Playoff Round 1 Game 5 CHA @ MIA Game Thread

With the series tied at 2-2, the Heat and the Hornets will dig deep to win the pivotal Game 5. Historically, 82% of Game 5 winners went on to win the 7-game series so both teams understand the importance of this game.

  • After 2 straight wins, the Hornets carried the momentum but the Heat had a strong 14-2 home record since the All-Star break.  One of those losses coming to Golden State. The other was against these same Hornets on March 17, the Heat blowing a 15-point lead in that one.
  • After the Heat players (Whiteside, Dragic, Johnson) tried the oldest trick of the book to publicly complain about the officiating giving calls to Jeremy Lin and Kemba, will they succeed to influence the officials to give favorable calls to the Heat?
  • Would the Hornets be able to bring their 3pt shooting tonight? Would the starters dig a big hole again in the first quarter? The Heat would love to build a big lead before Jeremy Lin checks in to break down their interior defense again.
  • Would the Hornets be able to dictate the tempo by having strong defense so they can have fastbreak and transition offense to get easy scores and 3s before the Heat defense is set? A faster pace would benefit the young Hornets team by wearing out the legs of the older players in the Heat (Wade, Johnson, Dieng)
  • Jeremy Lin seemed calmed and determined in the post-practice interview yesterday. He seemed to know how the Heat will try to guard him and his teammates. Let’s hope his quiet confidence permeates to all his teammates that they can win one on the road
  • Will Batum come back from injury to play tonight? Clifford says Nic Batum participated in shoot-around and will most likely play tonight. No one knows if he would still be slow after the ankle injury but if he’s healthy, he can open up the court for the Hornets.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray that JLin continues to be super-aggressive to attack the Heat inside and drain his midrange jumpers and 3s and helps the Hornets to play teamball to take the commanding lead 3-2

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Guess JLin's stats in Playoff Round 1 Game 5 vs MIA


  1. 1st!!!

  2. Hairsanity!!!

  3. @Ttt is for a lot of Three-Three-Three raining for JLin and the Hornets!

  4. I love this GIF

  5. 3rd?

  6. Have a feeling Heat will protect and lane and stop the penetrations. Hope JLin mid range and 3s will fall tonight.

    Go Lin! go Hornets!

  7. Go Lin!

  8. great. Already messing up the mojo
    Now Lin is gonna play less than 20mins

  9. Agreed. Batum is not 100%, maybe better coming off the bench.

  10. Hmmmm… nylon calculus stats once this site…

  11. Hilarious!

  12. Hawes,Batum,Cody,Lin,Lee …these are the real starters.I’m anticipating that SPO will put Whiteside on his 2nd unit.

  13. Glad he heard my advice and voice up! Good job, Cliff, have to set the record straight!

  14. Good comeback ^:^

  15. Glad to hear Clifford is protect our players. JLin and KW and Cody.

    Hope he can trust JLin tonight like he trusted him on game 3 & 4.


  16. OK, someone help me understand what Cliff is trying to say. English is not my first language. Thanks! 😛

  17. Heat is more of a flopping team than them

  18. Good for Cliff. Whiteside is immature. Wade and Johnson aren’t complaining and Wade is one of the biggest floppers in the NBA.

  19. Once again, either mini-Linsanity or one game closer to free agency. Although I would like to see JLin lead the Hornets to win the series against the Heat as payback for shutting down Linsanity a few years ago.

  20. MIA is known for having players flop. Cliff is comparing between two team rosters/players.

  21. Got it! Thanks 🙂

  22. Hope JLin and KW interview at the podium again tonight. Hehe.

  23. It’s indeed. Wade didn’t say anything bc he knew that’s part of game plan to win…LOL!

  24. so this visual give you and idea of who is scoring efficiently for a team. if you go to the site you can tick off which teams you want to see ( one or several or all on the chart) then hover over the chart to see data for each platyer

    for CHA:
    JLin 1.15 points created per play involved, 82 points created
    Kemba 0.84 points created per play involved, 126 points created

    AL 1.08, 73
    Batum 0.92, 42
    Lee 0.92, 51
    Kaminsky 0.98, 29
    Williams 0.55, 21
    Zeller 1.21, 42
    Hawes 0.91, 16

    so Jlin as we know is much more efficient at producing points for the team than KW. Zeller is only one more efficient but he has produced half the point of JLin.

  25. CHA Team WIN!

  26. I think Wade will try to get Lin in foul trouble and they’ll try to draw offensive fouls on him. Lin has to watch out for driving not to run into players. I think they’ll try to get Lee in foul trouble as well. Lin has been the biggest reason for the wins in games 3 and 4 and Lee’s defense has been steady so those 2, if off of the court more, will certainly help Miami’s chances.

  27. Just shut up… You are not fast enough to guard neither Lin or KW.

  28. I think so but I believe Hornets will adjust something else tonight. Like Lin said we can play so many ways…..unpredictable.

  29. Dragic is usually good at getting into the paint and finishing. He doens’t have Lin’s speed, or even Kemba’s, but he’s still crafty. He’s just letting his frustrations get the better of him and he’s a veteran PG, he just has to move on and play his game. I think Lin’s done a great job guarding him. Kemba, not as much but he’s had help.

  30. That’s the strength of the Hornets. The injuries actually benefitted Cliff in the sense that he has had to find other ways to run his offense without key guys so now the team knows how to play another way when something is taken away.

  31. You yelled loudly enough, lol.

  32. What do you think Batum come off from bench?

  33. I think it is just part of their game plan….LOL

  34. Agreed. He is good but he is just not as good as Lin in terms of driving the ball into the basket. Lin’s speed and first step is way way faster than him.

    Not sure if JLin and KW will get call like game 3 or 4 though. I am a little worry. Hopefully Hornets can hit some outside shot so Heat D have to respect the long range and open up the lane.

  35. Or just Lin.

  36. I’d prefer full-blown Linsanity as it will make the FA that much more interesting.

  37. I am more than fine with that too. 🙂

  38. Batum off the bench? the bench doesnt need help with lin there! its the starters who are the ones digging the holes

  39. with both Miami and CHA shown… Miami was so over the top efficient in the first 2 games ….

  40. HAHAHA!!!!!!Salty much!!!!!

  41. Batum asked Clifford to come off the bench. Hats off to him
    Hope he can drain 3s off Lin’s assist. This could be great since Lin will playmake for Batum

  42. Wow. As I said, JLin will have some very very good teammate this year. Glad to see that!

  43. Think it will be the opposite
    Batum is gonna take the ball away from Lin

  44. I meant really have good teammate this year.

  45. It’s what some players do. Westbrook and Durant appear on the podium together. Wade used to with LeBron when he was on the team.

  46. Even if Batum wants to, it’d be hard for him to be the main playmaker with sore ankle

  47. classy move. Shows he cares more about the team than himself

  48. Good idea. The team has established a flow. And maybe he’s not 100 percent. I think Batum will look for what’s working and may alter his game some. I do think he’s a team player and will lessen his role to help the team.

  49. Maybe all JLin, KW and Batum all have a big game and all 3 of them go to Podium tonight like a Hornets BIG 3.

    I can wait till the game start. This game get me pumped.

  50. Very classy indeed. Now I have a good feeling about this game.

  51. But he’s saying he doesn’t want to do that. Part of the chemistry is what Lin is doing and him having the touches to do so. I think Batum will read the situation but look for Lin. If Lin is taken away, which may happen, then Batum is needed to make plays.

  52. Shout out to NB for this thoughtfulness. Does that mean, Kam and AJ remain in the starting line up? And Lin and NB will pair up in 2nd instead of KW?

  53. I don’t remember seeing 3 but they could start a trend, lol!

  54. I didn’t really pay attention on this kind of stuffs. But I thought Heats or Spurs Big 3 might have done that before?

  55. I sure hope KW will not be in 2nd unit.

  56. Batum should be a good fit for Lin as he is also a team player. If Clifford doesn’t force Batum to play like a point forward.

  57. Jeremy & Nic off the bench could be a potent combination.

  58. BAD NEWS.

    Batum is absolutely going to demand to hog the ball as the passer. Clifford has Batum thinking that Batum is a better version of Magic Johnson.

    Batum will stagnate the offense mainly because of his selfishness, not so much because he’s injured.

    Then on defense, Batum simply doesn’t even try anymore.

    Lin cannot overcome this.

  59. Well Lin did have two years to learn it directly from the arm-swinging flop master himself in Houston.

  60. Not sure. I think he meant the starting line up featuring Kaminsky to match the Heat’s height

  61. Plus Cody, the runner, is in 2nd. Hope he gets fair calls tonight too. Cody also gets knock around a lot by opponents. Hope Whiteside will not be hurting Lin or Cody…

  62. I don’t remember. It’s possible though. I only remember 2 guys at the podium at the time.

  63. OK, that’s possible.

  64. The Yellow Mamba vs Whitesnake!

  65. I am worried about him on defense. Hope he can score. I think Batum just tries to do the job Cliff assigned him. And that’s main facilitator. Lin is “alternative facilitator” that should go by feel from what I’ve seen.

  66. I don’t think he will. Nic is smart enuff not to disrupt by asking to come off the bench. He is a total team player.

  67. From bleacher report.

  68. Goran, want some whine with that cheese?

  69. I am starting to like this team a lot. KW praised during post game interview, calling Lin one of the best. And now Batum wants to play off the bench show that he is a very classy teammate.

  70. Let’s hope Batum or Cliff will pull the plug if he’s very limited and being exploited by the Heat.
    I understand wanting to give Heat a different look and threat but noone knows which Batum will show up tonight

  71. There is NO WAY that Clifford will yank Nicolas Batum.

    Clifford has spent this entire season and playoffs coaching not to win, but to stuporvise Walker and Batum’s selfish indulgences.

    Clifford would rather lose the series with a happy Batum and Walker than win the series with Lin playing at a MVP level.

    I expect a mediocre game from Lin.

  72. Cmon Win, JLin has been saying this for months now. You never believed him?

  73. Most ridiculous comment that has ever come from the Hornets organization. And Batum knows it.

    The bench has been BEYOND critical in saving each game so Batum wants to disrupt the chemistry of the bench rather than disrupt the chemistry of the completely ineffectual starting lineup.

    If Batum can allow JLIN to do ALL of the Bench playmaking, then things can progress as usual – if not you’ve just destroyed any chance the Bench saves you again.

  74. One of the Het thought his name was Gordon, but after the last game, they said he had no D so it is now much easier to remember it’s Goran.

  75. Haha. That’s JLin. For me personally I hates it as Clifford and FO always down play Lin success and doesn’t treat Lin as one of the main core or star until just recently.

  76. Batum is a facilitator who cannot facilitate.

    And against this Heat team, Batum can’t score either.

    The seasonlong problem is that Batum WON’T LET Lin be “alternative facilitator”. So I expect Lin’s numbers to really go down this game.

  77. Bc they’re WINNING and Lin is the ‘heart’ and ‘catalyst’ of these two important wins. Hope they will continue and surprise some folks for Lin’s sake. But still, don’t speak too soon.

  78. I think Batum prefers to play with Lin. He and Lin play well together. I think lin and Batim offers the Hornets a different look.Kemba and Lee will try to iso and f a il miserably. Lin/Batum only players on the team with prior playoff experience. The Heat are nothing but whiners. They should know during the playoffs is the only time superstars don”t get a lot calls. Whiteside and Dragic are not superstars. They are just salty because the Hornets put them om lock down last game

  79. They just want to keep the Lin hype down. They know Lin does not appreciate being the centre of attention, and they know some teammates may be sensitive when all the shine is elsewhere. It’s all coaching.

  80. You beat me to it. I know players need to be diplomatic when speaking of their teammates (past or present), but it seems clear that Jeremy genuinely loves playing with this group of guys and thinks highly of them.

  81. Agree.

    The starters are playing like D Leaguers, and Batum thinks that they have “good chemistry”?

    Charlotte is going to end up losing the series.

  82. He scored well in the first game. He didn’t facilitate well at all in that game, however.

  83. It make sense as Batum plays better with Lin and Cody. Let Kemba and Al iso a bit and then throw them the fast ball.

  84. LOSS



  85. He scored 24 in game 1.

  86. Maybe. But I really think the FO and Clifford crossed the Lin on the down playing part. I will forgive them if Hornets offer 10 mils + Multiple Years contract to Lin this off season.

  87. I think you will be in a forgiving mood then 🙂 Stay positive guys. I am feeling it tonight.

  88. Key resume: Lin/Batum only players on the team with prior playoff experience.

  89. Too bad the actual on court production shows that Lin’s starter teammates HATE HIM.

  90. Lin’s numbers may go down. I think it can go two ways. I think maybe they can force Lin into foul trouble by drawing offensive fouls, try to close the space so he has to pass the ball and pick up his dribble (but that may not work well now that he’s confident and has success against them) or try to force him into taking 3s. That can affect his points total and maybe up his TOs. But forcing him into foul trouble can get him on the bench which I’m sure they’d love.

    Or, maybe this Linsanity period is the hot streak we’ve been waiting for all season that really didn’t ever become sustained and now Lin is just a force that can’t really be stopped. He may end up in the high-teens or 20s in scoring by doing it a variety of ways. I love his supreme confidence right now and as long as Clifford doesn’t have to play him 18 minutes straight, he should have the energy to play at a high level.

    I personally am not too worried about Batum and feel he may not play big minutes tonight. Whatever minutes he plays, I’d like him to score. Hornets need more scoring than Lin and Kemba.

  91. Yea. Go JLin and Hornets. Let show the Heat the Hornets BIG 3!!!

  92. How so?

  93. How is this a “classy” move by Batum?

    The starters have played abysmally over and over. The bench has played wonderfully, over and over.

    Batum took the easy road, join the winners but at the same time his mere presence on the Bench squad threatens all of the bench success if not careful.

  94. But as the season has gone on, Batum’s ego has swollen into Walker sized proportions due to Clifford’s overindulgent coddling.

    Batum no longer runs plays with Lin, and Batum always demands that he be the sole ballhandler when Walker is off the court. And of course, the refusal to play even basic defense continues.

    I used to be a fan of Batum when he had his young legs under him in Portland and could use his raw athletic ability to simply outrun and outjump and outquick everyone. But Batum’s no longer that player. Now he’s Carmelo Anthony in training wheels of the wheelchair variety!

  95. Miami was home and shot the ball better than usual in games 1 and 2. They fell back to earth in games 3 and 4. Now, what were the factors defensively Hornets did that led to it or was it that they just cooled off or some combo of both?

  96. Bench could also mean he does not get any minutes. Have you considered that as a possibility?

  97. Well said.

  98. There was an article proving that was indeed the case.

  99. Lee ISOs are ugly. Let him just try to get a few mid-range assisted shots and play D. ISO isn’t his thing.

    Dragic lacks flow, Kemba and Lin are more aggressive and have more flow. I think foul calls come with flow sometimes. But Miami is home so I’m not expecting anything that favorable toward the Hornets tonight.

  100. Absolutely agree with you that Batum is USELESS on defense.

    When he was younger and better coached, Batum was a fearsome defensive force that flew all over the court, if a bit aimlessly.

    Now? Batum doesn’t even tru to defend. And it’s KILLING the Hornets.

  101. You miss the fact that Benchforce is an uptempo squad, that JLIN to be effective MUST have the rock to break down the defense.

    BATUM takes all of that away.

    If BATUM can get to his spot and work within JLIN’s system then he might not be detrimental. If he can’t then we’ve just neutered our MOST EFFECTIVE unit.

  102. He’s your max player… are you gonna tell Clifford/Cho/MJ to sit him?

  103. In Al Jefferson’s case, he has amply showed that he plays GREAT with Lin when Walker and Batum aren’t slowing the offense down to a lazy iso crawl.

  104. Let it rain. I smell some 3 ptrs from the Hornets. Rain down on Miami now. What’s the weather forecast in S Flo-Rida?

  105. I’m on a roll, Baby!

  106. Nope wouldn’t want hornet to sign him, unless they tell him he’ll be a starter and allow him to facilitate. A part time Lin avg 25 min a game got them to a playoffs and can possibly get them to the 2nd round. I would like to see a team built for Lin can do.

  107. Agreed. I have been saying Lee ISO look really really bad. His defense was A+ these couples game though.

  108. I’m more scared this game than any other. I was confident last game. You’re inspiring me by feeling it tonight. Ok, will think positively. Feel real anxious and can’t wait until it starts tonight.

  109. If he’s injured and can’t play, hell yea! He’s also Lin’s teammate.

  110. I’ve tweeted in the past that I want Lin to recruit Batum to join him with the Nets, because I see Batum as a versatile, unselfish player with good character and a high BBall IQ, who’s all about winning. Batum, like LIn, only takes over games when he feels like he has to. The only major criticism I have of Batum is that he handles the ball too much, but I think that was more prevalent in the beginning of the season, because he wanted to fulfill lofty expectations of him. The other criticism is that his passes are sometimes too reckless. Other than that, I think he’s a good pairing with Lin. Batum just needs to play within himself.

    The other reason Batum asked to come off the bench is that he wants to play with Lin. I think IF the Hornets win tonight, it’s going to be from threes and Batum could very likely be the Player of the Game. Marvin Williams could also be another guy to step up. I think Heat will clamp down on Lin and take away Lin’s driving game with the refs’ help. So I hate to say it, but I don’t think Lin will be very effective offensively. The way Lin will be effective is to drive and dish out to shooters. We’ll see. I really hope I’m wrong and that Lin has another great game. I hope Linsanity mode is in full effect and that Lin is totally locked in like he was when he helped the Knicks win 7 straight even with the eyes of the world on him.

  111. Courtney Lee’s saving grace is that he LACKS THE GAME to make any real decisions with the ball, so he remains a semi tolerable teammate of Lin.

    I’d much rather have Lamb and Daniels, and in a 3 guard SG rotation Lee would be my 3rd guard due to his utter lack of offensive talent and inability to play defense.

  112. With back court bench Lin and Batum, they’r no longer underside problem.

  113. Agreed, too much dribbling and not enough penetration. Lee needs to leave the ball handling to the other guards. Do what he does well. Defend and corner threes and opportunistic cuts.

  114. First, “hate” is a very strong emotion and very difficult to mask over the long term and especially in intense situations like the playoffs. I don’t see it.

    What I do see is this team starting to bond way back in the pre-season games in China. That bond grew as they fought through the MKG injury and a tough mid-season stretch.

    I also think that respect for Jeremy’s abilities has risen throughout the season with each of those Linsane performances against teams like the Raptors & Cavs early and Spurs & Celtics late in the season.

  115. Take me to the other side. The Whiteside. Rockin now.

  116. Undersized would not be the problem.

    Problem might be Batum needs the ball to be effective – If Batum can go back to his roots move without the ball, get to his spot wait for a kick-out from JLIN and shoot his 3s he’ll be fine.

    Not sure Batum will do that. More likely he’ll have the ball for 15 seconds trying to get Cody into a P&R position cost us a JLIN playmaking possession.

  117. Sounds NB might not play many minutes. We’ll see. Videos of Cliff and NB are embedded.

  118. If he asked to be off the bench showing he’s not a selfish player. Back in Portland he played off the ball a lot with Lillard.

  119. Dude, Baum still has a bum ankle. I don’t see him pushing that much this game. I really can’t see coach playing him too much unless Charlotte falls behind and they’re desperate to give the guys a blow. I think we will see Batum camped out at the line for kick outs.

  120. Many Hornets Homers attribute so much of what you believe to be JLIN’s biggest desires to some fantasy in your minds.

    JLIN values very low relatively speaking “friendship bonds” with other NBA professional players.

    You will experience a SHOCK when he chucks those bonds out the window to move to his new starting role.

  121. Let Lin handle the ball so he can have a lot of open looks.

  122. Lin and Kemba are clearly the best players on this team in this series but the precept that Batum will not help this team is just half-witted presumptions.

  123. Unselfish is if Batum tried to HELP the struggling STARTERS rather than take the easy way with the fantastically successful JLIN bench.

  124. Don’t forget Daniels who had a game winner in Houston vs Portland. Kemba and Al two years ago vs Heat. Marvin when he was in Atlanta and Spencer with the Clippers. Was gonna mention Lamb and OKC but like then and now, he ain’t seeing the court except for garbage time.

  125. After Batum sees the numbers in this tweet, can we blame him for wanting to play with JLin? LOL

    They need to still keep Lin’s usage up. +11.7 with Lin on, -32.5 with Lin off the court for the series.

  126. To have him available is always better than not.

  127. Absolute, that is exactly my point with Batum’s “unselfishness”.

    Very cynical maneuver actually.

  128. Comments about people’s wits aside, I agree.

  129. Guess I watch game with u tonight guys? Batum is back idk if it’s good or bad tbh… He’s misused.

  130. I’m glad Batum joins the Linning side 😀

  131. I wish I could share your optimism. For Batum to be effective on bench, he will have to be a 3 & D rather than a playmaker.

  132. I vote for a quarter. 🙂

  133. In the video I just posted, NB said he has “good connection” w/ Cody. I think deep in his heart he knows 2nd unit is faster and suits his playing style more than 1st unit.

  134. The starters have been struggling with or without him regardless. Unless they started J Lin.

  135. His role was that in Portland for how many years again.

  136. Bench is a team oriented unit and at times Batum plays good teamball.

    But if the playmaking goes through Batum – the game slows down – that is the opposite of JLIN’s bench objective.

  137. Check out the Whitesnake pun above. We be rockin it.

  138. I think he also know he has good connection with JLin as well. Both of them are team ball style. Just can’t say it out loud. Haha.

  139. If he can do it just like Portland, great.

    But can he after being given large responsibilitty and a staring role this year.

  140. Lin / Lee / Batum / Hawes / Zeller is their best lineup. Can swap Marvin in and slide Batum to 2 if needed. That should really be the starting unit but now will be a Super BF1.

  141. Batum can play well with Lin in the regular season.
    He just went overboard in Game 1-2 doing things by himself, hopefully him being less than 100% will make him resort to team game

  142. Faced with one’s mortality, I think he will succumb to playing nice alongside the GREAT LIN.

  143. I totally agree.

  144. and a dudette too :p

  145. My concern is that too. He wants to be a part of the ‘winning unit’ and may want to take the bulk of play making from Lin. I’m praying that somehow NB will defer to Lin bc of his ankle. That’s just hope for Lin’s sake. We’ll see how it will turn out. God is in control!

  146. I like it but Williams for Hawes.

  147. (take) me too cruz

  148. Game starts after midnight in Paris?

  149. I’m no psychaitrist, but some posters here have been scarred badly. Come to the doctor and feel my positive vibes. Cmon, you want to be in the light. No more darkside.

  150. Sorry I am not going over to the whiteside if that is what you mean.

  151. Very true. But I also don’t think Batum is going to disrupt Lin’s game. Batum likes Lin’s game. It’s coach Cliff that is the one who wants Batum to be the playmaker when Lin is on the floor some times, but I think this being desperate times, Cliff will let Lin play Lin’s game. Don’t get me wrong, Batum loves making plays, but he also respects Lin’s game and won’t try to disrupt it.

    I think what’s going to happen is the refs will disrupt Lin’s game, because the Heat will be very aggressive with Lin and refs will likely swallow their whistles. I think all the whining the Heat have done is going to help them on their home court.

  152. I’m starting to sound like a teenage boy getting it on with his girlfriend.

  153. You’re so funny! Thanks for the laugh, lol!

  154. Black guys have “White” in their names and white guys have “black” in theirs. Reverse the polarity.

  155. I think Batum also wants to play with Lin. That’s the other reason he wants to come off the bench. Wants to be with the winning team.

  156. JLIN is too experienced and intelligent, he has already practiced with Hawes and Cody what they will do when Miami overplays on JLIN and punish the Heat.

    This is not a 2012 version of JLIN, he has the ability to outthink and out adjust any coach/player in the NBa.

  157. Sophie, if I fly to Paris now, will you watch the game with me?

  158. I wanna see Hornets BIG 3 tonight.

    Off season hope Hornets trade MKG so that they have room to sigh JLin (As starter) and Batum.

  159. Heat is really promoting Whiteside. They have the Playoff T-shirt made using part of his name!

  160. in 70% of lin’s 20+ point games this season regular and post season nicholas batum either dnp or played limited minutes (60%dnp/10%limited minutes).

    by contrast in only 10% of lin’s 20+ point games was kemba walker dnp or played limited minutes.

    ie: the overriding correlative to lins high scoring games was the absence of le homme de france.

    (i sneak out of retirement from here occasionally to slip in note, but dont tell anyone)

  161. heat is just heart without an “r”.

  162. Thanks. Miss you! Thanks for showing up. Are you doing ok?

  163. The Hornets are on the verge of LOSING this series due to Batum’s return.

  164. BAD

  165. Don’t know if this was posted. Batum:

    “I asked to come off the bench for tonight because I don’t want to mess up what we had for the last two games,” he said. “It’s not the [regular] season, it’s the playoffs. All I want to do with this team is win.

    “I’m not the type of guy who [wants] to get back into the lineup because I’m a starter. We’re winning the last two games because we’re playing a certain way of basketball, and because I’m back I don’t want to mess up anything. I’m going to try to adjust [by] coming off the bench and play as hard as I can and as long as I can.”

  166. Is it just me or is Batum missing something..

  167. I like. 🙂

  168. c my note below to sophies post on the correlation between lin’s big games this season and the abscence of batum in the lineup.

    does not bode well for this game, if batum really didn’t want to “disrupt the” whatever he should have stayed “not available”.

  169. Batum is team player so he is w Lin in the 2nd unit it’s good.

  170. Michael’s on a roll too. I can feel it … those positive vibes.

  171. Here’s the link to Batum video & interview:
    – Cliff doesn’t think Batum can play his normal minutes. Starting lineup depends on how Batum feels
    – Still with sore ankle, Batum said 2 times in the video he’s not the type of guy who wants to start (off injury) just because he’s a starter; he doesn’t want to mess up the flow”. Kudos to him!

    Cliff better be smart not to overuse Batum to aggravate the injury

    “As long as he feels good after warming up, he’s going to try to play,” Clifford said after shootaround. “I don’t think he’ll be able to play his normal minutes.”

    Clifford said his starting lineup tonight could be contingent on how Batum feels after warming up for the 8 p.m. tip-off.

    It’s a little sore, but manageable for tonight,” Batum said of his injury, as he soaked his left ankle in an ice bath. “I worked out yesterday and this morning and my ankle (felt) well.”

    Batum said that when the injury occurred Sunday, he feared he’d be out for weeks.

    Batum has suggested it might be best for the team if he initially plays as a reserve, rather than a starter.

    “I don’t want to mess up the way we’re playing right now, because we’re rolling. I asked him to come off the bench, I don’t want to mess up what we have right now. I just want to play as much as I can and as effectively as I can.”

    Read more here:

  172. hahaha. We can always count on you for a comic relief. You are indeed a resident jester of this fansite. 🙂

  173. Didn’t realize this. Thanks. Hopefully a miracle will happen. God is in control no matter what happens.

  174. KH, ur LOSING your marbles. glad you used “verge” tho. way to hedge your bet.

  175. What about me? Don’t I get some love too?

  176. 🙂 Thank you for the positive vibes. I need them badly with all the scary predictions of “Heat will play very physically” and “Heat will target Lin”… in G5.

  177. You just did, Mr./Ms. Positive Vibes. We love you too. 😉

  178. I think we will be alright as long as the genius Clifford doesn’t force Batum to be a POINT FORWARD like LBJ.

  179. At 2 am. But I’ll take a nap before lol

  180. Glad to have caught you sneaking around.

  181. Ya, starters with Jefferson / Walker are now the Bobcats. Batum wants to be with the cool kids.

  182. A lot of negative vibes today in anticipation of refs taking Lin out of the game and Miami’s adjustments. Also anticipating lower usage for Lin due to Batum coming back.

  183. Haha☺
    Yes that’s exactly why I’m afraid. Without Batum they always played better lol. He needs to adjust and follow Lin’s lead.

  184. Are you and KH twins? You sure type the SAME.

  185. No no no – my positive vibes will wipe them all out. Gotta go now. Gonna catch my flight to Paris to watch the game with Sophie after her nap.

  186. Sure I will

  187. Yeah, the thing is, the Heat have already keyed in on Lin. Spo is one of the few coaches in the league who really respect Lin’s game. I think being a minority himself, Spo recognizes the double-standard that Lin faces and knows how underrated Lin is. So Spo game plans for Lin. And I think Heat keyed in on Lin even more in game 4 to no avail. Just concerned that the refs will help the Heat out because of all the whining and it’s Miami home court. Also, I think the NBA has more incentive for the Heat to win than Hornets.

    What I’m afraid will happen is that if Lin draws contact in the paint several times without calls, he’ll realize what is going on and being the team player that he is, Lin won’t force the issue and he’ll start giving up the ball. Lin’s shot is still not good (even though his FG% is high in this series, it’s from driving, not shooting) so that’s why I don’t think he’ll be effective offensively. We’ll see though. If Lin performs tonight, then I think Lin is locked into Linsanity mode.

    If Hornets make it through this series, then I think that’s when the magic will really happen for Lin. If they make it past Heat, Hornets will likely go to the Conference Finals.

  188. The way Heat defended the 3s by stretching the floor had made it easy for Lin to drive into the paint. This is also the reason why Marvin Williams wasn’t as successful in the playoff since his points were mostly from the 3s during the regular season. However, with the return of Batum, Hornets play right into the hand of Heat’s defense as Batum is mostly an outside shooter. If the offense runs through Batum it would be a disaster. Without the speed and aggressiveness of Lin Hornets would fall back to their half court offense. It’s either two men weave between Kemba and Batum or Alfense. From the first two games we know that didn’t work too well!

  189. heart without r is NO heart.

  190. I think let Lin run the the offense like game 3 & 4 and Batum can attack the weak side or as the 2nd facilitator if Heat decide to loaded on Lin.

  191. A dose of positive vibes from Dr. Phillycheese is needed desperately. 🙂

  192. Since Lin will not start, he needs to come in early (7 min mark) then rest 2 min in mid 2Q before close the half. repeat 2nd half. 34 minutes of action.

  193. Agreed. Unless is a blow out Hornets win. Hehe.

  194. yes.

  195. I like Clifford shootaround interview except the part that he compares Batum as a quarterback. If Both Lin and Batum is a quarterback, then Lin = Tom Brady and Batum = Andrew Luck at best.

  196. Unless he is talking about Mark Sanchez’s butt fumble style.

  197. Lol. Yea.

  198. I find his comment a bit comical. He doesn’t want to mess up the starters, but it’s OK to mess with the bench? If he’s going to play, he’d better be ready or just sit out.

  199. Or a blow out loss.

    Heat will do whatever dirty trick on Lin. If Lin is not able to do anything. Game over.

  200. I have a bad feeling about the ref calls against Lin and the Hornets in Game 5. Lin should try more jumpers. Whiteside and Haslam may hurt him out of desperation. It’s Lin’s contract year, not worth to risk his health.

  201. Jeremy is so smart to execute the game plan for tonight. Hopefully, his teammates are in full force to attack Miami. Go Hornets!!!

  202. He has high basketball IQ. Great team player. I think he will bound for Lakers next season. No team player can be happy playing alongside KW, J Harden and Melo.

  203. Listening to WFNZ
    Paraphrasing IIRC: Earlier in this show, one of these hosts (Frank Garcia & Mark Yarbro) said that they can clearly observe in live-game that Cliff is uncomfortable w/ Lin’s play. Cliff’s animated reactions like throwing his hands up or figuratively ‘pulling out his hair’ when Lin makes a TO, Cliff would have someone else ready to sub him out at the bench. In addition, they said Cliff does not look confident when he sees Lin dribbling in the paint. In contrast, they said Cliff shows no reaction to others.
    Upon hearing this, our observation of Cliff throughout the season is confirmed!

  204. Plus how is he going to mess up the starters when they are already so messed up??!!

  205. Have safe trip! 😀

  206. He is leaving next season, why risk himself to play heavy minutes?

  207. I haven’t gone through the radio program yet, but JLIN gets screamed at and talked at more than any other player on the Team. JLamb just gets yanked tho, so that’s probably a bit worse.

  208. Excellent finding. This is why we have been saying this coach Clifford is a (banned words).

  209. Interesting aspect is that even at this stage in JLIN’s career, he is ALREADY a better coach than Coach Cliff, he knows more about the intricacies, strategy and tactics of the game than Cliff does — so anytime Clifford “coaches” him he just plays along …

  210. Because he’s hypocrite, he knows this team can win nothing without Lin. And we all know they would be 0-4 vs the Heat this series if it wasn’t for Lin.

  211. Yup. I have been saying JLin teammate is not a problem. Problem is the genius Clifford. SMH

  212. Did Phillycheese just ask Sophie out (or in)…hehe…nice move.

  213. that rest would do wonders for Lin’s closeout stamina

  214. Lin is 100x more intelligent than the bald head Clifford. Lin is playing the game “keep your enemy closer then your friends” so he can have good image with his next coach.

  215. Exactly!

  216. Cliff can’t not scream at Cho/MJ’s favorite players like Lee and KW even they blew the 18 pt lead in game 4.

  217. Amen. Wondering she’s related to the Keatons in Hollywood.

  218. Agreed!!

  219. Starting lineup only work well for digging a hole.

  220. U do thanks for watching game with me ?

  221. Cliff is obsessed with turnovers but when Kemba shoots 4-19 that’s not a problem. What’s a bad shot other than a turnover?

  222. Lin and Kemba need to penetrate tonight and kick out for 3’s because the heat will be waiting for them

  223. Agreed. Especially when Dragic and Wade are guarding them, we should penetrate a lot more as these 2 can not catch up JLin and Kemba speed.

  224. Thank you. And we can add the Hornets have made it this far this year because they have TWO starting caliber PGs on their team!

  225. Cliff is a conservative style coach he just can’t or accept Lin’s free style playing game. Unlike MDA, he will allow Lin to have TO but result the W. Cliff has to be step by step under his control. They are really not to be for each other…. Well, at least in this playoff he didn’t yell at Lin so far….

  226. LOL Clifford is clueless about offensive strategy besides letting the stars play. He was MDA assistant-coach but learned nothing from him. And JLin is probably one of the best PGs that understood MDA’s plans and went out and executed them brilliantly. At the beginning of the season, we heard that Clifford had to go through hours of film to study the game and how players played and thought that it was a good thing. Now we know the reason why he needed those long hours. It’s like failing-students needing the extra tutoring to get barely passing grades 😉

  227. They lost in game 1.

  228. As Lin said it recently, they have not talk about offense a lot, it was because Clifford have no offensive plays except banking on Kemba’s ISO ball and so call Batum Point Forward.


  229. It’s the right thing to do if the Hornets are a normal NBA team where the starters are the best players. But it’s a topsy-turvy world in BuzzLand.

  230. But unfortunately Clifford’s wrongheaded perception of Jeremy trickled down to his teammates – intentionally or unintentionally – and this led to him being frozen out on the court. We could have witnessed much better basketball this year if not for that. But they can no longer deny that they need Jeremy to win. Better late than never.

  231. Agreed. Without Lin, series would have ended in game 4.

  232. It’s called rigid, uncreative, or inept NOT ‘conservative’. He’s not worthy of that word.

  233. It’s right after MW’s interview. Then later near the end after a few callers, they said that CLee is Cliff’s guy. They said you don’t see Cliff don’t get on Lee on the sideline like Cliff often does to Lin.

  234. what walks like a duck, quacks like a duck MUST BE A DUCK

  235. I have a uncomfortable feeling that tonight’s leash would be very very short.

    So the past two games without Cliff’s brilliant offensive game plan, Lin created out of nowhere to destroy Heat’s heavy guarded fortress. The context is Lin had the ball in his hands.

    Would Cliff let Lin handle the ball more like game 3 and game 4? I really doubt that. It would revert to game 1 and game 2 again. I think the series will go to game 7, if Cliff comes to his sense again to let Lin do his magic in game 6. Otherwise, the series is over in game 6.

  236. ONE starting caliber PG – and he doesn’t wear a Walker jersey.

    The player wearing the Walker jersey, he’s a fixture on losing teams.

  237. Good find.

    It’s good to see our negative view of Clifford being a Lin hater being verified.

  238. Cliff’s brilliant offensive game plan? I say his screw up was saved by the bench guy in both games.

  239. Simpler than that –

    Clifford just HATES IT when Lin takes the ball away from Walker or Batum.

    Yet he also is stuck with Lin because Walker and Batum play terribly when Lin’s not out there protecting them.

    The double conundrum has Clifford hating Lin even more.

    McHale, Woodson, and Scott all went through this with Lin.

  240. Clifford’s dislike of Lin has nothing to do with Lin’s style of play.

    It’s just FLAT OUT FAVORITISM toward Walker and Batum.

  241. if Big Al goes back to the second unit tonight then there is no hope for Linsanity. let’s see if clifford is really that incompetent

  242. Like I keep telling you
    for the entire season, it’s not Big Al denying Lin touches and movement.

    It’s Batum and Walker.

  243. It’s also big Al and Frank and sometimes Lamb

  244. If Clifford wants to shorten Lin’s leash, GO AHEAD.

    Then when the Hornets lose big, it’s not Lin’s fault.

  245. Actually, Lin should NOT try to constantly penetrate.

    The refs will allow the Heat to illegally bash Lin and maybe even Walker whenever he dribbles. It’s called “homecourt advantage”.

    What Lin needs to do is move well off the ball and make quick teamball decisions. Some of those might be sudden dashes to the rim.

  246. Yes, if the starters were actually good in the last 2 games. What “mojo” lol?

  247. I agree – Lin needs to do is move well off the ball and make quick teamball decisions.

  248. “Honestly we have’t talked about OFFENSIVE GAMEPLAN throughout the season and the series the biggest thing we’ve focused on is our defensive gameplan” – JLIN

  249. Big Al passes out from post sometimes. It’s Lee, Lamb, and Frank I hardly see.

  250. Big Al is slow as molasses and that is the big problem… Al destroys the uptempo pace of the Bench even if he passes back, he’s already run 15 seconds off the clock.

  251. I’m the only person who’s OK with that.

    Having been Asian scapegoat myself in team situations throughout my life, I never resented being the only guy yelled at because I also was the only one being coached!

    Right now, Lin’s the only player Clifford is focused on criticizing. And guess who is the only player BEING COACHED?

  252. At first I was miffed.

    But then I was relieved.

    Clifford’s actually right.

    Batum indeed plays like a quarterback – like an actual NFL quarterback who suddenly found himself in the NBA!

  253. And C Lee … i.e. pretty much all Lin’s teammates at one time or another …smh

  254. But in the playcalling scheme, those guys DEFER to Lin’s playmaking and SCORE off the wide open shots generated by Lin.

  255. A lot of predictions on How Clifford is going to be play Lin after a Linsanity type performance in game 3 and game 4.

    Honestly, I am not worry too much as I don’t think Clifford has the gut to not play Lin over 30 mins with lot of PGs time and penetrations as otherwise a lot of people (Media, Hornets Fans, fellow Lin fans) are going to firing at Clifford.

    However, what worry me more is the calls will be favor to Miami. Such as Lin and KW will not get as much as on their penetration drive and a lot of phantom calls on the defensive.

    Let see how it play out.

  256. The calls don’t scare me.

    But Walker and Batum hogging the team to a freezout loss, THAT scares me.

    The referees won’t give the Heat an unfair call advantage if Walker and Batum sink the Hornets so badly that the Heat race out ahead early and stay ahead.

  257. That doesn’t matter.

    All of those guys, Lee included, defer to Lin and will run plays with him.

    That’s far more important than whether Lin gets passed back to for shots.

  258. The calls don’t scare you? If Lin pick up 3 earlier then you can imagine what is going to happen. A play that Lin suppose to get to the FT line end up a TO in the box score. It is a very scary thing….

  259. We all know how bad Lin was treated by these bias refs until the video went viral.

  260. Lin doesn’t play enough minutes for 3 early fouls to even put him into foul trouble!

  261. I already said Clifford will not have the gut to not play Lin over 30 mins with lot of PGs time and penetrations unless is a blow out win. So I am not worry about that.

  262. And there’s no need to worry about Lin and the refs.

    Lin’s got tons of tricks up his sleeves, that’s why he’s been a double figure scorer this playoffs.

  263. Another prayer request.

    Hey everybody,

    Sorry if I am spamming you guys but there is definitely power in prayer!! So let’s keep this thing going (promise to keep my updates really short). I’ve been humbled and overwhelmed by how many of you have been faithfully praying. Thank you so much!

    Praise God for Game 4!! It was a big-time win for us and I remember just feeling soooo grateful to God after the game ended.

    Please pray for our team tonight as we play game 5. Miami is an extremely difficult place to play so prayer for our health, supernatural energy, our readiness to play and a great individual and team performance that results in a win! Also prayer for humility to trust God wholeheartedly no matter what the result of the game is.


  264. KHuang, it’s just like when Lin plays with Kemba and Batum, he doesn’t get the touches and becomes the 3rd or 4th option on the team. when Lin plays with Big Al on the second unit, he becomes the 2nd or 3rd option on the second unit. that’s a guaranteed loss

  265. Lol. I am sure Lin does have a lot of tricks but it is useless if the refs hold their whistles.


  266. what’s worst is clifford will force the second unit to go into Big Al every time

  267. Or you even try to down play the affect of video too?

  268. Can’t get any clearer than that. Bravo, Nic!

  269. I will pray for everything except a win, because I know U Haslem has a prayer life and he has his fans. lol, don’t want crosstalk in the heavens … (I’m sure CHA can and will Win if JLin is allowed to play).

  270. Here’s the discussion about Clifford’s response to Whiteside’s “flop-offs” comment.

  271. batum better be passing the rock to jlin lol

  272. I do like one alfense play – the give and go … I think we saw that work 2x in season that was nice. JLin had one with Hawes last game.

  273. i like batum/Lin backcourt much more than kemba/Lin backcourt. the only thing i don’t like about batum is his lazy help defense

  274. ha ha, what starter flow? They dig a hole, Batum doesn’t want to be part of that lol.

  275. Same here. Batum D is much better than KW too.

  276. I meant individually.

  277. i mean yes, i prefer batum and lin over kemba/lin, BUT they take playing time away from him. Especially when CLEE has been getting 40 min consistently this whole series.

  278. agreed. would prefer Batum not back in the line up, period

  279. After reading about the radio show where the hosts say that Clifford yells at Lin almost exclusively, I wonder if this is some sort of pattern with coaches (Woodson, McHale, Scott, & now Clifford). Perhaps they feel threatened by Lin sometimes feeling out the game and breaking with the game plan to get wins. They want control even at the expense of a win. I really don’t think it has anything to do with race. Now there is favoritism going on (Melo, Harden, Kobe , and Kemba) but Lin really seems to bring the worst out of his coaches not named D’Antoni.

  280. Many factors concerns me. Will Clifford allow Lin to run the offense the right way? Lin can be in there for 30+ mins standing around in the corner watching Batum and Kemba. The Heat is gonna get some calls going there way no matter what. The question is will the refs let them get way with flagrant type fouls on Lin, which may risk injuring him. Will the refs make bogus calls against Lin? Other than these factors, Hornets can steal game 5.

  281. from this article, Batum said he preferred to come off the bench so not to mess up what the team had going. good guy. it’s also in Batum’s best interest to play with Lin. SMART GUY

  282. Big Al has been a supporter of Linsanity. The problem is he dont always have the iq to run plays with Lin

  283. other way around, philly …

  284. Wow! I’m very surprised someone on Hornets radio would say this out loud. Thanks for the info. Great stuff! This confirms all my suspicions.

    Cliff doesn’t get Lin’s offensive game at all. Ciff is a control freak and Lin is a free-flowing, creative PG who uses his instincts. Lin needs the freedom to dribble and test the defense in order to figure out what the best play is to make, but Cliff just wants Lin to move the ball and gets nervous when Lin dribbles for too long. I think the difference in this playoff series is that when Batum went down, Lin just played his game, knowing that Cliff can’t really bench him. And now that it’s working, hopefully Cliff will loosen the reigns.

  285. Yeah, in general, I never pray for a win. I just pray for Lin to be safe and bring God glory.

  286. yeah, i like Big Al as a person. good guy

  287. True. But that have a lot to do if the calls too. If JLin penetration drives end up getting 2 offensive foul early, then Clifford might abandon the penetrations and also he will have a reason for him to do so.

    That is why the calls are important tonight.

  288. The coaches you list are all more old school style coach that really not fit well w Lin. But for the W, they had to let Lin played his game no matter they liked it or not… lol!

  289. Answer is surprisingly simple: Yell at JLIN because he can take it and nobody will be offended. Additionally, JLIN actually has a brain to do what a coach tells him to do.

  290. It is more like he has an excuse to do so.

  291. this lady knows basketball!

  292. cuz Cody has to feast at the rim. Would be interesting to see Cody compared to Whiteside. brb.

  293. May God grant your prayers, Lin. May He fulfill His work through you! Amen.

  294. might be on to something… lack of humility.. especially to a singular, player (of significance) of his ethnicity in the game

  295. Cody 1.21 pts/play, 42 pts
    Whiteside 1.23/play, 61 pts

    Divide by minutes:

    Cody: 81 mins … 0.0151 pts/play/min … 0.52 pts/min
    Whiteside: 115 mins = 0.0107 pts/play/min … 0.53 pts/min

    Cody doing ok.

  296. Just for fun don’t get too personal. What does your co-workers thing of JLin? For me they think he suck or just a bench player. I work with 50% asian employees.

  297. Are your co-workers black or white?

  298. Few white, Hispanic, and Asian and 1 black.

  299. In Laker country :

    Black think he sucks (all over country)
    Hispanic think he sucks (Laker fans)
    White think he bench player (Laker fan)
    Asian self hating think he bench (Laker fan)

  300. You need to educate your co-workers.

  301. lol, I tried but not working

  302. I want to call out sick to watch the game but I feel bad calling out.

  303. yep, sometimes winning isn’t the path that is right because there is another path we are supposed to be on. Never too good to make life that rigid … but then again, they say ask and ye shall receive. Tricky one for a philosophically wise life.

  304. I would hope Cho would be smart enough not to bite on that. If going to spend that kind of money on a center should go for Whiteside or Ezeli.

  305. Too many GSW bandwagoneers here. “What’s his stats?” they would say. “Can’t be good as Livinston”…

  306. people who are followers tend to be anti-Lin fans. these are people who can’t think for themselves and would just go along with what is popular and would regurgitate what they hear in the media. most kobe fans fall into this category

  307. I just knew someone would say that Lol – I know … was just trying to stay positive for playoffs 😉

  308. Yea, I guess I am the only JLin fan @ my Job.

  309. Needs some more big games in the playoffs to get more national notoriety. Getting some national press recently but only blip on radar. Only Lin fans, Charlotte and MIA fans really paying attention. ESPN nor TNT even picked up game 4. Won’t be a big thing unless Lin can get them to the Eastern Finals against LeBron and the Cavs.

  310. But the rest must be Lakers Fans, being in Riverside? ;P Bit sour Lakers not in playoffs!

  311. Yea but I work in Anaheim

  312. Actually, Lin does not look for contact on his drives. Lin is legitimately trying to get to the rim and score. That’s why he often takes hard falls, because he’s not looking for contact. Players like Harden, Durant, Chris Paul, etc rarely take hard falls because they’re looking for contact and initiating the contact.

    In fact, I wish Lin would look for contact like the top players.

  313. I have a list of strange ones, One started watching basketball when Linsanity started and became a Melo lover and Lin Hater because she took pity on everyone hatin on Melo. Another said there is nothing special about Lin because quote “I can do everything he can”…which immediately causes my eyes to roll. And one dislikes Lin cause he hates people who “force feed us with christianity”. But most of the others are stout Lin supporters.

    PS: The first one is now a Harden, Beverly and Kobe supporter.

  314. Bet, they’ll get some attention if they knock out the Heats. Right now, it’s just an anomaly to them.

  315. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of an NBA player requesting this. Respect.

  316. Even more truer then.

  317. game will be streamed free HD on TNT online

  318. most of my friends are asians but they are lin doubters…LOL
    they say lin is a average player or little above average player…

  319. Not sure Hornets will have money for him, will have to not only let AI go, but also trade Hawes.

  320. Follow up my earlier post. Here’s the podcast of Bustin’ Loose. Starting at 36:08

  321. Thank you.

  322. I pray for that AND a win (such a naughty one!) – God hears our prayers and tells us to bring everything to Him – but at the end of the day I know who is in control and accept that whatever the outcome, it is somehow for the best (although may not seem so at the time).

  323. I think he don’t really want to play together with Kemba and AI.

  324. How come when I go there to try to vote for JLin for the player cam it says “questionnaire closed” but I can vote for Dwyane Wade?

  325. Asians are a tough crowd to please

  326. Many lack the confidence in their own ethnicity, while few truly understand the sport.

  327. If get past Heat would be Pacers or Toronto. I think most mainstream people watching GSW and Cav’s, SAS and LAC less so.

  328. Time for prayer warriors to help JLin when he asked for our help

    Please RT if u grant @JLin7 #PowerInPrayer request
    #Health #SupernaturalEnergy #GreatTeamWin

  329. Can you put a space between the 36:08 and the URL. It’s running together. (edit: thanks works now)

  330. do they all have iphones and loves kobe too?

  331. I discussed Lin with a colleague from Houston, who lost me after “Lin cost us the series”.

    My own bad for even asking.

  332. He’d have better luck talking to a pile of rocks, and achieve success sooner.

  333. Done. Have you listened? Let me know what you think.

  334. yes they have iphones…not kobe lovers
    but they didnt watch many lin games…just watch some knicks games or nets games,,,

  335. game 6 is 1 PM eastern time?

  336. could you re-post the link? I have problem to follow the link though……

  337. It seem like they stop supporting JLin.

  338. I think it’s funny when the guy said that Cliff would “pull his hair out” when Lin made a TO…..what hair? nose hair?

  339. What do you think? Finished listening?

  340. This might just be the issue. Lin is too smart for him.

  341. I haven’t seen where they have announced it yet. I would think they would wait to see if Rockets eliminated before making the schedule to fit TV broadcast in each time zone. But 1pm ET would be a stupid time for a Friday because would be 10am PST and people would be working rather than watching. Even locals have to work.

  342. Here’s a full link, starting at 36:08

  343. Go further south…

  344. Hey now…

  345. you’re right, same for me. Must be an error on the website. The Hornets poll is closed mistakenly.

  346. I would’ve guessed Windows Mobile phones…

  347. this happened last year too. i think the mass voting from Lin fans broke it

  348. what walks like a duck, quacks like a duck MUST BE RACIST HATER KKKLUTCH. ….there fix it for you…hehe

  349. Still can’t shake the Lin is inconsistent image. I think too many of those coaches like to play it safe. Guard brings the ball up the court, hands it to the (Star player, best player., favorite player, lover…etc..whatever they call it) instead of committing to playing team ball, and creating the best shot for the team. There is always too much bias when it comes to Lin, but the way he just fights thru it is also what makes it so intriguing.

  350. Damn these 2 morons. 🙁

  351. And thanks to this kind of morons out there, no one can really blame fellow Lin fans doesn’t wanna see Lin resign with the Hornets.

  352. Lol. Maybe is also bald there…..

  353. haha..Batum’s smart… just does not wanna join the starters who are already mess up…they dig a hole for JLIn to fill up…looks like he wants to play more with JLin than ballhog Kemba 🙂

  354. I like Cliff stand up for our guys.

  355. Yep. They don’t want to pay him big $. They already think he won’t resign, so he’s not their priority. They continue to overlook his talents even when he has single-handedly led big and important franchise wins for them. The blinders are still on….

  356. see below discussion initiated by wu kong. I concluded that JLin is highest pts/min/play.

  357. Does this mean that the majority of points are created by the second to last efficient player?

  358. yes, that that really equates loss opportunities to score per possession. Like Brent said of Kobe’s shots, it’s just like a turnover just not stat-ted as that.

  359. well, technically it’s not the majority of the points (126 is not more than 50% of all points). But the player who scored the most points is also the 2nd least efficient player, yes.

  360. When you think of the contract of Lin in off season, I would think the comparison should be made with Goran Dragic rather than Conley. Lin in a style close to Dragic more to Conley.

  361. Then they are lucky that the second and third amount of points are generated by the second and third most efficient players, to balance out the negative effect.

  362. That what I’m saying…he should at least get 15m /yr no more no less w/ a starting job.

  363. It’s okay to pray for a W 🙂
    Udonis got his rings haha..

    We can always ask .. it’s up to God’s discretion ;>
    All I know is prayers can move God’s hands in mysterious ways

    “God, if you’re willing give JLin a W so he can thank you after the game” LOL
    If not, it’s also okay

  364. Technically you are correct, but you’ll never get me to admit that.

  365. goran makes around $15 mil while conley makes around $8 mil. Lin is better than both but the league doesn’t think so

  366. TNT Overtime’s player cam voting is broken for the Hornets. (Heat’s poll works).

    Anyone know how to contact them? I only know to tweet to @NBAonTNT

  367. Fools gold.
    Curse of teams that don’t recognize a gem when they have it.
    Good thing Lin will be moving on.

  368. if Lin wins player cam voting we will have lots of clear instant replays of officiating involving Lin

  369. have you tweeted them? i think this is a better method than email

  370. I’m dubious of the voting. I remember some Rockets games Lin had like 95% of votes and they still showed Harden.

  371. Sorry if this has already been posted. I can’t keep up with all the posts here. Note this does not include fast breaks.

    “Check out Lin’s PTS%, aka percentage of points scored per drive!”

  372. I just tweeted them. Hope they fix it

  373. This means TNT wants to show Wade not any of Hornets players…. in the past even Lin got the highest poll but they still showed Harden. smh!

  374. i think there is a player came for each team

  375. Sorry if this has already been posted. I can’t keep up with every post here. Note this does not include fast breaks.

    “Check out Lin’s PTS%, aka percentage of points scored per drive!”

  376. Phillycheese, did you make your flight to Paris lol?

  377. In this next game Whiteside is going to be in big trouble because Big Al would demolish him totally. Hornets is going to be in the position to take this game away from Miami with their momentum swung to the Buzz city. Both Wade, Dragic, Whiteside are desperate that they are outmatched by Hornets in the paint. Miami lives by the 3s and they’re going to die by the 3s.

  378. It could mean they have the winner already on the Hornets side?

  379. Still stuck at the airport. He might miss the game. lol

  380. Just voted. Said 100% Lin. Go back and see.

  381. it will change during view time, so I guess you will need to make sure you vote him while you watch the game.

  382. Just voted. Not sure, poll said 100% Jeremy Lin.

  383. This is the playoffs though – not regular season. 4 games is not enough

  384. I want you to be right. Last game, Big Al had a nice move and just rushed it. He’s experienced enough to fake Whiteside out. HW has his hands full, with AJ, Cody, and JLin. Put in Psycho T and HW will have a cow. Even KW beat him too. We just need Dragic to get mad and lose his mindset.

    BTW, I loved the defensive flybys on the 3s last game. CHA have that practiced well.

  385. keep voting, now it’s 65% JLin so the voting has just started and it’s swinging around a bit.

    You can just refresh and revote. By my results, there are 100 votes basis right now about 1.5 hrs before the game. Go to it bros/sistas.

  386. Yes, there is no other time when a win is more related to players’ values than their personal stats. For example, if Batum gets good stats but they lose this game, he will be the scapegoat, so is Cliff who has been trying to sell him as the main facilitator.

  387. Me too but it said 63% Lin – still way more than any other Hornet

  388. If Big Al and Kemba can keep it fairly even for the first quarter Lin / Batum / Hawes / Zeller can run up the score.

  389. FYI—LIN FANS: I just checked on the two podcast links that I posted. They have now been dubbed over as Prime Time even though the listing still shows Bustin Loose… Hour 2 and Hour 3. I’m guessing they may be having difficult technicality or perhaps these hosts have exposed the Hornets so now they’re covering up. Who knows… For those have already listened, you have already confirmed what I posted.

  390. Poor Dr. Phil who spreads positive vibes. 🙂

  391. a million thanks, I think. But, I saw only 100 votes for Lin for TNT cam (because every time I voted, I moved it by 1%).

  392. I suspect many fans do not know about the voting for TNT Player Cam, including yours truly. Hence there are few votes.

  393. are they planning to lose?

  394. And LOSE? NO THANK YOU!!!

  395. game 1 and 2 was heavy isolation. looks like clifford will go back to what doesn’t work. sigh

  396. this tweet can’t be true…

  397. Lin up to 71% keep voting.

  398. Who made this incredibly smart statement? Modeling tonight’s G5 on the G1 and G2 defeat? Coach Cliff? Really??

  399. Cliff: G3 and G4 ball was too sticky (except for KW, of course).

  400. Voted.

  401. Lin practicing midrange Js to draw Whiteside out?

    Pregame work with JLin ??

  402. It’s been fixed

  403. Never misses one.

  404. Are we watching the same games ?!?!?


    This hour 3, 34:00 is where they said coach trust Lee.

  406. yeah, averaged 10 assist/game is considered move the ball. LOL

  407. No @disqus_N5k7G6PoCZ:disqus 🙂

  408. This is bizzare. Game 3 is the only game the Hornets won the assist battle.
    More ISO offense to lose like in Game 1 and 2?

  409. Mind game on purpose bc Heat will read the tweet? LOL!

  410. Now they have dubbed Prime Time show over the Bustin Loose show for Hour 2 and Hour 3. Did you get to listen the Bustin Loose Hour 2 and Hour 3? Something is wrong.. I think either it’s technical difficulty or these hosts have exposed Hornets sentiment which they didn’t want people to know. Listen again. My markings were for the old clips. Let me know what you think.

  411. So Cliff wants to win the FTs game and more points in the game.
    He should know which player to call

  412. Continue to foul Heat’s players.

  413. Good sign!!! It mean we are gonna see a lot of JLIN!

  414. CHA considered frontrunner for Dwight.

  415. But I read CP wants him to Mav?

  416. I can hear hour 3, and hour 2, but was not able to follow your another clip. So I hear the part coach trust lee part. The host want to resign Lee, (and want him off bench), LOL.

  417. CP said after he signed first…… LOL

  418. Batum is a smart fellow.

  419. No, that’s goes to Cody more……

    One reason he play Batum and Cody together…..

  420. CP…??? I thought he just said to Jonathan that he will not mind back to Rox? Maybe after D12 told him how bad Harden’s he changed his mind…LOL!

  421. sorry, I mean re-sign first, he want to be paid higher…..

  422. Can’t believe how dumb Cuban is again. smh!

  423. No matter what they said …I believe Cliff will need Lin, like it or not, he knew it.

  424. it could be reverse psychology, we will see lots of 3s instead

  425. Lin won’t stay in CHA so….
    And Dwight is not that great. He wanted the ball in the post when he played with Lin. There were not many PnRs. He and Harden don’t compliment each other.

  426. yes this all makes sense now

  427. When you have more hair you are less bald. Still I must applaud him for saying nothing.

  428. Batum knows for him to shine, he’d have to play with Lin and not Kemba

  429. ICYMI BBallBreakdown has an excellent technical breakdown in Game 4 to show how the Heat had many opportunities but didn’t make the open shots

  430. Good thing Batum was being honest, otherwise Cliff would still put the “quarter back” in the starting lineup.

  431. if he’s talking about starting Big Al, then i like it because then he won’t be on the second unit with Lin. but he’s wrong about the “bigger bodies meeting Whiteside’s roll”. you need foot speed to do that, not size

  432. They need a coach with more brain.

  433. He might not know that Lin will be gone.

  434. Old school mediocre coach way of thinking. Even if Cliff coaches GSW, GSW won’t go far.

  435. So he thinks big starting line up won last two games? LOL

  436. Greg Anthony and Isiah Thomas heaped praise on JLin’s Impact on NBATV

  437. Haha! Can’t agree more….LOL!

  438. out of the frying pan and into the fire. DH12 will be surprise to see mini-harden on the hornets squad

  439. Cliff’s quarterback quits, LOL.

  440. Exactly. Didn’t hear Whiteside complaining Hornet’s bigs.

  441. I believe they don’t want him to play but he sure didn’t want to out of this series… so asked for come off the bench.

  442. Bonjour, comment cá va?

  443. Lin is not a factor to him.

  444. almost game time folks

  445. A short coach’s thought.

  446. It will be horrible to play in that starter line up. Batum is smart enough not to sink with them.

  447. La Belle Vie!

  448. this may be the biggest game in hornets history. let’s go JLIN!

  449. they need this win, most important win

  450. Ya! Beat the Heat today.

  451. Finally something nice that I wanna hear before the game.

  452. This is coming from the great Isiah Thomas,one of the living legend of basketball in NBA…I’ll believe this guy more than anybody else.

  453. je ne parle pas français

    despite taking 1-year French in college 🙁

  454. i’ve not posted for a long time even though i’m here reading the news everyday. thanks for posting this. it actually got me all emotional listening to them talk so sincerely and honestly about Lin’s ability and belief after so much doubts had crowded his entire journey. i couldn’t be more proud of Lin!

  455. Lol… jlin leaves and they r stuck with howard… going down in flames next year!

  456. Yeah…Absolutely!!!!!

  457. Yeah John Stark the supermarket, paper or plastic mam to dunk on MJ.

  458. This is why it’s important Lin play in the playoffs. We know he’s a big game player and will play well. But in the playoffs, he has the big stage, no matter what team he’s on.

  459. Jeremy Lin over / under are 13.5 pts

  460. The only comment about Lin being a good backup I will accept is “BEST backup PG in the league”. (To me that means he can be a starter!)

  461. He knows what he is doing,this is his contract year

  462. But what if Lin goes to starter because of him? -_-

  463. He said Lin was the most important signing.

  464. So did MJ. The greatest players think alike.

  465. vote for player to watch on TNT: vote each quarter….

  466. non of Clifford’s action back that up unless in desperate game.

  467. it is rigged for sure but whatever Jlin had waaay more votes but of course they are following KW

  468. I love it mang. GO LIN

  469. Even if the starting PG in Dallas is open again, Lin should not go there.

    Cuban thinks Deron Williams is better than Lin.

    CP is desperate to prove himself as a star.

  470. It has to be, rigged.

  471. … mang … that is good!

  472. we should tweet about this to TNT

  473. Saw this and couldn’t help laughing. Are you sure you are going to start with those +/- numbers…

  474. Did anyone see my notice about the DUBBING of the Podcast links of Bustin Loose Hour 2 and Hour 3? They took off the original show clips and dub the PRIMETIME Show over these two hours. Is this a coincidence? We’ll see if they fix this later? I’m still upset that they did that!!! Did anyone else beside Michael, Win or John Focker heard them talking about Cliff’s reactions of Lin? Review my earlier post so you understand what I mean. Please let me know. See the listing of shows still show Busting Loose Hour 2 and 3 but if you listen Primetime shows is dubbed over….

  475. BTW, pls update his hair.

  476. It shows 43% JLin and 42% Kemba

  477. Go JLin! Go Hornets!

  478. that’s bs, Lin was up by a lot and KW was only 20 something percent just a few minutes ago. This has to be rigged.

  479. Starters start at a 50% bonus. so Kemba is technically 50% + 42% = 92%..

  480. what was said during the podcast that the Hornets FO may have disliked?

  481. Charles Barkley still says “It’s still all about Kemba Walker”

  482. Isiah Thomas, the OG one, has been a Lin fan for the get-go. Point guard like him, Magic, Nash, even Jason Kidd recognized the talent in Lin that everyone else doubts or tries to ignore.

  483. Let be known there’s a vote but we control the result.


  484. Lin is a starter. He has his best game when he is primary ball handler.
    He is not a guard with 3-4 assists per game

  485. Dwight might want to Facetime JLin before making that decision.
    We know JLin can resurrect careers of big men!

  486. Is TNTOverTime only showing PlayerCam not the game?

  487. Review my earlier posts. Basically one of the hosts talked about their live-game observations Cliff’s negative reactions toward Lin when he makes a TO or mistakes. Cliff often got on Lin on the sideline. They don’t see Cliff got on Lee bc they think Lee is Cliff’s guy and wants to re-sign him…

  488. really? where does it say that?

  489. wow, that is good that he stood up to Cliff like that. They probably got embarrassed by it and cut that piece out.

  490. there are different modes that you can chose from.. mosaic, player cam, action, and backboard

  491. They didn’t say Lin should find a starting job next season.

  492. I’m not going to support TNT if they rig the vote like this.

  493. looks like kemba won player cam. sad

  494. I usually start with practice mode.

  495. Meh on Brakley. He went on and on about Whiteside. Plus, he can say Jer-e-my. It sounds like Ghurmy.

  496. In the code my friend in the code….

  497. ok, the action mode works now

  498. i’m feeling nervous. man. the nerves…

  499. Give the guy a break. Let him win something.

  500. I think so. Michael listened to it when I first posted. I went back to check and heard they dubbed over PrimeTime show instead for Hour 2 and 3. Look at the listing is still showing Bustin Loose…

  501. omg lol

  502. Lin prayed for peace of spirit. We should probably make the same prayer for ourselves. Lol.

  503. what, seriously?

  504. Bad D!

  505. i’m just happy Big Al is not on the second unit 😀

  506. no interior defense, looks very familiar

  507. Just kidding. Lol..definately rigged though.

  508. Starters dig dig dig again. 🙁

  509. can’t let Dragic do that. Make him mad and poopy faced again.

  510. here we go again… lol

  511. Time out!

  512. use backboard view

  513. clifford getting exposed so badly

  514. Can’t let Whiteside do that!!!

  515. clifford is such a bad coach…

  516. rotation defense is a mess….

  517. we need to call the fireman again…

  518. Nothing new

  519. No intensity again. They need Lin now.

  520. Game 5 summary: no interior defense, no interior defense, no interior defense

  521. Just give them points will you..

  522. Yup Hornets showing their true colors 8-2 start by Heat.

  523. I think the Hornets misheard Clifford and reverted to Game 1 and 2 *defense*

  524. Come on I really want Hornets to win this one and end it in Game 6!

  525. Marvin’s got to nail them 3s

  526. Good . thanks
    I’m not dizzy with Action mode now LOL

  527. I’d have to agree though. Whiteside is the key to the series

  528. Cliff’s plan in game 1 and game 2 in full effect for game 5.

  529. Agreed. Hornets miss him.

  530. I think Miami are prepared to swarm Lin to prevent the spark plug from ignition. If they can do that, done deal for them.

  531. clifford: “bigger bodies meeting Whiteside’s roll”

  532. of course they can’t ever get a lead with the starters…. stupid

  533. take 7 deep breaths and say, “Linsanity pleazzzze” 🙂

  534. No excuses not to play Jlin 32 minutes tonight

  535. same

  536. Every second Lin on the bench the deeper the hole.

  537. I agree. It will be interesting how Lin handles it.

  538. just start lin cliff. you’re making yourself look stupid

  539. Whiteside already impacting both ends of the court

  540. no excuse to not play Lin 40+ minutes

  541. 40+ if needed.

  542. Too late.

  543. this is gonna be a sad outcome. 🙁

  544. They will use the fast guard such as Winslow, Richardson and Green.

  545. he’s too stubborn.

  546. for those who are getting a headache from the tntovertime cams, i suggest watching this on the smartphone/tablets

  547. Is everyone getting used to starters suck like this? WTF, it seems Lin is their babysitter.

  548. thats a goaltend

  549. That was a goaltending!

  550. Cliff won’t admit it.

  551. duh, how did the refs miss that

  552. two handed

  553. Why stays w these starters?

  554. Five years in the making.

  555. haha Whiteside thinks this is football.

  556. the starters are just throwing up junk. never a good look

  557. kaminsky is shrinking in the pressure.

  558. OMG, the announcer is clueless about the ball going up. After it hits the backboard, it’s a goaltend regardless going up.

  559. MW! Go MW!

  560. Yes marvin!

  561. marvin needs that floater to work.

  562. It’s known as Cliff ball.

  563. Go Mav

  564. you have to set and take the charge on the Wade backdowns

  565. Defense is so bad. Kam and AJ defense are so bad.

  566. Meet the ball at the rim Kaminsky!!!

  567. cmon marv!

  568. its routine…

  569. Gotta stop Tragic Goran.

  570. Need better rebounders on this team.

  571. Yep, i want to see that poopy face when he’s mad.

  572. Smart to go with Al but didnt get foul call.

  573. Kaminsky got to jump a little!

  574. my goodness.. kaminsky is useless…

  575. Lin should be point off the bench, not batum. Batum should be catch and shoot mode.

  576. The best is yet to come…in

  577. iso al? really?

  578. He is good as a rookie. But not a X factor.

  579. Why Whiteside can score vs Al now?

  580. Marv!

  581. Hornets starters are always in a hole.

  582. Yea. Hope to get Whiteside in foul trouble.

  583. That was the right call whiteside

  584. MW!

  585. Hello Marv,

  586. Kind wish Hornets lose this game. Cliff doesn’t deserve a win by doing these.

  587. Welcome back!

  588. MW feeling it

  589. marv!!!

  590. Marv on fire!

  591. How many layups have we seen Lee missed?

  592. travel

  593. Al!!!

  594. YESSS JEF

  595. Big Al!

  596. Dragic meltdown coming soon.

  597. Lets go!!!!

  598. too many

  599. Lin is in!

  600. nice D by AJ to tie up the ball

  601. WTH?


  603. I don’t think Al can jump but lets see..

  604. jlin!

  605. Great 8-0 run by Hornets to tie it 14-14
    0-3 Heat TOs

  606. Nice D!

  607. is datum playing?

  608. First time there is no hole when Lin comes in.

  609. not yet

  610. What was the that KW?

  611. air ball Kemba

  612. Lin in at 6:12 mark in Q1

  613. Frank!

  614. Let kick some Heat butts!

  615. are they playing keep away from jlin again?

  616. Lin in early. Charlottes going to outrun the Heat

  617. 1q530 that was great ball movement!

  618. Kaminsky 33333

  619. good ball movement right there.

  620. NIce mini comeback by the starters.

  621. too early to tell so far

  622. Just had to weather the storm. Miami is making mistakes at home. Marv and Kam hit 3s. Big Al playing D!

  623. yep!

  624. all started with beating them down the court

  625. Wow.. we got Hornets teamball and raining 3ssss!!!
    AWESOME BuzzTime!

  626. who did jlin check in for again?

  627. Just keep pushing the pace and they will get tired. They’re too physical/muscular and old to run with us.

  628. if marv gets his 3 groove back, watch out!

  629. If Hornets get the call that they are SUPPOSE to get. Hornets take game 5!

  630. good game so far

  631. Hornets’ 3s are starting to fall for them.

  632. Lee

  633. thanks psalm!

  634. Looks like we are shooting more 3s now. Cliff did use reverse psychology on them. He knew they would guard the interior more.

  635. TNTOvertime Player Cam is a con. They were probably going to show Kemba regardless. Just a tool to collect data on us! WTH!

  636. If Hornets 3s are falling, the Heat will be in deep trouble!

  637. Is it about regular season games or playoff games?

  638. Good. They finall shoot more 3P today

  639. Heat collapsed in the paint leaving Marvin open

  640. Haha. U were right on that.

  641. they will have to spread out more and then that’s when Kemba/Lin attacks the inside. They will make adjustments soon.

  642. They better, sacrificing my night sleep for the game by staying up this late

  643. you complaining? that was great team ball smh

  644. its rigged. i gave up getting upset about it a long time ago

  645. Yea. They gotta respect our 3s and it will open on the lane.

  646. RRRRR. Cant finish!

  647. great take, too hard

  648. Are the Heat packing the paint and allowing more threes just to stop Lin and Kemba’s drives?
    Change in Miami strategy?

  649. argggggg

  650. Kemba33333

  651. Hornets 3 are falling.

  652. wow.. 14-0 run!

  653. The heat is protecting the paint leaving outside shooter open!

  654. DEATH BY 3sssssss

  655. Why jump shot Al????

  656. jeremy blew a layup but it was good try

  657. KW on fire!

  658. Lin is not warmed up yet

  659. Hornets are going to win the series in 7 games. Heats adjustment do not make too big of an impact.

  660. 1q400 someone tried to take a charge on Lin, didn’t get the call

  661. Hornets need to keep up this pace. The Heat will wear out

  662. slipped on his fingers

  663. Kaminsky is off on defense.

  664. KEMBA


  666. That was a flop!

  667. Heat needs to respect both the 3 and the drives. It’s going to wear them out soon.

  668. Good sign.

  669. The heat has to respect outside shooting now. That’ll open the lane for LIn

  670. Cody didnt get the call!

  671. what is Frank doing?

  672. aw man, all the hornets missing layups

  673. That is what I was saying.

  674. Pass the ball Kemba!!!

  675. Batum……..ur ankle is bad why u even do that…

  676. KW what da heck was that??????

  677. 1q2:20 that should have been offensive foul on dragic

  678. lol one second too long!

  679. The Heat is not used to this fast pace.
    It will favor the Hornets in the long-run

  680. Keep Lin out until Kemba sit please

  681. Damn 3 sec….

  682. man, pass the ball more to Lin. Don’t ice him out this early

  683. Nice rebound Lin!

  684. No assist for Lin on Hawk’s 2?

  685. 1q1m good movement. Zeller set pick for Lin, who penetrated and dished to Hawes

  686. Lin is hesitating

  687. Yea. A little.

  688. naw Hawes dribbled too much

  689. 1st foul!!!

  690. nah, Hawes dribbled a few times for a floater

  691. Nice cut LIn!


  693. I hate Heat fans!

  694. oh no, Lin’s ankle

  695. No noonononoono

  696. plz no plz no

  697. Made 1 FT

  698. Lin hurt his right ankle. He is limping☹️

  699. Hope Lin’s ankle is fine 🙁

  700. 1q030 first point for Lin

  701. Batum doesn’t have much touches yet.

  702. NIce nice nice

  703. if he is hurt, then i’ll turn it off…

  704. Same here!

  705. 1q001 haha, they tried to triple team KW, who picked up 3 FTs. LOL

  706. he seems to be ok

  707. Good job Kemba. 3 FTs

  708. Wasn’t that a 3sec. bogus foul call on Lin causing a TO?

  709. crowd chanting “referees suck”

  710. Lin is iron man.

  711. without jlin, they are done…

  712. Wait until Lin play with Batum. We are gonna see some team ball.

  713. Heat fans suck!

  714. hahaha they want to blame it on someone.

  715. “ref you suck” i think lol

  716. Kemba was sandwiched!

  717. Great, it’s gonna backfire!

  718. Good call

  719. Lin just needs to walk it off and he’s fine.

  720. is he ok?

  721. probably going to be a decoy this game

  722. seems to be walking it off

  723. worst fanbase

  724. Yep don’t turn off your tv yet

  725. He did. That was a correct call! Heat fans is complaining about every calls thanks to moron Whiteside!

  726. hope Lin is ok. His team really needs him

  727. lol… got it!

  728. Seem like it.

  729. ok, thanks!

  730. did anyone see a replay of Lin injuring his ankle? (no replays on tnt overtime)

  731. They actually seen to be doing fairly well. If Lin is hurt then I say sit out.

  732. Ok nice 1st qtr even though Lin didn’t get to many touches. Hope he’s ok.

  733. it didn’t look too bad… it was awkward, but he didn’t roll it…

  734. just spray some of that magic spray they are always using in soccer matches and he’ll be fine

  735. Good start by the Hornets to weather the storm
    Up 28-25 is good.
    Faster pace will favor the younger Hornets team to break down Heat’s D

  736. If that was Batum, he would have to sit out for a week. But Lin is a tough dude. He’s twisted his ankles before and still plays it through. It’s also the way Batum is built. His feet and legs are not on par with his upper body.

  737. lol… when they inexplicably fall out of thin air? soccer rocks btw… world cup is the best!

  738. yeah didn’t see a roll

  739. Lin missed first layup just like last game. Good things follow.

  740. probably hurt his knee more.

  741. oh no, it was awkward… everyone is banged up this time of year…

  742. defense is tight with heat but can be penetrated by lin!

  743. 20+ points at least pls…

  744. Only 2.

  745. It doesn’t matter that Lin missed a layup, as long as he keeps attacking, they have to respect him. And that gives space for 3s and other stuff to happen.

  746. Heat players are breaking down

  747. 28-25 hornets 1st quarter

  748. The host talked about his observation on Cliff’s animated behavior whenever Lin makes a mistake or has a TO in live game situation. I’m guessing he’s been observing since regular season. He didn’t specified. He’s not really high on Lin.

  749. lol Miami thinks every foul is not a foul.

  750. Still a injury is a injury. Dont want to over do it.

  751. batum bad shot…

  752. C’mon Batum

  753. Why a quick 3 like that Batum?

  754. Stop backing up Zeller, take the charge like a man!

  755. Batum let the PG initiate the offense !

  756. 2q12 second unit time, let’s go Lin

  757. the call is coming from the bench

  758. He hasn’t touch the ball much to be fair.

  759. damn winslow is athletic

  760. rusty with decisions lol

  761. Batum playing PG instead of Lin. They really, really don’t want to win with Lin.

  762. Batum takes some ill advised shots

  763. That 3pter w/o passing in that possession is not good

  764. (#@_(#*_(*@ Damn Clifford want Batum play point forward again… SMH!

  765. 2q11 batum playing PG.

  766. c’mon Zeller

  767. Nice pass from Lin, Cody cant finish.

  768. 2q10 Lin had beautiful feed to Zeller, missed it point blank

  769. Zeller blew Lin’s assist 🙁

  770. Lin just standing in the corner.

  771. So bad

  772. Clifford u (#*_(@#*_(@*#_(*#_(*@_(*(&$^&#^$*

  773. Pushed Marvin.

  774. wow denied by Hawes!

  775. Batum chucking.


  777. hawes with a huge block on winslow

  778. Batum needs to sit….

  779. all the hornets missing badly

  780. what is clifford doing??

  781. Terrible offense with Batum at PG.

  782. Batum just let JLin take it up. You not doing anything.

  783. Lin cut inside the open paint right under the basket, yet NB didn’t pass to him.

  784. It looks so disorganized

  785. i knew batum would do this. ice out lin

  786. Lin completely frozen out.

  787. Some one gotta tell Clifford BATUM IS NOT A POINT FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  788. Batum at point is ruining the pace.

  789. I knew it. Barnum wanted the spotlight!

  790. Great now they icing out Lin

  791. Heat trapping Lin now

  792. Lin not taking over is why the offense is stagnant right now. This is what happened to BF1

  793. Yup.

  794. Lin’s being double-teamed
    Heat tries to prevent him from driving at all cost

  795. both teams 0-11 FG in 2nd quarter

  796. Batum

  797. they game plan for Lin

  798. Tragic Goran. 😛

  799. Cliff should not treat this like some comeback game for Batum. This is the playoffs, for crying out loud.

  800. Hawes doing good damage though

  801. Batum doesn’t have it tonight

  802. Batum will lose this game by himself

  803. ok sit Batum now

  804. Batum turning it over every possession.

  805. Batum go stand in the corner and wait for a shot. Let JLin bring up the ball.

  806. mcroberts with a flop

  807. He’s too slow

  808. what is going on?? batum get out of there!

  809. Batum is trash. STOP IT. He juggles every pass and catch.

  810. mcroberts flops

  811. Luckily, the Miami bench is ice-cold.

  812. They sure did. Lin gotta hit outside shot to score or swing the ball for assist.

  813. how many TO’s is that on Batum now? 3?

  814. Thought NB has 2 TOs. Score board shows 1.

  815. Told you Batum’s just gonna take the ball away from Lin

  816. Just put Batum on injury list

  817. McFlop

  818. Git him outta there!!!! Offense must go through Lin!

  819. What a mess!

  820. How can Coach Clifford even think this is working out for the better with Batum at point guard? He’s too slow. He can’t even beat his defender when he asks for the ball so why even ask for the ball.

  821. Batum is fine. It is Clifford want Batum to be a POINT FORWARD and that PISSING ME OFF!

  822. And from hornets lol

  823. my ymca team is more cohesive then this…

  824. heats are terrified of Lin’s dibble penetration. they’re closing on him quick

  825. Clifford u are a %%$&$%&#% moron!

  826. Best PG in coach’s mind
    kemba > batum > lin

  827. Just sit batum for the rest of the series
    2nd unit offense is awful now that Batum is in and Hawes aint helping either

  828. Heat cheer leading are so bad

  829. He stumbles on the court and keep fumbling the ball. Should take alonger rest

  830. Yea. Even on high PnR.

  831. Clifford – this loss will be on you.

  832. Batum can shoot and kill it. I don’t know why Cliff asks Batum to take the ball away from Lin’s hands. Lin is the point guard.

  833. if he was passing, it is ok but if chucking point, it will never be a success!

  834. game planned for it. leaves wide open shots for teammates but they need to hit them

  835. BF1 would be running up the score if it wasn’t for Batum. Just lucky right now MIA missing shots.

  836. hey, i just noticed the Player cam is covering Lin now

  837. Batum has been beyond horrible so far. He was bad even when healthy during game one and two but now it’s almost like he is playing for the Heat! Clifford needs so bench him fast or else the Hornets will likely lose tonight’s game.

  838. Batum should catch and shoot or penetrate.

  839. they like them thick

  840. no way he would get max contract if he sits out = at the price of losing game

  841. Maybe even Lee before Lin.

  842. 222222222

  843. 222222

  844. Lin 222222222222!

  845. Nice cut and nice pass by Hawes

  846. Turnover

  847. 2q7 yesss, Lin made the layup! here come the buckets!

  848. Finally! I was about to say, Lin you need to take more than just 1 shot attempt!!

  849. My feed is too slow….22222

  850. 222222222222222222 and Batum is out so that’s good news

  851. what’s with Lee? cant make shot!

  852. No look

  853. assist w/ no look feed

  854. LIn to Williams!

  855. What a pass from Lin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  856. Yess Lin, that’s what a PG is supposed to do!! great assist.

  857. Lin with a great sequence of plays!

  858. Lin take over as floor general!

  859. Lin assist to MW!!!

  860. That’s how you play stupid Batum

  861. 2q7 what a no look feed!!!


  863. LIN to MARV. Great pass. Great pass. Great pass. Great pass.

  864. Hornets gonna take this! Yes Yes Yes!

  865. No look assist from Lin to Marvin!!!

  866. watch Dragic is trying to hurt Lin

  867. When Jeremy is PG, good things happen..

  868. Now the offense is running smoothly with Lin at the helm.

  869. Check, the no look is back in effect.


  871. And Lin again forces a timeout for Spoelstra

  872. “Jeremy Lin once again making things happen for Hornets”

  873. Spo had to call a timeout on that JLin pass to Williams… threatened much

  874. no look feed a beauty

  875. Lin causing Miami to call timeout every time lol

  876. Best friends!

  877. JLin is the only TRUE PG in this Hornets team baby!

  878. Wow Batum came out and all of a sudden the offense is fluid.

  879. That was a beautiful pass by magic : )

  880. Cliff hasn’t respected that yet. He needs to respeckkkkkkkk it!

  881. I like the current lineup on the floor, as long as they can hold up on defense.

  882. now this is what you’d call team play

  883. MW is hot. Good to see. I miss him..

  884. Cliff knows the percentage in history and that winning game5 is very important, glad Lin getting used properly and PG time without Kemba!

  885. Batum was finally replaced by Lee and the Hornets immediately went on a run. Coincidence LOL?

  886. He’s getting the ball quickly up the court allowing the Hornets to make a play before the heat are even set


  888. no coincidence!

  889. Can you imagine how big this lead would be if Batum didn’t waste the first 6m of the quarter?

  890. when Lin is PG, players run cause they know they will get the ball from him.

  891. this guy does it all… defense, beautiful passing, scores… plays hard… idiots…

  892. Batum and Clffraud can kiss each other after this season

  893. Lin will force his respeck

  894. such a sweet pass. got me fooled lol

  895. + Cody and Frank both miss some shot from Lin nice passes.

  896. Cody went to the locker room. Hope he’s ok.

  897. Note to Hornets, not too late to give Lin the Max instead of Batum, I kid it’s too late!

  898. Spo must be thinking: “Let’s see if this timeout can prevent JLin from HEATing up!” lol

  899. Why TNT commentators are always on Heat.s side?

  900. Zeller went to the locker room, hurt?

  901. fooled the tnt overtime cameramen almost haha

  902. Shaq played w/ miami

  903. I hate Ian. I think he is racist. He did it to Yi Julian.

  904. I don’t even blame that — shots miss and make. But selfishness I can’t stand.

  905. Dragic just passed the ball to Marvin!

  906. how did I know Lee would miss the layup? lol

  907. are they trying to not to give it jlin? geesh…

  908. good pass lol

  909. indeed cameraman hadnt centered the action

  910. Wade and Dragic aren’t playing well.

  911. magic pass by our beautiful JLin (I’m a guy, I just can’t write it you know …) Blubell, you do it.

  912. and yet another missed layup by lee

  913. We do not need KW and Batum to win!

  914. I am sorry but I gotta say it at least in this series. Tragic Goran. LOL!

  915. Slick move, but he was moving too fast to get the touch right.

  916. I like when Lee drives too as long as he doesn’t dribble too much, hes good.

  917. 22222222

  918. hahahahahaha 22222 heat can’t keep up

  919. Lin coast to coast!!!!!!!!!

  920. Lin coast to coast!

  921. Coast to coast baby!!!

  922. 2q6 told you the buckets are coming for Lin!

  923. YESSSSS

  924. Clifford needs to know they won game 4th and 5th without Batum! Is he drunk?

  925. Lin reverse layup.. YESSSSSS!!!!

  926. 10-0 run for Hornets


  928. Take it home Jlin!!!

  929. Keep up the intensity Jeremy!

  930. Lin fastbreak !

  931. here you go another assist

  932. 2q5 Wade’s hook shot against Lee

  933. Nice pass by Lin to Marvin!

  934. What a pass again!

  935. If Lin can go coast to coast during playoffs.. heart attack for the HEAT.

  936. what ankle injury?

  937. SWEET!

  938. PG PG PG PG PG PG LIn!!!!!!!!!!

  939. 2q5 Lin is slicing up the Miami D for another great feed!


  941. Breakout night for Marvin

  942. Lin!!! 40-28 lol Hornets will go to 2nd round, it’s game over….

  943. Another Lin assist to Marvin!!!

  944. 2q5 Wade killing Lee

  945. Lin + Williams!!!!!!!

  946. Lin show how to break a trap. By giving nice passes baby!

  947. 2q4 Lin on Wade now

  948. Kaminsky again asleep on D

  949. See the magic of Lin!

  950. If Batum sat his butt down, Lin would have this lead 15-20.

  951. Lin’s fouled

  952. There you go. Lin will shut you Heat fans up!

  953. Jeremy Lin quiets the crowd – yes!

  954. FT’SSSSSS

  955. 2q4 Lin picks up foul on the drive, quiets the crowd

  956. Lin quiets the crowd

  957. SMARTS!

  958. “Jeremy Lin quiets the crowd on the drive!”

  959. JLin quiets the crowd.

  960. Marvin playing well today, we need it!

  961. Lin played lots of minutes without resting.

  962. JLin totally powering this team now.

  963. I do think LIn should have pass that one.

  964. calm down

  965. time out!

  966. Time out!

  967. pathetic…

  968. Strange decision to take that long 2.

  969. No prob. Basketball is a “game of runs”

  970. Gotta calm down and regroup now

  971. Charlotte starters come back in the Heat go on a run. Where have I seen this before????

  972. I like the aggression/swag.

  973. Lin was opened he has to take that shot!

  974. why KW is on the court?

  975. kemba back and there goes the lead

  976. He should made a time out after the 1st fast break

  977. Walker in and lead goes down due to his disadvantage on defense no surprise.

  978. Lin seems like he’s walking funny. Hope thats a fluke ankle injury

  979. agreed.

  980. should have been layup on fastbreak but lin lost the handle

  981. Gotta keep the D honest.

  982. yes… I still like the fast pace of the game.
    By 2nd half, the older Heat players will be gasping for air

  983. Lin played 15 min already

  984. yea

  985. saw that as well

  986. Lin with 15 minutes straight…

  987. the state farm commercial is so dumb…

  988. Lin looks gassed already why?

  989. 10m wasted though by Batum handling and icing him out.

  990. Dropping Dime is killing me.

  991. he always looks gassed. just him

  992. Could have been it.

  993. 15 minutes straight. Even Kemba got to rest with his 14 minutes.

  994. maybe because he hurt his ankle in 1st q

  995. Hornets cannot afford to sit Lin.

  996. Is Lin alright with that early incident regarding his ankle?

  997. Lin has to rest. Clifford just plays him 15 minutes plus straight.

  998. glad he didn’t go in… he woulda gotten hammered…

  999. Lin isn’t starting but play more than starters. why?

  1000. on top of that he is used for his offense and defense

  1001. That’s what Jeremy himself says!

  1002. No problem!

  1003. Didn’t know, Cliff needs to give Lin a 1 min breather.

  1004. Miami fans seem to have it out for Lin. Let’s pray that Lin stays focused and energized w/ supernatural strength to propel him to do well but and to surprised the fans in this game. Amen.

  1005. Lin should take all open shots. KW toke 3 quarters to get hot last game. Lin should take as many as 15 shots before the 4th quarter/

  1006. yep both sides of the court…his effort is 100%

  1007. is clifford gonna play Lin long stretches again?

  1008. and his harvard teammate if im correct

  1009. you remember! I just watch his strength getting back to set up. Still solid strides, even with tweaked ankle. Looking good.

  1010. Yeah. I mean, he’s not feeling 100% but this is the playoffs. Most guys are banged up/fatigued.

  1011. Agreed! Save for 2nd half!

  1012. I know that long 2 was a bad shot but maybe Lin wanted to reserve some energy.

  1013. Clifford not going to sit Lin

  1014. if he played less some whine, play more, still whine?maybe cliff’s time management!

  1015. c’mon Al what a waste of LIn’s assist

  1016. assist

  1017. Lin pass!

  1018. another assist by Lin to Big Al

  1019. There you go – patience

  1020. Totally agree he only took 10 last game and if they want to win this one he’s going to have to take at least 15 shots!!

  1021. could have set up a pass. anyway, he lost the handle. otherwise, should not have backed out of 2 on 1 fast break.

  1022. good find by Lin twice…

  1023. beautiful feed again

  1024. Al, Cody, Lee, Keminsky, how many asts have been wasted.

  1025. why is the crowd chanting “Let’s go EAT”?


  1026. Lin always quieting the crowd.

  1027. Lin really knows how to get Big Al OPEN looks. gets him the ball very close to the basket

  1028. Yea!!! Offensive foul!

  1029. LOL Heat tried to trap Lin ..
    Dime to Big Al!


  1030. nice job Kemba to draw the offensive!

  1031. Good call

  1032. Good job Kemba, draws the offensive foul !!

  1033. good job KW

  1034. 2q2 richardson offensive foul, lol

  1035. that’s why Heat defense don’t work on Lin no more

  1036. Go Hornets. Blow them out!

  1037. Make up call. Should have been a foul on the Marvin TO.

  1038. Let’s get back at it

  1039. Another pass!

  1040. good job Kemba with taking the charge

  1041. dropping dimes dropping dimes

  1042. KW is playing well, can´t find fault in him this game

  1043. The Heat is dissipated 😀

  1044. Trapping Lin isn’t working. His court vision is too good.

  1045. Lol. Now I like it a lot!!!!

  1046. all day!

  1047. jeremy playing at such a high level

  1048. Lin’s passes are AMAZING.

  1049. Lin will end the 1st half with the most minutes for the Hornets.


  1051. Jeremy dropping dimes more than Damien.

  1052. That was very patient of Lin.

  1053. Big Al getting all kinds of easy buckets from Lin

  1054. Lin dominating with passes. That was an amazing post-feed.

  1055. Lin playing 18 min, Clifford is so unbelievable!

  1056. I’m impressed with Lin tonight. Great patience

  1057. 1st time ever in Hornet?

  1058. Blocking foul? OK.

  1059. Jeremy victim of makeup call foul.

  1060. Cliff not happy with the call on Lin. Good to see!

  1061. Lin was bulldozered! should be offensive foul on Deng!

  1062. 2q1 no way, Deng lowered his shoulder and plowed Lin twice

  1063. You got that right – bogus

  1064. absolutely

  1065. I’ve never seen a blocking foul like that before lol

  1066. Refs betting money on Heat again

  1067. even the announcers thought it was clear offensive

  1068. Definite offensive foul. Hopefully Lin will get a makeup call in the next minute or two.

  1069. Deng lowered the shoulder .. that’s an offensive foul
    No blocking on Lin

    bogus call

  1070. offesneive freaking foul

  1071. Lee cant finish…

  1072. He is driving Lin to the ground

  1073. Lee’s just sorry to see offensively

  1074. OK Kemba needs to calm down

  1075. Coach needs to talk to the referees man

  1076. if theyre going to do this garbage play, whey is jlin in there?

  1077. He needs to sit

  1078. true – not helping right now

  1079. Defense.

  1080. what the heck is Lee and Kemba doing? throwing up junk!

  1081. Coach!!!! Lin should be the PG!!!! Not Kemba…!!!

  1082. dimes dimes

  1083. Sit KW please

  1084. Lin could have 6-7 assist already.. I

  1085. 5 assists!

  1086. Take Walker out he’s killing the team!!

  1087. New game plan. Dropping Dime, Dropping Dime!

  1088. Wow, those passes just magically show up in Jefferson’s hands.

  1089. Lin is a PNR GOD

  1090. Another beautiful assist from JLin to Big Al!

  1091. lee playing poorly

  1092. dimessssssssssss

  1093. Jeremy “Stockton” Lin

  1094. too much kemba

  1095. Lin is making the Heat pay big time for doubling him

  1096. Damn Heat scoring in transitoin. Its like they’re in sync. Unlike Kemba chucking

  1097. walker is such a chucker…

  1098. That last KW play was predictable.

  1099. beautiful pass by jlin!

  1100. Walker missing layup just like Lee!

  1101. Walker needs to give it to Lin

  1102. If Al was younger him and Lin would be amazing.

  1103. Jeremy needs to talk to Kemba – calm him down

  1104. How many assists for Lin?

  1105. Damn traffic, missed the whole 1st half!

  1106. Kemba tried to be a last minute hero…. and crashes.

  1107. iso walker… and miss… do you believe it?

  1108. lin adjust to heats d and drops dimes instead of slashing, kemba just doing the same thing over and over

  1109. Kemba suck so bad. can’t stand the guy. always have to take the last shot

  1110. Hornets had momentum with JLin at PG before Walker came in.

  1111. Kemba again can’t convert. Give it up on the last shot.

  1112. Kemba being selfish, nothing new im okay with that
    Lee too? thats bad basketball so annoying

  1113. Well, just saw how Jeremy is a much better floor general than Kemba

  1114. Lin with team high 18 mins in first half

  1115. if jlin just got the ball to control the game, this would be a blowout…

  1116. Jeremy + D-Leaguers could beat either of these teams’ starters.

  1117. jeremy must have a lot of loose change from lunch cus hes dropping them dimes all over the place

  1118. Lin needs to start next quarter as PG with Walker out!!!

  1119. KW should stick to 3s, he was hitting them early. Let Lin drive and PnR.

  1120. Heat game plan is to trap Lin. So Lin change his game plan to DROPPING DIME!

  1121. 3Q will says who wins.. we need a run ^^

  1122. Smarty pant coach!

  1123. Lin really setting his teammates up well tonight. 5 assists in first half

  1124. yep smart PG

  1125. Was about to be until Walker ruined everything!! Hornets lose without Lin playing PG!!

  1126. SMH…. How many supposedly easy shots has Kemba botched? I lost count…

  1127. always finding ways to help his team score

  1128. Lin’s stationary movement and passing are a state of art.

  1129. just think, the Hornets would have already swept the Heats if Kemba wasn’t crippling the team

  1130. a few blown ones and hockey assists too

  1131. 5 ast

  1132. Lin played 18mins straight
    thats bad coaching

  1133. Al is setting up nicely for those dimes.

  1134. JLin with 6pts/5asts/2rebs +2 in 18 min in the 1st half
    Hornets leads 49-47

  1135. he’s amazing!

  1136. and Lee

  1137. Lin got 5 AST most on team but seems to play PG least of Walker, Batum. Dont play Batum at PG anymore.

  1138. If we do double team lin , he assists.
    If we dont, he drive in…
    I dont know what to do…

    – whiteside..

  1139. Coach needs this win and I guess he heard that Lin deserves 40+ minutes like Lee did.

  1140. Could have been 6-8 assist. I think they rob on from Lin pass to Hawks made FG.

  1141. Should be 10 asts already if teammates didn’t miss the easy lay ups.

  1142. Clifford has no choice. If He doesn’t give Lin heavy minutes they have no chance of winning

  1143. Tell us something we don’t know. MJ needs to watch this game and say something about Lin being PG!

  1144. he needed Lin but 18mins straight will tire him out quick and he twisted his ankle too

  1145. beautiful pg play!

  1146. Play the Dropping Dime song now. I am luving it!

  1147. Should have done that long time ago

  1148. I do, just let Clifford be the coach and let him give the keys to an inefficient Walker

    – spo

  1149. cody missed like 2 open layups

  1150. I’m liking the last State Farm “dropping dimes” spot

  1151. But when and for how long do you take him out without breaking his rhythm?

  1152. I think it’s fine. 18 mins per half is perfect.

  1153. they are still winning despite crep play be batum and walker…

  1154. i like how lin has handled the double teams. hes been using the attracted attention to find open teammate. its been excellent adaptation to miami.

  1155. I hate this, it was going to be a blowout then Cliff thought it was a good idea to add Walker back in to stat pad now it’s a close game!!!

  1156. I think Shaq is gonna praise Lin again.

  1157. Kenny said Linsanity! lol!

  1158. 18mins straight thats not easy

  1159. Kenny just yelled Linsanity!

  1160. you are in my timezone, no problem staying awake on a week day?

  1161. Kemba got 2 lucky early 3 pointers and he has been stopping Charlotte since by trying hero ball and getting nowhere with 0-6, while Lin was assisting Al Jefferson with easy layups. Clifford has to remove Kemba and replace with Lee.

  1162. He should say, Lin needs to be main PG for Hornets to advance!!

  1163. Kenny going “Linsanity!!!” on TNT Halftime

  1164. Horents had the chance to blow it open, but thanks to Batum and KW, their heroic and self-driven play.

  1165. in half time interview?

  1166. Tonight’s game plan is 3s and dimes. Hope Kemba gets that.

  1167. Kenny give Lin props during the halftime show. Heck the whole panel is giving Lin props

  1168. LOL Kenny “LINSANITY!!!!!!” Charles Barkley looking at him funny

  1169. Wow mad replays on Lin!!!!!

  1170. the overly-made-up little girls on heat half time show is kinda creepy.

  1171. damn I love Kenny!

  1172. Thats right Kenny, Jeremy GETS IT DONE!

  1173. Wow TNT is respecting Lin!

  1174. Kenny’s analysis was all on Lin. Wow!