Playoff Round 1 Game 7 CHA @ MIA Game Thread




Game 7 is finally here! Would it be the last game for JLin and the Hornets in 2015-16 season? Or would they reach deep inside to play the game of their lives to shock the Heat one more time at their home-court?

Lin shared the verse to should help him to have peace and drive away any anxiety for Game 7. He would need to rediscover that he simply needs to give his best without any worry like the same mentality when he checked into the NJ Nets game in 2012 that gave birth to Linsanity. Just play all out and give his best to God.
Many of us will be praying so hard for him for that needed peace and strength

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray that JLin’s ankle is healed and he is brimming with confidence to solve Heat’s defense on him and be super-aggressive to attack the Heat inside and outside. Play teamball no matter what the outcome will be!

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  1. ME first?

  2. Let’s all pray for Jlin’s success:

    Game 7!! It’s an exciting time but I’d be lying if I tried to act like it isn’t stressful. This might be the biggest game of my life so please pray for clarity of mind for our team, for us to play well, the right purpose to play solely for God’s glory, and a win to advance to the second round!

    So thankful for all your love and support!

  3. 4 wins predicted.

  4. with the not very good news. seems like Batum might play … (don’t know how to link tweet but here’s the message)
    Ira Winderman tweet:
    Steve Clifford says Nicolas Batum is “going to try to warm up,” and “I think he’ll give it a go.” And, “He’s not going to be 100 percent.”

  5. He only needs to play a few minutes, doesn’t want to miss the historical game for Hornets.

  6. NBA ✔ ‎@NBA
    Charlotte @hornets 6th man supreme Jeremy Lin knocks em down during Game 7 warmups. #HEATvHORNETS #NBAVine
    8:53 AM – 1 May 2016

  7. If he isn’t feeling good, playing even a few minutes is a very selfish agenda
    I am surprise that as a coach cliff is allowing this call in such an important game. goes to show he has not much of a game plan

  8. Spencer back could be huge for JLin and the Hornet’s.

  9. Game time decision normally will play, right?

  10. Prayers up for Jeremy and the Hornets. Stay aggressive, focused, determined. No regrets!

  11. Please play spencer and sit out nic

  12. So hype up for this game. Most important match so far. Gooooo Lin. Gooooo Hornets!

  13. Let’s take this!!!!

  14. Prayer request 21
    Game 7!! It’s an exciting time but I’d be lying if I tried to act like it isn’t stressful. This might be the biggest game of my life so please pray for clarity of mind for our team, for us to play well, the right purpose to play solely for God’s glory, and a win to advance to the second round!

    So thankful for all your love and support!

  15. Yes! And, the Lin’s first R 1G1 win!

  16. Wow! This might be the biggest game of my life…

  17. and hopefully Lin delivers in such biggest moment ..

  18. May God’s will be done. God bless you no matter what Lin!

  19. That’s good.

  20. “…to play solely for God’s glory…”


  21. Hawes is important for pick n roll.

  22. Not Batum.

    He has been playing bad, coming back from injury.

  23. what matters right now is hornets fight to the last. if they play they’re true game, it will be rewarded with a win!

  24. Lin goes SUPERSAIYAN and wins the game and series!

  25. Go Lin! Go Hornets!

    May Heavens help you and your team in this “do-or-die” Game 7.

  26. Its also the biggest game of our fans’, sooooo proud of him. Lets go! Take the G7 n make to round 2..

  27. Well. I am still mad at Clifford but…

    Go JLin! Go Hornets!

  28. Am I hope someone in Hornets or MJ himself complaints to the highest levels of the league office as well.

    Damn u Heat.

  29. The good vibe is building.. time is ripe for a tremendous performance by Lin .. Let’s Go!

  30. If Batum is gonna be as slow as game 6, then please sit him.

  31. hornets just have to play their play..let the ref do their job and just focus on what they can control!

  32. Go Lin Go!

  33. To me, same plan, use Al on Whitesite, have JLin and Kemba penetrate. You still gotta attack even if you don’t get the call you usually get.

  34. Ooo. I hope Hornets 3s will fall like crazy! JLin, KW, MW, Tank, Hawes, Lee and maybe even Troy.

  35. Refs will rig another game. nba is rigged.

  36. The abc announcers said the X factor for this game is Lee. Smh!

  37. Let’s go!!

  38. They have no idea… Hate Rose.

  39. lol… for the music show?

  40. maybe he wants to say lin but got the name lee, so he doesn’t want to correct himself.LOL!

  41. Maybe we can have Psycho T tackle Wade hard to make him leave the game with injury. 😛

  42. Go Lin, show everyone in NBA that Linsanity is no fluke and real.

  43. Coach did you made adjustment yet?

  44. JVG said Lin gotta play a big role on the offensive end on order to beat the Heat.

  45. they know Lin is going to produce
    Lee is unpredictable because he can be really bad or actually chip in

  46. Cliford is so dumb… playing right into spo’s hands… run with your young team and tire heat players out!

  47. Go hornets!! ?
    Would be cool to see a 2nd round

  48. J. Rose is a poor analyst and announcer. No respect for this person

  49. Positive vibes/thinking! We need it.

  50. Go LINNING!!!

  51. As I was afraid of, Cliff chose to stat pad the stud rather than win.

  52. Only in our dreams. Or if it’s a blow out like the Spurs and thunder

  53. Prediction: walker is going to play heroball…

  54. LETS F’NNNN GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. They are predicting a loss for Hornets. Hey, if we must fall, we are going down fighting to the last second!


  57. Woo Hoo! got butterflies, it’s like were all playing the game with him.

  58. No Lin No (big game) Win.


  60. I think Clifford will choose that road. It’s easier.

  61. Go Li! Go Hornet! Cool the Heat completely!


  63. at least batum is sitting.

  64. Rotating D is good.


  66. Tragic goran u ^#%@^#%@&

  67. this team suks!

  68. someone explain if this is a good stat or not ?


  70. Will Hornets get all call at all this game?

  71. walker trying to be the hero…

  72. If Lin don’t come in around the 7-6 mins mark, I am gonna be piss again.

  73. TAKE KAMINSKY OUT hes so bad rn

  74. He can’t guard Deng.

  75. Cliff is one stubborn man.. ill tell you that thats the downfall of him

  76. kaminshy is stinking the joint up…


  78. Box out Frank!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Deng is feasting on Polish sausage

  80. 6 pts in 6 minuets? no offensive flow

  81. lol i want to see how big a hole the starters can dig.

  82. No one is guarding Deng!

  83. Tragic Goran u r a *^#@&#%^53296

  84. jlin coming in… finally..

  85. Where is Jlin

  86. Typical starter hole. SMH

  87. Put Lin on Tragic and Lee on Wade!!!!

  88. The 1st Cliff unit is digging a hole as usual.

  89. get kaminsky out of there!


  91. starters are terrible…

  92. 3 offensive rebound already. Can our team rebound at all??????

  93. dumb coach…


  95. this team can’t rebound…

  96. Cliff should have start Lin to relief Kemba of ball handling duty. Damn Cliff

  97. bring in jlin… what the eff are you waiting for?

  98. dumb coach, he is so stubborn, he always think he is right and never make adjustments

  99. this team is hopeless.

  100. i bet batum comes in… lol

  101. Put Hawes or even psycho T in Cliff. We GOTTA REBOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. If Lin gets going, they can win. Miami are a bit tentative but the Hornets starters are giving them a lot of confidence by playing so badly, especially rebounding so badly.

  103. Frank couldn’t guard Deng

  104. Team wont win bye charlotte if you cant grab a damn rebound and play with your heart all out you dont deserve to win.

  105. it was so obvious that starting tank is not working but cliff insist!!!!

  106. clifford is as stupid as a rock.

  107. He’s not playing like he wants it at all. I really think we need zeller out there. Hawes is badly missed as a shooting big. He has way more fire than kaminsky. Kaminsky is shrinking in the spotlight.

  108. usa basketball gonna get crushed in olympics…

  109. Why Dennis Rodman is so big for the Bulls?

    His f REBOUNDS.

  110. put psyco!!!!

  111. Frank!!!!!!!!

  112. Start raining the 3s Hornets!

  113. He’s out with back spasms.

  114. Heat cant shot 3!

  115. clifford says they need physicality… this is the softest team… bring in psycho t

  116. lol aat the lack of rebound.

  117. If we are going to let Heat get the offensive rebound like that, we are gonna lose for sure.

  118. jeff van gundy ragging on jlin… lol

  119. not playing yet injured????

  120. Batum looks way too slow.

  121. no rebounds, no win…

  122. ome in jlin!c

  123. It was a gamble. No big deal.

  124. hopefully jeremy already has an offer lined up, because this hornets team sucks.

  125. This is terrible not even a competition GRAB A REBOUND FOR EFFS SAKE YOU SCRUBS

  126. We are losing on rebound only so far.

  127. Man. This is over..

  128. The energy and effort isn’t there

  129. WTH Is wrong is our reboundning????

  130. jeremy only gets to watch the ball.

  131. these big men are terrible…. hawes was indeed a relevant factor in the wins…

  132. Heat is not shooting well. But their rebound game is killing us!!!!!!!

  133. Cant give up this man off rebs unacceptable
    they are so gonna lose

  134. 5-14 on rebound. sigh…….

  135. Seriously, we need to send a message to our bigs. Put in psycho T. Get some frickin rebounds!

  136. bring in psycho t… you moron of a coach…

  137. bahahahah my god this is hilarious bunch of midgets running around.

  138. jlin really needs to go to a team with a good coach… last 4 coaches were morons!

  139. Gotta bring someone in to change the rebounding game.

  140. Cliff put Daniels in with Lin please….

  141. Cool it guys. Only the first half!!

  142. Jlin should get his tonight..

  143. Bring Psycho T in to rebound and piss the Heat players off.

  144. spo is loving clifford’s gameplan!

  145. jlin a bit too eager yet can even get a decent pass…


  147. Clifford is sticking with Kaminsky. So dumb coach!

  148. cliffored playing kemba batum ball.

  149. WTH, Basketball god is on the Heat’s side again?

  150. Lin moving faster, better.

  151. more like clifford giving it away

  152. Shut the HELL UP Heat fans, his leg wasn’t set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Batum need to sit.

  154. Kaminski only good for on in post one game when Wade was guarding him.

  155. Sit Batum U stupid *#&()@&#* Cliff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. batum has destroyed it…

  157. its over guys

  158. Batum needs to sit

  159. Game over. GG.

  160. Batum shouldn’t be PG. SMH. That’s just TO waiting to happen.

  161. its over good season

  162. Cliff lets Batum handle the ball.

  163. is he ever going to let jlin go back to qbing this team?

  164. UEYO&#@)* Clifford go with the Point Forward BS again!

  165. Why is Batum handling the ball when Lin is in?

  166. Lin And 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. That’s it Lin !!! and one

  168. Batum is absolutely losing the game for the Hornets.

  169. this is going to be a blo2wout

  170. How many time I gotta say this Clifford? POINT FORWARD DON”T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. Bench Batum , Cliff!!

  172. Tragic Goran. RRRRRRRRRR I am piss

  173. batum really is terrible…

  174. come on jeremy…

  175. Rebound 7-17. We are not looking good at all.

  176. Sit the 1 ankle guy down.

  177. They are gonna lose because Clifford cant coach

  178. It’s been fun boys. Our guys just didn’t get up for this game 7. Oh well.

  179. Batum shouldnt even be on the floor.. BRING IN JEREMY LAMB FOR GOD SAKES

  180. Cliff knows Batum ball doesn’t work, but still can’t help trying it out first SMH !

  181. it”s a miracle, jeremy finally touched the ball !!!

  182. so obvious but hornets can’t see!!!

  183. so slow yet he wants to bring the ball…

  184. Heat took 10 more shot attempt then Hornets. 22-32. There is no way we can win like this.

  185. Batum is totally stinking up the place… Clifford would like to win but not without his star players. Smh!

  186. if jlin doesn’t get to play his game, screw it…

  187. clifford is a gutless moron…

  188. finally!!!and now kw will be back!

  189. Cliff would have Troy in before Lamb

  190. Just got home, turned on the monitor and saw the slow NB initiating the offense, then like clockwork he turned the ball over. Until Lin got the rock and he scored right away. God have mercy!

    How dumb is Cliff and NB if you want to win, let Lin set up the offense, please, for heaven’s sake!!!

  191. Well, it is going to take a miracle for Hornets to win this game. Big is weak, Batum is slow. Just wait for someone to turn into ISO mode.

    Edit; Only Lin has the full effort and energy on this team on the court. The others play like the are OK if not winning.

  192. Batum just doesn’t have the quickness to play defense.

  193. MW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. YESSSS !! get Marvin going.

  195. It’s like I’m watching college basketball here. Clifford is the dumbest of the dumb. Why do you trust Kaminsky in a very important game of their teams life? For once at least Clifford should do something right! But no. He is playing Kaminsky like he is the star of the show. Can’t he understand why nobody would guard Kaminsky? Spo knows that very well. This is a loss and Clifford is always, I repeat always as stupid as he is!

  196. finally a good play initiated by jeremy

  197. Lin leaves and we can see CC stupidity next year, because he is afraid to get fired by KW and Batum, he is not afraid to fire by Lamb! What a bully. LOL!

  198. FFFFFFFFFFF. Tragic Goran!

  199. Lin 2!!!!!!!!

  200. Let Tragic shot 3. He won’t keep hitting.

  201. i would not be upset at all if Hornets loss this one, because Clifford does not give Lin much chance. It is over today, we might know here Lin to go next season next week.


  203. kemba is back.

  204. Batum!!!!!!!! Hornets 3 are falling!

  205. Oh No.

  206. Get you hand up Cody!

  207. At least he’s sharing PG duties with Lin

  208. kemba iso mode!!!

  209. Wth was that?

  210. I personally think that the NBA wants the Heat to win. Better ratings for the NBA. I think F/O not really sold on giving Batum the max salary, and Cliff is trying to prove that he deserves it. NBA knows that Lin is the X-factor in this game, and they want to neutralize him so that heat can win and go on into the 2nd round. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

  211. why KW in again? aiming for losing.

  212. Lin is open but why MW didnt pass to him?

  213. He passed to MW, MW pass it right back to KW.

  214. Where is the FOUL ON CODY??????????????????

  215. Take Zeller out. He can’t even jump or put his hands up.

  216. another failed iso from KW.

  217. Batum!!!!!!!!

  218. i think clifford is giving it away

  219. Come on it’s game 7!!

  220. Wow. All the calls are favor the Heat.

  221. hahahahaha even mcroberts is scoring

  222. clifford going wth batum and walker ball… guarantee lose… smh

  223. Cody was foul and they didn’t call it.

  224. Hornets are not playing desperate enough

  225. jlin back to standing around watching batum and walker screw it up…

  226. On the other side they call a TOUCH FOUL on Hornets. *#&@)*#&)@*#&)

  227. Yah. Imagine, Heat vs Cleveland on EC Finals.

  228. I can’t say that Jeremy is playing winning basketball. Taking too many risks. He’s trying to do too much. He needs to play within the system on defense. He’s gambling too much and his timing seems very off. He’s not very focused right now.

  229. just in awhile and then returned again when they saw its working for lin!

  230. Even the commentator said Heat appeared to “want it more”.

  231. Cliff decides to go back to the losing strategy in games 1-2…

  232. His offence is fine. Defence not up to his stellar standards yet. Give him some time.

  233. The refs really piss me off. If we are losing on rebound and don’t get the call. We are in big trouble.

  234. It’s not Lins fault!

  235. He is helping waaaay to much on defense 2 threes is because of him helping stop it with that

  236. what can you do if your teammates are so slow defending!

  237. Lins out lol


  239. its over guys..

  240. lol… jlin out… gonna be a blowout…

  241. LOL? are u serious? dude he is leaving his man wide open everytime he helps giving the WRONG GUY OPEN THREES his fault

  242. The answer is take Lin out???? LMAO. We are done.

  243. decides? no, it’s been like this through the whole season. nothing really changes or cliff makes the same decision all season long.

  244. lin out and batum stays?!

  245. After a whole season Cliff is still so clueless. They won #3 & 4 because Walker, Jefferson and Batum got out of JLin’s way.

  246. what a lloser team

  247. go heat…

  248. lee took a jump shot??

  249. Good Cliff, really good. I love the way you disrespect Lin.

  250. when Lin plays like this, that means he knows he has very limited touch and PT

  251. lin out great fking lose already

  252. And delivered

  253. I think it’s good for Lin to come out for a couple of minutes. He needs to refocus

  254. well he was not good on defense to be honest.

  255. he should have driven that sheyt… it is reflective of his mentality… hesitant… and no killer instinct…

  256. Just tuned in what happened to Lin?

  257. I hope Lin comes back in the 1st half. Bad for his rhythm if he is held out too long.

  258. he is too hyped right now gambling way too much.

  259. he cant do layup anymore haha

  260. clifford needs to change to what worked for 3 straight games…

  261. I hope Lin is not thinking about coming back next season

  262. he scored

  263. that’s not the point… he shouldve driven in and couldve drawn a foul… there was a trailer if he missed… instead he takes a 10 foot jump shot… if it doesn’t go in, heat get it back easily…

  264. someone supposed to rotate. clee also do that because nobody can defend the big of miami. anyway why i am arguing with you? it wont help..

  265. Cliff will play his franchise players on this game and forget the player that brought them up to this stage.SMH

  266. apparently… lol

  267. Lin is a rhythm player. He needs to keep playing. He’s doing well. The offense is stagnant bc of poor defense and poor offense initiation by NB and KW.

  268. This is a bigger insult than Melo’s ridiculous comment and the gate thing

  269. he’s not good doing such

  270. exactly… well, they’ll lose…

  271. I said it yesterday, I say in again, not putting Lin back in around the last 2 minutes in game 6 was an insult to Lin.

    Any yet he is doing it again. Nice Cliff. U *&&#@%#

  272. Insult is an Insult. Big or small, it is all perspective.

  273. The best move according to Clifford? Take out Lin! I can just laugh.

  274. i notice the abc announcers undercutting his contributions by focusing on negative–unlike other announcers earlier in the series. hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but it makes you wonder how much integrity the game has when even the announcers seem to be responding to the heat going to “high levels” to complain about officiating for lin.

  275. Yes, Cliff is very consistent. And that’s Lin’s job description anyway

  276. don’t let these couple playoff games fool you….lin only played bc of circumstances. if mkg was here all season, lin would be lucky to have 15 mins…lin needs to re think this in the off season

  277. They don’t care, Lin helps them make the history already.

  278. Lin looks upset on the bench

  279. True and it’s sad

  280. Agreed. I said that yesterday as well.

  281. Honestly i rather lin come back in when batum sits so they can do his running game

  282. jlin gotta go to nets or mda…

  283. True. Cliff is a pretty consistent below average coach, securing his job only by stat-padding the stud well.

  284. forget this team… go heat!

  285. Lee can’t even stop the ball.


  287. The momentum is on Heat’s side now.

  288. Stupid baldy

  289. ha ha… lol… your stars can’t get it done, clifford…

  290. Nice Cliff. You are a moron. Period.

  291. this is so boring… i may go out…

  292. no heart!!!

  293. Lin should come back into the game now

  294. Cliff has determined to stat-pad his studs and is going to humiliated by Heat.

  295. LOL

  296. Lee is playing with resolve.

  297. oh great now lin is guaranteed less than 20 mins this game.

  298. the 2 million dollar man got you 3 playoff wins, clifford… next year, you aint got sheyt…

  299. I am sick of this Coach. Thank you a rehab season for Lin. See you no more.

  300. jlin, get outta charlotte!

  301. They don’t want Lin to have a big contract next year.

  302. Clifford pet

  303. Nice got it down to 4 pts keep the momentum up

  304. well, this is the glass half full view… they win, we see jlin dominate in round 2… if they lose, well, it just proves clifford is dumb and can’t win with walker and batum ball…

  305. now cliff will hang more with lee ,kw and batum..

  306. Deng walked

  307. 3:27 2Q Lin plays 9 min. so far. 🙁

  308. Lee playing well

  309. dragic destroying walker…

  310. JLin should beast out when he is in—maybe Cliff would let him in…or maybe Cliff realllly wanna loose this game

  311. Walker has been Tragicized on this game

  312. What happened to “positively” supporting JLin on this forum? So much name-calling! Honestly, Lee and Batum are doing well so far. Lin was doing OK except his help-defense led to some Muami shots that looked really bad for the eye-test.

  313. Even if Horents gets into 2nd round, Lin’s role will be like this game.

  314. KW is killing Hornets

  315. Cliff has no balls to replace KW

  316. oh well , at least this season is over.

  317. Charlotte let Miami tell them how to play basketball. The Heat scared the Hornets away from the 3 pt line. Its sad. If Charlotte just play to their identity, they can win this series.

  318. well, then they will lose!

  319. So Cliff sees KW gets torched by Dragic and let him have a field day instead of inserting Lin in the game. Lin has been sitting for almost the entire 2Q.

  320. I can’t say no more beside Cliff is a dumb A%% biggest Jerk I have ever seen.

  321. he is gutless…

  322. now kw do more TO , yet cliff still love his player!!!

  323. Cliff knows lin not coming back next year. He knows lin will get paid. Lee/Batum are the one that Cliff wants them to sign and right now they have not lived up to their contracts.

  324. barring a miracle and lin gets to have some time, this season was okay. moments where lin was able to shine, some where he was regulated to background player, better than the last season for sure but definitely not the “ideal” place for lin if he’s going to be continued to be used this way. mkg is back next year, and lin’s role will diminish more.

  325. cliff is going with the squad who plays good D

    Jeremy made some lapses on D

    And when your not the alpha on the team you can’t do that especially Jeremy

  326. Hornets has not won any big game without Lin. Please give us a single reason to sit him now?

  327. It was very telling before the game starts that j Rose said that Lee is the X factor of this game. He must have known Clifford’s strategy.

  328. neither has Cliff.

  329. Heat just finished this off to finished my misery on this team

  330. thank you finally someone gets it

  331. i don’t know about you guys… but i think im going for heat, as long as jlin is standing around watching walker and batum screw it up…

  332. me too

  333. 2:28 2Q Lin had played only 9 min. Sigh.

  334. Well, one positive is Lee is scoring. We know that when Kemba is doing poorly, the team may be doing better.

  335. Hornets will not play those they can’t or won’t keep next season

  336. Too bad that JLin is having so much chemistry with his teammate. Cliff you really know how to coach. I can’t wait till seeing you end up like Mchale and BS.

  337. Nope. It’s not Lin’s D. KW’s D and everyone else is losing the game.

  338. walker is getting torched by dragic…

  339. Go heat!

  340. We want Hornets to win regardless to get Jeremy to the 2nd round in playoffs for the first time in his NBA career.

  341. Go Heat

  342. Kemba was never able to guard Dragic. Clifford is just being stupid.

  343. I just want the Hornets to win. Why would you guys not want at least 4 more games where you can watch Jeremy play?

  344. Still no lin. Im irritated, light em up heat.

  345. batum and walker stinking it up…

  346. not like this…

  347. Starters big a big hole in first quarter, now digging a second one.

  348. They are just looking off open teammates and taking contested shots. How many open shots due to playmaking or passing have Hornets had?

  349. dwade is the man…

  350. Yeahhhh wade

  351. No time out? Cliff is so bad!

  352. Nope. Not with the way Clifford disrespected Lin.

  353. im’ actually whatevers.

  354. Who is the ABC announcer? Taking every chance to diss Lin,

  355. This is going to be another 5 for 20 game for KW.

  356. Kemba a joke, and they sit lin?

  357. Cliff going back to what they lost with in games 1 & 2.

  358. heh heh… hornets suk… jlin got his good playoff run, and hes out next year…

  359. wade is awesome!!!

  360. dragic destroyed walker…

  361. Clifford is not playing to win, benching his best playmaker for most of 2Q.

  362. dragic will go back to sukking next round…

  363. im out now..cliff not clever to know whats good for him and the team…hornets lost to me with the way they playing! bye..see you on jlin’s new team next season!!!!

  364. Walker can’t guard Dragic, Lee can’t guard Wade. Lin on the bench. Cliff is just so infuriating.

  365. All I can say is Hornets deserve to lose if they insist Kemba Walker ball.

  366. LOL Lin only 10 minutes in a game 7 with your season on the line… something wrong with Clifford.. hes thinking about that Game 6 too much

  367. he is sooooo dumb… jlin makes the game dynamic and everyone get in on the action…

  368. drqagic looks like an al star againwst kemba

  369. getting kiiiiiiiiiiiilled killed killed killeeeeed byeeeeee now playoffs

  370. It is okey to rest Lin and let KW enjoys what he does the best – ISO. I cannot wait the season is over and go watch Nets games

  371. So people only saw lin help double team caused open 3 but can’t see how Walker defense?

  372. Hornets lose in every game with batum. Coincidence?

  373. Clifford needs to go
    he is messed up in the head

  374. This is ridiculous. .

  375. Good season guys. See you next season. Wish things ended differently for Lin this year, but it was still a good year overall. It’s ok that we lost today.

  376. anyone know why Lin only got 9 minutes?

  377. Lin not held to the same standards

    Cliff will ride and die with kemba

  378. batum really screwed the momentum up…

  379. Lin 2/3 5points
    rewarded with a benching clifford is an imbecile

  380. I want to know too.

  381. Right now the Hornets deserve to lose. Lin has been used and discarded just like that. This is ridiculous.

  382. Cliff thinks he played bad defense.

  383. He outscored KW.

  384. go heat… blow up hornets…

  385. What’s going on w these lousy Hornets team?

  386. Hope Lin gets him double digits then let the heat blow them out
    So done with this idiotic coach

  387. NO. Maybe Lin will show up in 2nd half.

  388. have no idea… he was getting it going with 2 beautiful drives… clifford is playing into spo’s hands…

  389. and die…

  390. He did show up just wasn’t allowed to play

  391. Lin is not going to be there next year. Lin is going to get paid anyway. Everybody in the sports world watching this game and wandering why lin is not in. So ilin is a win win regardless how this game turns out.

  392. If Hornets lose, I am not even gonna watch anymore NBA playoff game.

    So that what you will get NBA.

  393. Batum didn’t want to ruin the chemistry, but he destroyed it.

  394. Just get 10-12 points Jeremy

    Cliff went with his guys —- many coaches do that

  395. if clifford continues with this crep, then go heat!

  396. It’s all on Clifford

  397. what sucks is that there are no guarantees lin will have any better role in any other nba team. it sucks. this is going to be his 6th team in like 7 years? I really don’t know what to say or even think. it sucks.

  398. Agreed

  399. And people think lin should play behind kemba who can’t guard anybody in the nba. Win or lose, done with this team next year.

  400. Something is weird going on…Cliff lets Heat go on a run for the entire 2Q w/o calling a time out to insert Lin. He only called a timeout when Lin helped w/ defense? Dragic torches KW over and over, yet stubborn Cliff allows him to…

  401. lol

  402. I will just watch and observe players on this game. I don’t care about hornets. At least my consolation is that Lin can just sit there and relax. Lin should just think what team he will join next season.

  403. If I’m Cliff, I’m playing Lin, Lee and Marvin more. They are all 50-100% FGM

  404. Not during a play off.

  405. story of the last 2 games… oh, and the first 2…

  406. Clifford did Lin so dirty
    Someone should drive down and beat his azz

  407. Clifford is playing politics as usual, not playing for a win.

    He benched his best playmaker for > 7.5 minutes in 2Q. Lin played only 9 min. in 1st half. Batum, injured, had 16 min.

  408. Lee? Can even stop one on one fast break by Tragic Goran. And Lee allow Tragic Goran to go to the left. SMH.

  409. Right, just get your average… 14 and you’re good… next year will be better… on another team…

  410. lol who cares after this season Lin is gone

  411. Dragic looks fast today. He’s playing like he wants it.

  412. Does $2 mil bench guy need an exit interview? Hope not, lin needs to clean up his locker and fly home in CA asap.

  413. There will be offers. Just wait and see.

  414. Kemba and Batum are allowed to suck on defence. Everyone else is accountable. One slightly less than perfect moment on defence and you are out. If you are on the floor, you better play defence cause Kemba and Batum sure don’t need to.

  415. Who knows

  416. I said it yesterday. Clifford has been disrespectful to Lin after Game 3, 4 & 5.

  417. Dragic always plays well against walker…(Rolls eyes)

  418. Lin is his scapegoat

  419. Who is this team? bunch of D-league scrubs with no heart who dont deserve to get past first round. screw each and everyone of these heartless D-leaguers

  420. im with you james… jordan and clifford and go down with walker and batum… lol

  421. According to what Cliff did, don’t even know he want to win or not.

  422. What guard doesn’t look fast playing against walker?

  423. There is really no place for Asian in the NBA…..

  424. Lin is 2nd lowest minutes on team. Something definitely fishy going on. I think Cliff DID blame last game on Jeremy Lin even though Lin scored 8 pts on 23 minutes. This coach is bias. He doesn’t take in the fact that Lin helped get 3 of our only wins in this series.

  425. good to go through the ups and downs with yall… jlin did what he needed to do this year… next year, we will be at courtside seats rooting him on bc we will not be able to resist blowing our bank accounts watching him kick hornets’ azz!

  426. any tweets about his not being in the game?

  427. Besides the Lakers, this team has to be the worst for Lin when it comes to starters always being behind when Lin comes in. All season, Lin’s accomplishments have been overshadowed by the Hornets media giving accolades to other Teammates. The national media has noticed Lin and so have other coaches and teams for next season. That’s all that matters. Hornets can still come back in the 2nd half if Clifford is ordered to go through Lin per Jordan’s orders!

  428. This game is over not because the 12 point behind but how it’s played by this dumb coach.

  429. Is Dragic a generic name for other NBA starting PGs ?

  430. Cheer up, Win. Let’s think positively.

    Perhaps Clifford us trying to “save Lin’s legs for the 2nd half”. Smh.

  431. heat are not playing that great either… it’s terrible coaching and playing by their “stars.”

  432. What Cliff does is exactly how Jordan wanted.

  433. khuang has been right all along.. i’m just glad lin was able to have lucky chances to display that he still has talent and hopefully it changed his narrative a bit this season. got to shine in a bit in the playoffs…hopefully this is the first step of something greater

  434. Hi Brother (Alain Gervais) How come I can not reply your post?

  435. I like your positive thinking, but i highly doubt it!

  436. We started losing ever since Cliff decided to inject Batum back in when he isn’t 100%. That’s on Cliff. Should have ran what was working all along.

  437. What was I right about?

  438. khaung is a genius: says if batum plays, likely hornets lose.

  439. I’m not sure about that. Clifford doesn’t feel the pressure of Jordan on his back for away games. Cliff has used Lin very differently for home games and I don’t think it’s just for the Lin fans.

  440. no, he’s playing against walker who is like 5 inches shorter and also can’t play defense… or offense except very occasionally…

  441. i already knew this since Game 5 when we only won by 2. He hurt us badly.

  442. That’s not genius.

    EVERYBODY knows that.

    Thanks for the shoutout, though.

  443. lol

  444. KHuang pretty much said there is no place for Asian in the NBA. If i am not mistaking.

  445. MJ/Cho/Cliff, Lin gave you the biggest discount that anyone has and ever will give your franchise history. He led your team to the playoffs, now in a pivotal moment of game 7, you glue him to the bench to let your chosen players get the national spotlight on them, yet they’re stinking up the joint for you? No pity on you and karma will get you once Lin leave your team!

  446. I don’t remember if I wrote that.

    Probably I did, I dunno.

  447. But Hornets played even worst so Heat looked good.

  448. we’ll know next season. I think next season has to be Jeremy Lin’s season or he’ll forever be mistreated/limited role player.

  449. U didn’t wrote like that. You sounded like it about Lin FA post.

  450. First half went so bad, but Cliff is going to repeat the exact same rotations in the second half.
    So sad ….

  451. haha true. but still want to give you credit since you have made so many correct observations

  452. I bet KW is MJ’s agenda, and Batum is Cliff’s.

  453. I must think positively, otherwise, I would have turned off the TV and go out for a walk!

  454. khuang, can you please give us a first half analysis? lol

  455. Oh, that.

    I’d prefer not to believe we are not watching Lin’s final NBA game right now.

  456. Sorry If I was wrong. I have been reading so much posts lately.


  457. No Lin no win

  458. Same here. But I don’t know now. I hope you are wrong too. LOL.

  459. 9 minutes though for a player who is so so crucial to this team. What was Cliff doing up all night? Reading ATH comments about how Lin is the reason we lost the game last time?

  460. The only way I see the Hornets coming back is if they give Lin the ball and get out of the way. There is no way this is happening so this game is over. It’s been a fun season.

  461. You’re not wrong about me

  462. This is the reality unfortunately, bigger contract means bigger responsibility when playoff fate is on the line. A 2 mil guy will take only the share of a 2 mil role… much to our liking, but that is the hard cold fact.

  463. so true…

  464. No Lin, No Win, I hope Lin is pissed and leave Charlotte no doubt

  465. I just wanna kick Clifford butt now. Thats it.

  466. Go heat! destroy hornets!

  467. It’s happening right now.

  468. I’m telling you this game i not about benching lin, but this game is about the Heat/Cavaliers in the EC finals. That’s it in a nutshell.

  469. Not entirely true. He was given a big contract in rockets.

  470. Well, benching Lin is THE KEY to the Heat advancing.

  471. If Lin was the reason we lost the game last time, Lin is the difference maker. Period. Play him 24 minutes straight now.

  472. Heat look terrible though!

  473. Fair officiating so far. Just bad coaching by Cliff. Won’t bench Kemba and won’t play Lin.

  474. Dragic has one single decent game, and he is like the best player in the nba according to announcers… smh

  475. Yea. Genius Clifford is da man!

  476. people want to physically hurt him so he knows the pain

  477. Besides Lin, Hornets idea of offense. Dribble, dribble, dribble around perimeter and shoot. Or pass once around the perimeter and shoot. Kemba passes only for bail outs or to reset offense to get ball back. Not to play make.

  478. How dare they let Dragic get hot.

  479. How can they blame Lin when he is not playing in the crunch time?

  480. After today, no more time spent on watching NBA games. Lol For this year. Maybe if Curry returns and GSW meets Spurs for Finals. That will be good.

  481. Yea. Cliff, Lin is the problem. You $&#*$&)Q#

  482. highlights on Kemba’s mistakes….that’s not the spotlight Cliff/MJ/Cho wanted.

  483. Moe no defense Kemba and injured Batum. Just great.

  484. walker being destroyed by slow mo dragic…

  485. The MAIN reason Lin gave 2M to Hornets was in exchange for a bigger role and minutes. Hornets have not kept their promise!

  486. Single great game. He has close to 20 points in 1st half.

  487. Exactly. they have to neutralize lin because the heat can’t stop lin once he gets in the zone. Lin makes the rest of his teammates weapons against the opponent.

  488. heh heh… no lin, no win… not even close…


  490. Kemba single handedly losing the game.

  491. Batum threw a major wrench into things and created a situation where Jeremy takes a hit and Cliff sided with the tired Jeremy narrative …. It’s the reality

    I hope Jeremy did enough to get out of being a “backup”

    Interesting to see if Bk steps up not sure

  492. bam in yo face hornets!!!

  493. COACH NEEDS TO BENCH KEMBA.. LIN HASNT PLAYED 12 straight minutes wtf is wrong with you coach

  494. Someone gotta put a body on Whiteside.

  495. lol! go heat!

  496. Game over. Benching Lin for any reason is always a bad idea.

    Charlotte hasn’t won a single big game without this season. Not one.

    BROOK-LIN, BABY. That’s all I care about. Hornets are irrelevant without Lin.

  497. Okay, Kemba / Batum / Jeffeson to start. Gets them out of JLin’s way when he comes in. To late to win but JLin will be able to play his game.

  498. that alley oop was so satisfying

  499. No no no. You are wrong. Our starter were good. Good enough to win.

    Lin is our problem.

  500. Hornets seems contented to be in the Playoffs. Now the team just want to promote their designated “star” players.

    Lin, no matter how crucial he was for preventing Hornets from a R1 sweep, he is not in the team’s plan for next season. He will not get any “love” from the coach to shine!!!

  501. game OVER…thanx Spo– now we can go eat out….

  502. shackling Lin when he helps everyone when he’s on the court is stupid. Lin’s on/off rating is clear as day but Clifford is not doing anything about it.

  503. No more NBA for me until Lin find a team that trust him with the Key.


  505. go heat! im going for them throughout the playoffs… actually, i don’t really care… lol… nba suks!

  506. KW makes Dragic like an all-star.

  507. I have a feeling there’s something really fishy and weird about what we’re watching right now… Cliff still has not insert Lin in the game since 2Q. No time out called and no adjustment…

  508. MJ. That what you get when you and the front office wanna down play Lin.

  509. walker making dragic look like an offensive and defensive genius!

  510. Dragic is doing what Lin should do now.

  511. MJ should have slammed his hammer down on Cliff. I wouldn’t have extended Cliff’s contract so early.

  512. Do what I do to feel better and not angry, root for the HEAT. Lol

  513. wouldn’t doubt there is something fishy going on… they don’t want jlin to do well…

  514. jeremy getting dnp-cd

  515. Whoever disagreed on Clifford has been disrespected to Lin, I will say this.

    YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  516. Well, here is a sneak peak of what Hornets will look like next season.

  517. MJ is part of this. Lets be real here.

  518. Heat killin em… heh heh…

  519. lol

  520. miracle run by jlin later?

  521. Hahaha … Cliff is really riding Kemba & Batum, despite Lin gave the 3 wins
    Possibly too late now to recover, Cliff is just too damn stubborn!!!

  522. Dragic is against KW.

  523. nah the hole is too deep.

  524. lol that was what I wrote a while back

  525. This is BS (Byron Scott level)!!

  526. Good Cliff. Keep on sitting Lin, you will be fine. And we will be fine too.

  527. Wow Kemba stinks today when will Cliff go to Lin?

  528. 10-12 points please

  529. Clifford is not even bother to try now. LOL. Good.

  530. Batum did mess up the winning momentum.

  531. just tuned in. what did cliftard do to Lin?

  532. Cliff is resting Lin for free agency when he runs out of Charlotte.

  533. Cliff is giving this game away. No doubt about it. No one is this dumb not to call a time out to insert your best player long time ago, not after 16pts down….

  534. lol at the kemba drive

  535. blamed him for last game’s loss and decided to not play him like the 3 other times we won.

  536. there you go, cliford… heh heh…

  537. Timeout Cliff? To do what? Lol

  538. no lin, you get destroyed…

  539. Jeremy got DNP’d

  540. LMAO, stick to the game plan, cliff. Haha

  541. he will say to walker and batum; “shoot more!” “don’t worry about defense”

  542. What a stupid A$$ baldy. Ehh, Ehh, you know; like Pat Riley once said, YOU ARE A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  543. Clifford is a 21 point deficit and your point guard stinking it up on both ends enough for you to put Lin in?

  544. It’s good, Lin just keep health and no need to fight for this helpless coach.

  545. Most boring game 7 I’ve ever seen. And where’s Lin smh

  546. Stick to that game-plan.

  547. blowout

  548. This is all on Clifford

  549. if lin gets to come back in i hope he just takes every shot

  550. exactly… it is soooo boring…

  551. Clifford content to lose the game and series this way. He gets to keep his job for the next couple of years.

  552. End of game interview, Spo, “We came up with a full game plan on how to try and stop Lin,, I guess we didn’t need it since he didn’t play much…”

  553. i just hope all the clifford/kemba defenders are happy!

  554. omg

  555. 16pts deficit deep then Cliff called a time out? Nope. Cliff/Hornets are giving this game away… No matter how well Lin does, he will find excuse to bench him, especially in the 4th…

  556. Game is over whether Lin returns or not. Coach of the Year. Lol

  557. actually, i hope he just rests the rest of this game… and well see heat destroy hornets…

  558. Lin is probably going to be the pass to Batum boy.

  559. Lin Must be so pissed off right now, he fought his heart out to get the team to where it is now, and just to lose like this is freaking unacceptable!!!!

  560. Lin needs to leave this charlottes ASAP! Toxic Clifford! Clifford is that bad, when i see him talk i feel like throwing out, this is that bad and that is how i feel now!!!!

  561. cliff takes the crown for the stupidest coach from byron scott

  562. I wonder if Lin will even be allowed back into the game.

  563. Post game interview: Our team wasn’t ready, we got beat on the board and Dragic and Wade were very good.

  564. 90% on Cliff. A blow out even when Heat is not playing well.

  565. Fellas,
    CCLIFF IS LOST!!! Out- coached AGAIN!

  566. does not matter anymore. hope not.

  567. Cliff would rather to lose win than win with Lin.

  568. reallly what is wrong with this $%^&^ coach….this line up is being embarrassed on national tv and he is stil sticking with them…they look lost n pitiful…pls. do NOT go in JLin…stop saving that coach

  569. Ohhh. And our starter played well and good enough to win…


  570. No, I strongly dislike the Heat players, dirty playing whiners

  571. Hope not. What for?

  572. Clifford is so nice, protecting Lin’s body and saving it for the offseason FA.

  573. Something fishy is going on. Somebody said that Adam Sliver was at the game.

  574. how did Cliff even end up 4th COY?

  575. JLin should just sit. No point of playing now

  576. This is fitting as Lin’s last game as a Hornet. Not allowed to do much and the Hornets lose big as a result of relying Batum, Walker, and Big Al. Well, onto his next team and hopefully this time Lin can finally be allowed to play his game.

  577. positive outlook 🙂

  578. cant risk a comeback
    hole is too deep anyhow

    Clifford is heats all-star defender

  579. What did Lin do to deserve this?

  580. Batum keeps taking these contested 3’s such bad shots

  581. Kemba 25 min. 2-10, 4 pts.
    Lin 10 min. 2-4, 5 pts.

  582. kemba making drwagic look elite, lol.

  583. Lin’s biggest contribution to these playoffs was drawing fouls on everyone and getting them out of rhythm while riding the bench. Heat knew this and hence the constant complaining. Look at Dragic beasting this and last game. What’s the difference? He’s not in foul trouble. On the bright side, Kemba being exposed as the lousy PG that he is.

  584. Cliff, “we are losing this game because of rebounds?”, so let’s just keep the exact same players in the game losing the rebound game.

  585. no lin no win

  586. Is this Hornet’s preview of next season? The team minus Lin.

  587. Ballin’ while Asian.

  588. Exactly. I woke up from my slumber for this? What a start to the day. Brook-Lin ny here we come.

  589. when 3rd quarter almost ends and you look at the box score and see Lin with 9 minutes 5 pts and 50% FGM, you have to shake your head in disgust at how Cliff shackled him down. Everyone else is in double figure minutes already besides Lin.

  590. Of cause, let Batum come off a screen and shot a 3. It will work…

  591. kemba can’t even defend dragic LMAO

  592. KW will win the jump ball

  593. coach cliff secretly works for Spoelstra

  594. What happened? They were down 8 at the half.

  595. I wonder if CHA actually would have won game 3-5, if not for Batum injury …

  596. no adjustments.

  597. come on, this game is such an letdown

  598. Fellow Lin fans, I am so disgusted by the Hornets coaching and Lin benching in this G7.

    I am turning off the game and go out for a walk. See you all later.

  599. BrookLin all the way! But any team where he is the face of the franchise. I’m fed up with these NBA politics

  600. Lin allowed back in to protect Walker.

  601. i waanna see hornets crushed by 50!!!

  602. Batum is looking silly out there. He fumbles the ball too much.

  603. screw the hornets this is absolutely embarassing

  604. Should have sat KW, instead of Lee

  605. lol! walker getting his azz handed to him by slow mo dragic…

  606. sit Lin, let Batum and Kemba finish what they started.

  607. No rebounds by the big?

  608. Lin gave up. Why kill myself for this?

  609. Totally agree.

  610. i agree with linmad… jlin, just sit or coast… give this game to walker and batum…

  611. Well you certainly can’t put any of the blame for this one on Lin. He wasn’t even given a chance

  612. Hehehe, you said it, not me.

  613. exactly.

  614. Lin should pretend he is hurt. And go back to the locker room.

  615. That shot of Jordan was when he realized, Clifford will never win him a Championship!!

  616. People will certainly try though.

  617. Why isn’t it a jump ball when Lin grabs the ball in Dragic’s hands ?

  618. I can’t watch this game anymore. I guess we can now officially start the Lin to Brooklyn thread.

  619. MJ was a great player(still like AI better) but he’s awful beyond that lol

  620. They need somebody to be blamed. They will put Lin in and they will blame the loss to him. That’s where Clifford get smart. Oh he his very smart on this.

  621. This 7 game is a joke, Cliff seems already giving up.

  622. Hornets as a team franchise were not ready and choked

    Miami is a warrior franchise

  623. freakin kemba letting dragic look like a GOD out there

  624. jlin gave them a great 3 game run… awesome!

  625. I don’t think he gave up. He wasn’t given the chance to begin with. Unbelievable. Cliff totally forgot who got them back in the series.

  626. I rather Lin sit for the rest of the game. Cliff let the scores down to 20+ then sub Lin in??? What an embarrassment! Cliff has lost this game once he sat Lin after 1Q.

  627. So now we all know about one thing. A bald coach doesn’t mean he is a smart coach.

  628. slow mo dragic looks lightning fast against walker…

  629. JLin -go back to d bench n chill….don’t get embarrassed and lower your $$ for FA

  630. How was that not a moving screen on Whiteside?

  631. game tells all.when game matters most..they worry about appeasing their so called “stars”

  632. Did Miami adjust to Lin, and is that why coach gave Lin lesser minutes last game and this game?

  633. that pissed me off more than anything this game

  634. Hornets FO notes –
    Batum maybe 10 mln only now
    Lin, we need to sign him for 23 mln.

  635. will not win another playoff game without Lin
    so be it

  636. this game confirms everything true Lin fans have been saying for ages. SIGH

  637. Without Lin, Hornets are worse than the Sixers. Holy moly, these guys stink.

  638. I knew Hornets weren’t winning another one in Miami, but this is really shameful. Kemba ball and no rebounding. Hornets big men have no guts. Batum is hogging too, but at least I feel like he is trying to make things happen.

  639. Too late. They already lost 20 before Lin came in.

  640. Perception of lack of D

  641. no, Cliff decided Lin was to be blamed last game so he shackled him down this game.

  642. Lin, dont attack the rim for your fans sake.

  643. See look, you give it to Lin and he immediately scores.

  644. There is (#@_(* way Lin come back with the Hornets.

    Extremely disrespectful from Clifford, Front office, and MJ.

  645. HAHAHAH i went out for like 20 mins and this is what happens…Woooow Lin get of this team seriously Nets next year with a LEGIT Tough players.

  646. jeremy bam!!! go for the contract!!!

  647. I feel like Cliff thought Kemba would have another crazy night. And it punched him in the face.


  649. jeremy needs to get his now!!!

  650. Lin looked mad! I am with him!

  651. Phi-Lin-delphia or Brook-Lin, decisions, decisions.

  652. Stop shooting!!! Kemba

  653. airball, l9ol!!!

  654. Why is KW even in the game?

  655. Airball vs a made 3. LMAO.

  656. Get Walker off the court, he’s got nothing left in the tank.

  657. Kemba is trash.

  658. did Clifford just yell at Lin?

  659. CCliff’s Great Defense Schemes…haha.
    Move on – I will let JL7’s team to handle business next season.

  660. I’m giving a finger to the Hornets, guess which one? A team that is still playing more politics than ball in G6 AND G7 after leading series 3-2 DOES NOT want to win. And a team that does not want to win…is NOT A LEGIT BASKETBALL TEAM.

    ABCDE_G the Hornets, I’m done here ’till FA.

  661. clifford is rabbit dropping

  662. I thought Lin loved playing for the hornets? If he likes it that much and they offer a respectable contract, he should stay.

  663. Lin ain’t staying after this bs game.

  664. not with Cliff.

  665. no fuking way…

  666. See, this is NBA…hmmm I am speechless

  667. Unbelievable. Zeller with OF.

  668. Lin is very upset

  669. lol at the refs still cheating

  670. lol refs rigged, should just let them play when they’re down 24 pts. Don’t got to rub it in with your poor officiating.

  671. All the calls favor the Heat. BS.

  672. 25 points ahead and the refs still cheating? They that afraid of Lin?

  673. To sws: I was right that Cliff’s not playing Lin during last 2 or 3 minutes the last game was telling AND NOT situational.

  674. Refs trying to put this game away for the Heat, so they can party on South Beach.

  675. This game shows you how much of a role politics and agendas play in a game. Kemba is the guy that the hornets committed to as the face of the franchise. So it doesn’t matter what the play is like on the court

  676. the Refs aren’t even pretending to cheat now

  677. This game is rigged. Adam Silver is there. That’s why lin is back in because it looked to obvious in what they were doing. LOL

  678. Cliff brought Lin in too late.

  679. i am done with the season after this game.

  680. Yes he decided he’s going to win or lose without Lin

  681. You left out the /s switch.

  682. Batum so slow

  683. This is actually good…this will ensure Jlin won’t be back with the bugs.

  684. Batum and Kemba are trash. My God.

  685. That’s what I saw clearly. If you value a player, you don’t do that to a player WHEN LOGICALLY, Lin should have been on court.

  686. Why is Lee playing PG now. WTF?

  687. Lol. Cody pass to Lee instead of Lin after the rebound.

  688. See, Kemba, not that hard to guard Goran.

  689. THIS game is rigged? I say so was the last one! smh

  690. If Lin returns to Hornets, I will be sorely disappointed.

  691. Lee is so selfish!

  692. This (#*@_(* team is a Joke. Clifford is a joke, front office is a joke. MJ is a joke.

  693. we’re not going to cut the lead by taking ill advised shots like that.

  694. Lee still trying to statpad.

  695. WTF Lee point guard.

  696. Nice defense on Dragic by Lin…if only they had that earlier.

  697. i hate this team

  698. Hornets just can’t score

  699. Frank’s shots have been atrocious

  700. Keminsky is too soft inside.

  701. SHAME ON YOU, Clifford!!!

  702. But no no no no no, then the Hornets would have a shot at winning. Surely can’t have THAT!

  703. Refs taking away Lin’s made jumper and then no call on the leaner.

  704. I think lin is going to end up in Brooklyn Yall they are not trying to cut the lead, that’s why they have not given lin the ball. LOL.

  705. Kaminsky is so bad at rebounding

  706. Safe to say, you can’t come back from a 30 point deficit.

  707. you can tell lin is really frustrated

  708. nba is terrible… im done… no league pass next year… ive already deleted the app on my phone and computer…

  709. refs definitely favored the Heat

  710. 3rd stringers now pls

  711. What happened? Hornets overcame the odds and won fames 2,3,5. How did they lose an important game like game 6 at home? And then this meltdown??????

  712. I TOLD YALL man.. as soon as this game went to Game 7 it was over.. no Way Hornets was winning this game

  713. dragic ccareer high against kemba, lol

  714. can anyone here spread in china that nba is racist toward asians and that it has a terrible product?

  715. cause Wade got in his face and the refs are too and the damn coach is stupid

  716. More like ANGRY. He did nothing wrong. He’s been the only good Hornet. Everyone else is pure trash.

  717. But Kemba wants to jack up shots.

  718. no lin, no win…

  719. No. I think he’s just trying to get the team going. It worked in the first half, but he’s gotta trust in the ball movement and team play.

  720. I want to see Lin taking a part shot at Cliff.

    “It’s hard to watch a lead go form 6 to 26 while you’re on the bench.”

  721. How you going to put Lin in with a 24 pt deficit and still don’t give him the ball as much?

  722. Only one that can really stop Lin is Cliff, and he has done it.

  723. Agreed. I won’t spend anymore time on this BS. I am a very busy man and yet I have spent so much time on the Hornets because of Lin. But is the same old story. Disrespect all around Lin.

    Freaking BS!

  724. Why pay? there are free link online!

  725. what did wade do? ive never seen jlin get pizzed like that at a player…

  726. Why is Lin still playing? Trying to blame him for the loss? Just stay healthy and din not get injured

  727. i already removed my credit card from it so it won’t renew.

  728. Guys, I’m so happy I found Star Trek Timelines and Marvel’s Puzzle Quest to help me unwind……from this BULLS**T!!

  729. even if they give Lin the ball he wont cut a 30 pt lead down in the playoffs. the game is done this team is done. Lin should leave might as well prove to the world your a starter rather than getting beat in the first round of playoffs. He had 3 great games and cliff acted like a little bi*** and caved in on batums wishes. screw this team.

  730. cheap shot screen.

  731. I think as the coach, you have to give the starters a chance to find their shots and Cliff did that. He waited too long to play desperate and change things up.

  732. Game of Thrones continues tonight.

  733. I knew as well

    Needed game 6

    Cliff panicked

  734. nah hes pissed at clifford

  735. but more likely due to be pissed at being benched

  736. lowest minute guy always gets blamed on this team lol. Like last game, 23 minutes and Lin was the one who got blamed even though he had 8 pts and other guys with 35+ minutes had 0 pts and 2 pts.

  737. He gambled and lost in

  738. Lin not drawing fouls on Dragic, that’s what happened. People who said he was trash don’t see he’s equally capable of having a Linsanity-type game, especially when you have Kemba guarding you. Cliff just wasn’t smart enough to know Lin’s contribution

  739. Wrong starters.

  740. Kemba Walker digged a 30 pts hole for others to full. Lin, protect yourself from injury and move on.

  741. it’s wierd… i still have hope as long as jlin is in there and controls the game…

  742. If this game convinces Lin to leave this team, then this is a great game.

  743. There only one thing I wanna say, if there no place for Asian in the NBA, then we all Asian won’t have any place for NBA neither.

  744. If Hornets fans and coach didn’t blame Lin for the loss last game, CLiff would have played Lin more 1st half to get in the rhythm and would have put him in a lot sooner too in the 2nd half. But nah, he was pulled out after 9 minutes and put in after a 24 pt deficit.

  745. He wants Lin to be blamed for the loss.

  746. That’s some positive thinking.

  747. I said Game 6 showed that the league had tapped Miami on the shoulder to move on …now look; I see refs have made sure they did their best to insure this outcome. Clifford has a low BB IQ. Period.

  748. After Game 4, Heat complained to the ‘highest level of the NBA levels’ that Lin and KW got favorable ref calls since then Heat has been getting all the calls and Cliff has been playing politics. He pulled Lin after 1Q and just reinserted Lin in 3Q after Heat went on a long run for 20pts+. Starters dig a deeper hole w/o Lin in the entire 2Q.

  749. Can’t wait. You know nothing Cliff.

  750. lol at the hornet starters statpadding

  751. Lin only one playing good defense

  752. i hope every Lin fan stop watching the rest of the playoffs after this game to show them what an impact we can have

  753. Wow Kemba so bad

  754. Kemba forgot to trust his teammates

  755. Please Mda be announced as head coach now!

  756. Lin hasn’t touched the ball.

  757. MDA offense, 8 sec or less. Walker & Cliffraud offense, burn the clock down when trailing by 30pts.

  758. lol, its not like i paid to watch this POS game.

  759. Referees and Clifford are giving Miami this game by design!

  760. lol

  761. Sit you butt down Clifford, walking around doesn’t make you look like you are actually using your head.

  762. Kemba can’t shoot, Batum can’t defend. What else you need to know? Get them out already.

  763. walker and batum cannot get it done…

  764. Miami 3rd string beating the hornets.

  765. true. i only watch free streams after ballstream died

  766. Hornets,Clifford Batum and Walker are GARBAGE!!!!!

  767. why are they still in there?

  768. kemba & batum are the worst defenders in the league

  769. This game, (just like game 1 and 2 where Lin was marginalised), is a clear illustration of next season’s Hornets when Lin has left.

  770. why are they even still playing this game ?

  771. Get them BOTH the max, and then crash and burn worse than 2014-2016 Lakers.

  772. Cliff’s face LOL. “Hmm, benching the Asian guy didn’t work!”

  773. A preview of what Hornets will look like next year when Jeremy leaves

  774. pawd away jeremy!!!

  775. Kemba and Batum up to the challenge next season…to break franchise record of 23 straight losses.

  776. Everyone needs to tweet that Lin didn’t use right this game…Pls everybody needs to do it .

  777. hornets 27% field goal. really? that’s what happens when you go iso-Kemba LOL

  778. Get over 10 pts is the goal for Lin!

  779. get your stats Lin, it’s already a loss.

  780. I like basketball to much for one coach to dictate how I should enjoy the game. I’m just glad Lin is a free agent this summer.

  781. iso walker!

  782. 2 more baskets please

  783. what a total waste of a game and time…

  784. Just play for stats now

  785. pad awaY JEREMY

  786. jlin shooting outside shots… good…

  787. NBA wants Heat to face Cavs. No doubt about it! This is rigged and window dressing! Shame!

    Too bad most don’t realize NBA = WWE

  789. nba suks…

  790. Why does wade feel threatened by Lin to give him a cheap shot?

  791. Lin already tied with Walker with 14 minutes less.

  792. Blame Cliff, not the NBA.

  793. Pathetic race-based coaching. Lin gave up 2 buckets? Really???? THAT’S your reason for the insta-bench???

    Kemba, Lee, Batum, Frank gave up 41523542354325432543 buckets!!!!! But you can only bench the Asian guy.

  794. wht happened though? i missed it

  795. I can say enough how the baldy has disrespected Lin.

    I starting to question if there any coach and front office will have trust in Lin?

    If Lin is not playing over 30 mins next season, I will give up NBA.

    NFL is much better guys!

  796. lin is just a 9th man on this team honestly.

  797. i think its a racial thing… i really do… no need to do that… jlin didn’t do anything and he is the most sportsmanlike player out there… mfukker… i despise wade…

  798. talented but feels a need to resort to cheap shots

  799. Wade gave him a deliberate hard shoulder screen.

  800. sadly i don’t think he will have that opportunity.

  801. His wife Gabrielle thinks Lin is cute.

  802. JVG just said Heat will win over toronto too! totally rigged

  803. You guys are counting Kaminsky and Zeller are expected to win the game. Not going to happen.

  804. Brooklyn…

  805. Lin really figured out how to break Heat’s defense. If let him lead, it would be an easy win.

  806. Kaminsky, KW, Batum = 8-36

  807. Nope this was an NBA inside job. This was all about the Heat/Cavs in EC finals, because it makes for better ratings.

  808. Then NFL it is. Or even MLB.

  809. PEDS can do that you. See him cry like a baby during the national anthem ?

  810. cant take it when an asian guy tries to show emotion

  811. mlb is better but boring… nfl better but also boring… soccer is the way to go…

  812. You have the best post up player in NBA but you go with posting up Kaminsky. It would have been at least less painful to see Alfense than Kamfense in the post.

  813. jeremy lin is not the person to blame. He barely playing.

  814. I have to watch san Antonio for what good team basketball is.

  815. Hornets’ cornerstones!!!

  816. Lin got s 2?

  817. Yup that’s what it was

  818. Wades face kinda looks like he uses.

  819. Exactly – this loss is squarely on the shoulders of Clifford … and starters

  820. Let them lose all the way, when Lin not there i wont even watch their game!

  821. 2 first picks and a max contract.

  822. Not easy but will have a much much bigger chance to win.

  823. Lol Lins done for the night

  824. FO and Cliff want to see what KW can do in the playoff intensity. Now they know, Lin is apparently not in their lomg term plan, so he plays insignificant minutes. Good season for Lin. I look forward to see where he lands.

  825. Yes, NBA want Lebron/Cavs vs Wade/Heat. No doubt about this. Other teams are window dressing and are playing props for them, so they can advance to the next round w/o being too obvious.

  826. The only guy thats played well for you gets benched lol

  827. good, hes out… go heat!

  828. Thank you, Lin rests.

  829. So Lin’s season is over

  830. eff this coach.threatened to have lin score double figures

  831. hahahah Lin’s out for the night…. unbelievable unfreakingbelievable

  832. Lin is out. Good.

  833. Wish all of China, Taiwan and Asia boycott NBA…
    But not going to happen

  834. Damn Jeremy gets no love on a blowout Jesus

  835. walker is still out there… lol

  836. walker going to end up 3-25

  837. Why is kemba out there

  838. You know he uses. Anytime an announcer marvels at the athletic performance of an older player = using PEDS.

  839. Agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  840. Exactly! They know just hinted. Just can’t say it outright…

  841. Live and Die by the Walker

  842. They are really the worst.

  843. haha yes walker is playing 48 mins tonight lol

  844. Lin looks so sad

  845. kemba will get his points heat will stop caring about guarding him. no way for a comeback now

  846. Wow, Lin out now because Cliffraud reeaally, truly believes this 5 won it for them post all-star break.

  847. ummmmmmmmmmm ok Cliff

  848. trust me, it would be an easy win. I know I cannot prove it. but trust me on this one.

  849. Clifford is not gonna give up until Silver fully sees Walker’s potential: 3-30.

  850. Marvin Williams been horrible all series.. 3 scoreless games like this guy just ruined his FA value

  851. So we know for sure Lin will be healthy for FA.

  852. cliffie is a great coach. starters still padding awaY

  853. Enough for this coach, hope Lin leave ASAP. Even be a backup in Spurs or Warriors, at least can play for win.

  854. Lin FINISHED

  855. I don’t they wanted to win this game. that’s why they can’t let Lin play or else they will win

  856. The lineup for the Hornets now is basically what the Future hornets going to look like

  857. Batum is gone in FA.. Lin is gone in FA you can book that

  858. Had Round 2 stolen from him after he fought so hard to get the Hornets to the doorstep.

  859. lol… jlin gonna crush these chumps next year…

  860. D12 to hornets will happen

  861. Hope he announces soon that he is opting out!

  862. Clifford such a coward – can’t have Jeremy scoring more than Kemba – smh

  863. Very very very disrespectful from the entire Hornets organization.

    As I said earlier in the season, Lin is only a promotion tool for the 2 pre season game in China.

  864. Charlotte does not like the narrative that Lin was the x-factor in the success of this season and playoff wins.

  865. Alright guys, place your bets…Sixers or Nets?

  866. kemba still padding away lol

  867. awesome! let the train wreck begin…

  868. Really don’t see it

    Wish bk

  869. Walker and Frank: 5-28. THE FUTURE.

  870. Not yet. Wait for some development in 76ers

  871. Trying to and failing.

  872. Good and appropriate summary of the Hornets season…Cliff Notes!!!

  873. Philippines too. They are big NBA fans. or Kobe at least.

  874. Da Futcha!

  875. Media better not attach Jeremy’s name at all to this sorry loss

  876. Disrespected!


  878. Welp, on to Brooklyn!

    Lin was the clear MVP for all 3 Charlotte wins, and even the media had to give him props every night.

    That’s a big win for him, though Lin is such a team player, I feel bad he didn’t have a chance to win this one. Had to watch his incompetent teammates and coach lose it…

  879. God I wanna curse so freaking bad.

  880. Lin should go to 76ers. no he must go to 76ers we dont even know if kenny will play Lin like we want him to.. mda has proven to do so

  881. Khuang was spot on. He said that Hornets lose if Batum plays. Absolutely correct. Batum with +/- of -26.

  882. how do we get the word out? another viral video?

  883. When Lin takes 10 or more shots and plays over 30 minutes.. Hornets are 3-0 this series… ANY COINCIDENCE? I think not

  884. At least Dragic got to be a star for 1 night cause Kemba was guarding him. Dragic can go back to being overpaid after this game.

  885. Hell, kemba continue to play in garbage minutes and continue to miss.

  886. no matter how hard you play, you can’t win with ISO cus there’s only 1 good iso player on the team and he’s playing like garbage

  887. Went over play by play…WOW!! You know they were in trouble when Lee is the main scorer. Lin looks good this game. but not allowed to have the ball. The rest of the team couldn’t buy a bucket. Game 6 was their only hope…SAD ;(

  888. Lin and noels= unstoppable

  889. lin haters are funny….says lin is a scrub yet places blame on lin when they lose..if he’s a scrub why does he hold so much weight on if team wins or loses? lol ..he’s just a 2mill scrub after all

  890. And Charlotte will sign him to a max contract next season. SMH.

  891. This game proves that Cliff doesn’t recognize Lin was the key of the Game 3-5 wins.
    He deserves this 25+pts blowout.

    On the positive, there’s 99.999% chance JLin will move to another team because this coach doesn’t really believe in him.

  892. way to make your ABC debut Hornets! Jeremy now 1-2 in elimination games

  893. The captain sank the ship and the lifeboats.

  894. Lin MUST leave this team

  895. I am way behind all my work loads for watching the Hornets because of Lin this season. I am so regretted.

  896. aren’t there viruses?

  897. lol. why is Khuang getting all the credit? me and donsmacau said it before anyone did and we got hammered for it

  898. If Batum was not injured, for Lin to step up …
    There will not be game 5 onwards!!

  899. This is the Hornets that frustrated us all season

  900. not next year… i will watch carefully how he is treated before buying anything remotely close to nba…

  901. My mother could and did predict this, and she doesn’t understand one tenth as much as KHuang.

  902. Np, Brooklyn. New York appreciates Linsanity.

  903. Did you see Lin’s face? He looked upset and not smiling. He knows what’s up. Cliff subbed him out after 3-4min of play in 3Q? I rather Lin sit out this entire EMBARRASSING RIGGED game! Take a last look guys and gals. This is the last time we see Lin in Hornets uniform!

  904. They should attach who shot less than 30%

    Correction: up now, someone is shooting less than 20%

  905. if Lin isn’t a starting point guard next year im gonna stop watching the nba

  906. 19 mins 9 points

  907. Great players can get you into the playoffs but it takes a Great coach to lead the great players to a CHAMPIONSHIP. Clifford is not a Championship caliber coach.

  908. he will. Why would he stay knowing he has a coach that doesn’t believe in him? 9 pts in 19 minutes and can’t leave him in for garbage time cause KW is 9 pts 36 mins

  909. Finally, it’s all over 🙂 we move on

  910. Once Lin was benched early, I knew the game was over.

    Kemba, Batum…these are weak, weak players. Totally incapable of beating top teams. Only one guy on this team can do that, but you have to give him the ball and PLAY HIM.

  911. He’s staying! Only the Hornets are dumb enough to give him max money!

  912. kemba taking a breather, lol

  913. I just hope he doesn’t stay

  914. Cliff is a dog. Walker guarding and sucking bad but still playing

  915. Lin’s furious, he WILL get his next year. Can’t wait to see Lin vs. Hornets next season!!!

  916. It’s hard work sucking so much.

  917. he is coming back in to make 2 more points so he can top Lin

  918. Not going to let Lin stat pad, of course can’t outshine all of Organization.

  919. And Lin vs Heat

  920. Disrespected from top to bottom from the entire Hornets organization!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  921. Good to see that Lin is sitting on the bench. At least coach is preventing a Lin injury.

  922. I watched the game with friends. It was rigged, like they wanted to lose. Weird. Only MJ and JLin look mad. Everyone else happily losing. Esp Kemba, bricking.

    Good bye CHA, JLin may you make a wise choice. You did it well, you won 3 key games for CHA.

  923. i’m all for lin leaving but with rockets, lakers, and now hornets, how can i be so sure that there is a team/coach willing to give lin a bigger role than now? i’m so not optimistic

  924. pour it on heat!

  925. Low BB IQ

  926. The captain aimed for the iceberg, then rammed against it over and over.

  927. true I agree

  928. MJ is one of them behind it. Be real man!

  929. He will show Cliff and other NBA coaches what happens when a coach has faith in him

    Cliff deserves this blowout loss

  930. atkingson and mda are the only real hope, but we won’t know even about them…

  931. loll good one

  932. poor lamb. getting screwed this year too

  933. Not big time at all

    Good players on great teams

    Avg chuckers on good teams (see hornets)

  934. The Hornets and KW are the nex Rox and Harden.Steve Clifford won’t last 20 games next season like McHale did.

  935. At least he got his $$$

  936. Got paid

  937. And the media there would mutilate any foul play like this.

  938. Lamb is a shooter, that’s it.

  939. Cliff is definitely getting fired next season once they miss the playoffs.

  940. well he can leave the NBA and we can start a boycott campaign against the NBA. If China, Taiwan, Philippines are onboard we can give them a piece of our minds then Lin can play for CBA.

  941. Hornets are Rox Redux

  942. Middle Toe to all Hornets!

  943. sadly i dont think theres enough asians that they care

  944. highlights please =)

  945. I just got home. Reading this forum makes me not turn on the game.
    Well it was a great run. See you guys next season with whichever team Lun signs up with next year
    Have a good summer everyone!

  946. they care, i’m sure of it. If China alone started to rebel against the NBA, that’s enough damage. China are big basketball fans.

  947. Especially to the moron Hornets. Yeah Lin is the problem you jack #&@)&)@!

  948. finger?

  949. Damn

    This was unexpected man

    A horrible choke if there was ever was one

  950. Lin’s buddy Dorell Wright is playing for the Heat.

  951. I agree with you, he’s the owner and has a big say.

    I’m just saying, you watch the TV, and who cares? Lin and MJ. Everyone else happily just doing what they did to lose games 1, 2, and 6. Weird, to specifically do what doesn’t work to prove it doesn’t work.

  952. do u guys feel like lin did enough this playoffs and season to warrant a starting spot?

  953. Toe. And I wish I am really able to do that.

  954. Not sure

    A better contract yes but starting is tenuous

  955. but he has a guaranteed contract thanks to…

  956. This is an embarrassing loss for the Hornets. Very sad to see the season end like this for JLin. Competition is hard. When it’s good, it’s sooo good. When it’s bad, you just feel terrible. JLin is tougher than all of us. He’ll get back up. He’ll get back on the horse. He’s a true competitor.

    So many questions for Clifford, like what WAS your game plan for today? WHY did you stick with Kemba so long in a game 7 when it was clear that he did not have it.

  957. No. Doesn’t seem to matter what he does. He deserved a starting spot for years.

  958. Nah, finger doesn’t have the stink that the Hornets deserve.

  959. absolutely.. he had more national good exposure than the last 3 years combined… let’s hope that people have a long memory…

  960. yes, on Hornets, Nets and 76ers. Not sure if better teams

  961. Lin has been able to start. But I don’t know about all these bias racist owner, front office and coaches will give a fair chance to Lin.

  962. Didn’t adjust

  963. heh heh… hornets getting what they deserve…

  964. Still shocked Jeremy Lamb got 0 meaningful minutes this game

  965. Didn’t want to!

  966. lin showed this year that he has what it takes..defense was superb, carried team to wins in the playoffs, lowered tos, just needs to improve his outside j and he will be a complete player.

  967. Live by the ISO, die by the ISO
    Kemba 3-16
    Tank 3-13
    Batum 3-9

  968. This one is on Cliff.

  969. WHY did you limit the minutes/touches of the one player that kept you in the series??

  970. Wade probably was talking to lin about joinng the heat next year..LOL

  971. LOL. what kind of 2 mill player has so many big games this year, leads them in the playoffs 3 times etc? HAHAHA

  972. Lol nice one.

  973. To my NBA, you guys are awesome. You guys have showed me exactly how we Asian American has been treated.

    Thank you (_#*@_(#*_(@*#_(#_&%$#*^476#8!

  974. My season is over. It has been good reading all of you on this site. It is a good season for JLin. Feel bad that it ends this way. I think this games decides for JLin on what to do next. I am sure he will make the best decision. See you guys next season.

  975. at least they can’t blame Lin this game for his limited role and not enough impact. That’s what I thought last game too but I was wrong, they don’t even care about Lin’s limited role. They don’t see how Cliff treats Lin sometimes.

  976. Wade never liked Dragic with the max contract…and then bringing his brother Zoran in.

  977. Deagic finally made Pat Riley proud!

  978. True! It was pretty obvious that Lin’s minutes and roles were minimized today. I don’t buy the theory that Clifford was trying to throw the game. Why Clifford, why???

  979. Cliff is the anti-Kerr, he’s set on his way and will not change.

  980. true… (even though very depressed Lin will not move to the next round) Hate the Hornets

  981. It seems like a lot of black superstars in the NBA hates Jeremy Lin. It’s got to be a race issue. Didn’t think Wade would give Lin a cheap shot. NBA loves non-classy players.

  982. More like what they asked for.

  983. JVG saying Jeremy will get a huge bump in pay next year …

  984. The moment that Cliff glued Lin to the bench after only 9min of play time and only to return him in 3Q after the deficit loomed to 20pts+, you should know something is up and it’s intentional!

  985. Look at Miami Heats pathetic fan base .. cant even stay till the end of the game for a Game 7

  986. Clifford, “we are losing due to rebounds, so I am going to only let Zeller play 17minutes when he is leading the team with 7 rebounds in 17minutes…because I was Coach of the Month.”

  987. Cliff was actually forced to adjust by playing more Lin in game 3-5 due to Batum’s injury.
    Else could not imagine that Lin would have such luxury of playing his game ….

    Wishing Lin … all the very best …. to be a starter next season

  988. Too bad they lost… But No lin no win… Cliff was dumb very bad coaching…

  989. Well, there only 2 good things out of this season.

    First is Lin is gonna get a better offer for sure.

    Second is I get to know all the passionate fellow Lin fans in the forum.


  990. i never saw jlin jawing like that to another player… wonder what he did or said… i like that fire from jlin… don’t take that sheyt…

  991. If Cliff tried to make this even more obvious, he wouldn’t have been able to.

  992. All I want is Lin to get his own team… the importance of this has never been more obvious than this series.

  993. clifford dumb to the end

  994. See you @Prof:disqus

  995. Clifford got outcoached badly..

  996. lol… they knew they would have to rely on jlin… just goes to show more and more that his race has everything to do with his poor treatment… the money, the flagrant fouls, the lack of credit from the coach… it’s disgusting…

  997. Yes we want that more than the $$

  998. i just hope Lin picks a good coach this time

  999. This one is on the NBA and Cliff selling out.

  1000. Yeah but it was from the beginning of the season though.

  1001. JVG just said Jeremy will get bigger pay; go Brooklyn!

  1002. At least he’s “consistent”. *eyes rolling*

  1003. Well, that’s it for this season. Following Lin as a fan in the NBA is mentally exhausting. I’ve spent too much time here and the other forums since the summer after Linsanity. This summer, I’m going to take a breather from all things Lin, spend more time with friends and family, go fishing, get some sleep. I’ll tune back in October. Enjoy the rest of the summer and the NBA season my fellow Lin Fans!

  1004. So who is going to vote a player all-star shooting 3/16 in his most critical game in his life?

  1005. Van gundy just said something like he thinks Lin will get a huge pay increase next year.

  1006. I feel like Cliff punished Lin for something.

  1007. hey joyce, it was good to see Lin get pissed at Wade. That hit was a preemptive hit to intimidate Lin. Didn’t work.

    Cliff was really stupid today. He deserves the bed he makes every morning. He showed his stupidity.

  1008. I truly think lamb would have been useful in game 6. Really missed Hawes in game 6 too.

  1009. good. Lin survived this nightmare

  1010. lol at clifford congrat’ing Spo. he gave it away

  1011. Ok, the season is over for me and I can concentrate on other things now. lol

  1012. You too buddy.

    But for me is no Lin = no NBA playoff season. I couldn’t care less.

  1013. Good, Lin is not sticking around.

  1014. Fans on twitter not fooled by this game. They are telling Lin to opt out…LOL

  1015. Lin didn’t shake anyone’s hand?

  1016. Yeah, for delaying Hornets’ team vacation by a week.

  1017. have a good summer.

  1018. nope why would he?

  1019. God, Dragic’s accent is annoying his english deffs got worse since he left Phoenix

  1020. True fighter doesn’t shake hands with cheaters…

  1021. he did just not anywhere near Wade lol

  1022. I am happy the miserable season is over. I cannot wait Lin to start a game anywhere (even go back to LA) except Hornets.

  1023. Lin stopped Dragic. Kemba panicked.

  1024. Which fans group?

  1025. Now I’m actually happy because there’s no way that Lin will stay for next season.

  1026. Because Clifford cannot have Lin overpowering Walker and Batum.

  1027. Why would you want Lin to go back to that Lakers franchise.. stop it

  1028. I didn’t see him greet any of the heat players. It’s kinda like Lin isn’t part of the wade brotherhood.

  1029. It’s one thing when Lin shows flashes of brilliance during the regular season when he gets to dictate the game, doing that for 3 games in the playoffs ( thanks to Batum ) is on another level.

  1030. MJ can’t manage no team lol so clueless

  1031. because of Luke.

  1032. yep its better to have an unhappy Lin during offseason cause that means he will consider all his options.

  1033. MJ, front office and Clifford disrespected Lin. Period.

  1034. because Scott’s gone

  1035. of course …he’s not black

  1036. Two positive notes:
    1) Batum left the series long enough for Lin to have a chance to shine.
    2) Lin finished the season healthy in preparation for FA.

  1037. So? its not like Luke is going to start Lin over Clarkson or Russell

  1038. So what? it doesnt change anything he will get treated like a scrub over there

  1039. Okay its just clifford but yah MJ is a horrible owner
    the worst kind because he thinks he knows whats good so he tries to interfere

  1040. Lin: 19:29min/ 9pts 4/8FGM, 2 Steals. Last game in Hornets uniform, Rd 1, Game 7 @ Heat vs Hornets, 5/1/2016.

  1041. Not just Clifford. You really believe MJ has nothing to do about Lin? Come on….

  1042. It was a good season. overall, with a lot of mini Linsanity moments and games.

    JLin showed his skills and value. VanGundy is right – JLin will get an increase this off season but that’s not too difficult when you’re only getting paid 2 millinon.

    JLin stayed healthy and uninjured -which is a HUGE blessing. Every where he goes, he builds a new fan base. And he’s done so in Charlotte.

    Thanks Jeremy for a very entertaining season!

  1043. Yep, if Batum played, the series ended at game 4. No Lin’s 3 games brilliance. This we need to appreciate.

  1044. I like how Wade kept pushing Lin on that one possession and got Lin pissed off. That was like the first time I’ve seen Lin pissed off. That’s D Wade’s way to distract the oppose player and break the other player’s confidence. He did the same shit to Dragic when Dragic was in PHX, except Dragic actually felt down. Way to go dirty “D”.

  1045. Should be 5-9 with the BS “moving screen” by Cody on his made jumper.

  1046. All of the fan groups.Mostly people in Charlotte.

  1047. + 2nd playoff Lin has been healthy, and he has shown what he can do. Big time player!

  1048. They said MJ got Clifford to save Hornets. They did not see Lin toke a huge pay cut to help Hornets make playoffs. He would have helped them make to the second round, but Clifford did not want to give him any chance.

  1049. But the Jeanie/Jimmy tug-o-war not over.

  1050. Had Batum not got injured, Lin wouldn’t have had the chance to have big games
    Lin proved he can be huge in the post season too
    thats a big plus
    he will get paid and thats all that matters
    forget the incompetent coach

  1051. ref rigging again

  1052. I finally can say good bye to the jerk like ATH, S. Ready and the entire Hornets organization for good.

  1053. I read an article last night where Luke was praising present team, so no I am not naive.
    I am just saying why people think LA is an option.

    Honestly, I believe JLin will figure it out. He’s proven himself this year and this series. I wonder why CHA decided to lose this series ha ha.

  1054. Do you?

  1055. I would say Clifford already decided to let Lin go.
    That’s why Lin is not allowed to shine in this playoff.

  1056. NOT bizarre.


    Cannot have Lin outplaying Walker and Batum.

  1057. that was a very bad call.

  1058. lin’s path has never been the stereotypical nba path. his journey hasn’t been like anyone’s journey. it sucks that he hasn’t found a home yet but I will stick with lin through ups and downs. maybe lin’s path is really the road less traveled. I have no doubt lin is hungry and will be back better than ever. work on that jumpshot and it’s game over for the league.

  1059. Not so bizarre, Clifford was forced to use Lin with Batum injured for game 3, 4, and 5. With Batum back in game 6 and 7, Lin was back to stand in corner.

  1060. Why does everyone think there is a conspiracy to hold Lin down within the hornets franchise? I don’t think it’s a conscious decision. I think they really do think they are playing their best hand.

  1061. Well, they brought him in as a bench player
    MJ probably told Clifford to play Kemba a lot but i doubt he told him to limit Lin
    MJ wants to win

  1062. That was the case early in the regular season too, but unending injuries forced Clifford to play Lin.

  1063. Disrespectful!!!!!!!!!

    All Asian fans should know about this. VERY VERY VERY DISRESPECTFUL FROM THE ENTIRE NBA!

  1064. Heat were setting those kinds of screens, and even tripping and shoving defenders all series.

  1065. Its a wonder Lin did as well as he did in the first 5 games with the way he is misused and disrespected.

    You can’t expect him to do what he did in games 3,4,5 all the time when you’re giving the other team a headstart and by the time he comes in, its impossible to keep working miracles.

  1066. no way kemba does this well next year without lin.

  1067. Sucking up to the top pay player =/= playing their best hand.

    And Lin has been held back every time he beats a tough opponent: 35pts win over Raptors, win over Cavs in Kemba’s absence, win over Spurs coming back from 21pt deficit.

  1068. Because when the starters play as badly as they do with Lin playing as well as he has been, punishing Lin by benching him shows the HATEFUL agenda toward Lin.

  1069. well its not really up to LIn
    he has the player option lol

  1070. against a midget he should dominate help me god

  1071. what? The fact Cliff didn’t play Lin longer or that NBA favors black players?

  1072. They brought as a promotional tool for the 2 pre season game in China.

    Cho (Asian) knows business.

  1073. He’s going to be crushed by every team over .500. As usual.

  1074. Lin–> Winner; Clifford–> Loser

  1075. I really want Lin to take a shot at Clifford, either tonight or in the exit interview. Lin is too classy to be explicit, but he can say something like: “I’m looking for a coach I really trust and who lets me play my game.”

  1076. He’s been letting Lin go since Day 1 of the regular season, not just now. He only used Lin to win games and prop up Hornets chosen players. It’s officially over today. He won’t have anyone like Lin ever again to help him win critical games. Karma will get him and Hornets for not keeping their promises to Lin!

  1077. Get schooled by every point guard taller than him.

  1078. Kemba’s size really showed today. He’s small and got blocked so many times. Yet Hornets fans think Cliff takes Lin out for size.

  1079. Let’s hope he gets to a team with a coach who will really use him and teammates who would work with him, and not hate on him. Some of you guys may not be a big fan of Kemba, but he is probably the only #1 option on teams that’s Lin had played on, who did not hate on him at all. (at least from what I am seeing so far).

  1080. Both. African American is the biggest market in USA.

    That why you see all the rapper in da game. And their music as well.

  1081. Maybe including Lin. 😛

  1082. Cliff is stubborn and would rather stay with his game plan even if it doesn’t work. One of the reasons why Cliff doesn’t respect Lin is because Lin changes his game plan on the floor. I’ve seen Cliff getting annoyed by it and sometimes bench him for that even when Lin’s hot.

  1083. So in other words, everybody.

  1084. Embarrassing Failure for the Hornets, Mission Accomplished for Lin.

    Lin successfully shined in the playoffs against his “kyptonite” team, starring in ALL THREE Hornets wins. He got national praise from all corners, and now Atkinson and MDA are both with teams who need a starting PG in a weak market.

    ONTO FREE AGENCY. That’s where the real drama is.

  1085. Clifford’s latest lie, “..the max Batum will play is 7 min in each half”.

  1086. Injuries opened the door to Linsanity. Injuries gave Lin the chance to win games during the regular season. Injury to Batum allowed Lin to win three playoff games this year. The last two games everyone was healthy enough to play.

  1087. That’s how it’s been since Lin stomped Walker in college, yes.

  1088. If Clifford played Lin earlier, the Hornets Team FG% probably would have been higher. You can see how eager Lin was to score once he got off the bench. Maybe that’s why Wade had pushed him to break him down mentally and stop him from the possibility of getting hot.

  1089. I don’t think they will even make playoffs next year.

  1090. Exactly. We can all smell the stink in the air.

  1091. i dont think anyone hated anyone on this team just a dumb coach

  1092. Maybe?

  1093. I am too piss to even type. So long guys!

  1094. …and that continued into the NBA. Stomping on Walker with 21pts while with the Lakers was what got Kobe pissed at Lin for stealing his thunder.

  1095. I actually saw Wade’s push as respect/fear. He knew who was Hornets most dangerous player. I’m proud Lin did not back down.

  1096. I agree that JLin is a special player and person, but I can’t accept that EVERY single coach and team that he’s been part of would exert so much energy and time and focus to keep Lin down. Yes, there are stereotypes, biases, prejudices (conscious or subconscious) working against Lin but enough with these official conspiracies allegedly bought into and executed by all the past teams and coaches and front offices. Like I tell my kids, “stop whining, and move on!”

  1097. But every team will ride with their top dollar guys. They benched lamb this entire series despite him making $7 per season. Only popovich has the balls to bench his stars when they aren’t playing well.

  1098. can you respond to me?

  1099. maybe

  1100. Thx I’m sorry my bisque was acting up.

  1101. What conspiracies? People are just stating the obvious. They’re not going to trust the undrafted Asian guy on a cheap 1yr contract. Stop concern-trolling.

  1102. Anybody here feeling SATISFIED like I am?

    Lin played superbly all season, and I thought he was superb today too.

    All season long, I’ve looked at Lin as the game within the game. As long as Lin maximizes his minutes in whatever few touches and plays he gets, I’m satisfied. Lin did that again, so I am pleased.

    Benching Lin was Clifford’s decision, not Lin’s. Like I’ve said all season to critics of Lin who bash him for not doing enough, IT’S NOT LIN’S CALL.

  1103. Lin is not whining, and he will move on.

  1104. May be not a conspiracy, just poor coaching. Let’s just look at the facts in this series. Lin was not used as point guard in game 1 and 2, and Charlotte lost. With Batum injured Lin put up numbers, points and assists to win game 3, 4, and 5. Look at the plus and minus. Lin was side lined in game 6 and 7, sure Kemba put up the numbers in game 6, but the team lost. Overall Lin was responsible for all 3 wins, while Kemba partly responsible for 1 win and 4 losses.

  1105. Groan.

    You just don’t get how anti-Asian the NBA is.

  1106. NOT every single coach. D’Antoni stood up for Lin, and Melo kicked him out. McHale was strictly acting under Morey’s orders. BS…Equal Opportunity career destroyer/Tank Commander Supreme.

    Clifford…hanging on to Kemba to keep his job. The man said as much himself.

  1107. Of course, Lin moves on. That’s his game. I meant his fans – us.

  1108. I’m happy as a Lin fan. He was the MVP in all 3 wins and Kemba/Cliff got exposed. I’m just p*ssed as a basketball fan who was robbed of an epic Game 7 because of Cliff’s laughably misguided benching of Lin.

  1109. Agree with you but satisfied? Yes I am because I was rooting for the Heat since 2nd half.

  1110. That’s why San Antonio is a top team, and Hornets will not make the playoff next year.

  1111. Lin gave his 100%.
    I’m so proud of my man

  1112. I can’t wait for Lin to return as a starter somewhere else and crush this joke of a team with a joke for a coach.

  1113. So…you’re denying the fans here the grieving process? LOL

  1114. At least he was recognized by National media, The 3-5 playoffs were fun games to watch

  1115. Lamb was horrible all season. They should have benched him. Look we all saw the this whole series, and if they wanted to win, they would have put the ball in lin’s hands when they were stinking up the court. Lin was responsible for the 3 wins they had. So please don’t come n here and try spit in people’s faces and try to call it rain.Bye

  1116. This is my opinion, Cliff is afraid to get fire by KW! It is sad that he has to go this brown nosing route in order to keep his job! That means he has low self worth! That means he is not a skillful coach, he is old school and I am not surprise he does not know how to use a computer! LOL!

  1117. Will only be satisfied after outcome of summer. Am always proud of Jeremy.

  1118. Fans will never move on because that’s what fans do, they talk about what they believe.

  1119. He already destroyed Kemba’s Hornets last year…with Kobe and the sorry Lakers. Not that I’d mind seeing it again and again from now on.

  1120. Lin with the current Nets or Sixers squad would blowout this trash team by 20.

  1121. Who are you kidding? You will be back. We will all be back. 🙂

  1122. Satisfied because he definitely won’t be coming back after this blatant outright mistreatment.

  1123. you go, skip!

  1124. Yep, they both did. Cliff left batum/walker out there to dry. They will never be All-Stars.

  1125. The anger and betrayal i have and feel is through the roof. How can a player do so much only to be treated like throw away meat. Cliff would get fired if it was any other player. Let this happen to wade or even fdragic people would bring it up/. They would say Spo didn’t play tragic and He was the reason they won all the game they’ve won. Today no one brought up Lin not being in the game. He is almost voiceless out there. I was shocked by Cliffs choice and happy they got blown out. This happen is great news for Lin. HE saw what basically happened all season. Lin plays great wins them a game only to play 15 minutes the next game. He is looked at like he doesn’t matter. Hope lin took today as a blessing in disguise

  1126. Lin didnt get bashed
    People gave him credit and hes going to get paid
    so Lin pretty much used the hornets to get a bigger contract
    im happy for him but still scrw clifford

  1127. Thank you too much

  1128. yep—can’t wait for FA—-really curious on who will pay him big n give him a starting role…i’m reallly rooting for BROOKLIN so we can move from MSG –been wasting my $ to Dolan

  1129. I wanted to finish my steak, and some adzes came and interrupted my meal.

  1130. His heart Skip’s a beat for Lin.

  1131. One word: Politics.

  1132. u me hi 5

  1133. Im with you KHuang… Jlin tore it up when given the opportunity… had a lot of national attention that he was instrumental in some key wins… this while clifford was trying to stifle him yet use him to win games… our boy is a strong mfukker… he will be a giant next year…

  1134. lol at the heat complainin’ and the refs riggin’

  1135. Anyone here Van Gundy trash Jeremy on two defensive plays. I don’t even think they were even that bad…Is he biased..I haven’t been able to watch the whole series. Also, I loved it when Jeremy get into it with Wayde!

  1136. Good point.

    Cliff was trying to showcase them, but it BACKFIRED.

  1137. do you think cliff was trying to prove a point to FO?

    i am getting my bball brain sooth from gsw now.

    Exactly he “trusted” the starters including datum no matter how bad they do but doesn’t trust Lin no math how well he does

  1139. i loved when he was jawing with that punk…

  1140. Kemba didn’t do much to deserve that many minutes of bricking. I mean all the games he’s done well during the series led to a loss except that one with Lin 21 pts.

  1141. he is fair

  1142. Lin still GOT HIS.

  1143. I missed the cheap shot…was it bad?

  1144. I’ve gotta give it to skip. He believes in Lin

  1145. He just know what’s going on. Sees the problem with giving Batum more touches and minutes coming off of injury than Lin.

  1146. thanks for the laugh

  1147. no PV, that’s what BAD coaches do

  1148. 3:44 AM in Hong Kong, gotta check out. Hopefully some good FA news real soon for Jeremy.

  1149. lol you calling wade a punk?
    hes an extremely dirty player(also why hes one of the greatest) but hes still a future HOFer LOL

  1150. And yet it didn’t really work. They won the series because Cliff benched Lin in both games.

    Last game, his defense could have allowed Kemba’s buckets to eke out a win. Tonight, his offense could have taken over the game like it did in the 3 wins. But Cliff stupidly benched him with his race-goggles. Asian guy leaves a bad 3pt shooter open? BENCH. Kemba gets torched 5 times on simple 1-on-1 layups? Good effort!

  1151. Can they even do anything before 7/1?

  1152. Cliff wasn’t playing the best guys.

  1153. Well Clifford this time doesn’t have the excuse of 5 fouls.

  1154. i didn’t see it either initially… i don’t think they replayed it… but jlin was pizzed… i liked how he was jawing back… wade the moron didn’t know what to make of it…

  1155. How long have you been following Lin? We’re not whining. We’re pointing out truths when we see it. When you see something is odd you have to speak up. Yes, not everyone is the same, but I am sure if this happens to your kids you’d speak up immediately and find ways to resolve it!

  1156. Asian….

  1157. yes, i am… why?

  1158. Terrible coaching. ITs not like datum was doing anything this series. If datum never got hurt we would of been swept and Cliff would of been content

  1159. Tks Phoenix, Skip.

  1160. I saw the part where he was pissed…and I got pumped up and decided to watch the rest of the disastrous game.

  1161. Can’t believe MJ used this game for tried out his future lineup not really wanted Lin to help them won the game. Smh! Finally end of this Hornets lousy org. No more…

  1162. Golden state is ballin. They play way too smart. They are gonna sweep portland

  1163. That’s just wrong

  1164. im glad that clifford got crushed, absolutely crushed with his favored group in…lol

  1165. You just have to cross out all the junk quickly and repeatedly many times. Usually it wont download as long as you dont and you cross them out.

  1166. clifford did Lin WRONG

  1167. no, it’s not, why you say that?

  1168. Clifford’s sympathizer.

  1169. Go to bed and sleep off this unforgettable game. Talk to you soon.

  1170. philippines, china, taiwan UNITE for LIN!

  1171. Lucky you! Hong Kong is one of the best places

  1172. whatever happened to the Win with Kemba campaign?

  1173. He gave Jeremy props when guarding Wade in game 6

  1174. All people smarter than the old school dumb coach!

  1175. Clifford & Hornets (except Hornets fans, which I thought were great to Jeremy) did exactly what McHale & Rockets did to Jeremy Lin in my opinion. Both equally mistreated him, especially in the play offs. Golden State and Knicks were fair to him for the most part.

  1176. Guys like MJ do NOT take losses like this lightly. Cliff and Kemba should be scared as hell. They are not safe.

    Cliff is fired for sure after next season (once they miss the playoffs). Kemba will be dangled for a trade, but without Lin and Batum, his stats will revert to the mean. Not much value.

  1177. I feel like i need a walk outside. Im that pissed. once Lin was taken out i muted the game knowing this game is over. I was hoping it was a short rest. After the score was 4 point deficit , He would put Lin in. We know thats not been cliff all season

  1178. That’s it, I want to see Lin start for Nets next season. They will build him up to superstar status. Unlike any of the other franchises. New York loves Lin.

  1179. 5M Lin was benched for 670K Bev, 15M(!) Lin was benched for 1.3M Ronnie Price and then 507K Jordan Clarkson.

    The defense rests.

  1180. Agreed. But should be MJ, Clifford and entire front office.

  1181. Wade is still a great player even though
    He is extremely dirty and he is one of the biggest jerks in the NBA
    Punk is someone like patrick beverley

  1182. and the U.S. in general … but I know you know that already

  1183. They need him more than anyone.

    No draft picks. Losing lots of $$$. Still in the shadow of the Knicks. A coach that they want to see succeed right away to look smart. Lin’s relationship with Atkinson is perfect to hit the ground running.

  1184. time for dim sum?

  1185. I think Hornets is one of the team that actually welcomed Lin in. The coach just don’t play him at the right time, like this one. You would think after so many bricks, block by Whiteside, and how tired Walked looked, the coach would put Lin and switch the rotation around with a different style play. Lin is so much more happy with this team compare to his last two. This team actually plays team ball most of the time compare to LA, and HOU. Yes, Walker does shoot a lot, but remember, he is Hornet’s #1 option. He is expected to do so. He also treats Lin way better than Harden and Kobe. This is from my point of views from looking at his numbers and a few games that I had watched. Most of the time I only watched highlight from Jun Liu on Youtube. You guys may have a different opinion, since most of you probably watch more than I do.

  1186. MJ, front office and Clifford disrespected Lin BIG BIG BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1187. At least I am not visiting any other sites this time around… Am worried my head will explode!

  1188. Nah MJ is not good at managing a team
    He doesn’t see real talent he loves NC players and Kemba walker

  1189. dirty player and the behavior he exhibited toward jlin warrants punk… wade is merely a basketball player, entertainer… nothing special…

  1190. Again and again, from Houston to KA to Charlotte, Lin’s own coaches are the ruthless murderers of Linsanity!


  1191. I kinda wanna know what hornets forum think

  1192. You can always rise from the ashes again.

  1193. lol okay

  1194. Me too Nets!!

  1195. His lier truth face shown since after the preseason!

  1196. Wade PUNK

  1197. That’s what they said about Lance, lol. Behind the scenes buzz was that Kemba was close to being traded this year, but was given a chance to make a playoff run. He and Al are both Excel Sports clients.

  1198. lol, you s#*k

  1199. Haha. Early Tea (早茶)!

  1200. Right, which is why Hornets gave Kemba 48M after consecutive loss records 18L and 23L between 2012-2014

  1201. I think most of us were worried deep down inside that if Lin continued to do well and the hornets kept winning, he might stay. Well i say: worry no more.

  1202. That’s true, I never thought of it that way. But yea, I am also proud that Lin did not back down.

  1203. lol i just got that

  1204. Ha! I don’t think Lin was coming back no matter what, but now worriers can be 100% sure instead of 99%.

  1205. Yep today reminded us all of what the Hornets FO/Coach was to Lin during regular season.

  1206. This might of been the best ending. For Lin to be a starter