Playoff R3G5 Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks: Lin’s Radio Interview Hosted By Steve Novak

Jeremy Lin came in as a guest to the Milwaukee radio show episode hosted by his Steve Knicks, ex-Knicks teammate, and Bill Michaels.


9:15 Jeremy shared about his experience in New York in 2012 when the Knicks security guard did not recognize him and allow him into the practice facility. He also shared that it also happened recently after Game 2 of Eastern Conference Finals when Milwaukee security guard asked him for a team pass before going into the team bus.

12:30 Jeremy Lin talked about being impressed with his Raptors team to come back from 0-2 hole with their back against the well.

14:19 Jeremy Lin shared that Xs and Os playoff basketball only matter so much but 25% would come down to who’s playing harder/smarter and can sustain that effort longer because the talent level is very close.

18:03 When asked if there was a concern with Kahwi’s being banged up, Jeremy shared that he does not really know but Kahwi is not the type of player to make any excuses and all players at this point are quite banged up.

20:15 Jeremy shared he does not read anything if there was a sense of disrespect on Toronto bench not stepping up but the Raptors team have the mentality that they can step up and show what they can do