Jeremy Lin: “Who Powered My Dream?”

In a Jr. NBA video, Jeremy Lin shared an inspirational video of “Who Powered My Dream?”. Jeremy said, “To have two Asian immigrant parents supporting me to play basketball, it was really rare, so they definitely a power of my dream when I was young.” He credited his dad for introducing the love of playing basketball and working around the clock to raise their family and his mom sacrificed her time to take him to practices and support him to realize his dream.

Lin and Jubilee also worked together to create a positive video “Jeremy Lin: The Failure That Pushed Me To Greatness”

Jeremy also continues to work hard in the offseason to rebuild his body

Museum of Chinese In America (MOCA) Signature Event

Meanwhile Jeremy Lin will make an appearance in the Moca Signature Event on May 19 at 5pm, featuring a conversation between the Brooklyn Nets’ Jeremy Lin and The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng at Hotel 50 Bowery NYC.


  1. Jeremy is modeling for his fans his core value of stirring up a “culture of honor.” He remembers those who have given him courage to pursue his dream, often in the face of adversity. Those of us who are parents: your most significant legacy is to help your kids be resilient.

  2. Look at DLo’s arm. What did you see? Nothing comparing to Lin!!!
    Lin has always played the best of his game in the 4th quarter and at the clutch.
    DLo is the exact opposite. Look at LeBron James. You will see talent + hard work. Lin too. As far as DLo is concerned, he hasn’t put in enough work in his game. He’s a very long project.

  3. @JLin7 has returned to Brooklyn and started workout. #Nets #NeverDone

  4. Hi Guys….how are ya’ll?!!! Sorry had to be away due to my travels. I’m back now.
    @psalm234:disqus sorry man, didnt have the time to notify.

    Good see JLIN is progressing well. Hope so see him play some pickup/contacts around Jun/Jul
    Go LIN! Cheers everyone

  5. np 🙂 i know we all have work and family responsibilities

    Can’t wait to see the new rebuilt JLin in action during pickup games! 👍

  6. Here’s the transcript of Hawke telling the story to Simmons: Hawke: I’ve been a Knicks fan for a long time, but I got kicked out of the Garden. They won’t give me tickets anymore. Simmons: What are you talking about? Hawke: I’m being serious. I’m being dead serious. I really was vocal on some talk shows like this that I thought it was a huge mistake to let Mike (D’Antoni) go and I would have bet on Mike (D’Antoni) before I bet on Melo. It was not over Melo, but over – there was something genuinely exciting. The first thing that had been exciting since Jeff Van Gundy left in the Garden with the Knicks was Linsanity.
    Simmons: Linsanity was incredible. Hawke: It was absolutely incredible in the way that the organization didn’t fan the flames and let Mike do what he wanted to do. Let these guys run. Let them play ball. And instead, Mike’s on his way to the Western Conference Final. And, you know, the Garden’s empty. But I have been left team-less. The point is that I’m not wanted and I don’t go where I’m not wanted. It’s hard to be a fan for a place that doesn’t like you. Simmons: Well, one person doesn’t like you. Hawke: One person who owns (the team)

    (the hawke above is actor ethan hawke. i gave my son a signed copy of hawke’s book “rules for a knight” once).

  7. Surprised the Rockets are going to tie the series. Guess a good coach really does make a big difference. GSW not playing at the level they’re supposed to this game. Only Durant played like his usual self.

  8. Kerr is not Stevens and ref helped Houston IMO.

  9. Refs DEFINITELY helped Houston.

    IMO, the difference isn’t so much the coaching. It’s the referees again. The Rockets had 27 FTA. The Warriors only had 14. (The other 8 came in garbage time with the bench.) And getting Durant in foul trouble early.

    I don’t think the NBA wants the Rockets to be swept. LOL.

  10. Totally agreed.

    I did not feel ref intervened at Cavs vs Celtics and thought finally NBA learned not to rigged the game. Well, I was too naive. NBA will always rig games.

  11. Kerr did not have in game adjustment, unlike Stevens. Of course , ref definitely helped Houston.

  12. I should not have watched the game. After watching Celtics vs Cavs, I thought NBA finally trying to let the players decided the outcome. That was the reason I decided to watch today’s game. Totally wasted my time. NBA will never learn it’s lesson not rigging the game.

    I wonder why they did not help LeBron….

  13. Started watching when Warriors cut lead down to 11 with about 8 minutes left.

    Actually, I’m not surprised that the Rockets won this one. They have enough weapons that I figured they have to win at least one game, especially at home. Barkley was a little too quick with the hot-take.

    I am disappointed that the Warriors played so much ISO ball with going to Durant too often. They’re doing what the Rockets did last game with Harden, and lost. What the?

    And the Warriors did NOT do enough to get Klay Thompson some good open looks. No setting multiple screens etc, like they normally do. Thompson got only FOUR 3 PTA.

    There was not the usual ball movement today. SMH.

    And the refs……bleh.

  14. Yes, you and me both. True Cynics! 🙂

  15. Ya never know. They’re going back to Cleveland for the next two games. Anything can still happen. It’s not over until it’s over. LeBron might still get help. Haha.

  16. I always thought that the Warriors’ weakness were turnovers. And as usual, it’s the timing of the turnovers that matter. Durant had a bad one, and took a bad shot, as they were trying to get back into the game down 11. And, Curry didn’t quite have it tonight. Yet he kept shooting and missed two shots at that time too. And again, Klay should have gotten more looks earlier in the game, to get into his rhythm.

    Come on GSW, you know hero ball won’t do it!

    The Warriors’ other weakness is they don’t have a true 6th man. Iguodala and Livingston and Nick Young are not going to cut it. At least, not on the offensive end. And Kerr did not play any of the other bench at all. Not even David West.

    Maybe it’s time to bring back Pachulia and/or McGee? To set some hard screens? Block some shots?

  17. New thread! Hey @psalm234:disqus, thank you, as always, for keeping the Portal going for us, for us to have a great forum to carry on as “delusional” Lin fans! 🙂

    Just a minor correction. Not that it matters. But in the “power” video, I think JLin said “Asian IMMIGRANT parents”, not “Asian AMERICAN”.

    Would you consider also including the “failure” Jubilee video in the lead, that you posted in the previous thread?

  18. One more note about tonight’s game. Harden did NOT have a good game. 24 shots to get 27 points. Shot 3 of 15 from 3 PT. 4 turnovers with 3 assists. Yet the team won. MVP?

    Chris Paul was 1 of 5. If not for Eric Gordon and PJ Tucker shooting well from 3. And with a little help from the refs. The Rockets might still have lost this one.

  19. Spencer Dinwiddie is a finalist for Most Improved Player award! He doesn’t seem shy about asking for recognition and accolades. He seems truly appreciative. Good for him!

    Generally, these awards are important for salary negotiations etc. Wonder if this will make the Nets pay him more to re-sign him next year. Or if this will increase his trade value.

    Not that I want to see him leave. I like Dinwiddie. He always seems to support JLin. And I think he and JLin can play well together. This is NOT a put-down, but I think he’s a great backup guard! Plays conservative. High assists, low turnovers, can drive (should drive more), and can bombs away from 3.

    The Nets helped SD develop. He stepped up for them this year. Hope Nets can retain him too.

  20. Wow, seems like you are also a Ethan Hawke fan.

    See that, we always knew Linsanity had plenty of fans, not just those of us here. We still see lots of CURRENT tweets that remembers those Knicks days and good times.

    And the arrogance of James Dolan……ugh…….

    When Lin gets back on court next season, maybe we’ll see even more of EH! Per your link:
    “He’s been spotted courtside at Nets games recently….”

  21. Tucker was out of his mind with great shots. GSW were off, falling apart with their own type of ISO. Gordon was really good too. Sunday!

  22. SwaggyP scared me on his 2 D series. You’re right, about the key misses by Steph and KD at the moment when they were getting back down the stretch. Sunday !

  23. JLin7 twitter: “Honor to be on the cover of PEOPLE China Magazine!! A look at the real me!….”

    There is a GREAT pic of JLin in the article.

    Hope some fan somewhere will do a translation of the article?

  24. Durant was playing the midrange J to get them back into it. Shaun usually has a great post-up for a turnaround sideline J, but today didn’t have it. Steph seemed to be inconsistent. In games since he’s been back, he’s quietly getting the scoring going by getting to the rim, but his layups failed him today early on. It doesn’t feel like he’s got his 3s back, though he hit some good ones that first night with NOP. Maybe back at home, his spatial awareness will be back and he’ll get hot.

  25. I heard somewhere it’s millions per team per extra game. It’s nail biting, but everyone gets paid to keep playing.

  26. I’m back to for a bit until next season when I hope Lin will come back with flying colors!

  27. Behind the scenes look at the People China Magazine photoshoot.

  28. Yes, even though Lin not in it, looking forward to Sunday’s game!

    Surprised by the 3 days off. Guessing the scheduling is related to ratings.

  29. Thanks for the added observations and perspectives.! (I didn’t get to watch the whole game.)

    Definitely hope home court will get the Warriors ALL back into rhythm and back to lots of people and ball movement.

    Will be rooting for them for sure!!!

  30. Rockets beat Warriors at its own game. Last game Harden got big stats but the team lost. This game KD got good stats but his team lost too. You can’t win a championship without coaching. This message ought to wake up KD and hopes that he won’t get big head like Harden.
    Basketball is a team sport and hope teams play like it is.

  31. Yup. Warriors, looking at Draymond Green and Durant, got over-confident. They KNOW what went wrong. They KNOW better. Especially the turnovers.

    They also KNOW what it takes to win. As Joe Team said, hopefully they will ALL play better when they get back to Oracle.

  32. JLin continues to inspire old and young alike. Especially the teachers and kids. Always heartwarming to see.

  33. MDA was brilliant in his public remarks pregame. Media kept asking about how few assists there were and the Heavy ISO plays Harden and Paul used. MDA just flipped the comment back at them and said that the Rox were an iso team and that’s their game. He insisted that that it’s their identy and playing any other way now is absurd. His comments weren’t to the media but rather to his own the team. Play the game that got you there, don’t be someone else, just be a better you. The subtitles of that meme obviously made an impact.

    In any competition, if an opponent gets you doubting your game, you’ve already lost. MDA made it known to his own players that there’s nothing wrong with their game, only in their execution.

    I’m not condoning this style of play at all. In fact the Warriors too we’re guilty of too much iso themselves.

    All I’m saying is that MDA made the great coaching move to get his own players to focus on their own positives instead of allowing critics get into their minds. It really shows how good a coach MDA is.

  34. Great leaders have the inner strength to turn negatives into positives. The mindset of losers is that they focus too much on what others can do and not enough on what you yourself is capable of.

    Look at Boston and their great coach and how he’s made his players believe in themselves.

    MDA also recognizes Lin’s ability to just that. Lin lead a team lacking their fake star Melo to a decisive win over the mighty Lakers. There is a reason why Lin is such a winner. He refuses to allow others dictate their terms on him, instead he sticks to his own guns and be the best player he could be. That’s true leadership.

  35. How did the Raptors get swept by the Cavs? The “coach of the year” could do nothing to inspire his team to rise to the challenge. No matter how great your players are or how great your system or bench is, if you can’t lead them away from their own fears, then you are failing your role as a leader.

  36. draft mania. twitospehre already awash in who worked out for who. there are multiple guys that probably will never do anything in the nba. proclaiming themselves the best player in the draft; almost all of whom have only played a handful of college games.

    some who haven’t played any!


    the majority of dps now are 18 19 year olds who “one and done”. picked on their “athleticsim” and potential.

    how has that worked out over the years? did a rough run over the last 20 years of drafts.

    divided up first round picks only. first round picks only. over that time into three subjective by my off the top assessment categories:

    ordinary nba players
    guys who did nothing in the nba

    it breaks out like this: 13% stars 44% ordinary players (ie. you could have got one some other way than by the draft) and 43% who were basically non-entities in the nba.

    much ado about nothing. for every lebron there is an andrew baran wahts his name.

    the odds of coming up with a star player thru the draft are so small. yes almost all star players come from the first round of the draft. but. look at the odds. most of the excited over their draft picks are going to be disappointed.

    better to trade for an established player or sign a free agent. draft odds are not good.

    so much excitement so little actual future results.

  37. We all know Harden shared the ball more in game 2 despite what MDA said.

  38. Disagree draft picks are very important. Many franchise stars were drafted by their team through the first round. Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Steph Curry, Thompson, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, etc. This is how many teams finds the player they will rebuild around for years. Yes it’s difficult to find that 1 star especially with incompetent scouts but 1st round draft picks end up being the franchise they need.

  39. It’s a balance, both iso and team ball are needed to win a Championship. Iso plays is their strength no need to change what got them there. That’s why MDA is coach of the year, he never tries to mold his players to his system but instead encourages them to play their game!

  40. ABC sports on Sunday is a good slot. Yes, I’m glad for the extra day.

  41. Anthony Davis. The Brow! I was at one of the 2nd round games. We were watching warmups, and AD was done and heading north through the tunnel, walking right by us. I said “AD!” without high fiving because I thought maybe he wouldn’t want to touch anyone after warmups superstition and all. He looked at me sort of startled, not expecting someone on the road to give him props. Seemed like a really humble man there, genuine. I wish I had said “AD, I really think you’re great.” I remember when he first came into the league, he was so skinny. He’s really grown into a solid big man, and I bet he will have a fine career as good as D12.

  42. Hey acbc, you’re absolutely right! He Crouching Tigered Hidden Dragoned GSW completely. Game 2, HOU played a team game, and Gordon/Tucker stepped and and we saw much less CP3 and JH ISOs.

  43. Yes, I think MDA was fooling GSW there.

  44. Sunday will be defining for this Finals season. If GSW step back into their game and win, then we know it was a ‘rest’ in HOU. They just settled for splitting on the road, and let’s see if they will decide to win 2 by trying hard.

  45. Regarding Colin Cowherd saying GSW did not try, JLin would never not try … Can’t wait for a team around him maybe Nets will build.

  46. I really don’t think so. MDA affects every player to play his own game; however, there are players like Harden who wouldn’t listen unless he’s beaten like in game 1. He starts sharing ball to his teammates rather than hogging. What MDA said in public could be quite different from what he said within the locker room.

  47. There is an article suggesting Nets to build a team around D”Angelo Russell. Come on! This guy has proved nothing. He turned over like made. He is slow. He hasn’t drawn much fouls. He took too many shots and shot almost at the lowest effective shooting % in the team. While almost all of his teammates have a better effective shooting % than him. The surest way for Nets to lose more games is to let D’Angelo Russell take all the shots. He is so much far away from being a franchise player. Are you kidding me? Building a team around him?
    That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  48. I don’t think there is a team who can beat GSW at its own game; not the Rockets.

  49. Draymond Green’s mom throws the blame on Kevin Durant
    Nobody should get hurt by the truth.

  50. Ya KD took many shots, but I think they lost it at the defensive end

  51. I figure Draymond Green’s mom is telling what I believe KD can’t win the game all by himself just like Harden can’t win by himself. It’s all proved right in the first two games. Every player needs to be motivated in order to win in this series. Nobody can be motivated by being a spectator watching your super star doing ISO.

  52. Couldn’t agree more!

    Have NEVER seen Lin EVER take a play off! Diving for loose balls, fighting for rebounds, recovering on defense to make blocks. Hustle and grit, always!

    He just loves to play too much, and hates to lose too much. WILL TO WIN is strong.

  53. Totally Agree with your premise about the draft! Your stats certainly support it.

    This is the NBA’s idea of building hype, and selling false hope to the fans. All of the silly excitement about the top lottery picks.

    If anything, I think that the NBA is cannibalizing itself by allowing “one-and-done”. (And they’re talking about even eliminating that!) By allowing ever younger players, the “older” vets are getting pushed out sooner.

    Especially all the talk about “trading” established players who have worked hard, paid their dues, shown what they can contribute. Just to draft an unknown, who may have played a total of about 29 games. What hypocrisy – talk about small sample size!

    Is the product on the floor any better? How many years does it take for those rookies to develop a real star who wins?

    And why is it that no one objects to the word “trade”? Where the players have no choice about where they get to play? What imagery does that term evoke from American history? Treating people like property, instead of human beings. UGH!

    Okay, I’ll stop. Look what you started! Haha. :-).

  54. As you said, incompetent scouts.

    IMO, finding that so-called franchise star is a RARE combination of tanking and luck and rigging by the NBA. There are no guarantees. How many years does it take how many teams to get to winning a championship based on their own drafted “franchise star”?

    I think that’s the point that 1mtoldman is making.

  55. I don’t believe that Harden is unselfish enough to listen to coaching. Or that he would put the team’s interest above his own.

    Remember 2015 playoffs? When McHale finally, out of desperation, had the guts to bench Harden for the entire 4th quarter? And the other Rockets like Ariza and Josh Smith came from behind to win? That’s probably what finally got McHale fired the next season. LOL.

  56. I disagree with this. It’s wrong to air grievances against teammates on social media. Especially in the middle of the playoffs. The Warriors are experienced professional players, with an experienced coaching staff. Let them figure it out. And if they can’t, then they deserve to lose.

    I don’t think family members should get publicly involved. (Remember when Gabrielle Union went on social media, on behalf of Dywane Wade, whining about the foul calls that Lin was getting? That’s bad enough about an opponent. But about a teammate?)

    How would this help the trust and togetherness of the team? How would this contribute to winning?

  57. JLin is doing it again! Globe-trotting to Taiwan, hanging out with his homies, giving time to fans. Then to LA to be with teammates, supporting friends at Asian American events. Then back to Brooklyn to spend time with family. PR and faith-based events. Most of all, continue to workout and rehab. His energy is amazing!

    Here is Lin in LA for Asian Pacific American Heritage month event: Identity LA. Supporting Philip Wang from Wong Fu Productions. Follow linfinity88’s time line for lots of pics of JLin with the many artists and fans.

  58. JLin’s friend Jay Chou just released a new song and video. JLin gets into the act with good photoshop. Fooled no one.

  59. Speaking of Jay Chou. From Nets official “Chinese” website. When Joe Tsai officially became minority owner. Jay offered congratulations and hope for free tickets to see JLin play. With English subtitles. (Scroll down to videos section and suffer through watching an ad.)

  60. Speaking of Joe Tsai. Official bio of Joe Tsai, also from official Nets website.

  61. Okay, no harm in overdosing on cuteness. And there is mucho cuteness here from little Jaden, and big kid uncle Jeremy! (who may need to start his own cute family soon, right?)

  62. Yes but that’s the thing rebuilding the right way for a Championship takes years with 1st or 2nd draft picks. Just throwing money at FAs isn’t going to be the solution. GSW was drafted both Curry and Thompson just like Spurs drafted and signed Duncan and Parker.

    Of course nowadays teams are getting more foreign players so that’s another option for faster rebuild.

  63. Yes, I think so too and hope this series ends with Harden’s style of play proven as divisive yet again. I can’t get over how badly Harden worked against Jin’s game on Rox.

  64. I also kind of think selective blitzing (where goal is to get beat, but on terms the defense dictates) could be another nice changeup that turns an actor who is most comfortable deliberately and purposefully dictating how everything unfolds on the court into a reactor who now must make split second, real time reads and decisions in a more unstructured scramble to recover situation.

    e. g. Harden is still going to get past Curry for a layup or alley-oop to Capela anyways, so why not gamble / guess and hopefully make Harden start to doubt what he thinks he is seeing on the court?

    Curry can pretend to lunge at ball for steal without fouling ( ), or deliberately bait Harden into beating him off the dribble (before Harden’s teammates are in position for him to initiate the attack), or Warriors teammate can blitz so another specific Rocket has to shoot or make decisions running the offense (instead of Harden or CP3 at time and place of their choosing).

    Teammates can coordinate with Curry by pretending to leave three shooters open, or Capela’s defender can feign rotation over to protect the rim, while actually trying to bait Harden into lob he is actually waiting to pick off. Rim protector could also start making wild guesses about how Harden is going to finish at the rim to draw a lucky charge, or just take him out of his comfort zone:

    (did Bill Belichick try this tactic against Nic Foles and the Eagles RPO attack in Super Bowl (i. e. totally change defensive coverage by removing Malcolm Butler from defense, then try and blitz Foles early in game and force him to make split second, real time reads where everything has devolved into a wild and chaotic scramble?: )

  65. may not be able to post here anymore: another “bot” check kind of thing was asked to verifty my email; there is no email.

    just a name here and then a password. before. anyway. after i ignored that i was able to post the old way with just a name for email (without an email) and password.

    we’ll see. but if im not here anymore its because of that. inet is getting weird.

    anyway more draft thoughts:

    nets fans sites spending a lot of time discussing draft (as all nba news) nets picking 29th.

    here are the 29th picks of the last 20 drafts.

    derrick white
    dejounte murray
    chris mccullough
    josh huestis
    archie goodwin
    marquis teague
    cory joseph
    daniel orton
    toney douglas
    d.j. white
    alando tucker
    mardy collins
    wayne simien
    d.j. white
    david harrison
    josh howard
    trenton hassell
    mark madsen
    leon smith
    nazr mohammad

  66. I wonder if the email verification that you are not a bot is a Disqus-security feature.

    I found this Disqus reference about verifying your email. Perhaps it would be helpful if this is the problem. If yes, you can try to check Inbox or Spam folder to see if Disqus email is there

    Hope it helps!

  67. @JLin7JLin talks about rehab, his faith and being in community with others at MOCA event.

    albert_cheung: What fun it was to film @JLin7 and @ronnychieng. Crazy Rich Asians tonight with @mocanyc and #hotel50! These guys are a riot, and super nice. #linsanity

  68. Of course, the odds that Nets will pick up a very good player don’t seem good but there are later choices that turn out to be stars:
    Jimmy Butler(30),
    Allen Crabbe (31),
    Draymond Green (35)
    Will Barton (40)
    Goran Dragic (45)
    Paul Millsap(47),
    Isaiah Thomas(60)
    Jeremy Lin undrafted

  69. Thank for the correction. Fixed and added the #BestFailureEver video.

    Again, thank you for your encouragement and posting awesome update. This was not an easy year for JLin and his fans but we persevere 🙂

  70. @JLin7 IG story: Sunday #fun day! #twobabyLins

  71. Without over-stating my case. I see what goes on in some other sites and I go, “you’re kidding me”. So glad that the Portal is such a welcoming place. Thankful for your hard work Psalm!

    Yes, tough year for sure. 🙁

    But, hopefully, it is now in the rear-view mirror! And forward to only GOOD TIMES ahead!

  72. The best one – Jeremy Lin!!!

    Not sure about that #60 pick. LOL.

    Yes, let’s hope the Nets’ scouts are doing their homework. And then let the guys develop.

  73. I wonder if he means that a full version was “filmed”. Not just this short hit. Hope to see a full version of this!

  74. Little Jaden is going to be spoiled silly by his two uncles! Can’t blame them though. He is definitely up there on the “cute” scale!

  75. Woohoo – Rockets Lost! Happy that GSW won!

    No one caught the game? Me neither. Missed it, darn! But will try to watch on ESPN or NBA TV replay.

    Just looking at box score, wow! 41 point blow-out? After a 22 point blow-out going the other way?

    What’s surprising to me is not so much the 41 point differential, but that Houston only scored 85? GSW defense isn’t that good, is it? Considering they gave up 126 to Houston in game 3?

    Although, Klay Thompson only attempted three 3’s in 35 mins, as many as Nick Young. That’s not so good. Maybe the plan was to make sure to get Curry going on home court, so he can break out of his slump for the rest of the playoffs. If so, it worked!

    So far, through 3 games, if Ariza, Gordon, or Tucker can’t get going, looks like Harden and CP can’t carry their team.

    GO GSW, must win game 4! Just keep the turnovers down, like 9 in game 1, and 8 in game 3 tonight. Won both. So, keep it going!

  76. Her theory is totally correct! (Just wished it wasn’t out on social media.)

    But hey, looks like it didn’t hurt GSW team chemistry. Won tonight!

  77. Just TWO more games!

    Yeah, hate the Rockets. Morey. (McHale, probably never get coaching job again.) The whole organization enabled Harden to be the selfish egotistical player that he is. Not a fan of CP either.

    Don’t want to speak too soon. Will cross fingers until GSW wins it all.

  78. Apparently JLin doesn’t take time off. He also spoke at Goldman Sachs on Friday. Jenny Zhang on Instagram: jenuine3x3: AMAZING to have featured Jeremy Lin for GS Asian Heritage Month!! He is such an inspiration and role model

  79. So, JLin’s You-tube friends the Fung Bros were also at the MOCANY/Ronny Chieng event. I don’t keep up with them, but they may have re-located to NYC from LA? Maybe…..

  80. Jeremy Lin giving back to kids whenever he can…..inspiring and motivating….one child….one day at a time…..

    The MOCANY event also gave kids from Chinatown a chance to meet him.

    PS 124 Yung Wing Elementary @yungwing124 (Knicks jerseys?)

  81. From Lillian Ng about her daughter meeting JLin, “An experience she will always remember. Special thanks to PS 124 for giving her this moment.”

  82. I see where you are coming from. Okay, from a team’s business perspective, yes, you are right. That is the NBA business model.

    I personally dislike that model. How many years of bad basketball before GSW got lucky with drafting, and deciding to sign, Curry (7), Thompson (11), and Draymond Green (35)? These guys were NOT high lottery picks.

    And the story was that the Spurs tanked in order to target drafting Duncan at number 1. Tony Parker was drafted at 28.

    I’m not sure why it always comes down to having to blow teams up, and “rebuild”. By going after unproven youngsters, not ready for NBA. I think it’s because those young draftees are cheap on rookie contracts for a few years.

    Instead of “giving jobs” to proven players who have the experience and displayed the necessary talent.

    I totally hate the concept of throwing big money (max contracts) to a few so called star players. Instead of spreading some of the money around. It’s a TEAM sport! How many times have teams complained about the “role” players having to step up. Or that they need depth and a better bench. Well, HOW ABOUT PAYING SOME OF THOSE GUYS MORE and get talent there too?

  83. check out this picture. I thought Jeremy was taking pictures with CBA players.
    But it turns out he’s just sitting down 😀

  84. This is an epic loophole 🤣 want to spend time with @JLin7? Challenge to beat him 1on1 🏀 for $1K #deceptivelyathletic

  85. NBA wants Cavs to be at the final so much, Celtics can not win with ref so biased.

  86. NBA wants stars-studded NBA Finals so LeBron would certainly find the Cavs 6th Man in the refs.
    Or at least, it would be 7-game series. It has become so predictable :[

  87. Without ref help, Celtics would win. NBA and ref are pathetic

  88. Hi everyone. I’ve been out of this forum for a few months. To cut the story short, JLin’s season ending injury stopped me from spending time in following NBA for the season as I was busy with my life as well as dealing with my study. Then I received a bad news with my health. I was pretty sick for quite a long while.

    Thank God that I’m recovered as well as I can. Don’t think I will ever be able to go back to my prediagnosed stage and even few months before. Anyhow I have to change my perspective on what considers to be healthy and learn to live and enjoy the rest of my life. If you are interested to know more about my health, you can visit this site:

    I’m still following the progress of JLin’s recovering and a little bit of NBA here and there. Am excited to hear more JLin’s news soon as he is going back to Taiwan soon. I will try to follow him as much as possible.

  89. I have been reading the book ‘Normal Christian Birth’ by David Pawson. I feel that it makes lots of sense. Then I begin to read the book ‘Is John 3:16 the Gospel?’ I begin to see the problems of Evangelism in this world. There is one question that Christians need to answer. Are we ready for the kingdom of Heaven? I’m 66 now and my body is breaking down little by little. I pray that God will guide us towards him. First we need to let Him to make us perfect for his kingdom. Jeremy Lin is intriguing and so is our eternal life.

  90. Bigs in the 2018 draft

    1. Deandre Ayton,Arizona, C, 7-1, 250
    2. Marvin BagleyIII, Duke, PF, 6-11, 235
    3. Jaren Jackson Jr., Michigan State, PF, 6-11, 240
    4. Mohamed Bamba,Texas, C, 7-0, 220
    5. Wendell Carter, Duke, PF/C, 6-10, 260
    6. Michael Porter Jr., Missouri, SF, 6-10, 215
    7. Robert Williams, Texas A&M, PF/C, 6-9, 235
    8. Kevin Knox, Kentucky, SF/PF, 6-9, 215
    9. Jontay Porter Power Forward / 6-11 / Missouri /Freshman
    10. Mitchell Robinson Center / 7-1 / USA / Freshman
    11. Omari Spellman Power Forward / 6-9 / Villanova / Freshman
    12. Dzanan Musa, G/F, KK Cedevita Height: 6’9″ | Weight: 185 | Age: 18 |
    13. Bruno Fernando, C, Maryland | Freshman Height: 6’10” | Weight: 245 | Age 19 |
    14. Chimezie Metu, F/C, USC | Junior Height: 6’10” | Weight: 225 | Age: 21 |
    15. Rodions Kurucs, G/F, FC Barcelona Height: 6’9″ | Weight: 190 | Age: 20
    16. Moritz Wagner, C, Michigan | Junior Height: 6’11” | Weight: 230 | Age: 20
    17. Isaac Bonga, G/F, Fraport Skyliners Height: 6’9″ | Weight: 205 | Age: 18
    18. Kevin Hervey, F, UT-Arlington | Senior Height: 6’9″ | Weight: 230 | Age: 21
    19. Ray Spalding, F/C, Louisville | Junior Height: 6’10” | Weight: 225 | Age: 21
    20. Brandon McCoy, C, UNLV | Freshman Height: 7’0″ | Weight: 250 | Age: 19
    21. Jarred Vanderbilt, F, Kentucky | Freshman Height: 6’9″ | Weight: 215 | Age: 18
    22. Goga Bitadze, C, Mega Bemax Height: 6’11” | Weight: 240 | Age: 18
    23. Arnoldas Kulboka, F, Capo d’Orlando Height: 6’10” | Weight: 205 | Age: 20
    24. Tadas Sedekerskis, SF, Nevezis (Lithuania) Height: 6’10 | Weight: 210 | Age: 20
    25. Kostas Antetokounmpo, F/C, Dayton | Freshman Height: 6’10” | Weight: 200 | Age: 19
    26. Thomas Welsh, C, UCLA | Senior Height: 7’0″ | Weight: 255 | Age: 22
    27. Austin Wiley, C, Auburn | Sophomore Height: 6’11” | Weight: 250 |Age: 19
    28. D.J. Hogg, F, Texas A&M | Junior Height: 6’9″ | Weight: 215 |Age: 21
    29. Alize Johnson, F, Missouri State | Senior Height: 6’9″ | Weight:210 | Age: 21
    30. Aric Holman, PF, Mississippi State | Junior Height: 6’10” | Weight:225 | Age: 20
    31. Tyler Davis, C, Texas A&M | Junior Height: 6’10” | Weight: 265 | Age: 20
    32. Ethan Happ, PF, Wisconsin | Junior Height: 6’9″ | Weight: 235 |Age: 21
    33. Matur Maker, F/C, Mississauga Prep Height: 6’10” | Weight: 200 |Age: 20
    34. Udoka Azubuike, C, Kansas | Freshman Height: 6’11” | Weight: 280 |Age: 18

  91. Hope you get well, will keep you in my prayer.

  92. We ought to read this.
    Bill Simmons asks why is Brooklyn so smart?

  93. ‪Nash regrets not having more scorer’s mentality. Should @JLin7 be more of a scoring PG to help his team win?🤔‬
    Let’s get Lin fans to vote

  94. Nash said what Lin fans has been saying for years.
    “Yea I should’ve probably shot the ball 20 times per game. It would have made a lot more sense, but at the time, everyone wasn’t ready for that league-wide. Everyone was telling us you can’t win shooting all those 3s, and now we realize we didn’t shoot enough, especially when we were playing small.”

    “I stuck to our traditional values and that allowed to me to stick to my personality, whereas I should have come further and further out of my personality.”

    Lin looks up to Nash so I hope he reads this interview and take Nash’s advice. What he said is exactly what Lin needs to fix to truly become an All-Star and bring his team to a Championship some day.

  95. Well, there it is. Never celebrate too soon. Danger of being overconfident. Always knew GSW turnovers would hurt them. Several t/os were momentum killers. Again, not enough ball movement. And taking bad shots.

    Down Iguodala, don’t know why Kerr didn’t play ANY of the bench. No David West (is he hurt?) No Quinn Cook (2 mins.) Played Nick Young 12 mins but only there to space the floor. Only got two 3PTAs.

    Durant played 43 mins but was out of rhythm the whole game. (At least what I saw.) Draymond played 45 mins. Probably got tired from defensive effort. Near the end, DG could not even get high enough for a wide open dunk.

    The stats were pretty much even and comparable. Harden and Gordon together were only 4 of 20 from 3. The Warriors should have had this.

    But the NBA REFS rose to the challenge. 27 FTAs for Rockets vs 14 FTAs for Warriors. With 3 EARLY fouls on both Looney & Curry. Rigged much?

    Bummer. GSW better get it back in Houston.

  96. I know it’s their job. But love how the analysts and the media and the coaches and players try to break down the games, and the coaching, and the mindset, etc, etc, etc.

    Not only did all those foul calls bail out the Rockets. It also stopped GSW’s transition game.

    Oh, give me a break. When the biggest elephant in the room that no one is allowed to talk about. Unless it’s a straight blow-out, it’s almost always because of THE REFS!!!!!!

  97. Sorry Psalm. Don’t have twitter. Can’t vote.

    Honestly? IMO, Lin can excel at being a balance of BOTH. If Lin has good players/teammates, I enjoy seeing him as a triple threat. Breaking down the defense, finding open teammates, or shooting when open.

    Kenny has made me a convert. I like the philosophy of multiple ball handlers. Lots of ball movement and player movement. Pass the ball. Make the defense work harder, keep them guessing. Attack the basket to get higher % scoring. See what the defense gives you. To me, that’s more of a winning formula.

    If this system gives JLin the opportunity to score, then JLin should be aggressive and take the shots. Likewise, his teammates need to make it harder for the defense to double up on JLin. So that he can get open shots too. Otherwise, it’s also a lot of fun to watch him make highlight worthy assists!

  98. Good to see you back. Hang in there!

  99. Haha. Just posted the same thing about the Warriors loss to Rockets tonight.

    “NBA and ref are pathetic”. YUP!

  100. Ronny Chieng is a very funny guy. “Loophole” – yeah!

    More from Vorkunov, “Wrote about Jeremy Lin and how he had to deal with Asian-American stereotypes his whole career, and still is after 8 years in the NBA. He told the story of how guys come up to him on the street and tell him they can beat him in a basketball game.”

    Unfortunately, the Athletic requires creating an account. Didn’t want to bother. (Too many Apps, too many accts already.)

  101. Sorry Kwok. Can’t click on Netsdaily. No respect for Lin or Lin fans there.

    And never cared for Bill Simmons. One of those lazy pundits who don’t do research but will give his opinion as if he has any facts.

    So, is Simmons saying Brooklyn is smart or not smart? And what are they smart about?

    Please do my homework for me, thanks. 🙂

  102. CBA players, sitting down – haha! (Quite a turnout – sold out no less!)

    Great photos there on Nets’ site! Good to see the Nets continue to support and feature JLin. (Wish it was the entire video too!)

    JLin is obviously proud of his heritage. And we are proud to see him represent. And for him to speak up on issues of stereotypes and bias and discrimination.

    But, in a way, I hope he’s not only being marketed for Chinese fans, or fans in Taiwan and China.

    Based on what we see on social media, JLin has plenty of fans here in the US. A very diverse fan base. Nets need to keep those fans engaged too!

  103. Uh oh. JLin ragging on RHJ again. He seems to pick on RHJ the most. It’s a good thing RHJ seems to take it in stride. I hope JLin doesn’t take it too far.

    JLin7: “Thanks for having me!! Really enjoyed being around so many intelligent people since I have to be around @IAmCHAP24 all the time …”

    RHJ’s reply: “Jeremy We are brothers you love being around me!!”

    Then Dinwiddie got into the act: “If I may interject. “Ehhhhh…”

    And RHJ, on cue: “…. Interjection “Denied”

  104. BOOOO! GSW didn’t listen to me! Come on, can’t let those iso-Rockets get the better of you!

    And Steph needs to pass the ball sometimes too.

  105. The NBA released the list of First Team and Second Team Rookies today. And Jarret Allen was snubbed!!!!! Led all rookies with 88 blocked shots. And 4th in PER for rookies. That’s not enough? I don’t have the other rookie stats handy, but I bet it’s because of scoring. That’s usually the only stat that media and casual fans care about.

  106. Chef Lin cooking up a “storm” for family and friends. Looks pretty good!

  107. After watching Warriors vs Rox last night, I feel Nets will never win a championship unless a “Super Super Star” joins them. Why? NBA has anointed players and teams they want to promote. Nets is not the chosen. If anything, NBA will allow Knicks win a championship for NYC market sake before Nets.

    It may sound odd to say NBA “allows”, but it is so true after watching this series play off games.

  108. Totally.

  109. Rockets are not a Championship team so of course they loss.

    All Championship needs the talent of 2-3 stars to make it not because of favoritism but because role players lack the skills to elevate the entire team. GSW would have trouble if Steph Curry didn’t get going.

  110. There lies the issue “if the system gives JLin the opportunity to score”. Except that’s not how it really works, coach and player has to have consent that he can take 20+ or more shots.

    Why do you think Curry had a break out game? Cause they made it a point for him to take many shots while Thompson and Draymond took only 4.

  111. NBA officiating is a shame to the whole world.

  112. Here Simmons is playing a little bit of devil’s advocate with Zach Lowe.
    He questions the trades of Andrew Nicholson with Wizards, Allen Crabbe with Trailblazers and D’Angelo Russell with Lakers. He has raised legit questions about those trades.
    You can use google to click on the article.

  113. Agreed totally that Rox is not a Championship team, but some how I feel NBA and ref favor Harden and Rox to a point I wonder whether Morey bribed the refs under the table.

  114. I also think Lin was in the process of finding the best way to play within system when he led the Nets to 11wins-12losses record to close out the 2016-17 season.

    He managed to be the facilitator/distributing PG during the first 3 quarters but stepped up as the scoring PG when necessary in the 4th quarter. He literally became the floor general to get his teammates warmed up for the game but was still able to get hot in the crunch time.

    It’s too bad that it was cut short but here’s hoping JLin would be able to sustain it throughout the season in 2018-19

  115. I think both Nash and Lin think the same way about the responsibility as a PG to get the team perform well. But in the past Lin was too unselfish that he’d rather his teammates score even when he can score easily. I see he found more balance at the end of 2016-17 season when he can step up as the scorer in the 4th quarter when necessary. That’s why we got glimpses of Linsanity moments in the Memphis game when he dominated in the 4th quarter.

    I hope Lin will take Nash’s comment to heart that he can help the team winning by scoring in this modern era. Preferably in the 4th quarter and OT

  116. It’s funny how MDA made that comment about how the Rockets are an ISO team and that they’d be silly to try to play another game.

    It seems GSW is now playing another game than what was so successful for them…a team game involving everyone. When I saw the very first game box scores, I was already troubled.


    GSW is trying to beat them at their own game, but it already has shown to be allowing the rockets to play at their own pace and speed instead. Playing a short bench just means they can’t run and gun. This allows the rockets to not match bench strength.

  117. Honestly it just feels like the NBA are purposely making the conference finals longer. Actual finals might be short due to the difference in strength.

  118. Some good reasons for loss:
    1. Iggy – he’s v important to hold intensity, D, and explosive offense
    2. KT was hurt too, he’s iffy for tomorrow
    3. KD and Steph are sharing leadership, so Steph’s injury hurt their meld.

    Having said that, the 2 games GSW lost were ISO breakdowns, and the 2 GSW won looked pretty GSW style to me.

    MDA was really smart to say that, to lull GSW into some belief, and it worked. GSW have also been really unchampionlike, being unfocused and panic ridden. Last night’s loss, Kerr should have called a TO.

  119. Let’s see if refs will be more even tomorrow.

  120. HI JLin Fan From Aus … it’s great to read you and I’m glad you are better. I’ll visit your caring bridge too. I wish you well and send you joy and good days in your health from the Bay Area. I too didn’t come often this season, and now with the Rox fighting GSW hard, it’s good to come back to revisit friends who I know would understand why JH just can’t be a hero to kids 🙂 Steph, JLin, KT, KD to me give kids something to look up to and try for … you’re with good company here. Best for now!

  121. Probably Refs got the memo to extend the series and to rig it due to illegal gambling.

  122. Great offseason chemistry. RHJ and LeVert chilling at Lin’s house

    IG Story: Rooftop party in Brooklyn

    @IAmCHAP24 playing H.O.R.S.E with @JLin7 on the rooftop of Lin’s apartment. #WeGoHard 

    Best and nicest Lin in RHJ’s eyes: 2-year-old Jaden hands him a chip 😍

  123. IG Story: Rooftop vibes #BKLYN

    #Nets @IAmCHAP24, @CarisLeVert and @_bigjayy_ having fun time playing 🏀 with @JLin7’s family and friends @joelinsta @JWAFAN @KheatonAScott. They’re doing push-ups as punishment lol #後面有彩蛋

  124. Anyone watching the game? This is one close game for the 3-2 lead. Still believe isoball will never win, every possession is Chris Paul with Harden sitting. Rockets are lucky Chris Paul’s been making every shot but it won’t last and will make teammate go cold. Thompson is catching fire and making timely 3 point baskets to keep it a 1 point game.

  125. Nick Young not used to make such a crucial shot, it was wide open and he choked. GSW need to make at least one more basket to take this game. Honestly Nick Young isn’t the six man they thought he could be. GSW needs an actual 3 point specialist. Chris Paul having way too many injuries including hamstring issues like Jlin last season. He should get help form Fortius just like Lin and Nash.

    Can’t belive Rockets are up 3-2. i hope GSW can tie it next game and win the series.

  126. My thoughts about the game:
    Kerr is not a good coach.
    Rox wanted it more than Warriors.

  127. *Chris Paul and Tucker wanted it more than Warriors and MDA sat Harden for majority of 4th quarter before bringing him back in. Too bad Chris Paul got injured hope he’s fine. I’d rather he stayed healthy that way Rockets have no excuse if they lose.

  128. Nick Young has been bad the whole series. He is a shooting guard, how can he not be able to shoot… Missed that important wide open shot is beyond me.

  129. Nick Young isn’t a very good shooter and isn’t the 6th man they need. 6th man needs to be hot off the bench and Young isn’t. I won’t be surprised if he’s gone next season.

  130. I am actually shocked that he has regressed so much. When he was Lin’s teammate at Lakers, he could shoot.

  131. Honestly I feel GSW has issues they are not playing as a team. With all those stars they should all be getting equal opportunities to score. Also don’t think KD is a good PG to lead the bench unit. I’d rather Thompson get those minutes. Just feel like Thompson was hitting his 3s yet didn’t get enough plays run for him.

    Kerr can’t seem to make adjustments or create an offense that allows all 4 stars to mesh together. To have 4 stars and still play like that is unacceptable.

    With Chris Paul injured, Rockets will still lose to Cavs if they even make the finals.

  132. Young had more minutes with the Lakers and got to handle the ball more often. At GSW he barely gets any minutes so if he can’t get hot off the bench or shoot off ball he’s not going to play. GSW would’ve been much better off signing someone else.

  133. Again, missed the game. Saw a few recap clips & box score. Very disappointing. Warriors are letting “me” down! LOL.

    I was hoping GSW would prove me wrong. Unfortunately, my concerns about GSW are coming true.

    16 Turnovers tonight and last game. Really? Draymond, SMH. Klay, rare 4 turnovers. Seems like maybe playing out of sync? Surprising, given how long they have played with each other, and are the champs.

    No true 6th man. Kerr playing short rotations. He played a few more guys tonight but only just to give the starters rest. The bench can’t build any kind of chemistry or rhythm. This will continue to be a problem, even if GSW get to the finals.

    Both game 4 and game 5 were close. A few less turnovers. And few less FTAs called by the refs. And the Warriors would have been resting now, waiting for Cavs or Celtics. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

    And Harden hasn’t even played well, AT ALL. I see this as more GSW losing, not so much Rockets winning.

    I’m still hoping…..GSW in 7!!!

  134. Close games. Warriors has lost all two. GS is not at its best but I strongly believe that Warriors are better than Rockets. Injuries has a lot to do with the losses. Players need time to get back in shape. They all have tried really hard on the court. At the end of day, injuries are equally likely on both teams. I don’t think the series is over yet.

  135. “create an offense that allows all 4 stars to mesh together”.

    The thing is, they do mesh well! This group won a championship over LeBron, just last year! They played such great team ball too, in the first two rounds. And that was with Steph missing games.

    I think Joe Team is right. Missing Iguodala hurt them. Klay may not be 100%. And missing guys who played well off the bench during the season. David West not getting playing time. Neither is Nick Young. Patrick McCaw hurt, who contributed to last year’s finals. Letting Omri Casspi go (granted he was also recovering from injury).

  136. Agree! Warriors are better than Rockets. And Harden isn’t even playing well.

    Hoping GSW will come back!

  137. Nick Young didn’t play tonight. (Box score shows 32 secs.)

    I think you meant Quinn Cook? Quinn missed that wide open shot at the end.

    Yeah, let’s all keep sending positive vibes to the Warriors to come back and take the series. They’ve come from behind before.

  138. It was Quinn Cook that missed. Maybe Nick Young might not have…..

  139. Had to miss the game. Two bad losses by GSW. Not looking good right now. Postgame, Steve Kerr actually said he’s not worried because they played good defense and just needed to cut down on turnovers. Well, DUH…..

  140. Love it! Bonding with the young guys! Maybe with this particular group because all the guys are single?

    Don’t recall seeing Lin with these team hangouts with previous teammates, not even in Charlotte?

    And little Jaden is too much – way too cute! (He really looks a lot like Papa Lin.)

    Here’s another video from today, with Jaden literally stuffing his face! Hahaha! So precious at this age….and then they become teenagers……JUST KIDDING!

  141. Here’s another new video, with a Joe Harris sighting!!! (I see that JLin is still wearing support on his right leg….)

  142. Yeah, agreed. Doesn’t seem like GSW is playing like they normally do.

    As a Warriors fan who follows them more than I do…..In addition to your above points,.

    Does it also seem like GSW is not setting multiple screens to get Steph and Klay open? I thought that was what they used to do. (I remember Bogut setting good hard, even illegal, screens.) To tire opponents running around on defense, or bait them into fouling. Just not seeing that now?

  143. I didn’t mean that Lin needs “permission” from Kenny. (Even though you’re right that previous coaches did not empower Lin to take over games.)

    What I meant was that Kenny’s system seems to want to move the ball, to find the open man, to get better and easier shots. So, if ANYBODY, not just Lin, gets double-teamed, or well-defended, they should pass the ball, instead of chucking up contested bad shots.

    Which would be good for everyone on the team, including JLIn. Which helps with winning.

  144. For sure. At this point, will be just glad to see JLin back on the court!

    “Floor general” is the perfect description of what I think JLin should be!

    No matter who else is on the court with him, I agree that the offense should be initiated and run through Lin. To get organized and get everyone involved, trusting his teammates.

    Ultimately, to make the right play. Whether it’s scoring or distributing. But, if he needs to score to bring a win, then he should definitely just take over!

  145. Thanks for link, but I just didn’t want to give Netsdaily the clicks.

    Also thanks for summary. Looks like Simmons doesn’t think the Nets are so smart.

    I have my doubts about the trades too. But, Allen Crabbe seems to be fitting in the system nicely. Let’s see how well he will play with Lin.

  146. LOL. Don’t know a single thing about a single name on the list. Hope Sean Marks and their big scouting staff will do the proper research! Not just on talent, but on fit with the roster and the system.

  147. For any hoopsters into X’s & O’s, here’s another APP.

    From [email protected] “The National Basketball Coaches Association’s eCoachBasketball provides access to the world’s best basketball teachers – current and former NBA coaches”

    “Head Coach of the @BrooklynNets, Kenny Atkinson teaches a drill on how @NBA players are able to effectively score in the lane. Check it out…”

  148. Okay, how about a few laughs. Bleacher Report Game of Zones. Past episodes have included several making fun of how bad the Nets were. Okay, maybe that’s a lot of dissing. But still, the inside jokes are hilarious.

    Last week’s episode made fun of the Knicks. Starring Walt Frazier, and Porzingis, and James Dolan. It’s only 4 minutes long, but at 3:23 is the big laugh. Knicks fan or Knicks hater, worth the chuckles!

  149. Also short snippet of Lin’s MOCANYC chat with Ronny Chieng:

  150. Sorry, I am not as technical on the screens, so I would probably get you the wrong answer. But if you notice it it probably is true. My friend who watches and played coached bball says that Kerr was telling KD to trust his teammates, and of course we are talking about how GSW are playing more iso. I missed tonight’s game because of work, and what a disappointment. Ah well, they have to go 2-2 now. They’ve done it before, so I have to keep on cheering!

  151. we need to go 2-2 and GSW can do it if they stop with the momentary ISOs and crazy TOVs and panicking plays. I don’t know what they have in their heads, they could have walked to the closeout in Game 4.

  152. On a court when I used to play, I’m not the best guy, but being intense and knowing the score and the need for a stop really helps a team win. Iggy is that and way more. He has such explosive running off the ball on a transition play that it just crushes the opponent. I wouldn’t go to Iggy for a FT in the 4th Q, because he goes for 1/2 often late in the game. I don’t even like his 3 ball. But man, is he good to keep the team focuses, and he can PG it up for a good pass too.

  153. I missed the game and my buddy told me Rox got all the hustle.

  154. Even drafting at 29m 40,45: there are still some talents left

    Chimezie Metu, F/C, USC | Jr. Ht/Wt: 6’11″/215 lbs Position: PF/C Team: USC Class: Junior
    Moritz Wagner, F/C, Michigan | Jr. 6’11″/240 lbs
    Omari Spellman, F/C, Villanova |Fr.6′ 9″/260 lbs
    Austin Wiley ‎Center ‎6 ft 11in (2.11 m) 255 age 21
    P.J. Washington, F/C, Kentucky |Fr.6′ 8″/240 lbs
    Brandon McCoy Ht/Wt: 7′ 0″/250 lbs C UNLV Class: Freshman
    Goga Bitadze Ht/Wt: 6’11″/250 lbs Position: C Team: Georgian Intl.
    Jarred Vanderbilt Ht/Wt: 6′ 9″/215 lbs Position: SF Kentucky Class:

  155. lol Did they seriously mention Lin in that Dolan song?

  156. Harden, Chris Paul, and MDA got into their heads that’s what! KD keeps wanting to iso way too much and wasting possessions. It’s like he reverted to his OKC playing style because they’re playing against Harden, his old teammate.

  157. Letting Omri Casspi go was a mistake. They need his 3 pointers so much more than Nick Young! If anything they should’ve let Young go. Then again Casspi got injured not sure if he would’ve covered in time for playoffs.

  158. Oh right that was Cook! Thought that was Young my bad. Exactly why would Kerr play someone who only had 8 mins of playing time? Their bench is so deep there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be getting more minutes and rotations. This game is showing how bad Kerr is as coach. Kerr was telling KD to look for his teammates earlier in the shot clock and go for his own shot only when there isn’t anything there.
    s h
    Except the bench aren’t getting enough minutes to be effective due to the short rotation.

    If Rockets wins it shows that MDA is a much better coach!

  159. Agreed, Kerr is not a good coach.

  160. Warriors are definitely a better team, so I blame Kerr for the loss. He is not playing the strength of his team. D’Antoni out coached Kerr.

  161. Actually it was Cook who missed that important wide open shot, not Young. Cook missed ALL of his 3 of his 3-pointers last night.

  162. Great advice from Lin to the little kid to find joy while chasing dreams. True for adults, too 🙂

  163. The look of disbelief on Walt Frazier’s face when Dolan sang the line about JLin was so real 😲 Letting him walk for nothing at the height of his popularity was shocking

  164. Yes, Lin was mentioned in that song, lol

  165. Thanks it happened too fast and I mistook Cook as Young (similar physique I guess). Maybe if it was Nick Young he would’ve made it then. To put in a rookie at such a crucial time was a bad sub. Cook totally hesitated and had no confidence in that shot.

  166. There’s an old saying in sports, “we just have to get out of our own way”. In most cases, athletes are are just lipping scripted answers about not choking. That’s only part of the equation. The GSWs are showing that they lack the leadership by coaches to focus their players on a complete package in a total game plan.

    One of the worst sins of competition is overconfidence. Coaches too can be fooled by it as well. When things are going great, it’s easy to lose sight of focus. GSW won the first game with ease away from home and it appears like it was all but inevitable that they would win the series.

    I’ve brought up MDA more than once on his not so subtle message to his own team that they are who they are and that they just need to be better at being who they are. This truly is what great coaching is all about.

    I use to say to my players “never get drunk on power”. When things are going well, you can crush strokes to the corners and smash big serves for aces. Elite level players believe that they can always bring it, even though few ever repeat their greatest zone performances. Winning isn’t about just what you can do, it’s how to limit your lows while taking advantage of the highs. As good coaches should know, everyone can have great nights or months. Look what Brad Stevens is doing without his “stars”. Involving as many players as possible means that there’s more of a chance someone else could step up when you go cold.

    In the case of GSWs, they won the first game with ISO. They got drunk with power and tried to out offence Houston instead of playing a complete game, a team game. They got drunk on power and their ego got in the their own way of playing the GSW game.

    It’s now up to the GSW coaches to get their own players back on their own game plan, because without it, they are playing with desperation make bad decisions and errors. Every team has to adhere to their own style and way of winning. Without it they are lost in a fog of indecision, especially when things aren’t going well. Well coached players know who they are how to make the best use of their skills AND THE GAME PLAN to get the best out of them. When things aren’t going well, players need to know exactly how to raise their game. What is then asked of each player is to bring their own levels up within their system and not go rogue like the ISO desperation they’ve been doing. Play harder, be quicker, be more decisive, make better cuts, set better picks, defend better. BUT PLAY BETTER WITHIN YOUR SYSTEM!

    In another word, just as MDA said, nothing wrong with your system…just be a better you.

  167. @JLin7 still thinks GSW and CLE will win in G6. He says LeBron needs to be aggressive & his teammates to step up. HOU’s defense is most impressive. Mike D’antoni has made a lot of progress as a coach. Lastly, he wishes Chris Paul a speedy recovery.


  168. Yes – find joy in the process of reaching high goals!

    And at the same time, through daily grind, it’s important to enjoy the little things too. A beautiful sunrise or sunset. A happy song. A good workout. And then the ice-cream afterwards. 🙂

    At the end of this video, MOCA said they will be posting the full version of the interview soon.

  169. No problem. Young and Cook kinda have the same hair too.

    But, yeah, Livingston is the only bench guy getting consistent (but not a lot) of minutes. Tough for guys like Cook, Jordan Bell, and even Nick Young and David West, to go from not getting any minutes, to a pressure situation.

    Not everyone can be a “rookie” and still make a clutch shot like JLin vs Toronto! 🙂

    Then again, MDA was only playing 7 guys too. But those 7 guys are all experienced vets. The Rockets are an OLD team. Active rotations have only one guy under 30. (Capela.)

  170. Good post .. I also just saw this. GSW has been passing less and less. They are moving away from what made them successful. Hope they go back to their roots.

  171. Yeah, Casspi was really good for GSW during the season when Durant was out. They could definitely use him now.

    I think they let Casspi go because they needed the roster spot to sign Quinn Cook. Cause they were probably worried about Steph’s injuries. And unfortunately, Casspi was still recovering.

  172. Priceless! So, my guy Clyde is busy rhyming and doing crochet. And then just as JLin’s name comes up, he turns the thing around to show Porzingis. And it said “get out”. I was literally laughing out loud.

    Such creative rendition of Clyde!

  173. Yup, his FT % and 3 % not great. But contributes in so many other ways. Fits GSW style of play. Always liked Iggy! His finals MVP was well-deserved!

  174. As an active player, I don’t know how he could be expected to give honest critique or commentary. Not that he would “lie”. But I would imagine, still needs to be politically impartial.

    BTW, I don’t agree with JLin. LOL.

  175. This isn’t their first playoffs. Two-time champions. High pressure games. Already gone through not being able to close out when up 3-1.

    Really surprised about the ISOs and panicking and failing to execute.

    The only other excuse that I can think of, is that they were tired. Being tired can affect focus. Especially Draymond. He plays really hard, really physical, exerting a lot of energy.

  176. Interesting stat. Supports eye-test.

    Got a chance to watch just the second half of Game 5.

    It just seemed like GSW was totally out of sync. Overthinking. It looked like they were trying to get back to team ball. But overthinking it.

    Several plays where they should have shot the ball, but over-passed. And then other plays where they took contested shots but should have passed.

    And how often does GSW have shot-clock violations?

    Did the Rockets really played that much better defense?

  177. I know you have a unique viewpoint because of your coaching experience. So I understand that’s the perspective. Absolutely, I can see that good coaching can make a difference.

    But I saw the clip with Kerr encouraging Durant to keep playing teamball. Durant went out and went right back to ISO possessions. At which point do the players need to take responsibility? Or are held accountable? Guys like the Warriors. Seasoned, experienced. This same group, same coach, has won a championship together. Pre-Durant, this same group, same coach, has won another championship together.

    And they have suffered the bitter perils of losing a championship despite being up 3-1. (Even though I blame it on Draymond being suspended.) Durant too.

    Why don’t GSW know better by now, what is the right way to play in order to win?

    Why are they still over-confident and complacent? Even after losing Game 4 and giving home court advantage back?

    I don’t know…..I sure hope they solve the puzzle. I really hate to see the Rockets win. Don’t want to see Morey or Harden, or even CP, validated in any way.

  178. I’m rooting for the Celtics and for GSW. Injuries are terrible, and take the edge off the competitiveness. But they sure level the playing field real fast.

    If no KLove, or CP, will be very different game 7, and games 6 and 7 (assuming). And if Iguodala comes back.

  179. Couple of 6 degrees of separation trivia. Was just reminded that Jeff van Gundy was Mark Jackson’s coach, I think with the Knicks and the Rockets.

    And that D’Antoni was head coach of the Phoenix Suns, and Steve Kerr was GM there, overlapping 2 seasons.

    NBA is small world.

  180. Lin’s good friend, and occasional trainer/shooting coach. David Nurse. Ironically, DN was hired as Nets’ shooting coach the season before Marks, Atkinson, and Lin. Marks did not retain DN when he took over as GM. DN is also related to Nick Nurse (uncle), who is being considered for the Raptors’ head coaching job.

    Anyway, DN posted on his Instagram, his testament to JLin’s character. (from 6 days ago)

    davidnurse5 – “I’ve been super blessed to be able to work with a lot of NBA players in my day – but never have I been around a person that works harder, that is more committed, and is super passionate about being the absolute best he can be than @jlin7. And as great as he is on court, he is an even better person……”

  181. From JLIn Instagram, another vid of his dunk on RHJ. Considering he dunked on his own Mom, guess this wasn’t that mean……

    Is JLin throwing shade at Kenny? Snarky comment about RHJ being so short, for a PF. And Acy being a short center. Hahaha.

    jlin7 – “DUNK HIM!! Also whys our PF shorter than our SG?……I wont even bring our center @quincyacy into this height conversation…..”

  182. Put in David West was even worse

  183. Like I said, pride and ego is one of the worst failings of elite level athletes. Durant may be too proud to let an OKC castoff beat him.

    This isn’t only applicable to sports. When winning becomes secondary to pride, Sports competition isn’t quite as serious as war, but it’s still a competition of winning. the greatest failures of warfare is Germany in the Second World War and is a prime example of pride and ego displacing winning. Instead of invasion, they chose to bomb just because the allies dared to bomb Germany. They were drunk with power having taken all of Europe all the way to Russia. Churchill took their game plan away by attacking their pride.

  184. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, pride and ego have been the downfall of many in history.

    But, in terms of competitive sports, isn’t winning the ultimate boost to pride and ego though? Curry and CP can shimmy all they want, but winning gives far superior bragging rights. Isn’t that the reason Durant left Westbrook? Why do they still put ego above winning? Not if they TRULY want to win….

    On second thought, I can see guys like Harden care more about his ego and stats more than winning. Since basketball is a team sport, I guess winning as a team just means having to share the glory?

    Yeah, and the NBA enables and rewards and glorifies personal STATS. So maybe most of the players don’t really care about winning all that much.

    Intramural sports for fun was the closest I ever got. LOL. So maybe I’ll never really understand.

  185. I don’t know what happened with West. He hasn’t played meaningful minutes this series.

    He was a big part of their success last year, and during the regular season. He’s a good mid range shooter. And a good passer. And also physical rebounder and defender. I thought he could have helped give Draymond some rest.

    Was it a match up problem? Meh, what do I know. Not a coach. Steve Kerr has one more chance to get it right tonight.

  186. Here we go. Speaking of NBA rewarding individual glory. All-NBA first, second, third teams names released. Worst of all, these lists affect contracts, and are used as part of narrative to measure how “great” a player is. Is it any wonder the anointed star players are selfish? (If interested, see link for list. – Lillard? Really? Over Curry and Oladipo?)

    Per CBS sports: “The All-NBA teams are far more than just a list of the top players in the league — it also factors into contract money paid out, player value perceived by the public spectrum and more.” There’s a lot more in the link, with examples of impact on specific players.

  187. It’s okay. I’m zeroing in on stuff only because REALLY REALLY don’t want Rockets to win.

    So, DEFINITELY CHEERING FOR GSW! Crossing all fingers!!!

  188. For all the publicity about the SI Now series, there has only been 2 episodes about following JLin on his rehab journey? The first was free on You-tube in Jan, so I saw that one. The second was on Amazon back in April, so did not see that one.

    That’s it? No more? Season is over…..his medical rehab is over, right? Hopefully, just continued training and strengthening and getting back in shape?

  189. Uh oh. Warriors off to bad start. More specifically, Durant is off to bad start. Even missed 2 FTs.

    If KD can’t get into it, then just use him as a decoy. Run everything through Klay & Steph. Not that Steph is doing great either, 1 of 6 from 3.

  190. Wow, fast break, 2 on 1, and Klay & Steph over-passed.

    Rockets shooting 53% from 3. Maybe they will cool off……

    KD finally a three! Lead back down to 9…..

  191. Again with the silly turnovers. Bad passes. Steph double dribble – that time should have passed. Smacks forehead! Cut it out! FOCUS!

    Bright side – KD waking up?!

  192. The 3s aren’t falling for any of the Warriors. Steph and Klay normally make those. Looks like GSW is still kinda out of sync. Hesitating, not playing with the usual confidence.

    And watch out, Harden has already gotten 9 FTA.

    Need to run plays, move the ball, get closer to the rim! Lucky to be down only 10 at the half.

  193. That’s it! Way to go! Klay comes out on fire! 2 pt game!

  194. YEEES!!!!! Go Warriors!

  195. Not good, Harden is starting to go off on his 3’s. Why can’t they defend him by at least waving their arms in front of him? I guess easier said than done. What do I know?

    Klay able to answer! But KD takes bad shot and misses another FT. GSW back down by 4.

  196. GSW starting to play tougher! Have to – the season is on the line! Go Get It!

  197. Klay Thompson doesn’t get enough shots even though he’s been the most efficient scorer on the team! Honestly I feel Klay deserves more than just being 3rd/4th option to Curry and KD. I hope he leaves and gets his own team someday!

  198. Yes, Klay is hot! Should keep feeding him, get him open looks!

    Great minds think alike – we like the same players! 🙂

    Well, Klay has said time and again that he’s happy at GSW. I guess not everybody has to be an alpha. He seems to be happy to be able to play the game he loves, and on a winning team.

  199. Just hang on! Gotta watch out for refs making calls for Harden.

    Play 12 more solid minutes of good basketball and GSW will survive another day! Let’s go!

  200. OH YES!!! Fist pump!!! KLAY!!!

  201. Klay is LiT! From downtown baby! Been saying since last game GSW needs to get him more touches!

  202. Sorry guys, I know it’s Lin’s forum. But I don’t go on other sites, so…..


  204. Me neither, it’s ok it’s still related to basketball. And there’s hardly any news related to Lin right now.

  205. Come on GSW, keep playing good defense, and you’ve got this!

  206. 🙂

  207. Oh man Steph – got it!!!!!

    Just noticed KD is not out there?

  208. 94-79 biggest lead by Warriors!


  210. GSW not celebrating, just need to get out of there with the win.

  211. Yup, it ain’t over till it’s over! They need this!

  212. We want Game 7!

  213. FOR SURE!

  214. KLAY THOMPSON – icing on the cake! 35 points – wow!

    Also, KD is back on floor.

  215. 106-81 4:23 4Q … We will see Game 7 surely!

  216. He’s out there or was just getting less touches. It’s Thompson’s night! I hope he wins Finals MVP. He been the best player for GSW so far! He needs to get more minutes in game 7!

  217. Looks like Kerr agrees with you – he’s got the bench out there now for the last 4 minutes!

  218. haha.
    Warriors were so sluggish in the first half that I was worried…

  219. Wow – McCaw is playing – 2 pts! That was such a bad injury – really good to see him back and okay!

  220. Yeah, same here! But, all’s well that ends well! GSW WINS IT!!!

    Sigh of relief……

  221. 115-86. Warriors won! What a turn-around!

  222. Klay Thompson woke up that’s what! So humble and soft spoken but comes through when the season is on the line! 😀

  223. Great game!

    Klay was on fire! Postgame interview – Klay says they did it with intensity, effort, passion, and playing smarter. All good points. NOW BRING IT TO GAME 7!

  224. Saw the injury replay, scary. Not sure if he’ll get many minutes in game 7. GSW needs all the help they can get. Nick Young played more and was great tonight. He should get Cook’s minutes.

  225. Oh Yeah!

    Steph woke up too – he also played much better. Hope this time he’s back for good. As great as Klay was, GSW will still need Steph to play like this to win.

  226. I hope Klay gets finals MVP! He deserves it if he continues to play like this! Not too fond of KD’s overly iso playing style, hurts the team and ices other players out.

  227. Quinn was pretty good during the season, but he is still just a rookie, too much pressure for finals. At least Nick Young shoots with no conscience, and helps space the floor.

  228. Yes but it was Thompson who took them over the hump. Tied for most stls (4) going for 13-23 FGA for 35 points the highest scoring player this game! Dude got the end of game interview for good reason!

    Look at the stats.

  229. Yeah, I know what you mean.

    But, at least with KD out there, the Rockets have to respect and defend him. Can’t double team the other guys. Hopefully KD will have it figured out about how to contribute and play within the flow of the game. In time to win game 7.

  230. Hey, agreed! No argument from me! LOVE KLAY! And he’s so humble too, so easy to root for him!

  231. Yes and he doesn’t get enough credit! :/ if Kyrie Irving can get his own team no reason why Klay can’t either who is a much better and more team oriented player.

  232. Kerr did much better this game with the minutes management. Gave some minutes to Jordan Bell, who brought a lot of energy. And Nick Young surprisingly played decent defense too when he was out there. Of course, being up 15 and then 20 helps let the starters get more rest.

    More importantly, Kerr recognized that Klay and Steph were rolling, and didn’t try to put KD back in too soon. Klay and Steph were +/- PLUS 32 and 33 (Draymond out there with them +27)

    And the refs stayed out of the way.

    Why couldn’t they do this in game 4? Was CP really that good? I don’t buy it. Like I said, I always felt that GSW lost, rather than Rockets won. The refs were awful, but GSW also played awful.

    Okay, not going to complain. At least there’s another chance! Can’t wait for Monday. Now I’m hyped!

  233. True! The good guys never get enough credit. Look at Harris. Heck, LOOK AT JLIN!

    Unfortunately, that’s the NBA. That’s why I pretty much hate the NBA.

    But let’s enjoy this win. Need to carry the good vibes into a win for game 7 and really put Houston down!

  234. Hahaha. Postgame interview, Nick Young said Dennis Rodman appeared to him in a dream last night and said that Nick will be playing some defense for tonight’s game. And so he did.

    The guy’s a riot, such a doofus. But as long as he helps GSW win, okay by me.

  235. LOL Nice one that’s why I like Young a fun loving guy and genuinely happy for his teammates’ success including Lin! He even posted support for Lin when Hornets got to the playoffs. Wish he can go to the Nets if GSW doesn’t want him after this season but they will need to get rid of Dangelo Russell first! Glad Young came through this game. He deserves the ring if GSW wins this series and the finals.

    You know Russell is bad when a fun loving guy like Young doesn’t get along with him! Russell acts like he’s the franchise but he isn’t and his game doesn’t show he’s a starter at all! Honestly hope Nets can get rid of him before this off season asap! No way will he get along with Lin!

  236. Sean Marks will definitely have a very busy summer. Lots of decisions to make.

  237. JLin empathizes with the injured players. He knows how it feels. Looking forward to JLin coming back stronger than ever!

  238. JLin certainly can empathize with CP3’s hamstring injury, which could’ve taken 3 weeks to heal during regular season according to Sam Amick below. It will be shocking if CP3 can play close to 100% in Game 7.

  239. Nick Young has no fear of the limelight; hit or miss doesn’t bother him much. Wish Lin could learn some of his positive mentality. Lin worries too much about missing some times.

  240. Don’t like the news, now Harden and Rockets have an excuse for losing.

  241. They might use CP3 injury to boost morale in Game 7 ala Willis Reed of the Knicks.

    Interestingly, Amick gave 25% chance of HOU to win Game 7. If GSW trail the game early, it would be tough to come back for sure. But HOU is so short-handed playing only 7 players before garbage time, it could be MDA’s weakness.

    I think GSW has found their style of play so it’s too late for HOU even with Game 7 at home.

  242. Great highlights of shooting from both teams in Game 7. Lin must be torn to root for GSW or MDA.
    Perhaps he would root for MDA in the 1st quarter then GSW in the last 3 😀

  243. Great article about Klay’s mentality. It’s very similar to what JLin said to leave everything on the floor in the first Linsanity game vs NJ Nets in anticipation of getting cut from the Knicks.

    “I just knew this wasn’t going to be my last game, man,” he said that night. “If it by chance was, I was going to go out shooting, being aggressive. I see a couple easy looks go in, and after that you’ve got your legs under you and everything feels like it’s going to go in. I just stuck with it, never doubted myself.”

    Fast forward two years, and there was a familiar theme to his message this time around: Belief in oneself.

    “I learned, as I get older, if you play with passion, you play hard, and you leave the game saying ‘I gave everything I have tonight in those 48 minutes,’ you can live with the result,” the 28-year-old Thompson said.

    So long as this star-studded Warriors core stays together, and so long as they keep winning, the debate will continue about which player is the most important and why. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are the clear leaders in the clubhouse when it comes to sheer talent, and Draymond Green will always be known as the “heart and soul” of their club, as coach Steve Kerr deemed him years ago.

  244. whew, great 2nd half!

  245. that’s true about KD. Tonight was weird … he was like too intense and Curry, KT started to flow. I’m thinking the whole team didn’t really get to play together most of the year through injuries, so their pistons are not quite in sync.

  246. Russell likes to score and makes assists and he also likes to shoot 3s and hates to pass up his shots to Young.
    Russell loves to pad his stats and fails to move the team as a PG.
    The worst part is Russell draws no fouls and it hurts most in a close game in the 4th Q. Frequently, teammates were not in position to rebound when he threw up a shot. Who knows if Russell is going to shoot. He fools his teammates too.

  247. What impresses me most is the comeback from a 39-22 1st quarter against Houston. Defense has to be there to make a comeback.
    Shots has to fall.
    Of course, the ref made lots of differences.
    Look at how the ref made the calls.

  248. Celtics leading by 1 point! Come on lets go! Celtics to the finals please!

  249. Yes but what does that leave Klay Thompson? Will he be remembered like Curry and Durant? He’d be remembered like Scottie Pippen but with the 4 star team maybe not so much. Don’t know, there are so many weak Eastern Conference teams. I don’t see why Klay should settle for 3rd/4th fiddle. I want to see what a humble guy like him can accomplish if he was the no.1 guy.

  250. Looks like LBJ, playing every minute of the game, is going to lead the Cavs past Boston. 9 point lead with about 1 minute left. LBJ is one of the best ever, maybe the best. I’ve watched basketball for a long time, he’s tops. And he’s 33?

  251. They didn’t have Kyrie or Hayward. LBJ is one of the best basketball players ever. No shame in losing to him.

  252. Klay’s goal seems to be winning championships with great teammates. You got to admire his priorities. Klay chose the opposite path of Harden although he’s not the 6th Man. After winning several rings, perhaps he will try to be #1 somewhere else or not.

  253. the boston guards smart, brown, rozier taking 42 shots and missing 34 of them probably was a factor too.

  254. Celtics young players fought hard, especially Jayson Tatum, but they didn’t have the experience to execute well in crunch time. It’s almost predictable that experience will win out. They almost pulled it out without their 2 best players, Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. Coach Brad Stevens has done impressive job indeed. Next year they will be the team to beat in the East if healthy.

    Give LBJ credit for powering the weaker Cavs team compared to previous years. But he looked really spent. It’s hard to see the Cavs can beat GSW or Rockets so it might be the last hurrah for LeBron in the Cavs jersey?

  255. Brown/Rozier is a combined 3-22 from 3s. Yikes!
    Rozier shouldn’t have taken those desperation 3 in the last 1 min being 0-9 from 3s.

    Excellent Tatum had the clutch gene.

  256. LBJ played 48 and mostly handled the ball and play D for almost all 48. He has a lot of miles on him and he’s 33.

    I don’t expect the Cavs to do much with GSW. Maybe better against the Rockets if they win? I don’t know. It is very possible it is LBJ’s last hurrah for Cleveland.

  257. Tatum is a wonderful player. He played really well.

  258. GSW and Rockets defense are so good and that Cavs might only have 20-25% chance to win a 7-game series. If they still had Kyrie, it might be closer to 40%-45%.

    It’s hard to see which next superstar wants to join LeBron in the Cavs. Maybe Lebron is tempted to go to the 76ers? It’ll be interesting but he needs to find superstar teammates to have a chance to win more rings. 76ers would offer an improving Embiid and Simmons and easier path to the Finals. Embiid would be the key to beat GSW or the Rockets.

    His comment to prioritize family was interesting and interpreted as a sign of leaving the Cavs because they weren’t happy with the Cavs’ owner comments before.

  259. JLin asked a good question about where LeBron is in relation to MJ.

    IMHO, LeBron is the best NBA player but his 3 rings’ll always be measured against MJ’s 6 rings.
    LBJ is a better all-around-player but MJ is the more dominant GOAT 🐐🏀
    In their peak, Malone/Magic/Kemp/Drexler/Barkley 0 💍vs Curry/Duncan/Dirk 4 💍proved MJ’s dominance of their era.

    For those who had the fortune (old enough) to watch MJ in the Finals, you know how MJ would somehow impose his will to beat the other teams. It was simply uncanny.

  260. JLin on LeBron and the young Celtics

  261. He showed no fear in dunking against LeBron. Very impressive.
    Rozier got rejected, I think.

  262. Lebron will never be better than MJ no matter how much the NBA wants to hype him up. Sure he can get to the rim big deal, MJ’s amazing buzzer beating 3s, mid range, and dunks were unforgettable.

    MJ had more of a range game than Lebron and his dunks looked superhuman. The closest dunks to MJ I’ve seen were by D Rose before his injuries. There’s no doubt a taller and well built MJ at his prime would’ve crushed Lebron.

    Just think, not even Lebron can guard Kevin Durant who has similar physique, arms, and height as MJ with amazing scoring range but MJ was 10x better than Kevin Durant.

    If Phil Jackson was still coaching he’d grab KD as his franchise star in a second. Phil Jackson was lucky to find his “MJ” copycat in Kobe Bryant.

  263. And Lebron will go down as the star who always jumped ship to chase more rings instead of sticking with 1 team to create a legit legacy. Well honestly it’s for the best since the Cavs pretty much allowed him to run things and the coach was nothing more than a puppet.

  264. Saw the close up replay that was one heck of a dunk against Lebron! I loved it! No fear what so ever! If only the Nets can get Jayson Tatum!

  265. It is an acceptable excuse to say young players don’t have experience. We see it almost all the time that most elite athletes needs experience to learn how to win. In Lebron’s case he couldn’t win by himself in Cleveland even though they tired to build a team around him. He choked just like all the ordinary kids and did the Derozen thing. It wasn’t until he colluded with Wade and Bosh to build a powerhouse team that he won his rings. Everybody hated them and they lost in the playoffs their first year and everyone lol.

    The mental game is by far the most difficult to gain. Some never do until they get help from teammates to push them over the top. MJ was never a shrinking violet and always played his guts out but failed to involve his teammates. It was good coaching that helped him to let his team help him out. MJ had superior wil power and mental toughness.

    We forget that some athletes can overcome youth because they believe in themselves so much that no one scares them. This is what makes them so special. Boris Becker won Wimbledon at 17 but to get there, he had to convince his German tennis federation to put their efforts into developing him. He wasn’t the best athlete when he was a junior…there were others who were more skilled. But Becker tested with incredible self belief. It was that mental attribute that got him into the elite junior German program.

    Tiger Woods had so much expectation heaped upon his back when he turned pro. His youth didn’t fazed him whatsoever and beat the pros to win his first major by a -17 or by a whopping 12stroke separation to his nearest veteran pros.

    Athletes like these are rare indeed. It’s why I’ve always believed in Lin. His mental fortitude was forged by being told he wasn’t good enough at every stage in his life. He’s always had to bring it or go home. No matter how many times he was denied access, his indomitable will circumvented all obstacles.

    So why did the youngsters in Boston lose? They just didn’t believe it enough and wasn’t mentally prepared enough, or tough enough to withstand all the hype and expectations from fans. It’s a burden Lebron knows all too well.

  266. Rebuilding Nets seems to take another turn as the team is going to have its first round draft choice soon but still this team needs to sell tickets every season. It must give the fans a reason to stay with them; a hope to watch them play.

    Sean Marks can’t afford to make bad mistakes like trade for DLo and Mozgov. Sean Marks shouldn’t make offer like 4 years about $74.8M, the contract to Allen Crabbe anymore. Sean Marks has made offer $106,524,975 contract to Otto Porter Jr. Those contracts are highly risky to team rebuilding. Fortunately Nets didn’t get its players at the original offer. Now all the teams matching the Nets’ offer are in deep trouble with the cap.

    It’s time to rebuild through the draft; the safest way in rebuilding. For the time being, Lin is back to support the ticket sale. New players have been developed to give hope to the team. All Nets need to do is to win more games but the team sorely needs a rebounder; there is no substitution. The only problem is the team still don’t have their own draft choice. The team don’t even have Brook Lopez.

    The stock of Nerlen Noel has fallen a lot. Perhaps, Nets can lure him to Brooklyn at a bargain price. God only knows how this team is going to survive for another season. Marks and Atkinson apparently give up on big Jah; this is a big mistake.

  267. the King of course.

  268. Have to credit Draymond Green. I wish he’d tone his act down but 5 blocks, 4 steals, 10 rebounds and 9 assists is a big factor to help his team. K Thompson made a bunch of shots and plays, and he also played well with 4 steals and 6 rebounds.

  269. Not for me. That happened a long time ago and he’s had enough flack for it. He went back to Cleveland and brought that town a championship when it didn’t even look possible that year. What he’s done can’t be discounted. He’s been in the final 8 years straight. That is flat-out remarkable. It’s really incredible to witness a legend of the game play and at such a high level at 33. Like LeBron’s personality or not, and I understand those that don’t, his legacy is his winning, conditioning, being an all-around player, and leading not such great teams to the finals 8 years in a row. If he wants to move on from Cleveland, he’s deserved it. And Michael Jordan ruled the Bulls just as much as LeBron ruled Cleveland. That’s the way it is in the NBA with people that play the game on the highest level possible, whether we like it or not.

  270. Well answered. LBJ is an all-round more complete player. MJ is a more dominant GOAT. I totally agree.

  271. Hmmmmm. Klay Thompson, hero for GSW last game. 1 minute in, he’s got 2 fouls called against him. And now his 3rd.

    Coincidence? Puuuhlease!!!! Hang in there Klay, don’t let them get in your head.

  272. To be without Klay until at least the half, hope GSW doesn’t press to much. Don’t play hero ball. Just play your game, your system.

  273. GSW needs to get back into their rhythm, even on defense. Not in sync boxing out, Rockets getting offensive rebounds, second chances.

  274. IMO, for Lin’s sake, the Nets should not be in rebuilding mode.

    Having seen Crabbe play, I’m glad that trade was made. Lin needs good players around him NOW. Can’t afford to wait until draft picks develop. I’m no salary cap expert. I can only hope that Marks can find other free agents, or trade for a good player, who can contribute to the team right away. Like Carroll. If the Nets can manage that, without mortgaging the future, that would be ideal. For Lin.

    The fact that JAllen has made good strides in his rookie year shows that either Sean Marks drafted really well, or Kenny’s staff really good at development. Or both. But, can’t depend on that for all draft picks.

    Then again, we will never know to what extent JLin’s injuries have forced Marks to change strategies.

  275. Klay is back on the floor. Don’t waste his time out there. Set screens, get him open shots.

  276. I can definitely agree with believing in Lin. And his love of the game, and the will to win. Klay Thompson seems to have the same qualities. (Albeit KT’s basketball pedigree is much different.)

    Caveat, I did not see EC game 7. Only replays and box score. I thought that yes, the younger Celtics were relatively inexperienced. But, I thought their real problem was the opposite. I thought that they were OVER-CONFIDENT. They shouldn’t be intimidated, but they should have had a healthier dose of respect for their opponent.

    How in the world did Brad Stevens allow Rozier and Smart to chuck up so many 3’s? Along with Brown, the 3 of them were 3 of 26. Overconfident again, thinking that surely the next one will fall. That’s not going to win games over anybody, let along LeBron in a game 7. (And Rozier, already blocked by LeBron the last game, tries AGAIN to dunk instead of passing or a layup.)

    But you’re right, they will learn.

  277. I’m not sure why JLin is stirring the pot by asking the question. I know there’s an endless debate with the fans and the sports media, but I don’t get the need to do this.

    Personally, I’m not sure why there has to be a GOAT. Not that I’m a LeBron fan. But they can BOTH be great. They played in different eras, with different rules. This is a team sport. They had different teammates, playing against very different opponents. Neither one would be GOAT if their teammates didn’t help them win.

    So, despite both their successes, and the kudos, and their wealth, do they really need this last crowning in order to feel validated? So, if Magic Johnson, or Kobe Bryant, or Steve Nash, or Larry Bird don’t get this crown, should they feel like failures and losers?

    Sorry, Psalm, just general musing. Couldn’t buy into these attempts to compare.

  278. I’m not sure why JLin is stirring the pot by asking the question. I know there’s an endless debate with the fans and the sports media, but I don’t get the need to do this.

    Personally, I’m not sure why there has to be a GOAT. Not that I’m a LeBron fan. But they can BOTH be great. They played in different eras, with different rules. This is a team sport. They had different teammates, playing against very different opponents. Neither one would be GOAT if their teammates didn’t help them win.

    So, despite both their successes, and the kudos, and their wealth, do they really need this last crowning in order to feel validated? So, if Magic Johnson, or Kobe Bryant, or Steve Nash, or Larry Bird don’t get this crown, should they feel like failures and losers?

    Sorry, Psalm, just general musing about the question. Couldn’t buy into these attempts to compare.

  279. So Klay was out due to foul trouble? I guess refs want a close game due to Cp3 absence

  280. I guess it’s human nature to compare. I think this LBJ vs MJ debate on the Internet is just a way to have hot NBA conversation and increase ratings by the media

    LBJ hasn’t even retired so it’s premature to make comparison

  281. Yes, loved what Klay said post game 6. Talked about how much he loves playing, and how intensity, effort, and passion will lead to winning.

    As long as he’s happy and enjoys playing with this team, and WINNING, that’s great! More than what most players get an opportunity to do.

  282. My apologies Psalm, I moved my comment back to the original with Lin’s tweet. Please refresh. 🙁

    And true. LBJ hasn’t retired yet, so could be he will win more rings.

    I know fans enjoy making the comparisons, I guess I’m just not one of them. Maybe because not as invested in either player. Now, if they say JLIn is GOAT, then I’m ALL LIN! 🙂

  283. Wish Draymond would stop taking those open 3’s. Like I’ve said many times about Quincy, he’s open for a reason! I know he can make them once in a while, but that’s NOT his game!

  284. Yes. Unfortunately, he picked up 2 fouls within ONE minute. Then a third one a little later.

  285. Yeah, good strategy for Lin! No guilt that way….come on, GSW is his hometown team, right?

  286. Yes, unfortunately, JLin knows too well.

    I dislike CP3, but I agree with JLin. would never wish injuries on ANY player, no matter who.

  287. I know Durant is making shots right now. But the ball isn’t moving, and spacing is horrible.

    Let’s go GSW. Let’s get it in the 4th QTR!!!!

  288. GSW will probably win because Harden is doing too much one-on-on playing and GSW has found their shooting touch. I’m actually rooting for Houston because I’d like to see D’Antoni in the finals. I’d like to see how he does. GSW vs. the Cavs is same-old thing again.

  289. See that’s the difference between an NBA fan, and a Lin only Fan. And that’s not against you. Even JLin said he was rooting for MDA.

    Myself. Will NEVER root for Houston unless Morey and Harden are gone. MDA doesn’t begin to even it out.

    But, please don’t jinx GSW!

  290. I’m not an NBA or a Lin-only fan. I’m a Lin-first fan.

    I just want to see D’Antoni get to the final and go up against the Cavs. I just think it’ll be more entertaining.

    I understand rooting against Harden. I’m not really rooting for Harden. I’m rooting for a D’Antoni team vs. LeBron.

  291. Of course, you’re entitled to your opinions and thoughts. Not going to debate that.

  292. Now Curry has four fouls. Oh boy.

  293. But there’s only about 6 minutes left in the game.

  294. Can JLin be fined during the off-season?

    “As objectively as I can be, the Warriors are prob still the better team but the refs are definitely helping them…”

  295. Haha. I don’t trust the refs. Anything can happen. Not over until it’s over……

  296. I think it’s over, now. Congrats GSW for the game 7 win in Houston.

  297. It’s not in a game he played in and it’s off season. So, probably not.

  298. wow .. JLin might get fined criticizing the refs

    21 fouls on Warriors vs only 15 fouls on Rockets with 3 min left?

  299. Stop jinxing them! LOL.

    Don’t believe in celebrating too soon. 3 mins is a loooooog time in close game.

  300. LOL. Not sure what JLin is talking about.

    Klay in early foul trouble. Curry has 4. A few of the Rockets fouls were from hack-a-Capela.

  301. I guess I’m judging it by the way the Rockets are missing their 3s and GSW is making theirs. But, you’re right!!!

  302. maybe it’s preemptive move by JLin to lessen the chance to ever get traded to GSW 🙂
    He won’t get much PT or shot attempts if he ever joins them

    The Big 4 of GSW had 69 out of 80 FGA (86%)!

  303. Interesting stat. Jordan Bell, the GSW rookie. Played 15 mins, has zero points, 2 fouls, and 2 turnovers. But has the highest +/- PLUS 17.

  304. He’s the Victory Bell!

  305. D’Antoni is not going to win anything with Harden. He’s not a winner. Not when it counts.

    Curry, Thompson are winners. Durant is a very good player and he just makes GSW unbeatable.


    Okay, now we’re done. Feel bad for MDA. But of all the teams in the NBA, why did he end up on the one team that I just can’t stand? Just couldn’t cheer for him.

    Both home teams lost at home, in a game 7. So, it’s GSW vs Cleveland again. Game on!

  307. HAHA. Psalm, you come up with the best lines! Another good one!

    (And I’m not saying it just because you own this site!)

  308. 101-92 GSW won Game 7 after trailing 43-54 at the half.
    Once again, GSW 3rd quarter run (33-15) is the key factor.

    I wonder if CP3 will resign with the Rockets in the Free Agency. MDA said they have 5-year window with Harden and Chris Paul but it’s up to Chris.

  309. Agreed. Not with this iteration of GSW.

    JLin is good where he is, for now. JUST STAY HEALTHY!

  310. lol, np .. but when Brent is around, he’s still the king of one-liners!

  311. Harden just seemed to “disappear” in crucial time, not sure how else I would put it.
    He’s not the type to rally his teammates. They need CP3 to do that and he’s out.

  312. Good job filling in! I’m sure Brent will be back more often when JLin plays!

  313. My prediction is GSW took it 4-1 or 4-2 because NBA begs GSW to take it easy 1 or 2 games for the good of the game (“$$” and TV rating) lol

    Next year, LeBron and the young Embiid/Simmons plus Redick is ready to challenge GSW again

  314. Two years in. MDA could not turn Harden into a winner. It may be a lost cause.

    5 years will make CP 38. I don’t know about this. But I will gladly let Morey have the headache.

  315. Just saw the postgame WCF winner presentation to GSW. Yes, winning helps with the camaraderie.

    Still, they were so appreciative of each other! Giving credit to each other and the whole team. And sound sincere doing it!

    Nick Young was actually very self-aware. Ernie tried to ask him questions, he tried to get the attention back to the other guys.

    Draymond Green had his son with him. A cutie there!

  316. Nick Young gave a funny answer about not wanting being interviewed and party.
    But he seemed a bit self-conscious. His teammates love him though since he makes the locker room fun.

    Man, I just hope JLin won’t get to be in his place as a bit player. Even winning a ring would seem hollow. Maybe only when JLin is 38.

  317. yup, I caught that part about Nick Young. He seemed not wanting to take much attention.

  318. Even when Harden is playing well, it never seems like he’s really into it. Some commentator said he’s “too aloof”. Good description. He just never seems like he plays with, as Klay Thompson said, intensity, effort, or passion.

    My opinion is that during crucial times, when the defense cranks up. When it isn’t easy, and the shots don’t fall as easily, he just gives up. He’s a quitter.

  319. You know I’m a conspiracy theorist when it comes to the NBA. So, I wouldn’t be surprised!

    Psalm, you are on a roll tonight!

    Seriously, you think LeBron will leave and go to Philly? Anything is possible with LeBron. If nothing else, at least LeBron is someone who cares about winning.

    It’s going to be an interesting summer for sure!

  320. correct, maybe it’s being a diva or insecurity but it would be hard to rally teammates if the leader seems “aloof” and disinterested about winning. Harden is super-talented but unfortunately he’s not a leader.

  321. I did some reading on the articles.

    And I am inclined to agree that LeBron would want to stay in the East because it’s a walk in the park to the Finals compared to the Wild Wild West. Even GSW blew 3-1 lead prior to Durant’s arrival because they battled Durant and OKC so hard. Would an aging LeBron want to fight so hard in the West only to be eliminated in the 2nd round?

    LeBron is smart, he’d pick the best team that can surround him with quality teammates to have a chance to win NBA rings. Many analysts already said the key to beat GSW is to have a dominant big man and also shoots 3s + good D. Embiid seems to be that guy and I bet LeBron would want to teach him how to be a great player. LeBron won’t go to Boston or Toronto so 76ers seem the most logical decision.

  322. JLin clarified that refs missed some calls on Harden’s 3s

  323. Ouch! Skip Bayless said it
    “James Harden is made only for the regular season.”

  324. Nick’s such a character.

    To his credit, the small amount of minutes that he got to play, Nick contributed with decent defense and made a few 3’s when needed. He was not a minus when he was out there. But it would be one of the big ironies if he gets a ring before Harden does.

    See, that’s how I feel about JLin. Winning a championship sounds great and all, but if he’s not a main contributor, it wouldn’t mean nearly as much. BUT MAYBE THERE’S A CHANCE he will get to be part of one, before he turns 38!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  325. Haha JLin! Nice backtrack……before he digs a deeper hole for himself!

  326. Colin Cowherd has an interesting thought that LeBron might join the Rockets because he is “needed”. Broussard said 76ers seems to be more likely due to the weaker Eastern conference.

  327. “Made” is key word. Yes, “manufactured” star. All hype. What’s he going to do in June when they present the MVP? Any chance there will be embarrassment?

    Postgame podium, Harden kept saying “we”. Yes, MVP and leader. Okaaaaay……Barkley just said what Harden said was “stupid”. (Not that Barkley is normally the wisest man out there.)

  328. Very well made trailer of NBA Finals.
    Wait for Klay’s appearance lol

  329. Some people were saying Lakers, because of his ties to LA.

    No. I agree with you. I don’t think LeBron will want to go out west.

    Process of elimination. Not many logical candidates. So, if he does leave Cleveland, I can see the rationale of him going to Philly.

    Legacy wise, he would probably become GOAT if he goes to the Knicks. Imagine if he brings a title to the Knicks? But, I don’t think even Dolan can afford LeBron.

  330. LOL! I knew I wasn’t the only conspiracy theorist around.

    Haha. Klay missed dunk (that was in China last summer). Good thing he’s a much better 3 point shooter!

    And Durant, eating a cupcake.

  331. Yeah, can’t believe they still kept chucking it, after TWENTY FIVE misses.

  332. Oh poor Klay…

  333. Fake star, Russell Westbrook also got MVP and? No one gives a crap if you can’t go to the finals and get a ring! Ball hogs are losers.

  334. I really wanted Young to sign with the Nets but Marks had to make that awful trade for Russell who are at odds with him. Not to mention, at his age and status Young is much better off signing with GSW and getting his ring!

    Maybe later when Nets gets rid of Russell there’s a chance Young can reunite with Lin again. He’s a great teammate!

  335. It’s understandable, Young just knows his place on the team. Doesn’t want to act like a fool too much and step on the wrong side of the stars. It shows his maturity while still maintaining his sense of humor. GSW are a bunch of friendly and fun loving guys compare to Lebron’s arrogant and mean persona. Having all this power and control over his team isn’t how basketball should be. I hope GSW wins again!

  336. 76ers have a much stronger team of stars I doubt Lebron will choose the Rockets. If Chris Paul wanted to be on the same team as Lebron he would’ve chosen to be traded to Cavs and not Rockets.

  337. “Teach Emiid how to be a great player?” lol Emiid is already a monster, his 3s are automatic, a 7 footer, and a much stronger finisher than Lebron! Getting Emiid would be the key to neutralizing Kevin Durant.

    In that case GSW will have to consider getting Brook Lopez! (Big who can finish and shoot 3s)

  338. 🙂 I meant the little but important things like late-game execution, playoff intensity, etc.
    Embiid is not shy; he’s already campaigning to recruit LeBron in summer 2018 back in March with #summer2018goals hashtag

  339. 70s sitcom LOL.

  340. Karma …

  341. refs also called tacky tack on Klay and missed a lot of contact against GSW at the rim (for and 1s or misses).

  342. not to mention I trust his D on Harden more than Iggy’s 3 ball. Or Dray’s 3 ball. He did great this series, even nailed a key 3 today.

  343. Nick’s showed some good humility here … I was positively surprised!

  344. If Lebron stays out east, it’s so he can make it to the finals the most. If he comes west, then he prob won’t get past GSW … that’s what I want, to see a finals without Lebron for as much as possible, until he decides to play beautiful team ball. It’s a great star though … really good, better thank Kobe.

  345. funny thing is, all my friends wanted to see Zaza and McGee play this series, so big man or not, GSW at least this year has some good options.

  346. I agree, you saw how KT and SC stepped up under adversity. But KD … he just kept cranking in the points and played good D. I think he didn’t change the series because of all his years with RW … too much reverting to ISO under pressure. Last year was honeymoon, so didn’t see it. This year, with people out at different times, they aren’t in that groove so you see KD playing ISO at times when the pressure is on. I like that GSW found it’s team style 2nd half of Game 6. That was amazing, and the first time my friends and I saw the playoff team of last year in the Rox series.

  347. He did great for a rook. That through legs pass just like they ran on the other side was a guy confident in the play. And he was pretty goo on D too, messing up because he’s still a rookie. I really liked his play.

  348. Is Brent here from time-to-time?

  349. sorry, but I don’t agree with JLin, except his comment was on a couple of Harden’s 3s so I forgive him. Overall, I thought refs gave Rox a lot.

  350. that hack-a-cap was an amazing stroke of genius to stop all Rox mental energy when we were just about 2 to 3 baskets from a sure thing. It totally killed their strategy, and MDA had to take Cappella out, removing a scoring threat (not to mention rebounds O and D.)

  351. I’d take JLin to GSW if it can happen, and I know he will have many good years. I like Shaun, and I think Lin would add a potent offense to any rotation and GSW will have 5 or 6 bonafide stars. JLin got forgotten by being buried at taking LAL, and upholding Hornets star Kemba, then 2 injury years. JLin I hope will come back hard and fast. I can happen!

  352. Yeah, he was cold and he should not have done those. I think one of them was too early in the shot clock.

  353. 1.5 of them was total tacky tack. The 3 on Harden was a flop … harden got contact and fell down right away. Guess that’s always the defenders fault, to allow a 3 shooter to bump him. But still …

  354. I could see they lost the team play mentality as Lebron stepped up the pressure in the closeout. I wasn’t sure what they did, but they sure through up some bad shots. So overall, I think they lost the team cohesion and Lebron had the strength and experience to not only hold his team on track, but to do some heroics. Happens in team games, you break their rhythm or spirit …

  355. “Houston kept firing threes despite missing consistently. It was as stunning as it was stupid. It was stunningly stupid”–the big lead

    losing team in east finals: takes 39 3’s miss 32

    losing team in west finals: takes 44 3’s miss 37

    can we see a pattern here?

  356. They were the only ones willing to give him a job with the owner hiring him.

  357. I think LeBron should go to Pacers beating Celtics and 76ers.

  358. MDA at least makes Rockets competitive; much more so than McHale.

  359. Would anyone of Jahlil Okafor, Dante Cunningham, (presumably) Nik Stauskas, Quincy Acy, and Joe Harris be with the team next season. As to big Jah, Nets didn’t play him because the team wouldn’t pay him; he is fighting to stay in the league. The rest really depends on the drafted players.

  360. “i promise you those players are not exchanging texts with each other this off season”–jalen rose on brooklyn nets reinforcing his argument that being a professional athlete is “not fun” unless yer winning.

    lin replies: “Jeremy Lin: Hmm Jalen much respect to you but no idea where this came from lol. I just had the whole team over for a fat bbq last week. These are my homies…even @Rondae Hollis-Jefferson lol

  361. Lol someone who isn’t part of the team making a claim about the players’ interactions.

  362. mmmmh. Didn’t watch any playoffs but looked at results and some tweets. No matter what I’m glad Rockets doesn’t make it to the Final. I still don’t like Rockets even MD is there. I know I’m “biased” but…..

    JLin will leave to Taiwan soon. He will be in Taiwan and 5:30am local time:-) Can’t wait to hear his testimony……

  363. I wish Nets would give Amar’e Stoudemire a chance to play for them. His knowledge alone deserves it. He is now fit and healthy after some rest. He could be the player that Nets needs to bring up young players. Yes he’s a true modern day power forward too. Nets could get him at veteran’s minimum. It’s a steal. Would Amar’e Stoudemire want to play for Nets with Lin? Maybe!

    With aged players like DeMarre Carroll and Amar’e Stoudemire, the young Nets at once grows up. Go for him!

  364. i’m patient and looking forward to seeing the results on the court. Next season is so crucial to the rebuilding of Nets; it’s beyond description. This is going to be the third year for Marks and Atkinson; the owners are looking for results. This is the team that has taken tremendous gambling in getting quality players to play for them. Nets has lost all of their games to its cross city rivalry, the Knicks. You have to put fans on the seats in this league. As the GM and the coach, they have to be made believe and accountable for their moves.

    Now with DLo, Allen Crabbe, Jarrett Allen, Caris LeVert, Mozgov, DeMarre, Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie, Jeremy Lin and RHJ, the rebuilding is about time to show the impact on the win-loss column.

    In professional basketball, fun is about winning.

  365. At his age, he is still wanted by the champ. This is already a great accomplishment. Under Byron Scott, no player ever will see daylights except the great like Chris Paul and Jason Kidd.

  366. Warriors has shown their weakness. LeBron and his team could take advantage of it and pushes the ex-champ out! Yes you can never bet against LeBron and his team; this team has been counted out since its series with the Pacers. LeBron got the coach of the year, Casey of Raptors fired. just watch the game and stop second guessing about what LeBron could do; a lot more than what we have known.

    LeBron is playing for the championship; this is what we should know. He reigns on the court.

  367. Jeremy Lin is a great game closer. Last season, Nets managed to be close in many games. Next season, they are going to turn lots of those games in their favour with Jeremy Lin’s 4th Qtr output.

  368. Welp, the nba season is over for me! houston lost, that’s all i really care about. hope lebron beats the evil gsw empire in the finals but i wouldnt mind if gsw wins either. as long as harden and cp3 dont sniff the finals im good.

    on to the off season! this is going to be a very important one to lin and his standing in the nets organization. the draft and what sean marks does will be very telling. if he makes a draft day trade of dinwiddie or even dlo, then we know lin is still the man. but if they draft a pg or make a trade to get another guard, then lin may be on his way out. nothing personal, just business. lin’s injuries killed his chance in bklyn. sad but true. my hope of course is that marks puts his money where his mouth is and “dont bet against jeremy”…

  369. no way. we need a stretch 4 who can rebound.

  370. mda got coach of the year last year. he rehabilitated his stature that he lost trying to coach the pitiful lakers. that enough for him imo. harden winning mvp this year will make me sick, but alas i take solace in his perpetual playoff failure….

  371. joe harris staying for sure. okafor going to china for sure.

  372. harden isnt a leader. cp3 was the alpha on the team. once he went down, it was OVER…

  373. GSW evil? Lol sorry to me Lebron’s the evil one, dude is too arrogant and mean. GSW is more of the friendly fun loving team because of Curry and Thompson. Honestly I liked them better without Durant. Felt GSW were better when Curry and Thompson were the focus of the team with more PnR and David Lee as center. Those 3s were raining like video game. Adding Kevin Durant with his over iso made the game more boring with less ball movment.

    GSW is most fun when Curry and Thompson are moving and passing for open 3s.

  374. No way I’d rather have Lopez back! Amar’e is a too old and injury prone no thanks!

  375. yep. once durant came on board i hated them. i love curry, but he got his ring and mvp already. having the gsw dynasty is surely bad for the nba, thus “evil empire”.

    on the other hand lebron is the prodigal son. i hated miami lebron because that was the evil empire then. but when he came back to cleveland, he was the underdog. went from wade and bosh to kyrie and love. no one thought he had a chance against gsw…

  376. Lol even Russell was part of this wow hard to believe he’s getting along with Lin. Good to see! Now if only Russell could play less selfish.

  377. lopez for vet min? sure. anything more? no way… we need a stretch 4 that can rebound and at least hustle on d.

  378. I agree. They are too stacked. Durant made them if not evil, a team with an unfair advantage. Kerry and Thompson are sharp-shooters. Durant is one of the best one-on-one scorers in the game.

    If LeBron can take this to 7 games that would be a huge accomplishment. He doesn’t have Kyrie. He may get Love back but that is a tall order.

  379. Then you agree a bit with InfiniteWisdom and me, at least on that point.

  380. Honestly, I think if the Rockets had Lin, they’d be moving on to the finals. Of course, there’s no way I’d want him in toxic Houston. But I did remember Lin’s contributions in the playoffs, despite McHale’s misuse of him.

  381. we all understand how tough the HOU years for JLin and his fans ;]
    On one hand I rooted for MDA for 1 quarter and GSW for the other 3 quarters. I’d say it worked out quite well. Next year they’ll be better with a healthy CP3 so it will be another good series.

    yup, looking forward to what stories he chooses to share in his testimony. Maybe it could be related to surrendering to God and bouncing back from a tough injury.

  382. He shows his limitations in the playoffs. Unfortunately, D’Antoni takes a hit as to not being able to get his team a ring. Houston had home court advantage and were up 3-2.

  383. anyone following the colangelo saga? dis gon b gud…

  384. i literally thought to myself whatever cp3 is doing out there (before the injury of course) i could see lin doing too… SUCH a shame mchale was coach and lin never got to grow WITH harden and not UNDER him… that first houston game was amazing. “best backcourt in nba”…

    lin + harden + ariza + tucker+ capela + MDA = champs….

  385. takes a hit? sure, but he’s coaching “playoff harden” out there… he gets a pass. when he had a true PG out there in cp3 they were damn good. i hated every minute of harden’s team winning, but i respected what they were doing.

    on the other hand, kd was legit isoing the team out of the playoffs…

    bittersweet on both ends. i root for MDA and curry/klay/dray/iggy and hate harden, cp3, and durant…

    i also love pj tucker and hated him going to houston. i super hate morey, but he definitely knows what he’s doing….

  386. I agree, funny! And serious. Crazy these people in power, they think they can do anything and get away with it.

  387. Like what you said but GSW is kind, generous, and good at what they do. They exhibit what leadership and model citizenship should be. Lin and GSW would fit in, it’s just that he didnt’ get a fair shake in his 1st yr under the coaching system there. The current leadership were nervous and still figuring it out too. Wish for Lin to have a shaggy shot – if he were on GSW, and his contract is fine where he is, he would be having such a gas winning a ring. And he would add some SC/KT mojo to any rotation. You can see in GSW, people like McCaw and Cook get starts … so would JLin over the course of a year. The team is built to win, as a tight cohesive unit playing for each other. That’s Lin-ball.

  388. in this series, until KD mad peace with his ISO chances and D, they Splash Bros couldn’t get started. In the end, you had KT in one game, SC in 3 that I remember, and KD layering in about 30 quiet ISO points. I think that works. KD is good on this team, so long as they don’t play that way and just go that way for the horses to rest. KD can get his on anyone, because he’s so long and such a good shooter.

  389. I don’t mind if GSW switches rings with Nets lol. Not Lebron, or Harden, please.

  390. cut the 1st sentence and he reads more fun. Same with his tweet about Rox ref. JMHO.

  391. can’t believe LeBron has been in the finals for JLin’s entire NBA career. amazing! I’m sure LeBron would rather have JLin than George Hill going into this series against the Warriors.

  392. Lol Are you trolling? Prideful guys like Lebron would never want Lin. Not to mention Lebron’s attitude and ego is like another Kobe no thanks!

  393. Hmm all this while they have the highest chance of landing Lebron?

  394. Trade Russell yes, Dinwiddie the Rising Star?! Heck no!

    Nets need all the PG leadership they can get! Lin can’t play PG for 40+ mins every game.

  395. A Shaggy shot? You kidding? No way will Lin play as minimal bench player, certainly NOT for Steve Kerr a coach who dislikes him! He gets to be the starting PG on a building Nets team, no other offer can compare to that!

  396. Sorry but Lebron is an arrogant, ego maniac just like Kobe who thinks too highly of himself. That’s why Chris Paul would rather join Harden than team up with Lebron.

    Curry and Thompson’s friendly persona are why GSW is where they are at today!

    No stars would want to join Lebron when has so much power over the team and gets all the credit. Lebron trying to do everything himself and thinking how everyone’s replaceable is exactly why he deserves to lose for the rest of his career!

  397. Technically CP3xLinxMDA are a more likely Champ than “Harden the no defense shot chucker”. Chris Paul was shooting and making every 3 pointer when he was on the floor but his plays were limited due to Harden’s ball dominance.

    There were many transitions where Chris Paul didn’t even touch the ball!

  398. A versatile star like Lopez for vet min is an insult. Lopez deserves at least the same salary as Lin. No one can compare to Lopez’s inside presence and 3 point shooting unless the Nets plan on getting Emidd or Davis.

  399. Jarrett allen and RHJ are great rebounders. Rebounding is always a team effort.

    It’s not like Lopez can’t rebound, his 7ft advantage makes it easy enough. Can’t expect him to go for rebound after shooting a 3. If KA wants him to rebound then he shouldn’t ask Lopez to shoot so many 3s and instead to play more post ups and PnR.

  400. I wont be surprised if he moved, he wants the ring badly be he retires…hence whichever is easier part…KD did it…so why not….lol

  401. its gonna be one interesting matchups…lets see

  402. lol…its all come back to team culture and leaderships…Nets excel at those

  403. Overwhelmingly, @JLin7 fans voted 91% for him to be a scoring PG as Nash recently wished himself to be 🔥🏀

  404. 4 twitter burner accounts to troll 76ers players and TOR front office?

    Wow, maybe he wanted to appeal to Durant’s experience 😄 and pursue him in the Free Agency

  405. Yeah, noone will blame LeBron wanting to create superstar team in The Decision III to beat GSW after Durant joined GSW 😄

  406. Gotta love Lin’s leadership to dispute Rose’s statement. It will strengthen BKN chemistry to shock the NBA next season! 🎉🔥🏀

  407. GSW has lost its soul. With Durant they remind me of a line from L Cohen’s song “first we take Manhattan” , “we are guided (blinded) by the beauty of our weapons”. They are drunk on power and as the saying goes, ” absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    This near disaster win over Rockets should remind us of how not to compete. GSW is on a slippery slope downwards to Harden, Kobe, Westbrook and Lebron basketball. I agree with posters that Lin should stay far away from them until Durant has worn out his welcome.

    I really hope we can get Javell McGee this off season. He will help out the Nets a great deal at a great bargain.

  408. JLin should arrive in Taiwan as we speak. Can’t wait to see him!

  409. Jalen Rose responded to JLin’s tweet and requested leftover BBQ ribs :]

  410. an interesting game last 18 secs Thunder ahead 98:92.
    See how the Thunder lost it to Celtics. MVP Westbrook & Melo

    Another one: This time MVP Harden

  411. Isn’t Durant only signed for 2 years? Honestly I felt the original Champ GSW were way more deadly. With Durant their offense became more stagnant. To go to a 7 game series against Rockets and almost losing is unacceptable.

    KD has regressed back to his OKC days this season with too much iso shots while not passing enough.

  412. Magic hires Clifford with 4-year contract. LOL, Good luck Magic.

  413. How about Rich Cho? Hope he will never find a job in NBA, not that he is not smart, in the contrast, I believe Cho is smart and recognized Lin’s talents, but he chose politics over talents and cowardly not spoke up for the one and only of his own race.

  414. MJ makes all decisions on that team. kemba is a jumpman athlete. it is what it is. the hornets fans for the most part look back fondly on that playoff season. lin made his mark, that’s what really counts imo…

  415. i previously wanted lin in that livingston role, but now i dont. he may get playing time in the regular season but do you honestly think kerr, a noted lin “hater”, is going to play him in the playoffs?

    i think lin should have his own team. even if it’s off the bench, look what he did in charlotte. he was STILL their best player even when he was artificially kept on the bench. lin just needs opportunity. on a team like gsw he’ll NEVER have the chance. on the nets? a GREAT chance. too bad injuries took that opportunity away. we’ll see if he still has a chance this season. i dont know what marks will do, but i cant blame him if he wants to move on from lin. he DID give him a chance… it just didnt work out with the unforeseen injuries…

  416. no way. what cp3 did was be a leader where harden couldnt. cp3 is vocal. harden not so much. this is why harden as your best player will never win a ring.

    lin + cp3 = lin standing in the corner
    lin + harden = best backcourt in nba. lin is a natural leader. he can do what cp3 is doing now. it’s a shame he was not allowed to grow in houston. mchale favored harden and forced lin out of the lineup and then off the team…

  417. lopez is a terrible rebounder. we’ve already seen lin and lopez play. it was ok, but lopez clogs the paint. this isnt what we need. we need a modern 5 and a stretch 4…

    allen is the perfect modern 5. lin would have had a field day throwing lobs to him. let’s hope we get to see that this season. people talking about capela possibly getting max. that’s insane. deandre jordan without cp3 is a cautionary tale about overpaying roleplayers. allen is just like those 2 BUT he can actually shoot some. if he continues to develop, he’ll be a monster.

    rhj is in a bad spot. just like mkg he’s undersized, cant shoot, but is a good defender. i think rhj should come off the bench. i like him a lot but only if the matchup is in our favor. the nets desperately need a stretch 4 that can still rebound and play adequate d. otto porter wouldve been huge if they didnt match…

  418. I don’t think so! Lin was most likely hired as marketing for the China market. Don’t forget Lin was hired as a bench player but lied to about starting if he played well. In the end he only started for the China preseason games and when either Batum or Walker were injured. When MKG was back and everyone was healthy Lin only had 10-13mins worse than when he was with the Rockets!

  419. That’s where you’ve got it mixed up.

    Need I remind you that when Linx Harden= Lin standing in the corner!

    HardenxChris Paul= Chris Paul iced out on the side for several possessions!

    Lin works well with traditional PGs like Chris Paul over ball hog SG or wannabe SG point guards like Walker.

  420. Good to see Jalen responded with some pun…

  421. how come no one on here is putting up the latest popo chung stuff from lin press conference?

    among other things says warriors first game wont be close and will win in 5 with kd mvp but hopes friend curry gets.

    also when asked if tsai and jay chou are courtside what would he do? he says maybe shoot more.

    some of you more tech savvy get on that stuff!!!! get it over here. smh.

  422. You don’t have the link? Lin needs to shoot more regardless. He needs to take Nash’s advice/regret to heart and take at least 20 shots every game!

  423. If Lin goes to Cavaliers he might gets the ring, but he will never get the ball.

  424. Jeremy Lin returns to host basketball camp and events
    Staff writer, with CNA

    Taiwanese-American NBA player Jeremy Lin early yesterday returned to Taiwan, attracting hundreds of fans who greeted him at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

    The Brooklyn Nets point guard is to travel to Hualien tomorrow for a two-day basketball camp, where he is to coach 60 elementary-school basketball players.

    While in Hualien, he is also to host a Jeremy Lin’s Sharing 2018 — Never Done event tomorrow and a Dream Hauser Jeremy Lin Symposium on Sunday.

    Lin said he is recovering well from a knee injury and is expected to be ready for the next NBA season.

    He expressed gratitude to his fans for waiting to greet him and bringing him many gifts.

    The gifts included a collection of basketball jerseys, bobblehead dolls and old magazines and reports featuring him, Lin said, adding that this shows their strong support for him.

    Lin said he came to Taiwan earlier than usual this year, but could only make a brief stay, because he needs more time for his knee to recover.

    However, he added that he would embark on another trip to Asia sometime next month or August.

    Lin is scheduled to visit Hong Kong from Wednesday to Friday next week before heading to Shanghai the following Saturday.

  425. Just turned on the game. Thought GSW would have this wrapped up already. WT?

    GSW better stop fooling around. And stop taking the Cavs lightly. Still gotta respect the opponent.

    Why does GSW let Curry continually end up guarding LeBron?

  426. Wow……Draymond has been horrible from 3, just knocked in a timely one!

    But don’t like him taunting like that. Over-confident. Don’t be like that.

  427. Klay comes through again!

    OMG – 2.6 seconds and they can’t control themselves.

    LeBron blocks Curry. Talks trash to Curry (probably cuz of Draymond). Curry talks back. LeBron shoves him. Klay comes over, gets in some words too.

    Somehow, Tristan Thompson ejected but they didn’t make him leave right away. He shoves the ball into Draymond’s face.

    SMH – it’s basketball! Not WWE….. Hate all this bad sportsmanship.

    Well, it shouldn’t have taken OT. But Warriors win. Not a fun win when it ends like this.

  428. Normally, it’s understood that JLin would go to Asia for promotional tours for Adidas. And gets to expand his philanthropic projects. And to connect with fans there.

    This summer, however, is unusual. Because of the need to get back to 100% as much as possible.

    GLAD TO HEAR that this visit will be brief, that he is still prioritizing his knee rehab, and that he will be ready for next season!!!

  429. Lol Draymond made two of the last 3s he took during overtime! It’s the only ones he’s made since the drought against Rockets. Luck was on GSW’s side!

  430. Because Curry is the franchise, he’s not going to back down from guarding Lebron and he’s done a great job this game! Lebron kept trying to go against Curry thinking he can just blow by him. Except Curry has the speed advantage.

  431. LOL. Here you go, 1mtoldman! Straight from JLin himself,

    VLog Ep 1: fans welcome him at Taoyuan Airport. thanking fans for thoughtful gifts. glad he could see the fans in person. workout. Adidas photoshoot.

  432. Haha! Always better lucky than good!

    Good thing he made those. (Was yelling at him NOT to take that last one.)

  433. GSW needs to thank JR Smith for his stupidity. George Hill misses 2nd FT and instead of passing to Lebron right away, he was dribbling it out before passing to Hill for a late and contested 3 after Lebron pointed at him.

    This game would’ve been over with Cavs winning if it were for JR Smith brainfart moment. How the heck do you assume your team is in the lead at last seconds? Like you don’t look at the score?

  434. That’s what differs the stars and the role players. Stars will never shy away from a shot no matter how many they’ve missed before. That is something Lin needs to learn. He gets too bothered by those misses and starts to over pass instead of taking those open or contested 3s.

  435. He probably zoned out, assuming Hill would make the 2nd free throw. Even though he obviously got the rebound because Hill missed.

    JR being JR. Remember one of his Shaqtin’ the Fool moments, when, in the middle of a play, he goes to fist-bump another team’s (Jason Terry) player on the bench? Serves LeBron right. The talk is that he was the one who wanted JR and got him the big contract.

  436. Yup and JR has done zero for the Cavs this playoff besides hitting breaks and fouling people.

    I got so mad and worried when JR hard fouled Thompson and got his knee injured. Thank goodness he was fine, not sure if they’ll give him more scans later just to be safe.

    That’s why Green gave Lebron a pay back with the hard foul later. Lebron’s right eye had a red mark, looks like pretty bad scratch. :/

  437. Yeah, but gotta know your limits too. 3 ‘s are not Draymond’s game. He can’t keep chucking it. It could come back to haunt. Look at Rozier (and others) from Celtics. And Ariza (and others) from Rockets. They both shot their teams out of the game

    Disagree. Lin NEVER shies from big moments. But I think he’s wise enough to take over only when he needs to. And not to force things if he doesn’t have it for a particular game.

  438. Zoned out or not, common sense is to get the ball to your no.1 player/default PG!

  439. Yeah, I saw the replay of that. I don’t buy it that it was an accident. JR being overly aggressive which can always lead to bad things. I think it was kinda on purpose. It was like baseball, sliding into home to knock out the catcher.

    Same here. HOPE KLAY WILL BE OKAY. GSW needs him. Good thing is next game won’t be until Sunday. Gives him extra day to recover.

  440. But he hesitated too much on his 3s. This was also pointed out by Kenny which I totally agree. KA support Lin but he won’t sugar coat the flaws he sees in any players.

    Of course post Fortius rehab, Lin’s confidence and form for his 3s is Finally at another level. Of course we still need to see it in game but if Lin’s 11 3s challenge can translate to the court we will have a MVP caliber Lin next season.

  441. Yes hope they take a closer look and it isn’t anything serious. Klay still made almost every shot and for 40+ minutes due to overtime. They need his 35+pts and all out defense when the Championship is on the line.

  442. Looove your support of Lin! Something to look forward to for sure!

    I’m just going to hold my breath, cross my fingers, and knock wood until Lin really plays. One day, one game at a time…..

  443. Disagree, you have to take what the opponents are giving you. Chucking would be shooting many contested shots. Draymond’s 3s were all unguarded with no closing out. Teams were purposely daring him to take the open 3 so they can get the rebound. At last, Draymond finally caught the hot hand.

    If this 3s keeps up, GSW’s will win for sure!

  444. No Credit either! No thanks! Why would you want to join the best when you want to beat the best? I’m sure Lin wants to beat the Warriors and Lebron (which ever team he’s on).

  445. LeBron got poked in the eye by Draymond. His left eye all red. But, that did look like an accident.

    Postgame podium – LeBron surly at the reporters’ questions. Guess he’s not used to losing. Blamed the loss on the charge called against Durant, which got overturned into a block against LeBron, after review. Then when another reporter kept pestering him about what happed with JR at the end, LeBron got ticked off and stalked off the podium, cutting the press conference short.

    Not LeBron fan here, obviously. How many pushing from behind, and push-offs when driving, and traveling, that he gets away with, that never gets called?

    Well, he scored 51 points. Guess he thought that should have been enough.

  446. Exactly, take what the opponents give you. They ARE daring him. They leave him wide open because he’s shooting such a low %. Like you said, he’s lucky he made those 2 tonight.

    Uhhhh….if GSW is counting on Draymond’s 3’s to win, it would be scary. 🙂

    Anyhow, we agree on this, GO GSW!

  447. Lol I hate both Kobe and Lebron. Both think they are better than MJ, they are so wrong! MJ never had to put up such a mean persona not control the entire team! MJ still remembered to smile and enjoy the game.

    Cavs were not playing like they enjoy each other’s presence nor as a team. They looked like soldiers following a general into war. Now way should a team be like that!

    As much as you want to win, you need to have “fun” too. That’s why Nick Young fits in with GSW! He’s serious and works hard when playing but it doesn’t mean he can’t be silly.

    I remember I had no clue about Young just that he got injured during Lakers training camp after Lin joined. The moment Young came back he was hitting everything and didn’t miss a beat! That shows how much work he put in and the talent he has!

    Honestly if it weren’t for Scott, the backcourt of Lin and Young as starters would’ve brought the Lakers to playoffs!!

  448. Will you get a chance to go see him in person this time? Any plans to go to Taiwan?

  449. LOL. Good one! Agree.

  450. Agree that JLin is better than Hill. (Lin always outplayed Hill when he was in Indiana.)

    But disagree that LeBron would want JLin. No way LeBron would want any teammate to outshine him. Not even Bosh & DWade. Or Kyrie.

  451. Yeah, Kyrie probably didn’t get any credit either. Probably got tired of it (even though he wasn’t winning either, pre-LeBron). And that’s why he wanted out.

  452. Agree that Lin did the right thing by grabbing the opportunity to lead his own team. With the support of the coach and organization. Which he is getting from the Nets. For now.

    Just have to go with what choices are in front of him. Can’t predict the future. No one could have predicted the lost year from the hamstring injury. And definitely did not think it would go from bad to worse for another lost year.

    Let’s see what happens with the Nets, especially with Joe Tsai in the picture.


  453. They played within the system beautifully last year’s finals. Lots of ball movement and ball sharing.

    I agree that his skills complement the Splash Bros.. Different strengths. Adds another dimension. As long as they don’t get stuck on just any one way to play. Don’t all ISOs, don’t just chuck 3’s.

  454. Agree with that!!!!! Everyone is always deferring to him. How can anyone else play with any confidence? Kyrie could. But apparently LeBron couldn’t keep him as a teammate.

    Ty Lue was on podium, saying JR screwed up, kinda blaming him.

  455. “Cavs were not playing like they enjoy each other’s presence nor as a team. They looked like soldiers following a general into war. Now way should a team be like that!”

    Yup – completely agree!

    Don’t know enough about MJ. But Kobe and LeBron both act like the basketball world owes them something and should just bow down in front of them.

    Kobe’s goodbye tour for an entire season. Talk about overblown ego. And how insecure can LeBron be, calling himself KING James. Sheeesh….

  456. Per 1mtoldman’s special request. More videos from JLin’s press conference in Taiwan. But in Mandarin, no sub-titles. Need translation. Anyone volunteer?

    press conference:

    answer questions at airport:

    signing for fans at airport:

  457. Uh oh. A lot of controversy on the Durant charge changed to LeBron block. All the media analysts, and I’m sure Cavalier fans, are now blaming the loss on the refs.

    I’ve always hated the refs. But I’ve also always felt that teams should try not to let the game come down to one or two plays to be decided by the refs. It’s a 48 minutes game. Play better. Both GSW and Cavs had their chances earlier in the game.

  458. Posted JLin’s own VLOG below. But may get lost. Re-posting here. JLin seems relaxed and happy.

    Episode 1: Taipei Arrival: fans greeting him at airport, grateful for fans’ support and thoughtful gifts, workout at gym, Taipei 101 press conference with games, Adidas photoshoot.

  459. Popo Chung with some translations of JLin’s comments at press conference. Follow her time-line for more!

    Haha. JLin wrong about finals game 1 “won’t be close”.

  460. Also follow infinity88 twitter time-line for TONS of great pictures of fans at airport. I’m sure more pics will be added all during JLin’s tour of Taiwan.

    And JLin seems to be planning to do his own daily VLOGs. So, follow his You-tube channel and check in there too!!!

  461. Cavs could’ve won with the FT or with the JR rebound. Fans would like to blame anyone but their own players.

    It was clearly a charge, lebron shifted his body weight to the side. You’re supposed to have your feet set and face the other player with a full frontal position.

    After this hopefully they will change or add to the rule to make things clearer. Honestly that charge/blocking foul is so ambiguous and entirely up to the refs. Lin’s had a few unfair charges called on him before as well.

  462. King James is the worst nickname he can think of for himself. Wannabe gangster much?

    Too bad the “King” got assassinated by the “Baby-Faced Assassin” 😏

  463. I think this year they are in 2 lanes because of all the injuries separating their team spirit a bit under pressure. 2 pretty good lanes, but not always easy to punch and counterpunch smoothly.

  464. I think if JLin would be on GSW, they would not need SwaggyP, and look at how important Swaggy has beens to some key stops and points. The problem we lived through as Lin fans is we had to wish for JLin to put in Hall of Fame outings every night to overcome the Harden or Melo BS, and we got used to that. If JLin were on GSW, he not only would have rings, but he would also last longer and be lauded as a hero because GSW gives credit away to each other. Anyway, no big position – JLin has a good chance to lead Nets if he comes out ready. Crazy injury last year, crazy.

  465. Nah, I think he’s too apologetic and trying to be nice. He should just say it and say other things. Time to stop apologizing in this current culture, and just lay it out there because he is the real deal.

  466. Tonight proved you right. It could go to 7 games. Now I know – the Rox series was boring compared to this, because it was just watching JH dribble for 20-28 > 10 sec possessions a game.

  467. I would not mind if JLin could play and be as useful as Iggy or Shaun.

  468. PS, Kerr is a great coach … he said some things as announcer that didn’t even bother me. I think Lin would flourish under him – just look at how they support every single player. Most recently, Cook, McCaw, etc. Every player gets a chance to be great on that team, and they support them. But yea, JLin is a start and makes more money at Nets, that’s good.

  469. You mean a block I think. Yes, see this:

  470. surly is right, a great word. Really a downer. You see how classy Lin or Steph or Klay or KD keep it, even when they are emotionally down from a loss.

  471. This bit shows what teammates who love each other and have fun means. Check out the smiles …

  472. Thank you JR. That’s payback for what you did to JLin! And falling on KT’s knee, that wasn’t on purpose but def avoidable sort of like Delly.

  473. On that, does anyone know if they have X-ray machines in the locker room?

  474. if you slip and don’t want to hurt someone, you roll as you fall and you don’t do that as hard. He didn’t try to change his fall …

  475. and they always switch it so they get curry because he’s smaller the Lebron.

  476. I’d rather Lin did less promotion and focus on his own training every season as well as bonding with teammates.

  477. MJ was a dictator and disliked by a number of guys that played with him. I’m not as down on LeBron as most here. Yes, I don’t care for much about some things he does but he plays more like Lin than did MJ or Kobe. And I think being the best in the game carries a lot of weight. He’s a warrior and it’s testament to his greatness that he’s in the finals at all. His team is way overmatched.

  478. It’s in reference to the bible and I don’t think he gave himself that name.

  479. Those wondering why MJ is the all time best can watch this on NBA facebook. Notice his fun antics. The guy doesn’t need to put up a mean persona like Kobe and Lebron.

    From ’85 to ’98… The BEST play from each of MICHAEL JORDAN’s #NBAPlayoffs appearances, after LeBron James became the 1st to have 50 in an #NBAFinals game since MJ in ’93!

  480. I’m sorry but MJ was one of the fiercest, nastiest, and at times meanest players when he played. I watched him destroy the Knicks and berate his own teammates. Yes, MJ was arguably the greatest player, or maybe LeBron is. I don’t know, it’s close. But no way is LeBron a meaner guy than MJ was, on the court or toward teammates he didn’t like.

  481. Folks, whether you like LeBron or not he got his name in high school. His last name is James, and someone coined the term “King James” from the King James version of the bible.

    I disagree with the negativity around LeBron. I watched all three of MJ, Kobe, and LeBron be considered the best and all three had big egos. I watched ALL of them as rookies and throughout their careers. LeBron by far had the most issues with confidence. LeBron by far was the most team-oriented player and didn’t look to make the big shot and would instead pass it to his teammates. He was criticized a lot by Kobe and MJ and others for not taking charge late in games and taking the last shot. What LeBron is now he had to work a long time to become, and didn’t become more shot-oriented and take a bull by the horns type of leader until in his late 20s. It was Wade that convinced him to take charge. And Wade was a much tougher and meaner guy on the court and to his teammates than LeBron was.

    Yes, LeBron rules Cleveland but don’t think for a second guys like Jabbar and Magic didn’t rule LA. Or Kobe later. Or Jordan in his time. in fact, it’s said that Magic got a coach fired. Many in basketball have egos. Many trash talk. Many berate their teammates. As superstars go, LeBron is actually one of the milder guys in the sport.

    And I don’t get the love for Jordan. He took a lot of shots. Yes, he played great defense and scored a lot and such, but when it comes to actual play on the court, LeBron, with his focus on involving teammates, is far closer to Lin than Jordan was. Even in terms of personality, LeBron is closer to Lin than Jordan is. And do we love that Jordan chose Batum over Lin as to who was most important to the Hornets?

    I find myself being OK with LeBron. I don’t like everything, and some things I really don’t like at all about him. But overall, what he does on the court and has to with the team he has is beyond impressive. It’s almost unbelievable with his mileage and at his age. He’s really a treasure in the game of basketball.

  482. Lebron is easy to dislike because of many things. Your opinion is your opinion. None of it will erase his trashing of Lin with his crew….and Melo is complicit as well in his first visit to Miami. Lebron and his homies tried to destroy Lin to change the media dialogue from Asian sensation to Asian fluke. The media was all too happy to follow suit because of “King James”. His decree was sent out to his minions and the back story was pushed by his league sponsor crown.

    The hype of Lebron may not be by his own will but he doesn’t do anything to discourage it either. Your try to insinuate that he’s more like Lin? That’s so incredulous that it made me write this counter opinion. Unlike Lebron, Lin in his height of fame in NYC always push the gushing media opinions onto his teammates. Lin did everything possible to stay humble by pushing and deflecting glory from himself. Lebron not so much.


  483. The video got deleted…

  484. The Fall of Carmelo Anthony. An analysis

  485. I wrote a reply I wanted to delete, but I don’t see it.

    This isn’t about personality as to how he’s like Lin. He plays more like Lin in terms of involving teammates and trusting teammates to take big, sometimes, game-winning shots. He also faced a lot of the same criticisms of Lin.

    I don’t find LeBron that easy to dislike. I do dislike some things. I find some things to like. I like that he hasn’t been a scandalous player. I like that he speaks up on social injustices. And there are people that don’t have the huge problems with LeBron that the majority here does. It’s fine to have them, but some of us feel differently and I represented that point of view.

  486. It would give that second dynamic playmaker, penetrator, guy that has drive and determination at the end of the game, and guy that could draw and hit foul shots late in games. I’m not sure what LeBron would want. It would be tough for Lin because it’s a tricky balance of how much to have Lin handle the ball when LeBron is in the game and have Lin’s passing/shooting game work in that flow. LBJ is very ball-dominant.

  487. ok this is not my area of expertise so some of this may not show up: but “little red hen” i guess….


  488. LeBron speak up for injustice? Where was he when Lin was getting mistreated, slandered and pushed behind the bus, heck he was left standing at the bus stop because of his Asian heritage. So where was LeBron to speak up for racial diversity in the NBA?

  489. That’s something specific Acbc in terms of those with Asian heritage in the NBA. Sadly, it’s a very small representation. However, it’s on record how much LeBron speaks out about politics and how he was at odds with a particular network’s show host. LeBron is not quiet about politics or current social issues. By comparison, MJ was.

  490. The Asian heritage thing is less about inclusion and instead about Chinese cable money that they want so desperately. It’s all pandering with no real respect for Asians, it’s all about money.

    As for LeBron taking politics, he’s only interested in talking about his own race issues. Unlike MLK who said, injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

  491. I agree with your post, Acbc.

    But you can’t compare LeBron with MLK and I think, personally, a weakness of people is to care about injustices of only their own race or people. That’s a problem with a lot of black activists, in my opinion. This shortcoming isn’t unique to LeBron. I do agree with you that LeBron has personality flaws, but I found them with MJ too and other athletes. I’m only comparing LeBron with MJ since both are two of the best basketball players that ever played.

  492. Agree that Lin’s own training and bonding with teammates are very important.

    Having said that, promoting Adidas in Asia is probably part of his shoe contract. As far as I know, how much that contract is worth hasn’t been publicized. Whatever the amount, it’s part of Lin’s earnings.

    And I think he sees Asia as an opportunity for him to expand his giving back, especially in terms of basketball.

    And from his vids and interviews, he seems to enjoy connecting directly with his fans there. Or at least, he feels this is a way to thank them for their support.

    So, in a normal year, his Asian trips are a necessity for his brand. In more ways than one.

  493. I get that no one likes to lose at this level. But LeBron just strikes me as always angry unless he wins. Too much drama.

    Yes, I see Lin and the Warriors as having that good sportsmanship mentality. Even when Draymond Green got suspended and cost GSW the 2016 finals, I don’t recall any of them ever whining endlessly about it. Or blaming losses on the refs.

    I have to admit I don’t care for DG’s taunting, or borderline dirty plays. He’s such a good player, no need to play dirty to get an edge. (BTW, on second look at replay where Dray poked LeBron’s eye. It COULD have been intentional.)

    But, when the media asked GSW about JR, they were all, including DG, very “kind”. No gloating. KD said he has made mistakes on the court too.

  494. These VLogs are great. They show an inside look at his life, from his perspective, in his own words. I like them more than those little snippets of Instagram Stories. The best part of the IG stories are the cute captures of little Jaden.

    The most significant parts of these Vlogs are that they show JLin moving REALLY REALLY well. He looks GREAT! Hope that he continues to get better and better. Can’t wait for #the7eturn!

    Caris LeVert is in India for the NBA (Basketball without Borders). He added more good news about JLin’s progress. Per Brian Lewis at the New York Post:

    “…..I came to Asia last year for Jeremy Lin’s camp, and I thought it was cool…..When I say the name Jeremy Lin, their faces light up….Jeremy, he’s been working out for the past couple of weeks. He’s been going full speed…..We haven’t really done a lot of contact but he’s done pretty much all of the individual work we’ve done with coaches and things like that, and he looks good.”


  495. Meh, misleading title by the guy. Finding excuses for Melo. When the only conclusion is that, in the current NBA, Melo’s ISO mid-range style, would be a bad fit on most teams. Unless as a scoring-only option off the bench. Which his ego won’t let him accept.

    Ex-Net Joe Johnson, with similar playing style, is in same boat. He played a total of 54 minutes in 8 playoff games for the Rockets.

  496. If I could upvote your post a hundred times, I would. AGREE ONE HUNDRED %.

  497. LeBron speaks up for his own causes and his own communities. I don’t have a problem with that, he’s free to choose.

    But I TOTALLY AGREE with you in this. NOT ONLY was LeBron NOT speaking up for Lin, and as a super-star in the league, encouraging and welcoming Lin as part of a new NBA. Instead, as you said, he actively and deliberately colluded with his banana boat crew, to try and humiliate Lin. Bullying tactics, on an undrafted “rookie”. Not just that one game, but at every meeting.

    It’s not very charitable of me. But, as a Lin fan, this is unforgettable and unforgivable.

  498. Why is there an insistence to compare MJ to LeBron to Kobe. This need to be top-dog, over and above the joy of competition and winning. Why even compare LeBron to Lin. They all contributed to the sport in their eras. And like it or not, LIN HAS CONTRIBUTED and has been a TREMENDOUS ambassador for the NBA.

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. One man’s “treasure” could be another man’s “trash”.

    If you’re impressed by LeBron, you’re not the only one. Looking at Lin’s twitter, many of his best supporters seem to be rooting for LeBron. Listening to the mass media, bleh. Like, give this worship a rest already. Aside from a few more superstars, there are about 449 other NBA players who play hard and work hard and get little recognition. No one here lives under a rock. So, there is no need to try so hard to sell his case here.

    I’m not one of those who believe in win-at-all-cost. I’m not impressed by LeBron.

  499. Hey, Lin fans in Taipei – he has another meet and greet event “Lin Family night market on June 5 at the Red House in Taipei Taiwan”

  500. According to Popo Chung, RHJ will be joining JLin “per Jay Chou fans’ weibo, @JLin7’s #Nets teammate @IAmCHAP24 will join 2nd Jeremy Lin All Star charity game in Shenzhen, China about end July or early Aug.” THAT SHOULD BE A FUN GAME!

    And Dinwiddie will also be bonding with Lin in Asia. “@SDinwiddie_25 will coach JL League summer camp in Guangzhou from July 28- Aug 6.” In advance of that, Dinwiddie has opened a Weibo account. Wonder if he will try to learn a little bit of Mandarin for this?

  501. There are mini-snippets of JLin’s testimonial in Hualien. But when he spoke about his injury and his reaction in the aftermath, again, I had to stop watching. Call me coward.

    I will wait for the full version. Good TV releases it every year on You-Tube. It already exists on Good TV’s facebook, but in several parts.

  502. Interview from May 21. “Jeremy Lin discusses his unconventional path from Harvard to the NBA, what it means to be one of the few Asian-Americans in the league, and his unique approach to his personal brand.”

    Thoroughly enjoyed this interview. It seems a lot more relaxed and natural. JLin’s maturity and humility on full display. Some additional and new heart-felt insights. Good interview. IMO, worth the 22 minutes time investment.

  503. Jeremy Lin intimately discusses career in eastern Taiwan

    ” NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin hosted a sharing symposium titled “Never Done” (永不止息) on the evening of June 2 in Hualien as part of the star’s 7-day trip in Taiwan.

    During the event Lin shared personal and professional experiences from “Linsanity” up through a string of recent injuries with a crowd of over 4,000 fans. Lin hopes the setbacks and successes of his career can inspire the victims of the Hualien earthquake, according to CNA. “

  504. I hate to keep going back to 2012 as it’s 2018 now and LeBron has come to realize Lin is a force. But, what we had here is Spolstra and the coaches and the whole team swarming Lin in a game. Most in the league were trying to STOP Linsanity. This was a competitive reaction to the force that Linsanity had become. They wanted to crush it. That’s being competitive (on the pure basketball side). And I see it another way. I think if it took that effort to try to crush Lin, they knew how dangerous he was and they saw how many times he had embarrassed some other teams. That’s a nod to Lin’s greatness in a way.

    Do you think Michael Jordan would have welcomed Lin into the league? Or do you think Michael Jordan would have guarded Lin himself and try to embarrass him? And then talk trash to Lin. MJ wasn’t called the assassin for no reason. I’ve seen him do this to numerous players numerous times.

    Yes, MJ said a few nice things about Lin as a Hornet. Then what? He chose Batum over him.

    I also don’t think Lin has negative feelings about LeBron. But Lin doesn’t voice negative feelings about players so it’s hard to tell.

  505. I found this from 2012. Spo nor LeBron said anything bad about Lin. Their comments about him were positive:

    Although he has seen only highlights of Jeremy Lin since the New York Knicks point guard took the league by storm over the past week, Spoelstra expressed a measure of pride on Sunday over what Lin has accomplished as the first Asian-American to start an NBA game since the league began keeping records of starting lineups decades ago.

    “Also being an Asian-American, it’s great to see him break some barriers,” said Spoelstra, who has described himself as half Filipino. “As a fan of the game, I root for him. It’s a great sports story, in general.”

    Since Feb. 4, Lin has averaged 26.8 points and eight assists on a true shooting percentage of 58 percent. The 13-15 Knicks have won all four games Lin has started.

    Heat forward LeBron James has been following the Lin-sanity from afar, and has been duly impressed with the adversity Lin has overcome.

    “He’s playing and they’re winning,” James said. “I’ve heard about how he’s staying with a friend, and about his getting cut and being a week away from not knowing if he was going to stick with the team, about how (the Knicks) might release him to sign Mike James.

    “Then he gets the start against New Jersey and the rest is history. You always want someone to succeed when his back is against the wall. Now his chest is against the wall and he’’s seeing everything coming at him from every angle.”

    James wishes Lin well — that is until the Heat faces the Knicks on February 23 in Miami.

  506. Because LeBron is on the same level as MJ. And, MJ has been praised over LeBron in this thread by other posters. I’m impressed with LeBron on the court. And, to be honest, sports isn’t my biggest interest in the world. I see a lot of alpha-males that aren’t very good people. My impressions of MJ was that he was a kind of bully in the locker room and a politician to the press. I find LeBron more human and vulnerable, makes mistakes with the press, shows his flaws. Also, unlike some players that have abused women and have been in trouble with the law, LeBron has not be accused or associated with that. MJ wasn’t, had some gambling problems. But MJ isn’t a terrible guy either. He has his fun side. We can find character flaws with many people. And decency as well.

    There are few professional athletes on a personality caliber of Lin. But, believe it or not, I like Lin for his playing first before I knew anything about his personality. The personality then made me proud to be a fan of his.

    I think as long as people insist on supporting their side, I’ll support mine. I would say nothing of LeBron if he wasn’t mentioned so much. And I’m rooting for his team, simply because he’s the underdog. If GSW were the underdog, I’d root for them.

  507. the legendary lin superfan popo chung says:

    “@JLin7 talks w/ fans and college students at Tzu Chi University tonight. #TaiwanTour2018 Day 4
    Jeremy replies to the 🆕season question: Be sure to be at the opening. The upcoming season will be my best year. Can’t wait!”

  508. JLin’s FB has shared his part of sharing. I have listened to it couple times now. It’s good to listen to…. Yes he shared about his own reactions/emotions for the past few years with different teams. It was a good summary! He finally shared it so bluntly in every sense. It’s a must listen testimony.

  509. JLin’s reaction to JR Smith’s mistake. Summary: He said that he wouldn’t laugh at his mistake as most. He said most didn’t know how much pressure a player was under last few seconds. He has made a mistake in one of his playoff games and became a laughing stock. He wouldn’t do that to another player.

  510. So much empathy he always shows for others!

  511. Thanks for posting. Watched the whole video.
    Lin said his true feelings about his NBA career. It confirmed our long suspicion that Lin was not happy with the treatments he received in Houston, LA and Charlotte. It is not news but still hard to swallow when finally confirm by Lin.
    On the other hand, I am glad to see Lin has matured soooo much in many many ways which I am grateful.

  512. It is great to see these updates about Jeremy and the videos show that his movement is really good. Have been so starved of JLin highlights for so long!

  513. There are a lot more that you can find in Twitter and youtube. Just type either JLin’s Chinese name or Jeremy Lin and you are able to find a lot more…. Too many to bring it here esp most of them are in Chinese. No energy to do translation.

  514. Thanks!

  515. JLin made a mistake during playoffs? If he did it wasn’t that bad cause I can’t remember.

  516. Well Lebron has skills I give him that but he’s not a good teammates nor are his teams enjoyable to watch. GSW, Curry and Thompson are just so likable. They show you can be the best without ego.

  517. It was the fifth game of the playoffs against Blazers. Lin got foul and lost the ball. He then saved the game when Harden did the same thing and Lin picked it up then made a lightning quick decision to pass to a rookie bench player and he drained the last second 3 to win.

  518. JLin was talking about the one in Houston. I couldn’t remember as well except many haters threw him under the bus…..

  519. In other words it wasn’t his fault since it was fouled and lost the ball. Can’t compare to JR not knowing the score and doing the default pass to Lebron. It’s these little things like these that you can tell the team are not in-sync at all. Cavs are a soulless team and it’s because of this that they won’t win the Championship!

  520. Here’s the You-tube version of JLIn’s entire testimonial at Hualien. Did not get the chance to watch it in its entirety yet.

    From skimming through it, when recalling the injury and the past years of his career, JLin appeared to be quite emotional. More so than in the past. At 15:00, he “remembers hugging Kenny, and said I’m sorry, I’m sorry for letting you down again”. At 19:45, shows his cousin Allen, his sister-in-law, lil bro Joe, good friend Kopa, and HS coach Peter Diepenbrock. All listening intently…

    Despite the emotion behind it, JLin showing he’s the ultimate tough guy. Meeting every obstacle head-on. Cheering for him to overcome this injury hurdle and return to play this game that he loves.

    Will catch the rest later…..

  521. Yes, it was sad. But heartening and yet, uplifting, at the same time.

  522. That turnover in game 4, caused by a no-call foul. AFTER Lin fought for the rebound. And caused by an incompetent coach not calling time-out.

    I remember Lin getting an incredible amount of hate in Houston. Way beyond what the error warranted. How quickly they forgot Lin’s heroics saving game 3 with recovering Harden’s fumble and passing to Daniels. (This was 2014. Four years later, same old Harden, not a winner.)

    Yet, Lin’s so mentally strong. He bounced back next game and scored 21 to get the win for game 5. With props from the Trailblazers. But, not from his own coach and his own teammates.

    I was actually glad that McHale took Lin out at the end of game 6. So that Lin wouldn’t be blamed. Oh yeah, the Wolverine, the best defensive stopper, fell asleep. Served them right, deserved to lose.

  523. JLin’s correct. Things happen, turnovers happen, fouls happen. So, no need to make fun of a competitor’s mistakes.

    On the other hand. Lin’s turnover was in the heat of closing moments of a game, caused by a foul not called, and a time-out not called.

    JR though. Not knowing the score AFTER play stoppage with teammate at foul line? Ridiculous. It was a pure screw-up. But can’t blame the loss on that one play. The Cavs had their chances, just like Houston. Missing wide open 3’s all game.

  524. Action speaks louder than words.

  525. I won’t purport to speak for others.

    Speaking for myself, I only have time to follow Lin. I couldn’t care less about MJ or LeBron or Kobe. Except tangentially as they have impacted and affected Lin.

    For the most part, this is still a Lin-centric site.

  526. Maybe now. But, back then, you thought they wanted to crush Lin because they respected him? Oh please. LOL.

    You are speculating about what MJ might or might not have done.

    Just look at what actually happened. You are proving my point. Actions speak louder than words. And MJ sure acted when Lin was at Charlotte.

  527. Thanks for the correction. This is why I hate Houston so much. The fans, Morey the eel and his henchman Mchale. The media all across the US just was spoon fed the hate and i5 nearly destroyed Lin.

    How he finds the love to forgive is beyond me!….literally beyond me. I wash I can, but I can’t let it go.

  528. No Lin’s mistake didn’t cost them the game. jR definitely cost them the game but I agree with Lin. Fans don’t realize how much fog you can develop under pressure. Choking is caused by that fog. It’s a “brain cramp”. JR may have wanted that foul shot so much that he had though he had it before it was in, which is also why players choke. .

    Once a player is already in the locker room, his mind is living in the future. What’s forgotten is that the foul shot that was missed to create the bad situation for JR. Charma is a switch and he brings it upon himself with his bad mouthing of Lin. Let’s see if he has the Lin toughness to rise above it.

  529. Anyone who expected one of the top teams at that time with the top players to just lie down and have Lin destroy them, are not being realistic. From a basketball standpoint, they had to stop Lin and they forced him into a bad game. If anything, I’m annoyed with Lin’s teammates that didn’t help him out, not with the opposing team. And Spoelstra was behind that defensive scheme that put on Lin. They didn’t try to physically hurt Lin so I really don’t know what you and others are going on about. LeBron and the Heat played a basketball with the intent on stopping the guy that was key to the Knicks winning. If you see it as stopping Lin, then I think you’ve overpersonalized it.

    And, Spoelstra, beyond that game always tried to stop Lin. That’s respect for knowing what Lin can do.

  530. You’re commenting on LeBron, so you’re not just following Lin. And then, if someone is giving a perspective on LeBron and MJ that has seen both of them as rookies and at least saw them at different times in their career, maybe they have a perspective they feel worth sharing.

    Every player is going to impact another. But that’s how I look at it. Lin is an NBA player, the NBA has an alpha-male culture and that’s how it is.

  531. Yes, as a basketball player that crushed Lin because they respected his game. And when you are on the court for the 48 minutes, that’s what matters. Not personality, two opponents playing each other If you look at other players, and not be so Lin-centric, they do that to other players they respect. Respect is trying to stop or limit another player because you know they’re dangerous. If Lin was considered a so-so player, they wouldn’t swarm him and double-team him and try to trap him and get the ball out of his hands. That’s respect for his abilities. Now how much each respects Lin as a person is hard to say, and I’m not speculating. But LeBron showed he knew something about Lin and made good remarks about him, unlike Kobe who said “who is he.”

    I’m not speculating at all about MJ. I saw him as a rookie, in his prime, after his basketball period. When he was on the court he tried to psychologically and physically humiliate players. That’s who he was. There are some rose-colored views on MJ expressed in this forum and that’s just not how he was. He was like a stronger, nastier Kobe in some respects.

    I’m not proving your point at all. MJ is protecting one his players. So what? That’s what owners do. MJ is later in life, there is no post-career LeBron that may or may not put Lin on his team to compare him to or treat him any particular way. There’s no direct comparison. And MJ didn’t pick Lin to go on with the team, he picked Batum.

  532. Great VLog EP 3 that JLin just released.
    JLin chose to go to Hualien to show support for the town’s recovery from earthquake. Especially the kids. The smiles on those kids were AWESOME.
    Also his b-ball camp with Peter Diepenbrock and Kopa, who both appreciate who JLin is as a leader and his authenticity.
    His testimony, from his vantage point. What a crowd. He said he just wanted to “share his heart”.

    Again, love these vlogs with his voice and his words.

  533. No prob. What matters is that your point still stands!

    I still maintain that Morey and the Rockets, along with McHale destroyed Lin’s career. (That’ why I was rooting so hard against them..)

    Which he is still trying to come back from. His testimony certainly proves that he was very much affected by those times.

    Good news is, because of his faith family and friends. He will move on to better basketball times! (And then we can and will be able to move on too!). 🙂

  534. LeBron is pretty humble person (relatively speaking) and player compared to MJ or Kobe. He’s definitely better than Kobe for sure. He’s the only player in NBA who can take a so-so team to playoff right after he joins the team. No doubt he’s been the best player in NBA every year for the last 10 years. I don’t like some of his reactions but on the whole, he definitely makes the team better. He seems to have matured on and off the court (although he whines a lot). The only knock I have against his achievements in NBA is that he played in relatively weak Eastern Conf and therefore had relatively easier rides to the Finals every year because he played against pretender teams, not real contenders. He’s still the best player in NBA by a wide margin IMO. If he shot better from the long range, he really would be able to beat the entire GSW by himself. Having said this, LeBron gets ridiculous amount of foul calls in his favor, even when he is the person fouling.

  535. I agree that LeBron doesn’t really care about any Asian-American issues and only cares about black issues. That’s fine. He’s neither a friend or foe of Lin, just a fellow competitor. I haven’t heard LeBron say anything good or bad about Lin so far. Maybe he has, maybe he has not.

  536. MJ was definitely meaner. He would have gotten JR kicked off the team for what he did during the 1st game. LeBron is a very nice guy compared to MJ or even Bird.

  537. Would love to see LeBron and Curry play together. Curry would have wide open shots all the time the way LeBron draws the crowd. lol

  538. Curry gets his push off from his legs to his fingertips — just unbelievable shooter who can create his own shots.

  539. And has an insane range and lightning quick release. He also has a great handle, and can get shots off of that as well.

  540. he can be a preacher..spreading christianity religion beliefs

  541. Right. Larry Bird was a very severe guy too. Some of the best players aren’t that nice, especially to teammates.

  542. Very blunt and honest. It just seems so dark, like he hasn’t gotten much satisfaction anywhere he played in the NBA. Was betrayed in NY, LA was a cruel joke, abused in Houston, underutilized in Charlotte. Then comes to Brooklyn in a great situation and gets injured, twice.

    There’s a huge connection Lin has with the people he encounters on this trip. Yet, he feels like he’s letting them down. But he has an old teammate with him, a high-school coach too.

    I know Lin has a few close friendships in the NBA. I hope he stays in contact with Landry Fields, Jarred Jeffries, Marvin Williams and a few others. And, I think he’ll continued to be admired and loved in Taiwan and China. Even after his NBA days are over. I hope he can find happiness and true satisfaction at least for one season in the NBA. And I hope it’s this upcoming season.

  543. His handle and the ability to create enough spacing to get off his shots is what separates him from Klay. Klay is just as good shooter and a better defender.

  544. One thing is true. Back then, they had enough respect for him to try very hard to not to become another fodder of Linsanity. Also, it’s perfectly understandable for Miami Heat to want to stop the Linsanity run with their tough D. And let’s be honest: Miami Heat was by far the best team Knicks played against the Linsanity run and was on another level talent wise from other teams. The fault lies with Knicks teammates but it just shows that Miami Heat played Knicks and Lin with the playoff mentality.

  545. I agree. Good roles are hard to find for Asian-American actors.

  546. Lin is in a difficult place in NBA where he has to support Black causes while carving out Asian-American causes. He’s doing a good job so far in context of his Christian beliefs. His reach would be greater if his basketball stats were higher and his team were to make playoffs but it is what it is.

    IMO Blacks think they suffer the most and are vociferous about it and could care less about how other groups may be suffering also or being treated unfairly. While it’s true that Asian-Americans are not as politically active as Blacks, I also feel that Blacks don’t do a good job of reaching out to other groups to build a wider support.

    I voted for Obama first term even though I didn’t buy his persona, but from now on, I think I will vote for someone whose agenda benefits me personally. Maybe, maybe not. To me, I look for integrity in a politician, and I will say it again that I would vote for Jeremy Lin in a heartbeat if he were to run for a political position. Why? It’s not because he’s an Asian-American but because from everything I observed so far, the guy is full of integrity, thoughtfulness and will represent the human race well. I say this even though I am an agnostic.

  547. Kareem was known as an a***ole and very distant as a teammate and player. It’s too bad because he was one of most intelligent players in NBA.

  548. It’s the aging process which all athletes will go through.

  549. If Lin remains healthy throughout the next season, do people think Nets will make the playoff?

  550. Lin is now in a safe place…finally. His honesty shows how confident he is about his current situation. I’ve always believed that Lin’s resolve and toughness would never allow his enemies get the better of him. No matter how much they hurt him, he would just pretend that it didn’t affect him. With Kenny and Joe Tsai firmly behind him, he can now be unguarded about the pain he felt. In the past he could never allow the league hear his dissatisfaction of his treatment. As it was he was being pushed out by nepherious forces to make him into a fluke to erase his rookie record that still stands. To keep his foot in the door, Lin had to just grin and bear it. This new honesty is telling to me that Lin is going to be a Net for the rest of his career.

    I never believed his outward brave face. It was a brilliant tack that probably annoyed Morey Mchale and BS to no end. No matter how they tried to mistreat and marginalize him, they couldn’t get under Lin’s skin. They tried so hard to dive him out of the league to prove that they weren’t wrong to release Lin at Christmas like a couple of grinches.

    It’s good that Lin’s testimonial was so carthartic. I expect that emotional release will unload a huge load off of his back.

  551. I think that criticism is fair and I voice it to other black people. It used to be better in the 1960s and 1970s than it is now. It’s gone the wrong way.

    I wouldn’t want Lin in politics. He’s too genuine and pure a spirit to get into the murky, ugly world of politics.

  552. What Klay lacks are dribbling and handling skills to create space for iso shots. Being on a team of many stars his chance of ball handling becomes even less if at all.

    There’s no chance for Klay to harshness his PG skils. He’d have to leave for a team who would allow him to play as the main ball handler to reach the next level.

  553. lol…that would give easy 50pts for SC!

  554. Long time no see.
    Is this even a question? Lol

  555. Nets has found its Tyson Chandler in Jarrett Allen; sort of, Joe Harris is about 75% Landry Fields, RHJ is almost like Jared Jeffrey, Linsanity doesn’t need Melo and Stoudemire to shine. If Allen Crabbe is anything like Steve Novah, we will have Linsanity II next season with the other useful pieces like Caris LeVert, deMarre Carroll, Cunningham, Spencer Dinwiddie, and even Isaiah Whitehead.

  556. Stef Curry is a player designed for the 3pt game. He’s a game changer that did exactly what the league wanted…to make it a faster game and open it up from the old pound it inside game.

    It’s a perfect match of GSW management and Stef. They have shown how a good moving offence can be beautiful as well as deadly. The splash brothers have been the best proponents of the new game. Having Durant has in fact stunted that system.

    The old game demanded getting as close to the basket as possible. With no incentives to shoot far away from the basket, it made no sense to be far away. This created a different shooting form to jump as high as possible hands high as possible. The fade away shot was a perfect for those mid range shots.

    When Lin decided to change his form, many people argue that his shot was fine and that Doc had no experience to guide Lin through the changes. I used argue with Kwang all the time. Kwang would say that Doc’s girlie form was okay for his girls high school team but not for the NBA. What was always apparent to me was that Doc knew far more than most NBA coaches who have grown up within the system. These coaches don’t know how to teach anything else other than what they’ve been taught. Not only was Doc working on shot form efficacy, he was also teaching Lin the hop step footwork. In order to get his girls to shoot better, he had to teach them the same efficient body stoke that Stef uses. Lin recognized this and chose Doc for that out of the box thinking.

  557. I still remember how sad/mad I felt when McHale kept on throwing Lin under the bus at postgame interviews.

  558. Lol Joe Harris is 10x better than Fields! He’s playing like an All star! His driving and scoring stats are behind Lebron and KD!

    If KA doesn’t treat Harris properly he will explode and be an All Star on another team! He might very well be the Thompson the Nets need minus the height!

    There’s no reason why Harris shouldn’t be starting next to Lin next season besides politics due to Russell!

  559. Lebron’s anger is causing his team to lose spirit. You could see it in their OT performance. JR in Game 2. On DG and the eye poke, I watched Coach Nick’s bit and the constant replays … we’ll, I just didn’t see it the same as that ref guest. Just looks like he put his hand out there, and Lebron ran into it and DG softened his hand right away and pulled it back. It wasn’t a ‘rake’ like Coach Nick’s guest said.

  560. I hope so … get one more team in the mix to challenge the East Coast.

  561. McGee also played a key role to open up the D to Steph could Steph more. Spread the D.

  562. btw, super post. Really good call, to call Steph’s shooting as all-body, any position any movement. That’s full speed shot from anywhere, any angel, any time. So hard to see Steph miss the buzzerbeater for the loss in Rox round, but this one made up for it (this as well as the halftime shot in Game 1 where he counted 1, 2, 3 for the TV Announcers, and also where JR did another dive to get the TOV just like when he hurt KT.)

  563. Steph all going … my eyez closed.

  564. I would think that would be funny – Lebron takes over Iggy’s role, and then you’d have CP3, JH, and whomever and we just going through 82 games to the finals. Maybe with JLin healthy, it’ll be Nets vs GSW.

  565. Just in time, without too much tire wear, to play for new 49% owners Joe Tsai. We shall see!

  566. JLIn is one busy guy. What a whirlwind of activities in Taiwan.

    After his testimony, he followed with continued promotion of his fragrance line, all proceeds going to his foundation.

  567. And then Lin makes a surprise appearance during keynote address with SVP of Intel at Computex 2018.
    You-tube of the event. JLin’s appearance starts at 59:15 for about 5 mins. Talked about how esports compares to basketball. Can connect globally. Also got the chance to talk about his foundation.

    Aside from JLin, this was interesting hearing about Intel’s new products and technologies.

  568. And then, he played some games with fans at the meet and greet at Red House, Taipei. Lin Family Night Market. Quite an enthusiastic turn out.

  569. So, after that, he works out. Plays bball with some young fans. Then, apparently, it’s off to Hong Kong. Props to him, and his family and team, for all their energy! Amazing!

  570. Since there has been several posts about Steph and Klay and JLin shooting. For those who have the time and are interested, fairly long article discussing this very topic, including interview with Doc Scheppler. From Sports Illustrated, from last year’s finals, June 2017. (Sorry, I couldn’t read it all. Haha.)

  571. I think Doc’s Pinewood team pulled another upset and got to the California finals this year. Unfortunately losing there. Please see post above with article supporting your thoughts on Doc.

    Steph and Klay, great shooters yes! But both also move off-the-ball. IF I were to cheer for another NBA team, right now it would be GSW. They are just fun to watch. Lots of movement, lots of ball sharing, everyone gets to touch the ball, can’t always predict where the ball will go. And lots of assists.

    GSW is so well-constructed. IMO, KD might actually add another dimension to the team, making them even harder to defend. And he plays defense, blocks and rebounds. As long as he doesn’t go off on ISOs. The way he played in Game 2 was within the flow of the team, I thought his contribution was very important too.

    Colin Cowherd agrees with you too. His hot take on why KD is happy but LeBron is not. Also comparing Curry to a modern APP, and to guys like Harden & Westbrook. Starts at 5:40. Pretty funny.

  572. Hard for me to criticize Fields because he is such a good friend with Lin. So sorry that he is out of the league due to injuries. Was hoping he could have re-united with Lin somewhere along the way.

    But, I agree about Harris better than Fields. Landry was more athletic, but Harris is much better shooter!

  573. Interesting way to approach this. Makes sense.

    But I would go further and say that I think this young Nets team might even be better than that Knicks team. Tyson was a winner but Allen was still a rookie, but definitely with potential. I liked Landry but I think Harris is better. Jared was great but RHJ is younger and more athletic. And I LOVED Novak, but I think Crabbe can do more with driving and defense.

    This Nets team just needs to build more chemistry and more consistency. And REMEMBER TO PLAY TEAM BALL. (But I don’t usually like to make predictions. Don’t want to jinx anything.)

  574. When Steph gets in the zone like this, just unguardable. Klay is right there with him too. Go Splash Bros!

  575. Great (moving?) screen there by McGee! 🙂

    Nah, Steph would have made it anyway!

  576. Couldn’t believe my ears. I don’t know that I have ever heard a coach do this to a player in public. Especially a young player. What a way to destroy confidence. McHale, another loser.

    Even BS Scott at least owned up that it was his call not to foul Memphis in that infamous Kobe moment, and not Lin’s fault.

  577. Yeah, even towards people who have wronged him. Just full of decency and humanity.

  578. Lin has given credit to Yao and Yi for helping to pave the way in the NBA. Still, as an Asian-AMERICAN, Jeremy Lin is a true pioneer. It is a given that trailblazers will meet adversity. The path is never easy. And adding injuries to the hurdles would make most anyone give up.

    Correct me if I’m wrong. But testimonies are for sharing stories of struggles that a person has faced, and how faith helped to come to terms with, or overcome those problems? This sharing is meant to inspire others to try and do the same?

    My take on JLin’s testimony. While it’s true he has not forgotten those many hardships that he endured in his basketball career, he has not admitted defeat. So, even though he was emotional, I think he has put it behind him. It was not self-pity. I think it was more to inspire, rather than to discourage.

    Here’s another JLin moment about criticisms in the NBA, fromhis MOCANYC interview. (They keep putting out little trailers, still waiting for the full vid.)

  579. What’s necessary to understand is that by giving up height of release, which requires a big jump that takes time…. you can gain speed of release with the body shot. Stef Curry has honed his quick release for a very long time. He can pop the shot from his hip up. The rolling action of his body allows for the power to flow from the ground up. Basically from the bounce of the dribble up, Stef can just roll his arms up in a quick release propelled by his legs and stomach and back muscles. The magic is in his hands that feels the arc and distance.

    Lin has talked about how he used to get tired at the end of the game and lose his legs or lift for his old form shots. The change he made was for efficiency as well as a quick release.

  580. Tyson Chandler was a defensive all star and he anchored the Knicks defence for Lin. Chandler was the only star Lin needed to make his run into the history books with the Knicks. Without him, I doubt very much the rest of the Knicks could’ve helped Lin to the many consecutive wins they had…before Melo cam back that is!

    We don’t need to put undue pressure on an undersized centre whose body has yet fill in for the pounding under the boards. Allen is quite a few years away yet to be the stopper Chandler was.

  581. Fields was a better defender because of his athleticism. That’s why he drew the defensive assignment on Kobe for the famous Lin 38pt explosion against the Lakers.

    Lin made such good use of Fields and used his speed and athleticism to his advantage. Those alley oops and cuts he made was all courtesy of Lin. Fields landed a great contract with Raptors because of that.

  582. Thanks for this article. I really appreciate it. I found the comment about Klay and his form quite interesting. While I always believed Doc would teach a body form that most young girls learn to Lin, I was also aware that Lin’s actual form was not like Stef’s form, but I just attributed it to muscle memory and slow adaptation to the new body form. That was an eye opener. I’ll have to study Klay’s form more closely.

    I still believe that ultimately, Lin should use the Stef shooting form because of it’s inherent efficiency and quicker release.

  583. If everyone could emulate their shooting motion, everyone would be great shooters. Incredibly hard to do. It’s like trying to emulate McEnroe’s service motion and Federer’s service motion. Everyone can see and break down how they serve but no one, I mean no one could or can serve like them. McEnroe had a very unorthodox service motion but it was super effective and deceptive, while Federer’s service motion is a text book motion in that he pretty much does everything right. I would say McEnroe was among the best serve and volley players of all time. Only one player to me had a better serve than Federer: Pete Sampras.

    To me, I would still place Nadal (and even Borg because he retired too early and would have won many, many more Slams) higher than Federer simply because Nadal can win on any surface, whereas Federer would not win on clay even if Nadal were not playing. The only French Open Federer won was when Nadal was shockingly knocked out of Semis by the no longer playing Soldering player. No question Federer has the most elegant and effortless style ever, and his longevity is just amazing.

    So what I am saying is this: Almost impossible to emulate their shooting styles in the game situation, no matter how much you break down their shooting motion.

    Look at Maria Sharapova’s serve; it never improved significantly. It boggles my mind that her coach would not try to change her service throw and motion. She has all the tools to be a great server but her serve lets her down time and time again, whereas looking at Serena, you would not think she would be a great server (because she’s not very tall and lanky) but Serena probably has the best service in women’s tennis game. Without free points resulting from her dominant serve, Serena would not be in top 5. Same thing with Roger Federer.

  584. Yes. NBA Finals quite enjoyable due to LeBron’s heroics and JR’s plays. I love seeing Curry shoot and dribble.

  585. Whereas most players shoot with their arms and wrist, Curry seems to use everything in his body to strike towards the path which the ball will travel. It’s a beautiful to watch just like John McEnroe’s service motion.

    I can see all his amazing shooting and dribbling highlights being shown before his future HOF speech. The breath taking artistry he drew on the court will be remembered for a long time. The fact is he’s popular because people can relate to him more easily because he’s not super tall like KD or built like a Greek god like LeBron. He’s looks a wily regular guy doing all that stuff as if the NBA Finals court was his backyard.

  586. I like McGee also. Very team oriented player. Livingston also. When your leader is a humble but a super talented guy, everyone follows. Hate to say it, but GSW is better off with Livingston than Lin as a 2nd Guard because of the contrasting styles and physiques between Curry and Livingston. Also, Livingston is a good passer. I think for GSW, Curry’s moving dribbling around creates additional open spacings, and I think Lin’s dribbling would not create those spacings until he drives and kicks the ball out. However, in playoffs and against good teams, opposing players pretty much anticipate your kicking out the ball.

  587. That’s why I call him a Cobra Curry.

  588. Let’s wait until Nets actually make the playoff. lol

  589. That’s how religious testimonies have to go: great obstacles leading to suffering and darkness until one sees the light due to the higher power. If he said he did not suffer and had pretty much good time, then his testimony would not be that effective. But I am sure he had good times also. He did manage to make his mark and play some good basketball. It’s not easy being a pioneer for sure.

  590. I respectfully disagree. Looking back, the Linsanity Knicks players were perfectly put together for a 10 games run against ok teams, not great teams. They had unselfish veteran players who felt suddenly empowered by Lin’s unselfish plays.

  591. It won’t be easy to decide on the starting lineup and the final roster for Nets next season:

    I have the following to begin with:

    First Team
    Jarrett Allen
    Allen Crabbe
    Jeremy Lin
    D’Angelo Russell

    (Of course, if it’s up to me, I won’t start DLo, I would start DeMarre instead)

    Second Team
    Timofey Mozgov
    DeMarre Carroll
    Joe Harris
    Caris LeVert
    Spencer Dinwiddie

    Isaiah Whitehead
    Quincy Acy
    Nik Stauskas
    Jahlil Okafor

    3 draft choices +
    Milton Doyle
    James Webb III

  592. This JLin interview (on May 18, 2018) was published to the YouTube on June 4.

  593. NBA refs are hopeless. It is tooo obvious that they are trying to help Cavs, the player was stepping on the end line in front of the ref and he did not call out of bound. NBA is a joke.

  594. Jarrett Allen and RHJ are redundant only 1 of them starts if they don’t get a better PF or C. Joe Harris is starting no matter what. You don’t bench someone 2nd behind Lebron and KD in driving and shooting% stats. He’s the no.2 star Nets will need to go far in the playoffs with Lin!

    Of course only way to guarantee Harris’ start is for Nets to give him a big contract!

  595. Styles differ because body shape and musculature is all individual to each nd everyone of us. Efficiency however is based upon human kinetics. It’s foolish to try to emulate a form that doesn’t suit you.

    Sampras had incredible flexibility in his shoulder. He could fold his should back until the shoulder blades almost touch one another. Few other humans fave that as well as his gifted hands.

    Teaching athletes to serve is a tough thing to do. It’s a kinetic chain that requires great timing that their own body type allows them to perform. The service motion is almost exactly the same as a baseball throw. Many people don’t have that skill and have lists of glitches in the serve. Even great athletes like Nadal and Djokovic have hitches in their serves. Nadal tried hard to improve his serve but it still lacks power.

    The real problem is that winning isn’t always about a great serve. If that was the case Andy Roddick would have won more and Nadal wouldn’t have won so many. Even Feds serve has weaknesses, but he hides his placement so well that he makes that serve deadly. It’s like baseball pitchers, a pitcher is works the plate with variety of speeds and placements. A thrower is the closers that pitches with heat to closes out a game.

    I had a case with a very good college player who had a terrible serve. Once I got him serving with power, he would refuse to be pushed to a higher level of proficiency. He thought that he could win with that upgrade. Most cases with pros, they don’t dare change what they’ve got for fear of losing matches.

    Why would Nadal or Djokovic change their form when they’ve won so many matches?

    The serve is more like the golf swing in that it can go off very easily. Putting is by far the most difficult thing to master. At the pro level, you can have just 5 holes of bad putting and you are out of the tournament.

    You can teach the basic kinetic efficiencies but the magic as always in the fine twitch muscles of the hands.

  596. Cavs loses game 3, this is going this be a sweep for sure. GSW has too much pride to give Lebron even one game. Didn’t like today’s game that much, too many KD iso plays, Curry not shooting well, Thompson not getting the ball that much if at all. Would much rather GSW return to their old playing style before KD came.

  597. Non shooting nite for SC/KT but KD and the team carried the win

  598. Wonder why Clarkson and Calderon was not inserted to spike things up

  599. Steph’s family is really nice. Early in this GSW era, I was at an event where the family came in. I didn’t know them but thought maybe it’s a former player’s family (because they were in sweats) so I offered a seat for them. Dell said that was ok, they’ll stand. Wow … bball royalty, and later when I found out it was them, it was even more meaningful to me. Haven’t been lucky to see them again, except I saw them in the stands once with people going up to take selfies with them. Steph has real family values, and they are all class as far as my brush with greatness.

  600. Yes, Livingston is so good and shares the ball constantly. This midrange turnaround jumper is almost guaranteed. Rox series, did you see his behind the back crossover on Harden? Amazing!

    I’ve some years yearned for JLin on GSW 2nd unit because their 2nd unit with Iggy and Livingston are solid, but they don’t create lots of scoring. I think before Lin went to LA, GSW had wanted someone to get to the rim, and JLin was in contention. That was years ago, I don’t remember which year. Time is flying. Anyway, Nets are aok by me, and I hope this year with Joe Tsai’s new ownership and depth for China … I hope Lin has a bigger on-court role and it’s a great place for him.

    Yeah, Lin is not a good partner to SC, but maybe with KT. For sure on 2nd unit, that would surge ahead. Academic, JLin is better off in BKN, so great.

  601. Hood played a lot better, I was mad all game at his good plays.

  602. I thought a better D from KD and Iggy playing won the game for GSW. KD showed that you need great ISO players in playoff to win because in playoff games, D is tough to crack with just passing the ball. Driving to basket and kicking out will lead to the ball getting picked off often.

    Wonder where LeBron will go. I doubt Celtics because Kyrie is there.

  603. Nets add Jeremy Lin’s rehab specialist to their training staff

  604. Stefania Rizzo was a rehabilitation specialist at Fortius Sport & Health and she was appointed the director of performance rehabilitation for Nets.

  605. Celtics couldn’t afford LeBron James with their cap out unless Gordon Heywood was traded.

  606. RHJ is the PF, the only PF on the team and the team needs his defense. Both Allen Crabbe and DLo are going to be the most used players on the team because of the price that the team has played for their service. The rate of usage of Joe Harris was 16.0 among the lowest on the team. I guess this is not going to change much even if the team made an offer to keep Harris. The team started Jarrett Allen last season and I find no reason not season.
    With Lin leading the team, this lineup is the safe bet.
    Dinwiddie and Levert are going to be the backup for Lin and DLo; Joe Harris for Crabbe and DeMarre for RHJ. The only questionable is Timothy Mozgov for Jarrett Allen. When the team goes small, Atkinson may use Quincy and Cunningham instead.
    This team has depth.

  607. I am sure they will trade anyone to get LeBron. I wonder if Rockets could afford LeBron.

  608. KD must feel good that he no longer has Westbrook hogging the ball and not allowing him chances to take over games like that. Amazing game by KD. Hope they stick around together for a long time and win several more titles. It’s good to have super teams because you can see the very best players play against each other in Conference Finals and Finals. You don’t have to watch regular games at all. The very best players and teams just do enough to make playoff and get into conditions during the regular season. Why get injured by playing too hard? It doesn’t make sense for great players to do that during the regular season.

  609. For the above reasons, I like formations of super teams even if it doesn’t make teams competitive. Besides, even for soccer, I only watch games between top teams anyway. It makes it convenient for me to just watch 5 to 10 NBA games per year and appreciate the talent rather than watch meaningless games during regular season. Who really cares if someone scores 60 or even 70 points during a regular season game? You have to do it in an important game in playoff.

  610. Lin’s influence and results will allow Nets have the best training staff in the east! No more PG/SG curse!

  611. Morey would give anything even Harden if it means getting Lebron! But there’s no way Lebron will choose the West side! Chance of losing and not even making the Finals (the one most people even cares about) is too much!


    for bout 10 new lin in taiwan photos or vids with comments see above link from the #1 lin stalker er superfan popo chung. (too much too hard to try to bring here)

    ill take this moment of all time best stats mine (up votes to posts ratio) to burn a post to say im taking a break from posting here till lin returns to play again.

    ill be away from internet a lot anyway this summer.

    im not as enthusiastic as some here as to the assured nature of lins high place in the nets galaxy.

    and very sure of the deep disconnect between that view within the lin fan base and the view of everyone else outside the lin fan base. still…..

    time will tell.

    one thing clear from the testimony; lin himself is very aware of the circumstances of ongoing diminished opportunities; calling new york a betrayal houston a place where he lost his starting postion, la a “joke”; and charlotte a place where he knew he wasn’t a back up point guard.

    then of course came the injuries in brooklyn. for me his whole “not done” thing is from what he meant and this i absolutely believe from the way he described it in his rural taiwan testimony (maybe he feels more free there to speak)–when he went down in the first game of this past season and said “im done”.

    he meant just that . done. like this is it for me “so many” as he put it in that speech now in wherever it was, obstacles time after time. and he was at the bottom. then.

    why me lord? like job? job? im sure people here know their bible….anyway the point is

    its not like hes not been aware of the obstacles thrown in his path to date or been happy with the results and maybe maybe at that im done moment he could have just
    packed it in

    but he didn’t. he reveresed im done with never done.

    and well i mean he looks pretty good right?

    he’s not that young but hasn’t put on that much minutes and when he’s been able to play in brooklyn he’s basically put up equal numbers to what he did in new york.

    and that was before the rejeuvenation in …vancouver?somewhere.

    anyway. still. whether or where further opportunity (which has been previously restricted as he is acknowledging i believe perhaps more than he ever has ) awaits
    is unknown.

    as the future always is.

    c u again when there’s a lin
    basketball site-in (sighting)

    (im heading to an undisclosed beach)

  613. Their minutes were mostly likely given to R. Hood, played much more confident and composed. Hood could be an All Star some day if developed properly.

  614. Except Fields was more of a role player and played more like a Small Forward. Harris actually has potential to be no.2 option with ball handling, playmaking, and ability to get his own shots from driving and 3 pointers! Heck Harris is miles better than Levert, Russel or anyone on the Nets for the SG position right now!

    Honestly if Nets lowballs Harris or doesn’t treat him well, Harris should accept better offers from other teams! So many more options on Eastern Conference teams. I rather Nets losses out on a great player then see someone with so much talent mistreated due to politics/favorites like Lin did!

  615. Livingston’s midrange shooting is just automatic and his height advantage is great for defense purpose! GSW needs a role player like Livingston. Lin’s a star player who can close and lead his own team.

  616. Lin has his own team on the Nets and he’s a starting PG and star! No need to settle for scrappy minutes on GSW!

  617. Only if refs and the league doesn’t rig it. Just look at Celtics’ treatment compared to Cavs just cause they didn’t have their 2 stars.

  618. As we all found out the hard way, there’s no way to predict the future. So, we will just look forward to the fall and hope for the best for Lin!

    In the mean time, enjoy that beach! Don’t forget sunscreen!

  619. What is interesting is that aside from the newly promoted head athletic trainer Poirier (worked for OKC), there is still no one who comes from basketball background. Soccer, football, skiing, but not bball. I would think different sports use different muscles, etc. I wonder why not try and find someone with bball experience.

    The Nets’ official announcement:

  620. I don’t know if she worked directly with Lin at all. IIRC, the ones who did work with him posted some instagrams. But I guess it’s still Lin rehabbing there that made the connection.

  621. Thanks for putting this back up. (I posted this a few days ago. For whatever reason, GS deleted the earlier one and re-posted it.)

    Anyway, I thought it was a very nice relaxed fun interview, a few new insights. Worth listening.

  622. Glad it was interesting.

    Hope we will finally see the results of his hard work this season!

  623. Yes, Fields, and Shumpert, were both athletic defenders. They were both able to score off Lin’s finds. Those alley oops that Lin threw to them, and to Chandler, were part of the fun. Instant chemistry.

    And yeah, haha, Lin got Fields, and Novak, their next nice contracts.

  624. Whoa, I like Harris a lot, but I like Lin more. 🙂

    Lin needs an all-around two way player like Harris. Let’s NOT hope Harris leaves!!!!

  625. McGee has been huuuge! (no pun intended)

    He sets good screens, good roll-man, plays above the rim. And DEFENDED LeBron so well! Added great energy. Definitely contributed in the minutes he was on court.

    Good thing Kerr decided to replace Looney with McGee.

    And don’t forget Jordan Bell! For a rookie, very mature and keeps his poise. (Playing 3 years of college probably helped. Generally, I don’t like a lot of these one-and-done players.) Bell playing great in his first NBA finals!

    OT, 2017 was a good draft class. Very impressive rookies.

  626. AGREED!

    Livingston is a great fit for what GSW needs from him. But he averages very few minutes, only about 16 mins this season. And below 20 mins the last few seasons.

    Injury aside. For now, so glad Lin is not stuck in that kind of role. Too soon. Glad he had the opportunity with the Nets. Hope next season will be the one!

  627. That was a pretty sick move on Harden by Livingston! Glad to see Harden get a dose of his own medicine.

    It’s too bad GSW did not see Lin’s potential and did not decide to keep him and develop him, the way they are giving McCaw and Cook a chance. Monte Ellis? Acie Law? Sheesh.

    But, it’s okay. Letting Lin go led to Linsanity. Like you said, Lin and Tsai and Atkinson and Nets. Good place for now!

  628. AMEN! (No more injuries please!)

  629. But not good enough! Whew!

  630. Just watched game on NBA TV replay.

    I didn’t see that many KD ISOs though. At least not the kind of ISOs where he just dribbles the air out of the ball and forcing up bad shots. Unlike in the Rockets series, I thought he got back to playing within the flow of the game.

    He made some great passes to cutting Draymond, Livingston, Klay, Iguodala. He made some shots in transition. Some by one or two dribbles to get to his spot for his mid-range jumpers over the defenders, so smooth and easy. And got some easy layups too.

    I’m glad Klay and Curry didn’t keep chucking the three’s, since they were both off this game. 3 of 15 wasn’t great. See, that’s what I like about GSW. Curry and Klay knew KD had the hot hand. They were unselfish enough to just let him go off. Good thing KD played so well – GSW needed it!

    I am rooting for Curry to get the finals MVP though!

  631. JLin shared another testimony at the University of Hong Kong. Inspiring the next generation – good stuff!

  632. Charlotte fans remembering Lin and good times.

  633. It sounds like she might’ve been at a higher position (management) which explains why she wasn’t the one directly helping Lin out those videos.

  634. We Made Our Own Night Market!! – Jeremy Lin VLOG Episode 4

    short vid this time. How his travels can be tiring but he knows how to eat well and take care. More behind-the-scenes looks. The Comptex appearance. Speaking at China Airlines. The night market fun, in the rain. Lots of screaming fans.

  635. They want people who can think outside the box and I’m sure different sports have higher success with certain injuries and training.

  636. Only PF? Last time I checked Carroll, Acy, Jarrett Allen, and Cunningham can all play PF positions! In fact Carroll’s 3 pointers would be the best fit for PF with Jarrett as center!

  637. In my opinion, the dominance of GSWs is a bad thing for everyone. Sports as a human activity is often view as a useless waste of time. As Asians, we get that from our parents all the time. So how do we explain to them that sports and play is essential to human development?

    Too often we see pro sports as entertainment. When it’s view that way, it indeed becomes almost a useless past time. When super teams take over, they destroy the one thing that makes pro sport worthwhile because it helps propel our society forward. In the business world especially, it’s competition that continues to bring new product development that keeps pushing us forward. Competition is the only thing that sports teaches us about becoming the best we can be. It relates to us at a primal level. As kids we play at competitions to hone our skills for the real world ahead in the business world.

    Without competition in sports, winning lack the drama of a real battle. What drives us to get better is competitive drive, without it, people will naturally lose that drive to compete. LeBron for a while now haven’t had to try very hard during the regular season and his team hasn’t won the conference during the regular season for a few years. Competition sharpest the skills to be able to rise above yourself. It is telling that a player like LeBron don’t feel the need to compete until the playoffs and ropey dope the regular season.

    The greatest memorable sporting clashes are from competitions of equal calibers. Not just 2 teams always in the finals but as well as deep challenges from early rounds of battles. Like Lin’s 38 against Lakers, his memorable come back against the Spurs after the starters only got 8 pts in the first quarter or his big win without Kemba against the Cavs. The college “march madness” comes to mind as an example of excitement. The reason that it is so captivating is that on any given day, a team could play above themselves. It pushes every player to play harder, become better and reach higher.

    One of the reasons Nadal and Federer are such good friends and rivals is that they truly respect each other. Federer is the most like number 1 player of all time because he views his competition as a brotherhood of gladiators. Fed recognizes every player he plays against as necessary adversaries to bring out the best in him, and it’s this respect that every player on tour recognizes. Nadal and Federer matches are epic because they bring out the best of each of their own abilities. When you look at sports this way, even weekend warriors serve a purpose. Each of us that play sports pushes up the bottom pyramid that leads up to the greatest. Without that desire to compete and do our best, it weakens the latter to the top.

    What’s happening in the NBA where teams can buy talent to overwhelm opponents destroys the thing that makes sports useful to society. It mirrors our business drive as well. Today, big conglomerates gobble up competitions to eliminate them. They become the super teams of the NBA and weakens their drive to be better. Big isn’t always what’s best in business when global companies can out maneuver them.

    The competitive drive in America makes it great. The American Dream is all about being the best you can be. When that drive gets dampened, we all suffer. It may not happen now, not yet maybe, but it threatens what is the right stuff that makes a great country. As Kenneth Clark said in his book Civilization. “ the Roman Empire died a slow death from societal fatigue”.

  638. Yes, JLin in 2019. Hopefully, he makes playoffs with a good season.

  639. Jordan Bell said on local TV that he was working out with KD one day, and KD told him that he (KD) loves bball so much he wants to die playing Bball. So, JBell said that changed him, and from then on, he goes to practice 2 hrs early and leaves late. If you look at KD’s game 1, 2 funk that way, that he loves the game so much, it means he wasn’t really fighting the team flow but trying to figure out for himself why he wasn’t doing well. And also, when he shot that Dagger 3 in game 3, he said he internalized the joy, because they still had over 30 seconds left to play. So, KD is on the GSW train just like last year, except that he loves the game so much he’s quiet when he’s trying to figure out how to play better. Good for him, that speaks dynasty.

  640. I just hope they even out Eastern Conf a bit, and there are at least 4 to 6 great teams. The GSW/CLE series this year was very close if you see Coach Nick’s breakdown on how badly the CLE D did and yet, the games were so close. That means if CLE had been working on their D more coming in, it might have been a 6 or 7 game series. They can still keep it alive tonight.

  641. Curry MVP, however many games 4 or 5, but not 6 or 7! Hope so.

  642. True, but I’d love for JLin to get a ring and then a chance to get to HOF someday. Maybe he can do it in BKN, let’s watch how BKN is going to build around him with new ownership stakes in place.

  643. GSW shows talent plus unselfishness lead to greatness. An apt metaphor for business world. The players actually like and respect each other. They built a BB culture for Silicon Valley.

  644. Hmmm, I would think rehab processes should be based on successful rehabs in the past. Not sure if thinking outside the box is a good idea for this?

    Let’s say this is a good idea. Still, no one from the basketball world?

    Anyway, what do I know. As long as Lin, and the Nets, stay healthy!!!!!

  645. Sounds logical. Brian Lewis confirms Ryan Murray worked directly with Lin.

  646. Awwww, disappointed Curry didn’t get it. KD wins it again. Not that he’s undeserving. But I thought Steph deserved it more. Come on, Steph had a great series, just didn’t score enough in G3.

    Hey, I could make a case that JaVale McGee could have been MVP. 🙂

    And, truthfully, in a TEAM sport, I hate these individual awards. Voted by only 11 people from the sports media. Especially a team like GSW, who share the ball, and play so unselfishly.

    JLin was cheering for Curry to win too…

  647. They say the NBA is a copycat league. I hope the Nets will copy the Warriors.

    The whole team, up and down, starting with its leaders. Steph, Draymond. Klay, now what you just said about KD. Iggy, Livingston. They ALL seem to play for the love of the game. And SHARE so much joy and fun on the court. Winning seems to be almost a by-product. The way that JLin loves to play.

    Did the Cavs show any of that camaraderie and sense of fun, even when they were winning in the other rounds of playoffs?

  648. What? No game 5? LOL. I thought Cleveland would get at least one. Winning in 4 must be very satisfying. Although in front of the home crowd probably would have been even more fun.

    Haven’t seen the game yet. But, from the stats and how well he played in G1 and G2, I thought Curry should have gotten the Finals MVP. JLin was also cheering for it. KD played a fantastic series too, so I guess getting a triple-double put him over the top.

    Personally though, for a TEAM sport, I think these individual awards are antithetical. Especially for a team like GSW. EVERY player that got on the court contributed. Steph going off for a record number of 3’s. Klay the real warrior, playing big after being injured. Draymond, the realest glue guy. Iggy. McGee. Livingston. Jordan Bell. Even Nick Young! The fit and the chemistry and the system. All clicking.

    Truly a TEAM championship! (Look at the Cavs when only one or two play well. Can’t win that way.)

    Even though realistically, it will not be for a championship. I’m looking forward to seeing the Nets let JLIn lead them to play and win the right way, as a team with a common goal!

  649. Did JLin get an honorary degree? Or just invited to be speaker? Looking cool with the academic robe, sporting green pants and sneakers. LOL.

  650. Yikes, wrote a lengthy response. Don’t know where it disappeared to. 🙁

    Will try to re-write and re-post later.

    @Mods, if it’s lost in “approval”, please check and release the post. Thanks in advance!

  651. Was there even any doubt that they would win? There was nothing epic about a sweep. I get that the culture of the GSW makes them special and I’ve been a fan of that team since the rise of the splash brothers. Durant however takes away from their championship instead of adding to their fine inner workings by as a team. Now the talk will be about talent and not system. This talk diminishes the team culture and care that the ownership built that franchise. There’s winning for the sake of winning and then there’s winning by overwhelming talent. Maybe the splash brothers and Kerr could have won it by raising their own game to a new level but having Durant means that they don’t have to. They could rely on someone else instead. The fact that Stef and Klay deferred to Durant instead of raising there own games means that they having had to be the best that they could be. As a fan of the splash brothers, I find that disappointing. Had the GSWs done it without Durant, that way of winning would have been epic!

    The legacy of Durant will be that he couldn’t be a champion until he joined a championship team.

    So now you can stop watching nba games again till next year’s final and enjoy 4 more games of one sided dominance.

  652. Talent PLUS teamwork, system and unselfishness. Every component is important. Nadal dominates French Open like no other player but French Open is my favorite and amazing to see how Nadal dominates on clay. IMO Nadal the GOAT if he matches Fed’s Slam number or falls short by one. You saw the real Finals: Rockets vs GSW. And it went to 7th game, and Rockets would have won had CP3 not been injured. GSW got lucky this year. Blame LeBron for putting together a worse team due to buddy buddy system. That Finals series with Kyrie on Cavs vs GSW was very exciting. Many talents on two teams. Exciting for me how Teams are trying to beat GSW.

    NBA has too many games anyway. Should cut it down to less than 50 games.

    I like Lin but Regular season games are not exciting. Hope Nets make playoff next season but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  653. I myself will be traveling this time in an undisclosed non-Asian continent this summer. Will miss World Cup second half. NBA Finals over just in time for my real passion: soccer. Soccer will always trump NBA, MLB and NFL for me. I will try to watch Wimbledon, French Open and Australian Open in near future.

  654. I wonder if JLin thinks about what it would take for him to win a ring. No doubt he’s focused on having a great and healthy season in about 4 months. But after witnessing how dominant GSW as a superteam and how helpless LeBron became even when he’s the most dominant player on the floor, I’m sure all NBA players know they have to join a superteam in order to have any shots of winning the ring :[

    Will LeBron join a young promising 76ers team with easier path to the Finals or a solid, veteran team like the Rockets who almost beat GSW? It will be interesting to see how things will unfold in the offseason.

  655. This is quite a hilarious ending to muse about LeBron’s offseason plan 🙂

  656. Two legit choices for sure. This was bad for the NBA. A sweep is just boring and the last game wasn’t competitive in the 2nd half. The Cavs played a poor losing game 4, 2nd half. LeBron looked worn out. The Cavs needed Kyrie badly . The NBA needs to try to figure out how to make for less predictable and more competitive finals.

    I think Lin wants to play most games and lead the Nets to a .500 or better season. In the big picture, I think all players think about the ring. I don’t know how long-term JLin is thinking.

    I don’t think Durant should have won MVP. I think it should have been Curry. And for the whole playoffs, Klay.

  657. Hm, I don’t see anything in pending. Let me look again later

  658. Games were closer than the results. The real Finals was between Rockets and GSW and that was exciting. It was an almost foregone conclusion that GSW would beat Cavs. It’s the LEastern Conf. No, KD was the right choice. His efficiency was incredible. And his D came through in important games. It would have been fine to have co-MVPs.

  659. Very true, a sweep in the NBA Finals is never good for ratings.

    Adam Silver will want both dinasty and rivalry at the same time. Will he “help” LeBron to create another superteam? It will be interesting for sure.

  660. It was a foregone conclusion that GSW would beat Cavs, so it saved time. Also, the real Finals was between Rockets and GSW. For next few years I will enjoy observing how other teams are trying to beat GSW; that will be the only interesting thing about NBA for me. And whether KD will stay with GSW longer; I think he will because he has a lot of business connections and investments in SF area.

  661. Nick Young got the ring and Halep got her Major. And Nets got 25th ranking out of 30 teams for next season on ESPN prediction.

  662. I believe he just gave a commencement speech at 政大.

    This is a nice photo of Lin from a Taiwanese newspaper

  663. Has this been posted?
    Lin interviewed at Goldman Sacks in Hong Kong.

    I was surprised to lean that Lin was spending $5/meal on Subway because that was what he could afford while he was at Harvard due to money issue. Mama Lin took out money from her 401K so that Lin could eat better before NBA draft in order for Lin to perform better.

    This is the USA, middle class always got squeezed while the rich and the poor have someone to take care of them.

    Hats off to Lin’s parents.

  664. Well I wouldn’t call Lin’s family middle class, more like working class. All parents have to sacrifice just to put their children through college if it’s not their retirement money then it’s the house.

  665. Nadal is a defensive bull that grinds opponents to the ground. It’s less skill than pure physically. LeBron is like Nadal in that they are both physical freaks. Federer is pure skill like Stef Curry.

    The Grandslams committee, especially Wimbledon decided to slow down the game when they deemed the game was too fast. They wanted more rallies and changed the courts as well as the balls to slow the game down to molasses pace. It changed the dynamics of tennis from rewarding offensive prowess to rewarding defensive patience. It was this change that brought on the pounding long rallies from 15-20 feet behind the baseline. The rise of Nadal and Djokovic was helped by this change.

    Once upon a time, the fastest court speed was Wimbledon. Today the slow speed of all the courts has homogenized the real challenge of winning on all surfaces. Wimbledon by the second week is more like clay than grass. The US open has become the fastest surface the pros play, and even that is slow in comparison to the past. The paint they use is so full of grit that it bites the slow balls and slow it down to snail pace. This is why very few players go to the net anymore. It’s suicide when defensive types with speed can nullify any angle produce by standing so far back that they can rip pass8 g shots with ease.

    The revitalization of Federer’s game came about when they decided to finally sped up the balls again to shorten the points to allow some pace back into play. Without this pace, it was impossible for attacking players to hit through the holes. It wasn’t that they wanted Federer to win, it was that they realize that both Nadal and Djokovic could not sustain that level of play without being seriously injured. Making players grind points out has shortened careers. Playing on hard courts is brutally hard on the body. The recent epic battle between Federer and Nadal in Australia was the result of given enough pace for Federer to work with to punch through the defensive holes.

  666. I hope LeBron join the Pacers instead.

  667. Ah it’s Monta Ellis who bought Lin 20 jeans. I am filled with respect for his generosity.

  668. D’Angelo Russell got a triple double last season. Some sports writers has made a big deal out of it.
    Let’s see how he got his triple double in contrast to the PG of Toronto on March 23

    DLo shot 8-21 shots (38%), 2-5 FTs, 0-4 3PT, 11 rebounds, 13 assists, a steal, 2 TOs scored 18 points.
    Mike Lowry shot 7-11 shots (63.6%), 6-6 FTs, 5-6 3PT, 10 rebounds, 12 assists, 1 TO, scored 25 points.

    This triple double is overrated.

  669. Not sure this has been posted or not. Jlin’s sharing at HKU (in English without translation).

  670. What?! Monta Ellis and Lin are rivals no? Especially going back to their GSW days.

  671. True but KD’s solo performance in Game 3 sealed the deal while Curry’s bad performance lowered his chance of getting it. If Curry’s kept his shooting efficiently in Game 3 without KD carrying them then there would’ve been a case for it. Maybe next year unless Nets are the ones who gets into finals…

  672. 76ers with Emidd is the most logical option for someone to match KD. Add in Kawai Leonard if they can and they will have their 4 star super team.

  673. Well at least now the head of rehab is from Fortius and her expertise can certainly help.

  674. To put that much top spin on every shot and to be able to hit winners from both sides takes incredible skills, even with just ok serve. If Nadal had a better serve he would be unbeatable on every surface. Mentally tougher than Fed. Also, Djokovic played at the highest level I have seen for 2 years period before he encountered personal issues. I give a lot of credit to both Fed and Nadal for improving their games every year.

  675. I agree that it’s not only sports that teaches us competitive drive. Any pursuit can produce that and does, that’s obvious. My point is that sports, fitness and play are very fundamental things to human development. Psychologist all agree that play is essential to early childhood development. Sports continues that into young adults and even into college. Participants in sports have self will and team development skills that other activities can’t teach. It’s when kids look up to pro sports heros that are less than perfect, that’s when society is not better served by sports.

    The point I’m trying to make is that all professional sports have spoiled what was once pure. Even the Olympics is tainted but it is at least closer to the original intent of competetive values. What’s sad is that we as fans accept that winning is the only value that counts, not sportsmanship, not FairPlay.

    It’s a slippery slope and we are complicit in its descent by accepting the status quo.

  676. When Lin was a rookie

  677. Nets will be a playoff team with a healthy Jeremy and better teammates.

  678. I think Lebron should join the Pacers. He knows how good the Indiana team is.

  679. Monta was kind to Jeremy then when he was a rookie. 20 jeans woth $200 each 👍

  680. Both of Lin’s parents worked in the IT field at the Bay area before Linsanity, therefore, they were definitely upper middle class. That is why I was shocked to learn that Lin had only $5/meal to spend while at Harvard and could only afford Subway for most of his meals. Even more shocking was his mom had to take out money from retirement so that Lin could eat better to prepare himself for the draft. Tremendous respect to his parents.

  681. Active players on the team are (Jarrett Allen, Joe Harris, Allen Crabbe, DeMarre Carroll, RHJ, Cunningham, Spencer Dinwiddie, Quincy Acy, Caris LeVert, D’Angelo Russell),

    D’Angelo Russell is at the bottom of the list in True Shooting (TS)%, 50.9, Caris LeVert (52.5), Quincy Acy (52.5) , Spencer Dinwiddie (52.7), Cunningham (53.9), RHJ (54.8), DeMarre Carroll (55.5), Allen Crabbe(55.8), Joe Harris (63.4), Jarrett Allen (63.6)

    Field Goals Attempted:
    DLo (14.0), Allen Crabbe (11.0), DeMarre Carroll (10.8), RHJ (10.6), Spencer Dinwiddie (10.5), Caris LeVert (10.4), Joe Harris (8.0), Cunningham (6.3), Jarrett Allen (5.5), Quincy Acy (5.2)

    As to USG%, DLo’s rating is 30.6 with the next highest belongs to Caris LeVert (22.6), Spencer Dinwiddie (21.5), RHJ(21.3), DeMarre Carroll (18.7), Allen Crabbe (18.0), Joe Harris (16.0), Jarrett Allen(15.3), Quincy Acy (13.6), Cunningham (9.2)

    As to RPM, DLo is also the worst among active players of the team (-2.49), Caris LeVert(-2.07), Quincy Acy (-1.82), Jarrett Allen (-1.82), Cunningham (-1.79), RHJ(-0.96), Joe Harris (-0.54), Allen Crabbe (-0.45), DeMarre Carroll (1.71), Spencer Dinwiddie (2.41)

    Statistically, DLo was simply the least efficient player with the highest usage. Atkinson has allocated more minutes to younger but less efficient players for development purpose in the past season.

    Why did Nets lose so many games? It is because their worst shooter took most of the shots starting with DLo who took 14.0 shots per game on the average, the highest among active players but his true shooting percentage (50.9) was the worst among the active players. Next to DLo in field goals attempted was Allen Crabbe (11.0) but his true shooting percentage (55.8) was the third highest in the list of true shooting percentage.

  682. Interestingly, JLin used James Harden’s example to share about possessing humble confidence but can stand up for what is right, not being a doormat.

    Hatden was saying something right but showing poor body language toward Lin. He earned Harden’s respect that day.

  683. Reminder that the draft is next week. who marks drafts is a MAJOR concern to lin and his standing on the team. also marks has made moves every year before or on draft night. this again has MAJOR implications on lin and how he fits on the team.

    i know it’s a super long shot but i would LOVE to see dlo traded… he’s like harden but not as talented. lin playing with him would be like houston all over again. PLEASE NO! i saw no improvement from dlo. he’s bad and the nets fans keep grasping at straws… he’s young! potential! dat vision! etc… ugh…. i want him gone for an asset. let someone else buy into the hype. i hope marks is as smart as i think he is. i KNOW he sees what we see. i KNOW the analytics dept is like dude, look at these horrid numbers… which team is dumb enough to give us an asset for this?

    the suns? tyson chandler + pick for dlo + pick? allen starts and tyson is the vet backup. lin’s old linsanity pnr partner coming back to the city that created linsanity? makes so much sense.

    orlando? aaron gordon sign and trade for dlo + rhj + pick? gordon is young, a big, and can shoot the 3 ok. does orl want to pay him max? why not take dlo? there’s ice in his veins! and rhj! the best wing defender in the nba! cmon orl do it! do it! let someone else buy into the dlo hype. let someone else trade for “potential”… us? we see right thru the smoke screen of hype…. let’s steal gordon from them…

    quick roster run down:
    levert: love him. i think he needs to play next to lin to reach full potential. playing with dinwiddie and dlo he wasn’t at his best. i still believe in him. he played great the year before when lin came back from the hamstring injury. i think he can still get better…
    allen: LOVE him. if he continues to improve his offense he can be an all star one day. he has the defense of a capela or gobert and can hit the corner 3 and hit his FT’s… he needs to bulk up and play more aggressive that’s all.
    crabbe: mixed feelings. i think he kinda disappointed this season. if he plays with lin though i can see him be way more effective as lin draws so many defenders.
    harris: perfect role player. hope he re-signs but only on a modest deal.
    rhj: very mixed feelings. perfect hustle guy but he still cant shoot the 3. he only works if we can get a stretch 4… or bench him…
    dinwiddie: like him as a backup. anything else and his hero ball tendencies will be our downfall. i think his ego got too big and started buying into his own hype. chucking 30 footers with the game on the line like he got a 30 on his back…
    carroll: i like him as a backup or starter on less minutes if we get rid of dlo. he plays winning basketball but he isnt a game changer enough to play big minutes…
    mozgov: sunk cost
    acy: like him, but only on a min contract. good for some small ball 4/5 but only in moderation. seriously need more size at the 4…
    cunningham: same as acy. i think we can keep at most one of them. but it wouldnt surprise me if both are gone.

    everybody else is not important. okafor will be in china, and whitehead isnt an nba player or an end of bench guy at most. stauskas headed for min contracts from now on, etc…

  684. Harvard, housing, living expenses are expensive. Doesn’t matter what job your parents have all those things add up. You’d think those who have “professional” jobs can afford any education for their kids; not really.

  685. I know this may have been posted before but I still think it’s time for Lin fans to take a long look at Jeremy’s rehab from the view of a professional again and again. I figure Steve Nash must have something to do with Lin’s rehab because they are close friends and Nash has been a very helpful friend indeed. It’s not a coincidence that Lin goes to Fortius Sport & Health taking a holistic approach to his body and his entire game.

    Steve Nash and Rick Celebrini

  686. Nets needs a PF; Bigs who could be drafted by the Nets:

    Mitchell Robinson 6’11” Chalmette
    Jarred Vanderbilt 6’9″ Kentucky
    Omari Spellman 6’9″ Villanova
    Chimezie Metu 6’10” USC
    Kevin Hervey 6’9″ University of Texas at Arlington
    Moritz Wagner 6’11” Michigan
    Brandon McCoy 7’0.5″ UNLV
    Kostas Antetokounmpo 6’10” Dayton

  687. Every year, Jeremy meets with Adam Silver to discuss the NBA in China …

  688. Lin’s parents incomes and assets probably made them ineligible for any significant financial aid from Harvard. Therefore, he probably was almost a full pay since Harvard doesn’t offer scholarships to athletes, right? If Harvard does offer scholarships to its athletes, I AM surprised to hear that.

  689. I think my post agrees with yours but all I gotta say is KD made the right move to get away from Westbrook. I thought KD’s moving to GSW was as much of his desire to get away from Westbrook. I always thought if KD had another great player other than Westbrook, OKC would have won the ring already. GSW allowed KD to shine and win in important moments.

  690. Yes, that’s what I think – Lebron was too intense, and he brought on some stress that broke the team. His self-inflicted ‘broken hand’ was a measure of that damage.

  691. I just googled it and it’s roughly $70 k per year. My niece had a full athletic scholarship at a lesser known university in Michigan and her annual scholarship was $80,000. That’s a lot of money for any minority parent, even as professionals they often faces glass ceilings.

    Education like the NBA or business is rigged to advance the powerful and make it difficult for anyone else to in. Guys like Trump gets in by father’s who are wealthy and “donate” money.

  692. why he bought 20 jeans for him.. lin got no pants or got no taste?

  693. Good point. What about signing Ed Davis and Montrezl Harrell?

  694. This is news indeed. Wonder how many years this has been going on? Since Silver became commissioner? Hope JLin gets a consulting fee. Haha.

  695. Would love to see Ed reunite with Lin. On defense, can block shots and rebound.

    But even though he’s great at the pick-and-roll, Ed is just a dunks and lobs guy on offense. Can’t space the floor, and terrible free-throws shooter. Not sure if he fits Kenny’s system.

  696. Uh oh, throws Harden under the bus. Are any Lin fans surprised by this? Probably not.

    If Lin ever decides to write a tell-all memoir one day, it would sell out in no time. Can’t wait. LOL.

  697. The Nets are big into analytics. This shouldn’t be news to them.

    I think they are counting on Kenny & the coaching staff to make him better. Maybe they even thought having Jeremy lead on the court would have an influence on him. Unfortunately, it couldn’t happen last year.

  698. Never liked Monta’s playing style. But this puts him in a different light off-the-court. Here are couple of throw-back pics. From summer of 2014, before the Lakers season. Lin & Monta (and Quincy & Draymond) training at Mo Williams’ Academy.

  699. Okay, thanks, was wondering…. Yes, very nice photo!

    Found some You-tube videos of his full speech. Will post above.

  700. THANKS for finding it and releasing the post! Saved me from having to re-write the whole darn thing! 🙂

  701. At the macro philosophical level, TOTALLY AGREE!

    Just wasn’t sure that, out of 30 teams, that GSW should be held as the example of the worst of the NBA culture. They’ve taken advantage of what the NBA allows them to do. The other 29 teams are all trying to do the same! Just not nearly as successfully. We could agree to disagree on this one point.

  702. Another Charlotte fan with his favorite Hornets memory:

  703. Anyone remember the little boy who was upset and cried, as recorded by his father, when he found out Lin was going to leave the Knicks? And then Lin reached out to him? Well, it seems a Lin fan is a fan for forever.

  704. JLin’s G-League teammate, the Spurs’ Danny Green, was one of the first to tweet his support for Lin’s injury. Seems like Danny still in touch. Landry Fields is currently a Spurs scout. Recruiting Lin, perhaps? 🙂

  705. Looks like JLin will be in Vegas again to support the Summer League guys. (LeVert & JAllen will both be playing.) According to Ryan Higa:

  706. To follow up posts from Popo Chung twitter, there are You-tube videos for JLin’s entire speech given at NCCU graduation. In three parts, each about 12 mins.

    Part one, JLin starts at 6:35. Lots of cheers from the students.

  707. Part two of JLin’s graduation speech. Humble confidence, and confronting our old friend Harden, starts at 7:05.

  708. at 0:50. “True leadership is promoting joy in the people around you…”
    at 1:35, gave props to Mike D’Antoni, for empowering Lin to forget his turnovers.
    at 7:00, “be loyal”, “to men out there, treat women the right way”
    at 7:55, explained the concept of mutual loyalty, and why he and his agent stuck with each other (Roger Montgomery)

  709. OT:
    Good laughs between two good guys. For RHJ and Klay Thompson fans. Pre-game 4 of the Finals. RHJ interviewed Klay. Klay again showed how laid back and humble he is. But with a good sense of humor and perspective about where he is, living a fairly simple life. Like JLIn, Klay is big fan of In-and-Out Burger.

    And like JLin, Klay has a very supportive relationship with his brother. (Trayce Thompson, who plays MLB for the Chicago White Sox.)

    Maybe the Nets can sign Klay or trade for him somehow! (Okay, I know. Delusional.)

    RHJ doing a pretty good job. Until the end. Watch and laugh!!!

  710. HaHaHa. Funny stuff. JR Smith, smh.

  711. great speech.

  712. I’ve been reading about donated money and even private high schools. It’s very different than when I was a kid.

  713. SwaggyP was fun, and local news are saying he’s probably gone because GSW want more. He was a great teammate to JLin. More fun than great, but he did hit a few great 3s and had a few good D’s against Lebron this year.

  714. I’m with you, people are gunning for this new style of play, which is really what JLin tried to do, but as one player from PG seat. It’s not been a coached system, for JLin.

  715. JLin still speaks from the heart, and he gives a lot of himself.

  716. Klay the tough steady quiet one. Steph who rocked the team and stadium. KD who was unstoppable and had a few bad games where it was not trusting his teammates.

  717. Almost legitimately lost to Rox. That would have been tragic to us, lol.

  718. Yes, I too have JLin to thank for returning to bball.

  719. What I like about GSW is they give up of themselves to have the team do better. Klay is the best at this, esp if you watch his interviews. SC is right there. KD is struggling with his destiny and giving it up, but he does, in salary and sharing. This playoffs, he played a bit of iso and Kerr was seen on national TV telling him to trust his teammates. That give up for the greater good is a great example for us to watch, but yes, they are rarefied wealthy stars. And the team is very profitable.

  720. Daniels on 3?

  721. Gorgui Dieng is the center that Timberwolves loves to give up because of his big contract and Nets can use his service to strengthen the front court immediately. There are only a few teams in NBA with cap space for Dieng’s contract. The beauty is Nets is in the East Conference and is not considered a contender. Dieng is playing as a backup center who is paid over $15M per season for 3 seasons at the age of 28. This is a salary dump and Timberwolves is unlikely to get much from trading Gorgui Dieng who is a very decent center that can help the Nets to compete for a playoff spot.

    Big Ed is not the all around player that Atkinson is looking for. It’s a good addition though because the team can really use him to protect the rim and run the pick and roll effectively.

  722. Silver, please, you knew it, if NBA had not trying to suppress Lin’s starhood, NBA would have been soooooo popular in China now, but instead NBA chose to promote its own ordained players.

    NBA wants China money, but reluctant to allow Lin’s deserved fame, oh well, they rip what they sow

  723. I don’t think I can get into an Ivy League college with 3.0 GPA in high school, like I did long time ago. lol But then again, going to an elite college is not that big difference maker these days, so I think it evens out.

  724. There are sport writers who always want Nets to trade away the good players for draft choices. I think that’s crazy. Draft choices are not safe bets. They could be busts; even if they are lottery picks.

    Recently there is a crazy writer telling us that Nets should trade away Spencer Dinwiddie. Basically it’s because he recognizes Dinwiddie’s value; the improvement of him in Nets’ system. In contrast, I think this is the same reason that Nets should keep Dinwiddie and offers him an extension before he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

    We came across the same situation for Jeremy Lin who has been making good progress in his rehab. Some of us even think Lin could be a better player; I think so too. Some sports writers want Lin to be traded telling us that DLo is the future of Nets; a dim future I think. Lin has made improvements year after years. I hardly see improvements in D’Angelo. and his game. Yet, he wants to be the leader of the team consistently taking above average shots and missing at the worst rate comparing to his teammates. He’s the one reason that the team did not pick up the pace of the game because he dribbled too much and slowed down the game for his stats.

    NBA is a crazy league of teams embracing questionable values but I hope Nets will be different. I hope this team will keep his good players; Jeremy Lin, Joe Harris, Dinwiddie etc. I have no faith in D’Angelo until he shows that he could improve in his game of basketball. He just remains what he is in his last 3 seasons.

  725. You are right that it didn’t happen last year. I wonder if it would ever happen. When I look at the stats of D’Angelo for the last 3 seasons, I almost come into a conclusion that he would remain the same player he is. I don’t think he will help Nets win more games.

  726. plus a few good Ds on James Harden too.

  727. Nice footnotes! Thank you for posting.

  728. We will find out the players kept by the team in a few months – hopefully the “right” ones. My biggest wish and prayer for the 2018-2019 season is that Lin stays healthy throughout the year!

  729. Nets are doomed if Marks and KA truly thinks Russell is the future lol. I’d be surprised if Russel is still here after offseason or next year.

  730. lol We both are cause I said the same thing about how it’d be nice to Klay to form a new duo with Lin. Unless Klay gets signed as no.1 option for a big franchise, there’s no way he’d leave GSW. If anyone’s to leave it’d be Kevin Durant if his welcome drys up. Right not even Lebron can compete with them. They can totally tie or break MJ’s 6 rings record if they stay together long enough.

  731. Too bad that nice didn’t translate to his on court selfish, shot chucking behavior. I remember Monta Ellis always went at Lin and it felt like he thought he was better than him. Anyway I’m glad Monta fell out of favor in the league in recent years didn’t like his attitude just like Russell.

  732. lol NBA has been popular in China for years even before Lin not sure what you’re talking about! Also China’s training for basketball are too harsh and focused on muscle training. Players barely get to touch the ball before all those over the top workouts. Heck they can’t even get their football team up to par which is more important, let alone basketball. Another thing is, if these players from China wants to make it int he NBA they need to be fluent in English. How can you play well when you can’t understand/communicate with your teammates and coach?

  733. NBA wanted even MORE popular in China, and I believe the market could have been much bigger if they had allowed Lin to be the star

  734. yes, on both Monta and Russell. KD is subtly dissing RW at times. Very subtle.

  735. you are right!

  736. That’s interesting to know … are the predictors for success more balanced now across universities?

  737. I’m impressed by Gorgui Dieng of Timberwolves who is just paid around $14M/season. He’s affordable and he shoots about 80% at the free throw line. He could rebound and protect the rim at the age of 28. Nets might even talk Minnesota into swapping their draft choices with Nets for his salary dump. He seems to fit into Nets system better than Mozgov and fill the hole of Nets in the front court.

  738. The best game of Jeremy Lin against a team which had just beaten Golden States Warriors

  739. World Class Acceleration from a Standstill: (i. e. 15 yard dash?)

    LOL, at least we can’t say Lin lacks cojones for trying to take Leonard one on one. IIRC, Lin, as usual, was really beating Tony Parker badly (both on offense and defense), so Popovich baited him by clearing out one side previous play and dared Lin to take Leonard one on one: & & ( )


    “According to Curry, keeping a guy to one side of the floor is what Adams emphasizes most of all. A man must be contained to be pressured.” &

    When Lin was with the Rockets, it almost seemed like he would tunnel vision on an imaginary red dot in middle of opponent’s chest, lose his natural awareness of his surroundings, then slam into a pick other team set about 10 feet behind him in his driver’s side blind spot he seemed totally unaware of. It’s also why I think Lin would be a tremendous ICE defender, too, if RHJ / Allen / Mozgov can’t hard show and recover like Omer Asik did so well for Lin their 2 years with the Rockets: &

    (note: tweet refers to season with the Tankers and their worst in the league defense, not Hornets and their fourth best clutch defense: )

  741. Lin has improved 1-1 skill so much Kawii may not have this kind of success against anymore

  742. Jeremy is back at Fortius. It seems, from Popo Chung’s tweet (below), that the Nets want to confirm that Jeremy is still on track with his rehab, given all his travelling.

  743. Good to know even Nets trust Fortius more than their training staff now. I hope this visit is paid by Nets not that JLin can’t afford it but it’d make him feel important.

  744. Kawhi Leonard’s height and long arms are still advantageous for steals and defense. It was Lin’s first time going against him, I’m sure he’s adjusted his dribbling and game by now to be more careful.

  745. Yes whether Nets keep Lin isn’t as important as him balling out and playing a full season again! It’s his contract year so his stats and whether Nets make the playoffs are very important.

  746. Also glad GSW GM was smart enough to keep Curry over Monta Ellis if not there won’t be the super team and Championships right now. Heck Lebron would have like 5 rings right now if they made the wrong choice!

  747. Lol. The spin was that Lin isn’t world class? What a joke. If Lin wasn’t beating the Spurs…like forever, then why would they put a much bigger guy on Lin. Pop is in fact saying we need to make a switch to put a shooting forward on Lin while putting their much smaller pg on a shooting forward opponent.

    This is just another example of negative spin that Lin constantly gets. BTW….who won the game?

  748. Good to know that the Nets are concerned about Lin, and their investment in him.

    I don’t blame them, if they are worried. I was also hoping he would take it easy this summer, and make sure that his rehab continues to be a success.

    Lin is supposed to break his Asia tour into two trips this year. Even so, just this recent trip consisted of stops in Taiwan, then Hong Kong, back to Taiwan, then Shanghai, and then Beijing. That’s a LOT of traveling in two weeks. No matter how hard he tries, it can’t be easy to maintain his regimen on the road like that.


  749. Always the under-rated underdog. Even Hornets fans aren’t forgetting this come-from-behind win.

    This win was also against a fully healthy Spurs team. Duncan, Kawhi, Aldridge, Parker, Danny Green, Patty Mills, David West. Nice water bath at the end by Batum, to give kudos to Lin.

    Just like the impressive win against a fully healthy Cavaliers team (who would beat the Warriors in the finals after Draymond Green got suspended). LeBron, Kyrie, KLove, TThompson, and eventual teammate Mozgov. No asterisk on the win.

  750. “Draft choices are not safe bets. They could be busts; even if they are lottery picks.” – Very very true. Another NBA sell-job. Valuing unproven players, especially those that are one-and-done. Talk about SMALL sample size.

    The problem is. Unless the team is a true contender. I think a lot of teams see rookies as being good for cheap deals that the teams control. 4-year contracts but only two are guaranteed, the other two years are team options. Cheap ways to fill out a roster.

  751. Yeah, no way Klay will leave GSW voluntarily. At least not in the near future. It’s a lot more fun winning championships. Let’s see if GSW can stay unselfish for a few more years.

    For all the drama that LeBron stirs up by leaving this team and leaving that team. He only has 3 rings. One was given to him when Bosh rebounded and Ray Allen hits a three. Another one when NBA suspends Draymond and Kyrie hits a winning three. Ironic that LeBron keeps complaining about how this year’s Game 1 was stolen from him. Luck has always helped out, in one way or another, for one team or another. So, you play the hand you’re dealt and accept the outcome.

    Meanwhile, Steph and Klay and Draymond and Iguodala, quietly have 3 rings now too.

  752. The market is already big enough, no matter what they do, NBA will never be as big a sport compared to Football which is more diversified.

    What they can do is legalize NBA sports betting (imminent at this point after the Supreme court rule), then loads of money would be flocking over from Asian countries. We all know Asians especially Chinese people love gambling.

  753. He sure does. It takes a very strong and secure person, to admit to being vulnerable.

    And he seems to be more and more at ease with the public speaking.

  754. Lebron has no one but himself to blame for not getting that rebound instead of JR Smith or George Hill for missing that 2nd FT. Refs did give them the game at the end. They just blew it.

  755. Yup, NBA wants that money. So do the shoe guys like Nike and Adidas.

    I agree. There is no doubt that the NBA is exploiting Lin’s popularity and his affinity to the fans. And want to use him as much as they can. As long as they can get away with it, they’re not gong to give Lin the proper respect and acknowledgement.

    Because, from what I can tell, the problem is, I’m not sure the NBA thinks Lin is needed as much for expanding in China. Yes, Lin has his share of fans, of course. He’s rated third most popular, as measured by social media.

    But seems like tons of crowds show up too when other players go there to promote Nike or Adidas. Kobe, Harden, Lillard, Curry, etc. According to this link, the Warriors, the Rockets, are the most popular teams. Seems like they just follow “winners”, Asian or not.

    I’m not sure fans in China support Lin as much as we do, or in the same way, as here in the US, or in Taiwan. I don’t know if they identify with and appreciate that he’s a minority of one in the NBA, overcoming many odds.

  756. As noted below, JLin gets around. From the graduation speech in Taiwan, he goes to Shanghai to support his esports Dota2 teams VGJ Thunder and VGJ Storm, who were competing in the “supermajor” there. More appearances and interviews.

  757. And then, it looks like JLin went to Beijing to film a series called Dunk Boys, meeting up with Jay Chou.

  758. Lin’s good at finding the weakness of the opposition. The lack of cooperation between LMA & Kawhi ,the undersized Tony Parker & Patty Mill, etc. Also, Nick Batum & Marvin Williams were so inspired in their defense against Kawhi & LMA that held the Spurs below their average scores.

  759. I can’t help worry that Lin’s popularity is affecting his rehab.
    Lin’s true friends should let go of him for rehab.
    This is going to be a crucial season for his rehab and career.
    Please go back to Fortius and stay there, Jeremy.

  760. Lin’s rehab is the first thing that should go first before his traveling.
    Lin’s tour is definitely affecting his rehab.

  761. We won’t forgive anyone affecting Lin’s rehab; that says for you, Jay Chou too. Don’t do anything that you would regret.

  762. Alternate Sales Pitch to Kawhi Leonard?:* (trying to find Nets training facility photo of multiple Nets teammates trying to help Lin up after he got knocked to the floor after drive to basket)

    “Diepenbrock recalls that the Vikings had a chance to have a center transfer to Paly, which would fill one of the team’s major holes: height. “Jeremy just made the comment: ‘Of course it would help us, but that means that one of our guys right here is going to lose a spot and not be able to start,’” Diepenbrock said. “I was definitely taken aback from that and was pretty impressed and surprised that he would have that take on it, considering we had no idea what type of team we were going to have.” &


  763. This revelation confirms what I’ve always believed about Lin. He shows at an early age that winning isn’t as important as friendships and teammates. What is even more admirable is that he views that his place is to face challenge with his teammates in arms. Winning with his friends was about doing the best they can be instead of importing pieces to win a title.

    When I was younger and one of the best tennis players in our club, people would ask me to play with them so they have a better chance of winning the doubles title. Instead I always played with one of my core group of social friends. They were weaker than I was but I valued their friendship more than the prize. We’d inevitably lose in the finals against a super team of 2 of the best players in the club that were formed to just win the title. The thrill was not in winning the title. The thrill was meeting the challenge and exceeding what you are capable of. One year, when we faced the best team in the club, we weren’t given any chance of even winning a set. Instead of crumbling, we brought out our best game and won the first set in a tiebreak.
    Ultimately we were eventually overwhelmed by youth, speed and power. Kind of like how the Celtics lost in game 7 to Cavs. No one gave them a chance either and was expected to be swept.

    When players have heart and good coaching, they can bring their own games to levels they couldn’t believe it was ever possible. This is the power of self belief combine with innate athleticism. If you have athleticism but don’t have the mentality to believe, you can’t ever get past yourself in the big moments. Linsanity is born out of that self belief. What Lin said to his high school coach illustrated that it’s a built in attribute that has served him well no matter how bad his situation was. Lin always face every situation, no matter how bad, as a challenge. That’s why he’s the perfect fit for the Nets.

  764. I’ve long felt all this touring and promotional work affects his training as well. That’s why Lin looked like he was a step behind last season when he came back. He can certainly use the time to improve his shots, add more variety like a floater or hook-shot, and extend his shooting range.

    Glad Nets told Lin to go back to rehab, pretty sure they also felt his touring was too much and kept him from his training.

  765. I’m not sure that Kwahi is the same player as before. I sure don’t want him on my favourite team of basketball. He has a problem either in his game or his character. Signing him could be the biggest mistake. Look at the MVP Derrick Rose in the past and at present. I figure Kwahi may bear some resemblance of Rose after injury.

  766. I could be wrong but I really don’t think Kwahi Leonard can be the same player after his injury. He certainly isn’t the high character player that you would want to build your championship team around him. The Spurs should trade him away for draft choices. I’m afraid that he would be a black hole to suck a team dry at this stage of his career. He becomes overrated now and leaving San Antonio could be a blessing for the Spurs’ rebuilding.

  767. Russell Westbrook is every thing that Lin isn’t


    Spurs could fully integrate new rotation pieces (that Nets developed for them) over entire upcoming regular season, get a better sense of how competitive this talent infused Spurs team could eventually become, then add foundational second star to pair with Aldridge next summer (when so many free agents will be available because they are all seem to be waiting for new gambling money to spike salary cap again):

  769. yes, way better because he’s clear on where he wants to be and he’s not fighting ‘the man’ anymore.

  770. you are fight, ISO is the cancer, in NBA as well as life.

  771. Even without injury, Kawhi isn’t a no.1 option but a no.2. He can’t make plays and find teammates like Parker can. Spurs need to draft a new and star PG to rebuild around. Kawhi and Aldridge would be too old to wait for a rebuild around a draft pick. Both would be better off leaving to create more super teams.

  772. JLin confirming rehab trip back to Vancouver, at care and request of the Nets. Reveals that the Nets paid for his expenses during rehab. That he is blessed to get so much support from the Nets.

  773. Before he returned to Vancouver. Video report of Lin’s visit and bball camp at Changhua, his father’s hometown in Taiwan. Easy to see how much he enjoys mentoring the kids. @2:35, can see how much the kids look up to him. (But only in Mandarin, with Chinese subtitles, not English.)

  774. Also before returning to Vancouver. Another video of Lin’s visit to Hong Kong. Narrator using Cantonese. Some behind the scenes footage. With added background on Linsanity. Interviews with HK fans. More comments from Kopa and Diepenbrock at the end.

    @9:50 – an interview in Mandarin, interspersed through video, again at 14:30. @ 19:00 talks about criteria for his future mate!!!!! Translates to??? (anyone please confirm?) LOL.
    1) She must love God
    2) Personality must complement his
    3) Share same values and priorities (this was in English, haha)

  775. Where in the world is Jeremy Lin?

    On Friday, from Vancouver. And on Saturday, back in Brooklyn? If back in Brooklyn, then it was short visit to Vancouver. Must mean he’s still doing great with his rehab.

  776. If anyone is on twitter, and wants to follow Joe Tsai. Looks like legitimate account, even though it’s not a “verified” account yet. Doesn’t look like he posts much. Now that he is minority owner of Nets, will he post more? Or post less?

  777. Congrats Lin supporters! We have managed to survive an entire season not being able to see Lin play. The time went surprisingly quickly. Let’s hang in there just a few more months!

    Without setting up any unnecessary expectations. Looking forward to a NEW and HEALTHY season for JLin!

  778. yeah. It was worse than a nightmare. Sure glad it’s all over now.

  779. I have just found great Linsanity Clips by “Codename Sigma”

    Linsanity (2013) Clip – Palo Alto Vikings Vs. Mater Dei Monarchs

    Linsanity (2013) Clip – Lin at Harvard

    Linsanity (2013) Clip – New York Knicks vs. New Jersey Nets

    Linsanity (2013) Clip – New York Knicks vs. Utah Jazz

    Linsanity (2013) Clip – New York Knicks vs. Washington Wizards

    Linsanity (2013) Clip – New York Knicks vs. Los Angeles Lakers

    Linsanity (2013) Clip – New York Knicks vs. Toronto Raptors

    A full game: New York Knicks vs. New Jersey Nets

  780. Jeremy got back to New York yesterday. Below, is a photo of him posing with EVA Air staff [via Popo Chung]. Apparently, EVA Air is the second largest airline in Taiwan.

    In an article dated June 15, NetsDaily describes Jeremy’s recent trip to Fortius as a “final check-up” of his right knee. The article also notes the visit was suggested by the Nets before he left on his Asian trip. They don’t cite any sources, but the claims are attributed to Jeremy.

    It’s not made clear what the significance of the “final check-up” is. Maybe it’s the final check-up before starting more strenuous drills (e.g. with other players).

    On June 1, Caris LeVert talked about Jeremy saying: “He’s been working out. The past couple of weeks he’s been going full speed. We haven’t done a lot of contact but he’s done all the individual work we’ve done with coaches.” [via Bryan Lewis, on twitter]

    See :

  781. / /

    Those sneakers seem too Hollywood for Kawhi’s global brand: Brooklyn Grit / Fast & The Furious movie franchise / gritty team defense with a slightly nasty edge would seem to fit much better. (Besides, even with him on the team, everyone’s still going to focus on arguing about Lin after every Nets game anyways, even if team actually only goes as far as Kawhi carries them: )


    “Don’t be surprised if Kobe [Kawhi] doesn’t get himself next to Lin for a few Instagram shots.

    Holding a Rockets [Nets] jersey. Wearing an “I heart China” headband.

    Black Mamba [The Claw] knows where the money’s at.”

  783. Only tuned in during playoffs for GSW. So glad the good guys won!
    Hate Kobe and Lebron, always with the angry look unless they’re winning. They are nothing compared to MJ! MJ allowed his game and dunks to speak for themselves. Sure there were trash talk too but he still smiled and made silly gestures, when things were going well. Lebron with the chest bounding, no. 🙄

  784. Popo posted Instagram story of JLin & lil bro Joe back in Brooklyn the other day, but it wasn’t clear when that was taken. So, THANKS for the photo with EVA, confirming that JLin is back in Brooklyn!

    Popo was also the source of JLin’s video interview with Taiwan media, which was posted below yesterday. Re-posting now.

    “JLin confirming rehab trip back to Vancouver, at care and request of the Nets. Reveals that the Nets paid for his expenses during rehab. That he is blessed to get so much support from the Nets.”

    Netsdaily’s only sources for stories on Lin are taken from loyal Lin fans and supporters, such as Popo Chung, and then used as click-bait. Also just repeats articles written by Nets beat writers/true journalists like Brian Lewis and Greg Logan.

    Kind of what we do here. 🙂

    But our motives are much more sincere!!!

  785. Hindsight in revisiting some of these games. How the commentators and analysts were so high on Lin. GREAT STUFF.

  786. To be honest, don’t know enough about MJ’s game to comment.

    And except for games vs Kobe (especially Lin’s 38 pts) and that one season that Lin got stuck playing with him, never followed Kobe’s game either. But we could tell nobody on that Lin-Lakers team had any fun playing with Kobe.

    During the playoffs and the finals, nobody on that Cavaliers’ bench looked like they were having fun either. In fact, they all looked scared. LOL.

    But, I don’t to be off on a negative track.

    Think positive! Let’s hope for, and look forward to, Nets playoffs next year – led by LIN!!!!

  787. Kind of Off-Topic. Mozgov is upset with the Nets about not getting playing time. Apparently, he posted a blog, and gave an interview to Russian media. In which he claimed that Kenny never clearly communicated to him about why he was not being used. And that Sean Marks is aware of Mozgov’s concerns. (Okafor had also previously said that Kenny never explained why he’s not playing much either.)

    Based on what we have seen or heard about Kenny, hard to imagine that he’s treating Mozgov or Okafor with such little regard. Kenny seems like a players’ coach. Why not let these guys know where they stand? Seems like it would only be fair to them.

    Actually, there were times last season, when I questioned if Mozgov or Okafor could have made a difference in winning a few games. In terms of big-body defense and/or rebounds. We all know they’re not able to stretch the floor on offense. But could have played some pick-and-rolls in limited minutes??

    Wonder what Marks has planned. If either guy will be back? After all the “culture” talk, not good to have unhappy players, even if they act in a professional manner. Kudos to Mozgov for inviting the guys to his home in LA back in May.

  788. Here’s link to TEXT summary of JLin’s graduation speech at NCCU.’s-Graduation-Speech-at-NCCU-in-2018-67122206

  789. Follow-up to Arsenium12’s post of EVA flight attendants. Via Popo again.

    Looks like Lin got a lot of attention from even more lovely ladies. With him in his Adidas slide sandals. Comfort more important than cool! LOL.

  790. Kenny does care about developing some players more than winning. The past season wasn’t expected to be good even with their best players on the court. Some players can use the play time to uplift their game next season. Kenny knows what he can get out from Mozgov and he isn’t going to improve more than Jarrett Allen, Allen Crabbe, LeVert, Dinwiddie, could. So Kenny kept Mozgov on the bench. Joe Harris’s usage isn’t high too. All moves point to this coming season. I guess Kenny is going to use Jarrett Allen even more. Mozgov’s situation will hardly improve.

  791. Except what these players are saying is that the coach never explained why they were benched! That could send a message that they are not needed or liked.

    Okafor is young, high paid player who feels entitled like Russell. I’m glad he was benched. We’ll see what happens next season.

    I’d take Lopez back over Mozgov any day! Don’t mind if he gets traded either.

  792. Jeremy appearing in a public service announcement to combat bullying. Good for him …

  793. I don’t know if this was posted…a little fan asked: “How do you wash your hair every day?”

  794. It is possible the Nets trade D-Lo or Dinwiddle to move up the pick.

    We know Dinwiddle contract has trade value for teams who have limited cap space.
    The Nets was no big difference with D-Lo On/Off the team during 17-18 season.

    With D-Lo, the Nets was 17W-48L.

    Without D-Lo, the Nets was 12W-34L.
    He hasn’t showed significant improvement in these 3 years.

    As a 2nd pick and potential all-star player, it may be too late.

    He can be traded for top6-10 pick while the public are still high on him.
    For Lin, sad to say he has been an injury prone these 2yrs. He can only be traded during the season if he plays well.

  795. palo alto won because those supposedly dominating monarchs won’t ever think that a chinese kid can be so good and beat him .. In fact he wasn’t guarded as heavily.

  796. why you surprise? dlo not going anywhere. They might want to make it work with linna.

  797. who cares if he is ‘like jlin’ blah. Klay is Klay.. Lin is Lin.
    I don’t see how the friendship is direct translusive property.. being friend with a lin-like person is not going to make the lin-like person be friends with lin, nor will it make lin into klay shooting skills.

  798. Lin always had good synergy with Dwight Howard. Lin knows how to feed the bigs, and they know if they hustle and get open, Lin will reward them.

    Can’t believe Hornets / Jordan / Mitch Kupchak were dumb enough to make this silly trade. Sean Marks is an absolute genius. Got rid of a dead weight + huge salary, AND improved the Nets by a lot. Even though Dwight isn’t as good as he used to be, he’s still a good Center and will allow Jarrett Allen to develop even more.

  799. Do u think howard is better than lopez overall? Or do u think lin and howard is better than lin and lopez specifically?

  800. Heck no Dwight is not better than Brook. My wish that Brook gets resigned by Nets/Marks this summer just went out the window with this trade. Lin/Lopez combo was starting to get deadly, but then Marks pulled the plug on that short experiment.

    Even though I wanted Brook to be on the Nets again, he would’ve cost too much. Marks wants cap flexibility next year (2019-20), so I guess he didn’t want to add a 3+ year contract it’d take to get Brook back on the team. Instead, he’s eating Dwight’s big $23.8M contract this year, to save on Mozgov’s $16M contract the next 2 years.

  801. is he better as an offensive player no. but he fits lins game and nets games better

  802. Dwight Howard is just what the team needs in protecting the rim and rebounding that Jarret Allen couldn’t. Nets can be more competitive next season. With Jarrett Allen playing a stretch 4 and Howard the center, Nets becomes immediately a contender for playoff.

  803. yea there were games we literally couldn’t get a rebound

  804. I remember back in Houston, Howard and Lin worked with someone before the season started and that guy said they were lethal working together, but McHale would not allow them played much PnR and Howard also wanted to play post up. Hopefully, Atkinson will force him to.

    Howard will definitely slow down the pace of this young team though.

  805. Not when Jarrett Allen is playing the stretch 4.
    Lin, Allen crabbe, DeMarre, Jarrett Allen, D12 will be a lethal lineup.
    I believe Nets will trade for a backup center soon.

  806. Life is full of unknown. I kind of remember Howard was the one in Houston did not want Lin and promoted PBev. Now he is traded to the team which Lin is the owner’s favorite player. Life is interesting….

  807. wow, JLin will be reunited with Dwight Howard
    Olajuwon called the duo “very deadly” in 2013. Got a good feeling about this 🔥🏀

    At least, it beats having Mozgov on the Nets bench 🙂

  808. NBA trade grades: Hornets dealing Dwight Howard to the Nets
    #Hornets D+ 👎
    #Nets A 👍

  809. He’s a poor foul shooter and I never thought he took the game seriously enough. He gets along great with Lin, but is this really a good move by the Nets? Lopez is a much better offensive player but worse defensive player.

  810. It’s interesting that Mitch Kupchak, currently the Hornets’ GM, was the Lakers’ GM who gave Mozgov his 4-yr, $64 million contract.

  811. I hope Lin, Atkinson, and that culture they’ve been building can straighten Dwight out. If not, Dwight will get benched by Kenny regardless of how much he pouts and acts up. He’s got 1 year to prove he’s not the locker room cancer everyone says he is.

  812. yes sir. even though dwight will start, i doubt he will close out games due to poor FT% alone. allen is the guy you want on the floor as much as possible. he’s still so young so he wont play THAT much. i honestly wouldnt mind lin off the bench if that means all or most of his minutes are with allen.

  813. yep. that was the year lin tore it up in preseason then got demoted and the world was denied the chance to see greatness. so much politics on that team. from harden to parsons and bev and mchale and morey…

    so glad cp3 got hurt and they lost. so glad lebron doesnt like houston (he’s too smart to play with a dog like harden)

  814. theoretically yes. practically no. the big question is can anyone change howard? can he stop posting and clogging the paint? that’s not modern ball and he’s not kareem.

    if somehow, some way lin and kenny can chnage him, then dwight can return to his orlando style. play defense and pnr all day.

    maybe we just need to show him love and he’ll follow along with our game plan? im optimistic at this point. i think he needs touches and lin is the kinda guy to give it to him. dlo? not so much. too concerned with his numbers and image.

  815. allen is not a stretch 4. he is a modern 5. and a beast at that. can hit his FT and can shoot a respectable corner 3? that’s all star material in the making….

  816. i disgaree. after actually seeing them play brook was a black hole in the post and a chucker behind the arc. TURRIBLE for lin and the team. we need lin to play with jarrett allen. if you guys thought lin + tyson chandler or lin + ed davis was good, wait till you see this combo…

  817. ever since lin left, charlotte has been in shambles… i know most people would laugh at the notion, but lin was the best thing to happen to charlotte since zo. now they’re going to lose kemba and have to tank. such a shame. all they needed to do was give lin the starter spot instead of PJ hairston… P… J… hairston!!!!

  818. A good amount of Charlotte fans think Lin was the best thing that happen to Charlotte. I disagree about Lin getting the starter spot simply because he didn’t get enough touches with both Kemba and Batum on the floor. I like him starting with either, but not both. And Hairston only started, he didn’t finish and didn’t get Lin’s minutes. Anyway, your main point is true. Lin was a huge factor, an essential factor, in Charlotte’s success that season and some Charlotte fans have said so.

  819. Allen has to finish games. I don’t want to see a lot of hack a Dwight.

  820. dont forget mkg got hurt in preseason. i dont think the plan was for lin to get as many minutes as he did. also note that they didnt even TRY to start lin at the 2 and batum at the 3. also when batum got hurt in the playoffs, lin STILL didnt start. they started frank kaminsky at the 4 and moved williams down to 3 if i remember correctly.

    the common denominator to ALL these moves is simple: glass ceiling.

    lin was given a small contract and a small role. due to mkg injury his minutes increased but not his role/status. that’s why he left.

    us lin fans. we’re always right. look at that batum contract now. one of the worst in the nba. look at milos teodosic, the guy who was supposed to be better than lin. looks like he going back to europe.

  821. can not agree more

  822. So many Hornets fans are eating their hats defending that Batum contract and in favor of losing Lin if it meant they could keep Batum.

    Same with Nets fans who were hyping up Milos to replace Lin, including Netsdaily.

    All of these know-it-all Lin-haters didn’t know anything. They just wanted any excuse to get Lin off their favorite teams.

  823. I believe it was Hakeem Olajuwon that worked with them.

  824. Nah bro, you are misremembering what Brook did and what he meant for the Nets.

    Black hole in the post? Umm, that was his specialty. He was deadly in the post. He did chuck some games from the 3, but when he was on fire, nothing could stop Brook’s 3s.

    There were plenty of games where Brook carried the Nets offensively. Brook’s problem was sub-par defense and rebounding, not his post game or 3-shooting (at least not for the Nets that year).

  825. You know what’s ironic? Dwight and Lin has been on 4 of the same teams, 2 of them (soon) together:

    Lakers, Rockets, Hornets, Nets.

  826. Games-started for Hornets
    Date Team-against Win-Loss Player-Replace
    Fri, Nov 20 Philadelphia W 113-88 Zeller
    Thu, Dec 17 Toronto Raptors W 109-99 OT Batum
    Sat, Jan 2 Oklahoma City L 109-90 Batum
    Mon, Jan 4 @Golden State L 111-101 Batum
    Wed, Jan 6 @Phoenix L 111-102 Batum
    Sat, Jan 9 @LA Clippers L 97-83 Batum
    Fri, Jan 22 @Orlando Magic W 120-116 OT Batum
    Sat, Jan 23 NY Knicks W 97-84 Batum
    Mon, Jan 25 @Sacramento W 129-128 2OT Batum
    Sun, Jan 31 @LA Lakers W 101-82 Batum
    Wed, Feb 3 Cleveland W 106-97 Kemba
    Tue, Apr 5 @Toronto Raptors L 96-90 Batum
    Wed, Apr 13 vs Orlando Magic W 117-103 Batum

    4 out of 5 losses are road games
    5 Losses were against @Golden State, @Phoenix, @LA Clippers, @Toronto Raptors and Oklahoma City
    8 wins against Philadelphia 76ers, Toronto Raptors, @Orlando Magic, NY Knicks, @Sacramento, @LA Lakers, Cleveland, 4 were road games.

    Games not start but give big impact
    Mon, Mar 21 San Antonio (bench) W 91-88
    Mon, Apr 11 @Boston (bench) W 114-100

  827. I suspect those Lin-haters simply follows Lin wherever Lin goes.


    “Keep in mind that every story is coming almost directly from his [i. e. Lebron’s] camp, do not be surprised when new LeBron news comes out, and Kawhi news follows, it is all a part of the plan in controlling the narrative.”

  829. not the d_icks.

  830. Lin perhaps is the only player who can transform D12 to relevance again.
    D12 has no choice but to come along to rescue his image and the Nets. Lin happens to be the opposite of D12.
    I’m sure Nets’ culture is going to transform D12. You’re in New York and you’re a veteran. There is no way D12 will fool around with that many young players, hard-working young players around him.

  831. dh12 have potential.. it’s just needs the right mix.

  832. really? didn’t seem like it.. dh12 was neutral.

  833. It will be interesting with Dwight and Lin together. The season in Houston, Harden was the point guard and facilitator, Lin was mostly standing in the corner and hardly touched the ball until 3 seconds left. He wasn’t in communication with Dwight unless Harden is out for his short rest. I expect they will have chemistry as Lin will be his normal unselfish playing style and setting up Dwight for easy dumps.

  834. Dwight needs to transform his game, he can definitely take mid range 2s and 3s with his height and with hard work. But honestly I’d rather take Lopez the humble star any day!

  835. D12 will have to be willing to play lots of PnR then! to get back to relevance, D12 will need to shoot mid range 2s and 3s and play like Emiid!

  836. Stupidity has its own just rewards. Karma is why the Hornets are a mess.

  837. I agree, Brook was too soft on D IMO. We desperately need some toughness on defence and a real shot stopper in the middle. Brooks was good on offence but that’s not what this team needs. They have enough firepower, after all they average very well on offence but couldn’t make a stop to prevent the opponents out scoring them.

  838. Yup Dwight buddied up with Harden and didn’t speak up for Lin to be the starter. Not even after they trained together with Olujawon during off season.

    Dwight has ego issues and was unwilling to play PnR or make screens! He doesn’t have any rannge besides dunks and layups. Dwight is 1 dimensional with attitude problems!

    Honestly we traded a legit all around star in Lopez for a downgrade of Mozgov and Dwight!

    All these peeps says Lopez was a black hole in the post and that he shot too many 3s don’t know what they are saying!

    Lopez was unguardable in the post! His 3s were more efficient and deadly than Lin’s ever were! You need iso and a variety of skills to win Championships! Right now Nets have hole in Center spot and they have themselves to blame for making that dumbest trade for Russell!

    This isn’t the lowly Knicks where Lin did all the passing!

  839. This is a trade from heaven. The PG and the Centre finally join-forces again. They will make things happen in New York. The lethal weapon will strike big. Success is guaranteed from the above.

    They are meant, they are meant for each other. Their lives have crossed too often to be a coincidence.
    (Lakers, Rockets, Hornets, Nets). It’s D12 who gift-wrapped Lin’s first NBA Triple Double. Super Linsanity II on their way !!!!

    Lin perhaps is the only player who can and want to transform D12 to relevance again. I can’t wait to see them playing against James Harden. They all have chips on their shoulders. Lin’s Alley OOO pass is what D12 needs most now. D12 has no choice but to come along to rescue his image and the Nets.

    I’m sure Nets’ culture is going to transform D12. They’re in New York and they ‘re the veterans. There is no way D12 can fool around with that many hungry young players, hard-working hungry young players around him. D12’s wish come true. He will shine again but not without Jeremy.

    I couldn’t wait. At last Lin has someone better than Chandler on the receiving end. Hurray! I wish the training camp would start tomorrow. After next season, it would be a fool for Nets to let them go. D12 may want to shoot 3s too. Lin would want to dunk for a change.

    Don’t tell me anything about 2019-20 now. I’m not interested. I feel funny that Sean Marks and Atkinson are giving up Mozgov for D12. It’s a tremendous upgrade. No other team would want D12 more than Nets.

  840. Still rather take Lopez over Dwight unless we can somehow sign Lopez back! Then Dwight can play center and Lopez can play PF! Nets will no longer have trouble guarding the rim or going against taller and bigger players!

  841. No, MJ is why! It is always top-down management that is the issue! MJ drafted Kemba and wanted to prove he was right!
    That’s why Cho and Cliff played along with politics and marginalized Lin! MJ only wanted Lin for marketing purpose.

    MJ only started to let go of Kemba when he found another star in Dwight.

  842. Why hoping for something unreal? Lin and D12 are coming to New York. Tickets sales are going to be skyrocketing after the first few games. Send D12 to Fortius Health too. Better still Fortius Health comes to New York. Dwight Howard will gain his passion for the game back because it’s Jeremy he’s playing with.

    With Divine help, just watch whom Nets is going to draft. It’s going to be fun.
    A team of Jermey Lin, Allen Crabbe, DeMarre Carroll, Jarret Allen, Dwight Howard, Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert, RHJ, D’Angelo Russell are enough to go to playoff.

    Lin and Howard ar ex-teammates, Team chemistry is out of question.

  843. i would not. Dwight is literally a significantly more talented chandler. In houston lin and Dwight rarly did pnr. im interested to see what happens

  844. Lin started for Batum when Batum got injured. The Toronto game he started for Batum he scored 34 I think. He started most games Batum was injured. Only later in the season when Batum was hurt that Lin didn’t start because Cliff wanted height.

    I remember very well two games Lin, Kemba and Batum started together and just about everyone in this forum was complaining that Lin was being frozen out. I really don’t see how it would have worked the way Clifford constructed the team. In closing, it was different because Lin was far more of a go to scorer and go-to make things happen guy than Batum. So, he got more touches then. But not that much as a starter.

    I think MKG and LIn’s minutes is a what if that we don’t know the answer to.

  845. A team of
    Jeremy Lin, Allen Crabbe, DeMarre Carroll, Jarret Allen, Dwight Howard,
    Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert, RHJ, D’Angelo Russell
    A very exciting team.

  846. You have obviously missed the whole humor of the point. No need to psychoanalyze and find deep meaning in this.

    Try to enjoy the positive and the funny.

    Maybe try contributing some positive comments instead?

  847. Yes. And interesting that Mitch Kupchak brought Howard to the Lakers to play with Kobe & Nash, with D’Antoni as coach. That didn’t work out too well either.

    When I heard that Kupchak was hired at Charlotte, and then fired Clifford, who had a relationship with Howard, I kind of thought that it wouldn’t be long before Howard would be gone.

    The NBA is a mighty small world.

  848. Yeah, that was the way I saw it and remember it at Houston.

    Anyone who knew anything about Linsanity knew how well Lin played the PnR with Tyson Chandler. And with Olajuwon adding his endorsement, if Dwight had been smarter, he would have understood what Lin and Dwight could have achieved together.

    Dwight had a lot more leverage back then. He could have used some of it and spoken up for wanting to play with Lin and not let Lin be sent to the bench.

    Instead, DH was only interest in his own brand. DH wanted to play post-up. Dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, turnover.

    I agree. On the offensive end. I thought Lopez was better too. IMO, higher BBIQ than DH.

    Can you tell I’m not a big fan of Howard?

  849. Agree that DH will slow the pace of the game. Personally, I don’t see DH’s fit on this Nets team at all. At least, not offensively. Look at how Atkinson asked Lopez to expand his game out to the perimeter. At this stage of his career, can’t see Howard doing that.

  850. Yes! Hakeem thought Lin and DH would be a deadly combination. Such a shame none of that came true with McHale and Harden in the way. And too bad that DH didn’t appreciate Lin enough to use his leverage and speak up.

  851. Agree that Lin needs to play with JAllen. With good shooting wings like Harris and Crabbe, mixed in with PnR and lobs and dunks. Offensively, it will be hard to stop. And will be lots of fun!

    Good team defense too, as Harris and Crabbe were able to show last season. The guards and wings staying in front, or funneling guys to JAllen as rim protector. (Well, not sure about DRussell – but that’s another story.)

    But I don’t agree about Lopez. He was a willing passer out of the post. More willing than Dwight was. And, he was shooting three’s because he was asked to help stretch the floor. He was shooting at 35% that season. Not horrible. Something Dwight will never be able to do.

    As with all the bigs he has played with, Lin was building chemistry with Lopez after Lin returned from the hamstring injuries. It’s too bad the two of them only got to play 30 something games together.

  852. I posted my opinions on Brook’s offense above.

    But I agree with you on Brook’s defense. He was a bit slow on defending the PnR. And for someone who is a 7 footer, he was not a good rebounder. But he wasn’t bad at blocking shots, similar to DH’s numbers in recent seasons.

    The problem with DH is at the end of games, or close games. He may provide some rim protection and rebounding. But in today’s game, he’s not mobile enough to help further out at the perimeter. And he becomes a liability on offense. Because, after so many years in the league, he still can’t shoot and make free throws.

    My hope is that JAllen improves and takes on the tough defense that the Nets need. And that he will close out games with Lin.

    Personally, I’m not counting on Howard. Despite some high numbers, he wasn’t able to help the Hornets get over the hump.

  853. LOL. Dwight seems to keep following in Lin’s footsteps. (Except for the Lakers.)

  854. Yeah, right. Haha. Wish he was like Embiid. Dwight doing anything more than dunks.

    At this stage of his career, don’t think DH will be able to change his game. He can’t even improve his free-throws by much.

  855. Lin has always had almost instant chemistry in the PnR with ALL the bigs he has played with.

    Started with Chandler. And as butter-fingers as Asik was, Lin still managed to make him look good. Remember the Lin outlets to a running DMO?

    And wow, with Ed Davis, what a combo! And even with the Hornets, Cody Zeller, Frank Kaminsky, Al Jefferson, even Spencer Hawes, with Tyler Hansbrough sprinkled in.

    And Lin was also finding that connection with Lopez too.

  856. How are you all feeling about Dwight to the Nets? I’m pretty excited… not really about Dwight but more because I get to look at some advanced stats and feed my inner stats junkie! Yay!

    Without further ado, let’s take a look at the big man: Dwight Howard.

    What do the Hornets think of him last season?

    Summary of the general consensus from most fans:
    – Really great rebounder, still has the strength, athleticism and defensive prowess for a center (hornets went from #16 to #3 in rebounding)
    – Not a modern NBA center, doesn’t like PnR, doesn’t shoot 3s
    – Likes post ups, high turnover to assist ratio, ball gets stuck in the post when you feed him, not good at ball movement
    – Fixed up his FT% a bit (was sub 50%, now around 57%), hack a dwight is still a problem for late game situations

    2 questions I have that I want to answer with advanced stats:
    How much of the above is true? (From the advanced stats, most of it.)
    How good is Dwight? (From the advanced stats, pretty good.)

    Let’s dive into some details. I’ll compare Dwight to 4 other centers that you may know: Tyson Chandler, Clint Capela, Brook Lopez, and our own Jarrett Allen, and talk about the differences between each.

    Some key metrics we’ll compare with each of these players:
    Total rebounding %
    Defensive Box Plus Minus
    Asst% (percentage of his shots assisted)
    TS (true shooting %)
    2pt FG% from 0-3 feet

    First lets look at the positive stats for Dwight:

    Total rebounding percentage (last season, career)
    Dwight: 22.2 / 20.9
    Chandler: 19.4 / 18.9
    Capela: 22.2 / 20.0
    Brook: 9.0 / 12.4
    Allen: 14.4 / 14.4

    This stat tracks the total percentage of available rebounds that the person grabs while on the floor.

    From a rebounding perspective, dwight is a monster, one of the best in the league. The Nets were 19th in the league in rebounding, not the worst but definitely one of the weaknesses of the last roster. A big reason was that they had a giant hole at center. Dwight took the Hornets from 16th to 3rd in rebounding, and I’m sure he will do similar to the Nets.

    Defensive Box Plus Minus:
    Dwight: 1.7 / 2.8
    Chandler: 1.0 / 2.2
    Capela: 2.9 / 1.9
    Brook: 0.2 / 0.1
    Allen: 1.4 / 1.4

    DBPM is a normalized rough estimate of their defensive impact while on the floor.

    The Nets desperately need a defensive anchor at the center, and Dwight has always been a great defensive center. His athleticism alters shots – there’s not much more you can say.

    The Nets finished 24th in the league in terms of wins, and were 21st and 22nd respectively for their offense and defense ratings. The addition of Dwight will bring the defensive rating of the nets probably anywhere between 10-16th.

    Weaknesses of Dwight:

    Asst % from 0-3 ft
    Dwight: .570
    Chandler: .669
    Capela: .819
    Brook: .545
    Allen: .843

    Assist percentage is the number of shots that were assisted (this is specifically from 0-3 feet).

    A blocks and lobs player should have a high number here. Capela is the ideal model, with 80% of his shots assisted!!! That’s a lot. Our boy J.Allen is developing into a modern center nicely with 85% of his shots assisted. Chandler has 65%, while Dwight has 57%. This indicates that Dwight isn’t a pnr team player.

    Having a large number of assisted shots usually means that your true shooting and 2 pt % is a lot more efficient. Let’s take a look:

    Dwight: .577 / .599
    Chandler: .657 / .625
    Capela: .650 / .617
    Brook: .557 / .565
    Allen: .636

    True shooting percentage is the sum total expected value of a shot taken by a player.

    If you look at blocks and lobs players (Capela, Chandler, Allen) they generally have higher true shooting because they receive a lot of assists. In contrast, Dwight’s shooting percentage isn’t as good. However, it’s a little more complicated than that…

    % of shots from 0-3 ft @ FG%
    Dwight: .560 @ .700
    Chandler: .930 @ .672
    Capela: .800 @ .717
    Brook: .179 @ .739 (34% 3p taken 40% of the time)
    Allen: .668 @ .698

    Percentage of their shots taken from 0-3ft and their field goal percentage.

    Dwight, even though he doesn’t get as many assisted shots down low, doesn’t need them in order to shoot at a high effectiveness. He still makes 70% of shots when he is next to the rim, which is crazy. Unfortunately, he only shoots 56% of his shots from there, compared to the other players (66%, 80%, 93%). Where do those other shots go?

    % of shots taken from > 3 ft out
    Dwight: .426
    Chandler: .070
    Capela: .199
    Brook: .86
    Allen: .30

    Simply put, the % of shots not taken around the basket.

    As you can see, Dwight takes 42% of his shots outside of the dunk area. This is probably his post ups that do not end in a dunk. It’s really, really inefficient too – he’s making roughly 36% of these shots, making it a really terrible shot (and they aren’t 3s mind you).

    In contrast, chandler and capela don’t even see the ball past 3 ft out. This is the reason why they are considered “modern”, they have a much more optimized shot spread.

    The advance stats basically confirm who Dwight is as a player. He’s a defensive rebounding force, and actually still a strong offensive option. However, he is a bit inefficient in his offensive decision making; he has the old school center mentality of post ups, not pnrs, and getting the ball stuck in the post.

    Should you be excited about him going to the Nets? In my opinion, absolutely yes. The Nets had a huge problem of defense at the center and weakness in rebounding. This more than solves that problem.

    Does Dwight create additional problems on offense? Well, yes and no. Yes because theoretically, Dwight’s old school center game does “stifle” a modern offense. Practically, not really, because the Nets have a lot more problems executing a modern offense than an old school center. Lack of drives, too many inefficient 3s, lack of shot creators, players not great at read/react… (who’s the first option and why are they so inefficient?) there’s a long list here before you come to the center position.

    Also that trade was just an amazing deal. How do you make an asset out of the worst contract in the league (16m for 3 years, a player that doesn’t even see the floor)??? It blows my mind that it is even possible.

    I can see it being a problem if coach Kenny tries to force a modern approach too much, but I think Jeremy has enough weight with the coach and a level head to negotiate a hybrid offense approach that allows all the players to play to their strengths.

  857. From the business side of bball, it seems all the experts are saying this trade is great for the Nets because of all the cap space it frees up for signing free agents. If that’s true, then I guess it’s job-well-done by Sean Marks.

    However, from Lin and basketball perspective, I wish I could share the same enthusiasm about DH that some of the posters here seem to.

    Haven’t followed DH much since Lin left the Rockets. But, based on stats and the times that the Nets have played DH when he was with Atlanta, it didn’t seem like DH’s game has changed all that much. Yes, he’s a big body and still a rebounding machine. But he still wants to post up. He still hasn’t developed a decent jump shot. And he’s still a terrible free-throw shooter. And when he played with Lin on the Rockets, I thought he was selfish, and played for his own stats.

    It will be very interesting to see how Kenny will use Dwight and fit DH into his system.