Post-Game1 Nets vs Celtics: “Not Enough Brook-Lin”

linbrookbwBrooklyn Nets lost the first game of the season against Boston Celtics 117-122. The bench made a huge run in the 4th quarter but it was not enough despite multiple opportunities to tie the game at 117-120.

  • Jeremy Lin played well to finish with 18pts/3asts/3rebs (6-14 shooting, 2-5 from 3s and 4-5 FTs) but he did not have the ball much in his hands as the Celtics smartly trapped him so he needed to give up the ball in the motion offense.
  • Brook Lopez was ineffective in the motion offense to finish with 7pts/5rebs (1-7 shooting, 1-2 from 3s, 4-4 FTs)
  • There was only a glimpse of Brook and Lin pick-and-roll in the 4th quarter but it was not enough as Coach Atkinson chose to stick with the motion offense.
  • Defense was once again the weakness as they allowed the Celtics wide-open shots and clear lanes to the rim.
  • The bench made a huge run 16-2 in the 4th quarter but it was not enough as Coach Atkinson chose to stick with the bench.

It was hard to get a takeaway from this game as the Nets bench looked in complete disarray but they showed guts to make a run. Coach Atkinson still tried to ride the hot hands by the bench but he should put more emphasis in running plays for Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin as they are his two best players.


  1. Its ok. First game.

  2. I second that.

  3. 1st game in the L column. It came down to defense and rookie coaching that lost the game IMO.

  4. The question is “why?” Why not enough Brook-Lin?

  5. Lin. Kawhi. Pau. LMA. Lopez – 2018-2019 Spurs Starting Lineup

  6. everyone’s fast!

  7. Lopez is a great post player, why not use him to his advantage… sigh

  8. if I see several more games of Nets coached by KA this way, I am going to stop following Nets games LIVE and just resort of watching highlights. Not that exciting BB anyway.

  9. This is really annoying. You have an all star center. You have an all star pg (only we know that). You don’t play to their strengths and you lose. What coach doesn’t use his all star players?!

  10. Coach Kenny simply focuses too much on the motion offense to make it work.
    He put Brook-Lin PnR, post-up in the back-burner. He simply can’t win this way

  11. So many things that was wrong with how Brooklyn played tonight. The main issue with me is that there was too many three pt attempts. Boston did not respect Brooklyn’s shots and that gave them the freedom to focus their defense on Lin. Also there wasn’t much pnr or cuts or assists. I don’t see a win against the Pacers Friday unfortunately. It would be nice to see Lin run the offense more. Kenny gets a pass because he is a rookie I have faith who will make the necessary adjustments.

  12. @APOOCH: This is a Jeremy Lin special

  13. We don’t have an all star coach, yet.

  14. Repost in case you didn’t see in the other thread.

  15. i like booker with lin, RJH and Kil (if they will just wait for Jlin to create a play for them) harris, bog(not to hog) and ham(focus more on defense and rebounding, rather than offense)

  16. In OT tonight Pacers beat Mavericks 130-121.

    Nets may have a hard battle ahead vs. Pacers on Friday, 10/28.

  17. Exactly! What part of the offense is spurs like and what part of the offense is hawks like? Because I don’t see any Brook-Lin like everyone anticipated. Like when BS purposely kept Lin and Davis apart. People think Lopez is slow, but Lin will find a way and Lopez is an All-star and can figure out how to play PnR with Lin. We want BROOK-LIN NETS not motion-offense brooklinettes & friends! Aaarrrrghh.. Kennnnnnnnnnnnnnny!! haha.

  18. Thanks, I added to Video Gallery on homepage and featured it

  19. Ya! I don’t like his system but looks like he insist on it… Lopez probably will be traded.

  20. I want to see BROOK-LIN NETS, not motion-offense brook-linettes & friends!!

  21. If I was coach of nets, I would’ve done the same by letting thise 2nd unit finish the game to see if they can win It because they deserve it. Even Ka admit that he thought the game would be over with 20 points lead, so he throws in the 2nd units (bog and booker is in there though). Then voila, it became 6 points game. This is as oppose to many lin fans saying put the starters back in blah.

    Why? because that is saying.. dude you guy deserves it, so continue. It will not make sense to call in the starters and some other players sorta got into this 20 point hole. I go with the momentum.

    It also give these other players motivation next time to say hey.. if we work hard he rewards us with minutes continuing. They will work hard. Otherwise they will say forget this I don’t care.. if I got it close, they going to take me out and put in the starters back! I don’t want that.

    This is the coaching style I go with in the past too (which happens to be lin coming in).. becaue even in Houston and other teams when the 2nd unit was building momentum, McHale will take them out and put back in the starters WHO were the one who made the mess/hole anyways. At the end, ther starter lost the game again.

    What I didn’t agree with is the play where llin inbounds the ball to ham and ham shoots. It should at least be someone inbounding to lin because he is so far the best 3 point shooter of the nets. That I will never understand.

  22. Lin’s post game interview?? Really want to hear what Lin said….

  23. Nets need to FEEl the Pain of a LOss, to be able to cherish the beauty of a win!

    2nd game is a WINNER i can see now. mark it..LOL!

  24. bog I have a feeling he likes to hog pad his stats.. problem is.. when he drives in, balls get strip.

  25. Every rookie HC begins their career with a SYSTEM. I remember McHale was trying to prove his “system” too until Lin showed him how to play Run-N-Gun to blow out opponents and Les wanted to change to that style too.

  26. Brooklyn 3 was not getting in.. They have stinky 3 point shooters. If those 3 start falling, it’s completely different game.

  27. A losing streak can wash away any “system” that doesn’t work.

  28. Brook’s strength is a bitt different from motion offense.

  29. That’s what I’m wondering.. the nets have NO inside presence!
    The final run that they had was all stem from inside first.

  30. yeah he pride himself to be a scorer but the coach needs to put discipline on him for the better of the team. If he can change his mindset, he can have his best stats that he wished for!

  31. but he has a plan.
    for everyone.

  32. But this coach seems to believe his system really works well….

  33. Lin credit

    “The Nets trailed by as much as 23 in the fourth quarter. But they mounted a 30-10 run led by Jeremy Lin and cut it to 120-117 on a 3-pointer by shooting guard Bojan Bogdanovic (team-high 21 points) with 46.8 seconds to play.”

  34. Wow, what an interesting game! I’ll mention the 4th quarter first, since that was very surprising.

    KA basically called the game over at around 4:00 min left in the 4th quarter in and put in the rookies for development. The Celtics, thinking that the game was over, started messing around. They stopped running plays and wanted to do 1v1 isos on the rookies to get flashy plays, etc.

    What they didn’t realize was that the rookies were fresh, hungry, out for blood – and they could defend 1v1 much better than the starters. It’s team defense – rotations, help D, etc – that burns the rookies, but the celtics didn’t run plays, they tried to out muscle some fresh legged, energetic, hungry players.

    So after a few botched ISOs on the celtics side and quick points on the offense from Bog and Harris, the lead was cut to 12 or 10. You have to remember that before the rookies were in, the celtics were driving on the Nets at will without much resistance, so they’re still in that mindset, and it backfired on them tremendously.

    This is where it gets really interesting.

    The Celtics are NOT prepared at all for full court press. They have been playing at a very high pace for the whole game and they’re tired. But this team of young rookies is fresh and has a lot of energy. You hide Bog’s defensive woes by making him guard the inbounder and calling out the potential passes (you saw his back to the inbounder on those plays), and then you HUSTLE. And the celtics get rattled and turn it over for easy buckets. Defense leads to offense.

    The celtics are tired and it’s a 6 point game, and then Bog hits that 3. Wow.

    There was a lot of good luck happening as well. An out of bounds call that could easily have been missed. Some lucky bounces and second chance opportunities. A lot of momentum.

    The nets get a stop and have an inbound play down by 3. Now, KA does something I really like – he subs in a lineup I think of Bog, Hamilton, Lin, Harris, and Brook – all 3 point shooters. JH gets a clean look but it doesn’t go down – tough luck. 🙁

    Sub back in the energetic rookies who can rattle these celtics and make them take bad shots, and then sub in offense again. Unfortunately, their momentum ran short, 3 missed 3’s in the last 20 seconds sealed the game. But the 4th quarter
    was really exciting!

    —- Now onto the analysis of the rest of the game, which was very, very different.

    The problem with the Nets is not offense. They scored 58 points half time – 117 points total. THAT’S A LOT OF POINTS. They generated plenty of good looks. It’s their defense which is quite frankly the worst defense I’ve ever seen.

    Now, the root of the problem is a combination of lack of athleticism, intensity, team defense, and familiarity. The Celtics definitely had an athletic advantage on the starters, but that advantage is furthered by teamwork and familiarity with each other and their sets until basically, all their shots are open looks – from all over the court.

    The defensive woes comes in two layers – first, the Nets are just a step slow or a tad inefficient in stopping the main action. That first step advantage means that the celtics are going to get a good shot unless help comes.

    Second, when the help comes, the Nets aren’t good or fast enough at rotations or anticipating the pass or second action. This almost always gives up an easy bucket.

    Not to mention the off ball defense, which is very, very atrocious.

    I think the root cause of this is there’s no bodying up or pressure from the Nets starters at all on the defenders. But being more aggressive is not a solution for this lineup, unfortunately – if you body up someone who is faster or stronger than you, you are going to get blown by, and the help D is just not there to allow that. The Nets simply need more time to establish defensive principles, and hopes it translates into better defensive capacity. But I think the solution is to trade for more athletic players.

    Defense wins games. It’s very true. The Nets can put up 115 a night but if they can’t get a stop, their opponents are going to put up 130 a night.

    Offensively, you can tell the Nets are still very raw. While the Celtics got open looks from everywhere on the court – drives, layups, 3s and mid range pull ups – the nets were restricted to 3 balls, Lin drives, put backs and scrambles. The Nets probing the celtics defense was like trying to pop a balloon with a piece of string… no real pressure, no real followup.

    The good news is, even with that raw, ugly offense, they still put up 117 a game. If you think about it, this is really impressive. A bunch of new players come together and put up 117 against a very strong defensive team in Boston.

    Lin played very well offensively, and I think he did a fine job. I really don’t think Lin’s offensive game needs much improvement – it’s quite polished – he will get his drives and 3s. He can always add to it and refine it but it’s already at a starter pg level.

    But the root cause of losing this game is defense, and it’s a personnel thing. Until that hole gets patched, no matter how good Lin is, he is not going to carry this team anywhere.

  35. ??? what?
    that’ wrong..
    Lin wasn’t even in when they had that run LOL.

  36. Even watching the play to play makes me angry enough, I don’t think I can handle the games like this live. I would’ve turned it off and went to watch something else.

  37. Yes and Lin is a great PnR player why avoid both Post plays, PnR and Pick and Pop? Lin and Lopez needs to talk some sense into KA!

  38. NY Post, lol. Who am I to correct them?

  39. If Lin talks to KA and ask him to try his way, the second game is a winner. so i will wait and see how they play next game and if it PG centric with little motion offense, i believe JLIN has a word with kenny. But i agree, losing means KA needs to re orient his mindset and look somewhere else for his offense.

  40. I like the communist idea but you still need a commander. If all of the soldiers feel like they are the commander then what do you guys think will happen? =)

  41. he also said, its not the system taht will dictate but by how the players play!

  42. Or Lopez ask for a different coach, depends on who has more power with the owner. If owner sides with KA and nothing changes Lopez will ask for a trade.

  43. chaos!!!

  44. I don’t see a win against the Pacers. They have trees guarding the paint and they have PG13.

  45. Great Analysis…well put…these are the growing pain of a new team that we need to bare…..its not gonna be rosy season, but as they understand the system and how they need each other on X and O, they would be playing better in future…its gonna take time…patience it is.. 🙂

  46. well let see how it work then…the hardest it will be, the better and sweet the win!

  47. The knew Lin brings reading.

  48. What do you think this coach on Lopez?

  49. Where did we get the notion that Brook Lopez was a PnR big. Everything I’ve seen or heard about him shouts post up big like Al Jefferson. Maybe the real PnR combo should be Book-Lin. Booker and Lin.

  50. agree

  51. wow.. good analogy.. didn’t think of that.

  52. You still need Lin and Lopez to be the main anchors and the offense to play to their strength. Instead he’s forcing them to fit the offense and it won’t work! If KA continues to be stubborn they will go on losing streak and by then he will be force to change!

  53. basically Lopez should be INSIDE THE PAINT .. what the heck is a big doing on the outside.

  54. I have a strange feeling they gonna lose Friday too.

  55. We haven’t even seen it how do you know PnR with Brook and Lin won’t work? So far we’ve only seen Lin pass to Brook for 3 points that’s it not even Pick and Pop! Brooke can always set screens for Lin for him to get free and vice versa.

  56. I agree. No plays for him at all. Supposedly one of your superstar.

  57. Atkinson wanted him to shoot 3s.

  58. I think the first 10 games they will. Unless, coach comes to his senses and let Lin lead the team

  59. Dude Linmad, can you please stop trolling in ND? you make all of us and Jlin look bad. Please.

  60. Feel the same way, when their preseason games didn’t play well, I thought just preseason when regular season starts everything will be good… but not really after today’s game. Late run just lucky & I start to think this O system is not as smooth as Hornets last year. smh! BTW, Hornets won today.

  61. Lin is already leading but KA needs to come to his sense and just let PnR be the main offense! He’s trying to hard to be different from MDA’s offense, to be like Spurs and Hawks instead of making good use of what he has! Sorry but MDA is still miles better than KA. We’d be cheering and happy about wins right now if MDA was the coach!

  62. As i feared, Atkinson could not resist the urge to not play Lin 30+ minutes.

    Atkinson is still desperately trying to breathe life into Greivis Vasquez who just keeps getting worse and worse while getting more and more minutes.

    Meanwhile, Atkinson is happily phasing Brook Lopez OFF the Nets.

    It’s just a matter of time before Lin’s minutes are reduced to 24 mpg with Vasquez playing the other 24 while max contract Lopez becomes a DNP CD.

  63. Atkinson wants to play Lopez as stretch 5 and it’s not going to happen! He can believe all he wants but it’s not going work! It’s like believing Dwight can do well with post moves like The Dream. Yea that’ll happen, “in his dreams” that is.

  64. Jeremy trust atkinson so i will. Its one game so ill give it a while. Atkinson is a rookie coach give it time

  65. that that’s pretty bad lol

  66. It was more of strategy thing as lin actually had the most mins but lots of guys played

  67. How many times have Lin trusted the wrong people, team, GM, and coach?

  68. KA’s favorite I think Vasquez, harris, hamilton

  69. Vasquez shouldn’t even pass Preseason! He should’ve been cut before regular season even started! I have no clue what KA sees in this guy, he is not even 3rd string worthy!

  70. the coach is still waiting the BEAST in Lopez i guess. with that kind of a center , nets has a plus factor but the winning attitude in lopez game was taken away by the past few years. Nets i think is willing to wait and see later where are they going with Lopez and thats maybe why KA is overstating the need for motion offense to see how Lopez attitude towards adjusting.


  71. KA deserves some chances to try the “system” in addition to the preseason games. But he looks like a smart guy, shouldn’t take more than 4 losing games to change his mind.

  72. Everyone wanted to believe that he would coach differently in regular vs preseason. He showed what type of coach he was in preseason. It’s not going to get any better unless Lin steps up and tells Atkinson to let him Lead the team.
    Atkinson lost it in the 3rd quarter when he pulled Lin after back to back 3’s and then didn’t put him until late in the 4th.

  73. not this time, now its just because he is a rook coach, and as a rookie. mistakes are everywhere!

  74. More like Lin’s attitude, even he can’t stand this nonsense. Why else would KA have say during Post interview that “he’s stubborn”. As if it’s Lin’s problem for not doing well in motion offense not the coach’s problem!

  75. Lin still had the most minutes on the team. Atkinson trusted the unit that got him the lead mostly because of defense. He has to find a unit where Lin can be on a good defensive squad

  76. I said before the game that Brad Stevens was going to double team / trap Lin all game and that ended up happening. Celtics played Lin very physical and didn’t let him have any easy shots or drives. Even with the double teaming all game and having an off night shooting, Lin was still able to get 18 points. Not too bad.

    I know everybody is mad with Kenny, but gotta keep in mind that this was his first game as the head coach. Kenny made a lot of terrible moves throughout the game and he didn’t allow Lin to take control of the offense like he promised, but it’s obvious he’s still trying to experiment with lineups…

    Lin played 27 minutes tonight, the most on the team. Everybody else was 25 minutes and below. Booker played 24 minutes, Brook for 21 minutes. This team simply can’t develop chemistry and win games if Kenny is playing the starters less minutes than the bench.

    Meanwhile, Brad Stevens played 5 guys more than 27 minutes, with Avery Bradley and IT playing 34 and 32 minutes. He did what was necessary to win this game, including bringing his starters back onto the court after Celtics bench got owned by Nets bench.

    Even though Kenny made a lot of dumb rookie coaching moves, he’s also 100% responsible for getting these inferior players to play with such intensity and hunger to win. You can tell this team wants to win and play for Kenny. They’re going to play hard for 48 minutes and they want to win. If this was a different coach, these players would’ve given up in the 3rd quarter, but they didn’t.

    I’m disappointed like everyone else that Lin wasn’t given a chance to win this game and play the way he wants to play, but we need to keep in mind that this team will take a while to gel. However, Lin played the most minutes on the team. Imagine how oldschool Nets fans feel that Brook only played for 21 minutes and was shackled by Kenny’s system and playtime even more than Lin.

    I’ve said it many times that I don’t expect this team to play up to their potential until November at the earliest. It was a good effort and close game against a better team with a more experienced coach. I knew this game (and the next) would be very difficult to win.

  77. He used the entire preseason t “test” his system, it should’ve been enough!

  78. Will Luke Walton outcoach Kenny Atkinson this season?

  79. Not his 1st game if you include all those loss pre season games!

  80. I’m one of those “old school” fans that is incensed at seeing Lopez stationed at the 3 pt line.

    Excellent post as usual, I have nothing to add.

  81. Summer League and preseason don’t count. Pretty sure everybody knows this.

  82. well, he is(lin ) stubborn, just like his shooting coach always says..

    thats why jlin mentioned that they (KA and Lin) has 2 differing opinion on how to play the game..they are communicating and verbally pushing for each own version of whats better for the team. coach has an advantage because he’s the one executing but Jlin plays the game and has the feel of it. Stubborness has no place for a succesful team!

  83. FOR NOW, Lin is leading in minutes.

    But I see Atkinson DROPPING Lin’s minutes to 24 – and Lin was close to that this game.

    It’s all about finding minutes for Vasquez because Vasquez’s loser style where he only passes is exactly what Atkinson wants from Lin.

  84. I was take everything with a grain of salt until I see KA change the system and playing Lopez and Lin 30 minutes per game with PnR and post moves!

  85. I don’t think KA is a smart coach like Kerr & Luke Walton. I hope he can make some adjustment asap.

  86. Well, it’s a LOUSY strategy.

    I see Atkinson REDUCING Lin’s minutes.

    heres the substitutions and rotations

  88. By the way, Lin was hit in the head and banged his knee against Rozier’s knee. He got hurt on some other play as well. Thank God nothing was serious, but it was good that Lin didn’t get injured.

  89. Good analogy of “The Nets probing the celtics defense was like trying to pop a balloon with a piece of string…”. That’s exactly what I felt during preseason games. The Nets motions offense puts no real pressure on opposing defense.

  90. KA has “zero plays” this motion offense looks more like ‘zero offense” where everyone just stands in place passing the ball then waiting for someone to do an iso!. No screens, nor PnR, not even fast breaks!

  91. transition from assistant to head is a bit diffiult for KA because of his character.assistant coach wants to please everybody while head coached played to win games. right now, KA is on transition and the soonest he come to head coaching, the better for the team

  92. lol i believe so

  93. What infuriates me is that if the Nets had a coach that did anything resembling a standard NBA rotation and playcalling with Lin and Lopez both aggressively attacking and making plays for others in 30+ minutes, the Nets could EASILY have won this game!

    The Nets are more talented than the Celtics, but the shoddy coaching makes the Nets perform worse than they actually can do.

    I’m not forgiving of Atkinson for being a “rookie coach” – even other rookie coaches know better than to refuse to play Brook Lopez and run no plays for him.

  94. depending on how the next few games go, i may have to change my avatar to kenny. we all know BS was tanking for picks. kenny? he’s wasting lin AND brook’s prime on “development” and “progress”… i cant… i just cant… it’s unfathomable what happened tonight….

  95. “Develpment and progress” of trying to beef up old broken down guys like Vasquez and immature fragile rooks like RHJ who produced nothing offensively and got totally destroyed defensively.

  96. not surprisingly harden is putting up some very hefty stats thus far in mda’s offense 16 and 14 already in the first half alone

  97. Kenny really doesn’t care about winning right now. He’s basically treating this as extended preseason — motion offense or bust. Give the bench guys burn against tough teams because “we can’t win anyway!”

    Indiana and Milwaukee will be winnable nonetheless (Stevens is just too good defensively), but this was a totally weak effort from Kenny. He didn’t play to his strengths. He’s just forcing his system on his limited roster.

  98. Atkinson loves Vasquez because Vasquez is strictly a passer – albeit a TERRIBLE one.

    Lin is in mortal danger of losing his starting job to Vasquez.

  99. LOL..well i hope that you just miscalculated Atkinson’s move, but i will remember you’re the first one who announce it here!!!

  100. the great thing about being a starter is this kind positive spin he will get after every game. he came in for a few seconds in the final minutes and got the credit for the run. that’s the same kind of thing Kemba got last year. lol

  101. I keep writing that no coach in the NBA has EVER won anything with just motion offense.

    That garbage doesn’t work, only novices who have no NBA head coaching or playing experienced use it.

    The Nets put no pressure on opponents offensively. That’s why they can’t stop anyone.

  102. I know only preseason game 1 looks good… the rest were just mess & looking for lucky shots… Don’t like his system & I think this will not work.

  103. Nets don’t have haif celtics talent

  104. Ya! But I really don’t care more concern about how Nets is going to do on Friday.

  105. He thinks he can turn this group into the Spurs…or at least the Hawks. But he doesn’t have the personnel. Only Lin and maybe Harris and Hamilton look comfortable running and scoring in this offense. Even Bogs was just playing streetball tonight, beating up on the Celtics bench in “garbage time.”

  106. From what are you getting that from? That was Kenny’s first game ever coached

  107. Completely disagree.

    Evem with the shoddy coaching, the Nets were able to roar all the way back against well coached Boston. And it’s not the first time it has happened either.

  108. I somehow think they will trade Lopez.

  109. But the Spurs and Hawks ran ALL their sets through their big men!

    That is the complete opposite of what the Nets are doing!

  110. Not to mention these guys have been together since lin was on the Rox. When they were a young scrappy team who lost often.

  111. I am watching the highlights what did KA do to mess up the team when Lin got the deficit down to 6 points in 3rd quarter? They could’ve won this game if KA wasn’t so stubborn about his minutes and offense. There’s no reason why he couldn’t leave Lin in for the rest of 3rd quarter. Let him rest a bit before the beginning of 4th and put him in right away!

  112. A veteran head coach who’s not racially prejudiced against Lin could EASILY have won this game.

  113. I think he’s out-thinking himself. Trying to be too smart and “inspirational” (“I can make these guys into the Spurs of the East!”).

    He needs to simplify and give Lin the damn ball. Let Jeremy freestyle on the court — that will open up the floor for everyone else because he’s not selfish. If anything, Jeremy “overpasses” at times.

  114. I have just realized one thing, Clifford is bad but still a lot better than KA. He has no clues what he was doing.

  115. The worst situation for a HC is that 1. he doesn’t use the top paid players properly and 2. he can not win. I am sure KA knows it too and will adjust quickly in the real games.

  116. Bad coaching period. Hope he adjusts and lets jlin loose.

  117. spot on…hope he sees it when he watched the tape

  118. It’s because Atkinson thinks Greivis Vasquez and Luis Scola are the new Nets franchise players over Lin and Lopez.

  119. at least cliff went with lin wen he was forced to lol

  120. problem is this coach is stubborn too like Lin

  121. KA still better than Cliff and all the previous coaches because he’s at least allowing Lin to run the the team and be the leader.

  122. the games when kemba,batum were out he played to lin strenths unlike ka

  123. Yes! Lopez is finally speaking up! Wish Lin would do the same but he can’t bite the hand that feeds him unfortunately. He wouldn’t be the starting PG of the Nets without KA. I hope at least behind closed doors Lin and Lopez can meet up with KA and talk some sense into him.

  124. I didnt see any leading or pg playing. Just lip service so far.

  125. He let Lin played his style.

  126. it’s one thing to lose or get blown out trying to win, but it’s a whole ‘nother story when you play your starters less than 30 minutes and not try to win your first nba game as head coach. this is despicable. i understand playing the long game, but this is ridiculous…. it was a close game the 1st half. then he starts the 2nd half without brook? LOL… i cant take another tanking year, i cant… this isnt an overreaction. this is lin getting duped yet again…. and brook is getting the worst of it…. former all star getting played 21 minutes and no touches…. unheard of….

  127. in your dreams my friend

  128. From the preseason trend where Atkinson is constantly dropping Lin’s minutes so that Vasquez can play more of his pass first basketball that is KILLING the Nets.

    Nothing has changed from preseason.

  129. yes.. cliff wanted kemba and batum to be the stars,but knew how to play lin when he had to

  130. Looks like we got duped again.

  131. GOOD

    Lopez needs to speak up A LOT MORE.

  132. What did he say?

  133. Lopez can’t do what they need — and that’s a huge problem. Even the 21m he did play were a MAJOR drain on the team. Those are possessions Lin could have shot or created for others.

    Brook didn’t provide any rim protection either. He even goaltended a weak shot he should have swatted.

  134. Wow! He finally spoke out …..

  135. Lin gets the most minutes and is the starting PG and can take 14 shots I say that is “something”. Lin would never be allowed to take 14 shots in only 27 minutes on other teams. He’d be benched already.

  136. I pretty much agreed with All the posters here: BrookLin need to play at least 35min. Coach KA need to step back a little and let JLin7 take charge of the offense & D. I will give coach KA 10 games to prove himself as a good coach (willing to trust JLin more and win games with him).

  137. stop being a communist. I have my opinions and want to share them.

  138. coach need to re-evaluate himself on whats important..winning must be the goal and should always be part of your teams development

  139. Well, its been disappointing so far…

  140. He took him out right when lin had 2 back to back 3’s he was starting to catch on fire.

  141. No, they’re equally bad.

    Clifford played Lin only because MKG was injured. Lin was a sub 20 mpg player when MKG was “back”.

    Atkinson would prefer to play Lin only 24 mpg because he feels Lin shoots too much. That’s not far off from what Lin got this game.

  142. Nah. At least Lin is the unquestioned starter on this team. He had 18p in 27m against a top defensive team. I’m annoyed at Kenny’s strategy but still THRILLED for this opportunity.

    Indiana and Milwaukee are a lot better for Lin and the Nets. Stevens is just too smart for Kenny right now.

  143. Lin’s taken 14 shots on ALL his other teams even from the bench.

    Actually, Lin played more minutes for those other teams than he has for the Nets.

  144. I’m angry too but after some thought I understand KA is a rookie coach, just hope he isn’t as stubborn as the hater coaches. Lopez and Lin will have to speak up and make KA try “threir style” of plays next game. If they win KA will have to listen! They need to let KA know, hey we’ve listened to you so far but we’ve been losing just try our plan for once?

  145. Brook has been horrible though so why think highly of him today? When Brook lights it up, then I’ll want to see more of him but so far I haven’t seen him play well. He had 21 minutes today.

  146. If Atkinson doesn’t change and actually REDUCES Lin and Lopez’s minutes, Atkinson might get FIRED by Nets management.

  147. That’s unlikely. If Lopez is being “promoted” then I see that but his stock has dropped much this season. But what can the Nets get in return – nothing that can help winning right away.

  148. Atkinson would be smart to post up a lot more. i get it slows down the pace but look if RHJ is taking a three or driving, lets say booker is doing that, maybe kilpatrick as well its not going to be as efficient as a post up. It also gives defenses other things to worry about. Atkinson needs to adjust his sytem and make it more to the talent he as and getting the most out of those players

  149. of which Lin vehemently asking KA not to sub him as i watched the game..Lin was a bit confused that time while walking towards the bench…for i am confused that time too!

  150. Pretty sure Lin played many 10-15 minute games under Cliff! Lin was literally a “bench player” under Hornets! He didn’t even get 27 minutes with Cliff not even a proper starting role!

  151. It’s not Lopez’s fault that he’s frozen out.

    Without plays run for him, not even Lin can get him the ball.

  152. Hope he could set double screens for lin and let lin play PnR for brook and Lin’s sake.

  153. guys, I think Atkinson just wanted to rest Lin. He did bump knees in the 4th quarter. It was the right thing to do and that comeback was not expected from our 3rd stringers.

  154. True. Nothing can be worse than benching your top $$ players and losing. But I think KA is wiser than that.

  155. Lopez did shoot it 7 times though and missed 6 of them.

  156. Just read the tweet above, Lopez is pretty much saying he’s willing to sacrifice but coach needs to adjust the offense to tailor to his and their strengths!

  157. Not just Lopez.

    Bogdanovic, Hamilton, Bennett, Harris, and even Lin can all post up.

    But Atkinson won’t allow post ups because he doesn’t want to run any plays for any specific player. Atkinson wants “unselfish” basketball, which in the case of the Nets means LOSING basketball.

  158. He’s a great teammate, so humble. But he’s clearly not working out. For everyone’s benefit, he needs to be traded ASAP. Both him and Bogdanovic.

    Trade Brook and get a protected 1st, Hawes and Lamb from CHA. Lamb is still in Clifford’s doghouse and Hawes can pass and shoot — he’s a good fit for the motion offense (a Princeton-style center).

    As for Bogs, he’s got skills but can’t play this motion offense either (which is why Kenny had him on the bench until Foye got hurt). Trade him to Milwaukee for Henson, an athletic rim protector who can at least run the floor and dunk. Bucks need a SG to fill in for injured Middleton and Bogs is an expiring (no biggie if he doesn’t work out).

  159. GM is his friend so … If they continue to loss the games like 10 or 15?

  160. Against the Lakers. I’d like to see Rockets / Harden do this against Celtics.

  161. Ya! Lakers has no D just score like Rox….

  162. Oh, i see. Thanks!

  163. No way! it’s KA’s offense that’s not working for either Lin, Lopez, or the team! Lopez’s plays get at a center posting up with pick and pop not a stretch 5 camping out at the 3 point line! Even Blake Griffin as versatile as he is would still stay at the rim most of the time!

  164. i literally just want to see 1 game, ONE DAMN GAME, where the starters play 30+ minutes TOGETHER… literally all preseason and 1st game we havent seen a real rotation. maybe, just maybe the foye injury changed things, BUT STILL he didnt play his starters 30+ minutes. he STILL didnt start brook in the 2nd half. he STILL INTENTIONALLY staggered brook and lin’s minutes so they didnt play together… it’s just so ridiculous…… why cant we develop while trying to win? what’s better than winning? i mean really… lin, brook, booker…. their primes are on the line…. bogs and other guys contracts on the line…. it’s UNFATHOMABLE!!!!!!

  165. NO IT ISN’T the right thing!!!

    Lin is a first time starter on this Nets team, he hardly played in the preseason, why should his minutes be limited?

    So Lin banged his knee. Lin has toughed his way through far worse than that.

  166. as much as i see the humor in your post, i can see now that you just want to post your frustration by using Negative vibes. Its just the first game but your conclusion seems were already in the middle of the season?

    i don’t like the loss either but i believe the loss is on the team!

  167. Atkinson is really treating this as a long-term project. This is basically Preseason Part II for him. Lin and Lopez want to win, but Kenny doesn’t think they can. So he’s just happy to play everyone and “develop” guys.

    He doesn’t realize they can win AND develop players.

  168. You’re just trying to troll insult me, and I know that.

    What you don’t know is that coaches DO GET FIRED EARLY for not playing the right players.

  169. If this continues, it will be a long and boring year and i may abandon ka…

  170. it was a blowout. 20 point deficit at the end of 3rd quarter. it’s natural to put the 2nd / 3rd units and look forward to the next game. that 2nd / 3rd unit looked fantastic

  171. still doesnt explain brook not starting the 2nd half…. it was still a close game at that point… this is worse than tanking really…. tanking has a goal, a real prize. this is straight up giving up… disgusting…

  172. Lopez’s game is outdated. he’s the next Big Al Jefferson

  173. he didn’t hardly play during preseason. He played enough minutes for preseason where it didn’t matter.

  174. Doesn’t matter.

    This Russian ownership, they didn’t tolerate Lionel Hollins letting the toxic veterans be unprofessional last season.

  175. Lakers “defense” + MDA system + big minutes

    They’re starting the 3Q, and they’ve also given up 68p to the Lakers!

  176. I don’t mind guys shooting threes – it’s really the only chance This Team as constructed can win anything. There’s not much talents outside of BrookLin, RHJ, Bog… But man, where’s the PnR, cutters, slashers, fast breaks …. ???!!!!

  177. there we have it guys. let’s move on to the next game

  178. he can still shoot. the corpse of scola better than brook? no way…. kenny is “tanking for progress” at the expense of lin and brook’s prime

  179. Lin’s fine in this offense. Against a top defense, he scored 18 on 14 shots in just 27m! And that was with him barely missing several early jumpers. If Kenny left him in, he gets 24 easily (whether through FTs or FGs)…he was heating up when he got subbed out in the 3rd.

  180. they have no pnr big so it’s difficult to get other parts of the offense going. the outside shooting will always be there and they have the personnel for it

  181. Yeah, let’s see if Atkinson can “develop” the broken down Greivis Vasquez at Lin’s expense.

  182. scola has nothing to do with lopez. different position. hello?

  183. all second unit does is bomb away from 3. boston started the 4th quarter with 100% FG%….

  184. Lin played well under 30 mpg this preseason.

    Lin has yet to play 30 minutes a game for the nets.

  185. Pleas explain to me why Scola is featured more than Lopez. There’s no doubt that Lopez can score 20+ per game with the correct system and offense and Lin would be scoring 30+. KA is holding these 2 back for his selfish reasons to prove his system works but it’s not working!! He’s had an entire preseason of easier games to try it out and it’s failed!

  186. brook + hamilton as bigs HELLO!!!!

  187. Coach KA now needs to be concerned with Brook abandoning him 🙂

    Let’s see how he makes adjustment.

  188. they played with nothing to lose while the Celts played scared. plus, the Nets reserves had good defensive production from Chris McCullough

  189. Pfft, Big Al Jefferson was a KEY CONTRIBUTOR after his drug suspension knocked some sense into him!

  190. On the BRIGHTER note: We didn’t get owned like the Knicks/Cavs game. That’s a GOOD sign!!!

  191. I don’t buy that for a second. Build him up from what? He’s not Embiid — some rookie coming off a big injury.

    He’s definitely on the block and Brook is being a good soldier.

  192. INSULT???? or you’re just trying to look for a fight with your post and i will not indulged you with it.
    Please, i know that you are more INTELLECTUAL than me and i know too that coaches can be fired, but this was just their first game and KA first game as a head coach coming from being an assistant coach.He has lapses and mistakes, glaring error but understandable in a sense because he is a new coach.

    If he will be fired, i guess not because of favotitism but because he can’t really coach!

  193. That’s what i said all summer!!!

  194. right lol.. look at how blatt was unfairly fired this past season

  195. different position. different game. Lopez is primarily a big low post player who can’t grab rebound nor defend very well. that’s gonna hurt the team a lot more than Scola

  196. I think Brook already gave up his O…. he used to be near 20 pts per game but now? nothing works.

  197. they did go Lin / Lopez / Hamilton at one point and it didn’t work. HELLOOOOOO??

  198. exactly. except he’s wasting away the prime of his 2 stars…. brook will likely be traded and lin wont opt in his 3rd year… he detests tanking….

  199. Trade him in mind?

  200. He was also double teamed all game.

  201. So far I don’t see much 3 point threats besides Lin and Hamilton with consistent 3s! All I see are scrubs and rookies taking iso bricks at the perimeter. The balls moving but everyone just stands there like zombies waiting for someone to do an iso 3 or move! No screens no running around for the PG, Lin to get them an open shot. This is not motion offense it is ZERO offense.

  202. NO NO NO!!!

    That game, the starters were in the bonus while the bench got destroyed as Atkinson played Vasquez and Whitehead major minutes!

  203. maybe if Lebron is playing with the nets..that will happen,…LOL

  204. he was just OK last year with Lin but that took away from better offense WITHOUT him

  205. Next game will not be that lucky after all….

  206. I think lin set screens as much as he gets screened in motion offense…

  207. great post, and likely very close to the mark

  208. Lin was on pace for 32m until it became a blowout. Then Kenny stuck with the guys who cut the deficit. Even though it was a fluke, I can’t blame him for that.

    What I do blame him for is not planning on more minutes for Lin this particular game — 32m is fine for a lesser opponent, but not the Celtics on opening night (fresh legs).

  209. “Motion offense” is a fancy way of saying “NO COACHING”.

  210. Cavs championship team vs Celtics an average playoff team. We couldn’t even beat Knicks during preseason so I wouldn’t be so sure.

  211. god forbid we run a play for a former all star right? lopez got the shaft. high character guys needed to not speak up and take it. 21 minutes, not injured, in his prime… why? it was winnable….

  212. Build him up for TRADE.

  213. Stupid quote by Atkinson about “building up” a proven max contract 20 ppg scoring All star center.

  214. I mean, Lin will stick with the guy who lets him start and establish himself. He’s going to average 20ppg on this team and shut his doubters up, win or lose. Even tonight, he had an efficient 18 in 27m against a top defensive team.

  215. Kenny played Brook and JHam together both in preseason and tonight. Everytime he put that lineup on the court, the defense was horrendous.

  216. the sooner you guys realize that Lopez isn’t a good PNR Big, the better you’ll understand the coaches plans. they really can’t do much with him on the floor if he can’t run pnr with Lin and can’t grab rebounds nor defend. i like Hamilton even though he can’t rebound nor defend either since he can at least play PNR / PNP and hit the 3’s

  217. kenny’s offense is lol.. motion offense used by atlanta and san antonio is much much bettter

  218. Still don’t agree with Atkinson BENCHING Lin.

    Lin’s not familiar with his own teammates because he hasn’t played enough.

  219. im holding off my judgement until 5 games in.. but its not looking good.. said this during pre season

  220. the more kenny speaks about Lopez, the shady it becomes???He’s a veteran who needs to be build up? come on Kenny, spill it!!!!

  221. The sooner you understand that Brook Lopez is a 20 ppg max contract All star for playoff teams, the less you will defend Atkinson’s cockamie coaching.

  222. LOL…. no just no. celts were basically trying to run out the clock, trying not to lose at that point. it wasnt great defense… you need more minutes to make that assessment….

  223. KA seems to like Hamilton w Lin more than Lopez w Lin… maybe he will ask Lopez to bench?

  224. and what did that stat line do for the Nets last season? As soon as you understand that Kenny Atkinson is building a system that win games, the less you’ll defend Brook’s max contract All star potential.

  225. I don’t agree either. But just saying that Lin was clearly scheduled for 32m (8m per quarter) until it became a blowout. It’s not like 27 was the maximum Kenny plans to play him.

  226. I’ve seen enough.

    The gameplan is totally FLAWED.

    It won’t work in 5 games – or 50.

  227. joke lol sarcasm

  228. Lopez WAS a 20 ppg player, but now he’s a Max dead weight like Big Al was. they (and you) need to move on from the past

  229. Before we think about trading Brook, coach should try heavy PNR like Lin said…”there will be games that we needs heavy PNRs..”

    In preseason games, he never tried that..,
    How do we know its not working without trying….?

    I hope we will see some difference in next few games…

  230. What you’re talking about. We DEFINITELY can beat the Knicks (#8 to #10 seed) whereas this Celtics is #3 to #4 seed).

  231. lol

  232. I think Kenny was more angered by Lin shooting than he was concerned about saving Lin’s hardly taxed legs.

  233. I think KA doesn’t know how to use Lopez, just as MDA didn’t know how to use Gasol in LAL.

  234. POST HIM UP!!!! why force feed the motion offense on a former all star? let the system change, adapt, and be fluid…. “like water my friends”….

  235. That’s not how it went down after the drug suspension.

    Al Jefferson got in shape, toughened up defensively, and scored well.

    He just had too many drugs in his system last season before the suspension.

  236. Stop making excuses, Booker can also run PnR with Lin! So far I haven’t seen Lin run PnR on a consistent basis with his other teammates! They can always do pick and pop and other variations for Lin and Brook Lopez to work together. It’s the coach’s job to make it work! Lopez is a star center you don’t bench him when he can score in so many ways even more than Lin!

  237. yeah, the future doesn’t look very bright for Lopez. i liked the guy’s game a few years back but it’s a different league now and Kenny wants a fast pace pnr game with Lin at the helm but can’t do it with Lopez in the post clogging up the paint so they have to run the motion offense for now

  238. The “past” was Big Al Jefferson playing extremely good two way team basketball into the playoffs and securing himself a solid contract with the Pacers!

  239. was, as in last season? LOL….

  240. Angry or not, he would have played. Even during the last preseason game he let Lin go and make a run (and get some stats).

    But yeah, from his comments, I do think he wasn’t a fan of Lin shooting 2 quick 3s — even though he made them. Unlike fans and media, he really doesn’t seem to care about Lin’s TOs. He just wants Lin to keep passing. Problem is that his fellow starters can’t convert in the motion offense!

  241. 20 ppg player with 20 wins last season. Not impressed. If Lin was averaging 20 ppg, he’d get at least 35 wins for the team.

  242. running PNR with Booker is a little better but Lopez is still clogging up the paint. if they want to run PNR with Booker, they’d need to replace Lopez with a stretch 5 like Hamilton (who can also run PNR and PNP)

  243. and last season Nets is what you want? OK……….

  244. And on another Brighter note: JLin7 performed better than DRose, Lowry, Dragic on opening night.

  245. they are getting used to motion offense first. Then when they’re comfortable, they will do PnRs. That’s what I heard from coach Kenny. So I think we are stepping ahead of what he has planned.

  246. I will believe when it happens and when KA stops being so stuborn his coach-less offense.

  247. That stat line carried the Nets despite Deron Williams and Joe Johnson refusing to play for the Nets and Lionel Hollins getting himself fired for not running the team professionally and the Nets dealing with Jarrett Jack’s season ending injury!!!

  248. They better hurry up and do something soon.

    According to the NetsDaily guy who gets an occasional whisper from “sources,” Marks was actively contacting other teams. Not many guys who are eligible to be traded AND have any trade value: tere’s Brook, Bogs and, uh, Kilpatrick? That’s about it.

  249. in a sense, i got the feeling that Kenny has no plays to set yet because he also doesn’t know how his players play so his motion offense can provide plays for him,feeding the open man then shoot..LOL

  250. After today, I doubt KA wants PnR game. He just wants to prove his system is good for Nets. I am not sure if Nets continues to loss more games what his boss will think…..

  251. I think so. Problem is that almost no team wants to pay a post-up center big bucks. That’s outdated.

  252. Lopez had lots experience playing PNR with good PNR guards like Devon Harris and Deron WIlliams and yet he’s shown to be very bad at it. he’s no PNR Big no matter how much we want him to be. guys who are very good PNR Bigs shows it almost immediately (like in preseason.. Ed Davis, Asik, Hamilton, Tyson)

  253. wow..James Harden with 20 pts / 17 assists in 27 minutes. Funny thing is that the game against lakers is still close.

  254. There’s no reason why the system can’t incorporate Lopez’s post ups. The Nets are slow paced team they are not fast paced in any way nor are they play an PnR centric offense right now which they should! Lin should be make fast breaks every chance he gets but the system is holding both Lin and Lopez down!

  255. But you don’t know anything about the TURMOIL last season’s Nets had.

    Lopez was brought off the bench by Lionel Hollins who had a disinterested Joe Johnson and Deron williams who forced their way out.

    Then Jarrett Jack went down, leaving Donald Sloan and Shane Larkin as starters. Jack, Larkin, and Sloan are all out of the NBA.

    Lopez did all that despite bad circumstances around him.

    Now let’s see Lopez utilized PROPERLY.

  256. I saw a very telling stat yesterday: the six starting centers last night shot a combined 16 FGA!!! That’s the way the league is heading and the Nets need to catch up.

  257. I think you have got some points on KA’s mind. KA needs to win or he is in danger very soon.

  258. but i’m saying they can’t run those things (fast pace offense, pnr) with a Big like Lopez

  259. and it wasn’t even JLin’s good night.

  260. He’s already in danger the moment Lopez spoke up about needed “change”.

  261. A motion offense CANNOT run post ups because the other 3 players outside the PG and C are in the wrong spots!

  262. so Lopez only gets 2 fga a night?

  263. Messing with Brook Lopez is not a good idea.

    He IS the Nets franchise, the Nets cannot afford to lose him.

  264. i think Marks would side with Kenny here. Lopez doesn’t seem like Marks’ kind of center

  265. Agree. I don’t see why it can’t work when it’s not even there!!! But again, I will Coach 9 more games to adjust. It Will Be REALLY CRAZY not to catered to your two All-stars.

  266. It’s Lin’s team now. You did not get the memo.

  267. Yes that’s why I said, if KA doesn’t change, Lopez will go straight to the owner and see who’s more powerful the franchise or coach; owner’s call. Lin can’t speak up publicly due to his close relations to KA so it’s up to Lopez to say something.

  268. The offense and defense was flawed,the rotations were gut feelings and flawed as well and the worst thing was alienating and not playing your best players on their strength.

  269. Yeah?

    Meanwhile the Warriors just lost their title after Andrew Bogut went down.

    And then the Warriors got STOMPED AGAIN with both Bogut and Ezeli gone.

  270. ya maybe in 2nd unit with Vasquez. I think Brook hurts Lin’s game.

  271. I’ll step way ahead of Atkinson then, because no coach in the NBA has EVER won with a motion offense.

  272. LMAO !

  273. If that’s what Marks truly thinks, then Marks is not the Nets’ kind of GM.

  274. There must be a way. It’s coach’s job to exploit that.

  275. i agree about the Warriors losing without Bogut and Ezeli but that’s a different situation. it’s like apples to oranges. Lopez can’t set the kind of picks that Bogut and Ezeli can. and Lopez is only good for the low post moves, nothing else.. no rebounds, no defense, and clogs up the middle

  276. still better than a 36 y.o. scola on defense HEEEEELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  277. if you consider 20 wins carrying, ok. You don’t know that, Brook’s post up plays and isos leaves a big void that gets others not involved. I’d rather see 5 guys sharing the ball and in double figures than 1.

  278. Except even Lin’s fed up with this offense why else would KA say “Lin’s stubborn”. Lin probably tried tellin him to play his way but KA’s not listening!

  279. Apples to oranges indeed:

    Lopez is a BETTER PLAYER than Bogut and Ezeli PUT TOGETHER.

  280. It’s because Brook was not being fed the ball properly.
    His performance against the Hornets last season was very impressive.

    The motion offense just doesn’t fit him so Coach Atkinson really needs to tailor to his strength in post-up, PnR

  281. Bogut is what teams need at center. Screens, rebounds, PnR defense and rim protection.

    Scoring? Optional.

  282. kenny’s going to lose the locker room quick if people dont buy in. playing starters less than 30 minutes, not trying to win, etc. wont make people buy in…

  283. and what kind of GM is that? an outdated play style with an outdated and slow low post player? Marks is on board with Kenny and Lin. they want to push the pace of the game and spread the floor for dribble penetration and shooters

  284. in an outdated system, maybe

  285. Can’t agree more…. Don’t like this O system & now I really think they most likely will loss on Friday’s game. smh!

  286. true. i’d love to get one of those guys on the team

  287. The hard game results do not agree with that.

    Bogut was frozen out in Golden State, but opponents still
    hard to guard him down low. That opened things up for Curry and Thompson and Green on the perimeter.

    When Bogut went down, opponents could jam the perimeter because Bogut was no longer a threat to score.

    Keep in mind that OKC was on the verge of beating the Warriors until Kerr played Bogut real minutes and Bogut did significant damage inside.

  288. Lopez is a post player

  289. You will learn that winning is NEVER OUTDATED.

  290. I wouldn’t even need a perfect solution. Ed Davis in Portland’s crowded frontcourt. Even John Henson who only plays 17mpg despite earning 4/50M (he’s in Kidd’s doghouse I guess).

  291. This MDA offense will run Harden to the ground. The Rox fans were complaining that he has no help season after season…

  292. long term plan is to build him up, short term plan is to trade him.

  293. so you haven’t leaned yet with Big Al? he’s no longer relevant

  294. That’s what all you motion offense fans say as your teams lose like crazy and get their coaches fired and players ejected.

    Motion offense DOES NOT WORK in the NBA. You’ll learn, just like Atkinson will.

  295. if kenny only wants guys to shoot 3’s not even a great pf like blake griffin or aldridge would fit into kenny’s motion offense

  296. Lopez, post player and mid-range shooter. In the pick and roll, he doesn’t roll hard. He’s something like Al, but nowhere near as graceful.

  297. dirty bogut and his partner draymond green got split up, aka Shrek and Donkey. Good news for family jewels of steven adams and other skilled players in the league

  298. NO! he gave up at half time when he didnt start brook the 2nd half. the rotations got messed up, just like preseason, and the 3rd quarter was a disaster… what about booker? he plays his heart out and gets no minutes…a lot of his minutes were in garbage time turned close game. kenny plays the 2nd unit too long, as if he’s still assessing them. he’s not trying to win, he’s just watching the 2nd unit as the season descends into ruin…

  299. if u abandon KA, u abandon Lin.

  300. yup. they just need open up the floor for dribble penetration, kick outs, and shooters (got plenty of these). Ed Davis would actually be perfect

  301. Neither did Atkinson, it seems.

  302. What do you think about Nets O system? Do you think they will win the game w this system?

  303. Sometimes lin forces his drive going right too heavy. He eithet gets trapped or fumbles a bit

  304. He’s competent if left wide-open, but there’s no denying he’s the last option for GSW (and it works out great). His screens and defense were the much bigger loss when he went down.

    Curry didn’t shoot nearly as well without him and that’s not a coincidence. And Bogut also erases a lot of Curry’s defensive slips by patroling the paint.

  305. they should just train their players to shoot from half court all game.

  306. Thanks cdblue you just summed up what most of us have been screaming about for the past hours. In short, Coach KA needs to change the so called motion offense which is a scam for “no coaching offense”, marginalizing the best player’s strengths, and limiting their minutes. Lin and Brook Lopez have barely played any meaningful minutes nor set up plays for each other to score at their favorite spots! This offense needs to go or KA will get fired with an unhappy Lopez.

  307. Big Al is “no longer relevant” after having contributed to a playoff team and is coming in Friday to beat up on the Nets inside?

    You have so much to learn, kid.

  308. excellent low post player, i’ll give him that. but it’s a new league now. the Nets really need to cut their losses

  309. you know why? because no plays for him he has to drive and try to make it happen

  310. Thanks now we can all finally take a closer look at what Lopez is capable of with the right offense not KA’s no coaching offense (motion offense).

  311. WAY BETTER than Al Jefferson.

  312. I had my suspicions on bropez for a while. Anthony Davis would have been an EXCELLENT partner for JLin. Good enough to aim for a top spot in the west.

  313. it’s not even about the pnr, can the brother even play more than 21 minutes? THAT’S problem #1, give the man some minutes!!! what he does with them is irrelevant when he gets bench minutes for god’s sake….

  314. my idea would be let Lin run the first unit without lopez. 2 nd unit with lopez doing low post all the way until lin comes back.

  315. seriously tho how does kenny except guys to get open shots from just passing the ball around the perimeter? he has to set screens man.. all great team utilizes screens san antonio does, golden state does, atlanta does.. heck kenny coached under mda he should know what works

  316. Pfft, Anthony Davis would be stationed at the 3 pt line shooting bricks like Lopez does in Atkinson’s offense.

  317. I’m not sure what Brooklyn could give them though. And I don’t think Portland likes Marks after making them overpay for Crabbe.

    I mention Henson because Bojan for him would make tons of sense. MIL needs a SG to replace injured Middleton for a season. Bojan can shoot and is expiring — perfect fit. Henson is more valuable but his salary is a lot for someone who only plays 17mpg.

  318. Big Al wasn’t as good last year as some led you to believe. he was only able to hit the open mid range jumpers, that’s it

  319. Celts used PnR almost the whole game and still managed to plays in and out,how difficult to do that?Atkinson has Lin to create space and good looks for his team mates and he has Lopez to create a better space for Lin to decide where that ball goes and yet he is not using that.The reason why Hamilton and Harris are good at this system because they have the green light to do that while Lopez is buried and tried to be the good guy to use this stupid system.Nobody used this system in the NBA,everyone used a hybrid PnR or hybrid triangle offense.

  320. Lin would do better with Booker, RHJ, Harris, Ham, Foye or those other high energy players. Bogz, Brook is too slow for me. They should be benched. Nothing wrong with having a strong bench that plays slower.

  321. A very good post player is always relevant. It will give other guys rest…

  322. lol

  323. Atkinson claims they are working him into the minutes. I guess the logic is this offense is at a higher pace than the offense he previously played.

  324. maybe players refuse to set screens? I saw Brook do it like the first preseason game and then he gave up.

  325. Like I keep saying, you have no clue why the powerful Pacers are paying Al $10 million a year to play solid defensive and offensive center for them.

    But you’ll see next game.

  326. they don’t need a playmaker. All they need is 3 point shooters all around, catch and shoot then you shoot then he shoot btw recruit Novak too

  327. then why wouldnt brook refuse to camp out at the 3 point line

  328. excellent analysis! I never noticed this until you mentioned it. Honestly, the “motion” offense that KA is talking about is seriously WHACK. I doubt the guys on the nets actually have a plan at all and just go with the flow.

  329. This. The team offense was a mess. Lin had no choice but to cook up something by himself.

  330. A threat is a threat doesn’t matter if it’s 3 ft away or 30 ft away.

  331. NO, they won’t win.

    Not even the Cavs would win with a motion offense.

  332. better than scola…. he makes a few 3’s vs detroit in preseason and falsely gave us all hope…. then shows his true colors every game after…. horrendous d…. even worse than TRASHquez

  333. He seems much faster here than now. maybe there is a hidden injury.

  334. Totally agree! AD would be forced to be a stretch 5 instead of a PF/C and benched for most of the game under KA’s “no plays, no coaching” offense! If AD was benched like this I doubt any of you would say, “AD’s outdated, he doesn’t fit modern offense” AD the guy compared to Lebron with amazing all star stats and blocks?!

  335. dont forget the passing…

  336. They seem to score points. Somehow. They are losing on defense. I think they take too many 3s and Lin and Lopez should be the focal points. It’s not a system that seems to play to any of the players strengths. But it is very early and a lot of the players haven’t played with each other.

  337. the brother played 21 minutes and put up 1-7 shooting with 0 blocks and 2 TO’s. don’t need more of that

  338. agreed

  339. Because Atkinson doesn’t want to run EVERY PLAY through the post like Atlanta and San antonio did.

  340. Very true. That’s a big boost.

  341. Come one if this was Lin we’d be complaining he didn’t get enough minutes for rhythm, only scrappy ones with no plays, no screens called for him.

  342. But I’ve been writing about this since the first game of preseason!

  343. I can’t judge Scola or any players yet. We will continue to cheer for them to improve and prove “OTHERS” wrong.

  344. What do the Spurs play? I don’t think the Nets are really playing a motion offense. There are a lot of ISOs and contested 3s in this offense.

  345. that’s crazy talk. AD is a versatile center with great athletic abilities. he’s be used to run pnr with Lin

  346. cause he loves taking them. He even said it in his interview.

  347. You’re the crazy talker here, relentlessly defending Atkinson.

  348. not brooks fault. or do you want to say the same about AD?

  349. then what they just should pass the ball until the shot clock winds down then chuck up a contested three?

  350. that’s good as a plug in option off the bench not as a main option on offense especially when he takes away other viable options on offense by being very slow

  351. Bogut is not defended like he’s “optional”.

    Opponents can’t abandon guarding him down low because he’ll go 5-5 in a quarter.

  352. taking 40 something threes is unacceptable especially with the personnel the nets have…

  353. again, scola is not a center like lopez. different situation. HELLO?

  354. haha. Nets are gonna spank Big Al and the Pacers hard. YOU’LL SEE

  355. He likes taking 3s doesn’t mean he likes being forced to just stand at the perimeter with both his post ups and mid jumpers taken away from him! According to a reporter’s tweet, Lopez already complained that “he’s willing to “sacrifice but adjustments need to be made”.

  356. How about Atkinson get off his butt and do some COACHING?

  357. the low post is NOT an option with the kind of personnel this team has. plenty of shooters, fast young guys, and a great dribble penetration. don’t need to slow things down

  358. Because if it were that simple, NBA teams would not pay millions of dollars to coaches to move Lopez’s teammates out of Lopez’s way!

  359. Need to feed him in the post for some rhythm. Just ask him to do some things different game after game is not going to help with his spirit.

  360. You mean the two playoff teams with one being Championship contender almost every season? 🙂 Yet somehow Atkinson has this messed up illusion that “motion offense” is the only thing the Spurs and Hawks run hmmm….

  361. In NBA,your best players on the team needs to hold the ball 70-80% all the time.No other options.otherwise you better coach a high school or a stinked up college team.

  362. we complained about that in previous teams because we’re correct to do so

  363. i think foye’s absence tonight did change things a bit. BUT we still need to play the starters 30+ minutes. im very comfortable with a lineup of lin/foye/rhj/booker/brook… foye and rhj can be replaced/rotated with Skil, bogs, and Harris depending on who’s hot that night. hamilton can replace/rotate brook or booker if he’s hot that night also. lin is irreplaceable. but the whole point is that these key lineups HAVE TO play 30+ minutes and go for the win. NO MORE TANKNG! look at my avatar fellow lin fans, NEVER FORGET!

  364. Disagree.

    The Nets have primarily a post up team capable of collapsing opposing defenses off the perimeter.

    That’s how the Spurs and hawks played.

  365. Yes, the team will lose until something changes. Either they get better within the system and they really aren’t running it very well, or, KA makes big adjustments. Anyway you look at it, Lopez has to do more and the defense has to get way, way, way, way better.

  366. defending him with an open mind and you haven’t proven me wrong with all your crazy GIVE LOPEZ THE BALL talk. and aren’t you’re forgetting, it’s just 1 game

  367. “plenty of shooters”?! What games have you been watching? All I see are guys taking iso 3 pointers and charging at the rim for “bricks”.

  368. If Foye played with his sub 30% shooting and took minutes away from Kilpatrick and Bogdanovic and Harris, the Nets would have lost by 36 and not just 6!

  369. *HAD* and those were losing seasons for them

  370. Scola had an off shooting night but he’s a good shooter, Harris and Bog are great shooters and so is Lin

  371. KA wants bropez to be like how duncan was for spurs. A defensive monster with an ability to get rebounds, set screens and score. Unfortunately bropez is nowhere near as smart, skilled, reliable or disciplined as Duncan.

  372. spurs took YEARS to get to the point where it’s plug and play. kenny trying to emulate that from day 1? jlin gonna be retired by the time kenny gets everything up and running like the spurs or bud’s hawks. it took brad stevens a couple of years also. jlin cant wait. brook cant wait…. sigh…

  373. NO, STOP LYING!

    The Spurs and Hawks have won constantly in recent years with their post up offense!

  374. Lin only played 27 mins because the game 2as out of reach in the 4th. Essentially atkinson waived the white flag which most coaches do. That run by the reserves was unexpected

  375. disagree. bogs was a black hole hero baller trying to be #1 like on his national team. he gave back every point he scored on defense and left jlin standing in the corner. at least foye is a secondary ball handler, vet, and passes the ball….

  376. How come Boston’s starters were playing over 30 mpg then?

  377. KHuang, are you senile? i ask because you stated “The Nets have primarily a post up team” and i said “HAD”. why are you now saying Spurs and Hawks when we’re obviously talking about the Nets here

  378. Good things needs to be posted twice! For those who says Lopez can’t score or can’t play PnR watch what he did last season! KA is the issue not Lopez! He’s the one forcing Lopez to only camp out at the 3 point line!

  379. I think Foye is a much better fit. I agree, Bogs was one-dimensional. He can score, especially when his shot is falling. But he’s not an in the flow of the offense player.

  380. The starters were only inserted when the comeback happened late 4th

  381. And Bogdanovic was a 20+ scorer this game in under 24 minutes!

    You think Atkinson will let Lin shoot more when Foye is out there? Guess again

  382. the team has to play with more pace, more control, slow down the tempo. Run the ball through brook if thats what it takes. The fast pace run and gun game is ok, but our non existant defense is getting exposed hard.

  383. how come brook didnt start the 3rd quarter? how come the 2nd unit played so much in the 1st half? how come he staggered brook and lin’s minutes? sure he has a long term plan, but it’s costing us wins and lin aint getting any younger

  384. what? i don’t like the motion offense but they have to put in a temporary fix because Lopez is too slow and can’t run the PNR properly

  385. You guys are nuts.

    Foye is a nonproducing career scrubjourneyman, he has never produced and he never will

  386. I agree , there are some head scratching moves. Like pulling lin right when he was getting hot in the 3rd. I am just referring to that 4th quarter comeback. He stayed with the group that got back in it

  387. the points are meaningless. he gives it all back on d….

  388. again with the crazy talk. Lopez isn’t even in the same league as AD. LOL

  389. Nets have Lin and Lopez and bunch of shooters,a good coach should have already an idea how to run his offense,it’s not even a rocket science to understand their strength

  390. Lin was heating up and the game was close. Once he came back the gap was so wide

  391. And Lin didn’t deserve to be reinserted against Boston’s starters?

  392. we dont need him to produce, only pass the ball to lin and brook. his handles are better than most everyone on the 2nd unit. so frustrating seeing harris think he can drive…

  393. funny how you called Fat Al graceful…maybe in the kitchen getting a bucket of KFC

  394. ?How come he sent Lin to bench after he shot two 3s

  395. On Another Brighter Note: our bench is not so weak. They fought hard tonight! I like cheering for them – everyone. But yeah, JLin needs to be in there for the Winnnn.

  396. Atkinson went with the group that got back in the game . Essentially riding the momentum. Although he should not have pulled lin late 3rd and rode his momentum

  397. Can’t believe this… Lakers seems to play well vs Rox….Less than 2 min. Lakers win by 2. 116:114

  398. He has great footwork. B Lopez looks clunky. But his unorthodox style works. And Brook is strong.

  399. spurs played motion offense but with a defensive monster and legendary HOF in duncan anchoring the team in the low post. I never once saw Duncan camp out on the 3 line…that would have been out of character for him.

  400. even that comeback. keeping the 3rd string in to “reward” them is something you do mid season. this was literally kenny’s 1st nba game as head coach and he didnt try his best to win. it’s sad really cuz lin’s getting less minutes than under BS…..

  401. the Lopez defenders need to wake up. look, initially, i thought Lopez would be a good fit for this offense but obviously i was wrong and i’m not too proud to admit it. the team will look so much better without an outdated play style of the Lopez’s and Big Al’s of the league. they’re too slow and they clog up the paint while they don’t do much on the defensive and nor grab a lot of rebounds. the Nets need to open up the floor for Lin to dribble penetrate and for shooters to get good open looks. a capable PNR big like Ed Davis who can run, rebound and defend would make this team so much more fun to watch. but before the can find someone like that, they have to run something like the motion offense temporarily. give the coaches a chance, it’s just one game and against a top team with great defense

  402. two bottom teams facing off. no surprise

  403. Mike dantoni offense really is point guard heavy. Holy hell look at hardens stats lol

  404. that momentum was vs boston’s 2nd/3rd stringers though… when stevens made the adjustment and brought back his starters, kenny bent over and took it raw….

  405. I don’t believe so. KA should have much MORE Faith in Lin’s 4th quarter comeback abilities. He needs to know his players if they want to win.

  406. Jordan clarkson just killed it. Rooting for this guy. He got like 25points in 25 mins

  407. I think Lakers probably will win. Even Harden has very good stats….

  408. yet they’re losing. Harden is focusing too much on himself. When Lin was going through linsanity, he got all his team mates involved, and THAT was the reason the knicks were winning like crazy.

  409. OT: Anthony Davis 50 points, 16 rebounds, 5 assists, 7 steals, 4 blocks. amazing

  410. Great stats but a loss. One would think they won

  411. you mean to tell me you didnt see scola play the 5 in preseason? was bennett the 5 when then played together? ninja please…

  412. Ya they lost

  413. the meltdown on clutchfans should be epic….they will blame everyone and ANYONE except harden for the loss.

  414. stop fighting lol

  415. I think some simplicity would help this team a lot, at least for now. There should be periods where they just get the ball to Lin and Lopez and get out of the way. There were also a few missed simple catch and shoot opportunities where they instead opted to pump fake and drive, leading to a forced shot or turnover. Just keep it simple guys… and play with more energy on defense -like in the final minutes.

  416. no. stop changing the subject. you make light of what brook did on a bad team. so do you do the same with AD? his team sucks also. neither brook nor AD are to blame. and not everyone can be a 20+ ppg scorer in the nba…

  417. I don’t see any difference the way KA coaching in regular and preseason.

  418. I agree. More lin pick and rolls. Dump into lopez in post to mix it up. Enough trying to get this motion offense down

  419. Lakers win. I guess Luke Walton was the real genius behind GSW. IIRC warriors started losing once Steve Kerr came back. ?

  420. But 4 TOs to 1 assist…bad game if you’re Lin. Also, he missed a layup.

    (I’m kidding of course. Always good to see Hogden and Houston lose!)

  421. Ya! Lakers beat Rox even Harden had 34 pts, 17 AS, & 7 TO

  422. i was only looking at individual stats because i was way ahead in my fantasy league and all of the sudden i’m trailing a lot because of AD

  423. 7 TOs…1-7 from 3. Torched on defense by Clarkson. A loss to a bottom 3 team!

  424. His usage must be like 90 percent lol

  425. neither team has good guard defenders. both teams will not repeat this kind of offense against other teams

  426. He played 37:11min

  427. dude, you want dantoni high pnr system. motion offense is nothing like that. kenny wants a shooter at the 5. look at horford. ed davis would be a disaster cuz kenny doesnt want constant pnr and ed cant shoot. brook CAN shoot, just not great at 3 pt range. can brook be more like horford? remains to be seen…

  428. like i said, motion offense is temporary because they have to resolve the situation at the Center position

  429. I mean, it’s Houston and Harden. God bless MDA, but he could have a meltdown in HOU. They can’t defend anyone and with Harden playing for his stats, the team could mutiny. I think Morey will be gone next year.

  430. He is going to be gassed by the end of the season

  431. I like that idea. Once Lin and ham get a lead. Lopez could kill the clock with a slower pace.

  432. I believe more like MDA will out not Morey. It’s fine bc MDA can get his money early. lol

  433. lol tell that to kenny. didnt know you were HIS coach….. now i see why your posts are so weird, you actually think kenny runs motion out of necessity instead of philosophy… good luck with that…

  434. mda always quits on his team lol

  435. Ya! I think so….

  436. Hornets win! big game by MKG!

  437. LOL. Totally agree. Atkinson doesn’t know what to do with stars. He is still in assistant coach mode.

  438. I think they will blame most on MDA for not good in D… of course never on Harden’s 7 TOs…..

  439. i wish clarkson wd join the nets somehow just think that the lakers want russell to be the “star”

  440. i don’t mind harden losing –

  441. maybe i sd go and check the clutchfans – they will blame d’antoni asap

  442. If Lin could make Omar asik look good then I think Lopez has a chance.

  443. No energy for his night time entertainment…

  444. either atkinson is confused or he just doesnt trust lin or maybe both. they cd have won this game and they sd have. people like hamilton/bogs/harris all contributed even kitzpatrick so i am pleased with them but not happy with the coach at all. he sd have let lin go nuts in this first game

  445. how is my posts weird when YOU compared Lopez to Anthony Davis?

  446. Under Walton, Lakers played a Golden State Warriors like offense. Lots of PnR’s.

  447. ewww

  448. it is a matter of trust – either kenny gives the ball to lin or he doesnt – lin is an intelligent guy who can see the best play – maybe kenny sd get out of the way

  449. yeah brook is just too slow – get someone else –

  450. Everyone knows about his little strip club hobby… Unless you were thinking something entirely different…?

  451. i love how the spurs and nets play on different days.. basketball never ends during the regular season!

  452. Can Lin get a coach that sets double high pics. Other so called top guards get single & double high PnR’s to help facilitate the offense. Then go into a motion set if needed, but to let Lin get double teamed and trapped without the Coach using pics to help free Lin up?

  453. Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin are still the keys to this Nets team, although the keys are currently hidden away in a lockbox

    Last season I was thoroughly impressed watching Brook Lopez’s domination being downright unstoppable in almost beating the Hornets 100-105 (3/22/2016). He had 29pts/9rebs/6asts and with Kilpatrick’s 25pts, they almost made it. I’m not sure if others remembered that game. He was literally unstoppable but together with Kilpatrick just missed some shots in the last minutes of the game.

    I couldn’t find the highlights but here’s his 35pts/7blks vs the Bucks on 3/8/2016 showing his offensive arsenal
    He can set screen, roll for PnR; hit midrange Js consistently. It might look slow but with his height and great footwork, he can be unstoppable.

    Coach KA desperately needs to set plays for Brook because he and Lin are the most consistent offensive weapons in the Nets. It’s too bad they are being underutilized at the moment in this motion offense. Even if they want to trade him, they will need to feature him heavily. I hope he’s not stubborn enough not to run plays through Brook and JLin.

    Onto the first home game vs the Pacers in less than 42 hours…

  454. Clarkson shot well for LAL

  455. IT’S Alright Now. They have to keep learning and trusting. On to the next game! It’s a LONG season – JLin7 will have his chance. We build on it.

  456. Sign Brandon Marshall. Send Lin to a contender. Marshall sounds like Atkinson’s perfect pg.

  457. It’s a process that I’m trusting.

  458. Very good analysis by Spickie poster above. Very good.

  459. Could Lin just be a player-coach. I haven’t seen Lin play for any coach that was smarter then him.

  460. I don’t know what’s wrong w Lopez but he’s no show for 1st unit since preseason games…. right now he’s became the trouble for 1st unit…. don’t know what this coach will do w him. KA only seemed to cut his playing time short but not adjustment for him.

  461. Now that’s a super star. Lol

  462. They lost? I take it back.

  463. yeah…wonder if he is injured or something?!!

  464. No doubts about Brook’s talent from me. He needs to be properly utilised just like you said. The whole team still seems confused with this new offense system and it shows during game time. It’s too obvious to miss.

  465. Bad teams can put up over 100 points when both teams have an offense with pace vs a half court offense. Both teams had more possessions. Yes, they are bad on defense, but I don’t think their offense is as good as portrayed just because they scored 117pts.

  466. Lopez simply looked very uncomfortable out there. It’s good Lin tried to force-feed him to get him going with 2 FTs. Right after that, he and Lin combined into the impressive double-block.

    There needs to be a lot of plays going through Brook and Lin; the others simply can’t get points consistently or draw fouls to put pressure on defense. Charles Barkley would say the jump-shooting team will falter in the playoff. In this case,the motion offense heavy on 3s without consistent drives will not succeed. There were long periods of time of Nets going cold with their shooting in this game.

  467. Lin should have been able to take the last 3 point shot as the closer, starting point guard and so called leader of the Nets! And he’s shown that he’s able to hit 3’s at a better rate, but more importantly in the Clutch.

  468. I suspect he didn’t feel involved out there so he never knew when he’ll get the ball

  469. Somehow I feel KA did it on purpose to separate Brook & Lin’s playing time… bc Lin seems to be more match w Hamilton not Brook. My guess if they still can’t work together this time it’s Brook will out of Nets not Lin.

  470. Lin for last shot!
    EXACTLY my thought, man!!! He’s shooting at 50%. Hope that’s the inexperience and favoring other shooters over Lin. Enough. Of. This game. On to the next one!!!!

  471. very true, KA tried to mix & match to see what works the best for the motion offense.
    He’s forcing the system to work at the expense of leveraging his stars’ strength in PnR.

    It was a bad move to bench Brook to start the 3rd quarter. Now Brook is unhappy

  472. I found it very therapeutical to watch Jordan Clarkson lit up the Rockets w/ 25pts in 24 min for the Win with Harden mostly (not) guarding him =)

    I guess it’s true Harden helps players to unleash their MVP performance lol

  473. i remember Foye did the same thing to Harden twice in the first year Lin played in Houston

  474. KA is inexperienced and does not have a feel for the game. 3Q has always been bad. I don’t blame Lopez being mad at KA. He’s not utilizing his or Lin’s strengths as he said he would. I can’t get over the last tying shot that he reinserted Lin to inbound and to pass to Hamilton instead of letting Lin taking that important shot!!!! I’m very disappointed at KA’s coaching so far!

  475. I think Brook is unhappy since preseason…. I don’t know what will happen next for Brook but I just want Lin to play his game & win games for Nets.

  476. Lin wants to give Brook more touches.
    Atkinson explained to Brook that his use is to “build him up” and prolong his career (which I don’t understand)
    Is Atkinson planning to turn Brook into JHam with 3pt shooting to prevent wear and tear?

    Atkinson explained his use of Lopez is part of a long-term plan to “build him up” and prolong his career. Lopez said he met with Atkinson a couple of times to discuss the plan.

    “Obviously, it was a difficult decision to come to for me,” Lopez said. “I love being on the floor. But I understand the reasons, and I’m on board.”

    Still, Lin said Lopez needs to get more touches. “I need to get Brook the ball in open spots he likes,” Lin said. “We’re in communication about that. I’m going to try to make his life easier.”

  477. Brook better start playing like “Brock” instead of like “Brooke”. this dude averaged 7.4 rebs while playing over 32mpg in his career! that is weak for a dude that size. could be a long season in Brooklyn unless they trade Brooke and RHJ…

  478. Me too. I don’t like his O system & his coach skill so far…. I believe if he continues to coach like this he will be fired soon. Bc they will not win any game. Today just like all the preseason games but game 1. Always down a lot from 3Q…..

  479. oh yeah, I remember Foye’s MVP performance against Harden.
    Harden is very generous that way …

  480. So weird, coach hardly played them together for long min on court…??? I think if Brook can’t do well in this system he will be traded soon.

  481. Bc KA allows equal offense so the shooters like Bogs and others feel they have equal right to shoot or drive to create their own offense for their points. They don’t know when they will get the ball again so they keep doing what KA allows. That is they keep chucking up 3s w/o any feel for the game as a whole! It’s interesting that KA wants team ball, but his system is creating iso ball. There’s no balance. They either overpassing or isoing, IMO.

  482. It was a hard judgment-call but I’ll give more time for Kenny as a rookie coach.

    Regarding the last shot, I understand the dilemma since Lin has been sitting for so long and KA never expected the bench to almost tie the game. Maybe he didn’t want Lin to take the blame if he lost it.

    There’s no past history like Clifford did with Lin to take the last shot despite being cold for some time. JLin is a big shot-maker and he’s not afraid of taking them.

    Harris, Bog, JHam missed because they’ve never been in that position. Lin has and he should take the last shot.

    The bench run was a fluke because Celtics stopped playing within their system. It was a weird game-ending situation.

  483. Part of great D is sometimes you get foul calls. Harden want to stay in the game so No D is the way to go when he’s needed for 45min a night.

  484. At least we’re the Highest scoring teams – Nets & Celtics.

  485. that’s a possibility

    The weird thing is they will need to showcase Brook a lot to trade him; that means a lot of Lin feeding Brook.
    But when Brook-Lin starts happening, they’ll start winning so it might be pointless to trade him.

    They should trade the 100% motion offense away instead lol
    Maybe 25% motion offense and 75% PnR haha…

  486. This was a blow out game regardless bc BStevens thought the white flag was raised so he let his starters rest and let both team third strings played in garbage time. When BStevens reinserted his starters, KA should have done the same to steal a win. KA’s subbing pattern is illogical equalizing the minutes among all players. Even the announcers noted and said “minutes were balanced out among starters and substitutes”.

  487. very generous indeed and with that beard, you’d think he’s Santa Claus

  488. I know we’re disappointed but this is the challenge and growing pains that comes with a young team.
    As Lin said himself, he is excited to play for Kenny in Brooklyn so let’s trust Lin and let them grow.

    After the first 10 games, we should be able to see how quickly this team is growing.
    Let’s trust Lin. If he starts complaining, then we’ll start doing so =)

    Lin: Brooklyn is “where I’m supposed to be right now.”

  489. Every Coach envision their own way of running a system (right or wrong, immaterial, thats how it is)….good coaches learn and adapt along the way and tweak their philosophy and place the right methodology looking at the surrounding they have and accommodate to it, somewhat.

    KA< just started his journey and its gonna take some time before he adjust, which I think he will….in Lin we Trust!

  490. Hi.. I just saw the highlights and I am so confused.. – WHY DID LIN NOT PLAY THE FINAL MINUTES???? 🙁 What the heck!

  491. Not disappointing!, a great season is just getting started!

  492. He went to bathroom I think…JK

  493. Nvm. I just read the recap by Spyckie. I get it now..

  494. he plays slow so he’s resting while playing..LOL!

  495. I think the F/O will give KA to figure out his roster, but he cannot leave Lin/Brooks out of the NETS game. I will expect to see a change after this game tonight.

  496. Lopez has never been known as a strong rebounder. That’s why Booker is doing what he does…

  497. Hey guys haven’t posted in a while but wanted to gauge people’s opinion on a specific question I have.

    Due to the recent trend (past few seasons) of teams valuing the importance of stretch 4’s and 5’s, can people list off all the bigs that have a strong pick and roll game as well as a consistent 3 point shot (i feel teams are increasing wanting all players including bigs to take less mid rangers and more 3’s)?

    The reason I ask this question is for me it is quite apparent for both Jeremy and whatever team he plays on he needs a good pick and roll partner that he can have good chemistry with. From my memory the only bigs that he really clicked well with were Tyson Chandler and Ed Davis. Both these players rolled to the basket hard with the intention of dunking and drawing contact to earn trips to the line.

    After watching highlights of the Nets and Brook Lopez…..unfortunately i feel he is no the right piece to compliment Jeremy if indeed the Nets want to maximize what the team can get from Jeremy’s skill set.

    Brook Lopez remind me more of a Al Jefferson from last season with the hornets who needs the point guard to quickly in the possession give the ball to him in the low post so that either he can use some post moves to score or he can draw a double team and make the pass to the open man for a three or pump fake drive to the hoop.

    I am struggling to think of any bigs that would be 1) available 2) want to come 3) their team want to get rid of them, coming in the next 2 seasons that have the skill set which satisfies Jeremy’s game (his bread and butter for assists – pick and roll/alley oops) and the NBA culture/staff preference for bigs who can shoot at the decent clip and consistency behind the 3 point line.

    Too bad we are in a generation where there are so many more talented guards with regards to the guards:bigs ratio

    I feel that even if in a fictional reality we got a prime Tyson Chandler who has a defensive anchor and rolling GOD, his effectiveness in this modern day of chucking up loads of 3’s would be hindered and marginalized.

    I kind of get bored of teams just constantly chucking up 3’s, i much prefer to watch the battles and duels go on inside the paint where one has to be crafty, explosive, agile etc. Don’t get me wrong i appreciate the skill set required especially for big men to shoot well and consistent but I feel over time it will cause the game to be less of a spectator sport and possible lose fans to other sports who deem them to be more exciting to view

  498. Also forgot to add …does anyone get the impression that Lopez if he really wanted to could make himself more available and try a little bit hard to roll to the basket more etc.

    I categorize Brook into the kind of players that like sticking to what they are good at and will not make a full conscience effort to fully exert himself into skills which he lacks confidence in executing ( like rolling to the basket hard when the opportunity presents itself after setting a good hard screen).

    Also on the topic of rebounding I feel yes a guy his size should be getting way more boards and the most important aspect for someone like him when rebounding is getting into good positions to get the rebounds and really committing to grab the boards. The reason i feel why Jeremy gets so many rebounds for his position is because when I watch him play I get the sense and feeling he really wants the rebound and is willing to take contact to get the ball no matter the cost. In comparison I feel Brook is a little scared and shy of doing the down and dirty aspects of the game. Basically he is purely a skill guy but lacks hustle. Where as Jeremy has skills as well as hustle (the fire inside him that drives him due to being an underdog all this life in bball). Anyone else agree?

  499. It is certainly not going according to the coach’s plan. No player has played more than 30 minutes. The coach is still experimenting on his lineup.

  500. It is the coach who needs to adjust to his players. Players’ competence don’t change overnight. The coach could or he should be the coach at all.

  501. KA’s decision making was really weird. It seems to me winning wasn’t his plan, he’s still trying to figure out something maybe neither one of us will ever know. He better learns his lessons from each game quickly. I don’t want to see Lin feel frustrated with either his teammates or the games.

  502. I think so too.

  503. 4 things I didn’t understand:
    1) why was lin suddenly NOT guarding IT.. he was limiting him a bit
    2) why did lin inbound the ball on that final play as oppose to receiving the ball and shooting it.. You should have him shoot the ball as he is the best 3 point shooter.
    3) The team does move as fast as the Lakers or Houston.
    4) Lopez doesn’t seem to be near the post but shooting 3s.
    Other than that everything else is fine including letting the backup unit play through.

  504. So Lakers beat Houston.. and I saw the stats and game.
    Harden had 34 points and 17 assists!!! in 37 minutes. super lopsided.
    Harden choked near the end and TO as that is so predictable that HE IS THE ONE TO SHOOT THE LAST SHOT.

    But Lakers had no one OVER 29 minutes and points are move distributed with the top players more than the overs, but no one score over 25.

    And they move fast so that lobs can be made.

    Perhaps this is what KA wanted? Problem is you don’t have players who can shoot 3s on your team. On lakers you have Nick Young, Russell, Clarskon and someone else. You also have randle IN THE POST.

    Nets doesn’t have those dynamic 3 pointer shooters and they move slow AND BLOPEZ is slow and NOT IN THE POST.

  505. And I don’t know how long it takes them to know the plan is not doing well.
    Maybe half a season because the hawks suddenly gel after the 2nd half?
    But they still lost.

  506. I suspect that if they are keeping lopze..then they know that there is a minor health issue with him so that’s why KA is saying it’s for long term planning for him.

    I mean lin plays more than the rest of the team.

  507. If what Atkinson said about Lopez is true then i doubt Lin plays more then 33 minutes a game. He may not be the type of coach to over play his players

  508. Atkinson should also take the bench unit and well bench them. Use the rookie isiah instead of vasques

  509. he like equal minutes distiributation… like wha the lakers did last night.

  510. I really think Vasques is not good now. Maybe he’s not 100% yet.

  511. So dumb theory. I start to doubt KA game plan will work….smh!

  512. Coach adjust to the strength of his players not the players adjusting to the coach system otherwise it will be a total failure.Lin is already on his prime and he might lose his opportunity to showcase his best attributes as a player.We complained on previous years that Lin wasn’t use to his full potential since he’s not catered to play on his strength,now Lopez is on the same boat with Lin and we already know what would be the ending of this story.

  513. We all agree that Vasquez is washed up..he really does not bring anything to the table.

    He’s too slow to keep PG in front of him
    He’s too slow to get any penetration
    He’s to slow to pull up for a 3PT shot.

    I’d rather give the rookie Whitehead his minutes…Whitehead will make mistake, but he will probably look better than vasquez on defense simply because he’s faster and more athletic.

    Vasquez is cooked up..He’s done…

    As for Scola, I think his minutes should be cut…22 minutes is too much for Scola…Instead, play Scola for 12 minutes and give CMC the rest of is minutes..Scola can knock down a few 3’s when he’s hot, so I wouldn’t completely wipe out his minutes..I’d simply cut it down to half.

    Vasquez minutes needs to be wiped out and be given to Whitehead and Yogi.

  514. motion offense works if you have dynamic 3 point shooters like those 3 and D guys. Else, if you have like drose or somone shooting 3s, for get it. you will lose.

    Nets do not have them. But they have big man who can rebound. So they should use them in the post but they aren’t. He has to adapt . If 10 games in and the motion offense sputters, they should start changing.
    10 games in is 1/8 of the season.

    Problem is I can see Ka thinking 1/8 season is not enough because they are not in habit yet, so they will do this for like 40 games even If they are 10 and 30.

  515. I think Yogi is gone?

  516. Growing pain is to let your best players together on the floor as much time as you can even blown out game. I didn’t see that yesterday.

    Brook at the 3 point line already tells us we lose the battle in the paint.

  517. Their centers focus inside the paint, not the 3 point line.

  518. I don’t see any good in this KA O system either…. KA seems to be not happy w Brook. Worry about Friday’s game. L- I think.

  519. Why is the original post in moderation?

    There’s nothing offensive about it.

  520. I’m with you Brent. Too early in the season to abandoned game plan. I gave Clifford 2.5 months last year before calling him out.

  521. Why is the original post in moderation?

    I happen to agree that I want to see some Lin Lopez action and not this motion offense that only shoots 3s and puts nonpressure on opposing defenses.

  522. He hasn’t been 100% for the last two seasons, he’s not gonna start now.

  523. I expect Lin’s minutes to DECREASE to about 24 mpg.

    Atkinson is trying to beef up Vasquez and Whitehead at Lin’s expense.

  524. How DARE YOU ask legitimate coaching questions that make sense?!!!

  525. The Brook benching to start 3Q is very telling. I think it is political. Brook seemed not that engaged and lost from time to time. I personally feel that a trade is coming. The season just started. Maybe we will have a fresh roster entering 2nd half of the season.

    Hamilton seemed decent. If he can improve his defense, he can be a valuable center complimenting Lin on the offense end.

    Some posters said we need to wait until end of the year to see where this team will head. I kind of understand now. First 20 games to KA, is a trial-error period with Lopez as the political burden. Given Lopez’s status, he should well know that his strength won’t fit in KA’s system, which is backed by GM and the owner for long term goals. He is smart and he knows what that means. The best he can do now, is to shoot more 3s and not to get injured. It is sad, but that is the trend of current NBA.

    Let’s be patient and give Lin and his trusted coach 2 months to gel and improve.

    Battles win and lost, but the victory of war is secured by long term plan.

  526. Teams that win usually have a power center down low.

    Cleveland got LUCKY because they were getting stomped in the playoffs until Draymond Green threw that stupid macho punch that also wore down Andrew Bogut.

  527. I don’t see any short term OR long term plan.

    All I see is Atkinson trying to develop his bad players at the expense of the better players.

    Nothing has changed since preseason.

  528. I feel KA is a very stubborn guy bc he just never made any adjustment in 3Q when big collapse started on every game since preseason. smh!

  529. I sort of agree that they seem to care more about their young players than these vet players….Not sure he will continue to play this system if they really loss 20 games?

  530. I will hold any judgement until the end of the year.

  531. I hope KA can make some adjustment before that…

  532. It’s funny how when Lin was on the bench a lot of people wanted equal opportunity for everyone. Now that Lin is the star, some people want Lin to be the ball hog.

    It’s not communism, it’s called team work. Most of these bench players have not ever been in a position where they are accountable. They’ve been used to being left to the side like useless appendages. Defence is 10% system and 90% heart. Most of these bench guys have atrophied and have no heart to speak of to even care. It takes time to build chemistry and even longer to build character. DEFENCE TAKES A LOT OF CHARCTER. IT TAKES A LOT OF HEART AND DETERMINATION.

    I’m disappointed they lost but I’m also realistic. It took the Cavs a year to gel, just as it too the heat with the big 3 to gel. What makes people think the nets can do it over night. It may well be that players aren’t buying in yet. Sure, Lin can take over like he did with the Knicks, but it cost him a season ending knee injury. I’m going to accept the slow process to weed out the heartless and gutless. I’m going to wait for half a season to see what kind of chemistry they can bring about. Yeah they lost but Lin did get 18pts on over 10 shots. Little steps…little steps.

  533. I think Whitehead should take away Vasquez’s playing time not Lin.

  534. I get the same sens too…even during preseason, I thought it was weird that Lopez never got the chance to play around 25 minutes in any games.

    My sense is they really don’t want him to get injured so they could trade him…Kenny is not even trying to fit him in his system by giving him enough touches.

    benching him was surprising to me given the fact that this is the first game of the season against a strong team…Lopez, albeit the fact that he didn’t get enough touches, did not play well with the touches he got and wasn’t much of a presence defensively.

  535. But I am worry Lin will take less shots on Friday as he said he will give Lopez more shots…. hope not… smh!

  536. You think Lopez will be traded? I feel the same way bc KA seems to be not like him. Lopez didn’t do anything too much on court since preseason.

  537. Okay, just watch half of the game, my impression with the first half

    I really really don’t like RHJ’s defense. Totally don’t get how he get his defensive reputation, but he is not disciplined, come out by himself of left his own man to stop the ball, mess up the rotation, stay ball watching and slow to recover. He also gamble too much and lost his position.

    Also I don’t like that KA was not trusting Lin, Lin had owned IT during preseason, but in 2Q, RHJ was assigned to guard IT instead of Lin, and IT just cross over without a screen.

    Offensively, RHJ constantly play out of control, and trying to do too much, he is not a play maker but trying to be one. If ball is not in his hand, his man just left him and sink in. However, I don’t mind his offense since Lin found him early and he will cut or drive which is good. I really don’t like his defense.

    Starting pre-season, RHJ has been the focus, Lin has been force feeding him a lot, and he did improved, but his defense wasn’t good, totally live on his reputation, and he play defense out of the system. I somehow feel he was the one cause the starters constantly in a defensive scramble. As he go after the ball, left his teammate to rotate to cover his man, and he don’t really rotate to help his teammates. Even Bojan had a bad reputation in defense, at least he play within the system, and I trust Bojan a lot more than RHJ.

  538. for questions 1-2: Atkinson has JUST started playing with Lin, he is getting to know him and his game. 3) yes it does, there is no defense, its all run and gun. 4)yep…KA must be on some kind of hallucinogen drug,.

  539. we all know the saying: No Lin No Win! Unfortunately, KA doesn’t know it yet. It took Steve Clifford 2 months into the season to realize it, and it will probably take KA a similar amount of time.

  540. some of us have been saying all of this for some time but you sum it up here quite well; in sum the rhj defensive star story is just another false narrative to find some justification to keep playing some one who is an offensive liability despite “athleticism” do to complete abscence of any facsimile of a shot: “oh but he’s a defensive star”.

  541. “a little bit is better than nada/sometimes you want the whole enchilada” –augie meyer

    more than half of the time since a few days in new yawk a few years ago lin has been playing little minutes getting little shots scoring an avg of 11 points a game.

    here he plays most minutes of anyone on the team, takes what 14 shots!!! (he only took 8 in the preseason) and scores 18.

    one of the nets daily round table posters said 17 pts would get him in the all star game. so

    even tho there are obvious red flags, compared to what has been, ill take it. (for now).

  542. well, RHJ got his defensive reputation last season, which is no surprise, since no one play defense last season, and his energy would stand out. However, he was a rookie and was not well coached last season as he would try to stop the ball, but ignore his own assignment. Maybe I should say playing a hero ball defensively.

    Then this season he spend all his energy trying to improve his offense, which will for sure drop off his defensive effort. He is not playing within himself.

    On the contrary, Booker was really good, he do a lot of small things that don’t show up on stats to help his teammate, and he would still shine here and there offensively. His passing is underrated, you don’t get that many assist without a good passing skill and a good vision. He is a smart player, I really really like him.

  543. Jun Liu’ highlights always best..

  544. No, it is not funny, because your observation is not correct. It is not “Lin was on the bench a lot of people wanted equal opportunity for everyone.”, I think Lin fans has always wanted the team to play the better player.

    Lin fans say that when team play Beverley, Price over Lin, Lin fans say that when team play Halimton, RHJ over Lopez and Bojan/Joe. It is just happens that it correlates with Lin starting or from bench, but bottom line, we want the team play the better player, not go with some kind of agenda.

  545. I have a feeling KA try to prove to people that he is da man. Try to show people that he is thinking out side of the box ever since preseason. It was a sign for not playing Lin and Brook more to build chemistry during preseason. Trying to be different and the results was bad. We might have a locker room issue very soon as well.

    If KA don’t change his coaching style then it is going to be another long season for us JLin’s fans. For now KA is only slight better than BS.

  546. Ohhh and Bojan is a super ball hog.

  547. It all depends on what people think is a “win”. I’m happy that Lin is doing well within the system he said given.

    Winning a few more games is a bit like mortgaging the house while still living. You can either go short term and pay it down quick or spread it out over 30 years. Most teams don’t even do that. They never build towards the future and just live from pay check to pay check and have nothing to show for it in the end. The question is balance. Build a team for the future that could win the championship or don’t invest in the team and win as much as you can with your stars. I’d like them to win 45 games this year but will that mean not giving enough time for the weak bench to develop. Once you start putting things off, somehow things never get done.

    I’m more of the type that would want the team to build towards the future. Nets aren’t going to win this year anyways. Let’s build like the Spurs.

  548. KA was going to play Lin 32 minutes last night but they were getting blown out so he pulled the starters. The reason I say this is he played Lin 8 minutes in the first Q then he sat out 8 minutes and played last 8 minutes in 2nd Q. He was doing the same thing in the 3rd Q – 8 min in then out until around 8 min left in game. The problem with this plan is that he didn’t adjust to the game flow. When Lin got hot in the 3rd Q he took him out because he had played 8 minutes. How inflexible and dumb is that? Oh well he’s a rookie coach hopefully he’ll learn.

  549. so far in my book its mda, cliff, KA, Woodson, Mchale and then byron

  550. Yes agenda is the key word. Purpose is agenda. It may not be an exact correlation but it does have some basis. The fact remains that had the other teams chosen a different agenda, Lin would have played more and developed more.

    What we have here is a different agenda with a purpose to elevate everyone. Playing the “better” player has been “elitist”. Agenda was used to use this elitist system to put Lin down by making excuses to keep the ball in the select few players hand. By trying to elevate everyone, they are deliberately mortgaging the present for the future. It’s an agenda to build a stronger team for next season, to accept the growing pains now.

    ITS A DIFFERENT ATTITUDE AND PURPOSE, a purpose that would have elevated Lin had that system been in place in Houston, Charlotte, and LA.

  551. You can try to grow this bunch all you want but without new players, this Nets team is not going to go deep in playoff, even after 2 years. Best we can hope for is Lin getting his stats by playing 32+ minutes. But I think in this system Lin will average 28 to 30 minutes.

  552. I think he will not play near or over 30 min per game for sure w this system. I agree they will not go deep in this system. smh!

  553. You have this team in the playoffs? I’m in assessing mode, and will be for at least a third of the season. I offer no predictions. But improvements on both ends, especially defense, is needed for them to be more competitive. That’s as far as I’ll go. I really don’t understand how posters are picking how many wins this team can have. There’s not enough real information yet. I’m trying to figure out how Brook Lopez is going to start playing like himself, he’s an essential part of the team.

  554. I dont worry about his minutes but the system.. I think lin will play around 34mins.. If coach doesnt do that, GM and owner will force him to play him more…

  555. yeah i think bookers a keeper.

  556. i don’t know why the nets are hanging onto vasquez – he is not an asset at all – he’s been injured for months now and still isnt contributing at all – how long sd they pretend that he is still viable – dump the guy now

  557. i think that brook isnt interested tbh – he is definitely not rushing around – like hamilton harris booker and lin – and when foye is there and even scola – they are rushing around – brook and even bog not that interested tbh. dont bother abt vasquez – he is sad to say deadwood

  558. Hold on, let me stop you there. Did he ever complain|?

  559. everyone aren’t equally skilled…Every system must adjust to players’s strength and some players are more skillful than others.

    Trying to run a system which allows equal shots for everybody is a recipe for disaster, unless you truly believe no one is good enough to prioritize getting him more touches.

    Under the motion offense, you need good shooters at every position with the exception being center…But under the starting-5, Booker and RHJ can’t shoot, so how can you justify running a system that pass it around like the spurs with some of the players that can’t shoot.

  560. the issue is if any of the people want to actually come to the nets. ed davis is very happy in portland – tyson chandler is 34 and not as good as before so hard to say – yes definitely very al jefferson – is brook – quite surprising as i thought he was better but seeing him play – he is not an asset either. i think it is all about attitude – either he wants to play or he doesnt – or maybe his skills are just lacking

  561. so happy for clarkson

  562. foye is too – harris and hamilton also

  563. Maybe after loss few games…. But so far, I think GM & Owner all agreed w what coach did on court.

  564. a super ball hog that MAKES SHOTS

    in other words, a STAR

  565. I have changed my mind on Booker, he’s getting in shape and producing more.

    But RHJ is REGRESSING – he is the MAIN reason why the starters cannot defend.

  566. Actually Atkinson cares more about the broken down old vets than the young players.

  567. But Atkinson DIDN’T play Lin 32 minutes.

    If anything, Atkinson yanked Lin out after realize Lin was in there too long.

  568. That’s not how it’ll play out.


  569. Simply switching out Foye and RHJ and Vasquez for Harris, Bogdanovic, and Whitehead while playing Lin and Lopez actual starter minutes would EASILY put the Nets in the playoffs.

  570. Booker is producing exactly the way a good solid bench forward should be producing – which means he stinks against starters and does well against bench opponents.

  571. Harris showed significant defensive fight yesterday, Hamilton WILL start to defend better as he gets more experience and conditioning.

    Foye and RHJ, they are regressing on both ends of the court and not improving.

  572. My guess is they will trade Lopez unless a miracle happen and Lopez starts hitting a lot of 3PT shots and Nets starts winning a lot of games.

    The fact that they wouldn’t let him play good minutes during preseason and proceed with the first regular season game by only giving him 21 minutes.

    Lopez is known to be injury-prone, so they are probably well aware of that because if he gets hurt, they can’t trade him..and this may be the reason why they don’t want to give him starter’s minutes.

  573. RHJ is the Patrick Beverley of small forwards:

    can’t score, can’t pass, can’t dribble, can’t rebound, and worst of all CAN’T DEFEND.

    RHJ is wildly overrated, he is the main reason the Nets starters cannot stop opponents.

  574. I do think he plays hard and has energy but he’s very indiscipline offensively and defensively.

    At this point, the only reason he’s starting is because the Nets drafted him a year ago and they need to justify that pick, but I’d think that since he wasn’t drafted by Marks, he may be bench soon if he doesn’t justify his starting spot.

  575. that’s a bit too much..
    KA is not only slight better than BS.. you joking right? BS is basically not existent. BS will NEVER start lin. BS will NEVER let lin play long minute and through mistakes.

    If in your terms slightly better, then why not have BS as the coach. I dare you. Slightly better is no difference than the same.

    I can tell you this. Sometimes I can see KA telling lin to just see what you do.. instead of doing the motion offense. He did that with the knicks preseason.. when lin went off at 2nd half.

  576. Uhhh, actually Byron Scott started Lin plenty and played Lin more minutes than Lin is currently getting.

    There’s no difference between them in terms of how they don’t want Lin to ever shoot and how they’re trying to prop up other players at Lin’s expense.

    The only true difference is that Byron Scott targeted only Lin for racial reasons and spared other players while Atkinson targets Lin but spares no one else!!!

  577. Everyone is on the ‘wait n see’ mode, but the clock is ticking for these players (Lin, Lopez & Booker) who are in their prime…

  578. foye booker harris hamilton lin rhj scola and kirkpatrick and bog maybe the best bet – and i think playoffs will be too tricky to even think abt right now – i just feel that vasquez and even brook need to go

  579. idk why Disqus put it in moderation.
    Disqus is weird sometimes so I approved it

  580. Definitely NOT Brook Lopez – he is the heart and soul of the Nets and will drop 20 ppg in under 30 mpg as soon as he’s put back in the post and given actual plays that move the other 3 guys out of his way.

    Vasquez needs to go, so does Foye.

    Any guard shooting under 30% in extended minutes should RETIRE like Kobe Bryant just did.

  581. Great job, psalm234!

  582. If starting Lin only 30 games out of the season is plenty, and then benching him for Ronnie Price/rookie Jordan Clarkson then sure.

    Lin averaged 25.8 mpg in the regular season for the Lakers. Last night he played 28, and I suspect he would have played even more had they stuck with the regular rotations in the 4th during a close game.

    Atkinson was right next to Lin during Linsanity and knows what he can do. I have no concerns about Lin not getting on the court. I also have no issues with the Nets offense, they scored 117 points on a mediocre night of 3 pt shooting with guys who would not be starting or breaking into rotations of playoff teams. Their real problems come from their inability to defend and secure rebounds.

  583. a ballhog that lose the ball in the process; a ballhog who believes he can create play for himself; a ballhog that only see the basket and basket only!

  584. this was what i am referring a while ago when KA subbed Lin during the 3rd quarter….

  585. I worry about the system AND the minutes.

    Lin likely will lose minutes next game, get down to 24.

  586. And a “ballhog” that scored 20+ points in just over 20 minutes.

    What, you don’t like All Star level scoring outbursts?

  587. Atkinson was not head coach during Linsanity.

    Right now, Atkinson is trying to create Vasquezsanity with a hobbled old player who isn’t even playing hard.

    Atkinson is robbing Lin’s minutes to prop up Vasquez.

  588. how may 3’s was that?6 shots made and how many attempt?
    with no defense to add!

  589. Whitehead is terrible. He looked bad in summer league and preseason. Just because he had a few good minutes last night doesn’t change the fact he can’t run a team and he can’t shoot very well.

    You’re also not right about Lin’s minutes. Watch and see.

  590. we know JLin almost never complains 🙂 Only if things go really wrong that he would make a stand on it

    The closest one that I remember was when he and Carlos Boozer expressed in a post-game interview that one person (Kobe) can’t shoot too much after a loss at GSW in the Lakers season (Game 10). Boozer mentioned Kobe’s name but Lin didn’t.

    After that Kobe’s mentoring attitude toward JLin changed. In Game 20, both Boozer and Lin were benched.

  591. Play Foye as backup PG. Whitehead is simplyt NOT READY and needs time in “D” league

  592. Vasquez played the least minutes last night out of all the regular rotation players (18 minutes). Skil, Scola, Harris, and Hamilton all played more than he did off the bench. If anyone’s minutes is getting robbed, it’s Lopez, who played less time than 4 bench guys.

    Lin played the MOST minutes out of ANY Nets player last night. If Atkinson is trying to keep Lin off the floor, he’s sure doing a poor job.

  593. That’s because nash was out.. Lin was not BS’s first choice.. and lin’s first time ever dnp-cd since before linsnaity. This is KA’s first real game. Lots to confirm or disconfirm later.

  594. maybe Vasquez is their in the plan to be trade during trading time later.

  595. Few points I want to make here.
    1) The way Coach Kenny limiting Brook’s minutes and playing style is perplexing. Brook is already 28 years old, and he lacks foot speed and athleticism. I don’t like him getting the ball at the 3pt line and attempting dribble drives. Why not let Brook set the drag screen in transition and pick and roll right away? Keeping an eye out on Kenny’s stubborn attitude
    2) Vasquez need to sit until his health is 100%. Scola’s role needs to be adjusted based on match up. Scola got shut down vs the more athletic Celtics. Younger players like Whitehead and CMC are flawed, but they at least have the capacity to make defensive plays.

    3) Lin got hit by 2 quick fouls in the first quarter and combine that with KA’s strict substitution rotation, I felt that Lin had trouble getting into his groove. KA letting Lin play with 2 fouls was kind of strange, and then I realized KA is robotically setting his substitutions. He should really let his assistants help him with that, Kenny should make decisions off game flow. Coach was also stubborn getting Lin back on the court in the 4th quarter. I felt that coach was sending the wrong message letting Bojan chuck up shots. I understand, coach should reward good play, but In my opinion, the 4th quarter come back was partly due to Celtics players wanting to pad their stats and got sloppy. Not entirely the result of Whitehead and CMC defensive ability.

    So, Nets have a lot to overcome this season, internally and externally. The clock is ticking.

  596. Why? It’s home game KA sure wants to get a W…. I hope he’s not really thinking these young players will give him the W…

  597. Pretty sure almost everyone was asking the same question in their mind after seeing Lin made 2 consecutive 3s and about to go off! Thought KA knew Lin is a rhythm player. In last night game, Lin just couldn’t get into rhythm early when he had to pass the ball first on almost every possession and never to see it return to him. And when it did, it was last secs of the possession…

  598. I can only hope you are right which I really wish I was wrong. But KA has been disappointed ever since 1st preseason game…..

  599. how many time did kenny retract his previous statement and comments about how Jlin plays after watching the tape? he needs to get away with his stubbornness too in order to clear up his decision making (well i am just guessing on this) if Kenny wants development first, it can be done while winning and winning because his decision was precise and vouched by what he preached!

    to be clear, i still believe kenny can make this team competitive, but with the way it is going, its a hard road to travel!

  600. KA didn’t want to win??? I really think he is not good or smart at all. smh!

  601. of course, kenny wants to win and win big also..its just that right now his blunder were so clear and magnified .

  602. Deciding player minutes before the game and sticking to it even though the game flow demands a change is amateurish. He took out Lin in the 3rd Q after Lin got hot only because he had played his 8 minutes that quarter. Really poor coaching. He is a rookie coach so we have to give him some leeway but I hope he doesn’t stick to this robotic script.

  603. Right now, we’re giving him the benefit of the doubt as the first-year NBA coach. But if he continues to go down this path, then either his stubbornness or incompetence will catch up with him. Once again, I feel sorry for Lin and Lopez including Booker. These guys are in their prime. KA is not tailoring “his system” to elevate or highlight their strengths as he stated in his preseason interviews…Actually, this current system is helping ‘ball hog’ shooters to keep on shooting w/o fear of retribution.

  604. Hello, I can’t post as guest here anymore? They seem to go into limbo.

  605. I see Disqus software automatically put a lot of ‘guest’s post into the Spam folder.
    I’m not sure why.

    Sometimes Disqus can act up when they released code update for new features.

  606. All your post are under spam, most likely due to your email name….Disqus moves it to spam

  607. i cringe while watching whenever out of the blue one nets suddenly shoots a 3 without any sense or reason or goal.

    I believe motion offense meant to have the ball move with a serious goal in mind and play, not just passing the ball and when a certain period of time, the one who hold the ball last on that cue needs to shoot or try to make play for himself as what i was watching during their initial game as well as their preseason.

    its evident they have no plays at all, and i can see Jlin being frustrated by this as he stand again on the baseline watching others shoot whimsically.(or hoggishly???if there’s a word like that..LOL!)

  608. It’s from Howard Beck. Give him some RT & Click.

  609. yeah happened to me earlier for it was asking me to verify my account..i just logged out and logged in again..solved my problem.

  610. My antenna was raised immediately in the first few minutes of the preseason game 1, when I saw Lin brought up the ball, passed, then stood in the corner three. I was hoping that was a brief exercise but it has gone on for 7 games (1 regular season + 6 preseason games) and still counting… in which I hope not!

  611. What do you suggest I do here?

  612. i found this one right now….pls comment:
    “If Atkinson had one concern, it was that Lin might expect the same
    pick-and-roll-heavy system that helped launch Linsanity. Atkinson is
    using a motion offense patterned after Atlanta’s.”
    i never watch atlantas game except it was against jeremy team so i don’t understand the pattern ofmotion offense here.

  613. either post as MKL or change your email address instead of naming it as guest

  614. Thank you for sharing the article.

    I know many of us are not pleased with the Celtics game last night, perhaps we should give the new Atkinson-Lin alliance a fair chance to develop. Be patient, fellow Lin fans. Let’s not attack/condemn coach KA after his very first game as a NBA coach. It is a long season, there are still 81 games to go.

    Lin: “He (KA) knows I came here to take on this challenge with him,” Lin told B/R, “And deep down inside, I know that when he got this job, the first thing he wanted to do was come and get me. We’re in this together. And we’re deeply embedded in this challenge.”

    Howard Beck: Friendship can’t win an NBA game. But trust and loyalty can go a long way. So the Nets will start there.

  615. Thanks…this throw much more perspective…the relation and trust Jeremy and Kenny has on each other

  616. This was the pregame for last night’s game. I don’t think most people were able to watch it. Worth a watch because it has several interviews with Lin:

  617. Nice article. Howard Beck was there when Linsanity happened and he’s very good.

    If anything, this whole thing isn’t gonna happen overnight. I’m going to give Kenny a chance to show what he’s got.

    I really hope there’s a plan behind how he’s handling Lopez, though. It seems odd. But there’s got to be a reason for what’s going on there.

  618. yes, great anecdotes revealing how their learned to trust each other when they were still nobodies 🙂
    They’re like real friends who are real stubborn but can comfortably say things to each other

  619. i like the story about the paper with plays on it scribbled by jlin and handed to Kenny that time, and to think kenny still has that paper!

  620. Great story on how Lin& Kenny’s bond were forged in 2012
    “We were both nobodies,” Atkinson says now with a chuckle.

    Lin arrived on Dec. 27, 2011, via the waiver wire and was penciled into the depth chart behind Toney Douglas, Iman Shumpert and Mike Bibby. With no hope of a rotation spot, he was assigned to Atkinson.

    “We were both nobodies,” Atkinson says now with a chuckle.

    Atkinson knew nothing of Lin. But two things struck him immediately: Lin’s athleticism (better than expected) and his drive (off the charts).

    “Super competitive,” Atkinson said.
    Lin noticed something in Atkinson immediately, too.
    “Passion,” he said. “You can’t fake passion. … When we see someone who’s extremely passionate about what they do, we as players who love the game are drawn towards that.”

    They met every morning at the Knicks’ suburban training center, Atkinson driving in from Pleasantville, New York, Lin from his brother’s couch on the Lower East Side.

    Most mornings, Lin would be the first player to arrive, around 9 a.m. Most mornings, Atkinson would have already been there for three hours.

    “I was like, ‘What did you do all morning?'” Lin recalled, laughing. “He was like, ‘Oh, I watched the game twice, I watched this other game, and I did some film, and I wrote down your workout for today.'”

  621. great article!

  622. A lot of people are quick to judge, quick to anger, and extremely reactionary. Marks, Kenny, Lin, Brook, the entire Nets team know this is going to be a process. Although I wasn’t happy at all with the bad moves Kenny made and didn’t make last night, I’m also very cognisant of the team’s goals and realistic with the talent level this Nets team has.

  623. This is a terrific article. Answers a lot of questions about motivations and the back stories. And KA kept that envelope with the plays! Wild! Wonderful. After the pre-season and this first game, it looks like a real uphill slog in Brooklyn. We tiger fans may very well remain unsatisfied considering our hunger to have Jeremy shine like a supernova…but after reading this I don’t think it’s possible to doubt Atkinson’s respect and value towards Jeremy, whatever some may be wondering about his ultimate coaching skills.

  624. Thanks for mentioning the article. I found this section instructive …

    If Atkinson had one concern, it was that Lin might expect the same pick-and-roll-heavy system that helped launch Linsanity. Atkinson is using a motion offense patterned after Atlanta’s. But Lin proved a willing student once again. The ball might be in his hands less. The stats might not reach the heights of Linsanity. But he is settling in nicely.

    “He understands there’s a lot of different ways to play,” Atkinson said. “I think that’s pretty cool, the maturity of understanding that.”

    They have been together for just four months, but Lin said he and Atkinson have spoken more in that time than Lin did in his entire two years with McHale or his one season with Scott.

    “There’s definitely a special bond,” Atkinson said. “It’s beyond coach-player. It’s respect, but friendship really.”

  625. I have to say if Lin didn’t go to Rox to learn play off the ball he will be like Lopez now. Can’t fit into this system.

  626. Perhaps it is not uncommon that the Nets star players, Brook and Lin, both have a problem to fit into the Atkinson’s system. Anyway, the first game has a lot for the team to learn; how to succeed and the reasons that they failed in their defense.

  627. This quote is antithesis to what KA had said in preseason, “players dictate the system”, knowing that Lin is one of the best pnr players. When I watched the Hawks games playing against Charlotte under HC Budenholzer, I saw Dennis Schroder had some freedom to make plays and attack the rim…They have had talents on their team like 3pt specialist, Korver, Milsap, and rim protector, Horford (moved to Celtics), Splitter, etc. Everyone on the team knew their role, and did pass for a better bucket, not just for the sake of passing, and they did played defense. That’s why it was working for the Hawks…

  628. Atlanta played tons of post up and pick and roll, so I don’t see any similarities between Atlanta and Brooklyn’s offense.

  629. Great article.


    their relationship has changed because Atkinson and Lin’s jobs have changed.

    Atkinson is a terrific player development coach, but he’s gotta realize he’s now a NBA head coach who needs to worrying about trying to elevate hopeless nonperforming players at the expense of performing players.

  630. I like KA a lot because he was a key person in developing Lin before Linsanity and he believed enough in Lin to bring him to the Nets as their starting point guard. Both things are huge and Lin I’m sure is very grateful to KA. I’m hoping that he is going to improve substantially as a head coach.
    Lopez was their leading scorer last year at 20 points a game yet the coach has not made any effort to incorporate him into the offense except to shoot 3 pointers. You must adjust your offense and defense based upon the personnel you have. So far I have not seen this.
    The only reason Foye did not start last night was because he was injured. This is another example of playing a system that does not fit your personnel. Last year Foye made 30% of his 3 pointers and in preseason he made 27% yet the offense they are running is heavily dependent on shooting 3’s but only one starter is a decent 3 point shooter.
    I’m REALLY hoping KA improves or he may be replaced. Then who knows what might happen to Lin?

  631. Both star players of the Nets, Brook and Lin, have problems fitting into Atkinson’s system. This is as much as I can say now for the Nets. How does Atkinson deal with this? Is it just like what the media expects, trading away their star players; Brook first, of course?

    Does it really solve their problems? I doubt it very much. Just hope that the Nets eventually finds their ways to win a basketball game.

  632. I liked the way Bogdanovic was MAKING shots.

    Part of the reason Lin could score 18 points in only 27 minutes was because Bogdanovic was opening up the court for Lin by scoring.

    Bogdanovic is like the Nets version of Nick Young: deadly All Star level shooter who siphons defenses away from Lin.

  633. I think only Brook has problem ‘fitting’ in right now. Lin is adjusting as best as he can w/o the ball in his hands. He’s not allowed to be the floor general like we had thought.

  634. Yes Lin will have a problem if Atkinson pulls him out every time he gets hot shooting 3s.

  635. Atkinson needs to get out of player development mode and simply let his pet project in Lin PLAY.

  636. True. It’s not going to work if KA keeps sticking to his prescripted PT distribution and does not allow Lin to go w/ his instincts.

  637. Lin actually doesn’t have any problems fitting into this system. Lin is too experienced and versatile of a player due to being forced into every role and system from previous teams. He was double teamed and trapped by one of the top defensive teams on their home court last night, but still scored 18 points. That’s pretty impressive.

    Brook can fit this system too, but Kenny will have to stop forcing Brook to stay at the 3-point line. Motion offense should not be the primary offensive scheme for the starting lineup. It can be used in conjunction with PnR as the primary weapon. Kenny needs to adjust his system to Brook and Lin, not Brook having to adjust to Kenny’s system.

  638. As I see it, Atkinson is pulling the team away from the strength of Brook and Lin.

  639. I agree that Kenny needs to adjust his system to his players. Right now both Brook and Lin are paying for the rest of the team playing below the level that they could.

  640. Lin’s only problem is trying to get Brook involved, other than that, Lin is okay. Brook is freeze out. He had the lowest touches on the team. He was not even get to touch the ball.

  641. He’s doing this because he wants the entire TEAM to be involved with the offense… which is what we saw last night. He wants to give everybody touches, shots, and playtime. Kenny is too generous and too kind with his players. This is not what an NBA head coach should be doing if their goal is to win games, especially when they have 2 dominant PnR players on the team.

    I suspect Kenny’s plan that he keeps talking about, is to first establish team unity and cohesion… at the cost of playtime and running the PnR with Brook-Lin. Kenny knows he has to get all players to buy into his system FIRST, before worrying about winning and handing Lin the keys to his offense. This won’t sit well with us Lin fans and most Nets fans, but this is most likely his plan. From what Brook said in an interview yesterday with the NY Post and what Lin has been saying the past few weeks, Kenny has already communicated with them on what his plan is. He’s just not telling the rest of us and the rest of this league.

  642. How long can Brook and Lin put up with this way of playing basketball, being a non factor just like what Brook Lopez is doing now?

  643. They will keep communicating with Kenny about it. Kenny is not an egomaniac nor a coach that doesn’t speak truthfully with his players. That’s what the Nets players appreciate about him and what makes him so different than most other head coach in the NBA.

    I’m sure if Brook and Lin are unhappy with Kenny’s plan and it’s not working out, they’ll talk to him about it. I doubt Kenny will be a stubborn hothead and stick with his failed plan if it’s not working. Just give them time to work this out. Like I keep saying, it’ll take at least 1-2 months for this team to gel and for Kenny to figure out what works and doesn’t work. I’d say by November, we’ll see what this Nets team can really do.

  644. Lin had an okay night and still put up 18 with a team that was double teaming him all night because no other net is a scoring threat aside from bojan.. that screams super star to me

  645. Plus lins usage rate was not great he disnt have thatt many touches tbh..

  646. Actually, 5 Nets players were in double digit scoring last night: Bog, JHam, Lin, Harris, Kilpatrick.

    Nets have plenty of scoring threats. The problem is their team defense, not offense.

  647. Lin had plenty of touches. It’s just that Kenny wanted to give touches and shots to everybody else as well. Lin was the most used player on the Nets though.

  648. Lin should be taking 20 shots a night on this team

  649. For REAL team unity and unselfishness to happen, the Nets MUST start with Lopez and Lin and let everybody else live off them.

    Right now Lopez is being frozen out the way Atkinson fears for lesser players.

  650. He will eventually. It’s not realistic to demand Lin shoot 20 times last night when the Celtics were double teaming him and trapping him all night. That’d be stupid. Lin shot when he was open and passed the ball to his teammates when they trapped him… exactly what a good PG should be doing.

    You take advantage of what the opposing defense gives you, not what you personally think is best to pad your own stats. Lin understands this. Hopefully fans will too.

  651. Some of us are already tired of this system. Nets getting killed on NBA radio for Brook getting so little touches. Also some snickering “playing 2000 guys 20 minutes each like it’s summer league.”

    Maybe Atkinson is trying to please all his players. When you try to please everyone, you please no one.

  652. Excellent article. It’s obvious that KA was the SOLE reason Lin came to this awful nets team. Lin values relationships and has a strong gravitation to people he can trust. It is the reason he has stuck with roger montgomery (his agent) for his entire career, why he has a strong preference for KA and MDA. However one must ask whether Lin made the correct decision by following his emotions instead of been being more rational. I think we can all agree that if it weren’t for KA, Lin would be on the Pelicans and be in a strong position to head into the playoffs. On this nets team, it annoys me that I probably won’t be seeing Lin in the playoffs this year, or the next and likely even the year after that.

    Lin made a rational decision about joining the hornets the previous offseason, his career was on the line after the disaster in LA and so Lin couldn’t afford to make the wrong decision.

    On the other hand, joining the nets stinks of emotional decision making. He did not even wait a single day in free agency before making his decision.

    Whatever the case, I will still continue to watch Lins game even if I’m disappointed.

  653. You try to please everyone. You please no one. You really make it miserable when the losing continues.

  654. On NBA radio Lin is already getting blame for not getting Lopez touches. Lin is the pg so he will get the blame. Lin being labeled a shoot first pg. In other words a pg that doesn’t pass. So false. Kenny making Lopez and Lin look bad.

  655. Umm… no. The Nets fed Brook and Thad Young all game, every game last year and look how that turned out. Brook got his numbers, but the Nets was a pitiful team last year.

    Team unity is giving everyone touches, not just the team’s best players. I do think Kenny needs to adjust his system though. It’s way too motion heavy and not nearly enough PnR. It should be the other way around, but that’s not what Kenny’s plan is. Like I said, he wants to establish team unity and cohesion first, then worry about winning and unleashing Brook-Lin.

  656. They lost 1 game. Nets have the same record Warriors have. I doubt they’re mad about losing a close game against one of the better teams in this league on their home court last night.

  657. Who cares what NBA radio says? The media will always criticize Lin for everything he does and doesn’t do. Actual Lin fans and Nets fans all know Lin played a good game last night.

  658. I’m thankful that Lin’s knee was fine after the collision with #12 Terry Rozier. That could’ve been a lot worse.
    Did anyone remember when this happened and if he got pulled not long after?

    I’m confident the prayers and well-wishes can only help with JLin’s health.
    Let’s keep it up. Health is never underrated in the NBA.

    @Loveforlife0323: Jeremy @JLin7, I hope your right knee is just fine and nothing serious… Looks like it being hit quite hard ?

  659. Lopez seems like a nice guy. I hope he is not too nice. Need him to put pressure on ka to really play him.

  660. Lin got hurt on 3 plays last night. Good thing none of them were injuries. Boston played very physical and tough against Lin last night.

  661. Excellent point Kugan. You are right about KA in that regard but I think your labelling him to much. I’m sure he knows his role as HC is different than as PDC and he might be making some adjustments. I don’t blame him for yesterday’s game. He pulled the starters because the nets were being blown out. It was a standard coaching decision in my opinion.

  662. Disagree.

    Not only were the Nets a far less talented team last year, but NOT feeding Young and Lopez would have meant that the Nets would have had ZERO offensive production.

    In fact, the mentality of freezing Lopez out got Lionel Hollins mercifully fired last season.

    Running the offense through Lin and Lopez will actually GENERATE touches for other players.

    Instead, the Nets are running their offense through proven failures other than Lin. And it’s freezing out Lopez to the point that Atkinson has actually CREATED the very kind of freezout situation he was trying to avoid in the first place!!!

  663. I think you hit the nail on the head.

    Kenny wants the team to buy into his system first; maybe at the cost of losing in the first 10-15 games.
    It can still work if Brook is also involved; he mentioned using post-up, PnR as variation to keep the defense guessing which we saw briefly but not enough. I think Kenny will definitely make adjustment to add touches to Brook.

  664. A lot of it is “embellishment”. He has to sell the foul to fool the refs…unfortunately it backfires and fans and the coach become concerned as well

  665. Lopez is already talking to Atkinson.

    We’ll see what (doesn’t) happen.

  666. But if there was a game when Lin was needed to shoot 20 times, last night especially in crunchtime was it.

    Simply leaving Lin out there for typical starter minutes would easily have gotten Lin those necessary shots.

  667. I hope so .. If yes, then Lin has mastered Harden’s artistry to connect to the ref’s reflex to blow the whistle lol

    There was contact although Rozier should be the one absorbing most of the impact. Sometimes it’s hard to assess the impact

  668. After reading the recent article, I want KA and Lin to succeed more than ever. However, KA needs to make it easy on himself– he needs incorporate Lin’s input sooner than later. I’m very impressed to know that Lin handed KA the drawing of four offenses while he was still a ‘fourth string backup’ according to the article… That’s a winner mentality and a command of leadership quality…

  669. Kenny will have to adjust to Brook soon because the media and fans will eat him alive if he keeps benching Brook and parking him at the 3-point line. For now, he’s sticking with his plan.

  670. It is the one useful skill he learned while playing on the rockets.

    I think Lin is fine, this knee pads look like they absorb most of the impact

  671. Brad Stevens is definitely a smart coach who knows he needs to stop Lin by trapping him to give up the ball and let others try to beat them. KA needs to run some plays to free up Lin and Brook the next time they play the Celtics.

  672. The problem is, Nets don’t have many players who can create for themselves and for other players. They also don’t have many players who can handle the ball well.

    Watching Greivis get hurt again (he wrapped his ankle up and sat out most of the game after the first half) was very worrisome. I feel bad for him. He wants to compete and play well, but his body might not be allowing him to play up to his potential. I’ve said many times that Vasquez is the key to this Nets team winning a lot of games. They desperately need a 2nd high quality playmaker and ballhandler besides Lin.

  673. “Kugan?”


    Next time, call me “Kugel”. That’s the name of the family that lived across the street from me when I was a kid – and the dad David was Berni Madoff’s chief financial guy who was thrown in jail!

    If Atkinson can somehow figure out that his scoring stars are the keys to winning, then the Nets can turn around QUICK.

  674. Correct as usual.

    The Nets took a calculated gamble on Vasquez, and it’s not working out. That happens in the NBA.

    Hopefully the Nets youngsters will improve enough to take Vasquez’s place.

  675. I credit Boston’s defense and Brad Steven’s coaching schemes. They put Bradley on Lin, and Lin drew fouls on Bradley. But they also put bigger guys on Lin and trap and doubled him a lot. They contained Lin. Lin getting 18/3 is containing him. Brook, I don’t know. He’s not being utilized to his strengths. I don’t know what Atkinson’s plan is for Brook. Lin is fine.

  676. Read this Post article:

    Brook said it’s like limiting his pitches in a baseball game. For some reason, Kenny wants Brook fresh for mid to late season, to “build him up,” so they’re limiting his minutes and touches.

    It doesn’t make any sense to us fans, but it makes sense to Kenny. Brook said they talked about this a lot and that Brook is fine with Kenny’s plan. Fans and the media won’t be fine with it though.

  677. Lol on KA, he thinks Lin is Stockton and Malone? Lin and Brook need time to build chemistry, he didn’t do it in the preseason and now he wants to wait till mid season? This dude is a joke.

  678. Nets will be 0 and 10 if j lin continues bringing up the ball pass it to someone else then run to the corner.

  679. Let’s see how 10 games go and then we can see what happens.

  680. Wt….is he talking about? the game needs to adjust to max out Brook, not the other way around.

  681. That’s why I said Cliff is better. Just look at how Cliff has made a role for Al last year. Yes they are more up tempo and shooting more 3s, but yet Cliff still able to find a role for Al and it was working. Al came in the game as an instant low post threat and also slow down the game and change the tempo of the game when the up tempo offense waSN’T not working under certain situationS or against certain teams.

  682. Bring in George Karl pls….

  683. KA is pretty firm on his own opinion so Brook has to follow his instruction.

  684. Dumb one so far.

  685. Ya! Don’t get why….?

  686. Rookie head coach trying to prove a point, try to showing people he is thinking out side of the box. Develop young players in the season opener is worst than tanking. Boston must have been already looking at who they should draft with their top 3 picks from the Nets….

  687. Hopefully Lin will establish himself as a NBA starting point guard before KA gets the axe.

    Don’t want to prematurely judge KA as he has time to learn but I’m not liking what I’ve seen so far

  688. Bc KA made it a big deal when he mentioned it after game 1. The media regurgitates what a HC usually says. That’s why when I heard KA said that I knew that was not a good move and it shows that he’s still a rookie regarding to dealing w/ the media.

  689. chill guys, need to read b/r article on jlin and kenny. i’s posted at the other side. it gave me a different prospective in regards to kenny. very good read…

  690. I hope THAT’S the plan – to get the rest of the guys buying into the system at the expense of couple games… Honestly, I think it’s a good plan. I rather them make the mistakes now and improve upon it versus later into the season. The Only chance for success is Team success (but JLin7 will still get his All-stars stat). I do like what coach is doing As Long It’s Only for 10+ games. I don’t mind BrookLin has to take a backseat right now but this can’t be the Real Deal when November comes around.

  691. my bad, it’s actually posted below…

  692. Do you know Sean Marks middle name?
    It’s ‘Spurs’ . KA is from Pops tree. Pop budenholzer in atl and KA
    Sean would hire pop or budenholzer or himself as coach. KA is a surrogate of pop budenholzer Brett brown etc
    This is KA mandate to install the spurs motion O . The loss is muted slightly bc the offense is being installed . Was last night off balance? Absolutely. But did they look spurs like yes
    So what about Jeremy ? He needs to say I’ll give you your motion o but I need to win as well bc I’m me I can win in this league if we get more of my game and not just development of motion o roster in a losing streak

  693. Yes, it’s a fine line between thinking outside the box and stupid nonsense.

  694. That’s A Very POOR part of last night – KA waving the White Flag in the 4th when there’s still time to even the game. He have to trust JLin. If that unit that made the comeback have JLin in there they probably would have won. Building other players is fine but Not with the expense of your “stars” Lin and Brook.

  695. It was banging knees at high speed in aggressive play .not flop

  696. I hope what happened last night will only last for couple more games – Not trusting/showcasing Lin and Brook.

  697. I’m sure they have much more data on his health status (feet, ankles, etc.) and are making decisions based on things they may not even want public. It’s a long, grueling season and they’re going to watch every player for the long haul. They want to win, but they also know this is early days of a very long process that will likely take multiple seasons.

  698. I don’t think Nets O looks like Spurs at all. Parker can control the ball but not Lin. Their C never went to stand in 3P line… Nets O just so mess not good at all. From what I read in here or oversea in Asia, Fans all feel the same way.

  699. Sometimes I get blasted for this. But I did appreciate that Clifford did not speak badly of Lin and said he was a good defender. That helped Lin’s image.

  700. You shouldn’t get ‘blasted’ for it. That was one thing that I also commended Cliff for last season.

  701. Cliff was a good coach. Understood the game. Did not make Lin look bad in the media. I just wished Lin was his starting pg. Whatever reason he could never be.

  702. Thanks for sharing. Due to his low profile, I never knew how much attention Atkinson paid to Lin.

    Loved this part:

    “By the late spring, the futures of both Lin and Atkinson had become hazy. Yet there was Atkinson, camped out at an extended-stay hotel in Palo Alto, California, his wife and kids in tow, so he could work out Lin in the offseason.

    Looking back, Lin is still moved by every gesture.

    “I was literally the 15th guy,” Lin said. “Everyone knew I was going to get cut. I knew I was going to get cut. And [Atkinson] was still pouring everything into me like I was his star player. And so to me, that’s when I saw, hey, this guy’s a man of character. And I’ll never have to question that about him. Because I saw how he treated me before everything happened.”

  703. Then maybe it’s just the black uniforms and the perimeter passing that looks spurs like

  704. GREAT ARTICLE by Howard Beck (who used to write for the NY Times).

    The big takeaway:

    “There was a certain point in that process,” Atkinson said, now slapping the table in his Brooklyn office for effect, “like, ‘Sean, we gotta get Jeremy.’ We gotta go get him.'”Others were unsure. Could Lin, a scoring sixth man in Charlotte, be a full-time starting point guard?

    “Yes,” Atkinson kept telling them. “Yes, I believe in it. Yes, yes, yes, yes. In the back of my mind, the whole time I knew,” Atkinson said. “I knew he was the right guy.”

    Where another player might just follow directions blindly, Lin would question everything, then add his own take. “He’d say it politely, but he would see things almost two levels deep,” Atkinson said.

    Atkinson is the best available coach for Lin because they can disagree and still work together. Lin definitely needs to speak up if the current approach continues.

    Over his first 13 games as an everyday player, Lin averaged nine assists to go with his 22 points per game.
    “The passing was underappreciated,” Atkinson said.

    Kenny really wants Lin to be his Jason Kidd — a quarterback who puts up ~15p/11a/6r. Lin even half-joked about Kenny getting on him for not grabbing any rebounds during the 24/10 preseason game. But that just doesn’t work on this team, especially in a motion offense.

    The Philadelphia 76ers considered Atkinson for their head coach vacancy in 2013—and called Lin for a recommendation. “I talked to Philadelphia for, like, 45 minutes,” Lin said. “And I told the 76ers all these reasons why they needed to hire Kenny.”

    If Philly hired Kenny, Lin would probably be in Philly right now. It would have been great for them to be reunited 2 years ago instead…wasted seasons for Lin.

  705. He is a brand new HC. He might be worried about key guys getting injured in garbage time. Especially for the nets, if Lin goes down, it’s good night.

  706. Where another player might just follow directions blindly, Lin would question everything, then add his own take. “He’d say it politely, but he would see things almost two levels deep,” Atkinson said.

    Linstructor – with his Harvard brain – at work.
    Lin would make a great coach in the future

  707. The problem last night was the coaching as most people agree. Lin was able to pass out of double teams and traps, but when he passes out of them and doesnt get the ball back, then Nets are cooperating with the other teams defensive scheme to get the ball out of his hands.
    Atkinson should have adjusted a lot sooner to free up Lin with high picks and get the ball back to him as defenses slide back into their natural positions, Lin can exploit that. Too many trying to playmake and shooters that are not efficient. Defense will come, but if u know the team is lacking in defense for the beginning of the season, then u better let the stars with the highest efficiency play their game. The motion offense does not have to be implemented over night especially with this roster, when we could be winning competitive games.
    I can not give Atkinson a pass because its just one game nor because of his past relationship with Lin. He’s had preseason to tinker. Lin put his faith in Atkinson to let him play to win regardless of the direction. Lin doesnt like the term rebuilding because he wants to win NOW! At least let the starters play in whatever system. But to not let them play was the real issue, not the loss nor the motion offense!

  708. Problem is, it didn’t have to be garbage time. For me, thats the real issue.

  709. Yes.

  710. Wow. Yea, that’s probably it. Thanks, your insight is always very helpful to understand.

  711. Has nothing to do with your opinion. You are just trolling sometimes. Admit it.

  712. This can’t be determined after one regular season game.

  713. I think this team’s problem it’s not friendship between Lin & KA. It’s the system KA used since preseason that needs a lot of work. So far didn’t see him do anything yet… let’s see what will happen on Friday’s game.

  714. It looked like this was what happened at the end of 76ers and Lin conversation.
    76ers: “Lin, if we hired Atkinson, would you join us?” Lin, “Not, I want go to NY”. It could be the same to MDA. situation. Atkinson might have talked to Lin as soon as he got hired by Nets.

  715. Agree. Not sure why the coach not used the garbage time (it did not look like garbage time after all) for Lin and Brook to spend more time on PnRs? But, we have to trust Atkinson, he must have his own plan.

  716. Over coaching

  717. Probably why McHale and BS hated Lin. They didn’t understand what he was trying to explain.

  718. Motion offense ALWAYS LOSES in the NBA.

    No team has ever won with it, and no team ever will win with it.

  719. The article only reinforced my perception that Atkinson is still in player development mode and not head coaching winning mode.

  720. The “young” players aren’t being developed.

    It’s the older broken down guys that Atkinson is focused on repairing.

  721. I WISH Atkinson thought Lin and Lopez were Stockton and Malone.

    Then Lopez would get plays and touches.

  722. If Atkinson “knows”, then he better start ACTING ON IT .

  723. This is why I don’t understand how there’s so much hate around Kenny. Yes, the offense isn’t what we expected, but if it can win games in the long run I’m all in on this process.

  724. I keep saying this over and over but it’s going to take time for the Nets to win. Wait until December-February that’s when I think things will start rolling for us.

  725. What do San Antonio and CHA run on?

  726. San Antonio has run on a very heavy diet of pick and roll offense as well as post up sets.

    It’s NOT this haphazard random motion offense the Nets are running.

    And don’t get me started on Charlotte – that ugly Kemba and Batum isolation offense would not have even gotten into the playoffs had Lin not singlehandedly saved the season.

  727. Kenny is not Pop. Whenever I bring up the topic of wishing Lin plays with the Spurs. I get shot down. Anyway I can still wish.
    edit to add- BTW if Pop was coaching, he will not bench Lin after he hits two 3s.

  728. I like what Lin said about admiring the effort of the deep reserves.

    That means Lin is just gonna PLAY HIS GAME and not worry about limiting himself just to make Atkinson happy with him for not shooting.

  729. Superb find as usual, shows that actual basketball fans outside the Nets recognize how good Lin really is.

    Eventually Nets fans will really warm up to Lin too.

  730. Golden State and San Antonio both run motion offenses and have NBA championships. Nets are running a very elementary version of it due to having a new coach and a lot of new players. As the season progresses, look for more wrinkles to be added to it.

  731. It’s just the first game and Nets almost forced Celtics, one of the top 2 in East in my opinion, to OT.

    Things will get better, Nets will play better.

    I have faith in Jeremy and have faith in Kenny.

  732. they must really have a deep friendship–for Atkinson to keep the slip of paper where JLin drew four kinds of BB play is so amazing


    “It’s like a slow, steady climb. And you’ll see him go up. I do know for him it could be a little frustrating. But when we sit down and talk about it, he completely understands. So I’d say it’s a well-thought-out plan,’’ coach Kenny Atkinson said.

    “[It’s] with our whole roster. With each guy we’ve developed a plan for the season. … We have a plan for Brook to build him up as the season goes on. I think the build-up will be pretty quick. But we’re all on board with this, thinking about the long-term health for all of our guys. So we’re all on the same page.”

    “It’s absolutely [getting in sync], and looking at my future in general is another thing, another benefit, being able to play for a longer time,’’ said Lopez. “We do have a schedule and timetable. … We had a couple meetings, so we talked about it. It’s something we absolutely went over and I was aware of.”

    “It’s a learning process. It’s both of us: It’s him learning a totally new system and us integrating him into a new system,’’ Atkinson said. “But I have complete confidence that as the season goes on, you’re going to see a better Brook. He’s going to understand it more.

    “We had a great dialogue [Thursday], just talking about patience and we’re going to build this thing and we’re going to find a way to get you involved more, but in the confines of the system. I’ve seen it, so I know there are a lot of ways. It’s in the post, it’s at the elbow, it’s for a corner 3. It’s a nice utopia with him. It’s a nice balance of all of them.”

    Jeremy Lin, who Atkinson has said needs to get into point-guard mode after playing last season off the ball in Charlotte, had just three assists Wednesday and shouldered some of the blame.

    “I need to be better at getting Brook in the spots that he likes, and we’re in communication about that,’’ Lin said. “I’m going to keep trying to make his life easy, make his job easy.”

  734. Boston running scared.

  735. Howard Becks’ BR article definitely deserves its own article
    New thread
    Jeremy Lin and Kenny Atkinson: “Special Bond of Friendship”

  736. I hope Brook would be able to adjust to the new system and I hope Kenny can adjust the system a bit, but if they elect to trade him, maybe they should trade him for his brother, Robin, who is very defensive minded and looks a bit bigger and more athletics.

    He also look much quicker than Brook and is more of a presence in the paint defensively.

  737. Bruce Lee would not recommend “in the confines of the system” lol
    I hope Atkinson isn’t being too idealistic and rigid in his approach

  738. Lol…phone autocorrect. khuang

  739. One thing I’d like to add is that although it was a bone headed move not to put in your best players when the game got close, I can sort of see it from a different perspective as well. The bench squad (plus Booker) made that comeback possible. So why not reward them and keep them in? Not sure if that’s what Kenny was thinking, but that’s one possible case.

  740. Thanks for this

  741. When BS said they were rebuilding he focused on the young guys. I really dont understand this rebuilding with players past their prime. I thought the Nets got out of that business. What’s up with New York and old players.

  742. His first game, cut the man some slack. I’m sure he was nervous. It’s one aspect we glossed over too much. We acknowledged all the rooks on the team except for the coach who is also a rook.

  743. Most people wave the flag when there’s one quarter left and a 25 point defecit

  744. McHale would respond “too sticky”
    and BS would just let out a grunt

  745. “…Because I saw how he treated me before everything happened.” Wow, I like to have a coach like that in my life too. God bless Atkinson. It looks like he’s now helping Lopez the same way (possibly) he helped Lin. After the first game, I’m sure he’s learned a lot too. Hope he’ll make some adjustment in the coming games.

  746. I disagree. This team needs some structure. Lin and the rest of the vets not so much but the younger guys need it.

  747. An excellent journalist.

  748. Celtics was careless and messed up by 3rd string bench players. Nothing to be happy about. Instead it should be more “worry” after seeing KA coached his first season game…

  749. As a coach, I can definitively say that Clifford isn’t a good coach. He’s only slightly better than Mchale IMO.

  750. We are all entitled to our opinion. I was pretty stressed last night watching the game. I sensed that Kenny is not as smart as what we think he is. But then maybe it’s too early to tell. Let’s give him some slack. He is a good person though. I like him. But what I observed from this coach is that, he needs to move up to a winning level. Meaning his mindset is still a development coach. He is developing these non star players. That makes him a good person and a good development coach. But a head coach? Not quite! A smart coach will always put the win on top of every system, and make smart adjustments. Forget about developing your players for the moment. Put your good players and let them win the game. A win is a win. If you are losing 5 points, you make adjustments not in the players but in your style, smart coaches create adjustments and good strategy in defense and offense to win. I give him credit for closing the gap to 3 points, but still, he should not be thinking that just because everyone is saying the nets sucks, he still stick on developing players at the expense of losing.

  751. When they get better at it, they’ll start doing the double hammer screen that hawks loved to do.

  752. I also like the fact that he sticked with the group who pull closed the game, playing them until the last minute.

    The last minute plays could be a learning experience for future close games.

  753. Atkinson needs to put more time in his “motion-defense”,instead of marginalizing his two Franchise stars on offense. Lopez is here to stay & Lin is all in. They will be very dynamic duo, once Atkinson let them play. Don’t get me wrong, I see his long term vision, trying to ingrain pieces of the puzzle one part at a time. Next game we’ll see more pic n pop probably with Lopez and Lin. Then eventually more PnR’s but their not rookies. Let them loose and figure it out in real-time against good teams like the Celtics. They’ll get more out of failing against a great defense than tromping on lesser teams. In Atkinson we trust.

  754. Wow, the writer did a stellar job we all know that. But I must say reading the comments–i’m scared to write mine–with so many smart posts you guys make me want to become a nets fan… believe me, the team looks horrible, but I freaking love every single comments here. So refreshing. Keep it up, nets fans

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