Outpouring Prayers and Support for Jeremy Lin

One day after Gordon Hayward suffered a horrific ankle injury, Jeremy Lin also suffered a devastating ruptured patella tendon injury and is expected to miss the 2017-18 season.

Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks released a statement to support him on his recovery and reiterates his important contribution on a leadership role on Thursday morning:

Statement from Nets General Manager Sean Marks.

“Jeremy worked tremendously hard during the offseason and in training camp and was excited for the prospects of the team this season.  We feel awful that the injury will cost him the season, however our entire organization will be there to support Jeremy in every way possible throughout his recovery. Jeremy remains an important part of this team and will continue to contribute in a leadership role.”

Jeremy Lin sent a tweet to reassure his fans after the game to show he is still in good spirit and God is always faithful and in control.

In the 4th quarter, Jeremy Lin landed awkwardly after he drove hard to the rim  while being defended by 2 Pacers. The play resulted in a goal-tending call. Immediately after the fall, Jeremy sat up and his expression showed he was stunned knowing something has gone wrong and said, “I’m done! I’m done! I’m done!”. He slumped to the floor with tears realizing his injury might sideline him for a long time after working hard to recover from injury-riddled 2016-17 season.

Outpouring Prayers and Support from Peers

A lot of outpouring and support from Jeremy Lin’s teammates, ex-teammates (Chandler Parsons, Patrick Beverley, Danny Green, Dorell Wright, Greg Smith), NBA Players (Kent Bazemore, Jarret Jack), and ex-NBA players (Kenny Anderson) upon hearing he will be out for the season.

@bruce_arthur @cheesychee3 Bruce, perhaps Nurse can try both Lin+FVV to help each other? Chuck got a great idea to play both 💡 Barkley: "Coach Nurse gotta play more players MIL playing 10 guys. You're not going to beat this team playing 6/7 guys. I gotta play Jeremy Lin …" youtube.com/watch?v=AGAhBb…

Heartbreak for Lin, family, and his fans

So many Lin fans are so heartbroken for JLin and his family having to face another lost season due another injury continue. We can only offer him prayers, support, and encouragement to lift up his spirit that he can recover and come back stronger than ever before.

Whether or not he has to change his playing style, whether he stays with the Nets or not, that’s another issue to deal in the future Now is the time to support him and let him know we got his back.

@JLin7 our prayers will always be w/ you to recover & come back stronger than ever #NeverGiveUp

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10


  1. What Jeremy Lin’s injury could mean to Brooklyn’s season, Kunal Kohli, NothinButNets

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  1. it’s heartbreaking to see him get hurt…he must feel worst a thousand fold…..he has been preparing for this coming season and for him to get horribly hurt with a season ending injury at the start of the game is brutal…..we have our tickets to barclay…we will still go and watch d games….my prayers for a fast healing and we’ll continue to support his team

  2. yes, I can’t help thinking that’s what JLin would want us to do. To stay positive, cheer for his teammates, and support his team.

    JLin is a survivor. He shall overcome this obstacle, too. MJ’s quote on roadblock in life says it best.

  3. I only watched bits and pieces of the first half. I listened to the last few minutes of the fourth quarter while driving and wondered why the commentators never mentioned Lin’s name. My first reaction was KA didn’t play him to close out the game. I didn’t realize at the time that Lin was down. Having two knee surgeries myself, I know very well that Lin will come back in a year. What they can do nowadays is amazing and 60% of the recovery is in the rehabilitation. With the strong muscular structure that athletes have, it makes it even faster to recover. His knee will feel like new again. It was such a freak accident that no prior training could have prevented it. That’s the life of an athlete, not getting injured is a blessing.

  4. My heart aches for Jeremy and his loving family. I am very sure many of us have heavy hearts shrouded with great disappointment and sadness. We have waited many months, anticipating to see a Healthy Jeremy playing as the starting point guard for the Nets.

    We can channel our disappointment and sadness by supporting Jeremy’s loving team and his team mates.
    GO NETS!

  5. This isn’t the news that I want to hear when I woke up this morning. It’s still hard to accept what my fear has come thru. When I saw the reactions of
    JLin immediately after his fall, I knew something bad has happened but
    still hope that it wasn’t what I suspected. Anyhow, reality is reality.
    Now just have to wait when will be the surgery and then the full
    diagnosis and its prognosis of the extend of his injuries. Then the
    recovery time, etc. This is all I care about JLin for now. As usual, I
    have no “patience” on what might happen on his career down in the track.
    We don’t and won’t know. This isn’t in JLin’s mind or concern at the
    moment. His only concern is about the next steps of his injury plus Nets
    without his contribution in this season. As JLin only fan, I only care
    about JLin and has absolutely no interest of NBA/sports. I will continue
    to look for JLin’s news.

  6. From a long time supporter …

  7. Psalm, as you know I’m JLin only fan. Hence, I won’t watch any NBA games until JLin returns. I will still get news from here, Twitter, FB…. If what I feel is so sad and terrible, can’t imagine what JLin and his family have gone thru …… This is what most parents’ nightmare…… Sad, sad, sad…..

  8. Highlights showed Lin got fouled hard 3-4 times [starting from mark 3:15] with at least two times [3:38 and 3:52] putting tremendous stress on his knee to stop falling forward.

    We might never know if it contributed to the injury when landing awkwardly but it shows how physical NBA games can take the toll on human bodies.


  9. I know .. I’m also trying to get over the shock at the moment. I can only imagine how he feels and his family.

    But life must go on and I believe we can also learn how he bounces back strongly when life hits us hard on the face. I believe in him

  10. Yes I saw all that when the fouls weren’t called. There were quite a number of them throughout the whole games. I was really really angry with the refs for not calling. So, Pacer players know they could get away from doing every dirty stint on JLin. All these have added……I blamed the biased refs…. If I’m not JLin ONLY fan, I wouldn’t want to watch any NBA/sports…. I’m really sick and tired to see how sick NBA are…..

  11. “J. Lin looked great before injury, too. He was 3rd on PPP for PNR (including passes, min 10 poss) on 21 possessions. Hope he’s 100% in 2018.”

  12. That’s why I’m ONLY JLin fan. I know he will overcome any obstacles that putting in his way. It’s hard initially but JLin will find a way to overcome. He has the support of his family, friends, fans….. We will hear how he overcomes this soon. I have no doubt about it. Look how quickly he tweeted it out to us yesterday. I can’t imagine how he could do it after suffering such a major injury. He knew it the moment he fell down and yet he still could say what he tweeted. He is really good in processing thru all these…..

  13. Atkinson and Nets look forward to Lin leading from the sidelines


    BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Kenny Atkinson and the Nets were trying look forward Thursday after Jeremy Lin’s season-ending injury … but that doesn’t mean it didn’t deflate the mood around HSS Training Center.

    “I think my sole, singular thought is for his health, his
    well-being, his family, it’s really a tough time,” Kenny Atkinson told
    reporters at Thursday’s practice. “I’m really thinking about him, I’m
    not even thinking about coaching or what our rotations look like but I
    just told our guys today, today is about supporting him. Here’s a guy
    that came back from an injury last year, really worked hard this summer,
    and to have something like that happen, it’s like the Gordon Hayward thing – you’re just sick about it. You’re physically sick.”

    Atkinson went on to explain how Lin approached him after the game to re-assure the second-year coach.

    “The great thing he said to me – ‘hey listen, I think
    we’re better equipped this year. We have more depth’ – and that’s the
    type of guy he is. He’s obviously going through a tough time and to say
    that shows what kind of leader he is and how much he cares about the

    Atkinson wouldn’t discuss any new rotation — “Out of
    respect for Jeremy,” he explained. It’s a particularly tough blow for
    the coach who helped develop Lin with the Knicks, then brought him to
    Brooklyn. A big part of the Nets plan this season was to have the
    29-year-old Lin mentor the 21-year-old D’Angelo Russell.

    “I think that’s part of the frustration. It’s amazing
    how much those two [Russell and Lin] talked on the court. I think I’ve
    already said, but it was like, when I’d call a play, they’ve already
    discussed it. They usually pick the right play. That was an exciting
    thing to see, how well they were communicating and talking about what
    was going on – they’re really ultimate professionals in terms of

    It’s a tough break on many levels. Lin is a leader for
    the team on and off the court. He helped with younger players like
    Russell and serves almost as a ‘player-coach’ for Atkinson. His
    leadership and work ethic spoke for themselves. Those are the things the
    Nets will miss with Lin being gone the entire season … and out of the

    “I think the things we’re going to miss are his
    competitiveness – he really sets the standard with his competitiveness.
    How much he improved as a defensive player from the time he was with the
    up to now is amazing – and then just his leadership by example … his
    understanding of what the staff wants, what the coaching staff wants.
    We’ve got to call it what it is, it’s a big blow.”

    Like last year, Lin will have to be a leader from the sidelines, once he recovers from imminent surgery.

    “He was great last year. He was around all the time. He
    was in my offense telling me what plays to run. I know he’s going to be
    active. He’s so invested. He put so much work into this organization.
    When Sean and I were building here he signed up, maybe when he could’ve
    gone into some other places. The fact that he committed to us. He’s one
    of us. He’s a Net. The more he’s around, the better for me.”

    Throughout the interview, Atkinson constantly used the
    word “brothers” and “family”. It’s part of the culture the Nets are
    trying to build, and one for which Lin helped set the precedent. So, it
    stung for everybody on the team because nobody wants to see family go
    down like that. DeMarre Carroll described the plane ride home as, “mild mannered”.

    “Obviously, we’ve got to give him some space and figure
    it out,” Atkinson said. “I think the important thing here is family. I
    think he needs that support, there’s nothing like family support. I want
    him to know that this is his second family. We’re here. I want him
    involved as much as possible. But I could definitely see him saying
    ‘hey, listen, I need some space. I need some time to get away.’ I think
    as a group we’ll see what that looks like.”

    “They’re so close to it. Watching the clip again – as
    soon as he went down it seemed like they knew. They ran over there
    because they don’t want to see their brother, their teammate gets hurt.
    To get hurt in that manner I think is pretty traumatizing for these
    guys. They understand how lucky they are to be in this league, how lucky
    well all are to have our health. I think there’s a lot of emotions for
    all these guys.”

    Still, despite the deflating news, Atkinson and the Nets
    remain optimistic that they’re headed in the right direction. It isn’t
    the best situation, but the coach feels the adversity will help the team

    “I think we’re in a good place as an organization. We’re
    strong enough top to bottom, Sean (Marks) all the way down. We’re moving
    in the right direction; I think as a group together. We’re going to
    grow from this. It’s not the most fortunate situation but we’ve got a
    great locker room. I know Jeremy is going to support us.”

    Jeremy Lin will have played 37 games in two seasons with
    the Nets. He has a $12.5 million player option at the end of this year.
    No word on that, of course, and no word on rotation changes.

    And although Atkinson wouldn’t talk about rotations, expect Caris LeVert
    to fill his spot in the backcourt to develop chemistry with Russell.
    It was supposed to be the backcourt of the future. After Wednesday
    night, it’s the backcourt of now.

  14. Patella tendon injury… oh boy…! My right knee patella tendon was severed by a big piece of broken glass from a shop display window in a bike accident when I was 4… I remember it took me a whole year in a plaster cast to be able to walk and I was still in the cast for my kindergarten graduation photo. Although i was still able to play basketball later on in my teenage, my jumping ability was far inferior to my peers. And now in my late 30s, my right knee just couldn’t handle things like my left knee can. I have to resort to some very decent knee support to be able to run around without my right knee hurting….

    I hope Lin’s healing ability would surpass that of mine… prayers for Jeremy…

  15. This article brought tears to my eyes. How amazing JLin is despite of suffering one of his darkness moments as a bb player. Relationships between KA and JLin is beyond words.

  16. Hear what KA, LeVert and DC talked about JLin…..

  17. Jlin is so lucky he has the couch n the whole NET team’s support. Imagine if the injury happened when he was with the Rockets or Lakers…

  18. I’m speechless. In moment of despair for his season and possibly career, he’s still putting this team on top of his priority. He’s really given his all to the Nets. I hope the Nets treat him right and reciprocate the love and devotion.

  19. What a loving tribute coach Atkinson gave Lin! I was moved me to tears too.

    It still seems so surreal to me that Lin’s season is over already. Like many fans, I am deeply saddened by the devastating news. We felt his pain. We were just stunned by Hayward’s horrific injury and now it happened to Lin.

    Lin is such a thoughtful and empathetic person, in his agony he tried to comfort his coach. He is a great role model and I am proud to have him as a fellow Asian-American. I will continue to follow him in the future not only because of Linsanity or his basketball skills, but also because of who is as a person.

    Let us stay positive, Lin fans. Wish Lin a speedy recovery and a strong return. His chapter with Nets and KA has not concluded yet.

  20. The whole season crashing down. After watching the show I still had hope for a speedy recovery. Just now find out how serious the injury is. Incredible bad luck in the first match.


  21. It’s hard. I’m not taking this well. It’s more than he isn’t playing basketball. He’s not able to share his gifts with his teammates and fans on the court. I feel so bad for him. His face when he knew his knee was seriously injured is etched in my memory. And it’s heartbreaking.

  22. Why doesn’t Lady Luck smile at Lin? 🙁

  23. Boy is this hard. I think I”m handling my household chores and then find myself wandering back here to the computer like a ghost hoping there will be a reprieve…like it wasn’t as bad as feared and he’ll be back in a month or two, but no. The only comfort is that we know he has tremendous love and support around him, though I’m sure he has moments of mind-bending shock and disappointment. Of course we know he will fight towards his highest and best. That’s who he is. I’m sure I will yet again be taking inspiration from how he finds light in these shadows. Blessings to him, and to all our family here who love him.

  24. So ironic that during off season I was think what a great duo Lin and Hayward would make both being nice people, loves DOTS, and now both has season ending injury. :/

  25. Harvard Basketball‏: Get well soon!!! @JLin7


  26. devastated…. sorrow… pain…. heartbroken….. man.. these words still cannot describe how i feel after seeing the diagnosis of Jeremy Lin…. only in this desperate time one can truly be in God’s presence. Please continue to pray for JLin and his family. I know he will be back. God is with him!

  27. “All of moments that were a setback for Jeremy was actually a setup for the moment that God was going to work through him, not just for Jeremy’s unbelievably sake but for His glory. And it was so great to be a part of that” Landry Field during Linsanity

    I hope he comes back stronger……

  28. i believe lin is going to come back because thats just who he is

  29. From Danny Green of the Spurs …

  30. We will see a new definition of toughness and rising from adversity.

  31. Hi guys,
    I usually dont write things like this. However, I love this site and well I wanted to share. I couldnt figure out why I felt so down about Jeremys injury because come on let’s face it, the world has bigger problems. But then when I thought more about it, I really felt like a small piece of me just tore away. Jlin is not just a bball player. He is someone with the attributes of a truly great man with the qualities that I and I would think anyone and everyone would strive to have. His strength and care for others have influenced me, someone 20 years his senior, for the better. I experienced such joy watching Jlin play that I really couldnt appreciate the beauty of such rare grace until it felt like we may never see it again. Jlin represents so much good and, when watching him play and live his life, it actually gives me hope for the future of mankind, that people like him exist out there and Ive never even met the guy. I feel privileged to have witnessed this young guy play his heart out even when we saw with our own eyes the mistreatment he received from what seems like the whole nba. He rose above everything with grace and dignity. That was cool man. And hes still doing it now. Come back stronger Jeremy. If you or anyone you know reads this, know that you are loved all around the world and are a role model to even old guys like me.

  32. It’s good to see Lin surrounded by love. Seeing him sitting next to his dad soothes my heavy heart a little.

  33. man.. at least let him win a championship first.

  34. Anthony Tolliver is with the Pistons …

  35. You just spoke my mind 100 %. and I’m a 71 years old guy living in Hong Kong. Thank you.

  36. I share the same heaviness, sadness and heart breaking feelings with all of you. I’m also Lin only fan. I don’t really care about the rest of NBA. I feel that Lin’s journey resembles some of Job’s painful sufferings. God allows this accident in His plan. We just don’t know where this leads to at the moment. Pray that he will stay strong with trust in God and be empowered by this accident mentally and physically.

  37. 38yo Taiwanese Aussie here. You hit it right on the nail. I’m touched by your words. You and I both got attracted to Lin for the same reason. He’s more than basketball. He’s one of the reasons why I haven’t completely lost faith in the future of human decency. I’m no Christian myself but I understand the concept. And I think this is a test of faith god gives us. We have to pull through this difficult time and I truly believe that Lin would come back to us.

  38. Thank you!

  39. Thank you for your kind words. Jeremy is a cool guy.

  40. The joy of watching such rare grace, in his play and in his life! Beautifully, beautifully said.

  41. Looks like it. Reliable source. Guess we’ll know officially tomorrow.

  42. 🙂

  43. There are so many heartfelt tribute and sharing of how much JLin means and impact our lives personally beyond the basketball court that can lift up JLin’s spirit in this tough time.

    Please keep sharing them and I will compile them after 2-3 days to create tribute video so JLin can read it and be encouraged.

    Note: I’m not a professional video maker but I’ll do my best. If anyone with professional experience wants to help, please let me know at [email protected]

    Thank you very much for sharing

  44. why surgery in taiwan???
    why not in USA?

  45. i think what she trying to say is that JLIN will be operated tomorrow ans it will be taiwans time in the evening..

  46. the same plight for me..waking up hoping what happened yesterday was just a fluke of my dreams and He was just sprained and can hook up again in just a matter of games. but what we can do? its was laid out By some Grace of our Almighty that this thing comes into place in Jeremy’s Life. Its a struggle but it is one with a resolve..Pray that he gain his strength thru his Faith in our Creator who gives us LOVE.

  47. @JLin7 @JLin7 left the court w/ physical & emotional pain.
    jovan_geezy(IG): Hate this happened to one of the greats! Get well soon Lin!

  48. “Prayers up to @JLin7 ✊????‼️”

  49. When JLin was in tears immediately after the injury, I appreciated how the team gathered around him and hid him from the cameras. I think that was intentional.

  50. Beautiful.

  51. So beautiful to see how many supporters Lin has.

  52. Feels like a nightmare. I watch the tape over and over and it seems so fast and Lin has taken so many much harder hits, winced, and got up. But his realization of something terribly wrong and saying I’m done, and then just collapsing in tears, is emotionally overwhelming.

  53. Jimmy Graham, NFL Tight End, reached out to Jeremy willing to share his recovery story


  54. Such beautiful words about Lin’s influence on you. I strongly suggest you post it on the Nets facebook too to show Lin’s supported and loved by many fans.

  55. Lin just sent out his prayer letter. I’ve got Chinese version only. He’s such a warrior and strong faith in God!!

    林書豪 代禱事項 34

  56. @JLin7 Prayer Request ?
    1 Not to lose sight of my calling
    2 for Nets team, teammates spiritual lives
    3 speedy recovery

    JLin thanked God for the tremendous peace in one of the most devastating times of his life He shared how God has prepared him in the last few weeks to to give Him the space to guide his steps. And he thanked his prayer brothers/sisters-in-arms. He’s proud to journey through life with them!

  57. I seem to recall that Jeremy had to deal with “jumper’s knee” when he was at Harvard. Does anyone know which leg it was on? I wonder if it’s related to his current injury.

  58. This video has a little bit more details, including his 18pts game

    Jeremy Lin Full Highlights 2017.10.18 at Pacers – 18 Pts, Season Ending Injury | Prayers UP!

  59. He had knee issue during high school itself. BTW, many players due to nature of the game. Its a high impact game especially on the joints and knee.

    He had been wearing knee band, most of the time on the right knee during school days

  60. Amen! Godspeed

  61. A good read, on how a NBA player endures pain and maintenance to be in NBA

    Through Severe Knee Injuries, Dwyane Wade Continues to Endure


  62. According to medical specialist, surgery is the best cure and the sooner the better. I guess surgery can clean up lots of problems in his knees once for all. Then it’s rehabilitation. Yes with recent advances in the treatment, there is possibility that he can come back in full strength. Then Lin most likely will start from the bench with strict minutes limitation. Lin will still have a career. After cleaning up the mess that he has had with his knee, he could even be stronger. Trust God will take care of Jeremy. God is always right. Everything God does is perfect. He is never wrong.

  63. I second you and I’m 65 living in HK.

  64. From the past, we can still attribute Jeremy’s success on his talent. From now on, Jeremy’s success will be strictly on God’s grace alone, for thine is power, glory and kingdom. Amen.

  65. Time to go to bed. Pray that JLin’s surgery goes well and that the prognosis is good. God be with JLin and his family during this difficult time.

  66. I am going to root for Nets getting into playoff this year. A long shot. But it is possible. Because that’s what Lin would hope for.

    Even from a sideline, I believe Lin would be involved significantly, mentoring the younglings. giving advises, like a player-coach, even advises to KA. Lin will do what he will do, even if the recipients won’t appreciate.

    Don’t care about the perception of who is the MVP or who is the future franchise player. This is Lin’s team, This is the team for each Nets member, Lin’s second family. Let’s go Nets.

  67. really???

  68. what if the nets win tonight.. will they say they don’t need lin.. lol.

  69. oh gosh.. who is this stoopi pete guy asking nic what to do.. such a dodohead. make us look bad.

  70. I’ve been so stunned by this that I’m speechless…me speechless. I feel as if I’m in denial like a drug addict needing rehab. I think we’re all going through the 7 stages of acceptance now.

  71. I was actually impress and a bit surrpise what was in KA and SM”s mind about lin.. his 2nd family… maybe whatever african american avatar girl name (I forgot her screen name) say it’s true. they were already invested in Lin.

  72. I am sorry to finally see you back on this board for such a sad occasion. Hope you’ve been lurking like Joyce was.
    I was looking forward to seeing all the old voices back to celebrate Lin’s second coming this year. Instead we only have this somber mood to gather and cry on each other’s shoulders.

    I’m hoping that next year, Lin will come back stronger than ever.

  73. No guarantee injured #nets star Jeremy Lin will fully recover: doctor nyp.st/2xT746A via @nypostsports

  74. have to accept that Lin will likely play a lesser role on court after this injury—

  75. Very informative. We can only hope for the type of rupture that is best to repair and will get Lin back to his form as much as possible.

  76. I don’t think the nets will tell us the severity of his injury. They tend to be more secretive on that type of thing

  77. Tried to watch the Lakers late last night. Brook was struggling, and I just got sad thinking of the good chemistry Lin was developing with Brook. Beverley was doing his usual and that brought back bad memories. It’s good to come here and see all of the outpouring of support and love for JLin. And to hear it from athletes in many sports as well. We’ll get through this together.

  78. Could we hear it from other sources, his family perhaps?

  79. I too decided to keep my league pass. Lin definitely wants us continue rooting for the Nets!

  80. maybe. That being said if Lin changes his style to mostly a shooter then it not matter. Lin was already that change anyways and re injury is a fear. I don’t want him doing and falling on the floor anymore

  81. Praying the most powerful Doctor do a miracle on Lin.?

  82. Probably won’t watch NBA unless a big game or an interesting cave or gsw game

  83. I think he can still drive, but use many more floaters and short jumpers. Or pick up some DWade type of moves. DWade used to attack the rim hard like LIn, but at around age 30, he just had too many injuries and changed his game to adapt. But that seems like such a long way off now. Lin has the surgery soon (maybe today) and months of tough rehab to go through.

  84. I wanted to watch Lopez. Had no interest in Ball, and he played terribly. But Lopez unfortunately struggled and really wasn’t involved in the O that much.

    The Cavs and GSW, maybe later. Next Wednesday the Nets play the Cavs. Was looking forward to that game. No longer, now it’s just another Nets game with no Lin.

  85. They have to win a lot this season to think they don’t need Lin at all.

  86. Maybe, but way too soon to say.

  87. unfortunately Lin is there as well. He can drive but in control.

  88. A study from Mayo Clinic described six athletes with ruptured patellar tendons over a ten year period of time.2 All patients returned to their previous level of sports activity an average of 18 months after the injury, although cutting and pivoting started at 6 months. All patients did not have instability or limits in activity levels after surgery, and all had full range of motion and strength when compared to the uninjured knee. Five out of six patients reported excellent functional and clinical outcomes. The authors in this study concluded that, after surgery and rehabilitation, athletes with ruptured patellar tendons can have excellent, long-lasting functional outcomes.2

    from https://dynastyleaguefootball.com/2013/06/01/the-dynasty-doctor-6/

  89. Full recovery expected for Jeremy …

  90. Thank God for “Lin is expected to make a full recovery” ? ?

  91. Yes. It’s absolutely wonderful news!

  92. yesss, let’s hope we hear more details about it ?
    I hear it’s the same doctor that performed successful surgery on LeVert so it’s very encouraging news

  93. Great news!!!

  94. Richard is a big JLin fan but he made a mistake making assumption and apologized.
    Good to know that Batum cared. Many other Lin’s ex-teammates probably texted him to wish him well

  95. A full recovery!! That’s wonderful!!

  96. It’s almost like we don’t need to watch the video

    The Starters on NBA TV: @JLin7 Injury
    What happens to the Nets now that Jeremy Lin’s season is done?

  97. Reddit DOTA 2:Can we do anything for Jeremy Lin on behalf of the Dota community?
    @JLin7 ‘s replied
    “Wow guys…really encouraging and foreal lowkey overwhelming seeing just how much support is out here!! It’s going to be a long road to recovery, but that’s pro (e)sports. One split second can make or break it.
    But in the meantime I’ll be grinding some MMR and hanging w/ my VGJ homies! Dota’s always been one of my escapes when life hits hard.”

  98. Thanks so much for this encouraging information.

  99. The doctor who performed the surgery.


  100. A big burst of light from the darkness many of us were feeling. Such welcome news.

  101. I am keeping my league pass too…I hope to root for the Nets! Go Nets!

  102. zammm..
    da influential power of Jeremy LIn

  103. Lin posted an instagram shot of himself in the hospital room with KA’s arm around his shoulder.

  104. Props to KA.

  105. Guess who stands by @JLin7 after the surgery? Coach Atkinson!
    Get well soon, Jeremy ? #LinStrong

    jlin7 THANKS for all the love!! Foreal Ive been blown away w the support! The road to recovery starts now…in my sexy hat lol

  106. By this time, any doubt about Kenny’s special relationship with JLin should disappear =)
    The guy is truly concerned about his well-being.

    He looks like his uncle there ?

  107. I like KA now… haha!

  108. …starts now…in my sexy hat. Still keepshis humorous. That’s great. Haha?

  109. Good 🙂

  110. Heartwarming picture. Lin is smiling in his post-surgery after experiencing a horrific turn of event of his season. My heart still feels sad for him, but I’m thankful that the surgery went well. And I give KA a bunch of credit for supporting Lin during this time.

  111. he does look like he’s about to go to a hair salon lol

  112. Kenny looks like one concerned but relieved uncle there .. he’s practically family
    Imagine he took the time to wait in the hospital when he has a job to do for morning session, which he probably delegated.
    That’s how important JLin to him 🙂

  113. It could his next stop, normalizing the hair. haha.

  114. That’s very nice of you!
    So many wants to support Nets because JLin would still want us to support them, like in the prayer request. I created a poll trying to see what Lin fans will do with NBA LP


  115. How someone treats you if you are down reveals who they are and who they are to that person. So like I said to those trollabollas here, Lin does have a good relationship with his coach KA. ..and others here still think lin should play in the pelicans or sixers ..sheesh. .

    As the saying goes:

    “When you are ‘up’, everyone is your friend. When you are ‘down’, you find your friends”.

  116. I blame Lin to make his ‘uncle’ worry about him.?

  117. so true .. you find out quickly who your true friends are when you’re down ?

  118. Glad to hear Pete confirmed Lin friends prob texted him to wish well. Pete is a good guy. Always treat Lin fans well

    .Pete Guelli added,
    I could not possibly agree with @nicolas88batum more on this


  119. This uncle has to wear beer hat worrying about him.
    Hope he doesn’t drink too much lol


  120. Right, some players tweet, some text, some call, some do all of that. I think more ex-teammates of Lin contacted him that we don’t know about. I’m sure Lin texted or contacted Batum when he got hurt in preseason.

  121. I’m pleasantly surprised to see that @MemphisGriz wished JLin well not just on Twitter but also on IG.
    Perhaps the media person liked him from the time they tried to pursue Lin as a backup PG before Lin chose the Hornets


  122. some dont have to show it out..
    because if some show it out, you don’t know if it’s real.
    the real one does it privately.

  123. yes, we can’t simply assume his ex-teammates don’t care if they don’t tweet.
    Close friends would have his text number because JLin doesn’t always checks his twitter, even DM like what Kenyon Martin tried to reach out

  124. High praise from Pete Guelli on JLin’s character. That’s why we love him!

    Have unconditional appreciation for @JLin7 Did amazing things for us on and off the court. Treated me and the rest of the staff like gold. ?

  125. Tina Cervasio did court-side interviews at MSG during Linsanity …


  126. Rockets AS coach is there so is CP. Good to know they care….

  127. This was tweeted by the surgeon who operated on Jeremy ….

  128. Good job

  129. Finally, my brethern, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His Might.
    By the way, God has given you time.
    Get married now.
    In the meantime get on a speed recovery.

  130. JLin needs no guarantee to get into NBA. He’s undrafted and broke loose and went Linsane.
    He will be there at the clutch and make the winning shot.

  131. Go and marry your nurse.

  132. Lin is the one of the strongest player not only physically but also mentally. He will come back stronger next year. He will never give up.


  133. My advice. Go AND marry a nurse.

  134. So thankful to see the successful surgery. His smile from KA visit also has lightened my heavyhearted since JLin’s injury. His unwavering trust in God has never ceased inspired me all these years that I’ve followed him. Pray for his road of recovering. Waiting for his come back with even stronger.

  135. I couldn’t watch it. I won’t watch it, ever. This dancer has had her own bad injuries…the muscle memory of them and the feeling of shock and immediate fear of losing what I love. Ayayay…no can do.

  136. I say marry a doctor. lol

  137. YES is doing a piece on LIn in the pre-game. All interviewed mentioned how much they’ll miss Lin but DLo. I don’t know if it is how it was edited but DLo didn’t even mention Lin. I’ll guess I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but I would have liked to hear him mention Lin. Crabbe is new to the team, and mentioned Lin.

  138. I’m going to watch the beginning of the game to see if they say anything about Lin to the crowd at Barclay’s.

  139. Still, it was really unnecessary. If you care, you care.

  140. I am sure Lin would be watching the game from the hospital bed (?) too.

  141. Crabbe will take Lin’s starting spot tonight.

  142. I created a separate Game Thread so we can keep this thread as update for JLin’s recovery

  143. Thank you.

  144. Dang, sorry to see what happened to JLin and nice to read the support here. I was hoping to warm up to the season, but it ended before it started. Folks, have a great season and see you by and by … ppl here are beginning to be old friends.

  145. No, DMC came out and thanked the crowd and promised the team will represent Brooklyn well on and off the court. Crabbe is in the starting lineup. Mozgov was introduced last and DLo first.

  146. yeah, Joe .. many are still in the shock state probably for the next few days but we’ll keep rooting for JLin to come back stronger!

  147. Hey everyone, longtime lurker, first time poster. First off– thank you admin for the site. I’ve been visiting/reading since your self-exile from the “other” site…and it’s been just a pleasure reading through (mostly) hate free comments. I’ve been a fan of Jeremy since his Harvard days…and my personal NBA highlight was watching him live in Toronto during Linsanity, and screaming my lungs out with everyone else when he hit the game winner over my hometown Raps. The years since have been up and down…and this site, since its inception, has always been a positive place for me to read up on the latest new of our guy. I know right now is just a really crappy time for us fans… we’re all still in somewhat of a denial/depressed mode here… but I’m hoping y’all can stick it through like you have over the years… I think we all know that Jeremy can still have a huge impact off the court..and the God he worships and believes in is a God is all about impossible comebacks. So let’s keep our heads up… the best for JLin is yet to come!

  148. By by already? We missed you ….

  149. SM expects JLin to be on court next year

  150. Thank you for the kind words and sharing your thoughts.

    It’s a tough time for Lin and his fans. Hope we can have each other’s back to keep rooting for JLin’s journey and in the process be inspired by his perseverance.

    We don’t know what tomorrow holds but we know who holds tomorrow. We can never give up in life. Keep getting back up when you are knocked down.

    That’s what JLin’s journey has taught me the most ?

  151. That is a strong message. Glad to see SM got Lin’s back.

  152. DLo talked like he’s the leader of the team already in the after-game interview. Let’s see if he can really fulfill that role by leading more wins.

  153. @JLin7 Check out this awesome video of 100 fans in China wishing @JLin7 a speedy recovery. 100個中國球迷發聲祝福林書豪早日康復

    Full video: miaopai.com/show/8pdb2IiwW…

  154. Marry a physio!

  155. “Sean Marks discussed Jeremy Lin’s injury.
    Listen on @NetsDaily SoundCloud:”

  156. SM: “I’m sure we’ll be telling him to stay home more than he is saying, ‘I need to get back on the sidelines and help Kenny and the staff.’”
    “You look at their social media the way they’ve been communicating with Jeremy they sincerely miss him. That’s how tight this group is.” -SM


  157. Here are highlights for tonight’s game. Mostly of D’Lo, but also of some nice set plays and high effort sequences. I’ve decided to try and continue to make highlights throughout the season of the Nets given how much Jeremy is still a part of this team.

  158. Note, DLo only played 25 minutes. I think the highest minutes were DMC at 27. Dinwiddie played 24 minutes. DLo had 8 TOs, but that may be to not knowing his teammates that well.

  159. Hey JT, long time buddy. Too bad we all gather this year again only to have this unbelievable bad break happen. At least you still have your Warriors. Hope Green is okay.

  160. Dinwiddie and DMC played much more well-rounded and efficient games. Dlo’s a huge work in progress, and there were a few sloppy plays, but he’s probably got the most potential on the team at this point given his age and his ability to make plays.

  161. Clearly, DeMarre is such a bargain for Nets. He is the best player on the court. Nets have him and 2 draft choices and a dump for nothing.

  162. LOL

  163. Nobody in this team can attract defenders then make plays for others . Allen Crabbe, Quincy Acy, Caris LeVert all played better with JLin. DLo is basically a scorer more than a passer.

  164. Atkinson just needs to take more risk in his lineup. Perhaps he will use Jarrett Allen more.

  165. This time next y, good.That means JLin most likely to opt in.

  166. Just a friendly reminder, …

    This thread is for posts related to Jeremy’s recovery (according to Psalm, see below). There is another thread for posts about last night’s game.

  167. Perhaps he needs to know how to space the court.
    DLo didn’t find too many teammates open with the worst +/- -7
    Dinwiddie’s 6-15 shooting % is deceiving because he got his own offensive rebounds. his +/- is among the best +12 while DLo was the worst -12

    I think RHJ and DeMarre are the best Nets players on the court. Ultimately the game was decided on Trevor Booker’s free throw shooting though.

    Thanks to the Ref who let Nets have 20 more FTs and Nets scored 12 more points at the FT line.
    Nets outrebounded the Magic 48:40 collected 8 more offensive rebound than the Magic..

  168. Psalm, we went to the NETS 1st home game yesterday….NETS won-yeeey….t’was fun but it would have been better if JLin was there……tho, we were lucky to be invited to do free throws after the game

  169. we were at d game last night….our fave last night was BOOKER — he can hustle well

  170. From Howard Beck, yesterday, recalling his article on the close relationship of Jeremy and Kenny Atkinson …

  171. Thanks…The game thread is as below…


  172. I wonder what really happened in the last game against Indiana Pacers.
    Of course, Lin got a Patella Tendon Rupture. Then the star center of Pacers, Myles Turner also got injured.

    Pacers’ Myles Turner placed in concussion protocol, out 2 games

  173. To make it easier to go to other threads, I added “Recent Posts” above. Just scroll up above and click on the links.

    It will look like this: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e4e77fe34d4195ae7c9a16fd2d544a969221ee877c5043dfa5309f50c2951610.jpg

  174. Pacers shot over 50% then shot 45%(?) last night against Portland and lost.

    It maybe our defence is weak and Portland’s D was stronger but I doubt it.

  175. Maybe this season started too soon. Looks like Teodosic is down with injury to his foot. I don’t know how serious it is. Maybe they needed to play more preseason so guys could more slowly get into game shape.

  176. Looks like good news on Teodosic. HIs foot was x-rayed and came up negative for a break.

  177. After reading this tweet, I feel even more relief of learning about JLin’s success surgery. May JLin’s healing process is even going smoother…..


  178. I thought a lot about Lin’s prayer request when he said he’s proud to journey through life with his brother/sister-in-arms.

    It feels good to know that while life may knock us down, it’s important to have family and loved ones to help you back up every single time.

    JLin literally has millions of bros & sis to help him come back stronger ?? #nevergiveup #LinStrong


  179. Great to read Howard Beck’s article again about special bond between JLin and KA

    “He’d say it politely, but he would see things almost two levels deep,” Atkinson said. “In film, it was the same way. He would accept the coaching, but then he was curious about other things that happened in that particular play. And then he would see things that I wouldn’t see.”

    And sometimes Atkinson would see things that Lin refused to see—a moment when he should have attacked but took the easy jumper.

    “Stubborn as hell,” Atkinson said of Lin, who laughs heartily when the quote is relayed to him.

    “That’s awesome,” Lin, still laughing, said without dismissing the assertion. “There’s times where he’s just like, ‘Aw, you’re not going to listen to me.’ And I’ll just start dying laughing.”

  180. Yeah, glad to reread the whole piece again. There is definitely a special bond between these two. I know it. That’s why I’m not too concern about JLin’s future. I just want JLin to take his time for healing and not hasten back to the training arena nor side court too soon. Like GM said, it would be more they had to tell JLin to stay home for the recovering than the other way around.

  181. Hi kauaiblue, I’ve been quiet for a while, but this is such a well-written piece!

    A few fellow Lin fans would like to translate your words into Chinese, and would like your permission first. Would that be OK with you? I promise to do a good job in capturing your words in their original thought and context.

  182. @AllenCrabbe talking pregame vs Magics about being a #Nets player this year and @JLin7’s leadership.
    Tencent report sports.qq.com/a/20171021/009…


  183. Hi John! Absolutely! I flattered and honored…

  184. I think he fits into the Nets culture great. Seems like a good guy. I think his game will improve in KA’s system.

  185. Thanks acbc … I guess I’ll have to remember to come here now that I’m not driving by the JLin games. I took the summer off of social media except for FB because you know, the environment is harsh. Seems like US life is now driven by the trolling we all experienced in the early JLin sites.

    Anyway, I hope to read more from you over time, and I’ll try to visit and post when I think there’s something to say. It was mostly around bball and how it can make life more understandable, lessons etc. Best for now!

  186. Not really, if we can find something good to talk about. It’ll be pretty hard for me to get excited about Jin’s hair or his bench support. But ya, I’ve loved Jin’s approach to his game and how we can learn from it. What should we talk about? Thx for the miss comment … I got attacked by a couple of trolls here and just sort of faded because life has a way to get you out of the computer and doing things. I go back and forth. Hope all is well with you, what’s up with you?

  187. psalm, I couldn’t believe it. I thought … dang, I missed Jin’s opening day so I’ll come here and get my season posting game in shape, and then it was like … whaaa? Anyway, we’ll try to support your community as discussion evolves. At lease trolls won’t find it fun to come here when JLin is just doing the suit and tie thing. How are you, all going well? Hope so.

  188. My life feeds on computer. So I can check the site from time to time.

    Hope there is a new thread that we can talk other stuffs. Psalm?

  189. This is what JLin watching:

  190. lin’s leadership? but how would he know? he just been on da team recently.

  191. Welcome back…man….yeah…everytime, i think about…still in disbelieve….knowing JL he is gonna give his best for a comeback

  192. possibly from practice and preseason and game preparation.
    Crabbe did elaborate how JLin has been there from last season so he explained what coaches want them to do. Good to know Lin was being vocal to be a coach-on-the-floor.

  193. heh heh, Jos Tsai giving JLin the secret handshake !

  194. You are not that Joe, aren’t you?

  195. You are not that Joe, aren’t you?

  196. of course not, that takes skill 🙂

  197. that Joe is smarter than me 🙂

  198. I am no Joe Tsai, if that’s what you are asking. Nope, just me back after taking time off – I sure hope JLin can get back into the mix this coming year. Maybe take it easy on the hairdos and focus on becoming a HOF candidate, he still has a good many years left.

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