Only twice?!!!! isk isk isk 🙂

  329. Thx for the alert, we will keep an eye, thus far Mark had not broken any rules.

    Whatever said on the other site, will remain there…lets not carry forward here.

  330. I saw this site was hacked…

  331. is it?! when…sorry I was away

  332. Well, maybe it wasnt but i tried to visit and when i clicked, nothing came up… just nonsense letters…

  333. Rise of Brooklyn Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie Continues With Skills Challenge Invite

    Spencer Dinwiddie will get a chance to show off his skills in front of a national audience

    February 01, 2018 | Alex Labidou

    Months of fan-driven campaigns for Spencer Dinwiddie to be in All-Star weekend have finally paid off.

    The 24-year-old is scheduled to participate in the 2018 Taco Bell Skills Challenge in his hometown of Los Angeles. Without question, it is proper recognition for an unexpected breakout season by the Nets’ guard.

    Dinwiddie has significantly improved in his fourth-year in the NBA, averaging career-highs in every major statistical category: Points (13.4), assists (6.4) and rebounds (3.3). In his first season as a full-time starter, he is among the top five in assist-to-turnover ratio (4.04) among qualified players, top 10 in assist percentage (35.7) and is in the top 30 in Real Plus-Minus at (3.31).

    Most importantly, Dinwiddie never wavered at the challenges thrown his way. When Brooklyn saw its two leading guards in Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell go down with significant injuries, Dinwiddie embraced the role of being both the leading playmaker and go-to guy with the game on the line. He sits just outside the top 10 in clutch scoring – points scored in the final five minutes of close games. And whether he makes an incredible game-winner like in Detroit on Jan. 21 or misses – his demeanor remains the same: Confident. He never shies away from tough questions during postgame media scrums and genuinely believes he can go toe-to-toe with the elite players in the league.

    Make no mistake, the Skills Challenge isn’t the NBA All-Star Game. Yet, just a season ago, Dinwiddie was fighting for his NBA survival in the G League. There was a very real possibility that he could have been in Europe instead of being one of the league’s most exciting young guards. Dinwiddie always uses the word opportunity when he discusses this season. He points to the fact that Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson could have pursued a veteran when Lin and Russell went down, but they wanted to see what he could do. It is because of that fact that he acknowledges he grabbed this chance and did whatever he could to excel in it.

    So now, he has the opportunity to show just how far he’s come in front of a national audience. It is well-deserved.

  334. can’t wait to see Lin play again next season. hope all the injuries are behind him now. wish he would play more non-contact style like Nash. also would like to see him draw fouls like Lou Williams. minimal contact and get FTs.

  335. Yea scrap the offense when it comes to Russell but when it’s Lin who cares right? *Rolls Eyes*

    Doing that will show Nets truly sees Russell as the franchise and will do anything to. boost his scoring which is a slap to Lin’s face. Lin had to sacrifice his game, assists, and scoring for 2 seasons just to accommodate KA’s selfish, motion offense. In fact Lopez was forced to do the same thing completely lowered his scoring from 30+ to 20+ pts! In fact from the beginning Lin continuously asked about using PnR and KA ignored it insisting on teaching motion offense, while the team continued to tank!

  336. Doing that will show favoritism, cuddling, and that Nets truly sees Russell as the franchise over Lin! No way should KA change just to accomodate Russell’s lack of skills! Of course if he does give up MO I’m all for it because PnR is Lin’s best offensive. Worst is if Lin’s forced to play MO by KA and Russell is allowed mainly PnR to succeed!

    Not to mention I never liked MO because most teams minus GSW only pass on the outside before chucking a well defended iso shots!

  337. From that it shows you are obviously a clutchfan! Who cares? Canaan was one of those guys Rockets tried to see if he could replace Lin and it failed. I remember the dude didn’t respect Lin and even purposely went after him as a 76ers when MDA was assistant coach just to show him up!

    Rookies like Canaan think they are better than Lin but are nobodies who will disappear from the league either way.

    Russell is no different, on any other team the coach wouldn’t hesitate to bench him but Marks and KA are too dumb and lacks the authority to do that.

  338. Lin will definitely need to change his game to avoid contact at the rim. He need to mix in a variety of mid range shots and floaters! It’s like every year Lin’s offensive moves becomes less and less. He had the most variety when he played for the Knicks and somehow his time with the Rockets made him forget everything.

    Whatever happened to the 360 spin move in Fisher, tear drop floaters, etc during Linsanity? It’s like he never capitalized on those moves he used ever again!

  339. Opponents KNOW that Lin is terrific at those moves, a simple glance at any stat sheet will show that.

    To stop those moves, opponents have tried everything against Lin. Only one thing truly “works”:


    That’s how opponents “prevent” Lin from doing those moves.

    What’s frightening to opponents is that Lin is so impactful, he still often manages to find ways to win even when the illegal cheating has decreased his individual production. That’s because if opponents are ganged up on Lin, that leaves 3 or 4 Nets UNGUARDED. And on defense, the constant opponent focus on weaving Lin through pick after pick is tiring mentally and physically for opponents. If Lin’s teammates aren’t laying down and playing dead like they did defensively in preseason, Lin’s relentless defense wears opponents down on both ends of the court.

  340. Your wish will NOT be granted, of course.

    Lin draws way more defensive attention than Steve Nash or Lou Williams ever did, it’s impossible to play “non contact” when opponents are constantly hacking and bodychecking Lin illegally.

  341. Why do you keep insisting that Lin “dropped” in the motion offense when Lin’s numbers were better across the board in this motion offense than in any other offense?

  342. Didn’t you see opponents GANGING UP ON THE PNR whenever they could?

    Since Lin’s 2nd year, opponents have blitzed over the pick and rolls just to stop Lin from having the ball at all.

    And with the Nets, opponents tried to stop both Lin and Lopez while leaving the other three unproven Nets unguarded.

    Haven’t you been watching the way opposing defenses play Lin?

  343. But what you’re not seeing is that opponents LET Russell selfishly run the PNR because they know he will freeze out his teammates and that he doesn’t shoot well enough to scare anybody.

    Like I keep saying, opponents send multiple defenders at Lin every time he tries to execute a PNR. The entire NBA knows that Lin is THE DEADLIEST pick and roll player in the league.

    It’s no surprise to me that Lin put up his best numbers in the free flowing motion offense. That’s because when opponents send multiple defenders after Lin, a motion offense allows Lin’s UNGUARDED teammates to attack the gaps in the defense and win the game. Only after opponents start guarding Lin’s teammates can Lin himself go off against a single defender. And it’s clear that no single defender can stop Lin – Lin easily scored double figures in less that 30 mpg against two of the NBA’s best man to man defenders this preseason, Jerryd Bayless of PHI and All
    Star Victor Oladipo of IND. These are Lin’s toughest individual athletic matchups in the league, and even with help they could not stop Lin from effortlessly scoring double figures in about 20 minutes!

    It’s been like this for Lin ever since high school, and I even have a name for this reverse box and one play: LINBALL!

  344. No, sws94 is no “clutchfan” like the racist hate troll Mark Michaels that keeps
    spewing lies and disinformation on this forum.

    sws94 regularly reports about leaguewide season ending injuries like Lin’s that have been happening this season at an alarming rate.

    But I do completely agree with you about inferior players like Canaan and Russell being unable to outplay Lin.

  345. I’m not concerned about Russell’s high volume shooting.

    Historically, Russell is a high volume low efficiency CHUCKER. Since he doesn’t have the footspeed or lift to attack a committed defense and consistently get to the rim, he lives and dies with outside shooting. That’s all he has to his game, as the Lakers painfully found out.

    The thing about Russell is that he’s not truly selfish. Russell tries to be a true team player and passer. But since his footspeed is so slow, he just can’t put enough pressure on defenses to really exert themselves to guard him. So opponents are able to stay with their assignments against Russell unlike Lin who singlehandedly distorts opposing defenses on and especially off the ball.

    The Nets building around Russell is a FATAL mistake, and I write that without even assuming that Lin will be a Net next season.

  346. He JUST broke a rule with his LYING AND CHEATING AND FLAMING.

    Spewing LIES about Lin fans like he just did, why is that even permitted on your site?

    This is not the first time Mark Michaels flamed Lin fans on this site. He’s been doing it REGULARLY, usually when pro Asian race is discussed here. You just refuse to acknowledge it whenever he is FLAGGED. You’ll find out the hard way how poisonous this racist hate troll is, trust me.

  347. What you don’t realize is that ever since Linsanity spilled over into the first part of Lin’s 1st Rockets season (i.e. many multiple 20 point games, let alone the 38 point outburst against Lin’s favorite whipping team the Spurs), opponents have scrambled to break up Lin’s pick and rolls by sending multiple players over screens to blitz Lin defensively.

    The first team to do this was the LA Clippers with Chris Paul. Ever since Lin effortlessly scored 8 points in the first quarter against Paul, the Clippers sent three guys after Lin knowing that Lin’s teammates would not step up. Eventually Lin’s teammates did step up, which is what happened when the Clippers tried triple teaming Lin during Harden’s injury and lost anyway because Omer Asik and Greg Smith took turns abusing the Clippers while they ganged up on Lin. And Lin outplayed Paul that game anyway, which later became a regular thing for Lin against Chris Paul.

    The other team that heavily employed that triple teaming defense against Lin’s pick and rolls was OKC. Ever since Lin ran OKC off the court in preseason before the Harden trade, OKC knew that Lin was doing whatever he wanted against Russell Westbrook (historically one of the NBA’s defensively softest point guards). OKC,
    like LAC, simply sent waves of defenders after Lin whenever he got the ball. It didn’t stop Lin from lighting up OKC (anybody remember those last minute heroics in that game where Lin dumped 29 on Westbrook?) I remember Lin calling for a doublestack two man pick up high (Howard and possibly Asik together) and both opposing big man defenders climbed over the picks and attacked Lin along with Lin’s defending guard.

    Ever since Linsanity, opponents have been feverishly shifting their defenses to prevent Lin from running that PNR. Every kind of scheme, including illegal headhunting, has been used to stop Lin. And despite all that, Lin usually wins anyway. This is why Lin singlehandedly distorts opposing defenses and why Lin draws more defense than any single player has in NBA history.

  348. If Lin can recover that speed, then he’ll play great for whatever team wants him next season.

    And it will not matter whether Lin comes off the bench or plays PG – Lin will continue to win in the minutes that he plays.

  349. Linsanity – Five Years Later, Director Evan Jackson Leong Ruminates on Sundance

  350. CT: Did you ever, at any point, consider retooling how the media covered Jeremy, including the troubling racial components?

    EJL: No, I think we just had to figure how to portray it the right way to justify what it is. We had to show what the moment is and how he dealt with it – and how the world dealt with it too. Making people aware of it is how we enact change. We liked the way it turned out. There’s still so much positivity and hope in his story – what he did and what he was about would overshadow that racist stuff every time.

    CT: Despite the obvious focus on basketball, Jeremy’s faith – Christianity – is arguably the most important factor in shaping who he is as a man and a basketball player. You’ve covered Christianity in Asia as a part of his previous documentary 1040 (2010); what about his faith was compelling for you to cover in addition to his talent as a player?

    EJL: Well you know he always says he’s Christian first and everything else after that – if he was Buddhist and was that big on his Buddhism, then we’d have to share that. This documentary was a conduit of who he was – the truth – and Christianity was something that he wanted to share since it’s brought him so many good things. The problem with Christianity is that it gets such a bad rep in so many circles of being too much and too overt that when you include it in a film, people are like “Oh no, it’s going to be a religious thing” – but it’s not. For me, you have to stay truthful to your subject, and Jeremy being a devout Christian – you have to stay true to that.

  351. This is uncalled for. What’s wrong with you?

    I post when any basketball player is injured and it has nothing to do with what team he plays for or if he is an ex-team mate of Lin.

    Terrible post.

  352. When you watch DLo play, you immediately have the feeling that he’s holding up the moving offense. He’s hogging the ball and shoot it while the whole team is watching. It’s just a one man show.

  353. I don’t really agree with that. He’s ball dominant but he tries to force a lot of passes. There are times Dinwiddie dribbles a lot and takes his time to find people in the offense. But Dinwiddie takes far less shots and is looking to pass more often.

    My problem with him is a feeling he’s so used to being the main player on the team, he just asserts himself as such. His competitiveness seems to be for his own game, not always for the team.

  354. “Jamal” Russell seems well suited to be a great sixth man for Nets, especially if he keeps just going through the motions on defense, hoping that no one actually notices:

    – Russell doesn’t step in front of opposing players like Quincy Acy to take charges; heck he doesn’t even contest hard all the way to the rim as a help defender like Lin always does ( ). Russell just stands in an open space and waits for teammate to get him the ball so he can push in transition.

    – Russell doesn’t sacrifice his body like Joe Harris, Caris Levert, RHJ (or even old man DeMare Carroll!!!), colliding with other players scrambling for loose balls or rebounds.

    – Russell’s actually got a really nice burst of acceleration which we always see when he pushes the ball in transition (running with or without the ball), but the same effort and enthusiasm isn’t there when he gets hung up on a screen momentarily and has to recover and re accelerate back into play (again contesting all the way to the rim as a help defender). He also doesn’t draw fouls attacking the rim like Dinwiddie did so well last game, and what Caris Levert and RHJ also do often, too. Remember how often Nets got into penalty early in fourth quarter of games last season when Lin returned from hamstring strain?

    Lot of stuff that won’t show up in his YouTube highlights or individual box score stats, but presumaby does hurt collective team defense and net ratings.

    Right now at least, the role Lakers gave Jordan Clarkson this year is what Russell’s role on Nets should be (remember, Clarkson accepted a role off the bench last season because Russell was also a poor defender, and that starting backcourt couldn’t contain any dribble drive penetration into the paint, despite having Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov protecting the rim for them ( & )

  355. Been saying all season that Dangelo Russell is a no defense and all jumpshots 6th man! Nets if they insist on building around Russell would be no different from Hornets building around Walker. Walker and Russell are bench players propped up fake stars. They make fake star, Harden look like an actual star which is sad.

  356. Yes I have and also saw how well Lin and Lopez played when they used PnR over aimlessly motion offense! Lin actually got great open passes from Lopez and spacing when they did PnR together! Bottomline Lin should play in a PnR centric offense because that’s what he’s because at!

  357. Barely getting 18 pts, zero 30pt games, missing mid range shots and not having consistent 3s is hardly better.

  358. Brook Lopez seems excited to be back in Brooklyn

  359. JLin flew back to Brooklyn yesterday. We should see Brook and JLin at the game tonight

  360. “So, Jeremy Lin will be watching from the sidelines for the next 3 games. Two of the three are against his former teams (Lakers, Rockets). #Nets”

  361. Wanted to watch this game. What with both Lopez and Lin there.

    JLin is there on the bench on sidelines, in Nets black-and-white.

    Yes Network interviewed Lopez pre-game. Also showed him hugging Mr. Whammy and Brett Yormark. And a kid in a Russell jersey. (not cool.) Feel so bad for him, given Lakers aren’t playing him much at all lately.

    Of course, feel even worse that Lin is not on the court. BUT IT’S GOOD TO SEE HIM CONNECTING WITH HIS TEAMMATES!

  362. Lin adorns the Nets bench in cool white jacket. 🙂

  363. Hahaha! Great minds are in sync!

  364. Nets is showing tribute video for Brook.

    JLin and Nets players are up and applauding.

  365. More from Lopez:

    Brook Lopez on coming back to Brooklyn for the 1st time: “It was weird walking in, even taking the bus. Coming from the hotel we drove right by my place on Dean St., and coming down the elevator it was very bizarre”

    “It was such a conscious effort walking from the bus to the locker room. I automatically kept walking down towards the home locker room, so I had to keep telling myself every step to go the right way.”

  366. Lopez made a “smoking hot” gesture. His two consecutive 3 pointers just forced a timeout by Atkinson. 78-77 3:26 3Q

  367. Ironic isn’t it? Considering Lopez started shooting 3’s because of Atkinson…..

  368. Lopez in Brooklyn. (Lin is in the short video.)

  369. Turnover out of a timeout. smh.

    Bad shot selection to boot. more smh.

  370. I didn’t like how DLo was the only one scoring when lakers made a run but then again Acy couldn’t buy a bucket.

    How about the non-existent 3pt defense though? 5 straight 3s. #sigh

  371. Dinw-DLo-JAllen balanced attack can spur Nets comeback

    92-96 with 5 min left

  372. Not sure it’s a good thing when the two “playmakers” are taking the most shots.

    Not sure either team is playing great defense. Nets are just taking bad shots, or not making them. #sigh Haha.

    Acy is not a catch and shoot guy, he should only take wide open set shots.

  373. KA shared JLin gave Harvard dussertation on PnR defense yesterday 😄

  374. It was out of sync with poor spacing earlier .. now it’s looking better with Allen 👍

  375. That was great! Soooo JLin. 🙂

  376. Yeah, we can just imagine JLin carrying heavy folder of charts 😅

  377. JAllen is efficient as heck. He’s keeping the Nets in the game.
    And NICE block on Brook……then Brook repays the favor…..good “stuff”!

  378. Come on guys, win it for LIN!

    Booooo! Ugh…..

  379. Allen is really impressive – But for the time off due to 4 fouls, he would’ve contributed even more.

  380. This is where Nets miss Lin the most.. 🙁

    Notice no Nets can draw foul to get FTs?

  381. YUP! Tough job guarding bigger stronger Lopez…..

  382. 3pt behind with 9 sec left ..

    Guess who’ll get the last shot?

  383. Wow DLo not even on the floor? Not good

    Dinw passed to Harris who missed the 3 🙁

  384. besides “adorning” the bench in resplendent white lin was also thru the entire game very close with and engaged in conversation and camraderie with rhj.

  385. NOT FAIR TO JOE HARRIS! He comes in cold off the bench. Needed a better screen set for him. Bad play drawn up by Kenny.

    Kenny is going to get roasted for taking Russell out at the end. I’m okay with it. Again, they should not have let the game get that close. It’s the Lakers!

  386. I agree.

  387. FearTheFro indeed!
    I also like FRO-DOWN when he dunks! 🙂

  388. True. 🙂

  389. They are definitely missing JLin’s confidence and leadership, especially in close games!

    As much as Carroll is a vet, and helped the Nets win, it’s not the same as when the leader is also the “floor general”. IMO, it makes a difference.

    I thought Dinwiddie was improving on the fouls. I think he got like 15 FTA in the win over the 76ers. I don’t know what happened. Was the Lakers defending that much better? (I didn’t see any egregious non-calls from the refs…..)

  390. With his nerdy glasses on. LOL!

  391. Was hoping for win over Lakers.
    What are the odds of win over Rockets? Maybe if Lin was playing…. 🙁

  392. Why not? Benching Russell means KA isn’t a politics coach and has the authority to do so! In fact if he had more guts and power he shod turn Russell into a 6th man and bench player like the Lakers coach!

    KA doesn’t play favorites with Lin and neither should Russell! I remember KA benched Lin during the game against Rockets as well!

  393. Like I said, “I’M” okay with it.

    I get it. I know where you’re coming from.

    But, the Nets are NOT going to make a former number two pick become a 6th man after 6 games back from a knee operation. And after trading away a former franchise player and fan favorite. And after taking back a bad contract for a guy who isn’t even playing.

    They are going to keep giving Russell chances to improve. At least this year.

    But, IF Russell doesn’t buy in. IF Russell can’t become a true leader. And IF Sean Marks is serious about keeping their SYSTEM and CULTURE. Then I can see the Nets doing something else with Russell. LATER.

  394. Woohooo! NIIIIICE!
    (have to say, nice pass by Russell, right through Nance’s legs.)

  395. jlin7 (IG) Glad to be back in BKN for @brookiethewookie11 first trip back!! Got to present him w his #1 franchise scorer bball…unsure why @chap is hugging it like its his smh #mrbuckets

  396. I think the Nets gave up too many offensive rebounds. And, w/o Booker, they lack a certain toughness. Acy has some of it, but Booker had a lot. And at guard, they lack Lin’s toughness.

    DMC had an off night. CLV struggles when he comes back from injury. I’m not sold on Crabbe.

    On the positive side, I love Allen. Hope Lin gets lots of minutes with him next season.

  397. “Jeremy Lin talks about his rehab, how he doesn’t want to hear how others have fared in returning from the same injury and how this will and won’t change the way he plays when he returns.”

  398. Awwwww. (sniffle)
    From all accounts, Brook was such a professional, and a good teammate.
    Bittersweet. Yeah, #1 franchise scorer. Traded away. NBA business.

  399. Yeah, really good to see.
    Maybe they were planning the presentation to Brook too?

  400. Ryan Ruocco and Jim Spanarkel were saying the Nets should retire Brook’s jersey. Given how he many franchise records he was a part of. And how much the fans loved him.

    (my take: And how he stuck with the Nets for 9 years, putting up with endless trade rumors, but never himself demanding a trade.)

  401. Brook Lopez has been the best NY center since Patrick Ewing – and I actually like Lopez a lot more than I liked Ewing.

    It’s good to see him play well on his HOME COURT.

  402. So at nearly midseason, we can look at the Russell Lopez Kuzma Mozgov trade after this game.

    In a sense, I feel that neither the Lakers nor Nets won from the trade.

    Certainly the players have suffered, all of them except maybe Kyle Kuzma.

    The only guy that really made out was Lonzo Ball – if he didn’t have that loudmouth father, he’d not even be in the NBA at all based on production alone.

  403. Crabbe and Caldwell Pope are the #1 and #2 most overpaid SGs in the NBA this season.

    They cancelled each other out with their predictably horrid play.

  404. But didn’t you see opponents get sick of the Lin Lopez PNR tearing up the league?

    Just look at that late Chicago game where the Bulls guarded only Lin and Lopez and took them both out of the game. But the other teammates WENT OFF and won anyway.

    Opponents caught onto the fact that Lin and Lopez were MURDERING opponents with pick and roll. That’s why opponents blitzed those two guys to stop it!

  405. You’re sound too much like a LIN HATER (obviously you are not.

    Lin had an injury ravaged year where he wasn’t able to play 30 mpg all season. Why are you pretending that Lin’s health was enough for him to put up inferior stats in low minutes?

    Lin’s per minute numbers were the BEST of his career, better than even Linsanity. Those were MVP level numbers. Why is a MVP level of play from Lin in this motion offense not good enough for you?

  406. Looking Good!

  407. The only Net that actually has to be guarded is Jahlil Okafor.

    He’s the only current Net that can draw a doubleteam and open up the court for his teammates to score

  408. Cool, but it won’t help because even if the Nets do everything Lin says, the Nets don’t have enough NBA caliber athletes to play a real NBA level defense!

  409. That’s fine if Lin’s team next season has enough NBA caliber teammates such that their defenders can’t constantly abandon their assignments to gang up on Lin.

  410. Hope people will listen to the ENTIRE interview, because the tweet itself is misleading.

    He was very articulate on this point. I think what he said, and meant, was that he did not want to hear about the guys who didn’t recover fully. I don’t blame him. Who needs discouraging stories?

    But I wish he could reach out to Jimmy Graham, because that was a SUCCESS story.

    Also, he doesn’t intend to change his attacking style, but will approach it from a more cautious perspective. Nothing wrong with that. If he can’t be the player he is at heart, what is the point of playing? At the same time, OF COURSE, he needs to stay healthy. Or else, he can’t play at all.

  411. link to entire interview?

  412. He’s kind of a big goofy guy, like Lin is. But both work hard on their craft of playing basketball.

  413. They’re also missing RHJ’s hustle on rebounds.

    Crabbe can’t seem to shoot with any consistency, even his form is inconsistent. Adam Harrington (Durant’s old shooting coach) should be trying to fix this with him. I’m guessing the only 2 reasons that he’s still starting: 1) he’s playing decent defense 2) he’s an $18M player.

    Allen has a nice smooth hook shot. Good spin move tonight. Good footwork. And so good above the rim DUNK! Quiet demeanor. But according to Ruocco, very confident guy. And not deferential at all to Brook. “He has stuff, I have stuff”.

  414. He had a 32 point game and wasn’t happy because it ended up in a loss. His 3 point shooting percentage was better than in any other system with the Nets.

  415. Thanks for story.

    I liked this part too:

    EJL: “Ultimately, Lin’s story as the unlikely, undrafted, underestimated underdog echoes the experience of countless youth aspiring for success in the face of adversity. His legacy is a reminder and call to action to keep on your hustle in the face of constant questioning of your legitimacy and worth.”

    The Linsanity Movie twitter account is still active. I thought maybe because something might be going on. After this article, doesn’t seem like it.

  416. Here is Kenny Atkinson talking about Jeremy, whom he referred to as “Coach Lin” :

    Atkinson … said the he and Lin talk on basically a daily basis, even referring to him as one of his “text buddies,” and added that the 6’3” guard sends Atkinson his own post-game recaps, to some degree.

    “He’s one of my text buddies – he sent me a pick-and-roll defense, it was like a Harvard NBA presentation on pick-and-roll defense and how to become a better pick-and-roll defender, and it’s like ‘okay, coach Lin,’” Atkinson said, humorously.

    ”He’s so involved. He’s not just sitting there doing his own thing, he’s always hitting me with stuff after the game; ‘you could’ve done this, you could’ve done that, it’s great. And I know our medical team is all over him. He’s in a really good place, he’s happy with how he’s progressing.”

    See :

  417. Jeremy talking about communication with the Nets during his rehab :

    “That’s been the thing that I’ve been absolutely blown away with,” Lin said. “I feel like a diva with how much they’re communicating and every little thing gets passed on to every single person down the line, and everyone in Brooklyn knows, and everyone in Vancouver knows every little thing that happens, every milestone that we pass or whatever it is.”

  418. Based on just even one game tonight, I agree with your entire assessment of Russell on defense.

    The concern, even when he was with the Lakers, was that although he scores a lot, he can give up just as much on the defensive end.

    Also, his offense consists of too many mid-range jumpers, considered by the modern NBA to be the lowest efficiency. It’s 3 pointers, and layups, and free throws. Small sample size, but in his 18 games played for the Nets, Russell is shooting 29% from 3, and 70% from the line.

    The only point I will disagree with. Russell will get multiple chances to improve. I’m repeating myself, but Sean Marks gave up a lot to get Russell. He’s hoping Atkinson can develop Russell. He’s not going to give up on Russell so quickly.

  419. Kenny Atkinson agrees with you. And in this game, not just Russell, but also Dinwiddie. This recap is from the Nets official website:

    “However, there were some issue created by playing both on the floor.

    At times, the two skilled guards became too iso-heavy and relied too much on pick-and-roll plays – something Kenny Atkinson bemoaned after the game.

    “You love the pick-and-roll and I love it and Spencer’s good at it and D’Angelo [too], but there are times we’ve got to get off of it and move it a little more,” he said.” – Alex Labidou

    To say the least. The two of them took 37 of 82 of the team’s FGA. That’s 45%! By contrast, Clarkson and Ingram took 30% of the Lakers’ FGA. Even Klay Thompson & Steph Curry only took 36% of GSW FGA. (in tonight’s game.)

  420. Confident, that’s the spirit!

  421. This recap is from the Nets official website: Kenny Atkinson on Russell and Dinwiddie in tonight’s game.

    “However, there were some issue created by playing both on the floor.

    At times, the two skilled guards became too iso-heavy and relied too much on pick-and-roll plays – something Kenny Atkinson bemoaned after the game.

    “You love the pick-and-roll and I love it and Spencer’s good at it and D’Angelo [too], but there are times we’ve got to get off of it and move it a little more,” he said.” – Alex Labidou

    My opinion: Yeah, to say the least. The two of them took 37 of 82 of the team’s FGA. That’s 45%! By contrast, Clarkson and Ingram took 30% of the Lakers’ FGA. Even Klay Thompson & Steph Curry only took 36% of GSW FGA. (in tonight’s game.)

  422. Thanks for sharing…thats really good to know!

  423. Thanks for the link!

    Love this part: “He’s one of my text buddies. He sent me a pick-and-roll defense, it was like a Harvard NBA presentation on pick-and-roll defense and how to become a better pick-and-roll defender. It’s like, ‘OK, Coach Lin,’ ” Atkinson said. “He’s so involved. He’s not just sitting there doing his own thing, he’s always hitting me with stuff after the game.‘

    Brian Lewis is an excellent Nets beat writer. He seems to ask good questions, thorough, and accurate.

    Greg Logan is too. He added a few more quotes: (Soooo glad it’s not Stefan Bondy who writes about the Nets, he is awful.)

    Many pro athletes struggle to come back from an injury such as Lin’s, but he hopes to defy that trend. History is not really something that is super-appealing to me right now,” he said. “I don’t want to get caught up in someone else’s journey. I feel like I am ready to take on this thing, and when I get healthy, I will be a new me.” “I’m finding Fortius and the Nets talk all the time,” Lin said. “They have calls, and we have strength coaches texting back and forth and sending videos. We have Nets people coming out and visiting. We have more staff members coming out there at All-Star break. So there’s a big-time collaboration.

  424. Hope you catch the interview JLin gave tonight with an update on his recovery progress!

  425. Agree with the Rockets and Daryl Morey stifling the mid-range game.

    Disagree that he has less offensive moves now. I think he’s got plenty in his offensive arsenal. My personal favorite is his 360 turnaround jumper. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these highlights from christinecheng60, from both Nets and Hornets seasons. (There are tons more!)


  426. Repping the Nets. Hope he SMOKES Porzingis!

    Oh wait, is it a fair fight, 2 guards against 3 big men?

  427. FYI, see response to kauaiblue below.

  428. ICYMI, FYI. Here’s Psalm’s messages about last weekend’s problems. (Much hard work and effort to fix):
    “there has been malware attacks that affected the server so I have been working with the ISP tech support to clean them up. Lately it has been getting more prevalent with WordPress sites so I need to find out how to increase the security and close any loopholes.”

    “I might need to migrate to another web server soon in 2-3 months. When it does, I’ll let everyone know if there needs to be a scheduled downtime for 2-3 hours.”

    “I apologize for the inconvenience. It has been a thorn in my flesh in the past
    few months so hopefully it fixes the problem for a while 🙁 ”

    “I apologize the website has been down due to malware attacks that overwhelmed
    the server. But after working with tech support and server admins for 10
    hours, it looks to be good, up, and running.”

    “I will need to make preparation to secure the website more or migrate it to a
    different ISP. Thank you for your understanding and patience. It has been a
    frustrating day indeed. Let’s hope the malware is 100% deleted and won’t be
    back again.”

  429. Lonzo Ball doesn’t count as part of the trade so his production doesn’t matter. Based on contributions upside, defense, and scoring Lopez and Kuzma beats out Russel and Mozgov by a landslide!

    Played the right way with his post ups and not forced to solely take 3 pointers all day, Lopez not only gives you 30pts on a nightly basis, but he is also a defensive juggernaut with blocks!

    Nets had their stars in Lin and Lopez. They were 1 drafted star away from making a trio! Kuzma could’ve been the missing piece!

  430. Been saying for years that Lin relied too much on his rim plays. He hesitates too much on his 3s! If anything he should really focus on his making his 3 pointers automatic, mid range, and perfecting that much needed floater. He can certainly throw in a hook shot which seems to be a lost skill in the league nowadays.

  431. I wish Nets would sign Lopez back! That trade was a horrible decision!

  432. Any chance of Lopez signing with the Nets again? 🙁

  433. And yet Lin says he doesn’t want to coach a team after he retires from the NBA. He’d be an amazing Championship caliber coach if given the opportunity! Although we know how bias he league is! Maybe Joe Tsai will consider hiring Lin as Nets coach or assistant coach in the future?

  434. There is a need to have ISO-alert app near the bench to indicate ISO heavy situations on the floor 🙂

  435. Jeremy Lin on his decision to rehab in Vancouver. #Nets

  436. @JLin7 talking about getting into the paint at the PGC Basketball Session at the NBPA in NYC. #pgcbasketball #jlin7 #nbpa #huntthepaint

  437. Thanks! Im not an IT person but sounds like it was fixed…

  438. Very cool to hear @JLin7 answer questions from @PGCbasketball athletes here at the clinic! He’s a pro and a great role model.

  439. Wow, Jeremy sounded so optimistic in his latest interview. Great to hear that he’s expecting a 100% recovery, though I’m personally still not sure about that (don’t want to jinx it!).

    He said he’s going to maintain the same attacking style…but adjust his takeoffs and landings. That’s fine. He really needs to be like Tony Parker. TP attacks the paint but he’s always balanced and in control. He finishes at the rim with guys all over him yet he barely seems to jump! That’s the key.

  440. for those of you outside the usa unfamiliar with the curious cult-like event known as the su-per bowl; mite not be knowing that the nets are playing at an odd time now! (noon eastern time jan 4) i can report that lin is once again “adorning” the nets bench next to(again) rhj replendent in red kicks, shredded blue jeans and what appears to a stylish blue jacket with an off-white hoodie underneath.

    unlin related addenda: the blazers hold the celts to 38 points in the first half. the bucks hold the nets to 41 points in the first half. the hawks hold the knicks to 38 points in the first half.

    apparently some people arent very “woke” yet today.

  441. Probability Based Basketball:

    “I think as coaches you also say, ‘That’s great, don’t shoot those shots.’ But then when you get in the playoffs, those are the shots you get because the defenses are so locked in, and you know how everyone plays, that those are the shots that come available, those 18-foot mid-range jump shots.”

    Freedom to shoot those pull up midrange jumpers (that modern probability based basketball says should never be taken) is opening up the area around the rim for Jarrett Allen and other Nets for layups and dunks off of Russell drives.

    It is the same thing that used to happen when Lin was given the freedom to instinctively read and react on his drives and shoot freely, IF that is what his subconscious mind’s eye says is the correct read at any given moment in real time (e. g. & )

    Unexpected, or deliberately conceded, pull up midrange jumper off his dribble (Wayne Gretsky’s “open ice” attack?), ideally when he attacks relentlessly out of pick and roll (no more solo slashes to the rim unless a championship is on the line) is what made defenses lock in on Lin like they have recently on Russell, and so often leads to wide open layups and dunks for teammates, because rim protectors can no longer just knowingly wait to block their shots right at the rim anymore:

    “His aim sharpened as he moved farther from the hoop, shooting 54.5 percent from midrange and 43.9 percent from beyond the arc.” ( )

  442. Super Bowl analogy would be that Eli Manning’s brilliant downfield play action passing attack is only effective if defense has to honor the run, too:

    (though defense also has to be good enough to keep them in the game, above all else!!!):


  443. Lin wore a Patriots jersey under the jacket, while RHJ (who is from Pennsylvania) wore an Eagles jersey on the bench.

    RHJ remained sidelined today due to injury.

  444. LOL.

  445. It would be great to see Lin win a ring, if not as a player, then as a coach! Another trailblazing path!

    Don’t think that’s what he wants to do though…..He’s been asked about that, and his response has been no, he wants to devote time to his foundation and to his work on behalf of his faith.

    But, you never know, he could change his mind…..

  446. YES Network video of JLin’s interview about his rehab, on you-tube

  447. I’m so proud of JLin calling out a racist who responded with ‘c****’ word to one of Lin’s tweet while watching SuperBowl. People needs to know it’s not okay to be racist and there are real world consequences.

  448. Parts of this might end up on the Sports Illustrated series. Hope there will be a You-tube of the event, and of the Q&A.

    Steven Adams is a big dude, sets the hardest screens. JLin is so funny!

    Why doesn’t it surprise me that IT talks trash. So much made about his being drafted at #60. Big deal, JLin wasn’t drafted at all. Wonder how much IT’s talk of “backing up the Brinks truck” at Boston helped get him traded.

  449. “On this Date in 2012:
    Linsanity is born. After playing only 55 minutes all season, the undrafted point guard from Harvard played 36 amazing minutes, dazzling the Garden crowd with 25 points, nearly doubling his previous career high, 7 assists and 5 rebounds #Knicks”

  450. Weekend afternoon games are usually tough to find time for.

    Too bad another loss, on home court. May rewatch later.

    But saw clips of JLin on sidelines…..thanks for the fashion report! LOL.

  451. Glad JLin shone the light on this again!

    But, it’s hardly new, is it? Linsanity, and ESPN firing. The Linsanity Movie highlighting this issue. It’s been at least six years since then. Still, it has to start somewhere. And for JLin to use his platform, and see the responses, is always heartening.

    Sigh. This is a blatant instance. Often, it’s the subtle, and institutionalized, racism that’s toughest to fight. It’s a daily battle, one that will probably never be won. But sticks and stones is much worse than words. And so many injustices on so many levels. For anyone who is interested, a blog by one of JLin’s early supporter and friend:

    I could go on and on, but do not want to get into politics on your site. Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now!

  452. It’s amazing that so many fans out there still remember those good times! Feb 14th will probably be another celebrated anniversary. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon!
    Here’s another who remembers:

  453. Here’s another guy who has fond memories! (too bad he’s also got Melo in there…boooo.)

  454. Happier days – JLin in the summer, BEFORE injury…..the first link: CCTV: Jeremy Lin 2017 summer China Tour, courtesy of Popo Chung.

    Second link has English subtitles.

  455. NBA and Chinese New Year: appearances by JLin (of course) and Caris LeVert

  456. Some pics from the event, from Jared Zwerling:

  457. Looks like another interview afterwards. Can’t find the video for it yet!

  458. More inspiration for the kids. (Check out one of the GIF replies later in time-line. LOL.)

  459. reminder for JLin and NBA Weibo on Feb.5, and JLin’s Roots documentary. Hope Lin fan Popo Chung can upload to You-Tube for us!

  460. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH, another Brian Lewis article from Feb 1, with comments from Sean Marks about how he views trading players. They love you until they don’t…..see Thaddeus Young, Bogdanovic, Lopez, Booker.

    “I don’t love using the term ‘asset’ because that sort of dehumanizes the whole thing,” Marks said. “Our guys are part of the Nets family.”……he doesn’t let anybody leave the family for nothing…”I think there’s that, sure,” Marks said. “But then there’s also continuity. There’s developing a culture, there’s systems. How aggressive are you going to be in free agency this year, next year, three years from now? There’s so many [variables]. We’ve got to have the long view here.”

  461. JLin sending prayers to Isaiah Canaan, who was hurt badly but has had successful surgery.

    And also another young Lin fan….he needs a new Nets jersey! Come on kid, let’s keep up! Haha.

  462. From Jan 31, before he went back to Brooklyn, JLin had fun with escape room, with friends, Arron Mollett and David Nurse,

  463. Surprised JLin supported the Patriots instead of the underdogs, Eagles. Eagles had the upper hand and made the game exciting with those long passes and tricks!

  464. Saw the box score. Yikes….everyone was bad except Levert.
    Guess they never woke up.

  465. Maybe they had a bet going. Lol

  466. The implication could be that given the current political environment at US, the handover to Tsai might be expedited.

  467. Just have to remember that he spent 4 years in Boston. I wouldn’t be surprise if he has friends from Harvard on the team.

    I despise the Pats because they’ve cheated so many times in the past.

  468. Tyler Zeller traded to Milwaukee.

  469. Unless BKLN is getting rid of salary don’t really see the point of this unless this Vaughn is some kind of hidden talent. Seems to me like BKLN needed big bodies more than another guard though was not that impressive. I don’t see why so many people are focused on draft picks. Draft picks are totally unknown coming from a college environment to a pro environment. Even a high draft pick is very uncertain witness DLo, Lonzo Ball, etc, etc. What can you expect to find in round 2 expect a high expectation of luck. Draft picks are just something for the sports media to babble on about. The NBA is becoming more boring by the week.

  470. Draft picks are the best way to rebuild a team instead of wasting money on over hyped FA. Many talents are hidden in 2nd round draft picks.
    Hope Marks has learned his lesson from that bad trade. If he didn’t give up the 2nd round draft they’d have a rising star, SF in Kuzma instead Russell and Mozgov.

  471. Pre-Game Humor:

    (guess someone needs to photoshop party crasher Nick Foles into that article now!)

  472. Yes, it seems SM values his 2nd draft picks to find hidden gems so he decides to sell high on Zeller who won’t get much PT with the emergence of Allen and Okafor development

  473. Exactly! It’s a smart decision depending who they draft that is. Zeller wasn’t getting much time compared to the young guys like Allen and Okafor. Allen due to being drafted by Nets and Okafor for the big contract. Won’t be surprised if they draft a PG since they drop like flies on this team. Who knows if they’ll be able to keep Dinwiddie.

  474. Lin is always classy, Canaan and the other 76er guard purposely went after him whem MDA was assist coach! If was obvious those guys were threatened by Lin’s FA year.

  475. Heard about the earthquake in Taiwan. Prayers to all our friends there.

  476. Brooklyn Nets even changed the twitter handle to Chinese characters to celebrate Chinese Heritage Night for the Rockets vs Nets game

  477. yes, hope @brentyen:disqus and others in Taiwan stay safe. 6.4M magnitude earthquake was a big one

  478. Lin also will be the subject of a 10-minute documentary, Jeremy Lin: Roots, on his visit to the home of his maternal grandmother in Pinghu, Zhejiang province. It will air on NBA China’s TV and digital partners during the league’s Chinese New Year celebration from Feb 2 to March 3.

    Lin is expected to be back in basketball in six to nine months, and had successful knee surgery.

    “My trainer, rehabilitation division, my team and I already have a comprehensive and thoughtful plan that will allow me to rebuild myself from the ground up and be stronger than before,” he said. “Besides rehabbing from my knee injury and other past injuries, I also use the time to work on my movement patterns and other skills. I hope to have some improvement.”

    Lin promised he would use his down time on a new project, a youth basketball instructional league that seeks to encourage Chinese children to play.

    “There is always a desire in my heart to hope that all Chinese children will have the same basketball training resources and opportunities as American children,” Lin said. “I hope my basketball basic training course can help more Chinese kids learn some basketball foundation; I will be very happy to see more Chinese players in the league.”

    Lin said he hopes to live in Pinghu a while in retirement.

  479. Nice touch! Hope Nets would not get slaughtered mercilessly by coach D’Antoni’s team.

  480. Lucky fans!

    Wonder if Chef Lin’s “cooking moves” are as good as his BB moves. 🙂

  481. Nets are holding their own so far, only behind D’Antoni’s squad by 2 at halftime. 63-65.

  482. Porzingis knee injury. It just continues.

  483. I think they will wear out James Harden. Eventually Nets may win.

  484. Nets have a very long project to make DLo fit into the system. DLo holds the ball too long and his shooting percentage is unacceptable. Once he comes in, Nets falsl behind.

  485. Letting DLo stay in the game is a big mistake. Immediately NETS PAY for it.

  486. Brent Yen lives at the other side of the island, should be OK.

  487. If Atkinson ever starts DLo instead of Spencer Dinwiddie. Most fans will rather stay at home.

  488. Tell that to SM.

  489. Atkinson gives up now.

  490. Allen Crabbe, N. Stauskas, Jahil Okafor are all willing to pick up the change in their game to be a complete player. They all have made sacrifices in their game to fit in the system. DeMarre has been so used to the sytem that he immediately fits in. Joe Harris picks up the system and is prosperous with it. Who could have guessed he is the leading rebounder for Nets in this game.

  491. Nets lost by 10 points. We all know why! If you took DLo out of this game. Nets would have won.

  492. J. Webb III can shoot. Guess who passes him the ball for his points. N Stauskas did and he scored no point in this game taking only 3 shots in 18 minutes

    Let’s compare DLo with Dinwiddie
    DLo 19 minutes took 12 shoot made 4 missed 8 scored 10 points, 1 rebound 2 assists 1 steal 1 block 1 TO +/- -26
    can’t blame him for not trying!
    Dinwiddie 25 minutes took 7 shots made 5 missed only 2 scored 18 points, 3 rebounds 9 assists 3 TOs +/- +6

  493. Isaiah Thomas is the last choice in the second round.
    Jimmy Butler is the last choice in the first round.

  494. Zeller is limited by his wingspan. It seems that Okafor can pick up his game enough to be the back up and Jarret Allen starts well for the team. Well Zeller will go to the playoff.

  495. Nets signed Zeller for nothing but veteran’s minimum. It’s a heck of bargain. to get back a first rounder and a second round pick.

  496. Joe HARRIS, Allen Crabbe are second round picks.

  497. Steve Novak was at MSG tonight for the Bucks – Knicks game. He is a “contributor” to the Bucks’ broadcasts on Fox Sports.

  498. Just watched Sports Illustrated video on Lin’s recovery. It has been about 3 months since Lin last play and got injured. Lin is such a great guy and great basketball player. I miss seeing him out there living his dream so much. Pray he finds health, joy, and success on the court for many years to come.

  499. You might have something here.
    I just checked ESPN Real Plus Minus (RPM) for PGs (99 players total):

    Rank Name Games RPM
    9. Spencer Dinwiddie 53 3.39
    90. D’Angelo Russell 20 -3.90

    DLo is near the bottom while Dinwiddie is near the top.
    I wonder when KA and the coaches can get through to DLo to change how he plays. The trade with Lakers doesn’t look good at all at the moment. But Marks will be patient before giving up because it will reflect badly on him.

  500. Eventually? How about right now? Marks should be looking to package away Russell as a trade this off season. If KA had any say he should discuss with Marks. Not sure if Marks look at stats but even KA should know the obvious. They have to give Dinwiddie a decent contract and starting gig or he’s gone.

    There’s no doubt that KA trust both Lin and Dinwiddie the most as his guards. Unless they bench Russell as 6th man which I doubt his ego can take it; he needs to go.

  501. Marks can have patients all he wants but next season there’s no way Russell should start over Lin and Dinwiddie period! He can change while he plays as bench player where his plays and mins will hurt the team the least. Even Levert isn’t ready to be a starter and he’s much more of a team player and efficient scorer than Russell.

  502. KA will need approval from Marks if he decides to bench Russell and use him as a 6th man. I sure hope they discuss trade options for this off season as well.

    Benching Russell won’t go well and he will become toxic to the team.

  503. For now, I see Marks is heavily reliant on Kenny’s ability as a development coach to try to transform DLo to buy into the team concept and plays defense. Perhaps KA will tell him he’ll keep bringing up DLo off the bench for a while until he’s proven that he can be a contributor on both ends of the floor.

    If DLo doesn’t change, he’ll be a real headache. The last hope is to have JLin as the main PG and let DLo be the SG so his trade value goes up.

    JLin and Dinwiddie fit better to the Nets unselfish teamball because both play defense and can be great facilitators.

  504. He’s just not playing smart. For a few plays here and there, he looks like he gets the team concept. But overall, he played poorly tonight and hasn’t played well in most games since coming back. When Caris LeVert led the second team, the Nets did better than with him sharing it with D’Angelo.

  505. Porzingis tore his ACL. He’s out for the rest of the season. This has been one incredibly horrible season injury-wise for the NBA.

  506. Yes, we all do feel the same way!

    Hope you will get a chance to read and watch his latest interviews when he returned to Brooklyn the last few days.


  507. More Nets fans also notice the same thing that DLo might not be a good fit for the Nets

  508. That’s great! Brings back more memories of Linsanity!

    Good to see him doing well, and to be near home in Wisconsin. He has a lovely family, good to have stability for his kids.

  509. Yeah, back-to-back game tomorrow night, away at Detroit. Might as well give a little time to the bench guys.

  510. Joe Harris is perfect for Kenny’s system. Unselfish passing, moves without the ball, rarely takes bad shots, runs back on defense, hustles for loose balls and rebounds. Max effort always. After JLin, my favorite Net. Hope so much that Sean Marks will find a way to sign and keep him.

    Allen Crabbe has been disappointing on the offensive end. In the last few games, even when he’s not shooting poorly, he seems to miss at bad moments. Killing come-back momentum, or go-ahead momentum. But I do see him playing defense, fighting for rebounds, and very willing to pass to open teammates,

    I’m a bit on the fence with Carroll. I know he’s getting good stats, and has been stepping up to help win. But, on balance, I find that for a vet, who’s supposed to have the experience, he doesn’t always pass the ball to teammates for a “better” shot. Also commits unnecessary turnovers. But Kenny must see more in his defense and leadership than I do. For a team who’s supposedly going “young”, he’s getting a lot of minutes as a starter.

    As a shooter, I don’t think Stauskas is getting enough minutes to get into a rhythm. He definitely looks like he’s been playing more team-ball lately. I think he has potential.

    Believe it or not, I’m surprised by how Okafor has been playing. He has pretty good footwork, and can score under the basket. I agree. He also seems to be buying in. Improving on pick-and-roll. I see him setting screens, and making the right passes out to teammates. Not forcing the issue too much. I think he will get better.

    Just saw the play where LeVert got hurt. It was tough to watch too. The way he fell, good thing it wasn’t something else like his knee. TICKED ME OFF!!!!! (And I can’t type the four letter words I was thinking.)

    I don’t care how “legal” the screen was by Nene. The Rockets were up 8, The quarter was coming to an end, with only 4.5 seconds left. A soft touch screen would have worked just as well.

    You mean the “GREAT Chris Paul, ONE OF THE GREATEST POINT GUARDS OF ALL TIME, WITH SUCH FANTASTIC HANDLES” (sarcasm) needed a vicious screen like that to get down court? PUHLEASE. It was a TOTALLY UNNECESSARY DIRTY play.


  512. The Nets are in another 3-game losing streak. All that fast pace, playing hard, fighting back from being down big in some games, losing other close games. I think they are probably pretty tired, both mentally and physically.

    Let’s take a step back and look at the hurdles they have been facing.

    Losing JLin as their leader. Endless strings of injuries. (Just look at LeVert. He just came back and finally seemed to start to get back into a groove. Now he’s hurt again.) Players traded away. Incorporating new players. Young players without a lot of playing time with previous teams. Only getting a chance to develop this season with the Nets.

    Heck, Kenny is starting and finishing games with JAllen, a ROOKIE! And a two-way contract player like Webb is getting minutes too.

    It’s not easy to establish and maintain chemistry with these ever changing line-ups. it’s actually remarkable that they have 19 wins at all.

  513. Another fan with fond memories of Linsanity. Can’t hurt to find something that brings a smile!

  514. Even LeVert is a better fit for Nets than DLo.
    At least LeVert has the length to play defense.

  515. Okafor surprise me by improvements in his defense and willingness to give up his shots for better shots to his teammates. He is the main reason that Zeller is traded because became at least as good as Zeller.

  516. Without the trade with Lakers, Nets would be in great shape, this season. At least the cap space will not be tied up so much next season;. Allen Crabbe is not as bad as he looks because he’s working to be a complete player at both ends. It takes time to fit in the system and his contract is not as bad as it seems because Portland also aceepted a salary dump from Nets. I believed Crabbe could be a much better player next season once he gets used the MO like Joe Harris.

  517. Having new players in couldn’t help the team much unless he is a very special player like Jeremy.
    In this stretch of games, the team had to accommodate players like DLo, Okafor, Stauskas, J Webb III.

  518. Caris LeVert Nasty Injury From Nene’s Screen / Nets vs Rockets

  519. Caris LeVert Circus-Shot Buzzer Beater / Nets vs Rockets

  520. That makes 3 injuries for Levert. 1 after he was drafted by Nets, 1 last season and another one this season. Either the Nets have a PG curse or their training staff are totally incompetent. I suspect the motion offense also wears down players causing injuries easily. Lin played multiple seasons fully healthy before the Nets.

  521. And Levert was developing so well. Great now Russell will get even more playing time.

  522. sportscenter lists lin among “notable nba injuries” to “nba stars” this season.

  523. Those blind ref, Harden bumping Dinwiddie 0:14 with no call.

  524. There are so many outrageous suggestions to trade away Dinwiddie and keep DLO.
    The logic isn’t there. As far as basketball is concerned, Dinwiddie helps the team play winning basketball; much more than DLo. Dinwiddie is a much better fit to Nets system to DLo. You only trade away your worst fits; definitely not one of the best fit to your system. Nets should try to extend the contracts of Dinwiddie and Joe Harris with decent offers.

  525. Nobody with a sane mind will trade away a better fit and start with the worst fit for the team.

  526. wasnt going to post again unless/until lin played again because my stats (upvotes to posts) were at an all time high but this one is too much to pass up:

    dlo 6 minutes 4 turnovers.

  527. Crabbe broke out and played excellent BB. But the Nets need more help. Dinwiddie, btw, played excellent. Nets need defensive help and a bit more on offense. And Lin.

  528. I don’t like that play by Nene. Seeing how fast LeVert was running, it was almost like one of those blind football hits. Nene turned his shoulder as well, so I don’t know how “clean” that screen was. It’s one thing for a player to brace and take a charge, or even run into a screen in half court. But one in transition like that should not be allowed, IMO.

  529. I think once the trade deadline passes. And when everyone is back healthy after the all-star break.

    Then maybe the roster will be stable enough for Kenny to work on finding the minutes for everyone. And finding the optimum lineups and/or matchups for the rest of the season.

    Hopefully, the consistency will then follow.

  530. For whatever reason, I have a lot of sympathy for the big guys. Glad that Mozgov showed that, in 7 minutes, he made a positive impact. Maybe he could have played a few more minutes.

    Tyler Zeller played well while he was with the Nets. Feel badly to see him get traded. At least, he will hopefully get some playing time for a playoff team. (He’ll get to join Sean Kilpatrick!)

    Always wondered what it’s like to be on the bench, not being able to play and contribute. Yet still supposed to cheer for your teammates. Especially the ones who took your job. Has to be tough. I guess IF it’s good money (like Mozgov), it makes it less bitter.

  531. As Lin fans, a very very sad reminder.
    Unbelievable that, from just two weeks ago, FOUR players from the all-star team have been injured and out for the game.

  532. Where are these suggestions? Certainly not here. Those who think that jist want Russell to be another shot chucker and kick Lin away! Dinwiddie and Levert are bith better than Russell. If anyone needs to go it’s Russell. He’s done nothing but hurt the team being a wannabe Kobe dribbling in placr and just take jumpshots with no defense or rim plays.

  533. Yup, for those clueless Lin-doubters who claim he’s injury-prone. Such BS. Lin hasn’t had any serious injuries since the Knicks.

    I’m not a doctor. But I agree with you that the supposedly best-of-the-best training staff hasn’t been able to help prevent injuries like hamstrings and groin strains. And I also agree that there’s always a chance that the tiring motion offense could be contributing.

    On the other hand, other injuries like ankle sprains, and maybe even Lin’s injury, are just one of those awful accidents. It’s happened to different players on different teams all over the NBA this season.

    For the record, just to be more accurate. LeVert was taken by the Nets AFTER his injury at Michigan. In fact, while he was rehabbing that injury. He missed 20 games at the start of the 2016-17 season because of the rehab. After that, he only missed only 5 games, playing total of 57 games. This season, LeVert has played 50 out of 55 games, BEFORE the take-out hit by Nene last night. He was out a few games due to an ankle sprain and a groin strain.

  534. That was such a pretty athletic move! One that we’ve seen Lin make in the past too.

    Maybe that’s why Chris Paul put out the hit on poor LeVert.

  535. What? Call a foul on a superstar MVP candidate? To the Nets’ benefit? Why do that, right?
    Meanwhile, breathe on Harden and he gets the whistle. More NBA BS.

  536. Just awful!

    It’s one thing not to get calls for other types of fouls, or get called for phantom fouls. Can’t complain too much about those or it will sound like whining.

    But, if the Nets are sincere about concern for their players’ welfare, then protecting the players against such attacks should be high priority. I think the NETS ORGANIZATION needs to file a grievance and complaint against the Rockets for this. And against the Thunder for the blind-sided tackle that Paul George made on Dinwiddie. (However that mechanism or process works.)

  537. Agree about situation with Crabbe. He played a great game tonight, helping the Nets stay in the game! He just needs to work on consistency from game to game.

    Only disagreement is with Lopez trade. IMO, Marks didn’t think he could afford to sign Lopez in free agency this summer. And he didn’t want to lose Lopez for nothing. And supposedly, Lopez didn’t fit the fast pace direction that Kenny wanted to go. So, I guess Marks took the risk for the trade with Russell. (He’s always saying he’s betting on the coaching staff.)

  538. Let’s talk long term planning for the Nets. Specifically, let’s talk about building assets and creating all stars.

    For simplicity, I’ll use the PER system to track a players progress towards all star – here’s a quick review of PER tiers.

    Tier 5 – PER 15-16 = average player
    Tier 4 – PER 16-18 = 3rd option
    Tier 3 – PER 18-20 = 2nd option
    Tier 2 – PER 20-22 = borderline all-star
    Tier 1 – PER 22+ = Allstar and beyond (let’s not think about the beyond yet)

    Generally speaking, you want 2-3 Tier 1/2 players, 2-3 Tier 3/4 players, and 3-5 of the rest. That’s a team that competing in the upper half of the league.

    Here’s the Nets players:

    Din – 17.4 PER
    Allen – 17.3 PER
    RHJ – 17.2 PER
    Dlo – 14.9 PER
    Oka – 14.1 PER
    Lev – 13.5 PER
    Joe – 12.7 PER
    Allen – 10.5 PER

    Tier 1/2: 0
    Tier 3/4: 3
    Rest: 6

    What needs to happen to each of the players in order to get a competitive team? I’ll go through each one in detail:

    Positively, he’s grown tremendously and is a + player on the court.
    Negatively, his efficiency has dipped with increased use. 50% of his shots are 3s and it’s at 34% right now. His TS is .54 -> if it were .58 or higher, I could see his PER approach 20. This is to be expected with an expanded role though.

    Goals for next year: get his 3pt % to around .37 or .38, his PER should shoot up 1-2 points.

    He has been playing beast mode the past few games. I remember his PER was a lot lower about 1-2 months ago, around 15 PER range. And he’s too young for me to make a judgment of what he needs to improve, he’s improving all around and very quickly too.

    Goals for next year: surprise us all. Be an all star for next, and I will have no idea how except that you are a gift at #22.

    RHJ improved his midrange jumpshot massively. Just look at the numbers here:
    His shooting % from 10ft out to the 3pt line is an impressive .510, meaning it’s actually a good shot for him. I honestly think he can extend his range even more until the 3pt line. If he can, then within 2-3 years he can function offensively as an SF but has extreme mismatch potential sliding over to PF role. Not to mention his length will be a problem for a lot of SFs.

    Goals to become all star:
    Develop a 3pt shot in 2 years, gradually increase offensive game.
    Undergo another leap in his shooting during this offseason.

    Dlo unfortunately has been in and out with injuries, so it’s been difficult to know his skill level right now. He still has exhibited the inefficiencies that he was known for in LA, but honestly, there hasn’t been enough time in the season to make improvements in those areas yet (due to injuries).

    Too little info to know what he needs to work on. Defensive effort and faster decision making were the main points for him when he was traded, and I think it’s still the same.

    Levert needs an offseason like RHJ to click. He right now has nothing that he does at an above average level for the NBA. His finishing and 3pt % are too low for any Bball IQ he has to make up the difference. That’s not a knock against him, he’s still a rookie – but he needs to focus on a skill or an area of his game if he wants to jump out of 13-15 range PER purgatory, into a more respectable 16-17 range where his bball IQ should put him at right now.

    This season, he’s been driving more instead of shooting the 3ball, but has a poorer TS% (.51) because of it.

    Levert needs to shoot his 3s at 34% (currently 31%) while finishing stronger. Once he breaks into the 16-17 PER range, he’ll need to break 37-38% 3pt and develop more finesse in order to break out in All Star territory. Possible within 3 years, more likely 4 years.

    If you look at Joe, he’s the ideal role player right now. His true shooting is .61, highest on the team (i think) and great for a 3 pt specialist. His 3pt is at .398 right now, career high. His 2pt% is high as well (.6 for layups) meaning he is great off the ball. He’s near peaked (he can grow even more, but he would then be crazzzy good, he’s already just “good”).

    Probably what is keeping his PER so low is his volume. A role player is a role player because they respond to the situation rather than initiate it, and thus have lower potential in creating situations that they can make effective shots. But if he refines his skills and stays with a team, he can be a very strong piece. Right now he is approaching Korver lite status.

    Goal to all star:
    He needs to have 43-44% 3pt shooting and slight increases in production elsewhere and he’ll really become Kyle Korver instead of Korver Lite.

    This is a struggle year for Crabbe, as witnessed both by his play and the numbers. The coaches want him to have an expanded role doing more of everything, but if you look at his shot selection, you can actually see that he has taken less layups as a % of his offensive game rather than more this season:

    In fact, the only thing that has expanded is his 3pt%, which is 63% of his shots at 35%.

    Do I think Crabbe’s a wash? Absolutely not. To develop a player like Crabbe, he needs to take shots that are out of his normal comfort zone. That will cause his efficiency to drop. He needs to discover within the game more avenues for him to be effective as a scorer. This comes slowly and through testing in real games. His confidence needs to be developed, and that comes over time, with a combination of repetition and success.

    I think he has the potential for a breakout. If he has another 34 point game this year, he will have shown a lot of progress already. Those that can touch greatness once in a while need to reach for it continually – that’s how they grow into it.

    Crabbe needs more time to be comfortable with mistakes. He needs to find one avenue where he can find success (right now, 3pts) and refine it until it is part of his game before expanding to other

    So… how far along are the Nets to being a competing team? Actually not that far off. If Din, Allen, and RHJ all break around 20, then the Nets have a bright next year to look forward to. To be completely honest, though – that’s a bit of a stretch.

    Next season, it would be great progress if 1 player broke out into the 20+ PER range. But currently, even if they play good, hard basketball, their individual inefficiencies on offense make it difficult for them to find good success. Lots of work still needed.

    And to anyone who think Lin was not needed for this season, they’re being delusional. 19.9 PER last season. Name a player besides Brook who even touched playing above 18 on the Nets in the last couple years. Without injuries I think he would be playing at around 21-23 PER, especially with the increase in talent on the team, and in my opinion, that’s enough to lift the Nets out of the bottom of the NBA.

  539. I like LeVert a lot. I just think he is very smart, and has a lot of potential. He just needs more playing time and experience. He’s only in his second year. (not even, missed 20 games last season due to rehab.)

  540. Small sample size but I agree about Okafor! I will have to pay more attention on how well he’s playing defense.

  541. IMO, +/- sometimes can be misleading. BUT, you’re right. Poor Okafor’s +/- suffers because he’s usually playing with Russell. At tonight’s game, even the YES commentators, Ian Eagle in particular, talked about Russell’s bad +/- 26 from last night.

  542. Could be! There was one video from Vancouver where he was flipping food in a pan. I was impressed. 🙂

  543. Yeah, too bad the Nets lost. But, at least they were not “slaughtered mercilessly”! At least they kept the game close and made the stupid Rockets sweat a little at the end.

  544. I didn’t see JLin on the bench on the sidelines at this game. Wonder if there was a fan meet-and-greet after the game.

  545. WOW! THAT IS TREMENDOUS ANALYSIS! Thanks for taking the time.

    Will need to take time to read through all the points……get back to you later…..

  546. Indeed, thank you for a very thoughtful and in-depth analysis. It really deserves to be saved as an article. It must have taken quite a bit of time to research them!

    When I have some time, I’ll create an article and assign the author to @spyckie:disqus (if you have it already)

  547. So, went back and watched the two games vs Rockets and Pistons. For second night of back-to-back, the starters played a lot of minutes. Maybe because they will have two days off and then play the Pelicans next at home.

    The Nets were in both games until the very end. Played MUCH BETTER team ball. Cut down on the ISOs. Much more ball movement and sharing of the ball. Tonight had 33 assists for 39 makes! That’s the way they should always play! It was definitely more fun to watch.

    But again, could not close out the games. I always think JLin would have made the difference.

    Continue to be impressed by Harris. He’s not perfect. Had FOUR bad-pass turnovers tonight. (The 5th TO was BS offensive foul.) But at least he makes an effort to play unselfish team ball. And makes up for it in other plays. He had SIX assists tonight.

    Dinwiddie had a double double tonight. ELEVEN assists! Great job playmaking and finding teammates! (Four assts were from Crabbe finally making shots. Four nice passes to JAllen on the inside.) But maybe because of shot-blockers in the paint, SD only attempted and scored on 3 pointers in both games. (missed a couple of wide-open ones.)

    Crabbe scored a hefty 34 points. The Pistons kept leaving him open earlier in the game, but he was just 2 of 8 from 3 through 3 quarters. Guess the coaches may have told him to keep shooting because he ended up taking 22 shots overall, 14 3 pointers!

    Even JAllen played 32 minutes, the most so far in his career. Got a double double too. And also with SIX assists.

    Okafor got 4 fouls really quickly and only played 8.5 minutes.

    Last, but not least, Russell. He had 5 assts, one of them a pretty bounce pass down court to Crabbe. But also SIX turnovers, in just 17 mins. I don’t know that I have ever seen him hustle back on defense. Maybe it’s style. But to me, it always seems like he plays very lackadaisical. No intensity or sense of urgency. Kenny Atkinson better spend more time on Russell’s development. Or else Sean Marks will have a problem.

  548. So, it’s official. Looks like JLin will be participating in the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Confirming what Daryl Morey (booooo!) tweeted a couple of weeks ago. Wonder if Lin will be attending in person? Or via video?

  549. DeMarre Carroll was upset about Caris being taken out by Nene. He compared it to being a father and something happened to your kid at daycare. “We don’t know if it was legal or illegal. But at the end of the day they ( the refs) could show us some decency and go watch it on film just to see.”

    Way to go DeMarre. Speaking up for your teammate!

  550. This is why I will read articles by Greg Logan. He’s not afraid to speak up supporting Lin. I think he’s a secret Lin fan, but feel like he can’t admit it because he’s supposed to be an unbiased beat-writer/journalist.

  551. Really. Seriously. We are NOT the only fans who loved Linsanity. And get so much fun and enjoyment from remembering those Lincredible games!

    Howard Beck – another supporter/friend.

    “Easily one of the most memorable games I’ve covered in my 21 years on the NBA. (And the next two weeks were pretty incredible, too.) #linsanity

  552. Forbes just published new NBA valuations. Unbelievable that the Knicks are still at number one. Also, unbelievable that the Nets are at number six, ahead of the Rockets and the Clippers. Note that the Hornets are way down at bottom at number 28.

    Assuming the trend will hold true and continue. Looks like Joe Tsai made another smart business decision.

  553. Most of the injuries are accidents and there is no way of stopping it, any professional sport in the globe, has to go the same pain.

    i wont blame these fitness staff.

  554. This interesting. Kenny Atkinson might just quit if Front Office trades DCarroll
    It can’t be easy to continue to develop young players without the presence of veterans to reinforce discipline. They traded Brook and Booker already. I hope DeMarre stays

  555. whoa .. Lakers are sending Clarkson and Nance to Cavaliers

  556. I guess this depends on the reliability of the source that said this.

    I agree, I think the Nets are too young player focused and trading vets is shortsighted. Young players need to be balanced by vets. It’s possible Marks is thinking of Lin being the leader/Captain/vet of the Nets, at least for next season. But maybe beyond. I sure hope so. If not, then, I think the Nets’ development will be slower and less disciplined without veteran presence. I think Atkinson would campaign for having some vets on the team.

  557. sigh.. Like I said

    In order to shut those people up, Lin must help the nets to win 2 championships, with him obviously leading.

    I say 2 because those people can say oh 1 is lucky and it’s someone else who help. If they say that then they are blinely hater and in denial.

    The 2nd championship will seal their mouth and other ppl wil lobviously say they are haters or in denial. they lose.

    Anyways I don’t know how lin will fare in the future. He accomplished well enough for people who say he can’t play to saying he is a good player. Going into the next notch is not easy, as he has stuff to overcome.

    It’s like me saying rubio will be excellent player which I think he is average…but again I don’t see him play as much.

  558. That’s because if you are drafted originally or not, you are cemented as an nba player..unless you really screw it up.

    dinwid was a no name.. dlo has a name. so it’s all about perspective..not nerdy stats and objective analysis.

  559. Cavs is overhauling its roster, possibly in an attempt to keep LeBron happy and resign next season.
    Here is the summary plus sending DWade back to Miami

  560. Nets is slowly turning to the 76ers route to stock up on young players. If they are not careful to keep good vets, some young players won’t buy in the system and the losing culture will stay for a long time.

    I sure hope DeMarre would stay for Lin’s sake. It’s hard to only have 1-2 vets. There needs to be at least 3-4 so young players will follow

  561. Isaiah Thomas’ agent talking about the trade :

    “Isaiah’s worked hard to get back, and he’s a ball dominant player,” Thomas’ agent, Aaron Goodwin, told “It’s LeBron’s ball and this clearly wasn’t working. Koby (Altman) and I have had enough conversations where it was clear, with the way the system was going, it wasn’t beneficial for either party. This is a good opportunity for Isaiah.”

    See :

  562. Here’s a summary of Isaiah Thomas’ time in Cleveland. By the way, the Cavs are including their own first round pick, NOT the Nets’ pick from Boston, in the trade :

    “He missed the first 36 games recovering from right hip injuries, and when he returned it was clear he wasn’t yet the player he used to be, lacking the quickness and leg strength to take defenders off the dribble and knock down shots.

    The Cavs went 6-8 in January and are 7-10 since Thomas took the court. Thomas averaged 14.7 points and shot career worsts from the field (.361) and 3-point range (25.3 percent). Cleveland was outscored by an average of 15.1 points per 100 possessions with him on the court.”

    See :

  563. I’m guessing Danny Ainge knew about the risk of IT’s right hip injury impacting his plays that he sold high on him plus the Nets’ 1st round draft pick to get the unhappy Kyrie from the Cavs.

    Danny Ainge looked like a great GM from this string of trades.

  564. Welp we know who’s going to win Championship again don’t we lol.

  565. Good riddance no more solo motion offense, can Nets hire MDA then?

  566. Please it’s doubtful Nets will even keep Lin after next season.

  567. Good news to me. At least for the short-term. Looks like no moves by Sean Marks to trade away Carroll, Dinwiddie, or Harris.

    Only move SM made, as reported: “New Orleans is trading forward Dante Cunningham to Brooklyn for guard Rashad Vaughn, league sources tell Yahoo”.

  568. A good summary of today’s Nets’ trade, by Charles Maniego at the Brooklyn Game:

    “The 6-foot, 8-inch combo forward shot 39.2 percent from three last season, a career best…While Cunningham’s numbers are far from impressive, he could provide nice versatility to a Nets team that emphasizes multiple skills. Cunningham could slot in as a small-ball forward, with enough lateral quickness to cover wings at times…The addition of Dante Cunningham may likely be a short-term one, but Sean Marks still has his eyes set on the future with the addition of a second-round draft pick….”

  569. Six degrees of separation:

    Interesting tidbit about Cunningham and Marks. They used to be teammates at Portland and were traded together to the HORNETS in 2011. Presumably, Marks would know that he would be a good vet and will fit in the culture at the Nets.

    OR NOT. Cunningham is 30 years old, and on an expiring contract of $2.3M.

  570. Fun news re Mozgov: will be one of five coaches at the the fourth annual Basketball Without Borders (BWB) Global Camp, held over #NBA All-Star weekend

  571. Jeremy exercises his player option. This was also retweeted by Adrian Wojnarowski.

  572. thanks for the compliments psalm234. I was itching for bball since Lin dropped and this stuff is fun for me. Feel free to do whatever you like with it.

  573. Let’s talk part 2 – trading philosophy.

    When should the Nets trade and why should they trade? Who should they trade for?

    1) The Nets should trade for an all star (defined as PER > 22).
    …but this is hard. First, you need assets that people would be willing to trade for an allstar, AND still have a basketball team at the end of it. The nets would need to gut their entire team just for an allstar and don’t even have good role players fo fill in the void.
    Second, no one trades all stars, and the ones currently on the market all have their problems, so usually you trade all stars for all stars.

    2) The Nets should trade for potential.
    Potential can be defined as several things:
    – Pedigree (high lottery draft picks). High lottery picks have had a lot of people scrutinize over them and also usually have innate advantages (athleticism, height, speed, length) or gifts/talent that makes their ceiling high. If they aren’t doing well in the league, they still have those innate things that proper coaching can bring out.
    – Draft picks themselves – with Marks being a sniper with the draft, the value of a draft pick, even in the high 20s, is pretty good for this team
    – Journeyman (breakout) players. Players who have shown enough to warrant ‘raising’ to be an all star.

    3) The Nets should trade for better assets.
    You absolutely sell high if you get a better asset for it. Kemba’s value peaked when he played alongside Lin – Hornets should have traded him at that moment, given the right deal. IT’s value peaked when he played in Boston’s system and showcased those numbers due to the familiarity in the system – excellent example of selling high for IT and getting good value in return.
    You only sell high if you don’t believe they can grow anymore within the org, which is absolutely not true for any of the guys we have.

    So, who do we trade? And why do we trade them?

    The answer is you trade everyone if it improves the value of the team, but there’s probably not much you can trade for right now.

    You can trade a lot of people if the value is good enough. For instance, I would absolutely trade Levert if we got someone amazing. However, there are very few players that I would trade Levert for. I would also trade Joe Harris for a good value too.

    Unfortunately for the Nets (or fortunately if you are a Net), a lot of Nets are at their prime time of growth. None of the nets have regressed in their play from year to year (all of their PER has increased). This says a lot about the progress of the org and the players. This basically means that no one has peaked in their value, so to hold on to them is more valuable than to trade them. Also, while the potential to grow is there, no one will trade a very good player for a potentially good player, so there’s probably not that many good trades out there.

    We have so many players with incredibly high ceilings on our team. Potential for breakout is there for every player. Not exactly the Porzingis type (30!!! PER) but everyone definitely has the potential to break into the 19 range and beyond in several years.

  574. I’m relieved to see him get a vet. Now, I’m a bit more confident that he won’t look to trade Lin away, unless Lin doesn’t have it physically when he returns.

  575. Ditto, similar to Clear-Path-To-The Basket-Foul; there should be Blind-Spot-Obstruction rule, similar to some sport, where a defender should not obstruct an offense player on his blind spot

  576. All indications are that they are building around Lin with pieces that can shoot and versitile. They still need a solid defensive big to rebound and take care of the rim. With this, they will have a good solid first unit, a overpowering second unit and a defensive team that can limit opponents to under 100 ppg.

    I’m really excited for the future of the franchise with Joe Tsai and Atkinson in charge.

  577. playful Lin (after opting in?) on IG

    jlin7 My favorite photos are the ones where I crop @chap out to protect the aesthetics of the pic #BKN #suitedandbooted

    demarrecarroll1 Did you put the warm up tee under the suit coat ?!? 😂😂😂

    chap 😭😭😭 i hate you brother

    jlin7 @chap bc i know Mr. Arizona doesnt know. Aesthetics: the branch of philosophy that deals with beauty and artistic taste #heresanotherassist #truepg

  578. Until Nets offer Lin a 4-5 max contract I don’t see them actually naming Lin the franchise or building around him. After Marks brought in Russell, it’s obvious they will always be looking for a young replacement.

  579. I’d like to see Lin in the all star 3 point contest next year!


    (this super bowl, Joe Flacco was absolutely shredding the Patriots defense, but late in game they intercepted him twice to hold Ravens off and win that super bowl. If you look at Flacco’s body language just after he releases the ball, it seems to me that Belichick just flat out fooled him into thinking Torey Smith was wide open for game winning touchdown (i. e. was defense baiting him into making that throw?). Belichick said Eagles just kept them off balance entire game, so perhaps there was no opportunity to throw a similar changeup near the end of this game? This is always the strategy I thought teams should use against Harden; bait and gamble to take him out of his comfort zone, and hopefully make him start to doubt what he thinks he is seeing. Obviously not going to stop him, but perhaps just slow him enough in playoffs)

  581. Some notes from around the trade deadline :

    – the Cavs offered their (the Cavs’) 2018 first-round pick for Spencer Dinwiddie. (via ESPN)


  582. Smart decision! If Nets traded Spencer Dinwiddie it’d prove they are in forever rebuilding mode. Not to mention that their so called team culture is total bs afterall. A 15-20 Traditional, team oriented PG is tough to come by. The way I see it Nets will trade Russell before they ever trade Dinwiddie.

    They still need to see whether Lin and Dinwiddie can start together. With Dinwiddie, Lin can focus on scoring more, not worry about making plays, while playing SG at times just like he did in Hornets. If they work, Russell will be relegated to bench or traded if they haven’t already.

    If anything Russell should be worried right now.

  583. Lin did the rising star challenge years ago and it didn’t look like he took it seriously. If he does get in the 3point contest he’d have his work cut out for him beating Klay and Curry.

  584. I don’t understand the mentality of so many fans as to why they are so trade happy. This is a Lin-fan dedicated site so you don’t see it. But go to most team sites and fans just want to trade just about anyone who isn’t a “star”, often for unknowns (picks). Is the thought of getting some star kid worth it?

    I see teams needing time to gel and establish a core. And some guys play roles in practice and on the bench that are valuable. Disrupting this chemistry is sometimes worth it, and sometimes you just need better players, but sometimes you have perfectly fine players that you want to trade.

    Lin is talked about as a trade piece on Nets sites. I don’t like it but I can deal with it because the Nets are very young and Lin has been injured. I make arguments about Lin being a winning player and a vet, but many just would rather see the other player. And I wrote on one site that fans have amnesia about how Lin is instrumental to bringing wins on any team.

    Trades are one of the things I dislike about sports. I agree sometimes it is necessary and many times financial considerations dictate these trades. But so many are so giddy to just trade away the whole team wholesale to bring in a totally new team. To me, that’s just trading uniforms. I think a team has some home-grown guys and some guys that eventually are identifiable to your team. It’s more than just the uniform. I don’t root for a uniform. That’s why for so many years I could not root for the Knicks. I didn’t like the leader of the team or the owner. Lin changed that briefly until he went to the Rockets. I still don’t really root for the Knicks. The players matter to me. And keeping them together for awhile makes sense for me. All this is just my opinion.

  585. He’s one of the most valuable guys on the team. I wouldn’t have even entertained any notion, especially for a pick. Sometimes picks pan out, sometimes not.

  586. This is why Lin is so special imo. Skills mean nothing when the pressure is on and plays need to be made in championship games. What separates winners from losers is often having the faith and heart to trust your own game. The turning point as always egging when players lose their present or moment and drift into past and future tense. They start worrying about what opponents are doing and will do to them. Once they do that, it’s a slippery slope downhill from there. They are nolonger focus on what they can do against their foes.

    The difference is that knowing the what if’s means nothing. What if’s are for losers. If you want to win, always focus on what you and your teammates can do and do it with absolute conviction. If you lose then, it’s not because you let them get into your head. If you lose you can then determine what you need to do to be better next time. Without that certainty, you’ll always have doubts about the what if’s of your own game.

    Lin has the mental strength and clarity few athetes have. That’s why I’ve been such a big fan of his game.

  587. Those Nets fan probably have their own agenda. So glad Nets didn’t trade probably their best players after Lin, Dinwiddie, Harris, and Carroll! These are their team oriented and most efficient scorers.

    With Dinwiddie, Nets have less to worry about losing a guard if Russell continues his selfish shot chucking. Guards like Lin, Dinwiddie, and Harris will put pressure on Russell to play the right way. And if he doesn’t those 3 will take his minutes simple as that!

    No reason why Nets shouldn’t start a lineup of Lin, Harris, Dinwiddie, Carroll, and Okafor/Allen.

  588. There’s still the off-season. Will we see these guys in October? I hope so. We’ll see.

    As for Russell, they look at upside and time to mature. I think they’ll stick with him unless he doesn’t fit well in the locker room.

  589. First time in 3 months watching the Nets… I’m cringing at how trash DLo is… he’s looking like Mark’s biggest mistake. 9 min 4 shots no field goals, and big 0 to all other stats. A bonus TO within the first minute he steps on the court. Can’t seem to creat for himself or others…

  590. He’s not “trash” but he’s not played very well since coming back. He had one game where he played well, but only because he shot well. I don’t like his decision-making, his volume of shots or his defense. He may ultimately have problems being a team player. Time will tell.

  591. Just turned on game, and the Nets are already down 54-35 with 5 mins to go in 2Q. SMH.

    Meanwhile, the Pelicans are on second night of back-to-back, on the road. And after having played an awful game yesterday, at one point down 34 points to the 76ers.

    Come on Nets. Gotta do better!

    No rebounding inside whatsoever. Kenny needs to get Mozgov in there, just to body up ADavis. Something!

  592. Nets are taken seriously now and are scouted. Teams are beginning now to beat the Nets in most games. The Nets are down RHJ and CLV and that’s big, however. There also down a much more impactful player named “Lin”.

  593. Well in the culture Brooklyn is trying to create, if a hot shooting hand is the only way you can contribute to the team, I called it trashy. Sorry I know I might be a bit harsh here but it hurts me to see everyone else doing something positive but one individual is lost (and he’s touted to be the one leading the team in Lin’s absence).

  594. The guy leading the team is Dinwiddie. Not only in terms of play, but in cooling off players in heated moments, even cooling off the coach one time. DLo is way down the line in terms of being a leader IMO.

  595. Sorry – what is “15-20 Traditional”?

    You’ll be happy to know Atkinson is not playing politics at the moment. His comments on Russell starting again and/or more minutes. Atkinson said….”Quite honestly, he’s got to perform better. You’ve got to earn it a little bit. It’s a combination. Yes, I think we’ll get there, but he’s got to earn it”……One thing he needs to do better is value the ball….”Yeah, he’s [got] to tighten it up….”

  596. Right now he has 8 points. So he can get his points in a hurry. However, while he scores at times, his shot selection has been mostly bad and his defense really bad.

    I’ll give him something of a pass for coming back from the injury on a changed team and not being up to speed. But Okafor, not being with the team, has fit in surprisingly better than D’Angelo has.

  597. Good thing his teammates get his sense of humor!

    To be honest, I’m not generally that big a fan of “put-down” humor. But I guess his teammates know it’s all from fun and love. 🙂

  598. that’s my gripe. I’m not liking this trade involving Russell right at this moment. Oakfor and Nik, on the other hand, were good pick ups

  599. Looks like Adam Silver picked Walker to replace injured Porzingis.

    IMO, being an “all-star” is really meaningless. Yet, it’s used so often as a measure of how good a player is.

  600. Hahaha. Good one.

    Thomas’ hubris is what ultimately will hurt him. It’s one thing having a chip on his shoulder, it’s another thing to think he’s such a big deal that

    I don’t normally talk about karma. But, Thomas’ dissing of JLin getting a lot of all-star votes was totally uncalled for. And he’s part of Floyd Mayweather’s circle. Ugh.

  601. Well, it’s a done deal. So, in the spirit of wanting Lin’s current team to play great team ball, I hope he learns. In the last time, psalm has given a good run down as to Lin’s future on the team, and it is up in the air. But for now, I’m rooting for him to do better and play within the system.

    Russell is a great scorer and streaky. His shots are falling now and I think he has 13 points. But he’s not necessarily playing in the system that well.

  602. Apparently, it’s “Cal” night at Barclays. There will be meet and greet with Allen Crabbe (from UC), that’s why it’s also his bobble-head night.

  603. Russell has really just changed in his game. Now he’s playing quite well.

  604. Five point game! ALL RIGHT!

    Russell is a scorer. He can create for himself. But any assists are just opportunistic, not truly playmaking. IMO, sharing the ball isn’t really his mindset. He’s being asked to do it, he forces it, and results in turnovers.

    It’s better to use him as a scorer and just try to hide him on defense. Play to his strength and call it a day. I think that’s what the Lakers had concluded.

    Not sure why Okafor isn’t seeing time on court. Got into foul trouble a few times in some games. But, in the games where he’s played, I thought he played within the system and played well.

  605. Dinwiddie’s learned how to get to the line late in the game. He’s going to have 9 FTs in this game. And the game isn’t over. Dinwiddie has become a really good PG.

  606. It’s nice to have so much power isn’t it?

    And DWade got his big payday at Chicago. And now gets to be back in Miami, where he really wanted to be anyway. Nice how that worked out. LOL.

  607. Unfortunately, for those who don’t like Lin, it won’t matter what he accomplishes. They will always find reasons to “hate” him.

    But, as far as that goes, that’s how “fans” are. Look at how many championships Lebron has won, yet there are still many who will criticize him to no end. (And I don’t even like Lebron.)

  608. Bad TO by Russell. Dinwiddie has to handle the ball late.

  609. Wow!!! Great choice in taking DLo out of the game late.

  610. He was feast or famine. He played great at times and helped the team get back in the game. But made a huge and stupid TO late in the game.

  611. Yes he’s always a gamble. I like low risk solid return guys.

  612. OVERTIME! After being down 28. Can’t give up on this team.

    JOE HARRIS!!! Moving, unselfish passing, hustling to get 50/50 ball! What a team player!

    Allen Crabbe earning his contract now! Two BIG TIME makes!


    Played great defense down the stretch.

    But, on the offensive end. Moving, and moving the ball, patience to find the better shot. That can still work in OT. Don’t know why the ball sticks, or one-on-one, and usually with Dinwiddie, at end of close games. SD tries too hard to purposely draw fouls. Just go for his shot! He already knows the refs aren’t going to help him.

    Haha, Sarah Kustock agrees with me. Unfortunately, for the Nets.

  614. Well, Lin is a high-risk, high-reward player. But he’s just more solid when it counts. Russell’s late TO was he dribbled the ball into the back court. That’s unacceptable.

  615. That was the problem with SD. But SD is really solid and will be solid going forward. He just got mentally tired and some of his decisions late weren’t great. I still think Nets need Lin late to make the plays when they count. Dinwiddie can make a lot. But he just doesn’t quite have that extra sense to make that winning play or series of plays to get his team over the top in as many situations that Lin possesses. I think CLV would have helped, but he can also be sloppy in the clutch.

  616. The issue with Russell is whether or not he fits in this system. And whether Sean Marks values the player more or the system more. If SM values the system and culture, then how much time and patience will the Nets give Russell to buy in.
    I guess we will see.

  617. I hope Kenny isn’t losing the players. I’m pretty sure those end-of-game plays weren’t what he preaches.

    I think the Nets just ran out of gas – not physically, but, mentally. It’s tough to come back from 28 down. Then stay focused through 2 more overtimes. I also didn’t like the hack-a-Rondo bit. But, have to give them credit for trying.

    On the other hand, on a five game losing streak. The worst of this season. With Clippers and Pacers coming up. Not good.

    I’m sure those guys are looking forward to the all-star break. Re-group. Get everyone back healthy.

  618. Lin was also in the Skills challenge in 2013, his first year with the Rockets. You’re right, he didn’t take that seriously either. (Considering all the politics behind the all-star game, they probably invited him only because the game was in Houston. LOL.)

  619. Missed the game but I can totally see what you mean! Harriss deserves the starting spot along side Lin and Dinwiddie! The offense flows like the Spurs when Harris initiates the plays! Not even Lin or Dinwiddie has been able to do it in the motion.

  620. That’s the thing with KA, he doesn’t trust young and new players rigth away even if they play well. Took forever for Levert to get more minutes. It’s a good thing, guys like Russell and Okafor feels entitled, better not to give them favoritism.

  621. Allen Crabbe had two big games against Pistons and Pelicans. His shots looked so much smoother, more arc. Less line-drive chucking and hitting the back rim. Too bad both efforts did not result in wins.

    Sounds like the Nets are all-in on Crabbe. Crabbe confirmed that the coaches want him to continue shooting:
    “I made some shots finally,” Crabbe said. “Coach [Chris] Fleming talks to me a lot. He’s one of the biggest guys preaching to me about being aggressive, just going out there and don’t worry about mistakes, missed shots, because nobody’s going to take you out if I do either one; just finding ways to get going.”

    And Kenny also said that’s the Crabbe they wanted, more aggressive, more assertive, even if he takes a few bad shots, we’re okay with that.

  622. An interview by JLin with Slam Magazine. “Jeremy Lin Talks Knee Rehab and Young Nets Core”.

    A fluff PR interview, asking him to give scouting reports on his own teammates. What’s he supposed to say? Ummmm, they need better shot selection decisions, and stop committing turnovers? LOL.

    Well, fun reading anyway….

  623. A better interview with USA Today Sports.

    A few more revealing details about his remaining in touch with his teammates: “I text a lot of my teammates. They actually check up on me a lot. Also, just we’re all friends on Instagram and Snapchat…. I feel far distance-wise but I feel very close to what’s going on because there’s been so much communication.”

    Again confirming rehab progress very encouraging: “Everything’s going smooth and exactly to the game plan and the timeline”

  624. More fond memories from Linsanity fans. What’s going on? Seems like more than past years? Maybe because he’s not on the court this year, and people miss seeing him play?

  625. NBA-TV Inside Stuff, 2018.

    IIRC, Lin’s only been on Inside Stuff three times. Two were to talk about dumplings and Chinese New Year. JLin is proud of his heritage, and proud of expressing it. Rightly so. At the same time, the NBA’s use of him seems to border on “exploitation”. (Second link is from 2014, on Rockets.)

    Still, as a Lin fan. It’s always good to see updates from JLin.

    Skip and don’t watch from 1:17 to 1:30. Too sad.

  626. The third time on Inside Stuff was in 2016 (Hornets), after his win over the Spurs. Fun times also!

  627. Uhhh, come on, not even Lin? JUST KIDDING!

  628. This Knicks fan can’t get over Linsanity. Another post of another Linsanity game memory. Think he’ll be posting a few more? 🙂

    JLin looked like a teenager, time flies!

  629. More positivity from some in sports media. Always enjoy seeing the support Lin gets.

    “He’s an exciting player when he’s on the floor…..It would be nice to see him play a full healthy season again”

  630. Reflecting back on Lin’s career, I realise that it can be divided into 3 chapters. Each is heart wrenching yet inspirational. Patience was always the hallmark of being a Lin fan.

    The first part we all know. That blissful stretch everyone calls “Linsanity”. Prior to that, Lin had to endure a long wait at the end of the bench and so much prejudice. Being overlooked, cut and waived. He showed everybody he belonged right there are the heart of the NBA despite all the obstacles.

    The next phase Lin endured a succession of coaches who seemed completely hell bent on making him a bench player again. Insults, politics, having his minutes limited in every way possible. He took 2 franchises back to the playoffs despite his limited role. I will always remember fondly his playoff performances against the Trail Blazers and the Heat. At the end of he day, Lin proved again he was not a bench player. He was a starter and deserved a bigger role.

    Now, we are at this strange phase. Apart from all the drama at the Nets, (lack of talent, questionable trades), through all that Lin was a starter. However, this cruel world inflicted the injuries on Jeremy. And we are forced to wait again.

    Lin has always inspired me, in terms of giving my best in my work and life in general. If Lin has a successful comeback, it would in my mind, possibly be the greatest victory in Lin’s career so far.

    Let’s all continue to be patient and wait.

  631. Dante Cunningham post game comment said Nets are trying to run “read and react”, though it’s unclear how precisely he is using that term:

    “Essentially, the Read and React is a system similar to the Motion Offense in that there are no set plays called from the sideline (except of course at end of shot clock situations and out of bounds situations, etc.) However, unlike the Motion Offense, it has more direct accountability. When the person with the ball makes a read (passing to the wing, passing to the post, etc.), all four other players take automatic reactions. So for example, when a player passes to the wing, his or her automatic reaction is to make a basket cut and the other players must fill the open spots on the floor. There is no choice for the player making a basket cut, this is a reaction that is a rule of the offense.”

    Motion Offense:

    Read and React:

    (in an ideal world, Lin I think would do best in a system where he is presented with multiple options unfolding in real time (Chris Flemming’s move and present a target or you won’t get the ball mantra), and just him react instinctively as breakdowns in the defense occur (more like how an NFL coach would call plays, even for the most elite of quarterbacks)

  632. Going way back, here is a video of Jeremy and his Palo Alto teammates winning a high school title against Mater Dei, in 2006. Some nice passing and shooting by Jeremy.

  633. If Nets are trying to run “read and react” as described in excerpted article above, then it might also explain why Dinwiddie is doing so well running Nets offense.

    He is making the correct initial read, and everyone else on floor with him is just rigidly reacting to his initial trigger.

    It would also, however, would make Nets offense very predictable, and thus stoppable, in playoffs because of how much more time opposing team would have to scout them.

    e. g. Heat absolutely destroyed the Hornets in game 1 of that Hornets Heat playoff series few years ago because they stole the Danny Green Cut from Spurs, and made Hornets defensive quarterback, Marvin Williams, make incorrect reads because DWade would feign a cut along the baseline like a big man, leaving Luol Deng wide open to absolutely go off on Clifford’s defense that game (there was great article explaining this right after game 1, but can’t find the link)

  634. The coaches of the 2nd phase had proved their ineptness and they would not get a 2nd chance in NBA coaching. McHale, the most inept coach. His team under MDA simply was incredible but under him was a dismal. Byron Scott, he was simply a loser.

  635. Dinwiddie is not Lin. He’s not the kind of threat at the clutch. He couldn’t draw more players to him and let others go free. His speed is his only his weakness but he makes it up by his length but yet it’s still his weakness. He is not unstoppable like Lin.

  636. Joe Harris moves the ball so well. Nets got to keep him at all cost. The team needs team player like Harris to move on.

  637. Let them earn their minutes and their roles.

  638. DLo freezes other players out when his shots aren’t falling.

  639. I appreciate that Marks appreciate culture more than just acquiring assets. The team keeps DeMarre, Dinwidddie and Joe Harris. The teams has just traded away the unwanted pieces but not their developed players.

  640. I hope the the team gets Brook back next season, he’s the ideal Power forward for Nets; a forever scoring threat and a player that fits well with the team culture. The team needs him as well as he needs the team. Jarett Allen and Okafor is simply not enough to push forward a winning season. Brook’s impact with help the team greatly.

  641. It’s up to Lin to earn it with a new body.

  642. ONE MOST IMPORTANT thing for the team is to keep its developed players and found the team’s future on them.

  643. Agree 100%.
    DLo should be the one to go. It’s up to Sean Marks to make this difficult decision.

  644. 2012 is a long time in “basketball years” Even from spring 2017 seems longer than not even a year ago. Even the pre-games in October seem like more than months ago.

  645. JLin and Dinwiddie fit better, definitely.
    DLo is toxic to team basketball.

  646. I think Crabbe may be streaky and up and down in terms of aggressiveness. KA showing big faith in him should help him a lot.

  647. Losing the players? They play really hard for him and never give up even after being down 20 or more in games. He’s very much has them buying in.

    I agree, they ran out of gas mentally.

    The losing sucks for them, but they are competitive. If they stay competitive, they’ll win some of the games they’re losing now. Also, no CLV and RHJ also helps them believe that when they come back, they’ll have a much better chance to win them.

    They do need the all-star break pretty badly now.

  648. Jeremy Lin’s defense is what this team sorely misses.

  649. Jordan Clarkson playing with Lebron on Cavs. Good for him!

  650. No matter what halfcourt system Lin’s coaches run, it comes down to one basic play;

    3 defenders chase Lin on or off the ball, then Lin’s teammates have to execute 4 on 2.

    I call this SET PLAY “Linball”.

  651. Linsanity NEVER ENDED for me.

    Lin is a totally dominant WINNER in the minutes he plays.

    1 chapter -WINSANITY

  652. Lin has played as well as any NBA player possibly could for the coaches like Mchale and Scott and Clifford that HATED HIM.

  653. But Crabbe is still not helping the Nets WIN.

  654. In the NBA, opponents take nights off against bad teams like the Nets.

    Opponents routinely jack up the score early, then coast the rest of the night. Even bad teams can do this against the Nets. That’s why the Nets keep having “slow starts”.

    If opponents really locked in on playing the Nets for a full 48 minutes, the Nets would lose by over 20 every single game.

  655. They miss his offense too.

    Unlike any Net, Lin actually causes opponents to exert themselves physically to guard him. That takes energy away from opponents on offense.

    Teams that don’t have a top player like Lin that opponents have to work hard to guard, those teams always have opponents shooting very hot against them. That would be the Nets right now without Lin.

    Nobody in the NBA understands that Lin’s stellar defensive numbers every season are as much a product of his offense as his defense.

    A lot of times in the NBA, the best defense is a good offense.

  656. Now if Lebron James can BULLY Jordan Clarkson into playing some
    defense, THAT would be something!

  657. Phil Jackson got hit by COACH KILLAH Lin.

    When Jackson and the Knicks said they would not pursue Lin in free agency because of Lin’s “porous defense”, I knew the Knicks were going down and wrote about it online.

    I wrote “Phil Jackson would be SCHOOLED by Lin”. And that is exactly what happened.

  658. If Lin were fully embraced by any NBA team the way Lin would be if he were any race but Asian, it would be Palo Alto vs Mater Dei EVERY YEAR in the NBA playoffs.

    The problem is that no NBA team has viewed Lin as anything but a single season rental – including the Nets.

  659. There is only one possible “silver lining” about Lin’s injury this season:

    The Nets get to see how “great” their big and tall “backcourt of the future” with Dinwiddie, Russell, Crabbe, and Levert “works out”.

    So far, the Nets clearly win more with Lin on the court than with any combination of highly overrated Nets guards.

    Coach Atkinson and GM Marks ought to keep this in mind, lest they repeat the same failures that every previous team of Lin has experienced (INCLUDING the Rockets that are nowhere as strong now as when Lin was there in his 2nd year and Mchale could have won the TITLE had Lin been starting and playing big minutes!)

  660. @JLin7 (IG) #NeverDone -To be GREAT at anything, you have to be obsessed and borderline crazy about it.Crazy in your work ethic,perseverance, inner fire and self-confidence…..find ways to get better.NEVER THINK YOU’VE MADE IT!!…

  661. Omer Asik is back in Chicago. He was part of a trade that sent Nikola Mirotic to New Orleans. Hope things go well for him there.

    New Orleans traded Tony Allen, Omer Asik, Jameer Nelson and a 2018 1st round draft pick to the Chicago Bulls for Nikola Mirotic and a 2018 2nd round draft pick.

  662. Nets lost again. RHJ is a major player for the Nets. This particular team seems to need him. CLV being out also hurts them. Nobody can penetrate like him. And with no Lin, only Dinwiddie penetrates and not as consistently as CLV or Lin.

    I want to see Kenny do well. I think he has the players playing hard and with an unselfish mindset. However, he’s still developing a feel for the game in terms of substitutions, matchups and making adjustments. I think the Nets need the all-star break badly, and then after that we’ll see how they do.

  663. Happy Lunar New Year everyone! may the next year be better for all of us (and Lin)!

  664. Is Asik healthy? Why don’t teams want him?! He was a double double machine when he played with Lin! Lin and Nets should really try to get him! A much needed big man for the team!

  665. Really? Rockets are doing much better than the Cavs and they have Chris Paul and MDA now. Both Rockets and Celtics have a better record. So far Rockets have beat the Cavs twice. The way I see it, Cavs aren’t making it to finals this year.

  666. Only thing I dislike about RHJ is he tries to do too much and stagnates the offense. If he can correct that he’d be a solid starter with just his mid range and cuts to the basket and some occasional 3s.

  667. The ZERO DEFENSE by RHJ is utterly horrific.

  668. Like the one Rockets year when the Rockets “did well” while Lin was a Laker, this season is an INJURY SHAM season for the Rockets like that season was.

    Back then, the Rockets had an awesome record because they kept playing teams like San Antonio without Duncan and Portland without Aldridge. Even in the playoffs, it was Dallas without Rondo and Clippers without Paul.

    The Rockets are a terrific regular season team that predictably fizzles badly every single year in the playoffs. I constantly got in fights with Lin fans who kept crowing that the Rockets have been so great BECAUSE Lin left, but all those Lin fans backed off of me when my constant prediction that the Rockets would keep underachieving in the playoffs came true season after season. This year might be different only because the entire NBA is so banged up, it’s another injury year.

    At full strength, Lin’s Rockets would have CRUSHED the current Rockets team if Lin was the point guard. That’s because Lin is THE one player in the entire NBA that Harden and the Rockets had no answer for in games or scrimmages. Sticking Chris Paul on Lin wouldn’t have helped either – Lin has shown that he can do whatever he wants to Paul on either end of the court whenever Paul doesn’t have two defenders to help him triple team Lin.

  669. There is nothing Atkinson can do.

    His Nets team outside Okafor just doesn’t have legitimate NBA athletic or basketball talent.

    The All Star break won’t change the current Nets one bit.

    Only Lin’s return can change the constant losing.

  670. Agree entirely.

    Omer Asik is a proven two way player, not just with Lin’s Rockets but also the Pelicans when they actually played Asik.

    Unfortunately, GM Marks does not go for long term veteran contracts unless they are attached to Russian players to appease Russian ownership.

    Teams today don’t want Asik because they believe that 7 footers are a liability when caught on the perimeter. That’s because teams don’t watch film on players like Asik who hustle super hard to get back inside after being stuck on the perimeter. NBA teams don’t pay attention to the stats that show that Asik is a major defensive force, even on a nonLin team. Only winning teams like Golden State and San Antonio that value big men are the types of teams that would go for a proven veteran contributor like Asik.

    I always enjoyed watching Asik relentlessly hustle alongside Lin to get back defensively, particularly in Lin’s second Rockets season when Lin was the sole bench floor general voice in Asik’s ear. Asik’s hustle alone makes him more defensively effective than any of the current Nets bigs, and then Asik’s size and athleticism and toughness are things that the Nets don’t have in a single package.

  671. Dinwiddie doesn’t have Lin’s speed, strength, explosiveness, body control, or court vision.

    He is as far away from Lin as Chandler Parsons is from Larry Bird.

  672. You are SO WRONG about Lin “failing” in the motion offense.

    Lin got CAREER NUMBERS in the offense, AND he WON BIG.

    Your erroneous claim that the Lin haters share, it is totally statistically debunked and wrong.

  673. Lin is NOT a high risk player.

    Lin is a LOW RISK high reward player.

    The reason for that is Lin is a two way team player who can positively impact and dominate games even when he’s not shooting well and turning the ball over against triple teams. Lin ALWAYS finds a way to win, though his teammates might not always step up to win as much as Lin does.

    it’s guys like Russell that can only shoot selfishly at questionable percentages that are “high risk”.

  674. Jameer Nelson will contribute.

    Even though he’s old, he still knows how to play point guard in the NBA. That’s something the Bulls have desperately needed.

    The problem with the Bulls is that they keep acquiring “point guards with potential” who look good in jeans but don’t know how to play the game. Jameer Nelson is a merciful move in the other direction.

  675. The Cavs could easily make it to the Finals.

    With the East so badly weakened by poor decisions and injuries, even the top Eastern teams in Boston and Toronto are deeply flawed and vulnerable. The Cavs could effortlessly take out both of those two top Eastern teams in a sweep.

  676. The only reason Dinwiddie is “doing well” running the Nets offense is because opponents are wrecking the Nets on both ends early in games and then it’s garbage time where opponents don’t truly even care if Dinwiddie goes off because the Nets already lost before halftime.

  677. Lin is the single hardest working player in the NBA.

    Sometimes I wonder if he works too hard.

  678. It’s still a great year for Lin – he got paid $12 million to do a SABBATICAL!

  679. The next can always be better 😛

  680. He has shown improvement to keep his job in this bad team. He should be fine.
    After All-star break, more teams will go tanking. The Nets will win more. They can get 26 wins to close this season.

  681. I find Lin to be high risk. He throws that football pass, he drives into traffic, he draws defenders, he threads the needle in some of his passes, and that does lead to TOs some time. Dinwiddie is now taking more chances and getting more TOs.

    Lin himself said he takes risks and with his style of plays he’ll get TOs. But he said, he doesn’t want to make mental ones at the wrong time. He said that as a Rocket, I think. I think he takes less risks now, but he still aggressively throws the football pass.

  682. Lin is a tremendous help to enhance the performance team by getting help from Canada. We all know what the original performance team is. It can’t take Nets anywhere in the league with that much injuries. Lin is virtually telling them what they are missing. With Lin coming back, Nets is quite a different team. Of course it is contrary to those DLO fans who completely ignores Russell’s inefficiencies. Plainly speaking, DLo is inefficient as an NBA player. He could compile good personal stats by chucking up shots but he couldn’t help his team win more games.

  683. Just like McHale’s favourite player James Harden said, McHale is a joker. McHale knows nothing about coaching. He can’t make any of his player better. All he knows is to kiss the rear of superstars to keep his job. He is a true representative of the hall of shame.

  684. Ditto Brent, hope all is well with you and family in Taiwan.

  685. Any legit Championship team needs a big man to hold down the defense! Asik would be perfect for the Nets.

  686. You find Lin to be “high risk” because you are looking at the game strictly from an individual stylistic standpoint, not a PRODUCTION AND WINNING standpoint.

    In order to create shots for teammates that cannot create shots for themselves, Lin has to decoy himself. Also, the triple teams are so crushing that Lin HAS to attack those traps just to free himself
    from them.

    See, you’re only looking at the offense.
    You’re not looking at how defenses load up on Lin every game. If you observe the zones and traps that are laid out specifically for Lin every game, you’ll see that the only reason Lin is “high risk” is because the teams he’s played on have largely been so bad that Lin’s teammates are incapable of doing anything without Lin and so Lin has to exert himself 3x as hard to PROTECT those useless teammates. And even when Lin gets stopped by crushing traps, he makes up for it in other aspects of the game and thus ERASES the negativity. This is why Lin is always a + player who is NO RISK to any team he plays on.

    Lin is a TOTALLY NO RISK PLAYER when it comes to WINNING.

  687. Dinwiddie is NOT a really good PG.

    He’s nothing but a backup 3rd string level PG who’s getting minutes only because the 1st and 2nd string point guards ahead of him are banged up with injury.

  688. I wouldn’t trust ANY of these Nets except for Harris and Okafor and Stauskas – they’re the only guys who actually are NBA caliber.

  689. Regardless of whatever performance team is running the Nets, Lin will still be BATTERED when he returns.

    The triple teams won’t stop, nor will the ref cheating abate.

    And if Lin somehow remains a Net by next season, the players around Lin simply aren’t good enough for opponents to respect them enough to guard them. It’ll be another season of endless triple teams and 5 man traps on Lin because Lin’s Nets teammates are not good enough to make opponents pay for not guarding them. Opponents cheat off Lin’s teammates to guard Lin with more than 2 guys, as Lin is the deadliest player in the NBA on or off the ball.

  690. It’s the knowledge to keep players healthy rather than just resting them. It’s about tuning their moves to avoid injuries.

  691. I ave to disagree with you. I like his game. I think he runs the offense pretty well now and is a starting PG.

  692. There are far worst defenders in the league. RHJ hussles on defense keeps improving.

  693. We’re talking about this year, and record shows both Celtics and Rockets have mich higher record. Meanwhile Cavs only have Lebron with everyone injured. It’d take rigging and lots of work for Cavs to beat Celtics and Rockets. Lucky for them Rockets are not on the East. I dislike Harden but with MDA and Chris Paul on board they can’t do that bad.

  694. A proud moment for all the Asians.. Very touching statement by Chloe’s father.upon his daughter’s success…”An American dream”

  695. I was reading a book about the Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky (who sadly died before he could join Kahneman On the podium in Stockholm ) called “the undoing project”. Great book about psychology and friendship.

    Now why am I talking about this book on this forum? The reason is that one of the main ideas in the book is about how preconcived ideas shape how you make evaluations and decisions.

    A certain NBA player was mentioned as an example for how preconcived ideas would follow him in the NBA. The guy that the author talks with is a certain Mr. Morey from Huston Rockets and the player is Jeremy Lin.

    The preconcived idea is of cause that asian guys were though not to be skilled and atletic enough to play in the NBA – and whatever one thinks about Morey – at least here he is honest about having fallen into the trap of taken decisions based On preconcived ideas.

    summaries of hos statements: “According to Lin’s statistics he should have been drafted at least as nr. 15”, “Lin is increadibly athletic – but we all thought he was unathletic”, “never realized how fast Lin is – measure ment showed him to have the quickest first move measured (of the nba players)” – Morey could not find any other reason for how Lin was grossly under estimated by him and others then the the general opinion about Asians as NBA players.

    I know KHuang will now say “told you so”, but I find it interesting that now Morey is ready to state that he was wrong about Lin based on a wrong way of thinking. May others in the NBA do the same.

    N.b. The Lin example in the book is just one page – so you do not have to go out and buy it.

  696. I’ve been a fan of Kahneman for some time. He’s written and researched so many human conditions. I’m still reading “thinking, fast and slow”. It’s this work that is best exemplified by present day political methodology. Bombardment of our fast brain has overloaded our capacity to truly digest facts from fiction.

    Lin is the constant victim of “fast facts” and disinformation. He is the dancing gorilla in the psychological test
    Selective attention is a human condition and remnant of ancestral survival skills. “He’s Asian, he can’t be good at basketball”.

  697. Happy Chinese New Year !!

  698. How confident do you guys feel hiw strong jlin can come back after this injury?

  699. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

    There is nothing that would make all of us feel more vindicated than seeing Morey finally admitting, and published in Michael Lewis’ book in 2016 that you are referencing, that there was bias against Lin, despite his stats. This bias is not a surprise to any of us, but shocking that he admitted it.

    But, Morey will say anything that is convenient, to fit whatever narrative he’s working with. Back in April of 2012, AFTER Morey waived Lin on Christmas, AFTER Linsanity, but BEFORE his RFA offer to Lin that summer. Morey wasn’t admitting any type of bias back then. In fact, he tried to defend why Rockets passed on Lin the first time. By saying Lin was an outlier, in this article that he himself wrote for the Economist:

    “no one could have predicted the level of play Mr Lin has attained—at least not without mistakenly foreseeing similar achievements for dozens of other players as well……Defenders of the statistical approach will insist that there was ample quantitative evidence of Mr Lin’s potential…..But the structure of professional basketball makes it impossible for teams to give a chance to every prospect who shows some potential……In the 2010 draft alone, there were more than 20 other players who had faced relatively weak competition….. And no one could have called Mr Lin a high-probability prospect….”

    Obviously, Morey is not the only lying hypocritical GM. But, he’s the one I love to hate.

  700. And she’s only 17! What a future ahead for her!

    Jeremy Lin is also a supporter!

  701. 新年快樂! Happy New Year! 恭禧發財!

    To you and your family!

    And to everyone here at JLINPORTAL!

  702. I’m not sure how successful RHJ was in generally being forced to guard guys bigger and stronger than him.
    But RHJ definitely jumps high, and hustles on rebounding!

  703. Lin is every big guy’s best friend. He has made ALL of his former teammate bigs look good by feeding and rewarding them! Chandler, Lopez, Ed Davis, Asik, Jordan Hill, Al Jefferson, Dwight Howard, etc etc.

    Heck, remember Greg Smith on the Rockets? Lin made him look good! (just ignore Bullard & Drexler voices)

    And how about Motiejunas? (Ironically, against the Nets….)

  704. More JLin support for the Asian-American Olympic athletes:

  705. Thanks for the good old days! Talk about baby-faced! LOL.

    Lin has always said that was the best “TEAM” that he was ever on.

    And he is still close friends with Kheaton Scott, who has spent time visiting Lin in Brooklyn. (see at 0:50.)

  706. That Knicks fan with another Linsanity moment:

  707. I don’t know how many posters saw the bad loss against the Clippers. Not much was funny about that game. Except when Jarrett Allen was making free throws. This was funny! We need a good LOL from that game:

  708. IMO, not being a doctor. I can only go by what Lin says. And he seems confident he will be back. So, unless facts to the contrary, (HOPE NOT!) I’m confident.

  709. No there aren’t.

    RHJ has zero defensive awareness, he is undersized and slowfooted for a SF let alone PF, and opponents do not respect him on either end of the court.

  710. RHJ has been shockingly but predictable UNSUCCESSEFUL at stopping opponents.

    At 6’7” and 214, RHJ is undersized for a small forward, let alone power forward. He’s a shooting guard sized player, only he can’t shoot.

    Opponents bully RHJ at will on both ends of the court. He isn’t strong enough to battle anybody inside, he isn’t fast enough to race past opponents, he doesn’t jump high enough to go over anyone, and he doesn’t shoot well enough to be a true “stretch” PF with 3 point range.

    Opponents routinely stomp RHJ, bullying him and overpowering him. Lin did his best to protect RHJ inside, but it cost Lin his health as Lin battled and rebounded against 7 footers inside since RHJ could not.

    RHJ’s numbers are up, mainly because the Nets get blown out of games so early with him starting that opponents coast against RHJ and the Nets for the rest of the game. Opponents toy with RHJ and the Nets, building up huge advantages and then letting the Nets futilely try to climb their way back into games. And when the Nets get close, opponents slam the door shut on RHJ and the Nets.

    As a generalized NBA fan who focuses strictly on production and hype, I cannot understand why Lin fans ADORE RHJ. Don’t Lin fans want Lin to play with a true NBA power forward that can score without help and defend his position and not get killed on the boards?

  711. I don’t have to say “I told you so” because I already called out Morey and the racist NBA clueless scouts in Feb 2012 when Morey wrote that HATE ARTICLE against Lin!

    Besides, Morey himself publically admitted that he was racist before he wrote that article. Morey was PRAISED in the media for being racist against Asians.

    This is America, Asian Americans like me and Lin will always be hated in this country.

  712. What Lin fans don’t realize is that long before Lin even entered the NBA, there were many people already criticizing Daryl Morey’s fictitious “advanced stats analysis”.

    These doubters, they looked at the actual record of the Houston Rockets LOTTERY TEAMS under Morey and correctly deduced that Morey’s media hyped “statistical genius” was in fact a SHAM.

    So when Morey wrote the hate article about Lin, I was the only Lin fan not surprised that the “statistical genius” Morey had not only cut Lin but bashed Lin in the press.

    I got heavily flamed by many Lin fans for pointing out the doubts about Morey, as most Lin fans at the time were afraid to criticize a respected white GM like Morey even though doubts had swirled around Morey’s fictional “stats genius” for years. See, most Lin fans were so corrupted by the anti Asian media that they automatically labelled me a VILLAIN when I as an Asian American dared to question Morey’s “genius”. The thing is, all
    I really did was point out that the doubts abot Morey had been going on for some time!

  713. I’m extremely confident that Lin will come back strong.

    I’m extremely UNconfident that Lin can physically withstand another season of triple team hacking and ref sanctioned illegal bodyslamming.

  714. You’re 6 years late –

    Morey had already admitted to the press that he was openly biased against Lin’s race in Feb 2012 before he even wrote that hate article against Lin!

  715. It won’t mean squat until Lin’s next team has enough actual NBA players that opponents cannot cheat off of to load up on Lin.

    Lin’s never had single coverage since the breakout Knicks Nets game of Linsanity, and the few teams that single cover him
    (i.e. Spurs) get LINSANITIZED.

  716. Had McHale played Lin against the Blazers after Lin won 2 games for the Rockets by scoring 22 and 26 points (including that incredible hustle play that saved the Rockets), the Rockets would have easily advanced past the Blazers. Then they would have SWEPT the elderly Spurs and easily defeated a hobbled Miami that had Shane Battier and Ray Allen and Dwayne Wade and Lebron James hurting and basically out of commission.

    McHale LOST THE TITLE by not playing Lin!!!

  717. The Clippers did not take the Nets seriously.

    The Clippers didn’t have to – the Nets just cannot play.

  718. Lin hasn’t had a decently coached team around him since D’Antoni quit on Lin.

    Even so, Lin’s still played at the same Linsanity level for years now. Lin might not be allowed onto the court much, but his per minute production is MVP level at a shockingly consistent rate over all the different teams he has played for.

    Linsanity never ended for me.

  719. Not to mention with the amount of injuries they have. Not sure who’s idea it was to firing the entire veteran training staff and leaving just newcomers but it was a horrible decision!

    Good thing Lin’s smart enough to get outside help and the same team who helped Nash for rehab

  720. Cool! Ill share that sentiment!

  721. Excellent! Refs better cool it

  722. Agreed.

  723. Excellent analysis.

    I would go one step further.

    Americans, particularly GenX, are so conditioned by the schools and media to be anti Asian that generational racism is absolutely part of almost every American’s makeup particularly from that generation but ALL generations of Americans in general.

    People are bombarded by constant anti Asian imagery and propaganda. That’s why most American people react with such personalized outrage whenever any Asian but expecially Jeremy Lin is positively seen as a good professional performer.

    If Lin was any race but Asian, people would be crowing “Lin is so athletic, he’s so fundamentally sound, he’s so physically dominant, he constantly outplays MVPs, he is a record breaker, he always wins, etc”.

    Lin is the most extreme case of pro sports prejudice, but he is not the only one.

    Jimmer Fredette tested athletically as stronger than most NBA power forwards and centers, and his shuttle run was faster than anybody’s including Lin. Overall, Jimmer Fredette tested out nearly identically to All Star Deron Williams.

    But people keep saying that Fredette is too weak and slow for the NBA, just like people still insist that Lin isn’t good enough to play in the NBA.

    As the GenX generation takes over NBA front offices, the level of institutionalized racism has risen so high that there’s no point in even doing NBA predraft combine athletic testing anymore!

  724. The missing vets other than Lin would not have helped.

    Had RHJ played, the Nets would have lost WORSE because of how he cannot defend.

  725. The Nets have holes and need veteran leadership and a more skilled player to get them over the hump in many games. They have that guy now, Jeremy Lin, who we know is not playing this season due to rehabbing from a major injury.

    If Lin stays a Net all of next season, he may not start and have reduced minutes and role. Is that OK with fans here or not? Your opinion please.

    I think the Nets would have far more wins in their record if Lin played as starting PG this season. I would accept Lin not starting, but not Lin not finishing or averaging 25 or so minutes by season’s end.

  726. When I watch the NBA, I’m stunned at how SOFTLY all
    other players are officiated compared to Lin.

    When Lin comes up court, opponents are allowed to grab his arms and body check him. No other player, not even the lowliest 10 day contract rookie, gets this kind of DIRTY OFFICIATING.

    When Lin goes up for layups, he’s usually hit on the play. Lin rarely gets those calls.

    If the NBA’s best superstars like Lebron James and James Harden and Stephen Curry were ref cheated like Lin, not a single one of them would produce as good as Lin does.

  727. I’m OK with whatever role Lin can physically handle.

    Even though the Nets already have their “backcourt of the future” locked up at the starting and reserve positions, Atkinson would probably still start Lin anyway. That’s because Lin is the only Net that can turn a game from a loss into a win. It’s painfully obvious that the Nets’ “backcourt of the future” is painfully not up to winning against anyone.

    I’m really not focused on Lin starting or even playing big minutes.

    My sole concern is how will Lin’s surgically repaired body hold up against the endless hacking and bodychecking and hard flagrant fouls that come from opponents triple teaming team and refs trying desperately (in vain) to make Lin a LOSER by cheating his calls.

  728. My primary concern is his health as well. I think if he plays 60 games that’s a success. He’ll produce in whatever capacity.

  729. Lin needs to play smart and avoid jumping into rim protectors that have been given card Blanche to hack him. It is what it is and he has to know that. He’s not a kid anymore and needs to know his brain and heart is what’s needed by this young Nets team.

    I’m hoping he gets major minutes restriction for the first 20 games of 20/game, then slowly increasing to 25/game till February 2019. If Nets are in playoff run, then increasing minutes to 30/game until playoffs.

    Lin needs to stop being so reckless.

  730. Until Lin has big men teammates that can actually score, opposing big men will keep abandoning their assignments to gang up on bashing Lin.

  731. It would make sense the plan is that he has major minutes restrictions that are ramped up throughout the season.

    I’m a little worried about Lin’s statement, that he’s going to stay the same player. I hope that’s his will to get back on the court and make a difference. He has to make adjustments. His most important priority is to play as many games as possible next season.

    I agree, his heart and brain is most valuable to the Nets.

  732. Allen and Okafor can. Those are the main centers going forward if Okafor remains with the team.

  733. RHJ has a reputation as a defender.

    At any rate, the Nets won more when he was playing, along with CLV. Since RHJ has been injured, their record has been terrible. To me, that shows he’s valuable.

  734. MDA didn’t quit on Lin he was forced to quit on the Knicks cause of Dolan and Melo.

  735. Okafor has proved that he needs to be defended, but he doesn’t play much.

    Allen hasn’t yet shown that he has to be defended.

  736. It has nothing to do with RHJ who has consistently been wrecked every game.

    The midseason trade that shipped out Booker and the return of Russell, those have had far more impact than RHJ.

    If anything, the Nets have been far more competitive without RHJ than with him. The Nets get blown out less with RHJ out.

  737. MDA should have weathered it out for Lin’s sake.


    “The central thesis of these articles [ ] is that while Lin’s play and reputation have never regained the heights of his Knick days, this was more a consequence of circumstances than his level of play.”

  739. Agreed. He gets smashed with no call which encourages more unnecessary rough play. I see it too. Thats why ive turned my attention to other sports like soccer and tennis with asian stars emerging. Im sure soccer is rigged too against asian players too like son hyung min of tottenham spurs. He plays great but never gets the credit and never knows if he will come off the bench… sigh

  740. Agreed. He resigned = he quit and left our boy hanging in a hostile environment

  741. I keep on asking the question why was the Hornets so successful in one season but dropped so significantly thereafter? In fact the Hornets could have been more successful if they used Jeremy Lin properly in the playoff. My conclusion was that the team tried to stick with Kemba Walker and Nic Batum as their franchise players but that wasn’t how they won games against Miami. This strategy costed them many more seasons after.

  742. I begin to believe that the rise and fall of a team depends on the draft; not necessarily lottery picks. Franchise players may come from late choices. Cornerstone players may come from anywhere; specially when there are racial biases in the draft of international players.

  743. There’s nothing wrong with Kemba, IMO. The problem was way, way overrating Batum and also MKG.

    It wasn’t only Lin that helped the Hornets, but he was, IMO, the biggest reason for the Hornet’s success. I think Big Al Jefferson helped as well in a significant way. Big Al showed how good he is in the post when used strategically against the Nets in the last game. He just made a bunch of impressive buckets over Jarrett Allen. But Big Al doesn’t play D well.

    Lin did so much for the Hornets, took over games, but played tough defense and got guys in foul trouble. He also made Lamb a lot better and Lamb hasn’t been the same since (Cliff made a mistake by benching Lamb later in the season). Courtney Lee helped as well, defensively, was a good complementary player and Lin and him worked well together. But Lin also worked well with Kemba most games that Batum was injured. When Kemba and Lin clicked, they were a tough back court to deal with. And MKG hasn’t developed his offense, and his defense was overrated.

    Also, I know Lin was the starting PG when the Hornets beat the Cavs. That’s great. But Lin needed Kemba in a lot of the games they won, like when Lin scored 34 and Kemba 28 in the OT game against Toronto. Both guys needed to play well. And in the playoffs, it was the same thing. Both Kemba and Lin contributed to the wins, with Lin really getting them over the top in the 3rd and 4th game in the series.

    I still watch the Hornets and Batum hasn’t been good. Dwight Howard was a mistake too, they actually played better with Cody Zeller. Frank Kiminsky is inconsistent. Lamb is underutilized, and nobody has played like Lin as a 6th man and spot starter. A lot of Hornets fans miss Lin and voice it.

  744. I disagree. When Allen plays with CLV, he almost looks like Ed Davis playing with Lin on the Lakers. And Allen shoots FTs better than Davis. Allen has developed good footwork around the rim and he also is good at positioning himself and rolling on the PnR. I think Allen looks quite impressive for only being 19 and his body hasn’t even filled out yet. I’m bigger on Allen than Okafor. I think Allen could be a solid 2-way player in a few years.

  745. I think it is “understandable” that Nets fans are excited about their team’s “progress” and that they believe Jeremy Lin isn’t even a backup caliber NBA point guard.

    However, this is where reality beats Nets fanboy fantasy:

    – The Nets are pretty much a last place team, it doesn’t matter that the Nets players or Nets fans feel otherwise

    – Without Lin, they don’t have anybody on the court that opponents have to physically exert themselves against. Every game against the Nets is a free win for oponents who don’t fear the slow soft Nets players.

    – The entire Nets squad needs Lin on the court to PROTECT them. Nobody can get anything done without Lin on the court leading them and siphoning defensive pressure away.

    – The motion offense that Atkinson uses, it hides the Nets’ lack of athleticism well. But any player like Jeremy Lin with elite athleticism and skills could use the motion offense to attack the rim and get wins as Lin has. The Nets don’t have anybody with that kind of footspeed, so they play a slow predictable style of play that opponents don’t have to expend any energy guarding. But no other scheme would work – the Nets simply don’t have the athleticism or shooting ability or basketball intelligence to run real plays.

    – GM Marks wants nothing more than to eject Lin out of the NBA altogether. But he is mercifully handcuffed not just by incoming new owner Joe Tsai, but much more so by Coach Atkinson who has learned the hard way that Lin is the only player than can get wins for him. Marks’ “best bet” is to try to convince Atkinson that Lin has been race replaced, get Russian ownership to get rid of the Asian guy (which Russian ownership would LOVE to do), then become a deep seeded playoff team because that’s the only way Marks could keep his job if he ejects Lin. Until proven otherwise, we will be treated to another season of Marks mumbling about how “Lin’s sole value is his locker room mentorship” and how “we have to be patient as the RACE REPLACEMENTS for Lin struggle to be actual NBA players”.

  746. Actually, there is A LOT wrong with Kemba Walker.

    He’s a ballhog, he doesn’t play defense, and he doesn’t pass.

    Charlotte is a big time underachiever, and Kemba Walker is the main reason why.

  747. Does anyone have problem accessing the website? Two people have reported difficulty to open the website since yesterday but I can’t see the same issue. Thank you.

  748. ND article about Lin coming back and Joe Tsai as the new owner talks about their effort to penetrate Chinese market. It certainly causes some Nets fans to question if Lin will get traded or not.
    “With Lin back next year and a new Taiwanese owner, Nets lead way to Asia”

    I agree that Lin is the MVP for the Nets judging simply by the Win-Loss record last year and this year. Nets are improving but noone made quite an impact like Lin to help the teams win like last year.

    I think Sean Marks likes Lin but he wished Lin would be healthy to play. It’s hard to see Lin would be traded but SM likes his trades. And people will keep discussing if Tsai can have huge influence to keep Lin until Feb 2019 trade deadline or Lin signs a new contract. I tend to believe business decision plays a huge factor since NBA is about making money but I’m also preparing myself if for some reason, Lin can get traded for assets.

    How big is the NBA in China? Last season, more than half of the country’s roughly 1.4 billion people watched NBA programming on television in China, according to the league.

    How big is the Chinese population in New York, both from mainland China and Taiwan? According to the NYC Department of City Planning, the Big Apple has the largest Chinese population of any city outside of Asia.

    Those two facts alone, provided by, would tend to push the Nets into the forefront of the NBA’s big push in China and Taiwan. And that doesn’t take into account, two other more Nets-centric facts: The game’s only Taiwanese-American player, Jeremy Lin, is on the Nets roster, even if injured, and Joe Tsai, the Alibaba billionaire, is about to close on his purchase of 49 percent of the Nets … at a cool $1.13 billion. <b?Tsai (who calls Lin his favorite player) will have the right to buy control of the Nets in 2022.

  749. He’s improved on being less of a ball hog. Sometimes he tries on defense. He’s used to being the main scorer but he showed some willingness to play with and off of Lin. It took time, and yes, he has holes in his game.

    I think the right people around Kemba and Charlotte can win. They aren’t there. He’s best used as a ball-handler and scorer, not facilitator and he’s compromised on D.

  750. Hi Psalm. I accessed the site with no problem. It’s about 4:45 PM Eastern time, on Saturday, Feb 17. I’m on a Windows machine, using Chrome as my browser.

  751. Same thing happened to me but no problem to access the

  752. Please, if the NBA cherished Lin as a marketing gimmick, they wouldn’t have tried so hard to push him out of the league. Lin switched 5-6 teams within his 5 year career not exactly someone who’s as important as you think.

    Not to mention the best players and championship teams are always the most popular in Asia. NBA doesn’t necessarily need Lin when they can promote their own stars like Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Lebron.

    What they fear the most is seeing the Asian guy succeed and taking over the market over their “own players”. Except if they allowed Lin to succeed, basketball would’ve had a renewed interest from all walks of life instead of the same audience. Seeing Linsanity and Lin being in the zone was so exciting, and the last time I felt this excited was when Michael Jordan was playing.

  753. You got that right! It’d be a blessing for them to trade Walker and find an actual franchise. Though I highly doubt they can draft one so long as MJ is the owner. He does not know how to build a championship team.

    Walker on any team would be a backup PG. I dare to say even Dinwiddie is a better player than him! Dinwiddie doesn’t chuck 30 shots, gets to the rim and hits 3s efficiently. How many times have we seen Walker get knocked down to the floor and create a TO when getting to the rim? He’s really just an undersized SG, forced to play the PG position.

  754. MDA knew the mistreatment they wanted to impose on Lin and he refused to play their game. MDA staying wouldn’t have made much of a difference either way. Lin was on his way out and he’d still get injured by playoffs.

  755. Would you rather MDA refused orders and get fired by Dolan either way? At least MDA took the high road while he still could. Dolan was Not going to let MDA or any coach continue to put Lin first over Melo.

  756. Be loyal. High road? He quit.

  757. I accessed fine. Thanks for keeping this site running!

  758. Walker is a 6th man…

  759. Agreed.

  760. I won’t accept Lin not starting. Again, all players have to show it on the court what they have. Sports writers may brag about potential but win-loss record says it all. It’s all about winning. Atkinson needs to find the winning combination for the team or else he will lose his job. Lin is by far the best PG in the group to win games for the team. Records tell us that Dinwiddie couldn’t get it done. DLo couldn’t either. The logical choice is to let Lin be the starting PG because he can help teams to win with less.

  761. It’s become pretty clear to me that Kenny is NOT a fan of Russell. D-Lo was clearly a Marks-only acquisition and his injury has given Kenny permission to bench him and start a less egotistical, less selfish Dinwiddie in his place.

    Thank God for Joe Tsai coming aboard…Lin may yet have his chance to lead this team next year (if he stays healthy of course).

    Nets have by far the worst active roster right now (D-Lo included). I’m impressed that Kenny was able to keep them half-respectable for the first 40+ games. Just makes me sadder that Jeremy had to suffer two years of freak injuries. He could have made them a .500 team.

  762. The PG competition in Nets may not be realized as Lin haters expect because after next season Dinwiddie will be an unrestricted free agent. I’m sure it would require a lot more money to keep him; about the same salary to keep Lin. Giving Dinwiddie the starting PG role alone doesn’t make much sense unless Dinwiddie really breaks out from the competition which I hardly think he could.
    Lin should be able to keep his starting PG role simply based on his ability alone. Dinwiddie probably will be gone after next season. DLo needs to improve a lot more before he can even enter into the competition.

  763. WIth Joe Tsai buying out the Nets in a few years, I believe Lin will be a centrepiece of Tsai’s personal agenda. He has said that he wants the Nets and Lin to appeal to Chinese and Asians to make physical education a better part of overall Chinese early education. To achieve this end, Lin needs to be an ambassador of that thrust.

    IMO, Lin will be a Nets for the rest of his career. He will be the centrepiece that helps to be a serious threat in playoff and eventually build a championship team. I hope that Lin will then transition to a coaching or builder roll to eventually be GM. The glass ceiling must be broken and Lin can easily do it. Lin as physical education ambassador can influence more Asians to play amd believe.

    For all the fans who wish Lin to be a ring winner as proof that Asians are great athletes, all I can say is that no matter how many rings he wins, very few people will acknowledge his pedigree. It will always be because of his teammates. The media and fans just refuses to accept that Asians can play. This will never happen until the Chinese national team goes deep in the Olympics, just as the Euros did against team USA.

    The best example of how fickle fans and media is how golf establishments, media and fans refuse to acknowledge Tiger Woods. His record is so dominating that the game of golf must grudgingly accept it. Yet, no other black/Asian athlete has grown out of his lead. The kids minority kids that followed could not overcome the institutional handicap they faced. Lin and Asian kids that follow will continue to have to fight bias. It will take time to erase those prejudices. This is why I want Lin to remain a presence even after his playing career ends.

  764. Complete silence on this forum and about JJ Redick saying the word “ch**k” today. Silence from Lin as well. Figures. Racism alive and well in the NBA and it’s perfectly acceptable when it’s against Asians.

  765. I agree, Lin has said during interview that he plans to fund a program specifically for Asian Americans or was it Chinese Americans? to train in basketball basics so they can have a more level field in entering the league.

    If Lin is the centerpiece and his team wins you can bet he will get credit for it because he’s there when it counts and the Nets have zero star players!

    Like I’ve been saying, Joe will be the main owner in 4 years. Trading away Lin will cause Marks and KA to be fired the moment he takes over. I don’t think Marks is that dumb to shoot himself in the foot. In fact he needs to make amends by trading away Mozgov and Russell.

  766. News flash Dinwiddie just won the Taco Bell skills challenge and Nets gave up on a 1st round pick to keep him! No doubt Nets plan on keeping Dinwiddie and I don’t mind! He’s a skilled traditional PG who doesn’t chuck shots! Not to mention Lin can always save energy with another ball handling and focus more on scoring when he has minutes playing SG!

    Dinwiddie’s rise will hopefully give Nets reason to trade away Russell or turn him into a 6th man.

    Lin and Dinwiddie can work because are true PGs! Lin only suffers when he’s playing with shot chucking guards like Russell! If anyone needs to go it’s Russell!

    Keeping Dinwiddie won’t be cheap but no legit talent in the league comes cheap, let alone an unselfish team player! You know he’s legit when Lebron and the Cavs wanted to trade for him! Good thing Nets aren’t that stupid.

    Dinwiddie just made himself look like a rising star unlike Russell. Nets hit the lottery with this one! Great passing and efficient 3 point scoring! Nets are losers if they don’t pay him this off season! Who are they going to keep the money for? They have zero talent minus Lin, Harris, and Levert!

  767. What the heck? Dude said he was tongue tied as that word isn’t in his vocabulary. Boy is this embarrassing for the league. You’d think that they’d double check each clip before release to avoid this type of backlash.

  768. No apology from Redick. He actually blamed people for getting offended at his racial slur and made excuses for saying it. Not even a simple “I’m sorry. That wasn’t the word I wanted to say and it was an honest mistake.” Redick was defiant and not sorry at all.

    I’m obviously disgusted with what Redick said and the fact he didn’t apologize. But I’m also very disappointed that most Lin fans are silent about this. I’m also disappointed Lin hasn’t made a comment yet and it’s been over 8 hours since that video came out. Lin rushes to defend blacks from racism and LeBron for talking smack about Trump, but he is silent about his pal JJ saying ch**k.

    This will be swept under the rug as usual. Lin will ignore it or if he does make a comment, it will be to downplay it and make excuses for JJ. So messed up.

  769. Maybe he was tongue tied anyone knows better not to say that. Some times words sound like swear words when slurred. Still he should’ve said sorry for causing all that backlash. If it was a black player this would’ve gone viral.

    It’s better for Lin not to say anything. He knows his friends better than anyone else.

  770. He wasn’t tongue tied. That’s just his excuse. “Ch**k” rolled off his tongue very smoothly, like he uses it all the time and his friends / teammates say it all the time.

    Just to be clear, I don’t think JJ was malicious when he said what he said. I’m not faulting him for making a mistake. I’m just disgusted at his non-apology and excuses, especially from a self-professed Christian. If I misspoke and said a racial slur by accident, I would apologize for it sincerely. That’s not what JJ did in his Twitter response.

    As for Lin, like I said, he rushes to defend other races from racism, virtue signals all the time, and only speaks out against Asian racism when it’s convenient for him. Lin didn’t even criticize the league when the video of him getting flagrantly fouled without a call came out, nor did he criticize Kenyon Martin when he directly slammed Lin for his hair. Heck, he didn’t even say anything when Stephon Marbury talked trash about his contract with the Nets. He’s super soft when it comes to speaking out about racism against Asians because he doesn’t want to cause any trouble in the NBA. Lin allows everyone to step on him and talk smack about him. That’s why he gets no respect in the NBA.

    I guarantee things would be different if Redick got “tongue tied” and said the N word instead.

  771. All in all, it would have been much, much better if the NBA had never promoted nor expanded into Asia at all ; This way you don’t have these American athletes attempting to make these video greetings and then causing these all these bad feelings within everyone.

    Let people in Asia enjoy the sports they enjoy and let the people in the U.S. enjoy the sports that they enjoy.

  772. You’re joking, right? NBA is a business, first and foremost. China is the world’s largest market outside of U.S. Of course they’re going to try and expand to make $$$ there. Forcing players to make greetings, and act like they care about Chinese New Year or like Chinese people is just silly, but it must be done… for the money. The sad thing is, NBA is a very racist league. They’ve proven this over and over and over again. China’s fans are just starting to realize this.

  773. I’d argue that the U.S. doesn’t need to be exporting its lowbrow/middlebrow cultural pastimes abroad at all. Just doing so is going to inevitably result in a lot of pain and bad feelings within everyone.

  774. They already have exported the NBA many years ago and will continue doing so. Everyone’s been happy so far making money off of Chinese people. But when it comes to including Asian players in the NBA, that’s a big no no. They love China’s money, but that’s about all they love.

    The NBA tried their best to chase Lin out of the league and will continue to be a hostile environment for Asian players. So many players, coaches, and owners must’ve been so happy when Lin got seriously injured this year. Why do you think Lin got no public condolences from anyone but a few teammates?

  775. Lin did speak out at Kenyon Martin just in a smarter way by pointing at his Chinese tattoos no?
    Aimlessly lashing out isn’t going to win anything. Lin has spoken up against racism many times on his tweeter. He couldn’t say anything about the flagrant foul video because he’d get fined as a player. Of course he certainly could speak up more about the unfair no calls like Dinwiddie at least they would know he’s unhappy about it.