Playoff R3G2 Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks: Lin Ready, Nurse Not Ready Yet

Jeremy Lin tweeted his gratefulness for the health  on May 16.


But unfortunately, Coach Nurse sounds like he is not ready to change any rotation including how the bench gave up 7-point lead quickly in the beginning of fourth quarter when Kahwi Leonard sat down.

Despite the mounting evidence from NBAStats that the Toronto bench (FVV, Powell, Ibaka) dominates the Top 10 worst Net Rating for 3-player lineup, it does not seem like Coach Nurse want to make any changes. Fred VanVleet shows up in 8 out the worst 10 but Coach Nurse is very fond of him and not even willing to give Powell (2-3 shooting from 3s in the first half) more minutes over VanVleet. The lack of adjustment contributed to the starters fatigue but unfortunately Coach Nurse refused to see it.