Preseason2 BKN Nets vs NY Knicks: #Togetherness

Togetherness. Great ball movement. Nets players with locked-in arms around their shoulders during the national anthem to promote unity solidarity and compassion. These are the resounding theme from the Nets Preseason Game 1.


The young Brooklyn Nets team passed their first test by winning their first preseason game 101-94 over the visiting Pistons. Every win is important despite the well-known mantra that preseason games are usually meaningless. The young Nets experienced the first game executing the motion offense against a well-coached Detroit Pistons team and gained the much needed confidence to know that they can compete with a more experienced NBA team.

It is notable not only because the new face of the franchise, Jeremy Lin, can produce an offensive outburst with 21pts (5 3s) in only 17 min to lead the Nets. But it’s also encouraging to see how the Nets starters can respond quickly after a slow start. Being down 6-14, the Nets took a timeout and made a quick 7-0 run in merely 1 min 23 seconds to make the game competitive. The young team is ways to go before they can find chemistry to find good positioning and spacing but nonetheless, it was a promising start to see all the Nets were committed to run the motion offense and play hard on defense.

Notables: Despite the hot shooting 5 3s, the Nets announcers also highlighted JLin’s true strength and craftiness in driving towards the rim to either score or pressure the defense which will open up opportunities for his teammates.

The second test against the big brother and rival team NY Knicks would be harder on the Madison Square Garden. Lin always relish playing against his old team and for the MSG fans who appreciated him during his short Linsanity run in 2012. It’s evident that Lin’s team got the number against NY Knicks since 2012 with 7 Wins-3Losses record (7-1 if we exclude the LA Lakers tanking season). But can he inspire his Nets teammates to perform well under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden? A win would be huge to instill more confidence in the regular season games that really count.

Let’s hope and pray the Nets can continue playing together in their first preseason road game and be healthy throughout the season. Let’s go, JLIN! You can do it!


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  1. Hehe 1st

  2. The emperor strikes again :]

  3. Jeremy Lin running for 2017 MVP this season ?? Challenging Kawhi Leonard, Westbrook and Harden.
    I’ve pondered about this for quite some time. This Season IS the Perfect Storm with Atkinson/Lin and his Linsanity Prime (four long seasons in the shadows). Deep down, I always believe he’s a Better player than James Harden. If Harden can led the Rockets… So, can JLin with this Nets team.
    It’s possible especially when I believe he CAN lead this Nets team to 50+ wins. Anyone care to join me ??

  4. Nice JLin superimposed picture of hanging on the rim (his pre-game ritual) on the final score of Preseason Game 1 vs Pistons

  5. if the nets win against the knicks then all is possible but still too early to say tbh

  6. It’s possible but I don’t want to set the expectations way too high since it will be hard to surpass it 🙂

    My moderate guess is 30-45 wins depending on how good their team defense plus good health for the Nets players.
    But I’m happy to be wrong if they can reach 50 in the 1st year ?

  7. Your starting PG #7 … from Brooklyyyyyyyn Netss!

  8. I know it’s possible. A look back last season: JL7 outplayed the Spurs, Raptors, Blazers, Celtics with his Hornets teammates. Those are top teams and it’s no fluke. He can carry team to tough wins.

  9. Yes, it’s first year but it won’t feel like First year for Atkinson/JLin/Brook/RHJ/Kilpatrick… I think the opposite – Set higher expectation so they believe what they’re capable of. I think Coach K & JLin will set the right tone – Played all out with every games.

  10. Knicks is going to be in deep trouble!

  11. Nothing is impossible, but I will be exceedingly glad if Jlin makes all star.

  12. Most teams play all out with every game. I am sure GSW, Cleveland and San Antonio will do the same.

  13. Unacceptable….grats.

  14. i think that foye played very well for the first game – and hope he and the team continue –

  15. hope the nets do beat the knicks – did you hear what carmelo said? ” believe it or not” – couldnt the guy just say something nice –

  16. Let’s go Jlin!!! Spank the New York picker snotters !!!!Starring :camelia anthony and derrick “gang banger” rose.

  17. On the 4-year anniversary of the start of Linsanity, Lin did this to the Knicks…

  18. Yes to all but we need to give mr. Rose the presume of innocence before proven guilty.

  19. Start to love the nets color, black and white.

  20. Melos full uppercut solidified his childish jealousy

  21. …and desperate.

  22. The Nets’s 3 starting lineups vs the Knicks’ that have 2 starters missing.

  23. He was smiling when Lin was at the line too.

    Loved how some random lady was shouting “Don’t be hurtin’ my man!” or something like that.

  24. I read Noah will play & Rose maybe too.

  25. What???

  26. The fans will ask for refund! They should.

  27. noooooooooooooooo, I just bought the tickets last night….

  28. 🙁 ?

  29. Can you get the refund?

  30. nope, I bought them from someone resale them.

  31. Atkinson is punking the knicks: we can beat you even without a key player

  32. No… I turned down a friend’s party for the game tonight!

  33. That’s what I thought… LOL

  34. A little comedy before the game ((now that we know Lin will sit out)

  35. Wow sitting out the 2nd preseason game? To give them rest?

    Both played well in Game 1 but they should play at least 15+ min if healthy

    Oh well maybe it’s for the best ☹️

  36. Sorry to hear that ?
    Maybe you can try to refund ir relist them?

  37. There really is no reason to sit them unless they are injured or feeling tired. Neither of which would be a good sign.

  38. Or allow opportunity to build confidence in other players

  39. call him back!! tell him your coming after all!!!

  40. I search around and only this guy reported this. Seem accurate?

  41. one more … The white Nets jersey is becoming on Lin.

  42. how much was it,?? Im sure these tickets are only like $6 arent they? Well at least you can still see how the nets play as a team, and how lin can work with them.

  43. Scripted.

  44. I think I will call her. Quite a few friends will be there. I will support Nets next time. 🙂

  45. Am I the only person that doesn’t think Jeremy had a good game against the Pistons? Jeremy just happen to get hot from 3 point range the other day. Jeremy has never been a good shooter from any range in his career besides layups. Hopefully, this season will be the season when he can have a breakout year with regard to his shooting. It was a good start for his confidence against the Pistons. Now that he is playing more, and he can get into rhythm and shoot better.

    Anyway, as I was saying, if we take away the hot shooting, it would have been a disaster of a game for him. I have watched the replay about 3 times. Most of the times, Jeremy was standing behind the arc at various positions. Whenever he gets the ball, he doesn’t drive to the basket because there was no picks setup for him. So rather than driving to the basket, he does his hesitation move and then either hand the ball off to his teammates or pass the ball to a well covered teammates. He tried to get Lopez going, but each time, he was well covered. Lopez wants to shoot, but he doesn’t have the spacing or the quick release to get the ball off. Since Jeremy hardly get any picks run for him, it made it very difficult for Jeremy to drive and find open teammates. He ends up passing to a well-covered teammates, and most of his passes were deflected or resulted in turnovers and not assists.

    In the first quarter, Jeremy made 3 mistakes in a row. The first 2 cause a deflection and a turnover and then he let his man drove by him for an easy layup. Atkinson had to call a timeout after the Pistons went up to 14-6.

    The motion offense that Atkinson is implementing is good for a young team that promote unselfish play, but it’s not good for Jeremy’s game at all. If they only play this style, it’s very, very bad for Jeremy. Hopefully, Atkinson is not married to this style exclusively to also implement some pick and roll to help bring out the best attributes in Jeremy. Jeremy said he did not do many pick and rolls. I don’t know if he is dissatisfied or that it was planned. Hopefully it was by designed. I am also hearing conflicting report that Atkinson wanted Jeremy to be more of a distributor, but he also said Jeremy should take the shoot if he’s open. I think Kenny has a good relationship with Jeremy, and they will figure it out.

    Jeremy thrive in chaos. Pick and roll throws the opponent’s defensive plans in chaos. So many things can happens. Split second decisions has to be made by the defense. The defense is often scrambling to get into positions. Jeremy thrive in this situations. He often find the open man or drive for a layout. Jeremy is also great in transition as well. However, I did not see the Nets make a lot of effort to push the ball up the court. The 2 times where Jeremy was able to drive to the basket was be the shot clock was running down or it was a scrambling situation. Jeremy is not good when he is just standing around the arc in a half court set. Unless Jeremy can miraculously improve his FG % to 50% and 40% from 3 point line, he will not do well in this motion offense. However, even so, I am still more optimistic than his situation with Hornets. Unlike with the Hornets, his teammates were actually looking for him when Jeremy was open. I can’t even remember how many times Jeremy kept waving his arms and tell his teammates that he was open, and they just ignored him. Nets teammates really respect Jeremy.

    Hopefully, it’s just one game, and they were just implementing parts of the offensive system. If they don’t implement some combination of the pick and rolls with it, Lopez and Lin will not be effective, and they will have a very long season. Crossing my fingers and hope for the best.

  46. Ya! It’s preseason game.

  47. harden lead the rockets? LOL! The season after lin left the rockets, they still had prime dwight howard, Josh Smith, a healthy DMo and Troy Daniels. That season, spurs werent playing good because of injuries, thunder had kevin durant injured, the clippers are chokers. Who ELSE is good enough in the west besides the warriors?? Look what happened the next season when all teams were healthy again….rockets BARELY made it to playoffs.

    Give Lin a team that has same level of talent as James harden has on the rockets THEN get back to me.

  48. Can you sell the tickets to a Nets/Knicks fan?

  49. Jeremy must get so tired of this …

  50. Sucks you won’t get to see Lin play, but he will still be there, sitting on the bench. Try to sell the tickets asap, but if you can’t sell them, you can still see Lin at the game.

  51. Lin is smart enough to know that the media tries to goad athletes to say things they might regret later, all to generate sales and make $$$. However, Lin should also know that there is a deep connection between him and Melo, all because of their history together and media fanning the flames. Lin needs to stomp all over the knicks, they are just a stepping stone for him to reach his ultimate goal of winning a ring.

  52. I think it is good…but let’s just see more games 1st…LOL

  53. Great post, I sort of felt the same actually. The rest of the team aren’t anywhere as good as what Lin had on the hornets, so you might be a bit “sticker shocked” at first. Another thing, Jeremy is a veteran, he has 7 years of nba experience. I would be very surprised if he took that pre season game seriously even one bit. He took 3’s because that is what he wants to improve the most, hence that is what he focused on. Nets teammates respect him, because they are all ROOKIE kids fresh out of college with no real NBA experience. They have never even sniffed the playoffs.

  54. Well, this is only the first season, and coach said they had spend their 70% of time on defense. So, yeah, I think we need to adjust the expectations on what we should be looking for in this team.

    I don’t think at this time, we could draw any conclusions on their offensive scheme yet. I don’t think they really have time to put their offense in place, it is mostly simple motion offense, not very much set play, and I don’t think there are much of the play we will see more frequent in regular season. It is more like test out 2nd and third line up.

    We can see that Lin played off ball a lot, Lopez is not the focus on offense, those most likely will change in regular season. Good thing is that Lin is pretty good in get himself open, and the better is his teammates found him when he is open. Those are not a given, so still worth to be happy about.

  55. Paid $200/ticket for $300/ticket from the suggested by ViNuyorker. Glad i did not buy the ones right behind the bench. Almost did that after Brent said “go for it” lol, but my son said if I bought it, he would not go with me. So, I scaled back to the tickets I now have… Well, we will just enjoy the atmosphere at MSG and the mother son time. Hope Nets can win without Lin.

  56. “Believe me or not, i really do not care what Melo said”.

  57. yup smart move…just brush it off…aint worth it

  58. yeah why give melo any importance –

  59. LOL…..well….Next time we need to at least make sure Lin will play….b4 we do anything…

  60. Just found out Lin won’t play tonight. Can someone tell me why? What’s up with Atkinson? Red flag raise!?

  61. why would lin not play though?

  62. It would’ve been awesome if Lin said that. :p

  63. Lol…what? Calm down.

    It’s the preseason.

  64. it does not sound right unless some injury aggravation concern.

  65. Yeah. I don’t want to draw any conclusion either. Like TTNN and Rick said, they didn’t really practice any offense and Jeremy just wanted to test his 3 point range. I would I to add that I think the bench looked great without the defense. Most 2nd units don’t play defense anyway. Backups usually wants to get their points, so Nets will usually outscore them.

  66. i translated his words 🙂

  67. Make room for Whitehead because he sat (on the floor) all of last game. Nets have Vasquez, Whitehead, Yogi, Gutiérrez running point tonight. No room for Lin. Atkinson already knows what Lin can do against NBA teams. He doesn’t know what these other guys can do.

    I’m just disappointed because it’s against the Knicks at MSG. Everyone wanted to see Lin return to MSG leading his own team, even if it’s just preseason and the game won’t count. Kenny could’ve sat someone else, but chose not to. Oh well, it is what it is.

  68. Isn’t preseason is when you want your starters play no matter how short the minutes, for building chemistry and identifing any wrinkles in the o/d schemes?

  69. Make room for Whitehead because he sat (on the floor) all of last game. Nets have Vasquez, Whitehead, Yogi, Foye, and Gutiérrez running point tonight. No room for Lin. Atkinson already knows what Lin can do against NBA teams. He doesn’t know what these other guys can do.

    I’m just disappointed because it’s against the Knicks at MSG. Everyone wanted to see Lin return to MSG leading his own team, even if it’s just preseason and the game won’t count. Kenny could’ve sat someone else, but chose not to. Oh well, it is what it is.

  70. i hate to say this but if lin doesnt play they will say that he was “scared” –

  71. Coach decision

  72. Lin has played the Knicks about 10 times since he left the team.

  73. i know but it is too much of a bryon scott lakers style thing – i have nightmares

  74. i know but i wanted him to be there are the pg for the nets and kick the knicks rear

  75. As much as I want to see lin play but I understand the coach decision behind it.

  76. I am sure Lin is dissapointed. He wants to play. Is Lopez playing? If he is and Lin is not then I am not happy with Atkinson.

  77. 7-3?

  78. sorry for the language – political correctness needed to be waived anytime carmelo opens his mouth

  79. Clifford played kemba only 1 game last preseason.

  80. what cd it be? give the other players a chance etc –

  81. IMO…not really…it is the time to find out the unknowns on your team. 5 will be cut…..some lineups need to be tested…too many things to do with too less minutes in total.

  82. Relax. It’s just preseason. Brook played for only 12 and a half minutes last game, 5 less than Lin. The season is VERY long. It’s a grueling grind. Lin will get his minutes, without a doubt.

  83. btw the hornets have lost both their games pre season –

  84. Yes and show coach thinking high about lin.

  85. Miss a preseason game? it is okey. I like to see Nets will be still competitive when Lin sits. it is going to be long and tough season

  86. yeah i guess but i hope the other players step up and do well – i want bennett to do well –

  87. And the Knicks at the bottom. :p

    Hopefully that remains the same after tonight. 🙂

  88. Hey, Guys!!! Wuss Up??? JLin7 is not playing tonight ???
    If yes, GOOD!!!
    Hope this Nets Team w/o Jin7 can still grab the W and that’ll be Awesome!!!
    JL7 is reserved for the Cavs, Warriors, OKC, Rockets, Raptors, Pacers, Celtics,

  89. Wish you a great time at the MSG with your son! Let us know how it goes.

  90. Me too

  91. Hopefully that remains the same the of the season

  92. Not at all. What I REALLY Want to see is: Get the 1 win Over Heat, 2 wins over Celtics.

  93. If you judge just by one game, I agree Lin did sub OK other than shooting based on what he is capable of. Most players would be happy to get 21 in any game. But this is the first game of preseason. And it was Booker, not Brook that came up to the key to screen for possible P&R when Lin had the ball. It seems to me that Nets purposely avoid Lin driven P&R except in the 3 Qt. (Looked like Atkinson doesn’t want to show off the secret weapon yet)

    I won’t worry about Atkinson is stubborn to stick with motion offense and exclude P&R. He is smart enough not utilizing Lin’s best strength. We shall see more as more games played.

  94. lol, the problem with your comment is that it is full of value judgements. What is good? In sports there is only action and reaction. It’s not good or bad like a character flaw. It’s like tiger moms who always say their kids re bad because they don’t get good grades like its a character flaw. They committed errors that mistakes but that’s not “bad”. It is what it is and Atkinson wasn’t thrilled that they won and I’m sure Lin is already working and reviewing tapes.

    Mistakes are good! Athletes learn from their mistakes and improve. That’s why coach Wooden says that “failure is never fatal, fatal to change can be.”

  95. After today, here is the remaining Brooklyn preseason schedule.

    They have a home game against the Knicks on the 20th. Also, Jeremy will likely have the opportunity to play against Goran Dragic and Isaiah Thomas (twice).

    Tue, Oct 11 @ Miami
    Thu, Oct 13 vs Boston
    Mon, Oct 17 @ Boston
    Thu, Oct 20 vs NY Knicks

    Of possible interest : the Hornets play the Celtics this afternoon.

  96. VERY SMART move by Coach K!!! I love it!
    This Nets team w/o JL7 CAN still win OVER NYK!!!
    I want JL7 to grab 3 wins over Heat & Celtics!

  97. Hope that remains for the entire regular season $_$

  98. For Me It’s always been no lin no win but not with this nets. Nets win.

  99. YES!!!
    Can’t over-worked our leader…

  100. The team isn’t even in sync yet, don’t get why coach needs to rest Lin. :/

  101. Agreed. Why? Coach should play Lin and Brook a lot on different lineups.

  102. Exactly I’d like to see different lineups oh well hope Lin will be back next week.

  103. Maybe Coach K knows Melo will play dirty against Lin, so he sit Lin just to protect him? Just kidding

  104. Racist is no acceptable to any race. The question is when will we stop crying racist for everyhing?

  105. They will during regular season anyway so might as well save Lin for the game that counts. I also believe Nets an win against Knicks even with Lin.

  106. I am not sure about other races but I think for Asian American is the other way around. We never complain, never cry and therefore people just kept on making jokes and even taking advantage from it. I am just glad to see Asian Americans starting to cry about it.

  107. If we solely look from PnR perspective, preseason game 1 wasn’t good yet because there wasn’t much PnR. Spacing was not good, sloppy TOs (including Booker(?) passing TO to Brook who was supposed to be on the corner 3; Kenny yelled it was a great pass)

    But we can’t simply discount JLin’s great shooting (5-8 3s in only 17 min) and his ability to thrive as the best Nets player in the motion offense. Remember that Lin’s #1 focus is shooting and 3pt-shooting this season so Lin’s offseason work has shown great progress. I thought Lin was going to break his 9 3s record in a meaningless preseason game 😀
    Think about it. Not the 5 made 3s but he had the freedom to launch 8 3pt-attempts in 17 min? That’s really good!

    Versatility is the key based on what Coach Atkinson and Lin said after the game. I fully agree that the combination of motion offense and PnR would make the Nets be more lethal and more unpredictable for the opposing defense. With strong defense, it might even propel them into the playoff in their first year. That would be the ultimate accomplishment. Lin should win the Most Improved Player and Atkinson should win Coach of the Year.

    So yeah, lets’ wait to see where the balance of PnR and motion offense after the Nets finish all 6 preseason games.
    I think Coach Atkinson would want to try regular rotation in the last 2-3 games to prepare for the 1st road game vs the Celtics.

  108. I honest don’t get what Coach K is thinking. Played Brook and Lin less than 20 mins in the first pre season game already shocked me. As I said, Ever D Wade played 22 mins. For a new team, shouldn’t he play the starters a little more so that they can build chemistry and see the result on the different lineups?

  109. Let them have joke while we are the most successful race in economic, society, culture and value rtc…

    Want to fight real racism against us? Fight those colleges discriminate against asian admission. That’s the battle for our future race

  110. Really don’t know what Coach K is thinking…….

  111. Yes wouldn’t it be better for the team to be more in sync by playing these pre season games? I hope this game is for Atkinson to see what players he should keep?

  112. Yes this!! Hornacek even said that they have to gameplan to slow Lin down. That is scary if they go overboard and season hasn’t even started yet.

    “Jeremy’s an excellent player. He can really play,” Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek said. “He showed it out here during that stretch he was with the Knicks. He’s a smart player when you run these high pick and rolls he can make plays out of it and read the situation. So now in Brooklyn, he’s kind of been given the ball to go out and do that and you’re going to have to – in the regular season – you’re going to have to scheme to slow him down.”

  113. It is just weird no matter how I look at it. But is the information legit? I mean I cancel a dinner play just for this game.

  114. But you gonna face the Knicks 4 times this year. It is like you can run but you can’t hide……

  115. according to Nets Daily’s article “supposedly” Lin and Scola both had late scratches and will rest this game. Whatever that means. :/

  116. Thanks. Sigh…..

  117. Lin’s is the star of Nets and their best player of course they will have to plan for him.

  118. Someone said in twitter that Lin and Scola shot so well from 3s that Coach Atkinson wants to beat the Knicks without 3s ?

  119. don’t think it’s just this reason, but also coupling with media plotting Melo/Lin storyline plus he definitely wants to try out the other players and prob figure it’s ok not to win this game ….but who knows whats the real story

  120. I don’t. Nets have 15 news faces and obviously Brook and Lin are the corner stone and the starter of this team. Therefore Coach K really should play both Lin and Brook with a lot different lineups to see what is working and what is not. That’s what preseason is for.

  121. Lol. I canceled my dinner plan as well.

  122. I still can’t believe this. Omg!!!!!!

  123. Lin and Scola shot a combined 8-12 from 3s vs the Pistons.
    The Nets shot an excellent 41.2% (14-34) 3FG but will only be 27% (6-22) without them.

    Perhaps it has some truth that Coach Atkinson wants to see which Nets can step up from 3s without Lin and Scola?
    Kilpatrick had an off game with 0-3 from 3s and 0-7 for the game but he should bounce back strong.
    Joe Harris had a good 2-4 shooting from 3s

  124. I still think Nets will win, even without Lin and Scola.

    Brook will probably play a bit more tonight and now that he’s shaken off his cobwebs and rust, I’m expecting him to play much better and score more.

    Bojan will be interesting to watch. I wonder if he can translate his amazing Olympics performances over to the preseason and regular season this year. He hasn’t been playing much because the Nets rested him, so he may not be utilized or played too heavily tonight.

    Whitehead will be returning after he suffered a hyperextended knee injury a few weeks back. I think this kid has a lot of potential, but he is still raw. Hopefully he can become a good 3rd unit backup PG to Lin and Vasquez.

  125. I think so too. Noah & Rose both are not really ready yet….

  126. It can’t be coincidental that coach Kenny is sitting his 2 vets who shot the best at the 3-point line against the Pistons. Lin shot 62.5%, going 5 for 8, while Scola shot 75%, going 3 for 4 at the arc.

  127. Ok. Coach K is weird no matter how I see it. But as long as he is supporting Lin 100%. I am cool with it.

  128. Actually it make more senses if he sit Lin and Brook instead of Lin and Scola.

  129. That really sucks….I guess Atkinson didn’t like all the media attention and buzz and probably saw it as a distraction.

    I really hate that move….Not playing Lin at all against the Knicks is weak, specially when you consider the fact that Lin is new and needs to mesh with his teammates.

  130. Agreed. The only reason I can come up with is because of the media attention and buzz with Melo and the Knicks.

  131. If it’s vets factor, Brook should sit too.

    So the 3pt factor might play into Coach KAt’s decision

  132. Maybe we’re seeing a coach who truly plans for an entire season, rather than going with what is “expected”.

  133. Atkinson sitting Lin/Scola tells me that he considers these two as the leader vets on this team. They played well, and knew what they were suppose to do. He knows that Lin/Scola skill sets are far more advanced than the other players. Also, the positions that lin/Scola are lpaying, are their rookies playing those positions. if it is, then Atkinson is pitting his rookies against their rookies.

  134. There’s no other reason that I can think of….I know some people may say that he’s just resting Lin, but only playing 17 freaking minutes last game.

    And Lin needs the rep to get use to his new teammates under a new system…That simply makes no sense to sit Lin.

    Atkinson is slowly starting to piss me off…First, insisting on running a heavy motion offense with no PnR with your 2 best players Lin/Lopez…..And than somewhat criticizing Lin for just recording 1 assist..Well, maybe Lin would had gotten more assist if you had let him run a bit more PnR.

  135. Hey guys… I still want to see The Team win against this NYK team. Reserved JL7 for the C’s. Don’t worry about chemistry…. They have that in practices.

  136. I felt the same. Hopefully we are both wrong on Atkinson.

  137. They need a lot more time as a team to gel.

  138. If so he should have sit Brook as well.

  139. It’s strange but JL7 still need to get his rests. No doubts, JL7 will continue to practice and improve in all areas.

  140. agreed….simply the matter of reaching the goal of preseason. Finding the right rotation and sets for this season….and which 5 to cut

  141. Disagreed. As mentioned below, Nets have 15 news faces so Coach K really should play both Lin and Brook with a lot of different lineups to see what is working and what is not. That’s what preseason is for

  142. why does Lin need more rest than the other NBA players during the preseason?…Lin only played 17 minutes against Piston..Is Lin still tired?..Lin must be very weak on stamina if he truly needs rest.

  143. Agreed. Should a let him play just a bit and dial it back. No need for all or none.

  144. Old man D Wade played 22 mins in his first pre season game with the Bulls.

  145. We need to calm down, step back and Have Trust in coach Atkinson. It’s a very long season.

  146. I think they know what Lin can do……and there is too many lineups to test with too little minutes. The things is we do not know exactly what lineups are in his mind.

  147. Everybody needs to relax… it’s just preseason.

    The five Nets that didn’t play on Thursday were: Bojan Bogdanovic, Isaiah Whitehead, Beau Beech, Egidijus Mockevicius and Caris LeVert. Lopez (eight points) only played 12:32, giving extra time to Justin Hamilton (9 points, 20:02), Chris McCullough (4 points, 15:26) and Scola (10 points, 17:20).

    “We have 19 guys that we want to see,” Atkinson said. “We’re going to mix and match a little bit there. We can’t play them all, we want to see everybody.”

    Not everybody can play. Kenny has to do his job and see whether or not the other guys can play against NBA competition and run his system. Lin and Scola are both unselfish, non-egotistical vets who had a great first game. They can handle sitting out to give the fringe players and D-Leaguers a chance to prove themselves.

  148. This is a good indication, a good move. Kenny is happy with Jlin and Scola, now it is time for others to prove what they are capable of to convince Kenny to put them into the roster.

  149. Agree with you. It starts with having a voice. When it is not acceptable, we need to let it be known.

  150. They will play the knicks one more time in the preseason. Add to that they play each other 4 times during regular season. They will be seeing each other plenty

  151. Do not confuse “sucess” financially with equality in treatment.

  152. I don’t agree with this move at all….and the Knicks will have Melo, Portzingis playing..Knicks will try hard to win this game and I wanted the Nets to try to bury them, specially after coming off a 30 point lost to Houston.

    I think Kenny pulled Lin because of the drama that was building up with Lin/Melo and everything else….He probably saw it as too early for such drama.

  153. Good pts .. Atkinson trusts them already & he wants to play Bog & Whitehead to see what they got

    Not enough PT for everyone to play

  154. They will meet NYK again in preseason anyway…LOL

  155. Trust me, JLin7’s role on this Nets Team is 10 times bigger than D-Wade… I WANT JL7 to get “Great Wins,” not just games against average teams (which is NYK – imo).

  156. It is what it is, as they say. Understandable disappointment for all fans. It’seems still Lintertainment after all tho. Reason fans buy tickets for a show. Preseason game is still not free. They should play alittle.

  157. I hope it will be 6-0 Nets….:P

  158. I think kenny simply needs to see the other point guards and forwards. To give them time. Theres more preseason games to gel

  159. At home ?

  160. They might even do early cuts to “trim the fat ”

  161. exactly..Wait until the third game..Not only that, but we have no idea how Lin/Lopez looks on the pickNroll.

    I thought this second game would be used to feature Lin/Lopez much more to get a sense of their PnR partnership…I guess we’ll have to wait for that.

  162. Haha. The amount of times they play each other it can be a series

  163. Could it be that Kenny didn’t like the fact that they shot so much and keep on insisting on keeping the ball moving.

  164. Yep, 17 mins. Need to maintain his rhythm.

  165. I will definitely watch the game tonight. I am really interested to see the other players. This team needs to be somewhat deep to have a good season

  166. The team is already set (almost) roaster wise…..So.. the next is about combinations….LOL

  167. “it is what it is” …yes “as they say”..indeed. this has become the standard issue response nba players give to reporters questions they dont want to comment on further.
    its possibly the most popular jargonesque phrase du jour.

    and tickets for this game were not “$6” (as someone suggested here) but; (unlike the pistons nets game at nets which per available for next to nothing and readily available ) $80 for nosebleed seats and not many of them available.

    lin fans who put up some money to catch this are as you say correctly going to be severely disappointed.

    will be interesting 2 c who plays when knicks come to nets when? …in just a few days more, right?

    a different take on this haven’t seen yet could be: hey if you want to see lin in new york you need to come to brook-lin.

  168. if Rose and Noah are both out and playing their backup. K doing just that too.

  169. The young Nets should run out the older Knicks team out of the gym in 2 preseason games 🙂
    Then reap the results in the regular season games lol

  170. Yup. I want to see whitehead . Bog . Beech .

  171. “We’re probably going to rest like two guys every preseason game,” Lin said. “[Atkinson] told me this was planned all the way. I’m just rolling with it. Obviously no player wants to sit out a game, but we understand, too.

    “I’ve been back [to the Garden] so many times since it’s more just like an away game now.” —- Lin…

  172. Liar!!!….jk….wait?! am I?

  173. That’s what I’m saying. Ppl make special arrangements just to see Lin. Just wrong not to play him a bit. I can, NOT watch on LP, no biggy., but if I spent $80+ with no Lin?

  174. Someone call the Fire dept. Lin’s pants needs watering, lol.

  175. Is not about playing against the Knicks or not as least. I just they need too look at the lineups that fit Lin and Brook the most. So they should try it on pre season game.

  176. Ya . It sucks for the ppl showing up there for lin

  177. Not disagreeing with this idea in general….I think a few games without Lin is fine…

  178. I feel bad for the lin fans who bought the tickets…
    I attended the last game but i couldnt finish the game because my 3 years old kid was tired and wanted to go home early..i had to leave after half time.. LOL

    It was really good to see lin shooting so well but nets team needs more chemistry on both ends of floor… I think it will take times..i think coach should let lin more PNRs.. I think It was more like hawks type offense…

  179. ………….. i was waiting all day for this

  180. Yeah….for Lin fans, it is bad. I almost made Dorthy to buy expensive tickets and to watch a game without Lin….ooooops

  181. I am so sorry for your lost…..of a day

  182. oh my…maybe he dont wanna waste time with vets….and gets into digging deep into the roaster to see what they have/give…to formulate his plans and rotations

  183. lol i will watch the game anyways.

  184. exactly..these preseason game aren’t free…People will be understandably pissed off to find out Lin will not play 1 minutes in such a game.

  185. The 5 they cut are…..

    Agree ?

  186. ive asked this question before also and didn’t get a lot of response; i can say from what i saw after first game a large # of nets fans were wanting yogi to be kept. (maybe he’s smarter than the average pointguard).

  187. i think she did buy tickets, i dont know how expensive they were…the only stuff i saw on ticketmaster available was nosebleed seats @ 80$ a pop. (but she was talking previously about down by the bench seats).

  188. Ya he is good. But it seems they are set on lin vasquez whitehead

  189. She was gonna by seats behind visitor’s bench….good that she did not…

  190. She already posted 3 hours ago…

  191. wow! $200/ticket!!??? For a preseason game?? I wonder what the price of tickers were last season? They were likely giving them away for free lol.

  192. Derrick Rose is not playing for the Knicks tonight. Let’s see how it ends.

  193. M……..

  194. Another misleading headline. Lin never said “Carmelo hasn’t ripped me to my face.”

    Very disappointed in Brian. He’s going down the path of his colleague Marc Berman with clickbait headlines / titles.

  195. What Lin actually said:

    “It’s not just [Anthony]; it’s the whole organization, everybody. And he’s never mistreated me in person. When you guys are bringing up these quotes, these are things I heard about, too, last year, and I’m putting things together and figuring things out. I think the main point is, I don’t really care about what happened back then anymore. It’s so far beyond where my focus is right now.”

  196. agree. Ignoring their blurbs and diving straight to what Lin said.

  197. Same here. My flag raised the first two minutes of the game when I saw Lin passed the ball twice and stood in the corner snd saw no PnR with Lopez.Then his coments about assist after the game, and now this. Hope I’m wrong about this.

  198. Who’s the coach here? ?
    Coach on the sideline & coach on the floor!

    Afternoon read on how our preseaon opener wrapped up this week. Spoiler alert, it was a good one:

  199. cut kilpatrick and keep yogi. and keep the whiter of the whitest dudes

  200. Who’s the coach here? ?
    Coach on the sideline & coach on the floor!

    Afternoon read on how our preseason opener wrapped up this week. Spoiler alert, it was a good one:

  201. If that’s the case then I have more doubt about him.

  202. Do these reporters dictate their own headlines, or do they just submit their stories and some editor punches up some headlines?

  203. Lin is rolling with it, but not happy knowing him. He wants to play. Atkinson is getting on my nerve on this decision.

  204. i approve of Kenny’s plan of resting his franchise player. this is a very veteran like move. It’s like what the Spurs do. preseason games are meaningless just like the last games of the regular season right before the playoffs

  205. the headlines that gets more clicks or sell more papers . think they get a commission too? lol

  206. Was gonna go come home early to catch the game. Guess I’ll be staying out tonight. See yall Tuesday!

  207. didn’t see much of this last season because Lin knew clifford would have felt insecured the way mchale and byron was.

  208. a very good question. i have no idea what the standard is in the internet era but yes historically the headlines were affixed afterwards and not by the person who wrote the article. as far as i know your assumption “they just ….some editor…” is correct.

    and if that is correct it would be wrong to affix blame to the writer/reporter.

  209. This is the key quote of what Coach Atkinson wants to do

    “We have 19 guys that we want to see,” Atkinson said.
    “We’re going to mix and match a little bit there. We can’t play them all, we want to see everybody.”

  210. This is the key quote of what Coach Atkinson wants to do

    “We have 19 guys that we want to see,” Atkinson said.
    “We’re going to mix and match a little bit there. We can’t play them all, we want to see everybody.”

  211. Kenny is also trying to see if the team can even compete without Lin. to see if just passing the ball around the perimeter can lead to open shots, which i doubt. he will find out real soon that you must have a point guard like Lin to make it work

  212. Obviously Coach wants to give other players a look during preseason.
    However, I think he is not playing Jeremy because he is afraid JLin will get injured against the Knicks.
    Atkinson is probably thinking about the famous video that showed Carmelo hitting Lin in the face with a forearm uppercut!
    I hope Lin will have fewer bloody noses this year, Refs need to start calling flagrants for that.

  213. Lol no. Kilpatrick is basically a lock

  214. I think this is a great idea:

    1. Save Lin’s Humiliation of Melo and Rose for the Regular Season, where he can play as long as he wants. Make regular season game bigger.

    2. give pre-season playing time to those who desperately needed it like Whitehead.

    3. Defuse this “rivalry” created by the NY media. I’m sure Atkinson would rather let court performance settle this.

    I think it’s brilliant move from a coach/GM who want to protect/promote their franchise player and to give the young talents more chances. I really like this team.

  215. cut Sean Kilpatrick
    keep Jorge Gutierrez.

  216. It’s also good that this game isn’t on Yes, probably due to Knicks blackout. I’d hate to look for crappy feed nowdays.

  217. I wasted a day sleeping, so….

  218. Any good stream for the Hornets celtics game?

  219. yes, they’ll be missing the constant threat Lin imposes on defense to drive to the rim and drawing defense away from other players. There won’t be as many open shots and seams to drive to the rim.

    Perhaps Vasquez can organize the offense quite well but they’ll be missing the X-factor big time

  220. The game flow chart really shows how the Nets responded well after a slow start and a quick timeout.
    The 3rd and 4th quarter were mostly the 2nd and 3rd stringers so perhaps we can’t read too much into it other than they moved the ball quite well.

  221. It’s on NBA TV. Batum & MW also rest no show. IT too.

  222. This GAME w/o our main stars will be a good testament of our coaching staffs abilities.
    Let’s Get the Win!

  223. I hope Brook can destroy Porzingis.

  224. Good choice. I’m with Kenny.

    Meaningless game and knicks would’ve gone physical

  225. Yep the tabloids in NYC are crazy they do and say anything to generate drama, because thats what sells. Its junk news, based on junk writers. Some of it is true though, Lin and Melo probably have a bit of a rivalry, but thats about it. I am trying not to think that melo is hostile towards lin, but sometimes Im not sure, ie the uppercut by melo.

  226. Im not liking Atkinsons pattern so far. When Lin is on the floor, he wants motion offense. When he’s moved to shooting guard or on bench there was more post ups for Lopez and screens set for point guards.
    We’ll see more of Lopez post ups and PnR’s today without Lin.

  227. im thinking the same thing, stil a bit upset about it though but thats how it is. My biggest issue is that the game against knicks was highly anticipated and they were able to charge more $$$ for tickets even though its preseason. Without lin in the game, the ticket price of nets vs knicks wouldn’t have been anywhere near as high.

  228. The match will be meaningles without Derrick Rose. Now win or loss, the morale will not be affected.

  229. Yeah I can feasibly see rich boy dolan have his goons try to hurt Jlin.

  230. no lin no win

  231. Knicks plays without their starting center and point guard; there is hardly any difference that they will loss anyway. Atkinson gives some reasons for his team to play. So he takes his starting PG and healthy Scola out too. This is an interesting rivalry and the game will be close.

  232. I like Atkinson’s decision of not playing Scola and Lin; they both are in game shape already and has proved so. So the game now is more evenly matched. Knicks will have no excuses losing this game and the Nets will have a reason to play this game too.

  233. I have feeling Brook can’t play at Lin’s pace.

  234. Lin played with Al. Lopez is more athletic then Al and is trying to be more of a spread player. We will see how that goes. It will be hard at first.

  235. via Mike Mazzeo (ESPN) …

    Greivis Vasquez will start in place of Jeremy Lin (rest) tonight vs. Knicks in Brooklyn’s second preseason game.
    Luis Scola is also getting a rest.

    Other starters: Randy Foye, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Trevor Booker, Brook Lopez.

  236. Lin and AL were very effective the second half in the year after AL went to the bench and played more with Lin. I loved AL-Lin.

  237. Stars get rest, Jeremy lin is now at rest.

  238. nice discussion and response

  239. Bahnmigos (shop in background) is a Vietnamese sandwich shop in Brooklyn …

  240. I realized that Lin knows as much as us and more than us about the situations youve studied. Thx for pointing it out for the rest of us. I have trust that lin and KA will continue working and finding offense identity and fans like u will keep us informed

  241. For a xomparison, the Hornets didn’t play Batum today; I. Thomas sat out for the Celtics.

  242. Post calling someone troll is pot calling kettle

  243. I’d recommend to let things slide and give him grace because he has written good articles on Lin.
    I’m concerned 3rd parties will come in and muddy things up again to slam Lin’s fans.

    It’s possible that the headlines are written by others but it reflects badly on whoever tweets it because it sounds like a click-bait that many twitter users dislike.

    It should be feedback to the headline writers to write more carefully because it reflects badly on NYPost and whichever writers tweet them.

  244. Good job click…they tried to get bad blood between Lin and Melo. Lin has no time for this.

  245. I agree….just let them know but no need to have more exchanges.

  246. I know he has written good articles. That’s why I follow him and that’s why I’m disappointed in the headline HE WROTE in the tweet and in the article. He’s trying to push blame to someone else, someone without a name and can’t take responsibility for the misleading headlines. If he wasn’t a good writer, I couldn’t care less about the misleading headline. I would simply not click on, link to, retweet, or follow him.

    This is nothing new. The Post and NBC Sports are notorious for writing made up headlines all the time. It’s disgusting journalism and lacks any semblance of professionalism. They just want clicks and drama. It’s all about $$$ to them. No integrity, no accountability.

    As for 3rd parties, there will always be haters and trolls that make us out to be crazies. They already have in the past. I don’t what they think of Lin fans. We already have a reputation wrongly given to us by the media and by haters. I’m going to keep calling out these media hacks, especially if they can’t be responsible enough to own up to their mistakes.

    Again, Brian wrote the headline in his own tweet. He’s just trying to shift blame to someone else we can’t point a finger to. Notice how his own website’s Twitter account wrote a different headline than him in their tweet?

  247. So good to listen to Mr. Frazier again.

  248. Why Jlin7 not starting?????

  249. not playing. rest

  250. yeah, not sure how NYPost managed their tweets.

    I’d give the benefit of the doubt that the headline writers can have access to Brian’s & Berman’s twitter handles which would be really bad for their reputation.

    IMO sometimes it’s better to give grace to give feedback so they know that we mean well.
    It’ll be good to maintain a good relationship. Those who have kids will know what I mean 🙂

  251. In case anyone still wants to watch the game, here are some streams:

  252. The D look lost so far…

  253. Brook should be used just like how Clifford had using Al Jefferson imo.

  254. At least he’s here.

  255. Nets is good! Very good defense

  256. Very physical game. Nets picking up the D!

  257. They really need to utilize Brook better

  258. RHJ’s shooting form is very weird.

  259. bogs in

  260. Whitehead too

  261. Jennings came to play.

  262. I cannot see Knicks beat Nets when Lin and Rose back in the regular season.

  263. needs to prove he still is a quality nba player.

  264. I really like Hamilton. Is like Cody Zeller but can also shot 3s

  265. Harris is good

  266. If this is Lin’s team, why so few Lin’s fans watching?

  267. I guess because Lin is not playing tonite.

  268. I think joe harris is pretty good..

  269. i know. but it is what Lin invested and called it as home. I really want Nets play well even when Lin sits, so Lin do not have to kill himself to win some games in the season.

  270. Brook can destroy KP easily using his post up game. KP is too thin.

  271. KP is way overrated.

  272. Whitehead!!!

  273. “this team is very cohesive and coherent” –clyde (not referring to the knicks)

  274. Any live stream?

  275. I’m watching, bro. Just not recording and posting as much as last game.

  276. team look decent so far. hard to tell anything from this game except the player who will be cut or not. Other then that the team is running the offense and defense pretty effectively

  277. Thank a lot

  278. AB looks slow..

  279. You’ll have to ask @brentyen:disqus why I am not allowed to watch.

  280. I think I know why Phil Jackson like sasha vujacic so much. He is pretty good.

    “I heard about it through people, actually just this morning. But I don’t really read anything, so I wasn’t aware or I don’t know the context of what he said,” Lin said. “But again, part of me joining this team over here, a big part of it is it’s not so much (being) the face of the franchise or whatever.

    “We want to do this thing together and that’s what we signed up for…We know it’s going to be up to us as a team to have to get it done. So I’m not worried about ‘the franchise,” I’m not worried about what people on the outside are saying, I’m not really worried about any of it, to be honest. I really wasn’t even aware of it and I would never have known anything about it if it hadn’t been brought to my attention.”

  282. Just started watching, Nets are ok level with Knicks not bad and not great either, needs better ball movement still too slow.

  283. Lopez’s rebounding isn’t that great.

  284. Nets missing so many shots it’s ugly -.- Lopez not playing well at all. I do like their team work and unselfishness for open shots.

  285. because Lin isn’t playing…thats obvious

  286. Brookie wookie having another bad game. He’s not being utilized correctly on either end of the floor. Hopefully Kenny’s experiment with Brook as a stretch 5 ends soon.

  287. to prevent un necessary injury from happening because of the knicks goons. Better safe than sorry

  288. What’s the difference? how does Brook usually play? He’s looks horrible out there.

  289. Had computer problems, just tuned in. Which Nets player is doing good so far

  290. He’s a post up, pick and roll player who can also hit jump shots. Kenny wants to experiment and turn him into a stretch 5, but he’s not confident enough in his 3-point shot and his release / shot form is too slow.

  291. RHJ and Joe Harris

  292. Harris,Booker,RH

  293. Ok. Joe Harris is impressing me

  294. Bojan is good too, I think he can defend Melo

  295. No way in hell this team is as bad as the projections are haha

  296. He’s not good this game so far. Only made 1 shot.

  297. I see, another reason why PnR is off limits right now. Atkinson wants to give time to see if Brook can be a stretch 5 with those 3s. Seriously I think PnR with occasional 3s will be fine. Brook can’t really dribble so stretch 5 isn’t really using him to his strength either. Hope this mess ends by regular season.

  298. He will catch up soon. i more concern his defense

  299. Does Bojan have playmaking capabilities , or is he merely a catch and shoot type player

  300. Playing on level with Knicks without Lin and Scola so…not bad but not great either. I feel they need to shoot way better so many missed shots, box out and rebound better, and pass faster, too slow. Guess it’s the down sound of not getting the bench players they wanted.

  301. he can drive too

  302. The points are evenly distributed among Nets’ players, which is a good indication of team work.

  303. I am sick of Melo, that crying little *****

  304. Wow, Joe Harris is on fire.

  305. I agree like the unselfish teamwork but their shooting isn’t great at all. Lots of work need to be done. I guess after they cut the players down to 15 we will see more development.

  306. Yup Harris is on fire, proving he should stay!

  307. Joe Harris is a huge pick up. Now other teams have to respect Nets’s 3pts shooting.

  308. Without Rose and Noah for Knicks, I think Artkinson sit Lin and Scola to make the game more practical to evaluate other new players.

  309. Lin, Bog, Harris… tough to stop all 3 of them.

  310. Don’t forget Scola 3s off the bench and possibility start if coach allowed it.

  311. It was smart since without them they are on level ground and it gives chance to see who he should keep out of 19 players.

  312. Without Lin, Nets is already good enough to make Melo sweat a lot.

  313. It’s preseason so besides players trying to make the cut, most aren’t going all out. Melo will sweat either way with out of shape he is just like Harden.

  314. i think he is not in the same level as Harden now.

  315. our Korver lite 🙂

  316. Yes, this is from Knicks board lol

    “I fucking hate Joe Harris
    I’m a Knicks fan, be easy on me”

  317. He should be in the rotation as well

  318. I hope they would just make the cuts sooner and then give the rotation players time to “gel”

  319. they have properly made their mind that this season is just for rebuilding. no eyes on the playoffs

  320. Lol. There are 3 Plumlee in the NBA?

  321. Whitehead has long way to go

  322. I can’t help but wonder how badly Knicks would be losing right now if Lin was playing this game…

  323. Jennings got into his head I think.

  324. 3 faults in 2 mins?

  325. Why ? Jennings has been jawing at him the whole game ?

  326. Jennings is good trainer for him

  327. Jennings defending Whitehead pretty aggressively. Basically Jennings is aggressive the entire game at both end of the floor.

  328. Yogi looked funny staring behind Carmelo

  329. These refs are pretty biased. Calling everything on the Nets. Zinger and Melo getting their star calls all game.

  330. Jennings was not recruited by Nets because Nets has WH

  331. Parsons lite without fake move lol

  332. But I gotta say he is not bad. I think he is better than Rose.

  333. Melo wants to get pass 21 pts

  334. There’s no PnR, only 3s and drive to basket and that’s it! Only like Hamilton in this group on the floor. RHJ and SK can’t shoot or finish at the basket, except for hustle and active defense.

  335. I like Hamilton. he is very active and good D

  336. Yup, very solid back up center

  337. pre season anyway

  338. Jennings is too cocky.

  339. He is very show-boaty tonight . I like it though , gives spice to a somewhat dull game

  340. Yogi though ….

  341. That’s why a lot of teams passed on him. Low character, egotistical jerk who’s said he didn’t want to play basketball anymore.

    Now he’s all happy that he’s beating up on the Nets’ 3rd stringers and D-Leaguers with Porzingis and Melo. Guy is a joke.

  342. He is pretty good. I really think is just like Muggsy Bogues.

  343. Yogi or whitehead ….

  344. Lol. Yogi. Whitehead is not that short.

  345. Too bad Lin can’t play 48 minutes per game. I see Nets’ 2nd Unit giving up points. And Nets gonna need at least a half season to gel. Other teams have one or two players who can go off for 40 points per game, but the way Nets play, I don’t think it will happen, which is good and bad. It means Nets has to play very well, seamless teamwork type of BB because honestly their talent and athleticism level is below average NBA teams IMO.

    Lin is the only player on Nets who can penetrate and score or pass the ball. The way Whitehead dribbles, he’s going to get picked off his dribbles often. And he can’t shoot well IMO.

  346. I like that Kenny is very confident about his team and doesn’t need a win against a poor neighbor to prove anything.

  347. I really think Chris McCullough is just like Jeremy Lamb.


  348. Bennett with the highest score.

  349. He got fouled 6 times and made 10 free throws. Good put backs, layups, rebounding, and decent defense. Quietly one of the best Nets player tonight.

  350. Yeah, 10-12 FT, pretty good defense.

  351. brook lopez look lost out there. They need to find him better shots

  352. Lin,Lopez,Levert,Scola,Bogs,Harris,Hamilton,RHJ,Booker,Vasquez,Whitehead,Killpatrick,Foye and McCollough

  353. RHJ can’t compete on his position defensively and offensively,he shouldn’t be starting

  354. he can devensivly. Again the issue was mostly offense today. Devense did its best until late. You have to score at some point

  355. His defense is a suspect,he’s not my guy on both category

  356. RHJ was one of the better Nets players tonight. Not sure what you’re talking about.

  357. I watched the game and it’s just awful,prolly for you he’s good but not on my book.Sorry.Your opinion would be your opinion and I have mine.

  358. I say cut the fat sooner and let the rotation players gel with each other

  359. Harden can get to the rim better than Melo but both are out of shape for sure.

  360. Someone else already said he’s not playing his natural PnR with some jumpshots. Atkinson playing him as stretch 5 that’s why he’s struggling so much. Lin can handle it with his dribble and 3 point skills but for Lopez it doesn’t seem to work for him at all.

  361. I doubt it, Lin’s a competitor and he wouldn’t waste a season to not be in the playoffs. The season haven’t even started yet we’ll wait and see. Just hope Atkinson will stop his experimenting and just start having more balance of PnR soon which are both Lin’s and Lopez’s strengths.

  362. It’s hard for me to see Booker and RHJ playing together as a starter,one of them should be coming off the bench.IMHO.

  363. whitehead got abused tonight

  364. Booker will be fine as long as lin is playing.

  365. The 3rd stringers wont get much playing time anyways. Coaches basically play 9 to 10 guys during season

  366. That’s what I thought too.However,they will struggle to execute the PnR if both RHJ and Booker will be on the floor because smart teams will just dare RHJ to shoot the jump shots.

  367. It is even harder for me to look at the way Kenny Atkinson is coaching. He better start playing Lin and Brook more often instead of sitting them. He also better run more running pick and role instead of playing Brook as stretch 5 and give more time for Lin and Brook to gel…….

  368. I meant Pick and Roll… Sorry for the typo.

  369. I agree,they need to run that play into perfection,like Parker and Duncan when they started to play together

  370. We will see that. Once they get “evaluating” the others out of the way

  371. Beau beech still hasnt played. I mean joe harris is pretty much a lock

  372. This team looks so different from the last game. Atkinson may want a motion offense, but I just saw “no notion of” an offense.

    I said from the beginning that Nets would win 50 games. I based that incredible number on my complete faith on Lin and what he did for previous teams. With only given the keys part time, the Rockets and Hornets won 40 + games each with Lin. I figure 50 games a possibility with Lin firmly in the driver seat.

    However, I saw a lot of contested shots on offense and a struggle to start the motion on the offensive end. As the game wore on, the Knicks only got stronger as their defense was never challenged and the Nets tired down. Brook Lopez game did not seem to be able to carry this team. Without Lin this team feels completely different.

    The big question Atkinson should be asking himself in preseason is not who belongs on this team. The big question is who on this team belongs with Lin because without Lin it doesn’t matter who is left. The ball has “no motion” in this offense.

  373. I think Harris will get better as the season goes on,he knows where to position himself and these type of guys are the one who can help Lin and Lopes to stretch the floor.

  374. Totally agree. The spine of this offense will depend on Brook-Lin’s PNR. Everything else will branch off of that.

  375. I would totally agree on this premise.Lin and Lopez are already locked,I would consider Scola to be on the starting line up since Bogs can play the #2

  376. knicks with their starters barely beat nets 3rd stringers…damn, pretty sad.

  377. I know that the nets lost but considering that neither lin or scola was on the floor i still think it was a good showing

  378. Atkins said in the interview that he hasn’t even started with P&R, it’s in his plan.

  379. And the rotation players didnt barely logged heavy minutes

  380. I don’t see anyone on the Net that is fat.

  381. I’ve been wondering the same thing, I feel Scola would be better as a starter. They can always rest him earlier to save him for 2nd unit afterwards.

  382. I’d take Booker over RHJ, dude can jump really high, grab rebounds, steals, and defend! He’s also got the size, deserves to start for sure.

  383. Exactly,since Nets are not a good defensive team I hope Atkinson would consider the guys that can play better offense and smart enough to play team defense.

  384. Even though Lin didn’t play, lots of fans still went to see him:

  385. Atkinson talks about how he wants motion offense, but having lin play pnr will promote ball movement

  386. Brook played 13 minutes again, Bog only 12. Only starters with decent minutes were RHJ and Booker tonight.

    Lots of overreaction to preseason games. Kenny obviously doesn’t care about winning or losing, even if he said he did to the media. He’s trying to figure out who to keep and who to cut. He wants to know who can play in his system and who can’t.

  387. The fact that Lin didn’t play is that Atkinson is already planning to crush their crosstown rivals. He used this game to test his own players while scouting the Knicks.

    A good poker player never gives away his hand until it counts. Coaches like Mchale who care about winning even preseason games is already making it easy for people to how they intend to play. Lin will review films and see what he needs to do to beat the Knicks. No need to bring drama and excitement to MSG. The coaches and Lin knows now what type of team this year’s kicks are like while making sure Melo doesn’t take another cheap shot at Lin.

  388. Yup yup. Chill button must be pressed. Last couple preseason games should be closer to real games

  389. I’m NOT worried about this game or the next. It’s preseason and it’s time to test what works and not.
    However, I want us to grab two wins against the C’s and last one against NYK again.

  390. By the way, Hornets lost again (0-3) to Celtics. They’re really not looking good. Sessions, Lin’s replacement played for a whopping 29 minutes, but only scored 9. Hornets shot even worse than the Nets tonight. 1 for 19, 5.3% at the 3-point line. YUCK

  391. lol, hornet fans already trying to find a way to get rid of sessions…at their reddit

  392. Lin makes their defense wayy better

  393. Lin makes the whole team better, on both ends of the floor. :p

  394. To be fair, I Cody Zeller was out in all their games I believe. Kemba was limited in minutes last game and Batum was out this game.

  395. I saw that too. They miss Lin dearly.

  396. That sounds oxymoronic… how is he going to do this?

  397. The Hornets put their priority on the wrong guy last summer.

  398. The only people I have respect there is their fans

  399. I definitely agree, but I’m glad Lin didn’t resign there.

  400. Me too.

  401. To be fair, knicks started their starters in 2nd half. Hornets didn’t.

  402. O.o Hornets? Oh didn’t know they played the Celtics today.

  403. lol thank you. corrected.

  404. MJ chose Kemba as the leader of Hornets so that’s not going to change. They deserve dropping back down.

  405. yeah i read that –

  406. considering the fact that the knicks are a ” super team” they didnt thrash the nets by 30 points – like what the rockets did to them

  407. How great is JLin? Allow me to remind you, it took the Heat front office to file a complain to the league without showing any evidence that Lin had about the same amount of fouls as LBJ before game 6. The reaction to that complain was Lin got into foul trouble quick the next game. To add more insult to injury, Clifford benched Lin and limited him the remain of that series. And you know the rest of the story.

    I would never forget the image of Lin head rolled in white towel looking miserably.

  408. They still might have both Lin and Kemba had they chose to fight.

  409. i haven’t forgotten that pic either – the hornets deserve all that they are getting tbh – i make no apology – their new people havent delivered and relying on batum and kemba – another mistake – sorry for being that honest but the truth

  410. Not with Atkinson being head coach of Nets and designating Lin as the leader (star) of the team.

  411. So glad to see he is where he is now.

  412. Before Atkinson got hired.

  413. Such an awkward camera zoom and duration held that close…

  414. Wow, you’re finally posting here. Welcome.

    To those who don’t know, he’s a big Lin fan from Reddit. Good guy and poster. 🙂

  415. Your archive just amazed me.

  416. They chose Batum over Lin and giving him near max or max contract so that he won’t threaten Kemba as the leader of the team. Hornets are too busy playing politics than actually finding the “star” to build around.

  417. Welcome “home”.

  418. Don’t forget Cliff, he will get fired eventually just like all of Lin’s past coaches who mistreated him for politics.

  419. You are 100% corrected. I only say they chose the wrong guy and wrong path.

  420. Hornets have a lot of bad fans, haters, and trolls too. Just not nearly as many as Knicks and Rockets, to a lesser extent, Lakers fans, because Charlotte is a small basketball market and their franchise has sucked for a long time.

  421. Of course Click, I only focus on the majority of good one. Especially one with class for Lin farewell.

  422. Tbh hornets could have had a good core if they had kemba and lin as main backcourt. With proper utilization it will lighten the load for both of em.

  423. I posted this a few days ago, but it got buried. This was the Hornets’ best starting lineups from last year. Lin, Kemba, Batum, Marv, and Big Al were by far and away the best:

  424. Thanks for the warm welcome. This place seemed much more active than Reddit, so I decided to make an account and post =)

  425. Glad you decided to. Reddit is active, but mainly on /r/nba. NetsDaily is also very active. There’s another Lin forum that’s even more active than here, but it’s filled with trolls and haters and not moderated.

    /r/gonets and /r/jlin7 may not be that active, but sometimes I like the chill atmosphere better.

  426. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  427. i think today’s game was a throw away. no lin, no win. and they didnt play brook more minutes to compensate. it was a pure throw away game… however there are some takeaway points:

    * Lin is THE #1 option, THE franchise player, THE MAN on the nets. this game just cemented it. both offense and defense were putrid without him. today is why PTSD nets fans think they’ll win 20 games. today is why the media think we’ll win 20 games. today is why vegas set the o/u at 20.5 games….

    * Brook…. starting to trouble me… he doesnt seem to fit the new motion offense…. sure he hasnt played a lot of minutes, and even fewer with lin… but still, i have a bad feeling about this… is it a coincidence the starters + hamilton were so good in that 3rd quarter vs pistons?

    * bogs… didnt look good today. he was doubled a lot and played with scrubs, but still. where’s olympics bogs? fool’s gold? we need to see him starting and playing with lin to be sure.

    * RHJ i will also hold off judgement until he plays more with lin… need to see more. shooting he will struggle with, but playing fast and cutting? that should be his strength, but only the talents of lin can bring that out of him…

    * Booker is the starting PF for sure. so much hustle, great defense, rebounding, etc.

    * Harris is a sniper. he’s getting minutes for sure. i originally thought he would be used situationally, but nah. his 3pt shooting is very necessary on this team. he’s not super athletic, but he has good fundamentals.

    * dont discount the veteran experience of scola. the newbies were pure crap out there today. scola can organize the 2nd unit and bomb away from 3

    * whitehead is heading towards scrub territory… dude has BAD handles. got hounded today, had to have others handle the ball… he was aggressive attacking the rim, i like that, but also very raw making bad rookie mistakes… was a huge disappointment today…. d league bound….

    * hamilton is legit. i expect lineups with him to be GREAT. possibly better than brook in this offense? not every team will have a drummond or porzingis…

    * skilpatrick still slumping a bit. love his energy and penetration, but he hasnt finished well and hasnt shot well… today he played with the scrubs so i dont hold it against him, but hope he gets hot in time for the reg season.

    * vasquez is garbage. HOT GARBAGE. i never liked him, even before he was hurt. i always thought lin outplayed him. today he started with the same lineup as before but couldnt do anything. lin is 1000x better than him…

    * foye was kind of an iso gunner today… was that because he played with scrubs? or his true nature? either way, he’s better than vasquez…

    * CMC cant finish at the rim to save his life…

    * bennett still a huge question mark.

    * yogi is a nice passer, good ball handler and can shoot the 3. not sure he can make up for his lack of size though…. still better than whitehead.

  428. I really hate your avatar.

  429. LOL

  430. Welcome @aggressiveplayer:disqus
    Hope you enjoy your stay here…

    Do take time to read our guideline here…..


    The #1 priority is to have respectful discussion (no personal attacks,
    no putting down others based on race/gender/background) so even children
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  431. * I think CMC is the worst player in the entire roster.. I remember NetsDaily wrote an article saying not to sleep on CMC and a reddit user or something saying he truly believes CMC will break out this season, but I never bought it and still won’t buy it until he improves greatly. I think CMC is on the chopping block for being cut if we need roster space.

    * Foye seems to be the person who holds the ball the most on this team, resulting in a lack of ball movement

    * Vasquez CAN be good but he hasn’t shown that yet, not sure if he will

    * Bojan is being eased in I expect him to score huge points, he’s just getting the rust off in this game

    * Bennett is showing signs of improvement so at least that’s a positive

    * Didn’t like Harris in the beginning but now this guy is proving me wrong. He’s one of the most promising signings along with Hamilton.

    Everything else I pretty much agree with.

  432. “A good poker player never gives away his hand until it counts”

    I’d guess that the great military general Sun Tzu said something similar.

  433. IMO vasquez was NEVER that good. the only thing vasquez has going for him is his size. sure he’s not a bad shooter, good passer, and is ok on defense but he’s not one to make or break a lineup like lin. he was just solid. after the injury he was pure crap last year and now i dont see much improvement so far this year…

  434. it makes me unique. how many tank commanders are there in the portal? just me!

  435. It makes me sick to look at that mug.

  436. I skip that pic every time I see it. ?

  437. I just heard Vasquez could be a pain for the opposing team when he was healthy, and from the highlight videos it sure looked like he could be. Hoping he can return to being good so it brings some of the pressure off Lin

  438. sorry… maybe if i cross my arms it’ll make you feel better…

  439. My reply to aggressiveplayer’s thread on Nets subreddit…

    I would write an essay and list out what I think about each player’s performance tonight, but honestly, I’m too lazy and it’s not worth doing for a preseason game that Kenny obviously didn’t care if he lost or won. He just wanted to see different lineup combinations so he can make an informed decision with his coaching staff and Marks on who to cut and who to send down to the D-League.

    I’ll just say that this team needs Lin to lead them, and not just in scoring. Lin is a “glue guy” who does a little of everything that helps all of his teammates play better. He directs the flow of the offense by making good, smart plays and passes. He hustles to save loose balls, rebounds, steals, and makes blocks. He usually shuts down the other team’s point guard. His drives penetrate the defense, giving open looks and shots to his teammates. When Lin starts scoring, he also takes a huge load off of every guy on the team so that everyone can play more carefree and focus on the game, rather than being pressured to jacking up contested and rushed shots.

    What we saw tonight is a perfect example of a Lin-less Nets team. Night and day difference between this game and the first game. This Nets team definitely has the personnel to run Atkinson’s motion offense, along with PnR, but it all starts and ends with having Lin on the floor.

    Remember, the first game would’ve resulted in an ugly loss too, if Lin didn’t get hot and lead the Nets on TWO different double-digit to nothing runs against the Pistons. The starters looked more lost out there the first game than this game and the bench gave up TWO huge leads that Lin helped give them.

    This is just preseason. Let’s not overreact and make too big of a deal about everything. I’ve said all summer long that this team will take 1-2 months to fully gel and start winning a lot. Be patient.

  440. The picture does not match with the name.

  441. just let the haters be. Lin will prove them wrong in no time. but right now, they’re not gonna listen to anything you say

  442. The Lin-credibles 😀

  443. Creativity 🙂
    Jeremy Lin = Legend In New York

    “Days left until the NBA Season begins! ?”

  444. Thoughts on Joe Harris? I thought he balled well today

  445. He’s been balling out ever since the open house scrimmage. Really like this pickup although I wasn’t a fan of his in the beginning. He should see good minutes off the bench this year.

  446. they could have won that match but they deliberately didn’t – i know we sd be talking abt the nets now but that game still saddens me – and showed that the hornets was definitely not a long term home for lin. any good coach wd do the right thing and put the right people in no matter if players’ feelings were hurt – in game 7 lin cd have won the game for the hornets. i know this is pre season but the hornets have lost their games – is the regular season going to be any different? anyway – the past is past and the focus is now on the nets

  447. Like Harris and Hamilton. Wish these two play w/ Lin in the line up. Both of these guys can make 3s, free throws, and defend. Notice Hamilton rolled to the basket a lot the first game but no one passed to him. He can play pnr w/ Lin. Both has high bb iq. Harris gave one assist to Lin when he caught the back pass from Lin and finished at the basket in game 1.

  448. yeah i read that – i think the hornets fans some of them are beginning to worry and panic and even asking to trade their new people – how inspiring is that?

  449. i am reminded about the miami heat when wade bosh and james all decided to sacrifice $ to win their nba titles – imagine if the hornets had made place for lin instead of paying max for batum and williams perhaps things wd have been different. when lin was playing – even spencer hawes was playing better now they are asking for him to be traded – ? but again the hornets are last season anyway – maybe they will start winning again but tbh seeing each of their game it is just painful to watch there is zero chemistry

  450. Nets coach Kenny Atkinson: Not playing Jeremy Lin was plan

    A touch of the perceived tension between new Nets point guard Jeremy Lin and former Knicks teammate Carmelo Anthony bubbled to the surface before Saturday night’s first preseason meeting, but Nets coach Kenny Atkinson pulled the plug on any theatrics by choosing to rest Lin and veteran forward Luis Scola.

    “We planned it a long time ago,” Atkinson said. “Each game, you’ll see a couple of guys resting. We want to see different guys play.”

    Asked if avoiding the distractions he encounters every time Lin faces the Knicks was part of the thinking, Atkinson said, “Not at all. It was completely based on wanting to see other guys play. Each
    guy has an individual plan. This is part of our plan.”

    Without Lin, the Nets’ offense suffered in a 116-98 loss to the Knicks. Center Brook Lopez played only 13 minutes and scored three points. Anthony Bennett topped the Nets with 15 points, Sean Kilpatrick had 13 and Joe Harris added 11.

    On Friday, Anthony was asked about the Nets’ signing of Lin to a three-year deal worth $38 million, and the Knicks star said, “He is the face of that franchise, believe it or not. They paid him, and now he has the ball in his hands. So now he’s one of the franchise players over there.”

    Anthony went on to congratulate Lin, but his “believe it or not” phrase conveyed an element of surprise at Lin’s success. On Saturday morning after the Nets’ shootaround, Lin brushed off Anthony’s comments as “no big deal” when he spoke to reporters.

    Lin said he didn’t regard Anthony’s comments as a slight of any sort. “No, I don’t think it’s a big deal, to be honest,” Lin said. “I’m not really too worried about it.”

    Pressed about his relationship with Anthony, Lin said they are friendly whenever they see each other. “Every time I’ve run into him or had any interaction with him, he’s been really nice to me and really cordial,” Lin said. “I’ve never had any personal issues with him; we’ve never gotten into a fight or an argument in person or through texts or anything. I’ve never had anything remotely hostile with him.”

    Former Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni said in a recent interview that Anthony’s jealousy during “Linsanity” back in 2012 “was real.” Lin said he was “thankful” for his former coach’s remarks, but he has moved beyond that time to focus on his new leadership role with the Nets.

    Atkinson, who was an assistant with the Knicks and worked with Lin and Anthony during “Linsanity,” also downplayed perceptions of a rivalry. Asked if Anthony’s recent comments hinted at past tension with Lin, Atkinson said, “I didn’t interpret it that way. Jeremy is a good player. We’re excited to have him here, but I didn’t interpret [Anthony’s comments] in any negative way.”

    Lin made no secret about wanting to return to New York, so it’s natural to assume he will feel something extra against the Knicks. But Atkinson said, “He’s got to take every game the same way. My message to these guys is that we’re trying to establish our habits. I hope he takes every game with the same competitive mentality.”

  451. at least my blood pressure can remain stable – lol

  452. “-less”is missing at the end of his name LOL

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  454. lets not call players as scrub and garbage, pls

  455. BTW…just wondering…what would be Cold Garbage as oppose to Hot Garbage?! hmmm

  456. That’s ermmmm… Five Shades of Lin!??

  457. can someone clone lin

  458. i think that they need another pg not vasquez – has he forgotten that he is supposed to be a pg or what? when lin is on the floor all the players are just hustling but vasquez is ???

  459. harris and hamilton are pretty cool

  460. still too early to tell though. if by december he still isn’t performing then yea

  461. it is either one has that presence of not – i hope he does step up and give lin a break but that floor general mentality was not there – somehow i felt that foye was better cos in the last game he was everywhere passing the ball to lin esp

  462. Harris will be a strong rotational player…He’s already shown me more than enough.

  463. I think Joe harris has a potential to be a good player.. Can drive in, pass and shoot 3s..

  464. Vasquez looked horrible..For his sick, I’m hoping he’s simply rusty because of his recent injury stint.

    But recently, the book of Vasquez is that he’s slow as molasses and is a bad defender..Some fan nicknamed him “Trashquez” because of how he played.

  465. Comments from hornets forum about Lin..

    User avatarfatlever
    Senior Mod – Hornets
    Once again, trying not to overreact to a preseason game where we have key players missing, but it has been very difficult to find much in these past 3 games to get excited about.

    A few things that I at least find a little concerning

    – How long will it take for Kemba to get back to full speed? Today he really looked like a tentative player coming off knee surgery.

    – Frank is 0-13 from 3pt so far in preseason, and most of his misses haven’t even been close. His jump shot looks worse than MKG’s right now. Frank’s poor 3pt shooting is reflective of the entire team. I think we finished the game 0-15 from 3 after Lamb made his first attempt.

    – Last year we had 3 players who you could give the ball to and they could usually get a good shot on their own – Kemba, Lin and Jefferson. This year we have 1. I’m fine with losing Jefferson and we had no chance to keep Lin since he wanted to start, but we’re going to miss Lin’s ability to generate offense from nothing, for himself and others. Don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise. Sessions is nowhere near Lin as a player. We’re really relying on Lamb and Frank taking that leap in order to fill that hole left by Lin and I’m not sure we’re there yet or anywhere close.

    Speaking of Frank – I always find it interesting to read the thoughts of people who don’t often get to see us play, just to learn what they see in our players.

  466. are the hornets the only 0-3 team in preseason ? compare it to last preseason where lin/hornets dominated.

    i think hawes has been leading them in assists and lamb in scoring.

  467. He is a veteran. He has gone through years of misery. He will be tough to stop.

  468. others here have suggested that hamilton start. probably wont happen but i still think having two offensive non-entities in booker and rhj in the starting lineup is a mistake.

    and if it was me id leave booker in and rhj out but there is a positive narrative around rhj that seems unassailable at present. (not justified by anything imo).

  469. a good post. a solid scouting report. when atkinson notes the things that they didn’t do this game that they did in the previous it could be added: because no lin, and they wont be done without lin.

  470. I think Jorge Gutierrez at least deserves a chance to try out the backup PG position.
    Jeremy is already the franchise player. A backup PG is essential for the team to overwork Lin. Greivis Vasquez is clearly not the one who could provide immediate help; not even in practices.

  471. Just to show the Nets owner that Jeremy’s $36M contract is the best deal for the team.

  472. Last year 7-1..

  473. What do you think Hamilton’s ability to play PnR with Lin?

  474. Hornet fans are knowledgeable and relatively objective. Other teams in the past had a natural defensiveness of their team when criticized by Lin fans. This caused a lot of strife but that is a nartural reaction when you are a fan and bias to your team. I respect hornet fans who were able to stay objective about Lin and not let us Lin fans turn them against him.

  475. Comparing CMC with Hamilton
    CMC 21mins 2-6 3/4 FTs 2 OREB 5 DREB 7 REBS 0 assist 6TOs 7 pts
    Hamilton 20 mins 2-5 2/2 FTs 2 OREB 5 DREB 7 REBS 1 assist 1TO 7 pts

  476. I think I’ll block him because that is so annoying. Is he deliberately trying to remind us of a wasted year?

  477. btw theres a game right now winding up in china rockets/pelicans putting up a lot of points.

  478. FYI, this interview is taking place today …

  479. At the highest level of any evenly matched battle, it’s the little subtle things that make the difference.

    Misdirection is one of these military ploys. When Churchill bombed Germany, he made Hitler so mad that he changed his focus on retaliation instead of invasion. Strategically, the Brits suffered a lot but they gave themselves enough time to change the course of the war.

    Poker is chance but the odds only come your way once in a while. It’s how you take advantage of those opportunities that makes you a great player. If you fold whenever you don’t have cards, then everyone will fold when you stay in. Timing your wins is what makes great coaches.

  480. Terrific player, better than either Tyler Johnson or Allen Crabbe.

    Harris this season will be impactful off the bench similar to how Lin was with the Hornets last season.

    The thing about Harris is that he doesn’t have the fastest footspeed but more than makes up for it with SIZE AND HOPS.

  481. Gutierrez is Lin Lite.

    Gutierrez plays exactly the way the media erroneously says Lin plays: solid, unathletic, unspectacular, uninteresting.

    At least the media isn’t stupidly crowing anymore that Lin “can’t shoot, can’t defend, can’t play at a NBA pace, cannot compete athletically, etc”. The way the media described Lin, one would have thought Lin was PATRICK BEVERLEY.

  482. Nets would have been better off with Jimmer Fredette and Tyler Hansbrough.

    I am sure I’ll get race taunted here for “liking white players” by trolls like I always do.

    The Nets need more athletic and skilled inside presence (especially offensively) and a more reliable backup PG who can actually score and generate offense for others.

  483. My man Jeremy Lamb is a BEAST.

    Get him over to the Nets where he can start with Lin.

    Lamb is the best SG teammate Lin ever had.

  484. our main issue is brook lopez and getting him to fit in the offense as well as playing off Lin and his own strength. This will decide a lot this season

  485. One interesting thing is while fore helps Lin with his passing abilities, he is clearly too old and slow to start. The issue is do we have a better option?

  486. Agree with everything you said.

  487. Way too early for anyone to draw any real conclusions on anything right now, yet a lot of people are, which I expected. The offense isn’t going to be this vanilla and equal opportunity in the regular season. The Spurs and Hawks used pick and roll a lot and we haven’t even seen that in these first two games. Everything is still in the development stages. I’m withholding judgment until the Nets use a rotation that they’ll actually use for the games that count.

  488. Just noticed this tweet from the summer. Jeremy is happy to be in Brooklyn, at the Hey Hey Canteen. See :

  489. Are those bagels with cream cheese or a variation of mud pies?

  490. I’m not sure what it is. It could be something like this (from the Hey Hey Canteen site). Whatever it is, I suspect it’s sweet …

  491. Nets need a bench and a bench leader to have a good chance. Too much reliance on JLin at this point. Very dull team w/o him. For the team’s sake we are heaping too much reliance on Lin, valuable though he is. Wish I could pick his brain and see who HE would like to be his backup. Hansbrough would be nice. I always liked him at Charlotte and thought Cliff way under utilized him like Lin, but how would he play with Scola, Booker and Hamilton in front of him? Fredette though, he could be a nice addition. I saw him play in the Shanghai-Houston game and he looked very poised. I could see him as a great backup PG to Lin as well as playing with Lin where both could be either PG or SG. Could be a very explosive scoring combination.

  492. Yup you could tell by his smile. So happy and content. 🙂

  493. Hope to see him play more then. Don’t know too much about him.

  494. SERIOUS? Wow, I don’t follow other teams but man that sucks.

  495. cliff just went after him for defense lol

  496. Good article by our friend Greg from Sportige on Preseason Game 2

    Brooklyn Nets: Jeremy Lin Not Playing Reveals Their Weaknesses
    Not so good: A backcourt of Foye/Vasquez/RHJ, Ferrel defense, McCullough 6 TOs
    Good: Booker, Kilpatrick, Harris, AB 15pts, Whitehead 6pts in 14min

  497. You’re drawing a conclusion too.

    You are NOT better than people here, no matter how much you claim you are.

  498. Described as: Kaya aka Coconut Jam-Filled Whoopie Pies ( 2 for $5.99): A concept that sounds better than it tastes imo.

  499. why is vasquez supposed to be a pg? i thought he was hot stuff but he just doesnt seem to inspire confidence – lin can’t do everything tbh – i like harris and hamilton a lot btw – rhj and brooke better start moving – they seem a bit listless

  500. they lost all three so far – and pple want to trade sessions and hawes already – zeller is injured so that means more problems. batum and marvin didnt play the last vs boston but i dont think it will make a difference tbh – hornets fans are not panicking yet but not happy

  501. when lin and hawes were playing last season – hawes was busy hitting 3s and moving around a lot more – and lamb is ok as well – but dont know what happened to hawes this season

  502. i really like harris

  503. hasnborough has left charlotte i think – i wish hawes or lamb wd come over –

  504. is something wrong with lopez though? he just seems off

  505. well if we’re dealing with ultra small sample size stats may as well go with these: nba preseason scoring leaders:



    Enes Kanter C OKC 2 1 30.5 26.5
    Devin Booker SG PHO 3 3 25.0 22.0
    James Harden SG HOU 2 2 29.0 29.0
    Victor Oladipo SG OKC 2 2 31.5 22.0
    Jeremy Lin PG BKN 1 1 17.0 21.0

  506. Can’t the same be said about Hornets now ?

  507. “got to have kaya now”–bob marley

  508. If the Nets had players that could produce wins in Lin’s absence, they’d have to pay at least Lin prices to get those players.

  509. the first game showed the lack of the former and the second game the lack of the second.

  510. Why does CLICK use Pepe the frog on his Twitter handle?

  511. TRUE

    work Lopez in on both ends of the court

  512. Lopez is not in shape yet, mentally or physically.

    Like all the Nets holdovers from last season, Lopez is not used to playing at this faster harder pace.

  513. I think if Hansbrough were allowed to, he’d beat all of them out for the starting PF position and get back to collecting double doubles like he did in Indiana every game.

  514. Because it triggers people like you.

  515. ot harden gets lit up again; i mean i didn’t see the entire games but as often is the case (how many players with limited nba success for whatever reasons have put up carreer best when being) the primary opposite number to harden goes off crazy; jimmer w/33 now etwan moore with 25.

    only the knicks so far couldn’t find anyone capable of rolling on harden.

  516. Yes – though Jeremy LAMB is finally starting to step up!

    I consider Lamb to be Charlotte’s best player.

    We’ll see if Clifford tolerates Lamb outplaying Walker, Batum, and MKG.

  517. Kanter, Oladipo, and Harden have all padded their stats against nonNBA teams.

  518. Honestly, never been a fan of his game but I hope he does well this season

  519. i remember Foye lit him up for 30+ several times

  520. Wow. Click is on tilt. He’s raging and flaming Netincome on Twitter. Pretty much spam abusing him.

  521. That cap is fire.

  522. I still don’t know why Nets didn’t go after Jimmer. I would have thought Jimmer fit in perfectly with the kind of players they wanted to get.

  523. man, i wish Click would change his avatar because he’s making Lin (and fans) look real bad when he’s tweeting political garbage against Hillary

  524. Yeah, because of that, I still wish Hornets well, even though I think they will end up winning around 25 games this season.

  525. I like Jimmer but Lamb not so much, although Lamb would probably be the most athletic player on Nets.

  526. yeah, if you want the Nets to get better from the draft of 2017

  527. H & H will probably be consistent performers during the season.

  528. Agreed. I think it might be better to give 10 games or so until Lin shows clearly that he is the primary difference maker for Nets.

  529. I never understand how people would feel they are entitled to use Lin’s logo anywhere…..

  530. People can do what they may. Lin is his own person. No one can make Lin look a way except Lin

  531. forget about your boy Jeremy Lamb, somehow coach Clifford just don’t like him. I think he was still picking on Lamb this season….. unfortunately….

  532. Yet you’re entitled enough to use Nike’s logo everywhere. People using Nets logos everywhere. Just because it’s Lin’s logo, it’s somehow different?

  533. NO IT DOESN’T.

    Just as you stupidly LIE about me “being racist against blacks”, Click Click represents himself and not all Lin fans.

    I don’t strut around accusing all Lin fans of calling me “racist” just a lone psycho like you does so repeatedly on this forum and others.

    Click Click represents Click Click, and you represent your own TROLLISH views.

  534. The person on tilt and raging is the guy who banned me for speaking the truth, then continuing to post about me because I can’t respond to him. I spammed the links that he banned me for, before he could block me on Twitter.

  535. NetsDaily / Net Income tweets his “political garbage” against Trump everyday. So do lots of Lin fans. But because it’s something negative (but true) about Hillary and because I’m one of the few brave enough to tell the truth about Hillary, all of the sudden, I’m making Lin look bad. Good logic bro.

  536. He’s still mad. And he continues to use Pepe the frog on his Twitter handle. Talk about being apolitical.

  537. Your troll baiting isn’t working bro. Need to come up with something better. Keep trying.

  538. lol…why did u feel the need to bring what click is doing on his own time / on another site here?

  539. What diff does it make what click does/use as avatar outside of this site? It’s his biz…unless ur doing it to bait him bcuz he may have a diff view than urs. Which makes u making this whole thing political. smh

  540. Well, you are a Lin fan and you are also entitled to have your own views in all other areas. That’s your right. I may not agree with you but I definitely think that you have the right to say what you think. Just keep it simple and don’t repeat too often for communication’s sake. I see no problem with that.

  541. Maybe bcuz he wants to? Why do u use some cloud head for urs?

  542. I just try my best to speak the truth (and back it up with ample evidence / proof), whether it’s about Lin, Trump, Hillary, whatever. A lot of people can’t handle the truth, so they lash out and attack me, silence me, mock me, call me all types of names, instead of having a reasonable, logical, open minded debate / dialogue.

  543. calm down. yelling your lies doesn’t make them truths lol

  544. They have signed him for 3 years. They have to use him or else the GM and the coach would look bad.

  545. how do you know Lin wants to be represented by you and your political views? you’re damaging his image and who knows what else

  546. Hypocrisy runs rampant among all human beings. Unfortunately, gandychan tried to bring it here on a Lin fan site. smh

  547. I don’t represent Lin or his political views. Why don’t you ask the same question to dozens and dozens of anti-Trump Lin fans (one of which is Monkeyes2 / Wukong / Gwen, a mod on this forum) who post their “political garbage” about him EVERYDAY? Oh right, because you’re one of the ones who agrees with them so you couldn’t care less about how they’re representing Lin.

  548. what if Click used “KKK” as his avatar and continue to support Lin with it?

  549. the nets need a real leader and head of the snake like ronnie price (sarcasm)

  550. it’s distasteful. what Click and the moron jlinnation guy does makes Lin and fans look real bad

  551. How do u know Lin doesn’t? Anyways…click never said he does so ur statement is just ur own opinion…not Lins.

  552. I’m surprised that Jorge Gutierrez and Chase Budinger didn’t get to play much against the Knicks.
    Please give them at least the chance to show what they could do. They were instrumental in getting the Nets’ first win.

  553. Nice what if. Good thing I didn’t use “KKK” as my avatar and never would. But go ahead and keep making up ridiculous hypothetical scenarios instead of staying in reality.

  554. Ur getting way out of line now…baiter.

  555. are they using Lin’s own avatar in the way you do and rampantly tweet againts netsdaily and Clinton? nope. put things in perspective please

  556. Ur not exactly a Lin fan role model right now either. Can we say hypocrit?

  557. its interesting that coach mda has been playing harden 30 minutes+ consistently throughout these preseason games while lin has played 17 minutes in two games total. I am not worried however, lin had like a month of practice with his teammates before PS. however, I do feel his chemistry with brook lopez is not quite there yet and atkinson definitely needs to play them more together before the regular season

  558. Rampantly? Please. I hardly ever tweet out political stuff, unlike the anti-Trump Lin fans and Net Income who spam that crap all day, everyday. Also, I only recently changed my avatar to Lin’s logo less than 3 days ago. But go head and keep making stuff up and talking out your butt.

  559. Lol, that Click dude is a Trump supporter…

  560. He was given only 4 minutes in the last game.

  561. how is it a ridiculous example? it’s no different than what you’re doing yet you refuse to see it

  562. Lol…

  563. Look, the troll is back.

    FYI I don’t support Trump. Never donated to his campaign, never been to his rally, never voted for him. I’m just against Hillary, a proven liar, criminal, rapist defender, racist, and a corrupt, treasonous politician who sold out our country to enrich herself.

  564. what is sad is he’s trying to tie Lin to it

  565. So what…
    Isn’t differences what makes America what it is? Definitely not intolerance that seems to b practiced now.

  566. i hope mod would ban Click if he insist on keep damaging Lin and fans’ image. there’s really no place for all of his political garbage

  567. Don’t bother arguing w/judgemental intolerant beings…waste of time.

  568. Yet, you don’t speak out on Trump, who’s just as bad, and even more so, since he’s overtly racist. He’s a fake conservative, who somehow infiltrated the Repub Party, which goes to show the kind of shape the GOP is in. FYI, there isn’t a good candidate this cycle and there usually never is.

  569. Click has contributed to this site a lot more than u or baiter gandy chan, so get off ur holierbthan thou platform.

  570. I agree – Coach “Atkinson definitely needs to play them more together before the regular season.”

    Despite all the excitement about the Brook-Lin PnR pair-up since Jin joined Nets, we have not seen it on court.

  571. I have spoken out on Trump. Just today, on NetsDaily, before Net Income banned me and deleted my posts, I said Trump’s comments in 2005 was lewd, crude, and inappropriate. I’ve also called Trump a fake conservative and a fake Christian. But you wouldn’t know nor care because you’re just here trolling and trying to bash me.

  572. I wonder if the new yorker event will be streamed ? Otherwise we will have to wait until it’s over

  573. crickets

  574. What’s sadder is u trying to tie gandychan bringing politics to this site on click. lol

  575. U feel better…hypocrit?

  576. I wondered myself. It won’t start till 4:30 p.m. ET.

  577. Yes, a frog face is the same as KKK logo. Good one.

  578. nice. you just changed your logo and then posted this. so that’s how it work with you. Lol

  579. I don’t think it will be streamed . Otherwise someone will have to be personally periscoping it, or something. It says 90 minutes . That is a long convo 🙂

  580. You’re not only trolling and lying about me, now you’re completely delusional.

  581. thanks for changing your avatar, Click. it’s still Lin’s face but atleast it’s not his logo. good man

  582. Still spamming lies and delusional rantings. Keep going bro. Mods will take care of this soon enough.

  583. You are probably right. The ticket costs $45, live-streaming may discourage some customers from paying for admission.

  584. Good job.

  585. I don’t know how she does it…

  586. What is this event supposed to be?

  587. The next preseason game will be on NBA TV against the Heat.

    Here are the stats for Heat players so far this preseason:!/1610612748/players/?sort=PTS&dir=1

  588. I like the stats but it doesn’t tell us too much to be honest.

  589. I respect Hornets fans who pay their dues to Lin.

  590. Hope it’s not like the letdown after hearing about dho and Lin working out together before the season… and never seeing the fruits of that.

  591. Not worry at all…
    If Lin can gel with Asik, Ed Davis is short period under a “not good” coach… I’m more concern about the “whole” versus the “part”… But Not really at all. JL7 succeeded even in LA under difficult situations (before benched by BScott). No Worries!

  592. All about that respect… something Lin has had very little of the past 4 years.

  593. Wow, a lot of NY media is covering Lin’s interview…

  594. Really hoping there will be a video on this interview posted on Youtube later or something

  595. These tweets are coming out fast and furious.

  596. There has to be. There will be at least 5+ articles written on this interview. Sooo many from NY media is attending this event. It’s crazy how much attention Lin is getting already.

  597. I did warn you two days ago on how Net Income bans everyone eventually. Half the regular people that post on RealGM/Nets has been banned on Nets Daily. New guys that post on ND keep saying how great their mods are at banning trolls. When in reality they ban people at a whim… and then insults them when they can’t retaliate. I was on ND from the beginning, they did not Linsanity because Deron Williams getting destroyed by Lin. Personally, I was surprised you lasted this long at the rate you were posting there.

  598. I’m not a nutritionist but my rule of thumb is 3600 calories (net) consumed equals a pound of fat.

    So to gain a pound a day is really something.

  599. I lasted that long because I actually contribute A LOT to that site. They relied on me to translate Lin’s interviews from Mandarin to English for them. Net Income even admitted it right before he banned me and deleted my posts. I knew my days were numbered from the first time he threatened to ban me.

    Full-on censorship is what it is. It’s like North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China over there. As long as you suck up to him, never talk back, and don’t say anything that’s against his political views, you’re fine on NetsDaily.

  600. She’s getting the first video clips up…

  601. Coach as in coach Atkinson? That’s awesome. I love that guy.

  602. lol .. JLin is smart not to announce the biggest ball-hog he has ever played with

  603. This interview is getting a lot of coverage; even the Asian Americal Legal Defense and Education Fund…

  604. That question is a trap.. They shouldn’t have asked that in the first place.

  605. Even the World Economic Forum interview has gotten quite a bit of attention

  606. Jimmer is an undersized SG, he can’t guard his position. Also, isn’t effective unless he takes a lot of shots… which is a bad combination.

  607. Brook Lopez is the least of the Nets problems. Lopez is an all-star and have actual skills. The question is why is Brook wasting his prime on a bad team.

  608. I believe it was the Harvard assistant coach, Kenny Blakeney, who was the first to say Lin can play in the NBA (other than his mom).

  609. lol

    ramen’s not the healthiest thing for an athlete

  610. Most things we love to eat aren’t healthy for us.

  611. True Number#1 fan

  612. lol JLin just needs the right GF/wife. I disliked soup before marriage #toohot, I love it now ? ? ?

  613. Yeah, I don’t think there’s anyone close. Lin knows her well from all of the events of his she’s been to and she met with Lin’s family as well.

    It’s a creepy how she follows Lin literally around the world, but I admire her determination and fandom.

  614. Talking about soup …

  615. To even get to the NBA level, they have to have some talent. I hate dismissive comments like that because everyone of these players pushes the better players to be great players to be the best players and goats. Every level is important.

  616. Pieced together Vivien’s clips:

  617. This is why people love @JLin7
    Giving back to others, share blessings #atypicalcelebrity #humility

    What will he do after basketball?
    Jeremy Lin says, “I want to put my roots down in one community and give everything to them.” #TNYfest

  618. He impressses me more and more… stud and leader…

  619. @BrooklynNets:

    @JLin7 on vet leadership: “You walk in & it’s a different vibe, different level of respect. Fun being back in that position.
    On his Dad: “He moved to the U.S. from Taiwan & pursued Ph.D. here, fell in love with the @kaj33 sky-hook. We grew up with a ? in our hands”
    [email protected] on family: “That’s where I get my drive & ambition. The level of support & love is the reason I was able to pursue basketball” #Nets
    ? “My mom was like ‘straight A’s or no basketball.” [email protected] speaking today at #TNYfest.
    On #Nets: “Brook is a lot funnier than everyone imagines. He’s hilarious. Rondae is non-stop. Sean is a guy that wants it.” #TNYfest

  620. Ty Click!

  621. YW

  622. too many to choose from

  623. Emotional stress puts weight on people.

  624. JLin is being humble to encourage kids (and their parents) to pick up basketball =D

  625. If you want to eat like JLin before a big game:

    [email protected]’s pregame meal: lean protein, salmon, fish, veggies, little carbs, non-fatty, non-fried, not a lot of sugar. #TNYfest

  626. I’ve had gym rat friends in college who ate like this and tried getting me to eat like that. Didn’t last too long. :/

  627. I’d like to think of it as Chipotle so it won’t taste that bad lol

  628. I mean, I love fish, eggs, and banana, but there’s only so much of it you can eat.

  629. What the coach McHale wanted; (James Harden)

  630. Kat Przybyla is the Digital Manager for the Brooklyn Nets.

  631. Ha! Everyone knows the real story…

  632. future NBA Commissioner and US President material for sure ? ?

  633. thanks.. added to the Video Gallery on homepage

  634. He got my vote!

  635. We all know he had a stellar high school record

  636. At Jeremy’s interview (L-R) : Jo Ling Kent (NBC News Correspondent) ; Charles Lam (Deputy Editor, NBC Asian America and NBC News) ; and Traci Lee (runs NBC Asian America)

  637. Out of everything Jeremy had to say this afternoon, Sports Illustrated writes an article about the soup. Journalism …

  638. I’m surprised they didn’t spin his words and try to cause drama and/or controversy. Then again, it’s SI, one of the most superficial and intellectually bankrupt sports media platform out there.

  639. In Jeremy’s defense, it IS a tough question. It’s like asking which of the three black holes sucks harder…

  640. I see @BrooklynNets was tweeting live so perhaps she represented the whole Nets social media team?

  641. I’ve said this once before, but I find it incredibly unlucky and coincidental that Lin has played with the NBA’s most notorious ballhogs and somehow survived. Most point guards had their careers ruined playing next to even 1 of them, let alone all 3.

  642. If Lin is already getting this media attention, imagine what’ll happen when he plays well during the regular season and if he somehow leads the Nets to the playoffs…

  643. The storm is coming …

  644. Winter is coming…

  645. ugh, the debate is going on and trump has finally gone off the deep. I have to ask if he is really serious about being president or if he is doing this as a publicity stunt.

  646. Precisely. Latest case in point being Ty Lawson. Jeremy went through three extreme cases of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, which is why he’s tough as diamond now.

  647. I don’t think anything can phase Lin at this point. Of course losing a lot this season would suck, but he’ll still handle it well… much better than during the Lakers year.

  648. Fellow JLin fans, let’s refrain from posting politics or religion issues because it’s such a divisive topic and against the forum rules. There are already other proper forums to discuss them.

    Let this place be a Lin-related basketball forum to create togetherness and unity, especially in the next month nearing to the US election. IMHO we can all benefit from having a peaceful sanctuary since most social media are already saturated with conflicts and fights. Thank you for your understanding.

  649. In 2 #Nets preseason gms:
    44% of shot selection are 3FGs at a moderate 34.3% clip
    BUT if u take out Lin/Scola/Harris(65%), it drops to 20%

    Hope other Nets can shoot better 3s to be a 3pt-shooting team.
    Otherwise, it becomes a concern to only rely on Lin/Scola/Harris

  650. GREAT stats analysis

  651. You and I and all Lin fans here know that Lin won’t let his team lose.

  652. Oh, that’s only because Lin is awared of ANTI ASIAN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION in all American colleges!

    Colleges DON’T WANT Asian students.


  654. SI sees Lin as a racial caricature, not as an actual person let alone NBA player.

  655. I said it on the Nets subreddit and I’ll say it here. I don’t think the motion offense will work with so many 3s unless the players can hit it.

  656. seriously lamb is the guy running around doing all the work much better than walker and batum and marvin – clifford has issues

  657. Lin is thinking: “Damnit, not this crazy girl again!”

  658. Yes, frankly, which is why I decided to substitute another tweet.

  659. yeah, I have seen her face on this forum one too many times. If we are getting creeped out, Lin probably feels even worse.

  660. LOL. Not only surprised but disappointed people who are opportunistic on insinuating others are allowed and tolerated here as in the other JL fan’s site. Haha cheers.

  661. thanks for the share

  662. Aren’t the Ivy League students the future leaders of our great country? Not too promising.

  663. Haws highest +/- during the playoffs for the Hornets.

  664. He needs to keep the ” ICE in his vein” lol

  665. agreed. case in point: Ty Lawson didn’t even survive half a season

  666. not sure if it was the original tweet that was offensive (didn’t see it) or the reply.
    but personal attacks and insults are not allowed here.

  667. True, but at the same time, he was being quite honest. He got a 2-for-1.

  668. what does it matter ? if she is respectful to jeremy then i don’t see anything wrong with that. bonus cos we get to see nice pics and video from her as well

  669. Agree.

  670. Moron person like rick James is not able to see that. Heck, I have seen Rick James face on this forum one too many times as well. He should look at himself in the mirror before commenting others like the girl who at least try to be supportive for real for Jeremy Lin in real life than rick James who only knows to bs online.

  671. nice try on the bait 😉

  672. Thats right baby…

  673. No Worries… JLin7 will shoot at a very high rate this season, 45%~50%. And he will be the main recipient. But see good shooters in Bog, Scola, Harris, Hamilton. We have players continue to practice and improve Because they know they will get touches from JL7. But it’s not only raining 3s but PnR and Drives and Slashing.

  674. well I would agree with you if the tweet actually had any useful LINformation, which it doesn’t.

  675. It doesn’t to you, it does to others.
    the forum does not build just for you, for you, around you.

  676. unfortunate me to just in time to catch your bs.

  677. yes it should build for everyone, and I don’t want to see what Lin has for breakfast, or what kind of underwear he is wearing. Maybe you do, I don’t know LOL.

  678. you don’t know too much, which is why you said too much bs, and you are not forgiven for your ignorance. Just go home and study more and be more torelated for others next time! Good bye!

  679. i wouldnt mind that but keeping it PG rated for our favourite PG – lol

  680. well, you blew up my initial response out of proportion, anyways you have to relax, don’t get worked up over small things.

  681. Soup – sanity

  682. The devil is in the details. To go a long way, pay attention to small things. You don’t have to be something big like Steven jobs, just something small like given up a seat for an elderly or walk a blind person across the street is already good decent enough as a human being. Take some time to digest this precious wisdom I am given you!

  683. LOL! I appreciate your wisdom.

  684. Temp relieve from posting…you know the rules

  685. “Moron”? Let’s not call each other names unless the other person calls you names first. Lol

  686. #1 topic on /r/nba Reddit right now:

    Jeremy Lin’s mom took $ out of her 401K to get him thru NBA draft to make sure he had enough to eat, after she & dad were laid off.

  687. Not even worried, Nets will go to playoffs for sure.

  688. @disqus_uAaAJQEICw:disqus , I deleted your post referring to the “crazy girl” since it breaks the forum rules on personal insults. Let’s be mindful on our comments, especially during the election time. People are already on the edge most of the time.

    Let’s focus more on the positives since many people have contributed to provide great update and content on Lin for all Lin fans.

  689. I have a newfound respect for the love and sacrifice from Mama and Papa Lin toward Jeremy and his brothers.
    That’s very hard to do to dip into the life savings after both lost their jobs.

  690. Lin would definitely help a ton, but I’m talking more about people like RHJ, Booker, Foye, Greivis, Bennett, Kilpatrick, Bojan and Lopez. These are the type of guys that need to hit the 3s. I hope they continue to work on their shooting and make a more effective system. I know we have yet to incorporate the PnR and slashing, but sometimes if the defense is only giving us 3s, like the Pistons did, then we need to make sure to capitalize on it. We can’t rely on Lin for everything.

  691. This could be one of the reasons why Lin decided to remodel their house this summer. They sacrificed a lot to give Lin the life and opportunity he has. Mama Lin especially believed that Lin could make it in the NBA, even when Lin didn’t believe it himself. She’s an amazing person and an amazing mother.

  692. heard that Joe Chang sold his house to fund Michael’s professional tennis training…

  693. Nobody expects any of the guys you named to be sharpshooters. That’s why Marks went out and did all he could to acquire TJ and Crabbe.

    Like I told you in your thread on Reddit, the Nets have the personnel. Joe Harris and Bojan Bogdanovic are the Nets’ sharpshooters. Combined with Lin, these guys can be very deadly at the 3-point line. On any given night, any of them or all of them could go off and shoot lights out.

    Again, be patient and watch what happens when the team fully gels and gets used to Kenny’s system. They also have to solidify the rotation first before we can judge how good or bad this team is going to be.

  694. good shooters makes any offensive system well oiled.

  695. Thank you very much mod. Mr RickJames need to show more respect for others and be more positive in his comments in this forum. Haha cheers

  696. Definitely not sharpshooters, but I think they should do better than 20%. I think RHJ hit 1 out of his 2 three pointers. That’s pretty good for him, so no blame on him. But the rest of the guys.. where was Foye ,Kilpatrick or GV with the 3s..?

    I guess I’m just slightly disappointed in the performance yesterday. It’s too early and I shouldn’t be so critical. They also had Lin and Scola out, who could knock down 3s. Not to mention Bojan and Kilpatrick who haven’t yet knocked off their rust. With those guys actually sharpened up again on the floor, I think we’ll be good.

  697. you’re right, I guess people ARE on edge with this election. It has seeped its way even here due to the extraordinary circumstances this time around.

    I’ll try and be more mindful with my comments going forward!

  698. Wow… and the story of Linsanity just keeps on building.

  699. How do you know that is true?

  700. Danny Kwan, Michelle and Karen Kwan’s father once tried to bribe / gave money to them /his daughters not to skate anymore. At one point back in the early 90s the 2 girls annual skate training money was ~ $75K.

  701. pick n roll? not good. pick n pop? deadly…

  702. noted.

  703. why do people look at pictures of the burning twin towers on 9-11? NEVER FORGET!!!

  704. Is she a journalist or just an admirer?

  705. Wouldn’t count on Foye. He’s a volume shooter that normally avg 40% or lower….

  706. Looking at his career, jeez his percentages have dipped. I hope he brings it back up to at least 39% FG% and 35% from 3…

  707. Well… if you’re hoping for him to bring it BACK UP TO 39%….. That’s pretty much painting a very bleak picture of his shooting ability… I know guards’ percentage can be lower than forward and centres. But to have sub 40% FG…. It’s almost at scrub territory.

  708. I agree on your read on MrRickJames. Even his reply to mod on the people probably on edge due to election thingy somehow has the veiled ‘seeped’ negative connotation in it. Haha cheers.

  709. This is not unusual. A lot of immigrant fathers and mothers sacrifine for their children’s future. I can attest to mine.

  710. Yea I think under 40% is pretty low for a guard. And his recent stats aren’t even close to that. It’s pretty concerning.

  711. I am a little pissed that they just all saw it as an “investment” by the mom. White American culture just don’t believe Chinese families are that close, that parents would gladly offer their own retirement money if it means it can support the son’s biggest dream in life. If they are both born in Taiwan, then I fully expect them to do it. Plus, this is not long term anyway.

  712. did any of the players not shoot 3s at all during training camp or their usual workout? i mean really – harris scola and lin are the energy bunnies hitting the 3s – what is brook doing?

  713. Bojan Bogdanovic has a career 37% in 3Ps and he has been improving on this too.

  714. Byron Scott was particularly harsh on Jeremy, despite Kobe was ball-hogging and missing lots of shots and still shooting. Once Kobe retired, this coach was immediately fired. Throughout the whole season, he was critical of Lin and dared Lin to show him that he could play well.

    Now, I want Bryon Scott to see Lin now, a legitimate starting PG. What do you have to say about this? How about your head of snake, Ronnie Price? Not to take anything away from Ronnie. He had a spectacular season and was subsequently not kept by Lakers. Ronnie PRICE should not be responsible for the dumb things that BS did. Ronnie was just used by BS to trash Jeremy.

    Byron Scott retired as the worst NBA coach in his years of coaching in NBA marked by his injustice towards players like Jeremy Lin, Ed Davis and others too. A shameful record!

  715. can someone explain why the nets like lopez and rhj weren’t focusing on the 3s – they sd be better than they are right now – if scola and harris are good at 3s why arent the rest of the team – what were they doing them in the off season?any ideas

  716. when i saw the lakers games during that 2014-2015 even with the team of boozer/johnson/davis/lin/sacre/ellington/black/clarkson – they all played quite well and could have won more games than they did. i saw the timberwolves game where kobe missed the last shot – and the mavs game where the lakers were leading till rondo fouled lin and he had to leave the game and the lakers lost . lin and ed davis were really good together

  717. The tanking master, Byron Scott, tanked for nothing! He personally tried to ruin the career of the one that he drafted.

  718. i genuinely thought that the lakers wd have been a good chance but kobe and bs and even mitch k who said how much he wanted to work with lin also ended up being disappointments

  719. there is a video of bs as the tank commander

  720. Please show me the linkage. I really want to see it.

  721. There were lots of dumb move in NBA. Lakers drafted Marc Gasol, the all star center but they gave him up for peanuts. Miami Heats drafted Bojan Bogdanovic who is now more productive than Tyler Johnson but gave up on him.

  722. I’m hoping Lin and Lopez’s minutes are ramped up from ow on…Every other teams are starting to play their key guys strong minutes.

    Last night, D’Angelo Russell played 32 minutes…Harden played 37 minutes…A.Davis played 23 minutes….Mudiay 27 minutes…etc etc.

    I think what Kenny needs to do is rotate some of bench guys by resting at least 5 for 1 game..and the other 5 that didn’t play will play next game…

    This is what most team have been doing so to give other guys more minutes…Instead, Kenny is trying to play as many people as possible in every games.

    Lin Lopez needs to play 25 tomorrow night.

  723. ?? Pau Gasol is not peanuts. Tyler Johnson could very well be better than Bojan, we don’t know yet.

  724. The Memphis Grizzlies acquired forward/center Kwame Brown, rookie guard
    Javaris Crittenton, guard Aaron McKie, the draft rights to Marc Gasol,
    two future first round draft picks and cash considerations from the Los
    Angeles Lakers in exchange for forward/center Pau Gasol and a future
    second round pick.
    Marc Gasol was seen as <<<< Pau Gasol
    In fact, Lakers drafted him 48th and Lakers really didn't think much of him. The trade was so lopsided.

  725. If you’ve played you’d know that there are spots that is “your spot”. Just because players can shoot 3s in practice doesn’t mean they have mentally trained to do it real game situations.

    Spot shooters have their spots and every player has their own strengths that took them to the show. Asking them to shoot from another spot further out is fine in practice but game situations are played with instincts.

    Preseason is to take the off season training and making it instinct. This is why Lin has always made people around him great. He intuitively understands strength and weaknesses and places people on their spots to have their instinctive best shot. That’s why he’s “coach Lin.” The difference between the Detroit and NYC game clearly illustrates this. Even though Lin wasn’t making the assists, his hockey passes and presence was enough to influence movement patterns.

    Lin score 21 doing motion offence and allowing the ball find him because he made the right movements to get open. I’m sure Atkinson delieberately played it that way to get guys to buy in and learn to anticipate and move to open spots.

    People complain about no PNR but that’s not what’s needed right now. Atkinson needs a good bench and good movements. He’s using Lin to teach the kids how to get rewarded by playing the right way.

  726. go line up like us in IPPUDO…TOTTO RAMEN….MOMOFUKU…. 🙂 🙂

  727. I was surprised how much the Lakers organization bent backwards to cater to Kobe. I mean Kobe did a lot for Lakers, but Kobe benefited greatly by playing for Lakers. I really think they wasted 2 years by catering to Kobe rather than developing an exciting new team composed of young players.

  728. I wonder why both lost their jobs when Palo Alto area’s economy is booming.

  729. Even though I am not all that interested in Lin’s personal life or whether he likes soup or not, I think it’s ok for some to post more personal stuff. After all, this is a Lin fan site which goes beyond BB stuff. I just skip over non-BB stuff. No big deal.

  730. Saw Robert DeNiro’s video on Trump. Hilarious.

  731. NO

    Pau Gasol was the main reason the Lakers won the title.

  732. and annoying fans like me – always lin was being yelled at or nick young or everyone else tbh in public what sort of management is that ? pathetic

  733. there was 1 i saw ages ago but no longer available

  734. basically it was just non stop pic of scott in a tank with tank noise

  735. idk why but someone said even JLin only learned about it recently so both parents didn’t tell him for a long time. when we get the clips, we can know more about it

  736. JLin knows his fans’ dedication to him

    “everything i do, they know. i find photos to post on instagram… through my tagged pictures on instagram.” -jeremy lin on his fans

  737. And Marc is still <<<< than Pau.

  738. The original poster deleted the video off of YouTube shortly after he posted it on Reddit for some reason. The Reddit thread and video was very popular too, not sure why he deleted it. Good thing someone downloaded it before it was deleted and reuploaded it…

  739. LOL…..

  740. he’s either flattered or scared lol
    where was I yesterday? oh, let me ask my fans =)

  741. Joe Harris has been getting good press due to his 3pt shooting ability despite the need to get better on D.
    I can see he has potential chemistry based on how well executed Lin’s assist to Harris’ reverse layup in preseason gm 1

  742. Agree.

    Kenny Atkinson needs to be less obsessed with figuring out who to cut and more obsessed with figuring out his actual rotation.

    If we go by game production alone, the Nets rotation should be:

    Starters: Lin, Foye, Harris, Scola, Lopez

    Bench: Ferrell, Gutierrez, Bennett, Hamilton

    Out of rotation: Whitehead, RHJ, Booker.

  743. yes, we need to see a regular dose of Brook-Lin PnR in the next 3-4 games so they’re ready for Game 1 vs BOS
    Motion offense is nice but the bread-and-butter should be Brook-Lin offense and it needs time to develop

  744. Terrific player, he’s ready to contribute this season right away, he deserves to start.

  745. Joe Harris is a lock…His 3PT shooting is way too valuable for him not to play.

    The only problem is who does he take minutes away from…Randy Foye?..Killpatrick?.

  746. For starters: RHJ has some nice slashing and rebounding ability.
    Plus Booker has the needed defensive mentality

    The bench of Vasquez/Scola/Harris/Kilpatrick/Hamilton would be able to compete w/ opposing 2nd team although defense could still be suspect

  747. I think that Harris as an off the ball player who also is a rugged intelligent defender should take minutes away from the wildly overrated RHJ who has been far more of a BUST than I had originally predicted.

  748. But RHJ is NOT SCORING with his slashing.

    But Booker is NOT GETTING STOPS with his defensive mentality.

    Neither player is scoring OR defending.

    As far as the bench goes, I wrote before the season that Vasquez would be the weak link.

    Indeed he HAS BEEN, so much so that I think he likely will RETIRE mid season!!!

  749. That team you mentioned, they were the #1 bench in the NBA in multiple categories.

    Had someone like Mark Madsen (a true Lin fan) coached the team, that same Lakers team would have won 50 games and made the playoffs even despite Kobe doing everything he could to drag the team down.

    The Lin Lakers had significantly more talent than the Lin Hornets.

  750. They need to do step up more for sure but it’s hard to see how they produce in 18-20min.
    They’re not Lin, ya know

    I’ve seen flashes of nice steals by Booker and athleticism by RHJ.
    We really need Coach Atkinson to give more PT for starters and regular rotation. Only 4 more preseason games are left. They should know who needs to be sent to D-Leagues by now or next game

  751. yeah i know – i just wondering why does lin always get weird coaches or FO or ball hogs – 1 is more than enough – he ended up getting 3 ball hogs and 3 weird coaches

  752. I agree. 3 point shooting NEEDED for him not to play. He only has to play adequate defense and he should get relevant minutes , especially with Lin on the floor.

  753. No video of the talk yet ?

  754. all TRUE

  755. Because this is the NBA where almost ALL players are ballhogs.

    It is very strange for Lin to play on a team like the Nets that has no ballhogs.

  756. That’s how I eat ALL the time!!!

  757. lins situation wasn’t as bad as most nba players in the league. Not all of them, but ALOT of them come from broken families, single parent house holds from the drug addicted areas of the ghetto. Im not diminishing the struggle that Lin and his family has gone through, but in the nba this type of story is as common as sand in the desert. Lin was probably better off than a majority of the players growing up. Its not even a competition of who was worse off, just the sad state of affairs really.

  758. OT: does anyone have any problem with playing the LP replays? I am playing on my iMac. During the game, I often had the video pauses and it rewinds back a couple of seconds, so I seeing and hearing the same video and audio from a few seconds ago. And also after watching the game for about 30 minutes, the audio becomes completely out of sync. The audio is minutes ahead of the video. Thanks!

  759. Try DRIED fish, Click Click.

    I eat dried anchovies, croaker, and pony fish daily.

    All I do is fry them to crispiness in a little oil, then I blot them dry with a paper towel.

    Eaten whole (bones and all for the little fish), they taste like fishy potato chips that are delightfully salty and crispy.

  760. Or Atkinson has seen enough of Lin Lopez in practice to know he doesn’t need to even establish it.

    IMO, the PNR is a 2 man game with wing men that knows how to move to seek and anticipate open passing lanes. In a way, Lins first game pretty much showed the rest of the team why good “motion” can be rewarded with open shots.

    You can talk logically till forever and players will knod their heads like they understand, but so many become deers caught in headlights in game situations and don’t move because they can’t anticipate until it’s too late. Even lamb last year was guilty of this making Lin throw bad passes away because he didn’t provide a passing lane for Lin while he was driving to the rim.

    The point is that the best coaches have an idea what steps is needed to lead players to advance past what they’ve been comfortable with. It is often not obvious to us laymen to why he does what he does. All I can say is that great coaches don’t just see faults, they see solutions. These solutions may require multiple simple steps backwards to what some consider elementary things.

    Khuang often talks about lack of fundamentals in the NBA. There is a reason fundamentals are essential. It may not immediately be clear as to games won or lost. It’s just like how Lin used to sacrifice his own stats to elevate Asik’s game. Fans were pulling their hair out and making it out that Lin was dumb. Lin already was 2 steps ahead of Mchale and knew that for Houston to be successful, he need Asik to be a serviceable centre.

    IMO, motion offence is full of nuances that leads to finding open spaces. The patterns are there only as a starting point. It’s when bad coaches run them that they don’t understand the built in subpatterns that misleads opponents. The fundamentals of basketball is and always creating spacing. Players that blindly run patterns will never get that fundamental. If you can just teach that fundamental within the patterns thane you really have something.

    Everyone can shoot when given time and spacing. Without the fundamentals of how to create spacing, the team will never be any good. It’s imperative that Nets build towards the future .

  761. We really have seen it at all. Even in the open practice

  762. Where would the privacy be if he’s dating?

  763. Do you use Google Chrome? Video playback seems to work better than Safari.

  764. Thanks. I will try that.

  765. General consensus after two games is Lin, Harris, Hamilton, and Scola played the best. That line up with Lopez as center would be interesting.

    Compared to the rest of the NBA this line up would standout by the eye test before the ball was even bounced once. If warriors have their “death” line up. This would be the “white hot” line up. I doubt the Nets would want to deal with the murmurings if this line up ever started for a NBA TEAM.

  766. Weird, I’m follow Bob, but this tweet didn’t show up. Had to click using this site’s link.

    Great clip by the way. Instead of bits and pieces of the quote, we get the full context.

  767. Harris is known to have a very high BBIQ, on top of his sharpshooting ability. His dad is a bball coach and he said that he practically grew up in the gym. The knock on Harris and the excuse not to play him in Cleveland has always been his defense and lack of athleticism. Those complaints sound familiar…?

  768. With their loves and sacrifices, they are now rewarded with much more than just 401k in their retirement.

  769. I think it’s a bit of both. He started out being scared, especially during Linsanity, but I think he’s adapted to all of the attention he gets and has now embraced his celebrity status.

    Still, it must be annoying having no privacy and dealing with a few fans that might take their fandom overboard from time to time.

  770. If this is what he can give to the Nets, they might decline the second year option to reward him with bigger money and longer term contract.

  771. He may indeed take minutes from RHJ but RHJ is the more active defender but his shooting issues will open up minutes for Harris.

    RHJ will probably play about 25mpg if he doesn’t improves his shot and Harris will take the remaining minutes at SF + some minutes at SG behind Bogs….Kilpatrick is schedule to take Bogs remaining minutes, but if Harris is doing well, some of the SG minutes that would have been split between Bogs/Kilptrick will be given to Harris.

    Good thing for Harris is he’s 6’6 and can play both SF and SG as oppose to Kilpatrick who can only play SG at 6’4.

  772. Agree…We’ve seen the motion offense and I’ m hoping it’s not so heavily featured.

    I think there’s good thing about this offense but I don’t think it should be so heavily featured just like preseason game 1.

  773. agree..what he should simply do is rest more guys that are battling for jobs while increasing their minutes when they get to play.

    rest 5 guys and play 5 other guys…that should give everyone at least 15 minutes while the starters and strong rotation players like Kilpatrick gets abut 20.

    Instead of playing CMC, Bennett and Booker and Hamilton on the same games, split them into 2 group and rest at least 3 of these guys and rotate them for the next games…that would increase everyone’s minutes.

    Do the same thing with the guards…rest Foye, Kilpatrick, Guituerrez,Yogi.. for one games and that would open more minutes for Lin, Harris, Whitehead, RHJ. Levert.

    Maybe the NBA should add an additional 2 minutes per quarter just for maybe the first 2 preseason games to let team have more minutes to evaluate players that are fighting for a job or minutes.

  774. Brook still strikes me as a soft center. sort of like Yao Ming…

  775. It is still very weird but I am ok with it. Because if Brook is not playing then we can see the lineups with Lin and Hamilton as PG and Center which I think is going to be very very interesting.

  776. Yup. This is both good and bad. We’ll get to see what Lin and JHam can do together, but this is the 2nd game in a row we won’t be seeing Brook-Lin. They need to develop chemistry before the regular season starts, but they can’t do that only in practice and scrims.

  777. It is very weird.. Also the games lopez has played he played less than 15 minutes. They definitely need to play a couple games together to develop that chemistry.

  778. Yeah, that’s my problem with the whole thing…Lin-Lopez needs some time…waiting until last game of the preseason to see what they are like is a bit wrong.

    so lets hope the final 3 games will see them play a bit more together.

  779. One excuse people have been making is that Kenny doesn’t want to show opposing team scouts Brook-Lin PnR and how to gameplan against it. However, I believe most teams already know that they need to focus their defense on Brook-Lin to stop the Nets. I think it’s more important to give them playtime together than to worry about giving other teams scouting reports.

    It’s kind of ironic. I started out before preseason started, worrying about the starters being played too much. Now I’m worried about them not playing enough.

  780. Totally agree and being that their roster is very weak, they cannot afford to lose any games in the beginning of the season due to lack of chemistry. Especially if they have any hope of making the playoffs

  781. I call the “SHHLL” line up to play together against opponents in preseason games so they can adjust and iron out any wrinkles…

  782. Couldn’t agreed more.

  783. OT: I know this is an old video, but the Net’s locker room at Barclay looks cool.

  784. Thanks. Love it.

  785. Head scratching move. Maybe Atkinson is confident enough that practice and scrimmages are good enough for Brook-Lin connection and that he doesn’t want to show hands too earlier.

    Remember L-ED connection? They didn’t play much together in the start of the seasons but they click right away. It was only the incompetent BS to put a lid on LED. Remember Brook mentioned in the interview that he anticipated to get more balls from Lin and to score more. Remember Atkinson, Brook and Lin has high basketball I.Q.

    So I have confidence in them that they know what they are doing. Let’s see if the last two pre-season games if Brook-Lin really has something in store.

  786. They were possibly hit hard during the great recession 2008 and 2009. My company had a big layoff during that time; It was brutal for most folks; a lot of people lost there jobs and lost their house. Glad they be able to borrow from their own 401K. That is the reason I always try to max my 401K and also encouraged my kids to max out their 401K not only for their future retirement, also for the raining days.

  787. this is exactly my one is demanding them to play 30, but can we see hem for at least 20 minutes in the next 4 games.

  788. his mom made a gamble and it paid off. that’s real love.

  789. I think Foye and Lin are a good back court duo. Also with that beautiful view during practice, how can you not be optimistic about each game.

  790. i actually like Booker and RHJ. Whitehead is pretty good too but a little too fast at times. He might need d-league. It sucks having to cut anyone on this team.

  791. Lin / Harris / RHJ / Booker / Hamilton is the lineup I want to see most.

  792. Brook has not looked comfortable at all in the motion offense. Lin can play any style as long as he gets touches, but Brook seems out of sorts without the simple post feeds and PnR. Maybe he’s just rusty, but it’ll be nice to see what Ham-Lin can do.

  793. Great insightful points. I really hope that’s what the mindset Atkinson has. Show the team how to play properly with motion offense first, then let the other players try it for themselves without an important player like Lin.

  794. Wary of RHJ at this point.
    Hoping Nets could acquire a better Forward, and backup Center.

  795. Perhaps Kenny wants to decide on whom to keep for the season soon. The first game has already achieved what he needs.

  796. I haven’t seen DeNiro’s but the SNL stuff is gold. I need to catch up, this election has been the greatest presidential election of US history in my opinion in terms of comedy.

  797. It’s not a gamble nor an investment.

    She believed in her son and wanted to give him an opportunity to realize his dreams.

  798. Kenny made and will keep making a lot of head scratching moves. He made me wonder a bit about him in Summer League and is making us wonder a bit about him now. However, according to Lin, this is all part of Kenny’s plan. So we just need to be patient and trust in him and Lin to make this all work out.

  799. Too sterile and plain for my taste. I liked the Hornets locker room better. But thanks for the posting.

  800. Oh DUDE!!! I’d do anything to shoot some hoops on that court with that VIEW!!!

  801. Wow very touching to hear Jlin tried to eat less, and his mom took money out of her 401K. Even more interesting is that she did not even tell him till 1 mo ago. Don’t forget that Mama Lin accompanied Baby Lin to Taiwan and stayed with him in his first yr of pro BB career there.

  802. Interesting that Brook said this cause in the past 2 games I’ve seen him catch the ball at the 3, was opened but decided to drive instead. I hope he does start shooting the 3 without hesitation.

  803. ya that’s love.

  804. OT a bit. This guy ranked Bog #29/ 30 among SF. And BTW, he ranks KD above Kawhi – who is the best 2 way player. Do you agree?
    I hope Bog will return to Rio Olympic form soon.

  805. As a tennis coach, it was especially difficult to convince kids and parents that footwork, quickness, and endurance was far more important that hitting crushing ground strokes. There is a parallel to basketball in this sense. Scoring is sizzle and fun so everyone, including fans focus on that ability. Shooting 3s or tomahawk slams require skill for sure, just as killer forehands and backhands in tennis.

    It’s not by accident that the top 5 guys are often the best at footwork, quickness and endurance. The real truth is that top level tennis is about how well you use your motion to hits shots. It only appears as if they are swinging away at the ball. Amateurs hit ground stokes with their arm and run inefficiently to the ball, then stop in order to hit with arms, losing and wasting all the effort and momentum to get to the ball. The best way to understand this is to hit against a practice wall. The wall does nothing but provide leverage to deflect the ball back. The greatest tennis players utilizes this knowledge to run their bodies into balls, thereby not waste their energy in getting to balls.

    In basketball, movement is the most undervalue fundamental skill. Everyone focuses on scoring and shooting. It’s fine when you play one on one, but on a 5 on 5, movements either embellishes the flow or clogs it up. No matter how great you are, you just can’t ISO and tell everyone to stand in the corner. Harden and Kobe comes to mind.

    When the Hornets were getting wiped by Miami last year in the playoffs, they were playing right into the Heat game. Clifford and everyone believed they weren’t good enough to beat them. Why then did Lin turn them around? Lin was the only one person and yet he forced changed the game from half court slow game to a fast pace running game, a game of movement!

    Simpleton coaches like Clifford can only think linearly, matching player for player, skill for skill. It’s like doing multiplication versus calculus. The one on one offence is simple and doesn’t require knowing the multiple permutations of motion offence. It’s not about patterns so much as about creating a open shot with open passing lanes.

    A simple football receiving pattern is to run an L shape down and out pattern. A player that runs that pattern without knowing why may not do the subtle things to improve that pattern. The real reason pass patterns exits is to take advantage of weak coverage in one specific spot of a defence. The QB shouldn’t follow the receiver running the pattern, he should be focusing on the weak spot in the defence and throw to that spot. The receiver pattern exists s a means for a receiver to fool the defenders to not give the play away. If a receive blindly runs the pattern then he’s basically making it easy for the defence to read it. A smart receiver would run that exact pattern by making subtle misdirections and pace changes to keep the defence from knowing where he intends to go.

    Motion run without purpose is often easy to cover. How many offensive system are there? Most coaches know them by heart. If you run system robotically with no understanding of how to create spacing, then defences can easily know how to be there to. Intercept passes.

  806. Who would you rather have, KD or Kawhi? That’s an easy question, as good as Leonard is, he ain’t Durant.

    Bog has a lot to prove. The Olympics don’t mean jack. FIBA is a different game than the NBA.

  807. It’s the 3rd preseason game. He’ll probably test out the regular season rotation in the last 2 or 3 preseason games.

  808. Are the lights on?

  809. I like Foye’s hustle and veteran skills, but he doesn’t really seem to be a shooting threat

  810. They probably redesigned it a bit after the new regime took over. I just find it interesting to see the facility itself and what the players have available to them.

  811. Hornets vs Min right now… So far loss by 7 in 3rdQ…

  812. It’s a disbelieved that Ricky Rubio is a starting PG for the Wolves in the past 5 years. He’s a big time overrated. The guy has never lead this team to playoff one single season.

  813. Best said.

  814. Its funny. If you are a draft pick teams will more often double down on you and stick with you. He gets the ball in his hands and a big margin for error

  815. Now they drafted the dunn kid and his days are numbered

  816. He’s obviously a non-threat to any team. Just give him the open shot he will miss it, 1-6 today so far.

  817. He cannot shoot. He cant be a top pg in todays nba

  818. He can’t even be a decent pg in the D League, let alone NBA.

  819. I think he can be a serviceable backup pg . He has great passing abilities and solid defense.
    Man a few years ago rubio was touted as the next nash

  820. I wouldn’t want Ricky Rubio on the Nets.

    He’s not as good as Yogi, Jorge, or Isiah – all 3 of whom might end up in the D League!

  821. Not on the nets haha. Sean marks will not trade for him. Although i have to check how much his contract is….

  822. like $10 million per season!

    If Rubio became a free agent, he’d command $17 million MINIMUM.

    The guy can’t shoot, is an overrated passer, can sorta defend, but cannot score and cannot win.

    Rubio is probably the most overhyped player in the NBA.

  823. He is locked up until 18 19. He has good passing but he can never get to the next level with no offense. Nash had a pure shot and can keep defense honest. Now jlin is on the rise and this dude is on the down

  824. As I followed Nash since he was a college freshman, I see absolutely no resemblance whatsoever between the hyper athletic Nash and the very athletically inferior Rubio.

    Nash was a very tough physical guard who had the athleticism to match up against anybody and could make astonishing physical plays. Rubio doesn’t have anything close to that.

    Nash, by his own admission, was a shoot first guard. Rubio is a slow unathletic nonshooting guard. They could not be more opposite.

  825. Rubio agrees

  826. Where is all the hate for Rubio? It’s amazing what he gets away with. Lol Rubio has some seriously talented teammates also. If Lin had Wiggins and Townhouse on Nets, Nets going to playoff for sure.

  827. They are not close . Even if that possibility was ever there , that ship has sailed

  828. Hornets’ bench pulled out a lead in the 4th Q. Sessions could only drive, not shoot. Kemba, Batum, Marv, and Frank finally woke up and played half-way decently this game. Looks like they’ll win their first game.

    The stadium in Charlotte looks empty. People complained that Barclays was half empty / full the first game, but it looks even worse at the Spectrum.

  829. Nash created some passes out of nothing at all in very tight spaces. And he was a deadly shooter. No comparison with Rubio. Rubio is a very poor version of Jason Kidd.

  830. Soccer is a great sport for developing footwork; I think this is why European athletes are good at tennis and BB.

  831. Ya these draft picks get coddled.

  832. To be fair, Rubio didn’t play that much tonight.

    I’ve never liked Rubio’s game. He sucks at scoring. His defense and passing ability is hyped way too much. I call him out in /r/nba Reddit, but always get downvoted to hell because for some reason, people think he’s a very good PG. This guy is completely overrated, even more than Dragic.

  833. Ouch to the Wolves, 18-19?

  834. They can trade though. Plus it looks like dunn is their future pg

  835. Until he’s traded, it’s hard to put $13 mil on the bench as backup.

  836. Maybe he’s so horrible so coach took him out. He has the least minutes as starter.

  837. Wow, Jennings is such a jerk (I’ve got many other words I wanted to say). He just trash talked Casper Ware, a dude that’s trying to make it in the NBA. Then he rammed into him and kept talking trash. Dumb refs gave a double technical when Ware didn’t even do anything. Of course, Knicks fans ate it up and cheered for Jennings’ trash bushleague behavior… in preseason.

  838. Whats the over under on how many games derrick rose will be playing. Jennings gonna get some minutes this season

  839. hornets won btw

  840. that’s exactly why Jennings signed with the Knicks…expecting Rose to miss quite a few games…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Jennings was privately/secretly rooting for Rose to be find guilty of rape so he can get the starting PG job.

  841. I think I heard from the Knicks game the other night that Jennings is a cocky non-high character guy, so I’m not surprised.

  842. Yeah he has serious issues.

  843. It’s been well documented by us Lin fans on Jennings’ shenanigans this summer. He’s a classless person with bad attitude when he doesn’t get what he wants.

    This summer, he complained on Twitter (he never shuts up on Twitter btw) that he was ranked behind Lin and Rondo in free agency. Then he whined when no team wanted to pick him up because he’s said in the past that he doesn’t want to play basketball. He was desperate and was practically begging a team to give him a chance. The Knicks ran out of choices for backup PGs and threw him a $5M, 1 year contract.

    Now he’s acting all big and tough because he’s beating up on rookies and international journeymen. He actually said in an interview that he wants to “start stuff” like the old Knicks teams that had Jon Starks and Charles Oakley. Funny he didn’t start anything against John Wall tonight.

  844. Didn’t he suppose to have a workout with the nets?

  845. They supposedly scheduled a workout with Jennings, but immediately canceled as soon as Lin agreed to the deal. It was a ploy by Marks to force Lin to make a fast decision and not ask for more money.

    Nets never wanted Jennings. They only went after high character players.

  846. The Nets were very much looking for a backup but I’m glad that Vazquez got the job instead of that locker room cancer.

  847. Nah, at the time, Nets were without a starting PG. Jennings wanted to start. No teams wanted him, either to start or to be a backup. Only the Knicks wanted that toxic filth… and only for 1 year.

  848. Anyone else worried that Jeremy Lin won’t be playing as much as we’d hope this season? Based on how the Nets seem to be running things so far in preseason, I have a feeling Atkinson and the Nets staff in general will be very, very cautious of players minutes so that they reduce risk for injury as much as possible. For example, I can see Lin being limited to maybe 20-25 minutes in a back to back game. And perhaps as much as we’d like to see him average 35 minutes per game, he’d more than likely average somewhere closer to 30 minutes per game.

  849. You need to stop worrying. 😉

  850. Then it must be his misunderstanding. The Nets were all out to lockin lin the very moment of July 1st.

  851. If all is true about Jennings, I don’t really like that guy. He can showboat all he wants in preseason but hey, it’s only preseason.

  852. Haha can’t help it. It’s a big year for the Nets and Lin. I’m nervous but very excited as well.

  853. Lin waited about 9 hours to make his decision. The workout rumor / report happened that morning, right before Lin made his decision:

  854. Breathe in…breathe out…

  855. Yes but the offer was sent to lin very early morning of July 1st.

  856. nah. the lead will drop just as soon as Lin sits which would force Kenny to play Lin heavy minutes. we should hope that Kenny doesn’t ride Lin like a Secretariat

  857. Not fair to judge after 1 performance. Let give them more time.

  858. A lot of people wonder how Atkinson will play Lin.
    It’s still early but perhaps we can see how he helped to coach Jeff Teague as PG in Atlanta Hawks during 2012-2016 season

    When Teague was healthy in 2012-2014 and before Schroder arrived, he averaged 15.5 pts/7asts in 32.5mpg.
    That might be the base number for how Kenny will want to use Lin without running him to the ground.
    Due to better talent in Hawks and Lin’s better ability to draw FTs than Teague, I expect higher pts but lower assists so perhaps something in the neighborhood or 17pts/6asts or 18pts/5asts with 34-35mpg

    Teague stats

  859. In Ken we trust. I think coach understands lin is their best hope if not only to turn this team arround.

  860. yes, Kenny and Lin have a special relationship. They need each other to be successful in the 1st year of the Nets. I believe they will manage to work out this joint venture

  861. Wolves fans are very sensitive and they’ll downvote you. Sixers and Rockets fans are also very defensive. Rubio is untouchable on reddit… there is no “keeping it real”.

  862. Before coming to the NBA, Rubio was projected to be an All-Star by all the “NBA Experts”. This includes media darlings like Bill Simmons and Zack Lowe. Rubio can ride that good grace for a long time. Lowe constantly crapped on Lin while he was on the Rockets. Lin is still recovering from it.

  863. i am worried already – i was worried before, during and after the season tbh. I worry because if pple end up fouling him which can happen it is scary enough –

  864. didnt that vincent goodwill guy say that jennings was worth more than lin?

  865. well the knicks have carmelo and rose on their roster so jennings probably feels very comfortable already – heh heh

  866. well the reddit hornets thread is interesting – seems like they want to trade sessions already – nobody is talking abt the fact that last season they actually won their pre season games – i wonder why? tbh i think the hornets will go back to the same mediocre team they were pre lin – i saw their last few games – and was thinking they paid max for batum and still couldnt deliver?

  867. i like his name though

  868. rubio is lucky that he has better team mates – the last season where the hornets played lin was going over rubio

  869. I’d prefer Marco Rubio. 🙂

  870. Can’t tell anything much with pre season. Kenny is not using Brook Lopez much either. Lets hope Jlin will be used more b/c one of the most important reason to prevent injury is thinking of trading the player. REmember the Nets rest Lopez and Young for 5 – 6 games end of last season. The Nets kept Young healthy, then traded him for Caris.

  871. This is Brandon Jennings after the game tonight …

  872. I think Hornets will be a decent team. Hornets fans think they’ll be as good, if not better than last year… well, before preseason started at least. :p

  873. I am hoping 17/7, b/c those are Lin’s numbers.

  874. Yeah, bs didn’t need to do that. Because of that conduct, Lakers organization is no longer my favorite team. Could’ve handled this so differently.

  875. ?. Just play.

  876. Just found this post game interview on youtube. Fans from inner Mongolia came to watch him at Brooklyn, how cool.

  877. Preventing injury doesn’t always mean a trade a coming. Playing a couple less minutes here and there is a hell of a lot better than being out for 2+ weeks.

  878. Jennings got a technical out of this. Too bad wizard lost by 2 pts.

  879. Of course doesn’t always mean trade. I was just saying one of the reason, and the Nets just did that to Thad Young end of last season. I am very confident Lin will not be traded.

  880. I’m confident of that too but I hope they offer him a new contract when he opts out as well

  881. what about 17.7/7.7? =}

  882. This guy is trying so hard to sell himself to the fans like Beverly did, to win the starting position.

  883. Do you get fined for technicals in the preseason? Ware probably doesn’t even make hardly anything.

  884. I think there will be locker room issues with Rose and Jennings.

  885. WWE fanbase

  886. In Iceland we eat a lot of lightly salted wind dried cod/haddock/catfish . You can eat it as is, but if you add a bit of butter – it is really delicious. Only problem is that there is a somewhat distinct smell – for some they just say it is the best best outdoor food you can find.

    If you really want to go all the way in Iceland you get a bit of dried shark – but it is very much an acquired taste and for many (including myself) demands a lot of iced aquavit or vodka to balance the taste!

  887. jennings looks crazy to me – or high or both – reminds me of pat beverly tbh

  888. oh dear what a pity – lol

  889. doesnt he look high?

  890. somehow i doubt it – they all can shoot and score but they need to create

  891. noo

  892. You mean during the regular season?…I would like to think Lin will play at the very least, 32mpg during the regular season.

    While I disagree with Kenny’s overly cautious minutes during preseason which will rob the starting unit the chemistry they need to start the season, I still would like to believe that once regular season starts, he will play the best starting 5 as many minutes necessary to win the games.

  893. Just read on netsdaily that Lopez will not play against Miami. The article also mentioned that Whitehead and Ferrell will get most of the PG minutes as Atkinson needs to make a decision.

    Overall it is clear that Atkinson wants to rest key players and make roster decisions. Anyway it is quite different from the Hornets last year where they were strong during preseason but then stumbled once the regular season started.

  894. Thats fine…coach has his plan…will let him execute what he has planned.

    Cant wait for the season to start! 🙂

  895. ‘Go Back to China’: Readers Respond to Racist Insults Shouted at a New York Times Editor

  896. wooooohoooo

  897. I don’t think they will be as good as they were last year…I see them as being a 35win team at best.

    For them to be better, Kemba has to play even better than last year…and Batum has to score around 18ppg or more…They need to replace Lin and Jefferson’s points.

    Jefferson gave them inside scoring that they will miss, but more importantly, Jefferson would always get double-teamed and this created open shots..those open shots will be no more thus making it difficult for Hornets offense.

  898. This

  899. Good luck to Jeremy today. I will miss the game today because my classes end at 8:30 Pm

  900. You should totally just quit class….and go watch the game…..JK

  901. word

  902. According to Nets Daily, Lin might not play that many minutes tonight. So don’t expect him to have that many points or assists. If he will then it’s good, but don’t let your hopes up or you’ll be disappointed. Here’s the excerpt: “Lin should be back, but the majority of guard minutes tonight figure to go to the duo of Isiah Whitehead and Yogi Ferrell.”

  903. That

  904. Thanks. I think Lin already showed what he can do in game 1 so…. I am OK w him only plays short min today.

  905. hahahahaa. Wish i could but fasfa would make me pay out of pocket

  906. from the one-liner to the one-worder

    brevity is the soul of content.

  907. oww ok guys gotta step it up!

  908. From the story, interesting background on Lin and Atkinson ….

    The offseason after “Linsanity,” Atkinson and Lin reconvened in Palo Alto for nearly a month to work out. During that time, Atkinson — who brought his family with him to the West Coast — learned of Lin’s backstory: from underdog high school state champion to Harvard to undrafted D-Leaguer. They went to the local mall and ate the same deli sandwiches Lin had enjoyed as a kid.

    “I really got to know him and started to appreciate him more,” Atkinson said. “It was really a friendship. Your coach is usually your mentor, but we’d go out and mix it up a bit, playing a lot of one-on-one during my younger days. I think he liked my energy.”

  909. Yeah, this is a very good article. Reveals even more info that previously wasn’t shared.

  910. Nets are finding out the power of JLin. is like a ghost town now. Their last game thread has only 29 replies. Oh well, it’s their lost.

  911. Same thing with Reddit. I told Hornets subreddit that Lin made them relevant for 1 year and they got all mad at me because it’s true.

  912. Good insights there…thanks for sharing…

  913. Same things happened last year. Atthehive tweeted that they broke their record for podcast last preseason and they were laughing about how insane it was. Anyway, people tends to have blinders on once they hold a certain beliefs even when you show them with facts that they are wrong.

  914. I am glad that Lopez was there to recruit Lin. It shows Lopez’s respect and desire to play with Lin.

    Brook-Lin is coming.

  915. He’ll easily take #1 spot once Nets start winning. It won’t even be close if Lin can lead the Nets to the playoffs.

  916. I always suspected Brook was there to recruit Lin, but now it’s confirmed. Pretty crazy how the Nets went all out to convince Lin to sign with them. He’s without a doubt the leader and “face of the franchise.”

    By the way, donsmacau doesn’t post here anymore for some reason, but I remember him constantly saying that Rockets made Lin an offer and/or met with him at midnight. I argued with him that only Pelicans and Nets met with Lin and made him an offer.

  917. I honestly think the ESPN article deserves it’s own thread, but preseason game 3 is coming up… :/

  918. And we’re one-third of the way through the preseason ….

  919. Not what you’d expect from a fellow who, four years ago, according to conventional wisdom, had “an exciting 3-week run with the Knicks” and since then has been “a solid backup.”

  920. 12 of the 15 NETS players live in Brooklyn….
    Even Jeremy Lin lives in Brooklyn now.
    Lin, an international star who will earn $11.5 million in salary this season, settled in a sleepy neighborhood that is convenient to both the practice facility and the arena, he said. (Lin declined to identify which neighborhood because of privacy concerns.)

    “It’s a lot more quiet and more my speed,” Lin said.
    Another logistical hurdle for Kilpatrick: morning shootarounds before evening games at Barclays Center. Players who live near the practice facility can head home for a pregame nap. Not Kilpatrick. Not unless he wants to make another round trip in time for the game. So Lin has a standing offer to let Kilpatrick crash at his place.

    “He has a guest room,” Kilpatrick said. “It’s nice to have guys like that on your team.”

  921. Nice!!!! This is why Lin is so likeable.

  922. Lol so true.

  923. At least he’s playing! Was so bummed to see him sit last game.

  924. No worries! I will miss 95% of the weekday games due to work (PST) but will watch my routine highlights on YouTube every game night!

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