Playoff Round 1 Game 4 MIA @ CHA Game Thread

The Hornets dealt a big win to make the playoff series competitive 1-2 behind JLin’s and Frank the Tank ‘s resurgence. Hornets finally played their brand of team basketball (18 vs 13 assists in Game 3 vs 20-46 assists in Game 1-2). But this is another must-win game for JLin and the Hornets because as JLin said in the post-game interview, they can’t afford to go back to Miami being down 1-3. It will be an insurmountable hole to climb up

  • What will Miami do to adjust?
  • Will they prevent Lin and Kemba penetration? Or slow down Frank and Big Al inside?
  • Will Coach Clifford be ready to make an in-game adjustment? Will he give more minutes to Lin to break down the Heat’s defense if other Hornets struggle?
  • Will both Lin and Kemba put a great game together to weaken the Heat’s interior defense?

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray that JLin continues to be super-aggressive to attack the Heat inside and drain his outside shots and helps the Hornets to play teamball to even the series 2-2

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Guess JLin's stats in Playoff Round 1 Game 4 vs MIA


  1. Yay!

  2. Epic @Epie:disqus scored 1st!

  3. 2nd?

  4. Heat were bad in 3Q, Hope we do the same like GSW today. LOL!

  5. It’s a great write-up for the new game thread as usual. Thumbs up for you, Psalm. I enjoy reading them immensely.

  6. Praying for Jlin?

  7. 3rd!!!!

  8. excuse me?? lol

  9. Jeremy & Frank deserve tons of credit for their performances, but let’s also acknowledge the importance of Marvin & Cody hitting the boards and everyone playing great team defense. It will require another all-around team effort if the Hornets want to earn another win.

  10. first

  11. yes, for another good game, another victory and being healthy!

  12. “Excuse me?” on behalf of Epie by his attorney, the law office of James Harden. lol

  13. Thank you 🙂 Glad you enjoy it.

    We can feel all the anticipation building up to a pivotal moment in the crucial playoff game.
    This is the time for JLin and the Hornets to shine together. Dissipate the Heat and make it a 3-game series.
    I cheer for great team camaraderie to outrun the veteran Heat team until they dream of ice buckets and fishing poles LOL

  14. Hornets JLin game picture is so good, I have to change the Game Thread featured image to JLin 🙂

  15. There is a major flaw with a strategy that Clifford had used for the first 6 playoff games against Miami’s Spoelstra.
    The strategy of Iso-Kemba and Big Alfense does NOT involve any other players in the OFFENSE.

    What happens? When players not involved in offense, they take a break-their minds aren’t constantly “in-the-game” at times this carries over into DEFENSE lapses.

    When JLIN is the playmaker EVERYONE is involved on offense because you know the ball has a chance to come to YOU. Attention on OFFENSE leads to attention on defense.

  16. Meanwhile, BrookLIN Nets media is LINNING hard 🙂

    #Nets free agency primer: Jeremy Lin.

  17. Jeremy Lin, Player Option

    The skinny: Could Linsanity make his way back to New York?

    Four years after Jeremy Lin’s electric run in Manhattan, the eccentrically-groomed point guard is a natural fit with Brooklyn. Much of his development is credited to new Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson, and a full-time starting position may be of interest to Lin after splitting ball-handling duties with Kemba Walker.

    In 26 minutes per game, Lin’s careful passing and reckless, brave paint penetration has the Charlotte Hornets challenging a talented Miami Heat team even without Nicolas Batum. Since arriving on the scene in 2011, Lin has averaged somewhere between 11 and 14 points per game over five seasons.

    Lin a fit? Hey! Is Jeremy Lin still a point guard? Yes? Sign that man up!

    If Lin can readjust to life as the primary ballhandler, it may behoove him to return to New York and Atkinson. Lin would be a great match in the pick-and-roll with Lopez, as both have the ability to finish around the rim and in traffic.

    Worthy pursuit? Yes. Although Lin’s price may rise thanks to some stellar performances against the Heat, Walker is still clearly the man in Charlotte. If Lin wants to test the waters, is there a better option than guaranteed money in the state where it all started and with the coach that got you there?

  18. Uhh yes, pretty confident this is doable: “If Lin can readjust to life as the primary ballhandler,”

  19. More like if some fans can readjust their perceptions about Lin

  20. Thank you for sharing. The media covering Nets is certainly pushing (drooling?) for Lin’s return to NYC. I love the last paragraph. If Lin does sign with Nets, it would feel like a homecoming to “the state where it all started and with the coach that got you there.” 🙂

  21. Shoutout to @saoji:disqus who is ready for Linsanity BuzzSting with the Lin jersey!
    The rest of us better bring our game face 🙂

    Awesome picture, Sophie! There should be posters of you in the Hive!

  22. All I can say is …”Amen, preach it brother!” 😀

  23. hahaha. Then Zcode is First in the court of law. Hands down! No dispute. 🙂
    Sorry, Epie.

  24. Two very different teams playing in 2014, so strategies then don’t carry forward. Coaches and strategies are important, but I don’t think either coach made significant changes in this series. The difference between victory and defeat revolves on how well each group of players executed AS A TEAM. When everyone is involved in team offense and team defense, a synergy grows that can throw the opposing team into chaos.

    I’m not going to debate whether offense or defense is more important. Everyone prefers a balanced attack. But if you listen to the most successful NBA coaches and players over the years, they all emphasize defense. Offense comes easily to these guys. It’s defensive intensity and consistency that’s hard.

  25. Good: Wade gave a high praise for JLin’s ability
    Bad: Miami will game plan vs Lin in Game 4.
    Also bad, Miami defenders’ aching knees trying to stop JLin

    “Jeremy Lin got to where Jeremy Lin wanted to all night. He’s dynamic going to the basket.” -Wade

  26. Ya! Heat will trap Lin for sure. I hate they said “You can live with Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson getting their points and shots. What you can’t live with is a backup point guard, Jeremy Lin, scoring 18 points how he did.” Why they always only target Lin? smh!

  27. Mind games. I doubt Jeremy gives it a thought. Did Wade say anything about Frank the rookie?

  28. This statement is not mind game. It’s just not Heat. When Lakers vs Rox, Kobe told his teammates the same Let Harden score but trap Lin. smh!

    Heat never prepare for Frank. But he showed up in game 3 so tonight we will see how good Frank really is vs Heat.

  29. Wade was thinking hard about Lin and Frank going off on them and the Heat had to make adjustment.
    I hope Clifford will run some set plays to get Lin and Frank going or pass to open teammates

    Clifford is kinda slow in doing in-game adjustments so hopefully they’re ready with the game plan for the Heat’s counter

  30. 1. Iso-Kemba and Alfense are the same animal whether in 2014 or 2016; Clifford often works with what he knows and is comfortable with.

    2. Often there will be comments about why Kemba’s teammates don’t move without the ball to bail him out when he needs help. Reason – Kemba’s trained them to know there is 85% chance the ball gets shot up and only a 15% that it ever comes back out, same with Big Al in the low post when Alfense is used as a strategy.

    3. Clifford mixes a kool-aid that many of you have drunk; that is that Great Defense can occur in a vacuum. The reality is that teams that play great team-ball offense generate great defense (GSW, Spurs). Iso-plays are the antithesis of team play.

    4. Iso-Kemba and Big Alfense can keep you from getting blown out but it will NOT win you a playoff game EVER. Miami’s Spoelstra LOVES Iso-Kemba & Alfense.

  31. 4-21… lol

  32. Awwww thx psalm ?
    Yes let’s LIN it again!!?

  33. They’ll adjust tonight. They’ll focus on Lin I guess

  34. Yess

  35. Can’t watch the game today but I’ll record it and watch it later.NO posting,tweeting for me not after I watch the game later to night.Let’s go LIN bring the house down for the 2nd time

  36. Game 4 : All eyes on Lin

  37. At Shootaround, 4/25/2016, Clifford kept praising and mentioning NB, even though w/ him running the offense the Hornets still lost. SMH! Game 3 was won bc of Lin’s defense and executing pg duty on the offense for about 4-5 min in 2Q w/o KW. Still misdirecting credit to someone else instead of Lin, SMH!!!

  38. good point, people gotta pass …

  39. great pic – you have a story to your JLin7 jersey shot. Goggle eyes in motion!

  40. D12 took so less shots this season. Harden just never wanted to pass the ball to him. smh!

  41. At the same time, people are praising lin around the league.

  42. like Draymond said, they are going to need steph down the road. This burst was like a motivated sprinter. Fingers crossed for the MRI, just so we can see beautiful surprising bball. Let’s hope Steph can rejoin sometime after the start of Round 2 (2 weeks … argh)

  43. Batum is their future #1 guy so….But MJ/Cliff likes games 3 format so Batum no needs to be back tonight. LOL!

  44. My hope for todays game:

    JLin 18pts, many As, 3 steals, 5 reb. CHA wins, 2-2.

    Lin sits out the last 6 mins while CHA holds a 15 pt lead. No injury … just play and relax for next one.

  45. D12 could have worked in his PnR, but anyway, he wants to stand down there this is how he causes his own victimization.

  46. l’m starting a collection 😉

  47. That’s more important indeed.

  48. Everybody SHOULD target Lin.

    The best player on the team should get the most attention.

    If Miami clamps down on Lin, then it’s on Lin’s teammates to make their cuts and screens while not standing around. Nowadays, Lin’s teammates do a great job of that when Batum and Walker are not on the court playing selfish iso loserball.

  49. D12 should consider going back to Lin next season.

    Lin and Harden couldn’t be more opposite in their games.

  50. I’m like an attached file so 1.3

  51. Watching Cody and Hawes moving without the ball when JLIN was leading the offense brought back many fond memories from the early part of the season.

    Yes Big Al was injured, but when he came back he should have expediently been inserted to starters. Hornets would have had easy 3 seed if that had happened.

  52. Of course Wade didn’t say anything about Kaminsky –

    Kaminsky TORCHED Wade last game!

  53. Lin may change his approach tonight to less shooting/driving if they try it. I think Lin now has the mojo where he’s not slowed down by Miami anymore. He’s broken through their schemes due to the variety of ways he can play.

    You and I see him as a guard, not just PG. And for that very reason, he’s the biggest weapon on the team IMO.

  54. Miami has been sending traps after Lin, but he keeps splitting them.

    Before the playoffs began, I wrote that I was so relieved that ace defender Mario Chalmers was no longer on the Heat. Chalmers would have impeded Lin far more than anybody on the aging Heat team does, including Whiteside who I correctly predicted that Lin would solve.

    If the Heat trap Lin, there will be 2 or 3 other Hornets on the move. Not even Kemba Walker’s pitifully selfish loserball can stop that motion.

  55. I think he did however. He talked about Frank. He was specifically asked about him.

  56. Clifford doesn’t care about losing the series.

    He only wants to make Batum and Walker happy.

    Clifford coaches as if he’d rather Batum and Walker lose the series than win the damn games.

    I’m sure that the Hornets front office is happy just to have made the playoffs. Whether they win or lose is of absolutely no concern.

    Ironically, that loser attitude works in Lin’s favor. He can play loose and unselfish, which of course results in WINNING.

  57. I agree. The other PG also was a good defender in guarding Lin, Coles. RIchardson isn’t bothering Lin much and Winslow can’t keep up with him.

  58. Had Lin’s Knick teammates shown up to play instead of colluding with the Heat to HAZE Lin, Lin’s Knicks would have easily BEATEN the Heat and Linsanity would’ve stomped the eventual NBA champion.

  59. We can pretty much ignore all statements from Clifford at this point. Only 2 more games to go if JLin’s usage reverts back to games 1 & 2.

  60. Like I wrote before the playoffs (and got heavily criticized for), Whiteside would not be any impedance to Lin.

  61. Don’t like D12 as a player. As a guy he seems like fun. But as a player, he’s just not totally leaving it on the court the way Lin does or the way the best players do.

  62. They’re trying to be funny. We all know JLin is not a normal backup point guard.

  63. I’m seeing, three,..three,… threeeeee…! Clever.

  64. Just a tease, that’s all.

  65. As much as we love his team-mates from the knicks, they weren’t very talented. When Lin was getting trapped or pushed to the side, many possessions, the others were in the wrong position to get the ball. Heat were cutting off Lin’s usual passing lanes… Don’t think it was a matter of collusion.

    Hate to disagree with you. Welcome back Khuang, missed your presence on the site!

  66. I’m a fairly cynical old curmudgeon, so I think Cliff is most interested in making The Boss (aka MJ) happy. He most definitely wants to win this series. And though Nic & Kemba would much rather get the glory, I think they’d be thrilled to win the series no matter who shines.

  67. Even if he plays, he may not be as effective as usual.

  68. You are correct they would love to win the series – but not “no matter who shines” . Look at the odd times Lin is substituted out in Gm2 Qt2 and Gm3. He was killing it, why did he have to be substituted out?

    Prolly because, it does matter to this organization who plays and shines… I hope we are wrong, but I wouldn’t bet on it, in this case.

  69. “Not be any impedance”? He’s an impedance to everyone. I’d rather he not play, lol.

  70. Any coach with decent brain will play the most impactful player and let him close in the playoff games. Too bad that Cliff is not one of them. He is too political driven.

  71. He alters shots, he blocks shots, he makes some guys not take shots. Lin can challenge him and win some challenges. But he also will block some of Lin’s shots and make him go to plan B.

  72. Yes, one question. Would you relocate to NY if Lin joins Nets?

  73. I appreciate Chris Baldwin’s support of Lin. His was the lone fair voice in the team-sponsored Houston media chorus during Lin’s tenure with Rockets.

    When Lin was trapped in Houston, especially the 2nd year, benched behind the “defense specialist” Baverley, and thrown under the bus by M&M constantly, articles by Baldwin were rare solace for this frustrated fan.

  74. Whiteside just keeps getting better every time I see him. Very impressed, given where this guy started from (especially mental aspects).

  75. Jeremy’s new prayer request… was it posted already?

    THANK YOU everybody for your prayers for Game 3!! The game was so much fun and a much-needed win for us. Please continue praying for me to have the right heart (been more difficult to fully surrender everything to God during the playoffs), for our team to play well and win the next game/series!

  76. Nothing against this guy, but I truly want to know what did Conley do to deserve this?

  77. well he’s not Asian, he’s not from Harvard so TPTB will appear smarter . LOL

  78. Hope he gets his 3333’s tonight!! ^^

  79. His team tried hard to keep him….

  80. It is simple, KW doesnt involve teamates, why teamates have to do you favor on defense? I would not be interested to help if i am not involve in the game, any children would know too!

  81. I think Cliff wants to win. I think for whatever reason he’s a huge fan of Batum’s game, what he calls his basketball IQ. Kemba is a known element to him but I think Cliff knows Kemba’s limitation (that’s why Batum facilitates so much). But he’s big on other guys too. Marv and Lin are definitely big players for Cliff. He may not talk about Lin that much because, it’s almost like, if it is a big game Lin will deliver. I think variations in using Lin has more to do with how much he knows Lin has flexibility and versatility, and in a way it’s a compliment. All JMO.

  82. Because Lin is versatile. But I don’t love some of his decisions.

  83. I know, it’s not a @ Lin thing, he’s an issue for everyone. Lin needs to turn on the speed and be more creative in his drives whether it’s utilizing the hoop or switching hands…

  84. Indeed, this League is for the ‘old-boy’ exclusive network as the term goes, w/ a glass-ceiling for the one and only true current Asian American NBA Basketball player to receive any worthy awards. The top five nominees were drafted. If anyone deserves this award, it should be Lin, IMO. But who cares, this is worldly award and will fade w/time, the character of the heart is what matter, IMO!

  85. Yep. Still, he’s a rook, so hoping Lin /Hornets can get him in foul trouble and pressure him into mistakes.

  86. Thanks posting blubell. Prayers up ??? for Jeremy and Hornets to continue playing TEAMBALL for the win!!!

  87. Agree. Am sure, Lin/ Hornets have exactly this on their game plan 🙂

  88. maybe he’s just racist

  89. The reason I support Lin throughout the years. More AMWF relationships.

  90. Please no. Ed Davis is a lot better.

  91. This was a terribly perplexing comment Bws!
    I couldn’t remember what you were referring to so I went and checked play by play for Gm3. Lin got buckets, forced fouls on Amare and Goran, forced Goran out of the game, and his final play before getting substituted was a nice little assist to Al.
    What were you talking about?!

  92. If Clifford allow Lin to play PG, then yes.

  93. Agreed. Would love to see Whiteside sit tonight.


  95. Literal LOL!

  96. but he cheated on his wife and I dont support that.

  97. Odd the consternation in the Hornets Community as they digest that their Max-Deal player Nic Batum who by all accounts is the “most important” individual on the team could be so casually dismissed as not critical to playoff wins over the Heat.

    Some try to rationialize, “oh but we will NEED Batum for the other teams but he doesn’t match up well with Heat” … that is a crock of BS, specious excuses that’s all.

    A lot of head scratching amongst Hornets fans indeed.

  98. I agree. What’s more of an impedance is Hornets players not creating spacing and active passing lanes for Lin.

  99. JLIN is the best decision-maker on the team and nobody else at this stage is even close to JLIN.

    Kemba’s problem with leading Wins over elite teams likely is a result of poor-decisions under pressure from good teams. Needs to see a sports psychologist.

  100. Reconstituted benchforce of Cody & Hawes actually did a great job. Frank, Marv did well as did most of the whole team to be open for JLIN’s ball movement.

    Seven Players (7) over or near double digit scoring in Game 3, compare that to Gms1&2.

  101. FYI
    Since so many Lin fans need Frequently Asked links (Lin repeatedly wants to start, Why JLin didn’t go to the Mavs), I created a special Jeremy Lin News Links post. It will be in the Sticky Post section on homepage

    Please feel free to add more suggestion for special links in your comments. It will be incorporated into the post over time.

    Credit to @donsmacau:disqus who provided 2 links of JLin wanted to start from this season

  102. Hi Carl!

  103. So Cuban got snubbed by DJ then turned around to the same to Lin?

  104. Use him strategically. Except for areas that require more height than Lin has, Lin can be used in many different ways for how short or long Cliff thinks is needed.

    I think Lin was getting his regular rest but because the team went up so much, he was really needed to come back in the game. Not saying I agree with not playing him some more or how Cliff uses him, just what I think was behind Cliff’s usage of him.

  105. I couldn’t care less about this stuffs.

    It is all about basketball and Lin is a very very talented starting PG and the NBA would need to recognize it.

    That’s all I care.

  106. This why armchair fans will never appreciate what it takes to be the best….why Lin is the best of th best in crunch time and why lin starting is essential to make his teammates great.

    Case in point is the Houston Texans great lineman J.J. Watts. He’s a beast as well but he was so frustrated in that shellacking they got 32(?)-0 from the Chiefs this playoffs. They literally never went to his side! All he could do was watch as play after play went away from him. A WELL COACHED TEAM WILL MAKE ANY IMPACT PLAYER LOOK ORDINARY. Lin himself has been the recipient of such deliberate sabotage by his own coaches.

    A team that deliberately misuses players like Clifford and Cho forces players into dangerous situations simply because that is all they can do. If Lin had played for the Chiefs, they’d run him to JJ Watt!

  107. Pls go McHale, so now you have a new butt (Demarcus Cousins) to kiss.

  108. Cuban was always enchanted with Deron Williams’ big name (despite the ankle glass)

    It was great that JLin got the start with Dallas summer team in 2010 thanks to Don Nelson but it’s clear Cuban doesn’t have much faith in JLin to start. JLin should not go back to the Mavs unless Cuban changes his mind

  109. All players make mistakes. Nic and Kemba make their share of blunders on both sides of the court. I admit to cringing more when Jeremy makes unforced errors, but that’s because I want to see him succeed.

  110. I think he does. He just not smart enough to adjust. Did you see the smile he had in game 3 post game interview.

    Clifford do wanna win and at the same time he has to down play Lin’s success whether it is his decisions or direct order from the FO/MJ.

  111. I hate that Ninja Turtle (D Will) so so so much!

  112. Yeah, not clear in my post but I meant I don’t love some of Cliff’s decisions in how he uses Lin. Not Lin’s decision making. That’s my fault, poorly written post.

  113. Don’t sure if all my fellow Lin fans think the same way. I really wanna see Hornets beat the Heats and advance to the 2nd round.

    Go Lin! Go Hornets!

  114. Let go of the hate 🙂 Not worth it
    DWill used to be touted to be more than CP3 but he’s breaking down in front of our eyes

    When full-blown Linsanity explodes next season (God willing), I can’t wait to see the headlines,
    “What was Mark Cuban thinking in 2015?”

  115. I meant not sure. Lol. Sorry for bad English again and again.

  116. Haha. Yea. Cuban would be like “Why didn’t I sign Lin instead”. Actually, he probably thinking about it now as we speak. LOL.

  117. Winning is unimportant to Clifford and the Hornetsz

    The Hornets are just happy to have made the playoffs at all.

    Now if Lin does too well, then watch Clifford’s mood GO SOUR.

  118. Lol. Who doesn’t beside all the dumb die hard box score Harden’s fans?

  119. Maybe not Cliff but the FO & MJ mood go sour instead.

  120. Definitely! These big games are the best opportunities for Jeremy to get the public acclaim he deserves. He gets some attention for great performances against the Spurs, Cavs, Raptors and Celtics during the regular season, but the playoffs bring much more press from national and international media outlets.

    No worries about the grammatical errors. We know what you meant. 😉 But did you know you can edit your posts to correct errors?

  121. I want the playoff run to last as long as possible. More chances for Lin to shine in big games.

  122. Of course.

  123. Cuban would have preferred to have DeAndre Jordan AND Deron Williams.

    The only reason he was contemplating Lin was because JJ Barea was unsigned and Raymond Felton had not opted in yet. Lin would have been the backup Dallas PG if Barea and Felton had walked.

    Dallas thought Lin was inferior to Barea and Felton, so they decided not to sign Lin as their future starter.

  124. I respectfully disagree. These guys did not get to this level without a burning desire to win above just about everything else. Winning is of the utmost importance.

  125. MJ was one of the happiest people in the stands when Lin did his thing in the last game.

    I don’t go along with any notion that Cliff, MJ or Cho don’t want Lin to shine. I think they want a bunch of guys to just play their best games and if they do, they’ll give the team the best chance to win. And one of those guys is Lin IMO.

  126. Too bad Lin likely will not receive a contract offer next season due to his race.

    I don’t even know if Lin will be in the NBA next season.

  127. Maybe Cliff do as we did saw him benched KW early in the season.

    KW is hand picked by MJ and they have invested so much on him. So not sure if MJ and the FO see a so call 2 mils player out played the franchise player.

    But again, this have nothing to do with KW. He is a cool guy and Lin is enjoying playing with him.

  128. No way. I believe Lin will get more than at least 5 offers this off season.

    Well but at a Asian Discounted price though.

  129. Certainly, JLIN true fans wish to see a deep playoff run with JLIN playing a major role as he did in breaking a 14yr drought of Playoff Wins for this team.

    As it becomes clearer for the Hornets fan community that they won’t have JLIN next season, the discussion seems even more urgent. Thoughtful Hornets fans see a season where JLIN has saved their team at least 12 gms by leading an improbable performance from the 2nd unit and in the biggest games of the season.

    When Hornets fans let that sink in; they know that it’s now or never – Brian Roberts or Jorge Gutierrez might have difficulty filling JLIN’s shoes next season.

  130. We are likely watching Lin’s last games with the Hornets.

    We’ll enjoy the remaining games while they last.

  131. Kemba has MJ’s personal cell phone hotline and is NOT afraid to use it. He did so purportedly last season when Cliff benched him part of a game.

    Kemba is the franchise – nobody is allowed to outshine the franchise

  132. He ?
    It’s not coz of Lin tho xD

  133. If Lin somehow gets offers, it’ll be from only one or two teams and likely at minimum wage.

  134. dumb teams get dumber

  135. 🙁

  136. Lin SHOULD NOT accept any more lowball offers.

    He should just opt out, regardless of whether he has a contract or not.

    $2 million next season is INSULTING.

    Better for Lin to be out of the NBA altogether than to keep on doing Asian discounts.

  137. Curry MRI – sprain. 2 weeks min.

  138. This game is a must win.

  139. Golden State is just as strong without him as with him.

  140. I hope McHale gets to coach Cousins.

    Cousins is a total cancer, perfect for McHale.

  141. that award is a joke. notice it’s named after a former Pistons “bad boy”. those guys are known for their dirty plays. whats worst is Jason Kidd got two of those awards. this is the dirtiest player of them all. remember the hair pulling flagrant foul he committed on Lin during Linsanity?

  142. lol, you are a sharp lookin’ couple … thx for sharing.

  143. He’s been with the team 4 seasons I think and he’s had a very strong season. He seems to be a good locker room guy and likeable enough as a person. He’s able to score big at times, even though maybe not coming up big in big games as much as others.

    But that doesn’t mean MJ doesn’t want Lin to shine. He shines in a different way than Kemba and more than that, he can play besides Kemba and not always for Kemba. If anything, I think Michael sees that Lin can raise his level of play and be a winner. What I’m not sure of is if Michael thinks he has that edge, that killer’s instinct, to always play on that level. When MJ played, he was even more of an assassin than Kobe and was harder on his players.

  144. Regardless of whether Lin exercises his player option or not, Charlotte will seek to replace Lin with a more expensive less capable PG or will draft a “more athletic” PG to replace Lin.

  145. Don’t forgeT Mark Cuban DISSED Lin again: He said, “Kristaps Porzingis is “the real deal” and owns the talent that Jeremy Lin doesn’t, as Mark Cuban declared…”
    Mark Cuban says Kristaps Porzingis ‘has some s— to him’ as Mavericks beat Knicks, BY Stefan Bondy, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Monday, December 7, 2015, 8:43 PM,

  146. it’ll ruin Seth’s emergence, please no.

  147. that owner Vivek sold out of GSW to get this. More work ahead, maybe move team to get some $.

  148. Omg. I feel sorry for him. NBA really have to doing something about the wet floor.

  149. Oh yea. I almost forgot about that.

    No Mavs for sure.

  150. MJ was a starter.

    JLIN is a starter too, his most current starter statistics are near All-star level.

  151. Who knows how these NBA bigwigs think? But by most “expert” accounts, point guards will be in high demand this offseason. I’m guessing Jeremy gets a number of decent offers, certainly more than last summer after the Laker fiasco. Every game he plays like Game 3 will translate directly to better offers.

  152. Oh yeah.

    As it turns out, Porzingis was not the NONASIAN SAVIOR who was supposed to “repel Linsanity”.

    A lot of people flamed me for saying that Porzingis wasn’t as good as the NY media was hyping him to be. They were wrong and I was right.

  153. Agreed on MJ is way better than Kobe. I was his fans ever since when I was a kid.


  154. Unlikely.

    Lin is ASIAN.

  155. Don’t get what the WFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF… saw in him. Except the money lol

  156. How to stop players from sweating?

  157. Totally agreed. Melo deliberately left Lin out to dry.

  158. I actually read that as 2 weeks maximum. “no structural damage” is great news.

    “Curry underwent an MRI on Monday that showed no structural damage to his knee, and the opportunity remains for him to return to the playoffs within 14 days – which would mean he could be healthy enough to play later in the Western Conference semifinals. He will be re-evaluated in two weeks.”

  159. Here is my thoughts on Team owners and NBA the league and the refs.

    1) Most team owners are rich and spoiled. And because of that, not many owners recognize the huge Asian Markets behind Lin

    2) On the other hand, NBA is all business and that was the main reason a “Star System” has formed and created many many “Box Score” fans. In any case, NBA maybe the only one whom want Lin to shine so that they can continue open up the Asian Market.

    3) Refs are hired by the NBA but same as the players, they formed a union to protect and get the max pay and benefit from NBA.

  160. Of cause they can’t. But maybe they can created some special hardwood floor that can absorb water, etc, etc.

  161. Like Khuang said about the linsanity Heat game, tonight will be pay back by Clifford and Kemba for looking too good.

  162. Imagine if we can invent something like that? We are gonna be rich!


  163. Agree that Jlin shouldn’t go back to Mavs. Didn’t Cuban take a swipe at him in an interview not too long ago when asked about Porzingis and Jeremy. “Porzingis the real deal,” said Cuban

  164. Is he wearing UA shoes?

  165. This from a guy that let Nash walk away so that he could be replaced with a “hotshot” journeyman!. Cuban has been an mouth piece that keeps spewing out BS since forever. He broke up a pair that could have won them 3-5 titles. Instead Nash became MVP twice in Phoenix.

  166. No idea.

  167. fingers crossed then. I’m sure they will be game-planning.

    ppl here knock Kerr for being negative on Lin as announcer. I think Kerr has done a great job except here – Steph should have been on restricted minutes his first game back, and he should have been coached to keep low key and cruise a little. Not having Steph for LAC will be a tough one.

  168. hard to say about this wet spot. Local news said DMo tripped over his own guy and wet the floor, so it was just wet for 1 second before Steph stepped in it. Yet, someone on another station said DMo fell in the same spot.

  169. since he’s signed with UA assumed he’s wearing it too

  170. Ya! That’s what I want too. They are perfect match to each other. LOL!

  171. so, i went to the local park today and hit 10 of 10 freethrows. expecting nothing less than a monster game from Lin today

  172. This was Kemba’s 5th season and undoubtedly his best. I’d add that he probably does well with the Charlotte, NC community.

    Although I agree that MJ would rather have players with that proverbial “killer’s instinct”, Kemba, MKG, Cody, Nic, Marvin & even Big Al don’t really fit that description. No doubt they’re tough competitors, but not exactly “assassins”.

    Maybe MJ recognizes that MJ/Kobe/LeBron type players are rare and he’ll need to build a successful team with what he can get. I don’t know who made the Lance Stephenson call last season, but it sure seemed they quickly realized the mistake in bringing in that kind of edginess to this group.

  173. Lin had better offers last year. But he chose the less paid one for other purpose. He said something like he doesn’t play for money…

  174. Haha. Nice. I used to play a lot of basketball too. Now I am just too old and too busy to even pick up a basketball in my backyard.


  175. Yes, but I doubt any shoes could’ve prevented that slip.

  176. Tiger doesn’t let much through his demeanor … can’t really express his humanity like say JLin or SwaggyP. Even Mo Speights comes across more authentic and likable, and he’s not one to often go beyond the sports talk. I can’t find it now, but Mo had a great post game yesterday talking about steph’s injury and what it means to them.

  177. At worst, golden state would be tied 2-2 or down 3-2 to the clippers before steph comes back…

  178. He took the low pay to set himself up for his own choices that will happen over the next few weeks. This is where JLin was heading the whole time.

  179. I don’t know who, but I’m pretty sure someone else slipped in the same area. It’s impossible to constantly dry the court in the middle of a game. The kids with the towels would get trampled.

  180. cmon man do your part! you got a trash can in the house, some crumbled up paper and just a few minute of your time. if not, prayer will suffice too

  181. The challenge will be on coaching now, to quickly reconfigure the team. If Steph heals well, they can use him on a limited basis to mess up LAC game plans even if Steph can’t play effective minutes. All they have to do is disrupt the LAC game plan by 20 minutes. I mean, JLin changes the trajectory of games with 10 pts in 10 mins, etc.

  182. In the end, it’s up to Kemba. If Kemba is willing to share, then they can win tonight and come back to win the series. If he doesn’t, as I suspect, then I hope the series ends quickly and Lin can stay healthy for free agency. I don’t want Lin standing in the corner for 25m and then getting hurt on a meaningless play in Game 6 or something.

    By leading CHA in all of their top wins this season, Lin has restored his reputation as an impact player who can take over games (as reflected in the 14 6MOY votes he got from mainstream media members). Time to reap the rewards in free agency. #Brook-Lin

  183. one announcer said it was DMo in falling that made the wet spot. Another said DMo slipped in the same area. So, you’d have to play the extended clip to know for sure. To me it looked like where DMo sat his wet butt down, but I didn’t watch it live.

  184. Haha. I do have a little basketball basket thing on top of the trash can in my office.

    But sorry I don’t believe in any religion. No offense.

  185. Nothing beats first love. Lin will always be ny’s first love. Porzingis could have made the playoffs but ny would still always love lin.

  186. KW will share. Didn’t he asked JLin to be aggressive on game 3? Something like I don’t care, let go be aggressive or something.

  187. I do have one comment – bball players aren’t used to that kind of slip. If it were a soccer player, with cleats to really mess up your knees, we learn to let go and throw our bodies into the fall way sooner than how steph ended up. He tried to use his right leg to stand and get better angle on his slipping left foot, to get better friction. That’s a bball move. A soccer player would have given up and pulled his leg in and gone with the slide. That’s because the cleats if dug in will rip your knees apart and playing since childhood gives you that instinct. That’s why turf has ruined a lot of players … it grabs so much sooner than grass+cleats. You really have to give up on turf much sooner, else you risk your playing days. I wish steph would have just gown down and slid or rolled … a bruise on the knee, a skinned knee is much more playable. Not it’ll be risky his first days back too.

  188. “Better” is subjective. IIRC, the offer for more money also meant a longer commitment. I’m sure his agent pointed out that the salary cap would be going up the next 2 years and the market for point guards would be stronger this year. So that player option for the 2nd year was worth quite a bit to Jeremy.

  189. Words are one thing. Actions are another. Kemba doesn’t share two games in a row. Maybe with Batum out, he’ll have a crisis of conscience and play team ball tonight. I hope so, but I highly doubt it.

  190. That was a cynical comment on Kemba’s part. Some non-native English speakers will not pick it up but JLIN’s body language tells the whole story there. Barely a head nod, no words, lukewarm low 5.

    JLIN’s a professional and ignores condescending showboating and that is exactly what I heard from Kemba, the comment comes from showing a superior attitude and ultimately Kemba’s own personal insecurity.

    JLIN knew what Kemba’s display was about, and he downplayed it accordingly.

  191. Good point! Hopefully his days of standing in a corner will be over soon. Lin’s next coach will not waste his talent and minimize their teams potential like McHale and Clifford. ( His other “coach” at LA was just trying to lose). Of the 3 Cliff is the best and that’s not saying much.

  192. Yeah, he kinda ignored him (“Whatever, dude.”). I’m sure he likes Kemba off the court, but on the court, Walker is no team player. Some guys are the opposite. Team player on the court, nasty off of it (Kidd, Derek Fisher).

  193. yes, I liked that highlight on him pumping JLin on aggressiveness. JLin did not embrace back. Was it … “I know, I know if you’ll just work with me …” or was it “just concentrating, yep”. We did see for sure KW give JLin that pull-up three that ignited the stadium, so we do know kw wanted to win badly, through sharing. Let’s hope it’s more of that today.

  194. let’s hope he keeps relieving his pass to Lin for the pull-up 3.

  195. i was wondering what Lin said for kemba to reply “i dont care just be aggressive”. maybe Lin was thinking more in line of strategy and team play and not just aggressive

  196. That was pretty good court vision on Kemba’s part. He made a nice behind-the-back dribble to elude a defender to get that pass off.

  197. Or maybe you are thinking to much? But who know? Let hope JLin have a monster game again!

  198. I agree. I liked KW last game. I didn’t like Frank and Lee in the first half. I get they were doing the game plan and getting in the flow. But, I hated the 3 tap-outs by frank (IIRC) that went straight to MIA. That showed a lack of game zen.

  199. I thought Kemba didn’t go that much into hero ball until the end. Lin had higher usage in his minutes than Kemba did. He had the highest usage on the team.

  200. That I agreed. Don’t matter How Lin reacted. What matter is we saw a few times already that KW is willing to give up the ball.

    However, I do see when Lin has a good game and a comfortable Lead, KW will force his shots trying to score a little. But it is just normal.

    In any case, KW is still a lot better than KB and Harden.

  201. Kemba loses confidence and his own “AGGRESSIVENESS” when he faces tough teams.
    Kemba’s insecurity allows him to relinquish control to JLIN in difficult games in a pattern Heat Gm3, Spurs, Raptors, Celtics…

    Indisputable Kemba chokes in big moments and gives up to JLIN’s game in those moments.

  202. JLin did react. He pad KW on the stomach.

    These two is cool with each other man!

  203. Yes, that’s KW’s game. I wanted Lin back in to score over 20, but I made peace with seeing KW garbage time it out. That’s esp true now after Curry’s injury and realizing – Curry and GSW worked so hard for all the marbles, gathering them up all season in records. Now at the 20 yard line, Kerr should have coached his guy right … you go in there, you cruise in this no-effort-win game, and you trust you teammates. Instead, he let Steph be Steph, the competitive force, and we have an injury. Steph was in return for another injury, so there’s no excuse not to limit his role for a game that would have been won, a series that would have been won. Now LAC is at risk.

    So yeah, now I think Lin should just burst the team through with his fantastic play, and let KW pad on the downhill garbage time. Every real bball IQ person (those paying the bills) will see that and he’ll get a good K.

  204. Yup. This is what coach should do. This will you can utilize the best of Lin and win game and at the same time your franchise player won’t look bad.


  205. No problem – he will not make a difference if Lin is allowed to be in the offense.

  206. Just like JLIN cool with Carmelo
    cool with Harden
    cool with Kobe

  207. Yeah, I don’t see anything negative in that interaction. There were a couple of other celebrations between the two where both were equally pumped. I don’t think Jeremy is just being diplomatic when he says Kemba’s been a big supporter.

  208. Whiteside’s playing on injury might actually be better for the Hornets in the long run.

  209. So Whiteside may not play?

  210. knew it. Miami was just playing mind games. may even feature him in their offense

  211. I agree with you kw didn’t take over until Lin sat. And then, the lead faded a little but he kept that ISO game under control to run it out. That I can take for games going forward. Let’s have great 2nd and 3rds, and let KW pad in the 4th. Just like Charles Barkley said, what I heard that many I think misunderstood: he said he didn’t like CHA going in with less than a big lead because he didn’t think that he wanted to rely on Jeremy Lin. Then 2 sentences later, he said they’re going to go to that KW ball. So, what he was really saying politely is, you can’t count on JLin because KW will keep the ball, so they can’t win if they are not up by a lot going into the final minutes ‘because kemba will want the ball’.

  212. And this is exactly what management is all about. Coach is kindly like a management job. Ehhh you know (Try to sounded like Cliff) as Gregg Popovich once said, all coaches know about X & O. But what important is the way they manage their players and keep everyone happy and play hard.

  213. I can tell Lin will not be a playboy. Mama Lin watchin’ lol

  214. No he didn’t.

    None of them were reported.


  215. yeah and that knowing smirk when KW was answering the competitive question, like he just set up his buddy for a laugh. Lin really enjoyed KW squirming on that one.

  216. Labron didnt make a difference when Lin was the hornets focus on offence. heck, the whole Spurs team and their 23 points lead didnt make a difference either. but Whiteside certainly does make it more difficult to deal with

  217. KEmba is much better then all of them. Not to mention younger which is impressive. Lin is really popular could hit some ego. He doesn’t seem fazed by it. Still think he isn’t a PG but he is good in my book

  218. Walker is lucky that jlin is a good natured fellow and team player… he is clearly an inferior player to jlin and is a fake star…

  219. Does anyone know what channel the game is on?

  220. Sophie, all the wise ladies know by now that it’s what mama taught that is in the boy. LOL, you don’t want a mama’s boy … you’d never enjoy life that way, being with a boy AND his mom, not just his values.

  221. Fake or real, Hornets have already invested a lot of KW and they are stuck with him

    It is up to the FO how to promote KW and JLin as both starter and Star. Maybe they can splash brother in da east at least in the playoff.

  222. nba tv

  223. NBA TV

  224. They r not stuck with him… jordan as the owner can do whatever he wants… he is just too scared to do anything…

  225. JLin shared Snapchat videos showing the progress of the hair evolution.
    He’s in a good mood with friends and families so it can only help in Game 4.
    Let’s go, JLin!!!


  227. Thanks… darn it… i dont get nba tv… have to go to a bar…

  228. I hope you are referring to Kemba when you say this on a JLIN fan forum? “Still think he isn’t a PG”

    KEMBA is a natural SG not a PG in that he cannot make his team better doing the things PGs do. Kemba would be a great 6th man PG because he could shoot repeatedly to his pleasure against bench players.

    Hornets will regret having Kemba as their franchise PG because he will get them nowhere but 33-49 or 8 seed if their lucky.

  229. Thanks!

  230. This is correct but you have to live in that region.

  231. Not really.

    As long as Lin is not deliberately frozen out, Lin will continue to tear into the Heat like he has the last three games.

    Stop underestimating Lin and overestimating Whiteside.

  232. KW = SG in a PG body.

  233. yep

  234. No surprise, makes no difference to JLIN’s unit but it will affect Starters as usual/

  235. Sorry for not wording it better KEmba is a SG in a PG body. It would be smart for charlotte to sign player like Lin and Batum to make up for it. Only way charlotte wins in the playoff. He also disappears vs top teams

  236. Glad to see his family came to support him. He’s energized when his family is around. What a blessing to have a close-knit family! God bless him tonight!

  237. HE cant play 48 minutes lol. Al is a tough match up for him as well. Its a chess game right now. If we lose its cliffs fault

  238. I said it again and I will say it again now. Not even Jordan can do anything about it. Because.

    1) No team will take KW contract

    2) The franchise will look really really bad if the let go their so call franchise player like that.

    And please do not accuse me as KW fan, I am only saying it under a basketball and business POV.

    To me, JLIN is a starting PG in NBA. I don’t even think the superstar PG like Chris Paul is better than Lin. The only different is Chris Paul and the rest of the star PG got support from the team and coach.

  239. And of cause, also because Lin is Asian so he didn’t get support from the team and coach.

  240. Lin has the best hair tho

  241. The Startters on NBA tv – now discussing Hornets / Heat

  242. I think Kerr can step up and shuffle the deck so they keep getting Curry’s points from somewhere else. I’d just love to see the Curry magic … lol, maybe some LAC games will be affordable now.

  243. Kind of flawed to build around Walker. He’s not a great playmaker so they have to bring in Batum to improve playmaking. He’s a little short to guard SG’s

    Just like flawed to build around Harden. He’s a good scorer but needs the ball in his hands but he’s turnover prone and doesn’t make his teamates better. But then you can’t put a playmaking PG next to him because he’s ball dominant. So you put Beverley who pretends to play defense and shoots an occasional 3.

  244. No worries.. im not accusing u of anything… my point is that staying with walker is jordans choice… he could dump him if he wanted…

  245. well, there is a positive that comes out of this. Big Al will have to start which is great for the second unit to play fast pace team ball

  246. I believe in Lin 😉

  247. Haha. Sorry for over reacted. But I have a bad experience in here before.

    I agreed on Jordan hand picked KW but to me that make it much more harder for MJ or Hornets to give up KW and promote Lin.

    All I hope is Hornets can at least promote both Lin and KW at least during this playoff run if they can suvive the Heats.

  248. Damn!

  249. Wowowowwo. If Clifford do mean it, this game is going to be very exciting.

  250. That would be great if he was saying that. But I never knew Barkley to be big on Lin. Kenny likes him more and it seems now Shaq likes him. He doesn’t like Kemba to finish and we’ve seen that Kembaball finishing games rarely works.

  251. Wow. The whole game. Tks!!!

  252. BrookLin alright!

  253. Except he has way better ball-handling than most SGs. Otherwise, that’s how he plays. But in all honesty, that’s how Kyrie Irving plays as well. Neither are that much into facilitation and are good ball handlers and good scorers.

  254. Agreed. That why I think Kyrie is overrated as well. Imagine if Hornets beat the Cavs and go to the final too?


  255. No! Brooklin or MDA. Enough Hornets. No more of this team

  256. I agree. Harden and KW can’t be guys to build around. Harden is a bigger problem because he fancies himself the best 2 guard in the league. KW just wants to play well and compete and goes into heroball mode because that’s what he’s known since his UConn days.

  257. Ewing and MJ like it … d’oh, they had it available since day 1.

  258. I don’t want a scared owner

  259. Listen to it again and you can believe what I heard. Or, maybe you disagree and that’s aok by me, let m know now you interpret his words. It was stream of consciousness, so I take it orally as it evolved. It came out just like Barkley said it should … can’t rely on KW in the end, can’t rely on JLin in the end because KW is going to want the ball. So, big lead is needed. He right, that’s right.

  260. But if KW and Lin on the floor, defense might be a problem. Best way is Lee pair with KW and Lee pair with Lin. But Lin MUST BE A PG who run the offense and play over 30 mins unless is a blow out.

  261. Would be incredible!

  262. Yes. Ewing and MJ. Cliff, I don’t know. He likes Batum and size.

  263. It seemed to work in the last game as long as JLin has the ball and initiates the offense. Walker seemed to allow JLin to do that frequently Saturday. I was surprised.

  264. Yea. KW did let Lin run the show from time to time. Maybe a ego issue? I just hope KW will let Lin run wild again tonight.

  265. Don’t take this Tweeter nor Cliff’s Words seriously anymore. Their words don’t match their actions! This guy, SportsFromMyEyes, criticized Lin’s Defense, saying that ‘he can’t guard a stick’!

  266. Maybe Kemba has an agreement with cliff…let Jeremy handle the ball enough to build a commanding lead and then cliff will yank Jlin out and let Kemba statpad for the rest of the game

  267. Ewing & MJ two Hall of Famers want to post up Frank Kaminsky they know their priorities.

  268. Lin can defense? Then he is must be a moron.

  269. I meant can’t

  270. does that mean Lin start? i don’t exactly like the Lin/Kemba pairing especially with Big Al in the mix. but if Lin has high usage then it’s all good

  271. Totally agree.

  272. Frank was good because Lin run the offense.

    HOF doesn’t mean you are smart.

  273. Al & Kaminsky start like Gm3

  274. it’s always a defensive mismatch with Kemba on the floor. Lin can hold his own

  275. posting up Frank alone won’t work. they need to open up the court and provide spacing before he can take advantage of the mismatch

  276. 🙂

    Again. Sorry for over reacted.

  277. True. KW is too short and not strong enough. Hopefully his speed can off set the size problem.

  278. Most likely there will be a reverse mismatch, they will not put Dwade or short rookies on Frank but a tall defender.

  279. He just realized this.

  280. which is why if they go super small like Kemba/Lin/Lee, then they’ll have to dictate how the game is played. they will have to be very offensive minded and make the other teams adjust to them

  281. lol. better late than never

  282. No worries! Go jlin!

  283. I honestly don’t think Wade can handle Lin and that was why they put Winslow on Lin. If I am Clifford, I will go aggressive in the offensive end and see how the Heats response. And maybe we can get Whiteside in foul trouble early in the game again.

  284. I don’t believe this sorry of a coach.

  285. if Spo makes that kind of adjustment right off the bat, most likely Winslow’s minutes will be reduced and they go bigger and slower. the hornets guards will have an advantage and should be able to control the tempo of the game

  286. ugh, NBA pregame show there is a Kevin McHale interview.

  287. taking shots on guy(s) not playing D in Rockets uniform as usual LOL

  288. I don’t know why but all of a sudden I have a bad feeling on this game.

    Hope I am wrong.


  289. The starting lineup is the same as the last game. Kemba, Lee, Marvin, Frank, Big Al

  290. Lol.

  291. Agree.

    Whiteside has not been able to slow Jefferson.

  292. Good, maybe Barkley is beginning to feel the Linsanity.

  293. so this is actually bad news cus he will likely play Kemba more minutes alongside the second unit. sigh

  294. Haha heard it and thought the same

  295. I said it before the series start. Whiteside is tall and long but not strong enough. Alfense should work on Whiteside to get him in foul trouble.

  296. They are all mixed together now, not much of a 2nd unit with Lin leading it. Hopefully Lin will run point some when Kemba is on like they did last game.

  297. Did Lin ever play without the leggings? He used to wear blue ones for the Knicks. Does he have knee pads, I think the knees may be have some padding on them.

  298. coz JLin’s hair got NBA training :]

  299. kemba has for the most part played all of the first quarter, running a lot of plays and taking away a lot of shots from the second unit

  300. yeah, hornets have to pressure the heats defense and make them adjust

  301. Let history repeat!
    That would be the ultimate irony for Cuban 🙂
    Not keeping Nash and JLin

  302. Only if the refs play fairly. But we all know the potential risk of Wade getting superstar treatment while Lin gets the rookie treatment.

  303. Lets go Hornets!

  304. Dont be so sure about that

  305. it’s funny how the NBA works. i saw Josh Richardson push guys onto the floor four times already in this series and got away with it. and he’s a rookie

  306. I think Lin / Zeller / Hawes is better unit than Walker / Jefferson. Just hope the starting unit doesn’t dig into a deep a hole that the 2nd unit has to win back.

  307. i have a bad feeling clifford wants to play kemba even more minutes and have even higher usage with his statement

  308. You don’t say? Alright, it’s better to say something meaningless than say what they are actually going to do.

  309. Back in the Knicks days, he used to wear calf-only compression sleeves. IIRC he started wearing full leg compression since the Rockets. I don’t think I ever observed any kind of padding to the knee area…

  310. I expect 3pts raining from Hornets players after 3 games. They were too scared to score except Lin

  311. Thanks

  312. Frank Kaminsky had Dwayne Wade, Justice Winslow, Joe Johnson on him he had 6 inches on them and took them off guard.
    Frank was primarily guarding Luol Deng. Deng made 5-5 3pt shots (not all were given up by Frank)

    This next game Spoelstra makes adjustment against Frank the Tank. Primarily Deng will likely guard Frank and when he puts the ball on the floor he will have a small guard strip/trap him make him use his left hand.

    Clifford/MJ/Ewing and Frank will encounter a surprise tonight – just hope if Frank is ineffective they don’t repeatedly force things to Frank.

  313. Lots of Lin highlights in the preview on NBATV

  314. He doesn’t even know he is doing it. If a guy can’t buy a basket it’s just stating a fact, saying Lin can’t guard a stick, means his defense sucks. Why single him out if not to take a dig at Lin’s defense? it’s not like Lee has shut down Wade. The fact is Wade is still a very good scorer, and he had the hot hand in games 1 and 2.

  315. What are those for? Do they serve any specific function, or are they the guy version for panty hose?

  316. Youtube stream

  317. in Lin’s first season with the rox, mchale did exactly that with Greg Smith. he had a monster game but largely in part because of the help of Lin’s crisp ball distributing. of course, mchale got excited and in the game immediately following, mchale went right into Greg Smith over and over but it did not ended well. i hope clifford doesn’t fall into the same trap and utilizes Frank correctly

  318. Lin is too small for wade Thas all you had to say

  319. Keys to the game for Miami (from NBA TV)- “Keep Jeremy Lin from having a big game.” #respect

  320. Kemba already seeing big numbers for himself… no passes

  321. They say it’s supposed to increase blood circulation and reduce fatigue by decreasing muscle vibration during movements. But who knows… I have a pair that I wear for games during winter, just to keep myself warm…

  322. Kemba and Big Al misfired
    0-5 is not a good start

  323. Early hole

  324. Lin time, so obvious. Getting behind from the get go getting habitual.

  325. another playing from behind.

  326. Kemba and Alfense off to a slow start

  327. every game.

  328. Lin’s gotta be a bit selfish from the start.

  329. why Lee gotta start over Lin?

  330. I remember someone commenting way back that D.Rose leg injuries started happening when he started wearing something on his legs or ankles that made him able to make moves that put too much stress on them. But I don’t think those are the same thing.

  331. Awesome game

  332. Starters not playing good

  333. is MJ watching on courtside?

  334. Time out. Come on, they are not playing well.

  335. LOL this is what happens when you dont start Lin

  336. OMG.. Kemba trying way too hard.. always happens after Lin has a big game.

  337. too much ISO by Kemba

  338. They’re horrible. They aren’t setting a good tone.

  339. Are you kidding me Coach? cant you see Lin is your game changer .. you got put him in!

  340. Starters 2-10

  341. Dumb coach.

  342. Kemba cant guard Dragic.. you need to put Lin on him!

  343. Need Lin asap

  344. Lee couldn’t either

  345. Getting a neckache already

  346. desperately

  347. Knowing Cliff, he will leave the same unit out there until the hole is even bigger. All he does during timeouts is give a little speech about playing harder. He doesn’t make adjustments.

  348. That lineup is not that good. Frank went off after Lin came in last game.

  349. Playoff, hold nothing back.

  350. This reminds me a lot of the Spurs game.. where they dig a big hole early and Lin had to rescue them

  351. So predictable…

  352. KW needs to pass around. MW has only ONE touch and passed back KW. Kam also ONE pass from KW and got fouled by Deng. KW can’t keep playing two man game w/ AJ. He needs to get MW going, for heaven sake!

  353. Can’t remember when was the last time Hornets led in 1st Q before Lin came in.

  354. the adjustment Heat made was to have everyone score before Lin comes in smh

  355. 4-13 with Heat having 75% 3FGM (3-4)
    0 vs 4 assists #NoTeamBall

    Bad O and bad D

  356. Lin in

  357. nevers

  358. wow

  359. 2 fts

  360. Lin making an impact as soon as he comes in!

  361. in 1 second

  362. JLin in with 6:24 left in Q1
    Must be a record!

  363. Lin get 2 fouls on wade lol in 2 seconds

  364. Drew Wade foul immediately!

  365. Wade screwed up

  366. Now do the same to Whiteside

  367. REVENGE for flops.

  368. Wade can’t guard a stick! :))))

  369. Run and gun will make them tired…

  370. Lin needs to be point and sit Al.

  371. stephnie ready pisses me off lol

  372. Whiteside please get some foul and sit pls.

  373. I know… whyniso against whiteside??

  374. Lady Ready had to downplay Lin’s play, saying Al was open when Lin was driving and fouled. The other announcer said b/c of that wade got 2 fouls and had to leave the court.

  375. Not getting any stops

  376. Ready is a B*******

  377. One and counting

  378. Al + Lin did their job by taking out Wade and Whiteside, now time to turn on the burners

  379. I’m now at the point, I get irritated just from hearing her voice

  380. Can Lee stop trying to be a player maker pls?

  381. lol

  382. Back to back TO

  383. KW needs to sit! He is the problem!

  384. clifford was probably standing right in front of her when she said that. probably “working” her way into the coaching staff

  385. Spoelstra is looking at Lin like He should be my Starting PG instead of Dragic

  386. Give the ball to Lin. Kemba will be a non factor this series

  387. this is stupid. clifford’s idea of adjusting is going back to what doesn’t work for three years. isokemba, alfense, no ball movement

  388. lol

  389. Come on Jeremy! Send Dragic to the right! He can’t go right!

  390. Reminds me of the scene from goodwill hunting… watching walker fumbling around and effing it up… just give the ball to jlin…

  391. I fully expect the Heat to offer Lin a deal in the offseason

  392. sit kemba srsly. this dude does not show up for playoffs

  393. I am listening to Miami feed, i cant stand her.

  394. They don’t have the money. White side is a free agent

  395. I don’t think so. They have Wade and Dragic.

  396. He tries too hard to show up

  397. MJ looks upset. Sit KW already. Let Lin PG.

  398. Robin is a big Lebron and Lin fan

  399. MJ is not happy about the TO.

  400. Kemba playing pitifully right now. He has to get his head together and play smarter. Or give the ball to Lin.

  401. Seriously she is super annoying, i am happier listening to other feed!

  402. Lin on Dragic.

  403. #@(@#* Lee!

  404. Really Courtney Lee? Why are you trying to be a PG now?

  405. Lee and walker still playing selfishly

  406. Didn’t know he is a Lebron fan… Thought he is a big Lin and Curry fan

  407. lee refuses to swing it to lin, forced pass turnover

  408. This dude has been very selfish lately. Just pass the damn ball out!

  409. Just give the dam ball to jlin… how hard is this?? Lee totally ignoring jlin… smh

  410. Please Lee, don’t handle the ball

  411. I think its time for the man the bun on his head to be the playmaker.

  412. LEE IS HORRIBLEEEEEEEEEEEE, he goes for a bad pass instead of the open Lin behind him.

  413. Lee only has eyes for Kemba lol

  414. Lin is playing as told.

  415. please don’t let Dragic go left!

  416. Lee goes for a bad pass to Kemba instead of open Lin pass

  417. Finally! Lin gets the ball and results in a positive Hornets possession.

  418. He only pass to Kemba or ISO.

  419. imo lin most confident player on the floor, but still seems like a 4 option on offense lmao

  420. Lin is only one going

  421. Ever since playoff started. Lee is super selfish.

  422. Use him

  423. Kemba and Lee are straight trash this game. Making every wrong decision on every single play.

  424. Kemba can’t get his guys easy looks at all. Cody had to work so hard and threw up garbage

  425. seems that way

  426. Good help defenese Lin!

  427. Lin knows when to drop to help on Amare because they used to be teammates.

  428. KW!!!

  429. honestly, it’s v nice for Lin to be playing in front of MJ, esp with his wife there too.

  430. good kemba let lin set you up

  431. give lin the ball for 10 seconds see what he can do, if nothing there u give it to kemba to create. just do that every time

  432. Yea. And tell Lee the give up the ball right away!

  433. Gave him the ball against a bigger, slower dude.

  434. Damn Lee! U $()#&)$(&Q(_$&

  435. Kemba and Lee play against Lin. Lin always plays with them.

  436. Lin at PG = every gets set up for easier buckets

  437. Courtney Lee is not good enough to be taking shots without passing first

  438. Lin!!!!

  439. 222222

  440. jlin is unbelievable

  441. clifford to Lee: this is your chance to shine!


  443. Lin is saving the Hornets step by step!

  444. +1

  445. As usual.

  446. GO LIN!

  447. lol yep

  448. Lee is the Heats X factor this game.


  450. Kemba just cant play well right now


  452. Walker had a nice move to get free, but he didn’t need to take an off balance three.

  453. LIN about go ham in the 2nd quarter.. you can feel it!

  454. KW is the scorer so we all expect KW will shot. But Lee? U are in there fore defense man.

  455. Walker is bricking and still shooting the last shot, what culture is this?

  456. Lin’s fine. Tough minded warrior. The rest of the team needs to step up. Lee needs to sit. He’s horrible.

  457. Lol lin has 7 points on 1 shot

  458. 7 pts off 1 FGA .. now thats efficiency

  459. Only bright spot on the team atm

  460. 0-2 + 2 TO, there 8 pts there.

  461. Lets go jeremy

  462. ughhhh….Kemba and Kemba Jr (Lee) are playing streetball.

  463. Charlotte in trouble. Heat playing with confidence

  464. Harden-esque, LOL.

  465. Lin passes to Lee and does not see it back. Lee and KW play crappy this 1Q.

  466. Tks to Lee.

  467. if this is what LIn is capable of on a garbage team, just wait til next season when he’s got full control

  468. and kemba

  469. Unless Cliffy boy says no.

  470. Lee is even worse, he only pass to Kemba and ISO.

  471. Lee just doing to much. He was smarter at when to shoot before the playoffs.

  472. jeremy lin is better than kemba and its not even close

  473. Kemba is expected. No matter what he will shoot. But Lin can play as a PG.

    Lee is taking away Lin pg minute!

  474. Lee, you’ve changed.

  475. if Lin doesn’t take at least 15 shots, Hornets have no chance. they still may lose anyway with the way they’re defending right now.

  476. Lin already outscored starters, tied with Al.

  477. @JLin7 #7 with 7 pts in 6 min
    A perfect 1-1 FGM with 5-5 FTs

  478. Makes a ?

  479. Lin about to hit some 3s

  480. Kemba beats Bad to good teams but top teams idk what happens to him

  481. win or lose, Lin’s value sky rockets this season

  482. LOL

  483. 1 FGA and got 7 points, send Wade to bench, great job!

  484. True.

  485. yup. that’s all i care about

  486. Indeed.

  487. send Wade to bench in 10 seconds lol drew 2 fouls from him

  488. I think so. But I want the W. Lin needs to take more shots.

  489. kemba is killing this teams chances. its frustrating

  490. His TS% is skyrocketing LOL

  491. Hornets is going to be pretty ugly next year if Lin leaves.

  492. Who is in the game? Can we ask him to sacrifice and tackle Lee to the ground?

  493. i want the W too, i want them to win the series.

  494. Cliff, let Lin be pg w/o KW and let Daniels have chance to show his 3, please….!

  495. Robin Lundberg
    Hornets are +6.1 with Lin on, -30.2 with Lin off so far this series.

  496. Sometimes got to give the D some credit. That was good D on Lin by Amare.

  497. Another game where Lin will be featured on ATH and some Lin haters will be like “Why u gotta feature Lin again? Clickbait”

  498. Noooooo!

  499. Williams is a no show in this playoff!

  500. These player look unready

  501. bad foul by Marvin…

  502. he tripped over his own foot!

  503. Give credit to Heats D. They are good tonight.

  504. Wow that was ugly by Hawes. He looks rusty and awkward out there.

  505. Heats have the momentum

  506. Heat coaching staff have made adjustments. I don’t think Cliff has.

  507. It is ok as long as we are within the striking distance. Lin will go Linsanity mode in the 4th qtr.

  508. Great job Zeller!

  509. what a goofy play clifford just called for Lee to get the ball off the curl

  510. Lin’s 1st assist to Zeller!

  511. The paint is clogged right now

  512. good defense by Lin

  513. I hate Richardson.

  514. Heat playing more physical right now. They’re also focusing their defense on Lin.

  515. oh yeah!

  516. He is too damn long!

  517. 222222

  518. Go Lin!!!

  519. Lee you &$)#*&$)*)$&#

  520. OK Lee needs to stop shooting!

  521. lee calls his own number again sighs


  523. he needs to go away

  524. Lee is bad, sit his butt down.

  525. As I have mentioned many many many time. Lee is super selfish during the playoff. Dude wanna shine like Lin except he doesn’t have the skill like Lin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  526. i hate playoff Lee

  527. Get Lee off the floor, and let Lamb or Daniels in, please!!!

  528. We need him for defense but he is shooting way too much

  529. Lee is playing with no sense of team basketball.

  530. Same here. Very very very damn much!

  531. feels like the Heat might lead this thing from start to finish unless…

  532. no Lee is needed for defense

  533. Lee keeps getting in Lin’s way. Ruining the jumpball, ruining the fastbreak.

  534. Sit Lee. Sit Lee. Sit Lee. Sit Lee.

  535. Ya! Put Daniels in for 3P shot..

  536. Atleast lee doesnt hog the ball like lamb

  537. Then he should just play defense

  538. Daniels!

  539. Lee sucks. of course, he is clifford’s guy

  540. Lin is unstoppable now.
    Keep scoring, JLin!!!!

  541. Yea i know

  542. Take Lee out bring in Lamb

  543. Not tonight. He has done more harm the help on the D.

  544. What defense? He has missed easy baskets and caused how many TOs, now???

  545. we need some 3 pt shooting

  546. What’s the score guys!

  547. haha, Lin just figured out how to use the basket to block those bigs. So smart!!!

  548. lol…that’s cold

  549. reverse layup

  550. He takes a ton of momentum killing shots though

  551. for live scores.

  552. he does though lol Lee looks like Kemba jr today

  553. Lol. Finally we agreed on something.


  554. I’m driving

  555. 31-25 Heat

  556. Jeremy 9 pts

  557. get off internet and drive to a local bar.

  558. Thaks

  559. Lee is not too impressive on defense either!

  560. #@)#&&* He is stil on court. Clifford better tell Lin to swing the ball!

  561. LIn already 9 points from 3 shots while Kemba has just 5 points from 7 shots and no defense

  562. I mean Lee.

  563. Nice pass to Zeller!

  564. Slowly filling the hole.

  565. JLin 2nd assist to Zeller!

  566. good job there lee finally

  567. good PnR by Lin and Zeller

  568. Lee should wait for Lin to pass him the ball.

  569. MJ is praying, “Give the ball to Lin!”

  570. LIN is dishing and swishing all night long baby

  571. Lin the PG in full control …

  572. LIn is pure dynamite. Making things happen and here comes the comeback. Big stage, the big players come out. Lin is magnificent tonight again.

  573. The offense is flowing better. Kemba must stay on the bench longer

  574. Lin 9 points 3 assist

  575. Lin at PG = WIN!!!!!!!!!

  576. Why does he need to pray? He is the owner. Just order it.

  577. Let Lin be Lin and you will see great results.. simple as that Coach Cliff


    Look at that leadership. Lee is playing like a FOOL all game. Lin sets him up anyway!

  579. Lin’s speed cannot be denied!


  581. 9 Pts 3 assist! Go Lin!!!!!

  582. Lin = Win

  583. And immediately the Hornets play much faster and more efficient

  584. And it’s just the start. Let him play!!!

  585. Lin worked so hard to get Hawes a WIDE open 3 pointer but he passes it to Marv instead for the miss. sigh

  586. Cliff bringing in Kemba though. better leave Lin at PG.

  587. Look at the home crowd

  588. Kemba is gonna be in next

  589. and 1 steal

  590. I’d rather Hawes shoot it. Marv is missing a lot of his 3s.

  591. If I see Lee try to create or play ISO again, I will be really really piss!

  592. They really love Lin lol Overtime he touches the ball listen to them

  593. Spo’s game plan is to shut Lin down. good plan, but he know that you can only hope to contain Lin

  594. Kemba should go in for Lee not Lin.

  595. What a difference with Lin at PG!!

  596. He needs people to set him up. Some one needs to tell him this

  597. Lin will get his teammates involved – can’t stop him!

  598. You can tell the difference when Lin is at PG. Lin actually strategizes and attacks weak points. Kemba just mindlessly shoots and pass the ball.

  599. Here comes JLin the PG ..
    9pts/3asts/1stl in ONLY 11 min
    +6 to cut the lead to 29-32!

  600. Miami cannot trap Lin coz he’s too fast!

  601. He doesn’t have to. The other coach will do that for him.

  602. announcers said, “Jeremy Lin may be the most impactful Hornet”.

  603. and Lin can give them foul trouble.

  604. I really don’t understand how mj and clifford won’t face the truth and make Lin the ball handlers and starter. So much evidence smacking them in the face this season.

  605. which ones?

  606. Cliff needs to ride Lin if he wants to win.

  607. Truth!!!

  608. He’s. Haha!

  609. Kemba just gave the ball to LIn???

  610. Wow. KW pass the ball to Lin before half court.

  611. has Stephanie Ready gone silent?

  612. OK Lee I forgive you

  613. Might? Tell them to look at the stats.

  614. not sure. one of the announcers has a strong NY accent.

  615. Good. I am sick of her.

  616. Nice pass Lin!!!

  617. See Kemba, you seriously have a lot to learn from Lin!

  618. Go pass from Lin to KW!!!

  619. Jeremy trying to get Kemba going

  620. hopefully forever

  621. Lin running the offense. Kemba is wearing knee pads.

  622. Lin is the best in running offense.

  623. That’s what he’s good at, get everyone going

  624. LIN TO KEMBA for FTs. Teamball baby!

  625. Lin makes things happen

  626. much better ball movement when Lin in

  627. Good sign guys, KW pass the ball to Lin before half court!


  628. Is that difficult to understand if you sign Lin with MAX contract whatever, it’s still a big steal in the league???

  629. Lin is everything this game. One man wrecking crew that’s getting everyone else hot.

  630. I’m in…yohooo

  631. RRRRr 2 foul on Lin….

  632. Gotta keep Lin in until he gets 3 fouls.

  633. Kemba 2222 but pass the ball

  634. it’s ok Lin only needs 15 mins in 2nd half.

  635. Team finally clicking

  636. What a move!!!

  637. Lay upppppp222222

  638. Joe Johnson can shoot. I give him that.

  639. 22222

  640. Pass to Lin Kaminsky

  641. wrong pass kaminsky!!

  642. 11 pts 3 assist and with +12

  643. ATTACK!

  644. 11 pts in 14 mins, only 5 FGA


  646. Come on Kaminsky, Lin was there for you.

  647. Frank should have passed to Lin on the fastbreak. Not finishing a 3-on-1. Come on Frank!

  648. Go Hornets!!! Kick some Heat’s butts!

  649. Woooohooooooioooo

  650. Lin is in for 15 min now

  651. that was dumb, Tank. you got Lin there but you pass it to Lee instead

  652. HEAT getting tired. Keep this lineup.

  653. Frank.. just dunk it man.

  654. I really wanted the 3 to go in for Lin.

  655. Lin +14

  656. Now this is EXCITING basketball

  657. Hornets is running breakneck pace in offense.
    Heat is panting LOL

  658. He rushed it

  659. What happed to 2rd q, i ,missed it 🙁 assume Lin starting PG

  660. I need some paint in my face

  661. cant be perfect even though he has been

  662. interesting – no frank attack. Just like Cliff said, KW Lin combo.

  663. should have been 4th assist potential double double.

  664. Kembaaaaaaaa

  665. Wow. Cliff even let Lin play with 2 foul

  666. Nice take by Kemba

  667. LINNING .. scoring, finding right people on offense, steal .. you name it LOL

  668. you need to watch it, Lin in total control O, D. Can’t see it in box score. All Lin.

  669. that’s one good way to neutralize Wade since he’s older, tire him out

  670. Lin and KW, our 2 fastest guy should keep penetrate, penetrate, penetrate

  671. Lets hope starters don’t dig another hole in the 3rd.

  672. In the playoff its 3 fouls

  673. White side is choking

  674. Williams is so cold

  675. Great penetration by Kemba to give assist to a cutting Lin
    These 2 can be unstoppable in attacking the rim together!

  676. Lin got fouled

  677. Foul for whiteside

  678. 2 fouls . Use Al on Whiteside more.

  679. Lin’s steal was given to Lee. Lin should have 3 STLs by now.

  680. Hornets D solid

  681. nice, Lin drew the loose ball foul against whiteside

  682. Lin drew a foul on Whiteside

  683. Lee piss off. He better not trying to do to much on the 2nd half. Just play his defense man. Or wait for Lin to pass him the ball.

  684. Clifford knows that having Lin on the floor is critical

  685. Lin got 2 steals lol

  686. He was also the one who drew 2 fouls from Wade

  687. The intangibles

  688. I can see Hornets would win much more if Kemba sits

  689. Lin easily the best player of both teams

  690. They do have potential to be great together when Kemba and Lin share PG roles. But it was Lin that gets them organized and then Kemba benefits from that.

  691. 16 minutes straight now

  692. Hustle

  693. This is what they needed more of during the season … but better late than never

  694. He’s.

  695. I saw lee getting up may be Lins rest time

  696. Lin single-handled ly willed this team back from a 10 point deficit to a 6 point lead. amazing

  697. W/O him they will loss. LOL!

  698. Clifford show the trust on Lin this game. Even KW pass the ball to Lin before half court. Good sign.

  699. Justin Verrier

    ESPN Staff Writer

    Jeremy Lin is chewing up the Heat on pick-and-rolls.

  700. Jeremy at his best

  701. yea i know.

  702. It is more than obvious!

  703. Since they are in foul trouble, we need to keep attacking them. Screw the 3s.

  704. Ya! He took so less shots in 1st half. All about Kemba.

  705. He can handle it!

  706. Jeremy the most impactfull player of both teams

  707. Im so proud of Lin right now

  708. I really do think Wade secretly wishes Jlin was on Heat – same with Spo.

  709. except that at some point the refs will start swallowing their whistles especially when the superstars are involved

  710. Kemba assist to a tremendous finish by a cutting Lin!

    Lin with the tough finish on NBATV! #NBARapidReplay #HEATvHORNETS

  711. Lin rest time

  712. needs it

  713. It is ok. He need it for 2nd half. And no more foul on the 1st half.

  714. i can’t believe the courtside ref standing right there didn’t override the other ref’s miscall on Lin’s loose-ball foul against Deng

  715. I hope the lead doesn’t fall now.

  716. What the heck ref

  717. Wade super star call.

  718. Leeweeeeew

  719. yeah you’re watching live.

  720. A little more than $2M? lol this announcer…Lin will get a lot more than $2M.

  721. Lee is heating up

  722. That was sarcasm

  723. starters need to hold off the heats until their best player (LIN of course :D) returns

  724. Go Hornet!!!

  725. How many fouls does Lee have already?

  726. Kembaaaaaaaaa

  727. two

  728. Why is lin on the bench… Clifford doesnt know what hes doing

  729. I TOLD YOU that Whiteside would not bother Lin!

  730. Wow, whole team is heating up!

  731. KW!!!

  732. Heat gave Kemba way too much space!

  733. REST

  734. Giving him some rest

  735. Good sign!

  736. I am always proud of him, on and off the court!

  737. kemba gunna take lins credit again nice

  738. He could use some rest. He’s been bumping to everyone there.

  739. Finally starters playing like starters

  740. Yeah but its almost half time

  741. doesn’t matter, Lin is stealing some of his franchise star shine. He was interviewed with Kemba last game.

  742. Use Al to attack Whitesite!

  743. the hornets floor is wide open now thanks to the many dribble penetration Lin gave them

  744. one and done Wade

  745. Whiteside one more foul pls!

  746. Nice nice now I will watch the replay

  747. Lin is +15, team high!

  748. I really hope KW can learn from Lin, play teamball if he wants to go second round!

  749. Nah. Kemba’s doing fine, but Jeremy was the one who turned it around.

  750. If Lin gets the superstar calls, he’s easily 25pts a game.

  751. I don’t know about that. They are talking about Lin a lot. Can’t believe someone would call him a “serviceable backup” after watching him be the best player on the floor tonight. Sometimes people get things in their heads and can’t see what is right in front of them. smh.

  752. yup. If these 2 share the balls, is going be like splash brother (penetrate version) in the east!

  753. Again, Lin changed this game.

  754. This first half was a PERFECT example of how Jeremy can get his team going. Now they all have confidence – it’s contagious. Let’s keep it up for the second half!

  755. Kemba is too busy to shoot and do not know how to win.

  756. I actually see it as the two of them playing great off of each other now. I want Kemba to do well and Lin to continue to also do well.

  757. Agreed. Lin makes the whole team better!

  758. He cares about his stats than win the game as usual. smh!

  759. Big half coming up. I’m afraid lead fall with starters

  760. Wade now getting tired? He’s not looking that great out there.

  761. as usual.

  762. Without Lin to anchor their defense, Heat can make a run at any time soon.

  763. Whatever happens, you know Lin will come in to save the night

  764. hornets scored just 19 points in the first quarter, but a whopping 29 points in the second quarter when Lin played most. coincidence? i think not!

  765. But Lin just played 15 consecutive minutes, which were hard fought MVP level minutes.

  766. @JLin with well-deserved rest after pushing Hornets to lead 42-36
    11pts/3asts/2stls in ONLY 16min
    Highest +15

  767. If he comes in yea xD

  768. Lin is +15. That said it all!

  769. Yes, even my grandma saying that is contagious, Lol! We all five ladies watching Lin and so pump up now!

  770. No hates pls guys!!!

  771. IF Clifford is smart, he’ll start Lin…
    But that’s a big IF :}

  772. NBA half time said whenever Lin is on the floor, the team play better. lol.

  773. Heat were up 26-15 when Lin was out

    Hornets lead 44-36 at halftime

    That is Lin Magic

  774. No, we’ll hate whoever we want.

    The starters played like CRAP, and it took Lin playin at a MVP level to save them.

    Everything went through Lin. There was no other way.

  775. Wow Lin fished 2 fouls immediately from Wade

  776. considering when he went in, there was no game at all … he was all over the court. Nice 3 feed from KW, missed unfortunately. Could have gotten the jump ball had Lee not fouled. Lee only good was his nice 3, otherwise messed up the play. Kam – should have given it to Lin for easy layup on that 3-1. That steel was nice too. Great D.

  777. Lol. Ok. Enjoy.

  778. 29-10 run when Lin came in

  779. NBA TV Halftime show giving big props to Lin – woohoo!

  780. they know who the real man on the team is

  781. All the Jeremy Lin praise makes me wanna tear up (from joy).

  782. Yea. I heard that too.

    Go Lin!!!!

  783. LOL

  784. Its kinda hard not to praise him

  785. Lin getting a LOT of respect from the studio guys during the halftime show

  786. anyone have a good stream? the one i’m using is choppy

  787. Thank god it isn’t the TNT guys although I like what Shaq have said about Lin. I think they are biased.

  788. it’s 48-39 🙂

  789. Case close.

  790. If u guys wanna hate KW, I think Lee is worst than KW at least in the 1st half.

  791. Hornets radio giving the comeback credit to Kemba & CLee. Unbelievable!

  792. The American halftime report have lots of praises for Lin ! Yay!


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  794. Saw it.


  795. he is, he refuses to pass to Lin so he can get his points.

  796. I used VIP Box.

  797. This is what a leader does–>Lin did the hard work when the going was tough, when the team was in the deficit caused by starters. Lin came in and willed the team back not only erasing the deficit but capturing a lead.
    This is what followers do–>Then KW and the rest of team benefit from Lin’s hard work, bc it’s easy to play when you’re in a lead.

  798. Look at Courtney Lee so thirsty for his points
    He’s becoming Jeremy Lamb

  799. Yup. So damn selfish.

  800. i missed half of it cause I was bringing in my trash bins

  801. Thats ok – Jeremy won’t be back next year. He’s got better things to do 🙂

  802. Bad news for Brooklyn, Lin ain’t cheap.

  803. Cliff leaves him out there too…

  804. Lee is limited.

  805. Lol??????

  806. Agreed!

  807. he seems very insecure of his starting spot

  808. he needs to know his place
    hes a scrub on that end

  809. Man Lin to 76ers back with MDA will be unstoppable

  810. I think wanna show the world he can do what Lin did. NOT!!!

  811. I personally think Lin is going to stay if offered a little more money

    by BuzzingAllDay on Apr 25, 2016 | 8:18 PM reply

    WHAT? A little more money on top that $2M player option? lol…you better cough up at least $12M and a starting role.

  812. once you’re benched it’s over for ya. lol

  813. I just installed a new TV BOX and guess what…forgot to buy the audio and video connector cables = =

  814. Yes, next year she will get a pink slip because she is too cheap and non professional!

  815. Half time- The 4 analysts all said Lin came in and made the difference. Ya!

  816. Lol. All my friends are texting sayin Lee is mad selfish. LOL.

  817. Lin took the pressure off for them.

  818. we shouldnt hate on kemba, hes just in the way of linsanity thats the problem

  819. so annoying

  820. Good news for Brooklyn, if you sign Lin you get all the media attention instead of the Knicks.

  821. MJ the GOAT raised his arms up high after a tremendous Lin finish off Kemba’s assist

  822. MDA> Brooklyn

  823. No matter what. Lin is gonna be a hot commodity this off season!

  824. no slip …

  825. It’s sad/hilarious that the only way for the Hornets to win is Kemba and the starters STINKING IT UP. Only then will they let Lin handle the ball and go on an MVP-level tear.

  826. My grandma 88 yrs old said so too, Lol!

  827. thanks, I’ll give it a try!

  828. That’s why we root for them to stink it up so that our man can save them. LOL

  829. He’s only an associate coach now
    both teams are really bad as of now

  830. so true. it’s no wonder a lot of LIn fans root against the hornets

  831. Dig a hole..insert Lin…out of hole…Dig another hole…insert Lin…out of another hole… Dig a …Clifford CAN YOU DIG IT?!!

  832. They will lose next game when Batum comes back
    Ball movement will stop

  833. The only thing Cliff did right today was letting Lin in 1-2 minute earlier at the 6 minute mark lol

  834. I know Lin can thrive under other coaches. but MDA has been proven to be the only coach to truly trust lin

  835. Lol. Yup. Exactly!

  836. Bc they were down …

  837. ok, if you can’t see MJ, find blue-shirt on the left side of the bench

  838. huge elephant in the room for the hornets that lin is better than kemba

  839. Backhanded compliments…hmm…well better than ignoring Jeremy I guess.

  840. Embarrassing to say? #)(#&@)(#&)@#&)*#

  841. It’s honestly what’s best for them. My only concern in the 2nd half is Kemba “heating up.”

    He might try to ISO and get 30+ to be the hero….thereby losing a close game.


  843. look like purple. Purple Rain.


  845. hopefully. Still got another half to play

  846. I hope Kemba doesn’t try to “take over.” That would spell doom.

  847. LIn made a HUGE difference even though he only shot 5 times

  848. Play faster. Wade looks tire.

  849. NBA TV announcers are Mike Fratello and Spero Dedes. I think it was Dedes who said that Lin was the most impactful Hornets player.

  850. Ho hum, yet another Dr J Michael Jordan skywalking hangtime layup from yet another minimum wage bench player.


  851. their audience can’t see the game.

  852. Yep, we need to keep playing fast. I’ve noticed last game they were really tired too.

  853. Lee. Can you finish that?

  854. great move by Kaminsky. He used that spin move all NCAA tournament.

  855. Mike Fratello: “Kemba and Lin backcourt attack with 9-18 shooting, 8-8 FTs”

    Note: 3-5 for JLin

  856. Lee can you dunk?

  857. 3D did as well during the halftime show

  858. Miami rally apart

  859. Miami’s defense strategy…”FOUL EVERYONE TO RESERVE ENERGY ON OFFENSE”

  860. somebody’s got to get Marvin Williams going.

  861. they are a good 1-2 punch though

  862. if he doesn’t have it, we shouldn’t force it.

  863. Jeremy was trying earlier.

  864. even if he doesn’t heat up, he’s gonna try to get his at the detriment of the team

  865. Good to see Hornets kept pushing the pace to open 2nd half
    Miami legs are dead-tired now 🙂

    JLin has set the tone by pushing the pace to a breakneck pace!

  866. Every the commentary knows Lee is for D….

  867. Walker 33333

  868. but yet he’s taking a lot of shots

  869. LOL Jeremy jumping around on sidelines like little kid!

  870. Lin already tore the Heat’s heart out. They look completely defeated.

  871. Walking is shooting ok this game! Glad to see!

  872. The Heat cannot stop Lin’s cuts off the ball.

    Nobody on that old plodding team has the footspeed or court savvy to check Lin.

    All the Heat can do is play tag after Lin.

  873. damn now kemba’s gonna win player of the game

  874. honestly he should save his energy for when he is on the court

  875. Heats falling apart

  876. Not at all.

  877. Good steal walker. Using your speed man!

  878. Kemba’s gonna end up with 30 meaningless points, but we all know who started the spurt

  879. Noooooo

  880. Headline: “Kemba’s 28 points Evens Series”

  881. just look at the field goal attempts lol idc since Lin already got his praise.

  882. good old Alfense

  883. Who cares? We got ourselves a series and Jeremy is playing out of his mind. Let’s gooooo!!!!

  884. White side can’t guard Al

  885. Heat is going to loss this game.

  886. that was great strip by KW

  887. fans know too, Kemba didn’t make a run until Lin set the tone

  888. Heat’s getting destroyed, game already over

  889. A stunning turnaround all started by our man Jlin!

  890. Heats hasn’t score in Q3

  891. damn miami looks deflated

  892. be nice. KW is playing well

  893. i can’t wait for the kemba lovers to say he’s the most important player of the game later

  894. Haha! Lin gutted the Heat. They look like they want to go home.

  895. It was smart to start him. White side hasn’t been the same since Al has started

  896. 2-2, bring in the 3rd stringers

  897. Just root for the team man!

  898. Would be good lol

  899. But a real NBA fans know it was all because of Lin that the Hornets came back to this game.

  900. Exactly. They are teammates and people are noticing Lin stepping up. And he’s doing this against Miami. He’s conquered them and in the playoffs no less. So happy for him and us, Lin fans.

  901. Heat are too good to fall down i expect a comeback at some point

  902. i’m glad both lin and walker are playing well together. hope they can share in victory.

  903. for as long as we win..JLIN is playing inspired that all that matter now!

  904. Kemba will say it himself: “This is my team, my house, I knew I had to step up.”

  905. Yup

  906. Shush!

  907. Hornets with 7-0 run to open the 2nd half.

    Miami looks ready to go back home to ice their knees LOL

  908. Too early to celebrate

  909. Everyone is + today on the Hornets

  910. Nah it’s cool.

    Walker shrugged off his pitiful 1st quarter and started playing a bit more teamball with Lin.

  911. 9-0

  912. fouls will limit their aggressiveness and also take CHA to line sooner.

  913. I expect ref cheating in that game. They’ll try to amp up the drama.

  914. Lin took the team battling up hill now they can enjoy cruising down.

  915. we found out their weakness. They can’t defend when the pace is fast and they get burned out.

  916. I think batum messes with the flow of the offense too much. Slows it down to miami’s pace.

  917. Exactly!

  918. Perfect analogy. Pushed them up the hill on his own, now they can coast.

  919. ya i feel like this will be a 3-3 game and the last game will be the decision. But Hornets should keep doing what they do best. Maybe bring Lin even earlier to set the tone/pace.

  920. Heat are old. They can’t keep up with a fast pace

  921. yes, Batum does not run and gun like Lin

  922. and this is not the right time to divide them…they’re playing well, that is the mosty important thing, no hero ball iso now!

  923. kemba and clifford almost threw the game away in the first quarter and now they’re riding the Lin wave LOL

  924. Batum and Lin is fine, kemba and Lin are fine together, but those 3 together are a disaster

  925. that worries me.

  926. what a stupid call!

  927. I don’t mind if Kemba gets credit (although Lin should too)

    For a moment, I was afraid Lin might stay as a Hornet 🙂
    With limited time and no starter position, Lin will be 99.99% gone
    Next year, without Lin these kind of runs wouldn’t happen

  928. i like Lin/Daniels/Batum backcourt the best

  929. This is true

  930. REf dont’ be their 6th man

  931. I don’t care if KW gets the Glory – It’s his team after all. Bottom line: JL7 gets to play his game and help seal the deal. Both KW & JL7 have game on = Good Win. That’s It! Winning is everything.

  932. Cause you can’t have Kemba and Batum running the point. You need Lin to run the point. Atleast some of it. When all three together, Lin is just a statue because Cliff has his pecking order. It’s Kemba -> Batum -> Lin. Sometimes Lin is pushed back even further to 4th or 5th player.

  933. Hornets will make an offer for sure

  934. Lin will go where he has his own team.

  935. Kemba went under the screen!

  936. The half time comments on Lin said it all!

  937. + Lin helps carrying the team to next round of playoff – HUGE!!

  938. Put Lin in

  939. And he’s (Jeremy) definitely getting attention from some national media for leading the comebacks.

  940. Lin done for the night?

  941. not yet

  942. Game not over yet

  943. lin should come in at around 5 mins

  944. Yea. Or 6 Mins.

  945. ok, foul out Dragic. Get 2 more on Whiteside.

  946. if he does, CC is giving some respect to Lin

  947. the sooner lin comes in the sooner this game will be sealed

  948. Lin in Pls.

  949. Miami getting momentum

  950. Come in NOW.

  951. cannot leave Deng open like that!!! Defense guys

  952. make it 6 please

  953. The more Kemba scores, the more the lead dwindles.

  954. There goes our double digit lead

  955. Need to put Lin now….play like no tomorrow Cliff demmit!!!!

  956. MW is missing a lot of open 3s

  957. The offense is getting too predictable right now.

  958. Offense stagnant with Kemba. D needs tightening up.

  959. i take that back lmao lin needs to come in now!

  960. time for Lin

  961. Miami making a run was inevitable. Hornets starters never fail to fail.

  962. All he times!

  963. Heat cut the lead to single digits. time to put Lin back in

  964. agree

  965. cmon clifford. i know you want to stat pad kemba but there’s this is an important game..

  966. LinSurance!

  967. miami just went n a 10-1 roll

  968. He’s off

  969. I think its time to bring man with the bun back into the game.

  970. NBA site..4 out of 6 videos on Kemba’s play, none on Lin 🙁

  971. MJ must be thinking, “Lin deserves a max contract if he can pull the lead away again.”

  972. you mean Hawes? 😉

  973. Who cares

  974. Kemba too focused on his stats. Every possession is him with the attempted assist or bucket.

    Hornets standing around on both ends now.

  975. plus no trade clause

  976. they’ll start at 12mil

  977. Trying to sell Jordan shoes!

  978. I’m counting on his wife saying so because she might be just watching the game without past decisions bias.

  979. Before there’s no more lead ><

  980. Clifford needs to put Lin in.
    Can’t afford to let the Heat get back momentum

    10-1 Heat run to make it 49-58

  981. They should use Al when KW on the floor with him. Get whiteside in foul trouble.

  982. Most girls/women like Lin too

  983. heat with 10-1 run

  984. Whatever Lin got the half time

  985. everybody is tired now, not only wade…he among others should know the meaning of pace!

  986. yep, he as a sweetness and yet he is a killah on the court.

  987. LOL! Even w/ the big lead, KW cannot control the tempo of the game and let Heat gets their stride back. The reason? He plays for his own stats thinking Hornets are in the lead. That was how Heat won Game 1 and 2. It’s pathetic that Lin is only reinserts when Hornets are in trouble, SMH!

  988. 12-1 run

  989. Put Lin back in!!!!!

  990. Like i said Heat would make a comeback

  991. Clifffordddddddddd wake upppppp!!!!!!!!

  992. stop feeding Al! he’s 4-11

  993. kam again the tap out to MIA


  995. clifford duh

  996. Clifford’s stubbornness is going to lose this game.

  997. OMG

  998. See it is the FACT! Lin sit the lead evaporated!

  999. Time out!!!!


  1001. MJ must be boiling inside.


  1003. 15-1 run

  1004. Insert Lin in Cliff!!!

  1005. MIA within 4, time for Lin

  1006. Kemba too casual

  1007. God Damn put Lin back in already!

  1008. 17-1 run

  1009. Facking Clifforddddd

  1010. How about a time out Cliff?

  1011. Omg! clifford still not putting Lin in?

  1012. Momentum totally gone

  1013. THERE GOES THE LEAD CLIFF ! you happy now

  1014. 15-1 run by MIA without Lin

  1015. Kemba’s MO, either digs deep or gives away big lead.

  1016. This offense AND defense look terrible…

  1017. Cliff seems a little stubborn at times.

  1018. LOL so bad

  1019. Cliff REALLY doesn’t want Lin to shine.


  1021. Cifford, your answer is on the bench.

  1022. Lin gives you a lead. You give him a tie game

  1023. This is stupid basketball!

  1024. 17-1 run in 2 minutes

  1025. Omg embarrassing

  1026. 17-1 run Heat run to make it 54-58

    When will Cliff put @JLin7 in?

  1027. Damn MJ look lost…..

  1028. LOL 2 point game. Clifford is horrible.


  1030. look pissed

  1031. So very stubborn

  1032. This was so predictable.

  1033. the team looked lost really … had no confidence without Lin.

  1034. Agreed!

  1035. Lol…..

  1036. Its coach’s fault…

  1037. Stupid coach didn’t insert Lin on the first timeout, now the lead down to 2.

  1038. “TOLD YA SO” – Lin fans.

  1039. Lol Jordan

  1040. 3rd quarter woes returning for this team. Where is the adjust Clifford. Why isn’t Lin in??? Why isn’t Kaminsky posting up???

  1041. Stupid Clifford still playing POLITICS.

    Trying to elevate Lee and Walker at Lin’s expense.

  1042. Calm down everyone, Cliff’s got money on the Heat. *smh*

  1043. They really know how to dig holes, i couldnt believe this!

  1044. Go Lin!

  1045. like Cliff said, nothing to adjust.


  1047. Clifford is really digging deep………….holes for Lin to bail them out of.

  1048. LOL is right. starters proving they’re just as bad as they were in the first quarter

  1049. Clifford is just following the Linsanity script.

  1050. Pissing me off How hard Lin has to work and all of it thrown away

  1051. lol.

  1052. Lin should play at least 36mins to win this series..

  1053. Agreed

  1054. good open look for Lin, just a tad too strong

  1055. Lin is a bench player


  1056. pass the ball or sit Kemba

  1057. Winslow on Lin again.

  1058. Kemba will never be able to lead this team to feel playoff run.

  1059. Spo is smart!

  1060. nice move kemba

  1061. ok ok

  1062. Like Ultraman, he’s only good for three minutes…

  1063. hornets starters destroyed momentum, team play, spacing, EVERYTHING that Lin worked so hard to get them. now Lin has to work even harder to regain it

  1064. that’s all you hear from these commentators…so frustrating

  1065. Yea! 4 foul on whiteside!!!!

  1066. like I said KEMBABALL Only works for a little bit

  1067. yeahhhhh boy offensive foul

  1068. 4 fouls on whiteside

  1069. Lin should drive on Winslow, Lin should be faster than him

  1070. Clifford proving he can’t learn

  1071. Post Frank….Sigh…

    Should be post Lin.

  1072. nice foul draw by Kam on Whiteside!

  1073. I mean Zeller

  1074. Richardson you #@!$#$#!$

  1075. Was listening to the half time show on hornet radio broadcast, gave all the credit to Kemba and bit to Lee. LOL.

  1076. LIn comes back in and the intensity picks up right away

  1077. 3q4m Lin guarding Wade

  1078. Awww. Lin fell for it again.

  1079. Kemba icing Lin out

  1080. Classic Wade

  1081. Why kemba can not score without lin on the court? lol

  1082. This is the real game now

  1083. Kemba getting hot is not a good thing. If Lin says away

  1084. Kemba out

  1085. you can’t bite on Wade’s 20 ft jumper.

  1086. Let Lin run the offense!!!!!!!

  1087. Clif reacted to lin foul was classless.

  1088. Foul??????

  1089. Pn R all the way

  1090. JLin is not warm yet after sitting for too long
    Cliff needs to be smarter not to sit JLin’s hot hands for too long *sigh*

  1091. Winslow is good. We need a faster pace

  1092. Clifford lost this…

  1093. next year without Lin, this hornets team will fall even harder than the rox. this is a lottery team

  1094. God it they lost this game, I am gonna be really really mad at Clifford.

  1095. Lin was fouled twice going to the rim but no call

  1096. Yea. SMH!

  1097. he’s too stubborn when it comes to his starters. He’s too biased.

  1098. nice move zeller

  1099. So mad at Cliff and Kemba ruining this lead. All to statpad that chucker.

  1100. attack stoudemire

  1101. Lin brings energy

  1102. Richardson is really really long!

  1103. 3q230 Lin guarding Richardson (and vv)

  1104. Lin and William

  1105. But not as fast as Lin!


  1106. Hope that will get Williams going!

  1107. Iso Joe failed

  1108. Teddyb
    Lin shouldn’t leave the floor for the rest of the game….

    From hornets realgm

  1109. Great block MW!

  1110. That will get MW going

  1111. Great block by MW and Lin stepping in front

  1112. 3q150 great D by Lin on Richardson. Went vertical, and allowed Marvin to block the shot

  1113. Silly Clifford banking his job on Kemba. He will lose his job soon enough

  1114. Lin making small deposits again after Kemba emptied the joint bank account~

  1115. that’s terrible Lee, wide open look!

  1116. kemba should never return to the floor the rest of the game

  1117. Can Lee ever finish a layup?

  1118. Clifford killed the momentum… starters lost the lead… again…

  1119. Yup. Lin should have go in way earlier.

  1120. Lin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1121. Yeaahhhhhhhh LIn and 111111111

  1122. 222222 and 111111111

  1123. Clifford again showing he is Miami’s best defender

  1124. What happened? lol my feed is so slow

  1125. And 1 baby!!!!!!!!!!! Nice cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1126. what a cut Lin!!!

  1127. Lin made a killer move!

  1128. His eyes are o focused man

  1129. Go go go Hornets. Defense!

  1130. AND ONE. He’s got his rhythm back.

    Nice try icing him, Cliff!

  1131. Williams all excited! nice D

  1132. Shut the I*#&)@#&) Heats! Is Hornets ball!

  1133. When Lin makes a play, it feels so rewarding. You can feel the game shifting.

  1134. I love marvin

  1135. Me too!

  1136. Kemba isn’t a bad guy. He just has no idea how to play PG.

  1137. LIN EFFECT.

  1138. trade Kemba for a potato! yeah, i said it. a potato is worth more than kemba

  1139. what hustle!! Lin-fectious!

  1140. He never grew out of streetball level.

  1141. He is a SG

  1142. Lin makes everyone so pump up, in the Arena and at home!!!

  1143. Come on, Cody. Lin was going to nail a jumper.

  1144. Good D!!!

  1145. NO SHOTS!!!

  1146. Not fair, he’d still make a good 16-20 min sixth man.




  1150. 3q0:15 Lin showing good handles against Richardson.

  1151. Man this team is soon LIIIINNNNSPIRED

  1152. JLin game high +21

  1153. The Jeremy Lin effect!

  1154. He’s got no PG instinct.

  1155. Wow this time VIP Box is up to real time. Not 2 mins behind. LOL>

  1156. Don’t be insulting potatoes. I love potatoes.

    Kemba is cow pie.

  1157. Lin +21, Kemba -3.

  1158. Best defender against LIn so for Miami is his own coach…Clifford…LOL!!!!!

  1159. For sure! Lin is the man that make his teammates better!

  1160. Until now, I have never ever seen a playoff team where the bench was so much better than the starters.

  1161. I don’t always pay attention to +/- but here’s it tells the whole story.

  1162. D tightened up once Jeremy was in.

  1163. Is it just me, or does the heat somehow misses it’s shots when Lin is in?

  1164. I think the zeller foul was a makeup call.

  1165. It all because of you (Lin).


  1166. Lin is going to make a 3 this game…and it will ice the game.

  1167. Cliff should have called a time-out when Heats picked up the momentum!

  1168. rox playoffs 2 years ago. have u forgotten LIn in that series?


    I will read and agree with every ridiculous comment about Lin if he keeps playing like this lol

    by matt511 on Apr 25, 2016 | 9:00 PM reply

    I think Hornets fans are having a change of heart


    and also Lin passing to guys forces the Heat to actually play defense, thus taking energy away from shooting.

  1171. Lin keeps breaking records.

  1172. He calls time out only when Lin gets hot.

  1173. I was screaming in front of the monitor saying TIME OUT!!!!

  1174. what has Stephanie Ready got to say now?

  1175. Wade went to the locker room.