Preseason1 DET @BKN Game Thread

Finally, the moment Lin fans have waiting for a long time has arrived. Jeremy Lin will start a game as the starting PG and the face of the Nets franchise along with Brook Lopez and Rondae-Hollis Jefferson.

Jeremy expressed his excitement to start playing preseason games after one and a half week of good training camp. Despite being preseason games, fans can expect to see the starting lineup that Coach Kenny Atkinson envision for the regular games. Multiple lineup will be experimented to assess which players play well together to help as the starters and the reserves. Will Coach Atkinson play the starters sparingly for 2 quarters or would he use the regular season rotation to get a win to inspire this young team? Only time will tell us.

Let’s hope and pray the Nets can enjoy playing together in their first preseason game and be healthy throughout the season. Let’s go, JLIN!


Game link


  1. First

  2. Go JLin!!!

  3. How are people going to watch this game? Will it be streamed somewhere?

  4. Reposting Jeremy’s expectation

    Jeremy said the preseason opener vs the Pistons is likely to produce some surprises.

    After practice Wednesday, Jeremy Lin talked about Thursday’s preseason opener vs. the Pistons. He admitted that game is likely to produce some surprises.

    “The big thing right now is that we’ve been practicing. It’s one thing to practice, but when you get in the game and see the film, a lot of stuff that might work in practice in a real game is going to be different. This is going to be our first experience of really what it’s going to look like, and I have no idea what to expect.”

  5. most people will probably use League Pass or any of the freestreams link above.
    If anyone has better links, I’ll add it in the article

  6. Is League pass working? I called my cable provider Time Warner and they said I can’t even order it until the regular season starts. Is League pass free for the preseason?

  7. There will be a Nets mini-documentary / preview with interviews and most likely footage of the open practice on YES, prior to the game. It will air at 7PM-7:30PM. I’ll record that preview show as well as the game and hopefully put those up on YouTube asap. Won’t be chatting much here tomorrow night because I’ll need my PC to record it. Might chat a bit on my laptop.

  8. I’m not sure. Perhaps others who just signed up for LP can share if they see tomorrow’s game links.
    Last season, preseason was free but I haven’t seen such promotion this season

  9. My goodness… a Nets game thread with LIN in it… is it really NBA season again? And Lin is with his favorite coach on a team which fit him in every way? back in NYC? Pinch me…

  10. if Nets are smart, they will be documenting this entire season.

  11. on reddit some people are complaining about how bad LP is right now.

  12. They are. There were lots of cameras at open practice and media day. They’re just not sharing it with fans until the time is right.

  13. Most likely a stream will be posted.

  14. Let’s go Jlin!!! Spank the detroit lemons!!!

  15. lol … you and your catchy nicknames
    keep ’em comin’

  16. Pinch me+1…lol

  17. Thanks so much for doing that. Look forward to it. 🙂

  18. Fox Sports Go carries YES. You need to log in with your cable or satellite provider info to access it. Not sure if you need to have access to YES Network as well. Who knows, give it a try and see if it works for you.

  19. I’ve got my Pass last week but I just found out not every preseason game is available for LP.

  20. Thanks Click. Hope that works. I don’t see the Nets game listed in the schedule for tomorrow though do you? Perhaps it’s a location thing? I see Clippers I’m on the West coast.

  21. You most likely don’t have access to YES. If you did, it would show like the screenshot I provided above. Oh well, worth a shot lol.

  22. it will only show your regional sport teams. If you live outside ny area you won’t have it

  23. FYI at this reddit thread, someone said Reborn4HDLive is one alternative

  24. I am looking forward to the Knicks preseason game more, and wonder if Lin and Melo will lock arms together during national anthem.

  25. sashimi, beer and Nets preseason game 1. That’s how I’m going to celebrate.

  26. Very good plan.

  27. Before the first preseason game starts, let’s review one of Lin’s 2012 post-interviews again. Here is one of my favorite ones. Check it out, everyone to see the same guy we love who is now still the same humble, wise in answering media questions, handsome, etc.

  28. The easiest way to watch YES online is to subscribe to Sling TV and it’s Blue package ($25 a month). That will give you access to all the live feeds of Fox regional sports networks, which includes Yes. You also get access to a bunch of other channels like TBS. That is a much better deal than to pay for league pass. But NY/NJ area are subject to blackouts… I think you can just use VPN and bypass that.

  29. wishing everyone the best of luck watching the game – let me know what happens – i will be covered up under the blankets till the game finishes – i am not brave

  30. thank you Click Click, looking forward to it~

    Why Vegas is Wrong About the Brooklyn Nets

  32. Really looking forward to the game tonight. Not really too sure what to expect from the Nets but I feel there will be a lot of positives and also there will be a lot to work on. I’m sure Lin will be just as excited as we are. He now has the opportunity to lead a team and show everyone how much better he is compared to his Knicks days.

    I’ve written an article on Lin. Jeremy Lin has the X Factor.

    Thanks for all your support as always.

  33. I bought single team LP for the sake of Lin of course. I feel like NBA only hires some temporary interns or co-ops to maintain their LP website. It’s a clueless product. I asked their support to confirm if I can watch Nets preseason game 5 days ago, of course no response. I still question myself why I paid money for this…

  34. Sucks i have to get ready for hurrican matthews. Hopefully i can watch the game before the power outage starts.

  35. I think Prokhorov must be about 6’10” or so …

  36. Prokhorov looks relaxed talking to Jeremy …

  37. Announcer: And now… your starting point guard for the Brooklyn Nets from Harvard wearing #7, Jeremy Lin!!!
    Me: May God bless and keep you healthy all season and may all your wishes coming true, Jeremy Lin! The page has turned. Today is the DAY!

  38. This may be the first time we see a picture of the owner talking and visiting Lin in practice. Past team owners may have done this, but we have never have seen a photo of them greeting Lin like this. Prokhorov gets a good mark in my book so far!

  39. Yup…that would be sweet to hear! 🙂

  40. OT: I watched a show called Open Court yesterday on NBATV last night where they had a round-table of coaches discussing various topics. One of the topic was who was the smartest player they coached. MDA said it was Nash and Diaw. Thibs and Doc said Rondo. All those answers really surprised me.

  41. At 6:15 of the interview, Lin talked about how Kenny Atkinson, then Assistant Coach with the Knicks, worked with him.

  42. MDA didnt really coach Lin, he just unleashed Linsanity and even himself was shocked.

  43. Amen.

  44. With that cost, it’s better to go with league pass.

  45. already up to 21.5 b4 any pre season games played.

  46. It takes a big man (pun intended) to admit your mistakes, have a plan to fix your mistakes, and immediately put that plan into action. This is a man who is worth over 10x what James Dolan is worth and he publicly admitted what he did wrong and told fans how he will remedy the situation… something that snake Dolan would never do.–lessons-learned-from-the-owner-of-the-brooklyn-nets-011805013.html

  47. Lol

  48. Everyone was shocked. I think even Lin himself was shocked. You’re right though. D’Antoni got out of the way of Lin and let Lin be Lin. Atkinson was the one who developed and coached Lin during Linsanity. He will unleash Lin again in Brooklyn.

  49. What, you don’t want to see the Nets PUMMEL this hobbled Detroit team?

  50. Yep! So much respect for someone who admits wrong! That’s humility and character on display…

  51. Especially someone with as much money and power as Prokhorov. It’s unheard of.

  52. or “tonites the night” (neil young) or: “i see the turning of the page” (bob dylan) or “now it begins” (leonard bernstein) or “this is it” (michael jackson) or “starting here starting now” (stephen sondheim) or “time has come today” (chambers brothers) …etc.

  53. ish’s still available.

  54. As a 6’8″ baller himself, I think Prokhorov recognizes talent. (Have you seen his dribbling exhibition YT video? It’s great!)

    It’s a great respect given by the owner himself. This is a really good sign for JLin

  55. You’re in the groove! “‘Let’s groove’ tonight!”–Earth, Wind, and Fire:)

  56. The excitement and anticipation for Lin’s first full-time starter game is so much that we cannot help singing songs, many songs. 🙂

  57. I expect the Nets blows the Pistons out in the first game because Reggie Jackson is sidelined.

  58. Yep, we’re all grooving w/ Lin starting. And yes, since first is always special, we’ll be ‘dancing all night’ w/ the first win even though it’s a preseason game!…God’s willing!

  59. Hopefully, this preseason game would set the positive tone for the Nets and be the harbinger of a winning season.

  60. i am just nervous – hope that the nets win tbh. esp with the team being so new etc.

  61. Actually, I think that Ish Smith will do better against Lin then a healthy Reggie Jackson would have.

    Lin historically has handcuffed Reggie Jackson and scored on him at will, as Lin is heavier and stronger and faster than Jackson.

    Ish Smith is a solid veteran who knows how to hold his own. He won’t stop Lin, but he won’t stop helping the Pistons either.

  62. I feel that the key to Anthony Bennett’s survival in the NBA is to provide stiff defensive center resistance in the paint so that opposing big men can’t just establish position inside.

    Bennett’s prime goal ought to be to prevent opposing big men from crashing the boards, setting up for bailout passes to an unguarded 3 point line, and closing down on guard penetration when opposing players run perimeter big man screens.

  63. typing this out from under the blanket

  64. There must be a reason that the 76ers doesn’t want to keep him. Normally it’s because of defence.

  65. This marks the beginning of the rebuilding of the franchise.

  66. The excitement level is about right. ?

  67. Pre season game!!!!!Pre season game!!!!!

  68. It’s been a looooong 5 months. I’m about to explode.

  69. That’s my experience, only see Fox West coast.

  70. Well, the 76ers are doing a complete overhaul.

    Ish Smith was just a rental to them.

  71. Will be up to 24 after today’s game.

  72. Rajon Rondo is one of the intellectually smartest (if not THE smartest) player in the NBA.

    However, intellectual smart and HOOP SMART are NOT THE SAME.

    Rajon Rondo is definitely not “hoop smart”.

  73. The “Brooklyn Nets” have now finally fully started their franchise.

    The Billy King years, the Nets were lost somewhere on the New Jersey Turnpike between the Meadowlands and Chinatown.

  74. Mets season over, Knicks get blown out, Rose getting bad PR on rape trial. Perfect storm for JLin to take over New York.

  75. In truth, the Nets won’t “pummel” this Detroit team.

    The Pistons will come to play, led by their point guard Ish Smith who is a solid NBA backup veteran guard who will make sure the Pistons hang together and play hard. The Pistons will actually be tougher with Ish Smith leading them than Reggie Jackson who always gets pummelled athletically by Lin.

    It ought to be a good solid game for both teams, but the Nets have the edge on firepower and depth.

  76. Right now with a healthy Vasquez and upcoming real talent in Whitehead, the Nets don’t need Ish or even my man Jimmer Fredette.

  77. Yankees out, Jets 1-3, Giants 2-2. Only hope is for Rangers to be good this year.

    Yup, it’s time for Linsanity to be UNLEASHED upon NYC again!

  78. he may be talented but what is the point if his attitude or temperament is wrong? like cousins as well – talented but temperamental – he looks like he wants to fight all the time like rondo

  79. i hope that you are right cos hard to say

  80. The KEY to winning this game:


    A lot of times in the NBA, the right play is to go through a defense, not around it. And the big bruising Nets have the athletic firepower and roster depth to mow through pretty much anyone.

  81. Correct.

    Rajon Rondo is not even that talented physically – he has slow foot speed and slow reflexes and a poor shooting touch.

    DeMarcus Cousins, he’s still struggling with fundamentals especially on defense and conditioning. Hopefully new coach Dave Joerger teaches Cousins the skills he’s missing.

  82. Just a quick question about Game Poll on JLin Stats.

    Should we keep it? There were only 10+ people participating last season and it requires a lot of manual work to set them up.
    Unfortunately, my job has demanded more time so I’m not sure if we should continue doing so.

    Note: I know I’m so very late to tally up the winner from last season but I will find some time to announce the winner in the next 2 weeks 🙂 I apologize for the long delay

  83. Mets gone too.

  84. I think you should only be focused on moderating if you’re busy. There will be lots of trolls this season.

  85. Rick Johnson already mentioned Mets. Only team not mentioned are the Islanders.

  86. As long as you keep this forum open, I’m perfectly fine.

  87. My bad.

  88. Are you in Florida? Hope all is well. Be safe.

  89. What’s the old saying: If you can ball in New York, you can ball anywhere?

  90. Tonight’s PG matchup is Ish Smith vs Jeremy Lin as Reggie Jackson is out 6-8 weeks due to lingering tendinitis in left knee

  91. Very interesting. Both have worked under MDA too.

  92. I think the starters would start the game by emphasizing ball movement to set the tone for the whole team but Lin and Brook would use their experience later in the game to know when to attack w/o overpassing.

    I get the sense Lin, Brook, Coach Atkinson want this Win to inspire the young guys to believe.

  93. you could say that again!

  94. Extending our well-wishes to JLin for tonight!

    Let’s go, JLin! Have fun to play amazing #teamball tonight #audienceofOne
    All your fans are behind you 100%

  95. Men of the hour…! Owner and player(s)! ‘Unprecedented’ preseason opener visit per Nets Daily! Even Nets Daily is surprised!

  96. Amen…Lesgo! LiNets

  97. get to somewhere safe and chillout there….Jersey’s Sports Cafe..maybe?

  98. as long as you dont wake @michael

  99. Would be nice to have Prokhorov there when JLin schools the Knicks and takes over NY.

  100. Linning and Winning!!1

  101. @Brook_Lin_Com
    Attn: #NBA Bobblehead collectors. Brook-Lin #Nets 12/7 v Nuggets (Star Wars/Brook Lopez), 1/15 v Rockets (Jeremy Lin), 2/5 v Raptors (RHJ)

  102. talk about the d… one

  103. Kai is trendy. I like that name

  104. I know 😀

  105. 1 what?

  106. BrookLiNets! ®

  107. Kai
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  108. the ish man has suffered thru 12 scene changes in his 6 years in the league; 2 painful to list them all; i think i picked up a note somewhere tho that hes a degree in religion and prays before every game.

  109. Last Lin bobble heads give away was vs the Rockets too.

  110. Too good to be true 😉

  111. yeah intended to get that there but for some reason it didn’t take

  112. Lol I must be getting slow, Took me 5 minutes to figure out that Kai was Fields new baby 😛 If he called him Jeremy that would be hilarious.

  113. Hope you stay safe. It looks quite scary from the news

  114. NOW!!! WE REALLY NEED to Win It All by all means. The Big Boss in Da House …Lol

  115. Hey guys – What time is the game 4:30 ET or 4:30 PT? League pass has it at 4:30 ET but Brooklyn Nets website has it as 7:30 ET.

  116. nets website is correct

  117. Brook talking about Kenny Atkinson …

  118. slow? we’re shocked yer not asleep.

  119. le game 1;30 am paris time? just yer time of day. c’est magnifique.

  120. Can’t wait to see the highlights tonight!!!!!!! Hope to see a fast upload ?

  121. Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! ?????? go Lin!

  122. Perhaps I can shed some light on whether NBA League Pass includes pre-season games. The answer is YES because the way League Pass defines “NBA season” includes both preseason and regular season. Therefore, as long as the game is not blocked out due to the game being either a local game or national TV broadcasted, you should be able to view the games on your NBA League Pass stream.

    I set it up so that I can see the NBA League Pass stream on my TV screen via Roku. It worked fine for Ballstreams with freezes time to time, so I will be able to compare the quality of NBA League Pass today.

  123. Lucky!! I’ll miss most of the games but will always definitely watch the highlights every night!! Have fun!

  124. Lol I knew a Kai in college… and I don’t the description fits!

  125. 7:30 ET. 4:30 PT

  126. that’s more like assault and battery, lol

  127. but you get all other channels too. Also, right now there’s a deal where you can get Apple TV with huge discount, so essentially I’m playing $5 a month for 3 months. Then I can cancel anytime.

  128. Awesome 🙂

  129. Can you watch replays too? Or just live.

  130. Speaking of League Pass…

    30. BROOKLYN NETS (20 points)

    I’m not proud of this, but I manipulated the rankings to shove the Nets into dead last. An annual perfect 10 in the League Pass Minutia category has spared Brooklyn the ignominy of the cellar too many times. Call it the Ian Eagle Corollary: Every five years, the holy rankings system will deduct at least two points from the Nets if such a deduction is required for accuracy. And so it shall be.

    Ironically, Linsanity II: The Gentrification might produce appealing hoops — even to those beyond Boston fans rooting against the Nets. Kenny Atkinson, the team’s new head coach, worked with Lin in New York before spending four years in Atlanta under Budenholzer. Plop Lin back into a Mike D’Antoni-style pick-and-roll attack, mix in some Hawksy side-to-side action, and you might brew up something fun.

    The Nets just don’t have the personnel to make it potent. Brook Lopez is too slow to set a pick and dive inside for an alley-oop; he’s an ambler who prefers to pop for jumpers, loft floaters from the midrange, and post up on both blocks. The Nets have ranked 21st or lower in pace in each of the past five seasons, and it’s hard to run when Lopez is the fulcrum.

    The Nets likely won’t have the spacing to unclutter the lane for Lopez, anyway, especially if they start Rondae Hollis-Jefferson — a tenacious, switchy defender whose bricky jumper is all pointy elbows. Still, it will be fun to watch Hollis-Jefferson, Chris McCullough and the pups develop, and Luis Scola will be sonning fools with floppy-haired up-and-under moves until he dies. Lopez improved his passing last season, and worked a mean give-and-go with Shane Larkin; maybe he’ll do the same with Lin.

    Hit me with a Swamp Dragons alternate jersey, and I might consider lifting the Nets out of last.

  131. The Hornets one? Hmmm, what a coincidence.

  132. One Day’s Wages (ODW) is a grassroots movement of people, stories, and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty. It’s based in Seattle.

  133. Reposting the Kenny Atkinson interview from yesterday:

  134. Jeremy with Eugene Cho of One Day’s Wages …

  135. more dissing is always good.

  136. From my understanding, all games are archived even those that black out locally or due to being broadcast nationally. The only difference is how long the delay for the replay. For example if you are living in the New York area and the game is blackout locally, the delay could be up to 72 hours. If game on ESPN, I think the delay is about 24 hour or less. If you don’t live in New York, game should be available very quickly after game ends. I don’t know if this apply to preseason, but I doubt if there is any different. Hope that helps.

  137. Line is Nets +4.5 even Pistons without Reggie Jackson. Vegas is dissing the Nets big time.

  138. let’s add it to the list of people who have given the Nets low rankings. we can then compare at the end of the season.

  139. My fat fingers.

  140. have a hurricane coming my way in florida and yet I’m still pumped and biting my nails for the nets game

  141. thx

  142. nooo i cant miss the game

  143. yups. first major hurricane maybe thats why I’m so calm

  144. Stay dry and safe brother. 🙂

  145. Isn’t this guy a Lin hater?

  146. Correction: It’s 10:30am Fri Melbourne and 9:30am Fri Brisbane.

  147. Not sure, but he’s a Manu fanboy.

  148. Oh, I have an entire bookmark folder filled with these articles.

  149. Don’t what to say. Sorry for his dad’s loss. He seems like a nice kid. At least he has the right role model in Lin. Hope Lin can reach out to him, someday.

  150. thx

  151. Yep 1:30am.. I take a quick nap now haha

  152. that’s awesome. Let them lose.

  153. thanks, i put that one in for you!

  154. Kai sounds very asiany

  155. Nice to see that his boss is an Adidas guy too. I’ve watched some of his videos and he’s actually really talented, can dribble the ball on both hands while doing some balancing act.

  156. at least i got yer time right (but i had practice from the other day);with the aussie’s i got it wrong.

  157. Welcome! Not sure whether there is any JLin fan from Melbourne but we have couples from Brisbane including me:-)

  158. i knew foye would start

  159. not only i got the time wrong but i got the city wrong; i did better with sophie but hey its the thought that counts.

  160. Not like there are a lot of choices if they’re limiting Bog and Vasquez playtime. Expect Kilpatrick to be playing a good amount tonight. Foye might start, but Kilpatrick will probably get more minutes.

  161. how many minutes is the real question. I hope Lin average 30+ mins this season.

  162. This starting lineup is only for tonight.

  163. Randy Foye? Did not expect that! May be match up issue or bc he’s a veteran and another play maker? Hopefully everyone shoot well tonight. Stan Van Gandy is an experienced veteran coach. He has Andre Drummond, and that huge guy, Boban Marjanovic. Lopez and Booker need to be ready to stop them. If Lin was able to block Drummond before, they should be able to, I hope…

  164. Agreed:-) No problem. I’m just surprised to see Melbourne instead of Brisbane. That’s all:-)

  165. Funny, in Toisan, Kai doi is naughty boy and guai doi is good boy.

  166. looks like owners are excited about this season.

  167. With Bog limited on minutes, their only other choices are Foye and Kilpatrick. Foye is the vet, so I guess he gets the start tonight. Kilpatrick is a better player and scorer though.

  168. We didn’t hear how Foye was doing in training camp, but for some reason I sense his agent is behind the scene pushing for him to start. Started seeing tweets of his pics more lately…

  169. praying for a good start for the Lincredible Nets & good health for both teams ? ?
    Now let’s play ?, JLin!

  170. I thought they will start Sean Kilpatrick instead.

  171. My NBA league pass subscription only starts tomorrow so I can’t watch tonight’s game…Am I alone?…That really sucks..I was really looking forward to watching the first preseason game.

  172. According to Mike Mazzeo on ESPN: “Coach Kenny Atkinson says Foye has a chance to be the starter at two-guard.” Hmm. He either values IQ/experience or Bogs has been slacking a bit since the Olympics.

  173. someone in Reddit thread mentions has 3-day free trial.
    Perhaps give it a try or use the free links above

  174. amen

  175. Wow they are starting Lin, lucky for him theres no all stars like Ronnie price, patrick beverley or PJ hairston to take his place.

  176. No player but Lin will affect Lin’s minutes, which will probably be 34mpg. Only injuries can limit him.

  177. Amen! Psalm at 7:29pm, let’s you and I and all who want to, in unison lift up our prayers to God for Lin’s sake!

  178. Those looking for shady / illegal streams, make sure you’re using adblock and/or uBlock Origin and a good malware program.

    Keep an eye for the Nets vs. Pistons thread:

    This site will probably stream the game:

  179. That shooting form is ???

  180. So, are we excited yet ?!! 🙂

  181. No not yet lol

  182. good malware program?…I suspect my PC have a lot of there free malware program to clean my PC off them?

  183. This is a part of Lin’s game I’m not sold on yet. I need to see him attempt and hit floaters more often

  184. Could this be the starting lineup for the season ?
    I was thinking maybe Atkinson wants to deploy Bogdonavich and Kilpatrick as 2nd unit offensive sparks

  185. Bog is starting instead of Foye.

  186. I use Bitdefender and Malwarebytes.

  187. are these program free?

  188. I don’t know. I paid for their services. Malwarebytes might be free to clean out your system.

  189. This Joe Harris guy can really be a shooting gem. I’m lookin out for him

  190. yes, I think it will come naturally in game flow once he’s in rhythm with regular rotation minutes.
    First thing is to get the new shooting form consistent throughout the game

  191. Love Hamilton’s floater. That guy has lots of offensive weapons. Love Lin’s new shot too, looking smoother, less effort! May Lin have confidence, calmness, and enjoyment of playing w/ his new teammates tonight! Also, may HC Atkinson experience success tonight– his first-time coaching an NBA preseason opener game!

  192. okay cool..thanks

  193. If a good stream becomes available, please post here…My league pass is not available as of today.

  194. you’re right. Hamilton practiced right-handed and left-handed floaters. He got skills

    Hope the Nets are all smiles in a few hours 🙂

  195. Got this from the other side…

  196. stinks

  197. WAZZUP FOLKS????

  198. I hope they’ll give some heavy minutes for Levert today

  199. LeVert won’t be playing until November or December the earliest.

  200. Too bad

  201. no worries, JLin will cleanse it 🙂

  202. Anticipation for a bunch of media space…Lin that’s unfair… just take 1 locker room.

  203. Thanks a lot..Hope this will show the game clearly.

  204. The mini-documentary is starting out with an interview with Kenny’s mom. :p

  205. yes, this is a nice documentary. I’m glad I got YES lol

  206. YES network is supposed to be covering the game today…any idea?

  207. @BrooklynNets: Handles. #WeCameToPlay @JLin7

  208. Hey Old Dog do you have a new vid?…this is like 10 years ago man….LOL

  209. Lets go!!!! xD

  210. no new tricks. hello my friend. game time =)

  211. Yup….I’m excited!!!!I just wanna see them play and see what they got.

  212. yes it’s on YES. Pregame show now.

  213. thanks pro:-)

  214. Nice documentary on Kenny Atkinson.

  215. is the focus on his journey to make it to an NBA head coach?

  216. A quick life story so far.

  217. you got a link to that Lin-On music video?

  218. Levert is not active

  219. Kenny used to practice to Rapper’s Delight as a kid. Says that’s why they play music when Nets players practice. Basketball is a rhythmic game.

  220. Stay safe!

  221. Happy day!

  222. I like what Marks is saying about being a role model. This is a great team to support.

  223. this stream that was posted here earlier ask me for credit card..any free stream?

  224. im trying batman stream in the game link section

  225. dont pay it btw

  226. dont

  227. Here we go baby!

  228. what do you mean?…It ask to enter my credit card info

  229. so it’s 7:31 pm EST and league pass still don’t have the game?

  230. ryan roucco

  231. First guy they talk about is Lin.

  232. ryan roucco- Lin the offseason biggest acquisition

  233. He always likes Lin a lot… haha!

  234. come on jeremy!!!

  235. at least 17 and 7 lin

  236. i remember the knicks days and watching his show. he will be fun watching

  237. coach atkinson interview right now

  238. lin probably wont play more than 25 mins.. keny said that the whole roster should play tonight

  239. Coach Kenny said he’ll play the whole roster lol

  240. They want to see who can stay…. lol!

  241. Yeah, that’s what preseason is for. :p

  242. Coach Kenny Atkinsons expectation for Preseason Game 1: #Nets
    1. play hard to compete
    2. see multiple combinations & young guys

  243. That’s good… a little bit nervous. LOL!

  244. nets starting lineup

  245. Joe Harris some minutes please. Need to see the guy in game minutes

  246. ooh ishh smithh.. vs lin hahahaha

  247. they didnt have a pic for ish lmao

  248. he wants to play fringe players to see who’ll make it.
    Jorge & Chase included .. man, they’re on the bubbles 🙂

  249. Lin first out

  250. Which is how it should be

  251. why isnt boganovic in the lineup?

  252. LOL Brook takes the first shot… it was a 3.

  253. Here at the game! Me and Kevin, the very helpful group account manager from the Nets who helped me secure many discounted tickets for us fans!

  254. They’re using Lin as a SG so far… :/

  255. Umm.. is Lin SG?

  256. What?? So far Lin passes twice!

  257. Floater!

  258. lets see what happens only 2 possesions

  259. Woot, Lin with first bucket!

  260. Lin scores on the drive.

  261. Go Lin!

  262. Lin drove and a runner!

  263. Hi! Welcome Back!

  264. So far, the lane is clogged and Nets players are not rotating to rebound or defend…

  265. What the… Booker jumped a bit too high lol

  266. Great runner by Jeremy. Brook not looking good early.

  267. LINcredible drive and finish!

  268. Lin’s drives are unstoppable.

  269. All Lin so far


  271. holy jeremy lin!

  272. Brook looks lost. Lin looks to be the only one ready.

  273. Nets playing sloppy so far. Definitely not in sync. Nobody is hitting their shots. Lin’s the only guy scoring…

  274. Are the other nets players good?

  275. Defense looks very poor right now.

  276. offense is clunky and defense is slow to rotation. !st game though

  277. idk why brook and lin havent played any pick and roll really

  278. No chemistry…

  279. Terrible, especially on defense

  280. That was elite. Everyone knew he was going to drive with the clock running down and he scored anyway.

  281. yea. Give it time.

  282. More worried about Brook’s defense…Pistons are 3 for 3 on him so far.

  283. The offense is off, not spreading out. Only Lin is doing work. His teammates are lost so far…

  284. Lin talking about leadership and being starting PG.

  285. Nice seeing you

  286. There we go. Foye made a shot and Booker made a good steal into layup.

  287. LIN 7 PTS LETS GO

  288. Lin 3!!!!

  289. Lin going off! LOL

  290. Finally….

  291. LIN 333333333

  292. 333333

  293. 3333

  294. Lin on fire…Brook on ice.

  295. come on brook.

  296. Why?

  297. He looks uncomfortable, he will find his game

  298. Lin and RHJ sitting. Here comes Greivis and Skil!


  300. Brook seems rusty. Weak on D, off-kilter on O.

  301. 6:24 Lin out, Vasquez in

  302. damn why is lin out i know its pres eason but come on haha

  303. preseason maybe a 21 minute cap

  304. Alright, Brook finally got a bucket. We need him to get going.

  305. Finally, something good by Brook.

  306. Play with Hamilton next!

  307. Oy! Thx

  308. I think Lin and Hamilton make a better duo. Not based on this game, just in general.

  309. Entire 2nd unit is now in.

  310. Is Hamilton fast? Never see him plays

  311. defense and offfense is getting better

  312. Went to barclays center today a d bought my jlin #7 NETS jersey!!

  313. Damn, Scola really is an animal…

  314. From what I’ve seen of his highlight vids, he moves really well for a PF/C. Very much a “Euro”-style center. Mobile and versatile.

  315. Wow, didn’t know Joe Harris can drive lol

  316. harris is impressing me lol

  317. Luckily Lin was hot early. If he didn’t score all those buckets, Nets would be in huge trouble right now.

  318. Nice move by Joe Harris

  319. Good recovery by the Nets. Just needed a “Linjection” of energy after trying to get Brook going early. Nets fans don’t want to hear it, but this is Lin’s team. He needs to be #1a when he’s on the court because his success gets everyone going.

  320. Maybe he will not play in 2nd half.

  321. Yeah. I don’t get too up and down though. Basketball is a game of runs.

  322. Only 2 ast for the entire team…..

  323. @JLin7 led the Nets with 7pts with 3/3 shooting after playing 5:26 in the 1st quarter #aggressiveLin #preseason1DETvsBKN
    Also 1/1 from 3pt-land

  324. offense a bit clunky still

  325. A little bit low… but they just couldn’t make the shot…smh!

  326. Good D by 2nd unit.

  327. I like the timely time out, as if regular season. It fueled the quick turnaround. Good coaching.

  328. Nets mostly worked on defense (70% said Kenny). Also, Brook being rusty put a wrench into their sets.

  329. I thought this was going to pass…

  330. the Nets looked nervous in the early min but made a litte run after a timeout by Coach Atkinson.
    It’s a good sign

  331. I expect Kilpatrick to have a really good season

  332. nets starting backcourt outscore pistons starting backcourt 11 to 2 unfortunately pistons starting frontcourt outscore nets starting frontcourt 21-6

  333. 2nd unit looks pretty good!

  334. I’m liking our bench. Good D, smooth on offense.

  335. 2nd unit is his. he has to score

  336. The bench actually looks smoother than the starters lol

  337. I know, do we have to think about atlantic division winners haha ?

  338. 2nd unit plays faster. Love Hamilton’s game. This guy can be a starter.

  339. they fit a little better. the starters got better. lopez still hasnt gottten warmed up

  340. Hamilton, Kilpatrick, Vasquez, Scola plus Harris will make a strong 2nd team

  341. Problem of the first unit was Lopes that did not played well in offense and not defense

  342. Lin gotta subbed out a little too early. I think he should at plays at least 20 mins even in a pre season game.

  343. scola is a little bit too agressive at times but i like it

  344. it is first preseason game. Lin did well. not worry Brook will be fine.

  345. JHam BABY

  346. Nice play!

  347. Joe Harris!

  348. nice 3… great slasher. we’ll see more of him 🙂

  349. Who thinks this team won’t win at least 30-35?

  350. Joe Harris out to prove something.

  351. Jham and jharris!!!

  352. my range is 30-45 depending on team defense and good health

  353. is grevis recovering from an injury? He looks weird when he handles the ball…

  354. nets benched seems to have gelled more than their starters

  355. that’s what I feel too. Maybe Brook isn’t meshing well with the fast pace BB.

  356. Joe Harris can really get some relevant minutes , just let that thing fly

  357. Ia that good enough for playoffs?

  358. That’s very possible and doable

  359. Neither looks sharp. Brook gummed up the starters, but luckily Lin was there to carry them.

  360. Definetly, Lin’s TO was cause of miscommunication… but it will get better as they continue to practice

  361. Would like to see Lin play with Hamilton here.

  362. Pistons starters had much better spacing that Nets starters.
    They’ll need to work more on the offensive spacing

  363. kenny should go to the brook-lin pnr not brook-lin pick and pop

  364. Don’t worry guys, once Brook-Lin gels, it’s game over. Gonna take time. I predicted it will take 1-2 months for them to fully gel.

  365. Ya, hope the coach mixes in some starters with 2nd unit

  366. Prolly they don’t wanna lay their cards yet

  367. I really cannot see Nets wouldn’t do better than Hornets last year – by comparing every position.

  368. so far it didn’t look like Brook is a PnR big.

  369. Whatever wins they need to have to go to playoffs! Am I dreaming big??? Don’t think so. They can do it:-)

  370. It should take faster than that haha. There’s only 6 months in the season.

  371. The percentage is insane. Lead by Lin 3/3, whole team has 68.8% on PG and 60% on 3Ps, but FT is only 70%.

  372. its cus lopez is trying to practice his outside shot. it will be really pretty to watch once he rolls to the basket

  373. 3 weeks of preseason.

  374. close .. Pistons was the #8 seed with 44 Wins last season

  375. yeah I believe the problem is having booker and rondae on the floor at the same time because they cant shoot that well

  376. Just need team defense and great ball movement 🙂
    They can definitely do it

  377. Jeremy 3rd quarter. I’m at the game and he’s so easy to spot bc of his pony tail.

  378. Brook for 3!!!

  379. Brook with da 3

  380. good d by lin

  381. and nice 3 from brook

  382. wow, Brook with a made 3 🙂


  384. another nice driving by Lin ..crafty move
    2 FTs

  385. Nice pass from jlin…

  386. Nets going with a motion offense, but bigs not in sync yet.

  387. Brook is giant

  388. lopez is sooo slow.. lol he will get better

  389. Should have been a thunderous and-one dunk!

  390. damn that was a good foul that took lin’s assist away lol

  391. We’ll see a lot of sick dunks by Booker, RHJ, and Brook eventually.

  392. I know!

  393. Q2 8:57 Lin 9 pts, 0 asts

  394. Lin to RHJ… almost dunk but got fouled
    2 FTs

    Should be an assist

  395. Lin looks terrific. Lopez looks like he’s experimenting with his perimeter game.

  396. If you free up yourself Lin will find you even in the slightest hole

  397. brook needs to fire those 3s without hesitation. had plenty of time but it will get better

  398. This RHJ kid is athletic that’s for sure haha. Gonna be a lot of finishes from a Lin-assist this year

  399. Brook did not expect the ball would pass to him so easily. When he gets used to it, he would shot the lights out.

  400. 1 issue is the passing lanes but its getting better.

  401. Ya, it’s fine. Lopez is gonna let those fly without hesitation later

  402. I don’t think they’re using their best offensive sets yet.

  403. im really excited tho… atkinson is going to lin a lot here, as for their team they will mesh just give them time

  404. same

  405. lol brook was like huh? the ball is in my hands….

  406. he style looks so different from before. Will take some time for him to adjust. He is basically playing like a pf

  407. It’s a pre-season game but Booker is a suspect for me,I rather start Hamilton over him

  408. great difference in free throws

  409. LIN 3333333

  410. Lin 333333

  411. LIN ANOTHER 3

  412. YAY!

  413. On fire

  414. Wow lopez

  415. Brook’s move is just weird weird.

  416. What the… Lin missed an easy layup.

  417. Crazy that Brook can pull that kind of shot off..

  418. Lin is!

  419. Lin 333333333

  420. omg in..

  421. OMG Lin going off!!!!


  423. Brook sill hesitates to shot 3

  424. preseason

  425. Lets go lin. Freaking steph curry

  426. wow lin!!!

  427. lin missed the easiest shot tho lmao

  428. tiger fan! lol

  429. I think his hand hit the rim.

  430. LOL LOL . Come on Lin. That was hilarious. The EASIEST shot

  431. Doc Scheppler vindicated!

  432. I think Lin wanted Booker or whoever trails behind him to throw it down. But he didn’t catch it!

  433. I hope he didn’t hurt his hand but he was smiling lol.

  434. Q2 6:40 Lin has 15 pts already!

  435. I feel like he wanted to dunk, but changed his mind and flubbed it

  436. I think we were all shaking our heads with that lay up haha

  437. Love love love his confidence in his shot

  438. Lin break about to happen

  439. Lol that finger roll

  440. Just wait till they start running pick and rolls.

  441. I just laugh

  442. think he was laughing about it after the time out

  443. Predict Lin 3pts % would better than 3 feet shoot – 75%

  444. What the hell? Lin is on the bench again?

  445. Indeed

  446. Too much sauce on that layup lol? Damn even i dont miss layups lol

  447. too easy for him…lol

  448. Lol

  449. Trying to get vasquez warm

  450. thats what he gets for missing that lay up lol jk

  451. only 11 minutes left for him to play

  452. We havent’ seen nothing yet.

  453. One more stretch in the 3Q probably (no 4Q for Lin). Time to get 20 or a few dimes, or both.

  454. Lin would have had 17 to end the half lol. If not for that head scratching lay up

  455. He should have dunk the ball, too close to basket, his hand bounced from the rim.

  456. Is fine, I want to look at the 2nd unit too so.

  457. I think he wanted to dunk but changed his mind. Hence the hand hitting the rim.

    No biggie! 3 treys already! Crazy how rhythm is everything.

  458. Preseason!

  459. thats what i thought

  460. I think they really should let the starers play a little more mins.

  461. Hope he is not hurt because of that

  462. maybe in 2nd half or during regular season

  463. Ya, it looked like it. ah well, preseason

  464. i agree but not that much. maybe 25 minutes since the team is new.

  465. Guy guys, I am so excited. Lin is tasting the fruits and His faithfulness!!!!!!
    We already knew it this season!!

    Now what is the cheapest/discounted way to buy a JLin jersey? I am in Australia if that helps? Thanks!!

  466. Lol, Lin fans are still scarred from his past teams

  467. dont think that was a dunk. he just mistimed his jump imo. he was stretching out the ball wtih only one hand

  468. Ask Brent to send you one as a Christmas present.

  469. Damn granny got flava!

  470. Don’t you have Chinatown there? There must be imitation stuff there.

  471. the Spanish Batman & Robin

  472. … lol would much prefer a genuine one, hehe thanks

  473. ask nicely to @JLin fan from Australia:disqus who will visit the US and give her nice gift to bring it back to Australia 🙂

  474. Bench allowed Pistons back into the game. Oh well, at least they had a good 1Q.

  475. Luv the efforts!

  476. GRIT

  477. hahahahahahahaha. I’m not even planning to purchase one. Too expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  478. Don’t do that it’s just pre-season

  479. wanted to show some kindness I suppose. no need to be so aggressive for preseason

  480. Vasquez and Scola should pass more to Hamilton and Harris. Seems like they keep doing the same thing driving into traffic and turn over. They don’t pull out the defense.

  481. Kilpatrick bringing the energy!

  482. Did Joe Harris just miss 2 free throws in a row

  483. Joe Harris with da 3

  484. I detroit good?

  485. Click!! My hero, thanks for the link!!!
    Pretty cheap, says Joe Johnson hahaha

  486. Pretty good, but they’re missing their starting PG. We’re missing our best shooter though.

  487. 8th in EC last season

  488. Ok rhanks!

  489. @JLin7 and @RondaeHJ24 led the #Nets with the highest +/- at +5 with 2 min left in Q2

    JLin with 15pts with 5-7 shooting (3-4 3FG), 2-2FT

  490. They don’t have Reggie Jackson for 6-8 weeks

  491. If they are not, then that’s one less team to worry about.

  492. cannot agree more… may be I should wait a year and buy one of the passed season? Not a hard core hard core fan but wanted to support and strutt about my brother in Christ. What a story and witness

  493. joe harris was a steal

  494. Oh yeah, thanks!

  495. Yup, I think so.

  496. i hope lin can rack up some dimes.. he would have had a bunc, but instead his teammates got fouled

  497. 0 assists? it would be up much more when his teammates get used to his fast , sometimes no look passes.

  498. haha How do I email him?

  499. I love what I am seeing so far. Lin will ne way much better this season.

  500. 15 point game from JLin?…..All day, every day…..twice on Sundays!

  501. I probably shouldn’t record in such high settings. Already over 4 gigs’ worth of footage…

  502. I remember Lin was also this sharp throughout the preseason with the Hornets.

    But then they limited the min. Starting this time will definitely helps him to keep that HOT-shooting form 🙂

  503. 1st half…

  504. The Hornets most starters played 16 mins.

  505. Vasquez looks a bit too slow for me…He looks like he’s still injured or something

  506. New York is still Lin’s playground.He own that!

  507. yup plus he has the full confidence of his coach and teammates this time around.

  508. you record the whole game? whoa…
    maybe 720p is enough

  509. Is there a stream for the YES broadcast?

  510. Not this time. Not this time.

  511. His teammates have to finish well at the basket or shoot w/ confidence!

  512. Nice! Midseason form!

  513. I miss you Brooklyn. My first home in America for 9 years.

  514. they definitely do! this is pre season so hopefully they get their shooting woes out now

  515. Click is going for 4k…

  516. Lucky!

  517. The 1st half of the 1st preseason game shows Lin’s versatility …

    If his team needs him to score as an SG, he can do it with ease.

  518. Exactly. During preseason he played his game. Even got big minutes on the regular.

    And then when the regular season started…back to McHale/BS usage.

  519. …in 11 minutes.

  520. thanks

  521. No prob.

  522. Remember the area bf baclays center? It wa a wasteland but a great bar called freddys was there…

  523. Somewhere in the North Pole

  524. Whole game, pregame, 1080p 60fps lol.

  525. Click is still in preseason recording form lol

  526. :/

  527. Expected to finish anywhere from 4th-7th. But without Reggie Jackson, who knows?

  528. is there a stream to watch the half time show?

  529. There wasnt any Chinatown either. Had to go to canal St in mahattan.

  530. Can someone break down the first half for me?
    I’m guessing the starters are out for 2nd half?

  531. Has Lin played PG in the 2st Half or just SG? 0 AST’s?

  532. thanks!

  533. he played PG, blown dunk and a lot of hockey passes/assists. But he shoots without hesitating. That’s something i like this season about Lin.

  534. Tony Parker PG. Lots of touches, but not a lot of ball-handling. Motion offense not in place yet.

  535. If you keep going East you will eventually end up in one of China’stowns.

  536. Haha,he should have just layed it up

  537. i hope lin play atleast the first half of the 3rd q

  538. I keep doing that but I end up in Vegas…LOL

  539. Hasn’t been there for 25 yrs, so much change

  540. Hahaha…:P

  541. Wrong east.

  542. oh that missed layup was funny but then he made a 3 after to shut the doubters up

  543. I think he was talking about the RHJ missed dunk off the nice Lin pass.

  544. I don’t know where you’re going to upload them but you know all of us appreciate it much 🙂
    man, that’s a lot of commitment for preseason+regular season+playoff games

  545. I think his minutes will be around the same like the 1st half

  546. no words can describe my feeling……. HAPPY HAPPY

  547. I think he was between that or a dunk.

  548. Maybe they’ll conserve Lin’s minutes tonight so he can play 25-30mpg against the Knicks on Saturday. That’d be more entertaining.

  549. He should play the entire 3rd qtr

  550. oh no oh no oh no rhj let it go

  551. Maybe he was waiting for the guy to catch up and ran out of runway.

  552. Pls stop.

  553. Rhj has no shame! Wow!

  554. Lol glad my feed has no audio.

  555. He needs some gown..hehehe

  556. he should lol but realistically id be happy for him to play half 3rd and close the 4th

  557. Takes guts to sing on camera, but that was cringeworthy. Don’t ever do that again, RHJ, lol.

  558. I’ll take that back for RHJ,he needs some gown for his nieces.

  559. This is the Korean version of Let It Go, sung by the 2 currently best singers in Korea:

  560. @JLin7 fans mood after watching him score 15pts with 5-7 shooting (3-4 3FG) in the 1st half of preseason game vs DET

  561. I love the one on the left

  562. I had to mute it for a while not realizing what’s going on lol

  563. Hamilton playing with Lin.

  564. LOL

  565. 3!!!!!

  566. Another Lin 3!!!

  567. nice turn-around jumper by RHJ!
    not settling for 3s

  568. Is that Jeremy Lin or Steph Curry???

  569. Oh my…

  570. That confidence

  571. He’s unstoppable!

  572. My lord jeremy……. did you hang out with steph?????

  573. wow doc scheppler is a god

  574. Lin back on the floor, another good run by the Nets.

  575. Oh my my .. that confidence in the release. Praise the Lord!!!!!!

  576. God Scheppler.

  577. Stop it Lin, you don’t want to upset the Vegas people

  578. haha

  579. She’s prettier, but the one on the right is a better overall singer. She can rap too. Best K-Pop star IMO.

  580. save it… please

  581. omg just checked ATH, their game threads are dead. 29 replies or less. Netsdaily got like over 400 for today’s game.

  582. On fire!!!



  585. Oh my god

  586. 2K17 has a lot to answer now

  587. Heat check, haha. Foye was late with the delivery on that one.

  588. stop it Lin

  589. How is Lin doing?

  590. 21pts in 16m. Damn.

  591. Ridic

  592. It’s not just his threes, the detroit guards are almost getting nothing when he is defending them.

  593. Great D by Lin!

  594. Stephen Curry play in Lin’s place instead

  595. He even got a stop on Drummond

  596. Anthony Bennett… gonna be interesting.

  597. Yes!!

  598. Thats what Lin should do. Play with a lot of different line up.

  599. Okay, Lin can rest soon. Got the Knicks game at MSG on Saturday.

  600. There’s a dime.

  601. That motion offense lookin’ real good.

  602. gonna be delicious

  603. Lin out. Surely done for the night.

  604. lin looks great

  605. I hope so. He’s done more than enough for 1st preseason game.

  606. Phenomenal. So confident in the 3pt jumper. Missed his last two but that’s how you become elite. Hit 4? Keep shooting. Miss 4? Keep shooting.

  607. i wonder if msg is gonna cheer or boo lin.. lol

  608. Lin played very well with all the players ..

    He’s in full command of this team

  609. Wanna see him play 25min at MSG on Saturday. Deliver a taste of things to come.

  610. yeah absolutely and kenny absoultely embodies that mindset

  611. Will the knicks game be on tv?

  612. they may cry

  613. Probably both. Mostly polite “golf claps” I’m guessing.

  614. on MSG network

  615. Thanks! Shucks, i wont be in town… no espn?

  616. That was a 14-0 run Lin led.

    That seems to be how he plays. Whether his team is hot or cold to start, he makes it a game and then uses a ridiculous 2nd half run (14-0, 22-4) to put the game away.

  617. Kilpatrick looks good tonight, but his shots just aren’t going in. He’s putting too much on his shots and layups.

  618. 3rd ?

  619. What Lin team can have 15 assist and Lin only has 1 of them

  620. sorry, no

  621. lin puts up 21 points with only 11 minutes of game time… imagine if kenny gives him 33-36 a game

  622. Motion offense! Lin is playing the Tony Parker role and I’m cool with that. All I want for Lin is lots of touches. He can honestly play both SG and PG now.

  623. Ok, ill tape it on my vhs… lol

  624. Well, 17 minutes.

  625. haha yeah 17

  626. I think he’s forcing too much. He does have energy factor.

  627. 21 Points without being a ball hog, such a huge contrast to some other ….

  628. Blah, the 3rd unit / D-Leaguers let Pistons back in the game.

  629. Probably wants to play with Lin. Get some easy looks.

  630. the commentators have been talking about lin for awhile… like any commentator would talk about their star player

  631. Confidence, not just the tweak in his shot. confidence

  632. yup

  633. Nets announcers gave props to JLin’s sharp-shooting form!

    A hot-shooting @JLin7 rested with 5 min left in Q3
    Nets up 73-63
    21pts w/ 7-11 shooting (5-8 3s)

  634. yes and that is a result of kenny and his teammates giving him the reigns

  635. This is the treatment Harden got in Houston. For the first time ever, a team wants Lin to succeed and isn’t trying to diss him with every breath.

  636. lopez almost played like a pf. Shooting threes lol. Very interesting

  637. yup. that is important.

  638. What do you guys think of Nets winning the atlantic ?

  639. yeah i was surprised lopez played so few minutes tho..

  640. i was going to bet on that in Vegas

  641. yes all of houston’s commentators were anti lin. stu lantz and mcdonald were mostly negative towards lin, however charlotte treated him a bit better, but treated him as a role player.. now he is completely being talked about as the leader in an offense that works well for him

  642. It will take Lin fans sometime to get used to this “Harden” treatment in Brooklyn. 🙂

  643. Over Toronto and Boston.???? I don’t see Brooklyn winning it this year.

  644. dang our bench lost the lead

  645. Even though I am not sold on Boston as this juggernaut , they will probably be the winner

  646. Big man just shouldnt do too much especailly in preseason. gravity destroys their knees

  647. Nets will surely outperform predictions by 10-20 wins. But other than that…too early. Motion offense looks ugly and defense is sound, but soft.

  648. yes, BOS and TOR are very experienced and have been together for 3-4 seasons
    Tough opponents

  649. Twice.

    But it’s OK, just preseason. Atkinson has to see what lineups we’ve got and experiment. Also wants to give the fringe guys some minutes because it’s their last chance in the league.

  650. Lin is a SUPER STAR in Nets ! 3/4 of their talk is about Lin.

  651. highly unlikely but they might get lucky for a trade mid season…still doable though

  652. Agree. Boston and Toronto are really the top dogs

  653. exactly!! pent up for too long

  654. as it should be 🙂
    I’m sure the Nets fans spirit will get better after 3-4 more strong preseason games!

  655. brook was on vacation in hawaii lol that explains his rustiness

  656. Hmm, what do you think of Kenneth Farried midseason trade with Nuggets ?

  657. I’ll drool for that…

  658. there’s LIN shirt for $23 sale only for today…. got our family uniform for our several game tickets –thanx click click

  659. Ya, although I really hope Sean Marks stays on his “track” and not do any crazy moves

  660. Good they are moving the ball again, the end of the third guys were trying way too hard.

  661. looks like lin is done for the night

  662. Lin’s sitting on the floor by the baseline; giving his teammates the seat?

  663. I bet he will,that’s the only way to build a good team

  664. Being a good leader. They had to sit there all night, so Lin is giving up his seat on the bench.

  665. nice to meet you vincent.

  666. he likes to stretch

  667. I saw Hamilton rolled to the basket w/ hands up but not one passed to him. He plays good defense too. I’m very impressed w/ his games. If he plays w/ Lin, he will get lots baskets from Lin and Lin will get assists from him.

  668. Nets has only one player over 10 pts. No good.

  669. Ironic but the NBA PG role has evolved. Sometimes you gotta score; other times you gotta pass. Sometimes you gotta stand out of the way and let someone else run the show.

  670. Need to see more assists.

  671. Like that drive by RHJ.

  672. Takes time in a motion offense. All guys have to be clicking. For now, I’m satisfied with unselfish ball movement even if Lin was the only one who could capitalize.

  673. Coz they play around ~20min
    Not everyone can be Lin to score 21pts in 17 min 🙂

    Scola just got 10 pts

  674. Why no lopez in 2nd half?

  675. Resting. He looked rusty all game, which is understandable for a big heavy 7-footer like him.

  676. They have 3 players over 10 pts

    Lin 21pts
    Harris 12pts
    Scola 10 pts

  677. McCullough is long like lamb, if not longer…

  678. RHJ, Yogi, and CMC looking really good.

  679. No need to log heavy minutes in preseason. I think they will ratchet up his minutes towards the end of the preseason

  680. I really hope they can hold on and win this. Just seeing that “W” will be a mental boost.

  681. I see This Team beating the Celtics as is. We’re doing this well on a FIRST game. I don’t negatives. But if we add 2 more good players – The Nets can compete in EC Finals.

  682. That big 14-0 run came with Hamilton at center. Hmm. Something to watch going forward.

  683. I like this Yogi Farrell guy already. Just needs some seasoning.

  684. i’m already sold on Hamilton over Brooks as the pnr big with Lin

  685. This team is so unselfish, everyone want each other to succeed. No ego, it’s so good

  686. It’s hilarious how they keep showing Stan Van Gundy. He’s like “how in the world are these 3rd stringers / D-Leaguers doing this to me?” LOL

  687. Make fans happy too.

  688. Jlin is being highlighted with the nets, as opposed to being marginalized and blamed when he was with rox, lakers, and hornets… im not sure what to do!

  689. It’s silly, but as soon as I saw Hamilton’s extended highlight video, my first thought was: “This guy is PERFECT for Lin.”

  690. Has Bennett gotten any play time? How’s he look?

  691. I think brook will improve at time goes on he looked super slow and rusty tonight

  692. I really like atkinson…such a contrast from smart, woodson, mchale, scott, and clifford… whew, thats a lot of bad coaches our guy had to put up with…

  693. I just like Hamilton’s game better. Brook is insanely skilled, but he’s slower and more traditional.

    Hamilton is more mobile and modern (can shoot, cut and run the floor).

  694. BrookLin is going to destroy a lot of teams this season and make a lot nanalyst eat cow.

  695. Ha ha ha So ‘ON POINT’!

    ‘made me come out from my Lurking mode!
    Congrats JLin!!!
    Let’s go!!!
    SLAY!! SLAY!! SLAY!!

  696. 1-4 2 point

  697. Dominique Wilkins may have a stroke.

  698. Clifford was not a bad coach. The rest were.

  699. why Bojan not playing?

  700. they havnt yet figures out a way to maximize each other. 2nd quarter it got better

  701. Clifford was baaad…

  702. “Still recovering from Olympic play” is the official explanation. But Kenny said before the game that Foye has a chance to win the starting SG role. Huh? I wonder if Bojan might be moved…

  703. i honestly liked foye and lin tonight.. foye was very willing to pass the ball to lin. from interviews it seems like bojan wants to be one of the stars on the nets

  704. WIN. Lin dominates. Nets win. Unselfish play all-around despite rust.

  705. I know it’s only preseason but ESPN projected Detroit 47.5 wins and 4th seed of Eastern Conference and Brooklyn Nets at 29 wins. Hmmm…?

  706. Two is better than one!! Are we judging Brook’s game already ??
    Word: Omer Asik.
    Brook is an All-stars.
    I hope we only have good words for JL7’s teammates.


  708. Yeah, Foye is at a stage where he’s happy just to start. Bojan wants to statpad as much as possible because he’s in a contract year. So unless Marks wants to keep Bojan long-term…trade would be a smart move.

  709. Another cow eater.

  710. Experts scrambling

  711. player of the game–while playing w/o pressure n having fun 🙂 🙂

  712. It’s only preseason…that’s why Lin only played 17m and didn’t drop 40 on these guys.

  713. His last shot was good, with good reflection.

  714. lol at Net’s Reddit…they are just realizing Lin’s ability

  715. Confidence. Empowerment. Free

  716. Great! First Win! 17 min 7-11, 5-8, 2-2; 21Pts/1Ast/3R/1S +14 !!! Cheer! Thanks God to protect JLIN! Keep him happy and healthy!

  717. I remember that the Hornets wanted Bogdanovic last season. How about Bojan for Lamb? I started to hate Lamb last year, but I think he can be rehabilitated with Kenny and Lin in charge.

  718. Lin used to play like a winning star when short-leashed.

  719. i think id rather rely on bog than lamb. bogdan could probably come off the bench and get lots of pts and provide spark. foye was VERY willing to pass to lin and i was really suprised at that. Bojan seems like the more selfish type in my opinion. And lamb just needs to bump up his IQ a bit…. a lot

  720. Hell no, Bog is more reliable and better than Lamb imo

  721. Great game. Tonight showed what the Nets are capable of. Once Brook-Lin starts clicking, Bojan playing, defense tighter, and a 12-man rotation set, this team will be scary.

  722. yes plus lamb was a bit of a hog.. he would call for the ball right away whenever lin brought it past half court..

  723. they have been trying to move Lamb together with Hawes but no takers

  724. He’ll get better throughout the season, but I don’t think he knows where he’s supposed to be on the court yet. Hopefully Atkinson can work his magic on him. Atkinson seems like a hands on type of guy, so that’ll be an important factor that Bennett didn’t have in recent years.

  725. Poor Hornets…Damn!

  726. Was it Brook who threw the towel over Lin?

  727. They become bobcats again.

  728. Lin’s new form shooting is a really concern….not for me but for the league.

  729. Be nice. They helped Lin re-gain joy on bball.

  730. Yeap!

  731. Just saw the interview… it’s so happy… finally he can have his own team. Haha!

  732. I hope to see more of these frequently during the season.

  733. haha – budding chemistry?! Thanks.

  734. Lin still likes the ex-teammates and coaches there.

  735. is that a pic of the blown layup lol?

  736. Hornets lose. 0-2 now.

  737. Just preseason…

  738. so ironic hahahahah

  739. I think they fight hard but Boston is better team. Batum is 3-11 8pts 23 min

  740. Last preseason, didn’t they go 7-0?

  741. 17 min for Lin, 12 min for Brook
    They played the least minutes among starters.
    Rondae Hollis-Jefferson led the Nets with a +/- of 20 and 21 mins (the highest among players)
    Next is Lin with 14
    Randy Foyd and Trevor Booker with 11
    Justin Hamilton is the one who led the bench with a +/- of 9 (5 rebounds, 1 block shot, 9 points in 20 minutes. 3rd highest among players)

    Sean Kilpatrick is the one with the 2nd highest minutes, 3 points, and a horrendous +/- of -16.

  742. Batum 23 min 8 pts, MKG 23 min 7 pts. ouch

  743. Yeap! The new Ivy league Cali boys bromance 🙂

  744. Were there any starters on the pistons DNP?

  745. Cliff could have won more games if he didn’t suppress Lin so much last season over Batum and Kemba. But we know he was just following orders from the top. They really wanted Batum and they knew they needed to give him a max.

  746. I think so.

  747. And my GOSH, Brian Roberts got sent back to the Hornets? Poor dude getting thrown everywhere. Honestly think hes a pretty solid backup

  748. MKG is coming back from injury. Batum seems to still be in his olympic form.

  749. Drexler could have fainted.

  750. “I think we’ve gotten better this offseason”

  751. Let’s not piss on the hornets. If it were not for Lin’s bounce back year with the Hornets he would not be in the place he’s in now

  752. Then they lost their first 3 regular season games…

  753. anyone has the pregame mini-documentary of Coach Kenny Atkins? just wondering, thanks

  754. showing JLin missed Layup

  755. Typical one is Steve Curry.
    If you don’t collapse on him, he will torch your team all night long.

  756. I taught Lin this move

  757. A great beginning for an underrated team! Nets will prove to be a black horse this season.

  758. F ESPN, WTF.

  759. not pissing on them lol. just stating how much of an impact lin had

  760. Hey guys, still real busy at work, but glad basketball season is upon us. Loved Jlin’s game tonight. He played very well. I love that Atkinson is giving him time for his mind to transition from off the bench spark to the PG leading the team. The one thing that I love about Lin is that he is very smart and a quick learner. I loved that he told the truth in the interview before the game, not knowing what to expect from this game. He truly is the leader on this team. I love in the interview that lin knew exactly what they needed to do to clean up the team’s play. Also, Lin is about to about to pull out stuff that Lopez never knew he had to make him a better player. Lin is going to teach him how to play like a big, and make him a lethal threat to any team in the NBA. That is what lin did to Tyson Chandler. The Nets fans are in or fun basketball and watching their team make it to the NBA playoffs.

  761. shaqanafool candidate for the preaseason

  762. I am so happy too…. Ya! Finally….haha!

  763. I see what you did there… so they’ll win the their first 3 regular season games. I do like the Hornets. It’s just going to be hard on their fans when they start to realize they might not be as good as they were last year. But I could be wrong and Clifford is a decent coach.

  764. Miss Rick Bonnell

  765. They were without Kemba, right?

  766. Well said. Not only is Lin a star, he also creates stars around him.

  767. What happened to the preseason last year? They virtually blew everyone off the court.

  768. Kemba was back for short playing time.

  769. No click.

  770. oh, Thank you.

  771. WHY NOT?

    This is the NBA, it’s ENTERTAINMENT!

    Let the Hornets BURN!

  772. No clicks.

  773. now they will say Lin can’t go right

  774. Guys, i met Jeremy Lin in the player’s tunnel tonight!!!!!!

  775. Yep, that year that Lin played with Tyson Chandler, Chandler won DOY. The Jlin effect.

  776. so happy foor you!!! and jelly!

  777. Batum max contract – ouch.

  778. Tell us about it???

  779. im not pissing on them, im pissing on Batum’s max contract.

  780. with Lin as the main PG yeah

  781. I think it was 1 lost

  782. I don’t feel sorry for the fans cause they were the ones who were chanting give Batum max contract early last season.

  783. nets also dont have a starting PG on trial for rape which is an extra bonus

  784. oops, good point..LOL

  785. True dat!

  786. as I predicted

  787. Were you able to have a selfie with him? 🙂

  788. Lin wanted to humor those lookin for sh*t to post about him. LOL

  789. the question is atlantic winners ? haha

  790. That’s what’s up

  791. Bonnell was supportive of Lin in Charlotte.

  792. Full Circle! Awesome.

  793. Dang, forgot to change the sound lol

  794. Never mind ESPN, they really have become the joke of basketball as a reputable news sport source. Fans have too many other outlets to get truth than listen to ESPN promote their bias agenda for certain players. Nobody is believing anything ESPN say these days. Trust me, people are woke, and they are longer buying into the certain media antics.


  796. its a great day for us lin fans, especially me, jlin demolishing the pistons AND the jays demolishing the rangers, ahaha time to get drunk!!

  797. I just realize that none of Lin’s 5 made 3-pt shots tonight has ever touched the iron.

  798. It’s sad when even Bleacher’s looks Pulitzer-worthy next to ESPN.

  799. LOL, espn has always had a negative tint against Lin, nothing new here folks

  800. I am sure you had tunnel vision.

  801. No doubt!

  802. yes, kemba is still injured and this is pre season so we can’t really draw any conclusions. It would be foolish to do so.

  803. Best and most hard working fans in the world.

  804. didn’t espn hire Lin for the e-sport division? they need to be nice to him or all the gamers will go crazy

  805. Agree with Briiick, don’t click this crap. Did they post anything positive?

  806. On Sat, Rose will not play I think…

  807. It was an extremely stupid move to give batum the max. I repeatedly said to let the man walk, he is not worth it, not even close. Yet no one listened, hornets fans said batum was better than lin. I Lol’d hard at that claim. Ah well, looks like the tables have turned.

  808. fyi – you could also download Magic Actions which is an extension for the Chrome browser.
    Once you have it installed, all it takes is one right click on any YT clip and it full screens with no border.

  809. isn’t Rose under criminal investigation?


    ok im jk but still people relax, this is game 1, not even regular season but PRESEASON, and against a team without its main star.

  811. Ugh I’m a big Mets fan and last night was brutal. I’m glad there is Lin to help take my mind off of baseball. Go JLIN!!!!

  812. Jeremy Lin on Nets locking arms during the national anthem …

  813. I don’t see Hornets making the playoffs this year which means Nets have a better chance at it.

  814. Don’t matter….Dolan sent a memo….”We got to game plan for that Lin guy”

  815. no we are going to play offs then we’re going to win the championships

  816. Thank you, Click.

  817. LOL, this is what I love about this site! go lin!!

  818. The sound of Ryan Ruocco who used to host a show with Robin Lundberg during Linsanity. He was also quite supportive of Lin.

  819. Feel the same way. Not bash them just my opinion.

  820. Lin’s teammates kept on passing him the ball at the 3 point line wide open; Jeremy has no choice but to shoot the damn ball.

  821. It’s him. He likes Lin a lot… haha!

  822. Ya! He’s….

  823. he is, but its probably a case of a gold digger. In most of these cases, its usually a gold digger trying to make an easy buck. Either way, its still funny, i love to see knicks burn.

  824. Everyone was assisting Lin to get 3. Lol!

  825. Short clip..from Ximo Pierto

  826. Since he no longer has to stand like a lamp post at the baseline, with the freedom to move, he will make himself available for his teammates.

  827. McHail: If the shot is there, pass to Harden or turn it over.
    Scott: It the shot is there, pass to Bryan or me.
    Clifford: If the shot is there, dribble to the corner and pass it out.

  828. Jeremy Lin Full Highlights 2016.10.06 vs Pistons – 21 Pts, On-Fire in Nets Debut!- FreeDawkins

  829. I swear if I hear the Hornets’ announcers say “KEM…BA!” one more time I’m gonna puke for reals. Sooo….glad that’s over.

  830. Hornets lost a lot this year, especially with the all-star game switching out.

  831. Can’t say that better. Especially the second one. Lol

  832. Well, Detroit tried to guard him off the ball.

    But they found out what Miami did a few months ago: Lin is too quick and strong for any single defender to guard off cuts.

  833. Lin didn’t even break a sweat this game.

    He looked even more relaxed this game than he did in the scrimmage.

    Lin faced stiffer defense in the Nets practice than against the Pistons swarming defense that really was trying to shut him down.

  834. The excitement will probably last for a few hours. Haha~

  835. Anyone have full version of the game? Waiting for NBAHD but they haven’t uploaded yet. :/

  836. This is what I call ‘trust’. Thank you, coach!!

  837. Can someone post Lin’s post game interview video?

  838. haha. Soooo happy Lin is in NYC.
    “He ain’t in Charlotte any more. Everything is magnified 3 times here.”

  839. Thank you!

  840. Mr. Atkinson is coool

  841. When the regular season begins, he’ll face much stiffer defense from every team for sure.

  842. Just watched the highlights from Speed of Lin. This is like a dream come true! I was jumping up and down with joy. 🙂

  843. Holy smokes 21 points in only 17 mins and he went 7-11 haha! Such a big difference when he’s the designated leader and starting PG of the team with a coach and system that fits him! I checked the box score and it looks like Brooke Lopez didn’t play today?

  844. Thanks Click!! Lin again, always give thanks to God. Glad to see him had fun and played well in the first preseason game.

  845. Was Jeremy in the center, doing the talking?

  846. His teammates love him!!

  847. It’s preseason and it’s the Pistons people are just trying to get a feel for the game. Though I’m excited at Lin’s efficiency and surprised at the way Kenny Atkinson spreads the players’ minutes.

  848. YEA OK

  849. Every player gets made fun of especially the famous ones doesn’t matter.

  850. Very happy for Lin’s 1st game. Not only he scored 21 points in 17 minutes, especially these scores came from 3s, floater which was not his strongest tech. before. This game kind like practice and test. We can image how good can become if Lin use all the weapons in the season starts.

  851. New York Post Sports ✔ @nypostsports
    Jeremy Lin, Kenny Atkinson get high marks in first Nets dress rehearsal

  852. Looks like it’s the game plan of the coach, of course it helps to have a coach he empowers Lin to lead and do well! Instead of those who marginalized him for outperforming so and so fake star. Coach and FO called out Lin as “the leader of the team” I doubt they dare not to pass to him. If Lin was benched or marginalized those teammates would ignore him on open shots for sure.

  853. Guys, remember i told you that i met Jeremy Lin at the tunnel? Well, my kids and i are on the other side of the tunnel in this video! You see my son’s white shirt and I’m screaming “Jeremy” as he walks out. We are looking right at him as he walks out of the tunnel.

  854. Nah, dude’s just a hater. Still hatin’…

  855. byron scott is rolling in his grave..hehe

  856. I’m sure Lin held back and took it easy since it’s only preseason. He plays 30mins in regular season he might well average 30 points for the season.

  857. It’s more like…Jlin is spanking us again.

  858. That’s ok. Haters actually like Jeremy. They’re just wearing different lens.

  859. Lin mentioned this verse in his post game tonight: “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”– Proverbs 16:3. Thank God Nets got the “Win with Lin” leading, and thank God that Booker didn’t get hurt! That was a scary fall! Our prayers were answered. No one got hurt tonight!

  860. Totally agree, no need to take any risk in preseason. Coach must remind as well. Also, Also thinking they need to hide some for the real game.

  861. Good for you. Hope you’ll get his towel next time.

  862. Yes! at 0:05, I saw your son’s white shirt! You must enjoy JLIN’s 3s, so glad he be able to enjoy the team ball again 🙂

  863. This is just the beginning. Imagine how wild the stadium will get once he starts putting up BIG numbers and win BIG games. The Nets fans that are doubting him will fall head over heels for him.

  864. Seriously hope Nets will win the Atlantic Division so I can win some $$$. Their toughest competition will be Raptors but I really don’t see them as that great of a team. They also haven’t faced a team lead by coach Atkinson, Lin, and Brook with new added players! Seriously think they have a chance at the Division Champ.

  865. Always caring for the players’ wellbeing of not getting hurt. Love it 🙂

  866. Amen, sista! ☝️
    Let’s keep it going

  867. No wonder Booker was out of the box score, thought coach was resting him, glad he’s ok.

  868. WooHoo!!!!
    Let’s Go, NETS! Keep on Linning And Winning!!! Even 1-3pt IS a Win. Please Win Every games…

  869. Oh, don’t worry about the Raptors. Lin will DESTROY them as always.

  870. Yeah, Lin trashes the Raptors whenever he got to run the show.

  871. This is taking him back to his college/high school days. Thank God he’s given this opportunity to be a leader again. He is a natural born leader – this is what he’s meant to do!

  872. Please don’t help haters get clicks…

  873. Agree. Don’t click for him. smh!

  874. Attention wh*re trying to ride the Jeremy train.

  875. Thank you!

  876. how much you got on that ? and what’s the payoff ?

  877. making fun of the missed layup, but they at least are giving Lin credit for having a good night and posting his stats.

  878. He is front page on
    Brook Lin

  879. Good to hear him say, “The guys were finding me” – the team trusts him. They are all working together to make the “right play.”

  880. Nets vs Pistons team highlights

  881. Take a listen Lin gave lots of good info on his post game podcast tonight from Nets Daily.

  882. this was NOT “just” a preseason game! all the doubters say that same crap. but the truth is that the pistons played their starters more minutes than us! and yes they missed reggie, but their team also had continuity. we were a new team, new coach, new everything. plus we didnt play bogs. AND our bench held it’s own vs the pistons starters (minus reggie of course). then in the 3rd quarter, with hamilton as the 5, we blew them off the court with a 14-0 run.

    there is NO WAY this is some fluke. what i saw out there was teamwork, hustle, and bit of that old linsanity… and to think, no bogs, brooks played very little, and skilpat missed everything. things can only go up from here…

    playoffs? we chasing 3rd seed baby!!!

    PS: LOL @ hornets…. enjoy batum’s contract….

  883. Lin highlights by FreeDawkins

  884. This is the sign that shows everyone is playing for each other. The chemistry starts building. The Nets off a good start!!

  885. Who’s gonna watch this pre-season game twice? Smooth, no-hesitation three point strokes, dazzling low dribbles through the lane with a left-handed finish and an actual floater through the lane not in practice. The real Linsanity is happening in Brook-Lin.

  886. Just saw a fellow Asian reshare that ESPN vid of JLin’s missed layup, got me so mad that I had to reply him calling out ESPN being racist and attaching Lin’s highlights.


  888. I like how answered those focusing on Lin’s missed finger-roll by saying “yeah, he did it but even then it’s still good enough to win the Nighly Notable with 21pts (5 3s)”

    Take that, haters ?

  889. I can hear you screaming from your computer screen 🙂

  890. Ty!!

  891. So relaxed and cozy together.

  892. Brook instagram handle Brookiethewookie11 lol

  893. Wow, #Nets is trending on Twitter lol. I should’ve put that tag on all of my tweets. 🙁

  894. JLin miss that gimme layup on purpose, as a smokescreen. He’s playing chess, haters playing tic tac toe. Crafty move if I say so myself.

  895. Except coming from racist ESPN who almost never post JLin’s highlights even when he leads the stats of the game in scoring, rebounds, etc! That’s what gets me mad! If it was another media outlet probably not as much!

  896. ugh…how do you airball a finger roll?

  897. when the media takes time to make fun of you, its a compliment. Except if your name is Donald Trump.

  898. Not coming from ESPN a well known racist hater of JLin it isn’t. Especially when they didn’t have any positive highlights of him. It’s like saying people laughing at Harden’s defense is a “compliment” and I’m sure it isn’t.

  899. ximo pierto is a smart man, he knows who gives him the clicks, ie his bread and butter: Jeremy Lin.

  900. Yeah, it’s a Lin Lin situation for the haters.

  901. Penny Lee @penny10654
    welcome back to NYC uncle Jeremy! ? @JLin7 #brookLINstandup #brooklynnets #number7allday
    9:22 PM – 6 Oct 2016

  902. ESPN had linsanity highlights back in the days. Now they just troll lin fans for fun.

  903. even MJ missed a dunk once in a while in his heyday 🙂
    someone said he might’ve expected contact

    Those 5 out of 8 3s though … I’ll trade a blown layup with 5 3s every game lol


    These kids, they think Jeremy Lin is their 6’3″ NBA playtoy. AND THEY ARE RIGHT!!!

  905. How many years ago was that? Ever since then they’ve been hating on Lin and refuse to post his highlights. ESPN also had a host who go fired for saying something racist about Lin at the height of Linsanity. Nothing is good from that company.

  906. No he won’t.

  907. Lin got QUINTUPLE TEAMED on that play and STILL made the basket!

  908. I think that is Jin’s son

  909. yes you’re right but I wish lin stops inventing new ways to miss easy freebie shots. Its his quirk I guess. It was great seeing Jeremy Curry shooting 60% from the 3 tonight, I can’t say that his shot is fixed after only seeing ONE preseason game, but im optimistic! Every good game from Lin we celebrate, we always go overboard in the partying here. Its unfortunate but this leads alot of us to go off the deep when Lin has his “stinker games”

  910. LOL NO ITS CAP LOCK LOL. GOT A FEW (dam i did it again) words in and got lazy lol.

  911. Jeremy Lin, new Nets regime make good first impression

  912. Pre-Season Points Leader so far:
    JLin: 21 points in 17 minutes
    JHarden: 22pts/29mins
    Klay Thompson: 23pts/20mins

    Imagine what a few more minutes could produce. Lol

  913. I’ve seen worst missed layups that wasn’t even that bad since his hand hit the rim.

  914. 4 years is a short time ago, earth is 4 billion years or 4,000,000,000 years old. Yes, we all know what you are referring to, ESPN has been trolling lin fans for many many years now. I think they do it because they enjoy the reaction.

  915. Mike Goldfarb @MikeGoldFool
    Only the Sixers would find a way to land on Shaqtin’ a Fool while doing something as simple as drinking water
    5:55 PM – 6 Oct 2016

  916. A little concerning that Lin had only ONE assist. What does that say about the team? Teague with established talent got 6 assist in Indiana tonight.

  917. no worries … it’s all about perspective
    Even the great ones would make mistake here and there (i.e. missed dunks, CP3 was on skate with broken ankles, etc.) The great ones will laugh about it and produce. The insecure one will get embarrassed and shirk to the corner.

    Lin wanted to focus on his shooting and this is a great trend. Unless Lin had problems converting layups for 10 games, I wouldn’t worry about the 1%-5% mistakes. Otherwise, we can’t see the positives in our mind

  918. You take what the defense gives you. Give it a few more games

  919. I called him Kurt HateLin.

  920. On NBA home page: Linsanity Returns To NYC In Nets Preseason Opener

  921. Different offenses and roles. Lin was playing combo guard role tonight in Kenny’s motion offense. They were moving the ball as much as possible to find the open man for an open shot. Lin played off ball SG catch and shoot on many plays.

  922. Tonight we didn’t necessarily need [the pick-and-roll],” Lin said. “There will be times where we will have to be more heavy pick-and-roll, I understand that and each game has its own personality. Tonight we were getting good shots and it was flowing and the guys were finding me and that’s unselfish basketball and I was the recipient of that tonight.”

  923. Lin also had a hockey assist on RJ’s almost dunk but he got fouled. That’d be 2 assists.
    Don’t forget he only played for 17min. In 34min, he’d have at least 4-5 assists
    Teague also played 26 min tonight.

    Yes, it still shows his teammates need more time to fix spacing and chemistry. No worries, it will come ?
    This is what preseason games are for. Tweak and develop chemisty in real games.

  924. No need for concern. Ball moved, and Lin was recipient.

  925. seriously…a win is a win…I guess Rondo is the better PG since he’s all about assist?

  926. Bunch of haters, that’s why I never go on that site anymore.

  927. don’t tell me JLin is the next Shawn Kemp when it comes to fathering children…

  928. I honestly think he underestimated his vertical, dude barely exploded and his wrist caught the rim. He should dunk from now on though…

  929. hafta remember guys like brook, rhj and booker are not catch and shoot players. a lot of “cheap” assists come from passing to those types of players. just ask kemba where his assists come from… also this game didnt have a lot of pnr so drive and kick or drive and dump assists didnt happen. we’ll see what happens on sat vs the no defense knicks… i expect a lot of layups for everyone lol…

  930. i think foye was very good in passing – he was the playmaker

  931. Jin as in MC Jin . Not Jeremy Lin

  932. Why focus on assist? Assists are nothing if the PG can score! Just look at how insignificant Rondo is and what made Steph Curry so popular! Lin is no longer worried about purposely creating assist and over passing. If it’s open just shoot it which is what we’re finally seeing.

  933. No big deal. Curry did that all the time…. plus he only played 17 min??

  934. Touché!!!

  935. Spoken like a true veteran, light years ahead of Walker and Batum, not to mention D’Angelo Russell.

  936. “each game has its own personality”

    – Jeremy Lin

  937. Exactly. A win is a win, whether it’s one assist or ten. At the end of the day, John Wall and post-Garnet/Pierce Rondo didn’t never will go the distance.

  938. Click with the dagger!
    Your tweets are mid-season form.

  939. I’m surprised by Kenny’s concern about Lin’s low assist…I would think he’d accept the low assist total as the instrument of the motion offense that forces Lin to give up the ball early in the shot-clock for the sick of ball-movement.

    Looks like Kenny feels it’s more of a Lin issue who is still caught up in last role of scoring threat off the bench.

    If kenny w ants Lin to record more assist, he should put him through high PnR.

  940. LOL

  941. Lin said it best “Just a motion offense with a lot of ball-movement.
    Can’t just do PnR but add a variety of staggers, pin-downs and catch-and-shoot.”

    Obviously, we’re going to see different offense that worked from game to game.
    It might be 21pts/1ast in 1 game but 11pts/8asts the next game

    Once the Nets master the variety of offense, defense would have a hard time adjusting to what the Nets will do.

    “It’s going to be a variety, since we have a variety of players. We have one of the best — if not the best — back-to-the-basket players in the NBA. So you can’t just stay in pick-and-roll,’’ said Lin. “Obviously I know how to play in the pick-and-roll, but we can’t only go back-to-the-basket. And we have shooters, so we can’t only go [post up]. We have to put in staggers, pin-downs and catch-and-shoot situations, too.

    “We have to do a lot of it. Unless you have a superstar who’s going to score 35 a night, the variety makes it dynamic. … That’s what the offense is for: To get everybody involved, a lot of ball movement, want everybody to touch the ball and just get a feel for it. Just a motion offense with a lot of ball movement.

    Link: [NYPost] Nets want to see Jeremy Lin improve in this key category

  942. My 1 cent is that he didn’t force anything. It was all in the flow of the game, which is why it looked so effortless today. He initiated the offense, the team created the shots. After watching this game, it reminds me what has been missing for the past few months, lol.

  943. yes, don’t forget losing sleep can be so effortless too 🙂


    “It’s [due to] his role last year. He was in a scoring role. He came off the bench and he was looking to attack every time. That’s where we are right now, trying to get him back into point-guard mode, instead of thinking score, score, score,’’ said coach Kenny Atkinson. “That’s something we’re working on, it’s something we’re talking to him about, and we definitely want to see that assist rate go up.”

    I don’t think Kenny is concerned with Lin’s low assists. This was said before the game. Kenny wants a nice balance between scoring and assists.

    Lin will do whatever it takes to win the game. Whether that’s scoring, passing, and/or defense, he will do it all. Lin knows his role on the team, don’t worry.

  945. Seeing Jeremy’s smile (while grabbing Brook Lopez) with 0:14 in the 4th gave me chills and goosebumps. It’s been too long, folks. And I’m not even the emotional type.

  946. Surely the ESPN won’t show THIS.

  947. If Lin keeps his 3 pts well, the defender must follow him to long range. Then the inside lane will be open up, Lin can attack the rim easily. Man, that’s so unbeatable.

  948. I know right!

  949. I sense JLin fans mood after a good preseason game 1
    “Celebrate but let’s not jump around yet”

  950. forcing oneself to go to sleep is not as easy as some may think….

  951. I have reservation and little concern what Atkinson said tonight. Here’s the excert: “It’s [due to] his role last year. He was in a scoring role. He came off the bench and he was looking to attack every time. That’s where we are right now, trying to get him back into point-guard mode, instead of thinking score, score, score,’’ said coach Kenny Atkinson. “That’s something we’re working on, it’s something we’re talking to him about, and we definitely want to see that assist rate go up.”
    **Lin can make assists when he has the freedom and autonomy to make plays, when the spacing are right, and when guys shoot confidently. Lin said it that there was not a lot of PnRs tonight. He took what defense gave, and the opponents gave him lots of open 3s. Lin gave them the assists and w/ his points, the Nets won… What do you think guys/gals?

  952. Yeah, it takes years (four to be precise) of practice and discipline! 😉

  953. I think Lin needs to play Lin’s game:

    focus on WIN WIN WIN.

  954. Nine Piston players recorded more than 20 minutes in this game with their starters range from 24 to 26 minutes. The Pistons want to win this game and put effort in there but the Nets pulled it off with a big 4th quarter with players at borderline making the team.

    The starters of the Nets played between 17 to 21 minutes with the exception of Brook Lopez who played only 12 minutes. It must be a no sweat effort from the Nets.

  955. Lin took mostly uncontested threes, so in essence whatever the defense gave him. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, as every team/game is different.

  956. dying to see bogs in the starting lineup.
    1.) is his d really that bad? or was it just bad team d in the past?
    2.) can never have enough floor spacing (foye can shoot too, but bogs deserves to start)
    3.) olympic confidence, will it carry over?

  957. They still need more games to mesh, but I already like what I see and BB’s not even back yet.

  958. It’s just bad team D in the past.

    He’ll compete hard defensively and not get roasted as badly as RHJ did this game.

  959. Add 2 more pts from missed layup. End game: JL7 will get his AND The NETS will get WIN….
    Don’t think I’ll be able to go sleep without thinking about This Team.

  960. I thought that was a statement made after the game

    And if Kenny wants Lin to stack up assist, he should let handle the ball more.

  961. Exactly! Winning is the focus regardless. Does this show Atkinson has a rookie coaching mentality? I’m concerned that Lin would take his words literally. God forbid! Lin seems to know so much more. I listened to his post game podcast and he described what happened tonight. Then I read Atkinson’s statement, it’s deflated my enthusiasm. Atkinson wants Lin to focus on assisting instead of ‘scoring’ which is equated to ‘winning’… Very concerning…

  962. he’s just saying what we all said: lin was mainly sg last year. kenny wants the ball in his hands more as pg to run the team and make the decisions. motion offense means a lot of ball movement, but the key is whether or not the ball comes back to lin. last year was a solid no. he was a floor spacing sg/sf. tonight? YES! and because he was open, he shot it. he may not be as open in the future. in that case, pnr is his bread and butter.

  963. I know Pistons wanted to win this one bc they didn’t want to loss to Nets… you know the bottom team in NBA even it’s preseason game.

  964. lin easily could have had 3-4 more assists if his teammates made some of the shots. the rhj dunk was a gimme that was missed. Also like many have mentioned lin didnt get to play much pnr with either booker or lopez. In addition, Lin only played 17 minutes where the ball was constantly moving so thats not really fair to say why didn’t lin rack up more assists. Lin’s style will generate assists and MANY hockey assists. its his penetration into the paint as a PG that will allow the defense to collapse and the ball to move. SO he MAY not be credited with the assist, but he is the reason why the team is able to get WIDE open shots. That is the role of a true PG

  965. Lin will do whatever it takes to WIN.

    That will never change, whether his coach approves or not.

  966. Gonna be wild at MSG tomorrow (Saturday). I think a lot of NYC fans will come out for that game, especially after seeing and hearing about what Lin did tonight.

  967. Here’s Lin high-fiving my kids! He was coming out of the tunnel after the win.

  968. Click Click, who do you think is going to guard Lin?

    Good luck with Rose and Jennings – or ex Charlotte fake defensive stopper Courtney Lee – trying to stop Lin.

    I guess the real answer is NOBODY, right?


    like a true CHAMPION!

  970. I was worried that coach Kenny was going to play Lin and other starters too much tonight because of what he said about wanting to treat this game super serious. But he eneded up only playing Brook for 12 minutes and Lin for 17. Don’t read too much into what Kenny says to reporters.

  971. Awesome! So happy for your kids 🙂
    How was the atmosphere in the building?
    Sparse crowds but did they get excited after watching Lin played?

  972. This has become quite normal for Lin

  973. Rose might not play. Jennings is probably still bitter and jealous about Lin being ranked over him this summer, so he might want to defend Lin and play him hard and physical. Lee might be put on Lin if he’s lighting on fire again. Who knows, we’ll see.

  974. He cannot disappoint us. He’s the leader and He will lead this Team to great things. Believe It! I ALWAYS Thought JL7 is Equal to SC30 (3 seasons ago).

  975. So you want all Lin fans to BE SAD over ONE missed shot.

    You really must be a LIN HATER.

  976. So many JLin fans. He’s the man over there. It was a good night to be his fan. I tried video blogging and interviewed a couple of fans. I even have a video of Lin coming out of the tunnel but then i started screaming his name unconsciously so the video came out funny.

  977. Agree!

    Brandon Jennings is gonna do what the playoff Miami Heat with their athletic swingmen couldn’t do against Lin: handcuff Lin off the ball with multiple guys and prevent Lin from exploding to open spots to catch the ball?

    And Courtney Lee whose defensive reputation is fake and overblown, he’s gonna try to stop Lin’s cuts and shots?

    That’ll be the day!!!

  978. haha .. I don’t blame you
    I am curious to see what the Nets fans are thinking after a pretty-good display of teamball tonight

  979. even though they didnt have the super overrated reggie, they still had drummond, KCP, harris, morris, johnson, baynes, leuer, and SVG as coach. this was no scrub team. in the minutes the pistons starters played, the nets starters AND bench kept it close and in the 3rd busted it wide open. this was a QUALITY win. haters can say “it’s only preseason” all they want but i know better.

  980. It’s not the right thing to do. Double standards…. Someone has to be accountable for the negativity. I’m NOT mad if they just keep “Quiet” but to actually go out and make fun of someone… On other outlet like Shaq’s is alright by me because that’s what it is.

  981. The main thing that Nets fans think is “Finally we have a team that doesn’t continuously make bad plays”.

  982. Linstagram:

    jlin7 Awesome feeling gettin back on the court playing the game I love with the new team!!! Never a dull moment around @r.hollisjefferson24 and @brookiethewookie11 #Brooklynstagram

  983. ICYMI
    @disqus_ofjj1NSn9P:disqus tweeted a nice Nets announcer clip on how effective JLin’s shooting form is

  984. same to you 🙂

  985. OMG “Jeremy Lin” is now trending on Twitter! O.o

  986. tbh I think foye was doing the pg and lin was the sg –

  987. YES Network uploaded the Kenny Atkinson special. I might still upload mine (with extra in-game interviews) to YouTube, but it takes me a while to get this stuff edited because I don’t have Adobe Premier anymore. Taking a really long time just to get the 1080p 60fps highlights video done.

    Anyway, here’s the mini-documentary / season preview:

  988. It’s weird to see how Lakers bloggers & Tim Bontempt (Wash Post writer) quickly tried to get in a little misunderstanding between a Lin fan & NetsDaily to flame Lin fans. Good thing NetsDaily zinged 1 of them back lol

    Gotta watch out for the divide-and-conquer tactics of Lin doubters

  989. Not discussed enough yet .. Lin spoke up eloquently on the locked arms of the Nets team during the national anthem to show “solidarity”. Great move to show unity than divisive actions.

    Lin is classy and intelligent as usual. Great leadership!

    “That’s something that I’ve spent a lot of hours thinking and talking with different people. To me, it shows that we can acknowledge there’s an issue at hand, but now you go about that is really what we tried to do; arms around each other, solidarity. We’re doing it together. This isn’t anti-cops, this country needs cops. This isn’t anti-minorities, this country needs minorities. This is what makes our nation great. We need more of both and we need compassion, more sympathy where guys can take the time and really put themselves in somebody else’s shoes.”

  990. comeon Khuang, you know the rules here….there is no reason from the above post to refer Rick as a hater or breaking the rules here.

  991. Yeah, lots of Lin haters out there and also Lin fan haters.

    Because Lin plays too well, they will try to badmouth Lin fans instead, making us out to be crazy, annoying, “uneducated” basketball idiots. These trolls are sad and pathetic. Hopefully Net Income doesn’t fall for their schemes.

    I tried warning him on NetsDaily before. Not sure if he has realized just how far Lin trolls / haters would go to bash him and us fans.

  992. Great article praising Lin’s court vision to make smart passes not necessarily shown in the assist column.
    Brook also pointed out his teammates thrived off Lin’s being a constant threat and it will only get better.

    [NYSportsDay] “Jeremy Lin Points Kenny Atkinson’s Nets In Right Direction In Preseason Debut “

    Lin finished with 21 points, three rebounds, and one assist in 17 minutes of action, he drained five of eight from behind the three-point line.

    When Lin wasn’t making three’s he was either getting into the paint or making the extra pass to help set up a high-percentage shots for his teammates. It may not have shown in the assist column, however Lin did a solid job of not just making the extra pass but making the smart pass. This is just as important a skill for a point guard to possess, having excellent court vision.

    “I’m sure you guys saw, he just opens so much just by attacking and penetrating and continuing to be a threat for everyone else and we all really thrived off that,” said center Brook Lopez after the game. “I think it’s just going to get better from here.”

  993. It’s pretty crazy how the haters will go all out to flame Lin fans.
    No discretion or consideration that most Lin fans have been cordial with a lot of knowledgeable bb fans.
    Hopefully with your warning, the NetsDaily is ready for these doubters who try to justify their hatred

  994. Well, I warned NetsDaily a while ago, like a few months back. Not sure if they still remember.

    Back then, the Lin haters / trolls tried infiltrating NetsDaily and I was part of a small crew that called them out. We got bashed by both the trolls / haters and ND regulars, but Net Income eventually saw through the trolls and banned 2 of them.

    From then on, ND has been relatively quiet and calm in regards to the Lin hate / trolling. They will definitely be back though, with multiple alt accounts.

  995. “These trolls are sad and pathetic”

    True dat.

  996. anyone here concerned with Brook’s defense? seems like Drummond was feasting in the paint early on…

  997. None of the starters except Lin looked good early on. Brook was especially out of it. He eventually snapped himself out of it and started playing better, but only played for 12 minutes.

    Don’t worry, this is only the beginning. We’re only getting a glimpse of how good a Lin and Atkinson led Nets team can be. It’s going to take time for them to get used to playing with each other, as well as Kenny’s system.

  998. Yup. Brook didn’t look very comfortable in the new system. Offensively or defensively.

  999. Finally done editing and uploading. First time making a highlight video and did it without Adobe Premier. I’m so tired. Not sure if I’ll do this again lol. I’ll leave the highlights to the pros who get it up within half an hour after the game ends.

  1000. thanks so much for all your effort – much appreciated

  1001. You’re welcome 🙂

  1002. yeah…thats alot of work! I did once as well,…think it was 3 years ago…and then quit…hahaha…its just time/effort….good job there! 🙂

  1003. Thanks.

    I’m not sure how those YouTube channels pump these highlights out so quickly. They do so many highlights all at once too, not just for Lin. They must have some sort of automated method for creating videos by the batch. I’m really amazed.

    It just sucks that they don’t do full 1080p / 60fps videos, only 720p. Better than nothing, but I prefer high quality videos.

  1004. More like the team was in trouble and Lin has to score to get them going.

  1005. Scola highlights: any interest?

  1006. What ever works!!!
    This is One game. But I’ll take this kind of game every night if JL7’s shooting 5/8 Threes. I’ll take that 2-3 assists with 28-35pts per 35min. And the WIN, of course. JL7 doesn’t have to handle the ball “all the time” like under MDA. He can be that “Fast Deadly Offense” – to jump start the team.

  1007. Forgot to put this beautiful drive in my highlights video 🙁

  1008. I do want to see more Lin assists though. Kind of don’t want to see him getting labeled with “pure scorer” type of one dimensional title. Lin is an all-around PG, I expect his assist number be around 6-7/game.

  1009. Long time no see guys. S’up!? Time for me to get active on Lin discussions and news again. Was watching the game while at work today. Lots of fist pumping and silent cheering on my part in front of the desk…. Hope I don’t get called into boss’ room anytime soon…. Anyway what a great game JLin had today. This year looks promising, very promising. I gotta friggin’ get myself a Nets Lin jersey soon….

  1010. With a big man like this, the defense gotta come out.

  1011. if scola is playing then good for him – he looks solid

  1012. Thanks Click! That’s a lot of work, time, resilience- that characterizes a lot of the Lin fans. I learned that when i was coordinating the group ticket purchase for this season. I was doing it just so we could get the discounted tickets and in the process got to know a lot of fans like us- we appreciate diligence, resilience, perseverance. Like JLin! I was at the game yesterday and tried vlogging the experience. I’ll try to learn editing this weekend and get the video up for you guys. Including our high fiving experience with Lin at the player’s tunnel. It was surreal. Lin is a very down to earth, friendly guy. You could just tell.

  1013. I wont be in nyc on saturday and cant catch the knicks game on msg. Anyone know i could watch replay on monday when i return. I didnt dvr it. Thanks!

  1014. it wasn’t just brook. as far as i know no one but myself either here or on netsdaily has mentioned it so i am loathe to do so now but the nets front court was absolutely destroyed by pistons; drummond got 21 rebounds! no one else in a pre season game so far as got more than 13.

    and drummond/harris/(who’s the third front court player for pistons?….one of the morris twins) put up all at least 15 points apiece i think; early when the nets were behind it was something like 21-6 pistons front court scoring versus nets.

    jon leur also was able to score easily; at least when scola/hamilton came in they scored some themselves, something (at least early and basically for most of their time on the floor) the nets front court starters in comparison to the pistons did not do.

    it was remindful of the situation in charlotte where the hornets front court weakness was obvious and mitigating the success of the hornets backcourt (batum always functioned as a backcourt player even when he may have been at times nominally a 3).

    having bogdanovic available would shuttle the responsiblities some but the four previously mentioned pistons players (good players, good scorers) put up big numbers fairly comfortably; and against a team with some backcourt offense (without jackson the pistons had none) the nets would be in trouble.

    need much better defense from the frontcourt.

  1015. more lin fan haters than lin haters.

    but in both cases they seem to carry a active animosity way beyond the norm, sitll fixated on lin/lin fans long after lin is gone from their team.

    this as far as i know is unprecedented.

  1016. imo netsdaily is the best moderated team (as opposed to player here) site i have ever encountered.

    the crusty veteran “net income” doesn’t mess around. no nonsense allowed.

  1017. actually thats what one fan on netsdaily who i think was at the game emphasised; that for the first time in ages he watched a nets game where he didn’t want to “tear his skin” at the constant poor individual choices by nets players (he goes on to give individual examples from last years team)

  1018. i think you and i are the only ones not buying the rhj “kool-aid” (i have no idea what this expression means but i see in used often so am appropriating it here, possibly correctly. )

  1019. n0 sweat effort for lin especially.

  1020. Apparently, the term dates from the “Jonestown massacre” of 1978.

    “In the wake of the tragedy at Jonestown, the phrase “drink the Kool-Aid” became a popular term for blind obedience, as the Temple members had apparently accepted cups of fruity poison willingly.”

    This seems like a credible account :

  1021. NetIncome’s real name is Robert Windrem, he is/was a long-time NBC producer.

    See :

  1022. Thanks. Click. Really good one.

    Lin is selected as the most important defensive player for the Nets.

  1024. Anyone watched post game interview from the coach last night? Just watched Click highlights… how come coach had no smile on his face after the W…???

  1025. A lot of problems need to address, i guess.

  1026. I see… I didn’t watch the full game so …. I thought they played so well?

  1027. Here is the tail-end of Jeremy’s comments about the show of team solidarity last night …

    It’s about solidarity – and it’s not lip-service, too. We, as a team, I, as a person, we, as an organization, we want to be able to do things in the community, going forward, to be able to promote the same message. If I were to just sit there before the anthem and do that – I mean anyone can do that and it can be fake and superficial. But we want to be able to do something more and be more proactive about … and which we’re talking about internally.

    To listen to the full response, go to : and look for the clip “Jeremy Lin Preseason – Pistons”. The comments start at 5 mins 55 secs.

  1028. mY quick thoughts

    Very impressed with:

    Impressed with:


    Not impressed with

    How come Whitehead didn’t play?

  1029. About NetsDaily, I was a regular on that site from day one, 8 years. Even 1 year before they moved to SBNation, when they were a regular Nets fan forum. Over time, I witnessed every regular poster there not mods eventually getting banned. NetIncome does what he does, he won’t really care if you’re a Lin fan or Lin fan troll. He has his set political views, and not so much tolerance. Just know that sometimes he’ll arbitrarily ban a bunch of people. Nets team have huge roster turnovers, and ND has huge fan posters turnovers. ND has okay articles, but the discussion there is not worth reading… similarly to ESPN.. not as bad.

  1030. wooooohoooo

  1031. Nice coverage of Jeremy’s highlights from nba[dot]com …

  1032. Sounds like CF

  1033. Won’t go that far, CF is the worst. “The numbers are clear”, so terrible.

  1034. Thanks for coordinating the group purchases and giving out free tickets to the game last night. Wish I could’ve gone, but it’s too much of a hassle for me to drive into, out of, and find parking at Barclays. I will be at the home opener and also the home game vs. Knicks in Feb.

    Don’t rush your vlog release. Glad to hear you and your family had a great time meeting and watching Lin.

  1035. To our fan standards, tiger fans ‘-), not perfect. In the beginning, the flow was not that smooth, and the defense looked lost for everyone. But eventually they came around. Atkinson did a good job coaching IMO.

  1036. Jeremy Lin’s near-perfect Nets debut and the no-big-deal airballed layup

  1037. What is parking like near Barclays Center? I am from Long Island.

  1038. Love Netsdaily. Lin finally has a major voice to defend him other than his fans.

  1039. It’s not bad IMO to be “unhappy” just because you won. When I coached, I always taught that process is far more important than results. Last night’s game is a perfect example of process. Neither team played their starters or “best players” 40 minutes. They were working on the process. A bad coach like Clifford or Mchale would worry about losing just one preseason game but process coaching means building towards being better. That means his mind is already on what needs to be done TO BE BETTER.

    My best and most talented student failed in that area and never manage to advance past 3rd tier pro tournaments. He hated practice and would complain to me that he wants to play games. The problem with that “game” self testing is that you could be playing really badly and still win if your opponents are playing worst than you. If you care too much about winning and not enough about the process, you will never get better.

    The hardest player you’ll ever face is yourself. A process player is constantly focused on beating yourself each and everyday. To be better than who you were yesterday, you must never be satisfied with wins and losses.

    This why Lin doesn’t care about TOs. He cares about making others better. To do that he’ll sacrifice his own stats to teach players better off ball movements.

    When Atkinson talks about how Lin must temper his score first mentality, he’s putting Lin on that process and challenging him to be a complete PG. it’s something he hasn’t done much since 2012.

  1040. You’re super lucky. They made it extremely easy and fast for Long Island residents to travel to and from Barclays. You definitely don’t want to drive there.

  1041. Basically the opposite of the Rockets media and Knicks media (after Dolan didn’t match).

  1042. Lin’s finally the leader of a basketball team again…

  1043. i wonder why CF still has such an active thread abt lin? don’t they have anything else better to do

  1044. i think that when lin has been in different positions for the past couple of seasons – it must be tough trying to remember how to be a pg – he needs to re learn that

  1045. Whiehead didn’t play scrinmsge either because of hypetectended knee

  1046. I see. Tks!

  1047. oh yeahhhh 🙂 I found a nice GIF to reflect Lin’s fans mood after Preseason Game 1

    @JLin7 fans mood after a good preseason game 1#BabySizeExcitement
    “Celebrate but let’s not jump around yet”

  1048. Atkinson’s probably mad at HIMSELF because he just learned the hard way that a lot of what he thought worked great in practices does not translate to actual games (just like Linstructor said).

    Welcome to the NBA, rookie head coach

  1049. As a Rangers fan, I hate the Penguins, Crosby, and their fans. But this baby is funny.

  1050. Or maybe Atkinson realizes the win (or loss) doesn’t count. He knows there’s a lot the Nets did wrong and a lot to improve upon.

    I doubt he was mad at anyone, including himself.

  1051. and this was just 1 preseason game –

  1052. I don’t even look at the jersey lol .. I thought it was LA Kings’ (not an NHL fan)
    I’ve never seen a baby this gung-ho to belt out a scream 🙂 Maybe he saw Elmo on the big screen

  1053. Rockets have a huge Asian fan base from Yao’s legacy. Lin is actually good, and CF didn’t treat him so well. Dave “Clutch”, literally blamed Lin fans for spreading rumors about Harden partying at clubs the night before a playoff game.

  1054. wow … nicely done, @disqus_ofjj1NSn9P:disqus
    Hope you get some needed sleep 🙂
    It’s a long season, bro .. haha

  1055. Thank you, Click!
    In this clip, Lin made a point to emphasize three (3) times of being back in the leadership position. He also shrewdly let the world know that his natural leadership ability has been involuntarily buried by former teams (Houston, Lakers & Hornets). I’m glad Lin is being vocal and direct in talking about his own strengths and ability. In doing so, he’s shaping his own narrative and image in the media. Good for him!
    Lin: “Being back in that (leadership) position is what I’ve been my whole life as a starting point guard, as a leader, someone who brings… whose job is to bring the best out of everybody else….to be back in this position… it feels natural; it feels like what I’m used.. That’s part of my strengths as a person or player is to lead and so I’m loving it, and… I’m just thankful to be back in this position again.”

  1056. I’ve driven to Barclay at least about 5 times and each time I parked on the street. We try to get there at least 30-45 minutes before the game and park around 5 blocks away. The center is surrounded by residential areas. And if you are there after 700PM then you can park in the meter 1 hour spots since the regulations for those spots apply on until 700PM usually. I don’t know much about paid parking places near the center but I am sure there are plenty. Click is right in that the mass transportation is amazing at Barclay. You can take the LIRR to Penn, then take any one of the subway lines that feed you directly to Barclay. That might be much faster than you driving through Queens and Brooklyn around rush hour.

  1057. Here’s Jeremy giving a high five! Photo posted below

  1058. I agree, but i think a lot of it is on atkinson to get lin involved in the pick and roll. that is where he really thrives and will rack up the most assists.

  1059. Rockets were a special kind of bad, HOU media was bashing Lin while he was still on the team. They were forcing fans to choose loyalty to HOU. NetsDaily is more pragmatic, but I suggest wait and see how things turn out. Because at first I thought Lakers media were fair… until the Ronnie Price/Byron Scott fiasco.

  1060. but why single lin out that he still has an active lin thread ? – there were other players too – but the language used abt lin is just hateful

  1061. the press always blames lin for everything no matter which team he plays for

  1062. No, it was all so fast, and I was video-recording but then started screaming Jeremy’s name when he finally came through the tunnel that I didn’t have the wherewithal to even plan a selfie. But my husband did manage to keep his cool and take the photo posted above. Someone did ask for a photo and Jeremy responded that he had to go to a meeting. Jeremy was really down to earth and friendly. Just a regular Joe.

  1063. Kid must have watched a lot of games with dad and uncle.

  1064. That was the Culture at CF, they would typically pick 1 player that was to blame for their problems. I mean McHale was doing it too during post game interviews. Harden’s flaws became Lin’s flaws, etc.

  1065. Joyce, it was unexpected and surreal. I’ve been watching JLin since his college days and had so many near misses. This opportunity just happened out of nowhere. He was the player of the game so he stayed on court until all the other players had come through the tunnel. I was all ready with my vlog camera. But then when I saw him coming through the tunnel I started screaming his name and my camera was shaking all over the place. I had three of my kids and they stuck our their hands and Lin came over and gave them all high fives. A very humble guy. I was so proud to be his fan last night.

  1066. Yup, Lin spoke out all summer in his own sly way, on the mistreatment he’s received from previous teams and coaches.

    Of course he doesn’t name names and he says it in a way that doesn’t offend people, but us fans know exactly what he means when he says that he’s always been a leader and that his role on teams prior to the Nets have not utilized him as a primary or secondary option.

    It’s so refreshing to see Lin finally be unleashed and unshackled. Also great to see him finally have the opportunity and ability to say what he’s wanted to say, what his fans have been saying, for the past 4+ years.

  1067. I remember NBAcom player boxscore being clickable and the video would play for that specific score/assist, etc. Not sure if that will help you, but I thought if I was to create highlight vids of Lin, that’s how I would organize it.

  1068. IMO the key difference between Lakers and Nets is the franchise support. The media and bloggers will only follow the direction so they can still get access to the team.

    In the beginning, Lakers media supported Lin because Kobe wanted to “mentor” Lin to be like himself but once he fell out of favor with Kobe, Lin was in a bad place. With the Nets, the GM, coach, CEO, owner and star player like Brook are behind Lin so far, so Lin would have a higher chance of success.

    But yes, it’s good to take the wait-and-see approach.

  1069. From what I’ve seen, read, and heard the past 4+ months, NetsDaily / Net Income treat their previous players well and remember them fondly if they give their full effort. They also treat them extremely bad if they give up on the team or play like crap for them.

    Example: Kevin Garnett only played in 92 games for the Nets, but ND wrote an article about him when he retired:

    They still revere Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, and the other NJ Nets players that played hard and well for them many years ago.

    However, they hate on Deron Williams because he didn’t deliver on his promises and practically gave up on the team…

    I’m sure ND / NI and Nets fans will love Lin because he gives it his all, never quits, always wants to win, and is a natural born leader. Lin will also turn around this franchise and help build a new, winning culture with his teammates, coach Kenny, Sean Marks, and their new staff.

  1070. Thank you for sharing the photo.

    I am glad Jeremy and Nets had a great game when you and your family were there. Your children must have enjoyed the game as much as you did.

  1071. I know, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s not how you start (especially in preseason), but how you finish.

    But I’m way too excited for Lin to finally be unleashed in New York again. It’s been a long, long wait for us all.

  1072. These highlight makers have access to the entire game, usually from the original broadcast / stream. They don’t merely piece together clips that made for them. I just don’t know how they can pump them out so fast, simultaneously, from multiple games.

  1073. Agreed, Team/owner support makes a HUGE difference. At the moment, the Nets media and Lin fans narrative both resonate. It’s Media like ESPN, by forecasting Nets to have the worst NBA record, being the counter-narrative.

    And then we had the extreme, CF and their divisive “Lin only fan” narrative.

  1074. Exactly, as soon as they decided to tank and put the rookie Clarkson to start, they started to bash Lin especially by Dave Miller.

  1075. Lin fans got slammed hard when they called out Lakers for tanking the season. Brings back some terrible memories…

  1076. Yes it’s bad memories.

  1077. Lin fans usually tell the truth. The hard, ugly truth that Lin’s previous teams’ fanbase doesn’t want to hear or acknowledge. So they lash out against us, troll us, follow us to other teams’ message boards / forums, instead of facing reality.

    This is why I didn’t bother to get involved with message boards and forums defending Lin during his Rockets and Lakers years. It was just too toxic of an environment and a losing battle against those rabid, unfair, and disgusting fanbases, along with the biased media they’ve brainwashed by. Just wasn’t worth my energy or time.

    When I spoke out on the Hornets subreddit, they hated me for calling out Clifford, Kemba, and Batum for losing in the playoffs. They despised me for saying that the main reason the Hornets even made the playoffs or that they won 3 straight games against the Heat was because of Lin.

    Having said that, there are definitely some bad apples among Lin fans. Some can be extreme and very annoying with their delusional fandom. However, every fanbase has these type of people, but we get singled out and bashed, just like Lin. It’s a double standard. Lin fan haters criticize us for following Lin from team to team, when other star players’ fans do the same. It’s OK for those fans, but not OK for Lin fans to do the same.

  1078. ND is a fun site to read. However, I’m saying that they don’t value their readers comments. Which is neither right or wrong, but that’s how they operate. I was reading Net Income before Nets Daily was a thing. Historically, they are quick to ban comments. The site structure itself is not friendly to discussion. I hope I’m not spoiling your optimism (not sarcasm), but that’s from my experience.

  1079. I’ve talked about Net Income plenty of times before. He is an extreme liberal NBC News / MSNBC ideologue. He deleted most of my posts where I exposed his liberal ideology in a Jeremy Lin article / thread last week where Lin said he wants to “protest” with his teammates. The thread was filled with liberal posters like most forums and message boards are, but their comments weren’t touched. I provided ample evidence and proof, just like I do here from time to time regarding politics, but it’s always my posts that get deleted.

    I’ve been threatened to be banned by NI before because I dared question the validity of his boy Mike Mazzeo in regards to Lin’s jump shot stats. I was wrong in accusing Mazzeo of making up the stat in his article, but Mazzeo didn’t provide a link to his source of the stat until I asked him about it on Twitter. Even though NI threatened to ban me, he didn’t.

    I think NetsDaily / NI has eased up on their nonchalant banning. I’ve seen quite a few obvious trolls and haters not get banned. Even long-time ND posters and outspoken critics of NI haven’t been banned so far. He did ban a Lin hater / troll that I called out though.

    Point is, while NetsDaily and NI are far from unbiased or agenda-free, they’ve been very fair to Lin and Lin fans thus far. Will it last? Who knows. Only time will tell.

  1080. Kenny wants Jeremy to improve his d in certain areas! Love how hes pushing him to achieve greatness.

  1081. Looking at those shots many times Lin was so wide open. Detroit didn’t respect his shot or just good ball movement found they open player?

  1082. Both teams played poor, porous perimeter defense last night. Nets was probably even worse than the Pistons guarding the 3-point line. They’re lucky Pistons didn’t sink those shots more often after the 1st quarter or Nets would’ve been blown out.

    That’s why Lin and Atkinson both said they have to improve on defense. They know they have a long way to go before they can be somewhat satisfied with their defense.

  1083. You did this? Great job man!

  1084. just let the haters go. Steph Curry missed several open layups during the Finals and no one talked about that. More hate the better!

  1085. Nets fans are becoming Lin fans, unlike everywhere he went.

  1086. Here are a couple of missed dunks from Nic Batum

  1087. it’s funny this is a Lin highlight from…

  1088. Youn should post it

  1089. Is that Brent?

  1090. No, Lin simply overpowered the Detroit defense off the ball.

    Detroit tried to trap Lin off the ball, often with 2 defenders.

    But Detroit found out what the more athletically superior Miami guards did: that it is impossible to prevent Lin from
    cutting off the ball due to his sheer explosiveness.

    The result was that the Pistons were GREYHOUNDED by Lin all game long as defenders were literally left in the dust by Lin’s cuts.

  1091. Makes me puke to see Harden in China