Off-Topic: Inspirational Things

This is off-topic from Jeremy Lin news so you may share your inspirational/FUN videos/links/Clean Jokes.

Everyone can use Linspiration everyday, right? 🙂

  • Such a cool dad! This is for all the good dads out there (@brentyen:disqus, @justsayno2hardensiso:disqus, @robertkeng:disqus, etc.)

  • blubell

    I subscribed to their channel… they have great contents.

  • Keanu Reeves tragic personal story didn’t stop him to give $80 million of his $114 million earnings to the special effects and makeup staff of the films, give $20K Christmas bonus to a design staff with family trouble.

    His video of riding subway like normal people and giving up his seat for a lady speaks a lot about his character.

    Maybe someday Jeremy and Keanu can make a movie about how to be humble.

    In 1999, Keanu Reeves became most famous for his role in the groundbreaking science fiction film, The Matrix. It earned an impressive $463.5 million at the box office and was nominated for and won four Academy Awards. The Matrix is a happy story in a lot of ways, but the life of its star wasn’t always.

    Now 50 years old, Keanu’s life has been full of more tragedy than you would expect from a movie star. Despite each setback, he’s kept pushing forward. It’s helped develop himself into the awesome person that he is on and off the screen.


  • emz

    Been really liking and been inspired by Les Brown’s speeches. Thought I might share.

    (Day 3 Your Volcano)

    (Day 8 on Approval)

    (Day 9 on Commitment)

  • Excellent magic shows.
    I have no idea how the first guy can see through the wax and blindfold not to hurt the people.

  • Thanks, I’ll definitely check this out.
    He sounds like a great motivational speaker

  • Guest

    Nice show. He probably memorize where they stand already. The candle wax dipping on skin actually didn’t really hurt at all. I found people swelled the sword and then pull it out again, even more scary and unbelievable.

  • I just discovered a beautiful song by Da Wen: “Beautiful”
    Warning: Can’t get this song out of my head for days now so consider yourself warned LOL
    Note: Da Wen is a Taiwanese-American musician who grew up in Boston but moved back to Taiwan in the past 3 years to be a recording artist

  • psalm234

    If someone has a hard day and needs a laugh LOL

    “My Life in 6 Seconds”