Preseason3 LAC @ CHA Game Thread

The 3rd preseason game is about to start in Shenzhen, China.
Michael Jordan himself, who is arguably the greatest player, has come back to China after 11 years to promote NBA Global Games and his own team, Charlotte Hornets.

And it has been an honor that MJ has praised Jeremy skills with his penetration/driving ability plus the shooting/passing/energy/PG savvy. Plus he thinks Jeremy will be their biggest acquisition. Will this bode well to a significant role of how JLin will be used throughout the season? Only time will tell but nonetheless the combination of MJ’s accurate assessment of JLin and his financial impact in Asia can only help JLin’s career.

Jordan made specific mention of Jeremy Lin, who joined in the Hornets from the LA Lakers this summer. Jordan saw it a successful deal, “We just got Jeremy Lin, who I think is going to be our biggest acquisition. His penetration, his shooting capability, his point guard savvy, he can really pass the basketball, his energy about the game of basketball something,” Jordan said.
Let’s kick back and enjoy Jeremy’s game to help his teammates to get a raucous reception in Shenzhen, China. Let’s hear the roar for Jeremy like never heard before, Shenzhen!

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    1. 1st ! Good Luck tonight JLin !!! We are proud of YOU !

    2. Good morning from the

    3. This game will cut into my Adult Swim viewing. What should I choose??????

    4. 3rd

    5. Let’s go Jeremy. s/o from the Philippines!

    6. Swim with JLin & MJ sighting for sure 🙂
      DVR anything else

    7. I should have got this ball streams thing a while ago. Seems better than these very lame NBA packages. If you buy NBA league pass, you should be able to watch all the games. The fact they force you to get NBA TV and black out LP for NBA TV games is really getting ridiculous and makes me not want to follow the NBA.

    8. MJ said Lin is the biggest acquisition. It actually makes great sense if you don’t put money first.
      The publicity, the excitement that Lin brings into organization, the morale, the positive energy and the harmony that he brings to the team.
      Suddenly millions of people learn how good a coach, Steve Clifford is.
      Of course, we all knew how bad a coach Byron Scott was.

      Kemba Walker becomes a household name in China because he’s a teammate of Jeremy Lin. My bad.

    9. Not only do they black out NBATV games, but national tv games as well. Which generally means the good games

    10. I’m just aware that they give a nickname to Kemba Walker (Sky Walker 天行者)
      I almost think this is a dream team for Jeremy with so many friends and cheers.

    11. Ok so I got very little of that but Steve Clifford again saying nice things and knowing Jeremy needs opportunity and the ball in his hands to play well.

      Looks like Jeremy commented on MKG being out and that he might play more shooting guard? Also that he just wants to play aggressive.

    12. Watching Bulls and Wolves battling, one is the old basketball and the other is fast and space, Bull leads 18 after first Q. Remind me of BS.

    13. I enjoy what the Hornets enjoy.

    14. And also they do not archive their games immediately meaning you will have to wait up to 24 hours to watch the games if you missed them. LP really sucks.

    15. I wonder what the Clippers must have been missing now.

    16. Players are like “I’m a school kid for halloween”

    17. noticed Hansbrough is pretty nice to Lin, pick him up, and check on him when Lin is on the floor. Love it. Hopefully in the future, if somebody hit Lin, Hansbrough will take care of it.

    18. I like Hansbrough too. I think he’s nice just don’t know about he can be another Ed Davis or not?

    19. Are there videos of the NBA dinner event

    20. Saw a couple fans that took the vids but didn’t know how to move here:-(

    21. link ?

    22. You think these reporters are thinking “How did I pissed off my boss to be covering Clippers instead of Hornets?”

    23. It’s a private fansite. Even if I place the link, you can’t access to it unless you are a member of the site.

    24. This is the part that I find intriguing. Ed Davis has never played with Jeremy before they met in LA, and BS tried to keep them apart, but the two somehow managed to establish an on-court chemistry characteristic of long-term teammates.

      KHuang claims that many on the Hornets are leaps and bounds above Ed Davis, and that may be true in terms of athleticism, potential, and even age. However, I think that these new teammates will need more time and practice to reach the same level of chemistry that Jeremy and Ed Davis shared.

    25. I don’t think they understand each other with only an eye contact just yet. Hope it happens soon 🙂 Looking forward to Linsbrough(?) connection. lol

    26. Ya! Ed Davis really played so well w Lin but I don’t feel the same w Lin’s new teammates have the same connection w him yet.

    27. @disqus_SyuAk23JI7:disqus is Ed Weiland 2.0? He called for Lin/Hansbrough at least two years ago, now not only did it happend, but Hansbrough is quite amicable towards Lin. Really looking forward to the duo.

    28. That makes me cringe honestly…
      What has Kemba Walker to do with Skywalker? Because they both have “Walker” in their name?
      It’s like dubbing myself “The Wing-Chun Master” simply because I share the same surname as Ip Man…
      These Chinese reporters and their poor understanding of the English language LMAO….

    29. Haters in the NBA keep trying to bury Lin’s career, but the massive Chinese market makes it impossible. I hope MJ makes billions by giving Lin a fair shake.

    30. I think a lot of it is the willingness. I could totally see Zeller be Ed this season, he is smart, taller, and faster, and he is able to finish at the rim.

      Hansbrough is great in grab the board, and I do think he has not worked with Lin long enough to get that chemistry, but he is getting better, he has no problem receiving the ball, as long as he get used to receiving the ball, he would not hesitate any more, then he should have good opportunity to score.

    31. HK fans can watch the game on Now TV Channel 635 at 1:30pm Local time today.

    32. I only hope the team didn’t eat anything from the stadium sponsor Chef Kang’s. That brand has extremely bad reputation now in Taiwan when it comes to food safety…

    33. Kemba is a good dancer and he’s very good at dribbling the ball. His TO ratio is absolutely at elite level. Sky Walker can be used to describe someone that walks with grace.

    34. Hmm, am I getting it right, looks like Ballstream will start at 9pm PCT, which is 1.5 hr before the game start…… that’d be fun. Who will stay up and watch the game?

    35. Ya, it says 9pm. I wonder if its just gonna be dead air for 1hr and 30mins lol

    36. good to know. Would hate to see them with the runs during the game

    37. oh, I thought there might be some other special program before the game…..

    38. Ya! Really happy for him. Hope next it’s LF.

    39. Yes good for jerome, finally.

    40. Well man…. I’m not sure if what you said was what the reporter had in mind when he came up with that report. Unless Kemba already have an existing nickname “Sky Walker” for the reasons you explained, I’m pretty sure he was using a Star Wars reference for an unrelated matter… But hey, I’m not surprised at all considering it seemed to be from Taiwanese media….

    41. Oh there might be ! But for an hour and a half, what could it be

    42. Landry Fields is injured at the moment right

    43. Wow! I like the shoes. LOL!

    44. Is there a link to warch the game?

    45. Links are provided above in this thread 🙂

    46. Clever Jeremy… to release the video when he did.

    47. Really? Why Walker asked for it? To put in the car? LOL!

    48. There is a video of Walker asking for it. Yesterday or the day before.

    49. Can we get it too?

    50. I think so. Check w Adidas.

    51. Wow, Lin’s teammates are not only “not jealous”, but they embrace it and have fun with it.

    52. Hornets arriving at the stadium …

    53. is Lin Garden’s sign?

    54. So he didn’t listen to me and choose the other one. (-。-)

    55. Cool, I’ll be able to watch it on bigscreen. Thanks Kwok Wai!

    56. This is quite common amongst Chinese fans. Melo’s been nicknamed “sweet melon” because of the spelling similarity. There’s even a photoshop pic circling around with Melo’s face on a cantaloupe.

    57. Very smart. Then they look like a bunch of Lin fans so people won’t think it’s the hornets. =p

    58. Next video: How to Fit in the NBA with a cool haircut

    59. TH is a team player, not selfish. Hope it rubs off on everyone!

    60. haha, jlins hair game is wild this year

    61. Yes

    62. I think that’s a rookie haze. Just for fun……

    63. Except it’s more classy than BS wacky haze.

    64. Nah, it is also a haze for Jeremy too……

    65. Fractured anything is potentially serious, less so only because it’s not his shooting hand. However, it’ll still affect his handle.

    66. Haha! I guess Hornets will win today.

    67. At least no one’s being asked to wear a fake beard or something. LOL

    68. Keypoints for upcoming games:

      1) Watch Hornets beat Clippers with heavy Lin involvement.

      2) Watch Maccabi Haifa mop the floor with the Lakers.

      3) Watch the Magic beat the Rox.

    69. “Chris Paul fractured his left index finger in practice Saturday and is not expected to play in Sunday’s preseason game against the Hornets.

      The injury is not considered to be serious and Paul will be re-evaluated prior to the Clippers game against the Hornets Wednesday in Shanghai.”

    70. Yeah, even the smallest hairline fracture in left index finger will still take probably 4-6 weeks to heal. Now, CP may be able to just splint and tape it up and not miss any regular season games, but it’s definitely going to make him less effective.

    71. More likely due to a fractured ego being upstaged by 2 mil scrub rental.

    72. Literally adding insult to injury. 🙂

    73. haha, didn’t think of it that way. you might be right. still hilarious

    74. In other news, daddyb…I mean Austin Rivers will also miss the China games due to a mouth injury.

    75. what time is the game

    76. it is light hearted, but still hilarious….. very smart move to haze a rookie

      I think Kaminsky will need to carry it to Shanghai, and I’m pretty sure Chinese reporters are going to ask him more about this, and Chinese fans will like Kaminsky more just for carrying a Lin sign around

    77. in 1hr 15min

    78. thanks

    79. i read on the other site that cris paul is not playing. (fractured finger).

    80. Read from the other side, Rivers is out for both games.

    81. scroll down a few comments, there are more details.

    82. “Austin Rivers is also dealing with a mouth injury he suffered Friday and will likely miss both preseason games in China.”

    83. adam silver, michael jordan, steve ballmer press conference going on soon

    84. Clippers forfeiting the games due to injury?


    86. So who is their starting PG for tonight?

    87. kance against his old team lol

    88. I really like the team’s camaraderie 🙂

    89. probably lance stephenson

    90. according to depth chart, Prigioni?

    91. What? Lance? I thought he’s SG? vs Kemba? Interesting now. LOL!

    92. Kaminsky will have more fans in China than in the US!

    93. check out the press conference on

    94. haha, nba tv is showing todays earlier bulls game

    95. that’s freaking hilarious. +1 for Kemba

    96. boost shoes.. legit.

    97. I am interested in what MJ will have to say about the Hornets and Lin

    98. Newcomer Jeremy Lin targets at being “comfortable” in Hornets

      China, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) — At the center of media attention in Charlotte Hornets’ preparation for 2015 NBA Global Games here on Saturday, newcomer Jeremy Lin emphasized that one thing that he needs to do now is to feel comfortable in the new team.

      “It’s Ok between the team and me. It’s still a little early as the new season will kick off late this month, so I just need to get comfortable, and have some communication with my teammates and coach,” said Lin.

      In 2012, Lin rose to international fame during his stay in New York Knicks with stunning performance, leading the team to a seven-game winning streak. After a short stay in Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers in the following three seasons, he joined Hornets this summer.

      As for his positioning in the current roster, Lin found it not easy to be fluent as someone in the team got hurt, while coach Steve Clifford’s consistency in tactics gave him much confidence.

      “It’s no different from the beginning that he’s going to rely on me to make a lot of plays and be aggressive. Everything that he said is consistent, that’s fine,” he added.

      In an earlier inteview, Michael Jordan, former NBA superstar and the Hornets’ boss, regarded Lin as the biggest acquisition of the team this summer.

      “Really?” Lin reflected when hearing about his boss’ comment.

      “It’s an honor. But it’s still a little early, and I need to improve day by day from now,” he added.

      Kemba Walker, Hornets’ starting point guard, mentioned what he has learned from Lin during the past several weeks.

      “We push each other to get better every day. Jeremy is a very good player, so I’ve kind of learned some things from him,” said Walker.

      “He is a great pick-and-roll player, and I can definitely learn some things in that aspect from him,” added Walker.

      Also as a newly-recruited player, Nicolas Batum could agree no more to Walker in terms of learning from each other.

      “We see each other in the locker room, and have some talks in the practice. He (Lin) is a great guy, and I have the chance to learn from each other in the past couple of weeks,” said Batum.

      Batum spent the past seven years in Portland Trail Blazers, and met Jeremy Lin (in Houston Rockets) in playoffs. From opponent to friends, Batum thought that it well reflected the business of NBA.

      “This is the NBA. You never know who will play with you next season, and will meet different guys,” commented Batum.

      Hornets will play against Los Angeles Clippers, led by Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, in their first match of NBA Global China Games 2015 here on Sunday, with the second game next Wednesday.

    99. The humility on Walker’s and Batum’s part is heart-warming and inspires confidence in the Hornets’ team first philosophy.

    100. I think maybe only the team not Lin.

    101. yes, everything is saying all the right things. If this carries over in the regular season, the Hornets will surprise everyone

    102. I’m cautiously optimistic as Hornets don’t have a toxic player like Kobe or a snake-like tanking commander.

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    104. no other shooting guard now

    105. Lamb?

    106. Me too. Tickets never came through.

    107. is there a live stream?

    108. who is starting tonight?

    109. Is media not to ask any questions about Lin?

    110. see links at top of post

    111. There was not enough time for questions . Between translating from chinese to english and then back again, there was only room for a few

    112. I guess it will start 10 to 15min before game time

    113. Thanks @real_dsb:disqus

    114. Oh my…probably, they being cautious during preseason…not to stretch anything

    115. Yeah, and the interpreter was a bit disorganized and long-winded, which didn’t help.

    116. Hope one day soon they have automatic translation on screen or something
      innovative to cut down translation time. LIt’s the first time I see two
      owners and the commissioner at the same table conducting A&Q Press

    117. Its game time decision, right…hope he plays…else…wish he recovers soon

    118. Ya, he took so long jeez

    119. It was his press conference haha

    120. yeah…that will be cool….the technology is there…but the integration cost is high…we will definitely see it in future

    121. Why didn’t they wear earpiece to have automatic translation and captions to save time. That’s how usually Kpop entertainers operate at their global fan meetings.

    122. With NBA league pass, would you be able watch the games showing on Fox Sports South, but you live in CA or NY?

    123. Good to see all the positive note from MJ, Coach, fans and the teammates. Go Hornets!!!! Go Lin!

    124. The reason on I asked is because the Hornets schedule shows few NBATV games.

    125. They are good sports.

    126. Ask Doraemon for it, it’s call Translation cake… (Honyaku Konnyaku)

    127. Not cake, konjac jelly.

    128. A fast interpreter with quick typing hands would suffice.

    129. Yeah, That!

    130. The way that Lakers lost players like Ed Davis was absolutely unforgivable, given that the team was so much in need of talents. Another tanking year from Byron Scott. Even they might get the draft choice, the player might not even want to play for him because his toxic coaching.

    131. So D’Antoni is working at NBA TV now or just for this game?

    132. Early non-licensed Taiwanese publications referred to them as Translation Ricecakes, misleading many, myself included.

    133. His style of basketball finally skins the old cats alive in playoff games. Whoever is more qualified to give comments of the GSW. Phil Jackson can keep his triangle offense and rest because it’s going to work now in NBA.
      Fancy MDA commenting on Lin’s game in playoff!

    134. Yep, I think the united nation personnel wear ear pieces to hear immediate translation in their own languages. The Kpop entertainers do the same when conducting global fan meetings. The NBA should catch up on this and have immediate translated on-screen captions for tv viewing audience.

    135. I’m haif a sleep but i cant wait lol

    136. lol, get some coffee hah

    137. come on lin, no gel man

    138. everyone asleep have to be quit lol. so ill tough it out. once the game start ill be wide awake

    139. i have nba tv but i also have link if you need it

    140. Jeremy spiked his hair… hmm… this will be interesting 🙂

    141. cool

    142. who is starting?

    143. not lin. coach said he won’t change lineup yet

    144. Gosh that really happens. MDA comments on Jeremy’s game. What more you can ask!!!!

    145. got it

    146. oh really! sweet!

    147. Jlin having the mic now!

    148. lol lins hair

    149. God has prepared well for Jeremy Lin; the coach, the teammates, the team and finally the commentator, MDA!

    150. yeah! started!

    151. Jeremy representing hornets addressing the crowd b4 the game.

    152. I love it! 🙂

    153. NBA TV announcers praising Jeremy: KEY Player.

    154. Game started! Go Hornets

    155. This is historic.
      First game JLin plays in the NBA with Spiky Hair!

    156. The Clippers may try to make as many excuses as they want but the Hornets is going to take them seriously and play a good game against them; a serious game. Ask Tyler does he care whom he is playing against. That makes no difference. Go Hornets. Go Jeremy.

    157. Lets go!

    158. Lol Prigioni starts, Kemba better own him

    159. Both sides…TOs…early in the game

    160. nice fast break from Hornets

    161. Batum and 1

    162. Amazing finish

    163. nice penetration move from KWalker

    164. thought just occurred to me….
      maybe Lin got tired of all the dirty swipes to his head.
      so the spiked hair acts as both a cushion & attention

    165. Great defense from Hornets

    166. clippers defense is not good

    167. Without Paul, Clippers looks bad

    168. And unselfish pass

    169. It will be loud when Jeremy comes in… I can’t wait!

    170. Marvin Williams unwise foul on redick

    171. Whose brick was that?

    172. Clippers leads 12-11

    173. Priginoni never shoots lol

    174. Found it harder to root for the pg in front of Lin because of the team politics in the past. But this team seems nicer, including walker. Finding myself hoping the whole team plays well! Go Hornets.

    175. just made a 3 🙁

    176. If Lin does not start in Shanghai, he will not be starting at 2 this season along Kemba. I think he will start in Shanghai though personally even if he is the bench guy regular season.

    177. here comes the clippers. hornets offense is stagnate

    178. Yes, I like Walker. I dont get the me-first vibe from him

    179. not politics. MJ and others in the team management think he is much better than Lin.

    180. 25 jefferson

    181. Prigioni is highly underrated.

    182. That’s reasonable.

    183. lots of TO today

    184. could be jet lag

    185. I am only interested if Lin finishes games. He’ll come of the bench barring Kemba injury.

      But with a healthy Kemba, will be even finish?

    186. yeah…both teams…probably they are all pumped playing in CN!

    187. Jeremy Lamb is clearly a step slower and he’s definitely not ready yet. He’s an obvious weakness in the Hornet’s defense.

    188. No, announcers were wrong


    190. See a lot of assists for Clippers. CPwho?

    191. Redick having a field day.

    192. he won’t start come season if he does lin will eat up a lot of his minutes. he just isn’t ready

    193. Bring in JLin!!!


    195. its too early to question those…let the team settle down and coach decides with rotations….only then we can evaluate

    196. he already did. except the blond hair

    197. He hasn’t reached that level yet even given him the opportunity. He just needs lots of play time to step up his game. On the contrary, Jeremy Lin would be ready right away. After this game, there will be adjustment.

    198. It was redick. Prigioni has not scored yet

    199. who know…he might color it late in the season

    200. Jeremy is in!

    201. Super Saiyan 4, black hair.

    202. LIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    203. Lin is in

    204. how i wish there was a stream that works for me

    205. crowd roaring for LIN

    206. Super Saiyan mode is on!

    207. anticipating JLin’s 1st score 🙂

    208. Esp when he has the ball

    209. Lin fast brak…first basket!

    210. Score!

    211. JLIN!!!!!!!!!!!


    213. He’s on fire!

    214. Nice SWISH!! Go JLin! 4pts…

    215. Lin again

    216. Loving JLin 4 quick points.

    217. YES!

    218. LIN HAS IMPROVED CONFIDENCE IN HIS SHOT. AWESOME (because his shot is actually better)

    219. nice teardrop from KW

    220. Nice. Hornets on a run.


    222. this unit has offensive power. still have to work out a few things but the spacing is incredible

    223. aaaaand time out!

    224. Lin checks in and closes the gap right away.

    225. So far so good for the hair 😛

    226. Well, Kemba/Lin/Batum together, i think chemistry is not enough there yet

    227. LIn and Walker make each other better.

    228. a little off.

    229. Lin definitely doing better defense than Lamb

    230. Lin with 4 quick points.

    231. CH need to find ways to stop redick

    232. Lin-Kemba seem to find their niche. They need to blend well with Batum and Zeller.

    233. its a little too late jj already hot

    234. promising back court.

    235. now Lin should kick some tail

    236. I like the line up now. They need to swing the ball and let Lin set up for easy shot. Reddick’s job is to shoot, so whoever is guarding him needs to tire him out.

    237. AI got ball kind of far from the rim, not sure whether that got out of his range or not. he is 0-3

    238. surprising headband is not there

    239. Can do with out.

    240. Gel is holding. .. for now.

    241. Kemba 1 Lin 2 Batum 3 please.

    242. Zeller!

    243. ok

    244. the reason one wears the headband is to prevent the sweat mixed with gel flowing into your eyes

    245. great option for pic and roll guy

    246. Lin is not really getting the ball right now

    247. Lin hasn’t touched the ball last 3 possessions

    248. Hornets up, doing well without Lin. He will stay ready when needed.

    249. 4 now

    250. Hornets teammates not letting Lin shine

    251. he is providing the spacing the need

    252. They dont want the Lin to shine

    253. 3 of them was open . they are playing off lin

    254. Now 4 no touch.

    255. Well Clifford did say play as a team, not play through Lin like MDA. We keep hoping for Linsanity, but that’s the past.

    256. yes he is decoy

    257. No cursing, please.

    258. pls stop that…we all know its not true

    259. Not a lot of assists.

    260. Agree. Just letting ppl know who can’t watch.

    261. robert annoys me.

    262. khuang doesn’t know what he talking about. Roberts is a great shooter. I know from watching him.

    263. Brian Roberts wants Lin’s spot

    264. he is a shooter who hits a lot of jumpers

    265. robert shoots a lot for a “pg”

    266. well it’s LIn’s fault for playing 2or Cliffords

    267. 37 pt in first q. Allstar game defense .

    268. that’s his game, jumpers. i seen it for years.

    269. cmon brian roberts is just playing. The team ended the quarter up by 9. Clifford knows what Lin brings to the table.

    270. You are witnessing the development of team chemistry for the Hornets.
      The team effort.

    271. Thanks Josh Smith 🙂

    272. Roberts is a bit too trigger happy for a PG.
      Even if he makes his shots, he needs to get his teammates involved to set up plays

    273. yeah, if Roberts can play back up PG, Lin can start as SG then.

    274. cool. thats me. thanks

    275. This offense is functioning differently than I imagined. Will see how things when the season starts.

    276. He’s not good at making assist. He’s a very good pullup shooter.

    277. does he though? Why isnt Lin playing PG and Roberts playing the 2 since Roberts seems to like to shoot more

    278. thank you lol. pretty greedy plays for a pg

    279. i hate when we get a player who is a scrub trying to be more then he is. thats what robert is. trying to make a name for him self. luckily lamb playing bad will get him on the bench and either move lin back to back up pg or starting sg

    280. Me too. None of the game links are working for me. Get sent to other url’s that want me to download stuff ;(

    281. Clippers know this is Lin’s home court, and Hornets know Clippers’d be targeting Lin so they’re playing off him.

    282. That I actually agree. Roberts seems like a good shooter and Lin is the best passer on the team, but Roberts I think is shorter. so he’s the pg.

    283. more of Miami game.

    284. yep, why is Roberts not passing to Lin, not even once since he came in the game.

    285. I guess he wants to show his values to his team as a sharpshooter.
      It might work short-term but won’t make a strong case as a PG

    286. it is important other teammates get a chance with the ball or effort suffers. Lin is great at recognizing this. Other’s critic Lin for force feeding passes. He was just playing team ball.

    287. not his game. he shoots a lot of jumpers and makes a lot

    288. what the issue is why is Lin not playing ANY PG?

    289. Lin finally tocuhed the ball. Missed jumper. Liked seeing the confidence to shoot.

    290. Nice pass to hawes

    291. Lin assist

    292. Smith is dangerous, big loss for Rockets. Watch clippers comeback with Smith.

    293. Lin is the best passer on this team by far

    294. From the “crafty jeremy lin”

    295. Crafty JLIN 🙂

    296. I don’t like him doing fadeaway when not necessary.

    297. Nice give-and-go between Lin & Hawes 🙂
      Announcer: “Great passing ability by JLin!”

    298. someone better watch josh smith, He is a game changer.

    299. ok i think coach spoke to the team. the passing is better

    300. very smart team

    301. Everyone on this team tryna get their shine on

    302. Exactly.

    303. Better movement after last break.

    304. Butter fingers. Jlin should have had an assist.

    305. Lin had a nice dime to Hawes.

    306. 🙁 bad pass

    307. “You see the Spiky Hair? Mr. Boss said he is a great passer”
      That would be a great line lol

    308. Lin brings a different energy to this team.. he makes everyone want to play better

    309. i love the steve nash probing move lin utilizes

    310. And use both sides of the court. He plays like an SG that brings the ball up the court.

    311. Give it a break. Roberts is scoring without missing.

    312. Clifford gotta take Roberts out bring in Batum

    313. That looked like miscommunication. I thought one of the two bigs under the basket would be there.

    314. Josh Smith adds a new dimension to Clippers. Rox lost big in giving him up to Clippers.

    315. Lin got a china call!

    316. Lin with the bucket.

    317. Join draws Of foul. Then pull up by Lin.

    318. Lin mid range

    319. Lins jumper is wet

    320. Lin ,without hesitation, drained a midrange J!

    321. LIN IS WET TONIGHT!!!!!

    322. It’s more like Roberts is the backup SG and Lin the PG. Lin will run the offense.

    323. Nice d and the bucket.

    324. Lin’s new shot is AWESOME

    325. JLin for 2

    326. They kept giving JLin space to shoot. . He kept making them LOL

    327. I’m pretty sick of the trend of making SGs (Harden, Kobe) into primary ballhandlers. Guards like Clarkson and Roberts have no court vision and should just stick to SG.

    328. OMG LIN!!!!

    329. Loving the confidence.

    330. Poor Lance..

    331. Bank show for Lin.

    332. JLin putting on a show! BANK SHOT!


    334. Kemba cheering for Jeremy

    335. 3 jumpers in a row

    336. Lins on fire tonite.. 🙂


    338. LINSANITY IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

    339. okay, lets take a “hot” minute.

    340. Bank opening on Saturday!

    341. The bigger the moment, the more Linsane it gets

    342. Announcers keep saying lin did well with lakers

    343. oooh Lamb and LIn. Interested in this combo.

    344. Love that the coach given Lin some extra playing time

    345. Griffin 7 ast. This guy is awesome.

    346. lamb was being roasted so idk if he had a choice

    347. they could be talking about his hair 🙂

    348. After Lin tuned his shooting form, he can’t miss.

    349. saw that 😀 looks good

    350. his shot looks good overtime he shoot. lol i remember in houston he would shoot and it looked off a lot even when he made it

    351. Who called the time out? Was it Lin? I hope he’s ok.

    352. Love Kemba’s reaction at the end 🙂

    353. he hit 5-6 FGA = 10pts ;leading scorer

    354. lamb having a long long day

    355. Lin is by far the best player on the team but his teammates still don’t want the Asian guy in control. Lin gets the huge lead, his scrub teammates squander it immediately, lol.

      On the bright side, I’m less worried about Kemba (the first and only guy to jump up and cheer Lin on) than I am about scrubs like Brian Roberts, trying to “earn their next contract.” Know your place, Brian.

    356. the veterenplay good with lin. but robert shoots way to much for me. he did better in 2nd quarter

    357. Hornets pace slowed down a lot more

    358. Not sure what Clifford is doing. On one hand, Lin isn’t playing much PG at all. On the other hand, it’s just preseason so maybe he wants to see if Lin can play SG (esp. with the MKG injury).

      We’ll see.

    359. I don’t think scrub applies well. This team has a lot of talent. Its not like previous years.

    360. unknown would be better description. roberts can shoot but id rater he doing if he is open and after lin touches the ball and pass it back to him

    361. Not sure what he is doing either but there was a big change with Roberts after the break at least which indicates to me that he doesn’t want Roberts to play like that

    362. starters not playing good

    363. al jeferson seem out of place. lamb even more so

    364. Agreed, I like Cliffords goal of sharing the ball, hope he stops habits counter to this goal early and decisively.

    365. Kemba Walker passes aint as smooth as Lin’s

    366. Clifford will slowly realize when the season starts that Lin is just the better overall player

    367. lamb won’t start so that should do it

    368. Clifford will realize he needs to start Lin with Kemba.. those 2 will be deadly together

    369. So far Lamb and Harrison are very disappointing.

    370. i like the lin kemba unit

    371. mj is in the house

    372. That’s most other pg. I’ve seen Lin make passes that usually get a lot of Wow reaction from commentators, but for some reason not when Lin does it.

    373. I wasn’t a fan of either

    374. Kemba start to cumulate TO when he try to pass

    375. he won’t start so its not his fault. when we face clipper he won’t play much

    376. well, if he doesn’t already.

    377. roberts is such a ball hog. (I’m still 15 minutes behind the live feed)

    378. Another reason Clifford should try playing Lin and Kemba together. Maybe next game.

    379. dam

    380. wasn’t there a report that Lamb made like 15 threes in scrimmage. Hopefully he picks up a rhythm.

    381. It gets better.. keep watching 🙂

    382. reddick has 20 in a haif

    383. these players are clueless. ppl are there to see lin and they dont even entertain the crowd.

    384. Starting Line up

      PG/SG : Lin and Kemba
      SF: Batum
      PF: Zeller
      C: Jefferson

      that should be the starting lineup.. plain and simple

    385. lamb is still coping with jet lag

    386. 10 point lead is gone

    387. Batum on JJ now

    388. lamb won’t start so he is fighting for a spot

    389. About time.

    390. I thought Walker was suppose to be inefficient. 10 points on 4 shots. He seems to be doing well to me.

    391. im seeing that now hehe

    392. Kind of disappointed with Lamb though

    393. Walker is a good player.. but he’s a volume shooter.. so he needs someone like Lin to handle the ball

    394. ball hogs miss. Roberts was not

    395. Yeah, but is Kemba making the teammates around him better? Does he put them in a position to score ?

    396. Lamb is not ready for primetime. He’d be good next to Lin, but he can Kemba lack chemistry.

    397. I’ve notice he is trying to play within himself. this team is talented so he doesn’t have to shoot or force shots anymore.

    398. He’s simply out of sync with the entire team. He’s not in a very good condition.

    399. Lamb is -14, smh

    400. Clifford is still confused. Or afraid to make tough calls.

    401. He disappeared.

    402. i didnt follow him later, but he was a stupid player on the …rockets or whatever that team he was on .

    403. Hornets up by 12 at one point, still up by seven before Lin sat, now lead is all gone.

    404. I believe Clifford will experiement with this line up during the preseason once he realizes lamb is not up to the challenge

    405. 4 out of 7, so 7 shots.

    406. Totally out of shape. The air balls from Hornets really disgust me.
      Harrison is a rookie and I can forgive but Lamb is simply unforgivable. How could he start? He is so slow and not in the flow of the game at all.

    407. yeah…that was nice to listen…for a change

    408. Al Jefferson is the most worryingly to me, basically is pretty much invisible so far.

    409. I thought it showed on NBATV. Buy,why i only see “Audio” after I sign in?

    410. he doesnt look the same with all that weight loss.. plus this style doesnt suit his game

    411. I find it almost comical that Reddick has like 21 points in the half. Preseason bball ppl, take it with a grain of salt

    412. must’ve misread the box score, still good.

    413. he don’t get the ball, and when Kemba pass to him, he got it kind of too far out

    414. hornets starters assist to turnover ratio is 4 to 6

    415. I doubt he’s confused. Don’t forget the politics/diplomacy of it all. Can’t yank chains too soon or unity really falls apart.

    416. Hopefully Hornets don’t make the Lakers’ mistake of hole digging 1st unit.

    417. great pass by kaminsky

    418. After JLin made 3 straight shots in 1 min, he didn’t force to drive & assisted Harrison for 19-ft jumper.
      This is why MJ praised Lin not only on his shooting but can really pass the BBall

    419. What? Kemba Walker who’s famous for low TO has 3 TOs already? What’s going on? Lamb seems to be very unhappy since he’s traded to the Hornets..why?

    420. You live in LA? If so, it is black out .

    421. Lin’s form is becoming more of a push than throwing overhead, which seems to have more control to me.

    422. if this was a real game it would be worse vs lamb

    423. Exactly, can’t yank Lamb from starting lineup without giving him a fair shake. If anything, a few more games like this will convince that Lamb’s not ready.

    424. was funny when the annoucner said this is lin’s first NBA game in china. ok.

    425. starters offense not a well oiled machine and really haven’t been all 3 games

    426. How do you know he’s unhappy? He got more play time than previous teams.

    427. i feel like roberts took so many shots yet lin has more points.. funny.

    428. no, I am in NY

    429. Things can’t go too horribly wrong if the boss understands the sports and has got your back. 🙂

    430. My bad but he always looks unhappy…maybe it’s just me

    431. Lamb does seem to sync with the team. His defense is no existent. Harrison is another disappointment.

    432. roberts was forcing it. taking the kind of shots that u can have anytime if you want it.

    433. starters 4 to 6 bench 6 to 2 assist to tov

    434. doesnt it always seem like the bigger the game the better lin play, definition of clutch.

    435. yup….i would give him space to settle down…is still early in the season

    436. Trying to showcase in front of MJ?

    437. We like smart bosses :>

    438. i meant to reply to you but replied to myself below hah

    439. End of first half:
      57 points
      Hornets starters 26 points
      Hornets bench 31 points

      55 points
      Clippers starters 37 points
      Clippers bench 18 points

    440. roberts is already 29 this yea, kinda hard to have much improvement and change of old habits.

    441. Roberts 3/4, Lin 5/6.

    442. Yeah, he has elite software.

    443. Lin helps his teammates to get into sync with the game.
      Brian Roberts just manage to do everything all by himself.

    444. As long as it is not just a lip service (HOU, LAL)

    445. So CP3 got himself hurt and can’t play this game? bummer…

    446. also i think theres pretty good evidence now that lins midrange has significantly improved this offseason

    447. was late for the game but only missed Jeremy’s 1st 4 pts, so i’m still happy *.*

    448. Jimmy Buss never said that he liked Lin, and Jeanie does not run basketball operations. Kupchak’s powers are restricted by Jimmy.

    449. I thought LAC was better without CP3 in the playoff last season.

    450. Coach Clifford gets to play lots of his players.

    451. that martin guy…omg

    452. well, i wanted to see Jeremy murder CP3. hahaha

    453. With Big Al getting older, the Hornets definitely should keep Zeller.

    454. big al looks lost in the offense.

    455. what happened?

    456. It’s exhibition game. So nothing at stake. Prepare for Lin to stink it up.

    457. i mean marvin williams. the guy is lost.

    458. Lets not bring the “Asian guy” thingy..pls

    459. It’s about quickness and athleticism.

    460. no no no, that “c” word is prohibited…

    461. I think Cody Zeller and Lin PNR will be very good.

    462. Both sides play team ball. The Clippers is going to kick the butt of Rox this season!

    463. i read his two blog entries in shenzhen. kemba seems very positive and upbeat.

    464. we have no choice

    465. ok, i saw no martin…still jetlag? old folks cant overcome it fast enough

    466. Refs had money on Rox, game two absolutely fishy, like bad anchovy.

    467. with no one guarding him.

    468. Lin had a good first half. So much great ball movement when he was playing PG, not so much when he was playing SG. Did a good job on defense against Lance. Lance only scored when Lin was not defending him.

      Hornets need to figure out team defense against Redick. The big man needs to come out to 3 pt line and stop Redick. Give the guard a chance to catch up. If the Clippers roll to basket, so be it. Redick’s a better 3 pt shooter than passer.

    469. That’s good and fair.

    470. Second Half started

    471. no Lin.. 🙁

    472. booya

    473. waiting for Jeremy 🙂

    474. Ditto!

    475. if lin got reached in on like that, i bet no foul call.

    476. Lamb hits a 3!!!!

    477. he just knocked down a 3, so he’s happy for now, i guess

    478. lamb’s stroke is really pretty

    479. so much for team ball
      clifford is meh
      hes been doing this brian roberts pg shyt for a while
      its prolly gonna stick

    480. Hornets lost their composure there

    481. that sound so wrong lol

    482. =P

    483. hahahahahahhha

    484. al trying to pass to marvin. just a fail to let marvin do anything.

    485. when marvin shoots, its not even close

    486. With the minute distribution, I’m getting the feeling that Lin may get to close.

    487. He’s getting ready for the Shanghai game.

    488. Jeremy the Closer.

    489. Walker can’t let prigioni start making shots

    490. lamb just cant

    491. Hornets cannot let the guard try to guard Redick without help on the screens!

    492. i think al lost too much weight. he doesnt feel like himself LOL

    493. LOL

    494. its the offense. they don’t wanna slow it down.

    495. but he was their best 3 pt shooter last year! O_O

    496. smh

    497. lamb cannot even come close to keeping up with reddick. and he has height and reach advantage…

    498. Marvin williams is finally out

    499. lin in

    500. lin comin a little earlier

    501. The crowd roars for Lin as he checks in

    502. thank for you fouling Crawford, Kemba. Now Lin can come in!

    503. Watch D improve. Lamb was beginning to remind me of Harden…’s D.

    504. Roar for Jeremy Lin!!!!


    506. that clipper logo on the their uniforms is so blah. just amazing

    507. now Lin/Kemba/Batum, that’s the starting line up it shoud be

    508. no it should be Lin Lam Batum

    509. with lin in there a lot of miss matches happens. stoping lin, kemba, baton, and al is difficult.

    510. i also notice lin don’t play with all much which is probably a good thing

    511. i think TTNN means what the coach would feasibly do.

    512. that’s right

    513. Lets see how it works well.. Lookin’ 4ward 2 its chemistry..

    514. No, should be Lin/Lin/Lin/Lin/Lin

    515. coach afraid to win at all costs.

    516. hahaha…LOL

    517. no Lin Kemba and Batum.. Lamb sucks

    518. It could be that if Lam gains confidence and shoots like Reddick.

    519. Lamb’s D isn’t quite there.

    520. lamb is ok if he doesnt have to act as playmaker. but his defense is horrid.

    521. We do want bigs to feed to.

    522. good defense

    523. It’s easy, just grow longer hair and he could spike his hair to 8ft tall.

    524. Redick’s strength is moving w/o the ball to get open.

      Lin just made it hard for Redick to move freely :]

    525. i love this line up

    526. not a fan of the Jefferson midrange. the Clippers will give him that

    527. see? layup much better, Al!

    528. this line up does look different, better defense, and nice ball movement and player movement

    529. yup….saw that……Lin bring alot to the team

    530. who to stop lol what a conundrum

    531. darn…missed it

    532. al with the no-leap moves haha

    533. oh no Roberts is in

    534. uh, changed line up again

    535. Nice pass

    536. nice run by lin and that pass!

    537. JLin creativity.

    538. wow.. Lin found Zeller under the basket, but amazing reverse layup finish by Zeller!

    539. wow, Zeller finishing! I like it!

    540. here it is …here its is…lol….nice to hear that from the commentator…

    541. jordan move

    542. he has played well

    543. LaoBan watching!

    544. announcer is loving lin’s ancestors now

    545. Asik would’ve lost the ball.

    546. Beautiful smile from JLin.

    547. lin really just needs to initiate the offense.. let roberts bring up the ball but lin call the plays lol

    548. Yes, nice reverse.

    549. How did JLin’s hair still standing?
      That means he didn’t break a sweat?

      I smell an endorsement deal coming lol

    550. Good to see Jeremy’s teammates finishing… no more blown assists!

    551. What kind of contract is Roberts on? I would like to see less of him.

    552. It’s the coach’s call.

    553. good things happen when the outlet from defensive rebound goes to lin

    554. Is it even gel? Permanent gel? 😛

    555. theyre literally catching on

    556. he is close to not making the team. but i think he will. lamb won’t start so still a lot to see

    557. gel would not stay. wax or pomade

    558. Glue-Grease maybe :]

    559. He is basically auditioning to play for the CBA team next year

    560. Big Al is not in game shape and he misses so many shots that he should have made.

    561. Lin at the Line

    562. LOL THE FANS roar at anything Lin does.. its hillarious

    563. Thanks. I see now why he might be playing the way he is other than that’s his game

    564. good d by lin on pierce

    565. Cuz he just used up another jar of gel at halftime.. lol

    566. yep

    567. its strange how the announcers always say ‘mainland china’ instewad of just ‘china’

    568. Politics… Just ignore that part

    569. two part epoxy

    570. Behave! LOL

    571. I know who Zeller reminds me of… An athletic version of DMo!

    572. 😀

    573. zeller doing everything! taking the charge!

    574. i like cody. guy can play. i look forward to seeing him and lin this season

    575. he don’t have the post move though

    576. Nice pass again from Lin

    577. Was that no look pass?

    578. Lin to Zeller again!!

    579. holy moly what a pass

    580. Did the announcer say JLin is undrated?

    581. yes it was

    582. he is

    583. They said underrated.

    584. ME Likey!

    585. all you had to do was youtube Zeller highlights this summer. Wait till Lin starts throwing Zeller crazy lob dunks.

    586. This is why Roberts should stay at 2.

    587. they did

    588. and possibly No-Look Reverse Layup by Zeller 🙂

    589. 33333333

    590. 3333333 jlin

    591. 3333333333 for Lin!

    592. Another beauty of @JLin7 no-look pass to Zeller who finished w/ reverse layup!

    593. lin playing really really well

    594. Toronto game flashback? =) =)


    596. god that was beautfiul….

    597. lin front of mj

    598. 3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333for Lin

    599. Lin for the Win!

    600. leggooooooo

    601. IN YOUR FACE

    602. He’s having a wonderful game. Glad he made that 3-pointer.

    603. @JLin7 went Super-Saiyan draining a long 3!

    604. Lin really upgraded his shooting form. i like it….nice 3 points

    605. That was a Toronto THREE!

    606. JLin got to handle PG the last 2plays. Coach knows.

    607. lin can go back to charlotte now hes done here in china

    608. take that roberts u aint nothing

    609. mj watching all of this lol

    610. Very nice way to slam the door on the 3rd quarter!

    611. yessss…. it’s that long 3 😀

    612. The announcers praised Lin again 4 his crazy performance tonite.. 🙂

    613. sensible comments by that commentator:)
      shocking to hear actually

    614. When Jeremy’s dribbling and running down the shot clock, i had no doubt that he’d drain a big 3!

    615. I was thinking more like 13

    616. Coach Clifford really let his players play their best. They won’t be afraid of making mistakes. Good coaching. Even Lamb has had his minutes to develop. Preseason is about development and I believe the purpose is achieved.

    617. Even-keeled compliments to Lin? Someone pinch me!

    618. man im loving this organization. just having tolerable and even enjoyable announcers is such a nice change

    619. I was thinking… the Toronto three is coming! Lin for the Win!

    620. lin not making any mistake though

    621. pinchy pinchy

    622. pinch pinch, not a dream, we r all watchin’ it.. 🙂

    623. It is kinda scary to hear….its been such a long time since we heard commentators praising Lin

    624. pinch again!

    625. Lots of action!!!

    626. Beautiful.

    627. just like the play was drawn up! LOL

    628. Wasn’t Lin who did the steal?


    630. What a crazy sequence 😀 What a team play showing unselfishness!

    631. team playing team ball today


    633. Dramatic play by Lin !

    634. yes

    635. lots of lot of actions… 🙂


    637. Doc in panic mode

    638. Good on Roberts — enough with the selflish scrub ball. He’s playing teamball now and the lead is growing again with Lin at the helm. Great sharing on that last play!

    639. AWESOME BALL MOVEMENT! holy crap i thought i was watching the spurs

    640. hey man good to see you

    641. Those Hornets passings really mess up the Clippers.

    642. Lin looks really decisive. That’s what’s good about how he’s playing. He’s trusting his ball handling too.

    643. Man, that was a flash of Linsanity with 8-10 passes with everyone touching the ball for the easy finish!

    644. They can beat LAC and most western teams as well.

    645. At Q4 11:30, very subtle, but did you notice Lin’s dribbling control in traffic? He was able to suddenly change the height and speed of his dribble. I see his offseason dribbling practice showing up.

    646. oh, that was just beautiful!

    647. Hehe, thanks! I’ve been chilling during the summer, but it’s good to have hoops back again!

    648. Lin +17, Roberts +18, Zeller +13, Hawes +13
      Lin makes teammates better. LOL

    649. who’s the announcers?

    650. yeah i dont really post except for game threads heh

    651. start gettin’ used 2 it, cuz we r gonna hear it a lot fm now on..:)

    652. Zeller must LOVE Lin!

    653. boxscore says M Williams

    654. ZelLin 🙂

    655. arg, Hawes blowing the point blank against Pierce

    656. That;s the stuff that JLin should manufacture for his Hair Gel Pomade thing 😀

    657. it was a great feed

    658. Hawes benefiting from Lin’s long pass, too bad he was fouled.

    659. doc rivers taking game seriously

    660. lin guarding Crawford amazingly

    661. he’s putting Chris Paul in? jk!

    662. Happy to hear this! (would love to notice it, but haven’t figured out how to watch yet, so following the play-by-play)

    663. Lin’s guarded every SG well

    664. You’re too obsessed with this gel Lindorsement/ lol.

    665. miraculously healed!

    666. lins got nosebleed..:(

    667. oh no, nosebleed…

    668. that happens a lot to lin

    669. ouch, Lin another bloody nose from josh

    670. At least he is smiling.

    671. we know the drill, plug the nose with some tissues, take over the game.

    672. Dragon Blood…is out!

    673. dragon likes his own blood 🙂

    674. Usually plays better after he’s cut. And he’s played really well this game.

    675. MAn, Lin is still smiLin when getting patched up for the nosebleed..
      This guy is tough!

    676. dragon blood sighting

    677. Lin: at least he didn’t touch my hair, then I’d be really mad!

    678. lol yep

    679. You know what will happen when the dragon blood is unleashed.

    680. LOL! Yes!

    681. dam 91 to 78

    682. real tough super saiyan

    683. Announcers cracked a joke: Lin’s nosebleed plugs can go for a large sum on eBay!

    684. That “read-the-flow” Crawford is -21? hmmm

    685. ay, Hawes reminding too many Asik flashbacks.

    686. oh geez. prolly true 😉

    687. nice move by BRoberts

    688. he’s no scrub contrary to what KHuang told you. Can really shoot

    689. Good, move into SG now.

    690. lin with the AI crossovers on Pierce

    691. of course he can still more like a sg. I’ve notice more lin pg second haif

    692. so far…in the preseason…i’m happy with all the players….it will go a long way team bonding

    693. It’s over. 3-0

    694. He doesn’t like the lack of commitment from his team and he’s getting on the refs already.

    695. his FT is crisp and smooth

    696. This Clipper team is much better than last year. The Hornets in the East is going to be formidable.

    697. ive seen him play backup PG on some teams…always thought he was skilled. he also plays with supreme confidence.

    698. Charlotte will win again in Shanghai

    699. This hornets team could contend for a top 4 spot in the East if they play this way all year

    700. Hawes is getting better in game shape.

    701. but Pierce is 37 =(

    702. Everyone has an opinion, i dont think its fair to compare to what we are seeing now being compared to Khuang’s statement…its on different context

    703. Beautiful pass

    704. wowowowowowowow what passing

    705. I really like this Lin-Zeller-Hawes triangle connection!

    706. he knows….whenver he sees Jeremy…goes on panic mode

    707. Lin does not disappoint the fans in China!

    708. nice stretch move by JLamb

    709. Lol Clippers really want the win, putting the starters back.

    710. As soon as Lin stops guarding Crawford (switched to Prigioni), Crawford scores LOL

    711. do you want to bring BScott run the triangle offense?

    712. Lin’s doing all the intangibles to make his teammates look really good

    713. Ping-pong passing, Clifford can coach offense!!!

    714. Hawes??? He stole that move from Kaminsky

    715. Yup, Crawford going crazy now that Lin’s not guarding him.

    716. so much for our “getting enough minutes” worries. J and Zeller have top time on floor.

    717. clifford testing all line ups with lin

    718. ah.. the humanity, noo..
      BScott only thought he has a triangle

    719. Hornet 99 points already, Papa John’s giving free pizza? LOL

    720. Coach is letting Lin play PG in the 4th while Clippers is bringing back Griffin trying to win.

    721. crawford’s rainbow arc again ridiculously nice.

    722. Making good of his promise to Lin.

    723. lol…i cant stop laughing just to thinking about it….double lol

    724. JLamb…getting hot

    725. lin playing great defense

    726. chuck hayes is still in the league?

    727. Griffin and DJ just left

    728. Garbage time now.

    729. Lamb’s defense is beyond sad

    730. yep

    731. yup…dont mind if Lin sits

    732. Hornets bench didn’t let up so Clippers conceded.

    733. was that supposed to be an alley for Kaminsky?

    734. i think lin done after this

    735. Jeremy playing like a 20M guard in front of MJ.

    736. is MJ in the luxury box or courtside?

    737. Bigs need to improve their touch around the basket. But they are expecting and catching Lin’s passes even if they aren’t finishing as well as they could.

    738. sit Lin its scrub time now

    739. Lin’s defense is really good. wow…

    740. Lin’s shot went cold after the bloody nose, but whatever.

      Great game by J-Lin, won easily with TEAMBALL.

    741. MJ likes it when his words are proven true :]
      Shooting, great passing, bringing energy

    742. He started off 5-6 but finished 1-6

    743. also scrub time lin went on cruise mode

    744. No surprise to US

    745. Courtside. He was introduced to the crowd earlier in the game.

    746. i like jeremy playing with zeller, hawes, and lamb

    747. Happens. He’s playing well, getting his team mates looks and playing really good defense,.

    748. Yeah, last thing he needs is another Kwame.

    749. lin done

    750. yes & NIC

    751. No one better than MJ to debunk Houston’s nasty lies.

    752. trying to develop teammates

    753. great game for Lin!

    754. Lin and Zeller are tied as Hornets Top Scorer with 16pts

    755. great great game for Lin…

    756. wow, 7 Hornets players with 10+ pts

    757. Roberts really has an effective forward launching floater!

    758. problem is this rotation & minutes distribution is fake preseason.

    759. 7 players with double digit!

    760. its preseason…comeon…nothing is casted now

    761. The next game is going to be a good game. The Clippers wouldn’t want to lose the next game and got wiped out 2-0 by the Hornets. It’s hard even for the proud Clippers to swallow.

    762. Even someone as slick as CP3 can over do it and lose. Team ball wins.

    763. After the Hornets shaking off part of their preseason rust, this is going to be a good team.

    764. I’m looking at how units play and chemistry. starters had the worst chemistry. needs to be fixed. lin, kemba,big al, and batun lineup shows promise but has ways to go. bench has great chemistry with lin leading the way of course

    765. 6 players!
      great team-play

    766. To be honest, I don’t think they really care if they lose both games. They are in it for the chip this year

    767. When final scores were announced, I noticed how tastefully done the Hornets’ logo is, and how tacky and cheap looking Clippers’ looked.

    768. what’s important is JLin aced his audition in front of MJ and made Coach Clifford look like a genius for trusting him. Noone knows the future but JLin is definitely making the most out of it.

      JLin is always ready for the big moment under the spotlight. I think MJ can appreciate this rare quality.

    769. Tyler is going to play next game. The Hornets has depth in the 4 and 5 but very weak at 2.

    770. I hope he wouldn’t hurt his stats too much while doing that in the regular season.

    771. Actually, seven.

    772. even better

    773. Performance enhancer?

    774. chip or not, nobody likes to lose 🙂

    775. marvin may not start. also lamb “won’t ” start

    776. Chris Paul will play and win the Shanghai game, you know him being him. jmo

    777. JLin’s team game is definitely contagious.

      Crawford 1-man game was unstoppable but didn’t last long.
      But Lin’s game was contagious that his teammates managed to keep moving the ball to extend the lead w/o him scoring much. Great to see indeed 🙂

    778. obviously would like to see more of him with lin

    779. It’s just because Jeremy Lamb is out of sync. IT will take a few game and I believe coach Clifford will give Lamb a few more games to get used to it.

    780. starting unit of all units looked the worst

    781. he will play probably. Hornets will still win

    782. At least the team is Gel-Lin

    783. lin, kemba, batum, and big al unit showed the most promise

    784. Overall very good game for Hornets – entire team plays really well together. Getting better every game.

      Looking forward to the next game in Shanghai..

    785. Being a top scorer and a win, it looked so easy against LAC!

    786. They were ZelLin tonight 😛

    787. lin had few layups but it didn’t matter still got in the paint created shots

    788. Especially Jeremy 🙂

    789. If the preseason is any indication of how Lin is going to play in the regular season.. watch out world.. we are witnessing Linsanity 2.0 in the making

    790. I hope Hornets GM and HC trust and play Lin to win games and advance to the ECF.
      No politics, no lies, just pure basketball cause.

    791. and a bleeding nose to go with the win….that’s Linsanity..

    792. We’ve seen it before when Lin dominated in Taiwan and nobody cared. Let’s wait and see how Lin and Kemba blend to finish together.

    793. You must’ve slept REALLY well, Jeremy did great! 🙂

    794. I was rooting for Jeremy to get another assist, but that Zellers and Hawes ping pong basket made me laugh in delight.
      Looking forward to seeing more of that this season!

    795. ok, swing’s right, i’ll take it, hahaha if you’re

    796. @JLin7 #7 finished the game with 7 Hornets players in double-digits!

    797. Highlights of the game:
      1) Toronto THREE
      2) Ping Pong Pass

    798. starters 10 assist to 8 tov bench 12 assist to 6

    799. He needs to be starting PG (and lead playmaker) for that to happen. And it would happen if given the chance.

      But for now, he can be the super 6th man.

    800. Exactly, these are athletes who are very competitive and they hat losing

    801. You mean 3?

    802. Will Kemba and Lin start the next game together? Would be worth trying. Clifford says he likes Lamb off the bench, and Lin played well at SG (though annoying for us to watch).

    803. And it looks like coach Clifford is actively keeping selfish ball on a short leash.

    804. #7!

    805. Suffice to say that he’s the “anti-BS”. LOL

    806. It wasn’t that nobody cared. Quite the opposite. They cared enough to squash it.

    807. Actually, seven.

    808. that Kemba/Lin/Batum/Zellar/Ai line up really looked good both offensive and defensively. Very nice moves too. Too bad, that was too short play time.

    809. Great reception but why is that cheerleader walking MJ like a grandpa? lol

    810. no, I think Lin had this planned all along, but he was not spiking it during practice to give his hair a grand entrance

    811. Always good to see Kobe take a backseat to Jeremy!

    812. to prevent detail scouting reports for the opponents,maybe. also it’s proven lineup so coach clifford tries other lineups

    813. Yes where he belongs. Muhahaha.

    814. ANYONE have a highlights video yet?

    815. The most dumb thing is why is the #2 guy even trending….

    816. It would be worth experimenting that lineup from the beginning to set the tone.
      Interesting to note that Tyler Hansbrough didn’t play today. I wonder why

    817. lol

    818. ok you’re right

    819. dont worry that lineup will be put into use during regular season

    820. Secret weapon tucked away from scouts?

    821. Some nights it going to be Tyler not playing.. some nights its going to be Kaminsky not playing

    822. Yes i think thats best line up.

    823. lin locked Crawford down 4-12 12 points

    824. Debate the opinion, not the person.

    825. LOL. Dude…it’s the middle of the night now. Yeah, well, I’m greedy too 🙂

    826. What I love about this 2 man play is the MOVEMENT. Hawes is not some big pole who is planted and rooted in the corner.

    827. Lol Austin Rivers signed a bigger contract than Lin this offseason.. ridiculous..

    828. Hahaha, the Hornets are THAT deep!

    829. most ball playing have major lag and back issues after playing.

    830. Clippers set many mean screens that Hornets could learn from.

    831. Lin has guarded Dirk before.

    832. lol

    833. With Lin playing PG, any team can go deep into the playoffs.

    834. at the end had two bigs screening for Crawford.

    835. prophetic. Josh Smith almost took Lin out of the game!

    836. Only 1 complaint for this Shenzhen game ..
      it’s going to be difficult to sleep guessing if the highlight will come out soon or not LOL

    837. lol hated that

    838. yep, I saw Reddick & Crawford & Griffin got lots of screens.

    839. you mean that dude who advised Lin to read the game flow not just about shooting?

    840. Hahahahahaha

    841. yeah, lots of them are moving.

    842. So did many others whose name I don’t even recall. With MJ’s blessings this year’s gonna be a turning point for Lin, away from the Rox/Lakers travesty.

    843. i have tp sleep . lol but want some after game interviews

    844. Don’t need to be so doom and gloom. Celebrate the win and JLin is doing well. Enjoy the win:-)

    845. He had a powerful dad

    846. Touché!!!

    847. Indeed, very good chemistry.

    848. They can’t perform too bad, Clippers players also have their brand.

    849. OKC

    850. Ha”s”.

    851. Clifford just indicated that they are gonna run more plays for Jeremy to get his shots off screens

    852. lol.

    853. Clifford watched lots of Lin tapes, but coaching and watching from courtside is very different. I bet he’s even more impressed now as Lin performed well under pressure (large “home” crowd and boss MJ present).

    854. winning decision

    855. I must say Ze Lin pass was very nice.

    856. Me wants some highlights… because I’m one foot in into getting myself an NBA league pass just to watch these JLin as a Hornet games.

    857. me too :] oh well, I’ll just check in the morning then

    858. just a few more minutes

    859. Get in line. LOL

    860. The NBA TV announcers got 1 thing wrong today. Despite their effusive praise, they said Lin couldn’t sustain Linsanity level of play. They are just wrong about that.

    861. Am watching game via free internet. Can watch archive one pretty quickly from China one.

    862. It was fun to watch a game without dirty politics!

    863. teammates are overwhelmed right now by Lin’s creativity

    864. yup…Jeremy is way better now than during Linsanity

    865. Moved to see so many people up at this hour watching this game (´▽`). Most people would be asleep.

    866. Grade: A++

    867. now and then 🙂

    868. I’m willing to let that slide. They said plenty of positive things and are leaps and bounds above Clyde and Stu.

    869. i think he can but it will be different more controlled. so maybe it won’t be insanity but a mature veteran version like he is playing at the moment

    870. Actually, “most” people are in China and far from sleeping. 🙂

    871. yep

    872. LOL Welcome to the other half of the world:-)

    873. BallStreams is much better, trust me. Too many blackout dates for LP

    874. 4 pm right??

    875. It wasn’t Lin’s first NBA game in China?

    876. I thought they don’t take new accounts anymore?

    877. its 4AM here. and u crazies are also up!

    878. Yes, boooo!

    879. I bet he’s impressed w/ JLin’s instinct to make broken plays into such beautiful passing game

    880. Can I have the HD game downloaded and do some highlight reels like Blaiyan does?

    881. who sleeps these days anyways 😛

    882. Why is 10 a forehead?? ( ̄ー ̄)

    883. I know how u feel now :]

    884. LOL it’s 6pm here in Brissie:-)

    885. Compare that to Byron scotts. “We need less pick and roll..”. oh man Charlotte is like heaven compared to that dumpster fire of a team

    886. I’d like to do some highlight reels for my viewing pleasure.. can I download the HD game from those free sites?

    887. No blackout dates for international LP.

    888. most of East Asia is about 4pm now…so not going to sleep anytime soon…

    889. 10 is Kemba! 😀

    890. hm, not too sure about it. No easy option for sure

    891. How long is the queue now? hahaha

    892. Woot woot! Best bedtime story I’ve had in a long time…sleep happy tonight!

    893. CAN’T MISS .

    894. Coach Cliff is in love with Linsanity.. Mike D’antoni 2.0

    895. My time is 3:10am now! Lol!

    896. I tip off my hat to you, man :]

    897. Because now the Kobe hype is all about …. Will he finally retire ?

    898. you can get around blackouts by changing your IP address… to out of market for that game.

    899. and is there a fast pass line?

    900. How about me? My time is 3:00am!

    901. I found a good stream today
      Try that next time

    902. Don’t think they meant any harm. They were most likely refering to the Linsane numbers he was putting up back then. They had heaps of praises today while mentioning of bad situations he was in with previous teams plus they project he’s gonna have a great year!

    903. Good news, though it’s late for 3 seasons.

    904. erm…old people? Actually, I’ve always needed my 8 hours 🙂 But I’m sure some on-fire devotee is gonna have those highlights done in about another 15 minutes. A Taiwan Lin Garden fanatic?

    905. I think dantoni told him to let lin play his game and he will win games for you.LOL

    906. send us the full interview please

    907. No idea. I’ve watched the first couple archive games a little as I missed some of the good quarters of JLin.

    908. clippers put deandre and griffin to make sure it wasn’t too much of a blow out

    909. Good to have MDA & Silas close to Coach Clifford’s ears.
      MJ’s comment can only help :] Good times indeed after 3 tough years for us & JLin!

    910. Very impressive play by the hair tonight 😛

    911. My dirty socks bin is like heaven compared to BS-land.

    912. I doubt there is one. 🙂

    913. sincerely hope so! Recognize the cornucopia of opportunity!

    914. For a change this is one of the best announcers that I’ve heard in the past two seasons that I’ve watched. No dissing of JLin at least and giving him credit as he deserves.

    915. great nickname

    916. Lin was deceptive once again. He made us think he was going bowl cut/mop top, then went into super saiyan mode for game time!

    917. I’m joining you sleep-watching soon :]

    918. LOL LOL

    919. He actually said he’ll be sporting the headband for the season at media day but i guess headband no longer needed.

    920. Jeremy is probably gonna be on soon

    921. Jeremy is on live

    922. Best line from announcer for JLin hair: “All kids in China will want to get the Jeremy Lin Hairstyle soon!” lol

    923. Inshallah. From your lips to God’s ears, as they say.

    924. D’antoni live on NBATV

    925. after game interview pic

    926. we’re not as IT savvy as you =)

    927. Quite amazing the “spiky” hair stays up throughout the game…not sure if he re-gel during the break…

    928. Not a big fan of the translator…

    929. There’s this espn 5thirtyeight predicts that Jeremy’s production will gradually deteriorate..smh

    930. Yay Jeremy on NBALive interview!

    931. I am so awake now n probably stsy till morning then go to bed, 3:17 am now!

    932. Good thing Jeremy has switched to Mandarin, cuts down on translation time.

    933. They’re asking him about his hair. lol.

    934. YAY

    935. Two additions to Clippers are going to help them to defeat the Rockets this coming season.
      Pablo Prigioni and Josh Smith.

    936. Hornets almost looking they are already playing at mid-season form. Once they gel they are gonna be something fierce in The Eastern Conference. They have some really good passers.Lin looked great, the whole team played well. Lin is playing solid defense

    937. LOL Good to know. No complaints for y’ll. You only have to suffer for 2 games. Unlike us, we are suffering for the whole season esp now back to East. It’s even harder to watch the games for me now:-( Why it happens when JLin is going to have a good beyond Linsanity year!!!!!

    938. Not to mention that they took away Josh Smith…FROM the Rox! LOL

    939. LOL Tell me about it. How many restless night I had to suffer since JLin has signed with Hornets.

    940. So far, @JLin7 1st place in NBA Pulse. #BuzzCity @hornets @HornetsPR #HornetsChina— Librafree (@Librafree) October 11, 2015

    941. If Jeremy gets ballhandling duty whenever he’s on court, Hornets will get between 4th and 6th seed in EC.

    942. The HAIR? As opposed to the beard?
      Wow, this rivalry can become interesting!

    943. JSmith didn’t get a raise for outshining Haren in the playoff, LOL.

    944. Both were from the Rockets last season.

    945. Jeremy is really a star player if given permission. He just needs a team who really trust in him and ball in hands to create.

      I didn’t like Hornets when Jeremy wasn’t on floor.

      Kemba is good, good in shooting, good defence but he’s too slow and he’s not creative enough;

      Al wasn’t good at all.

      Clifford. He’s not good. Maybe defensively he could be a good coach but offensively relies too much on players. Several times ball gets sticky and everyone is waiting the ball without moving.

      If Clifford thinks to rely the team on Kemba and Al will fail. Charlotte need ball in Jeremy’s hands. If they don’t they will fail.

      I would’ve preferred some losing games to see if they bounce back. Problem is if they start to lose on games that matter.

      To me this could be a perfect team for D’Antoni.

    946. This interpreter, while not great, is already a lot better than the one at the presser.

    947. They got rid of him not sure is because of that.

    948. I am pretty sure.

    949. yes, there are places you can download game videos. but they may be delayed, and others will have posted highlights by then.

    950. I thought he’s the same one?

    951. Eryn Gradwell Wants a PIECE OF JEREMY.. hahaha she wants some Linsanity!

    952. I don’t agree on your comments about Kemba Walker. Lin and Walker played well together. Walker has had a very good game too.

    953. what happened ?

    954. she was checkin our boy out

    955. VIP coming thru, VIP coming thru….

    956. The Rox is going to regret that! I’m sure. Losing these 2 veterans would be absolutely viral for their postseason games.

    957. when , where ? link ?

    958. Very Insane Person?

    959. link, pic or vid

    960. Can you give me yours so I can Ping it….just kidding. ( ̄ー ̄)

    961. Blake and Jeremy go back to ASG 2012.

    962. I watched second half and I didn’t like him.

      But, probably, is Clifford’s playbook who’s not good offensively.

      I too think Jeremy and Kemba can play really good together.

    963. go watch the postgame

    964. I don’t think most of those were against Lin. I only remember one shot by Crawford on Lin near the end of the 4th quarter.

      Lin guarded 3 players: Stephenson, Crawford, Redick.

    965. I think Clifford wants to start lin at SG. He knows that lin could help kemba’s game. It;s the 1-2 punch like the splash brothers.

    966. oh this same girl who intereviewed Lin when he’s on the LAL.

    967. Again?! Well, he’ll be ‘splanin’ that a zillion times.

      Funnily enough, it’s growing on me. Maybe it’s not actually the hair…it’s just Jeremy. He looks like a whole other level of confidence and complete comfort in his own skin, and that’s very attractive.

    968. Jeremy is on live NBA

    969. How can he forget the alley oop. UnBlakeable 😛

    970. Ah memories..

    971. Yeah Lin and the the big men in the Hornets are going to gel pretty soon too. Those Alley Oop dunks would happen often.

    972. I think he’s the same one bro

    973. You see thru everything.

    974. I am not knocking clifford. I actually think he wants to put lin in starting lineup as a SG

    975. you too! lol….we are crazy lin fan for sure

    976. Hornets has more depth at PG than SG.

    977. LOL

    978. Lin needs to feature Blake in another youtube video. Blake is a funny guy too.

    979. Charlotte Hornets have some really talented players.

    980. Yep, that’s why they want lin at SG

    981. And dont forget the 3s…they wont win playoffs!..sigh

    982. Well if you scrutinize it, Jeremy is at the depth of both guards.He’s the swingman guard.

    983. I really think Lin + Kaminsky combo is nice.

    984. go go go…go to bed now…when you wake up, hopefully there will be one

    985. Tony Parker sounds so sincere, with that smile on his face.

    986. I feel bad for you East coasters. Pacific time makes this very doable.

    987. Anyone got the video for this interview ??

    988. thanks! I actually hadn’t seen that video before!

    989. TP sees himself in Jeremy #GameRecognizesGame

    990. I like both Zeller and Kaminsky, hopefully Hansbrough meshes well too.

    991. well it’s almost daylight now. it’s definitely worth staying up.

    992. Stupid Rockets and Lakers killed what should have been a very good 3 years, bah

    993. You have no idea.

    994. I agree,plus he added the earrings.LOL

    995. They need more depth than Lin at SG. Lin might have to play too many minutes.

    996. Hornets vs. Clippers – NBA Global Games (Shenzhen, China) Full Highlights

    997. Well good spot for staying up thru the night to watch this game:-)

    998. Yeah, I saw this but waiting for a better version 🙂

    999. WOW so quick! Thanks brother!

    1000. There’s another video of “The Jeremy Lin and Brake Griffin ASG 2012 Show” wherein Blake goes,”What is your third thought when you were told you will play this game?”. Seems like it was taken down from YouTube.

    1001. The Hornets have depth almost in all positions except at SF and SG.

    1002. many here been haunting for one….had no choice…need to fulfill the hunger 🙂

    1003. fastfood vs. full course meal? lol

    1004. How come it’s B & W???

    1005. really?!!! you no JLin fan!

    1006. Waiting for Christine’s. BTW, just found out that Dawk Ins got canned by Youtube due to copyright infringement.

    1007. I tip my 2nd hat to you too lol

    1008. JLin: Thanks to all Shenzhen fans who support us. Glad to see my #1 fan today!

    1009. I think it has been a while but there are other channels that are similar to DawkIns or he created a new channel.

    1010. Awwe. Proud mama.

    1011. you mean she wants Jeremy Linside her?

    1012. Without his parents’ unreserved support (VERY uncharacteristic of Asian parents towards professional sports), Linsanity would’ve never been. Cheers for Mama Lin!!!

    1013. mama *.*

    1014. to avoid copyright issues, I guess….

    1015. wonder what’s Jeremy wearing with the chain? the pendant that i gave you? #joke *.*

    1016. It seems that Brian Roberts has a really nice stroke but he doesn’t create very well. It would make much better use of his catch and shoot skills if Jeremy runs the point and he plays off of Lin. Am I wrong on this?

    1017. OK.

    1018. Nothing wrong as long as Jeremy runs the 1.. that’s guaranteed 🙂

    1019. Ah makes sense. Smart.

    1020. She is definitely the unsung hero!

    1021. I really think the coaching staff just wants to see how Lin plays as the 2. That is why Roberts is running the point for the time being. I think they believe themselves that Lin is better at 1

    1022. I think he actually wants to start Lin at PG but knows he might get fired for trying to win.

    1023. What’s going on with Blake’s eyes? lol.

    1024. Jetlag. Lin is actually holding him up.

    1025. LOL He enjoyed an itch scratch from JLin:-)

    1026. How nice of Jeremy lol

    1027. you are 100% right

    1028. Blake needs some time to get used to the weather in Asia? 🙂

    1029. This is my favorite moment of this game. Jeremy hitting the mid J and teammates, esp. Kemba, cheering and being happy for him.

    1030. applying Chinese kung-fu pressure points…you can actually immobilize your opponent…

    1031. Is that Batum standing on time of Jeremy jumping?

    1032. ANDREW FUNG ‏@andrewjfung 2h2 hours ago
      HORNETS HAIRCUT REPORT: Lin has a huge, AZN mohawk, Hawes has a manbun. Cody Zeller with the floppy,receding hairline cut.

    1033. So deadly. lol.

    1034. Zeller could learn a lot about receding hairlines from Lebron.

    1035. NBA new rule, no martial arts allowed on court.

    1036. Wear a headband.

    1037. Yeah Lebron give him a coupon for Hair Club for Men,LOL

    1038. No kidding….I copied this from manga-wiki….Pressure Point Attack (圧力点攻撃) is a technique which, by touching or hitting weakly certain pressure points on an opponent’s body, can incite effects such as paralysis or knock the opponent out. Enough prolonged pressure on the pressure points can also kill the opponent.

    1039. You know what else is deadly? Jeremy’s spiky hair lol.

    1040. Rules are meant to be bent and broken.

    1041. For what? 3 point shoot out? H-O-R-S-E?

    1042. To back up Jeremy at PG because he will be the starting PG in the All-Star, duh. LOL.

    1043. Is that what they are teaching in schools nowadays?

    1044. good aggressive move showing off his strength to nudge off defender who was trying to crowd jlin

    1045. Did Clifford release some gas? Looks like Lin smells something fishy.

    1046. Yes, at the school of hard knocks.

    1047. I really enjoyed watching a live game on a Sunday afternoon for once. : )

      Anyway I am really happy with all 3 games so far. I don’t see Big Al or Batum whining about not getting enough of the ball. Jeremy seems unstoppable. Getting consistent minutes and into rhythm. And the team seems to be playing well of him. Once they learn to expect his passes he should easily get at least 6 high quality assists a game.

    1048. I think this is when he got the bloody nose.

    1049. You win,

    1050. Yep That’s very true. The only turnover he had was the miscommunication between the two players under the basket. The person didn’t anticipate the pass from him.

    1051. Doc must have said something funny to Jeremy.

    1052. The only reason Clifford plays Roberts at 1 and Lin at 2 is because Roberts is too small to play 2. Lin is always at his best when he gets to initiate the offense. If Clifford can see this, he should let Lin play 2 on defense and 1 on offense and Roberts can bring the ball up-court.

    1053. She’s pretty hot but I think she has a boyfriend not that that really matters lol but our boy is too religious to hit that.

    1054. They are definitely playing teamball. So many guys in double figures. They actually made it look easy to beat the Heat and the Clippers.

    1055. Yes indeed. Really like the team. Only in the first half, Roberts ball was a little bit sticky but it was corrected pretty fast. That was great! It’s so different from what I’ve watched in the last two seasons. Teamball is definitely more fun to watch than isos.

    1056. LOL You are still up???? Too pumped to sleep?

    1057. Actually, it’s called 點穴.

    1058. Don’t insult your dirty socks unless they’ve been kicking BS cow pies. Lol

    1059. Dawkins comes through! Wish he had included that spectacular ping pong pass sequence under the basket that Lin initiated, though it wasn’t an assist.

    1060. I think you’re right, just found FreeDawkins. 🙂

    1061. I remember him saying as much, that Jeremy reminds him of his early days.

    1062. Yeah, teasing him with cookies.

    1063. I was listening while reading comments here, there was another guy whose English is better. Maybe offscreen.

    1064. Imagine what Jeremy and Harden could’ve accomplished if it wasn’t for stupid Morey and McHale.

    1065. There was another guy offscreen with a more Americanized accent.

    1066. And joined the rank of Patrick “James we gotta share the ball” Patterson.

    1067. God’s willing. 🙂

      Heard that A LOT when I was in Egypt.

    1068. Ever heard of the Great Wall? End of the queue is around that corner. LOL

    1069. Comedic effect?

    1070. I’m pretty sure Christine will 🙂

    1071. The elusive dragon blood, restores health to full bar. LOL

    1072. I was about to but wanted to check in last time 🙂 I guess I’m going to the afternoon church service. lol.

    1073. That’s right! Poor Prigioni getting kicked around, and he ain’t even Asian!

    1074. Thanks. Featured 😉

    1075. It’s team play like this, reminiscent of the 80’s 3 on 2, that I really enjoy watching.

      Here’s the clip, courtesy of JLinNation, from a different angle.

    1076. LOL Ok. Am going to bed early tonight as I’m going to have a long day tomorrow:-) Will probably stay for another 2 hours and off to bed:-)

    1077. Ah typical of some men to protect their hair…

    1078. Based on highlights below, the plays I like are:

      1. That JLin-Hawes 2-man game at 0:40.
      2. That bounce pass at 2:08 and backdoor pass at 2:18 to Zeller.

      Since the J-Ed has been disbanded, I’ll look forward to the J-Zeller this season.

    1079. Based on highlight, the plays I like are:

      1. That JLin-Hawes 2-man game at 0:40.
      2. That bounce pass at 2:08 and backdoor pass at 2:18 to Zeller.

      Since the J-Ed has been disbanded, I’ll look forward to the J-Zeller this season.

    1080. Jlin n Walker played in NY Knicks during Linsanity time!

    1081. The preseason trend continues: Jeremy gets tops minutes of the team, three games in a row.

    1082. Not LED anymore, now ZELLIN? We need to figure a name for those two.

    1083. Blake should just come to the Hornets and play with Lin. Be nice to play with a laid back pg ;-).

    1084. I’m not sure if it is so much Clifford as it is his roster. He recognized they had a shortage of playmakers so he wanted Lin and Batum (last year of contract). He convinced Lin he knew what Lin could do on the court in the proper environment. I think he understands the offense just no one to execute it as good as Lin. MDA is an offensive genius but he was losing badly in New York before Lin. Didn’t have the right players for the offense. Maybe they played slow last year because he just fitted the offense to his roster.

    1085. gotta give some props to old Kobe. Not even playing well, sometimes not even playing and always in the top 3 of NBA pulse. Kobe will go down as one of the greats. For his own psych I do hope he stays healthy and has a good final season. Could’ve been special if he had let Lin control the offense.

    1086. Is there anyone who is still badmouthing Kemba Walker? You are not welcome here.
      Kemba is a great teammate. I’m happy for Jeremy.

    1087. I think Clifford needs to work something where Lin gets Al Jefferson some easy baskets from time to time. This new offense doesn’t suit his skill set. Important to have Lin get Al the ball in some QUICK post ups near the basket so Al Jefferson stays engaged with the team. He seems like a good guy too.

    1088. Like sabonis, should’ve come over in their prime.

    1089. nice gig

    1090. Universal consensus agrees with you. The media was rough on clippers when they unveiled the new logo. Billionaires can’t be perfect at everything.

    1091. I actually like roberts as a shooter. another poster had a great idea. roberts plays 1 and Lin as 2 on defense but switch roles on offense: Lin as 1 and Roberts as 2.

    1092. If Clifford is serious about running more plays for Jeremy to get his shots off screens, we will be seeing Jeremy FG% level Curry’s and the Hornets are legit championship contenders.

    1093. Now we know why Windows Phone and Windows 8’s Modern UI tiles were so godawful ugly: Ballmer’s sense of aesthetics, or the lack thereof.

    1094. Really thanks Lin’s Garden. LOL!

    1095. I suspect a lot of teams are going to experience that. Demoralizing when the Asian led 2nd Unit is killing your team.

    1096. No, that was Henry Walker not Kemba.

    1097. I like this video better though you have to watch the NBA League Pass advertisement first.

    1098. It would really help Hornets if the coach told them to pass to Lin after the rebound on fast breaks. That’s where he is most dangerous because he can fire a pass down court, go all the way himself or drive and dish for EASY shots.

    1099. The play was defended by Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordon. They just couldn’t defend this kind of passing.

    1100. Never have seen someone with so much fun nose bleeding.

    1101. Was the crowd’s roar for MJ louder than for Jeremy?
      I thought I heard the crowd just roared everytime the Hornets’ player scored. Can’t really tell if Jeremy received the loudest applause…

    1102. yep

    1103. Understandbly. MJ is GOAT.

    1104. Prigioni has been so underrated and Josh Smith played so incredibly well for the Rockets
      Rockets giving up these two to the Clippers, will be their biggest mistake this coming season.

    1105. Or you can just get an adblock and only watch the videos that you want.

    1106. LOL ditto We all love it.

    1107. True. But w/o Lin, the media will be all about Clippers not Hornets.

    1108. LOL, I think if Clifford really wanted to be honest he would just tell the team:
      1) Always pass the ball to Lin.
      2) Wait for him to pass the ball back to you
      3) If open shoot the ball, If covered go back to step 1.

    1109. Indeed. Hornets are really lucky to have signed Jeremy at such a cheap contract.

    1110. Veterans like Spencer Hawes are smart to recognize the Lincredible impact if they gel with Jeremy on and off court.

    1111. For those who missed the game can rewatch it here.

    1112. never beed to be 2nd to mj lol

    1113. just checked wikipedia and found out that Hawes is same age as Jeremy…lol

    1114. In all team dynamics with liked mind athletes who wants to win a title, leadership is won on the floor and not by coaches or dictates. Clifford doesn’t need to tell people to do these things. A true team leader leads by example of talent, skill and selflessness. Lin can make it happen on his own if the team from the top down wants to win as a team. The real problem is that Lin has been on teams with egos that want to win only for their own glory. Melo, Harden and Kobe don’t care about team wins only that they are the fake leaders.

    1115. Is this like JLin’s mohawk?

    1116. Lin kept passing, and the team started to pass after the 2nd timeout….I guess they know….lol

    1117. Jeremy -11 Jeremy +23 which Jeremy is which????

    1118. Even somebody like me who only started watching NBA understand after Linsanity understand the recipe of winning basketball — pass the ball and play teamball.
      GSW didn’t win the championship by pure luck, right Master Yen?

    1119. POC
      Lamb -11; Lin +23

    1120. Lamb couldn’t guard JJ. If Lin really becomes starting SG, can Lin guard JJ? Lin is not tall enough?

    1121. a 30 point difference on the same team

    1122. jj is 6’4…. lin 6’3

    1123. Well….you have 80’s and 90’s hero ball dominating ppl’s mind……LOL

    1124. Jeremy has defense on most SGs…Harden has the victim of Jeremy’s elite defense hahaha

    1125. Lin was guarding JJ for the past few seasons…I do not think Lin had troubles guarding him at all

    1126. Lin is also so lucky to finally find a team of players that wants to win as a team instead of having fake anointed super stars like Melo, Harden and Kobe.

      Lin got paid a “ridiculous” and it was money full of thorns. He declared before free agency that he wanted something different. He went for substance instead of money. Was it luck, not IMO.

      I keep reminding people that the max contract means nothing to Lin. He wants to win because that’s far more important than fame or power or even money. The real truth is that by winning, he’ll command so much encirclement money that it will make a max contract seem like chump change. 20mil is nothing compared to 100mil in endorsements.

      Andre Agassi signed with Adidas/ Head rackets because they gave his foundation money for his charter schools. Once Lin wins big, he can then can command money for all his charity’s.

    1127. But SG normally is taller than Lin & it’s even more hard to guard. That’s why Lamb got lots of blame for not be able to guard JJ. Not sure if Lin moves to starting SG then…..?!

    1128. Lamb’s failure was not about height…it is about effort and IQ

    1129. those are BS..hahaha

    1130. lins defensive technique was on point today. i think for his foot speed against pg its a bit slow but against sg its pretty quick

    1131. Haha! So you think Lin will be OK to guard most of the starting SG? What do you think why coach wanted Lin to be SG in 1st half?

    1132. Good. Somehow I got the feeling that coach wants Lin to be SG….?

    1133. I think that is the only vacant minutes that Lin can take so far….given the roaster…

    1134. idk, clippers set a lot of screens. I recall JJ and Paul getting open shots away from Lin with all the screens clippers use.

    1135. idk if it want but the wanted to see if he could do it and he has shown he can

    1136. Well….that will happen to most wing defenders anyway….it is all relatively speaking

    1137. to roast peanuts or chicken? =P

    1138. They were actually playing faster than 2000’s…..but I guess the medias back then was more focused on a few stars…unlike now. So…some kind of confirmation bias was formed.