Preseason4 BOS Celtics vs BKN Nets: Missing Brook-Lin PnR

After 2 consecutive losses on the road with Lin or Brook taking turn to rest, the Brooklyn Nets is going to face Boston Celtics in the next 2 games at home (Oct 13) and the road (Oct 17). These are interesting matchups since 9 days later (Oct 26), the Nets will meet the Celtics on the road in their 1st regular season in a game that really matters.

Coach Atkinson would certainly want to see which lineup would match up well against the Celtics starters and reserves without giving up much of their game plans. On the other side, fans would undoubtedly love to see a heavy dose of Brook-Lin pick-and-roll (PnR) to build their chemistry in game environment. Motion offense have been heavily featured in the first three preseason games in order to create a team identitybut Brook-Lin PnR would be in high demand once the season starts so it is time to practice them in real-game situation in the last 3 games.

But it’s unknown if Coach Atkinson still wants to evaluate more players (Yogi Ferrel, Mockevicius, Jorge) before deciding who will go to the D-League.

Another area of concern is the Nets defense who gave up a 20-3 run in the 3rd quarter after Lin rested with 6:05 left. A line-up of Whitehead/Kilpatrick/Scola/Bogdanovic/Bennet was completely outmatched by the Heat starters.

While it is understandable that the coaching staff want to evaluate the final 15-man roster, it is important to establish game chemistry with consistent lineup of the starters especially in the 3 remaining games.

Let’s hope and pray that JLin and the Nets continue to play well and both teams have good health.  Let’s go, JLin! Let’s go, Nets!



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