Preseason7 CHA @ DET Game Thread

After 1 game absence due to illness, Jeremy Lin continued to wreak havoc with his HairSanity.
After 6-0 preseason start,@JLin7 is ranked #1 in PER, AST% & PPR in #Hornets Preseason Advanced Stats proving he is the best Hornets player so far

His great defensive contribution against Jimmy Butler during crunch time in the 4th quarter probably solidify his role to close out games.
There was so much spacing created by the threat of 3 playmakers (Lin/Kemba/Batum).

These 3 playmakers need more playing time together to develop their chemistry.
But it’s a big question whether Coach Steve Clifford prefers big body with rebounding ability to start the game with 2 playmakers (Kemba/Batum) and have JLin spark the 2nd unit to make a push in the 2nd quarter before closing out with all 3 players.

Many Charlotte Hornets media seem to give hints to start the best 3 playmakers to set the tone against teams and get them into early foul trouble,
But there are 2 games remaining before Coach Clifford would make the final decision.

We should hope to see more dynamics and teamwork among Kemba/Batum/Lin because they would enjoy playing off one another to prepare for the regular season

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