Preseason Game 1: New Orleans Pelicans vs Atlanta Hawks


Jeremy Lin posted on Instagram on his excitement to step onto the NBA floor for the first time after he was sidelined last season after he tore his patellar tendon in the first game. He has rebuilt his body, movement, and cannot wait to go back to play in an actual NBA game, albeit it’s still a preseason game.

It looks like Jeremy will come off the bench, which is not a total surprise since he mentioned he’s still in the “Return to Play” protocol due to his rehab. The most important thing is definitely his health and his ability to play throughout the season to play for a new contract next season so minute restrictions or off-the-bench role would take lower priority.

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Preseason 1 Highlights

Thanks to @SpeedOfLin


  1. Go Lin!

  2. That this team started with 4 injuries is not a good sign. Now Lloyd Pierce starts Trae Young ahead of Lin is another disappointment. That the team admits success for the 2018-19 Hawks won’t be measured by wins and losses is also a letdown

    Lin has met adversity much more serious than this. I think we can expect situations similar to Lin’s Hornets season with the exception that Lin is paid in starter salary and the coach is less experienced.

    Let’s see how the coach practices what he preaches. Lin will have to prove himself once again. My concern is if he is used or misused.

  3. At-LIN-ta Hawks! Lol has anyone coined that yet? Just wanna see jlin ball this year and stay healthy

  4. I know the game won’t be on TV but is there a good place to get infos on what’s going on? maybe boxscore?

  5. i use espn nba scoreboard.
    (link below)

    usually it works well and has all games of the day. sometimes the boxscore is not available but usually there is a link there where you can switch off of the running accnt of the game and find the boxscore as well.

    yahoo sports i used to use and if it works it was more elaborate and detailed but it tended to lag a lot and generally be behind. i haven’t tried it for some time.

    the problem with (apparently and let me emphasize from what i have read it is just for this game and does not necessarilly mean there will be no coverage of future preseason games) no coverage of any kind means “illegal streamers” (which i have to use aka “poverty streams”) dont have anything to mirror site copy.

    sometimes you can find a in game video capture of the video board but thats really lame!

    short answer: just go to espn nba scoreboard and scroll to the hawks pels game and besides adding the score as it changes each play will be represented by a little face of player involved and words describing what happened ie: “turnover young'” or “free throw one good” etc. (they dont always have player faces maybe just names).

    again i think after this first preseason game there should be more options.

  6. We’ve been here before… only question remaining : ” Is Hawks &L.Pierce like Lakers &B.Scott or Hornets &S.Clifford?”

    In other words, will JLIN have the freedom to control the second-unit and be allowed to outshine the Starters (recall Hornets bench made comebacks in over 11 games where starters had accumulated double digit deficits), Or will they pull JLIN and sit him to further the Tank.

    Look for Trae Young to get destroyed by Jrue Holiday, there is not a thing defensively that Trae can do to stop Jrue from blowing past, conversely Trae will get a lesson in NBA defensive pressure on undersized rookie PGs.

  7. anybody got free online streaming?

  8. I guess today’s game is the only preseason game without TV broadcast so we have to rely on boxscore or perhaps radio(?)

    “Lastly, this is the only preseason game for the Hawks that does not provide local options to follow the proceedings, as there is no (officially sanctioned) TV or radio broadcast available in Atlanta. Peachtree Hoops will be live on the scene to provide real-time updates on Twitter and plenty of post-game coverage, though, so stay tuned.”

  9. I used (as in your “short answer”) for box scores, highlight videos, and play-by-play descriptions.

  10. Hope Lin plays well tonight, and more importantly, be free from any injury.

  11. brad rowland on peachtree hoops twitter says:

    “Pierce referenced Jeremy Lin’s injury recovery as one of the factors in starting Trae Young.

    Made sure to indicate that Lin has had no setbacks. Said they want to be smart and cautious.

    Wasn’t sure he’d play Lin and Young together tonight.”

  12. Some free live streaming links maybe slow, low quality and pop ads but still work.


    Live stream !!! Well only to NBA League pass.

  14. me too. Try reddit

  15. Me three. 🙁


  17. For you guys who are willing to live dangerously, or have ad-blocker, or good anti-virus against malware:

    NBA APP. For those who must be more careful. The New Orleans Pelicans have a radio feed. Can LISTEN to game (Pels radio play-by-play). Get the APP. (Not sure if must also be League Pass users.) Try it. Better than nothing.

    I’m listening right now.

  18. Lin is in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. With 6th minute left at the 1st quarter, both Linsanity and Vinsanity just checked in!
    06:10 ATL – Young Substitution replaced by Lin
    06:31 ATL – Bazemore Substitution replaced by Carter

  20. Carter was in before Lin.

  21. at 6:10 1Q replacing Young

  22. yes, 21 seconds earlier. Not at the same time

  23. Lin has 2 Ast in 1Q. Don’t quite understand the 1 turnover.

    Young starts at top of 2Q

  24. Dorsey is on hot seat now; many believe he could be put on waiver.
    Bembry is having a field day. 5-5

  25. back court violation when it really wasnt

  26. Right. Bad call. Pelican player hit the ball so Lin is allowed to go back and retrieve it.

  27. Lin a bit Conservative. just finding a rhythm

  28. Lin in

  29. Lin hasnt lost his court vision

  30. lin is calmly dropping dimes

  31. The Linsanity to Vinsanity pass was great!

  32. Lin haven’t made a basket, wish he would get some points, this preseason game is boring and most are going for iso shots :/ Lin standing there a lot of times. The only positive is he’s getting many minutes even off the bench. Haven’t rested yet. This team is horrible going to be a long season.

  33. Lin is getting his body ready and there is no point of rushing for him. Getting to know more about his teammates is more important.

  34. Lin got in at 8:16 2Q

  35. They gave that bad pass from plume as Lin turnover

  36. Thought Lin got in towards the end of first quarter. It’s still 2nd quarter right now

  37. Because he was the one who last touched it.

  38. team has no chemistry

  39. except Lin and maybe vince

  40. everyone especially bench are looking out for themselves :/ This is going to be a long season. Lin will need to make sure he looks for his own shot more.

  41. Other 2 players playing the right way. Everyone else just going for their shots and aren’t passing back to him. Not a real team.

  42. yea i notice

  43. Same old same old, what’s new? Lin getting iced and when they do pass to him it’s a bad pass where he gets a TO!

  44. as usual; Lin doesn’t get fair call from the Ref.

  45. It looks like pick up basketball but its the preseason. Im predicting a lot of losses though

  46. to be fair Lins not really trying to score. He just wanna get bac to nba level speed

  47. Me too! If preseason is any indication this team is not going anywhere not even playoffs. There is no order, no offense and barely any passing. Also looks like Lin is just taking back seat this time doesn’t care as much like he did before. I suspect we won’t even see coach Lin this year in regular season. No need to work so hard it’s 1 year rental and this is a tanking team.

  48. Looks like Lin is letting Trae young dig his own grave and give him the starting position

  49. 1 for

  50. Poythress makes his minutes meaningful.

  51. Would like to see Trae n Lin start 2nd half

  52. Same here! Coach might be saving that for 4th quarter though. I like how Lin and Trae have long staggered minutes! Both get to do their own thing as PG! It’s pretty fair, if Lin can start next game or during regular season I have no complaints!

    Hope the whole injury protocol is not an excuse to bench him and that they do plan on starting him with Trae.

  53. Lin easing his way back. .

  54. number 1 goal this season. stay healthy

  55. Yup, he’s in preseason mode. Of course they want to win the game but it’s preseason no one cares. just jog and take it easy.

  56. Trae Young is the only focus during commercial break, already treated like he’s the next Steph Curry. Don’t think Lin ever got that type of treatment and attention from his team sad.

  57. I think Lin may start the 2nd half.

  58. Not Lin’s call lol Trae will get the green light to do whatever he wants since he’s the chosen franchise. No need for Lin to fight if he’s only there for a year, let his scoring and offense speak for themselves when regular season comes.

    Trae got his 3 pointer blocked earlier. He looks so short compared to even Curry! Honestly Trae looks like he’s another bust. He can’t even be Seth Curry 2.0 let alone Steph Curry 2.0

    If Hawks wanted a Steph Curry all they need to was sign Seth and give him a chance to play at another level unlike other teams.

  59. J Holiay took 9 shots playing 19 minutes
    Young took 11 shots 13 minutes.

  60. JLIN looks great, decision making and at least trying to direct teammates when they aren’t going 1-on-1.

    Trae Young – needs lots of work (of course it’s only first half of 1st preseason game)
    – Defense is raw: can’t stay in front of any defender, outmuscled when he tries, does not make good & timely switches, actually gave up on one play
    – Offense wow: forcing impossibly difficult shots, forcing passes (did get 2 nice alley-oops with Collins, struggling with NBA bigger defensive players (got a blocked shot swallowed up)

  61. The Pelicans is preparing for regular season playing the starters heavy minutes.
    Atlanta distribute minutes to 11 players with 7 in double digits. The coach is still testing player combinations.

  62. he will just keep shooting

  63. NOis playing its 2nd unit!

  64. worse than dlo.

  65. The prince kid will shot if you pass it to him. he will not pass it back

  66. It’s one preseason game, but this team looks a lot less mature than the Nets.

  67. yea. Thats an understatement

  68. There are many like that on the roster.

  69. layup 22222

  70. OK, good fall on his back there.

  71. Dont like the fall though

  72. but his fall worries me…

  73. 222222

  74. The run by Atlanta against the 2nd and 3rd unit of NO.

  75. I like Kevin so far. Not a homer at all. LOL.

  76. last 2 minutes felt more team ball

  77. The NO starters sit on the bench.

  78. That maybe it

  79. Ex Net and Ex Knick Jarrett Jack, now with Pelicans.

  80. Watching on “risky” site. Horrible lag, in-and-out reception. Glad next game will be normal.

  81. Another Jeremy highlight …

  82. Trae Young is going to have his double double.

  83. This livestream might offer good quality

  84. its very clear. but need adblock

  85. I think everyone is done now

  86. Lin looked very calm and steady out there. Wasn’t looking to score, but when he did, he still can do it. Efficiently.

  87. Thanks. That’s what I’m on. Channel 1.

  88. Coach not going to try Lin and Trae lineup?

  89. Pretty move!

  90. All in all . This game was like a scrimmage. Didnt feel NBA level

  91. I think NO first unit will sit out the 2nd half.

  92. Thomas Robinson in.

  93. Agree, he looks good. Talent doesn’t go away. No need to go all out right now.

  94. MUCH BETTER. Thanks! (Although Lin is sitting now. Oh well.)

  95. Have to say. Honestly. IMO, Young’s passing and vision is much better than DRussell. But of course, not yet at JLin level. 🙂
    But he must have gotten green light to shoot. 16 shots, the most on team.

  96. “I’m very excited about playing for the Atlanta Hawks. It’s a fresh start for me. The Hawks are a relatively young team, but Trae Young is a very talented player. I think I can help him a lot and share my experience playing in the NBA with him. I know the Hawks plan to put us on the court together.

    I played for the Rockets, Lakers, and Hornets when they put two PGs on the court at the same time, so I know Trae and I could play very fast. The Hawks’ Head coach, Lloyd Pierce, was one of the coaches for the Warriors when I was there so I have talked to him already. I’m really excited about the upcoming season. It’s going to be fun. I hope to stay healthy and play well.”

    If the coach told the truth to Lin, they might try later.

  97. Too soon I think.

  98. That is true

  99. Probably too early especially when Lin is still under injury protocol. Oh well next game.

    Meanwhile I hope Yuta Watanabe will get some minutes for the Grizzlies.

  100. Jeremy warming up before the game …

  101. designated franchise player so of course he’s going to get the green light. No surprise. Trae Young doesn’t look too impressive. Honestly Yuta Watanabe (PF) is leaps and bounds ready to be a starter and closer to star potential then him! 6’9″ top 10 division 1 defense, can block and shoot 3s lights out yet went undrafted! NBA racism is clear as day.

  102. Yes very boring, no one giving any real effort besides looking for iso. Anthony Davis did go for a legit block out of no where that’s the only thing I remember besides the nice Lin x Vince Carter connection.

    At this rate with so many awful rookies. I’d rather Hawks started Lin and Vince as starters. They are the only ones who look like starters out there.

  103. Hope when YW gets the opportunity, he will bring it. At least he got recognition and lots of positive press from playing well in Summer League.
    Can’t really compare to TY. Different positions. Meh. Trae’s first game, and just pre-season. We’ll see if he will impress or not. He didn’t shoot well. But some of his 8 assists were nice.

  104. highlights please lol

  105. HALLELUJAH!!!! Game number one under JLin’s belt. Held my breath when he fell after that shot. Hope he’s feeling good.

  106. Lin didn’t play much tonight (thank God), but when he was in the game, he impacted the game greatly. Lin came in the 3rd quarter, with Hawks up by 3. Exited the game near the end of the 3rd quarter with Hawks up by 13.

    Lin didn’t shoot much, but had 2 good layups. The first layup was scary because Lin landed a bit weird and winced in pain a bit. He had the trainers ice both of his knees in the 4th Q.

    Hawks played mostly motion offense. Didn’t see much pick and roll.

    Here are some clips. Sucks because I don’t have high quality streams anymore.

    Lin having some laughs with Vince Carter in-bounding the ball…

  107. Scoring wise TY didn’t impress which is what he’s supposed to be signed for. 8 assists doesn’t matter, Rondo is a great playmaker/ball handler and?

    If TY is the starting PG at the very least he should be shooting those 3s like it was automatic.

    Yup YW got a lot of attention for playing well and for being the 2nd Japanese player to play for the NBA. But that won’t save him from all the racism and bias the NBA has. It certainly didn’t save Lin from it.

    TY is 1st round draft so you’d expect him to be impressive yet YW looks more like he should’ve been the 1st round draft (call me a bias Yuta fan :P) Anyway I hope Yuta gets playing time because when the Hawks are tanking or Lin is pushed aside again, at least I have something else to look forward to.

    So glad I never watched the Nets when Lin weren’t playing, saved so much time from that. Also glad I never purchased the season league pass. Free online streaming is good enough.

  108. ESPN is usually good.

  109. I mainly use too. ESPN as backup.

  110. Pierce sounds like a fair coach and his staggering minutes for Lin and Young certainly shows that. No either player is benched for long periods of time. Young go most of 1st and Lin got most of 2nd and a bit more.

    If Pierce is willing to allow Lin and Young start together, share ball handling duties, and play with staggered minutes, this team will have some hope.

    Heck they’d have a better chance if they started both Lin and Vince Carter right now that’s for sure.

  111. Okay, okay. It’s the guy’s first game. It’s not TY’s fault that Lin got traded to the Hawks. It is what it is.

    Give it time and see if he ends up being a selfish player like Russell or Harden.

    Wait, didn’t you watch a few Nets games? I remember they won during one of those games. Otherwise, how did you form all those opinions about the Nets players?

    Good for you to have YW to root for too. Have fun!

    I’m afraid if and when Lin retires, TEN years from now, that’s it for me with the NBA.

  112. Here is Jeremy’s reverse lay-up (when he fell) ….

  113. ‘Speed of Lin’ is back with highlights!

  114. Should’ve been a foul. :/

  115. Obviously very early and a small sampling from these videos. But ATL looks young and very raw. I don’t like the motion offense with such a young team. i think a young team like ATL would benefit greatly from having a veteran and savvy PG like Jlin act as the floor general to get people into the right positions. Of course I don’t know if TY could fulfill the role of PG running the team but I know Jlin can. I feel bad for Jlin because it seems he is starting over again with young teammates like with BKLN in his first year. Did not see film of him with Bazemore so it will likely be different during the regular season.

  116. Can’t believe vince carter is 41, he can still keep up and play like he’s in his 30s. Looked so sharp out there. I hope Lin will get most of his minutes with him!

  117. Here are my notes from the game:

    -Bembry is a BLACK HOLE. my lord i hope lin doesnt get stuck playing next to him… sure there was a lot of selfish chucking this game, but i think bembry was on another level of ballhog. he NEVER passes out. even if lin is WIDE OPEN… he’s aggressive, but damn is he selfish. what a shame lin had to play next to him.

    -i think we now know what kinda offense they will run. motion offense leading to hand offs and high pnr’s. the offense was very chaotic. seemed like every one kept driving with no purpose. making bad decisions and bad passes. not a lot of perimeter passing and passing side to side. surprisingly, not a lot of 3’s…

    -on defense doesnt seem like they will switch a lot. i think opponents will destroy us all year in the pnr.

    -lin never played wth trae… very interesting… let’s see what happens friday…

    -lin looked to pass and not shoot in the 1st half. also he was never passed to even when wide open at 3. nothing new here…. seen this on every team.

    -transition d was beyond putrid.

    -trae was terrible in the 1st half. he was open but couldnt hit anything. passing was nice though.
    played much better in the 2nd half but by that time it was pelican 3rd stringers so… we’ll see how he plays friday…

    -that lin layup was scary. he fell awkwardly and i just held my breath…

    -overall a VERY odd game for lin. he didnt shoot much. spot up for 3 but no one passes to you. everyone just seemed to drive to the rim…

  118. Jlin, Vinsanity and Len might make a solid bench core. I would rather Jlin start but if that is not in the cards then this veteran trio could keep games close an finish some too. Be nice of Thomas Robinson could make a step up and be the PF for this trio of vets

  119. I did watch 1-2 games here and there Watched most of 1st season. Stopped when Lin got injured again 2nd season.

    Watched enough of Dinwiddie and Russell to know Russell is no where near starter material. Nets are doomed. Watch Dinwiddie will leave to start for LBJ’s team if he still wants him.

  120. 10 years? With all the bias and injuries Lin would be lucky to even get 5 more years. No way will they let him play till he’s 40. When his career is over I think Lin would want to play in Taiwan with his brother for a few years before moving on. Unless a China team offers him a big contract.

  121. i need to see lin and trae in the back court first. think with 2 playmakers it can work. baze is looking to score, not pass. i dont think it works. on the second unit lin looks to pass and bembry looks to get numbers. again i dont think it works.

    but what will happen when there are 2 play makers? will the ball start zipping around? i need to see that first.

  122. on the nets, when in doubt, chuck a 3. this team? when in doubt drive to the rim and 1.) chuck a hail mary floater/layup 2.) chuck a hail mary pass/alley 3.) chuck a hail mary cross court pass for 3.

    lin was the only one who looked in control out there. in fact he looked kinda slow. i dunno if that’s him being not physically back yet or was it just that everyone was hyper and played crazy out there. lin has some slick passes that lead to blown dunks (plumlee), missed alley’s (len), and some lead to points but no assist (poythress and bembry). lin was making the right play. making passes for the sake of ball movement and not trying to get assist numbers. i really think he needs to play next to trae to settle things down. i think playing both baze and prince is unnecessary. not enough play makers in the starting lineup.

    one thing this team is sorely lacking is that one sharpshooter guy. joe harris wasnt amazing, but he was solid. this team everyone wants to attack the rim and make home run plays. the turn overs were bad. lin’s 2 TO’s were both full on BS.

  123. I saw a few nice PNRs and screens around Lin which had been rare in Nets’ games.

  124. where did you guys watch the game?

  125. people on reddit post links to illegal streams. make sure u have good antivirus before clicking…

  126. I didn’t see explosion, even on the drives from Lin. He actually looked like a smart veteran out there and was crafty. I don’t mind that. With surgeries and time, Lin has to do more savvy veteran moves and less of the flashy hard drives to the rim. He looked less rusty that I thought he might look. I thought he rolled out of the fall so he distributed forces. He will fall after hard drives. He always has.

    TOs weren’t legit. I agree. Lin played pretty much flawless BB but was a bit more in motion in the 2nd half.

  127. I hope we get more of this formula:

  128. If he didn’t shoot, he forced the pass. He is not a natural passer. He shot better than he passed.

  129. Lin’s passes are there but his speed and reaction may take more time to reach game level.
    Need time to develop team chemistry. Prince is overrated in his passing and ball handling. Lin moves well without the ball.

  130. Kevin Huerter could be a better rookie than Young. He seems to get into the flow of the game and is versatile.

  131. This is the first time Lin testing his skills from Fortius in game action. So I’m not worrying but he needs to pick up his speed but he’s playing with new teammates so it’s only fair to give him more time.

  132. Patience. He needs to stay healthy. This is the first time he’s played in a year. His basketball mind was executing and sharp. Very encouraging.

  133. Thomas Robinson needs to show more defense.

  134. finally Lin’s back, and i am back!
    i thought Bembry was pretty good with LIN.. it was Prince that i really wasn’t pleased with.. he never passed to LIN..

  135. i wasn’t able to watch the entire game but on the snippet and highlights, lin were able to at least show some semblance of good basketball.

  136. hope this translates into more interests from fans to follow and watch the games.

  137. This is why it is not a bad thing and maybe a good thing that Jlin does not start. He should ease his way back into full NBA competition, get some playing strength into his knee- and other body parts not having been used much in competition for the last two years. Not starting will reduce pressure on Jlin to carry the team- unless he has to constantly come in to rally the team from a big deficit.

  138. Jeremy, after last night’s game, talking about regaining his explosiveness …

  139. A good article by KL Chouinard at
    – Linsanity, Vinsanity, and Bembry could be the key to power up the 2nd unit
    – Lin liked what he saw in Trae Young having “humble swagger” and they can learn from each other

    “I was telling him the other day,” Bembry said of Lin, “‘I like our second unit. Me, you, and Vince, we’ve got a lot of depth and players who know the game.’ I think he can help my game and I can help him. I’m looking forward to playing with him.”

    Lin said that he tracked Young last season during Trae’s one collegiate season at Oklahoma, and he liked what he saw even if he had to resort to an oxymoron to describe it.

    “(Trae) has a fearlessness about him,” Lin said. “He has — I don’t know how to say it — it’s almost like a humble swagger. It’s not like he’s showboating or doing disrespectful things to his opponents. He has a humble demeanor but is confident at the same time.”

    Lin was asked what advice he would give to Young, and Lin’s recommendations echoed the journey that he himself has experienced over the last two seasons.

  140. The Reddit Q&A finished. So far, this is the most interesting question about if he felt betrayed by Brooklyn.
    His answer is diplomatic and he didn’t dwell on the past for too long and it’s business but at the same time confirmed it

    Jeremy, did you feel betrayed by Brooklyn when you heard about the trade?
    [–]theatlhawks[S] 39 points 38 minutes ago
    I think every player feels some feeling of betrayal in every trade (unless requested) but it’s also a business. We understand that. I don’t dwell on the past for too long. I’m ready to give my all to whatever organization wants me.


  141. I don’t get why you guys have to force lin to be a starter.
    If he plays like he did in the hornets, so be it.. he will still make good money.
    It’s like asking yourself

    If lin starter, make good money, but doesnt play due to injuries like in the nets..and have no impact
    If lin bencher, makes decent money for sixth man role, but plays consistently for 18 to 25 mintues all year round and have big impact

    which on do you want?

  142. Apparently, Jeremy has an essay in a new book edited (?) by America Ferrera, entitled “American Like Me: Reflections on Life Between Cultures.”

    The book contains dozens of first-person stories by writers, actors and athletes, including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Issa Rae, Roxane Gay, Auli’i Cravalho, Padma Lakshmi, Kumail Nanjiani, Michelle Kwan, as well as Jeremy and Ferrera herself.

  143. I am not forcing lin to be a starter. I am ok with lin just staying healthy and putting decent numbers.

  144. I guess Lin knows that he’s the backup guy already. As I suspected, Lin likely going to reprise the same role he had in Charlotte. Come in and clean up the mess left by the rookie and show him what and how to do.

  145. I won’t buy tickets if Lin is not given a starting role, because it would mean winning is less important than star fabricating, which I can’t stand watching.

  146. I don’t get why people want to force him to start from the bench while he clearly set the tune and help the team get into rhythm. We have seen his teammates get isolated and don’t know what to do with the ball except forcing up shots.

    Lin is clearly playing better even with less capable players in defense and running plays but I’m surprised that questions like that were even raised here.

  147. Interesting! I saw Ferrera promoting the book on the View (ABC TV) but have no idea that Lin is one of the contributors.

    Thank you for sharing. Now I will get a copy of the book.

  148. In Charlotte there was no rookie to school- it was veteran and anointed “team star” Kemba Walker. I thought Kemba gave Jlin respect but not at the expense of not acknowledging himself as top dog. It seemed like an OK relationship and worked out well for Jlin contract-wise by getting his BKLN deal, which unfortunately did not work out due mainly to injury. Charlotte was not in a position to tank, but to win, and here arguably Charlotte and Coach Clifford did Charlotte a disservice by not utilizing Jlin more. I think at this point Jlin does not see his primary role to be a mentor to TY, but to get back to playing high level basketball so that he can get his next contract and hopefully get picked up by a contender at the trade deadline. At this point this scenario is what I see in Jlin’s best interest because from what little I have seen of ATL they have a weak supporting cast, though that may change if the players show more talent that I have seen thus far. As time goes on it will be revealed why Schlenk was willing to spend so much on an injured Jlin. I can’t see that move as primarily being for Jlin to mentor TY.

  149. Lin was rusty and slow last game. There’s no way Lin will take Trae’s spot, even when back at 100%. We can argue about him starting along side Trae when he’s truly ready.

  150. Jeremy has high praise on Trae’s potential.

    @JLin7 compares his former teammate @StephenCurry30 to his current teammate @TheTraeYoung

  151. Hawksanity might be trending up once the season starts

  152. I doubt the NBA nor GM cares if Lin fans buys tickets or not. Hawks was dead last, last season and they’re rebuilding.

    Hawks are no doubt all in on Trae but if he keeps playing like he did last game, sorry he’s a bust and not a star. I can see why everyone is looking forward to the head to head battle of Trae vs Luka Doncic.

  153. He even struggled in the D-league. What to expect from him as a starting PG in NBA ? A star for a tanking team like those in NY and LA last season isn’t going to justify the management.

  154. Knicks have been horrible for many years as well and they still sell tickets. Atlanta is not a basketball city, just look at the low attendance for the preseason opener, depressing. Far as Hawks are concerned they still have 3 years and 3 1st round picks to find their cornerstone. Just need Lin to get back to speed, start along side Trae and find another team.

  155. Funny I agree that Hawks have weaker players compared to the Nets but offense and coaching wise they are better with MO that leads to multiple screens and PnR. If Hawks are serious about playing like GSW then there’s no doubt Lin can be their Klay Thompson if they choose to do so. Both Lin and Klay have similar playing styles. They only go all out when the season/game is on the line.

    I don’t mind Lin being no.2 to Trae if it means he can share ball handling duties while being the starting SG. Unless of course he gets a starting PG role on another team.

    Whether or not Lin will come off the bench for the entire season is yet to be seen.

  156. You’re welcome. The USAToday article mentioned in the tweet made it sound like an interesting book. Hope you enjoy it.

  157. it’s about respect.

    in the nba, respect is shown by money (max contract, etc.) and role (starter, “captain”, who gets last shot, who gets plays called for them, etc.)…

    i just want lin to be respected. if he ends up on GSW for instance, not even the staunchest of lin fans can argue to start ahead of steph and klay. but on this team we got baze taking lin’s spot…

  158. at least on charlotte he was the bona fide sixth man. on this team it looks like bembry is ball hogging all the possessions…

  159. except lamb wasnt as much of a ball hog as bembry so far. maybe they develop more chemistry and he starts passing, but lin was hella iced out that 1st game.

  160. i wanted lin to be 2nd fiddle to harden. but harden wanted ALL the possessions…

  161. ridiculous hot take with a big pinch of trae hate. huerter was invisible on the court. the wings spot up but no one passes to them. we’ll see how the offense changes as they build chemistry.

  162. prince played with 1st unit mainly and only overlapped with lin a little bit. i though prince was under used so when he got the ball he was selfish. the offense needs a lot of work. too many drives and not enough “plays”… huerter was also invisible out there. looks like the wings do nothing but spot up and the bigs do nothing but screen and dunk…

    everyone else just “be aggressive” and drive head first into the paint with no plan…

  163. looks like when everyone is healthy the 2nd unit is going to be

    PG: Lin
    SG: Bembry
    SF: Huerter/Anderson
    PF: Carter/Spellman
    C: Len

    not sure what to think right now but it’s not much of a bench mob. i hope lin gets enough minutes to play some with the starters… lin pnr with collins with trae on the wing could be money…

    reading hawks fans’ reactions to yesterday’s game, they seem to like bembry being so ball hoggy. i dont know if lin will get featured in the 2nd unit as much as we’d all hoped…

  164. What else can he say? Jrue Holiday did everything he wanted against him. My teammate was bricking the ball shooting 1 out of 11. Well Jrue didn’t play long and let the rookie pad his stats against the 2nd and 3rd unit.

  165. beggars can’t be choosers.

  166. Let’s not be hasty and relegate Jeremy to the 2nd unit. It’s very early in this whole process of bringing together a new team and coaching staff. Even if management and coaching staff were bluntly stating their plans (which they obviously are not), those can change even if everyone stays healthy.

  167. Jeremy packed quite a bit into a two minute reply to a leading question. Honest, diplomatic, optimistic, but also leaving unsaid the obvious chasm between potential and the fulfillment of that potential.

    Steph in some respects took the league by surprise. Players & coaches underestimated him; some still don’t afford him wholehearted respect. By the time they started to adjust to his individual talent, the Warriors built a team around him that could divert teams from totally focusing on just him.

    Trae doesn’t have that luxury. Players know what he can and cannot do. They’re going to make him earn his place in the league. If he starts the season strong, teams will focus more on him and the Hawks don’t have players that can protect him from intensified defensive efforts.

    Jeremy said that Trae today has the advantage over Steph in 2011 in that the organization is wholly behind him. That might be a good thing, or maybe not. The stress of expectations can make or break people. We will see.

  168. just being realistic. we’d all be very happy if he started, but we’ve all seen this movie before….

  169. that’s why i keep preaching starting lin next to trae. it’ll be the best thing to happen to him.

    as is, we have two 3&d wings in baze and prince playing next to trae. he needs an extra ball handler/play maker to keep defenses honest…

    bembry loves the ball so much make him 6th man and he gets all the touches he wants…

  170. Comparing your Income with Lin’s, you have no right to choose. What does it make of you?

  171. Lin is well on his way of rehab. There is no setback. For the time being, the rookie is bricking his way against starters. Lin and the rookie shouldn’t even be in the same league. The rookie should be sent to D-league for his development.

  172. Stef was lucky to have been a second stringer for the first couple of years of his career. It protected him from the pressures of both physical and mental part of being a pro. He was able to watch and learn and be under the radar. Trae is being thrusted into the role of saviour and be the next Stef Curry, lol. Schlenk is not doing him any favours by exposing him to that physical and mental pressure.

    Athletes have very fragile egos and no amount of skill or athleticism can help you deal with the weight of expectations. Even LeBron failed miserably until he assembled 2 other franchise players around him to push him over the edge. Once that confidence is ground down to nothing, they can choke just like LeBron did in the playoffs for Cleveland the first time around.

  173. Trolls like you beg for attention here.

  174. Is Lin an analyst? Is he the GM or the Coach? What was Lin supposed to say? “No, Steph’s the best, Trae will never get there”. or “Trae’s the best, I’m glad he’s the franchise’s cornerstone and has the starting job over me”.

    As DrewBear2 said, it was a leading question. Lazy media, don’t have any interesting questions, but hoping to stir up controversy. Can’t stand it when they ask players to compare active players and active teammates.

  175. Well said.

    And with the added pressure of Schlenk trading down to draft Young instead of Doncic. To be constantly compared to Doncic.

    On the other hand, that pressure also applies to the front office. They will try everything to make sure Young succeeds. To “manufacture” the superstar. We’ve seen that before too.

  176. My favorite examples. Harden and Chris Paul. Neither has been able to get it done so far.

  177. All good points.

    But will small ball always work? Will there be enough rebounding? Will LIN get enough touches? Young took the most shots on the team yesterday.

    And what about on the defensive end? My feed yesterday was terrible. Didn’t see much of the defense? Right now, Young just seems too small (height and weight) to be able to guard any of the starting guards in the league. I wouldn’t want Lin to have to work too hard to hide Young on that end.

  178. Wow. Good find. Thanks. Will look out for it. Lin continues to use his platform to make a difference.

    Also kudos to Ferrera.

  179. You nailed it. ABSOLUTELY!

  180. Well, I’ll still probably be supporting Lin until he’s literally out of the league.

    But I know what you mean. That’s the NBA. Hey, I don’t even spend $15 for movies!

  181. with that lineup, coach already appointed the “clean up boys”..their sole function is to clean up the mess of the starter every game (as exemplified of the 3rd quarter game against pelican)…LOL!

  182. I think the NBA cares. Or, at least, cares enough to exploit Lin every Chinese New Year to do promos (unless Lin volunteers to do that stuff).

    The Hawks just renovated their arena. I think they care a little bit about getting fans in the seats. Or buying jerseys.

  183. “If Lin starter, make good money, plays consistently for 35 minutes all year round and have big impact.” – FIXED IT FOR YOU.

    Freak injuries can happen anytime in basketball. It has NOTHING to do with being a starter or coming off the bench. What a ludicrous premise.

    You’re right, you don’t get it. It doesn’t matter what WE fans want. It’s what Lin himself has clearly, repeatedly, said. HE WANTS TO BE A STARTER.

    In Charlotte. Lin started and led Walker-less Hornets win over LeBron’s Cavs. The next game vs the Heat, Lin played 16 mins. Lin started against the Kings and played 50 mins in double OT win. The next game, he played 17 minutes. After he bailed out the Hornets with two clutch buckets and win over John Wall and the Wizards, Lin played only 18 mins the next game. Games 6 & 7 playoffs vs Miami, Batum came back from injury, and Lin was allowed to play only 23 and 19 minutes.

    There’s a world of difference in respect and pay and playing time between starting and not.
    LIN PLAYS IN THE NBA. HE KNOWS the difference. He LIVES the difference.

    Lin opted out of the Hornets and chose to sign with the Nets, to be a STARTER!

    Yes, unfortunately, at the moment, Lin is recovering from a horrific injury. And he just turned 30. Has the opportunity passed him by? Who knows. No question it was devastating and disheartening. And the choice may no longer be up to him.

    And, as we know, the politics of the NBA are stacked against Lin. (Anyone saying Gordon Hayward should come off the bench? Despite being old and hurt, did Chris Paul not get a max contract?)

    BUT, as his fans, we can only SUPPORT whatever Lin aspires to be. He hasn’t given up. He’s still out there battling. He still doesn’t want to settle. Why shouldn’t he continue to try to fight for his dream? For as long as possible?

  184. I differ from you in some ways.

    I think respect for Lin is shown by what Coach Stevens has said about him. Lin can wreck the game and take it to your team. And how does it manifest? As KHuang says frequently, he’s very highly defended and scouted against.

    Many starters are just squad players, role players that support the designated stars. I’m sorry but Lin fans put too much on starting. I prefer he starts. If the league isn’t smart enough to put him in that position, he’ll do his thing in another position. But he’ll matter either way.

    I think at this stage of the game, whoever doesn’t respect Lin, that’s their problem. Be unwise enough to not and see what Lin does to you.

    We’ve had one sloppy preseason game that looked very much like one. It determines nothing. It doesn’t mean Lin and Trae won’t play together or Lin won’t start at some point. Things change as the season progresses. Lin on the floor and not injured is the only thing that matters to me right now. Because, if he’s healthy, he can make a difference, even if it turns out he’s slowed down post knee injury. He played smart and effectively in the first game.

  185. I was surprised they chose to answer this question. But not surprised by Lin’s response. Of course Lin was hurt by the trade, and felt betrayed. Especially when there were such close bonds with these Nets. He’s still a human being after all.

    I’m always blown away by how diplomatic and mature Lin’s answers are. Yet somehow still retain honesty and genuineness.

  186. Yes, very well-written reporting by Chouinard. Good summary of JLin’s comments from Media Day forward.

    I don’t like that Bembry implying Lin being on the “second unit” is a foregone conclusion. Did Lloyd Pierce already announce it internally to the team?

  187. Definitely bittersweet. For both JLin and his fans. Hope it will be ALL sweet going forward!

  188. Josh Fan. Always faithful trainer, friend, “brother”. JLin is lucky.

    Not so lucky with the blind refs. Sigh…..

  189. Hoping ChristineCheng60 will post longer highlights. I missed this pass, and can’t seem to find a video of it anywhere.

  190. Yup. Everybody saw this except the Ref. Nothing has changed.

  191. Thanks for the vids. There were a few PnR between Young and Collins.

    And I think Lin’s reverse layup was off a pick/screen from Len.

    The scoop layup was NIIIICE hesitation move.

  192. Half kidding and half hoping. The ten years is my hope for best case scenario, a la Steve Nash retiring at 41.

  193. Okay, gotcha. We can look forward to seeing Lin play this season. I just have to learn about and to like Lin’s new teammates, the way I learned to like the Nets players (except Russell).

  194. it’d be the best given who they have on the roster.

    on offense pierce keeps talking about playing fast, about attacking before the defense can get set. i think this will require another play maker not just trae. that way you cant just hone in on him.

    on defense, it’s always going to be a struggle. no switching, as that creates mismatches so they’re just going to have to rely on good old hard work and help defense.

    i honestly think they dont care too much about defense and want to simply outscore their opponent every night. this way they get a “fun” team and attract viewers. this is much more important right now as there is no way they are contending for a ring.

  195. Right now, the best sources for updates on the Hawks seems to be Kevin Chouinard, the team writer. And Terrell Thomas, who has been posting media day and lockerroom interviews on his You-Tube channel.

    Peachtree Hoops seem to prefer “talking” about Hawks news with podcasts. Meh.

    All the other local media seem to be mostly focused on the college sports (football), the Falcons, and the Braves playoffs. Maybe after March Madness, and if the Hawks are winning, they’ll get more press. LOL.

    Listen to what Bembry said about Lin (without being asked). From Terrell Thomas. @ 1:12 “We got a lot of smart players on this team, especially the second unit, with Jeremy Lin and Vince Carter, years they’ve been with the League, it makes it easier for us…”

  196. Another quote from Kevin Chouinard’s article. Good news from JLIn.

    “I felt good,” Lin said afterward. “Obviously, there are some things that are going to take a little bit of time: my speed, my explosiveness, and things like that. But I played a game, I didn’t get hurt, and it was my first game experience in a long time. I’m just thankful.”


  197. KHuang’s argument has always been silly.

    brad stevens can give lin all the compliments he wants, but is he banging down ainge’s door asking him to sign lin? actions speak louder than words.

    pop can sic kawhii on lin every game, praise him after every game, but as pres of bball ops, did pop ever offer lin a massive contract? no…

    there’s a difference between respecting one’s game and wanting them on their team as their #1 option. or even sidekick…

    the closest lin got after linsanity was his 1st season in houston and his time with the nets which we will not speak of. every other time he was just a role player. on this team he is a role player. not even 6th man. bembry looks more like 6th man.

  198. honestly it looks that way.

    occam’s razor…

    i wont hold my breath waiting for pierce to make lin a starter even when he’s fully healthy…

  199. You are so right about the big deficit in regular season games if the team starts the rookie. The young PG will be schooled each game bricking his shots.

  200. He was 1-11 in the game until Pelicans sent in their 2nd team.

  201. just like lin, we also walking (running) on a tight rope as he play…we obviously don’t want to have another injury that will likened as the final blow to jeremy’s career in the NBA

  202. Plus Lin is still playing under restriction,

  203. found this one hilariously serious!!!

  204. Trae Young struggling 1/11 is bad news and I feel sorry for him. He seems like a good kid but it’s just not right to put so much pressure on a young rookie to be a franchise saviour and the next Stef Curry.

    The athlete’s mind is very fragile. If you erode the confidence, sometimes really bad things can happen. We’ve already seen lots of draft picks go bust. Maybe it’s nit the kids fault at all…maybe it’s the stupid league that continues to eat it’s youngsters up! Below is cases of career meltdowns when a skill meets the yips.

    STEVE BLASS syndrome
    Steve Blass was a consistent pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1966 to ’72, and he was even an All-Star in 1972. In the 1971 World Series against the Baltimore Orioles, he pitched a complete-game four-hitter in Game 7, helping the Pirates to a 2-1 victory. After the 1972 season, however, his ERA rose to above nine as he lost his ability to control his pitches, and he walked 84 batters in 88.2 innings.
    What happened next: He didn’t bounce back after that disastrous 1973 campaign, and he retired in 1974. After he finished playing, he joined the Pirates TV and radio broadcast in 1983.

    A psychologist explains a bit about why and how it happens.

    There are all kinds of traumas that can interfere with focus and concentration. The margins for pitchers are extraordinarily small – not just in terms of the fine motor coordination involved, but in the ability to focus on the target…much less the kinesthetic awareness required to feel the “adjustments” with different kinds of pitches. This was truly one of the saddest cases in baseball. But there are positives too. Remember a couple of years ago when Jared Saltalamachia couldn’t get the ball back to the pitcher. He’s Boston’s ace-in-the-hole in the world series right now. Brainspotting is a very effective method and remedy for trauma induced neuromotor problems. Somatic experiencing, and EMDR methods show promise as well. Traditional CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) has limitations. These other methods can be most helpful. Thanks for the input,
    Stephen Walker, PhD

    There are many other cases of how the mind can choke away a fantastic fine twitch skill.

    The Houston Rockets swept the Orlando Magic in the 1995 NBA Finals. But in the waning moments of Game 1, Nick Anderson had the chance to ice the game for the Magic, who were ahead by three points. Instead, he bricked four consecutive free throws (he was a career 70 percent free throw shooter), the Rockets hit a three-pointer and went on to win in overtime.
    The Houston Rockets swept the Orlando Magic in the 1995 NBA Finals. But in the waning moments of Game 1, Nick Anderson had the chance to ice the game for the Magic, who were ahead by three points. Instead, he bricked four consecutive free throws (he was a career 70 percent free throw shooter), the Rockets hit a three-pointer and went on to win in overtime.

    After being traded from the Atlanta Braves to the Texas Rangers in 2007, Jarrod Saltalamacchia was one of the most prized catching prospects in the league. He was steady behind the plate, hit for a decent average and for some power as well. But in 2010 he simply could not throw the ball back to the pitcher. He was sent down to Triple A, where he demolished minor-league pitching, batting .339 in the first 19 games of the season. But the Rangers would not call him back up to the majors because he still could not complete the throw back to the mound.
    What happened next: Saltalamacchia sought help from a sports psychologist, who eventually helped him get over his ailment. He returned to the big leagues after he was traded to the Boston Red Sox in 2010. Since 2014 he has played for the Miami Marlins and the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was signed by the Detroit Tigers in December 2015.

    Trae Young is being thrown into a lions den by Hawks management. I’m not saying he’ll suffer a major melt down like these examples, but even a slight hit to the confidence can ruin a stroke. These young high draft kids are thrown off a cliff to see if they can survive. No other sport does that, especially one that requires such incredibly fine twitch motor control skills.

  205. whats the joke? I thought that was a perfect pass from JH! hmmmm no…anything out of norm!

    lol…couldnt help it either

  206. I don’t get your hypocrispy here. Who say I was choosing? And was I talking to you?

    You think you make enough too to have a right to choose whether lin is a starter or that he won’t get hurt? So from your comment you are saying you have a right to choose? You think you own the team? You are not the gm and the coach. So I can say the same thing, comparing YOUR income with LIn’s you have no right to choose. What does that make of you? I will tell you – a hypocrite because you are attacking me when the same statement can be use to attack yourself. Stop making lin fans look bad by being one delusional hypocrite based on all your previous comments.

    Heck, Lin make 1,000,0000 times more than you and he can’t even choose to be a starter or that he can’t get hurt, so why are you saying whether I have a right to choose or not. No one here including you can make him a starter. You don’t make any sense.

    What I said is the truth. beggars can’t be choosers and right now, you can’t choose him to be a starter. It seems like you are the one constantly saying lin should do this and that and etc when you don’t have full control of him. So why say it at all. Be real.

  207. Fans don’t have to buy tickets to watch the poor training games.

  208. Oh and look who’s the one who constantly post here as if this is their only occupation. I open up this page all I see usually are your long post. I have a life and many other meetings to conduct weekly, but that doesn’t make the person not a lin fan.. just a realistical one.

  209. I think we should wait until a few games into the real season to make any determinations about player’s roles and such. I think that the pre-season is the time to look at players and make evaluations. But real games my look much different.

    I’m at the point where it’s all on them. We respect Lin and those that know basketball do. It would be nice to have Lin in the situations we envision, but that hasn’t really panned out. So, he’ll have to excel like he always does in whatever he finds himself in. And he doesn’t have to stay with Atlanta that long.

    For me, Lin playing and getting himself back in NBA speed and not getting injured is the main priority. Atlanta is temporary and I see this as a rehab season. After that, hopefully a starting position on a playoff possible team is available for him. But my caveat is always, when Lin starts, the management still doesn’t give the respect we want and look to bring in others to replace him in that position in time. That’s sadly the box they’ve put Lin in. I totally don’t agree with it.

  210. Yes. Stay healthy Lin. He did great.

  211. Took too many shots. Forced the issue. He’s a raw rookie. He seems to have some talent.

  212. The Hawks are offering a ticket promotion, with a post-game ‘Meet and Greet’ with Jeremy …

  213. Jeremy and friends arrange a birthday celebration for a participant on his TV show, ‘Dunk of China.’

    Be sure to watch the video all the way through …

  214. I have a stable full time job and a family but I still find time to follow JLin as most of the others do. We enjoy and cherish what we are.

    Lin fans always come here to do their sharing. We come here often to show our concern and support of Lin’s career. This is a Lin fan website.

    English is only my second language but rebuking injustice is fun and addictive. We may have more to share than native speakers who have taken too much for granted.

    We enjoy what we are and what we do and most of all we enjoy life but we are wary about trolls spreading their venom here, preaching tanking and fake stars.

  215. It will be much better for Young to start in D-league. His mind and body aren’t ready for big time. He’s not like Luka Doncic.

  216. want to upvote this comment x1000 but cant. sad.

  217. i agree. but call it ptsd or whatever, i’m not optimistic lin gets preference over anyone else…

  218. Beggars and choosers are so irrelevant.

    However, it gets to your nerve when you know you don’t make as much as Lin does and I compare you with beggars.

    Lin is bound by a contract. I presume you know what a contract means. People bound by a contract has less choices. Is it fair to compare them with beggars?

    I have more choices in my jobs and I don’t make as much as Lin. What you said is utterly offensive and irrational.

  219. There might be some misunderstanding here.

    The expression “beggars can’t be choosers” means “people with no other options must be content with what is offered”

    I don’t think bwc meant to correlate the expression to Lin’s income but to the situation that Lin can’t choose to be in the 1st and 2nd unit after coming off a season-long injury

  220. We all know that comparing Young with Doncic doesn’t seem fair. Schlenk is a shrewd GM. I like the roster of Atlanta better than Brooklyn. However I want JLin to get out of this Warrior 2 stuff as soon as he can. There is a better way to live than playing for the Hawks for more than a year.

  221. LOL LOL LOL
    That is a very MVP pass. Melo should make a dive for it.

  222. I don’t wish for him to fail. I want him to succeed so that he can help Lin to win and reach the playoffs. It may turn out bad for him if he’s fed to the lions. There’s an old saying in pro tennis that “you eat what you kill”. Pro sports is not an area for the weak of heart. Team sports can help youngsters grow but it requires patience and good team culture. If the NBA keeps this type of non development up, they will waste a lot of young talent, as it has already done so in the past few years.

  223. Baseball players started from small league, I suppose.
    Why didn’t NBA players?

  224. Lin Ready For New Opportunity With Hawks

  225. OK, I hear you. But I think it’s just preseason now and Lin needs to get back into the NBA grind slowly.

  226. maybe small ball is overrated: jokic and plumlee combine for 43 points on 18 of 21 shooting against lakers. (and beat them again)

    (and its still a star driven league as the espn headline is ” “lebron shines in staples debut”. )

  227. A soon to be 30-year old DRose is in the same path with JLin trying to regain their playing form after a series of injuries. It’s a good reminder that health is at a premium in the NBA and even a former MVP and 3-time All Star can get traded from the Cavs to the Jazz, waived and signed by the Timberwolves to be reunited with his old coach/president, Thibodeau.

    Hoping and praying JLin can stay health to play throughout the season. His quote about being happy and believing in himself, loving to play is similar to Jeremy’s recent quotes.

    I’m just thankful that Lin is healthy and playing again 🙂

    Rose, who has a 6-year-old son and 6-month-old daughter, turns 30 on Thursday.

    “Me turning 30, it plays into learning who I am as a man, learning who my family is,” Rose said. “My mom is a worrier. She has faith, but she worries. The genetics, I think, rubbed off on me. When I was younger, I used to worry a lot. But I told myself, ‘All of this is out of my control anyway. Why am I frustrated with this, worried about that, when at the end of the day, I am happy and I believe in myself?’

    “I never went in deep with it. I am like, ‘Man, I am not going to be like Mom.’ That was my goal. That is what ended up happening until I got perspective of the whole situation.

    “I am in year 11 now. I tore my ACL in my third year. Most guys would have been retired. Financially, I have saved my money. It’s all about the love. I still feel like I can hoop.

  228. Selling “dreams” to younger fans is much easier than selling wins in the short run. The system allows it and more and more fans are tired of it and never return.

  229. lol Frank Kaminsky, Lin’s ex-teammate, shared how detailed the Hornets want to know about the player’s wife and girlfriend
    “Line for the wife AND the girlfriend 💯 💯 💯”

  230. 🙌 if JLin can play the whole season mostly healthy, we should celebrate with glasses of champagne 🙂 That should be the main goal for this season so he can get a good contract next season.

  231. Information of Bazemore and Lin as trade assets

    There are less obvious trade assets in Kent Bazemore and Jeremy Lin, in that reasonable people may disagree if they are net positives or negatives on their current contracts. They are certainly movable contracts if Atlanta is so inclined to; however, this is where the team’s timeline of competitiveness comes into play.

    If Atlanta is intent on jumping into the 2019 offseason with as much cap space as possible, then moving Bazemore (and Miles Plumlee) for expiring contracts may become a priority for the team. But if Atlanta thinks they should punt their space in the 2019 offseason to the 2020 offseason, then they may be willing to move Jeremy Lin to take on some guaranteed salary in 2019-2020 with an asset attached as well.

    As far as creative approaches to salary cap management that Atlanta can take on this current season, there really isn’t much. The team cannot get to a position of having cap space this season — so they won’t have the option to do a renegotiation of a current contract or be able to creatively use cap space in order to re-aggregate salaries in multiple trades. They are limited to mostly straight-forward trades where they may be swapping out future salary for cap space or vice-versa. The team will not have to worry about any luxury tax issues as they are too far away from a payroll that high — although there may very well be internal budgetary restrictions that limit Schlenk’s ability to add on salary.

  232. That part was interesting; either it’s Bembry’s assumption (at least for the preseason?) or it’s what Pierce announces to the team. I guess we’ll know if Pierce changes the lineup or sticks to it for the first 10 games of the regular season to see if Trae needs help as a rookie.

  233. What’s big is Lin chose to answer the question to confirm there was some sense of feeling betrayed; possibly of Marks not communicating to Lin of the trade after Lin made that statement of not expecting the trade the day before.

    Didn’t Lin mention about there’s difference of wanting to do things right and actually doing things right? Can’t really trust NBA GMs, I guess

  234. Excellent summary of how Lin replied to the Trae’s All-Star question vs Steph during rookie year.

    Trae definitely benefits from Steph laying the path of what he can be but yes, the greater expectation can also make or break him.

    He seemed eager to listen and learn but I guess we have to see how he interacts with his teammates.

  235. Next time you should really understand what all these English idioms and phrases meant before you fire away at people. Beggar and chooser in these phrase IS COMPLETELY RELEVANT.

    I have a friend who owns a million dollar company and he told me ‘beggars can’t be chooser’ with beggars referring to himself when the other supplier has the leverage. Is he a real beggar? NO. He can simply not do the deal, but he wants to as that is the only cheap supplier he can find in that time span.

    Same with another real estate investor friend I have. In late 2016 he end up buying a property that is not his 100% desire but he had to do 1031 exchange or else he is dead with taxes. Does that make him a beggar when he had to tack on $100K over the asking price to get that property or pay massive capital gains tax because last time he bid on another property, he lost out and couldn’t get that even after he tacked on only 50K over the asking price? NO freaking way. He is far from what you THINK in literal terms a beggar and I’m sure he make more money than you if you are so insecure about money as you are the one whom kept talking about it. But yet, when he told me about this incident of tacking on 100k on something he likes only 80%, I told him “well, beggars can’t be choosers”.. and he nodded completely in agreement. Did he go crazy like you did in defense of lin? No. because he knows he is secure financially and doesn’t have insincerity of people saying he is a beggar!

    And no, you did not struck a nerve in me regarding I don’t make as much as Lin. Even if I own a few rental properties with each one valued over 1 million bucks under age of 50 will not make me earn more than Lin. He makes 12 million per year.. that’s over 1 million per month before taxes.

    So I don’t get why is it so offensive and irrational. I think you are offended and irrational. If my friend doesn’t take offense to that, you shouldn’t as I’m sure he makes way more than you… there I”m talking about money as you seems to be insecure about it and say you have a job and stuff. smh.

  236. Thank you for understanding this. I suspected he doesn’t know english well and then from his other comment, I realized his english IS his 2nd language. But hey, English IS MY 2ND Language too but I understood what that means. Maybe he is not in the USA here longer than I am.. I was raised in the USA.

  237. I’m all for us drinking champagne!

  238. Too funny! The “or” is assumed but come on we know there are many cheaters in the NBA.

  239. Always like D Rose more than Lebron. If it weren’t for the injuries D Rose would still be the no.1 favorite player in China! Sad how the MVP has fallen.

  240. My friend, I learned the hard way not to get into it with this guy, as others have also found out. His hypocrisy and incoherent ramblings know no end. Apparently he’s the holder of all truth and objectivity and anyone who disagrees is a troll that needs to be rebuked (by him, of course). Really makes honest discussion difficult on this site.

  241. I just had a conversation with a friend during lunch that the exciting-but-dangerous playing style of DRose, DWade, and JLin to some extent might have higher risk of injury by attacking the rim fearlessly.

    As they got older, they did have to adjust to extend their career in the NBA. I still remember how loud DWade used to crash on the floor after attacking the rim against big defenders.

    I listened to 1 Hawks podcast today and heard one interesting line, “Health is a skill in the NBA” when they talked about several players in the Hawks having injuries.

  242. Yes all the hard no call fouls and injuries from quick stops and falling does cause more injuries. Not to mention the league have always wanted to move around from the easy drives and more towards range scoring. Steph Curry’s pioneered a new kind of playing style that kept extending the 3 point range.

    Compared to rim plays, shooting 3 is far more exciting unless it’s one of D Rose’s MJ-Like slam dunks. 3s can be done on more back to backs than any drives.

    What drives does help with is stopping the clock but 3s allows a faster paced and more exciting game with less fouls.

  243. Or take all the credit for the playoff birth while Lin leaves for another team after 1 season just like the Hornets.

    What Lin need to focus on isn’t making the playoffs but staying healthy and getting stats for his next contract. He’s always wanted to force the issue but I think he’s finally learned to just go with the flow and enjoy playing basketball. No more mentoring and doing extra work, focus on playing basketball and scoring. Don’t worry so much whether others are getting touches or whatever.

  244. When you use cliche you need to pay attention to the connotative meaning. You are careless and deserve to be called out. You don”t use English that well.

  245. Lin is a better player than Harden but Rockets chose Harden to be their franchise and did want Lin to outshine their “star”.

  246. I wouldn’t talk about other people not using English that well when I’m not the one who didn’t understand the phrase ! In fact, people thought I’m an ABC.. which I’m at actually very close to it. And Connotation my butt.. it’s a common phrase… with no connotation attached to it. It’s no different than blatantly say he has no choice to be a starter or it’s not his say to be a starter.. all of these have the same connotation. Please, understand American English first (not British HK english or Phillipines English) before trying to call people out because it’s getting back fired and you know it.

  247. look at where chris Paul stand while harden hold the ball….memories or fate???

  248. when you felt a negative meaning on word uttered by others EVENTHOUGH you knew what he really meant by his statements, is i believe is an exasperation of ones frustration..good to know that you don’t want Jlin to be called a beggar, but we should at least acknowledge what other persons meaning when they say whats on their mind and avoid putting word in their mouth (because we don’t want others too misunderstand us the same way) just saying..cheers to all!!

  249. In theory, unless one of the other guards/wings prove to be diamonds in the rough, the Hawks will still need a healthy JLin for the entire season. If they trade Lin, who will replace his experience and production? And, as Kwok often pointed out, the Hawks already have 3 picks next year, so more future picks? They may be better off just tanking THIS year.

    Then again, we thought it was more logical for the Nets to wait until Lin returned to up his value. And we were wrong. No way to predict what Schlenk will do.

    And Schlenk was not shy about admitting that Lin is also a valuable expiring contract, which was part of his reason for trading with Brooklyn. So, we’ll have to keep one eye open. Lin getting traded could be possible.

  250. Salary caps is difficult to navigate and follow. So many different scenarios. Tough to figure it all out without spending a lot of time. Which I don’t have, LOL.

    What’s notable is that Lin is eligible for a contract extension with the Hawks.

    The author says “Lin is currently eligible for an extension to start at $16,522,105 in 2019-20 and last until 2022-2023 for a total of a little more than $74 million…..An extension agreement can be reached at anytime up until June 30, 2019 for Lin “.

    Which I understand because, per the CBA, $16M is 120% of Lin’s current salary. But, the chart shows $20M. The author isn’t very clear on how he arrived at the cap hold numbers. Or at least not clear to me.

    Regardless, what’s meaningful is that. IF Lin stays healthy, and the Hawks are playing to win, and Lin has a great year, the Hawks could show their appreciation by signing Lin to that extension. WOULDN’T THAT BE GREAT. But, I won’t hold my breath on this.

    And I always find the disparity in salaries between a “superstar” and a lottery pick (Young) and the 19th pick (Huerter), and the 30th pick (Spellman) to be laughable. As if superstars can win without help from their teammates. And how teams are invested in their draft picks.

  251. Haha. Yeah. “Health is a skill”. It also helps when you don’t play defense either.

    Look at Harden. And the criticisms around the League that LeBron has also been taking plays off on the defensive end in recent years.

    But, seriously, I’m not sure I get that. Injuries happen all the time. Look at Durant and Steph, both were injured by TEAMMATES falling on them accidentally. Basketball is a contact sport, but without helmets and lots of padding.


  253. That was funny. And nice. Must be Lin’s idea. Remember all the birthday “pie-ing” between the Lin brothers, and poor Mama Lin….

  254. AHA! I knew it! I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first Asian Community Night for the Hawks. Using Lin to generate ticket sales.

    I guess the bright side is that Asian Lin fans in Atlanta will get a chance to meet JLin.

    Bobble-head doll will be next?

  255. That was great! Can’t wait until that whole Rockets team implodes. And Daryl Morey was rumored to want to add Jimmy Butler to the mix. Yes, Daryl, you should go for it. LOL.

  256. Party time for sure!

  257. There is no need to make fun of someone’s proficiency in English. Does speaking English better make you a better person?

  258. Yeah, I’ll give it a few more games in the regular season to see what’s what.

    Don’t forget Pierce is SUPPOSED to be a defensive coach. Let’s see if he means what he says.

  259. As long as Lin gets back to his top form with the best trade value, he could go to teams desperate to go to playoff.

  260. I’m looking forward to having Baz, Dedmon, Vince carter, Lin, Alex Len on the court

    at the same time. It may take a while. I can wait.

  261. maybe small ball is over rated part deux:

    boban marjanovic 15 pts in 11 minutes on 4 of 5 field 7 of 7 ft
    dandre ayton 21 pts 15 rebounds 9 of 13; 3 of 4
    andre drummond 31pts 16 rebounds
    zaza pachulia 10pts 3 rebounds 2 assists 1 block in 14 minutes 4 of 6; 2 of 2
    enes kanter 22pt 20 rebounds 8 of 9 ft
    willy herangomez 16 pts in 17minutes 10 rebounds 6 of 7; 3 of 3
    jonas valanciunas 18 pts 9 reoubnds 21 minutes
    nichola jokic 20 pts 7 of 10 4 of 5
    mason plumlee 11 of 11!!!! 23 points in 19 minutes
    justin hamilton 29 pt 13 rebounds 15 of 17 ft
    rudy gobert 14 pts in 15 minutes 6 of 7 field 9 rebounds

    in every case except valancinunas the team with the dominant traditional center won.

  262. The success of a team depends on their ability to keep their players healthy.

  263. It’s only the owner’s money anyway.

  264. Thanks for sharing this video.
    Basically, Schlenk stated 3 things about JLin:
    1. Valuable expiring contract -> can be traded for assets
    2. Help Trey Young manage expectations with Linsanity high/down experience
    3. Really good player

    He spoke at length about how JLin can help Trey manage expectations (claimed as bust/next Steph Curry everytime he misses or makes shots). It’s clear that these 3 factors are important for Lin’s values in Atlanta.

    I hope by the end of season, Lin can really show Atlanta and other teams about being “really good player” and the first two are just intangibles.

  265. Years ago on CF (< $60 million salary cap: ), someone said that average salary for a starting point guard, who can play both offense and defense, was $8 million/year, while if he could only play offense or defense, it was $5 million / year.

    Adjusting for salary cap spike since then, Lin is probably still underpaid (based upon his proven16 / 6 projections if he were given true starter minutes and role: ), and is way cheaper than Kyle Lowry, this season, and even when considering his “ridiculous” $20 free agent cap hold next summer.

  266. Preseason games allow players to develop team chemistry and to experiment plays. SCOREs aren’t important. I don’t expect Lin taking too many shots. Only a rookie would take 16 shots in 20 minutes of a preseason game. What does it tell you?
    Either Trae Young is not that smart or the coach is crazy.

  267. I also believe Lin should take more shots and dominate the play. As for mentoring, Lin showing them how it’s done is how he should do it. No need to go the extra mile to feed weaker players to build them up.

  268. Jeremy and the Hawks visit the National Civil Rights Museum, in Memphis.

    Note : The clip is in two parts (inside and outside).

  269. this is why he’s a salary dump. another 2016 albatross contract that’s virtually unmovable…


    glass ceiling. just like pj hairston, ABJ when a starter can’t play…

  271. meaning lin is a bench player only… to all those still in denial, how many more signs do you guys need?

  272. None of us are in denial, lol. We don’t need you to pretend you knew any better. I’m ticked so don’t go raining on us as well. We knew pretty much what we were going to get from this team. Lin will be the garbage man taking out the trash the starters leave behind.

    I just watched 3 hours of Golf channel coverage of the UL championship crown in Korea and all they did was cover the Americans. The Koreans are the number one seed with world number 1and 3 and all we get is watching the Americans. Asians are invisible even when they beat the pants off of everyone else. Asian women are the best golfers in the world but they don’t get any respect.

    Steve Nash played great at the Olympics and made the NBA take notice. My only last hope is if somehow Lin can play for China and do the same. If he can lead the Chinese team to win even a few games in the Olympics, he will give a lot of credibility to Chinese players….the way the Argentines and Spaniards did when they beat the USA team.

  273. been saying it all summer long… bunch of people said it’s only one game blah,blah, blah… wait until this or that, etc. there’s nothing more to see. all the sign point to lin being a bench pg on this team.

    it’s time to give up people. this is a development tank team. lin will not get true opportunity here…

  274. You can give up all you want. We can still be happy to see Lin at least play second fiddle. If you don’t like it leave us to our delusions. Do you think Lin is dumb to not know why he should n Atlanta? He’s been aloof because he sees no future there as well.

    That’s life as Asian Americans. It’s nothing new to any of us. We’ve all been past over by bosses who looks past us like we’re invisible. DO YOU KNOW WHY PARENTS WANT US TO BECOME DOCTORS? It’s because, when white Americans are dying or sick, they can’t be choosy about our skin colour. They gladly let us treat them. My best advice to any young Asians aspiring to be an athlete, choose any individual sport like golf or tennis where you earn your place by winning. Bball is a rigged game and it’s nothing more than pro wrestling.

  275. lin is not even second fiddle. bembry looks to be 6th man. lin is just a piece at this point.

    you guys can have all the delusions you want. i’m here on earth where the truth hurts. instead of daydreaming the pain away i accept it and look ahead to next year. perhaps free agency will treat him well… one can only hope…

  276. Too much Hollywood stuff inserted in the game. Too little sportsmanship. What a shame!

  277. It is what it is. Tell that reality to the Asian ancestors who lived out a miserable lonely life without ever seeing their families ever again. They toiled and sent money home and planted deep roots for us all. What Lin’s suffering is nothing in comparison to what they had to endure. Yes he’s denied what’s rightfully his but at least he’s trailblazing for those to come after him. At least he’s making millions instead of pennies washing laundry.

    Life’s not fair but we can still find joy in the little things that’s allowed to us. In the grand scheme of things, Chinese people tend to want to work the system from within. We don’t like making waves, we are soft like water and fill the cracks and crevices that allows us to take hold. Our way is to wear away the rocky shores to back us and wear them down to sand.

  278. Jeremy got hurt two years in a row. Let it play out and see. His steadfast effort will yield good result.

  279. Yes. Lin said it when asked about the Hawks organization on Media Day. The thing is, if Sean Marks feels he has to do certain things to advance the Nets in the future, then fine, whatever. We know, it’s the NBA business model.

    But then, don’t turn around and preach family, and culture, and treating the players well. Why do it? Total hypocrisy.

    And nope, can’t trust NBA GMs.

  280. no need to state it time after time because we too see the events as it is one here is right as against wrong opinion or notion. lets just enjoy these discussion as if we are also riding the roller coaster of Jeremy’s playing career.chill!!!

  281. We already know that, no need to remind us, lol.

  282. And, if you are right, do you want a medal? Would you rather be right, or be wrong?

    We have all seen how Lin has been treated by the Knicks, the Rockets, the Lakers, the Hornets. We saw how the Nets just dumped him. Do you really think we are still delusional? But how does all this negativity help, except to get us all depressed?

    When Lin got traded to the Hawks, my fear was that they would just waive him. (I didn’t know they were trying to trade Schroder.) I’m relieved that didn’t happen.

    And you talk like Lin has a choice. I always challenge people who say he should do this or that, or go here or there. This is the NBA. 30 teams (24 available to Lin). Which other team should he go to, that WILL give him the true opportunity? He has no control until he’s a free agent anyhow.

    Come on. There are 4 more pre-season games, and 82 more games. You are already writing off this season? So, we should just stop watching?

    As fans, we have two choices. Follow him and continue to support him. Or not.

    Some of us choose the first option. And look forward to seeing Lin stay healthy, and get to play. One game at a time.

    If you choose to give up, go ahead. Lin hasn’t given up yet. If you want to stop following him, that’s also your choice. But then, who’s going to write the “notes from the game”? 🙂

  283. Lin and China and Olympics would be a lot of fun. But there may be issues with citizenship and representation. Sorry, don’t mean to rain on that idea too…..:-(


    Professional golf or tennis is certainly more lucrative. But also sports like swimming, or track and field, where winning is clearly indicated by an objective measure like time. Reduces impact from politics.

  285. Interesting stats. Not having watched the games. Wonder how the points were scored? I’m guessing not back-to-basket post-up. Lobs and dunks? Pick and pop? Pick and roll? Not many perimeter shooting stretch-5s on that list.

    Small ball still require good rebounding. So that they can get out and run?

  286. I see you are still pushing for Lin to Toronto. Haha. Lin would hate all that snow. But, they also have Van Vleet that they want to develop after Lowry, no?

    Are you suggesting some trade between Toronto and Atlanta? Not sure that’s going to happen. In free agency next summer?

  287. Yeah, after explaining so much about why they wanted Lin, Schlenk kind of just threw in the “really good player” at the end.

    But, we will take it. Hope Lin will get the chance to play his game with Atlanta this year.

  288. To be honest though. Aside from the CORE FOUR, plus Iguodala and Livingston, (here all the money went). GSW hasn’t exactly been kind to its “role” players. They don’t even sign and keep their draft picks. There’s a lot of turnover at the 5, and with the guards. Patrick McCaw only got a qualifying offer. They didn’t bring back West, or McGee, or Swaggy. They are in “win now”, so less concerned about draft picks and the future.

  289. Sheeeesh. Oy vay.

  290. As always, you take on a serious subject.

    And I can only admire your analogies. Well done.

  291. we as lin fans shouldn’t sugarcoat his situation. we can remain positive by cheering for him in whatever role is asked of him, but we shouldn’t ignore the truth.

  292. Lin will do mighty well because Atlanta has lots of garbage to clean up.

  293. Lin is in better shape than his teammates, as usual.

  294. Lin was at his worst when he joined the Hornets. He had one of his best season there matching up with the best PGs in the league. This time around, I am not the only one who thinks Lin is going to have a breakout season. Jeremy Lin is also named Breakout Candidate for 2018-19.

  295. Schlenk also admitted that Lin is a really good player. This is on the top of my list.

    If Lin can’t play, Schlenk wouldn’t trade for him.

  296. Not going to start Lin even with injured player?!

  297. News of a white man not wanting an Asian woman to be his doctor will tell you otherwise…

  298. Yes, I couldn’t agree more. GS only keep the best. They look for the best available player. They have them and they won’t give them away. As to others, they need to fit into their budget.

  299. Lin needs just one healthy good season to prove doubters wrong. This is it! We will root for him.

  300. Lin is stubborn, doesn’t understand that you get respect from scoring, not from assists.

  301. Im sure there are still yokels who would want that but as a general rule, doctors gets a lot more respect than hate. There’s been 6 doctors in my family and none have ever had any problem making a living. Each and everyone of them get respect that’s due them. One of best friend will on occasions get drinks or tabs taken care of by patients when he goes out for dinner. That’s respect.

  302. where’s the preseason game 2 thread? it says on the side here its only 6 hours and something minutes away. enquiring minds want to know.

    i also want to know what i did to get the ads that show up here changed from geriatric socks to ashley madison.

  303. here we go. I just released it. Too busy with work as usual 🙂

    Not the slightest clue about the ads lol

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