Playoff Round 1 Game 1 CHA @ MIA Game Thread

The 1st game of Playoff is finally here for Jeremy Lin and the Hornets. The NBA analyst predicts a potential upset because the Hornets and the Heat share the same regular season record but since the Heat holds the home-court advantage the HoopHabit experts are still split, 23 percent have the Hornets and the upset, the remaining 77 percent have the Heat.

  • In 04/16 post-practice interview, JLin expressed the need for the Hornets to attack the paint despite the Heat having the best shotblocker in the league in Hassan Whiteside. It would have to start with Al Jefferson and also the guards. It’s understandable because it would open up more space for 3pt shooters if the Heat worries about protecting the paint.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin can solve the trapping defense of Miami Heat and helps the Hornets to play teamball to pull an upset on a road game.

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Guess JLin's stats in Playoff Rd 1 Game 1 vs MIA


  1. Hey!!

  2. Let’s go Jlin! ! ! Spank the Miami beaches! ! !

  3. Hahaha. ..caller on nba radio says the rockettes should forfeit the 4th game when they go down 3-0…. make sense to me

  4. Playoffs are a new slate. If Lin can play a crucial role in helping the Hornets win the series, he will gain a lot of demand in the offseason.

    Miami’s typically been a kryptonite for Lin, but I have confidence that Lin will overcome their game plan and help the Hornets win the series. Let’s go Lin and Hornets!

  5. was this recently posted? Cause Jason Terry did push Lin in the back. What Blake did to that player in that video was the same thing Kobe did to Lin.

  6. The playoffs will surely guide Lin’s value this summer

  7. If they double Lin, just pass it out to the open guy.

  8. Posted Jan 16

  9. Lin outside shooting is crucial in this series,if he continually sink his mid range and 3 ball MIAMI will be in great trouble and 1 more thing Kemba’s minutes need to be trimmed down

  10. Yes, it is. But no way the refs are giving Kobe or Aldridge a FF2 because it would be automatic ejection.

  11. Miami/Spo does a great job shutting down simple PnR action. A lot of top PGs have problems.

    But Lin’s relative struggles against the Heat have more to do with his usage. When frozen out as a backup SG, he’s relegated to being an off-rhythm jump-shooter. Almost no one in the NBA can do that and Lin is no different.

    Clifford is not like Pop, Kerr or Stevens. He’s not smart enough to design an offense beyond simplistic iso, PnR and post-up sets. Lin actually did well in the season opener against Miami when he hit his jumpers, so he has to have that clicking. It was nice to see him finish the last two games strong with his jumper.

    Also, the NBA keeps denying Lin’s non-calls, but all the media attention could influence refs to treat Lin fairly. So he can’t stop driving into the paint, Whiteside or not. Hopefully, he uses some nice pump fakes to get easy FTs.

  12. Lin and Rockets vs warriors 5-2
    Rockets minus Lin vs warriors 1-13

  13. LOL

  14. Bg tried to apologize but still got the ff2 where as that punk kobe didn’t even try to look at Jlin while he is on the floor….classless azzhole

  15. Now that is some solid stats

  16. But to be fair , this warriors ascension really started last season

  17. who’s Bg?

  18. Patrick Beverley catching so much heat on twitter

  19. Lin fans who don’t know should know about implicit bias.

    When commentators say, “Of course there’s no conspiracy to foul Lin extra hard!” or “Of course the refs aren’t racist and trying to not give Lin calls because of race!”

    Well, I know some people here think that, and maybe it’s true, but I think even if it’s wrong, it’s beside the point. Implicit bias affects all of us, psychologists know it’s there, and it’s subconscious. You can only measure it by tests and behavior. My guess is that it’s very likely that the racists have implicit bias.

  20. Blake griffin

  21. From what I can see at kkklutch fans…Corry brewer is getting the blame…smh

  22. I feel sorry for him bc Rox always asked him to do the dirty job & he got hated by lots of fans…. smh!

  23. Why? Couldn’t shoot well?

  24. Nah he is just of low character and a dirty player w/o BBIQ.

  25. Because their superstar hogden is above criticism.

  26. I think your Rockets now is a better team if they just kept Lin or never acquired Harden,being Harden as a PG and SG will bury this team in long years.Playing an iso style is very hard to play in a team effort style offense.

  27. Did kkklutch the ” number is clear” hater also give him heat?

  28. No, for what we gave up, Harden was a steal and he’s a superstar but they should have kept Lin, would’ve have solved the problems they have now. Beverley is pure garbage at this point. Should have kept Lin and play him and Harden like how Clifford plays Kemba and Batum. Would have been the best back court in the NBA.

  29. Don’t be, he wants to play dirty, he deserves the hate

  30. They are dumb

  31. your “star” is a liability…

  32. 29-7.5-6 is not a liablity

  33. if at the expense of the team, yes it is…

  34. its not like the rest of the players can do anything
    7.5apg as a SG hes doing a decent job distributing the ball

  35. When is 6moy announced?

  36. the rest of the players are not doing anything BECAUSE of him… lol

  37. how P Bev becomes famous, follow Jason Terry and be most hated player in the NBA.

  38. Harden is an A1 talent no question about that but he can’t make his team better and just one dimensional,if FT’s was taken away from him he become an ordinary player.

  39. jlin would make a fantastic coach… but i don’t like the new haircut!

  40. He’s the ONLY bright spot of that team
    Keep hating but he is one of the best players in the NBA

  41. Your team is talented bunch but aren’t you wondering why they look so awful on the court?

  42. not hating… i simply disagree with you…

  43. ATL got this

  44. garbage player on a garbage organization…

  45. He does everything but yes he relies heavily on FTs and he needs help.
    Lin can help him big time. If he’s willing to share the ball a little with Lin and let Lin run the offense when he’s sitting, they can make a deadly backcourt
    Lin and Ariza will have to cover him on defense thou, that’s why I think Ariza is better for this team than Parsons

  46. That’s a relatively serious sprained ankle if Kerr is already declaring that Curry is questionable for Monday. If it were mild sprain, coach wouldn’t declare status so early.

  47. Fair enough

  48. i want boston to lose bc of isiah thomas…

  49. Can’t agree more. It’s ugly to me. smh!

  50. Not that talented anymore. Jones and DMo are way too injury prone, Brewer doing well but just a back up level player. DH12, I dont even know. They need another playmaker like Lin
    Harden has been phenomenal but he can’t do it all

  51. lol… actually, i don’t want him to be a coach… i want him to OWN a team…

  52. There was a glimpse of that during their 1st yr together but your team decided to go in a different way,they bashed Lin to the mean even he helped the team to reach the playoff coming of from a lottery season.

  53. same

  54. i don’t mind his hairstyle, looks like a samurai

  55. OWN a team? You mean like MJ as a boss or has his own team as main guy?

  56. oh, good question… definitely own as in being the owner… but in the short term, as a player, his own team!

  57. He doesn’t have the money to buy a team now or even after he retired… I only hope he can be a real PG for his future team. As #1 guy, probably will not.

  58. well, his own team as a player could lead to being an owner as in owning a team! i want him to be in control and call the shots…

  59. Too late for that brother but I still believe that your team can beat any team in the WEST if you played the right way,you have one of the best athletic defender that cAn compliment your so called star by the name of ARIZA,you have a bunch athletic PF that can play their role although you have the oldest guard in the league you should still at least can compete with GSW,tell HARDEN to play the right way and improved his defense you can be a powerhouse again next year.Lin will be getting a good contract next year and it’s too impossible for him to go back to Rockets

  60. Refs are actually “reviewing” fouls in the playoffs. They need to do that more with Lin. Just gave flagrant foul after review.

  61. so satisfying watching gsw crush rox… garbage organization…

  62. Go Atlanta! hehehehe

  63. oh yes he is phenomenal for his wonderful defense and ISO bricks.

  64. Things are different now
    Harden wants to win
    I’m sure if Lin comes back, he will have a much bigger role

  65. Haha! In 1st half that’s so fun to watch Harden looked like a fool on court. Rox looked like a loser. LOL!

  66. I think NBA gave them the wish that’s why King rest almost all their starters. smh!

  67. classy.

  68. isiah thomas sukking… ha ha!

  69. Finally!

  70. By making the playoffs they lose their first round draft pick and now they get thoroughly embarrassed on national television.

  71. Didn’t watch the game… Good to know. lol!

  72. First person to hard foul Lin is going to get a lot of review

  73. Really? Haha! For the first time, I saw how bad Harden looked in the game…. Really made my day. LOL!

  74. they’ve always reviewed hard fouls… just not for Lin

  75. That’s true.

  76. That’s why I really loved Boston to play with them if we just won 2 more games

  77. Ya! Too bad.

  78. Rockets becoming the joke of the NBA. LOL Karma

  79. Refs don’t give him fouls he’s not such a “superstar” any more and still a defensive liability.

  80. Ya! Plus in 2nd half GSW already gave him more space otherwise he would look really really bad in stats.

  81. Fool’s gold

  82. Nah, it is automatic flagrant foul to debunk the 814 statistics, So Whiteside should be careful.

  83. Hope he will have good game tomorrow.

  84. From the stat, seem like Celtics is really struggling to play with Hawks. 51 v 34 in half time. Great job Hawks!

  85. and the Celtics are back in the game …

  86. I know. Sad to learn when I checked from about 15 min ago!!!!!!

  87. Ya! Just watched few min of 3rd Q, Alt couldn’t score….

  88. wow Celtics are up

  89. Seem like Hawks can’t maintain its own momentum. 82 (Hawks) v 83 with 6:42 left.

  90. lol. IT with the superstar calls. but he’s choking big time

  91. Couldn’t agree more. One simply needs to look at Harden and Lin’s first three games together. They’ve never played together in their lives, yet looked like Splash Jr. out there. The narcissism and idiocy of Morey killed what could’ve been a spectacular backcourt duo.

  92. Defensively he IS, which is why Rox kept Bev.

  93. why they keep letting korver shoot? He’s 1 for 10…sit him lol

  94. he’s their best 3 point shooter. just not today

  95. im just too used to how coaches bench Lin when he’s not performing early

  96. OUCH!!!

  97. 2 point game

  98. need to make 2 fts to end the game. WIth 5 seconds left, if they’re up 4, they should just let Celtics go coast to coast.

  99. lol. so true. you gotta think differently when it comes to Lin. remember, a clothesline and an uppercut are deemed not statistically significant enough to warrant a flagrant foul

  100. 1 pt game with 0.4 seconds, it’s over.

  101. only chance for BOS is by stealing and getting fouled.

  102. i think the series is over for the Celtics if Bradley is out

  103. that almost happened!

  104. okc fans are so disciplined lol

  105. The Talent is definitely there. Went to the Western Conf Finals with almost identical roster. What they need is to work together and play with more effort. Harden is the alpha and he did not bring it this year, If they played with the same teamwork and effort as ATL, the Rockets could be top 4. They still could not beat GSW, but who can?

  106. I think next game Celtics will win bc Hawks just can’t shoot well.

  107. Lin beat GSW only once last season in four tries (trying to tank)
    Rockets beat GSW only once last season in seven tries (trying to win)

  108. Avery Bradley is injured and he’s their best defender

  109. once he went down, the Celtics lost the lead. he’s by far their best defender

  110. a pop means serious injury like the one KB suffer yrs ago, right??? Don’t think Bradley is able to return for this series and months….. Unless some players in Boston can ball up, Boston will have a hard time to win this series.

  111. i’m just enjoying Lowry’s playoffs meltdown, again. lol. 3/13 shooting, 1-7 threes, 6 TO’s, 11 points. yikes!

  112. Can he play next game? Alt just can’t make the shot so….

  113. This game is so boring, not like playing the playoffs at all…= =

  114. i think KB suffered from a knee injury among others things. Bradley’s is reported as a hamstring injury.. not sure how he can hear a “pop” from a hamstring injury though. must be serious

  115. Don’t believe he can if what I suspect is the injury.

  116. Sound like something is broken. That isn’t good at all.

  117. I’m not judging any player until the end of the round. Lowry had a bad game. That happens. Anyone is capable of a bad game. And Lin may have a bad first game as well (hoping not, but it’s possible). The same considerations I give to Lin I give to any other basketball players. At the end of 7, or as long as the series goes, that’ll more determine their play. Lowry can come back and have big games, as can Harden and others. We’ll see.

  118. Lowry has never played well in the playoffs

  119. It looks like the only competitive west 1st round series will be clippers-blazers

    2nd round is gonna be monster though – spurs, warriors, okc, clippers

  120. Understood. He has another chance this season to remedy that.

  121. hey, when you’re the starter and the franchise player for some reason, you get all the chances in the world

  122. remember this from last year’s playoffs?

  123. Mavs getting blown out by the thunder…this is a lesson for Cuban for choosing Senoir citizen deron william and fat Felton over Jlin…hahaha

  124. Wow the refs are review the foul on barer for flagan….not even close to the fouls Jlin got….F the refs!!!

  125. I will look at it if you promise to tell me how you feel about the Jlin foul situation

  126. 59-33. That ‘s really bad.

  127. Ho Ho
    Not bad enough.

  128. he lost deandre jordan, he lost j lin

  129. Lol

  130. Reminds me another “star” who is a below average player in playoffs.

  131. That’s the reaction from the video showing how incompetent the refs doing their job.

  132. WOW Mavs is really bad. It’s 90 v 49 with still 0:52 left in 3rd qtr.

  133. It’s. I turned to another channel. I think they will get 0-4.

  134. Actually thats why they got Ariza

  135. I didn’t watch any games except checking stat periodically. Only doing this because JLin is in playoffs. Otherwise I don’t care much about playoffs.

    Seem like it’s quite easy task in Western Conference to go into second round.

  136. Agreed. Morey is very smart but he won’t get you a ship he ruined the rockets repuation to an extent he might be fired soon.

  137. JLin better not play like Dennis Schroder did tonight or he’ll get about the same playing time as Schroder…

  138. Just checking in now, folks !
    DWill – 2pts Vs Big Loss to OKC – Uh huh…

  139. I watched full GSW vs Rox & it’s so fun for 1st half to see how bad Harden & Rox played … Really fun!!!

  140. LOLOLOL Good on you. I just don’t want to see JH and PB face and/or Rox if I can help it. Now has extended to Terry as well.

  141. Believe Mavs has surrendered themselves now.

  142. Also during half time that three commentators from ESPN all laughed at Harden’s poor game. 4 pts, 4 TOs, & 4 fouls.

  143. Schroder played bad. I think Cliff needs Lin. I am not worry about his playing time on court. I think Batum maybe will not play a lot bc I saw him bring the suit bag… so he maybe will sit out for 2nd game?

  144. Well done Mark Cuban.

  145. Bosh is definitely out of playoffs. Wonder whether this is a career ending for him. It’s only getting worse and not getting better with his blood clot issue. It happened second time within a year. That isn’t good at all.

  146. Just check box score… only Dirk got 18 pts the rest all under 10…??? What’s wrong w these players? Mattews 18M only 7 pts?? DW is over.

  147. mmmh Seem like wheel has turned 180 degree after JLin left.

  148. Agreed!

  149. Those r really classless individuals…

  150. Well, it looks like back to the drawing board for Cuban’s Mavs this summer

  151. He got what he asked for it. LOL!

  152. Guys that rupture their achilles are toast. No way would I have paid Wes Matthews. Cuban has too much money and not enough sense.

  153. Harden without foul calls = Deron Williams

  154. Lowry doesnt get yanked around. Nor is he subjected to inconsistent and backseat play. Lowry is given playing time on a silver platter with the green light to do pretty much whatever he wants. Big difference here.

  155. I think he’s just too emotional when made these decision…. Besides Dumb no other ward can describe him. LOL!

  156. Hoping he has speedy full recovery.

  157. Cubans brilliance… overpay an over the hill.over rated jerk.

  158. The stat of Mavs is awful except Nowitzki. He played 25:19 min with 7-15 18 pts. W Matthews played 29:21 min with 3-10 7 pts, Mejri the center played 15:32 min with 0-0 1 pts; JJ Barae 16:14 min with 1-6
    2 pts. The worst was D Williams. He played 21:41 with 1-9 2 pts. (Note: Didn’t watch the game just the stat.) Result: Mavs 70 v Thunder 108.

  159. Yes, that’s serious.

  160. Can’t agree more after last FA.

  161. I just liked seeing harden and bev choke. 7 fouls by half. Losers … fouling steph like that.

  162. Steph smoked Terry.for you.

  163. Exactly. I don’t think he played well in any playoff games I saw from last season & today.

  164. LOLOLOL

  165. As stat watcher today, I’m so glad to see the mega loss on both Rox and Mavs to the point of embarrassment. Well done DM and Cuban!!!!! (Am I too mean to these teams??? Nah!!!)

  166. So cute!!!

  167. Has anyone seen this? Jared Dudley on First Take re J LIn flagrant fouls.

  168. Not at all. They all just got what they asked for it. LOL!

  169. Yes we did on last thread.

  170. I know. I dislike Rox, Lakers the most. Followed by Knicks and Mavs. Guess I’m a typical Chinese. I’ve a long long memory on who has done wrong to JLin:-)

  171. Haha! I know how you feel…. LOL!

  172. …and you haven’t even mentioned c parsons

  173. CP didn’t play. Oh! Do you know CP said he will not mind back to Rox this summer? Can’t believe this guy… I think maybe the marriage w his beloved boss Cuban it’s over…. In fact, I really hope he can back to Rox so Harden will treat him well. LOL!

  174. At last a non fawning article. Kobe and the likes of him is the reason I never liked the nba. Lin got me reacquainted again.

  175. yep we did. Yesterday. I’m just glad it’s making waves.

  176. He won’t be seeing a lot of money anymore plus Alex felt betrayal by Parsons.

  177. I give Dallas a break. No one drafted LIn. Mavs put him in their summer league. If Mavs never played Lin vs John Wall in the Vegas Summer League then Lin would not be in the NBA. After that game, Mavs, Lakers, and Warriors offered him a contract. Warrior was the only guaranteed contract and his favorite team so he went to GSW. They did eventually cut him after his rookie year but the rest is history.

    Actually we should hate GSW. They cut Lin. Mavs never did.

  178. Bosh seems like a good guy. Just pray he stays healthy. Basketball is really secondary. This condition is very serious.

  179. Let’s not snarky here. It might happen to Lin too. karma!

  180. Will Pop rest players during a playoff series too. I bet he would do it if it didn’t look so disrespectful.

  181. I don’t get the hate for Lowry. How is he related to Lin?

  182. Barney always bring good memories of Selena Gomez.

  183. Really sad. Bradley famous for his defense but he isn’t bad on offense. Seems to play well on both ends of the court.

  184. Mavs offered a contract but was gong to send him to D League. GSW barely let Lin play before cutting him.

  185. Saw this on YT. A little JLin 2015-16 highlight for your enjoyment…

  186. Nice treat before big day.

  187. If JLin can lead the Hornets to go to Round 2, who’s brave enough to get his Linsanity haircut? 🙂
    c_thabarber(IG):I got a chance today to get the bro @JLin7 aka Linsanity fresh for the playoffs this weekend.

  188. Joy Jeng ‏@Loveforlife0323
    Charlotte Hornets’ @JLin7 is a mystery to everyone but himself

  189. double pony for the playoffs!

  190. Hi Psalm, uhhhmmmm we kinda need you in the Team Flagrant thread. 🙂

  191. Alex Kennedy ✔ ‎@AlexKennedyNBA
    Scott Brooks is interested in becoming the Lakers’ next coach, if Byron Scott is let go. Good stuff, @EricPincus:

  192. got it 🙂

  193. Yeah, I’m glad Rich Cho didn’t give one of Chalotte’s Draft picks to Houston. Although, they could really use Dwight Howard’s rim protection right now.

  194. PBev is really a punk…
    I didn’t really dislike him before but the episode with SC30 really ticked me off! Then again, thanks for ticking SC30 off so that he can get more pumped up to destroy your team more sooner. Just like JL7 – others think he’s soft so that they can punk him and rattle him.

  195. Learn this game will be played @0330 my time here. Most likely I’m only able to watch the very last part of the 4th qtr if I wake early enough:-( Hopefully I will see JLin does well and have the win.

  196. Hornets getting to the Semi will be one of my wishes up there… This – will – validate – all – that JL7 has gone through – in LA (better than Kobe’s 2 years ago), in NY (better than Melo’s team), in Hou (better than Harden’s). Going to the end and reach the Cavs – It would be a dream season come true. Desperately seeking Linsanity 2.0.

  197. Facing the Cavs will definitely help JLin if he scores well and win some games.

  198. Did Curry injure his ankle? Hope he’s alright, glad Kerr refuses to play him can’t risk losing their MVP. And they can totally destroy the Rockets without Curry.

  199. Yes he did. He may not play next game.

  200. really good JLIn left that toxic-pathetic team…KARMA -knicks, H-town, lakers-teams whose locker rooms are doom and gloom…The Lord works in mysterious ways..hope won’t happen with the hornets tho when JLin would leave…his teammates have been nice to him

  201. The expected sometimes hurts the worst in Rockets’ ugly loss to Warriors (save people from clicking the article)

    Most expect the 2015-16 NBA Playoffs to be an entertaining, yet largely predetermined, charade until the Western Conference Finals begin, and what ensued Saturday afternoon between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors certainly did nothing to dispel this notion.

    In fact, the expectations are so low for this Rockets squad that in a recent television poll by Houston’s own KPRC 2, fans voted them to have exactly a zero percent chance of getting out of the first round.

    After taking their 104-78 drubbing at the hands of the surging defending champion Warriors, it wasn’t the loss — or even the margin of victory — that was the most disturbing. Rather, it was the lack of heart displayed by this entire Rockets team.

    Before discussing the Rockets it should be noted that the Warriors looked at the peak of their powers despite Stephen Curry tweaking his ankle, and the reigning MVP was held out against his will merely for precautionary reasons by his shrewd head coach Steve Kerr. Kerr told the
    media after the game that “we expect to be playing for a couple of more months in these playoffs, there’s no reason to push it now in a game like that.”

    Indeed coach.

    Despite shooting just 42.9 percent from the field as a team, the Warriors’ ball movement and team effort still overwhelmed Houston. Meanwhile, the Rockets’ offense looked like an inefficient AAU team spearheaded by a bewildered self-serving star.

    In February, CBS’s Ken Berger reported that the Rockets’ locker room had become “borderline toxic” with teammates understanding that Harden had the ability to hire and fire coaches and players alike. Berger went on to explain that players felt obligated to perpetually feed the ball to last year’s runner-up for MVP, and cited that as the reason why Dwight Howard’s usage and production was, and presumably would remain to be, down.

    This report was never more clear Saturday when Harden’s teammates perpetually forced the ball to him and essentially got out of the way, figuratively and literally. What ensued was Harden getting overtly frustrated over a lack of foul calls as well as the lack of off-the-ball movement and effort of his teammates.

    Coming off a season that saw a Western Conference Finals appearance, few expected this Rockets team to squeak into the playoffs and lay an egg like this in Game 1 — nor continue to support a growing narrative of not being championship-caliber. However, those that follow me know they can count me in as one of the few that did. I’ve unabashedly stated that Houston would never win a championship with Harden as piece No. 1, and/or with a core that included Harden and Howard — and will continue to stand by it.

    The reason I was so confident about this despite last year’s run is simple: The Rockets don’t play the game of basketball the right way, or in a fashion that’s conducive to winning championships.

    At it’s core, basketball is a team sport that requires harmonious effort and synchronized execution. Something that Harden has seemingly been hell-bent at negating ever since his departure from the Oklahoma City Thunder in order to become the proverbial “face-of-a-franchise.” Upon accomplishing his goal, Howard was then brought in to ensure the
    team could compete. Not surprisingly, Howard was met with what looks like immediate resentment by Harden. Subsequently, the internal self-destruct time-clock on this Rockets team was set in motion.

    The sabotaging of Howard came shortly thereafter in Harden trying to run him out of town. This ultimately led to Berger’s aforementioned report regarding teammates being afraid to do anything but run their entire offense through Harden every possession. This was true last season as well, however, Harden was good enough to combat the chemistry and flow issues in the short term. But like any wound, it festers if not treated properly.

    Now, fans are merely witnessing what one year of — dare I say — infected play can do to do a squad.

    Indeed, Harden appears to continue to barrel down the Carmelo Anthony path in his career. A great scorer that’ll never win a championship as a No. 1 piece on a team. Even the most ardent Harden fans have begun to notice his attitude and effect on his team’s demeanor and continuous apathy on defense.

    Meanwhile, the Warriors continue to redefine the game from beyond the arc while staying true to the game’s core: teamwork, ball movement and harmony of play. What we witnessed Saturday — while expected — was nothing short of painful to consume. Fan or not. For the sake of Rockets Nation, let’s hope that Harden begins to accept the obvious regarding his approach to the game before it’s too late for his legacy.

  202. Seem like Rox is a lot worse than what I’ve anticipated but I ain’t surprise to see the outcome. This writer apparently reported what we have seen for the 2 years when JLin was there. DM is definitely feeding a monster in that organization. So JH is definitely Melo if not worse than Melo and his gangs. One good thing that Phil Jackson has done a great good for Knicks is get rid of Melo’s gangs like JR Smith…. With Rox, as long as DM is still there, it will only get worse for Rox. Can’t wait to see what happens after they exit the first round.

  203. These playoff games is a huge opportunity for Lin to put himself in display for this summer free agencies…I’m sure there may be a few teams out there that are wondering whether he could lead their team and they base some of their decision on how Lin plays.

    Let’s all hope Lin can have a few Linsanity games in the first round, that would help him out greatly this summer if his goal is to look for a team that he can start.

  204. I think if Hornets beat Heat then they will in Eastern Final vs Cav. I can’t wait for today’s game to start…. I believe Lin can do it.

  205. Wow! These response from different teams fans to Lin’s letter in Reddit are fun to read…Got from another side….

    1. “—I’m a Cavs fan who saw this on the NBA sub. But damn, this is freaking awesome!!! I hope we play you guys in the conference finals. Jeremy is the man. Kemba is a dog (in the most complimentary way). Batum is a Swiss Army knife. I’m rooting for you guys. Go BuzzCity!!—-

    2. A fan from Canada, Clagory, respond to Lin’s letter on Reddit.
    Jlin, this is really awesome.
    I just want you to know that when I’m teaching my neighbors’ kids about basketball, you’re the example I use when it comes to grit and determination. You’re an inspiration even to an older dude like me, and the way you stay true to

    your faith is really commendable.

    Best of luck in the playoffs.

    -a Raps fan in Calgary

    3. ” Do you want me to buy your jersey? Because this is how you get me to buy your jersey.”

    4. “”As a season ticket holder since the Bobcats inception THANK YOU for coming to Charlotte! This has easily been the most fun I’ve had watching a team since back in our original Hornets days. It doesn’t go unnoticed how much you guys care about winning as you compete every night when you could easily be competing with one another. I hope you can all come back next season, but for right now we’re dying to see our first playoff win in years. Go get it for us, we’ll be ready for you when you return from Miami! “

  206. I am very happy to be able to watch the playoff games here in Seoul. NBA League pass offered a special package and the super internet connection offered by my hotel is another plus. Since there is 13
    hours difference ahead, I would be no sleep deprived. Go Jeremy Lin, and I will think of you all.

  207. Cf racist “number is clear” hater claim the rockettes lost Lowry because of Jlin

  208. This is exactly my thought when responding to jimmyL “one of the Rockets fans yesterday”.

  209. I wanna see JLin in the podium today after the game

  210. What kind of podium?

  211. Anything as long as he is talking after the win today.LOL

  212. Just curious, what is the best options to watch in HD after Ballstream is shut down?
    NBA International League Pass, Reborn4HDLive, or others?

    I see NBA League Pass doesn’t offer US playoff package, only audio

  213. I guess a Cable subscription? LOL

  214. Well, I watch all of the games in HD from a website for free.. but not sure if it’s legal site or not lol.

  215. LP have full game video after the game was done few hours later.

  216. You are killing Psalm here…..a few hours later?!

  217. Rewatch….LOL!

  218. hehe if cable offers ala carte option, I’d have done it for a long time

  219. I guess that’s 1 good option 🙂

  220. Reborn4HD offers streaming ? I thought they were only after-game downloads

  221. Service Summary
    Service: NBA LEAGUE PASS: Regular Season + Playoffs Subscription
    Price: ₩26999.00
    Order ID: B4IXYXI0

    Psalm, NBA League pass I am using here in Seoul is plain NBA League Pass…I have paid approximately $28 for a month usage. It includes playoff subscription as you see.

  222. I heard some could be 72 hrs later….. if local TV want to re-broadcast….

  223. I think international deal is better than US ones. You guys don’t have black out

  224. Ya, if the game is on TV you get a blackout. Can only view the replay after

  225. For playoff it seems to be a lot sooner than regular season. Like last night, when I was watching OKC vs Mav… they already started to archive Hawks vs Celtics game.

  226. Ya! For GSW game always like that… but last night, I could rewatch GSW vs Rox game.

  227. I think Sling TV is the best option. All games on TNT & ESPN. Only $20 month. You can cancel it after playoffs. Too bad I can’t get it in Canada ???

  228. I just love all his passes!

  229. Good to see more articles on this subject…. but I think for NBA case closed. Don’t believe they will change Ref’s call after games were done long time ago….They sure will change their attitude to Lin…

  230. How does Jeremy find himself on these teams first Melo then Harden then Kobe?

  231. The west games yesterday were duds

  232. Yes they can’t change a previous call. They can but won’t admit a previous mistake. Hopefully the will at least change going forward whether publicly or not.

  233. I rather enjoyed the thorough beat down on the Rockets.

  234. I enjoyed the 1st half before Curry’s ankle was dinged

  235. Ya! Not just they will not admit they made a mistake but also they want to keep Ref in authority power. Bc if they changes for this case then probably more to come… that will become chaos. Ref will not have power on court like they have right now bc no one will trust them anymore.

  236. Me too. That’s so fun to watch… in about half 4Q it’s pretty much end & boring….

  237. Ya warriors blowouts are fun only if Curry is playing. Cause then he will go for those 30+ footers

  238. Nbastreams/reddit, free. But some of them are sd quality. Watchabke although not ideal.

  239. This is a great article from the angle of social behavior for the sake of children. Would NBA condone and encourage such violent plays on the court? More media are putting pressure on NBA. This video is a victory, not only for Lin and fans, but also for the players too.

  240. Harden needs his beard to hide behind. Team can’t D since they make no effort. If you don’t reward your big dogs on offense, they’re not guarding the henhouse on Defense.

  241. The NBA dont admit or accept the truth even the vid has gone viral. Hope those refs can face their conscience 2 treat Lin more fairly in the playoffs. Lets see…

  242. Harden attempted 0 free throws yesterday. Warriors played him perfectly. That’s a huge part of his game taken away

  243. It’s bc I saw more calls on yesterday’s playoff games compare to last season…. I agree this video really makes huge impact not only Lin but to other players as well.

  244. Very good article on bringing the concerns of why non fragrant fouls were called.

    By Not Protecting Jeremy Lin, NBA Sends Wrong Messages To Children

  245. Thanks Rick & Melody! This is just a great read! Teamball wins ALL THE TIME!

  246. Let’s hope it carries into next season.

  247. I think the spread in the West from 1-8 is much wider than in the East. 2-7 game in the East was pretty closely matched. 3-6 all have the same record. In the West After the top 4 the talent significantly drops off.

  248. Yup. The 2nd round will be so fun – warriors, spurs, okc, clippers

  249. Names I saw kkklutch fans used to call one of their own player and their coach: sewer and bickerfool…hehe

  250. to add to all posters who said it already

    Gratifying to watch Bev and Harden get exposed. Bev shoulder charging Steph during pre-game handshakes, and Steph just laughing it off incredulously. 4 fouls on Harden first half, 3 on Bev. They came to hurt Steph. Steph gave them 24 pts and a pushback in return for hooking his arm.

    – 4 pts Harden first half
    – as ppl said, no fouls and Draymond Green credited coaching for that, and Iggy Bogut for taking most of that given coverage.
    – they held him from going left, exposing how bad he is when he cannot go left and shoot. Who can’t go one way again?

    and more … just a few to show how long it takes for just desserts … Harden is going to be known as a guy who can score like crazy if you give him poor D. And, the ‘destroying the franchise’ video on Kobe will resonate in people who love teams and bball.

    Watching the 3 remaining round 1 games will be nice … very nice. I loved it when KT and Steph forced the TOV on Harden to eliminate them in the WCF last year.

    The stakes are … ha ha Morey.

  251. With the BREAKUP of 5 Western Conference playoff teams from last season (Dallas, Houston, Portland, Memphis, New Orleans), it is no surprise that the Western Conference has been drastically weakened in the lower seeds this year.

  252. Not surprisingly, a whole bunch of former top Western players (Dragic, Thomas, Lin) are spearheading the drastic improvement in those mid tier Eastern teams.

  253. I was hoping that the Rockets missed the playoffs.

    But now that they are there and getting BADLY BEATEN DOWN, it’s entertaining!

  254. I like this, MT. Indeed, and honestly, I listened to talk radio last night on fighting in hockey, and the number of guys calling in saying fighting is good because they need to release all their politically correct frustrations in a safe way tells you the mindset of the masses. They want to see violence in sports so the PC talk about the kiddies don’t resonate with these guys because they love fighting so they don’t have to fight or manage their own loves/emotions. I dunno … it was good to get that understanding of who is paying for the tix. The only way out is JLin ball and GSW style ball … you know, the class they show in winning (short of some of Draymond’s outbursts … )

  255. Wow, Forbes, ESPN, New York Times…. this is big time. Now we just need CNN to do an interview with NBA.

  256. Me too…until I realized the rockettes will lose the draft pick…then I was rooting for them to be the sacrificial lambs for the warriors. ..hahaha

  257. YES! Too, I was hoping for a great series with the Jazz, with Hayward stepping up. SLC is easy/inexpensive to get to from Bay, but no way I would travel to HOU. That’s the only way to get affordable tix … you cannot get them in Roaracle.

    Yes the spanking shall continue. Steph’s postgame was so classy. I hope just 2 days off will reduce his swelling and pain. And maybe they’ll give him sub30 mins a game just to blow out the hack-Curry game plans.

    Bye bye Morey.

  258. good call and share. That was nice!

  259. good pt

  260. Meanwhile…. the rockettes gm morrey “worm tongue ” went on the radio and said: they are as good as the warriors, the series is still 50-50, and the warriors won’t know what game plans the rockettes will throw at them…. talking about delusional. ..hahaha

  261. To those who love fool’s gold, LOL.

  262. JLin ball:

    “At it’s core, basketball is a team sport that requires harmonious effort and synchronized execution. “

  263. actually, I think when JLin was there, he kept the toxins from killing the body, and they got to playoffs and won a little. First year, he got injured. 2nd year, the ice had set. But he did great for the team.

  264. Steph just bides his time because he knows his team can win-at-will and there are no divas except when Draymond starts to brick front he outside. The halftime yelling about 3 weeks ago fixed that – Draymond has been hitting his outside shots (being more selective). Jlin on the other hand has to keep initiating because he’s been in ISO teams, so he has to do all that heavy lifting to get team-ball going. So, JLin cannot afford to demonstrate by shoving or getting mad. If I were Lin, I would have to keep my cool. But if I had a team around me who can win without me, I would play the enforcer more.

  265. Ha ha, that’s great. Keep saying it, bro. plenty of rope left …

    add: since he was MIT sloan and not engineering, let me do the math. The series right now is 100% GSW. He can’t even divide 1/1.

  266. hard to like that post but thanks for sharing.

  267. Houston needs a reliable 4 and Jeremy Lin

  268. Just having Lin alone is all Houston really needs to become contenders again.

  269. … well, Lin and not McH and not Morey how about?

  270. Now if the Rockets ditched James Harden or at least forced him to play a traditional 2 guard role, THEN we’d be looking at the NBA champion if Lin was there.

  271. Harden should still handle the ball just not as much as he does now
    If only he could share the ball with Lin

  272. rewarding, satisfying, entertaining…

  273. LOL

  274. WSJ? Link?

  275. That’s what I always say. The first couple games harden and Lin played together were incredible. They could have gone to the WCF their first year together. I don’t know whose bright idea was it for harden to take over the WHOLE offense. He was still getting 30 pts with less effort as Lin as pg.

  276. I was also reminded they lost their first round pick.

  277. Hmm… Can’t go right and turns ball over too much. Sounds familiar. And yet players voted him MVP last year. At least JLin worked & corrected his weaknesses.

  278. Adam Silver, Marc Stein etc would go down in the history book of sports in fouling and that I could guarantee. Jeremy Lin would eventually be inducted into the hall of fame. There is no place to hide such injustice and Lin’s every additional play on the court will confirm the truth.

  279. Would be great if first win in the road today

  280. I use Reborn4HDLive. Just because it’s cheaper than LP.

  281. This is the best series for Lin to dispel the myth that he can’t play well against the Heat…???

  282. well, yes to be honest – JLin was just such a high potential semi-rookie when Linsanity hit. If we look at JLin as a rookie early round draft in NYC, getting minutes, then it’s fair to say he really has come to his own now with all the adversity. Compare JLin to many 3-5 yr out rookies and now we know the difference.

  283. NBA message. Snapping a person’s head back is dangerous unless that person is Asian. Then whatever.

  284. Well. would you still want to watch him with CF there? Me, I’d rather he start off in a good new town that loves him, or yes, if he goes to GSW under new cap rules, gets paid, and helps generate consistent offense on 2nd unit (they are good, but not as strong on O), then 76-6 ha ha. Sorry acbc … I just like team champions and shots a dynasties.

  285. Houston needs … get ready … a new team, a new management, and a new fan base. Oh, that’s like saying if only that Sig Other was different in xyz, (s)he’d be the prefect SO. Well, that’s a new SO, as far as I’ve been told all my life.

  286. I like lin a lot but they would not beat golden state. Im sorry it just wouldnt happen

  287. Lin led the sorry Lakers to beat them last year. Surely this Hornets squad is better, the premise being Lin allowed to play PG, and Hornets stay away from Kembaball. Since we know that won’t happen too much, so we’ll likely never settle this one. 🙂

  288. I still like the spoke hair or the very short shaved/parted look last season

  289. My favorite is the spike hair, it had a lot of spunk and was highly recognizable.

  290. I started at yesterday after somebody who apparently was associated with Ballstream sent me an email about this new service. It costs 11 British Pounds (about $15.50 USD) a month and I watched a couple of games yesterday. The quality is excellent but they don’t seem to include all playoff games (although today’s Charlotte game is included). They also have a game vault to watch replays. I figure paying by the month is better than for the whole year to limit risk in case they get shut down. In any case, I only want to pay for this month since I don’t watch their other sports and that’s a fairly small amount of money to risk.

  291. This will not happen bc Harden will not give up his ball to any PG.

  292. bummer I shall have to watch play-by-play and JLportal today. kids and chinese school … anyone know where a good place is to watch replay later?

  293. LP will have video.

  294. let mom do all the work
    hide in the basement and stream it lol

  295. It’s not that he can’t, it’s that he hasn’t in his career besides one game. I don’t think it is possible to make Lin ineffective for 4 games and he’ll get at least that many to play well. But, if he doesn’t play well the first 2 games I won’t be surprised. Patience. I think of today’s game as warming up and hope that he does well or at least ok.

  296. only OKC might have a chance

  297. nope they didnt have dwight then

  298. Lin got to be ready for the defense to load up on him. He is the key to making his team mates weapons for the opposing team.

  299. Lin doesnt do well on sundays perhaps because its church day
    christians arent supposed to work on sundays right?

  300. It seems Whiteside is starting. So maybe Lin has some time on court when he’s not playing. It’ll be interesting to see how Spo works his rotations to address Lin. We know he will, just how is the question. And he’ll probably do it a bit differently each game.

  301. I think no matter he starts or not whenever Lin is on court. He will on.

  302. Asik still a double double machine. Had post moves. Patterson, a starter. Parson a starter.

  303. ILP is a great deal for US subscribers. Just use VPN.

  304. That’s why I said this it’s the best time to prove that

  305. I wonder if Head Coach Kenny Atkinson will give JLin a chance at starting.

  306. Let’s pray that he will.
    Edit: Also let’s pray that D’Atoni will become HC so Lin will have more options and more competitions for his service. Atkinson as HC and Nets new GM seem pretty good combination. Don’t know about Nets owners, but NY will be alive again competing against Dolan and Knicks. OtOH, D’Antoni as HC and Angelo are good too. They’re proven. God will place Lin where He knows best.

  307. Player development coach,good luck with that Nets,not a good place at all for Lin

  308. Puts more impetus behind MDA to grab JLIN before Kenny does. At least a bidding war.

    “During the peak of Linsanity, it was Atkinson who Lin credited for helping him succeed, crediting him for his desire to help him and keeping everything ready for the next game.”

  309. Interesting…He was Lin’s assistant coach during Linsanity day

  310. I’d be more worried about Kemba not putting the Hornets into an early insurmountable hole than any concern about JLIN’s performance.

    Kemba is the person with Zero playoff wins, awful performance against tough defense and elite teams.

  311. They don’t have picks and their season next year and the years to come are shady,Lin will be 27 and going 28 next year,I can’t see Lin going to that team next season.

  312. Whiteside does great against players who will not or cannot adjust to his game.

    JLIN can adjust his game to counter any situation.

  313. Easy. Harden.
    And, it’s been the same genius the last three years. sigh…

  314. The Nets new coaching hire is intriguing. He help Lin during Linsanity. I hope he pick up some knowledge from coach Budenholzer, a Popovich disciple.

  315. Great news for Lin! I’m officially on board with him signing with Brooklyn if MDA in Philly doesn’t work out.

    “I can’t say enough about that guy,” Lin says.

    “I mean this guy wakes up at 6 a.m. every morning,” Lin says. “I’ll text after a game at midnight, 1 o’clock when I go home and I’ll say, ‘Hey can I look at those turnovers. Can I look at the upcoming team? How they run pick and rolls?’ And he ’ll have the film ready when I walk into the facility the next morning.

    “When I wasn’t playing much, we were working out before practice, and after practice he was picking apart my game, teaching me what it’s like to play in Coach D’Antoni’s system.”

  316. Working on Sunday is definitely not a sin. Working on Sunday is not prohibited in the Bible. The idea that Christians should not be working on Sunday comes from a misunderstanding of Old Testament Sabbath-keeping for the Israelites and its relation to Sunday worship for Christians. According to Exodus 20:8–11, See the rest, from:

  317. lol I tried, you know … doghouse if you push too hard. Gonna have to try to stream edge network bad bandwidth, or just play-by-play.

  318. Seems distasteful to constantly have to inject race into JLIN discussions vis-a-vis the NBA. But as fans of JLIN’s journey when we see notions, patterns — at times conclusions become difficult to resist.

    Coaches who have genuinely complimented and/or substantially assisted JLIN :
    – Mike D’Antoni
    – Kenny Atkinson
    – Popovich “Jeremy was spectacular”
    – George Karl “Lin was just busting us so quick that the help couldn’t come”
    – Brad Stevens “Jeremy Lin killed us”
    – Brett Brown “Jeremy Lin is lightning in bottle”
    – Erik Spoelstra “have to plan for Jeremy Lin”
    – Steve Clifford

    – Stephen Silas

    The NBA is what it is, 75% of players and increasingly coaches, front office personnel, referees, announcers are Black. By and large, they are not on balance complimentary toward JLIN as are the Whites. Of course some white coaches like McHale or SVG who thought JLIN gets too many All-star votes, but that’s not common.

    I’m sure many will disagree but that’s been my experience as a student of JLIN’s path.

  319. Unable to play basketball, Beverly tries to make a name for himself by trying to injure. Someday he’ll get clocked and no one will feel sorry for him

  320. Needs also to disband the toxic clutchfans forum.

  321. good game bet. detroit and the cavs

  322. To my surprised, DET plays well against Cav.

  323. George Karl “Lin is the motor of the team (Rox)”.

  324. I liked the first part, but I don’t think that 75% of FO are black. That doesn’t preclude non-African American FO’s to have bias against JLin, no matter how subliminal. There’s been 65 yrs of TV and longer of movies that do not allow Asians or Asian Americans to be viewed as good except at the service levels, the coolie jobs. There continues to be Yellow Fever (see Wong Fu youtube). I see it every day, in entitled leadership in organizations (unearned), while hard working minorities of all walks have to wait in line and take the incompetency.

  325. I meant 75% players are Black and more and more of the FO’s sorry if my words suggested 75% of FO are Black that’s certainly not the case…yet.

  326. Oh, yea, I know you are a fair poster and my thing was just moving on with the topic. You me good bro! Hope Linsanity hits today.

  327. ah, well that comes at Dave H’s discretion, and we know he’ll just push to what he wants. So, no HOU soup for me.

  328. I found it funny he showed up with a bandaid cross on his forehead. I don’t care how he got it, just sort of signals he’s a scrapper to stay away from, fake friend, friend, or otherwise. I don’t need friends who are always in those kinds of tussles, no matter how good a person they are.

  329. Brooklyn Nets chomping at the bit now that Atkinson has been hired as new coach , Lin-Lopez duo.

  330. Kenny Atkinson, Lin’s former coach in NY got the Nets job. Hmm…Interesting summer indeed.

  331. Byron Scott “Jeremy is definitely an NBA player”

    Compliments is one thing but actually giving Lin a shot is another. I think Lin could have started this season with Kemba and average 18 ppg. Higher than Batum’s 14 ppg.

  332. Lin’s new hair style looks like warrior from the Ming Dynasty.

  333. How much his contact offer will give us a clear answer

  334. he needs`a spear and slay miami in this series

  335. this is interesting. i wonder how he landed the job. was how he worked with Lin on the Knicks his main selling point to the Nets front office? if so, i would guess the Nets are also high on Lin

  336. Linsanity playoff, let’s go jlin.

  337. Judging from Lin’s rundown of the season it seems to me it’s the players that he a high value on. Yes, he needs agreeable coaches, but I think he has to have a sense that he’ll get along with players. And, from what I’m seeing from Lin, and I could be wrong, but it seems to me he’s looking to be on a winning team which the Nets are not. They had the second worst record after the Sixers in the conference, if not quite as bad as the Lakers.

  338. Kemba needs to play team ball otherwise if he won’t he needs to sit.

  339. 1 more hour….1 more hour

  340. Lin in warrior mode can beat the tough defenses. We’ve seen him do so.

  341. 1 more hour….

  342. 59 min ???

  343. i was hoping he goes back to the mohawk but a bit shorter and with sharper spikes for protection since the league won’t protect him..

  344. i’m having a cold hands and feet,that’s weird…

  345. My hands are sweating.

  346. Breathe deeply, man …
    Make some floaters in the backyard ?

  347. lol…now .i feel better

  348. lol….i need a paperbag

  349. Excellent this is a big game so I have high hopes that Lin is going to be awesome.

  350. Same here…..same here

  351. The suspense is real……

  352. Yesss, i hope and pray Lin will create some sparks to play teamball!
    Steal game 1 ???

  353. The inside and out game w/ good ball movements is a thing of beauty for DEtroit….They might steal game 1 from the Cavs

  354. Morris plays well. Happy for him. I hope Det win.

  355. Yep…his shooting improves a lot

  356. DEtroit is pulling out

  357. Brook-Lin? That would be nice…..

  358. edit

  359. why’d you post this,you increased my anxiety to a 1000 fold…lol

  360. is this game being nationally televised?

  361. Interesting. Sean Marks is a Spurs disciple

  362. of course. TNT

  363. sweet!

  364. who’s calling the game?i hope it’s hubie….

  365. He’s for ESPN

  366. hubie needs time to recover from calling kobe’s last game 🙂

  367. lol

  368. that’s right

  369. gut feeling, i think we get reggie miller

  370. he’s fine

  371. well, don’t forget when he join Hornets, that team had a losing history. Yes, Lin want to join a winning team, I think he is more emphasized on team that want to win.

    I actually like this net progression so far, they have a GM coming in with a right mind set, they have a low key coach that have great working ethic and also helped Lin before he break out even. There for sure will have trust between them.

    Anyway, we will know in couple of month, but I’m happy that Lin will have more opportunities open up for him.

    To be honest, I am still not sure about D’Antoni, simply I don’t think 76er’s is currently in a good situation, I don’t trust their FO.

  372. i think most of the tnt guys are solid. i cant think of one thats annoying

  373. most of them call it as it is

  374. Without cable, where could we watch it? somehow I saw TNT OT site has count down of POR/LAC game, not this game though.


    By Not Protecting Jeremy Lin, NBA Sends Wrong Messages To Children

    Thank you Bruce Lee.

  376. online streaming. someone will post links probably

  377. All playoff games are nationally televised

  378. thanks! I might give it a try

  379. seasaw battle man,what a game

  380. Any team where Lin is allowed to lead will be a winning team. He knows this.

  381. hey, i just downloaded Watch TNT on my phone and looks like it’s showing the game. will confirm in 20 minutes

  382. try live sports online now,this is from hornets game live

  383. If you can, could you copy and paste the article here? Some have ad block and article does not show.

  384. Good points. It’s really hard to say what Lin will do. That’s why I haven’t spent a lot of time wondering as much as others. Kind of living in the moment, the playoffs are intense and this is big to see how Lin does.

    I’m not excited about a team that has lost as much and for as long as the 76ers have no matter the coach and FO. To me, it’ll most likely take a few years to get back to winning. Others have a different opinion, of course.

  385. good game. i expect the cavs to close

  386. just allow to read, then reblock if you want. No big deal, it’s adblock plus …

  387. I’m rooting for the underdog

  388. A YouTube video (below) made by fan Hsiu-Chen Kuei questioned why National Basketball Player (NBA) referees have never called a flagrant or technical foul on players who delivered rather violent hits to point guard Jeremy Lin, who plays for the Charlotte Hornets. The video shows footage of Lin suffering various blows to his head area and is accompanied by the following description: “Lin’s health and safety are at risk, as Lin gets hit unnecessarily and excessively in the face, head, and neck areas by other players frequently.” Despite the video sparking questions across various Internet and social media outlets of whether Lin is receiving fair treatment from NBA officials, the NBA responded to the video with an official statement that said “while some of the plays in the video involved hard contact, none was subsequently deemed a Flagrant Foul given the full circumstances, angles and comparables from past games.” Really?

    Take a look at Lin being clotheslined by Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, elbowed in the face by New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, and repeatedly shoved and tripped by Houston Rockets guard Jason Terry, in Mrs. Kuei’s video entitled Jeremy Lin: Too Flagrant Not to Call:

    The video has already received over 1.6 million views, and the Internet, media, and social media have consequently been abuzz about the video. Two examples are Andrew Keh’s piece for the New York Times NYT +0.71% entitled Open Season on Jeremy Lin? In Video, Fan Highlights Hard Fouls and an Esquire piece by Ross Benes entitled Is Jeremy Lin Getting Hacked in the NBA on Account of His Ethnicity? Some have questioned whether the lack of flagrant foul calls have something to do with Lin being the first American of Chinese or Taiwanese descent to make the NBA. An earlier piece by Hadley Freeman for The Guardian reviewed some of the obstacles that Lin has faced in his journey. Others have wondered whether NBA officials somehow consciously or unconsciously believe that Lin will take the abuse without complaining. ESPN reporter Skip Bayless expressed that this video needs to be seen by everyone to “undo whatever subliminal view” there may be of Lin as seen here:

    Regardless of the reason behind what Mrs. Kuei’s video shows, by not acknowledging that the fouls on Lin deserved more punishment, the NBA is sending the wrong message to millions of viewers, which include many children. The blows seen in the video are cringe-worthy (as the ESPN First Take announcers stated) and could have caused serious injury. For example, ”clothesline” injuries can seriously damage all of the structures in the front of the neck, such as the windpipe, voice box, cervical spine, or esophagus, even causing suffocation, paralysis, or instant death. Many other sports such as football, ice hockey, and the other football have been facing questions about the long term effects of blows to the head. But as a CBS News report indicates, head injuries can be a major problem in basketball too. A study in the journal Pediatrics published in September 2010 showed the considerable number of head injuries resulting from flagrant fouls in basketball among school-aged children.

    Even if Lin manages to avoid injury, not calling any flagrant or technical fouls, ejecting, or fining the players who committed the fouls may appear to condone such behavior. Will such behavior then filter down to gyms, playgrounds, and potentially elsewhere throughout the world? A Kaiser Family Foundation study suggested that kids often emulate the behavior of athletes. In fact, a piece by Mary Widdicks in the Washington Post raises the possibility that violence in sports can then motivate bad behavior among children beyond sports. After all children may eventually bring what they learn on the courts and playing fields into the rest of their personal and professional lives. David Johnston, Governor General of Canada expressed similar concerns about National Hockey League playoff violence setting bad examples for children. Things could get even more complicated if there is in any way the perception that violence towards different people of different backgrounds will be treated/tolerated differently.

    The NBA has an opportunity to make a positive impression and simply say that the blows to Lin should have been punished more severely and steps will be taken to avoid such oversights in the future. Yes, basketball can be a very physical sport. But there is a difference between being physical and taking shots to the head and neck. Unlike American football, playing basketball should not require blows to the head. (Otherwise, wouldn’t more basketball players be wearing helmets while playing?) The spread of the video and Lin’s global popularity show that many people are following the situation. The experience of the National Football League (NFL) with the concussion issue shows the importance of dealing with any potential safety issues rapidly to avoid further repercussions. If the NBA doesn’t deal with this Lin situation thoroughly and effectively, the NBA may be the one receiving blows to the head in the future.

  389. I don’t like LeBron’s antics but he’s a team player. He really is. He really looks for and involves his teammates and that’s what I like about him.

  390. Thanks so much LinMad.

  391. Click, click, click……

  392. cavs dont look like they’re on the level of warriors okc spurs

  393. yup gotta respect Lebron as a player, but he always has his hands up

  394. True…if this is their game,they’ll be eaten alive by GSW

  395. maybe even add clippers to that list

  396. I agree

  397. Ya! I want Det to win but I think Ref will help LBJ to win. Even Det coach told their players you will not going to get the foul from LBJ…. Go Det.

  398. Jackson. Very immature and selfish to get a tech there.

  399. Agreed. LBJ is a natural PG with a PF body. I always thought he and Lin are similar types of players.

  400. Kenny Atkinson was the one who worked hard with Jeremy during Linsanity.

    He’s not D’Antoni but he’s not far from him

  401. Exactly

  402. They aren’t that different. LeBron more bulldozes his way through but they have similarities for sure.

  403. i like how he keeps holding Lin’s arms. he loves Lin!

  404. Oh yeah, loves him!

  405. Haha!

  406. This summer really could be interesting

  407. Not close.

  408. no one notice his name is bruce lee

  409. Jackson is not playing well, can’t shake Love?

  410. 2 mins …2 mins more

  411. All playoff games are. But they move networks game to game. Wednesday game is NBA-TV which is a problem for me.

  412. got links for tonight’s game

  413. check LIVE SPORTS ONLINE Now

  414. This cavs game is done

  415. wwwooooooooooooooooooooo


  417. Bravo! Excellent article!

  418. tune in to TNT guys, its on

  419. is Lin starting?

  420. hell no 🙂

  421. No. Batum is in.

  422. Im guessing not

  423. thx, didn’t know if he was still hurt.

  424. Oh boy… jlin in nets uniform next year?

  425. He’ll start, but he could get hurt again anytime soon. Lin I’m sure is prepared to start if that happens.

  426. Let’s see what Barkley has to say about this series

  427. Comes down to Whiteside, Clifford has done a great job. Whiteside is inconsistent, doesn’t know what to expect from him.

  428. BROOK-LIN NETS 2016-17?

    PG: Jeremy Lin
    SG: Kent Bazemore
    SF: Bojan Bogdanovic
    PF: Thad Young
    C: Brook Lopez
    Head Coach: Kenny Atkinson


  429. Shaq, Charlotte comfortable against Miami. Whiteside is the difference maker defensively.

  430. watching the game on my phone using the Watch TNT app. requires log in though. so you need to already have TNT on your cable tv

  431. Kenny: Wade and Johnson have better matchup, favors Miami. Whiteside can block shots and rebound every night.

  432. I still choose 76’ers over Nets but not bad as a starting line up

  433. Ian Eagle, Brett Barry, Rebecca (?) calling the game.

  434. sweet! no reggie miller

  435. Good,I love Brent calling the game

  436. They think so highly about Miami. They didn’t even mention anyone besides Kemba for like 2 seconds. lol

  437. Does Barry like Lin? I know one of the Barry’s doesn’t.

  438. MDA reunion is probably best, but in case Brown stays another year, this could be just as good.

  439. We got the better Barry

  440. Yeah, they didn’t talk much about the Hornets at all.

  441. Younger Barry doesn’t like Lin but Brent is a LOF

  442. We also got the better Brent.

  443. Brent is pro-Lin, the other no-name Barry dude isn’t. i think his name is Jon

  444. Good to hear!

  445. If Batum starts off slow, I think Cliff will probably stick in Lin earlier.

  446. Maybe. Hope he’s quick to adjust in the playoffs,.

  447. Brent does… the whiny barry doesnt…

  448. it was all about Whiteside and Heat and able to take the Eastern Conference if Whiteside is more consistent.


  450. Ya! They said Heat will be Eastern Final

  451. White vs. teal.

  452. Miami starting Dragic and Wade, there will be a lot of PnRs? I think they are trying to expose Hornets bigs interior D

  453. White side starting great news for Lin


  455. MJ in the building ?

  456. ok., lol enough time to put in the 2nd unit.

  457. Charlotte playing like their nervous. Need to calm down and just play.

  458. Guys look nervous

  459. lol think alike

  460. yup!

  461. man our bigs are bad none of them except al can catch the ball on the per

  462. Put Lin in

  463. Lousy call Lee got all ball

  464. playoff jitters .. Only Batum and Lee have lots of playoff experience on the floor.
    Lin would definitely help

  465. the game doesn’t officially start until Lin enters

  466. Hornets look unready. Miami playoff experience is showing

  467. cliff should feed datum more now

  468. ok, nuff … put Lin in.

  469. Might be too late then

  470. first unit not looking good

  471. batum is really the x factor here

  472. as predicted

  473. man im speechless right now, they are embarrassing our starters

  474. Kemba, stop laughing. It’s not funny.

  475. He’s nervous to death

  476. Nice Walker…

  477. cliff should start lin man. he should realize how important lin is to winning this series

  478. Thank god Kemba

  479. lin and al will be very important I can already tell

  480. keys to winning this game. Kemba must score efficiently and not hog the ball. Batum most play well with no turnovers and Lin must be unleashed

  481. 6-11 looked a bit better than 3-11 for sure

    Let’s hope they calm down a bit

  482. Batum is ready

  483. Ba3uuuuummmm

  484. nice 9-13

  485. Batuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm

  486. Not surprising. Nor would a game 1 loss. They haven’t won a playoff game in 11 years. Even Lin hasn’t played in playoffs in 2 years.

  487. Refs letting them play. Lin needs to see that

  488. 2 by LEEE

  489. Lin now lol

  490. I’m not holding my breath for Lin to light it up. It’s been two years since he’s been in playoffs. Just expect him to play hard and get his feet wet in game 1.

  491. Wow Lee

  492. he;s been playing hot.

  493. Lee is quite clutch making a leaner with shot clock running out

  494. I think he’s nervous. The whole team is imo

  495. Me too. I think 3rd game is where he gets it going. He still may make some big plays however.

  496. I hope Troy gets to play during playoffs with Lin. He can hit them 3s

  497. Lin thrives when the pressures on. he will be fine imo

  498. Our defense is lacking

  499. yup

  500. 19-11


  502. Time to get Lin/Al in

  503. the problem isn’t if lin feels pressure, its being put in the game too late its tough to get into rhythm that way

  504. Bring in jlin bf u lose control, clifford…

  505. Cliffffff put Lin in demmit

  506. I agree

  507. Hornets got lucky Wade’s open layup missed
    could be 11-21

  508. Officiating is tight.

  509. Zeller is soft as my pillow man.

  510. Lin needs his J to be on point cant rely on calls

  511. Need better defense. We were closing in and we lost it from fastbreaks and bad D

  512. All weapons out.

  513. too fast …

  514. This game looks very different then the regular season

  515. ya we lost it too fast. It just fell apart.

  516. 11-13 to 11-19 in 1 minute21 sec.

  517. Lin needs to pressure their interior, slash through it and get some calls

  518. The feel is so different too

  519. Lin doesn’t allow that because he plays organized D.

  520. and start organizing a calm D.

  521. wow al is in before lin

  522. seriously put lin in

  523. He always is

  524. White side killing us

  525. is it messed up if i shut the tv off when lin is on the bench? lol

  526. this is the playoffs, why is Cliff still using the same rotation as regular season?

  527. still no Lin. clifford is so stubborn. his rotation sucks

  528. Lin is checking in

  529. Our starter cant guard them

  530. Down by 10 already, looks like Cliff doesn’t care to win with Lin if so they will lose this series.

  531. if Kemba start chucking now, i’m turning the game off

  532. bffs amare and lin on the sideline waiting to check in

  533. 13 point lead before lin checks in

  534. Cliff wants to bring Lin more late than he does during regular season? This is so wrong.

  535. don’t worry we believe in Lin

  536. Lin needs to start this series for Charlotte to have a chance

  537. i just read playbyplay. boring to watch. doing other things.

  538. That starting unit will get swept by Miami

  539. you’d think they would know that by now.

  540. Just like that, Lin loses another min of playing time
    Hornets players always try to play on when Lins at the table

  541. As always Clifford waits until they get into a hole

  542. Can’t guard the pnr whiteside

  543. I agree but the coaching staff believes they need Lee for D against Wade

  544. and they’re down more than usual when Lin checks in

  545. Just watching…. no Lin yet?

  546. Cliff should have clipped Heat momentum sooner after 2nd made 3s.

  547. I hope line gets at least 28 mins

  548. Yep we need Lee for the height,Kemba needs to come off the bench

  549. Lin should be in after timeout with 3:05 left in Q1

  550. Cliff is so stubborn, only 3 minutes left in 1st quarter and Lin is still not in? Heat will cruise through this series if they do this every game!

  551. nope, Cliff waited way too long.

  552. Good Job coach for allowing the run!!

  553. Oh, you mean Kemba off the bench. No way in hell that happens

  554. lin

  555. down by 13??? lin hopefully stops the bleeding

  556. waiting to check in since 4min left

  557. guys, Lin is checking in after commercial. unfortunately, it’s also Kemba chucking time

  558. Looks like Jeremy Lin and Gerald Green went to the same hair salon.— Michael Wallace (@MyMikeCheck) April 17, 2016

  559. True

  560. seriously, Lin is the only player who has helped this team beat top teams in the league in the regular season. He also most experienced when pressured.

  561. that’s like showing up with the same dress! #Embarrasing

  562. wow–wth….i know coach spo is a video junkie–he must have reaaaalllly studiied the hornets roster—JLIn you also have a hi-BB IQ like spo—do a chess match… looks like c. cliff can’t do it

  563. Lin is finally in

  564. MIA is happy that Clifford is helping them by benching Lin

  565. Lin just need to be aggressive and take shots, go for rebounds if ball hog takes over.

  566. Offensive foul on lin

  567. This team…..takes forever to get back on D

  568. Can’t believe our starters plays so bad??? No one tried to play D

  569. lin should have shot that 3. and yes that was an offensive foul

  570. shyt that’s a closed call

  571. home court advantage

  572. We have to play faster

  573. Lin looks like he has the write warrior attitude. Let’s go!

  574. Should have taken the 3

  575. i blame the pony tail

  576. Deing didn’t even set his feet. Bogus offensive foul on Lin!
    Edit: Rewatched Deing’s feet were moving!!!

  577. I like the drive, maybe go to a floater.

  578. no he got there

  579. we have the softest front court in this series man

  580. not looking very good, the hair that is

  581. he kinda knocked over the defender man. It was a good call

  582. it looks so dumb haha

  583. I think Deing got there.

  584. man this is stupid. Our team isn’t awake on D.

  585. Lin FTs.

  586. 2ft

  587. free throw that’s make him going

  588. bricked 1st one

  589. Yeah, missed first one, got second one.

  590. Lin is only one on Hornets with a lot playoff experiences, Clifford benched him.

  591. Come Lin make FTs

  592. Al just watches on D

  593. Ignoring jlin…

  594. They are scoring with ease while we are having a hard time

  595. yeah, made 2nd one though. Good to see him getting the FTs. He’ll make most he gets.

  596. courtney lee is the only one who’s played in the finals

  597. cause our ball movement sucks. We need Lin at point.

  598. Lin looks straight up like these viet/hmong thugs in my area. lol

  599. Hornets frontline is terribly outmatched…

  600. man Cliff should be angry at himself and his starters.

  601. Lol TNT commentators smh. “Lin 1.9 turnovers per game”… “but it’s because Kemba has been handling the ball more and making more decisions” Man they love Kemba

  602. man give the ball to lin jessu christ

  603. i feel like drowning

  604. Kemba’s weak defense is exposed

  605. good defense by jeremy

  606. Is the game not streaming on TNT Overtime online?

  607. Lin said, no, not again Dragic.

  608. 22-41.. holy..

  609. Kemba & Al need to get off the floor

  610. best ball movement ever….NOT

  611. the game officially starts when kemba sits and Lin leads the team

  612. Keep Al, bench KW

  613. we are playing like d-league right now with our iso ball movement from Kemba and Al.

  614. Lin needs to be the PG cliff,this is the play off not regular season anymore

  615. Charlotte sucks lol
    this is Mavs-Okc bad hell even worse than that
    Batum-Kemba are only good against bad teams

  616. no ball movement except around kemba … watching GSW and SAS is so very different you watch this and think it’s high school ball.

  617. WOW! The stat is pathetic for Hornets. They aren’t ready for playoffs.

  618. Walker holding the ball is not going to get the win.

  619. nope

  620. not kemba

  621. Al is Detriment to Benchforce 75 pct time

  622. 1 assist so far for entire team. who is PG?

  623. Cliff is the captain of the ship and he’s letting it sink. Should have put Lin in earlier. It looks like Cliff is still trying to please Kemba making sure he gets enough shots.

  624. Hornets playing their regular season defense.

  625. Hornets playing like it’s regular season with Kemba as PG. Glad Lin went to help bring up the ball 1-2 times but that’ snot enough. He’s stuck in the corner with teammates looking off again.

  626. Allowing 41pt-quarter is bad

    Hornets need to figure out how to tighten the D

  627. In our dreams. Clifford and Kemba? Forget about it.

  628. Walker ball is loser ball…

  629. Yeah lol he prob would have more turnovers as the starting point guard, but so what… his impact far outweighs his turnovers.

  630. fire cliff

  631. Who are the commentators? One of the guys said Lin TOs this year is low but that has to to do w/ KW handling the ball? What? Biased!!

  632. Charlotte, Welcome to the Playoffs!!

  633. Oh Wow.. just tuned in. I was expecting this, but.. 41-22?

  634. Kinda seems like Miami is just overmatched against Charlotte. Rebounds better, tighter defense. Hornets can’t stop penetration right now

  635. Kemballs

  636. lol yup they wasn’t ready

  637. 1 assist / team / quarter?

  638. Seeing this, there’s no way Hornets gets past 1st round just hope Lin gets his.

  639. Lin needs to play with Batum and Lee, KW should go sit ASAP! This line up never good and CC no adjustment even losing!

  640. no we are playing like trash. 1 assist, no defense. Kemba needs to stop isoing. I already see more iso coming from him.

  641. It was Jon Barry, who hates Lin. Has nothing good to ever say about him.

  642. Play the weakest defender, Kemba Walker for the most minutes. Great plan.

  643. Let’s see w/o Kemba

  644. just look how many assists Hornets has so far

  645. Unleash the 2nd Quarter savior

  646. The Center defense is weak. No one is home on Hornets. That was how Heat got their lead extended. Starters didn’t even drive to the paint.

  647. No ball movement. Couldn’t make the shot score only w FT??? Bad

  648. FInally Lin as PG and Walker out!!

  649. We can only hope and complain. It’s as if we don’t know Clifford and Kemba style of basketball. We just have to watch it and take it. Most people wants to watch Lin in the playoffs. I want to, but not as a second fiddle player.

  650. Sorry. Lin is a second fiddle player in this team. He will go down with this team.

  651. cut this to 8 after 2nd Q and we have a ball game

  652. Need aggressive Hanbrough

  653. I’ll take that assist.

  654. 1st quarter played offensively scared of Whitesides

  655. Everyone seems slow, just the way Heat wants.

  656. Batum with the hot hand.

  657. Feed the hot hand.

  658. Heat getting everything at the rim, Hornets bigs are horrible!

  659. set some picks for lin

  660. Great defense by Lin

  661. This game looks over

  662. Everything goes right for Heat. Everything goes wrong for Hornets.

  663. Miami bad matchup.

  664. Gotta pray Lin gets it going

  665. yeah Lin doesn’t look confident

  666. lol yup

  667. Batum so selfish

  668. this team, half the team know how to match Lin’s pace, the other half look sleep walking

  669. This unit is making stops. Just can’t make a basket.

  670. He only played for 6mins.. chill

  671. this is just 17 points cut this to 8 pls

  672. And Clifford going on that 8-man rotation

  673. Lin getting no plays run for him. This is all about Kemba and Batum.

    Lin is just in there for defense and to pass to Batum/Kemba.

  674. Frank and Al look so bad right now. Especially on D.

  675. Bad matchup. Don’t see this turning around at all. Maybe with kemba getting hot. There’s no space in the paint. Lin has to take the open 3s.

  676. We need to speed up the game

  677. lin looks fine … did you notice Lee playing PG too, going in and massively bricking a left handed layup? you can’t arrange a comeback when people aren’t looking for the best shots.

  678. lin doing great on D as usual

  679. assists 2 : 12.

  680. He looks ok to me. He’s playing pretty good D on Dragic and he’s getting to the whole and doesn’t looked rattled at all by Miami’s defense.

  681. He migh need t to adjust to start Al and Zeller at the same time

  682. Cliff getting outcoached. No teamball. Just simple plays for Nic and Kemba.

  683. If Kemba gets hot it’s over he will go iso mode and lose the game!

  684. Lee is trying to do too much. He should get back to his normal game.

  685. Kemba 0 in 12 mins

  686. Don’t count CHA too early

  687. Still 17pts behind but at least it’s 6-4 for Hornets in the 2nd quarter

  688. Hard to do with Al in there.

  689. stop bleeding first and then attack

  690. 22222222

  691. Lin!

  692. Wasted Alfense possessions too many players wanting to play point and not allowing the only guy who knows how to play point do the playmaking

  693. There you go, Lin.

  694. 22222222

  695. man idk why cliff is playing lee at the point guard. he never did that in the reg season.. its ridiculous

  696. interesting how Lee is handling the ball more than Lin.

  697. MIght be a counter to pressuring Lin. But they don’t need to do that. Lin is fine.

  698. Nice quick layup by Lin

  699. Heats just shooting hot. Making contested jumpers.

  700. Cliff just doing everything wrong with Lin.

  701. This is how Cliff adjusts to playoffs.

  702. omg kaminsky lin was right there

  703. kaminsky give up the ball

  704. As I said before, if Coach baldie don’t intend to use Lin properly, its game over.

  705. yes, Daniels

  706. Kaminsky should have pass the rock

  707. Kaminsky lucky he didn’t get a charge call. Had Lin wide open there.

  708. dumb Tank, dumb

  709. yes 4-6 from 3pt land ..
    Need to weather the storm until they cool off

  710. Frank…this is the playoffs. You need to make smart plays not be greedy.

  711. Its so simple yet so hard for them to understand. Let Lin orchestrate every play, that’s it.

  712. Very selfish by Kaminksy

  713. v selfish

  714. Frank needs to pass to open Lin on fastbreak..
    Got lucky with Heat blocking call

  715. selfish and missed both FTs…

  716. risked the o-foul

  717. Here you go Al

  718. Feed inside go after the young Whitesides

  719. this is junk basketball.. the ball sticks to whoever touches it first

  720. Wade is a tough matchup for Lin on the post because he bounces off of Lin, doesn’t try to back him down.

  721. Looking better with this squad…

  722. Frank is rookie. But learn too much from KW

  723. only one making passes is Lin. Cliff needs to call TO and tell them to wake up. It’s 5on5 not 1on5

  724. I can see Hornets only win 1 game in this series if they are LUCKY.

  725. charlotte players a bit selfish

  726. Alfense … really? Playoff?

  727. a lot

  728. That’s a stupid coaching

  729. ya think?

  730. Dwade too strong for Lin

  731. I’m about to shut this off lol. its like lin is the 10th option out there

  732. Are the hornets still experimenting with the lineups? Probably hornets eat to pull some surprise plays.

  733. Lin won’t close out the game for sure because of Wade

  734. no teamball = suicide in playoff, but no hornets know that except Lin, so game over.

  735. DWade definitely a HOFer
    at the age he can still overpower Lin and most of the NBA players
    He’s a beast

  736. Wade is attacking Lin.

  737. Wade straight up schooling lin

  738. Welp looks like JLin can’t cover Wade. 2 plays in a row they went right at him

  739. He is. Wade is a great player. He’s going to score. Lin’s D is fine, Wade is just very crafty, strong and solid as a player.

  740. This is a sweep then

  741. Cliff making this too easy for the heat.

  742. why Lin is on Wade instead of Dragic?

  743. and he missed a FT

  744. sigh, why isn’t Cliff using Lin better on the offense? Letting Lee and Al and Frank play selfishly is killing us when Frank and Al don’t even play D.

  745. dragic is not in

  746. But we know that already. Just have to accept. And be happy Lin is in the playoffs but second fiddle player.

  747. Lin tried to front Wade but Wade got back outside.
    This will be a tough matchup

  748. Coach is just too stupid

  749. Dragic is on the bench

  750. Who else can stop Wade? Daniels and Kemba are worse options

  751. have faith.

  752. Clifford is such a shyt coach lol
    Just let Lee play, Troy is useless out there with Al Jeff eating all the posessions

  753. Is wade bigger than jlin?

  754. lemme guess… lin gets subbed out

  755. It was only two times.

  756. who is PG for MIA?

  757. Lee might have a chance

  758. Lin did great D on Dragic.

  759. Lee maybe

  760. We don’t have anyone who can defend Wade.

  761. Enough for Clifford topull Lin out

  762. its not like wade blew by him its just that he was simply bigger and stronger than lin

  763. Still not done with experimenting

  764. Maybe if one of our bigs came to help Lin instead of watching…we wouldn’t have that issue.

  765. Kaminsky is useless

  766. That’s what I’m saying. Putting Lee on Wade would create other mismatches.

  767. I didn’t see Wade killing Lin. He had good footwork and made a few moves. D guy is always disadvantaged. Give Lin more mins with Wade in playoffs and it’ll be fine.

  768. Batum and Lin are the only one playing like a team player.

  769. Everything miami has done is working

  770. playoff speaking, yes.

  771. He is soft. Only can face the weak teams.

  772. Oh no, the chucker is back…

  773. Cliff is more to blame.

  774. exactly remember a couple years ago Lin held Lillard pointless in the 4th quarter of their final game of the playoffs

  775. I’d rather have Daniels…at the 3.

  776. I think Lin does not want to get into foul trouble too early. Other guys also having trouble guarding their opponents, especially Kam. We’ll see

  777. Lin’s 2nd assist to Batum who made a difficult shot

  778. He needs a few plays to figure it out. Thx.

  779. Zero plays run for Lin so far. Zero. Only bucket was Lin creating out of nothing.

  780. Lin brings up ball, passes and the ball never ever comes back to him! He needs to make a shot after half court.

  781. They play so bad today

  782. Someone please set a pick for Lin

  783. selfish on O and slow on D.

  784. nice Lin

  785. I hate how Lin has to pass the ball as soon as he passes half courtt

  786. everything miami is doing is working

  787. lol, miami heading to a 70 pt first half.

  788. its lin;s penetration that causes ball movement like steph curry… when will cliff get it smh

  789. Lin needs to keep attacking. Cliff needs to exploit that.

  790. fckin front courts

  791. Cliff is a TERRIBLE strategist. When Lin actually handles the ball, he has to create 1-on-1 out of nowhere.

    Dinosaur, Byron Scott coaching. SAVE US MDA/ATKINSON.

  792. Lin showed veteran move to draw FTs inside
    He’ll play lots of min

  793. Cliff has found the best lineup vs the heat.unfortunatly we are down by a lot

  794. Its upon coach’s order. He is not free to do whatever he wants.

  795. Spo solved Walker.

  796. What a terrible defensive rebounding effort

  797. I do wonder if the “flagrant” video didn’t get so much attention would Lin have shot these free throws in the playoffs?

  798. I just don’t get how cliff doesn’t understand that he needs to set picks for lin

  799. he had this unit earlier but he only used Kemba/Batum. Cliff needs to use Lin, Marvin, etc. too to make it less predictable.

  800. Lin at PG position. Lee at SG position. all problems SOLVED

  801. We are losing due to rebounding and shot attempts.

  802. Miami on fire and CHA following Cliff’s outdated ’80s gameplan.

    Awful frontcourt also a big problem — getting torched every single time in the paint.

  803. Very positive on Lin. He looks decisive, determined, in warrior mode. He’s getting in the paint and not intimidated or slowed down by Miami’s defense. If he keeps getting to the line, he’ll get his points and a few he’ll get on drives. And if his mid-range shots fall, he’s fine. Put him on Dragic, not Wade, on D.

  804. I think if he starts AL,Zeller,Marv Batum and Lin,the complexion of the game will change tremendously

  805. I have to say even with how the game has gone. Lin is getting calls and getting in the paint. Its set up for him to blow up

  806. JAD is the real MVP!

  807. KW is too small to defend any MIA player

  808. Lin needs to make some 3s that’s the only way they can win.

  809. Cliff also has to play Lin being he is the only one who can consistently get in the paint

  810. its weird it seems like kemba is willing to pass to lin when datum is off the floor, and when datum is on the floor w/o walker he is willing to pass to lin as well, but when all 3 are on the floor, Lin doesn’t see the ball

  811. Lin needs to attack. Cliff needs to draw that play over and over. Attack and dish out. Attack and dish out. Eventually they will get foul trouble or lose someone at the perimeter.

  812. Yes, Lin looked very controlled, showed poise to know how to get fouled inside, pass to Batum w/ hot hands

    Cliff has no choice but to rely on players with lots of playoff experience

  813. Needs to get looks. Has had zero plays run for him. Zero! Only shots are created by Lin attacking 1-on-1.

  814. hornets 5 rebounds, heat 20

  815. Disastrous defense by starters put them into a 18pt deficit.

  816. Lin should not get the ball or dribble into the elbow or corner. The heat immediately swarmed him with 3 heat players to try to block his passing lane. Luckily in this possession Batum came in and lin passed to Batum for an immediate jumper and nailed it.

  817. We need Marvin to get hot

  818. Cody and Frank are so useless.

  819. hornets aren’t playing team ball. Lin leads the team in assists with 2

  820. omg we are getting killed on rebounds

  821. scared by the playoffs

  822. Kemba looks scared out there. Hesitated to pass to Batum.

  823. 6 offensive rebounds

  824. Batum carrying the hornets

  825. They stunk in the regular season too. No offense, no defense.

  826. Hornets with 24 FTAs already vs Heat 9FTAs (since they made lots of shots)
    If they can get the Heat into foul trouble, they can chip into the lead

  827. Good to see Lin is getting the minutes. Should get more touches.

  828. Hillarious how Jlin defending the interior

  829. batum was there but too slow

  830. He doesn’t look decisive. He needs to step up big.

  831. yeah, he was responsible for a brick and reb by CHA

  832. He’s gotten more stops at the rim than Cody and Frank combined! 2.

  833. What did I say? No one is at home in the paint and Lin was the one defending Stoudemir…

  834. and Al

  835. Lin plays the whole 12 min?

  836. The commentator said it too!

  837. lol cliff calls a timeout right when he’s about to get the ball

  838. Surprised Stoudemire is in his best shape since Kincks

  839. Lins about to come out.

  840. why is Lin on Whiteside? man we are falling apart on D. These bigs are like “Whatever let the little guards do the defense”

  841. He was FINALLY about to get the ball to attack…Cliff calls timeout. LOL.

  842. I think Lee may be coming back in after this timeout.

  843. Cliff is outcoached here by a thousand mile

  844. Wow, Hornets 1st offensive rebound with 3 min left in Q2

    Hornets big men is clearly the weakness

  845. Terrible interior defense by the hornets

  846. Something is seriously wrong when Lin is guarding Whiteside

  847. lmao

  848. v calm, he did not foul just let him have the sky. Who’s organizing CHA’s D?

  849. Cliff calls time out when Lin was going to get the ball?!

  850. how come Lin is the only one under the basket?

  851. I mean where’s the big men?
    This is mind-boggling

  852. He did that before.

  853. Clifford is defensive minded apparently

  854. No doubt. Clifford as always. Im not surprised.

  855. We are being out coached by a lot

  856. Why is Lin defending the interior against Whiteside?!

  857. Exploiting the Hornets BIGS in rebounding

  858. Theyrw making everything.

  859. What’s going on in the paint? Where’s Zeller and the big guys???

  860. Cliff taking out Lin is a mistake we need more offense not less

  861. something is seriously wrong when Lin touches the ball twice in a quarter

  862. Lin’s left wrist is bothering him.

  863. horrible pnr defense. that time Batum didn’t rotate on the switch so Lin ended up guarding Whiteside inside the paint!

  864. Agree.

  865. When our bigs give more effort on offense than defense, I just have to shake my head with disgust. Cody, Frank, Al, all bigs who love to shoot but when it comes to rebounds or defending, they rather let the small guys guard the big ones.

  866. Lin out? game over I’m done.

  867. Bsically we are outplayed here because our PG is just 5’11 and everything falls apart there

  868. Cliff is just so unprepared for playoffs. He learns nothing of what to expect from his players.

  869. Plus, he’s the one best at getting into the paint to draw fouls and stop the clock.

  870. Wants to get Kemba going, stats-wise.

  871. LOL Wade manhandled Marvin
    I dont know if Marvin is too soft or Wade too good

  872. It’s for defense and maybe to give Lin a blow.

  873. Lin -6 Kemba -20 datum-17

  874. this is incredible that Cliff won’t give lin the ball

  875. Wade is extremely skilled and strong. Wade is a top player.

  876. What was he doing all week? Looks like he’s never coached NBA basketball. Cliff playing checkers while Spo plays chess.

  877. Wade always change his gear during playoff

  878. Terrrible coaching by clifford.

  879. Like still a top player
    This man is definitely a top 5 SG of all time

  880. Bigs totally dominated by the heat

  881. He’s had that issue before. Hopefully, it’s not too bad.

  882. They disappear!

  883. Does walker contribute anything?

  884. He should have passed to Lin for easy lay up, instead of forcing, lucky to get a foul and made only 1/2.

  885. Stage is set for Lin to upset Heat in 4Q… Here’s hoping & Praying!

  886. time, a lot of time

  887. Yes, the -20 part.

  888. Give Lin the ball, tell the damn bigs to start playing defense and stop worrying so much about offense. You’ll get the ball when Lin is PG so stop focusing on offense so much and get those damn rebounds and stick to your MAN. IF YOUR MAN IS WHITESIDE, DONT EVER LET HIM GET FREE. HOLY &*(&$(*#($&!! YOU ARE EMBARRASSING OUR GUYS OUT THERE. LIN DEFENDING WHITESIDE?

  889. Crazy

  890. I actually liked wade during his prime.

  891. They need to bring the lead down or it’s going to be garbage time in the 4Q

  892. it is too much for Frank to handle

  893. This is what I’m saying since the beginning of the season that small PG can’t do anything in the playoff

  894. Heat 14 asts, Hornets…3. ‘Nuff said.

  895. Cliff was slow on adjusting the paint situation. If you can’t defend, then you need to counter w/ offense. Run plays. Have ball movement. He needs to let Lin be the floor general and everyone needs to shoot confidently.

  896. exposed, physique too small to contribute defensively. Offensively, heat got bodies on him

  897. Cliff has to adjust. We were out coached.

  898. What?! Lin 3 has been his weakest point all season.

  899. miami shoots 59 percent

  900. I don’t know about that. There have been some. Let’s see how IT does. Nate Robinson did a lot of damage in some playoff games I remember. And I don’t think CP3 is much taller than Walker, if any.

  901. Hornets is as bad as Mavs and Rox game. The coach and starters make the big difference. They know not to prepare for playoffs at all.

  902. How many days until next game t to adjust.

  903. We actually won the 2nd quarter. 41 in the 1st is really really bad

  904. Hornets want to compete in the NBA they need to pick up a legitimate BIG man, period.

  905. 2 asts are from JLin. Kemba has 000000000000000000000000000000

  906. adjust PG too

  907. They have one. Psycho T, but on the bench.

  908. Lin has 2 of CHA’s 3 assists. Terrible offense from Cliff. He’s totally outmatched by Spo.

    Defense is weak because of CHA’s league-worst frontcourt. Spo studied hard and is exploiting them every possession.

  909. When miami is out running us lol houston we have a problem.

  910. Cliff strategy for playoffs? Kemba/Batum iso. Why is Cliff so elementary? Lin should be PG, he would get everyone on the team swarming. But these players seem to be selfish today too. Don’t really pass to Lin. Maybe they watch the superstars Batum/Kemba isoing so much they just want to copy them.

  911. Assuming both teams make 50% of their shots, I feel pretty certain that Heat will win because they are more athletic, talented and have a better coach. It’s as if Heat has 60%+ chance to win every game. I sincerely hope Lin will get out of Hornets IF he wants to make a serious run for the ring.

  912. Charlotte standing around letting the ball stick. Their big men are non existence. Miami all over the court and REBOUNDING!.

  913. Wade is dirty. He tackeled a player at full speed once. He kicked Ramon sessions in the nuts. And he dislocated rondo’s elbow on purpose.

  914. The problem isn’t the offense. It’s the defense. Miami shot 57% for the half and put up 67 points. Spoelstra. Totally exploiting the weakness of the hornets- the bigs and creating mismatches to give Heat easy buckets. Unfortunately you can see they are attacking Lin was well with bigger players

  915. KW first whole quarter’s quarterback! Scare and not much playoff experience!

  916. I don’t think Cliff has the feel for the flow of the game. Trusting in KW to do that and be floor general on the floor is hopeless also. I Notice he can only see one side of the floor.

  917. Spot change miamis lineup. They are faster and he plays smaller. The starters are just too slow and predictable. He may have to bring in Lin sooner.

  918. 365 days for Cliff to adjust?

  919. Walker is just 5’11” and can’t defend,CP3 is bulky and can use his body to defend,IT is better than Walker by a 1000 mile,he can at least defend since Teague is just 6’1

  920. who is a small PG?

  921. KW 18 mins , no assist. Will Clifford be the coach of the year?

  922. Only positive is that they have a few players in foul trouble

  923. In the bright side is that papa John 95 point discount still in effect.

  924. Kemba

  925. So the nba retaliate by calling more foul on Jlin…lol

  926. oh, I thought you were referring to Lin, lol

  927. The Hornets weakness is their weak big men while the Heat’s strength is their big men
    Being outrebounded 23-9 is pretty sad

  928. And Lin played well given his role. Cliff will have to expend his role.

  929. Who do you think?

  930. i know saw that too ahhh crazy coach

  931. If he receives it, I laugh my head off!!!! These NBA people know nothing.

  932. Who?

  933. But we all knew that, right? Against tough physical teams like OKC, Utah and Miami, Hornets Bigs are more like PGs. Seriously, Hornets has a better chance beating Spurs than Heat. Lol Or Cavs. On top of that, no answers for Deng and Wade. And Whiteside, etc.

  934. Cliff should be angry at his starters but Cliff’s quiet today.

  935. LMAO

  936. He has already prepared for a loss anyway.

  937. Did Zeller even put his hand up to defend Wade in that last shot? Looked like lazy D to me

  938. The fact is, only one foul, which is a right call.

  939. Here is Hornets realgm MOD – “Re: GT Playoff GAME 1 CHA @ MIA Sun April 17 5:30pm et

    Post#281 » by fatlever » 7 minutes ago
    no longer wishing we win the series… will settle for finally winning just one playoff game. perhaps we can get game 3 in Charlotte.”

  940. Bad news, hornets got taken to school. Good news Linstructor has an audience. Expect Lin to start coaching up his teammates to overcome the heat. Lins mind has always been his strongest skill to win.

  941. Miami is so much better than Charlotte and they probably won’t even go that far in the play offs
    Thats how bad this charlotte team is

  942. The heat player was still moving on that Jlin offensive foul

  943. the same mindset as Hornets players – giving up so easily.,

  944. LOLOLOL That will be a huge wish! I predict to be 4-0 with this lineup + huge loss every game.

  945. There is a wise and realistic poster. Lol

  946. yes, .. and we all knew Hansbrough can help but have never been used extensively
    I guess Cliff will be Cliff

  947. IT also much more crafty and a much smarter player than KW!

  948. Do you guys feel this 1st half Hornets played odd… not really run for O & D more like just tried to foul Heat’s players… check # of shots we took the whole team & AS? So weird.

  949. His job is secure already…… unless they get embarrassed. Better release the crazies: linsanity and PSYCHO T

  950. Bad point guard.

  951. Main problem of Hornets is stubborn Cliff! He trusts wrong players.

  952. They have the tools and the manpower but Cliff needs to stop playing politics

  953. We were out rebounded. Thus less shots.

  954. Spo

  955. Heat more physical. But hornets deeper and younger. Time to run and gun until heat are out of air.

  956. Yes but it doesn’t work. Miami has better coach. He knows how to adjust.

  957. Cliff has to adjust. This isn’t a 1 game series. Theres time. Also 17 points is not that much

  958. 3 assists 8 rebounds in first half? Cliffs adjustment should be play Lin at PG more and tell Frank, Cody, MKG to step up their rebounds. Focus on D only. O from bigs will come with Lin at PG. Lin always drive and pnr to bigs or dish to open 3. It makes everyone on team think less about offense/creating their own shots. The reason we’re so down is because our defense sucks and our bigs are thinking too much on offense.

  959. NO… what I mean they tried to make Heat’s players in foul trouble so they will get more benefit in 2nd half. Remember Lin played so bad before vs Celtics game… They did it on purpose.

  960. Batum got the stats and Cliff wanted no more.

  961. They gave up 41 points in first quarter when Kemba was the point guard with mostly poor shots and bad misses.

  962. I agree, test Whiteside’s endurance and the older players of the Heat.

  963. Heat lose big vs Celtics in 2nd half…. We will see…

  964. Just feels like most of the Heat players are the big burly athletic type and CHA players are the weak finesse type so they get bullied around.

  965. Frank had Lin to his right but decide to take the lay up. Then proceeded to miss the 2 FTs

  966. I went to marquette university but I still despise crybaby wade

  967. Lin,Batum,AL.Marv and Zeller will be his best bet if he wants to compete on this series

  968. What is new? Starters dig a big black hole, give away 41pts first quarter and expect the others to rescue, good job for sticking the dumb formula old Clifford

  969. Then run them out. Let Lin push the pace. TO whatever. Create some linsanity.

  970. he should lose coach of the year just for this one game.

  971. 5:19 on rebounds, 3:14 on assists. we are “lucky” only down 17

  972. Heat in 5. It’s all about padding Batum and Kemba’s stats, not winning.

    CHA is just “happy to be there.” Cliff’s job is safe so he’s gotta keep his stars happy. No one in Charlotte wants to see the Asian guy lead them to big wins like he did against CLE and SAS.

    Sadly, I knew this was going to happen. Happily, Lin now has TWO options this summer: Philly AND Brooklyn w/ Atkinson.

  973. Walker if your nervous let Lin carry the load, then your shots start getting easier.

  974. Prolly 4

  975. Lin exploited and made a layup. But Cliff didn’t see that to exploit further. He made two assists out of team total 3 assists. What the heck? No ball movement. Hornets need to shoot confidently. Cliff took Daniels off the floor too early for Lin to exploit defense to get Daniels shoot his 3s.

  976. Al needs to move off the Bench and into the starter squad, where he can get fouls on Whiteside from start.
    Kemba and Al work well together and can slow each other and game flow down with no lasting repercussions. Lots of standing around and waiting for things to happen anytime Kemba and Al on the floor so why NOT put them together.

    JLIN must be allowed to run the point anytime he is on the floor – for any hope of wins.

    “Players NOT involved in the offense over time – tend not to be so involved in the defense either” – David Thorpe

  977. Damn rookie…. and I am not referring to myself.

  978. Unless they get embarrassed.

  979. I think they’ll win one home game. Miami will have an off-night.

  980. Clever

  981. I thought Winslow was moving. That was not a charge.

  982. Even then, Cliff is safe. All he had to do was make the playoffs with a decent record.

  983. true, I agree with this adjustment next game. It’s not like the starters without Al play at a fast pace. Why force the 2nd unit to play slow too by putting Al in it? BF1 was real but Cliff crashed it.

  984. Yep. That’s how Hornets won last time against Heat. Let AJ school Whiteside and slow down the game for Heat starters too.

  985. Unlike Kemba, Lin played gutsy and attacked whenever and however few he touches the ball. Kemba danced and juked hoping to get his man off balance but failed then pass the ball or settle with a jumpshot. Lame.

  986. I feel Hornets less talented and athletic.

  987. he looked scared out there. Even scared with passing the ball.

  988. SPO coaching is already on 4th gear and Cliff is just about to start….LOL

  989. Ok, thanks.

  990. Afraid of going to the basket knowing Whiteside is ready and waiting. Only Lin did get to the basket for an easy lay up in the first half. Batum was a set play. But Lin had to create his own offense.

  991. I don’t have big problems with Kemba this game — and that’s saying something since I always bash him!

    It’s Cliff who’s messing up — almost every play is simplistic and predictable (Batum, Batum, Batum). Players get frozen out on offense and fall asleep on defense.

    Cliff and most NBA coaches don’t understand this. They think guys are happy to be scrubs who do dirty work while Kemba and Nic get all the glory and $$$. Only Lin has the selflessness to keep playing D anyway.

  992. I expect Hornets to lose Game 1-2 because Cliff is slow to make much adjustment.
    I just hope JLin gets 10-15pts so there’s possibility to start him in Game 3 or 4

  993. And we love him. ?

  994. See, if Cliff played Batum like that all season, we would be much better team. 0 assists from Batum but all he does is catch and shoot. That’s why he’s 20 pts in first half. But no, he wants Batum to play point cause we don’t already have 6 players who want to play point already (1 who is highly capable).

  995. Commentators (not Barry) mentions about NOT one assist from NB or KW in the first half.

  996. too much iso

  997. Lin has 2 of Charlotte’s 3 assists in the first half.

  998. time out!

  999. Walker is garbage

  1000. They were too busy with other things.

  1001. This is obliteration

  1002. This team is embarrassing

  1003. He is old Dumb!

  1004. Kemba totally lost.

  1005. Kemba looks scared and degraded.

  1006. Nuke button pushed

  1007. What’s wrong with Kemba?

  1008. clifford is the problem… he can’t coach!

  1009. Cliff failed his starters and failed the team.

  1010. Bench the starters now!!!!!

  1011. Something wrong with kw.

  1012. It’s like I am watching the Rockets playing right now. SMDH

  1013. might be hurt

  1014. He doesn’t play well against top team

  1015. He is lost. Too good of defense against him.

  1016. He is being out coached this game

  1017. He’s not a top tier PG

  1018. Heat Commentator: Zeller does not go back up to the basket after catching the ball, but set up for KW.
    I think Zeller is conditioned to not score himself but pass to KW. That’s poor coaching right there!

  1019. Look Clifford, dig the fresh new hole again starting 3rd quarter!

  1020. He doesn’t look right physically though.

  1021. might be fear of Whiteside

  1022. I’d want MJ to fire Cliff except Lin is leaving, so let them burn with their rich man’s Byron Scott.

  1023. Idk i saw why not call TO

  1024. Captain Kemba. Hornets motto: win with Kemba. What a joke!

  1025. Ouch
    Heat with 14 assists vs 3 for Hornets in 1st half

  1026. the Hornets need to make a Statement in Game 1 or it’s early vacation. Play every game as if the last. CCliff have to trust JL7 to handle more OR go home.

  1027. If you’re running and playing,you’re healthy if not then he needs to sit down

  1028. Cliff cares too much about Batum’s stats that he forgets his own job.

  1029. Look Cliff, if you aren’t going to use Lin properly to make the playoffs game look decent, this playoffs failure will haunt the Hornets for many years while Lin will just go to a different team with a smarter coach.

  1030. He has a clear look at the basket. He needs to have confidence to shoot it himself. This has to be coaching direction.

  1031. well, if he doesn’t adjust, then hopefully it will be a sweep and jlin can rest and get ready for next year…

  1032. KW needs to sit down ASAP, let Daniel plays! The commentators know Lin well and know Lin can play!

  1033. Cliff has to change the lineup

  1034. Hornets need a shake-up if they hope to be competitive in Game 2
    But Cliff is slow to adjust. He’ll wait until Game 3

  1035. Deng shoots in the same spot for 5 times and Hornets still can’t figure it out

  1036. Cliff has to change this line up they cant play the Heat


  1038. that hole is now a sinkhole.


  1040. actually, don’t bring back in lin… theyre done…

  1041. KW is super elite when play against the bottom dwellers, but he plays scared when facing the elite teams, that’s the trade mark of a fake NBA manufactured star.

  1042. Rebound rebound rebound….

  1043. NO Time out? Cliff? Are you coaching? What game plan is this???
    Commentator: (Hornets) No resistance…

  1044. This starting lineup just doesn’t work vs the Heat.
    Getting blitzed in 1st and 3rd quarter … *sigh*

  1045. bring in Gutierrez or whatever

  1046. theyre keeping it within 22… that’s good…

  1047. HAHAHA

  1048. The commentators said Hornets only has 4 assists while Miami has 18 during the 3rd quarter’s 8min mark! Good job coach!

  1049. He leaves them in no matter what

  1050. Great adjustments coach!

  1051. just 25 now

  1052. Lee not getting the call

  1053. how does Cliff not know what’s wrong with the point guard?

  1054. Hornets got Whiteside-d

  1055. Series over. Starters look like they want to break down and cry.

    This is the future of Batum and Kemba’s Hornets. Lin already thinking about MDA/KA.

  1056. Charlotte should be embarassed with this performance

  1057. Kemba smiling like we’re up or someting

  1058. Digging huge black hole for 3rd quarter, i dont think Lin can save them!

  1059. Wade scores on Lee as well.

  1060. Wade unguardable today

  1061. clifford is a kindergarten coach… gettin schooled by spo

  1062. Lin coming in at 2 minute mark again?

  1063. Dwade is schooling Courtney Lee

  1064. He knows, may be he is afraid to get fire from KW!

  1065. Cliff has been obliterated with this line up but no adjustments made

  1066. Batum should guard him with his length, but Cliff is clueless. He wants Nic to pad his stats and avoid spending energy on defense.

  1067. yup

  1068. Jefferson no defense

  1069. Cliff doing the same thing as first haif

  1070. where is the coaching?

  1071. his adjustment is instead of keep letting walker shoot, let batum shoot…

  1072. What did he talk about at halftime? “Pass less on offense, help less on defense.”

  1073. Is this playoff game for NB and KW to pad stats but not to win?

  1074. Lin in

  1075. This is pass embarrassing. What’s the word?

  1076. hey…cliff you need to change your starters before they really get into d black hole

  1077. seems that way… except walker isn’t doing sheyt

  1078. He’s not coaching,he’s only collecting checks on this series

  1079. You see the gameplan. As soon as Jefferson came in they lob it to whiteside

  1080. There’s no adjustments, none whatsoever!

  1081. LOL most probably

  1082. Humiliating.

  1083. Clifford is giving up

  1084. Heat with 20 more baskets than us – It’s regular season all over again – Out-rebounded.


  1086. Cliff going to datum every play won’t win anything.

  1087. Win with walker.

  1088. spo’s BB IQ way above cliff by a yard….smh….

  1089. clifford is stupid…

  1090. I had enough with Ready now I have to listen to Berry ?

  1091. Correction: Gave up

  1092. When Lin come in he needs to touch the ball. Get him penetrating, get the ball moving. Spacing the floor only is not using Lin right. Too bad for the miscommunication on the Lin cut. Not quite sure what happened.

  1093. We have no michael jordans on this team but Cliff is playing this team like we do. 6 assists compared to 20.

  1094. He will wait forever

  1095. Cliff is baffled: “Nic has 24! Kemba has 14! How are we losing by 22???”
    Miami playing teamball. Cliff playing streetball.

    I don’t care what anyone says, Batum is playing like trash: ZERO rebounds? ONE assist? Are you kidding me?

  1096. 20 assist to 6

  1097. bad pass by Batum. Batum is not a point guard. I don’t understand whats so hard about knowing that. The reason Batum is killing it right now is because he’s been catching and shooting all game. What I believe he should stick to.

  1098. 6 assists to 20 Mia

  1099. Miami has shot 20 more times

  1100. Cliff not trying to win this game. He really is a very sorry coach to let his players down like this. He doing all of that suv=cking up to Batum and watch batum won’t stay.

  1101. None! He seriously needs to retire!

  1102. That’s a big difference with a team that has a playbook compare to just rely and pray that Walker and Batum can make it happen

  1103. Miami has been at this a long time and Pat Riley is a boss

    This will be a learning butt kicking

  1104. One plays to win, one wants personal stats.

  1105. Cliff don’t have the answers. 2 + 2 = 8 to him.

  1106. ….to his own stupidity

  1107. Jefferson can’t hang. Put Tyler in there.

  1108. We are playing slower

  1109. what kind of stupid play is that? iso to big al now?

  1110. Embarassing

  1111. Why are we posting AL

  1112. cause Cliff too basic

  1113. we need to speed up the game

  1114. Play smaller

  1115. Jefferson getting owned on the defensive end

  1116. Lin touches and the play is to pass it to Al? That’s it? Not winning any games through Alfense against this team.

  1117. Clifford, Kemba and Batum have made a mockery of the franchise.

    Statpad streetball with freeze-outs for your best player don’t work! So glad Lin is leaving this dumpster fire.

  1118. This is so frustrating to watch.

  1119. Hornets starters got outscored 27-45 in 1st and 3rd quarter
    15-28 in Q1
    12-17 in Q3

    Let’s see when Cliff will change the starting lineup.
    Maybe Game 4 after being down 0-3

  1120. seriously it makes me mad just watching this with no adjustments.

  1121. Totally prove why Heat chose Hornets.

  1122. This is horrble, the big not protecting the basket!

  1123. so clear, Lin had to wait about 9 sec to get the ball to Al … a clock waste when down so far, and Al blew it big time.

  1124. Got them to the playoffs and got Jeremy back on GMs radar

    Can’t hate that

  1125. move the ball around then inside to Al…didn’t like that play Jeremy waiting to throw in to Al

  1126. I say 3

  1127. the game is over (Lin will not close the gaame). let’s practice some 3 pts

  1128. really–beyond humiliation…c’mon cliff…make adjustments

  1129. I love the way Lin is playing

  1130. Bigs watching the ball

  1131. Too bad he’s touched the ball 3 times the entire game.

  1132. Should have used Lin to attack the rim like 2 quarters ago.

  1133. Back to 15. Let’s go Lin!

  1134. Lin playing decent he’s attacking and creating opportunities for teammates

  1135. Hey berry, no passing lane to Kaminsky

  1136. LIN >>>>>>>>Dragic

  1137. 25

  1138. 25

  1139. Heat is a franchise that is always prepared

    I hate them (Knicks fan) but I know how great Riley has become as an executive (more hate)

    Hornets forgot how to play d and o tonight

  1140. JLin #7 with 7pts after 2 FTs

  1141. slow down the game and get to the line

  1142. Scores Hornets 69 vs 96 Heat??? What a contrast!!! This is before Lin gets fouled and two FTs.

  1143. Just had to play well and will be getting a getting a look from BK Now with Kenny Atkinson on board

  1144. Teamball > Streetball

    Cliff will probably say that Kemba and Batum were great, but they didn’t get enough help.

  1145. lol

  1146. God kemba walker suc