Jeremy Lin: “Who Powered My Dream?”

In a Jr. NBA video, Jeremy Lin shared an inspirational video of “Who Powered My Dream?”. Jeremy said, “To have two Asian immigrant parents supporting me to play basketball, it was really rare, so they definitely a power of my dream when I was young.” He credited his dad for introducing the love of playing basketball and working around the clock to raise their family and his mom sacrificed her time to take him to practices and support him to realize his dream.

Lin and Jubilee also worked together to create a positive video “Jeremy Lin: The Failure That Pushed Me To Greatness”

Jeremy also continues to work hard in the offseason to rebuild his body

Museum of Chinese In America (MOCA) Signature Event

Meanwhile Jeremy Lin will make an appearance in the Moca Signature Event on May 19 at 5pm, featuring a conversation between the Brooklyn Nets’ Jeremy Lin and The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng at Hotel 50 Bowery NYC.