Play The Lin-Credible Game

I cannot believe I haven’t found and played this Flash Game since it was created during Linsanity in 2012 🙂

Gonzo Games has created a Jeremy Lin flash game where you get to play as Lin, as he tries to shoot as many baskets as possible within 60 seconds. Since Lin’s got perfect aim, your job is only to decide when he shoots and to maneuver him around the court for power-ups (score multipliers; time extension) and avoiding trick ups: Kaboom! (subtracts 10 points off your score) andTroll Face (knocks you back down to earning 1 point per shot). The highest score so far is over 200. Think you can do better? Click here or scroll down to play “Linsanity” below!


  1. Ok, so far my Top Score is 186pts after 20+ tries :]
    What’s your high score? And don’t forget to post your snapshot as proof .. haha

  2. LOL. Good one Psalm.

  3. Love the troll face and Yao Ming in the audience. Haha..
    Jeremy can jam all the way from 3pt-line!

  4. LOL U r “weirdo” good on finding this kind of thing:o))

  5. Just came over from It is getting very uncomfortable over there. The site is being hijacked by a few people. Then I came here and couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks so much…Now back to business.Round two.

  6. everybodys doing it. hijacked is the word. i dont understand why the veterans there let it happen. initially there was resistiance. but the interloper(s) persisted and seem for the time to have won. but its quite a downshift coming here. there brent yen is the king of the modest one liner and the clark kent. here hes dynamic commentator/long poster/moderator and superman.

    who knew?

  7. if i keep posting here as a refuge from that other site everybody came here from please dont give me one of those horrible chicken heads like you gave webattorney.

  8. great game !! <3 😀

  9. I love Jeremy Lin, but I’d rather stick to the first generation of The Sims, with the complete expansion set than play this game LOL

  10. How could you? :> This game got everything about Linsanity … the clutchness, High Basketball IQ, acrobatic layup, trolls and making us smile :] It’s like experiencing Linsanity in a bottle and keep winning everytime! haha…

  11. Problems came from the top. Vets can do nothing about it. Mods have to set the tone. But they seems wants post counts more than post quality.

  12. That is system default I think, FWIW, I liked it…lol

  13. LOL welcome, @1mtoldman:disqus :] .. And that’s not a sort of punishment :] @webattorney:disqus wears it with pride

    That’s the Disqus default profile picture that we set here. It will help people to find another Disqus profile picture or embrace it. #EmbraceTheOmNomChicken

  14. me too :] The Glove Chicken hat is a nice way to say hi to people.
    The crazy candy eyes is a different story :>

  15. don’t feel bad if you only get 50-100 pts :p
    The game is designed to only give many +10 multiplier once every 4-5 games. When you do, get it and then shoot 3s so you get 30pts! #LetsGetLin-CredibleToday

  16. I agree with Brent. The vets can only do so much. God knows some of us tried hard. But mods have the ultimate power to say to people to “knock it off” in belittling people with personal attacks. That’s a no-no here. We can debate the issues and disagree without disrespecting people.

    We saw how LakersGround mods took a swift action to ban LOF vs LOH arguments and everyone gets the message. Some have been thoroughly disappointed with the Family Rules being ignored for the sake of post counts. That’s why we want to focus on great basketball discussion w/o personal attacks here.

  17. I’m using a touch pad but if I had a mouse, I should be able to get past 150 🙂

  18. Now that you mentioned it, I’ma go find a Sim skin with almost same features as Jeremy. 🙂

  19. ahh, got it. You just want to watch Jeremy Sims character mulling about doing his thing for hours.
    Nothing wrong with that :p

  20. err.. I guess I’ll take it as a compliment to be a “Weir-Do-Good” fellow” :>

  21. You can do it!!

  22. well so far ive managed to avoid the default. im still just a round head and shoulders. and hope it will stay that way; btw theres a good article somewhere “5 reasons why jeremy lin should start” on i dont know bleacher report maybe someone could link or post. i must admit the tech mechanics and lay out of this site are beyond me.

  23. this is the article i was referencing below:
    5 Reasons Jeremy Lin Should Be Los Angeles Lakers’ Starting Point Guard
    By Dan Favale, Featured Columnist Oct 15, 2014

    (and it is bleacher report)

    here’s a quote:

    “If the Lakers want any semblance of continuity in their starting lineup, Lin is the only choice to start,” writes NBC Sports’ Dan Feldman. “His injury [sprained ankle] seems minor, and he’s young enough to settle in once the regular season begins.”

    Fielding Nash over Lin promises nothing. He’s not an everyday floor general anymore. The Lakers need someone they can count on. Consistently taking the floor would be a monstrous miracle for Nash at this point.

    And if not him, then who? Jordan Clarkson? Ronnie Price? Keith Appling?

    When healthy, Nash is Lin’s only competition. Nash isn’t healthy, so Lin should have no competition.

  24. Just need some time to get used to, we tried to simplify it and still need some work.

  25. 1mtoldman, you may post the article link in Disqus Hangout for general discussion and good links.

    I just created a How-To guide to use this site to help new visitors and members to use this site effectively. Just let me know if you have questions by commenting in this link:

  26. This is an excellent rare B/R article, @1mtoldman:disqus We should create a new post about it so we can discuss Lin’s important statistics for the next season. I create it first then attribute the author to you once you register

  27. my high score: 153 pts

  28. wow…cool game!…now we have something to kill time! 🙂

    will do better next time….after 12 tries

  29. After about 30 tries I got mostly under 140 and one 183 then this one.

  30. This is impossible! I thought the highest score is 200 😀
    Congrats, @7iger! This will be almost impossible to beat ..

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