Post-practice interview


Lin looking good in practice. But does he really have to wear a red jersey? They don’t have any other color? =p


  1. whoops, I didn’t realize Preview would Publish it. I was going to add some comments.

    Is there a way to Preview without Publish?

  2. Not in the simple mode….you will need to access dashboard to do that I think. You can add things on the fly tho…it is ok…:P

  3. yes, on the top right, there is Status (Published, Private, Draft, Pending Review)
    I believe you can change it even after you published

  4. yeah, no problem at all 🙂

  5. I don’t see that in

    There’s a text that says “Status: Published”, but no button to click.

  6. I tried to add a photo to the article, but it wouldn’t let me upload (no permission)

  7. ah, it could just be for ones with ‘Author’ role or above. Contributors can’t unpublish, I think. Try it again now. I granted ‘Author’ to you

  8. I thought feature image will be rendered from that video link.

  9. I granted ‘Author’, not sure if you can do it now?
    I can add something if you’re not able

  10. I just updated the post manually and it appeared just now
    I’m not sure if it requires Author/Editor role for the automated video thumbnail plugin to work.

  11. Psalm I experienced the same problem.yesterday. Guess I will stay to what I know:o))

  12. Yeah, I see an Add Media button now, so that should be it.

  13. I only see text, no button to click. But don’t worry about it, it’s not a big deal.

  14. Good 🙂 Now we know the difference b/w Author & Contributor role

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