Playoff Round 1 Game 6 MIA @ CHA Game Thread

After the Hornets managed to shock the Heat by snatching an improbable Game 5 win on their home turf to lead 3-2 in the series, would the Hornets be able to close the series with a Game 6 win at home?

  • Closing a playoff series is very difficult because the cornered team will throw their best shot to and Dwayne Wade will use his championship experience and rally his teammates to try to steal the game so they can go back to Miami for Game 7
  • The Hornets seemed quite focused on their defensive effort that managed to keep the Heat under 90 pts for 3 straight wins.
  • This is a good start but will the starters dig another hole that makes it hard for JLin and the bench to retake the lead? It has become an alarming trend.
  • The current starter lineup (Kemba/Lee/Marvin/Al/Frank) is the 3rd WORST in +/- with -7.7 in 3 games. On the flip side, the Kemba/Lin/Lee/Zeller/Kaminsky lineup has the highest +/- with +11 in only 1 game. That should be something that Coach Clifford should consider to win Game 6

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray that JLin continues to be super-aggressive to attack the Heat inside and drain his midrange jumpers and 3s and helps the Hornets to play teamball to close the series 3-2

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Guess JLin's stats in Playoff Round 1 Game 5 vs MIA


  1. Go Jeremy!! Have a great game tonight.

    via ESPN …

    Nicolas Batum said he slept for “two, three hours — maybe” after the birth of his first child at 1:30 this morning. “When something like that happens, you forget about everything else,” he said. “I’m going to play tonight, for sure. […] She gave me the green light to play.”

  2. Victory! Believe!

  3. Hornets Close it out tonight!

  4. Hairsanity!!

  5. He’ll be fine, he has Lin-somnia.

  6. Damn….

    I thought that I can be the first!

    Ha Ha

  7. Nice, I’m sure Batum’s teammates will be ecstatic to give him a perfect gift with a Game 6 win!

    If Jeremy gave Batum 5 assists to 5 threes, maybe Batum will name the baby Jérémi Batum LOL

  8. When someone at the office has a baby, everyone has a baby.

  9. Referee Assignments:

    Miami @ Charlotte
    Monty McCutchen
    Bill Spooner
    Tom Washington

    Alternate: Eric Lewis

  10. That’s a LOT of babies 😀

  11. Off-the-Topic: Brent RT about this poor 5-yr old boy with incurable cancer who wants 500 Birthday Cards 🙁
    Please help him feel better and pray for a miracle

  12. Congratulations, Nic!

  13. Go team, finish up this round and get some rest!

  14. Just happen to see this from inae….so….I hope he gets it…

  15. Reposting– Let’s pray for God’s protection and victory for Lin and Hornets tonight, even w/ these refs…
    Tonight’s refs: Miami @ Charlotte, Monty McCutchen, Bill Spooner, Tom Washington, Alternate Eric Lewis. Terms: FF-Flagrant Foul; CF-Common Foul
    1) #22 Bill Spooner, was in two clips of the viral video– He officiated in Knicks game where Melo uppercut Lin’s neck (no FF call), and LeMarcus Aldridge arm snapped Lin’s head backwards on a layup (Rox Playoff-only CF call).

    2) #13 Monty McCutchen– He officiated in Celtics game where Isaiah Thomas pushed Lin off in front of ref, but no offensive foul was called. This article:

    3) Alternate, #42 Eric Lewis– He officiated in Celtics game where Khris Middleton hit Lin’s face, but only common foul (CF) was called.

  16. yes, such a sweet boy .. he was still smiling on the hospital bed 🙁

  17. Thanks, @disqus_XDhtc6HOJp:disqus!
    Let’s see if these jaded refs behave in officiating JLin fairly after the Flagrant video publicity

  18. Off Topic: This is the winning tactic Lin could adopt. Lol.

    Duncan once used his kindness to dominate Thunder’s Steven Adams
    By Ananth Pandian – April 28, 2016

  19. Hoping his new baby will be the lucky charm and bring out the best of Hornet’s game tonight and onwards!

  20. What a kind and loving act for a sick child it is!

    Your adorable children are fortunate to have you as their father.

  21. :-0 🙂

  22. lol

  23. 🙂

  24. Sending positive vibes for game 6 team victory!!!

  25. Lets go hornets and Lin!!!!!

  26. Yet another prayer request

    Prayer warriors!!

    Thanks soooo much for your prayers! Last game was so intense and exciting…praise God for the win!

    Let’s keep praying and seeing what God will do. Prayer for health for both teams, for tremendous performances for myself and my teammates and for a win to finish off the series.

    Please also pray for the salvation of the unsaved on the Hornets as well as deeper relationships with God for those that are saved. I feel like God is moving in our team and it’s awesome to see!!

  27. There is a ancient Chinese saying that a man has the best luck “right after the birth of his child” or “right before the beginning of his marriage”.

    Good luck tonight in G6, Batum! Good luck, Lin! Good luck, Hornets!

  28. Hope you will be the first in R2 G1 thread! 😉

  29. Hi HV Joy,

    I just want to apologize to you for being jerks few days ago. I was having a really rough day that day.

    I promise I won’t act like that ever again.

  30. Parsing Lin’s production by hairstyle this season reveals some clear differences. The table below shows some of his shooting percentages and per 36 minute levels of production with each style. DRE is a box-score based measure from Nylon Calculus that estimates a player’s overall impact per 100 possessions.
    Maybe, like a playoff beard in hockey, The Ponytail is here to stay until the Charlotte Hornets are eliminated from the postseason. Or, perhaps, a difficult game or two could send Lin running back to one of these other tried and true hairstyles (no more headband, please!) in search of the solid footing he’s been playing on all season. It could also be that there is still an untapped well of creativity deep within him, that The Ponytail is just an intermediate step on the way to some new and glorious hairstyle to be unveiled later in the playoffs or next season.

  31. I meant being a jerk.


  32. The samurai with the man bun will slash, attack and destroy the enemies!

  33. May God grant your requests as we journey together on this quest, Lin! Victory belongs to Him! Amen!

  34. Nice thought. Lol, heats are so over nice Lin by now.

  35. What is DRE? Why is JLin in the negative? I looked at the team’s DRE and JLin is in the bottom 2.

  36. Defensive rebound?

  37. No apology is necessary, Win. Like you, I am a relatively new poster. We all enjoy this great fansite and get to know the wonderful fellow Lin fans.

    Thank you for the peace gesture. No hard feelings at all!

    Let’s cheer for Lin and Hornets in G6. See you here tonight!

  38. I don’t think so.

  39. Awesome.. The prayers have been working so well for JLin and his teammates.
    NBA is a copycat league. We might see more Bible Study+massage sessions all over the place LOL

    Check out this hilarious Lee picture

  40. 🙂

    Let go Lin! Let go Hornets!

  41. Once again, mini-Linsanity or one game closer to free agency, but I hope they can beat the Heat!

  42. Is Tyler Johnson a good defender?

  43. “April 30 is National Hairstylist Appreciation Day, and Jeremy Lin probably has it circled on his calendar.” lol.

  44. From the article:
    DRE is a box-score based measure from Nylon Calculus that estimates a player’s overall impact per 100 possessions.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Boxscore has its limitations that it doesn’t capture secondary/hockey assists, defensive hustles. +/- would be better to measure team impact (although not perfect since Lin stays on corner when Kemba/Batum are in)

    I’ll ask about the +/- when JLin plays PG

  45. If you have issue sleeping, read this:
    Agree with psalm234, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

  46. is it like PER?

  47. need to make more baskets…sigh…

  48. No worries, he’s playing to win games.

  49. Should be today for the important game! Let’s see him celebrate it today.

  50. I think Batum will either have a monster game or awful game tonight, no in between. Because

    Monster Game: Happy New Daddy so a Monster game as a gift for his new born son!!!

    Awful Game: Not enough sleep.

  51. yes its as useless as per.

    there are a lot of meaningless random “new”
    stats in all sports because mathematicians needed something to do.

    conventional old stats are good enuf usually. a somewhat “newish” —stat i like personally like is points per shot.

    plus/minus can be deceptive but it can be useful if contrasted and calibrated the right way. (too complex to detail further here).

    actually: i like boxscores. think they can tell you (generally) most of what you need to know.

    personal note: im supposed to be retired from posting here but i have started popping up occasionally to answer a question someone asks that interests me or provide a statistical addition or historical note researched to some topic someone presents.

    ill try to resist the urge to actually come out of retirement.

  52. well if hawes isnt playing he can focus more on his other job then to mark the occasion. (as lin’s stylist).

  53. Probably below average game for Batum, because he’s still on a bad ankle. Batum wasnt a big factor in game 5. In that case, it’s up to every other Hornet to step up.

  54. Tyler Johnson is a point guard who can score a lot better than Dragic. Not known for his defense.

  55. thanks! your knowledge is very welcome here; why retire?

  56. Where can i sign up for bible studies?

  57. ah, so the PGs have to guard him. Hope he’s very rusty.

  58. Very nice and warm and positive.

  59. and fully clothed. 🙂

  60. Lol No bows! No bows!

  61. He wasn’t but still made 2 huge 3s in the 4th Qtr. I am hoping he will have monster as after today is his son birthday.


  62. The game starts @ 8 PM. Nic should be able to take quick nap during the day. I’ve found that a quick 45 minute afternoon nap fixes a sleepless night.

  63. It doesn’t matter against Lin anymore.

  64. When you feel like a jerk, just eat some beef jerky.

  65. Any “advanced stat” like PER or DRE which uses manmade regression coefficients should be disregarded.

    Translation into actual english:

    PER and DRE are MADE UP stats.

  66. I doubt Spoelstra will play him much unless it’s a blowout. But he’s a big attacking point guard, who Kemba would have problems with.

  67. Just found out, we get the NBA games for free on cable, after watching the playoffs on a tiny stream on the PC.

  68. It would take really poor play from Walker/Batum/Lee as well as a deep benching (25 minutes or under) of Lin for the Hornets to lose this easily winnable game.

  69. Lol. I will try.

  70. Lol, I’ve followed your lead and have been semi retired. This kind of stat is as useless as saying a reciever in football who doesn’t catch passes because he’s doubled team and forces opposing defences to leave team mates open for easy catches.

    They want to imply Lin’s useless so they use dumb stats like this.

  71. Cliff is smart enough to bench players who are doing bad now. Not like in regular season but just like last game. Especially in games that really mean so much like today’s and the last one. When Cliff feels like the game is slipping away he will call timeout and bring in Lin. That’s how I see it. It’s up to Walker, Batum and Lee to start and really make a push to lead the game before Lin comes in. I don’t think we ever led the Miami Heat with the starters. Cliff knows this too. Someone brought it up and he acknowledged it in the practice interview but he said that he just can’t start anyone he wants because these units work best. Yes, starters will dig a hole but the bench will do well.

  72. Snap into a Slim Jim

  73. Agreed. Clifford wanna win. He is probably piss that he didn’t win the COY award.

  74. Batum is coming off of the bench.

  75. Lets hope Batum can run fast and stick to shooting where he does the most damage. Lin should be handling the ball 100% of the time or at least a majority of the time.

  76. I really think Batum will have a BIG game tonight. As a father, you sure would love to tell you kid something proud and what had happened on the day that they were born in the future.

  77. You are appreciated!

  78. Not 100 percent because they’ll triple team him. But he should touch it just about every possession.

  79. I hope so. I think he might if his ankle feels better. I hope for a good game from most Hornets, Frank is due to have a better game and may need to because Hawes is down.

  80. Good performance from Nic for sure! He’s on cloud 9!

  81. One thing I noticed, is that this Hornets team does not play well against desperate teams who have something to prove. We saw them lose to a terrible Phoenix Suns that was trying to avoid losing 10 games in a row. They lost to the Dallas Mavericks who were desperate to stay in the playoffs. They got blown out by a Detroit Pistons team trying to prove they belong in the playoffs. I expect the Heat will throw everything they got into this game, and I’m not sure the Hornets are experienced enough to handle the intensity.

  82. That’s fine cause we saw what happened last game when they double teamed him. He just dimes.

  83. Just hope he doesn’t try to do too much.

  84. but we do win at home court a lot. I hope Lin plays a big role today cause he usually does well when the fans are cheering loud.

  85. If JLIN is allowed to do his playmaking he won’t let this game be lost.

    If KemBatum do too much of the playmaking I share your doubt.

  86. A couple of things I wish for:
    1) Crowd is deafening when the Heats need to concentrate.
    2) Whiteside has a Hulk moment and get tossed out.
    3) Heats continue their shooting drought
    4) Marv deadly from 3 again
    5) Slash Bros shows up
    6) Continue their strong defense
    7) And of course Linsanity: The Resurrection!

  87. yes, I feel like the only reason we’ve done well against Miami is because we played smarter than them. They re more physical and stronger but with Lin at PG, we are finding weaknesses and exploiting them. Such as using the bucket to block Whiteside/Stoudemire from blocking his shots. Dishing out dimes when they double team Lin. Pushing the pace so they get tired faster. Attacking the basket which Kemba and Lin do well but I think Lin has better driving just cause of his height advantage and leading with his head/shoulder to get to the line a lot. I feel Kemba doesn’t get to the line as much as Lin and gets his shots blocked by taller guys when he drives but I’d rather have him drive than shoot contested shots.

  88. This is a life time opportunity for Cliff too, by now he should know what work and what don’t against Heat.

  89. I’m surprised this is the first Hornets game that will be televised on ESPN. I guess ESPN finally acknowledging that Hornets is drawing a lot of attention now. This can be an underdog story if Hornets can surprise everyone and make it to ECF or even the finals. I’m pretty sure if NBATV is the only one willing to broadcast the game, that means no big channels want you. I think it was the 3rd game when NBATV stated that it was their biggest televised game since 2014.

  90. By far this is the most exciting first round match up.

  91. We’ll find out. I agree, Heat will play with desperation.

  92. BTW, game one was shown on NBA tv had record rating.

  93. yep I even checked reddit and it’s the Hornets vs Heat thread that gets the most comments.

  94. Playoff atmosphere is totally different.

  95. How did you know the refs from the previous games?

  96. FYI. Since we have concern w/ the refs for tonight’s game, here’s an example of FF2, w/ Review and Ejection. Listen to the announcers immediately assessed a FF and Canaan’s teammates jumped from the bench w/ concern. Officials: #25 Tony Brothers, #59 Gary Zielinski, #74 Curtis Blair

  97. Ya! It’s Hornets first ESPN game this season.

  98. I think so.

  99. looks similar to Lin’s hard foul by Harden.

  100. I wished the announcers would have said the same things for JLin. “Vunerable position to be in” “Instead of making a play on the ball, made a play for Isaiah’s body, not good”

  101. I’ve been keeping tab and went back to check each game record.

  102. There will be no NBA TV in the 2nd round.

  103. This is how Cliff answered questions about the starters getting off to bad starts and the Heat building leads on them.

    “But when you do a lineup, the other part of it is, you have to look at the full 48 minutes, and then how you can sub to try to have the best balance of offense and defense. So we’re going to stay with it for now. The bottom line is, since we’ve gone with that lineup our bench play has been terrific, and that’s why we’ve won.”

    What do you think?

  104. This is the pattern for whole season long. Cliff is not going to change … He forgot to say it. When bench got the lead, our starters would come in to take over the game. LOL!

  105. Because of politics / contracts Cliff has to start Kemba so he disguises the real starters as the bench Lin / Batum / Zeller / Hawes / Marvin . When the fake starters Walker / Jefferson / Frank fall behind the real starters come in to save the game.

  106. They’ve won because Batum has been out and Lin gets more touches – simple as that.

  107. GQ Magazine ✔ ‎@GQMagazine
    What hairstyle does Jeremy Lin play best in? TO THE DATA
    11:50 AM – 29 Apr 2016

  108. His logic makes no sense at all. How does Kaminsky in the starting lineup help the bench play? If that’s true then he was dragging down the bench and now he’s dragging down the starters. Bottom line – DNP for big Frank.

  109. I think he’s been lucky. The smart way and the right way would be to start your best players not a group of playing from behind.

  110. I don’t like the Hitler look in the upper right.

  111. That’s the thing, it has been. It’s just a really strange strategy. But he admits that it’s the strategy.

  112. Upper left, left, Mohawk, can ditch the one’s on the right.

  113. More like politic than strategy.

  114. Bc he can’t change it & only can follow his boss told him what to do.

  115. Mohawk.

  116. Goes both ways – for the Heat as well for Hornets. “Can’t give champions life.” -Dirk. The difference from games in season and now is JL7 and eveybody’s belief in JL7. It’s not a question anymore who’s the co-captain to steer the ship. They only go as far as JL7 & KW can carry them. Doubts are out the window.

  117. Basically, let our weaker group (starters) wear out their strongest squad (starters). Then our best squad (Bench) comes in and dominate the match. If this is true…that’s some Sun Tzu stuff right there.

  118. Against the good teams the Hornets rarely win when both Kemba and Batum play. The reason for this is that Lin gets limited touches with them both on the floor. I was worried last game when Batum came back and they just barely won. Of course Nick only played 25 minutes. I admit he hit a couple of big 3’s at the end but overall he did not play well.

  119. That starting lineup sucks. Just hope they can keep it relatively close until Lin comes in Of course Cliff wouldn’t ever think of starting Lin at PG.

  120. Nick should play off the ball. They were getting nothing with Nick playing PG. If Lin was the PG game wouldn’t have been so close.

  121. Trouble is Hawes is out. That Hawes / Zeller combination is good. Hope they still get it done.

  122. lin’s career “deep benching” (25 minutes or under) % by season, playoffs and regular season combined, all games when he was available to play:

    houston season 1: 15%
    houston season 2: 29%
    l.a.: 47%
    charlotte: 45%

  123. I agree 100%. Nick is a good passer but he’s too slow to play point guard which results in turnovers and broken plays. I think he’s an excellent small forward but he’s not a point or shooting guard.

  124. Couldn’t agreed more.

  125. Larry Bird was a great passer but he didn’t ever play point guard. Same should be true of Batum. Cliff get a clue.

  126. The team is so out of position. Lin should be the starting point guard, Kemba shooting guard and Batum at small forward.

  127. He’s just grasping at straws, trying to justify benching the team’s best pg and playmaker.

  128. He creates some when he’s 100% healthy but last game he was just taking the ball out of JLin’s hands. Was better off the ball.

  129. LOL

    Hornets Nation ‎@Hornets__Nation
    Will the nightmare continue for @DwyaneWade tonight in game six? #BuzzCity
    12:30 PM – 29 Apr 2016

  130. Getting Big Al, Frank and Kemba out of JLin’s way is how they help the bench play. LOL

  131. Maybe it is, but do you think he’s aware of it?

  132. Exactly. And the fact is the team is winning DESPITE this “strategy”, not because of it.

    I am actually surprised the Hornets are in the playoffs and is beating the Heat, instead of being eliminated like it has always been.

    So what did the Hornets do this year that made it go so far, I wonder?

  133. No way Cliff knows about sun tzu art of war. I am sure!

    His starting line up is mostly based on the politics. I just hope the FO office will agree to put KW as SG and Lin start as PG and switch on defensive end if Lin stays with the Hornets next season.

  134. I wonder if clifford has the foresight to allow Jeremy to win this game instead of reverting back to old ways. This old dog never learns.

  135. And so much of the Hornets Community and now even the NBA playoff following community believe Clifford should have been Coach of the Year.

    Clifford will be known as Avery Johnson with Mavs or Byron Scott with Nets – talentless coaches who stumbled upon teams who had key personnel who could counter-act the awful coaching.

  136. And promote JLin and KW as EC Slash Brother!


  137. Batum is back and Clifford said so.

    (psst: if the real Batum from Gm 1 & 2 is truly back, you may proceed to worrying)

  138. Oh boy.

  139. Clifford said Batum is the Hornet’s Quarterback.

    If Batum is the quarterback, he’s like Matt Leinart and JLIN is Tom Brady.

  140. I hope Jlin gets fair ref treatment… they can throw the game with phantom calls and noncalls.

  141. Lol. I posted the same before. But I compare Batum as Andrew Luck.

  142. He should be Quarterback with Kemba then. Dang I don’t want a game 7. SMH

  143. heh heh, not if JLin sparks a 20 pt lead. Let’s Go!

  144. nice surprise ending, fans!

  145. But Andrew Luck is actually a top teir quaterbak.

    -Batum is slow as a faciliatator
    – Can’t handle the ball well
    – Prdictable loves going to Cody 80%
    – Turnover Machine

  146. I don’t like Andrew Luck and I hated so much when they gave up Peyton Manning once the Colts have drafted Luck. Luck is 2nd tier to me at best.

  147. well, he started all his bench players, and benched his starters, so it is not a surprise.

  148. If he truly did what you said, then the Hornets would never fall into deep holes.

    You are wrong because the switch he needed to make was JLIN for Kemba but he never will, that is why the starters are the worst starting group left in the NBA playoffs.

  149. wu kong, you will love this … Playoffs says man-bun. Small sample size. I like the mathematical winner, comb-over a la Gary Oldman fifth element:

  150. Is it just me but does Wade look worry? Seem like he is crying.

  151. Game 5 between the hornets and the heat had 3.1 million viewers — up 67% from Nets/Hawks last year.

  152. agree that would be more optimal. Of course, on defense Lin would guard the opposing SG and Kemba the opposing PG.

  153. Don’t blame Batum for running the point, I’m pretty sure he’s just following the game plan by Clifford. In Game 5, Batum started running the point when he came off the bench while Lin was in. After a few disastrous plays, I’m guessing Batum told Clifford to have Lin run the point, and that probably resulted in the win.

    I’m hoping that Lin plays two 15-18 minute stints per half again. I think that is the best for him since it allows him to develop a rhythm.

  154. Thank you for posting this. I hope you are keeping a list somewhere.

    Correct call, that was a FF2. Elbow to the head.

  155. Cliff tried to get Jeremy some rest in Q4 of game 5. Watch for him to do better because JLin did say after game 4 he was really tired so KW had to take it home. Cliff knows that’s not a sure thing, so he gave Jeremy a sit in Game 5, but he didn’t time it right so they lost JLin on D in a key possession where Deng landed a corner 3.

    So, this game:

    1. ‘more of the same’ I think equals more sure footing on Batum’s scoring, trying to get more 3s, take what they give them in the paint
    2. more discipline on resting Lin sometime in Q4 so he can be sure to be effective last 4 mins.
    3. what is the adjustment to Hawes being out and Cody being hurt a bit? AJ but not sure how much.
    4. D … since they said MW is orchestrating the D, let’s watch for that. We haven’t called that out, and I’d love to see how good he is at indicating to Lin and KW where to go given he’s back there and can see it better.

  156. Wow, that is surprising even given Hornets small market status.

  157. Heat on the line … dramatic story if Heat loses. Building up ECF viewership, I guess.

  158. Critical nature of JLIN’s rhythm cannot be understated in it’s importance to Hornets.

    When JLIN’s gets into rhythm that means Heat defense falls out of rhythm and this in turn affects the Heat’s transition offense game thus ultimately allows Hornets to repair the damage done by Hornets starters and take leads.

    Spoelstra has no defensive set in his arsenal that JLIN cannot defeat.


    Deron Williams may be going to opt out next season. Lin going to play for Mavs as a starter is a good option. Rick Carlisle a great coach.

  160. JLin collecting more fans/admirers… 🙂

  161. Kemba is an under-sized SG with one dimention function and poor defense, like Harden, suitable to off the bench as a 6th man.

  162. No Mavs, please no……..

  163. I expect Heat to come out aggressively getting shots for Joe Johnson and establishing Deng on the inside, both of which will be new adjustments that Hornets defenders will have to pick up. Whiteside and DWade will get their customary looks but Dragic will take far fewer shots.

    I believe Johnson scores big this game but hopefully the Q1 hole JLIN is asked to fill is not too great.

    Would like to see Psycho T (the only really hard roller) play some P&R with JLIN but unfortunately Clifford probably wont play him im place of Hawes.

    JLIN should have more driving lanes open as Miami focuses on stopping 3ptrs but I believe JLIN will not look for his shot again but have a great assist night.

  164. Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.

  165. Rumor is that Orlando is going to offer max contracts to Parsons and Dwight… It will be interesting in Dallas for sure.

  166. nice work!

  167. Haven’t posted here for more than a week… 🙁
    Tell you the truth, I still haven’t watched game 5… sigh… Can’t believe I missed out on this celebration of JLin playoff magic!
    The sad news is… I still can’t watch the game live tonight :(((((((((

    Still pray for and support JLin ALL THE WAY!

  168. 3 hours til game time =)

  169. Hope JLIN get’s to take his brother Joe (also a professional basketball player in Taiwan) to his practices. They’ve played, practiced and drilled together their entire lives and Joe might be a great help in giving JLIN personal attention.

  170. I like your thinking, trying to figure out what Heat will do. I’ll watch for it. Since Winslow can’t shoot, he’ll be pushed to play good D. I think I noticed early in the series Winslow was able to keep JLin in check on some key possessions when Lin was tired, look for that working for them again. Also, Richardson was left in last game instead of Dragic. Not sure if that was in-game adjustment or coach knowing something on performance/matchups. I just know Richardson hit a few and defended pretty well, but he’s not as big a risk as Dragic to get in and dish. So, maybe they think they have enough of that in Wade.

  171. Whenever I can, do the best of my ability. I’ve been posted in this thread, but Lin fans w/ Lin’s missed/non foul calls can post here:

  172. I can’t remember if Cliff said this earlier in the season or it’s just one of those basic truths: for the most part, starters play against starters, bench against bench. It’s possible the Hornets could find a starting group that could do better against the Heat’s starters, but that might mean the Hornets bench could do worse against the Heat bench with defeat as the end result. Add the “any given day” concept where, for example, the Heat in Game 1 & 2 couldn’t miss, and it’s very tough to predict what might happen with various starter/bench pairings.

    It’s easy for us as arm-chair coaches to say Jeremy should start. But such a move would have significant consequences in a number of ways. Kemba might lose confidence and start to play worse. Jeremy might feel more pressure and start to play worse. Teammates might pick sides, which results in internal conflict and team synergy turns into discord.

    Obviously most here believe that everything would be positive with Jeremy as starting PG and the Hornets would’ve won 60 games instead of 48 this season, but those negative possibilities are very real.

  173. Short mohawk please

  174. This would be a good one to compare against the Kobe clotheslining of Jeremy.

  175. Voted. Lin 1st ofc

  176. As great a coach Jim Carrey is it depends on the rest of the roster, (Cuban is just noise).

  177. Which means everyone has to protect him.

  178. only comment below: because Twitter is loaded with Jeremy Lin fans. lol

  179. It really should just be between
    1) Jeremy Lin – 1st quarter
    2) Jeremy Lin – 2nd quarter
    3) Jeremy Lin – 3rd quarter
    4) Jeremy Lin – 4th quarter


  180. Modicum of truth in the regular season. With Playoff lineup adjustments that excuse doesn’t hold water as JLIN plays in lineups against Heat starters and burns them just as he burns Heat bench.

    Fact is JLIN has proven with his starts he can beat the elites of the league (Cavs,Spurs,Rapts,Celts,plyoff Heat) and while you Hornets fans believe we are cherry picking games; why don YOU cherry pick for Batum or Kemba — reason is YOU CANNOT cherry because there are NO Cherries for those players.

  181. It works fine against weaker teams

  182. But the Hornets bench is “very deep”.

  183. crap, I have to focus to get all my work done lol.

  184. come one come all to the JLin party!

  185. Yes, very cynical comment from the Hornets Fan community.

    For the life of me, I don’t understand how any rational reasonable viewer could have any other choice of MVP in each of the 3 wins; JLIN passes the analytics test and the “eye” test. —– thus the only conclusion is Hornets Homer Bias against JLIN.

  186. Dr. Dre?

  187. I agree Kemba should be 6th man but that will never happen. I guess Lin at starting point guard won’t ever happen either. Oh well – their loss.

  188. Lin is a PG not the easter bunny. lol

  189. “Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me… you can’t get fooled again.”
    – George Bush

  190. Lol why did you have to bring that up. Now I have to look for Frank Caliendo videos.

  191. We are in the same boat…..why aren’t we rowing.

  192. Ha, Frank’s the best!

  193. He should, this game is bigger than any backdoor politicking/foolery thats been going on the whole season.

  194. Hornets MVP should be JLin leading Net Points with +31 in 5 games

    Check out Top 3 Players #NetPoints in 5 gms:
    1 Lin +31
    2 Hawes +25
    3 Zeller +22
    #ManBunBros Rules the Heat LOL

  195. Now I see why I liked Hawes during playoffs. Not only cause he plays well with Lin but because he’s +25. He compliments Lin. Zeller does too.

  196. and he’s out for a week 🙁

  197. Unless Kemba plays 48 minutes and scores 60pt tonight and JLIN plays 0 minutes…

    … when Kemba Wins the Series MVP it will be a bald-headed travesty perpetrated by Clifford/MJ

  198. Everyone from military to stocktraders know Sun Tzu.

  199. how rare is it to get MVP coming off the bench?

  200. Perhaps Ginobili did it once or Ray Allen but it is EXCEEDINGLY rare

  201. it’s because some of the Hornets fans decided to split the fanbase into “Lin fans” vs “Real Hornets fans”. Which created a division in the fanbase. It’s sad cause when Lin is mentioned on ATH, they like to say “This is not a Lin fan site, this is a Hornets fanbase. Let’s talk about the team” but …Lin is a Hornets and people have their favorite players. It’s unfair cause Kemba fans praise Kemba all the time on ATH, but when Lin fans praise Lin, or even if Hornets fans praise Lin, they get shade thrown on them. I guess it’s cause Lin’s fanbase is so big, they feel like it’s threatening their own team fanbase. But if they actually viewed Lin as a Hornets, this wouldn’t happen.

  202. Yes – ride him like freakin’ Secretariat! (but no injury, please!)

  203. Don’t forget Iggy…

  204. Kemba is the franchise player; Kemba also happens to play the same position Point Guard as JLIN.

    So naturally, Hornets fans will be particularly defensive toward anything that threatens Kemba’s supremacy – especially from a 1 yr contract player.

    Next season, JLIN will have the starting point guard position dedicated to himself – it is my HOPE that the ENTIRE fanbase of the NEW team could embarce JLIN as much as we love our boy.

  205. yo B
    yo B – ‏@_bk_chino

    @wfnz @JLinPortal fan or not anyone that isn’t blind knows Lin has had the most impact in this entire series
    2:45 PM – 29 Apr 2016

  206. no, please no. Startups are a team sport. Investors with indiv player mindsets destroy dreams for people who are risking it all:

  207. @ESPN730: “I didn’t know Jeremy Lin was as great as this, he takes so much pressure off of Kemba” – Fowler

    @JLinPortal: Heat definitely felt #Lintolerable pressure in trailing 2-3
    Lin leads the Hornets with +31 in NetPoints

  208. Well, Holly is headed to the game and her tweets should provide more game story.

    Holly, psalm can get you into the annual JLin gathering at a Phx game, so post a game report here and we’ll all high five ya. Have a great day at the game. Thx for giving the JLin fan base yet another cool story to follow cuz it’s all good clean fun on our way to the Finals (lol).

  209. how does she afford all these tix? Is someone hooking her up? I swear the tix for her seat close up is like $1,000s. Even seats all the way in the back are like $300-700

  210. Still, Kobe’s foul was a very dangerous foul. Lin could have been severely hurt. FF2 w/ Ejection, IMO. Lin was still in the air when Kobe’s right arm swiped Lin’s head snapping it backwards. Lin fell flat on his back to the floor w/ such intense force that the back of his head bounced off the floor.

  211. well. I would guess those are not as bad as GSW, but her seat last time was right behind the bench a few rows, so definitely getting expensive. You can’t touch GSW nose bleed seats for 2 for old middle class lifestyle. It’ll just get worse when they move to SF. That’s what I love about this we spread the experiences.

  212. she drove today from TN/AL with her friend… she’s quite dedicated

  213. Hey LinMad, I still wanna ask, I wish you had bet on CHA winning this series. I read it was something like 1-70 or 1-80 odds when they were down 0-2.

  214. Cream Rises to the Top – How important is it to have one of the highest BBIQs in NBA?

    Consider as this series has progressed, I submit the following:

    1) Heat defenders have deciphered Kemba’s offensive game – he has been increasingly turned into a low percentage volume shooter, they know his habits and inclinations.

    2) Contrarily, JLIN has deciphered all of Heat’s Defensive sets and are picking them apart on offense taking what the Heat defense gives him.

    3) Heat defenders have NOT deciphered JLIN out as he counter-adjusts to their every adjustment and they have run out of tricks to use against him.

  215. wait, did u mean you want Holly to go to JLin Fan gathering in Phx?
    That’s a long way for her from ATL haha..

  216. i didn’t bet lol. I would have been a millionaire though.

  217. I suspect this game, Heat will show a different setup and it will take JLin a few series down the court to figure it out. I hope Cliff has JLin planned to read and react because Heat are a good team and well coached.

  218. dang, you bet big. 10k per bet I salute you bro. I always think of these things too late, there are so many chances to go against conventional wisdom. Let’s go to the finals and lose to Steph, please. But ya, JLin MVP of a few games along the way please.

  219. i want someone with all that energy to be part of our community, because we’ll be here over the coming years and you’ve made a stable place for everyone. Her twitter is also a centralized place for her, but you know, it’s sort of individualistic and you get what you put out there. Here, you can afford to shut down for a month or 2 during the summer and we’ll take it back up anytime when it’s right. So ya, you did it bro and you might invite her in because of her energy and drive in her corner of the JLin-verse.

  220. I didn’t know Hornets fans AtTheHive rooted for JLin to get the ball in Game 5
    Note: maybe some are Lin fans 🙂

  221. I wouldn’t mind betting up to 20k. But ya, I don’t really bet that often.

    Hornets vs Warriors would be crazy. Steph playing against his home town team and Lin playing against his. It would actually surprise Steph in a big way.

  222. She visited here before
    But I can invite her although I think she’s more comfortable with Twitter/reddit style

    It’s a great story to have and kinda funny 🙂
    She gives the vibe of Drew Barrymore adorable-klutz in getting the accidental tattoo

  223. Yes, so that would be so good for JLin’s story and K negotiations because he goes up against the best shooter of all time, playing D on Steph or KT. Slicing in on Bogut and DGreen. Wow that would really up his stature after years of being slighted. It’s all there for Jeremy to earn this playoffs, and for his team to see the possibilities if they buy in.

    I think they would do better than Rox, prob better than POR. All CHA have to do is close this out, beat TOR (doable because TOR is JLin home court lol), and then let LeBron take over as best playa in the world, not sure if it’s doable. Avoid Delly’s diving knee shots ok.he.didn’

  224. Haha, you mean JLin’s Bible Study or regular Bible Study?

    If it’s close to your location, you can find the nearest location of Bible Study International (BSF)

    Email me at [email protected] if you have questions

  225. yeah, well Tw is ok, but you know, she doesn’t have that many followers so bonding with the community if that’s what she wants is a good thing for her own life stream, it it matters for her to be a long term fan. I just love the openness of the good vibe lin fans. Still not at the point today of bandwagoners. I still have to market today’s game to my FB friends, they are too busy watching SAS or GSW. You know what I mean, I love my GSW but too many people are wearing Strength In Numbers these days for it to be real.good.

  226. More like ESPN Real Adjusted Plus Minus (RAPM)
    I had a discussion with NylonCalculus staff on it.

    It’s not perfect since it’s a statistical model based on basic boxscore
    I suggested a new formula to measure defensive impact so it tells us which starts don’t play defense like Harden

  227. Today is one of the most important games of the year for NBA fans. Old venerable team about to be closed out upon by the vibe of rag-tag team-ball and JLin style. The NYK Linsanity … is this the real Linsanity 2.0? We all know what that question means. We’ve had so many false ones, and Linsanity means team ball over streaks, going to the underdog as last resort, and average players buying in to be top of the class, beating team after team when they are supposed to lose.

    To me this is as good as it gets. If Heat win, we get another even better game in MIA. What other game in playoffs so far have this kind of competitive meat, matter?

  228. Jeff is a producer at ESPN 730. I tried telling him not all Lin fans are the same.

  229. ps, let me know if you bet and I will try to bet too ha ha. 1/100 what you do of course.

  230. A lot of NBA players’ hard earned money was taken in forms of bad investment. Just put the money into the S&P 500 index and be satisfied with the 7% average annual return.

  231. i|i –=> o.o.O

  232. Yup, pray pray pray.

  233. That guy has also saved your Hornets Organization from another embarrassing sweep and given you your first playoff wins in years.

  234. Jeff Caruso needs to get out some more.

  235. Ronnie Lot’s Champion fund did ok for a few years. We saw JLin take some meetings for example at Horowitz last year. It’s not as easy as it seems, to invest in startups, and now that it’s getting some celeb vibe, it’s harder to separate the celebrity from the good ol’ fashion industry building work of taking risk to make science matter to products.

  236. I give up, I’ll just tell myself I’ll work this weekend. This is too exciting a game.

  237. I know some of Lin’s fans became police to guard Lin now. It’s really OK for some people don’t like Lin even you tried to show them the stats or whatever really no need to fight w them. Bc Lin needs media. But I guess next team he go still will have the same problem. Media like Lin but hate Lin’s fans.

  238. if you just know Lin, the chances are, Lin is even better than you thought.

  239. I don’t think that media hate lin fans … everyone is looking for the guilty pleasure of being a Lin fan when he’s hot. People just want to knock faithful fans because they are coming and going, that’s all. Consider us the Trekkies in between the Star Trek movies. We’re ok.

  240. We do not need to make the assumption that you are making.

    Media may not like JLIN fans because Kemba in CHA is the PG; and we had other similar problems before except NYK.

    Next season, JLIN will have the starting point guard position dedicated to himself – it is my HOPE that the ENTIRE fanbase of the NEW team could embarce JLIN as much as we love our boy just like back with Linsanity.

  241. Pitchforks?

    More like light sabers

  242. Miami Heat will come out swinging, will be a nasty dog fight. They won’t lay down and died like the Houston Rockets. Don’t let Miami get back into the game, need to finish them off tonight.

  243. yes, it’s counter-productive to be overly-protective and confrontational with media.
    Sometimes they just don’t know

    It pays off to be nice most times to get them to see Lin’s values.
    It’d be nice to have more media writing positive stuff on Lin. Niceties go a long way
    I only reserve iron hand for selective haters 🙂

  244. nah more like nun chuckussssss and ninja stars

  245. Grind it tout babaay! This is Ali vs Frazier …

  246. Hawes out. Batum still might not be 100% with his injury. Batum became a father this early morning and didn’t get much sleep. Clifford said he’s going to play Batum more this game…..

    You be the judge but I have a bad feeling about this….

    I truly hope I’m wrong…

  247. what did he say that got Lin fans angry?

  248. the emphasis has always been offense, even with awards. sigh..

  249. trust in this team’s on-court chemistry. It’s been looking good, like when JLin gives it to KW to end but he’s in the corner ready to cut in if needed. And when JLin snaps the ball back to Lee – nobody but he would have had the faith for a 1/8 showing from Lee until that point. So yes to bad setup going in, but I trust their team chemistry will be good.

  250. I don’t even know. 🙂

  251. wouldnt that be the iron p(s)alm?

    and is that anything like the buddha palm?

  252. Slash bruthas …

  253. Am I too nervous or what? How come they both look nervous to me?

  254. just jittery … like I posted a few mins ago … Ali vs Frazier. They’ll start getting into it after warmups. We will be on edge until after Jlin handles the ball a few times. That’s about 1.5 hrs to go still. Think I’ll try to do a spreadsheet whatever lol.

  255. Wow…. This name echoes well!! Splash vs Slash.

  256. OK. But I am nervous for sure.

  257. Yes it’s going to be rough. I’m worried about Batum’s concentration level cos he surely would be tired. But let’s see how this pans out.

  258. I’m nervous, too. I have to pray some more – seriously! 🙂

  259. The Linwalker

  260. I’d be more worried if Batum was like “I feel great, I’m ready to handle the ball”.

  261. Stupid racist American media that hates Asians, prejudging Jeremy Lin fans as all Asian.

    We all know what this media hate of Lin fans is REALLY about.

  262. The American media has been anti Asian for way too long.

    SOMEBODY needs to call them out on how hateful they are toward Lin and Lin’s Asians fans.

  263. No, the American media REALLY HATES Lin’s Asian fans.

  264. They look like they’re walking into their locker room. Doesn’t look like they’re nervous to me. More like on a mission.

  265. I have visions of zombie drunken master basketball.

  266. I only understand 30% of Lin speaking Chinese here to thank the fans but thank God for the infinity88 text 🙂

    Lin: Thx 4 watching our game & support us. Playoffs are so much fun to watch. Hope we win Game 6 & get into round 2.

  267. Look, Dwade will come out super aggro, don’t panic and weather the storm. Hornets are at home, stay close and stick to the gameplan.

  268. Pregame analysis:

    Hornets need to keep up their good team defense. They gave up ridiculously easy points in the paint to start off Game 5. Good thing they recovered from that, otherwise they would have lost Game 5.

    I’d like to see Lin get 15-18 mins straight in the first half, and another 15-18 mins in the second half. I like the longer stints because it keeps Lin in rhythm. Unless he’s struggling because he’s tired, he should play 15-18 straight mins.

    I don’t mind the Kemba iso mixed in occasionally, it does allow the rest of the team to rest a bit. But if the iso does not result in a good look, you don’t have to take the shot.

    Hornets did excellent job to break down Heat’s double team on Lin. Lin anticipated the double teams, and his teammates cut to the basket for Lin to pass for easy assist.

    Really happy for Marvin that he broke out of his slump. We’ll need his 3 pt shooting today since Hawes is out.

  269. The makings of a classic game.

  270. He said thank you for watching the game & hope to make it to round 2. This playoff games are fun to watch…..

  271. well, is it ok to say I hate media now?

  272. worth getting nba game update. I heard the game can’t handle Steph Curry. JLin is gonna break EA Sports too.

  273. I read Stubhub screwed up and gave her upgrade.
    Btw, $1000 is nothing for us high earning Chinese.

  274. ya the translation is in the tweet lol

  275. Iggy did it.

  276. Oh! Haha! Didn’t read the tweet… LOL!

  277. Why not Flashbrothers…..

  278. I would love to see KW work the ball around a bit to give people rest and let the ball so some work. His ISOs doing take up enough time, and then there you go, if it’s a long shot it jacks out and you’re hustling in transition. If it’s inside, you are hustling back because it’s 5 on 4. So use up close and move the ball and trust he will get it back.

    Also, want to see some better rebs from bigs. Kam has tipped back way too many balls to give MIA another 23 secs, ridiculous. Just tip to your own player, or make a better effort to get it under control like JLin does. You never see Lin tap it to opponents. You often see him conservatively snap that ball into his body to protect it.

  279. Batum just had a child and couldn’t sleep last night. I think he should sit out today. I feel like he is not 100% focused on playoffs.

  280. speak for yourself, I got my wife to answer to. doesn’t matter how much you make sometimes lol.

  281. aging to a sweet kobe legacy …

  282. That is my primary concern…. And Clifford saying he’s gonna play Batum more….

  283. He’s more & more like Harden.

  284. Whatever it takes to get 20+ points per game, win or lose.

  285. Exactly.

  286. Could be taken out of context again. You know how the media likes to stir up things.

  287. Game face…
    Hoping Refs haven’t placed bets against them

  288. Heat are too focussed on the refs. By doing so, it gives players an easy out if they play bad. They should focus on the Hornets instead.

  289. Anybody posted this yet? Jeremy’s Prayer Requests 20 ?

    Prayer warriors!!

    Thanks soooo much for your prayers! Last game was so intense and exciting…praise God for the win!

    Let’s keep praying and seeing what God will do. Prayer for health for both teams, for tremendous performances for myself and my teammates and for a win to finish off the series.

    Please also pray for the salvation of the unsaved on the Hornets as well as deeper relationships with God for those that are saved. I feel like God is moving in our team and it’s awesome to see!!

  290. Let them focus on refs and keep whining. It’ll do the Hornets a big favour…

  291. it’s from Truehoops podcast yesterday

  292. well, maybe i can be less cynical and say that % cannot get you wins, points do, so maybe that’s what he meant. We did need the points last game.

  293. cool, didn’t even know there was an entity called NBA Canada.

    but what does Lin have to do with Canada anyways??

  294. yes, in the featured comment above. 😉

  295. 🙂 Smart man! You know what they say, “Happy wife, happy life.”

  296. But he shoot bad last game. Anyway, just hope Hornets shoot well today & get the W.

  297. Half an hour before the big game… and there are so many interesting posts here to go over!

    Go Lin! Go Hornets! Cool the Heat completely!!!

  298. yep, we needed the points lol.

  299. It’s been known that Linsanity is hazardous to Raptor’s health 🙂

  300. thanks … yep, that is key. I negotiated time to watch the game today it’s not even end of work day out her here CA.

  301. Give them some of your phillycheese to go with the whine 🙂
    I am all for their mind being muddled and less focused

  302. what is kemba carrying??? looks like macaroni and cheese in a Ziploc storage tub..

  303. Rocky I !

  304. I can speak on behalf of all Canada. We are huge Lin fans. hahahahahaha

  305. Plus Raptors is their next round opponent. Scouting at work already… 🙂

  306. Lets go Jlin!!!!!

  307. True, JLin’s approach is the best.
    He’s nice most of the time but he didn’t hesitate criticizing Oscar stereotype by Chris Rock.

    Sometimes the message fall on deaf ears if we shout all the time. People learn to tune us out.
    But if someone who is usually nice like JLin got upset, people listen more

  308. times like this we need tommy C

  309. Nice..nice…nice

  310. Crap… Work is having me training a newbie today… Wondering if I can bludge a bit and keep up with the game update…

  311. lol excited

  312. butterflies on my bellies

  313. I have to give cred to the Internet – I read this a couple of days ago. Wisdom of the crowds …

  314. Take him.her to a sports bar lol. Training Day.

  315. LOL….Good idea Joe

  316. let’s go Lin! finish them mortal kombat style

  317. TOR is home advantage for JLin!

  318. Train him to spell Linsanity 🙂
    And if he’s interested to get a Chinese tattoo of “Lin Shu-How”

    refresh for GIF

  319. I though so too, his pre game snack!

  320. Have him watch a video about teamwork… The hornets game

  321. duplicate?

  322. Yup! We got the next round! ?

  323. LOL

  324. Mel is so nervous that he didn’t even realized that he posted it twice…LOL

  325. you tell us how it’s ‘feelin’ when we get there.

  326. JLin Hover-hand landed?

    @PuhleaseMonique Got to meet my favorite player Jeremy Lin and wish him luck for game 6 of the playoff tonight! @hornets #Linsanity

  327. No Lin, Batum…?

  328. I loved it!!!!!

  329. She’s pretty!

  330. ok 🙂 good one!
    You can also edit the original one to fix it

  331. This is good song… I dig it!

  332. Wooooohohhhhhhhooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  333. I wouldn’t really know since I am in Vancouver… not much of a Raptors fan. shhhh

  334. Lin,,,, go get them….

  335. a beautiful town, …

  336. Game time, let’s go!

  337. Holly in da house – hope she gets to post some goodies for us all over the world.

  338. Maybe Lin was nervous security would stop him and ask if he was a trainer.

  339. hmmm, popcorn, ice cream, or a beer?

  340. GAME TIME!!!!!

  341. everything

  342. ok, heading to the fridge ….

  343. Still Nutella since they are having a buy 1 get 1 for free here.

  344. Any links besides espn?

  345. espn announcers are Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy, Mike Breen

  346. What’s going on? Both ESPN and TNT showing Indiana and Toronto.

  347. Van Gundy… no props for Lin

  348. OK, another ESPN channel.

  349. What a garbage pre-game commentary by Rose and Collins. Not talk about how Lin was a big part of Charlotte’s wins? Come on.

  350. doug collins said exactly what I said (well, anyone could have said): MIA focusing on keeping Kemba and Lin out of the paint resulted in CHA 3s

  351. Ah, got my bottled premium, broccoli, and bbq chicken. I’m gonna renew my vows for sure.

  352. google for first row sports. I think link 6 worked for me.

  353. No mention of jlin… they think the key for charlotte is walker… do they even watch these games?

  354. premium what?

  355. I was thinking, what 12 3s but that’s nothing if they only win by 2. People got to hit more.

  356. Agreed.

  357. I don’t think they do,they just look at the highlights and box score.

  358. learned a long time ago that they do not know basketball…
    or they’re blinded by hate or bias

  359. Just wake up. Go Lin!!!!! Show the world u r da man!

  360. Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA … India Pale Ale. Very fruity.

  361. ready has been a sellout yesman for a long time now.

  362. expect big win today unless Clifford mess it up

  363. Nice

  364. I got shock top begian white with a slice of an orange

  365. Deschutes is awesome. Fresh Squeezed not my favorite, but most of the others.

  366. Really hope Clifford is not that stupid to go back to iso Kemba and batum game plan.

  367. Bend Oregon … I got friends there. Should have sold them to watch this game.

  368. TNT crews always better than espn…

  369. Let him… they’ll lose…

  370. don’t overestimate Clifford

  371. lol

  372. They think walker is the key… lol

  373. In the past 2 games, JLin checked in early at 6 min.
    I expect the same thing, especially if the starts dig a deep hole again

  374. Here we go!!!!!!!

  375. nice, orange I will try that sometime.

    If JLin plays well in first half, I am switching to Italian Gelato Vanilla Bean then.

    Man it’s cool to knock off work in the man cave and just veg out on this epic game.

  376. WHA!!! Not Yoshi!!

  377. I hope it’s earlier than that today

  378. To kill time before the game, since NFL draft is now. Where do you think Lin would be in NFL if he chose football instead of basketball?

    My guess is he’d be a receiver in the NFL, prob drafted in late rounds, maybe 6th or 7th. 6’3″, 200 lbs is a big strong receiver, yet quick, and good hands. And there are more Harvard players that played in NFL than NBA.

  379. Holly got a hover-hug

  380. oh no, iso walker…

  381. I think lin checked in at 7 min in 3rd qt.

  382. C’mon… QB 2nd round.. smart and athletic

  383. Doris Burke, she has good handles. can dribble behind her back one hand holding a clipboard. lol

  384. The Dutch commentator is a pretentious old fart regretfully, who I hoped retired already. No such luck

  385. he has a good pass. that flag football excerpt was as a receive though. I would want more Goff action – he can be an Aaron Rodgers !

  386. The problem is Mama Lin would prefer JLin to be a Harvard banker than NFL receiver 🙂
    Even LeBron wouldn’t let his kids to play NFL due to concussion concerns

  387. huh? who?

  388. Going to Deng as somebody here said.

  389. Whiteside 1st foul on Kam

  390. foul on Whiteside

  391. Come on… move the ball…

  392. let’s hope Lee can make layups in addition to 3s =)

  393. 1st foul on Whiteside and keep counting…

  394. Heat wants to take early lead to take the crowd out
    4-4 now

  395. QB for sure — great vision and timing

  396. 1q10 good pass by KW, AJ missed the short jumper

  397. big Al!! Frank Kaminsky!

  398. Nice pass from KW to the Tank!

  399. Gotta attack Whiteside!

  400. 1q10 that was a really off balance, awkward open jumper by KW

  401. Hope Lin come in around 6 mins.

  402. 1q9 AJ Hakeemed Whiteside

  403. They have no choice…

  404. Minimum.. h should come in at 7

  405. 1q9 Kam with the postup move!

  406. sorry, watching the game on Dutch cable for first time. Even the worst NBA commentators are much better

  407. They are playing miami’s game…

  408. I hate whiteside……

  409. If Heat can’t beat the Hornets starters, they are finished once Lin gets in.

  410. Tragic Goran!

  411. TRagic offensive foul

  412. Van Gundy being a#@)#(@#&&)

  413. Kam33333nsky

  414. Frank 333!

  415. Frank!

  416. fans really showed up today, hopefully Lin can soak all the energy in

  417. Lin’s gotta come in.. now

  418. Things looking good so far I guess

  419. JVG hate Horntes or Jordan or something? That was a clearly a offensive foul on Tragic Goran.

  420. 1q7 there we go Kam. they’re leaving him open

  421. Cliff! Put Lin in!

  422. 1q6 Wade doing his Harden impression

  423. Frank will be a factor tonight.

  424. Frank doing his thang!

  425. They might want to give him as much rest before playing clifford’s genius 20 minutes in a row…

  426. The game doesn’t start until Lin comes in

  427. get the make-ups early, we want those in the end.

  428. Aggressive Frank attacked Dieng .. Good to see

  429. Walkkeeeeerrrrrrrr 333333

  430. 1q6 I never knew Kam would be able to play low post in NBA

  431. KW on fire. In this case Cliff is gonna delay on putting Lin in.

  432. Lin first to come in from bench

  433. and it says a lot for game plan. Kam 2 outside shots, AJ low post, Kam low post. They have different sets ready.

  434. KILLING IT!!!!!!!!

  435. Cliff like to leave what is working on the floor.

  436. We’re closing this game!!!!!!!

  437. he he who’s with me. No hole and Jlin will fly!

  438. Wow…. Walker and Tank scorching it up

  439. let them roll for awhile. Feed the hot hands.

  440. Yup. I don’t mind at all. Go Hornets!!! Blow them out!

  441. Surprisingly starters lighting it up.

  442. Tragic can’t guard Walker at all

  443. 1q5 LOL Whiteside taking 20 ft jumper.

  444. good. hope 2nd unit comes in to top it off.

  445. That’s ok… give him some rest…

  446. No hole dug by the first unit this time

  447. tonight is another example of tragic throwing his elbows whenever he can

  448. Because he’s Tragic and he just goes left!!!!!LOL

  449. Saw Lin went to scorer table when the score was tied, but after KW made a 3, he was sent back to the bench.

  450. I say give Lin more rest on the bench. Wait for Heat to make adjustments to the Hornets starters, then sub Lin in.

  451. Walker can’t guard dragic either… lol

  452. Agreed.

  453. And JVG saying it was nothing. #)(@&#)(@&)#

  454. same, but it could hurt Lin’s rhythm.

  455. the starters showing up.. in friendlier environment.. but it’s still good

  456. he was just being contrarian. he does that sometimes.

  457. yeah man, give kemba more time while he is hot.

  458. Start Lin at 2nd qtr and play him the entire 2nd unit

  459. Lin in!

  460. No there is still a hole. It for the Heat to jump in though…

  461. Lin and Batum 1TO each.

  462. 1q5 Lin in

  463. Passing to Batum is a bad idea when his defender is on him.

  464. 5-0 run Heats. Nooooooo

  465. Where is Hawes….?Take Jefferson out and put Zeller in

  466. this lineup sucks. Batum, Kemba and Lin = bad news. Sit Batum.

  467. Just to be fair. Lin throw bad pass too.

  468. Hawes is injured. Out for the series

  469. 1q4 they’re not doubling Lin this game.

  470. Whaaaatttt?Oh geeezzzz man.

  471. lin with nerves. comes in and throws it away.

  472. 1q3 Lin guarding Gerald Green

  473. i know… they are like all confused who is the focal point…

  474. They will soon.

  475. They put Green on him, a more athletic defender.

  476. forcing it as instructed.. should have taken to the paint

  477. offense is stagnant. no screens, no movement, no help

  478. links anyone batstream down

  479. NB extended his arm out to ask for the rock. Lin waited it but NB still didn’t run out far enough from defenders.

  480. Agreed. Green was really good before the overdose thing

  481. Lets see, 3 possessions that were bad in which 2 possessions Batum failed the play. 1 where Lin passed to batum but batum isn’t quick enough and his defender steals it from him. Another Batum just turns the ball over. I’m sorry but Batum isn’t fit for this series. Maybe next one.

  482. batum and kemba are so lazy. they need to move when Lin has the ball

  483. Be fair, that wasn’t a good pass from Lin.

  484. They are playing the way miami wants them to play…

  485. dude that was going to Batum, his defender just beat Batum. Batum doesn’t move like the rest of the unit.

  486. the in-to batum was a weak pass from Lin. Just warming up.

  487. This is a game we all need to root for allllllll Hornets.

  488. we need Marv back man

  489. At this moment, Lin and Batum are being momentum killers.

  490. passes to batum have resulted in many TO’s in this series

  491. it was a play drawn for Batum. He didn’t move his feet. His defender beat him.

  492. lin should know batum is slow now.

  493. Good shot buy didn’t fall.

  494. ya so why coach put them in together. It’s not the pace we need to win this game.

  495. thanks but can’t outside US now

  496. Whiteside 2 fouls!!!!!!!!

  497. Lin nervous

  498. 2nf foul for Whiteside….LOL

  499. Nice job Zeller

  500. Yea. I think a little.

  501. Whiteside out – drive Lin!

  502. i’m sorry but the guys aren’t moving on offense at all. this time Lee had no where to go because Batum was just standing there and his defender closed in on Lee

  503. whiteside out.

  504. 1q3 Breen acknowledged that Lin had best plus minus in the series

  505. JVG was right, instead of Winslow, they put Green who can shot 3 to open up the space.

  506. Batum is a liability.

  507. 1q2 nice job Zeller putting Whiteside in foul trouble

  508. 1q2 it’s ok, Lin will get into rhythm soon

  509. The new father’s shot not seem to falling tonite.

  510. Great Pass Lin!!!!!!!!!!

  511. There you go Lin.

  512. Assist

  513. Now we are talking.

  514. 1q2 Lin beautiful feed to Zeller, who can’t finish

  515. Lin can’t lose Richardson

  516. Sure he can.

  517. I think so too.

  518. 1q1 great cut by Zeller to get Lin’s ast

  519. Not the best quarter from Lin

  520. who is Iverson supporting?

  521. Look like we need every Hornets to play good in order to win this game.

  522. 1q0:30. Lin holding his eyes, did he get fouled?

  523. his boy Kemba

  524. Lin looks cold off the bench

  525. 1q0:30 another great cut by Zeller

  526. He looks jittery out there… i think they need to be losing big before jeremy starts to get his engine going… lol

  527. I mean on defense.

  528. 1q0 Lin had to jack a 35 ft with the 1st quarter time ending.

  529. yeah seems off so far

  530. Even box score show 0-2, it is really 0-1 for Lin.

  531. Yeah, he doesn’t look quite as strong tonight as the previous games. He just needs to play his game and then attack when it is right.

  532. lin let dragic go left.

  533. Lin is just getting warmed up. Good connection with Zeller.
    Let’s go in Q2, JLin!

  534. Lin will be fine, keep sticking with him, he’ll find the opponents weakness

  535. Players aren’t moving off the ball as much as they should be.

  536. The Heat were ready for Lin and the bench. They were not ready for the starters which they probably decided to ignore in their gameplan.

  537. Yea! Go Lin!!!! Show them!!!!!!!!

  538. Psalm, your optimism is infectious… let’s go Jlin!

  539. yup, last off-balance 3 to beat Q1 buzzer

  540. He’s over thinking right now. Trying to get a feel for the game, but he better not wait too long to turn it on, otherwise Clifford will sit him at the end of the game regardless if they are winning or losing.

  541. this game reminds me of the first game where the offense is stagnant. defense is a bit better though. lucky they’re hitting some jumpers

  542. Yea. they put Green in and he can shot 3. Spo is smart!

  543. are they tired??

  544. The crowd also seems subdued

  545. Let’s go!!!!!

  546. lazy

  547. they dont like what they’re seeing. I wouldn’t either. I think Kemba and Lin would have been better unit than Lin and Batum. They can push the pace fast.

  548. Frank having trouble guarding Deng.

  549. KW is in. No pg for Lin.

  550. Wow. That s freaking a touch foul call!

  551. Lin shots aren’t falling.

  552. Finally JVG say something good about Lin.

  553. 2q12 Walker back in with Lin and Batum.

  554. not a good shot by Lin. kinda forced it

  555. WTH, Hornets look slow…..

  556. Wow. Dragic is a target for the refs. He is getting called for everything. They are fouls but some don’t get called in the playoffs.

  557. JVG giving huge props to Lin: he is really outplaying his contract

  558. everyone seems to be subdued… whats going on?

  559. MOVE

  560. Agreed. I think Lin need his first shot to get him going.

  561. Seriously.

  562. ok they are really jamming Lin at the 3 point line forcing him to pickup his dribble

  563. wth……GET OPENED LOL

  564. Miami doubled Lin on the 3pt line. They don’t want him to drive inside

  565. Heat is targeting to get the rock out of Lin’s hand. Glad Cliff called a time out.

  566. 2q11 JVG: “Jeremy Lin has really outperformed his contract this year.”

  567. It’s one thing to trap Lin, it’s another thing when someone can’t get opened for a pass.

  568. i don’t like this offense at all. seems clifford is trying to get batum going. ran some plays to get Batum the ball off the curls but he’s too slow and when he got the ball, nothing happens

  569. Nice D on Lin. He stop the ball!

  570. Lin look fast as usual tonight.

  571. Huge back-to-back blocks

  572. Wasn’t that a goaltending?

  573. No. Clean block.

  574. Very close…

  575. 2q10 exciting sequence, Lin keeps Winslow in front of him on the break, allows Zeller to block Winslow!

  576. Block, Wade’s always been a good shot blocker.

  577. yeah looked like it was going down

  578. 2q10 Lin and Hornets start to turn up the intensity

  579. Cody!!!!!!!!!!

  580. KW make his teammate better? Ehhhhh.

  581. ugh this is boring

  582. 2q9 Zeller making lots of great cuts

  583. we need someone else on Dwade

  584. good floater Cody!

  585. Miami has picked up their defensive intensity this game.

  586. Lin just needs to see the 1st ball in the basket and he’ll get going.
    Miami’s #1 plan is to stop Lin before he scores or gives assists

  587. Lin is missing shots today
    Hope they still get a W

  588. Go Zeller….Nice PNR

  589. Lin 0-4 today… I hope he picks it up

  590. Kw playing great tonight. Hornets are keeping the score close and that favors the home team. Hope Lin gets it going some, drawing a foul and a shot falling should do it.

  591. Right, i was kind of thinking maybe the gameplan is to use jlin as a decoy… probably not… lol

  592. He is taking tough shots.

  593. 2q9 Wade is destroying Batum

  594. Yea. But it is really a 0-3

  595. most shots looked forced by the hornets

  596. What a let down… no energy in this building…

  597. does he look tired??

  598. We need Lee to help check Wade. Or put Lin on Wade.

  599. Walker is playing a real PG job today

  600. hornets need to run high pick and rolls

  601. Sit Batum awhile ago. He’s doing more harm than good on both sides of court.

  602. They need to play faster. Defense need to pick for transition offense.

  603. Bigs need to give Lin screens or open the lane for his drive. Heat targets Lin tonight. Eventually they will get tired and Lin can take off. Lee needs to keep Wade in check.

  604. Spo has a game plan for Lin and the bench. Cliff went away from the bench too early. Lin has not gotten going. Team playing Kemba ball. Not a good sign.

  605. KW is good tonight, both shot and pass.

  606. Lin being too tentative so far

  607. Lin needs to be more aggressive.

  608. That open mid-range air ball really doesn’t help Lin’s value.

  609. slow tempo half-court game is what the Heats want

  610. Off-game for Lin (he was due). Just needs to focus on defense and keep attacking (FTs).

  611. Lin shots aren’t falling tonight, he should attack the basket!

  612. FTs! Let’s see if that gets him going.

  613. free throws might help his jump shot. i hope..

  614. Lin seem to lack energy.

  615. FT’s should help Lin

  616. Hope the FT get him going!

  617. When Lin’s shooting style finish the transferring.

  618. need high pick and rolls. what the heck coach?

  619. here you go..those ft’s will make him going

  620. 2q7 yikes Lin’s jumper way off today

  621. lin’s shot form is reverting to old. its not smooth.

  622. goaltending????

  623. 2 in, lets goooo

  624. Lots of stars start games 0-5, 1-8. But they keep getting touches and it evens out.

  625. Nope. Clean block…. my bad.

  626. Only problem with a cold Lin is that his teammates stop trusting him and Kemba Ball doesn’t work in the long-term.

  627. Batum coming in for Lin?

  628. Lin looks like he was up late last night.

  629. i thought i heard it hit the glass first but not sure

  630. why Kemba in there??? i thought it was Lin’s pg time

  631. 2q6 uh oh, Lin ended up rotating on Whiteside. flashbacks of Games 1-2

  632. Spo really game planned against Lin today. they puts the much bigger/longer Winslow on Lin to disrupt the jumpers and they have guys ready to cut off the drives

  633. Like game 1 and 2 so far, Heat shooting 60% so far.

  634. The reply show it was a clean block on KW shot.

  635. Winning this game relies on Lin tearing it up. I think putting Batum with Lin was a bad decision by coach. It really screwed up the pace.

  636. Hornets gotta attack the basket, stop settling for jumpers.

  637. Yeah, he slows the pace down and takes it out of Lin’s hands.

  638. Whiteside has 2 fouls man. Attack them!!!!!!!!!!

  639. clifford needs to run some high pick and rolls for Lin. that’s the only way to open up the court

  640. Wade scored on Batum a lot. Wade was on fire.

  641. need some 3pt shooting…

  642. Batum is the x-factor.

    Clifford being outcoached

  643. The new father better get going too. We need them this game!

  644. if no “free to roam “Lin, no win

  645. heat only giving him the jumper. there is no driving lane.

  646. There was no Lin PG alone time this game. That’s the difference. It’s similar to game 1 and 2.

  647. omg Cody stuffed the basket

  648. Lin need to be the pg to get into rhythm.

  649. He is now. Heat defend him good tonight.

  650. 2q5 Wade is destroying Batum and Lee. Might as well put Lin on Wade

  651. Good, get those FTs to punish the defensive overplay.

  652. Richardson ALWAY shoves hornets players. FINALLY got called for it

  653. Jeremy is having a tough enough time on offense right now.

  654. I missed Hawes

  655. We need good defense to get the transition offense going. Good defense lead to good offense!

  656. Damn Heat is on fire!

  657. Good idea. Use Al attack whiteside!

  658. Those aren’t easy shots either.

  659. Dang, Deng

  660. Lin sure picks a bad game to get cold

  661. that’s a clear hand check foul from whiteside

  662. At least Lin got some bonus foul shots.

  663. Heat put a taller Deng to stop Lin’s penetration
    Hornets to find a way to get Lin going

  664. Every playoff game is a bad game to get cold. Lin has been the least cold player all series!

  665. 2q3 impressive move by Marvin against Hassan

  666. At least Cliff still trust Lin. 11 min already!

  667. If they lose tonight, they will probably lose the series because game 7 is in Miami
    Lin needs to play better

  668. boring game…

  669. this game looks like a loss to me, not that I am pessimistic, but if Lin can’t regain his touch, KW will ISO at will. Game over, season over.

  670. They put Deng and Winslow on Lin. Batum should be tearing it up but he isn’t. He can hardly run and beat his defender.

  671. Lin should go for a “Lou Williams” game where he goes 3-11 but 8-10 at the line.

    Lin’s teammates need to step up. They’re wide-open while Lin is doubled/tripled. So far only Cody is punishing them.

  672. 2q3 whiteside is making a big impact

  673. It is very hard to beat a team 4 times in a row. Only 20% chance that the Hornets will win today

  674. Hornets dont look desperate enough.. they have to play with the same edge in Game 5

  675. Seriously they should take Batum out for Lee.

  676. Lin is ok to keep shoot the open shots. then he will get going soon

  677. Thus Lin needs to regain his confidence and shake off whatever is holding him back

  678. Yes everyone’s playing soft not aggressive enough.

  679. Lin… the man of the “moment”.. it’ll be there soon

  680. Relax. There’s plenty of game left to go.

  681. batum was out until 1:30am last night, he better have a good excuse. 😉

  682. Get Whiteside the 3rd foul man!

  683. I’m positive that they’re due for a run

  684. Mr. 4th Quarter.

  685. He needs to cause Heat has the upper hand right now and playing aggressive.

  686. what happens to Hornets 3 pts? nobody has any confidence? It is your HOME

  687. That was pathetic

  688. Batum look pretty bad tonight…..

  689. Come on Hornets wake up !!!

  690. batum should not be playing… he looks so flat…

  691. No movement.

  692. Feels like a loss

  693. Seriously not much of a home crowd so quiet.

  694. they better start playing with their whole heart or they’ll lose this series tonight

  695. This unit will not push the pace. It’s over.

  696. batum looks like kobe has looked all season long

  697. I’ll give Clifford credit for leaving Lin in for a 14 min stint despite being pretty cold. I have confidence Lin will reset during halftime and play better in second half.

  698. Lin needs to come BKN,

  699. just hang in there… until half time…

  700. Al, Batum? slow pace ball. If I was Cliff, I would have ran with Kemba, Lee and Lin.

  701. It still going to be ok if with stay within striking distance.

  702. Put Lamb in.

  703. Maybe MJ got to fire them up in the locker room at half time.

  704. Defense!!!!!!

  705. hornets playing low energy

  706. Joe johnson so crafty damn

  707. -removed-

    obvious Lin hater…

  708. If the Heat scoring like that, it is going to be a loss.

  709. no need to plublicize

  710. Why are you posting random nobody comments? LOL.

  711. #&@)#&@)#( him!

  712. The Hornets are playing the way Miami wants them to play.

  713. I still believe the Hornets will make adjustment at half-time and make a run in the 3rd quarter.
    The fast pace of the game is favoring Hornets in the 2nd half
    They just need to keep the Heat lead within single-digit

  714. stats show when Lin is off court, team is -30 or something.

  715. Kam can’t guard Deng.

  716. Time out…..

  717. ur right i removed it.

  718. Down 13 and looking flat

  719. And Batum and MW are having a hard time to guard Joe Johnson.

  720. C’mon Bats….

  721. Williams 0, Lee 0?

  722. Maybe the fact that they have a 1 game buffer is losing them the edge.

  723. batum hasnt done anything…

  724. That was lame Batum

  725. If they lose tonight, they honestly don’t deserve to win the series

  726. hornets starters are so bad and clifford plays them with Lin

  727. Should be a AND 1

  728. they wanted Lin to sit and we get eaten even more.

  729. just started to tune in. i knew this would happen once batum is force fed by cliff

  730. Oh come on.

  731. seriously

  732. The Heat plan to stop Lin with Deng as a bigger defender is working.
    Hornets offense become inefficient.

    Let’s hope the Hornets get JLin going in the 2nd half

  733. kemba ball collapsing …

  734. I just woke up, so what happ3ened to make the hornets behind?

  735. Batum!!!!!!! Use you size! That is it!

  736. 22222 for Bats

  737. hows jeremy doing by the way? i kno his shots are off but stats otherwise?

  738. Heat on fire and their defense is good. They put Deng on Lin and is working.

  739. Same Clifford

  740. Wade and Deng on fire, defense loading up on Lin.

  741. 4 pts from free throws and i dont’ know about assists

  742. omg if Hornets lose this game Ill be shocked!

  743. they really need to take the ball out of wade and joe johnson’s hands. gotta double team i think. Hawes is missed badly for the interior presence.

  744. He’s not pressing on the pedal yet

  745. 0 rebouond 1 assist 1 turnover

  746. loading up on Lin and no one moving/cutting to give Lin a dime

  747. Need double screens for Lin.. get him open for easy shot

  748. Vets stepping up by Miami

    Need strong collapsing defense in the 2nd half

    Jeremys jimmy is offf but got continues to drive to draw the defense…..he needs a 12-14 point second half

  749. Spo is a good coach.
    He knows stopping JLin will make the Hornets offense inefficient

    Hornets need to run some PnR plays with JLin in the 2nd half

  750. I hope Lin figures it out for the 2nd half

  751. Bad pass by KW, he should either drive or shoot it.

  752. Being down only 9 with the way they played is actually good…

  753. Yeah, they finally did that just now and it worked. Other guys go cold when only 1 guy handles it.

  754. Pat Riley disciple man

  755. Agreed

  756. Big time

  757. ball watching… lazy play

  758. Lin is playing very hesitation.

  759. heat are making a lot of mid range floaters. a lot of tough shots.

  760. Miami Heat are shooting 60%.. Hornets only shooting 40%

  761. He also seems to lack confidence despite a great start.

  762. He was trying to draw foul defender not biting so should have just thrown it up.

  763. Defense matters and they are playing hard d

  764. If Lin doesn’t step up in the 2nd half.. Hornets have no chance of winning this game

  765. Ah, okay. So was Kemba and Batum doing a lot of isos to make them stand around?

  766. I think it is just a matter of his team is playing with more desperation. Lin for some reason isn’t following his own game plan of attacking. He’s picking up his dribble rather than just keeping it alive or when he drives, just putting the shot up. He just needs to forget about everything else and play like he has all series.

  767. He’s off with the jumper and Heat have been great at taking away the drive. Also, Heat shooting so well, there’s no easy points in transition.

  768. true, it feel like their down by 20 though. They need to figure out a lineup that works. Lin/Lee/Kemba/Zeller/Marv could push the pace faster.

  769. Big half needed

    Big half defensively maybe more

  770. Ya! Don’t want game 7

  771. he will

  772. They always play hard D.

  773. I saw, should continue shoot that ball though.

  774. All right, reset at halftime. Let’s go Lin and Hornets!

  775. Batum needs to sit… he has really disrupted the rhthym bc clifford has no sack and keeps going to him…

  776. When Lin gets going, everyone gets going. So this is critical.

  777. Lin struggles sometimes when a taller, quick defender is on him.

  778. They need to get him going. Run some plays for him. Spo is taking away all the simple stuff, daring everyone else to beat them.

  779. 16 would be more like it… let’s go Lin! Mr. Clutch!

  780. They played hard D all series. Lin is playing differently tonight than he has. Not as sure of himself as he needs to be IMO.

  781. four words “high pick and rolls”

  782. JLin missed the service of Hawes on this game due to his abilities to give solid picks and slide out for open shots.Al can’t provide that since he’s used to play post up a lot making the offense stagnant but overall Jlin’s game is not really in sync.

  783. ya, i also didn’t like his defense on Dwade. He has size on him but not enough effort/speed. He slows the pace down on offense and Cliff keeps drawing plays for him when he gets beat by his defender. It makes Lin think too much about what to draw up next if Batum can’t get a shot.

  784. Also, teammates aren’t moving and Lin gets hung out.

  785. Heat threw different looks at JLin to confuse him.

    Doubling on the 3pt line. Then put Dieng on him on single coverage.
    Lin can still penetrate but not finish well.
    He just needs to keep attacking until the Heat fouls him

  786. I’m seeing the lanes not opening up

    And they are hedging hard on D when the picks are set…..much more disciplined

  787. Good point. Hawes can also pass well.

  788. Need the W tn no matter what
    If Lin doesnt have it, play others
    they cannot lose tn

  789. yep

  790. No idea why coach left kW in the first 6 mins second quarter. Lin had been great in almost every quarter as pg

  791. Good news is that CHA is just “one big run” away from taking control.

  792. Same old Cliff.

  793. Damn good point

    And Al can’t see past his own shot when in the post

  794. it has a lot to do with Batum in the lineup. Just like last game. Better if Batum sits and Lin runs with a faster unit.

  795. Charlotte really needs to double wade to force them to move the ball.

  796. Maybe we should double Wade early..

  797. Well, I hope he turns it around 2nd half. They need him. Bad 2nd quarter for the team.

  798. His drives were very hesitated. Half way he changed his mind pickup ball instead being aggressive to draw foul.

  799. fruit picking time.

  800. has jeremy shot a 3 today yet?

  801. i don’t know how people are giving Lee and Batum so much credit for their defense. Wade have been destroying them throughout the series

  802. Not really. Just an end of clock heave as 1Q ended.

  803. it’s not whether Lin doesn’t have it with his shooting. It’s whether guys are ready for a pass when Lin is trapped. It looked sticky out there when they were trapping Lin. No one was able to get opened.

  804. Time to play small ball, use Frank or Zeller to get Whiteside i foul trouble. RUN, RUN, RUN!!

  805. The problem is they’re making their 3 point shots….this is the 1st part of the game they just need to press the pedal and let the crowd involved.

  806. Wade is playing like his 28

    Don’t think many could stop him but agree their D is exaggerated

  807. these pundits don’t watch the games… they are lazy… kenny smith knows what’s up…

  808. And we need our defense back….

  809. They are playing so slow… Batum is slowing the game down… unleash our boy and you will WIN…

  810. They trapped Lin
    Lin needed to give up the ball earlier
    swing the ball see if u can get someone open

  811. agreed. make the heats chase

  812. we don’t need Lin to shoot at all. We need Lin to make plays but teammates need to cut.

  813. Yup

    And maybe a smaller lineup to disrupt

  814. Iso Walker is going to lose this game…

  815. This game is so boring…

  816. Positive thinking!

  817. Exactly, Clifford is playing Miami’s game…

  818. He’s the best of this game right now.

  819. Too be fair. KW is pretty good tonight. How defense and Heat great defense is the problem.

  820. like kauaiblue is saying, batum slows down the game and its a half-court offense style that he implements. jeremy, a pg that thrives on high pick and rolls and fast break points, does not do well in these kinds of offensive sets….. sigh

  821. I wonder if the pressure of trying to close out the series is weighing too much on the Hornets and the desperation is boosting the Heat.

  822. It doesn’t matter…

  823. The question is how will the Hornets stop Wade and Dieng?
    Put a bigger defender on him like Marvin?

  824. Good point,Batum really slows down the tempo of the 2nd unit and JLin can’t make a decision if he will pass or make a play and it shows on his hesitations on his dribbles.

  825. It doesn’t matter… Jlin is the key… Clifford has to find a way to get him going…

  826. Double him or pressure him up top. They let him dribble freely into the paint before they body him up. Too late!

  827. This I agreed. Batum is Slooooow.

  828. You are both right

  829. They need to play a faster pace and let the crowd involved.

  830. This is what spoelstra wants…

  831. Take Batum out for Lee please! Batum is just too slow.

  832. batum is making it so easy for the heats to implement their plan of slowing down the game to a crawl

  833. Agreed. Lin, KW, Lee, MW, Cody.

  834. Me too. The fearlessness is not there tonight so far.

  835. And Clifford keeps going to him… smh

  836. Gotta play a better D. Hornets doing ok on O. They are playing a very tough D on Lin. Lin just missed some make-able shots. Only down by single digit. Gotta turn their D on BIG TIME.

  837. no, different lineups lead to different results. I already knew a lineup with Kemba, Batum and Lin = disaster but Cliff did it anyways. Also there was barely any time for Lin at PG by himself today. Those were the times the bench killed it all season but Cliff didn’t do it as much today. He’s leaving Batum or Kemba or both of them with Lin to babysit the bench but it’s doing more harm than good.

  838. They lack intensity… Batum is like daydreaming out there…

  839. a good defense is a better offense. this is when hornets need to focus on making the heats adjust to them. run them off the court with small ball

  840. You’re right but Lin’s struggle has nothing to do with him.

  841. They are missing Hawes… that could be relevant… but they lack intensity…

  842. Not enough sleep. New Father…

  843. Maybe you should change the channel.

  844. Lee seems to be not working now.

  845. Batum’s minutes are catching up to KW’s. Counting on these two players was how Cliff lost the 1st two games.

  846. If Wade was young and could play for 40+ minutes, Hornets are DEAD. Lol A true super star. I remember when he carried Heat to win the ring long time ago. He was almost better than MJ then. Of course, he had Alonzo but . . . he was a FORCE.

  847. why?

  848. Lin better come it early.. 7 min or better.. and play with “I don’t care what the coach says!”

  849. I didn’t see the 6 misses. Were those bad?

  850. he was also backing Lee too easily then score with a spin-move.
    Yes, they need to be ready to double-him to give up the ball before getting too deep in the post

  851. With whom? Clifford continues to make bad decisions… he keeps going to batum and allowing walker to go iso… bad coaching…

  852. just like in games 1 and 2. hornets can’t defend because they can’t run their own offense smoothly. they’re lucky shots are falling at a decent clip or else they would’ve already been a blowout. stop taking difficult shots, run some high pick and rolls to open up the court and get easy shots

  853. He’s actually playing better this year compare for the last 3

  854. I think most or all were contested/forced. No one was cutting or making plays besides Zeller.

  855. They tried hard to get him going this game
    cant blame the coach

  856. Dear God,
    I pray that you let a miracle spark within Jlin, get his jump shots to go in and let him lead the hornets to victory.
    Please…. please in Jesus name I pray amen. Plz

  857. like most of the hornts, they were heavily contested

  858. 5 were open.

  859. Agree. I was talking about LONG TIME ago. Lol With Alonzo.

  860. Wade played inspired.. probably need to double if he keeps getting hot

  861. Right… clifford not making good adjustments… and going back to walker and batum… good formula to lose…

  862. pretty ugly…

  863. One was an end-of-quarter heave, but all but one were tightly contested.

  864. oh well. we all kinda expected this

  865. Just attack and get to the line. Playoff time lots of starts go ice-cold. Lin did get two calls, so go with that. Get other guys in foul trouble so the defense gets soft.

  866. well hes still killing the hornets
    definitely the best player of the series
    3rd best SG of all time after MJ and Kobe or 4th if you count AI as a SG

  867. God grant our brothers super natural strength and a miraculous win tonight! Amen!

  868. Lineups don’t kill your intensity for 24 minutes of a critical game.

  869. Agree. Amen!

  870. I wouldn’t say they tried hard to get him going, they didn’t, but he did get touches. Just no plays run for him.

  871. They were all make-able IMO, although tough D.

  872. Go Hornets! We can not afford to go back to south beach for game 7……

  873. Amen, brother.
    May Lin be granted Linfinite wisdom to solve the Heat defense!

  874. when things look the bleakest, somehow, Lin starts to shine the brightest… he likes the dramatic

  875. I will say Amen too. Lol Wait, if Hornets lose, does that mean God didn’t listen to our soulful prayers? Lol

  876. Go Al!

  877. They can win on the road. They proved it! But much better to make a run and take care of it tonight.

  878. Defense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  879. The Heat close the lane fast tonight.

  880. That Kemba backcourt violation.. seriously Kemba?

  881. Good D!!!!!!!!!!!!

  882. 3rd foul on Joe Johnson. Attack attach attack!

  883. heat piling a lot of fouls and this will cost them on the 4th

  884. Let Al go at him against Whiteside. Then play tough D.

  885. I like the fast pace of the game.
    Heat will tire out by Q4

  886. Wasted so many opportunities not scoring after stops.

  887. hope lin wakes up

  888. Joe Johnson. Damn u

  889. Hornets looking better.

  890. Dieng is hot tonight. Not a good sign

  891. KW lucky 3!

  892. Dumb luck

  893. Kemba, where is the MJ shrug?

  894. that could be the start of the run from Wlker’s 3

  895. I hope he comes in with a plan to attack the Heat.

  896. Should be a foul though.

  897. Deng ripping us apart

  898. KW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  899. nice dished

  900. Get Lin in Now! Keep the run going

  901. Good Kemba drive finished by Big Al

  902. Or that could be the start of more ISO Kemba until Hornets lose this game

  903. Go Hornets!!!!!!! Slash Brother!

  904. What a rebound my MW!

  905. KW feeling it

  906. Can’t believe Dragic got paid 90 Mill. He’s a 10 Mill player at best.

  907. foul on whiteside

  908. 3rd Whiteside!

  909. Whiteside 3rd foul

  910. Kemba iso here we go!!!

  911. put Lin in

  912. KW should stop complain and get back on defense.

  913. Defense much improved, but the offense is still too stagnant.

  914. If you stop and complain, then you are playing D like Harden.

  915. Kemba iso heaves incoming.

  916. KW should stop looking for fouls just shoot the ball and get back on defense!!

  917. Clifford needs to go back to jlin being the field general… he is being hesitant… wanting walker to go iso and involving batum… just give the dam ball to jlin…

  918. Cliff should have stuck to what was working

  919. thats twice that walker got caught up in the officiating and didnt get back on defense.

  920. Let Lin facilitate and let Kemba shoot.

  921. Yup. Clifford gotta address that.

  922. what do you guys say about JLin’s next rotation? What would be most effective?

  923. clifford is not good enough t9o go deep in the playoffs.

  924. Keep giving the ball to Al and let him go try to get Whiteside in foul trouble.

  925. exactly… jlin’s play even finally got to get the reluctant tnt crew to say what we see everytime… and he still doesn’t go with it… what is wrong with him?

  926. If Clifford wants this series, he has got to break his trend and put our boy in there to get things started.. Lin can rest a few in the 4th before finishing strong

  927. Attack the rim. Whiteside has 3 fouls and Lin does have 4-4 FTs.

  928. Heat are so happy Lin is on the bench

  929. Deng 8-11. SMH.

  930. It was not a bad idea by Kemba to try to get a fall call against Whiteside.

  931. It’s tough not having Hawes setting good screen 🙁
    Maybe Zeller can do some

  932. yeah baby, ding ding ding!

  933. exactly… he even got confirmation from kenny smith and others… with their approval, you would think he would go with it… but no…

  934. yes. but thats besides the point.

  935. Just do what was successful from the last 3 games

  936. Frank can’t guard him.

  937. True. But shouldnt stop playing even if you don;t get one.

  938. Walker scoring a lot of points actually hurts hornets…

  939. Kemba doesn’t pass at all on offense.
    Heat is smiling

  940. and have JLin drive into him to drat contact. Refs have no choice but to call it if JLin is shooting and WHiteside doesn’t get a clean block.

  941. kemba in his iso mode now. He alreaqdy chucked 4 alreqady.

  942. His bricks are scary – way too much rim and energy.

  943. Lin comin back in

  944. iso isn’t going to work…

  945. Lin getting ready

  946. kemba in his iso mode.

  947. Dragic tried to flop

  948. Kw!

  949. With Hornets being predictable on offense, Heat is smiling

  950. Good drive by Kemba not settling for jumper

  951. Deng you )*#@&)$*^#&$*^)*$^#

  952. Deng is too hot from 3s 🙁

  953. Dang and wade killin the Hornets

  954. who is guarding deng??

  955. You should be upset at Frank.

  956. lin at table.

  957. Let’s go!!!!!

  958. Lin at the scorers table waitin

  959. they should never leave deng open like that

  960. that is what i was wandering also

  961. Frank. Although “guarding” is a strong word.

  962. when Lin, Lee, and Marv doesn’t have a field goal you know it’s iso Kemba at full force

  963. Deng just killing us

  964. Both!

  965. Lol, for some reason, kemba iso is working … for now!!!

  966. Cmon Jeremy bring em back

  967. We are still in this. Linsanity is coming.

  968. Jlin first rotation too tough because they were up … now we’re in business !

  969. this is just like game 2. iso Kemba

  970. another chapter to the book of Lin’s legendary closing

  971. so frustrating that frank cannot close out on deng well enuf

  972. if he drives it’s good
    if he keeps shooting jumpers with no passing, no good

  973. down 5. Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  974. Lin in with 4:33 left in Q3

  975. 🙁 I’m so sad. I came home 30 minutes early and rushed so much, speeded to get home and I see no Jeremy on the court.

  976. Just keep attacking the basket since Whitside will not engage

  977. Spols timeout… respect to Lin

  978. Hmm that was random time out by Spo right away Lin comes in. Maybe has game plan for him.

  979. Attack attack

  980. van gundy and mark jackson dissing jlin on defense… he will be just fine…

  981. Please Hornets. Finish the Heat with defense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  982. useless, coz everyone is cold, when ISO mode wont work, its game over. That’s why Lin is better, he will involve everybody not just his own stats.

  983. That will never go away

  984. respect for Lin

  985. Yup Wade look at the bench like “why are you wasting a time out?” Spo knows Lin will come in and change the game.

  986. You are ready right now, and this is just where JLin likes it … down and ready for him.

  987. Not dissing. Lin on Wade is a mismatch plus Wade pretty much can score on anyone.

  988. Alright. 5pt game. (Nice buckets by Kemba!)

    Let’s win this UGLY. Make or miss, just be aggressive on both ends.

  989. exactly… just what i was thinking…

  990. kemba in his iso mode. Hopefully cthat does cnot sink the team.

  991. What is Lin’s mindset in the most important game of his career?

  992. Hornets need JLin spark in 3rd and 4th qtr. Come on JLin.

  993. Defense is what we need. We can not allow the Heat shoot over 60%

  994. He’s been pretty good PG this game. I can’t complain. He’s ISOing tonight because that’s all there is. Only 2-3 bad shots out of 17.

  995. Yay!!! Finally I get to see Lin!!i rushed home to see him for third q and he was benched. 🙁

  996. It’s not a mismatch… what do you mean…

  997. ok jlin. attack attack attack before batum comes in

  998. Pacers look like they are goin the force game 7

  999. and nice bricks by Kemba too, it’s a self-fulfilling thing. KW gets team in trouble, KW bails team out, sorta.

  1000. Either way Lin needs to get going, 0-6 is ugly!!

  1001. Batum should sit. He slow down the D.

  1002. is this the first time where jlin gets off the bench without batum on the court?

  1003. Lin, please no hesitation, keep shootings until it drops

  1004. All that matters is the WIN.

  1005. make plays

  1006. Wow. Troy is in.

  1007. Do guys here know how good Wade is? He’s a tough matchup for anyone.

  1008. From now on into 5 mins Q4 is where ALL the action will be. You’re here just in time. So far it’s been an ugly game except for Cody’s great run in first quarter.

  1009. but so far…

  1010. They won’t win without Lin scoring!

  1011. Ach! Missed layup by Lin.

  1012. Dutch commentator is shitting on Lin from the beginning aside from repeating that Zeller is the NBA-er with highest IQ. Really disgusted by his sprouting rubbish with glee

  1013. OMG not his night

  1014. Wow. Lin can not buy a basket tonight.

  1015. go in and get those fouls off Whiteside and Dragic!

  1016. the basketball g9ds are not wityh him tonight.

  1017. cmon lin

  1018. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!! AL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1019. Nice Al ……..whoooo

  1020. Big Al!

    All that matters is the WIN. Lin is definitely off tonight, but just gotta play gritty.

  1021. Big Al Big Al Big Al

  1022. This is a team win tonight folks

    Channel Jeremy

  1023. nice AL!

  1024. Al < Whiteside!! Hornets can't win without him!!

  1025. lets go Lin!!!!

  1026. Defense!

  1027. Shhh!!

  1028. Cliff needs scoring brings in Troy?

  1029. Lin not himself. Must be hurt.

  1030. Beautiful post-move by Big Al
    Whiteside 4th foul

  1031. Just off nothing else

  1032. Great defense on Wade by Lin!

  1033. KW and JLin to attack Whiteside please. Be smart.

  1034. no excuse here

  1035. Nah. He was just due for an off-night.

  1036. Yea. Too bad cant rebound.

  1037. Good D by Lin to make Wade miss

  1038. ok. i’m gonna give clifford a rare but deserved compliment for bringing in Daniels to spread the floor

  1039. Why sh?

  1040. Al!!!!!!!!

  1041. Keep attacking

  1042. Allllllll

  1043. Big Al!!!

  1044. And keep defending!

  1045. nice D

  1046. More great defense by Lin.

  1047. nice D by lin

  1048. JVG prasing Lin on D!

  1049. AL

  1050. JVG: “Give JLin a lot on credit on individual defense on Wade!”

  1051. who said Lin cannot handle Wade?

  1052. Go Hornets! Close this pls….

  1053. Woowowowo. BS foul!

  1054. Lin guarding Wade and Kemba guarding Dragic

  1055. man lin needs to play a little better. only way were gonna win this game

  1056. Can’t get these rebounds! Ugh.

  1057. nice D again

  1058. that’s 2 1-1 D on Wade. Who said it’s a mismatch?

  1059. KW lazy rebound……

  1060. come on Lin. play with confidence

  1061. nice come on let lin run the offense

  1062. 3. A miss and two pass-outs.

  1063. show time!!! by lin

  1064. Bad TO by Kemba
    Errant pass

  1065. oh my loaawd what is kembqa doing?

  1066. Attck!!!!!!

  1067. That’s 3 good D on Wade.

  1068. lin come on play with confidence

  1069. yes

  1070. 4th on Joe Johnson!

  1071. hurry before batum comes back in lin

  1072. Defense is good now. Just need to rebound and make some shots!

  1073. Lot of physical play love it

  1074. attack the basket Lin

  1075. Now Lin touches! KW needs to sit for sure.

  1076. obviously when batum is in he forgets about lin… unbelievable.

  1077. YEAH attack the rim.

  1078. good drive!!!

  1079. FTs.

  1080. MOAR!!!

  1081. just attack lin

  1082. Great Frank screen & drive by Lin

  1083. come on Lin stay aggressive

  1084. Even with 0-7 FG, he has 6 pts.

  1085. JVG praising Lin’s attack!

  1086. Lin with the great D to force an airball.

  1087. YEs, 2 FTs
    Lin 6pts

  1088. Lin still playing GREAT defense and getting to the line.

  1089. just 2 possessions ball games

  1090. Pacers forcing game 7. Hope it doesn’t happen here.

  1091. The D is much better this qtr. That is how Hornets win!!!!!!

  1092. the problem is Lin isn’t getting hardly any screens

  1093. Lin has not made a field goal all from FTs. Gotta get going.

  1094. One more quarter. Got to bring it now.

  1095. alright. good D. keeping it tight. we got this!

  1096. Still counts! As long as he keeps getting FTs.

  1097. Lin has to continue to go right. They can’t stop him if there is even a sliver of open lane.

  1098. No Hawes hurts Lin.

  1099. more jeremy assault next quarter, no to batum merddling.

  1100. batum and kemba on the floor= jeremy Lin go stand in the corner until we are in trouble

  1101. What happened to Batum.. Clifford just benched him?

  1102. yes !. Meanwhile, Dragic with KW on him scores 2x.

  1103. pacers winning by 28 pts…wow

  1104. I think the best idea is just the spread the floor and let Lin ISO attack the rim.

  1105. hope so

  1106. Lin with great D on Wade and Dragic in Q3
    Hope 2 FTs will get him going in the 4th quarter

  1107. Lin, Lee, and Marv hasn’t made a field goal yet. Lin needs to be the ball handler for the rest of the game to get guys open shots

  1108. He should sit. He look slow. Real slow. He mess up the D.

  1109. Let’s win this. It’s close right now and time to go on a run. Need to take better shots and Lin needs to drive.

  1110. its not only that though its Clifford not drawing plays for Lin. Kaminsky and zeller can easily set a screen for him

  1111. FTs are in-game practice for finding his shots. He will begin to feel it.

  1112. Great D by Lin on Wade. Too bad Lin missed that finger roll lay up.

  1113. Drawing fouls actually better than buckets because not only get points, rack up fouls on MIA. Especially if can get them on Whiteside.

  1114. Batum need to sit. Too slow on D tonight.

  1115. Let’s go, this is Lin time 5 pts down, tough game. CHA will lose if KW doesn’t play team ball, getting his head into D and sharing … sure, take a shot at ISO early in the clock, but then reset like he’s been doing when it doesn’t work. Do not brick it for a TOV.

  1116. KW better sit for another 6+ mins, then we can win it

  1117. Honestly, the fact that we are getting out-bound and our bench has not been making shot.. yet we still down by 5 points. i would say nt bad not bad

  1118. Yeah, Hornets has a chance now that Whiteside is sitting.

  1119. Go Hornets! End this please.

  1120. it seems like without screens Jlin will just pass the ball up unless WIDE open. Coach cliff nows that but does nothing to help Lin until he absolutely needs him

  1121. courtney lee should be resting for when dwade comes back… clifford, are you thinking?

  1122. true, but wade isn’t playing great

  1123. Agreed. Could be a lot worst.

  1124. Lin’s doing a great job on Wade.

  1125. Heat is foul trouble. Cliff needs to get bigs open up the lane so Lin and KW can drive.

  1126. gawd i hate the Bank of America commercial. what kind of tip is that? squeeze some lemon on your guacamole?

  1127. Dragic 3?, Whiteside 4, Johnson 4. Time to close those guys out. Get them to 5 so they get timid!

  1128. Aw he’s struggling. I wonder what’s wrong :/

  1129. he should go to see his baby, he is tired

  1130. Yea. Attack attack attack!

  1131. That’s good that Cliff brought Troy in over Batum.

  1132. they ran a play for lee to attack from the wing. this is clifford. i just dont get it.

  1133. cliff- we need another way to get going.. set screens for lin and watch magic happen

  1134. ekmba is bacvk

  1135. 21 of 22 FTs made

  1136. Cliff able to tell Batum is slow tonight.

  1137. batum hurt his ankle again

  1138. Kemba needs to stop with the long jumper

  1139. wow Batum hurt his ankle again?

  1140. stop playing

  1141. we shall see in the final score.

  1142. sounds like a cover up to me.

  1143. 22222

  1144. here you go

  1145. Great D by Lin on Wade

  1146. Finally!

  1147. 222222

  1148. LIn!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. 4 Qtr coming!

  1149. Lin 22222222222!!!!!


  1151. Go, go, go, go, go, 4th Q Lin. Let’s GO!!!!

  1152. woooooooooooooooooooooooohere cwe go!!!

  1153. That jumper should turn things around!!! #GoHairLin

  1154. Too many offensive boards allowed.

  1155. Cliff make Batum look good saying his ankle. Batum is slow tonight.

  1156. Mr 4th quarter!!!!!!!!

  1157. We are not getting the rebounds man

  1158. We gotta rebound better.

  1159. yeah 3 times

  1160. Crowd cheers hard when Lin makes his first bucket.

  1161. LIn playing lock down defense

  1162. Getting stops, but bigs can’t rebound.

  1163. Box out dammit

  1164. jordan is not happy

  1165. JLin is heating up 🙂
    I’ll keep praying,, it’s working

  1166. So as soon as I turned my feed on, Jlin made 1st FG! yay!

  1167. BS charge. Should be FTs.

  1168. Tough call

  1169. BS #_#@(&[email protected](#(&[email protected]#(&_#(*&_(

  1170. bogus foul . refs got paid off by vegas

  1171. Great bucket by Kemba!