P6 NY Knicks vs BKN Nets: The Final Tuneup


As we near the start of the season game (Oct 26th), this game provides a different perspective to test as much as possible with the actual starting lineups. It will be interesting to see the lineup and rotations that Coach Kenny Atkinson would employ.

After the last cut, we are also going to see a 16 man squad before NETS finalize their 15 man team for the season.

So would the last preseason resemble the regular-season rotation after the roster is cut to 16? It sounds like Coach Atkinson wants to see more regular-season rotations, although he still wants to see Jeremy plays with different guys.  It would be the final tune-up before the Nets opens the regular season on the road against the Boston Celtics in only 6 more days (Oct 26)

“I think I’m going to look more at our regular-season rotations. I still want to get some other guys some time … but I definitely want to see our regular rotation for longer stretches,’’ Atkinson said. “We obviously want those guys playing together a lot, but we also want to see Jeremy with different guys.

And it’s good to know Lin relishes the motion offense so he doesn’t have to play Pick-and-Roll everytime. It will only help him and the Nets to be more unpredictable to the opposing defense by having variety of offensive options.

The motion offense appears to have agreed with Lin so far. He’s averaging 15.5 points on torrid .606 shooting and .471 from 3-point range, with a team-high 18 assists.

“I’m much better than where I was in training camp last year in terms of my shot,” Lin said. “I’m more confident in it.

“A lot of times you’d see me passing it up or hesitating; but here I’m shooting every open 3, and that gives me more space to be able to drive the ball. It allows me to be able to play where I don’t have to be the one playing pick-and-roll every time. I can find space on the weak side and be a threat in a different way.”

We might see the starters to play between 25-30 min so it won’t stretch them too much. If Jeremy plays more with the 2nd team (i.e. Joe Harris, Kilpatrick, Justin Hamilton, etc.), he would have more minutes than other starters. Grievis Vasquez would need to regain his playing form sooner than later so he can allow Jeremy to rest during gametime. A win against the in-town rival and healthy players would be the ultimate outcome to build the confidence for the young Brooklyn Nets team but the NY Knicks would not go down easily even during a preseason game. Let’s keep them in our well-wishes and prayers.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s go, Nets!


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