Preseason5 NYK @ CHA Game Thread

It is still uncertain if Jeremy Lin will play today or not since Lin has caught cold from the China trip. Coach Clifford will continue to experiment with different lineup for the rest of preseason games but it’s comforting to know that JLin has aced his assignments with the 1st and 2nd unit.

Coaches will certainly consider his unique ability to make everyone better in the Hornets system, especially during crunch time in the 4th quarter to win a game. The playmaking of Kemba, JLin and Batum will certainly create unpredictability to keep opposing teams on their heels and help them win a lot of close games.

If JLin plays, let’s hope we see Kemba/Lin/Batum lineup to continue growing their chemistry

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    1. First? Well, if Jeremy doesn’t play, we will see his impact on the team.

    2. Go Hornets!

    3. 2nd. I’m going back to sleep. I was hoping for some news on Lin so that I wouldn’t have to wake up early. Oh well. See you guys later.

    4. First

    5. Yes, first to troll. You win.

    6. sleep well

      if only @Michael:disqus can share his secret of sleep-ballgame-watching with us … lol

    7. sleep-trolling is definitely an art :]

    8. I am the 8th here!

    9. I can’t see the link to this thread on jlinportal homepage from my iPhone safari. Had to access through a post psalm put up in the previous thread, which I also have trouble accessing for the past few days…

      This is weird cos my jlinportal homepage is still showing the 2nd Clippers game thread as the latest thread… Why so? Anyone can shine a light for me?

    10. Clear your Internet browser cache.

    11. Emmanuel Mudiay will be a turnover machine, and it’s no big deal by Zach Harper NBA writer
      You know most good players turned over the ball a lot in their rookie season. JLin in Linsanity, virtually his rookie season turned over the ball too. The treatment JLin received was quite different though.

    12. Wow it worked! Thank you very much!

    13. Hope he obliterates them tonight:

      NY Daily News SportsVerified account‏@NYDNSports

      Jeremy Lin was ‘open’ to Knicks return, team was not, he says via @SBondyNYDN

    14. I think Lin’s team ball theory will not work well w Melo even he returns.

    15. i also can not see this link or the previous link via google chrome. i have reported before as well. also 2nd clipper game latest thred. it is weird because not normal. i wont clear brower cache cause then i probably wont be able to get back into all the quasi legal streams i watch only sports i can see on.

    16. Melo’s ego and Jackson’s Triangle probably not a good fit. But still ticks me off and hope they totally dominate and embarrass the Knicks

    17. Really hope if lin sits, the hornets play well and win tonight. I hate the narrative “team offense stalls without Lin.” It’s just bad mojo.

    18. micheal is the funniest poster on here. i laugh at almost everything he says…i think its maybe his avatar in conjunction with anything he says.

    19. Is Lin going to play?

    20. It’s preseason game & not really matter that much… Look at Spurs, they played so so in preseason but in regular season they are still good.

    21. I have always thought the Harden trade was just an unfortunate event for Lin’s career trajectory. You cannot really control or forsee that kind of thing. But the cream rises to the top, and I think in Charlotte he found a great fit.

    22. I think what Clifford is doing offensively is better for Lin than Fisher’s system.

    23. Ya! Clifford asked Lin before training camp started what he wants to play…? So I think this system just pretty much Lin’s idea world.

    24. most of the teams most of the games most of the time in pre-season dont even play most of their best players. in the last game spurs played pop literally played all 20 players he had available significant minutes.

    25. I agree Harden is really killing Lin’s career in someway. But the story is not end yet…. Even I really hate Rox so much but I have to say Lin can do so well in CnS all due to his time in Rox. I still believe the best not come yet. Stay tune….

    26. I can’t hate Harden for that, the Rockets traded to get Harden. It is what it is

    27. There’s a reason Kemba Walker gets more respect than Dion Waiters by Tom Ziller
      So, let the story of Walker and Waiters be a lesson to all the average NBA guards out there: be a positive force and earn $48 million, or be a negative force and put your career in peril. The choice is yours.

    28. Morey is the guilty one

    29. It’s not Harden’s fault he got traded but he’s just like Kobe (they have the same agent.) Only he can be shine in the team no one else matter… They could be like GSW backcourt if Harden is more open his arm to others.

    30. Ya! He’s.

    31. Was at shoot-around, nothing mentioned to suggest he wasn’t going to play.

    32. haha, I also can’t fault Morey for that. Harden is a good player, and Morey valued him as such. So when he got the opportunity , he got him.

      Lin’s story is not done and he has an excellent opportunity this year.

    33. I was at LG the other day and read someone mentioned BS hated DAntoni thus Lin’s mistreatment. Does anyone know what the history was?

    34. If this was true, Lin would be making 80mil. Oh, I forgot that the same rule of fairness doesn’t apply to the Asian-American in the NBA. smh

    35. I never heard anything about BS & MDA but Kobe hates MDA that’s true.

    36. Morey could love Harden all he wants, but he should not purposely supress Lin have a good NBA career so that he can look as a bball genius . I have a feeling Lin will be the one has the last laugh

    37. Exactly. Morey tried everything he could to destroy Lin. I wish I had copy Jason’s show w Morey’s on, people will know how bad he’s & he hates Lin’s fans so much… smh! Too bad, can’t find it on youtube anymore…

    38. I see, possible BS just tried to kiss up Kobe

    39. No doubt he will do the dirty job for him.

    40. Really, that explains Lin fans mistreatment by clutch. No wonder, since it was coming down from the top. What clutch did to Lin fans was beyond normal.

    41. From the same article:

      Is this right? Is it fair?
      Well, little in life is truly fair. But I would argue that the visual and psychological context of Waiters as mediocre
      and Walker as a solid building block is actually accurate in spite of their similar production. Image and style matter. Confidence matters.

    42. Indeed. Hou’s days were really nightmare… tons of stories…. In fact, most of NY media are nice to Lin. Some of them even helped to speak out for him. Hornets is small market not many people care about this team but it sure more peace. LOL!

    43. Perhaps you can use IE or whatever it’s called now for this website…

    44. Really hope JLin plays tonight to give Charlotte a taste of what to expect for their home games.

    45. BS seemed like he was trying to be the anti-D’Antoni, no 3’s, no PnR.

    46. That’s anti-Lin.

    47. I think so too. Morey has tried too hard to prove to his boss that he makes a better decision than his boss in getting a better player, James Harden.

    48. Rick BonnellVerified account
      No Jeremy Lin tonight for @hornets (illness)

    49. Incredibly lowly!

    50. Rick BonnellVerified account
      No Carmelo Anthony or Robin Lopez for Knicks tonight (veteran rests)

    51. I’m fine with that. Just want our boy gets full rest and be well soon.

    52. Let’s agree to disagree for now. I question wether Walker is a legit ‘solid building block’ based on his athleticism or bball skills thus far. He hasn’t impressed me at all on his capacity to carry a team or help a team win( unlike Lin ).
      I know Walker is a team mate at this point, but I’m not going to hype him up more than he is just because Lin chose to play for Char.
      I’m still on the fence regarding the Char org( don’t really care it’s Jordan’s team )…action speaks louder than words…what I’ve learned following Lin in the NBA.
      Yes, life isn’t fair, but the NBA’s treatment of Lin is not even close and they choose to treat him this despicably.

    53. is this game worth watching??

    54. I guess I will watch Florida v LSU then. Still hope Charlotte gets the win.

    55. question? would lin have started if he was healthy?

    56. The worst sin of BS is he compared Lin with Ronnie Price and had tried to convince the world that Ronnie was better; the head of snake. The poisonous snake is Byron Scott and his venom in his head made him said lots of things that he shouldn’t. Lin’s stats in Lakers told us the otherwise. Lin was the best player for the Laker team and yet Byron Scott played games with Lin’s minutes and his roles. Forgive me, moderator, Byron Scott is a scum in coaching because he had done so much damages to the careers of his players; Lin, Jordon Hill, Boozer. The list grows longer every day.

    57. Looks like not. Batum seems back to SG now.

    58. Thanks for the update. I guess I will be doing something else tonight.

    59. Clifford doesn’t want Linsanity in preseason for the NYfans。

    60. look like it will go on till start of season.

    61. PJ good? I don’t know or remember who he’s?

    62. idk he hasn’t been healthy

    63. Lin is sick. I am glad he will not play but rest today. It’s preseason game & also the time to check out who can stay….

    64. Good decision.

    65. P.J. Hairston has a 32 percent fg percentage. average 5 ppg in 15 minuts. He has an 8 per.

    66. So the next chance JLin will get to play the Knicks will be 11/11 at Charlotte and then 11/17 at MSG.

    67. I want to see more of Tyler Hansbrough. I want to see Damien Wilkins too. I betcha that he could do better than Jeremy Lamb.

    68. I actually agree wholeheartedly about the treatment of Lin being despicable. This article has pretty much tell us the truth about Walker’s stats and his impact on the team realistically. What Walker can’t do doesn’t make him any less, he still has his role and his $48 million contract which is fine for me. I hope Lin will get his long term contract and his home in an NBA team. Then he might be able to go to the playoff again, then the conference finals and then to the championship. Action speaks louder than words. Let it be spoken and let it be done.

    69. When will the game start, I mean from now?

    70. Believe it’s 43 minutes from now.

    71. Perhaps, it’s only BS. Byron Scott thought up the whole sordid treatment of Lin by himself even before the season started last year. He didn’t want Lin to start for the Lakers but he was overruled.

    72. I wish to see Knicks getting what it is deserved; a blowout of 80 points by the Hornets. But again, I don’t want the Hornets does that without Jeremy, I’m holding back my prayer.

    73. LOL Understand where you come from. I still want Hornets to have a win.

    74. Pray that Jeremy could still play and start for the team though. Time will tell.

    75. My last name is actually Huang, but maybe you know something I don’t.

    76. Helloooo, fellow Lin fans =)
      Just found out that JL7 sitting out this game. GOOD! It’s not a contending team and it’s not in NY. I rather him sits out for the next two games and be ready for the Pacers (think they will be playoff bound with PG/Ellis clicking) and 9-1 to start the season. The season will be long and there’s no rush to play every little games or heavy minutes. They need fresh legs for tough matches. For average teams, I want to see what the bench can do without Lin. No matter what, must get every wins.

    77. JLin is out due to illness. Still want Hornets to have a win. Having said that, I’m really curious how Hornets will do without JLin. This will be a good test to see how important JLin is to Hornets. Will leave to church soon. Will find out the result when I return:-)

    78. I guess both teams all will put out the bench players for more min… so it’s more for 2nd unit game.

    79. Me too. I want to see if the ball movement and energy is still there without Lin, or will it fall back to Walker/ Al iso’s.

    80. Play Damien Wilkins who didn’t go to China and won’t be affected by the flight.
      At least Clifford goes for Batum rather than Jeremy Lamb who’s still playing at the level of a bench player. The infrastructure of the team is so good and I hope it will win five in a row and specially add a home court win in the preseason.

    81. Yep I always want JLin to start, that’s my prerogative for rooting for JLin. However, sometimes life isn’t like that for JLin and everyone of us. Just want to cheer for him no matter what.

    82. LOLOLOL no Chang???!!!!

    83. you mean chicago

    84. 2 games … idk if its that serious

    85. i think hornets lose. without lins influence. knick don’t have melo so they maybe better lol

    86. lamb is barley at bench level

    87. God really brings up Jeremy in a curious way in his career as an NBA star.

    88. Lol he was one talented tennis player.

    89. I don’t really want to rub it in on fans of Jeremy Lamb who has had great hope for him. Lamb has the look and features of a very good NBA SG but his performance on the court has told us the otherwise or else the Thunders won’t give him up and keep Dion Waiters, who is as horrible a SG as Lamb.

    90. He should be back on Monday

    91. I have predicted excellence from him this season but have never come close to what he has actually done for the Hornets. I wish to see him playing at 3 too.

    92. Play Damien Wilkins then. He didn’t go to China..

    93. haha, give him 30+ minutes

    94. Ya, my hope as well, that Lin finds a team that trusts him to lead them to the final destination…championship. Stranger things have happened in Lin’s bball career, so still holding out hope that something unexpected / great happens for Lin next year.

    95. He would make the team.

      The Hornets announced they have signed free agent guard/forward Damien Wilkins.The nine-year NBA veteran has played in 563 games with 149 starts five different NBA teams, averaging 6.3 points, 2.4 rebounds and 1.4 assists in 19.3 minutes per game. He has shot 42.7 percent from the field and 78.3 percent from the foul line.

      Wilkins last played in Puerto Rico where he averaged 17.3 points, 4.3 rebounds and 2.8 assists in 31.8 minutes per contest.

      He spent part of the 2014-15 season with the NBA D-League’s Iowa Energy, where he was an All-Star after averaging 20.2 points, 5.7 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 1.4 steals in 37.8 minutes per game.

      Watch the minutes that he has played for his teams.
      19.3 minutes, 31.8 minutes, 37.8 minutes per game. This is the most meaningful data that I have received about him. The guy is still athletic enough to contribute good minutes on the court.

    97. Not sure whether this is posted, but it is kind of interesting to listen what coach is saying.

      I don’t get why coach love Marvin that much though. And he was saying that there were AI/Batum/Kemba on the floor already, so they don’t need a ball dominant player there, thus Marvin fits nicely, looks like tonight’s starting line up is what he was hoping to. And I don’t get why he want Batum at 2 either.

    98. Bc if Lin is w 2nd unit then who else can play SG? Lamb?

    99. What he tried to say about this “they don’t need a ball dominant player there, thus Marvin fits nicely” ?

    100. I rather have Lin come off the bench and be primary pg/playmaker, while still getting 30+ minutes overall in games

    101. What Clifford wants to do is not just to pile up scores but keep his team healthy for the regular season at a pace which may help him achieve that.

    102. we’ve been through this before. whose to say gets the same minutes every game

    103. Batum is a big SG with his size, passing and shooting. When he plays at SF, he won’t have the advantage of size.

    104. yeah, pretty much. Somehow coach really love Marvin, and doesn’t matter he plays 4 or plays 3…..

    105. 1) He might be talking up Marvin to trade him (i.e. increase his value).
      2) Marvin isn’t great, but he’s a fundamentally sound veteran. Unlike McHale and BS, Clifford cares whether you’re lazy on defense or not running the play properly.

    106. Thanks, woke up to watch him play. Gonna catch some more sleep! 🙂

    107. link for game

    108. lin off th bench shows charlotte don’t trust brian robert as a back up

    109. Is Lin watching from the bench ?

    110. I hope not

    111. maybe they don’t trust lin to start

    112. haha, ya he should be resting at home or something

    113. I guess we should root for Roberts. The better he does, the more comfortable Clifford feels about starting Lin at SG.

    114. no he has shown more then capable and coach said it.

    115. i don’t get this lin as back up for bench. how many tams have good back up pg???? how many???

    116. I don’t see him on the bench.

    117. This game won’t be very Linteresting without Jeremy. Melo isn’t playing either.

      Zzzzzzzzz… At least Monday’s game should be good.

    118. if he plays

    119. Is that me or other people have the same feeling, Batum somehow is kind of slow, but still effective, but just feel he is slow. don’t know why.

    120. my guess is we lose this game

    121. playing dota

    122. I think he will. Clifford says he’s still undecided on the starting lineup, and Lin has only played minimal time with the first unit (too many blowouts!). Chicago is a good test — lots of vets and quality defenders.

    123. somehow the defense is not that sharp.

    124. But they are up 4 by now?

    125. I can’t see him either. Was hoping to see how he looks in those nice black warm up outfits. 🙂

    126. Well the score is 10:6 Hornets ahead.
      Baum is better at 3 than at 2.
      Lin plays better at 2 than Batum.

    127. No. The Hornets is too good for the KNicks bench.

    128. If this is the Hornets starting line up for the season, shouldn’t they be more than 4 up by now? Knicks are playing their b and c squads.

    129. yes sure

    130. Charlotte plays defense and gives up no easy buckets.

    131. they gotta beat the knicks by 20 pts.

    132. My bad. Zeller misses his first bucket.

    133. I have the distinct feeling that these two teams don’t want to win this game and be undefeated in the preseason.

    134. offense is very clunky but love the defense.

    135. “No Lin? Get rim.”

    136. Damien’s first score. 2 points!

    137. hate knicks offense

    138. I love it. Lamb scores no point but Wilkins got his bucket. Damien plays the SF.

    139. So Lin is not playing?

    140. He probably doesn’t want to spread the flu to his teammates, being Germy Lin at the moment.

    141. Kristaps Porzingis is defended well by Zeller.
      Frank Kaminsky finally makes his shot in driving to the basket.

    142. Nope he’s sick

    143. knicks are just like lakers offense

    144. Princeton system?

    145. triangle

    146. lamb is not ready too play any real minutes

    147. they pass better though

    148. Agree. He’s just short of being horrible to watch.

    149. yea but a lot of mid range shots

    150. Easy bucket for Hawes from a baseline pass.

    151. Both Morey & McHale are the cancer. But I no longer have any ill-will towards them except that JL7 get a championship ring before they do. JL7 on the Hornets succeeding solves a lot of the problems. Forget the Rockets. Forget the Lakers. Just playing with peace and serenity our boy will be. Besides, my other fav team already did some justice for me in the playoff – GS Warriors. It was priceless.

    152. I was hoping this bench mob would do really well. Otherwise, we’ll hear same ole narrative that the bench needs Jeremy.

    153. The helping defense is horrible too. He just stands around. Buyer’s remorse! Not worth $3m+

    154. Robert looks worst with out lin also. bench missing the tempo lin created which aloud them to keep playing good despite there lack of talent.

    155. Agree. Maybe they’re all just jetlagged but it looks really clunky out there.

    156. True that. Somehow the entire Charlotte bench offense feels stagnant without Jeremy on court…

    157. A lot of empty seats.

    158. This thread and the previous one are not showing up on the home page as current threads. I kept going back to the old preseason 4LAC and wondering where everybody was. Duh…I finally figured out something wasn’t right so scrolled down a page or two until I found Psalms post telling us a new thread was up and clicked on the link there, which is how I eventually found this. So wassup? Is there no longer a way to get to the current thread through the home page? Will I have to bookmark the page and get to it through browsing history now?

    159. Apparently you have to clear you browser cache. I did it and all working normal again

    160. Clifford is playing positionless basketball in the backcourt with Kemba and Lam alternating as PG calling plays.

    161. Lin simply gets everybody up to play at the next level.

    162. idk if its jet lag but low assist and a lot of big al with kemba sprinkled in. this team looks like last years team. 1-7 for three. lin really changes the make up of this team

    163. I really think they don’t know PnR that well. That’s why no Lin today they don’t want to play it.

    164. Yeah Lin brings in energy and creativity.

    165. That did it. Obviously not very computer literate…haven’t had this issue come up before and had no clue. Thanks a bunch.

    166. It’s a totally different team w/o JLin.

    167. very

    168. This Lin-less game will make Hornets fans miss him.
      Not much excitement & energy in the passing game

    169. I’m sorry to hear that. As much as I love watching Lin play I don’t want to see him play heavy minutes like with MDA, Just solid amount of minutes. Keep it easy, it’s a long season.

    170. This hornets starting line up sucks without Lin.

    171. Hornets 3 pt % now 1-8, 12.5% without Lin

    172. Even they know the formula but they just don’t know how to use it?

    173. Anyone see Lin on the bench?

    174. Sometimes I wish Lin was with the Cavs. Lebron dominate the 1st unit and Lin run the 2nd unit. Both players make their teammates better and both could rest during games on their road to a championship.

    175. he has a virus don’t want it to spread. i bet he is there since he was at shoot around

    176. E=mc^2?

    177. Only 6 assists on 18 FGM…not good

    178. “You’re asking me if I want to start?” Lin said. “Any athlete wants to start. Me included, yes.”

      I really wants him to start.

    179. Maybe he is sitting behind the Knicks bench.

    180. He also said this in China. W 1st unit. he’s behind Al, Kemba. So he will just like Lance last season.

    181. the spacing wasn’t as good without Lin’s drive & penetration
      many contested jumpers

    182. I know he said that with the Lakers and ROckets, did he say this recently?

    183. when was this?

    184. that interview from lakers but i think he still wants to start.

    185. I think when he was in Lakers.

    186. when he was in lakers

    187. He wants to be a starter as PG not SG.

    188. Wow. Zeller getting it done at both ends.

    189. He said he is ok to start as SG in China trip.

    190. great block on Porzingis & mean jam on fastbreak.
      Zeller is quite good

    191. Lin would never get the recognition on a team w/ LeBron.

    192. A lot of empty seats there.

    193. Somebody please update me on Lin’s status. Is he ok, playing? How’s everybody playing? Trying to catch up w/ the game.

    194. Lin would never win a championship without a superstar anyways. If Lin were to win a championship he would need to be with a superstar and that superstar would get the lion share of credit as it should be. That is what it is. If cavs win the championship Lebron should get the credit.

    195. 7 assist 5 tov. won’t be a lot in double figure today. very kemba and big al centric

    196. This is preseason game. But I know this team don’t have lots of fans show up….

    197. Not playing, he’s out sick…doesn’t seem like a serious illness, he’ll probably be fine tomorrow or Monday

    198. He’s sick and not playing. They’re leading by 2 at the half but only have 7 assists between them. Offense definitely isn’t flowing as well without Jeremy.

    199. I believe that’s the way it’s for this team.

    200. These 2 teams are playing at low energy

    201. Thanks.

    202. I was following the game thread at ATH. Even they are saying this game looks like last year’s offense.

    203. they won’t win much with this style. that not how clifford want to play

    204. As I thought…

    205. yep. lin is the game changer like MJ said

    206. wow, did anyone see this already?
      Now I can’t wait to see the Nov 11 game vs Knicks

      Jeremy Lin’s agent reached out to the New York Knicks over the summer to see whether the club was interested in signing his client, but the Knicks declined the overture, according to a report.

    207. Thanks Yascar.

    208. MJ said that….?

    209. This works to Lin’s advantage. With Lin, Hornets even killed the fully-staffed Clippers; without him, Hornets struggle against the lowly Knicks sans Anthony.

    210. I want Lin back to NYK but looks like the dream is over. smh! Never mind. It’s history for both.

    211. wasn’t you here for the china game??

    212. Well Dolan is a douche, full stop.

    213. its a bit disturbing though how much things change with him out. he better get paid if the win a good amount of games

    214. I am sort of worry that Hornets will back to last year’s O when season starts… look at today…?!

    215. Melo is still there so, probably not ideal for Lin.

    216. it’s probably the best. As long as Melo (and Dolan) are there, there’s no point to go back there
      Still cold, though.

    217. But if they like it why change back to old style? Don’t they need to practice more in PnR?

    218. It’s true. Lin’s team ball theory will not work w Melo.

    219. could be the jetlag too .. but definitely lacking energy w/o Lin out there

    220. My guess this is the way they used to play & they feel comfortable about it.

    221. exactly. Coaches will definitely think of Lin when they want the best lineup out there

    222. Well one of the best PnR guards in the league is at home watching Naruto, not everyone can execute it properly.

    223. Ya! That’s for sure but why they don’t play the same like they did in Shanghai?

    224. ecactly. a lot of tov on pnr today. not as much spacing. slower game all together.

    225. With Lin, Hornets looks like playoff team 3-6 seeds.
      Without Lin, Hornets looks like below average.

    226. lin=game changer lol

    227. If other teams are watching this, won’t it make Lin a target (not that he hasn’t been in the past).

    228. But I don’t remember see MJ said that… OK. Good.

    229. E=m(Lin)^2

    230. Sad, seems like Lin would be the type of pg phil jackson would like. Pass, score, cut, drive, and big.

    231. Lin is usually the most heavily defended player while he’s on the floor, so nothing really would change

    232. If being with or without Lin makes this much difference to the Hornets when he’s playing off the ball, can you imagine what they’d be like if he was the starting PG and primary ball handler?

    233. starters benched?????

    234. THat was a nice possession, good passing

    235. what happen to all the starter??

    236. Coach C has seen enough of the starting lineup, he’s not gonna use it in the regular season, so why continue to play them…Lin is starting, book it

    237. I missed the entire 1st half , what happened ?

    238. they played horrible with a melo-less knicks

    239. Coach wants to see more of these players fight for their spot.

    240. Starting unit wasn’t executing the new offense, little ball movement, lots of ISO

    241. The score is essentially even now, was it a big deficit by halftime ?

    242. 1 -7 three 7 assist to 5 tov. they looked like charlotte last year. all big al and kemba. very different team

    243. Get them physically in shape without taking risk in injury.

    244. Charlotte was up by 2 at halftime. It’s been a fairly close game from the beginning.

    245. But NYK w/o 3 of their starters vs Hornets starters.

    246. i think starters was benched

    247. Wow. Lin absence is felt throughout this game like it is on this thread.

    248. Fate intervene and sent Lin to Charlotte

    249. Precisely. What’s more, some players who thrive on pnr (and pnp) would miss Lin’s presence too. This game serves as a timely wake-up call.

    250. Derrick Williams has been shooting really well in the preseason

    251. Why go back to snake pit? All of Linsanity crew already gone, only prima donna left.

    252. And to the guy who said Batum was the most important acquisition this season. (No knock against Batum)

    253. Referees so biased in this game against Hornets, not calling any clear fouls on them.

    254. Team ball and prima donnas mix as well as water and oil.

    255. NY got 20 AST, Hornets only got 10 AST, where is the team balls?

    256. team ball is jet lag and sick.

    257. Looks like to me that Kemba’s hit his ceiling, and is unable to change his game for the better.

    258. Well, at least I’m done folding my laundry. Is lin in yet? J/K.

    259. It’s more of a style factor than effort and energy. Attempts not being made to move the ball.

    260. Team ball got sticky.

    261. Any pace and space?

    262. Haha! Well said. LOL!

    263. its slower. they don’t have the speed lin bring nor the double teams he creates. they also only have 2-3 scoring players. lin is one of them.

    264. They just played like what they did last season. ISO.

    265. no pace no space
      hornets losing by 2 points to knicks without 3 starters

    266. Hey look guys it’s the Charlotte Hornets Summer League team on the floor! ?

    267. And they’re missing the spacing that Lin creates. Lin gets targeted and double teamed most of the times.

    268. yep

    269. Right, reverting back to Kemba ball.

    270. Ya! Also feed the ball to Al.

    271. We need JLIN to steal, NY got 8 ST & 5 TO, Hornets with 2 ST and 10 TO, it just so disappoint.

    272. No wonder Hornets fans who haven’t seen Jeremy in the preseason are being pessimistic.

    273. Old habits die hard, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, etc.

    274. Jeremy Lamb have picked up some good stats in this game but somehow things don’t look right on him.

    275. Alert play by Kaminsky.

    276. he doesn’t look like an nba player. shows flashes but….

    277. Hornets is not spacing the court.

    278. Hornets have had only 1/2 of the ASTs of Knicks. This team needs their floor general badly.

    279. this is getting ugly

    280. Maybe Troy Daniels can replace him..hope he can play soon.

    281. Crazy TO by Kaminsky. Why would you dribble up the court?

    282. Sounds bad. Hope this is just jet lag but my biggest fear seems to be coming true. Lin effect just made the team look like world beaters. There is talent on this team but in this new NBA if you don’t have a PNR player and someone who penetrates you are going to struggle on offense. Lin provides both of what is needed. Who is another good PNR guard the Hornets could trade for?

    283. so boring game..

    284. Lin with flu is blessing in disguise for Hornets. It’s more important for Hornets to realize (and for some, convinced of) Jeremy’s importance then to go 8-0 in preseason.

    285. Does missing one player make such a difference for the team ? I guess right.

    286. Sloppy basketball by bench warmers.

    287. This may sound cliché, but Lin’s the true glue guy to this team. The real kind, not the CP25 kind.

    288. All the need is lin. If he misses any time this year( hopefully not) it will be shaky

    289. Where is the excitement that we had vs Clippers? LOL

    290. Goodnight and i am done with this un exciting game!

    291. okay, now I know what the preseason game means!

    292. The current 3rd string squad on the floor has not attempt any 3s. No ball movement. I only see Hansborough playing team ball.

    293. Hansbrough playing team ball…by himself? LOL

    294. last two games was a gift

    295. Jeremy Lin is the motor of the team.
      ———George Karl

    296. At home watching Naruto.

    297. playing poorly but game still within reach lol

      would be funny to see them pull this one out (knowing Lin is rooting for them)

    298. I like him but too bad Lin is not up….

    299. Is Georgia Karl the drag version of George Karl?

    300. Today we see hornets smoked by bug spray..

    301. lol

    302. He hustles. He’s always around the basket to get rebound and put back. He’s out now w/ nose bleed. I think that Knicks guy hit him on purpose.

    303. GK said this when Lin was with Rox.

    304. Reminds me of Lin playing team defense…by himself during Rox days.

    305. Hansborough is back. He draws fouls at the line now.

    306. knickerbocker bug spray

    307. i hope we lose going perfect in preseason is never a good thing

    308. I remember the quote just fine, teasing you on spelling (intentional?).

    309. Good assist from Damien

    310. More like a Linmmunodeficiency virus.

    311. That’s what I was hoping some Hornets to pick up and hit threes.

    312. Just correct it.

    313. Sorry I just couldn’t resist. 🙂 Almost ended up in Tbilisi once.

    314. Damien is helping his case with good drive and defense and sound fundamentals.

    315. He knows he has a narrow window to showcase…plus he has no jet lag. 🙂

    316. Williams got Tyler in a jam with 3 Knicks around him

    317. bees actually pulling out a win.
      porzingis played poorly

    318. Veteran doesn’t make silly plays like Harrison’s iso and TO.

    319. That was low IQ.

    320. please no overtime

    321. Why not? I want to see Damien make the team. His chance increases with the minutes he got.

    322. Kaminsky 29 min with 8R,3A,1ST,1BS,1TO and 11 PTs, not bad!

    323. Not good either with no head in playing.
      Frank has made some mistakes of nobrainer.
      He should develop better attitude.

    324. 5-0 baby!

    325. That’s not important the way the Hornets and Knicks are playing.
      What’s important is who is making the team.

    326. Well what do you know. They pulled it off.

    327. Biggest gain of this victory: Learning that it’s tough to beat even the Knicks’ second squad when Lin’s not around.

    328. Clifford gives lots of minutes to those who aren’t going to make the team.

    329. starter still looked bad those who won’t make the team save the game

    330. That’s the purpose for this game.

    331. The regular season cannot come soon enough for me. 11 more days ….

    332. Let’s hope we’re not the only ones that see it that way. Charlotte’s starters only played 15 minutes so it’s mostly been 2nd and 3rd squad too.

    333. Key was that Kemba/Al reverted to old habits.

    334. He did? Was he doing lots of isos? I didn’t see the first half. Tell me…

    335. Kaminsky’s drive to the basket looks aweful.

    336. its his weak spot.

    337. His drive looks good, but his finish looks bad!

    338. he needs more muscle

    339. Well, no Lin then no one to Lin, it fall back to the regular preseason game – no fun to watch

    340. Given that Damien as the newcomer of the team, he actually is helping his case in his 23+ minutes of play. He made 2 assists, scoring 2 out of 3, making no turnover, defending and moving around with dexterity.

    341. Just got back from church. Missed the whole game. Hornets got a win with the benches and not the starters. Interesting! Will try to find out more what’s going on now:-)

    342. Best possible outcome. Hornets maintain perfect record and good vibes but clearly struggled against the 2nd string Knicks. Even Kemba, Batum and Al were only +2/4. By contrast, Lin was +11 against the 1st string Clips in similar low minutes.

    343. I really thought you were going to unleash “no Lin no win”. Lol

    344. Its not even about individual stats its about play style. They look like a whole different team. To be exact they look like last years hornets.

    345. no way they when this in regular season….

    346. Casual Hornets fans may not see it, but I’m 100% certain that the players feel it.

    347. So are MJ’s words “Lin is Hornets’s biggest acquisition” ringing any bells now?

    348. People in the know didn’t need to hear it, the less-than-savvy will likely dismiss it.

    349. It’s not that he’s wrong (he’s 1000% right). It’s just that you can’t really trust his motivations.

      But either way, it’s a good sign if MJ wants to feature Lin more (if only for $$$).

    350. U didn’t miss much 🙂

    351. Just tell you who’s the real play maker for the team.

    352. I know. Seem like JLin isn’t too interested to watch the game when he is sick:-)

    353. Some writers trying to say Batum the biggest signing over the summer. I doubt him sitting or would make such a profound difference in how the team plays.

    354. 3 pointers got the Hornets the win and Kemba has none.

    355. So far,
      Kemba, Lin, Batum, Zeller, Jefferson starting line up much better than
      Kemba, Lamb, Batum, Marvin, Jefferson and
      Kemba, Batum, Marvin, Zeller, Jefferson.

    356. jlin at permanent 2 at starter will pick up foul early………………….start lamb thats fine with me

    357. When Harden out for 8 games, Lin averaged 18pt and 6 assists as SG. I think Lin can handle the foul problem.

    358. If Jeremy starts = more minutes, better stats, more respect…I”ll take starting, thank you

    359. no post game interview. this hornets not having a broadcast team will be an issue all year

    360. well, Knick were sitting 3 starts. If it is this hard to win a Knick team with 3 starters sitting, it will be hard to win other team in regular season though.

    361. I’m sure JLin’s agents were just doing their due diligence but I guess I was hoping there was a little talk based on past history.

      But it’s for the best. No way we want to see JLin plays behind Melo and for Fisher. That would be a disaster for sure

    362. It’s for the best for sure

    363. their pre-game interview was pretty quick to show on their website though.

    364. Yes. For 6th man role, Lin will not get consistent minutes. It will depends on how starters play.

    365. He can adjust and so will refs.

    366. He’s played a total of five games in the NBA. IMO he’s going to be an awesome player.

    367. The Hornets sprayed DDT! Bench pulled the game out.

    368. Only watched first half of the game, and did not see the second half, so looks like they played some end of the bench guys, like Harrison and William, are they any good? At least they were hitting 3s.

      First half was not really impressed with Marvin at 3, not sure why Coach like him that much.

    369. BEWARE DON’T EVER MESS WITH HANSBROUGH. He’s the Hornets ENFORCER and leading rebounder.

    370. Agreed.

    371. He’s got great potential. Time will show it.

    372. Hornets always think Kemba and Batum could play this kind of roles. No need to trade for any other guards.

    373. its time regular season starts

    374. i don’t care if Lin’s a punk. just want him to ball out

    375. Wow, I just saw the Beverine’s stats in 27min:
      1 pt (0/8 FG, 0/5 3PT, 1/2 FT, 1 REB, 1 AST, 2 PF) Yes, more PF than points scored…Exposed!

    376. Fortunately they can ling on Lin, he is the X factor.

    377. All-Star player. Rockets should give him a max contract soon

    378. LOL STU LANZ praising the poor man’s Jlin. Stu was “impressed” by HUertas’s PG savvy. I cannot stand the shady Laker organization and their game playing.

    379. preseason don’t matter at all. Watching for a long long time.. It means NOTHING

    380. He’s not even good?!

    381. I am not impressed by Bonnell.

    382. quality role players with good attitudes are worth their weight in gold

    383. Looks like Lin will be w 2nd unit?

    384. Every team first player is a role player with good attitude.

    385. its unclear if Lin starts at 2 or what. Ideally they trade Kemba and let Lin lead this team. Or bring Lin off bench but close games at the 1 while Kemba sits.

      If neither of those things happen, the Hornets will be ok but not great when the playoffs come. They could be great. However, greatness requires risk and I am not sure Charlotte has what it takes to go all in on Lin.

      No NBA team ever has. it would be a first and a historical achievement, greater than LInsanity if that happens.

    386. Despite people hating on Jordan Clarkson, I like his game and think he has good potential as Russell Westbrook clone or 2 guard. Would have been a good partner with Lin down the line.

    387. “Huertas is a true PG looking to set up teammates. He has command of the offense. I was very happy with the way he played”

      – Byron Scott on HUertas, the poor man’s Jlin.

      They are loving Huertas in LA. James Worthy gushing and doing the TWC agenda. Jin had the audacity to want to be a real dynamic player and was shut down. But if you just are willing to be Kobe’s serviceable role player, the Lakers will shine down praise.

    388. LOL

    389. “Huertas is like Nash but not as talented”

      – James “I hate Jlin” Worthy

    390. Haha…you’re right. Anyway, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of footage-watching after this one 🙂

    391. It’s weird. Lakers beat GSW but if you checked MM’s timeline… he didn’t talk too much about this game?!

    392. I believe his lockdown defense matters most for those experts and rox ! They must feel very happy!

    393. In fact, his lock down defense is SO good, he even locked himself down. LOL

    394. The Hornets’ biggest issue is that their former cornerstone players are no longer cornerstones of this new team. In fact, if I ran the Hornets, I would have an open debate with my front office if Kemba & Al even have a place in the rotation and if it wouldn’t be smart to trade them for draft picks or other needs, such as SG, backup PG upgrade, and defensive 3&D wingmen.

      I am just waiting to see how Jordan, Cho, and Clifford handle it. Will they be another NBA retread or will they be open minded like no team ever before?

    395. His role is for protecting Haren from other back court players in the same team who could steal shots or spotlight from him. Defense stats don’t measure this type of skill yet.

    396. Another Price ?

    397. Kemba has to shoot better, no way around that, but I think he is a good player and is productive for the team. AL I don’t agree with. If a team takes away the pace and space type of offense, you could still go to Al for a post up 2 points, which could be very important when the defense takes away your first couple options. Al has the ability to change the momentum. Al post up game gives the Hornets one more wrinkle in being versatile.

    398. He has one same talent as Harden, Kobe…score first pg. No they would be very bad partners.

    399. I recall James Worthy as being pretty fair and complementary of Lin. Other Laker assoc didn’t go out of their way to praise Lin either but the only person I would say seem to “hate” on Lin was BS/Kobe. Worthy is a Southern Gentleman and he didn’t hate on Lin.

    400. Hahaha, now I get it. THIS is the kind of advanced analytics that Morey was talking about!

      Btw, Melo and Kobe could also benefit from the creation of such metric.

    401. Head of the snake 2.0.

    402. OK, who spilled soda this time?

    403. Clarkson looked good and I would say Lakers looked okay as long as Kobe and Russell are not really playing. The inefficiency and ball usage of those two really drag the team down. The other young guys are competing and Huerta does seem to have good court vision to get people the ball. Of course this all goes down hill when Kobe and Russell are on the court together.

    404. Haha! Lakers won this game … they must be mad… LOL!

    405. I checked MM’s timeline.. not a word about this at all. In fact, they seemed not care too much about this game at all even they won…LOL!

    406. He doesn’t have Westbrook’s defense.

    407. Walker is a player with attitude that a good team should be founded on. Walker and Lin have built a good team or would you rather Lin play with Harden instead. I would choose Walker to be Lin’s teammate hands down. This is going to be a good team working towards a common goal and they have just beat the mighty Clippers who defeated the Spurs in the playoff last season.

      The only reason that the Rockets could defeat the Clippers are gone this coming season. Now Rockets is having a serious problem with their team. Last season, Rockets enlisted the help of Corey Brewer, Josh Smith and Pablo Prigioni, Trevor Ariza, Jason Terry and lost Parson Chandlers and Jeremy Lin. Yet they have gone deep into their playoff series as they have never been. Harden sucked as usual almost in all of the playoff games. Now Josh Smith and Pablo Prigioni,are playing for the Clippers and with luck the team would fight for their first conference title. Rockets learns their lesson and tries to build continuity within their organization and keeps Jason Terry, Corey Brewer.

      Walker is an indispensable ingredient of the Hornets. The Hornets is having a great team with him anchoring team trust and camaraderie. Lin is the beneficiary of this Hornet team. Lin is going to flourish together with Walker, starting or not. When Lin is open, the pass is there for him. It’s obvious that Walker wants Lin to succeed and help the team win a championship. The talents in Charlotte is not as good as many teams in NBA like the Clippers but they instantly play at the next level when they play against them. That make basketball interesting. You can’t measure the success of a team by adding the parts. It’s the integral of the players that makes the team successful.

      I’m so happy that Lin comes to Charlotte and has Kemba Walker as his teammate. They would achieve more than people think they could.

      They have already done this in their trip to China. I have confidence that it’s just the end of the beginning.

    408. After todays game, changing prediction 7-3 to 5-5 for the first 10 games.

    409. So coach will finally give up start Marvin now? He tried to start him at 4, but beat out by Cody again, and now today tried again to put him at 3, does not look good either.

    410. Why? Bc they back to old style game plan?

    411. Why, you foresee Jeremy getting sick again?

    412. If coach back to old style game plan then …? Did you watch his post game interview?

    413. The offense that Clifford wants seems more dependent on Lin then I thought. I thought the team could pass the ball and find the open man without Lin, but some how when he is not on the court they forgot how to put the defense on their heels. Lin can’t be on the court for the whole game every night. Maybe Lin could sit more in blow outs but not every game will afford him that luxury. Therefore 5-5.

    414. GoodDayLA,
      I disagree greatly. Just like people saying bad stuff about JL7.
      Let’s throw everybody’s past under the bridge and let’s walk on the bridge to get over to the greener side. Give everybody a chance to succeed – esp. JL7’s teammates. They are all pros and they too want to succeed and win games given that we’re also humble and friendly like Lin. Again, Linsanity is contagious. Only a very few refuse to accept it (and they will find out the hard way). Hornets will steamroll over Rockets, Knicks, Lakers this season.

    415. I think Lin is the one who told coach about this team ball game plan & I believe lots of them don’t know PnR that well. I hope this just for Lin off night only.. I am worry when season starts they maybe will change back to old style more ISO plan bc that seems to match their O guys from 1st unit – Al & Kemba.

    416. Imagine if Lin misses more games, how clean my house would be.

    417. I think Al and Kemba are wonderful guys and teammates. It doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

    418. i don’t recall what you recall. true, he did not hate on lin outwardly like coach dave.

    419. huertas is the non scoring steve nash of euro league

    420. i agree completely

    421. I think clifford is implying that the 1st unit may play more ISO. He said finding players that fit together is more important then just putting your best 5 guys together. He said in terms of line up he could see Lin, Lamb, Hawes, and Zeller fit together well and the starting line up has Walker, Nic, and Al jefferson who they could play through. Was important to him he did not add anyone else to these 3 starters that demand the ball. My take away from his post game interview is that Lin will not be with the starters because he demands the ball but Lin will be placed with lamb, Hawes, and Zeller for “fit” reasons.

      I don’t take Clifford benching of Lin as malicious as in the past. He said he is not looking at this as a 5 man situation but a 10 man team. I envision the Hornet offense may look like a football team. In the 1990s the Cowboys would throw the ball to get the lead and then give the ball to Emmit Smith to kill the clock. So Kemba/Al with ISO offense will be the slower, running game and Lin/Lamb/Hawes/Zeller will be the faster, throwing game ( and run up the lead).

    422. Then they should’ve kept kendal Marshall.

    423. i would rather Lin play with Klay Thompson, Bradley Beal, Wes Mathews, Jordan Clarkson, Iman Shumpert, Dwyane Wade, Joe Johnson, Arron Afflalo, Danny Green, Kyle Korver, JJ REDDICK, Gordon Hayward, Courtney Lee, Victor Oladipo, or Avery Bradley instead. On this team it would be J Lamb.

      But I understand your point. I disagree but understand.

    424. what you said makes no sense. You are grasping at straws.

      Lets wait to see the starting lineup in game 1 of the season before any of us make further uninformed guesses.

    425. HUertas is more athletic than Kendall who can’t even move on a pick and roll.

    426. Kwok,
      110% Agree!
      You spoke my mind =). Kemba lead his team in college. Lin lead his team in college. Both playing great against each other. Faith ? Kemba was alone in Charlotte before Lin showed up. This could be a beautiful friendship in the making. Have faith. Again, Linsanity is contagious and wonderful. Plus, this Team have “lightning in a bottle” (borrowed from PFV).

    427. what are you guys talking about? I couldn’t disagree more. this aint no kum bi ya league

    428. When did coach said this? Today? He said finding players that fit together is more important then just putting your best 5 guys together. He said in terms of line up he could see Lin, Lamb, Hawes, and Zeller fit together well and the starting line up has Walker, Nic, and Al jefferson who they could play through.

    429. Swarm & Sting Poll shows 91% support for JLin to be the starting SG
      The article laid out a good case of how well Kemba/Lin backcourt can work out like Bledsoe/Dragic did, the good play of Brian Roberts as a backup PG and how Jeremy Lamb can play off-the-bench.

    430. I agree. This 2nd unit group will be good for Lin. I guess LIn didn’t want to be a off ball SG & when season really starts… he maybe will get even less ball… look at lance last season.

    431. Trying to bring the ball up all by himself!

    432. Wow! I really want to thank you for your full infor bc I only got part of what coach said today… Asked lots of people but no one seems to know anything about it. Great. Now everything make sense to me & pretty close to what I thought. Ya!

    433. I think Lin will take 2nd unit be a PG. Check this from Grover. I think clifford is implying that the 1st unit may play more ISO. He said finding players that fit together is more important then just putting your best 5 guys together. He said in terms of line up he could see Lin, Lamb, Hawes, and Zeller fit together well and the starting line up has Walker, Nic, and Al jefferson who they could play through. Was important to him he did not add anyone else to these 3 starters that demand the ball. My take away from his post game interview is that Lin will not be with the starters because he demands the ball but Lin will be placed with lamb, Hawes, and Zeller for “fit” reasons.

    434. Huertas can play. He’s a PnR guy so he will be thrown under the bus soon if he shines too much over #24. However, since he’s not Asian, his treatment will still be better than Lin…

    435. How flexible is he? Can he scratch his head with his foot?

    436. Bluebell…

    437. i am not going to give my real 2 cents. but why don’t you address the elephant under your scenario, ok?

      What 5 guys finishes the game? Under your scenario, Lin will just sit the bench the final 6 minutes of the game right?

      Please do address why Lin can somehow close the game with Kemba but he should not start with Kemba.

      No Lin fan wants to address the actual issues.

      It’s a banal exercise as we are outsiders with no idea of how the team thinks or sees things.

    438. Lin might as well be the JJ Reddick on this team. The team is philosophically confused unless Lin starts at 1. At the 2, Lin can gun for points. Points validate NBA stardom.

    439. That’s the key. JLin has the license to shoot as an SG but he’d pass a good shot for a better shot by his teammates. He’s still a PG at heart but he is ‘required’ to shoot first when open. It might work out very well as we’ve seen

    440. Nope, I don’t usually watch post game interviews.

    441. Exactly. Lin is a good shooting guard. But as a PG he’s elite and makes his teammates better.

    442. I don’t think it’s optimal for the team to use Lin like that and I don’t think its optimal for Lin to be used like that. But Lin doesn’t own his own team so he has to deal with the hand he’s been dealt.

      Life could be worse than the starting 2 guard for an NBA team.

    443. 2nd unit PG’ don’t finish games. You just posted you want Lin to ride the bench in the 4th quarter and watch the end of games from the sideline.

      You are an interesting Lin fan. Or you don’t even understand what you are posting.

    444. this is a fairly written article. It does not make me cringe.

    445. Comments from Hornet fans:

      KM6 wrote:

      anthoang wrote: Without Lin, we’ve seen Hawes and Kaminsky try to be the PG… and both committed turnovers.

      The team can really use some play making by Jeremy Lin tonight, both starting unit and second unit…

      It’s a bit worrying. The starting lineup’s offense, even with Batum, did not look fluid without Lin. I’m hoping it’s just because of travel fatigue, and adjusting to lineup changes. But Cliff has to make sure the guys don’t fall back into last season’s stagnating offense.

    446. without Lin, this team is a serious top 3 lottery draft pick contender.

    447. I must SMH at some posts here. Some Lin fans would rather have Lin play 15-20 minutes off the bench at the 1 and have him watch 4th quarters as a spectator than have Lin start at SG and play 32 MPG and finish games.

      WOW. I have no words. I have to use all my strength not to respond rudely.

    448. I like Lamb too but Kemba is explosive and a playmaker. Two playmakers beat one. In tough situations and there will be many, JL7 can’t handle the load of offense and defense, playmaking all by himself – he needs any star to help him. Lamb is not a star but Kemba can be. Yes, two short dudes … but they have two Bigs in there as well. Best: mix everybody up – there’s no real 1st and 2nd unit – they are all One Unit. Lin Can play with anybody and Kemba should too.

    449. Right. Starting at SG seems to be the only way to guarantee Lin a constant minute.

    450. No, it’s more like: Lin starts with Kemba and continue with the 2nd unit and then comes back with the starters. 30+ min. But I will take 20+ min. if we’re blowing out opposing team. It’s a long season. Get as much rest as possible but always be prepared.

    451. Hm, I have yet to listen to Coach Clifford’s post-game interview.
      The funny thing is the 1st unit doesn’t look more cohesive without Lin so even if he thinks Lin will benefit the 2nd unit, it would also weaken the 1st unit. Maybe he hopes JLin would fit right in to close the game together.

      I’d have to watch it first to see what he meant

    452. no, i can cut and paste posts of Lin fans here on this site wanting Lin to play backup PG and watch the starters finish games while he sits on the bench as a cheerleader under their proposed starter team vs. Lin backup team scenario.

    453. Let’s hope not. Want the Team to do well, no matter what. Lin’s position is Secured. He IS one of the Big Three on this team. Coach Cliff is a real coach with IQ and unbiased. He’ve already studied JL7’s games. I don’t think they’re clueless like Hou & LA. We shouldnt be worried.

    454. this team didn’t make the playoffs last year. this team signed Lance S. last year. they are far from perfect.

      Lin and Batum are big time difference makers.

    455. With Roberts in the fold, I wonder how much minute Lin will get…Would he even get 25mpg if the coach decided to play Robert on the back-up point guard minute that Kemba is vacated when he’s resting.

      Without Robert, Lin could sweep up all the back-up minutes at point guard which is about 18 if Kemba plays 30..than Jeremy could add an extra 12 minute playing shooting guard…That would give him about 30 here.

      But if Robert eats at the PG minutes, there would be less minute available for Lin.

      So how did Robert do last night…If he continues to play well, Jeremy Lin will see less minutes.

    456. i wish i had inside knowledge to see if its the coaches, front office, ownership, player agents, shoe companies, that are causing all this uncertainty.

    457. BOOM!!!
      That’s right! Kemba starts. JL7 finishes. Lin can play with anyone. He’s there to Push the 1st unit to play better. Don’t want the bench guys to score more than the starters ? Linsanity effect.

    458. I want him to start too. At least we know he has more sure playing time.

    459. He did not post that. He said that is what he thinks Cliff will do, not what he wanted.

    460. Listen the way the team played tonight is what Clifford wanted to see without Lin,and it was a failed experiment. He wanted to evaluate who would stay. Offense looked like crap on both units without lin. If this lineup would have played against the Clippers ,then Hornets would have been slaughtered. I like kemba, but he is no leader on offense. I think with start as a SG, but Clifford will stagger his minutes with the bench. Lin will be getting lots of minutes, if they want to win, trust me on that.

    461. I just listened to 2 post-game videos by Coach Clifford.

      Part 1, he did talk about how well the 2nd unit was with JLamb, JLin, Cody in terms of spacing but I don’t think it’s indicative of anything yet

      Part 2

      Part 2 [mark 4:10] was more interesting because Coach Clifford addressed the question about chemistry (on and off-court). He emphasized on-court chemistry is more important (off-court also helps). He further defined chemistry as ‘moving the ball’. Then he used example of how Kemba, Nic, Al Jeremy Lin, also Jeremy Lamb who move the ball very well when people are open

      I don’t think Coach Clifford has made up his mind yet about 1st/2nd unit but his criteria of ‘moving the ball’ to indicate chemistry is very important. Whoever moves the ball especially during crunch time (4th quarter or OT) should be one of his primary criteria.

      As far as whether Lin starts or not, we’d just have to wait. But if Coach Clifford sees the Hornets keep moving the ball when Lin plays, he would naturally play Lin a lot.

      The waiting game is never fun but I believe Coach Clifford seems like a smart coach who wants to win so Lin should play a lot of minutes in any situation.

    462. I totally agree. I think Clifford is happy that he has a lot to choose from. I think who starts at the 2 will depend on opposing team 2 starter. Lamb can’t defend a knat.LOL

    463. Yes I think it’s clear that Jeremy is a valuable part of the team and will play many minutes. At the end of the day, a fair coach and a good situation is all we really hoped for Jeremy. It will be exciting to see how it all pans out.

    464. First off people have a right to their own opinion. So if you disagree, then just down vote them and keep it moving. Why create drama when there is no drama.

    465. As I just finished listening to Clifford, agree your points. Have absolutely no worry that JLin will play little minutes. JLin is the integral part for both teams, either one he works well with everyone. Feel like he is the glue for both teams. That’s my sense of coming out of these two interviews.

    466. My thoughts too. Clifford is happy that he so many options now.

    467. I agree 100%. Hornets fan can see stagnated offense without Lin tonight.

      I just checked the total assist number

      ORL 30ast (Lin played PG in 2nd unit w/ 7 ast)
      MIA 13ast (Lin played SG in 2nd unit w 1ast)
      LAC 22ast (Lin had 4ast)
      LAC 25ast (Lin started as SG, 1ast in limited 16 min)
      NYK 15ast (no Lin)

      Coaches should see that team passed more when Lin helped to set the tone in the games. The two games with highest assists were Magic (30 asts) and 2nd Clippers game (25asts)

      If Coach Clifford likes moving-the-ball, he should play Lin a lot

    468. I watched the interview and I didn’t get that. Clifford wants ball movement and he is trying incorporate Batum into the starting line up with big Al/Kemba.Lin is a fit if he plays with 1st unit or 2nd unit.

    469. Yep. He is happy to have many options with JLin in the midst. Don’t hear much about Kemba and Al are the ones can’t mix well with some others. JLin will hold both teams together. I just hope that JLin won’t play too many minutes at the end of days instead of worrying his not getting too many minutes.

    470. I think Clifford knows what’s up and he is just downplaying it. Lin’s skills on the court will speak for itself.

    471. Lin will be fine:)

    472. Yes madam. He knows how to hold up as he becomes more mature and prepared each day he is in NBA!!!! 🙂

    473. Yep that’s my feeling too. Clifford just holds his card close to his chest:-) Look at his demeanor to JLin on and off court, I have little worry thus far. Can’t wait for the season begins to let my first nerve be over:-) Then I can say my hutch is right:-)

    474. I thought he already is fine. 😉

    475. Yes, but I hope he doesn’t lose any more hair over it. ( ̄ー ̄)

    476. So many “ball movement” talks here…..great!…. Clifford said one thing that is the key….he said (paraphrasing) not all ball movements are the good movement. You can pass the ball from side to side all day and the defense won feel a thing…

      I think that is the difference between Kemba and Lin….in this regard

    477. Like the old Motown song “he’s so fine”?

    478. Are you and many others here saying ‘offense looked like crap on both units without lin’ with a bias eye

      if I ask someone else who is a neutral bball fan who is not a lin fan or hater and who follows charlotte what they think, will they also say the same thing?

      I want to know the truth and nothing but the truth.

      I was busy with my METS so didn’t see the bball game.

    479. I want him to play the full gmae
      j/k obviously don’t want to risk anything.

    480. We worry about fairness too much because of how Lin was treated on his last 2 teams. What we really need to focus on is how badly the whole team from top to bottom wants to win. If winning is the thing they all want desperately, then Lin will be so invaluable that he will play a lot and against the best players on the other team.

      Ascension has its own natural time. It happens when players set aside personal status for the thrill of winning.

    481. “You can’t handle the truth”…..sorry just couldn’t resist.

    482. LMAO

    483. Lol, I only wish I could have said it to you!

    484. HAHAHAHA

    485. never mind.. I reread the 148 comments that was left unread and also article from charlotte and looks like charlotte does think lin should be a starter for this current state.. so (but then..devils advocate… not sure if those votes are all from lin fans! lol)

    486. Good post.

    487. Kemba passed the ball to Jeremy for a layup in the last game against the Clippers. That was a beautiful assist. People seemed to have a short memory. Kemba is a very good ball handler whose turnover ratio is far better than Jeremy. Jeremy could do something that Kemba couldn’t and vice versa. I don’t think people have given enough credit to Kemba Walker for the success of this team. Kemba is the anchorage of the team and Jeremy takes this team to the next level. It’s a wonderful relationship. Lin fans shouldn’t even try to change this.

      I am happy for Jeremy to have a teammate like Kemba. If this team is without Kemba, the first one who would suffer is Jeremy.

    488. You shake your head way too much. It’s causing you to lose that marble in your brain that keeps you balanced. Your reading into words that leads you into negative bias. None of us have any idea where you are getting about us wanting Lin to only play 15-20 minutes off bench. We all want for what Lin himself wants, and that’s to be a starter. Lin himself can only make his coach and teammates see that he’s the guy that will help the team win by playing and matching up against the best opponents.

      We are not mind readers and can’t tell what Clifford intends to do so we use our faith in Lin to guide us into believing that Clifford was trust worthy and that he wants to win. You should try to have some faith.

    489. I disagree with the conclusion, but I am by no means trashing Kemba…if that is what you think I am doing here,,,:P

    490. shake shake shake

    491. If Jeremy Lin plays well, Roberts will see less minutes and the not other way around. Jeremy takes a role that Roberts couldn’t. In preseason game, Clifford has to give more minutes to players that he is not so sure of. Before training camp, people aren’t even sure that Roberts will make the team. Jeremy is so guaranteed on the roster that Roberts isn’t.

    492. For a change, I didn’t even bother to vote after last fiasco with the poll with Hornets related site. Whether JLin is a starter or not, it’s all up to coach.

    493. If you decode Clifford’s words a bit, you can hear him say, we need Lin. When the guys from Charlotte did that video of Lin’s defence, they showed how he was intelligent in choosing to go underneath a screen while covering a John Wall. This comment stuck!

      I’ve posted about how the game has changed due to the way Stef Curry shoots the 3 with such deadly consistency; how he creates spacing not with athletics but with shooting. Soooo, when Lin defends Curry he has to stay next to him and can’t ever go underneath a screen. John wall may be the fastest and most athletic, but he can’t use the screens properly without the treat of outside shooting. It’s a game changer that coaches and GMs need to recognize.

      Enters Clifford with his comment about how not all passing is good ball movement. It’s a very subtle reference to how, as you say, kemba is like Wall in that he can’t create proper interior spacing if the passing keeps going around the perimeter. IF THE DEFENCE DOESNT FEAR THE 3, THEY’LL JUST PACK THE PAINT AND TAKE OUT THE PASSING LANES.

      I honestly think Clifford understands this dynamics and he knows that Lin is the only one that can do this. That’s not to say Walker can’t improve his 3 percentage. These guys are often so talented that they can improve if given the unpressurized chance to do it. Lin will help kemba transition to a Curry like PG. I firmly believe that. For now LIN IS THE GUY.

      What I like is the subtle way in which Clifford promotes his agenda while letting the guys choose who is to be their leader; NOT LIKE HOW HARDEN WAS GIVEN THE TITLE BY THE COACH AND GM. The players all know who to follow. Clifford is letting it sort out naturally and let it happen in such a way that he gives the stamp of approval instead of dictating it.

    494. I get the not to trash on Lin’s teammates part, but we don’t really need to go to extreme. That sounds really fake to me.

    495. I also have the feeling that coach Clifford thinks that Lin could fit well in either the first unit and 2nd unit but the other players wouldn’t. This is the strength of Jeremy.

    496. Yeah, the team couldn’t play fast game the whole game. There should be a time to slow down and vice versa. Jeremy is very unique that he could control the tempo of the game and play well both at a slower pace and at top speed.

    497. Jason Kidd took him away when Mitch put Kendal on waiver.

    498. Byron is a coach with forked tongue. Whatever he said aint important. He will tank another season anyway.

    499. postgame interview of knicks game.

    500. Marvin Williams would be an excellent fit to back up Batum at SF and Cody Zeller at PF. As a starter, he’s not up to it right now.

    501. Enter the Buzz Brothers, yeah baby….”dance like a butterfly, sting like a hornet”

    502. you mean how Ginobli is on the bench and doesn’t finish games?

    503. Right on. We have waited for so many years for Lin to find a home in NBA. This is it. I’m not going to spoil it or let anyone spoil it.

    504. Well said. They are all One unit. Kemba has edge in playing with Big Al and Marvin Williams. Jeremy Lin an edge in playing with Zeller and Spencer Hawes. They both play well with Batum.
      The key is “Don’t Rock the Boat!” when it’s working well.

    505. I honestly think Kemba/Batum/Marv/Zeller/AI would not work. 4 of them were from previous Hornets team, and it is so easy for them to go back to their old style, and Batum is not able to change that by himself.

      I know the preseason game looks good so far before the Knick game, however, those were in the condition that AI and Kemba were trying to take the back seat and let new comers to play it out. But when the season start, I’m not sure how they will go. It is not that easy to change a habit.

    506. Now I am confuse…. what’s going on?

    507. That is what I was referring to…the possible behavioral change at the season opener. LOL

    508. Oh! Good. I was worry Al really wants to play Lin’s team ball & don’t care about his stats? Bc this is his contract year… these China games couldn’t really tell anything bc more to please Asia fans just like 2 years ago in Taiwan. Have wait & see what will happen next… But thanks for the infor.

    509. Al & Kemba are their O guys in 1st unit. Don’t think they want to change that… Lin & Batum are all one year deal… unless they are really going to stay w Hornets… otherwise they have to please their own guy first.

    510. I would only go so far as to say that Kemba is a way better team mate than Kobe or Harden. And yes Kemba can complement Jeremy in some ways.

    511. Wish Jack Nicholson yelled that at someone before giving up his courtside seats last season.

    512. shake it baby!

    513. bowel movement

    514. (small sample size)
      minimum 4 games played:
      top 25 scorers nba preseason ppg 2015-2016. 1 thru 25 top to bottom

      anthony davis
      steph curry
      john jenkins (who needs wes matthews!)
      paul george
      rudy gay
      demarcus cousins
      c.j. mccollum (again: who needs wes matthews)
      doug mcdermott (seems to get all his mcbuckets before nba season actually begins)
      derrick williams (outscoring the melo one, how long will that be allowed?)
      lou williams (veteran bench chucker arguably been best player on lakers this preseason)
      carmelo anthony
      bradly beal
      isaiah thomas (2nd greatest scoring short person–5’9 and under–of all time)
      marco belinelli (note: “dysfucntional” kings 5-1 and have 4 of the top 25 scorers)
      andre drummond
      darren collison (outplaying rondo by a mile)
      reggie jackson
      stanley johnson (only rookie on list: where’s d’angelo the great?)
      brook lopez
      marcin gortat
      jeffrey lauvernge
      corey brewer (outscoring the bearded one, how long will that be allowed?)
      alan crabbe
      gerald green
      gorgui dieng
      isiah canaan (note: two former bench rockets pg’s tied here with dieng 4 25th; wheres p. bev? where’s lawson?)

    515. I also think Kemba don’t know PnR that well & he is not good in shooting & played CnS sure not his favor… that’s why I think they changed back to old style last night.

    516. Lamb is a horrible, selfish player who likes chucking up shots and can’t defend. You can so tell he used to play for OKC just like Harden. That’s what happens when you play under a bad iso play system and exactly why OKC will never win a championship.

    517. Clifford seems like a thoughtful, calm, and reasonable person. I don’t sense a spiteful side of him. I think Clifford would make an excellent college coach. I don’t mean that as disrespectful as if he was not good enough to coach in the NBA. I mean that as a compliment because parents could feel comfortable sending their kids to be under his instruction.

    518. I am confident that Lin will finish games (except for blowouts) just based on his performance in the preseason. If they want to win they have to give Lin minutes and let him close out games.

      Starting is another issue altogether because it has a political angle to it. Like who gets the corner office, or the office with a view. I think the organisation needs to manage this issue with a delicate hand. I also think Clifford’s unspoken dilemma is that if you start Jeremy you might as well start the rest of the bench since they fit so well together.

      On one hand I am wary of giving anyone the benefit of the doubt after the last 3 seasons. On the other hand this is the most fun preseason so far. Season 1 Houston – Jeremy adjusting to coaches who do not believe in him coupled with knee injury. Season 2 Houston, the farce of beating Beverly for the starting spot. Season 3 Lakers, complete chaos.

      So I will wait and see but I have reasons to be optimistic.

    519. clifford said the starters already have 3 playmakers. they don’t need another. i really think lin won’t start or clifford would prefer him not to.

    520. Marble in the brain. Lol I like it.

    521. From this statement sounds like that way to me too.

    522. Sure, as everyone saw how well that went vs second string Knicks.

      I for one don’t see three playmakers, maybe 1.5.

    523. Yeah..because you do not just sleep now, you eat too….

    524. … He also said Lin, Lamb, Zeller, and Specer are our strong second unit.

    525. Nathan Gottlieb ‏@zukovka 1h1 hour agoNew York, USA
      Some of you wondered yesterday how Hornets would play without Lin. I didnt watch, but our man Greg did at Sportige:

    526. I think Clifford has no choice but to balance the politics with trying to win. So he is likely to bring Jeremy off the bench but then overlap him with Kemba for stretches. I was worried initially that Jeremy might get less than 20 minutes per game. But with MKG’s injury, it is very easy for Batum to slide over to SF and for Lin to pay SG for stretches so Lin is likely to have closer to 30 minutes per game.

      Of course the other option is to start Jeremy but then stagger his minutes with Kemba by letting Kemba sit fairly early on. Not sure if that is a politically viable compromise.

      Ultimately, I am going to be happy as long as Jeremy gets good minutes, a clear role, and coaching that helps him to play well when he is on the floor. A successful career involves many steps and this would at least be a step in the right direction. Lin’s stats should improve at the very least. Also, winning more fun than tanking.

    527. they are strong because they could start for this team. 🙂

    528. honestly, I’m not sure whether Clifford has made up his mind how the first unit should play, it is pretty clear how he want the second unit play. And with LIn/Lamb/Cody/Hawes, That’s very fun style, and now he is going to move Zeller to the starting line up, and his argument of keeping that unit is not valid anymore

    529. I think he know half of it, he could use the pick to get himself open, but not to use that to set his teammates up.

    530. We will see…I mean I am kind of tired of having to guess what Lin’s coach is thinking in preseason….LOL….

    531. I am not worry about Lin’s playing time bc Clifford knows how good he’s. If they want to win the game they need Lin on court. I also think it’s more likely Lin will be 2nd unit PG. It’s not coach didn’t want him to be starting SG, it’s more like Lin prefer team ball but Al & Kemba like the old style more ISO… I think 1st unit will play their old style & 2nd unit will play Lin’s team ball. Just want to know when close game w Lin, Kemba & Al… team ball or ISO?

    532. Yeah, with time running out and the game close, will they revert to old bad habits? I think there are enough good team ball guys on this team. I think Batum will be instrumental in getting the team to play team ball and to work with Jeremy. He has enough stature to influence them.

    533. Yeah he could have said our best unit.

    534. Yes, as long as he gets 30+ minutes, closes out games, and plays his style of bball, it don’t matter if he comes off the bench

    535. If this team continues to make winning their top priority they WILL CONTINUE TO WIN. They have an abundance of talent.

    536. What I really want to see is that coach separate Kemba and AI. Those two don’t work well together. I think Batum and Lin could work with either of them, but would be hard to work with them together.

    537. Great post Joyce!.

    538. but they won’t

    539. Check and compare the stats compared to the other four games and decide for yourself.

    540. I agree. I think Clifford wants to keep Batum in 1st unit to help Walker/Jefferson. Batum is the Jlin of the 1st unit. Without him Walker/Jefferson revert back to iso ball.

    541. I think Kaminsky and Hansbrough shouldn’t be overlooked. Hansbrough top rebounder and Kaminsky has only played on five NBA games.

    542. As fans we are always looking at Lin’s team as pieces that either can help him or impede him. We should instead think back to how it was for us in the school yard. These athletes are nothing more than men playing a game just like kids do and much of the same dynamics apply. It’s why you have bullies like Harden and Kobe usurping power like kids do when they are in a clique or as a coaches pet. To get into the game, we would defer until others on the team start to follow you as a natural leader. You just can’t go into any school game and expect to change the hierarchy of the clique. These things take time and they change when people slowly aligne themselves to you. All you have to do is look at how Jeremy won the confidence of his teammates in LA. It forced a lot of players into 2 camps. Guys like Boozer and Swaggy paid a high price for following Lin, BS made sure of that.

      I’m fine with the slow process that Clifford has taken to promote Lin into his rightful place. Let’s not forget that when vets get the protection of the coach to prove they still should be starters, it means that no young upstart hotshot can come in and demand Lin’s job later without earning it. THATS HOW YOU CREATE TEAM CHEMISTRY BY TAKING TIME TO MAKE TRANSITIONS WHILE PROMOTING A STRONG TEAM CULTURE.

      When we push for Lin to start, we are pushing for a team culture not unlike Morey where people are treated like pieces and human value is purely judged by “what have you done for me lately”.

    543. IMO, Lin will be playing in the fourth quarter. I partially base my thinking on the first three games.

    544. So it this the closing unit that we forsee – Kemba Lin Batum Al Zeller ?

    545. I think we all know that JLin will get at least 28mins a game, and probably upwards of 30 on most nights….I personally wouldn’t care if he’s coming off the bench or starting but for the fact that WHEN he averages 15pts+/5+ asts per game this upcoming year on very efficient shooting and helping the team to the playoffs, every single GM will dismiss it as Jeremy finding his “niche” in the league as a 6th man, facing off against less talent benches, and thus ending the hope of him starting again barring D’antoni’s return or the trading of Kemba, which seems like only a remote chance for the near furture….what I am saying is that if any of you would ever like to see Jeremy become an all-star or even a valuable starter in the league, he needs to start THIS YEAR, and not be relegated to a super 6th man role.

    546. IF, Lin has the season, that it appears he is going to have, do you think the Hornets will let him go?

    547. IMO, Clifford is a genius. Why ruffle feathers at this point, he is getting the information he needs and wins. The best of two worlds.

    548. exactly, they have been playing like that for 2 years, and they like that style, so hard to break that habit

    549. I disagree. When a michael jordan walks on the court, he defers to nobody and just starts to naturally dominate so badly everyone else falls in line. Harden and kobe dominated on the floor to earn their franchises trust and loyalty at one point. There is no teachers pet here, its based on ability.

      If lin is unable to start or supplant Kemba Walker it just means Lin is not head and shoulders better than the other guards on this team. If he was, he’d be starting and the team would showcase him to WIN games.

      Lin is no young upstart. Hes a 6th season NbA vet pushing 30 in 3 years. In the NBA, starters change in a heartbeat. U start one year, out the NbA the next year if u cannot perform.

      Your post still fails to address the elephant. Under your scenario, Lin will sit on the bench the last six minutes of the game. I prefer charlotte win games vs create happy guys who lose

    550. A post addressing REALITY. Wow kudos to u. Its hard to find it here sometimes.

    551. Who says the bench guard finishes games? Says who? Where do all Lin fans on this site naturally assume this outcome u take for granted?

      Not me.

      If he is not starting be prepared to see him sit on the bench to end games

    552. Well…we will see..

    553. I seen for over well 3 decades. I know what i am talking about as does ben. Lala land doesnt exist

    554. I doubt you have seen 3 decades of Lin…..

    555. Brent being hopeful is fine but sometims reality is obvious too.

    556. Nope strve kerr benched david lee and AI, both former all stars. Why? To wins games and play the best guys despite their name or pedigree.

      Maybe clifford has the guts, but probably not.

    557. Oh…I am not really disagreeing…Just saying…most of the time…The REAL reality was never realized by any posters anyway…LOL

      For example…why THIS YEAR? he can be an All star NEXT year..because of some weird occasion.

      Reality has a probability of one, and none of what we have said is like that…

    558. Clifford needs to now have guts like lin hater steve kerr and bench some big names to compete for a title. I sure hope he has the cajones.

    559. And to add to that…your tone is pretty much saying some of us are delusional without actually saying the word…..just saying.

    560. We have to ask why those 2 are still starting and cornerstones. Big Al is an expiring contract.

      If david lee and iggy can be totally benched, so can those 2.

      Even if not benched, why do those guys have to play a lot when better people not jjust Lin are stuffed on the bench?

    561. The coach can easily stop it. Easily. He may lack the guts. Its still early so we will seee

    562. I think most of us know what the coach should do and what would be the ideal situation. But we have to accept the current circumstances and focus on the positives.

    563. I think Ben was quite eloquent and already addressed fhat exact point in his post. I have nothing to add

    564. I think many posts here lack any thought and of those, those posts are conclusionary based on a premise that is not necessarily adopted by the poster if you force them to recognize it.

      I may disagree a lot with Joyce Ward but at least she always explains her thoughts and shows she is coming from a place of thought. Too many of these posts here assume if lin is a backup PG, he is 100% absolutely going to finish games. I am just asking says who? There is only Ginobili and nobody else in the NBA who has that reality.

    565. It is pointless…I mean…Lin pretty much is like a special case in NBA anyway

    566. And thats exactly why golden state won the title. If they did not, they might not even made the playoffs last season playing lee and iggy a lot as starters

    567. if lin scores that he will be an allstar. he has way to much fans not to. no other charlotte will make it which will say something

    568. I have to agree we’ve seen lin 6th man. His minutes fluctuate a lot. Clifford seem different but ill take evidence over perception.

    569. I agree Brent. Lets wait till regular season starts. Pre season tells us nothing at all.

      I am pretty sure this team will make some trades before trade deadline too.

      Clifford has some very tough decisions to make soon. His decisions will impact this teams future and his own pending employment status

    570. listening to him. he seems set on 2 playmakers for each unit. lin to starters would be 3 or 4 player they can play through. i hate to say it but the look like the lakers lost where the starters was post up heavy and the bench with lin will be fast

    571. He didn’t say 3 play makers. He just said with the starting group, they have Kemba, Nic, and Al to play through. So he thinks they don’t need another guy in the perimeter who needs the ball.

    572. consider this rhyme :

      Any team that wants to win will have to play JLin

    573. Situations change. Circumstance surface. We are all assuming too much in earlier stage of the season.
      It is in Clifford’s hand. And sometimes he will be forced to act in favor of Lin. If he wants to win, be prepared to see
      more Lin.

      I am cautiously optimistic about this team. We all know what Lin can bring to the table. But not everyone wears the same glasses as we do. Those glasses might be tinted with politics, agenda, ego, etc. But I think this team from GM, coaches, to players, have one common objective – getting into playoff. To do so, they need more Lin, and they know it. If they want to go deep, they need more Lin.

      How Lin is utilized is up to Clifford. But personally I think he will adopt a win-win strategy for the team and Lin and himself.

      At least, I don’t need to repeat the painful drama last year as I watched R Price starting over Lin and kept getting praises from those TWC clowns.

    574. Regardless of race, when u bench your best guard, be prepared to lose a lot of games. Hell id argue Lin is the most important player for this team. To bench your MIP means you are asking to lose

    575. You forgot Lin is a special case in NBA. You forgot Ronnie Price starting over Lin.

    576. Pre season rotations are fake. Not indicative of reality

    577. We have to wait till regular season. We haven’t seen any real rotation. Ill just wait for regular season to make a real comment on the team.

    578. Well said!

    579. Great post

    580. Charlotte has no real broadcasting team which may be a good thing.

    581. Btw, James worthy threw dangelo russell under the bus. He said huertas is the only pure pg on the roster.

      The insane Lakers may start him at PG the way they gushed about him. Kobe gets more shots playing with Huertas.

    582. Doesn’t Stephanie Ready, Eric Collins and Dell Curry make up the Hornets broadcast team?

      FOX Sports Southeast Announces 2015-16 Hornets Telecast Team

    583. Of all the games where have they been??? Last game was in charlotte yet we saw the opposing teams broadcast.

    584. I doubt u watched nba league pass

    585. Simply means lin did not outplay his competition by a wide enough margin. He also failed to produce in games enough to make it an issue

    586. Ya not used to small market teams. They must not get enough ratings to broadcast the preseason games. I’m sure they will once the regular season starts.

    587. I don’t think it is about guts or politics it is the culture that Clifford has established. I think Clifford has the balls, but he hasn’t had a lot to work with in the past. Now he surrounded by all of this talent and it is a matter of him setting up boundaries. He even said in the interview that some players are not going to play the roles they played in the past and they won’t be happy.I see Batum doing majority of ball handling skills in the 1st unit because Walker has a very limited skill set. He needs to learn to shoot better. Also, I think Clifford is playing who will be starting at the 2 pretty close the vest. Also, I don’t think Clifford has a problem benching a player if he is disrupting the flow of the game, because he did it with Lance Stephenson. No matter what happens, I truly believe that this season will be the best season that he has had in bball career .

    588. I stand corrected and apologize for my completely uninformed and stupid comment

    589. I think BET owners used to own the bobcats right? They claimed to lose money year after year and that owning the bobcats was a bad decision. So This team is like on a shoestring budget

    590. Yep, that’s what he said.

    591. They have a broadcasting team but… they share it with Atlanta Hawks and Memphis. Basically charlotte will get the least coverage out of the three. Check out the info here…

    592. How do you judge distance and shoot well with double vision?

      Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose Thinks He Can Play Fine with Only One Eye Open and Double Vision

      Apparently, Bulls fan have nothing to worry about. On Wednesday, Rose spoke with reporters and said even though he’s having trouble opening one of his eyes without seeing double, he thinks he can play fairly well if he’s forced to play.

      “I can’t open my other eye. That’s when I get double vision,” he said via Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson. “With one eye open, I think I could play pretty good,” he said.

    593. wth……………

    594. The coach has one year left I believe.

    595. He played almost 30 min as 6th man in Houston… I’d think in charlotte he’d get at least similar minutes with more usage… I’m sure Charlotte at least offered increased minutes/role before Lin accepted the offer to come to the hornets.

    596. Yeah, I think this was a bigger reason Lin didn’t play besides Lin got a virus. Without Lin the Hornets simply played like their inefficient old selves.

    597. Wonder on Monday who Clifford will start as SG to guard Jimmy Butler who’s 6′ 7″? Batum who’s 6′ 8″, Lamb at 6’5″ or JLin who has shown he’s the best defense so far doing a better job and guarding Redick than Lamb. But then Redick was only 6′ 4″.

      2015-2016 NBA Preview: New Bulls’ main man Jimmy Butler to lead Chicago in new season

    598. So the new “Price” is going to start again ?

    599. That team does went to playoff before. You can’t just come in and throw other players around.

    600. Brooklyn Nets are snickering:

      Tim MacMahonVerified account‏@espn_macmahon
      Mavs PG Deron Williams (calf) will miss the entire preseason. His availability for the season opener is in question

    601. lol

    602. Batum.

    603. sigh, and this guy makes more money than Lin

    604. this is the case against lin at sg.

    605. I know … smh but I am glad Cuban is the one who pay for it. LOL!

    606. Now I believe that Mavs’ past championship was due to pure luck. Cuban is luckier than Morey, LOL.

    607. He’s not the new Price really. He’s their poor man Lin but he’s ABJ (anyone but Jeremy). Turns out Russel isn’t as complete and ready as touted and may not be that great a point guard.

    608. “Heurtas…come on down”

    609. ha. wow lin dodge a bullet

    610. and Rondo as well , jeez. 10 mill for one year

    611. I really think the league loves him as a Ginobili type. So even if he doesn’t start, he’ll get his minutes and close games. Ginobili is a key guy on the Spurs. It’s really not that bad a situation as long as Lin gets to play to his strengths AND gets the minutes AND close a good amount of games. I also think Lin will be in OT lineups as well. He’s that important to at least this team.

    612. The Mavs are stealth tanking much like what the Lakers were doing last and this season.

    613. Hah, I bet Mavs are going to be one of the teams going for Lin next year

    614. They should start Troy at sg if they don’t want lin at sg, although he is 1 inch taller then Lin.

    615. Haha! Even he plays he will not have good game after the injury….

    616. Lamb is way better than Tory

    617. He hasn’t shown that.

    618. I think Troy will be worst than Lamb.

    619. I thought so. But it is not a successful one.

    620. We will see.

    621. Ya, didn’t Cuban say publicly that if he did not get DeAndre Mavs will tank

    622. Very likely.

    623. Does it mean those expensive SF, SG, PG etc he had signed are junks ?

    624. he shown plenty, you just don’t want to come to it.

    625. He hasn’t .

    626. Coach already said he want him with the bench.

    627. Bonnell said Lin practiced today 🙂

    628. The only white elephant exists in your won mind. Have you even read most if the comments on how we all think he’ll play and close out the games. No matter if he starts or not, if Charlette wants to win, they’ll play Lin to clutch the shots to win the game. Lin is just the type of player who will gladly sit out the end of the game if he’s not needed or is ice cold. That’s what being a good team leader is all about. He’s not like Harden or Kobe who needs to pad his own stats.

      Trust me, we all want Lin to start at PG. what we don’t agree on is timing.

      MJ or Kobe didn’t just come in as a rookie and took over the team. They work their way into the leadership role. Why do you think Kobe wanted Shaq gone? I’ve play competitive sports for a long time and I know what it’s like to break into a new team. Rookies carry bags and buy coffee, that’s how it’s done! It just took them less time to do it than others….which is why Harden was not particularly well liked by his team and OKC got rid of him.

    629. what was the “stealth” part 🙂

    630. word.

    631. Bc Lin will be PG for 2nd unit.

    632. that’s not conflict with Lamb better than Troy

    633. Hey JT, long time no see. Hope all is well with you buddy.

    634. 10mil isnt that much
      Rondo is a very good PG and former all star

    635. he was one of the best PGs a couplr of years ago

    636. Yeah, I’m just working, relaxing, and watching sports like Jarryd Hayne until Lin gets to compete. Not much to say when it’s just practice.

      Not sure how much energy I’ll have for all the back and forth this season, but if I get League Pass, all will be well 🙂

      How are you?

    637. now thats an overpaid player

    638. I never said that he was but he hasn’t shown it. Not to mention Troy hasn’t been healthy so this argument is non valid.

    639. LIn >>>>> Lamb>>>> Troy

    640. Haha! Can’t agree more. LOL!

    641. More than a couple of years. He was really good before his injuries

    642. Thats not the argument coach has said lamb is better off the bench. He has also said he prefers 2 playmakers a unit. So it takes both lin and lamb out presumably for sg. So its basically its troy vs who ever is left. i will add all of this is my presumption from what coach has said.

    643. yah so some people still have faith in him
      but hes almost done

    644. No ones arguing this.

    645. he has shown in the last 3 years of his career

    646. If Lin or Lamb doesn’t start at 2, i think Batum will start at 2 and Marvin at 3.

    647. We are not arguing last year nor the year before but this year.

    648. Butler isnt the same type of SG Redick is
      they will need to go Walker Batum Marvin williams Psycho T Al Jeff

    649. arguring who is better than all count

    650. Thats a bit scary because if they look like hey did yesterday. Its basically last years Charlotte hornets. Post up heavy and lin will have to play the tempo changer like in LA basically.

    651. Nash was only getting started at 27 with the Mavs. He was booed by fans when he first got there until he took them deep into the playoffs with his roommate Dirk. Cuban chose to let Nash go at 30 after 2 all star years. Cuban said that Nash was fragile and on the decline so he let him go to the Suns where he proceeded to become league MVP twice.

      Lin has time yet to become like Nash. Question is who will give him that chance.

    652. Not in a vacuum but for Sg on this years charlottes team. Lamb is already ruled out by coach.

    653. Thats why i think Lin should start at 2.
      Kemba lin batum Zella Jeferson should start.

    654. doesnt change the perception that hes better than troy
      if hes gonna start him at 2 then put lamb on the bench, thats the same as starting price over Lin at 1

    655. I agree but coach said he already has Kemba, big AL, and Batum as playmakers. He also said he needs a defender not another perimeter player,

    656. Yesterday starting line up was worse than the Kemba lamb backcourt line up.

    657. Well thats coaches choice

    658. yep still doesnt change the perception that lamb is better than troy
      but starting isnt about whos better but whos a better fit

    659. that interview made me little confused because coach talked a lot about playing Lin and Kemba together like Warriors Curry and Thompson.

    660. I agree if we cant have that line up and Lin won’t start. Then at least have another shooter who adds space

    661. Thank you for this. So very nice to have an adult in the house. It’s obvious you have kids, managed others, maybe coached. Doesn’t matter the age or the celebrity status or the amount of money…humans at every level mostly never emotionally evolve above schoolyard dynamics. Clifford is doing a great job avoiding those pitfalls so far. History is littered with the debris of monarchs and demagogues who pushed too hard and too fast. Every day I have more appreciation for Jeremy’s focus. He rises above the politics and jealousy and the money-mongering because he’s learned to put his energy only in what he can control…his attitude and his work. Who’s got the fool’s gold ring of the moment? He doesn’t care as long as on his watch “the shot goes in.”

    662. He can still do that off the bench

    663. Supposedly …….

    664. I really dont see Lin starting

    665. Yep…it’s the Asian discount. 50% off anything he does well and 100% buy in groupon on Lin as a turnover machine with poor decision making and inconsistent production.

      Tiger fans don’t know what it’s like to have to face this first hand and keep going. Not only does he have to ignore the haters, but he also has to live up to tiger fans expectations.

      Poor Lin, he’s a superman for doing so well I spite of it all.

    666. Coach said the same thing

    667. Agreed, Lin will not stop Butler. Better to have Lin defend the opposing pg. Lin’s game will be a little off coming back from a cold.

    668. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Feel bad for Rose. He was incredible before the injuries but just so comical to imagine him playing with one eye. Like a pirate.

    669. If lamb out then, Troy might get a burn but I dont see it work out and I can see Lin start either
      back court would have no size against teams like the bulls or golden state
      Lin cant guard thompson/butler

    670. Big Game James just keeps it real.

    671. the decision to not start Lin kind of make sense. its rough to have the best 5 players start because if they struggle its pretty much over. Not to mention lin or someone will be forgotten. Four players need the ball but who to run the play for ? Having Lin dominate the bench and Kemba/Al/Batum dominate the starter then they come together for stretches maybe the best option.

    672. Sometimes it seems Clifford wants the 2nd Unit configured to be his main weapon. Then trying to keep the first unit serviceable to maintain the score and to not disrupt the seniority credit Walker/AL have earned. I could imagine the tagline for the team as the starters are the main guys and the 2nd unit brings “energy” off the bench. I’ve heard it spun like that on many teams where the bench seems to take momentum of the game.

    673. Haha, I think Michael had a dream or maybe a nightmare. He’s not dreaming of food, he’s dreams are in the toilet….or perhaps it’s a good dream when you finally have a great crap after being stuck for awhile. lol lol.

    674. Seniority. Lin and the other guys just got there. Lin hasn’t even finished unpacking.

    675. yah makes sense thats probably better for the team too
      so the 2unit will still kill it out there

    676. Good post, the Morey comparison sums it all up for me.

    677. Jordan is a bad comparison. The triangle was created for Jordan and Kobe to hold back their domination. Force them to pass and share the ball. Look how bad Kobe’s team looked after the triangle. Look how limited Jordan’s teams looked before the triangle.

    678. Lakers seem to think their hot stuff after that game against GSW yesterday. GSW weren’t playing most of their starters and I think just trying to keep from getting injure on the wet floor. They laid that floor over a cold hockey rink or something? Kind of like leaving out a cold can of beer no matter how much you wipe it it keeps attracting moisture.

    679. Fun fancam lin-stalking. LOL ladies…at 8:07 we all recognize the challenge of getting a crew neck top over the head without trashing the hairstyle. J has to do a little touch-up of the spikes 🙂

    680. is Jimmy butler playing tomorrow? wanna see that match up with Lin…

    681. depressing

    682. I think Lin will end up starting at SG. The only question is when — Game 1? Game 10? Clifford and Cho need to win to extend their contracts and that means Lin playing maximum minutes. Starting at SG gives Lin an extra 4-6mpg, so as long as Kemba is willing to share shots, then that’s the clear winning play.

    683. let lin try against butler

    684. Or a good opportunity to stagger Lin and Kemba’s minutes.

    685. Understatement of the year. Racism is worse than fandom? You don’t say!

    686. russell looks very average so far. clarkson, randall look very promising to me.

    687. let’s just wait for the season to start at this point.

    688. this is sports where 18 year old Lebron comes in and takes the senior’s job on day 1.

    689. fantastic post and I couldn’t agree more. We have to just have 3-4 weeks of patience.

      I suspect Clifford is a Lin supporter but he feels some resistance to putting Lin in too big a position whether that be resistance from his players or the front office.

      Coach C has to carefully navigate those waters I guess.

    690. doesn’t matter if I check the stats.. The stats already prove that lin is an important player.

      It’s whether or not others who watches the game thinks the same thing. For all I can recall, they can just say it’s a bad day and it’s not lin related.

    691. “There nothing that will hurt an NBA team more than one guy who won’t pass to an open teammate.”

      -Coach Clifford

      cough, cough Kobe, Harden

    692. you make a lot of sense but we have to wait and see. Dolan would rather be a perennial lotto team than play Mr. Asian in NYC.

    693. he wasn’t that high on Lin.

    694. All these people making millions but still get paid for doing sh-t.
      I think they should change it so that if you don’t play, you don’t get paid.

    695. Exhibit A:

      Kobe Bryant Tells Teammates to Get the f**k out of the Way Before Last Shot of Regulation

    696. is there a specific context for that tweet?

    697. Clifford probably ran into front office resistance recently. He mentioned 2 weeks ago that players must step up and a Jimmy Butler will rise from this team out of no where this season.

      But last post game, he said the guys surrounding his studs, AL & NIC & KEMBA, should be low usage role player glue guys to play around the 3 “studs.”

      Then he mentioned giving PJ and Troy a look inferring a starting role at the 2 or 3 I believe.

      None of that sounds good to me.

      This reminds me of when D’Antoni got railroaded in NY when his SKinny Felton team was kicking butt featuring Amare Stoudamire & Wilson Chandler and Galinari. I was enjoying that team. It was a top 3 eastern team in the making. Then the whole team got derailed to trade for Melo. What a disaster to this day.

      I am hoping Clifford and/or Cho or whoever runs that Hornets show has the foresight and guts to not make such mistakes and speaks up behind closed doors.

    698. If Charlotte’s front office thinks Al, Nic, & Kemba are the cornerstones to a championship or deep playoff run they are delusional and JLin should just pad his stats and get out after a year.

    699. this has been my fear all along. but it’s still early. moves have not yet ben made. I will wait before I rake the Hornets through the coals on unmade hypothetical moves.

    700. that’s exactly what happened in Houston. they made moves that prevented winning. that team badly underachieved and was poorly coached.

      this team has less talent but seems better coached and has more team oriented players with higher character.

      I hope Jordan is done resting his GM credentials on Gonzaga showering freak and Kwame & wants to win

    701. Can we stop the drama. Charlotte’s F/O in no place to play office politics. They want to win. They will use whatever resources to get the win. Now whether lin’s starts at the 2 or comes of the bench is totally irrelevant in the scheme of things. Lin will be used to his strengths this year. So stop the drama. People creating drama when there is none under the guise of debate.

    702. Exactly! The regular season hasn’t even started yet… so far from preseason, lin’s been given good usage and minutes comparable to the starters. So far so good to me. Stop with the doom and gloom already

    703. I agree. Coach has been let Lin had the playing time he wants & team ball game for most of the time so far. He needs Lin to help him win. Lin needs the team to play his game. This will continue until season end.

    704. Sometimes I really wanted to tell them to please STFU.

    705. agreed… me personally ill expect the bench if he start it will be a plesent surprise lol. either way play good get a long term big contract.

    706. It’s the mods responsibility to recognize the bait.

    707. Well i understand them the last 3 years have been hard. Its a quick fix if lin starts at sg . They want his name to be fixed from what has happen the last 3 years. If he doesn’t start it still looks like he was a one year wonder.

    708. this is Matt Moore … writer of this
      “One year of Linsanity was apparently enough for the Knicks” Just look at the comments section of this article.

    709. All the “can’t defend” comments. Such ignorance in the BB fandom.

    710. Yup, let the regular season play out a few games first. Then, go nuts 🙂

    711. Was the Knicks that good during the day before the ‘Melo trade?..I wasn’t following the NBA that closely…..That shows that sometimes, the best trade are the one you don’t make.

    712. i think he can just retire.

    713. Don’t underestimate the damage the Lakers and Houston have done to JLin. The reputation of his name was ruined mainly by BS and their pr.

      NOBODY WANTED TO SIGN HIM. Even $%#& Mark Cuban who said all the positive about Lin but didn’t want him either. He would rather keep Felton and Berea $4 mil each than giving an ounce of effort to sign Lin. Now with the report, Knicks “NOT INTERESTED”.

      WTF? Is this NBA world has gone mad? Teams are throwing money left and right for guards who were destroyed by Lin like former Spurs Cory Joseph ($7mil). And please don’t let me start with all the stupid and abused max contracts.

      Lin fans, we need to sit back and accept reality, The Charlotte Hornets is Lin’s best hope (if not only) for uprising again. Lin and his people knew it and so should we. Whatever the decision coach Clifford comes up with about who he will start, please wish them luck and stand behind them all. When team win so will our Jeremy. I am asking you for your confidence in Lin. Not to say or to twitt out disrespectful to the coach and the front office or even their PRs people. Lin and this team do need each other. Clifford is in his final contract, winning is the only thing that can save his job. Relax fellow Lin fans, the show is about to start, once Linsanity taking off, there’s no stopping it. Just like the end of your constipation.

      Believe me Lin is 10x better player than when he was in NY, we’ve seen nothing yet. Stay tune fellow Lin fans.

    714. lakers-vs-warriors-game-cancelled-in-third-quarter……………

    715. I agree with everything you said. Although i think what kept a lot of teams away from lin was the 1 year option but i still agree with most of what you said

    716. cubano is saying positive things because he want to take credit that his team is the one who gave lin a very first chance at summer leaguea….

      But he doesn’t seem to put money where his mouth is.

    717. we know that already thank you

    718. This is why I against all owners who have multiple sources of their wealth income should never be decision maker as they don’t really watch the player playing themselves. Well with one exception, MJ.

    719. I whole heartedly agree with you.

    720. Thank you Acbc.

    721. Even that, I wouldn’t mind to have $100 steak dinner for a dollar. $2 mil for Lin is basically free.

    722. But its better they create drama here then at Hornets forum sites.

    723. Lin wanted 1 year. that was the trade off. Lebron is getting 22 million dollars. Which sounds like a lot but not for him. Joe Johnson and an old kobe is getting more then him. 1 year deal mostly benefits the player so lower price makes teams do it.

    724. You fear every shadow and innuendo. Sometimes I wonder if you’d rather be right than spare Lin the indignity of yet another year of bench warming.

    725. Cancer do spread.

    726. Vote up. After the china trip the general feeling here was all good. Nothing has changed with Lin situation on the team since they’ve been back. Some people just like to be unhappy or something, like if they have to worry even when times are good. Well the good Lord said Do Not Worry. Lin seems to be in a good place. No worries. I agree, lets enjoy what is happening right now.

    727. Cancelled so that Lakers can keep their lead after 3Q, lest GSW stages a comeback and takes back Lakers’ only win vs any NBA team in the preseason.

    728. Thank you so much, if it wasn’t for you I’d almost forgotten the emotional crutches that I’ve had for the last three years. 🙁

    729. Karma served him right, now Cuban’s put down big money on a bunch of players who literally cannot play (injuries).

    730. Never meant to bring back that feeling of your. Sorry.

    731. A large tree will have dead branches, whereas a large crowd (such as Twitter-space) will have its good share of morons.

    732. Mark Cuban’s wisdom shining through…

    733. DW last played well in 2011, with flashes of his old self in 2012, but rapidly declined afterwards. Now he’s very much like Bibby right before retirement.

    734. Hey, at least Carlisle is a real coach. Just look at McHale… *shiver*

    735. Death flag of him being dumped next year, not unlike the tough-as-nails “Head of the Snake”.

    736. You go with the best opportunity you can get. Look at reggie jackson who was backup all these years for the thunders and now he’s starting in piston with a huge contract cause he capitalized when Jennings went down. Lin just has to make the best of it, and when that opportunity comes along, he needs to grab it.

    737. I think that with Clifford at the helm we could all use a fresh start and begin the healing process. 🙂

    738. Mavericks starters at opening of season. Pretty sad. JLin dodged that mess.

      PF: Nowitzki
      C: Zaza Pachulia
      SF: Jusitn Anderson
      SG: Devin Harris
      PG: JJ Barea

    739. This is a bit off topic, nut as I was watching the Raptors/Cavs game on NBA TV, I was very impressed with Biyonbo….This guy was let go by the Hornets and I thought they could really use someone like him…The Hornets simply needs a rim protector and Biyombo is top class in this category…Good rebounder and challenges every lay-ups at the rim.

      Right now, the Hornets really don’t have any shot blocker among their big men.

    740. they looked very good pre Melo when they got Amare.

    741. Cody can. But yes they need a long tall center. they don’t have one.

    742. Joy Jeng
      friia_strength (IG): Hard work after a hard practice. #gettingbettereveryday @JLin7

    743. Looks like he’s finally over his virus 😀

    744. Yes, I’m glad! Looking forward to the game tomorrow that I can’t watch until I get home from work 🙂

    745. I think the Hornets was missing a PG or play maker to make other player better in offense, but they though they need more offensive player. So they are giving up those defensive players because they think they are limited offensively. They were about to trade Zeller, but glad they didn’t.

    746. Good, he should be playing tomorrow

    747. Very well said.

      Patience is what all JLin fans need. We need to trust JLin that he chose Coach Clifford and Hornets for a reason, which is the best fit for his ability and someone that he can trust because the Coach truly understands him.

      3 more preseason games are left then we can see how JLin can really help the Hornets to win. The rest will take care of itself. As you said, let’s simply decide to trust JLin and the Hornets.

    748. He should keep his hair like that in games

    749. Not a fan of the spiky hair?

    750. I dont really care how he does his hair, it just seems like the spiky thing takes more time to do

    751. It’s not like it would had taken a max contract to resign Biyonbo…This guy is big and physical…Every teams needs a guy like that to keep the opposition from getting in the paint.

      With Frank Kamieski, I thought it would had been smarter to trade Zeller to create cap space and re-sign Beyombo…Frank is expected to be a decent least good enough to replace whatever point you would had expected from Zeller.

      On the other hand, the blocks and rebounds that Biyonbo would had given the Hornets will not be easily generated by any players on the team right now.

    752. The only cure for the Linsane is…

      You guessed,…

      Linsanity! LOL.

    753. It’s a pregame ritual to get his game hair on. Mental sharp focus. I like it.

    754. Have to be quicker than bluebell. Split second. Get it?

    755. Heat beats Atlanta. Only Charlotte and Memphis left undefeated. First in the Eastern Conference.

    756. Oh didn’t see until refreshed. LOL

    757. its sad how much he fell off
      he was on the same level as CP3

    758. Cavs are winless, but I see them in the top 4 at the end.

    759. Really depends on the health situation of LeBron and Kyrie. Worst case scenario for Cavs is that LeBron can’t play and Kyrie takes over.

    760. I don’t think the Lebron back thing is that serious, they just want to give him rest until the season begins. They are still the favorites in the east

    761. Cody will probably be a decent rebounder but won’t be a very good rim protector…Better management would had kept Biyombo, understanding that it would be harder to replace what he brings to the table…..I’d even let Jefferson go before letting Biyombo go.

      Frank and Cody is similar…Frank may have the higher ceiling because he may become the better outside shooter, but Zeller will probably be the better rebounder and a bit better at rim-protecting and defense as a whole.

    762. preseason don’t matter


      Not sure if this posted before but i love this light hearted blogs by Kemba Walker. Kemba Walker seems like a nice guy!

    764. Way creepy.

    765. LOL. Yup.

    766. All good. Great minds think alike?

    767. Like how MJ needs to eat apple sauce before every game? 🙂

    768. Looks healthier. Should be good to go tomorrow.

    769. Thanks for this thoughtful reply. Lin is my hero for the very virtue you talk about. Christians value their own process of evolving. A great Christian is constantly defeating himself, his past self. Lin’s greatness is his ability to inspire us to do the same. Yes, a young man half my age has inspired me to do better. That truly is Lin’s greatest gift to us.

    770. god help him if he ever picks his nose or a wedgie… LOL.

    771. Yeah the entire time he leaves his room till he comes back to his room, no kiding!

    772. Does that weight room look kind of dumpy for an NBA weight room?

    773. I’m surprised the story about how the Knicks declined to show any interest in Lin this summer made it into ESPN:

    774. Did not know that, but yeah!

    775. I’m not surprised, it involves Lin and the Knicks. That’s juicy stuff right there

    776. It will be more fuel for the fire when JLin breaks out this season and the Knicks still suck.

    777. “My nose was itching on the other side!”

    778. Yes sir

    779. NY media & fans love Lin & they will take any chance to stir this up w Dolan.

    780. 1. Of course, there’s always politics involve. Lin is all about team ball and team wins. He will do well as long as he’s not jerk around like in past seasons. I pray that Coach Clifford will utilize Lin’s talents properly to maximize his full potential and for team wins. So far, Coach Clifford seems sincere, knowledgeable and informative in his interviews.It’s understandable that we’re all anxious to see Lin have a fair chance to succeed and shine. I’m willing to give Coach Clifford the benefit of the doubt until he proves me wrong.
      2. More than ever, I don’t buy the ‘fit’ theory that Lin will be better off as the main PG for the bench. Lin should be starting. His
      time can be divided between both 1st and 2nd units. He has the talents and skills to play in either position if given the opportunity and support. Everything happens for a reason. Sorry for MKG’s lost, but someone has to fill his role. Lin is motor for this team.

    781. The more I learn about Kemba, the more I like him as a person. It is my hope that he could change his game for the better. If his game is half as likeable as he is, then the Hornets will really go places.

    782. Derek Fisher on Lin coming back to NY:

      “If his agent did call, he didn’t call my phone. He called Phil’s or (GM) Steve (Mills’) phone. So they can better answer to that,” Fisher said. “Jeremy’s obviously a really good player and coming into this league as a guy who people really didn’t know if he could even make it in the league. I think he’s proven that he belongs here and seems like this opportunity is working out in Charlotte for him and I’m happy for him.”

    783. Wow, that sounds like Fisher is on team-Lin

    784. Whether it’s sincere or just a façade, at least he was diplomatic. I’m sure he still remembers that spin move Lin put on him. LOL

    785. I think this is positive for Lin, given that I don’t expect Fisher to be all out singing high praises for Lin

    786. I need my Linjection.

    787. In an interview he said it takes him 3 minutes to complete.

    788. PR. No need to take it very seriously… I think NY media just won’t let go this topic…. they are going to trash Dolan again. LOL!

    789. Apple sauce and graham crackers, just like my preschool days!

    790. Weren’t you Linoculated?

    791. Can’t blame the media. Just look at NYK record in the last 20 years…

    792. yes, against Linsomnia :]

    793. Yeah fans follow where he goes but this? It’s a little creepy to me.

    794. This type of rejection only motivate Lin more than ever.

    795. I guess NY media will try to push NYK to get Lin next summer…

    796. Maybe hes reading!

    797. Thanks for all your media posts. But this one makes me better understand why he has a security team.

    798. If Lin breaks out, NY media is going to trash Dolan for passing up on an All Star point guard they could have had for $2 mil.

    799. There’s no vaccine against the Linmuno-deficiency virus.

    800. I think the 2M deal was a Clifford discount for promising to use Lin the right way.

    801. Car-ME-Low

    802. Now they are playing in the same conference! Suck it up, Dolan, you would see Linsanity at MSG with Lin pouring on your Knicks. Nothing more personal than reminding the fans what a silly owner you are.

    803. Could be, but NY media will frame it that way. “Knicks tank again while the high flying Hornets lifted to the playoffs by $2M Jeremy Lin who the Knicks turned down”

    804. I’d actually be glad to see it spun that way. Any amount mud on Dolan’s face, he earned it. 🙂

    805. Lincurable

    806. Yes, Linpossible

    807. How can something as Linnocent as bball cause us to lose so much sleep?

    808. Ya! That’s what I thought, when they signed the deal Coach (Hornets knows too) promised to give Lin to play his game & he will take the low deal to help them.

    809. who’s that Asian dude in the gym? is he a trainer showing the players proper technique?

    810. 林家潁
      @JLin7 林書豪 ^__^

    811. If Coach C does not make Jeremy the starting SG, I will consider it
      total betrayal…this preseason has clearly shown that Jeremy is the
      best guard, point or shooting, on the team. Now, it’s fine if you wanna
      keep Kemba as your starting PG, everyone understood this, including
      Jeremy when he signed the contract…however, once MKG went down, there
      really is no valid excuse for Jeremy to not be in the starting lineup,
      considering that Batum is a natural SF, and your shooting guards,
      frankly, suck ba!!s…the only logical thing to do is to start your best
      guards, which are Kemba and Jeremy….don’t give me any of this BS 6th
      man garbage…that type of luxury is reserved for a championship
      contender…Coach C, if you’re reading this, do not betray Jeremy!!!

    812. It’s an undeniable fact that Jeremy is a legit NBA player not playing at veteran’s minimum. He might not be appreciated by some coaches but he’s appreciated by his coach, Steve Clifford now. This season Charlotte started with the best preseason record, 5-0 in exact and Lin is part of the team playing significant minutes. Those hating on him ought to be silenced.

      Again, haters are going to hate, without reason. Those comments on the article just displayed the dark side of the force.

      Michael Jordon tells the press that JLin is his biggest acquisition. Are those haters going to tell MJ that he is wrong and they know basketball talent more than MJ. This is laughable. The more they hate on Jeremy, the better we see the scenario of prejudice on this Asian American.

    813. The fact that people around the NBA have to emphasize that Jeremy “belongs in the league” is utter BS…the guy is no worse than a top 100 player in the league, which is in the top 20%…to say that he “belongs in the league” is equivalent to saying that a person with a college degree will be able to handle a job working at a Walmart store or McDonalds…

    814. Why don’t we let the game plays out? Jeremy’s true value should be reflected in the games he plays. Action speaks louder than words. This season is going to expose the truth about the value of Lin to a team. A little patience won’t hurt.

    815. I agree that is an understatement but the stats this season will prove how wrong they were. The worse they diss Jeremy, the more obvious we can tell that the dissing of Jeremy is wrong.

    816. Yeah, but it will be the same BS that happened in Houston, the “oh, the second unit is dominating, we have to keep Jeremy on the bench cause the bench is so successful and would crash and burn if Jeremy went to the starting lineup” and the “oh, Jeremy has finally found his niche as a 6th man, he needs to stay in the role for the rest of his career!”….the precedent needs to be set here and now that Jeremy is no sixth man…he is a valuable starting combo guard, and will be until he’s 34, at which point he will step down and become a sixth man

    817. Yes! Base on what we have seen so far, this is going to happen soon or later.

    818. Dolan would look more foolish after that.

    819. Pray that Lin will be healthy soon and has a good season. We will have more fun watching basketball and praising Our Lord while Jeremy playing basketball for God.

    820. Pray that Jeremy have a break out season to show haters how horribly wrong they were.

    821. Yes sir

    822. Jeremy will make the most improvement on the game while playing for this team. This is an unselfish team and they play unselfishly. This is a long season. Jeremy will have his time to shine. If Lin is the winning factor, MJ will try every way to keep him.

    823. I wouldn’t even get anywhere near that “b” word ’till at least 20-30 games into the season. Clifford is smart, and he’s motivated to win in his contract year, and he KNOWS Lin gives him that edge. Sit back and relax for the time being.

    824. Is that even possible?

    825. Let me remind you there is a player called Andre Iguodala who is the MVP of the championship series. If Jeremy is like him, I won’t have any complain. I figure Lin will accept that kind of role too. Being starter or starting from the bench makes no difference to Jeremy if he gets to play on a championship team. That is what he has told people that he wants to be an NBA player, and he wants to a be a champion.

    826. pray that he is healthy first and not sick like right now

    827. so probably not playing again tonight
      good then I can go watch the giants…easier to choose.
      else I have to run back and forth between my computer room and my bedroom..
      or if it’s nba tv.. flipping channels back and forth.
      imagine mlb for my team is also tonight.. I will go crazy!

    828. probably mean he will likely play

    829. You do not have PiP on your TV? just curious

    830. Lin was never the starter and came here knowing that. This is not even close to betrayal. Its up to him to continue playing well. He doesn’t want 3 or more play maker on one unit. He said he want two on the field at all time

    831. pip???

    832. James Dolan has no reason to feel that Jeremy betrayed him. He was the last PG that the team played and he broke out of the rotation and made his contribution. He was severely underpaid in that season. He was offered no contract. Not even a quailfying offer. He was told to get a contract. There was only one contract available. Jeremy signed that. MJ extended MKG’s contract and Dolan could have done the same thing before Lin became a free agent. He didn’t.

      Did Dolan give Jeremy any other choice? Did Dolan try to keep Lin? The answer was negative. He despises Jeremy Lin and he thinks Jeremy is a flash in the pan even after Linsanity. Rookies don’t start being great right away. Dolan and others don’t even allow the room for Jeremy to grow and realize his potential.

      They just virtually and flatly told Jeremy that he had no potential.
      Now the way that Jeremy has been playing has disproves all these suggestions.

    833. Picture in Picture…Like you can watch 2 channels on one TV with one of them smaller…

    834. you have to pay for that?

    835. No….I do not think so….it just depends if your DVR support it or not

    836. ok thx

    837. dolan was lucky he got him.
      he didn’t even know what hit him even if it was a gold bar..which someone else picked up and left him in da dust

    838. nope.

    839. I think most likely will not play bc coach needs to decide the final roaster. After that they will have more clear picture on position for everyone to go for next season.

    840. Think of it like this:

      If Lin is not started, he’s not the one who will be “betrayed” because he’s gonna GET HIS anyway.

      Besides, more power to the starting lineup if they can somehow not get beaten into the ground in the 1st and 3rd quarters without Lin.

    841. And what’s wrong with that?

      Besides, Charlotte’s starters are so bad that they can’t even beat a depleted Knicks lineup missing its star player and its starting center!

      Lin gets benched? He’s with the better team anyway!

    842. paging stats guru………………..they say that without MKG the defense will suffer….just curious hows the def of hornets without mkg……does the def plummet and take a dip or improved or just average…… thanks

    843. using past results we could predict. but i think that wont be fair…since its new unit…so its really had to say, without MKG playing atleast 10 games with current team

    844. Linsanity! Now I have double vision. More Lin, stat!

    845. The Linjustice stirred up something in us.
      We want to give the perpetrator some Lindigestion when they are finally exposed once and for all

    846. LOL, Oh dear, we all need some sleep. Let’s get our double shot of Lin today to get us through, and hope he doesn’t get linjured.

    847. Is that right ? The will be available ?

    848. ESPN got Lin listed as main SG and Batum as SF now.

    849. ESPN knows nothing haha

    850. they just react to games

    851. Yea. I was just seeing who else they got in depth for PG since Brian might be out for tonite.

    852. lin is probably the back up pg

    853. I think Lin will be 2nd unit PG for today if he plays.

    854. blue jays?

    855. Administration, my homepage isn’t listing this current thread at the top of “Latest Threads”.

      Is there something wrong with my browser?

    856. Whether its true or not, its good to hear that Lin is starting. Lol

    857. The defense will definitely be improved.

      The Hornets have 3 experienced veterans at SF in Batum, Williams, and Wilkins. All 3 of them know how to play intelligent fundamentally sound team defense.

    858. not true

    859. I hope so.

      I want to see Lin run with the bench, particularly Wilkins and Kaminsky and Hansbrough. The bench is stronger than the starters.

      Lin is likely not in full health due to his virus anyway.

    860. Clifford interviewed on nba radio today. He said china trip was good. Lin very popular buy when he went china with yao, yao was a rockstar. Could not enter or leave practice without fans surrounding yao. He had dinner with Ewing, Yao, and lin. He said that was fun.

      The take away basketball wise is batum is important for the passing and movement. Losing MKG was huge because he had a vision of batum and MKG together and being bigger then opponents. ( sounded like he would like someone big next to batum).

      Also said his philosophy is offense should fit the player to place them at their strength. Made me happy to hear that because he will play Lin right but I assume that means things slow down for starters.

    861. What does that mean?

    862. hm, does it mean the game is not broadcasted on TV but he knows for sure that Batum, JLin, Hawes will play?
      It could be a new lineup to experiment

    863. Why no TV broadcast? This game is on LP, right?

    864. As long as Lin’s a Hornet, Steve Clifford can experiment with any lineup he wants and the team will still win.

    865. says chicago is broadcasting it

    866. No local sport tv channel will show the game in Charlotte, but CSN Chicago will do.

    867. Clean out your history then it will work.

    868. It’s not confirmed by team but ESPN finally got one right.

    869. Nice comment from SwarmAndString article
      “Jeremy Lin is a walking scoring machine putting up double-digit numbers almost every night”

    870. Coach Clifford definitey needs that Linning moment every game in the last year of his contract.

      I’m sure he’s very pleased to see how well Lin has performed in any kind of lineup.

    871. Thanks!

    872. Maybe bc it’s preseason so local TV don’t do the broadcast… Regular season will broadcast every game I think.

    873. Yes they will show all 82 games.

    874. Thank you for the summary.

      Coach C said the same thing about envisioning Batum and MKG together. I think he saw Batum as the primary playmaker in the 1st unit (since he shoots 3 better than Kemba) with MKG anchoring the defense.

      But now that he saw how well Lin energized all teammates who played with him, he has a good problem to have.
      He would certainly recognize Lin’s strength to use him properly without running him like Secretariat too much.

    875. We all know preseason games don’t matter but don’t tell me this list of teams above meant nothing.

    876. Every game except for 1 I heard.

    877. And Lamb will UNLEARN those OKC habits.

      He’s alreay getting better defensively and is steadily getting into good physical shape.

    878. Yes – and it would be even higher had Lin not missed last game!

    879. no new game thread or I’m just not seen it on my computer?

    880. When LAL is top 50%, I do worry how useful this number is. 🙂

    881. I’ve been predicting all summer that Batum at SG would not work whether MKG was there or not.

      It doesn’t even work defensively because Batum has no idea what kinds of cuts and decisions SGs make.

      Frankly, Clifford would get more out of Damien Wilkins or Jeremy Lamb at SG than Batum at SG with or without MKG.

    882. not yet created.
      It will be there very soon

    883. I know .. one game Lin didn’t play and we’re all out of sorts lol

    884. Because thanks to the blown out game against the middle eastern conference team.

    885. Always take preseason with a grain of salt. It can be a good indication , but nothing more really

    886. Indication is one of the best sources for future prediction.

    887. Well I think the trend now in the league defensively was so called positionless mode, especially defensively. Last season Golden state was able to have good defense is that they could switch at multiple positions, so that they switch at P&R defense. You might noticed GS had multiple player at different position had the same height, so they don’t have disadvantage when switching.

      I’m pretty sure coach was envision that kind of defense where Batum/MKG/Marvin could switch 2/3/4 position in defense. Now is not possible.

      Lin could defend 1 and 2, but would be really hard to defend 3. But that system dose has limitation with Kemba and AI as they all could only barely defend their own position.

    888. I figured. 🙂

      Curious on Was/Bos/Tor/NYK, these are all teams directly competing the same playoff spots with Hornets.

    889. Why not? All those teams are loaded with young/hungry talents and smart coaches unlike BS.

    890. This is the best blessing
      As a comparison, McHale asked him to forget Linsanity.

    891. new game thread is open

      Will Lin play or continue to rest?

      He’s available and Pete Guelli tweet invited Hornets fans to come watch Batum, Lin, Hawes and others as if JLin will play.
      If yes, it would be great to see JLin in action again developing more chemistry with his teammates.

      If JLin plays, let’s hope we continue to see Kemba/Lin/Batum lineup no matter if they start together or not since these playmakers would be sorely needed to close out big games

    892. Agreed, wholeheartedly.
      Lin “deserves” to be recognized as a starter on this Hornets team when obviously that he’s a very integrated part of this team, one of the big three. It doesn’t matter if he’s going to play more with the 2nd unit – he deserves the recognition (starter play with bench and Not just another bench player). If the Hornets front office is smart and unbiased – Lin will be intro as a starter. I’m sure that’s what Lin wanted too, in his heart. And that’s respects – not just the minutes & production. Let the past be the past, bygone be bygone. “Treat him like a star and he will play like one.”

    893. True. Lol.

    894. True. Lin has starter caliber. No matter how people downplay it, but starters have more weight and respect not only to the casual non-biased or ill-informed fans, but also to the rest of the league/media in general. Of course, not that he needs theirs or anyone’s approval. Everything happens for a reason… MKG’s loss is one of the unforseen reasons.

    895. Don’t forget they “slipped” past the GSW the other nite. Don’t mean a thing.

    896. Lol I was thinking the same

    897. Thank you for using all your strength to not respond rudely.

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