Preseason7 CHA @ DET Game Thread

After 1 game absence due to illness, Jeremy Lin continued to wreak havoc with his HairSanity.
After 6-0 preseason start,@JLin7 is ranked #1 in PER, AST% & PPR in #Hornets Preseason Advanced Stats proving he is the best Hornets player so far

His great defensive contribution against Jimmy Butler during crunch time in the 4th quarter probably solidify his role to close out games.
There was so much spacing created by the threat of 3 playmakers (Lin/Kemba/Batum).

These 3 playmakers need more playing time together to develop their chemistry.
But it’s a big question whether Coach Steve Clifford prefers big body with rebounding ability to start the game with 2 playmakers (Kemba/Batum) and have JLin spark the 2nd unit to make a push in the 2nd quarter before closing out with all 3 players.

Many Charlotte Hornets media seem to give hints to start the best 3 playmakers to set the tone against teams and get them into early foul trouble,
But there are 2 games remaining before Coach Clifford would make the final decision.

We should hope to see more dynamics and teamwork among Kemba/Batum/Lin because they would enjoy playing off one another to prepare for the regular season

Game link

  • Pistons Preseason LiveStream Link


    1. First! Go JLin!

    2. Second

    3. 3rd

    4. Happy 4th!

    5. Top 5 better than nothing.

    6. May the 4th be with you 😉

    7. That’s the spirit!

    8. Very nice!

    9. uh, top 10!

    10. Show them JLIN your brand of “engine of the team” play in Motor City!

    11. Way to be positive!

    12. Porzingis is starting on opening night. Why not Lin?

    13. Did I make the team?

    14. lol

    15. Thank you for the perfect set up. You get an assist! LOL.

    16. Game is not listed on Bstreams.

    17. I can’t believe this only got 2 thumbs up. Most of us must have missed it. Repost:

      ” l don’t understand why people don’t see that Lin should be chosen for this spot. Remember, Harden was a back up pg on Thunder. He was assigned to be SG on Rockets, but what did he do on court? He played PG and SG. He cut in PG duty in 2nd unit when Lin was on court too. Rockets supported him so he had free reign to make mistakes”

      Have you been living under a rock? This question is based upon a utopian equality and racial bias doesn’t exist. ALL LIN FANS GET THAT LIN NEEDS THIS CHANCE TO MAKE IT BACK TO THE STARTING LINE UP. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN BELIEVING HE SHOULD START AND AT PG BE CAPTAIN AND LEADER. But that’s not how the NBA or our American reality is. There really is an Asian discount. In the Chicago game, the announcers said that Lin is a good back up PG. This is the Asian discount; they discount the fact that he killed all three of their PGs, starters included. ESPN discounts him completely in not showing scoring leader in highlights repeatedly. BS, M&M, Stanford and all collegiate recruiters, the draft. Lin was tested 123 with first round draft pick John Wall in Speed and quickness. Wall gets the added value and Lin gets the discount.

      FACTS DON’T MATTER. Lin continues to get the bias because of who and what he is. This is the crazy world we live in, either you put your foot in the door and have it smashed by the doubters repeatedly or you run away and play in China or Europe. Lin isn’t doing it just for himself, he’s doing it for all Asians to come and break the stereotype and predjudice.

      Clifford and MJ wants Lin to shine so he’s already got one leg in. Don’t ask for the moon yet when he could easily thrown out the door if that support gets pissed off by Lin fans demanding for the moon. DON’T BITE THE HANDS THAT FEED YOU.2

      By Abca

    18. Pfft.

      This is the NBA where having rabid fans means $$$$$$.

      If any team’s owner doesn’t want Lin because his fans are too Asian and pay too much money for Lin, then that owner can eject Lin so that some other owner can make $$$$$ off Lin.

    19. Just like the rejection from the Knicks. They’ll pay.

    20. but dolan will not pay
      and will not hurt doboy..he is loaded.

    21. no

    22. Maybe – but his Knicks can be the LAUGHINGSTOCK of the NBA like they’ve always been and always will be.

    23. Not financially getting hurt, I’m talking about winning basketball.

    24. Without Wall Street, MSG would be empty seats.

    25. I did. Serviceable bench player in nine man rotation.

    26. Lets say Lin dismantles the Pistons tonight. What does that mean for him? Back to backup PG?

      I do wonder if Lin is playing well enough in games and practices to have already created PG CONTROVERSY within the organziaton internally.

      Lin cannot afford bad games and must just kill it every single night till he breaks the NbA’s will to keep him underwraps.

    27. no contro
      12 million vs 2 million
      how is that contro
      you have to start 12 million
      you don’t have to start 2 million, at least not starting 2 million over 12 million

    28. No need to rehash my anger induced comment. I’d as soon let it go. I appreciate your approval.

    29. I don’t mean to provoke your comment was a reply to someone else but it was more of the reality. Lin fans need and should be patience.

    30. Price>Lin

      So yesh it can happen even 4 linsanity

    31. There’s no “I” from coach C.

    32. Thats 7 days ago.

    33. I wasn’t talking about what he said but how he said it.

    34. They’ve signed Walker for long term. He’s their guy for now so don’t see that changing.

      But Hornets needs Lin to succeed this year so he will have a chance to show his stuff. Then hopefully he can renegotiate next year or another team will offer him a starter job.

    35. no other team out there that I see currently will give him as much of a shot as he’s had right now with Charlotte.

      not only the chance, but the screens and quality of plays, I highly doubt Lin will find it on another team even if they let him have free reign.

      If he does well he should stay assuming they want him there.

      But it’s an issue where you have 2 PG’s and the Asian benched one is arguably better. If the entire NBA acknowledges Lin is actually better or the team’s scariest player once they hit the playoffs, it will be tough for the Hornets to decide how to play their cards this summer.

    36. Abca?
      who dat?

    37. I really wanted to see Kemba and Lin start together for the final two preseason games.

      Kemba has the starting PG role locked down for at least one more season, so Lin beasting at PG won’t make any difference. He needs to beast at starting SG. I wouldn’t mind Roberts handling PG duties tonight with Lin getting ~15 FGA at SG.

    38. Oooooh ok. I got it now lol. Went way over my head

    39. If he plays well AND Hornets are winning, I don’t see why they would not try to lock Lin down for longer term to stay with Walker and MKG. They will of course need to keep coach who is on his last year as well. If they don’t keep the coach, yes, it will be bad for Lin to find another good fit depending on who replace the coach.

      With more money coming to the players next year, it would not be hard for them to renegotiate with Lin since the 2nd year is Lin’s option. With Walker and MKG’s salary in the 10+mil and not 20+mil long term, they should have plenty of $ to resign Lin at that range and for longer term.

      I think Lin probably will want to stay w/ Hornets and do well since I’m sure he’s tire of keep changing teams and having to rebuild that chemistry again.

    40. Jeremy’s hair gets Linstant respect!

      It will also mess with defenders’ mind trying to foul that Spikey thing up there

    41. Hahaha…Acbc.

    42. This will give the Hornets a taste of what JLin can do as THE point guard.

    43. Linstant noodles?

    44. its so sad to be a small market, fans are forced to watch opposing teams internet streams.

    45. I know J/K
      Thought maybe a reference to Star Wars… Chewbacca

    46. Lin and Kemba are not the best pairing of guys possible. If it works well enough to win a championship then great. But it probably is not the best the hornets can do where Lin is being forced to play undersized 2 because Kemba is there.

      If Lin is as good as gold, I suspect the Hornets will sign him and trade Kemba in the summer. But Lin will have to play head and shoulders better than Kemba for that to happen, almost at an MVP level and pace off the bench and that’s very hard to do.

    47. Great Hornets preview podcast by Nate Duncan. Mentions JLin as possible
      replacement for Kemba if he continues at present level. Also on Itunes

    48. From last game, it’s possible Lin will be PG & Kemba will be SG in the future. They already played like that for backcourt vs Bulls.

    49. I dont need a Nate Duncan to tell me what I already know.

      I like the idea of Lin playing on ball and Kemba as a 2. However, Kemba is smallish and I’m afraid Lin wouldn’t be able to sail passes to the small Kemba. In addition Kemba is not a great catch and shoot guy either, which is exactly what Lin needs to really kill teams.

    50. I get the sense there is reluctance to admit that because Kemba is on a 4 year contract and JLin can opt out after 1 year. After only 5 preseason games they don’t want to make that commitment. They may eventually though but I’d suspect they would broach the subject of an extension before committing to that.

    51. If this really comes true just tell how much this coach wants to start Lin for win & that can keep his job. Also this team wants to keep Lin after this season.

    52. No too old for you, it’s a reference to ACDC

    53. some coaches are fired for winning at all costs. It wouldn’t be the first

    54. Unfortunately, the bias toward Lin is there for whatever reason, but Lin and Kemba not being the best pair shouldn’t matter as long as Kemba is willing to play as a team. Lin’s success from Palos Verdes to Harvard should tell you not to count him or this Hornets’ team out.

      Hornets team needs to stay the current course and play great team ball without too many more injuries. With the coach and the current teammates, I think they have a chance to be very good. And Lin will be a big part of this. We just have to hold on to this ride, both up, down and now going back up again.

    55. this should be the season starting lineup lol

    56. Can someone please explain to me what is going with League Pass? They only have audio coverage of the Pitston game- what the hell is the use paying the fees if I can’t see the games?

    57. dont buy that thing. ask for refund

    58. I’m not religious, but it seems there is just something that’s pushing for this to happen.

    59. if Nic can hit the 3, this is a good lineup for Lin to wreak havoc. The other thing I like is that Nic passes the ball to Lin for Lin to do something with it.

    60. oh they will amass a solid record. I am certain barring injures. It’s a given. I’m already looking at playoffs and if all holds, it’s a Cavs Hornets ECF.

      It will certainly be exciting.

    61. Preseason only selected games. All regular season games excluded local team(s) and national televised.

    62. you got batum as a secondary ball handler, jefferson for the emergency post up pass, zeller your PNR man and williams who can hit the 3 when open. and of course lin who will take advantage of all of this.

    63. I think just like watch GSW game, they use their local TV station not from LP channel.

    64. Psalm the link for the piston game don’t work.

    65. this type of roster is eerily similar to the Linsanity lineups but there is no long center. Lin is better now so I expect big things tonight if his mind is right.

      You can’t bet on this game though because with preseason who knows how much people will play.

      Lin’s job is to exit with a 10 point lead in Q1 and then get another 5-10 point lead in Q3 then sit on the bench.

    66. blubell, you’re a great cheer leader! lol


      i dont see also this link theres no player all i see nba logo header and black background

    68. cannot see the video player

    69. Click then choose your sign on account.

    70. these work

    71. not yet game still 1 hour away

    72. Can’t figure out who Pistons are starting. Is it Reggie Jackson that Lin will be dealing with tonite?


      Sounds like Steve Blake and Brandon Jennings are hurt. So Reggie Jackson, Kentavious, Marcus Morris, Ersan, Andre.

      I remember Ersan Ilyasova was pretty good when he was with the Bucks.

    73. I thought he played SG most of the time now but not really sure… only check from box score never watched their game.

    74. Jacksin is the starting PG

    75. I am 99% certain as long as Lin plays over 25 minutes that Charlotte will win pretty handedly.

    76. I hope JLin can stay out of foul trouble. I want to see him play not sit on the bench.

    77. Jackson shoots jumpers. Lin will be fine. Plus he owes Clifford for bonehead fouls last game.

    78. In 2012, the popular term was Divine Lintervention :]

    79. Just noticed on ESPN that Jimmer was waived by the Spurs. KHuang, your boy is available.

    80. Khuang (AKA Cho) is on the phone with his agent know.

    81. Thanks for sharing! It’s great to know that people outside of our circle are taking notice, and most importantly they have the backbone to be bluntly honest. 🙂

    82. i feel depressed for pistons.. theres like noone there

    83. what do you mean? they got a game changer in new 85 million dollar man Reggie Jackson! wink. wink.

    84. that sucks, sorry to hear

    85. who would purposely want to live in detroit?

    86. hope this does not crash haha

    87. those pistons are knocking down jumpers in practice…

    88. one minute to game time

    89. Jimmer : hello who is this
      Rich cho : Hi jimmer its me Khuang I mean rich cho…….I would like to have a meeting with you and your Agent

    90. although it looks like the Pistons feed. oh well, beggars can’t be choosers!

    91. oh say can you see

    92. its time to rip this piston thrash

    93. Clear! Thanks!

    94. nice job, singer!

    95. first Lin start as a Hornet!

    96. and NOW introducing your Chicago Bulls!!! at Center, #32 Bill Cartwright…

    97. Would be great if a $2 million point guard takes them down.

    98. OT: Cavs sign Tristan to 5 yr $82M contract

    99. pisston thrash intro is annoying

    100. Wow, they got it done

    101. haha, they better win the freaking champsionship

    102. pisston annoying announcer

    103. Dan Gilbert (Cavs owner) really going deep into his pockets

    104. Pistons starting lineup tonight: Reggie Jackson, Caldwell-Pope, Marcus Morris, Ilyasova, Drummond

    105. RJAX may score but the score will be in Charlotte’s favor. Lin should have a good time doing his thing with screens

    106. game prediction: $2M guard outplays $16M guard

    107. al need to destrouy the piston cause no one can take him there drummond is not a good defensive center

    108. nice, Lin draws offensive foul in first second of the game!

    109. nice Al!

    110. too quick for guy setting screen!

    111. aw, nice shot attempt by Lin, didn’t fall

    112. brick of a 3

    113. Al again!

    114. Pistons already had to take timeout!

    115. Lin already robbed of an assist. NBA scorekeepers, lol. I guess a pass with 0 dribbles leading to a bucket at the rim isn’t an assist if you’re Asian.

    116. al need to destroy piston front line cause no one is a good def download drummond cannot def

    117. Funny thing this viewing is better then there LP game viewing.

    118. that’s not an assist

    119. this stream is great!

    120. man i cant even open my league pass its so jacked up

    121. matchups are: Lin on Reggie, Batum on Caldwell-Pope, Williams on Morris, Zeller on Ilyasova, Jefferson on Drummond

    122. Lin with the alley to Batum!!

    123. Lin alley-oop to Batum who laid it in?

    124. alley-up?

    125. Jeremy getting doubled already

    126. not sure if Batum jammed it but it’s good!

    127. still counts 2 pts!

    128. aw, jeremy with the turnover, should have just laid it up instead of extra pass

    129. That is what Lin needs not to do. Get in there and shoot it yourself.

    130. al need to go

    131. arg, Al midrange jumper miss

    132. Lin passed up an open layup to find Williams…TO.

      Be more selfish Lin!

    133. uggggg bad Lin pass

    134. Airball forced by Lin on RJ.

    135. RJax shaked & bake.. missed the rim 🙂

    136. haha, Jackson airball 3 against Lin

    137. i know it’s early but Lin looks tentative today

    138. so frustrating

    139. Too much Al Jeff. TRADE HIM.

      The entire offense runs around Big Al right now.

    140. lol people ooh and ahhing reggie jackson trying to cross up jeremy then airball

    141. Lin looking pretty beta right now. won’t even take an easy layup

    142. trying to set up teammates to get going
      KCP 3 will stop falling soon

    143. yeah he looks unsure of himself. damn it

    144. Not really. Lin always plays this way as PG — even during Linsanity.

      Set up guys first…then score for myself if they can’t.

    145. Al’s fine with close shots. I just don’t like the 15-20 ft jumpers that the other team is giving him.

    146. defenders went to sleep and just filled passing lane is all. pathetic

    147. not shooting is not what I am talking about

    148. i think he made up his mind beforehand that he was going to pass it out, instead of reading the situation.

    149. no offensive rebounds by either team in the game Q1 6:30

    150. He can’t even finish inside with close shots. He’s 50% on point-blank shots.

    151. He knows he needs agressive. He said he would be aggressive but not so far!

    152. batum terrible pass to the post. intercepted by 2 pistons

    153. JLin going to have to take over and start looking to score.

    154. this has been some hideous bball

    155. yeah, teammates not making shots

    156. Lin called for an offensive foul on KCP. They didn’t show it on the screen.

    157. Batum/Jefferson seems to think they r the team. smh

    158. PJ Hairston jacking shots like JR Smith

    159. So many bricks for the hornets

    160. straight up embarrassing

    161. marvin and zeller kills all space

    162. Hornets can use some shooters now

    163. This is what I was concerned about with Lin starting at PG. He’s not looking for his own shot, he’s looking to set up guys and isn’t playing with the same fire he does coming off of the bench.

    164. Lin not looking like starter material right now

    165. he looks terrible ritghr now

    166. hate to say it but yes

    167. he looks terrible

    168. Drummond out, Baynes in. Q1 4:45

    169. LOL. some people overreacting to a half-quarter.

      IT’S ALL OVER PEOPLE. A guy shooting 60% is not allowed to miss a shot or pass the ball during preseason!

    170. He does not want to shoot. we have seen this from him for several years now.

    171. he’s asian and a backup guard trying to start. he is not allowed.

    172. Al with a 10 ftr. I’m okay with him taking 10 ft or closer shots

    173. 4-pt play by Batum 🙂

    174. “Drummond not starter material. D-League maybe”

    175. lin 3 tov

    176. nice, Batum 3 and 1

    177. horents looking sloppy

    178. He doesn’t look terrible, just not with the same attitude and confidence when he came off of the bench.

    179. 3 already? I’m watching the game and don’t remember 3

    180. Lin is straight up killing me today

    181. lin isnt even probing the dfense. is just getting rid of the ball. turnover.

    182. well, I guess Lin was due to have a bad game..3 turnover already…Lin looks tired.

    183. Lin must be super nervous. Oh well. This was his chance to put more pressure on the team to give him a hard look.

      Playing forgettable like this will keep him on the bench and prove Stacey King right.


    184. There’s more game to go. Hopefully he’ll step it up in the next stint. It’s good Clifford took him out, give him a chance to gather himself.

    185. no i doubt it

    186. it is not on LP, where you guys watching?

    187. who’s that TO machine playing at PG today? just kidding guys…

    188. The detriot defense is pretty good. Lets see how lin and coach cliff react to it

    189. too much Chipotle?

    190. With Lin out – they are now leading

    191. it is not about missing shots. lin’s decision making has been poor, and he isnt aggressively probing the defense before moving the ball.

    192. Nonsense
      Lin is still +1

    193. D League Lin (His monsters are coming back to haunt him).

    194. More like Jefferson out they lead.

    195. he is freaking horrible. he looks like he has no control over even making a simple pass.

    196. huh? Lin was a monster in D-League

    197. Well they are leading so it is a fact.

    198. clifford needs to have something to counter when guards defend lin really tight like reggie. eg, a backdoor play.

    199. I know some people are melting down because one preseason quarter, but this shows why he can/should be starting SG and not “PG of the 2nd unit.”

    200. must be too many Asian dudes watching him…

    201. Suggestion…move on to another site where your Beta posts will be appreciated.

    202. Don’t worry, folks! Lin must be a little nervous – he’ll settle down. Looks like coach is running plays for Al and Batum for offense 1st quarter.

    203. Lin subbed out Q1 1:59

    204. Maybe Lin is a better SG?

    205. Jeremy checked out at 1:18 with CHA leading 19-18

    206. The hornets team as a whole is struggling to get in the paint. Cliff has to find something to open it up.

    207. I think so…. just clam down. smh! Lin can’t make any mistake at all?

    208. good news for the hornets. Lin playing bad and still able to take the lead. Deeper this team proves to be, the better. Go Hornets.

    209. overreacting

    210. Yep

    211. This has happened before? We see good lin and then bad lin.

    212. 1Q1:59, CHA leading 19-18

    213. Will Lin remain scoreless??

    214. It happens to every player in NBA history.

    215. No

    216. It’s the first quarter bro.

    217. Wow Lin tried to facilitate as PG and the sky is falling?
      No mention of good passes & facilitate.

      Makes me wonder who the real fans are

    218. Forever. Will never score another bucket ever again.

    219. Pretty sure Michael Jordan has had a scoreless 1st quarter before

    220. How can you play almost 9 minutes without attempting a shot or did even attempt one?

    221. he was bad

    222. He did attempt a shot (missed)

    223. Will u post-less?

    224. Yes, people need to calm down. I don’t think he was mentally prepared for PG and he changed his approach. That’s all I see.

    225. Come on. Can’t even criticize him when he is bad?

    226. No need to panic. 3 more quarters left. He is human and is allowed to make mistakes.

    227. You’ve done so, now it is time to see how he does when he comes back in.

    228. Preseason. And he’s a PG.

      Learn the game before you post like crazy out of nowhere.

    229. Reggie jackson 88 million dollar man is 1-4 for 2 points. Lin took 1 shot is 0-1. Got a charge 2 unlucky passes to give him 3 tov 2 assist.

    230. Watch your posts – seems like you’re baiting.

    231. I don’t see you posting when Jeremy is doing well. Please be fair.

    232. Lilliard goes 5-20 every week and no one cares.

    233. There are not many screens set for Lin tonight.

    234. It’s all about Big Al. Almost every play is for Big Al. And he’s costing Lin dimes.

    235. Q1 Lin: 10 min, 0 pts, 2 ast, 1 stl, 3 tov, 1 pf, 0-1 fg, +1

      Don’t worry, he’s just warming up, trying to get his teammates into the game.

    236. I thought the passes were bad judgment. I don’t mind the offensive foul but didn’t see it.

    237. Sure Lin can be more aggressive but he did make good passes to Batum & Al inside.

      Can’t be myopic on the bad part w/o mentioning the good ones

    238. Even though Lin start at 2 in regular season, I think Roberts , Lamb, PJ , Marvin and Hawes line up isn’t that bad.

    239. if it doesnt go to feeding al, then the action stays on one side of the court instead of swinging back to other side (where lin is, either on top or on opposite wing)

    240. It seems like the coach is doing another experiment.

    241. One was bluntly bad but the other one i don’t remember so it may have been unlucky.

    242. that’s correct
      Knowing Lin, he’ll come out more aggressive in Q2

    243. reggie has been guarding lin super tight, and lin hasnt found a way to respond to it, both individually and as a team. historically thats given lin problems.

    244. Or take care of business in the 4th quarter, which he has done before 🙂 I’m not worried.

    245. good point
      definitely needs some adjustment to free him up

    246. Pretty much trying to buy a Championship.

    247. Possibly a Houston/Laker troll. There’s several on every single basketball forum, no exaggeration.

      I don’t recall this “Derek Kong” ever posting here or at before.

    248. it is compounded when refs swallow whistle on a lot of contact, as in this game

    249. well he was pretty bad at doing it today. 2 of the 3 turnovers were COMPLETELY unacceptable for an elite starting PG.

    250. wilkins in 2q11:20

    251. He has posted before to rant about Jeremy signing low with Charlotte.

    252. nice hawes with the 3pt

    253. More preseason games and probably no Kemba. Hope he doesn’t come out that aggressive but saves it for the real season instead.

    254. Thanks for the details. I can’t watch it because of work 🙁

    255. He wasn’t bad at getting the ball to his teammates, but made bad decisions a few times.

    256. going back to when lin was in 1st quarter, i think the team doesnt have enough urgency in pushing the ball up for transition buckets.

    257. The whole team is sloppy today, not just Lin.

    258. Like the flu going through the whole team.

    259. Dont know when lin is coming back

    260. kam and hawes can shoot as big men but their defense in the paint is really iffy. thats going to be a season-long issue i think.

    261. 10 TOs, 5 each on 1st & 2nd unit

    262. Starters except Lin coming back in.

    263. yikes, Drummond with uncontested dunk with Jefferson guarding him

    264. I think Batum has 3 TOs also.

    265. sloppy sloppy sloppy everyone

    266. lin in

    267. OK Lin, now look for your shot and be aggressive.

    268. Lin is in 2q 6:00

    269. good look 3ptr, just short

    270. pistons are playing with so much more energy. they are younger, yes, but the energy level is so much higher

    271. Lin misfired on corner 3

    272. First game Lin’s shot is off.

    273. matchups:

      Lin / Reggie
      Harrison / Meeks
      Batum / Stanley Johnson
      Marvin / Ilyasova
      Al / Drummond

    274. Hornets fall apart w/o Lin — double-digit deficit w/o him.

      Jefferson is poison. Poor finisher at his age and doesn’t pass.

    275. thats cuz clifford waits until reggie jackson gets subbed back in

    276. reggie gets called for foul. finally

    277. Good decision by Lin to drive inside when his 3s are not falling

    278. My thought too. He wasted so many balls.

    279. So sick of NBA politics.

      Joakim Noah will be benched to help the Bulls. But lazy Jefferson is guaranteed 34mpg and 15-20 shots. Keep clogging that lane and providing no defense, Big Al!

    280. somehow Lin has +2, second highest on the team

    281. When the shots aren’t falling lets see how he adjusts his game to contribute. Lot’s of time left.

    282. I hope his FTs are working today.

    283. well, at least Lin is on a +2..That’s the only good stats going for him at the moment…..He looks so un-energetic tonight.

    284. Lin needs to get to FT line often.. get RJax backpedaling a lot first

    285. Preseason. He’s gonna take a ton of jumpers to protect his body and work on his “weakness.”

    286. let’s hope so

    287. I see

    288. so with kemba out and lin moving to PG, and batum to SG, who is the ‘new’ starter to fill in?

    289. 2q3:40 nice, Lin drives through traffic to pick up the foul. Although he may have gotten hit a bit.

    290. This is why Lin is ELITE.

      He doesn’t even have stats and he’s a net positive.

    291. please

    292. Lin continued to drive inside.
      Made 1st FT
      MAde both

    293. he hasnt been very productive so far. stats or no stats

    294. 2q3:40 Jackson 1-5. Lin’s been playing good defense on him

    295. LIN SUCKS.

    296. Yeah Lin starting to warm up.

    297. Pistons announcers complimented Lin on his nice stepback move

    298. lol

    299. Nice Lin stepback as defender flying by then easy jumpshot!

    300. Lin’s stepped it up now.

    301. No, no, he sucks! He’s not shooting 60% and attacking the rim during a preseason game!

    302. hehe..Lin’s defenders are sucking air now

    303. 2q2:45 Lin with team high +7

    304. now Jlin is starting to actually play. FINALLY

    305. I’m just trying to fit in with you guys!

    306. Don’t forget he is human and makes mistakes, who doesn’t? If you are his real fan, spare him some little time n space and
      give him sometimes to warm up, this is what a fan should do, we should support him through thick and thin!

    307. lol

    308. Panicsanity!

    309. wha tthe hell was he doing in quarter 1? PLAY LIKE THIS. Nothing special, just make positive plays and be engaged.

    310. How come the commercials are much clearer than the game?

    311. Lin playing good D as usual

    312. that charge looked like it hurt

    313. Sometimes I refresh and it gets clearer. But have to go through commercials.

    314. i issue you a membership card heh

    315. That was ol’ Rick Mahorn!

    316. No, it’s an accident. Pistons suck so Lin accidentally attacked.

      It’s not like Lin had any plan to set up guys before looking for his own shot. No PG would ever do that.

    317. It’s preseason.. he was running what the coach wanted. As we’ve seen since NY, when aggressive, more effective

    318. MWilliams and Cody Zeller at starting lineup just didn’t work

      Hawes/Zeller are better

    319. 2q2:45 Lin outplaying Jackson.
      Lin 1-4 4 pts
      Jackson 1-5 2pts

    320. Even that Marvin dunk was Lin-related.

      Defender stayed close to Lin…Williams with the easy lane for a dunk.

    321. Ya! Hawks always set good screen for Lin.

    322. aw, what a pass by Lin, but Zeller couldn’t finish (got fouled)!

    323. Great pass by Lin to Zeller for FTs and 3 PFs on Drummond.

      No dime…but a great PG play.

    324. Al Jefferson is doing harm more than good!

    325. I’m starting to hate him. So selfish and a major negative for the team.

    326. Drummond in foul trouble.

    327. Detroit bumpers lol

    328. hahahahaha

    329. Jlin had a bad case of nerves to start the game. He has now settled down. The first quarter was a total waste though.

    330. Lin for 3333333!

    331. Pistons announcers after Jackson 3 ptr “Lin not know for his defensive abilities”. Some tell Lin they said that so he will prove them wrong him second half.

    332. doh, foot on the line for 2

    333. lin ft

    334. 3!

    335. lin sucks! heh

    336. nice, Lin was agressive, drove hard on Jackson, picked up the foul!

    337. AL SUCKS (seriously).

      Whenever they go to him, everything STINKS.

      Whenever Lin is in control, everything ROCKS.

    338. Yes Lin steal!

    339. Another Lin’s drive resulted in 2FTs!

    340. JLIN SUCKSSSSSS it should be and 1

    341. And like that lin has 8 point. are you not happy????

    342. just being a good teammate ..

    343. He was the BIG issue in Q1.

    344. Big Al is the only thing holding back Charlotte.

      I think I’m wrong about Kemba. He’s not the problem…it’s Jefferson.

      Such a selfish, outdated player who won’t pass and can’t score reliably within 3ft.

    345. im here for pain

    346. Lin is figuring it out !

    347. Clifford has more confidence in Lin that I have. That’s the truth. Thankfully.

    348. 8 points on 5 shots and the 85 million dollar man has 4 pts on 6 shots. Go JLin!!!

    349. Yeah, that’s what happened (eyeroll).

      It’s not like he’s a PG trying get guys going, especially during preseason.

    350. Considering how poorly they were playing being behind by only 1 point at the half is good.

    351. The comment was a little off if Reggie needs the hard screen. Seems Reggie can’t just score at will on Lin. Reggie is a good player, it’s a good test for Lin.

    352. its like they have a big luggage thats why they couldnt run

    353. they overfeed him

    354. al got looks that were good looks. even if they go in, it takes away rhyhtm and flow from the entire team. so al’s stats, evenwhen he has good ones, have a hidden cost

    355. Let him inspire you 🙂

    356. Even Bleacher knows Reg is overpaid. That’s saying a lot.

    357. See folks – no need to worry!

    358. it’s also stagnant. he wants to play like 90’s Rockets inside out. but he can’t score right now

    359. For the 1st quarter, I don’t think it was nerves or anything like that. Sometimes you are not gonna be firing on all cylinders

    360. I think Lin figured it out in 2Q.

    361. 1st half stats

      Lin 8 pts, 2 ast, 2 stl, 3 tov, 1 pf, +11 (team high), 2-5 fg, 0-2 3pt, 4-4 ft.

      Jackson 4 pts, 5 ast, 1 stl, 1 tov, 2 pf, -11 (team low), 2-7 fg, 0-2 3pt, 0 ft

    362. He should have 12-15 pts with all the easy point-blank looks he’s getting.

      This would be like a guard missing 4 layups in one half.

    363. Is not nerves its called an away game in detroit

    364. he started the game very poorly. If he knows he is just dumping passs inside to AL, do it without those turnovers and more crisp. he looked uncertain of himself. maybe he was.

    365. im really ambivalent about him. what if he did hit those shots? is he still a negative? its a tough call.
      but when they arent going in, well, nothing to say.

    366. And maybe not being used to playing with the starters as PG.

    367. Be patient please!

    368. hawes is really good with Lin. Marvin passes the ball to Lin which Ilike.

    369. Lin didn’t have a stellar first half, but yet still scored 8 pts on 5 shots and team high +11. Held Jackson to even worse stats.

      (edit: 8 pts)

    370. Lin got 8 pts.

    371. And on only 5 FGA – Mr. Efficiency!

    372. reggie has that thing where he thinks he can burn lin but ends up burning himself out trying to torch lin.

    373. You are panic for no reason.

    374. yes so true

    375. thanks, will correct it!

    376. He didn’t though. “Poorly” would be getting his pocket picked, being lazy on D, or taking ugly contested shots. Other than passing up a layup to set up Marvin, it’s just normal NBA ups-and-downs.

      You know, even Steph Curry misses lots of open 3s. But over the course of the season, it evens out. I know we all want Lin to be perfect every time, but that’s impossible — not even Lebron does that.

    377. Ya! Don’t like him. smh!

    378. Lin +11 highest of the team, Zeller +10 second.

    379. This is how good an aggressive JLin is

      Trailing 10 pts (33-43) with 4:05 left, JLin scored 8pts in a 15-6 to cut the lead to 1 pt (48-49)

    380. so announcers called that ‘3’ a deuce. so he stepped on line right?

    381. Now we all know why JLin is perfect SAT score in Math. 41sec left he scored quick so they can get the ball back. 4pts in 41 sec by Lin.

    382. Jlin’s 3 was a toe on line 2?

    383. Yes long 2.

    384. holy cow, this 4 ft, 10 year old just swished an NBA 3ptr in a game.

    385. apparently

    386. yes

    387. lol… I think all the kids are white

    388. it was so rockets-season

    389. they need to not go to Al like that to start games or if they are, Lin needs to be more certain of what he’s doing. He looked a little lost to start the game and the passing was an issue.

      This is why CP3 is considered good. he is always so under control even if he is not effective, it LOOKS good.

      Beofre this game, he has looks so certain of what he is trying to do last few games since Miami.

    390. haha, that kid got crossed up twice in like 2 seconds

    391. you know they’d beat all of us LOL

    392. My internet is fast but still very slow in HD, must be viewers from Asia jamming the traffic.

    393. i learned today that detroit has no black kids. haha. really?

    394. Maybe Adidas can come up with a type of shoe that beeps when you step on the 3 point line.

    395. no way, i have too much pride to lose to 8 year olds 🙂

    396. Have more faith 🙂

      We know JLin sometimes like to over-facilitate; he quickly adjusted to be aggressive and good things happen =)

    397. Try another link above. I had the similar problem before.

    398. how fast is your download speed ?

    399. Yeah same one.

    400. Maybe insert pi sensors in the shoe?

    401. the panic is fair. He played poor Quarter 1. But he is human. I expect Lin to perform like a robot.

    402. or mild shock therapy…

    403. better yet, a magnet that physically disallows the shoe from stepping on the line.

    404. What a great idea!patent the idea.

    405. could be part of Coach C game-plan to go to Al inside often.

      Al was just meh on his midrange Js

    406. great defense

    407. Forgot.

    408. truth. I just dont like his easily prevented TO’s. THey should not be happening anymore.

    409. My prototype will use thumb tacks instead.

    410. it gets better now.

    411. Al cant finish this season. His 7 foot touch shot is so off this season. I don’t like how preditable going to AL is. He is not Shaq. And he never passes out of it.

    412. odd sight

    413. Always impressed when I see Lin go to another level when things don’t work. First three shots good looks did not go in. Lin making bad passes. Lin reaches another level, readjust his game with defense, driving, getting 50/50 balls and is now a +11. Team is now down only by 1. Go Lin. Go Hornets.

    414. I like Hawes and Zeller rather than Jefferson. Missed too many shots.

    415. It shows a lot of character that they battled back from a big deficit twice. Unfortunately it shows why lin to the bench is needed. The bench sucked. 1st unit was bad in the beginning but still lead. 2nd unit was just god awful.

    416. Didn’t you hear their announcer saying Lin is D liability after he got picked and Jackson scored? That’s how the Lakers and Rockets PR destroyed his name.

    417. Jefferson seem a bit miss placed in this offense. s not adjusting well to it. Ill give him more time though.

    418. Just needs a coach to let him play through it rather than yank him.

    419. Seems like there was a conscious intent to force feed Jefferson and it did not work. The new NBA won’t allow it.

    420. their announcer saying Lin is D liability after he got picked and Jackson scored.

      Hey Jackson has 4 pts 2-7.

    421. im getting seizures from this halftime music

    422. It makes me wonder whether they try to pump his stats for a trade.

    423. Heard that, the irony is he needed a good pick to get open. Isn’t that an argument that Lin is defending well.

    424. LOL

    425. Maybe Walkers and Lin’s game would improve if they weren’t tole to force feed Jefferson at the beginning of the game.

    426. Exactly, still Jackson shot 2-7

    427. go ahead, Reggie should try to take Lin. Let’s see what happens.

    428. its up to Lin to dominate people and shut them up. It’s totally in his hands.

    429. Lol

    430. Let’s hope so.

    431. Can’t wait for Lin’s tell-all book when this is all well and done. So sad thinking of JLin’s retirement from basketball. I’d like to see him coach. I think he’d be excellent.

    432. That’s why we have a discussion.

    433. Jeremy getting credit from announcers for helping to bring the Hornets back in 2nd Q

    434. I am Out LIN SUCKS!!!

    435. Brian Roberts -12

    436. Lin has many gifts but to not sound corny but his mind and his heart are his best gifts. Even if his game is off he figures a way to be productive and go for the win. When in New York sometimes he played badly but it was a pleasure to look up by the fourth quarter and see the knicks were going to win anyways. LOL.

    437. I’m pretty sure Clifford is that coach.

    438. Lin starting 3rd quarter!

    439. Lin assist to Marvin

    440. Would like to see hansbrough in there

    441. Lin’s assist to MWilliams jumper

    442. OT: Tristan Thompson getting lots of overpaid reactions, much like Reggie Jackson

    443. 3q11:30 Lin did a great job defending Jackson. He got a screen and still couldn’t get past Lin.

    444. Agree. You know that he’ll figure something out.

    445. In Marvin?

    446. yeah, piston announcer mahorn so proud of their physicality, would love for psycho T to make them look like little boys.

    447. Shouldn’t Al block out to prevent offensive rebound?

    448. Reggie going under the screens, hopefully Lin can get his stroke back and make him pay.

    449. Big Al sucks big time. Too lazy to box out, gives up and-one.

    450. Hornets don’t do offensive rebounds?

    451. wow AL is a ball hog. Some guy was wide open outside. Lucky he got fouled

    452. Big Al must be traded…it’s a 10-15 win difference.

    453. honestly I never understood why teams love AL. Its like Melo. Some guys test well in practice.

    454. don’t like Al midrange jumper

    455. Jefferson is a liability on both ends now

    456. I don’t like Al, period. Can’t even finish at the rim.

    457. He is adjusting to a new offense

    458. Every damn play is for Al Jeff. What with this love affair?

    459. you just know he’ll miss

    460. Jefferson 3-9, too many wasted possessions.

    461. Lin would have this game won already if not for Al Jeff.

    462. AL needs to go miss easy shots bad def and slow as hell

    463. 3q9:55 good defense on Reggie again. Harassed Reggie on the 3pt line, Reggie had to give it up.

    464. They need Tyler now

    465. not enuf screens for lin

    466. get al out there

    467. Replace Jefferson with Kaminsky!!!!!

    468. is Clifford really going to play through Big Al like this in regualar season? This is a joke

    469. ah, another good look from 3, didn’t go

    470. really makes you wonder where these announcers come from

    471. al D isa wful

    472. Greg Monroe is KILLING Al

    473. Not on the Pistons anymore.

    474. its not hard. al doesnt get back for transition D

    475. i think Drummond is better for Hornets than Jefferson. What you guys think?

    476. Feeding Jefferson seems to take the team out of rhythm.

    477. ugh, Batum double clutch midrange jumper?

    478. Al is a cancer. He almost gave Lin a TO by not paying attention to the easy pass.

    479. phantom foul

    480. bogus foul on RJax

    481. oops drummond

    482. Same guy call foul on Jackson to take away Lin layup.

    483. Honestly, Lin had no business passing to Al at that spot on the court.

    484. Hansbrough needs to come in for Al
      Hawes can replace Zeller to go 1-2 with JLin

    485. Big Al is all about himself…and can’t back it up. And he’s pouting on the court, being lazy as heck on both ends. Trade him or waive him…he’s singlehandedly killing his team.

    486. Cliff may be exposing a weakness

    487. 3q8:00 Jackson drew the foul with the neck snap

    488. Lin / Kemba / Batum / Zeller / Hawes.

      That’s that best lineup by far. Big Al should be benched or traded.

    489. piston in the penalty. looks like reggie jackson gonna pull a Harden.

    490. yep

    491. I’m not sure why Cliff aint adjusting and pulling Json.

    492. 3q727 ouch Lin got fouled by Ilyasova blocking

    493. 3q716 nice drive by Lin, they had to foul him to prevent layup

    494. Lin not attacking on offense and just being pummeled on defense. It’s all because there’s no spacing in this lineup for Lin. Lin will just come off the bench I guess. Really dissapointing to see .

    495. Lin just did

    496. Lin trying to get himself out of the game (3rd foul) to not play with Jefferson, ha.

    497. Looks like van Gundy decided all fouls should be hard. Send in psycho T. Wanna play. Lets play.

    498. I can see Lin is upset. It’s good. He will start to just do his Lin thing and stop caring.

    499. 3q6:35 Lin with an amazing slip of the screen to stay with Jackson, forced him into airball 3ptr!

    500. Need Handsbrough to get some rebounds. Take Jefferson out he’s not doing anything.

    501. i like upset

    502. beautiful airball 🙂

      DET announcer can’t even say it, “Went wide…”

    503. yes, YEs, yes. I’m sick of this hacking. Need an enforcer in there.


    505. He doesn’t score either.

    506. LOL

    507. there it is 33333

    508. burned Reggie big time

    509. Lin for 33333333! Taking over!

    510. Yesss, 3333!!

    511. Yawn. Only freakout Lin fans think he’s “struggling.”

    512. lin got totalyl fouled on top. i cant believe it wasnt called

    513. lin suckss

    514. ANYONE HAVE A LINK?????

    515. Ya, I thought it was foul too.

    516. I suddenly have sympathy for Kemba, ha.

      Big Al is such a selfish player. Off the court, he’s nice and chill, but on the court, he’s a cancer.

    517. if lin did that, hed get called for it. and he has this game.

    518. 3q541 Lin leading team with 13 pts and +10!

    519. That was a foul, I felt it.

    520. Can Lin have like 5 minutes without Jefferson so he can put this game away?

    521. No he’s not.

    522. I LOVE U

    523. I LOVE U 2

    524. I’m sick of this bully ball by the pistons. SEND IN THE TAR HEEL

    525. Got to say, SVG has the Pistons looking like a good team.

    526. Maybe Al is the problem and not Kemba

    527. I can see why Kemba gets those slow starts. Probably told to feed Jefferson.

    528. kemba and lin in 4qt?

    529. Lin tied for game high 13 pts (with drummond)

    530. I think he tried but had tunnel vision & limitations
      He can’t pass out for some reason

    531. Kemba not playing today

    532. I don”t think he is selfish. I think he is doing his job. post, make your move, quick shot. Just not getting it in over piston big men.

    533. AGREED.

    534. Why maybe? I think it’s sufficiently evident. 🙂

    535. 3q5:20 Lin avoided the screen again to stick with RJ

    536. man he’s killnig the team. he freaking stinks today

    537. Big Al 3/10, which makes Shaq’s FT % look good in comparison. Just saying.

    538. what???? behind the head no look assist!!

    539. Great pass by Lin in traffic!

    540. Lin to Batum for 33333!

    541. nobody go for off?

    542. Al Jefferson C 22:55 3-10

    543. filthy!!!! Lin on Morris!

    544. Now I’m interested in seeing Kemba play PG without Al, just curious.

    545. LIN YO FACE.

    546. dude lin took morris to school right there..

    547. Al lost on defense again meanwhile…TRADE HIM YESTERDAY.

    548. wow… great 1-on-1 move by JLin draining a fallaway midrange J!

    549. this Lin guy sucks

    550. worst player on the court right now.

    551. batum is so good at drawing fouls on jumpers

    552. lin sucks

    553. There is where LIn has improved. One on one moves.

    554. Lin who?

    555. Replace Al with Hawes and this is a 15pt lead. With epic Lin stats.

    556. only 15pts and 6-6FT .
      we need 25pts by now 🙂

    557. Yep, back to 50% FG!

    558. yikes, seriously problems with interior defense

    559. hornets need to play some D

    560. does Clifford knwo that?

    561. I am so tempted to join you guys.

    562. 3q232 um Hairston with terrible drive and shot

    563. He was elite in ISO during Linsanity. Give him the ball and he’ll work wonders.

      He is much better on defense with every season. Like Lin says himself, his posture and lateral movement is much improved.

    564. The bench is terrible

    565. yes, but it’s preseason

    566. and we will see that ALL season

    567. Lin out fall further behind. Was keeping within 2 not up to 7


    569. yep

    570. Classic gunner.

    571. Hows he doing??

    572. Lin 15pts/4sts on 8 shots, totally outshining overpaid Reggie Jackson 8pts/7asts on 10 shots.

      And this is despite the Big Al handicap.

    573. reggie sounds a robot in that prepared clip

    574. Probably. But not MJ.

      Like KHuang says, he’s stuck in the 80s/90s era of basketball with no zone defense and limited 3pt shooting.

    575. Lin doing good. Jefferson wasting possessions.

    576. It’s an exclusive club….

    577. Thanks!

    578. he must have been reading the teleprompter LOL

    579. Hairston doesn’r belong in the NBA.

    580. reading realllly slllowwllllyyy

    581. time with the “professor” showed a bit with that last move and 2

    582. Barely literate.

    583. Hansbrough has not entered the game.

    584. Where is the guy asking if Lin was going to remain scoreless. Lin has a game high. LOL

    585. Lol…

    586. Lin out 3q2:10 72-65

    587. look like Lin fix FTs. No TOs after 2qt.

    588. time for Kaminksy to take over =)

    589. Lin defense= Reggie Jackson 2-10 8 points

    590. Man Al Jefferson is TERRIBLE. I’m more scared of his defense than offense.

    591. He got his TOs by trying to encourage ball movement. In the 1Q. During preseason. Smart leadership.

    592. They would be ahead if it wasn’t for Jefferson.

    593. hairston is hilarious

    594. clifford with the tech, LOL

    595. His offense is worse. At least he’s a big dude on defense (hard to move).

      On offense, he holds everyone back…Lin, Batum, Zeller. Demands the ball and can’t score it.

      He used to be good, but Father Time is undefeated…except for Tim Duncan.

    596. Good, means he’s a players coach.

    597. preseason

    598. Hornets media sees what we see.
      JLin is carrying this team now

    599. It’d be a blowout win.

    600. 3q 120 Roberts with the nice move, but rejected

    601. Really hope coach lets Lin do his thing in the 4th!

    602. hawes, what the???

    603. cant with Al.

    604. roberts trying to ball hog

    605. Preseason championship on the line!

    606. I love how hornets help each other on defense. Will be able to keep games close for Linnning.

    607. this is horrible, looks like garbage time, but it’s only 3rd quarter!

    608. Al clogs paint. Needs stretch big to space

    609. Al is done for the night, knees iced up.

    610. might as well. no one else can do anyhing

    611. Good to see Troy Daniels draining that 3

    612. And the crowd cheers!

    613. Fighting for his players – good to see.

    614. Roberts is trying to build stats

    615. his only skill set

    616. Which crowd, this?

    617. I like the man, but the player is done. He should be a backup for Memphis or something.

      He only kills this new look Hornets team.

    618. agreed, good shooting to open the court for Lin/Walker penetration.

    619. Al’s had his chances – it’s Jeremy’s time in the 4th. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

    620. and worth millions!!!

    621. Let him! The better he plays as backup PG, the more comfortable Clifford feels about letting Lin start at SG.

    622. Tonight game is clearly showed they want to feed inside for Al, but…..

    623. lol airball

    624. no really, it looks like 4th qtr garbage time.

    625. It looks like Hansborough will not be in the rotation

    626. Maybe trying to prove a point, or disprove it, to some higher ups.

      If Jeremy “Nash 2.0” Lin can’t get Big Al going, no one else can.

    627. yeah, FG misses

    628. Not seeing that beautiful ball movement like in China.

    629. roberts been pushing for transition buckets and drives, so its all good. its not like hes taking contested Js all day.

    630. I think so too.

    631. booooo!!!

    632. against a high-energy team like detroit, al’s laziness and slowness on D really hurts.

    633. Brian Roberts showed his limited ability at the point and he’s the reason that the Hornets struggled when the bench came in.

    634. agreed. Maybe Ewing drew up the game plan because walker was out so natural reflex was to have team go through big AL. Old habits.

    635. 0 block, not good for our big.

    636. if Big Al doesn’t improve his midrange game, it’s gonna bring the starters down big time!

    637. what? that was a ridiculous call on Kaminsky

    638. jimmer! jimmer! jimmer!

    639. sorry rookie. foul on you every time.

    640. Cliff got T, yes he wants to win.

    641. He doesn’t even need to do that. Just FINISH AT THE RIM. He can’t even make a 3ft baby hook anymore.

    642. 4q1100 wow, nice pass by Hawes! (wasn’t converted)

    643. roberts doing the one man show

    644. your feed is 10 mins behind =)

    645. Not my feed, I am. lol

    646. LOL

    647. Lin done til tomorrow?

    648. roberts doing the one man show again. garbage time move.

    649. GSW benches Lee to help the team.
      CHI benches Noah to help the team.
      CHA…starts Jefferson no matter what.

      Oy vey. I hate, hate, hate NBA politics. This is why I watched only college hoops from 2000-2012.

    650. Is this it ? starters are done ?

    651. I think he may come back to close the game.

    652. I wouldn’t mind that. He proved his point and should get some time next to Kemba tomorrow.

    653. possibly.

    654. I buy him out

    655. Clifford is very strategic, both on and off the court. He may let this be the Hornets’ only preseason loss to prove that Al needs to be moved.

    656. al was the core of the offense last year. you cant expect the shift to happen that fast.
      david lee was hurt, so thats not the same situation at all. replacing lee was not a choice at first, it just happened.

    657. I don’t think Al would accept. He gets 14M and no team wants him for the very reason we’re seeing. He’s outdated and can’t produce like he used to.

    658. Kaminsky needs to build some muscle next summer. Lin looks much strong this year.

    659. buy out or I break his leg thats his choice

    660. Coach auditioning players tonight? How many have to go?

    661. Re: PS7: Hornets @ Pistons Wed Oct 21 7:30 EST
      Post#186 » by RealHusky » 10 minutes ago
      Liver_Pooty wrote:Lins had a great 3rd quarter.

      Most impressed with Lin’s D on Jackson. Remember Jackson got $16M per year just recently while Lin got $2M. Lin is outplaying Jackson right now for sure.

      Good comments from Hornet Forum

    662. I think pretty much knows his 9-rotation guys

    663. need to gain the weight back again?

    664. I hope so, but MJ seems to have other ideas.

    665. Need Tyler for O and D board

    666. Great to know Hornets fans know basketball better than skin color, and not hating on their own player.

    667. LOL security guard dancer (obvious plant)

    668. Andre back look like starter will play again

    669. Troy made 3 FTs. nice

    670. hey its 3 point deficit!

    671. roberts more garbage (stripped)

    672. 4q640 more hero ball by Brian Kobe Roberts

    673. Time to start the “Jimmer Jimmer” chant?

    674. Al coming in?

    675. Can’t agree more but maybe Hornets is going to trade Al so they need him to have good stats….

    676. wow, didn’t expect that

    677. then Lin must be coming back too

    678. now i understand why they need lin for bench. maybe he can play some 40 mins and see what happens.

    679. Lin is coming in!

    680. Still a 3 pt game

    681. that was a nasty block on marvin

    682. ouch, Marvin got blocked big time

    683. I thought starters were done. Guess Clifford wants to try to win.

    684. Clifford is going for 7-0!

    685. Roberts guarding Jackson, gave him 10 ft of space. Jackson knocked down the jumper.

    686. Why is Jackson in with no Lin. Scores on Roberts.

    687. what the … did roberts do there?

    688. taht was ridiculous

    689. lol

    690. he did a Roberts

    691. Yes.

    692. Me neither

    693. Clifford such a tease. Lin walked to sideline then went back and sat down.

    694. pistons really wants to win this game,

    695. that was Harden-esque

    696. That was hilarious.

    697. Harden nods in approval

    698. Because official timeout is coming.

    699. haha, means timeout is coming

    700. Not if he’s putting Jfson in.

    701. No it was worse. It wasn’t about effort but just bad defense

    702. Tomorrow’s headline: “Jackson DESTROYS Lin in 4th quarter!”

    703. so batum back, i guess its not garbage time yet

    704. 4q5:15 looks like Lin should be coming in. Hornets down 81-86

    705. Coach Clifford let Brian Roberts in to see what he’s made of.

    706. they did garbage time from end of 3q to first half of 4q

    707. I’d rest Lin and play him tomorrow. As a coach, I’d want to see Kemba/Lin backcourt one more time.

    708. Last few games play like regular season games to get ready

    709. I did not understand coach Cliff today.

    710. Lies never stop

    711. Not much…

    712. That’s why ESPN won’t show his team high lowlights.

    713. Clifford needs to set a tone for team success. If you don’t play defense then you sit.

    714. There is another game tomorrow better not.

    715. The game is lost on the bench.

    716. he’s a very… confident player… let’s just keep it at that. =p

    717. Lin is IN

    718. He’s a fine 15mpg backup. No more, no less.

    719. go Lin

    720. jefferson man..

    721. Lin with a tremdendous assist to Al, blew the point blank layup

    722. ALpalling

    723. Gets it to Jefferson, promptly misses.

    724. It’s a layup al

    725. classic

    726. that was bad , come on al. that was easy

    727. is he injured or something. this can’t be the same Al

    728. ok jefferson……..

    729. 4q4:35. Jefferson with a bad decision. Drummond flips up a shot for And 1

    730. Jefferson is a liability SMH

    731. al if u going to intentionally foul, do it harder.

    732. I stand by my theory of Clifford trying to expose Al.

    733. Boo to Lin playing. He should rest and play tomorrow.

    734. 4q4:20 another tremendous ast frmo Lin!!

    735. Jefferson…..what the…

    736. Finally…AL…come on

    737. al is killing his team

    738. Al should sit!

    739. Lets hope so or else he’s…

    740. I’m ok with Al less than 10 ft jumper. good job.

    741. Al hurts my eyes…

    742. 4q 3:15. Al bailed out with foul

    743. No it was a foul

    744. Al sucked so bad that even IJ had to come out for air! LOL

    745. Let Go AL. get these two show drummond how to shoot FT.

    746. This game is clearly about Al. I think Lin is in there to feed him.

      Please, PLEASE let this be about upping Al’s trade value.

    747. Preseason…I will give him a pass…else a knock on his head

    748. Sure hope so.

    749. Com on Lin…take over & ignore Jfson.

    750. 4q2:50 Lin probing defense, nothing in the paint.

    751. For a big he ain’t playing “big”.

    752. Well , his trade value dropped today

    753. like feeding a pig before it is slaughtered?

    754. Jackson deserves his leg to be hurt. I’ve seen him try to trip Lin earlier, now Williams. Just disgusting.

    755. Can not. This is preseason. Coach wants to test post up

    756. That’s what I’m thinking. He looks over the hill.

      I’d trade him for a 2nd rd pick or a trade exception.

    757. When do Pistons play Rox? Unleash the Beverine!

    758. Typical Detroit basketball!

    759. oops wrong reply

    760. Maybe Clifford posted AL against really good big men like Drummond to prove a point.

    761. Just trust Lin, he gives the Hornets its best chance to win in the 4th!

    762. 2-10 on Lin. Can’t do s**t against him.

    763. He plays like he just fell off a hill.

    764. 4q2:39 Hornets down 87-90. Let’s go Lin and Hornets!

    765. Did not expect game to be this exciting.

    766. Yeah we’ve seen a lot of that tonight

    767. Lin should get Jackson or Drummand to foul out.

    768. That’s what you get when you ain’t coddled by KD and Westbrook

    769. it’s not exciting… lol

    770. Jackson -5, Lin +14

    771. Al made it exciting, else game would’ve been over sometime in 3Q (blowout win by Hornets).

    772. 4q2:39 89-90. within 1

    773. who’s guarding drummond? wide open back door

    774. al

    775. exactly…still a 3pt game…need a 3 in there

    776. Bad PnR defense by Big Al…for the 10th time this game.

    777. Man these announcers. smh

    778. 4q2:00 Lin another great defensive possession on Jackson!

    779. daniels playing great

    780. Jackson is 2-12 against Lin.

    781. 4q1:40 Lin stuffs Reggie on the drive!

    782. yeSSS 333333 daniels

    783. Hornets are in business!

    784. Lin floater! yes!

    785. LIN DA WIT DA NICE 2

    786. FINALLY the LEAD!!!!!!!!!! GO LIN

    787. hahahaa lin sucks

    788. send him to d-league

    789. Yesssss, Lin floater. Mr. Crunch time

    790. he sucksss

    791. Lol what a game

    792. AWESOME>….

    793. is he a NBA player?

    794. LOL, Clifford put in the starters in the last 4 mins to win the game

    795. Wasn’t pretty but he got the bounce.

    796. If Lin plays the 8 min in the last quarter the win would be very easier


      ~Lin “fans”

    798. Clifford is a genius!


    800. Sorry Mod…..did you F…………….ing see that?

    801. Jeremy really, really, really, really doesn’t like to lose.

    802. Lin knows when to stick it!

    803. Butum + Lin = the best!!!

    804. Shooter’s touch:)

    805. amazing D by lin on reggie.

    806. how did he score 15 pts? I watched the entire game and doesn’t seem like it

    807. Linsanity !!!!!!!!!!!!

    808. Should give credit to Daniels as well

    809. Troy daniels finish games. Look like coach will always go small.

    810. so no more TO since the 1st qtr for Lin? nice.

    811. flashback. Lin to Daniels. For the win.

    812. ATTA BOY JEREMY!!!!!

    813. Lin true to his advertisement!

    814. Lin has the highest +/- for both teams.

    815. Charlotte 26 vs Detroit 16 in 4th quarter

    816. Daniels keep catching and shooting. Do what you Do.

    817. Fishing

    818. he could nail shots like…he was killin it while with Rox as well…but was underappreciated

    819. run the clock

    820. 4q0:30 I knew Al would miss


    822. Big Al misses…what a shock! LOL.

    823. For the opposing team. Best sixth man.

    824. Lin winning this game with defense down the stretch.

    825. Al is so lazy!

    826. Jefferson, not clutch.

    827. Please Do NOT go to overtime

    828. Almost a huge steal by Lin.

    829. Al is lins team mate he will start the whole season.

    830. 4q0:28 Hornets up 96-94. Pistons ball.

      Good practice of end of game management.

    831. Lin clutch, big Al not!

    832. Al 5-15

    833. preseason OT. please no. Lin finish this.

    834. AL already be old

    835. I didn’t realize how fat SVG is…yikes.

    836. cant really just with just one game…more over its preseason

    837. Gosh JLin should’ve shot that, forget about passing to Al ><"

    838. Al’s on crutches…

    839. Lin try to help Jefferson

    840. Lucky for Reggie, he doesn’t have to face Lin every game!

      He’s 2-12 against Lin.

    841. 4q0:13 Lin with the clutch rebound!!

    842. Haha, Lin with the rebound and FTs!


    844. Yes, Lin with the key rebound.

    845. Lin saves the game with a hero rebound!

    846. Al is horrible ><" Too old already, should even start!

    847. Lin the Rebound machine!

    848. SUCKAGE

    849. Linnnnnnnnn


    851. typical Lin, ball in his hands in the end.

    852. that was a good.. but not great rebound

    853. GO Jeremy…nail it!

    854. JLin always with the clutch rebounds!! 😀

    855. oh man!….

    856. Lin should be used as a rebounder more

      I don’t like PGs rebounding but when you’re as good as Lin or Rondo, it’s something you should use.

    857. Exactly good not great, lol

    858. LOL

    859. c’mon LIn. shoot.

    860. Just do not go to overtime, please

    861. How the hell can Lin get that rebound around big men?

    862. Lin adds drama.

    863. foul drummond.

    864. Ah come on Lin stop missing FTs!!!

    865. Damn even on the rebounding part,Jeremy has to carry this team on his back??? hahaha

    866. yeah serious

    867. Rebound instincts, get in front of the big man, and high jumping?

    868. LIN SUCKS.

      Haha, but seriously. People kill Lin for every missed shot and TO, but the only complaint I have for Lin is FTs. How can he not shoot 85%??? Too good and hardworking to be just 80%.

    869. its sad because it is true. I agree with the hansbrough part for that.

    870. Please, nobody foul a 3 pt shooter

    871. come Hornets…DEFENSE!

    872. To be fair, Batum has 10 rebs, picking up slack for Al.

    873. reggie is so bad…

    874. 4q0:03 Lin defended Jackson into a 3 pt miss!

    875. LIN OFFENSE: Saved game.

      LIN DEFENSE: Saved game.

    876. that was good but not great defense to win the game by lin there

    877. 7-0!

    878. Ok fine… Jeremy and Batum has to carry this team on the rebounding part?

    879. RJ is 2-13 against Lin.


    880. $16 million miss. $2million man win.

    881. So I guess since Reggie is making 80+ million he should be taking those terrible hero ball shots

    882. I saw the ref moving in front of Lin while Lin throwing the 3rd free throw! What the heck he was doing?

    883. Lin being nice. Tying Batum for 18pts


    885. finally sweet Al

    886. who says Lin is not good at d???? WTF

    887. JEREMY LIN:Saved the game.

    888. Keep Daniels.

    889. I hope Lin has a good not great post game interview

    890. 7-0

    891. From stats, 2nd units didn’t do too well.

    892. He works well with lin lol we know this already

    893. If it wasn’t for Jefferson it wouldn’t even have been close. Can they trade Jefferson for Tyson Chandler? Need a rim protecting big that can PnR with Lin

    894. Lin game stats:

      18 pts, 5-9 fg, 1-4 3pt, 7-8 ft, 5 reb, 5 ast, 1 stl, 3 tov, +20 (!!), 30 mins

      Shut down Reggie Jackson the entire game.

    895. HIGH jumping!

    896. Thank you Clifford to let Lin close the game!

    897. Lin = garbage

    898. Lin a +20 while Roberts -15 and Hornets win by 5. Coincidence?

    899. Both too old already.

    900. No, no, he SUCKS!!! He has some TOs in the 1Q setting up teammates like an unselfish leader.

    901. LOL, I don’t think Rick Mahorn and the other detroit announcer even understand how their team lost because the asian man is the invisible man.

    902. Eh. Anyone next to Lin works…except Washburn, ha.

    903. Lin shuts down Reg, clinics and hospitals observed increased reports of shoe-in-mouth patients.

    904. Mr. 16 million a year 31 minutes 3-15 10 points. He did have 11 assist. Mostly because drummon dominated Al

    905. Definitely Beta…

    906. hahahahaha. Lin is in a new stage of his career. LInprime.

    907. So now where is the big mouth Lin basher gone?

    908. If Lin had Drummond…holy cow. Andre is like a young Tyson Chandler.

    909. You know Pistons really wanted to win this at home. Lin + Batum + AL (final 2 FTs) shut them off.

    910. Jackson is the one who had ball in his ball… 11 AS not surprised.

    911. can’t wait for these game highlights

    912. nononono. get Ed Davis. Reunite LED.

    913. Batum as well, got 10 rebounds and was 4 assist from a triple double.

    914. Don’t forget Lin’s key rebound!

    915. Another WIN…woo owoo woo

    916. greedy!

    917. That was an exciting preseason game!! Oh and the NBA live feed was awesome! I hope they have more of those for future games.

    918. 7-0, 11 more from 18-0

    919. Upload the JLIN highlights when you get a chance.. missed tonights game!

    920. Dont forget Batum! double-double

    921. let’s move on, we don’t want to label other posters regardless of what they post.

    922. Dont forget TDaniels…for the lead!

    923. Lin is turning into a rebound machine!

    924. you didn’t miss much, just an average game from LIN

    925. lin this really was a linsanity game

    926. hilarious, everyone else, including detroit players all of a sudden forgot to jump. Did not know Lin could jump up so fast.

    927. lol…..

    928. LOL, no way, that was the best point of the game.

    929. still feel, Lin is not shooting enough for a 30min game

    930. how is it possible for lin to have +20 and the second highest guy +11 lol

    931. Like Batums passing. very useful.

    932. gamma

    933. are you really mod?

    934. I think the stream is still working. you can fast forward and skip the part lin is out.

    935. Nick Batum is just an all around player. Great at nothing.Good at everything

    936. Hornets Gs kills Piston Gs – 36/15/11 vs 18/5/11

    937. Jeremy is +20 with 18 points 5 assists 5 rebounds 3TO 1 steal in about 30 minutes shooting 5-9 FG 1-4 3P 7-8 FT.
      Reggie Jackson is -13 10 points 11 assists 4 rebounds 1 TO 1 steal 1 Block 1 BA in 32 minutes shooting 3-15 FG 0-8 3P 4-4 FT

    938. It was so bad that ESPN will not show any Lin lowlights.

    939. actually your right it was an average game for Lin – exciting.

    940. 2 BIG men!

    941. how many clutch plays did lin have at the end there i lost count

    942. I’d say 10 rebs is pretty great picking up Al’s slack.

    943. Because Lin is good!

    944. Wow! just Wow! 🙂

    945. Re: PS7: Hornets @ Pistons Wed Oct 21 7:30 EST

      Post#266 » by fatlever » 13 minutes ago

      I might have to hang a Jeremy Lin poster in my cubical at work.

      Re: PS7: Hornets @ Pistons Wed Oct 21 7:30 EST

      Post#280 » by fatlever » 9 minutes ago

      Look at that beautiful rebound!! LIN is KING.

      from Hornets Real GM

    946. Because Al is lazy!

    947. For those who says Lin sucks, I’d say RJ sucks worse. Way worse!!!

    948. Woot! woot! 🙂

    949. it is their announcers. You want that type of bias support for your own guys. Unlike when Lin was at Hou and LAL

    950. yes, that’s is very unusual

    951. if you wanna win, play more of JLin!

    952. I think this is the best way to win against teams with wings and bigs playing physical. Just let them lead few points for 3 quarters and takeover for the last few minutes. In this way, it will avoid injury to playmakers.

    953. Sure not. Brian Roberts can’t get the ball to others and his shot didn’t go in and he couldn’t drive withnout having his shots blocked. He had the lowest +/- -15 for both teams.

    954. I love how Coach C lets Jeremy close all the games, crucial. I hope he keeps it that way for the rest of the season.

    955. yes, 18 pts 5 ast is what I’m expecting Lin to average this year!

    956. No Lin No Win!!!!!

    957. Still Hornets is not taking enough number of shots at an average NBA level

    958. Lol

    959. first time in 3 years!

    960. that guy was so so for Lin when I was looking at the forum a month or so ago. Seems like Lin is getting more fans.

    961. The second highest in Hornets is only +11.

    962. 18 pts on 9 shots? that’s crazy! almost as crazy as his hair!

    963. ‘can’t wait for the Highlight vid…

    964. They are gonna run out of posters sooon~!!!

    965. Yup

    966. Jlin still is Mr. Crunch time, but Al almost killed them, not like Tyson Chandler at all!

    967. Let BevScrub sub for him and put the season at risk!

    968. they don’t try to do offensive rebounds so it’s mainly 1 and out. but at least they trying to get mostly quality shots.

    969. Good to complement JLin

    970. I actually feel like this is a win for a bench without Lin as well. You want your bench to hold the fort and keep you in the game. Because the bench could play defense together and have guys who could hit shots, they kept it close. If the bench really sucked there would be no Lin time in the fourth.

    971. he is not the mod….but a modifier

    972. Bpsilon.

    973. He is a moderator

    974. Bench was bad until the second. Mostly troy daniels was good. He made a showing which is great news for the team

    975. plus minus does give the whole picture…it also depended on the timing a player is inserted…and the team is running well at the time

    976. I have no idea how the bench held the fort down because they looked awful, like 4th quarter garbage time awful.

    977. I think after this game, Clifford has complete confidence in Lin!

    978. someone should find out what pistons fans think of the matchup of their 85 million dollar guy against our boy!

    979. If they let Lin play 40+ mins, the score might be over 115.

    980. And the 50% (Poppa John’s) pizza discount is good on away games too.

      Game tomorrow against the Pacers is in Fort Wayne …

    981. If your within two possessions of tying I say that is holding the fort down no matter how ugly it was to get there.

    982. LOL at the important “:23” seconds detail

    983. epsilon


    985. No, I agree that they did, I just can’t believe they did having watched the game.

    986. SVG stated that the Hornets played the game exactly the way it’s supposed to be played…while Pistons played exactly the opposite.

    987. Daniels hit some big 3s.

    988. Linfectious desease for cows to have hoof in mouth, produces way too much BS.

    989. he is just a little slow and not aggressive enough

    990. The Hornets bench player +/- were:

      -1, -6, -15, -4, -7, +1, +8

    991. it wont be enough when the season starts

    992. I was impressed with the coaching. I saw help defense to keep pistons taking contested shots. Had not seen that kind of helping each other in Lin’s two previous stops. Sign of a well coached team.

    993. what exactly did he mean?

    994. I am picturing MJ is lighting his cigar smiling.

    995. teamball and ball movements

    996. Hornets played with Jeremy Lin. Pistons did not.

      That’s the one and only difference, lol.

    997. Omega

    998. Lin should play 20min for hornets and 20min for piston!

    999. WOW, SVG need to take a chill pill. His team led most of the game with his guidance.

    1000. Anyone have highlights yet? Offense and Defense highlights

    1001. The regular season has not started yet. Lin already help Hornets make one history record – most wins in preseason. If they win the next preseason game, the record would never be broken.

    1002. lol…that would be fair.

    1003. Zeta

    1004. I thought the Pistons played pretty well and had good ball movement, actually. They had 21 asts vs Hornets 17 asts. The only big difference I see is that Reggie jackson shot very poorly 3-15 fg, 0-8 3pt. All due to Lin. (Actually 1 of his FGs was against Roberts).

    1005. The refs need to check themselves before they wreck themselves. Too happy with their whistles haha. JLin = ? ???

    1006. We know what Lin and the Hornets could do. I’m excited to see what Paul George could do and who Clifford chooses to guard him.

    1007. Lin need to be benched…he is not playing like a 2M dollar player!

    1008. discounted pizzas for all CLT fans! who’s buying?

    1009. Linsanity is coming to Hornets !!!!!

    1010. they get pizzas for away games?

    1011. yeah…me too…

      sometime…emotions speaks louder

    1012. as long as they score 95 pts or more. but have to wait for Whitman Lam is weigh in on this…

    1013. I know, really. SVG kind’ve throwing his team under the bus. not cool.

    1014. I thought Clifford would have been careless about the result of this game. I am glad he put Lin in again after Pistons starters all back in.

    1015. higgs boson

    1016. He won’t play, I hope.

    1017. nah, Clifford’s been trying to win all the preseason games. even got a technical today

    1018. I will say 18 Pts and 6 Ast, if he reduce the # to feed to Al

    1019. Don’t worry. Clifford will understand Robert, Daniel, …….. errr, all 2nd units, …………. mmmmm, all units need Lin on the floor for them to be effective. He only needs to think how to divide Lin minutes effectively and safely.

    1020. Yep

    1021. i will still wait for regular season to start before commenting on how good Hornets is…they have good players with unselfish and winning mentality…thats given

    1022. They might raise the bar to 100 very soon, lol

    1023. I got 5 on it

    1024. Breakthrough!!!

      Finally!!! ‘so happy for our boy JLin!

    1025. i dont mind lite-in up

    1026. i would be happy if this was the regular season but looks very promising so far…

    1027. yup, regular season is whole different story, but at least promising signs!

    1028. Where is Khuang ?

    1029. I hope Lin does not burn out. The season is long.

    1030. I thought Lin was about to giving up NBA when he choose Hornets. Now I just got the point. Smart guy.

    1031. Supersymmetry

    1032. yup, Lin knew better than everyone else

    1033. busy negotiating with Jimmer’s agent

    1034. and talking to MJ

    1035. he’s fighting with trolls on the other site…

    1036. as long as he’s not playing over 35 mins per game, I think he’ll last the season

    1037. Anyone familiar w/the Pacers? Is this going to be a tough one for Lin on a back-back tomorrow?

    1038. hope Lin sits tomorrow or plays half the minutes…

    1039. Pacers is not good.

    1040. wow,those pictures look like the high school Lin, no wonder they cannot lose.

    1041. Haha, Hornets fans gets the Asian discount at Papa Johns when Lin plays.

    1042. While calling Coach C to set up a dinner with Jeremy

    1043. dude is American Pharaoh! he ain’t burning out anytime soon

    1044. never discount any team

    1045. He won’t 1 week before season

    1046. make sure DAntony is there

    1047. Ya! I hope so but don’t think so.

    1048. Ok, then Lin won’t be depended on/played so heavily.

    1049. I know but just tell what they are now.

    1050. I think he will still play around 25 min

    1051. 30 min is okay to him, if they win tomorrow, it will be a never-broken record to the team!

    1052. PG 13 THOUGH…. seems like he’s back.

    1053. I know just ISO ISO & more ISO.

    1054. Is that the name of the hair style, lol

    1055. The CHOsen one is breaking bread with CHO.

    1056. this is quick

    1057. Great!!
      I only watched 1 minute of the actual game.

    1058. I’m picturing MJ shaking his head that Al and Kemba didn’t save the day.

      It was “that Asian guy I signed as a novelty for the Chinese market.”

    1059. Wow! Thanks a lot!

    1060. Should draft up that max contract asap.

    1061. The thing is, they’re shooting themselves in the foot. By calling out Lin having “bad D”, it reflects badly on Reggie as he was shutdown 3/15 by a guy with bad D. To save face they should’ve talked UP Jeremy Lin, not the other way around.

    1062. He is still needed to make an impression that Hornets offense is still bad and only get lucky. Meanwhile, he can continue training with coach Lin to master PnP or PnR. Asik the butterfinger can do PnR after coached by Lin, i am sure if he is willing, he will be able too. I also see that Kaminsky is another project under Lin. Poor Hansbrough doesn’t get chance to learn, though he is the best one to dominate PnR with Lin, maybe because of age.

    1063. Looking at the way JLin has been playing lately and the performance he delivers on the field on a regular basis, I will say MD knew the best, he already said that JLin’s offensive is good and his defensive is good during the NY games. No Lin, No Win! Lin!Lin!Lin!…..Lin!

    1064. Al Jefferson brings back bad memory of last season’s Jordan Hill. Al hangs out at low post a lot more, but doesn’t do much there so in the end the results are similar.

    1065. ONLY 1 minute? come on give me better highlights

    1066. Lin ran a nice fake pnr set to get Williams an open shot at 0:32.

    1067. Al is really a big problem but they can’t get rid of him now so just need to make his stats looks good for trade.

    1068. What happened to the Lin sucks crowd? lol. So much panic after 1st quarter!

    1069. Safer for workplace edition… LOL

    1070. Be grateful! He only took like 1 min to get this up quickly!

    1071. Every player all has bad game … but these guys are really annoying… smh!

    1072. Oops, delta

    1073. I wonder about those as well. Pretty annoying with their panic and negativism.

    1074. He’s an expiring contract, I’d say the sooner they get rid of him the better. At this point even Boozer looks good in comparison, and THAT’s saying something.

    1075. I think they did it on purpose.

    1076. We need to have some patience on Al. Things are not perfect but working.

    1077. He was missing point blank shots, that last one he made was something that I, an IT guy at 42, could’ve made.

    1078. GM said during the summer “there’s going to have big deal…” But nothing happened? So I think it’s not easy to get rid of him now.. just have to wait after 12/15

    1079. They’re sucking on their soothers and hankies. Lol

    1080. Many were anti-jinxing…

    1081. Anybody know how we can watch the game tomorrow? It aen’t on NBA TV or League pass. Will it be free again, how do we find out?

    1082. I understand. It costed LIn some assists too. but we can’t change it.

    1083. Neutrino, penetrates every defensive lineup!

    1084. We worry about it tomorrow.

    1085. Pacers don’t have a free live stream site FYI

    1086. Hornets and Grizzlies both remain undefeated, while Mavs remain winless.

    1087. I am still not so sure what Coach Clifford was trying to do here. he obviously stopped playing Lin ball from the start. No screen for Lin on offense and No help with the screen on defense, Lin’s job just to feed the ball to either Al or Batum and let them chuck shots. It looked like Laker’s game. Also Lin’s turnover showed no sign of practice with first unit. All of these lead me to believe that Lin won’t start any time soon.

      I think later Lin was annoyed by losing the game then started to attack alone. I just don’t know how this team can survive without Lin’s offense and defense.

    1088. give him some time. he’s been playing like the traditional pivot man for his entire life. he has good attitude, good faith, and good teammates, he will come around.

    1089. Let’s see if it is even relevant – who was undefeated in preseason last year, was it the Warriors?

    1090. That’s why poker has sports appeal. It takes talent to lose when it doesn’t count and kill when you need to. The flow of hands is a lot like a bball game. It’s not important to win in the first quarter. What’s important is setting up you’re long term strategy for that game and staying with touch. Great players like Lin uses that time to establish misdirections and probes for weaknesses.

      It takes nerves of steel to play with total confidence to close out in the end. Lin is that good.

    1091. Meaningful or not, undefeated is hardly a bad thing.

    1092. Free game tonight was the first I’ve seen from the NBA. NBA is all about the $$$$$$$$. Don’t expect from them too much.

    1093. Well said. Lin is a natural winner to this sport.

    1094. On my NBA app, it shows tomorrow’s game on LP.

    1095. The answer is options not option.

    1096. OT Daniel Murphy hit another HR. That’s 6 games in a row.

    1097. Take it easy. that’s how Jeremy plays his game. that’s his personality. he always has his teammates at the highest priority, thus getting them involved and into groove certainly weights more than setting himself up. In a way that’s why he’s always ready to heat up for the 4Q.

    1098. A Jewish guy named Smith?

    1099. Do you know if its “audio only” like today’s?

    1100. Plus winning always build up the chemistry of the team, especially within the unselfish teammates.

    1101. For this season I hope Jeremy doesn’t get any injuries. Hornets guard depth is very thin, save for him being the swingman guard.

    1102. I just love how Dawkins edits his videos.

    1103. Pistons commentator exclaimed “Ooh!” on Jeremy’s dish to Al.

    1104. Give big Al some time. It’s not unusual to lose some timing when you lose 20 lbs in the off season to lose rhythm in you stroke. Lin is the kinda team guy that will keep feeding you until you break out of your slump. Lin did it last year with Swaggy and one othe Laker last year.

      It may not have been Clifford but Lin force feeding Al.

    1105. Even with a “bad” start, Jeremy’s PER is still pretty good. Mr. Efficiency!

    1106. what’s his per for tonight?

    1107. I know. Worse is they kept on going about it and people responded. This fueled them to do more.

    1108. alphense is the reason of bad start need to trade him for a shoot blocker

    1109. WHere Can I watch the game again?

    1110. I am glad to hear the At The Hive tweeted “Jeremy Lin has darn near carried these guys at times. Has made a play every time they’ve needed him to”; Go JLIN! GO!

    1111. The reward is Al played much much much better in 4th qtr. He did begin to make plays. He isn’t like anyone we saw in the past. He did remember to play teamball after a while.

    1112. Point guards try to get others going first.

      Then if they have to, they ATTACK.

    1113. Grizzlies are the toughest NBA opponent for the Hornets.

    1114. yep…we have seen that before…

    1115. That’s what they want…smh!

    1116. Yeah obviously, they got Marc Gasol in his prime and we got Big Al past his prime. 🙂

    1117. Yep but I did wonder how come they suddenly stopped and didn’t see them posting anymore. Wonder it was them to stop or ????

    1118. Wow! I really like Hornets media. They really know the game well. Unlike Rox…smh!

    1119. Great to hear that. so I am not as crazy as I thought.

    1120. Yep I saw that tweet. I was like what???!!!!!!!!! Really different to the last 3 seasons.

    1121. only crazy says…”not crazy”! lol…just couldnt resist

    1122. Jeremy shut them up by playing well? 🙂

    1123. you need a TV…first

    1124. Where’s the post game interviews ???

    1125. thanks blubell, over 20 again..

    1126. I think Clifford needs to address his bigs as well, especially on clearing the boards.

    1127. Don’t believe so. Maybe one of the mods put them in their place???

    1128. more like slapped em

    1129. Drummond: Man I dig your hairstyle.What’s the hair gel you’re using?
      Jeremy: It ain’t hair gel.
      Drummond: Thought so…

    1130. EC Standings

    1131. WC

    1132. Hmm will the Charlotte Hornets be something like, or even better, last season’s Atlanta Hawks? Can’t wait for the regular season.

    1133. Hope it carries over to Regular Season….

    1134. Drumond: Jeremy please come and play for us next year.
      Jeremy:I don’t think you can afford me next year.

    1135. Haha. I saw WC (didn’t refresh for pic) and thought “water closet”?

    1136. hahaha…this is where i cringe at Disqus…its disgusting

    1137. Wow! Really like it. How come I feel NBA keeps promoting Lin now…Haha!

    1138. Please RT. LOL!

    1139. I love these on-court interactions Jeremy has with the players (of either team). It’s good networking if nothing else, and it doesn’t hurt for those guys to spread the word around that Jeremy’s a great guy.

    1140. they had been flagged…hence went into moderation

    1141. Jeremy: My nose is itchy
      Drummond: Be careful, don’t dig it, there is camera there, as it is predicted by your fans at Jlinportal.

    1142. He is the biggest name on charlotte. So If they mention Charlotte lin will probably be mentioned. Especially if he plays at this level

    1143. Oh ok. Glad that more posters are active in those posts.

    1144. Bcoz Lin been playin his type of game…more to come when regular season starts!…

    1145. Yeah, teamwork! 🙂

    1146. their storylines are nearly mechanical in how they are generated. basically, top scorer gets the mention and is the main ‘story’. its not favoring lin — it’s just how that work flow is.

    1147. Drummond knows too much…

    1148. With Michael Jordan being Jeremy’s boss and all, they better be.

    1149. I have the same feeling. They keep on posting on JLin. Don’t remember the first couple games but definitely since China games.

    1150. some tie over teamwork could lead to…..hahaha

      some of the fun post that we had earlier during Q4 are also in moderation…lol

    1151. I think they want to be in Jeremy’s youtube videos. Buttering him up. lol.

    1152. Not necessarily. Lin got it last time and walker was top scorer.

    1153. If that’s the case then Batum with a double-double should’ve been featured. I think something’s cooking.

    1154. Hahaha. Oh, Disqus.

    1155. Really????!!! LOLOLOL I wasn’t involved into fun posts but I did in those annoyance posts:-)

    1156. ok

    1157. I was wondering that too… Batum filled up the stat sheet.

    1158. Somewhere in the night…kkklutch, Daryl moray,and kobe are crying themselves to sleep as their nightmare is coming true….Linsanity 2.0…hahaha

    1159. But JLin was more efficient:-) That’s my guess! Bias for JLin only fan:-)

    1160. Don’t forget B. Scott.

    1161. Still too soon

    1162. Yes..him too…the big bs

    1163. They usually focus more on stats than efficiency. Jeremy made lot of noise during the Global Games and its continuing through the preseason. Hopefully into the regular season as well!

    1164. Gotta feel bad for the cubbies.

    1165. last time Lin had 8 REB and also assist, so better overall game. But I still dont get about Batum this game, he got double double.

    1166.’s 3 years too late

    1167. I think JLin is everywhere, Pts, Ast, Rebounds, Steal, … so eye catch!

    1168. I like this answer much better:-)

    1169. Let wait till regular season start. Don’t want people to jump off a bridge if lin plays bad for 1 minute. Not too dramatic nor too happy. Thats my motto.

    1170. Batum is not a big name. He just isn’t. Lin is the biggest name on the team.

    1171. They played poorly really. Don’t know what happened to them. Mets pitching is strong.

    1172. “I like Jeremy. I really do.”

    1173. That Hornets warm up shirt look cool.

    1174. I want to forget…

    1175. Because of the guy wearing the shirt. It should thank Jeremy 😛

    1176. Lin +20; Batum+11. That is the reason. Lin also held Jackson with a miserable %.

    1177. Nay, At The Hive said the best on this game “Jeremy Lin … Has made a play every time they’ve needed him to”; finally he catch everyone’s eye!

    1178. I bet RJ had a higher usage rate than Lin in this game. I wonder if Batum had a higher usage rate also. Sure seems like it…

    1179. In fact, I really think NBA likes to see Lin succeed bc that’s good for NBA business. But too bad he just kept running into the teams that were bad to him.

    1180. Thanks a lot, Jlin! you always can put a smile on our face (even those were only some preseason games, it became so fun to watch); Go, JLIN! Go, Hornets!

    1181. RG for sure. Batum was in this game.

    1182. My guess… Silver was impressed by Jeremy on and off the court during the China trip. Jeremy is money.

    1183. Since both got the same score but w Batum on will get less viewers so…

    1184. I know but it seems Batum had more touches than Lin…and had more play-making opportunities

    1185. I wonder if they will tweet it everytime Hornets win throughout the season… thats a lot of tweets 🙂

    1186. I know. I guess Lin just wanted to show as PG he will share the ball… Maybe they really will start Lin as PG.

    1187. I would be happy if Lin starts at all. Doesn’t matter at what position. He’ll find a way to help the team…

    1188. Interesting , they are more active with tweets about Lin it seems

    1189. I’ve seen a few times now. Maybe they will continue to do so. Seen more people are tweeting about JLin than before. Seem like the tone has changed quite a bit since last season.

    1190. FA next year. Needs to spread the good news around the league.

    1191. I don’t think Lin wants to be SG… what he wants the most it’s still starting PG.