Pat Beverley – Says No Friend of JLin and Parsons


  1. 1st

  2. is the worst! ha ha πŸ™‚

  3. [1:02] “You can be cool in the summer time but I’m not comfortable being cool with other people because it shows your hands a bit”

    I’ll just chalk this up as Bev’s fear of losing the edge on court if he gets cool and converse with other non-Houston players on court during season.

    It sounds great and tough but it’s a bit overboard. He’s pushing the limit and if other players get provoked and heated up during games, he can get seriously hurt. But if that’s his style, it’s a risk he has to take to have that ‘intimidation factor’ to be relevant in the NBA. And he might have to do this to compensate for the lack of offensive talent that he has.

  4. The ‘everyone else is my enemy’ tactic is a very juvenile way to play sports. JLin has played sports and competed with his brothers from the beginning and they do not hate each other. You leave it on the court. You can compete with all your might and have a burning desire to beat the opponent but they do not have to be your ‘enemy’.

  5. I hope Jeremy get this message.

  6. I added a feature image for you.
    Ironically, it is from CF…..LOL

  7. true. At the end of the day, it’s a workplace and he needs to get along well with NBA co-workers.

    Masai Ujiri gave the wise talk to Lowry in Toronto to shape up since one day he will need to ask for jobs as an assistant coach somewhere after he retires. After that, he started to play nice and even gave somewhat-positive comment on McHale.

    I agree players should be competitive during games but when it ends, you shake hands and be friends. Otherwise they create an island among themselves. Even Kobe learned to get along off-court with his teammates.

    Too bad Bev needed to maintain this ‘tough guy’ talk to get his next big contract. Hope he doesn’t get injured (more severely) before then.

    I think he’s a survivor but a bit misguided in his approach.

  8. I don’t. I hope jlin continues to play with all his heart but leaves it on the court. No reason to walk around filled with hate all the time for all your coworkers. I know some people approach all life this way. That everything is a competition to be won… To destroy your enemy and that everyone is the enemy.

    sad really to live your life like that.

  9. I hope Jeremy gets the message in such as way to prepare himself that Bev has a need to psych himself by alienatating players as a form of intimidation during season. That way he won’t let it impact his own performance on-court.

  10. Well, Wolverine has no friends anyway. He can be a tough guy with a lame knee.

  11. His definition of loyalty sacrifices too much, such as relationships with other players.

    Don’t know if I can take him seriously. He says he “doesn’t play both sides” and is a “black and white kind of guy” and then goes on to say him and Noah and Rondo have this sort of mutual respect after games. He isn’t consistent.

  12. Lin should’ve just pushed his head like bev always do to Lin.

    Lin mentioned that he doesn’t like people rubbing his head in some interviews.

  13. Didn’t listen to his interview and had no desire to listen at all.

    According to the statement above, PB will have lots of “enemies.” Dislike this kind of approaching of life.

  14. I don’t care about this……. anyway, this guy struck me as someone who is ARROGANT, not CONFIDENT.

    Big,big,big,BIG difference. Enough said.

  15. Intimidation? Please. The guy’s mouth is full of hot air but his game is, well, shall I say not even the fundamentals of basketball are there. My interpretation is he is more intimidated of Jeremy’s and Parsons’ games so he lets his mouth, rather than his game because he doesn’t have any game at all, do the talking.

  16. Has he actually played with and/or against Rondo? Where did he get this “Rondo and I have mutual respect for each other’s game” thing?

  17. Rondo was injured for almost couple of seasons and has not played against Bev (no significant minutes at least). He’s just trying to elevate himself. This interview has no substance and not to be taken seriously. I’m not sure what reason Sirius had Beverly as a guest… offseason and slow news day in NBA I guess.

  18. Rondo was out with an injury for the past season. I don’t remember if Rondo was also out the season before? Bev only came on last season though.

    It’s probably that they played against each other during the summer. Then I guess that’s why he said he’s okay with being friendly during the summer.

    Bev’s relies on that mindset to be tough. Too bad he cannot handle being more balanced.

    He says that is his personality. To me it is an unhealthy mentality for himself and for his community. Imagine the whole league antagonising each other.

    It is also fickle in the sense that the relationship depends on membership with a team. There is no personal loyalty beyond the team. Conversations during the past seasons, fighting in the game, eating on the road, becomes non-events as if they didn’t happen? What happens when he retired and is no longer part of a team?

  19. I have no problems with that. I’m sure Dwight and Harden aren’t going to maintain any relationship with Lin either. I’m pretty sure Lin doesn’t care.

  20. His definition of loyalty and aggressiveness is twisted. Loyalty to a team is different from loyalty to a friend. I’d say this guy is emotionally and mentally immature who can’t discern a professional (on court) from a personal relationship. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Jeremy kicking his sorry behind in games.

  21. Elevate himself with his BIG MOUTH, that’s all πŸ™‚

    Let his game do the talking… oh wait, he DOESN’T have any game!

  22. All bark and no bite.

  23. This dude, Beverley has a bad attitude in life. He lets his job dominate all other aspects in life. He finally will succumb to his employer unconditionally and be a chess piece at best. His days in Houston is numbered because of his knee injury and without an operation his injury might just finish his career. Toughness or just being dumb!
    Who needs a friend like this?
    I will be surprised if his attitude and his athleticism will help him in the long run. We are all ears and we are seeing the end of his talk? I’m afraid that he can’t walk his talk.

    When the Rockets dwindles, Beverley is the first cut to be gone for good.

  24. His past stats doesn’t show his edge. He’s not a defensive threat by any means. Players explode on him. He’s getting too much ahead of himself. He plays like a role player and he’s slowing losing his edge in playing NBA basketball. It takes something between your eyes to be successful in NBA

  25. The biggest disability in life is a bad attitude. I can’t say this dude has a good attitude. He’s an overrated player.

  26. He comes from the McHale’s camp of life education.

  27. That’s the funny thing.

    People like his aggressive defensive style just like they love Bruce Bowen’s blanket defensive style. But when Lillard and Parker easily scored on him for being too aggressive, they give excuses like “noone can stop good offensive players”.

    It should come down to the main question “Do you allow people to score on you?” no matter what the defensive style are. Lin’s lateral speed might not be as fast as Bev but he compensates by having great anticipation and ability to recover and block his man. And more often than not, he forces his man to give up the ball to others to make play just like he did limiting Lillard to 2 missed shots in Game 6 Playoff.

    That’s why I love raining3’s article “JEREMY LIN’S DEFENSE FAR BETTER THAN REPORTED” because it correctly assess the effectiveness of Lin’s and Bev’s defensive despite different defensive style.

  28. I’m getting sick of players living on the wagon of Lin’s unselfish game and then bad mouthing him. Beverley is a name soon to be forgotten without Jeremy. These dudes are ripping off Jeremy. Jeremy help the team win and these dudes claim the credit. Now Jeremy is gone Let’s see what they’re really made of.

  29. I actually pity Bev a bit. And I blame Houston’s toxic team culture to promote self first more than team.

    Here is a guy who does not have much offensive talent and would be great backup PG with his aggressive defense for 15-20min to make life miserable for opposing guards. But Morey and McHale foolishly allowed their chosen player in Harden to not play D and broke plays, all in the name of getting All-Stars. McHale also foolishly believed Bev can sustain that type of D for 30-38min/gm and cover Harden’s defensive hole without endangering his career. Now he might’ve permanently injured his knee before getting a big contract. I doubt Houston will give him retirement package if his knee injury becomes chronic.

    It might still look rosy for Bev on the outside being a starting PG but they’re ready to replace him with Lowry/Dragic. Bev tried to survive in the NBA playing the only way he knows how but he might not be smart enough to stay long in the NBA.

    Oh well, I guess we should move on and let Houston bad decision-making self-destructs in 1-2 years (Harden will be a diva, Dwight will leave as a result, people getting fired, etc.) Hopefully Houston doesn’t shorten Bev’s NBA career.

    I’d rather focus and celebrate Lin’s crucial year with the LA. He’s happier and ready to write a new and better Linsanity!

  30. It is simple, PB is in survival mode in NBA…..too bad he was picked by HOU. He could have a good career as a backup PG. Not that he will not have it in HOU, just given how HOU operates, less likely he can shine there.

  31. Beverley gets too much ahead of himself. He still thinks he’s that good in defense. In fact, he had made himself less respectable by his behaviour on the court. Many fans have reminded him that he didn’t deserve to start. He’s kind of jealous that Parsons, Lins and others receiving big contracts. I doubt if Morey will even give him a raise when his contract expires. He will probably be traded or put on the waiving list.

  32. A lowly player.

  33. Comparing himself to elite players, Beverley has a problem. He is getting too much ahead of himself.

  34. We call those lame ducks.

  35. May God save his soul before him hurting more people.

  36. That is exactly what I meant about how HOU operates…

  37. so someone mentioned somewhere ( all the sites are running together for me now) about how bev was angry when someone screamed at the game Jeremy you should be starting… found it: what a stare….

    10:30 PM ET – ORACLE Arena, Oakland, CA Rockets and Warriors game

  38. THE culture of ROCKETTES is just pile up numbers for haren everyone!!! He is my prized jewel acquisition…there I said it.

  39. Truth hurts.

  40. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this is just a classless thing to say. Then again he’s on the same team as Mr. Cornerstone and the guy who said he plays with a bunch of nobodies.

  41. Well he will be a lonely man. Can’t see anyone who will want to be his friend since he’s so fair weathered.

  42. He’s mixed up about basketball and his life. He’s crazy.

  43. Pat Bev celebrated his last birthday in Taiwan visit. When asked about J Lin of Lakers.
    Beverley said, “Jeremy Lin is like a brother to me, miss playing with him…
    How quick can people change…speaking of loyalty!

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