Preseason1 CHA @ ORL Game Thread

Finally, the first preseason game will start against Orlando Magic.

What does Coach Clifford expect to accomplish in the first game?
1. Will he give some time for 1st team and 2nd team to gel with one another to develop chemistry?
2. Or will he start to experiment with different lineups as he said with various Pick-And-Roll combination in the perimeter with any 2 of three playmakers (Kemba, Nic Batum and Jeremy Lin)
3. And what kind of lineup will he use to close the game?

It will be interesting if Coach Clifford will also use the time to test if some new players in the Training Camp are good enough to keep around.

Let’s hope for the best for Jeremy to have fun with new teammates & develop great chemistry with 2nd and 1st team.

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  1. Let’s go! Lin for the win! 🙂

  2. Let’s go make some Buzz with your new teammates, Jeremy!

  3. #Buzzcity!

  4. Go Go Go JLin and Hornets!!!

  5. Won’t be able to follow the game as it’s church time. Expect to see more actions when I return later:-)

  6. ok, please pray a lot for some JLin actions & health for all players 🙂

  7. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS at some basketball action finally!
    Noooooooooooooooooo at it not being televised, Im so mad 🙁

    The other game (Pels/Pacers) wont be televised either, what kind of outrage!?

  8. Suppose to concentrate on the worship of our almighty God:-) Still send my prayers to JLin and the team anyhow:-)

  9. They did it on purpose so that we couldn’t see the beginning of a new lineup that doesn’t work. Again my conspiracy theory. LOL

  10. the stats will tell regardless. and radio people

  11. Any website to stream the audio? The WFNZ site isn’t saying anything regarding the game.

  12. Buzz Buzz Buzz

  13. yes?

  14. Yep the season sarcasm had already started! ???

  15. LOL 🙂

  16. omg omg omg omg i have a link to the game idk how

  17. let me wait till it starts idk if its real. their doing the national anthem

  18. How?????

  19. Im going to use this one when the game starts.

  20. idk


  22. omg omg omg

  23. all you better thank me

  24. Thank you

  25. You are a wizard, thank you

  26. screw leaguepass, who needs em…haha

  27. lol

  28. Go Jlin and hornets

  29. some one give the link to conservative news media

  30. Wow great. Thanks!! : )

  31. your welcome now lets enjoy

  32. Interesting , it is not on ball streams yet there is a tv broadcast it seems. How dare they toy with us like this 😀

  33. lol another one. lol orlando wanted the game to themselves selfish lol. but lin fiends never quit

  34. I see, it is not an official tv broadcast

  35. Yeah it looks like its just gonna be what the (Magic) arena shows in their big scoreboard. This is torture lol

  36. Just tweeted it.

  37. Yup, no color commentating

  38. listen to the radio at same time

  39. Color commentary is back it seems

  40. Thanks!

  41. yes

  42. hornets beating hornets …wowow 9-3

  43. the stream just switched to the radio audio! now its just the weird angles bugging me but its much better than nothing!

  44. Yeah it’s on my LP!

  45. lol exactly

  46. where

  47. Slow but can’t complain. lol

  48. Hong kong, it’s magic feed tho

  49. i don’t have it and i have LP

  50. The best color commentary is this forum. Thx 🙂

  51. hornets don’t look good. this is orlando of all teams

  52. This Hornets need to have Lin starting

  53. Another game link if the previous ones didn’t work for anybody. Lots of Ads; use Adblocker in your browser if you have it.

  54. Hmm….the difference between international & us LP?

  55. nice find 🙂

  56. don’t think so.

  57. Batum 1/4 FG so far….KW just air ball

  58. Lin isn’t listed in the ESPN boxscore. Is he inactive this game?

    Clifford said that some vets wouldn’t play both games.

  59. They’re playing on international LP but not US it seems.

  60. Lin is not in but lamb is in

  61. maybe he won’t play today

  62. I think Lin is not playing today

  63. No….Aww alright. Thanks mate.

  64. 1-7 4 point batum.

  65. I’m hoping to see Lin.Come on coach…..his hair not gel …..not playing today?

  66. maybe walker plays whole 1st quarter

  67. Lamb and Zeller in.
    So far I see some decent ball movement, they’re bricking them, especially Batum but they havent been bad forced shots. They certainly seem to be running a much faster system than last season when it looked like they were playing in molasses.

  68. Maybe….no gel no headband…>.<

  69. Looks like Lin is resting today and playing big minutes tomorrow. Makes sense.

    Clifford said some vets will sit out today or tomorrow. No need to play both games of a preseason back-to-back.

  70. This ridiculous camera angle prevents us from seeing the bench, haha

  71. in about to go inl

  72. Lin is in

  73. why is everything threw batum

  74. Hope im wrong

  75. The hair… 🙂

  76. Lol, that hair is funny. keep it

  77. Ouch.

  78. Lin got his pocket picked by cj watson

  79. Lin for 3

  80. Lin is in! TO followed by a 3! Ha.

  81. let lin get rust off

  82. Oh I missed that, was that a dribble 3 or a C&S?

  83. Another drive and FTs. He got angry about that TO.

  84. foul 2 ft

  85. Lin or Lamb got the 3?

  86. lllllove the hairl

  87. hate it!

  88. looks like classic jackie chan hair cut

  89. Scoreboard says Lamb. SMH going to be hard this season.

  90. keep this hair, troll everybody

  91. Was that Lamb or Lin? Announcer said Lin, boxscore said Lin. Jumbotron didn’t show it.

  92. lamp 3 point

  93. pnr a lot lol good

  94. yup

  95. Lin gave Zeller the ball under the basket and missed the bunny

  96. Lin and Zeller already. FTs.

  97. very glad to see that

  98. foul 2 ft

  99. They seem confused. They said Lin made a 3 but it was Lamb. And they said Hawes missed the bunny from Lin, but it was Zeller.

  100. zeller not haws

  101. Commentators are in preseason mode.

  102. any decent link for the game?

  103. See below… there are a few.

  104. very happy with how lin was used. starters have work to do

  105. The team Hornets with lin is a good team

  106. Screenshot from uber-illegal videostream.

  107. Thanks

  108. Lin made his first TO the moment he got the rebound.

  109. was that an assist?

  110. First Assist to Hawes/

  111. Lamb too selfish so far. Lin likes to set up teammates early on. Esp. in preseason.

  112. LOL. Even in preseason, everyone fouls the Asian guy HARD. Anyone else, and they’d let him score since it’s meaningless.

  113. Well it’s good to see Lin being used correctly as a PG and getting foul calls.

  114. risky move for preseason

  115. nice hand by Lin to challenge his man to miss jumpshot

  116. 3pts on 0 FGA. Infinity efficiency!

  117. lin didnt shoot yet

  118. What is Hairstone doing except fouling?
    Why is he even on the court?

  119. ??

  120. Lin already destroying the opponent’s defence by getting to the paint so easily

  121. Looks like clifford letting lin run the pick and roll

  122. since it preseason idk how to look at the defense

  123. double teamed?

  124. Well, he is the best player and the biggest threat on the 2nd team

  125. 33333!!!

  126. Lin 3

  127. First Zeller-Lin connection.

  128. yes

  129. long 2, 🙁

  130. Assist!

  131. It was a 3, lol

  132. This Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lamb calling is going to drive me nuts! its sounds the same on my bootleg streams lol

  133. lol

  134. lin is playing his game!

  135. Lin’s 2nd assist to Hairston on the corner

  136. clifford must be happy

  137. Limb

  138. Yes, very confusing…

  139. you guys, the hair = swag. keep it the whole season 🙂

  140. Jeremy missed another 3, but catching up, not bad.

  141. yesss

  142. its ok

  143. This is good. Teammates give the ball to Lin to create.
    Lin finds his teammates to score.

    Good Bball for JLin fans 🙂

  144. lol

  145. As long as the next 50 go in….am I asking for too much.

  146. What worries me is the turnover.

  147. Hornets seems a bit rusty with this 1st pre season game.

  148. I want to see some Lin / Hansbrough

  149. Lin looking really good so far, remember he has not even gone Super Saiyan (his hair) today

  150. Charlotte’s bench against Magic’s starting 4

  151. lol they doubled lin lol 3

  152. another assist!

  153. ORL Announcer: “Good pressure on Lin who has been hurting the Magic”

  154. They’re saying good things about Jeremy 🙂

  155. Lin is the only playmaker on the court now.

  156. Neither official scorer or ORL announcers know what is going on. They’re wrong on every CHA basket call.

  157. they’re sharing the ball, playing good defense, letting Jeremy play PG….is it too soon to be a little optimistic?

  158. Yes, it is

  159. Good job, Jeremy!

  160. lin got the lead down to 3

  161. Jeremy played great. Very proud. Multiple pick and rolls for him. Right when Kemba came in, he turned the ball over.

  162. Thanks everyone for the game posting! I am out of the country, no access to nba games, so i am relying this and nothing else!
    Go Lin!!!

  163. in played great. wow how much did lin get to play his game last year . finallyl

  164. 🙁 I’ll keep my optimism on hold for now than!


    You can watch with this link. I am watching from amsterdam.

  166. LP didn’t show the game lol

  167. 6pts, 4asts, 2 rebs, 10 min.

  168. 6 pts 4 assist in 10 mins some good stats

  169. yep yep lol

  170. I did not buy LP!

  171. i did 🙁

  172. Hasn’t been used properly for 3 years. I’m sure he’s rusty and just warming up.

  173. 2nd

  174. yep

  175. Yep. The “Lin effect.” Make or miss, he’s a huge positive if you let him PLAY.

  176. dont forget all the fouls he drew

  177. this day has been a roller coaster. lol like a normal day as a lin fan. but it feels good right now.

  178. That’d be 18/12 if he gets 30 min, elite PG numbers!!!

  179. i wanna see lin play with kaminsky

  180. i don’t think hell play today

  181. Exactly. He “stopped the bleeding” as well. Kemba and Batum stunk it up.

  182. ya, it looks like he is not playing today. i meant some time in the future

  183. Oh no, hope MKG is ok.

  184. Ugh MKG please no! Get up 🙁

  185. I think the big takeway from this game is that clifford and his offensive schemes is not going to be a hindrance this year for lin.

  186. I wanna see if Kemba and Lin can play together. Elfrid has no fear of Walker.

    BTW, Lin is ESPN’s “top performer” for Charlotte in just 10m. Typical!

  187. I like what I see so far for Lin. He gets to play PG.

  188. yes, JLin is allowed & encouraged to be the playmaker with the 2nd team when he’s on the floor

  189. Haha next time dont buy. If i am home in US, i use my laptop window but outside the US, i only carrying my Apple thingy, it has no access 🙁

  190. Its also clear from the way lins teammates pass that they arent looking for their own shot they are looking for the best shot

  191. Ugh…

  192. Plus the extended play of time from late Q1 to Q2 with 3 min left was good to develop rhythm.
    The 2nd team made some run after Lin warmed up

  193. boy

  194. i didnt see what happened, is it knee ?

  195. just 1st preseason game w/ new teammates, I think

  196. Landed on his shoulder.

  197. kemba 0-5

  198. Where’s Tyler?

  199. I like MKG…he’s one of the early/only allies of Lin. KHuang doesn’t like his game, but I think he’s a nice unselfish role player. Overpaid but nice to have.

  200. yup, with 4 assists.

  201. i saw hawes pass to lin multiple times to run the pnr… unlike jordan hill whod take a 20 footer or young who brick a 3 or jordan clarkson who dribble into traffic and jack up a jumpsshot

  202. Did I hear it correctly that the Orlando announcers say Walker hasn’t made a shot and he’s over..?

  203. what i like he hasn’t forced a shot. but datum seem to be the pg for the starters

  204. Who?

  205. MKG

  206. Just stay off Kemba guys, this is the first pre-season game. Go Hornets.

  207. MKG landed like this.

  208. I’m only 99% joking when I say that Lin’s hair is hurting him. How could that monstrosity not effect his vision, ha!

  209. ofcouse

  210. It seems Batum is first option, taken 11 shots, made 4, 11pts. KW is 0-5 FG, 2-2 FT with 2 points

  211. Tq

  212. JLin Stats in 1st half: 6pts/4a/2r/2TO in only 10 min
    Very aggressive with highest 4 FT attempts

  213. We’ll speak out together once Lin is mistreated but now Lin is very happy.

  214. hope it is nothing serious

  215. 0-5.
    4 assists, same as Lin

  216. Make or miss, my issues with Kemba are not preseason-related. Dude is a 38% shooter in a weak East and total freedom. No way he should be a starting PG in the NBA.

  217. still i wanna see if he can score 15 points without 15 shots

  218. exactly!

  219. where is this link?

  220. that means batum moves to the 3 and lin moves to shooting guard

  221. He’s still the team starting pg, let focus on Lin doing well at the same time respect his teammates.

  222. Batum doesn’t belong at SG. He’s a great glue-guy SF. At the 2, his offense and defense both suffer. He’s never even played SG in his pro bball life!

  223. Crazy that they don’t have a dedicated reporter for Hornets. It’s a professional team.

  224. wow, this guy was “hearing second-hand”…… Well stuck with him reporting hornects this year. 🙁

  225. I will put 100% effort on Lin doing well and healthy. What happens to MKG is a wake up call to anyone.

  226. I’d like to see Lin close out he game with the 1st team.
    But Clifford might opt to play 2nd or 3rd team in a meaningless preseason game

  227. Big blow if it’s serious.

  228. I don’t diss him outside of J-Lin forums. This is our space to vent.

  229. He’s not at the game, covering college football. It’s only preseason.

  230. I agree!

  231. Glad today Lin got good min without Batum and Kemba, and run offense by himself. I like.

  232. Batum does his SG stuff.
    Kemba didn’t shoot well as the PG.

  233. the way coach talked comparing to curry and kyle, perhaps walker’s defender is a bit aggressive so Batum gets more opportunity.

  234. again, I agree!

  235. Never know who’s here.

  236. Hairston got a lot of minutes. He should thank Lin for giving him the open 3.

  237. I know he is not at game. Heard a lot of complain from Hornets fans about him already.

  238. Didn’t notice Hawes has 2 assists!

  239. It’s preseason they want to see who they can keep…

  240. he did his job staying at the corner waiting for lin to break down the defense

  241. also mkg injury

  242. yes, I saw all his teammates looked for him early to start offense .. Goooood 🙂

  243. Zeller better figures out fast why he’s there as a big man.

  244. So we saw PG Jeremy in the first half. Will we see SG Jeremy in the second half?

  245. I believe it’s what gonna be as the season moves along.

  246. for some it was japanese algebra lol …. who said that once upon a time

  247. His lone assist is to Lin.

  248. so all his FGA were 3pt?

  249. Of course! With Kemba bricking all his shots.

  250. Please don’t bring up bad memories 😛

  251. Good eyes, I must have missed that as the steam was off and on.

  252. I want to see him play with Kemba. Make or miss, let’s see if they can ball together.

  253. lol

  254. Coach Clifford played 10 players almost evenly.

  255. radio is interview to coach Salias about Jeremy Lin now. 🙂

    All good words about him.

  256. Lin needs to STEP IT UP ! GO Buzz CITY!

  257. It’s shame for NBA that I have to get oversea illegal site to watch this game. SMH.

  258. What did he say?

  259. funny right

  260. Got nice pics of JLin’s first point ever as a Hornet #BuzzCity 🙂
    History is made!

  261. 11 attempts?

  262. Starters 24 points, 69 minutes.
    Bench 24 points, 52 minutes.

  263. he’s already up 🙂

  264. He’s doing fine… its only the first preseason game with a new team!

  265. bench all have at least an assist except hairston

  266. Greedy organization. All restriction in the US.

  267. said he is a good person.

    work hard, and also could push the pace.

    Said he is such a good person, he was 14,15,16th guy in golden state, used to sit beside him in suit, and he don’t know he could be that good in NY. But he said, he is still like that person as in Golden state, down to earth, but bring that confidence of success and swagger here now.

    All good words, I did not record everything.

  268. 222

  269. ESPN listing Lin as CHA top performer for the first half …

  270. Thanks!

  271. It looks like Clifford wants to start regular game rotation (starters to begin Q1/Q3) more than experimentation
    This is good.

    I want to see who gets to close out the game

  272. Kemba just got 2+1

  273. Gonna be a frequent theme unless Jeremy starts.

  274. Kemba 3333

  275. To be fair, without Lin, the desire to watch would be waaaay less.

  276. Walker breaks out of the shooting slump with Batum as playmaker.

  277. First lead for Hornets in the 3rd.

  278. CHA took the 1st lead 59-58 on Marvin Williams’ 3

  279. Kemba comes alive; good for him.

  280. No desire…

  281. Walker is probably better as an SG with Batum or Lin as PG

  282. Jeremy Lamb can create more spacing than MKG. Batum, Walker, Lamb.

  283. wonder if it’s cuz MKG not a offensive threat. Lamb spread floor better

  284. Sure is!

  285. No Vucevic…wouldn’t liked to see him or Gordon (wing defender).

  286. Walker – 10p/6a

  287. good point
    better spacing for sure

  288. Hornets put on a run! running the Magic out of the couet.

  289. Good to see Walker stepping his game up. Need him to play well for the team to make the playoffs

  290. Hornets O & D is clicking.

    Jefferson is light & quick to challenge shots

  291. If this were about basketball only, it should be Lin / Lamb / Batum / Hawes / Zeller. With Kaminsky at PF when he’s physically ready.

  292. Jefferson is very quality big man

  293. Why “probably”? 🙂

  294. The Hornets are whopping the Magic in this quarter. Keep up the good work.

  295. now we look better

  296. MKG should be on the bench helping the defense of the 2nd unit.

  297. Everybody knew this would be the seasson from Lin

    Save the a.s.s of the Hornets, Cliff and Walker

    To the end to see Walker have all merits

  298. lol .. trying to be nice haha..

  299. Lamb is showing what he can do w/ MKG down

  300. Coach Clifford has used lots of combinations.

  301. yes, with steady dose of P&R of 1st & 2nd team, this is very promising

  302. nice pass around for Lamb 3

  303. I think Kemba plays better against a smaller Shabazz Napier in Q3 than taller Payton .
    Better matchup. But good to see him rolling.

  304. starters at 22-23 minutes mark. cliff said about 25 minutes. so starters might not finish game then

  305. no Lin yet?

  306. hairston just sub in. walker shooting FT

  307. Napier is listed 6’1″, same height as Kemba. They both look so small on the court.

  308. It’s interesting to note that Hornets play starters in Q3 (except Lamb for injured MKG) vs Magic 2nd team

    Magic is more solid in last year’s rotation so they’re testing 2nd team or new players.
    Hornets need more PT to establish lineup with new players in 1st & 2nd team

  309. Thanks. The stream froze on me, checked @espn, LIn’s is only one sitting now

  310. Hope to see Frank and Tyler get some minutes.

  311. maybe tomorrow

  312. I like Clifford letting guys play 10-12m at a time. I’m more interested in tomorrow with Lin against a good team like Miami.

  313. What happened?

  314. Lin in

  315. Too bad i can’t watch the game tomorrow 🙁

  316. I don’t think so. Clifford seems to play guys for more minutes per game.

  317. Top performer at the half. He’s doing better than anyone else!

  318. Charlotte Hornets PR
    The @hornets MKG has suffered a right shoulder injury and is still being evaluated. #CHAvsORL

  319. announcer also mentioned Napier was a freshman during college while Kemba was senior at UConn
    Kemba probably intimidated the younger Huskies 🙂

  320. I think they’ll see minutes with Lin tomorrow.

  321. This is a very cold bench. They will take longer to get into the flow.

  322. Yeah Lin !!

  323. Lin;s pull up jumper!

  324. Limbo

  325. Nice to see no hesitation for Lin to rise up for the pull-up jumper in the middle

  326. probably 🙂

  327. Nice midrange J, but I wanna see the Tony Parker floater!

    Make or miss, I wanna see Lin try that two-footed floater.

  328. I guess MKG is really hurt.

  329. His floaters not ready yet, no wonder he didn’t use them last season.

  330. honestly I really like MKG. He’s like a poor man’s Andre Iggudalo. But this team is better off if he doesn’t play much or plays off the bench as a subtitute wing man or defensive specialist when needed. His jumper is broken otherwise I’d have no issue with MKG starting.

    Could be a blessing in disguise.

    Lamb should then start at the 2 while Nic shifts to 3. Then we wait and hope Clifford has the BALLS to start Lin if he is serious about winning.

  331. Roberts runs the Point. Lin plays the 2

  332. idk but the rule is if you are subbed out and cant shoot the ft thats it for the day

  333. he will be playing that so practice for him and kemba lineup

  334. Yeah, he had a floater in NYK, but it was off-balance and off one-foot.

  335. Lin’s getting warmed-up w/ drives, FTs & jumpers so we might have to wait 2-3 more games for the #Buzzing floaters :]

    Maybe in Shanghai against Clippers

  336. I wonder if they’re going to go small later in the game and sub in Walker for Roberts and keep Lin at SG to end the game, and slide Batum to SF, especially since MKG is out.

  337. good point.. let’s hope it happens at the end of Q4

  338. that’s what i’m waiting to see.

  339. no i think starters are done. this is first preseason game so a warm up

  340. there will be games Clifford will keep lin benched while Kemba, Lamb, and Nic play. Wait for it. #politics

  341. how did the led cut by 6 so quickly?

  342. Sad, and MKG was getting along very well with Jeremy. This is worse than that Julius Randle injury on the 1st game of the Lakers season.

  343. NIce pass!

  344. WOW!

  345. Nice Nash like pass behind the back.

  346. Nice Lin behind-the-back pass to Zeller for the flush!

  347. My Lin-Zeller connection!

  348. missed it hope theres highlights

  349. EPIC PASS by Lin. CP3 is proud.

  350. Roberts running point instead of Lin.

  351. Nicholson of the Magic is a beast

  352. Nicholson exploded.

  353. yep

  354. Ouch… blocked 🙁

  355. I remember him in college. Super-skilled but lacks a good NBA body. He and Lin would be ideal.

  356. Lin scores!

  357. Lin for 3 2 off Hawes’ pass!

  358. mid-range baby! woohoo

  359. Lin’s mid range is money today.

  360. Frank in the game…hmm.

  361. Frank the Tank has enter the game

  362. I wanna see Lin-Frank pick-and-pop and Lin-Kemba double-barreled backcourt.

  363. Glad to watch couple nice baskets of JLin!

  364. I’d love to see Lin’s assist to Frank for his first 3

  365. I don’t need any “proof” of Lin. He will play like an All-Star candidate if given the touches/screens.

    I just want to see if his teammates and coaches will trust him.

  366. Did JLin play pg today?

  367. Yes, first half.

  368. Jason Smith and Nicholson are doing their job inside the Hornets.
    Lack of rum protection when BBig Al left.

  369. 100% in 1st half but half-and-half in 2nd half

  370. Thanks! Only see him play SG since I signed in.

  371. Have me a bunch of pop-ups and virus warnings! 🙁

  372. Thanks!

  373. Lin is struggling in the 2nd half

  374. what?/

  375. He’s not playing PG, but still 2/2 FGs. Roberts is playing PG

  376. Not exactly. The bench struggles.

  377. exactly

  378. it doesnt matter.. hes getting blocked by CJ Watson.. like come on

  379. Checked user history. He’s a troll.

  380. He got blocked by CJ watson.. nuff said

  381. mostly pf defense nucleus eating today

  382. hmmm…looks like it

  383. Jeremy is definitely better in running point.

  384. 33333!!

  385. lol wow

  386. 3!!!

  387. Bingo, first 3!

  388. Jeremy ~struggles his way into another 3point, woohoo!

  389. 2nd

  390. Yes, keep struggling 🙂

  391. he’s shooting well
    but takes time to play w/ many players

    Lamb had to join 1st team w/ MKG injury & Frank also joined

  392. 4th foul already?

  393. Jeremy Lin is a ball dominant PG asked to play off guard.

    Can I ask who is the other teams’ SG right now against Lin?

  394. I take this ‘struggle’ anytime lol

  395. yup 🙁

  396. Cannot wait for that highlights video after the game haha

  397. The bench needs rebounding help! All those offensive rebounds from Magic really stinks up

  398. preseason.

  399. splaaaasssshhhh~~

  400. You want Lin to perform like he’s on NBA2K?

  401. I just scored 55 pts and dished 18 ast with Lin on 2k

  402. Imagine when he’s not ~struggling? Things are looking great!

  403. on easy

  404. Looks like lins new shooting technique over the summer is paying off

  405. The struggle is real. LOL

  406. Ahh…I didn’t know. LOL.

  407. YAY!!!

  408. Troll Alert

  409. At Least Clifford can see Lin is the best bench player the Hornets got.. by far

  410. I’d like to see Lin put up at least 10 shots this game.

  411. SuperStar Mode

  412. Are we struggling to support Lin?

  413. Time to give Tyler some minutes!

  414. Rox, Lakers, Hornets…all the same. I’m American and I know too well the racism of many folks.

  415. BLESSING in disguise for the Hornets. I’m serious. When MKG comes back, he can come back as an off the bench defensive stopper who is used as needed instead of this starting 3 man.

  416. You know who’s struggling? us with this bootleg Magic jumbotron stream. Everytime they make a play, they replay it when the Hornets are running their offensive set ugh, but beggars cant be choosers I guess! hehe

  417. Oh, no.

  418. hawes and lin are definitely playing off eachother

  419. OH NO!

  420. Clifford can see Jeremy is the best PG on the Hornets rosters.

  421. Yep! they in Lamb and that opens up the game.

  422. It’s just preseason. It will get better.

  423. lol nice job stealing my name

  424. lol pissing me off

  425. i though lin was going to sport the headband?

  426. Cody “Omer Asik” Zeller. Missed 2 point-blank dunks set up by Lin.

  427. there will be games where MKG is needed, but in more games than not, you need better shooting and Nic and Lamb being in is better than Nic and MKG most of the time

  428. Too hot. I guess. LOL!

  429. Lin is like a magnet for fouls :]

  430. I thought so too. No gel. No headband. LOL.

  431. shoot the 3 frank

  432. I agree actually. But they need everyone to be healthy. Hope it’s not a long term injury.

  433. forget about the headband. free flowing hair = swag

  434. Kaminsky should have shot that, wide open

  435. 2 more points please!

  436. Frank!

  437. Clutch steal by Lin.

  438. Lin steal and assist to Frank!

  439. Playing scared! Passed up wide-open 3 from Lin

  440. Lin smart, get ball to Kaminsky after he blew last possession.

  441. Lin helping Frank = Lin effect.

  442. He is the team’s best elite defender, hope he’s feeling better soon!

  443. Rookie with 3 TOs already.

  444. Kaminsky should just shoot, not pressing too much to make difficult pass

  445. Lin may play backup, but I am happy watching him play significant minutes Lin style rather then start and not play his game like the past 3 years. I pray he has fun and finds a lot of joy playing with the hornets. And that the team wins of course.

  446. Not a good stint by Frank.

  447. Looks like rookie nerves 🙂

  448. rookie relax

  449. I like Frank being unselfish, but he’s clearly too nervous. Lin is helping him though.

  450. Top Performers

    Cha: J. Lin 13 Pts, 2 Reb, 6 Ast, 1 Stl

    in just 20m.

  451. Kaminsky will make his rookie mistake.

  452. rookie jitters, I guess.
    Clifford might not play him too much

  453. Want Lin to get a 3 so he ties Lamb

  454. Rookie with the 3 🙂

  455. Lin in 4Q is clutch performance.

  456. lin is a great natural scorer. He will get some more points. He just always does.

  457. Frank nervous and hurting Lin’s unit. I like Lin keep feeding him though. Good leadership.

  458. I love Lin trusting Frank even when he makes dumb mistakes. He’ll make a great coach someday.

  459. He did that with all of the rookies he has played. Good veteran.

  460. hah its preseasons and meaningless. Wait till regular season starts and Frank shoots an airball.

  461. Lin is helping the Tank. Not the Lakers tank. 🙂

  462. I’m sure frank is appreciating Lin’s trust!

  463. frank really nervous but has a shooters touch

  464. He has nothing to do with the latter.

  465. He has skill…just nervous! So lucky he has Lin as PG.

  466. Good defense.

  467. Hair’s looking messy

  468. Mr. 4th quarter!

  469. I love the fair reffing! No call on Lin’s layup on light contact, but then no call on the other end right after.

    All I ask for is fairness!

  470. Easy win!

  471. Go Jeremy! Clutch!

  472. Yes !! Team high scorer.

  473. As I said earlier, Lin is a naturally gifted scorer. I always fret about him getting more points, but when used properly in a fair manner, Lin seems to find the ball and opportunities to score.

  474. lol.

  475. coach wants to see what Robert can do. Guess not much yet.

  476. holy crap lin clutch

  477. Lin with great D followed by a good drive to “ICE” the game

  478. im so excited for this season!

  479. awww yea!

  480. good experience for kaminsky

  481. Lin = clutch / cool /crazy hair

  482. Despite rookie’s jitters Frank still shoot 50%…YAY *.*

  483. Love how he just drove to the basket once Watson was giving him ball pressure early in the shot clock at the end of the game. No hesitation this season so far.

  484. Charlotte with 3 Gs and 2 Bigs
    Lin preserves the victory by his scoring.

  485. So this is how you close the game 🙂

  486. He really, really, really hates to lose.

  487. Jeremy Lin will be the all time best free agency steal in the modern era. A 2 million guy playing like a 15 mill per guy. Only in America.

  488. LFW! Clutch Clutch!

  489. Lin ex-#17 with 17pts!

  490. #7 with 7 assists 🙂

  491. love the way charlotte played zero selfishness

  492. User Actions

    Charlotte Hornets PR
    Injury Update: @hornets MKG taken from arena to local hospital to get x-rays & further evaluation. #CHAvsORL

  493. I actually think Kemba Walker will greatly improve his game this season. It may still pale in comparison to Lin, but Kemba knows the pressure is on and I believe Kemba will play his all time best with Lin on his heels.

  494. Bro he’s playing in #7! But I’ll take the 17 any day! 🙂

  495. I am waiting for the JL highlights. Can’t find a link to watch…

  496. LOL.. yes nice correction

  497. +1, I’m just happy there’s no Julius Randle type of rookies that never pass Jeremy the ball, or Jordan Clarkson type that tries to do too much.

  498. Love to see Zeller gets double digit scoring.

  499. yeah, I went blank for a while lol

  500. 17/7!

  501. Lin too good.

  502. Lol it’s ok we’re all excited!

  503. If Jeremy Lin is at the 1 with a 2 like Lamb, he will do even more scary damage.

  504. Must be a sign.

  505. This is why Lin needs to start. He needs big minutes.

    He loves to help others for 70% of his time. And then he goes LINSANITY for the next 30%.

  506. Lin with the Byronscotlless 17 and 7

  507. Very good sign indeed 🙂

  508. wwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol

  509. Best Player of Hornets : Jeremy LIn #7 17pts 7asst

  510. Decent game by Lin.. 17 and 7 in 25 minutes. He can definitely still play better than this though

  511. Lin and Lamb
    25 min

  512. Yay! I went from being mad at there being no stream to getting a stream and Lin looking great, the team and system in general was very refreshing to watch compared to the last 2 teams that shall never be mentioned again.
    Couldnt be happier!

  513. LOL. Go home troll. You failed like Kemba “38%” Walker.

  514. lol decent. lin early dominated the ball yet 17 points

  515. More importantly, a good team effort.

  516. YAY!!

  517. Kemba Walker 13 pts and 8 ast in 22 min.. not bad either

  518. Two Jeremies played the most minutes.

  519. 38% career shooting. 33% tonight is about right.

  520. 9 shots 17 points

  521. Jeremy Lin, in mid season form!

  522. Limbsanity

  523. JLIN is ESPN Top Performer 🙂
    J. Lin 17 Pts, 2 Reb, 7 Ast, 1 Stl

  524. I don’t like the preseason rotations. I hope Clifford plays some more realistic rotations in the last 2-3 games.

    This starter bench cycle never happens in real season games and playoffs.

  525. didn’t get to watch, but Lin numbers and comments on hornets unselfish play sounds like tonight was a good debut for Lin as a hornet. Not a bad return for a $2 million dollar player.

  526. BTW, I’d love it if Kemba and Lin with a double-barreled backcourt like Bledsoe/Dragic, Curry/Thompson, Wall/Beal.

  527. Great game by Lin !!!.
    mybad, just fell off from the chair and typed wrongly.

  528. Haters are going to say, “How many minutes tho?” LOL

  529. Clifford has to try different combinations. Some of tthem work and some don’t

  530. Coach Clifford will use Lin fairly. He may not use him quite to the point of starting Lin and trusting Lin as PG all the way like we want, but it will indeed be the closest thing since Linsanity.

  531. Mee too!

  532. Great game by Lin.
    my bad, just fell off the chair while typing.

  533. After what we have been through that sounds like heaven.

  534. NBA.comVerified account
    Jeremy Lin leads @hornets w/ 17 points & 7 dimes as they beat @OrlandoMagic, 106-100:

  535. he said the real game, he’s doing 9 players rotation. pre season is just to see who can be cut.
    they have 19 I think and need to get down to 13 players

  536. Troll Alert

  537. 7 players played over 20 minutes.
    Played 12 players. almost all of them over double digit minutes. Kaminsky played damn close to 10 minutes.
    Couldn’t ask for better minutes management for preseason game.

  538. You went out on a limb to say that.

  539. !Lin played the most minutes!… clifford is a lin fan!

  540. Love it!

  541. Might not play much tomorrow.

  542. Distract the opponent! LOL!

  543. Yep! Lin’s best is always 4th quarter. He’s not a selfish guy — even if he SHOULD be for contract’s sake.

    He loves to help others by passing (despite TOs) and then he takes control if necessary in the 4Q. That’s why his best quarter is always the 4th…even in NY.

  544. Ya, I think the others who didn’t get to play much today will play tomorrow

  545. Clifford played Kaminsky the 4Q; damn close scar the sh*t out of the rookie but Frank responded well at the end.
    We would see more Zeller and Frank together on the court more. They seemed to complement each other well in the middle.

  546. you can thank lin for feeding the kaminksy for the 3 and calming him down

  547. lmao he looked like a dear in headlights most of the night but handled it well

  548. This translates to 25/10 per 36 min, already elite numbers, especially considering he’s playing with a new team for the first time.

  549. Why does Hansbrough not get PT?

  550. True, had a good second half.

  551. tomorrow probably

  552. Maybe big minutes tomorrow?

  553. how many min did walker play?

  554. we do have a lot of pf maybe hard for him to find minutes

  555. 23 to lins 25

  556. Who’s the MOD on duty now?

  557. lin on the team just makes kemba better, cuz he knows he can be pulled for lin if hes not producing.

  558. Who is the MOD on duty now?

  559. I repeat.

  560. thanks! hopefully lin can get a lot of playing time during the reg season as well. i assume he would from backing up both batum and walker

  561. He is very good with rookies. He did that with Terrance Jones in HOU and Tariq Black in LA.

  562. clifford likes who ever plays, plays a good amount

  563. ???

  564. dont get it

  565. segway, please ban new troll YELLOW ASAP!

  566. Where are the highlights video , haha

  567. it will be hard since no official stream

  568. 17 points , 7 assts
    its lin’s jersey number. LOL
    I hope he continues to average this number or higher.

  569. ??

  570. Clifford played almost 12 players with double digit minutes. What more can you ask?
    Tyler is going to make the team.
    Not sure Brian Roberts and Hairston would!

  571. it’s only preseason… calm down.

  572. Nice to see Cody Zeller in the background, he’s fighting to crash the board for the offensive rebound put back in case Lin misses the layup. This Charlotte team’s got his back, unlike Houston and L.A.

  573. Lin only made 2 TOs and 7 assists in 25 minutes. That’s a relief.

  574. whats crazy about today is all his points and plays came in the flow of the game. it was a relaxed linsanity.

  575. i would not underestimate the lin fans 🙂

  576. he needs to change his jersey to 33 then =)

  577. Two Jeremy(s) shot 50% and that include their 3 pointers. They were both 2-4 in longs.

  578. Exactly

  579. Yep! They would figure out something.

  580. I might be the only one who second you.

  581. One question are you related to bluebell 0.0?

  582. Is there something wrong?

  583. Im surprised nothings been uploaded yet , hah

  584. lol, no

  585. Let’s hope it doesn’t become Harden/Lin 2.0 again.

  586. They wouldn’t let me second your proposal.

  587. Nah, it should be 77, lol

  588. My posts all deleted yet the trolL BUZZCITY17 still active here

  589. guys…its a sign.
    Also Ive have this username for 2 years now and it has the word BUZZ in it, and now he’s in BUZZ city, the stars are aligning.

  590. Looking forward to seeing more Lin-Zeller-Kaminsky on the court.

  591. Ok, it’s all good since Jeremy has had a Great Game.

    Later, everybody. off for now.

  592. That’s what happen when a coach actually likes to see some Linsanity rather than tries to erase it.

  593. LOL! Good One !

  594. How dare they use a picture of frank the tank, haha kidding.

  595. A great new beginning perhaps 🙂

  596. What’s clt

  597. Could I at least say I feel the same?

  598. Once he gets acclimated to his PnR partners , he will get more assists

  599. IKR? they’re going to have his pic when they lose 😛

  600. CLT is Charlotte’s airport. Like LAX is Los Angeles.

  601. In thought people use cha

  602. First few minutes Kemba was 0 of 5. In third quarters, he made points on Batum feeds. Seems like his shooting is better when he is open, so Clifford decision to have second ballhandlers is correct.

  603. I’ve seen both. The NBA app uses CHA

  604. Lin GOT HIS

  605. that would be very bad news since MKG is anchor of the defense. And injured right shoulder would affect his shooting (which he had improved last year)

  606. please. keep the hair for swag the whole season. no gel no headband

  607. blubell thank you for all the pictures. I love you.

  608. Let’s get ready for the next game thread vs the Heat, hope Lin and Hornets rip Dragic a new one!!!

  609. Would have shot 7/10 if he had normal hair! All those strands annoy me.

  610. Hey, I liked the gel Super Saiyan look!

  611. He might rest. Clifford said some vets would rest and Lin played 25m tonight.

  612. gel is too much work, focus must be on bball haha

  613. lol reminds me of the hair jackie chan had in the 80s. miss the movies lol

  614. Even with  my message to support Yellow。
    Couldn’t I say, I feel the same。

  615. If spiky hair poked opponents’ eyes, would it be considered offensive foul? LOL

  616. Ummm, ok… LOL.

  617. ‘Cuz Cliff wanted to WIN the preseason game !!

  618. brian mcrobort is terrible. i think lin plays also he is new. must get chemistry. some turn over was on not having chemistry

  619. But KHuang needs to get his Lin/Psycho T fix and I’m curious to see it too. 🙂

  620. lol, probably not. but that would be an advantage

  621. I don’t think he can sit, MKG got injuried, Batum will slide to SF, and there is no guards….. I think both Jeremy will play a bit more min.

  622. so we are all in this season huh, 🙂

  623. Clifford wants 2 ball-handlers, i.e. 2 playmakers on the court at the same time.

  624. But when he was out after injury and replaced by Lamb, Hornets started getting points, first by Lamb, then by others. I think it is correct what Khuang said, Batum is better at 3.

  625. we havemnt seen this lin in 3 years. saw it a few in huston but man I’m happy he’s back

  626. You mean AllLin? 🙂

  627. So is League Pass free for the preseason or am I going to have to buy it for tomorrow’s game?

  628. Where’s @awarde:disqus ? Uncharacteristic for her to miss a game.

  629. Can someone make a JL highlight ? Many thanks !

  630. Honestly, I think its just been unfortunate events for Lin after New York. Had Harden not been traded to the Rockets , his role with the Rockets would have been like todays game.

  631. i like it but mcrobort better never play he looked like a rookie.

  632. I remember she missed few games last season because of busy work schedule.

  633. How did I miss that one , hah.

    I follow the Warriors too and its gonna be great

  634. He will be even better when he builds chemistry with his teammates. I haven’t seen him paired with someone like a Tyson Chandler or Ed Davis yet.

  635. There was an easy one that Spencer flubbed I remember.

  636. I recall they have a free period every year

  637. I think Kwok said it earlier that Zeller could be the new Davis. I thought so too after watching last season highlights. Zeller has the speed, hops, and hands to be a new Davis.

  638. distract the opponents

  639. Haven’t been enjoyed JLin and his team game so much since I had the chance to watch his game which was 2 seasons ago. I’m so bumped up finally I can watch JLin’s live game with effortless great game. Only was able to watch the very last couple minutes from 3rd qtr til the end. Guess it was the best part of the game:-)

  640. LP wouldn’t let me stream the audio today. I’ll see on my TV when they play Miami tomorrow.

  641. Not this year I believe.

  642. Audio used to be free… they’re charging for that now?

  643. cuz hes a scrub he might not even make the final roster

  644. Good catch.

  645. I figured, makes sense. I would like to see a closing line up with Lin and Kemba back court

  646. 😉 Keep them coming! I’ve missed these Lintastic Nights.

  647. Yes higher than 1 team game.

  648. Well roberts as pg is a failed experiment

  649. 7 assists; not playing much PG!
    That’s amazing.

  650. With mkg out this is much more likely

  651. Think he passed both tests with flying colors…bring on the 28-30mins per game Coach

  652. should have had at least 10…lots of blown assists by the bigs

  653. Mid-Autumn Hibernation?

  654. You mean deer.

  655. I said @awarde:disqus, not @Dinoneseus:disqus. LOL

  656. Even with MKG healthy, Kemba-Lin-MKG-Batum-Jefferson . I think this can work. I think the coach wants to play 4 out

  657. Great game Hornets,especially lin. I think once this team really gels, they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. I love how lin kept feeding frank and giving up on him. I bet Clifford likes that about lin. Also want to see more of Lin-Hawes connection,

  658. Let’s don’t trash Lin’s teammate.
    He’s playing the first game.
    He’s handling the ball as PG.
    He took only 1 shot.

  659. Hey you showed up!

    The bigs tried their best to convert Lin’s passes and did quite well. I don’t miss butterfingers at all. 🙂

  660. Im not trashing
    only stating the truth

  661. hawe and zeller had a few ways one and it was blocked

  662. That was a VERY small sample size to draw that conclusion.

  663. How many times did you see lin give up the ball and get it back on this hornets team… Now compare that to lakers and rockets

  664. That’s team ball. Not pass it to Kobe to let him chuck you out of a game ball.

    Charlotte Hornets PR
    The @hornets had 5 players in double figures tonight led by Lin’s 17 pts. Lamb-16, Batum-14, Walker-13 & Zeller-10. #CHAvsORL

  665. Hey, let me edit.LOL

  666. I wish I saw it, no feed. Where could we watch tomorrow’s game?

  667. yes please.

  668. Yawn, I am right here.

  669. not just this game
    through out his career

  670. Everyone, Kobe will be Kobe. That’s how it is, he has won championships. It is what it is.

  671. When I clicked on in on my phone the subscription page came up.

  672. He WAS a great player, but never been (nor will ever be) a true leader.

  673. They had 30 assists! So great to see.

  674. He’s a low % volume shooter now.

  675. I disagree, he was a great leader during those championships with gasol

  676. Welcome back from mooncake coma! 🙂

  677. True leadership is seen in the tough times when things AREN’T going one’s way. Running Shaq out of town (Kobe himself in retrospect admitted it was a mistake) and throwing teammates under the bus show true colors.

  678. Half of which were from Lin/Kemba. 🙂

  679. thx

  680. Can’t believe this?! But I really want to see how he’s going to play tomorrow.

  681. that team is a disaster waiting to happen, haha ;D

  682. Translation” “I AM the offense, why set up anyone else?”

  683. cant see this

  684. Definitely, since the incredible “head of the snake” is missing. /s

  685. lol, kobe wants to finish the offense not set it up haha

  686. Haha! That’s right. He told Russell he likes to shoot…. so that kid will pass every ball to Kobe. LOL!

  687. Be my guest and watch. I’m a Laker fan but I don’t think I could stomach watching the Lakers. BS offensive system and an old Kobe makes it hard to watch. Lin and Davis were the two bright spots for me last year.

  688. 8 players of Hornets played over 20 minutes. 3 players played from 18 to 10 minutes. Frank Kaminsky only played in the 4Q and that’s a darn good substitution, not at the beginning. Frank played almost 10 minutes taken away 2 secs. This preseason game is well coached. Zeller and Frank began to defend the rim better together.

    The 3rdQ surge and 4thQ defending the lead were both good. I can almost feel good team chemistry between some players; starting or playing from the bench. From the bench, the Hornets need both Zeller and Kaminsky to protect the rim; Steve Hawes is more an offensive player. Perhaps he would far well with Big Al. Jeremy Lamb can really stretch the court spacing. Clifford’s theory of having 2 playmakers on the court proves to be sound.

  689. Let Kobe look backward. We are moving on.

  690. So it begins. LOL

  691. “Frank, I’m going to keep passing you the ball until you shoot it!” =)

  692. Girl, you let me down ;-(, where is the picture.

  693. It’s all right, first preseason game for a rookie. Just trying to get his bearings. He’ll be fine.

  694. BS is just offensive, there is no system.

  695. But isn’t that part of why they won championships?

  696. I hope its nothing serious

  697. That’s because Lin knows how to maximize his teammates’ strengths (unlike some of the coaches he’s had in the past). Reminds me of the time he waved off Shumpert and passed the ball to Novak for the 3.

  698. season average? =)

  699. Steve Hawes seems a bit of liability on defense.

  700. I’m sorry… 🙁

  701. Kobe only likes winning when it’s through him.

  702. Off the bench? not a bad stat!

  703. Let’s join Lin to wish speedy recovery for MKG

  704. its okay. No problem.

  705. awesome! looking forward to many Lin BuzzerBeater’s this year then!

  706. LOL.

  707. Spencer, haha!

  708. I got so tired of seeing Kobe and Harden’s ISO play. Sick! Puke!

  709. Welcome!

  710. Both Jeremy Lin and Jeremy Lamb shot 50%

  711. Did anyone record this? Gosh I want to rewatch this right now! 🙁

  712. definitely a positive start. Hopefully it will carry into regular season

  713. tweet was deleted… reposted above.

  714. what does it say??

  715. That’s what Kobe means by “leadership”. I when they win, not me when they lose.

  716. You have to come to the game thread, you would have known!

  717. i laughed when magic doubled him and it left a person wide open for a three

  718. Watch the Lakers? I would rather have a root canal. I’m perfectly serious.

  719. That poor guy is still licking his wound.

  720. he should not change hair if he continues to play like this.

  721. lol

  722. I know. It happened to me as well.

  723. Wow that highlight didn’t even show 1 highlight of JLin scoring even when he had the most points so bias!

  724. thats too bad…

  725. Scott Skiles smartly recognized Lin’s ability to slice-and-dice Magic D

  726. No no, not Spencer Ha Ha, it’s Spencer Hawes. Haha

  727. worked for me

  728. Thanks a lot ! That’s Lin, the smart creater !

  729. It will. It won’t take long for Clifford to find his winning combos.

  730. oh, it is $9.99 per season, not bad.

  731. I think we are gonna see a lot of these “game recognize game” quotes this season 🙂

  732. Wow that highlight didn’t even show 1 highlight of JLin scoring.

  733. Seriously didn’t think players could get injured during preseason. :/

  734. Wasn’t he one of the opponent coaches that praised Jeremy last year?

  735. This ESPN recap video only showed Lin as #197 in NBA and not 17/7 who lead the Hornets. ESPN just doesn’t dig Lin.

  736. Tim BontempsVerified account
    ‏@TimBontemps Tim Bontemps Retweeted Rick Bonnell
    To Rick’s point: Hornets have won 42% of games MKG has played (82-113), but just 29.4% of games he’s missed (15-36).

  737. he is a new coach

  738. Scott Skiles, Orlando’s coach???? Sorry for my ignorance.

  739. Jlin just doing what he do.

  740. I see… nevermind.

  741. Yes, orlandos coach

  742. All these coaches recognizing lin but nobody wants him on their team…

  743. it’s a risk you know..
    it’s also whether gms and owner wants lin or not.

  744. That stat wont last

  745. You tricked me, almost decided not to watch it…..

  746. Other teams going to double him a lot so Hornets better get some shooters ready as there will be someone open.

  747. That’s what Lin wants… that’s why he picked this team bc coach agreed to do so. Even only w 2M salary.

  748. that’s job security, they like to get player who play good against them, like Josh Smith goes to Clippers.

  749. However, Charlotte has more talent now.

  750. They must justify their Lin ranking or they will slap their own faces.

  751. I was thinking Scott Brooks… lol.

  752. Right, what good is more money if you are unhappy

  753. They want lin at a bargain basement price. They know that lin is a good player, but it is the politics of the NBA. There is a hierarchy of players and lin is not on that list. Look at Tony Parker,excellent PG, but does not nearly get as much hype as Westbrook,or Chris Paul.

  754. No force, just this seasons version of last years hawks team until they empower Lin and trade for some better big men

  755. Thanks! Not familiar with the name. Read it down there said he is a rookie coach.

  756. Great to see Lin happy like this …

  757. SmiLin 🙂

  758. yes postgame interview

  759. He looks very happy

  760. Who decides the rankings? Is it the agencies? And hello Joyce ^^

  761. Ya! Really happy bc they let him played his game.

  762. Can anyone explain what’s “playing downhill” all the time?

  763. He played for Magic back in the 90s. And is the NBA single game assist leader @ 30 ast in one game.

  764. Meaning trying to play faster…as if you are running downhill

  765. Which posts were deleted? I looked through all the records, I did not see any of your posts in moderation or deleted. Could it have been a Disqus refresh issue?

  766. yes, I think one of of them .. in that string of Linsanity games after ASG break

  767. Yeah, I didn’t see any deleted posts.

  768. I had all four wisdom teeth (plus two unexpected toothlings that weren’t supposed to be there) extracted at the same time, and it was a far more pleasant experience than watch Lakers play under Byron Scott.

    True story.

  769. Deleted for being a personal insult.

    See Rule 8. No personal insults.

  770. When I was a kid I ran into a lamp post doing that.

  771. Go paul go!

  772. Jeremy uses “we” after victories and “I” after losses, the exactly opposite of some “leaders” and “cornerstones”.

  773. Jeremy is trending on at #4 and featured on NBA homepage with headline: “Lin Lifts Hornet”!

  774. lol .. how about as an adult?

  775. Is that the only thing that you ran into as a kid? LOL.

  776. Reminder to everyone: we expect everyone to adhere to this forum’s rules regardless whether Lin has a good or bad game.

  777. Lin ran into lamp posts named BS and Mchale

  778. Lets not insult lamp posts…

  779. Magic even tripled him on a number of occasions.

  780. Deleted for:

    5. Do not label other posters
    6. Do not attempt to moderate the board or other posters yourself. Flag their post and we will deal with it.

  781. Lol. Good 1

  782. Though not quite as recognized as his contemporaries, Scott Skiles was a very legit (and underrated) PG with true skills.

  783. Exactly, lamp posts make better, less disruptive in-game adjustments.

  784. Snarky fellow Lin fans in this forum. LOL

  785. speechless… =)

  786. All I can say is I aimed higher.

  787. I ran into the principle once, it was worse than a lamp post.

  788. yo B‏@_bk_chino

    @NIX1331_ Scott Skiles “Lin was everywhere tnight, was in the paint, was all over the place, had a hard time keeping him under control”

  789. Good job blubell, you are on point tonight

  790. Where is Tyler Hansbrough?

  791. Thanks for the explanation! Somehow I wasn’t able to view this message until I refreshed it.

  792. Was your principal’s name Karl Malone? 🙂

  793. Stadium lights?

  794. This isn’t Space Jam you know.

  795. Game recap from Hornets, Jeremy was the Hornets player of the game.

  796. No nonsense coach.

  797. Better game recap and more plays by JLin:

  798. Jeremy around the hoop …..

  799. NBA changed it to “Linsanity Lifts Hornets”!

  800. could be 2-3 weeks, could be 2-3 months…depends on the severity of the dislocation

  801. Thanks! You answer my question.


    “When Will My Dislocated or Separated Shoulder Feel Better?

    How quickly you recover depends on how serious your shoulder injury is. Separated shoulders may heal over a period of 6 weeks. Dislocated shoulders may take longer — more like 3 to 12 weeks. But these lengths of time are just approximations. Everyone heals at a different rate.

    Surgery for severe separated shoulders is sometimes needed to repair the torn ligament. Afterwards, you will probably need to keep your arm in a sling for about six weeks.

    For a severely dislocated shoulder, surgery is sometimes needed to correctly position the bones.”

  803. Lin’s versatility as a PG/SG combo in this game is going to really help the Hornets 1st & 2nd team.

    Plus, his clutch moment to seal the game with great defense & clutch drive will help Clifford to play Lin/Kemba/Batum at the end of the game.

  804. Short but it’ll have to do for now.

  805. nice nice! I knew this would come 🙂

  806. Jeremy Lin Full PS Highlights at Magic (2015.10.03) – 17 Pts, Hornets Debut!

  807. You are Linning fast!!! Didnt realize you had this posted

  808. Thanks.,…hope he recovers ASAP

  809. wooooooooooooo

  810. It’s a Linning night 🙂

  811. Thanks!

  812. Yeah …. thars was a good rotation…since its just preseason, I dont mind Clifford playing around the minutes to try out new combinations

  813. Oh man! Just watched the highlights. It’s refreshing to see the Hornets bigs set nice screens for Sendoh.. err… Jeremy!

  814. Fancam 🙂

  815. J-Kidd move @ 0:46. Strong drive, probe and behind-the-back pass for a dunk.

  816. Thanks!

  817. Please don’t meantion that expletive around here. No need to pollute this site with any mention of that $#[email protected]

  818. Hmm… I guess no pregame handshakes…. yet.

  819. You think it will be with Kaminsky ?

  820. Who would be the man? Looking’ 4ward 2 seein’ it.. 🙂

  821. I’m hoping all of his teammates will be involved like last season.

  822. Wow! Thanks. This is the most Lin’s highlight for today’s game so far.

  823. He looks younger with this hair look!…wonder why he didnt go with Saiyan hair and headband?hmmm

  824. I don’t know how they got the video feed in HD quality but good for us

  825. Maybe too soon? Waiting for regular season?

  826. haha, he got nothing to do

  827. Ya! Maybe will tour around the rest of NBA teams?! LOL!

  828. Too much trouble for regular season & too hot on court…? LOL!

  829. Gonna use up his whole jars of hair gel 4 every game.. lol

  830. Lin and Al were practicing pick and roll. They didn’t play much though together

  831. Missed the game, glad the highlights are up.

  832. reminds me of steve nash as he drives by his man, stops and keeps the defender on his back, uses his off hand to brush off reaching hands, and continues again once the defense shifts and passing lanes open. that is good change of pace.

  833. hah, give this man something to do please.

  834. thanks. nice high quality 🙂
    added to Video Gallery on homepage

  835. good night indeed 🙂 except for MKG injury

    Jeremy only played PG/SG tonight so not PF yet like Sendoh lol

  836. Kobe’s number one only because media’s wondering whether he will play tomorrow.

  837. it won’t be long before Kaminsky and Lin do a youtube video together!

  838. yes, very nash like!

  839. thanks for sharing!

  840. Lakers could use his help once the Kobe/BS duo takes a hike…except that the Lakers don’t deserve him, should get Keith Smart instead.

  841. opposing coaches usually recognize Lin impact more than his past 2 coaches

  842. Still a funny term. I knew what they meant but usually only bad things happen going down hill.

  843. Sharing is caring!

  844. Were you sleep walking? Lol

  845. Forgot to pack hair gel.

  846. another one by dawkins, largely the same except for one assist to kaminsky for a mid range jumper

  847. On League Pass.

  848. Haha I feel bad for the lamp post though.

  849. They dig Lin too much….they want to dig a very deep hole to bury him in it.

  850. or Zellar

  851. Its just too early to say anything….let the game speak..;Lin is doing well

  852. OK Picture Time!!!

  853. He had that move last season to Ed once.

  854. I think I said the same thing last year! Lol

  855. More coming!!!

  856. Lingressive!!!

  857. Lol, the only thing offensive is that BS stinks.

  858. Need to get The coach in there!!! 🙂

  859. A Little bit more

  860. OK…..Thats it!

  861. Big ups to The quality of materials and comments are top notch.

  862. Thanks and welcome @disqus_1VTINLrEw6:disqus

    We have 99% good posters here! And one sleeping troll @Dinoneseus:disqus

  863. Caring is loving!

  864. OK!

  865. Really? Why? You have no more?

  866. Interesting Lin-related comments from Magic RealGM forum.
    Lots of comments about “the hair” & “killin them” =)

    ==== THE HAIR ====
    -Lin’s hair is cracking me up
    – Da*n Lin what kind of cut is that?
    That’s called “The Asian.”
    The Asian? you got to be kidding me lol
    Didn’t he spike it up for that recent video?
    – lin’s going with a more traditional look. good for him.
    Lin’s hair is really bothering me :p
    how long until jeremy lin plays for us?
    – That was karma for the hair, Lin.

    ==== GAME ====
    Jeremy Lin kind of killing us. But good for him.
    – Lin has played an excellent game so far.
    – The turnstile defense he’s faced at times has helped
    Lin has owned the Magic today. Been great knowing when to shoot and pass, and also doing a good job picking up fouls against the overly aggressive defense.
    Why is Lin getting superstar calls
    – Lin with another superstar call
    – We gave up 106 points to the hornets… Lamb and Lin combined for 33pts on 10-20 shooting… good luck with practice tomorrow.

  867. I miss DancingBarry’s reviews…

  868. Everybody will look younger with the bang. Go try it. You’ll look twice younger your age.

  869. and the Dancing Bananas!

  870. Jeremy would have received a Rockin Banana as his grade 🙂

  871. Exactly, Lin’s hair is killing the opponents. They are too distracted wondering what kind of haircut it is, next thing they know, Lin has blown past them. =)

  872. WooHoo!! Yeah!
    JL7, Let’s Go, Hornets!!
    Thanks, everybody for the materials coming in.
    Hope MKG can get a speedy recovery.
    Hope JL7 plays “deserved” minutes EVERY games.

  873. we should start our own Lin- Hair Grading system for Hornets teammates ala DancingBarry =)
    I propose

    A = AmazLin’
    B = BalLin’
    C =CuddLin’
    D = DrooLin’
    F = FaiLin’

  874. Lin has found another weapon!
    Unleash the Hair :]

  875. hm, I’m thinking “What’s higher than lamp post?” =)

  876. just asking nicely lol

  877. And Byron S would still get a tank

  878. I am still awake now that the game is over.

  879. Please just flag a post.

  880. “Playing downhill” means driving to the basket. In other words, rather than settling for outside jumpers, playing downhill means moving towards the basket.

  881. ahh.. one question.
    As a fellow Michael, what one word do you think MJ would think of Lin’s game today?

  882. Wonder if Kobe’s body would survive a month under Thibs.

  883. we’ll need a preseason game 2 thread soon! =)

  884. after we hit 1000 =)

  885. How about Patrick Ewing?

  886. LOL it’s fast approaching!

  887. Where is Brent when you need him?

  888. Callin The One and Only @Dinoneseus:disqus since he is still awake

  889. He is silence trolling around behind the scene:-)

  890. Traffic Light maybe…?

  891. On this site, the one and only principal is linning

  892. JackJack photoshopped Super Saiyan Lin

  893. I think he meant sleep-running…

  894. Cheap. I would have said “worth every penny”, but you only gave me the option of one word.

  895. Great… now I’m going to have a nightmare. Thanks, psalm…

  896. Someone is going to lose an arm.

  897. Must be someone that sleeps a lot

  898. Not sure I know how to appreciate this one:-(

  899. Has he ever been in such good shape?

  900. Scare of the hair!!!

  901. The Saiyan grass…

  902. Hmm, Zeller took no 3-pt attempts, he said he was going to start shootings 3s this year. Well, maybe he was just bluffing to the opponents to think that he may or may not take a 3.

  903. it’s a little scary for sure.
    I haven’t watched the Super Saiyan video so it might not be for everyone

  904. A lot of good analysis AtTheHive game summary:

    I watched the 2nd half quite closely… I really hope MKG is ok…

    Batum can play and he is reliable… he is great with half court movements but he really is a 2nd or 3rd scoring option at the moment. His cross court passes were great and they all lead to 1 extra pass for an open 3.

    Roberts is PG but he cannot really create for others… he ends up deferring to Lin all the time… Cliff really should try Troy Daniels next game playing along side Lin… the second unit would be much more threatening from deep.
    (I had a quick check on Roberts Assist numbers….Career 2.8 APG with 19.5 MPG….really not a good creator…)

    Frank is good enough to be in the backup C/PF for now… not ready for starting role just yet… (he made a few rookie mistakes… a few sloppy passes and 1 travel)

    Cody is pretty good on offense (not getting calls though)…. seemed a bit slow on the defense at times…especially playing against Nicholson…. very uncomfortable when he got dragged out to the 3 point line…. maybe something to improve on?… he was so much better with the defense rotations inside the key…

    Lin is a good fit to the Hornets… The coaching staff is already running out of bound plays for him…. but definitely needs more teamwork on the plays
    (The ran the same out of bounds play 3 -4 times… Lin doing the inbound pass and run a double screen around the the base line to the basket or out)
    (1st time Lin try to catch the pass under the basket but got knocked out of bounds)
    (2nd time Lin caught the pass at the weak side 3 point line and hit the 3)
    (3rd time Line caught the pass under basket but missed the layup)


  905. Wow, the Charlotte Observer’s Hornets coverage is really lacking.

    1. Their main Hornets beat writer, Rick Bonnell, was not even at the game. He was covering the Clemson football game. Clemson is in South Carolina, not even in the same state as Charlotte.

    2. The game recap that the Observer published was by Ken Hornack, who apparently is a Fox sports writer for the Magic. In that article, Hornack lists the three players under “Who Mattered” in the game: Batum, Walker, and Andrew Nicholson (Magic). “Worth mentioning”: Troy Daniels, Elliot Williams, Devyn Marble (Magic). Barely any mention of Lin, you know, the leading scorer for the Hornets?

  906. SBNation (At the Hive) has far better Hornets coverage than Charlotte Observer.

  907. I heard Charlotte Observer doesn’t really provide good coverage on Hornets.
    So perhaps that’s the reason there are many independent Hornets blog sites

  908. sorry, I guess less scary stuff is better :>

  909. “Jeremy Lin led the Hornets with 17 points, on 5-for-10 shooting, to go with seven assists”

    “With the second unit, Lin handled much of the play making duties, and
    creating several open shot opportunities by driving the lane and drawing
    defenders. Lin played a lot off the ball in the second half, with
    Roberts handling the point guard duties, but handled that role as well,
    which is a good sign seeing as he will likely see time with Kemba Walker.”

  910. that’s a very smart strategy by Coach Clifford.
    Lin would need to learn to play together as PG/SG w/ Kemba & Nic to close out games.
    I wonder if we’d see this lineup towards the end of preseason games

  911. Scott Skiles’ nightmare tonight: “I see Lin everywhere…”

  912. CJ got tired guarding Lin

  913. LOL.. MJ does like to save his money!

  914. Hahaha, Troy Daniels and Elliot Williams didn’t even play!

    Goes to show what kind of writer Ken Hornak is (or most sports writers, for that matter).

  915. How about this one?

  916. Well, Hornack was mentioning that Daniels and Williams didn’t play. But not sure how that is Worth Mentioning more than many other things that happened in the game.

  917. “Cheap” is so negative. I prefer “value”.

  918. My point exactly, why mention what things “didn’t” happen when there are plenty of other things did.

    Hansbrough didn’t check in either, let’s write an essay about that while ignoring the winning team’s highest scorer of the night. Either Hornak is a REALLY bad writer, or he’s got an agenda.

    Even a boxscore writer would’ve have to write nicely about Lin.

  919. OT – Lawson trashing Curry’s defense:

    “I thought Steph was just
    chillin’ on defense – and then going crazy on offense. He looked like he
    was just putting shots up and not working so much on the defensive end.
    He would just come down and hit three or four 3’s. He can shoot when
    he’s got his legs under him.”

    Curry may not be the best defender in the world, but you can’t be the league’s #1 defense unless all 5 starters are contributing on the defensive end.

  920. I read it and refused to do anything about that article. Actually I should say I don’t give much of any value of that site thus far.

  921. This goes beyond not providing good coverage, skipping the winning team’s highest scorer is unforgivable even for boxscore writers. This is just low.

  922. Looks like he got leaner in the offseason (although the weight may be cancelled out by his extra hair, LOL). I think Lin’s better off leaner with lower weight than stronger with heavier weight. He’ll be quicker at a lower weight.

    I don’t think bulking up to take more hits in the paint is the right tradeoff. Instead, Lin should stay more on the ground (instead of absorbing hits while jumping high).

  923. I think he got Curry and Harden confused.

  924. I know. Won’t read/click their contribution in future. Saw another similar piece in the past few days. JLin seems like a non-existence player in that site.

  925. That site is as dead to me as KKKlutchfans. Can’t believe the feature photo was Lin having the ball stolen, and then no mention of his 17/7 and closing out the game.

  926. Even if they just had a business mind, they would know that covering Lin would bring them much more views.

  927. LOL good one!

  928. Is there another alternative to BS and League pass

  929. I watched JLin games via last season as compared to League pass previous season. Found that I like better. Many more options to view. This is free.

  930. Tomorrow is the last game before they go to China. I wonder if they will feature Lin more to drum up buzz or just rest him because it’s a B2B? After tomorrow it’s a whole week before the next game.

  931. I think they’ll play Lin, he’s just a “bench player” after all. =)

  932. I meant paid ones. The quality on these are lower, while a good fall back option

  933. IMO- it looks like he lean bulked. He def added some muscle mass.

  934. OK. Can’t help you on that. Didn’t like league pass; never try other one.

  935. Ya, LP is terrible. Blackout for national tv games, meaning the good ones. But Hornets wont have national games this year

  936. top comments in that reddit thread:

    “I still like Lin. He passes the eye test to me and puts up decent
    numbers. He’s been in some bad team fit situations. Hoping he can be the
    Hornets 6th man and has the ball in his hands for the second unit.”

    “Dark horse for 6th man of the year.”

  937. Lol re essay

  938. At least, Lin is shown with his assists not only the turnovers.

  939. Yep. Lawson wouldn’t know a good defense even if it came in a bottle.

  940. I called it right. I said that Lin would bust out of the gate for the preseason. Lin had good boxscore stats, but more than that, he was efficient (17 points on 10 shots) and clutch down the stretch.

    Also I think if Clifford played Lin with 6’1″ Roberts he could play Lin with Kemba to close out games. Amazing how Lin seamlessly moved between playing on and off the ball. At this rate Lin is going to be unstoppable.

  941. Yesterday’s game was against a very bad team, today Lin had played against Chalmers and Dragic, so I’ll better analyze the Hornets and Lin for this new season.

  942. Hey that’s my line. ..hahaha

  943. I dont think they write…anything in details…it seems just for the sake of coverage…probably its a wrong site to visit for Hornets game

  944. They had good critics from Hornets fans as well!!

    Solomon Nwachukwu · Queens High School for the Sciences
    Nice game by our Hornets. Lets hope the injury MKG is not serious. And Ken Hornack….how the heck did you miss Jeremy Lin in your reporting? Interesting that you didn’t even mention him. He did help our team win and led the team in scoring. Another bias reporter. Smh

    Russell Young
    What Steve said. How can you not mention JLin the leading scorer, who came off the bench, led the second unit well and also played one of the longest with 25 mins? BTW, is also looking like a great fit and steal at a team friendly contract… Not observant from the Charlotte Observer (light quip)

    Steve Prost · Chaplain at U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School
    uh, was jeremy lin not one of “those who mattered” or “worth mentioning” with not just the best stat line of the game among all hornets but also passing the eye test as a leader on the floor when he was on the floor in passing, penetrating, creating looks? From your long article you’d think he was practically a total non-presence

  945. In my personal opinion Orlando will do better than they have been given credit for. Miami will do worse than people expect.

  946. Where can we get PER of the players? PFV always mentions PER and iirc, he did mention the source in his video but I forgot it.

  947. If anyone who is interested in watching the archive game. Here is the link:

  948. You need to do your own calculation. Forgot the formula. Need PFV to teach me again:-(

  949. PER calculator:

    but i thought there’s a site which has the PER of all players…anyway, will incorporate the calculator in my spreadsheet.

  950. WOW Impress! At least it isn’t JLin fans are doing the critics.

  951. Honestly given the injury to MKG they should be more careful. I think Lin and the starters may get less minutes for the game against Miami.

  952. Honestly Jeremy should take care of the ball like Kemba Walker; stop turning over the ball.
    The first turnover is simply unforgivable; utmost negligence. It’s related to your resume to be a starting PG, Jeremy.

  953. I think Jeremy will average 2 turnovers or less this season. Clifford will get his teammates to help him out, unlike in his past 2 teams.

  954. Thanks 🙂

  955. Typical anti Asian hate from the media.

    Comes in the form of refusal to acknowledge the Asian guy

  956. A guy like Nicholson who was totally unstoppable like he typically is doesn’t need a 3 pt shot.

  957. Lin’s slowed down a tad bit and gained more weight.

    That makes him even more lethal than ever because before he was almost moving too fast for the game.

  958. Half empty cup.

  959. He only got 2 TO that’s not big deal. I believe he could get his double double if his new teammates could finish it.

  960. It did look bad, careless. But he did some good things. I am not convinced that Hornets has good PNR players who can work with Lin.

  961. Remember that I warned against Lin learning TOO MUCH fancy ballhandling from “The professor” this summer?

    That’s what Lin gets for OVERTRAINING that useless fancy streetball dribbling that doesn’t work against aggressive long armed NBA athletes.

    Lin settled down and went back to his standard plain dribbling game that has worked for him the last 4 seasons.

  962. You’ll find out that practically the whole team can run effective pick and rolls with Lin.

  963. Serves Lin right, actually.

    That useless fancy dribbling streetball training from the summer is what earned Lin that turnover!

    Lin’s gotta dribble cleanly and conservatively. He learned his lesson and now will be just fine.

  964. thanks, was mid way viewing and it was blocked. sob sob..

  965. Starters are injury prone, bench is not.

  966. After watching yesterday’s highlights, Lin plays like Nash.

  967. who

  968. haha, the jeremy lin highlights video above has like 80k views already

  969. Very early stages of this season but a dramatic difference from last year …

  970. Khuang, if you have League Pass, better to replay it over and over, don’t rely on the highlight, you will see that when it was turnover, he has already picked up the ball with his two hands and brought it to left side to avoid steal, but defender reached in and didn’t even touch the ball but his right hand bumped with Lin’s right hand, and Lin lost the ball.

  971. I have to say you have a great vision and…great monitor I assume…LOL

  972. Preseason2 CHA @ MIA Game Thread is now open

    What a great start by JLin to kick off his Hornets season!

    It’s still preseason games but it’s very encouraging to see how Coach Clifford used JLin as a PG in the 1st half and a combo guard (PG/SG) in the 2nd half. Jeremy passed the test with a flying color to be the Top Performer with 17p/7a.

    More importantly, Jeremy would eventually be the versatile weapon to be a combo guard to close out games with Kemba Walker because it would only make sense to have all playmakers on the floor to beat quality teams.

    Would Clifford give JLin some rest today since he plays last night?
    I predict JLin will only play ~20min tonight since Coach Clifford has seen what he wants from Jeremy.
    After MKG injury, it would be better to be more cautious with all key players.

    It would be awesome to see JLin have some stint to play with starters. He already knows how to play with Jeremy Lamb in the 2nd team so it should be an easy transition.

    Let’s go, JLin!

  973. awesome! That means he/she’ll be ready to create another one after the Heat game tonight 🙂

  974. I think he will play around the same amount of minutes today since the next games will be in china

  975. you’re correct. Nash used to do the same thing to dribble in-and-out of the paint to probe defense then whip behind-the-back pass to the trailing big men or pass outside to a wide-open 3pt shooter.

    I think we’re seeing more fruits of his work-session with Nash in LA.

  976. It was working ok. Just finished watching it. Thanks!

  977. he might play even more minutes in China since the fans demand him 🙂

    We might heard chants like “We want Lin” “We want Lin”

  978. Not sure, you are being sarcastic or not. Don’t take my word, replay the first replay at your home (not the highlight one), i pressed pause play repeatedly.

  979. I tried…it will not load….I guess I will just forget it…lol

  980. IMO, Lin should do a wind tunnel test. That hair is definitely a drag and slowing him down. Lol.

    Seriously, if he can just improve his 3s with quicker release, he wouldn’t need to bulk up to take hits. Just like Curry forces defences to be tight to him and never sag behind screens. He’d blow by defenders so fast that he would have enough time to chose multiple options without ever going into the trees.

  981. I think wait for other fans to come up with slow motion of this, then everybody can see. I don’t have software to capture and make it slow motion. By the way, at other site mention this as Jeremy was trying to do Invisible Euro Step. I read after i wrote my reply to Khuang, and i think this is indeed a euro step, and now i understand euro step naturally will force defender to reach in. Actually, what Lin should do is to flail arms like Harden.

  982. must be 4k resolution!

  983. And snap his head back like Harden (no kidding)

  984. Psalm, playing Kemba and Lin is a recipe for disaster against the elite Nba teams. Yes that lineup will cream bad to average teams, but it pains me to see u support a failing strategy. I’ve watched too much bball for far too long. I know it is fools gold.

  985. No reason why Lin and Kemba can’t play together at reasonable scenarios like Thompson and Curry.

  986. Oh my…

  987. I really do hope this preseason play is indicative of how the Coach will play Lin as there was some false hope in last year’s preseason.

    For now I’ll remain optimistic.

  988. Oh my my…

  989. No matter – they’d lose against cream of crop teams anyways.

  990. He’s semi-retired. =)

  991. This may have been noticed, but just in case. JLin’s jersey numbers show up in his first outing…17/7 Cool!!

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