P5 BKN Nets vs BOS Celtics: Growing Chemistry, Defense, and Deep Bench


For one game, Coach Atkinson only used 11 players in order to see how his team matches up with Boston Celtics who is a formidable opponent and a projected 2nd Eastern Conference seed.

It was a mixed results since most starters can hold on their own as seen from +/-  (Lin has the highest at +11) but the reserves still needed a lot improvement as Vasquez (lowest +/- at -14) is still recovering from his surgically repaired ankle to regain his playing form.


Coach Atkinson has a tough challenge in his hands because he knows a good playoff-caliber team would need to have a great starting lineup (anchored by experienced Brook-Lin), a deep bench (not yet) and good-to-great defense (still in-progress).

With two games left, it would be interesting to see if  Coach Atkinson will maintain playing 11-12 players to grow chemistry with regular playing time and same rotation or he would throw in player evaluation (Yogi Ferrel, Whitehead, Mockevicius, Jorge, McCullough) before they will go to the D-League.

Coach Atkinson would probably want to keep some weapons like Brook-Lin PnR hidden against the Celtics because they will face them again in only 9 days in the 1st regular season game. Coach would love to steal Game 1 on the road against a projected high-seed playoff team to build his player’s confidence.

Expect the starters to also play up to 25 min so it won’t stretch them too much cialis αγορά. Keeping the players healthy and growing the chemistry of the 1st and 2nd team should be the #1 priority with only 2 preseason games left. Let’s keep them in our well-wishes and prayers.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s go, Nets!

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  1. The preseason game continues….So is Michael’s sleeping game….

  2. hope so!

  3. Today we going to win!

  4. So who will be back up PG? Lin will play long min today….

  5. Much needed rest for Vasquez:-)

  6. Coach Atkinson might experiment who can step up as backup PG if Vasquez is slow to recover.

    Yogi and Whitehead might be too inexperienced but if they play, this is their last chance to make it to the roster. Not sure if Foye/Kilpatrick can fulfill the 6th Man scorer role, not necessarily the backup PG

  7. glad to hear Vasquez is being rested…Let us see Whitehead and Yogi there.

  8. Goatd.net will still work for tonights game right? Not televised today

  9. goatd had some glitches before. batmanstream.com might be more reliable

  10. Will the game be on Yes?

  11. is it safe?

  12. so far with AdBlock, it’s safe
    I’m also testing reborn4hdlive.org if it can be ballstream replacement

  13. thanks!

  14. ouch, Cody and JLin definitely got the most hits/bloody noses/head as JLin confirmed

    @JLin7: “me and you (@CodyZeller) lead the league in bloody noses/broken noses/hits to the head”
    yes, with #nocalls


  15. Non-Lin related but it’s good to put a smile on us today. What a funny dog ?

    So many people are fighting as we get close to the US Election.
    Hoping and praying people don’t let hate & negative ads consume our thoughts and actions

  16. Nope. Away preseason game.

  17. Ok, Psalm. Here’s another one to make you smile…

  18. Shux

  19. Boo we wanna see Lin>Rose 😉

  20. Frank is hands-down the best Dancer among all Lin’s teammates =}

  21. Tayshaun Prince at 36 is not ready to hang his sneakers and retire yet.
    A 6’9″ SF with championship experience (Detroit Pistons) and he can still be productive on defense and offense in 20min role
    But it’s hard to see the Nets having any roster space.

    He’ll be a good mentor for RHJ if Sean and Kenny like him


  22. He has a fun personality.

  23. He would be helpful as mentor, like Scola.
    Can’t be worse than RHJ at this point

  24. Here’s a very recent photo of Carlos Boozer at the Canton Tower, in Guangdong, China. In the summer, he was reportedly in talks to play for the Guangdong Southern Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association.

  25. @BrooklynNets: Boston? #BrooklynGrit
    Tag: Jeremy Lin

  26. Hoping this season we’ll see Lin’s celebrate like this vs the Celtics, preferably in the playoff as the #7 seed upset the #2 seed

  27. new starting lineup w/ Twin Tower (Brook + JHam)


  28. Was hoping for Bojan to start, rather than Skil

  29. I believe they still want to rest Bojan who played too much in the summer Olympics.
    And this is just another lineup experiment to boost Skil’s confidence who has been struggling in the new offensive system.

    I honestly think Coach Atkinson is playing poker with the Celtics. He doesn’t want to show all his cards for the 1st game on Oct 26 to Coach Brad Stevens. Very smart move.

  30. Streams ?

  31. I like that. Kinda sick of the motion offense…..

    Better fun some PNR too as is not like Lin and Brook has been playing together a long time like John Stockton and Karl Malone, they need time to gel……

  32. Ham and Lopez together! I love it.

  33. The #Nets is the most revamped #NBA team w the least % of returning minutes of 15-16 roster (at 30.8%).
    NYK is #2 (at 39.2%)

  34. Dang…still at work.
    Someone plz keep this board updatd…thx!!

  35. i don’t think Whitehead, Vasquez, Bennett, and McCullough are ready play for this season

  36. Lin 1 TO

  37. Brook & Lin are out of sync

  38. and recovered it 🙂

  39. 1st ast

  40. 1 assist, 1 steal.

  41. no call on Lin drive
    a lot of contact by Crowder

  42. I think Nets want to test their best lineup and try to win today

  43. Ugly game from both teams so far

  44. beautiful Lin’s pass to Brook but couldn’t convert yet

  45. Skil is leaking on defense.

  46. Great hesitation move on Lin’s drive to draw a foul on Amir Johnson
    2 FTs to follow

  47. Willl Adblock or poper blocker work?

  48. it is bad idea going to rim on 3-1

  49. They are traping Lin, Lin needs to pass fast

  50. that play was poorly set. You need 2 on that side to run the PnR. Skil was in the corner that really crowded the space.

  51. 3 TO.. the whole team look out of sync


  53. Lin!

  54. nice reverse layup by Lin

  55. What a dumb foul, over played

  56. bad decision to foul Avery’s 3 by Skil

  57. KP 33333

  58. why not let Harris play SG?

  59. Great ball movement … Lin-JHam inside- SKil outside for a wide open 3

  60. BKN-BOS games are going to be messy defensive battles all season.

    Both Lin and IT have 3 TOs. Brook-Lin looks rusty…timing is off.

  61. maybe next game 🙂

  62. is that 2 fouls on lin already? lol gosh darnit

  63. This isn’t close to their best lineup.

  64. AdBlock should work

  65. I am ok with motion offense, but at the same time Kenny just need to plays Brook and Lin more.

  66. Yeah, they need to find chemistry. Boston is a great defensive team, so they should be fine in time. But both guys should play big minutes these final two games.

  67. yes, chemistry takes time

  68. Don’t really like the lineup on the floor right now. No cohesion. Looks like the first time they’ve all played together.

  69. Bad Bad Bad Team D…..

  70. Skil will be decent – I am very hard on him but that’s cause he definitely looks like the rookie out there.

    Whitehead is in – we get to see if he has improved any.

  71. Lopez is definitely a post up guy. Not nearly as proficient in ball screen situations.

  72. Whitehead in for Lin (2 fouls) at Q1 5:37

  73. lol did you guys see bog’s kick haha

  74. Ball screens with lin will really only be to get Lopez in for good positioning down low. Lin will need to PnR with Booker or PnP with Hamilton.

  75. Putting up a different line up would disrupt whatever fluidity with players that have good cohesiveness.Just start Lin,Bogs,Escola Lopez and RHJ

  76. nice defensive effort lol

  77. are they loss by purpose?

  78. First quarter it is like volleyball

  79. yes – look at the lineup – CMC whitehead bog foye scola. it’s def a preseason lineup.

  80. yeah, Booker is also a Decent defender, which is why he starts. Hamilton was getting abused when he had to cover Jae Crowder.

  81. no way, Lin got 2 fouls too early

  82. doesn’t matter how many fouls lin got, he would have been subbed anyways because they are testing lineups still…

  83. i did not know CMC whitehead would play tonight. they are supposed in DL

  84. how are you guys watching the game?

  85. What kind of offense are we watching? There’s no cutting in the paint. Nets guys have efforts but not the smarts… SKilpatrick kept passing in traffic and both times turned over twice.

  86. it is a mess.

  87. There are going to be nights like this. The overall talent level of the team gives them very little margin for error. If they aren’t on their A game, they cant compete at a high level.

  88. This is like playing basketball in the park and plays with different teammates all the time.

  89. Everyone jacking up 3sss

  90. This 14-2 run by BOS since Lin rested at 12-15 shows the #1 weakness of the Nets: a weak 2nd team 🙁

  91. Really interesting second lineup here – Whitehead, CMC, Bog, Foye Scola. When you put in a lineup like this, you are looking for:

    1) Can CmC be the rebounding shot blocker in limited minutes (in the regular season)?
    2) Can anyone besides Lin run the motion offense?
    3) Can Bog produce without help?

    4) Can Bog defend?

  92. they ask to sign in? do you have to sign in?

  93. i think looking for how bad it could be

  94. The answer seems to be no across the board…

  95. Ya! No O No D…. smh!

  96. it is 3rd or 4th team

  97. I hope they have close door practices,scrimmages and sets that fans doesn’t know.

  98. oh yeah, Vasquez is still the best backup PG for #2 team

  99. it simply doesn’t work. 14-3 run proved it

    A lot of people are unhappy with Vasquez but he’s the best backup PG even not being 100%
    This lineup just made Bog trying to score by breaking the motion offense.

  100. Lin starts the 2nd quarter trying to restore some order

  101. yeah. It’s really sad to see because I want nets to be competitive but with the rest of the team it doesn’t look it.

  102. Lin is turning the tide.

  103. The answer to all of those questions is “no.” McCullough needs to play in the D-League and if he does well there, he needs to add some strength. He’s a project with some upside.

    Vazquez can run the motion, but unless he rediscovers his Toronto form, he’s a liability in scoring and defending.

    Bog has some game, but he’s clearly outmatched athletically in the NBA. The hope is that he can thrive in a role as a scorer off the bench, but he, like everyone else, is trying to get comfortable in the offense.

  104. Great fastbreak ending up with Lin scoring an easy layup!

  105. So many fouls

  106. the ball movement and spacing looked much better

  107. Really like RHJ. Having not seen LeVert in NBA playing time, he’s the Nets best chance at developing an impact wing player.

  108. wow I like CMC defensively in the last two possessions… Hamilton CMC and RHJ can really move around on the court.

  109. Lin needs to stay confident with his J.

  110. He hit that midrange…despite the pushoff, ha.

  111. cmc to the rhj to the afg

  112. Nice drive!

  113. Lin unstoppable…except for fouls. Luckily it’s preseason!

  114. Should have taken the 3.

  115. he didn’t hide it well enough 🙂 nice vet move though

  116. Loved Lin’s aggressiveness to slice to the rim for an easy layup

    8pts/2asts/1reb/1stl in 10 min

  117. Agreed. But he probably wanted to try out his midrange. Almost no midrange Js this preseason.

  118. Lin’s finding a rhythm now with some of his players. Wish he wasn’t in foul trouble.

  119. Lin makes scoring look so easy. It stands out even more since the rest of the cast can’t seem to find a bucket.

  120. 4 TOs though =/

  121. No biggie. It’s preseason. IT has 3 despite having a clear system and same teammates.

  122. the TOs are not bad ones. Some are the result of bad sets (PnR in a crowd, etc)

  123. I think he’s a little gun shy from that air ball earlier. Maybe, maybe not.

  124. I bet these refs cannot get away for not fair to Lin in BK this year.

  125. I don’t mind the last TO from the aggressive drive and the elbow push-off
    It needs to be cut down but it’s almost an And-1 so quite a good tradeoff

  126. It’s preseason, so I’m not concerned. More chemistry with his teammates and those TO’s are eliminated.

  127. He’ll definitely get more calls on offense. Don’t know about defense yet.

  128. Brook and Hamilton together doesn’t work. Too soft and slow inside.

  129. well..it doesnt matter if the rest of team is getting blown out

  130. Brook’s D is really bad…. smh! Why now O is not good either??

  131. Agree. Hamilton needs to be the 3 point threat but he hasn’t got a look all game. If he doesn’t look for his offensive game, what is he out there for? His defense?

  132. none of the team really works together. Some guys are just trying to play 1v1 basketball and the defense is even uglier

  133. I am starting worry…….

  134. As should be expected. If they look like this in Game 20, then there’s very little hope.

  135. LOL offensive foul

  136. Is Booker playing? Celtics too fast. Only Lin, Booker, Harris can keep up their speed. Whitehead, Kil, RHJ only have speed.

  137. Brook’s D is always bad. His O is still really good. He can buy a bucket pretty much any time he wants to by himself. I think he needs to be set up first and force people to double him. It will open up a lot of offense for the rest of the team.

  138. Booker looks like he’s sitting out tonight.

  139. Brook should really being used like Al Jefferson.

  140. Doesn’t seem like it. CmC is the replacement

  141. Finally, Lin’s assist to JHam wide-open 3!

  142. LOL at these awful nets playing hot potatoe

  143. ping pong rebounding

  144. weird substitution. No wonder brook lin won’t work they don’t see each other lol

  145. I can see why they are experimenting with Ham at the PF. Just wish he could defend better.

  146. that was the right read by lin. Brook was too close

  147. it is okey, this kind of fast pace style could take half season to settle

  148. They should be on opposite sides of the court, IMO. They are not a “natural” fit. I think they can be deadly but they will need a lot of playing time together.

  149. yeah, ideally the last 3 games should have regular rotation for the starters for some consistency

  150. Hows our boy doing? bout to turn on

  151. The lone bright spot on the team… as usual.

  152. Nets playing hard and unselfish. Just no offensive chemistry due to constantly changing lineups.

    Best stretches of preseason involve Lin as the unquestioned #1 and Hamilton as his center. Booker is definitely valuable…Nets get killed inside w/o him.

  153. I saw 4 tos were they bad?

  154. Honestly i didn’t think it was a good call, i feel like that happens all the time in the NBA. When you are driving like that sometimes your arm gets trapped, it may not have even been on purpose. Maybe if they are trying to crack down on that sorta thing, if they call it consistently all season, than fine.

  155. Nah. Just “no chemistry” TOs. Also great defense by Boston — Thomas has 4 TOs as well!

  156. Also is kenny setting screens for him?

  157. Just got from class hows Lin doing???

  158. right now theyre playing better with lin on the bench, mostly because skilpatrick is actually stepping up

  159. True different lineup will do that

  160. Err, I wouldn’t say that. Lin had them even (-1) until Lopez, uh, did his thing.

  161. I feel in the first quarter especially in the beginning with Lin in they had good ball movement and action but then someone would drop the pass and the advantage gained from the previous movement was entirely lost in that 1-2 seconds to recover the pass. That happened like 4 or more times.

  162. Good aggressive mindset w/ easy drives
    But this starting lineup with JHam and Brook was not working too well in ball movement and defense.

    Still 8pts/3asts/1reb/1stl/4tos

  163. No one can finish…..

  164. why is he still experimenting. Jham cant defend

  165. scola has been doing that since the dinosaur age

  166. Still getting blown out. Can the coach stop trying weird lineups

  167. And 2? of the turnovers were due to Lin waiting for teammate to move to the basket…faster, or the pass was slightly ahead of them due to the teammate not moving toward the hoop, if they did they would have been open for a layup.

  168. Brook hasn’t looked good all preseason…fast pace and quick passes too much for him?

    Start Lin / RHJ / Bojan / CMC / Hamilton in the 2nd half (since Booker is resting).

  169. I hate how scola sets bad screens and gets called for it….i feel like this happens twice a game…

  170. That’s what I mean by “Skil looks like a rookie”. They are running the play and build up an advantage but a bad pass, missed timing, or bad decision and all the advantage of the play gets reset.

    It’s why I want Foye at SG – he helps the play develop and not drop.

  171. Brook is $20M guy. They’re not just going write off his fit this early. He’s got to eventually play better, but Hamilton won’t pass as an NBA starting center.

  172. I thought he looked like he was trying to figure out other players. He’s in foul trouble. I’d like to see his jumper fall. He had a 3 ball rushed air-ball and a 3 that was too long. The other points he made were on drives or getting fouled.

  173. 2 games from the season and we are getting blown out as well as trying weird lineups…… Not looking good

  174. His whole game is around his ISO play. Without that, he will not look very good.

  175. He sat the 2nd half of the 1st preseason game. And Lin and Ham went on a 14-0 run to clinch the win.

  176. It’s the preseason. If anything, were just seeing what most thought we would see–the Nets have no depth.

  177. OOOLD MAN SCOLLA!!! Great pickup from offseason!

  178. 🙂 i love that nickname

  179. why is whitehead playing??

  180. scola and bogdanovic!! very impressed with those 2

  181. “Celtics defense holding Nets to 34% shooting”…

    NO the nets lineups are BAD.

  182. Trying to see whether to keep him active as 3rd PG…or send him to D-League right away.
    Looking like D-League.

  183. It’s preseason. The results don’t matter. Good or bad.

  184. Celtics defense is very good though.

  185. Exactly. So he can sit the 2nd half!

  186. True – didn’t meant to discount their D

  187. Preseason. He’s in over his head, but the games don’t count.

  188. The Nets just look bad. Can’t shoot, can’t finish at the rim, can’t rebound, can’t catch a pass. Really ugly.

    And what happened to Lin’s 3-pt shooting? Missed the last 5 attempts.

  189. Lin has to trust all the work he did this summer and the previous summers. He can’t be swayed by immediate results. He has to shoot without hesitation when the shot is there.

  190. Physical defense taking him out of his comfort zone…reverting to “drive-first” Lin. Which is unstoppable, but he should keep trying his jumper during preseason.

  191. well, lins 3pt shooting is just regressing to the mean. Were you expecting steph curry or something? At this point, im hoping for a 35% 3pt season.

  192. Dilemma for the Nets is who to start at the 2. Right now, Harris is probably the guy I’d go to.

  193. Of course I wasn’t expecting SC, but airballing isn’t what I was expecting either.

  194. Curry airballs too. Surprisingly a lot for someone so elite.

  195. Sure, but Lin’s misses look so off.

  196. Yeah, but even the Nets’ wide open shots are not going in.

  197. again…Lin is no steph curry. He hits some incredible shots some times in clutch moments but most of the time i’d rather he just take layups 😛

  198. SK does not have the bb iq. I saw he had a clear path to the basket, but wouldn’t take it. Maybe due to lack court vision. He kept passing in traffic to Scola and made the same TO, twice!

  199. I feel like a broken record. I am not saying he is SC, I just recall his shot being a little closer to going in than what we are seeing these last 2 games. I know small sample size. And, no, he is not SC.

  200. Working stream ?

  201. I rather he play, no matter how bad. Justin Hamilton is a nice find by Marks as a backup big, but we know what he gives you. I don’t care about winning this game. No one will care about this in a month. Lopez needs more time to find his fit within what they do. He probably dominates in practice because no one on the roster can guard him, but that points more to the Nets’ lack of any decent defending bigs on the roster.

  202. everytime the rookies play we are down by atleast 10

  203. The rebound in killing the Nets. 16-28

  204. Putting up Whitehead against IT…

  205. well our sample size isn’t that small if we take into account his hornets games after he tweaked his shot. The 3pt shot after that time was 34% which is not awful but by no means great either.

  206. First half analysis –
    50 – 62
    Brooklyn down by 12.

    Well, what do you expect when you have Booker sitting and Whitehead and CMC playing significant minutes?

    There were several good CMC defensive rotations and contests.
    I like RHJ this game – I think he deserves the positive defensive praise he’s gotten in the past.
    Skil – in the future, I can see him being pretty good. But right now his decision making is rookie level.

    We have really bad rebounding bigs, both the stats and eye test affirm this.

    Decision making for this game:
    Highest impact:
    Lin / Scola

    No Impact:
    Brook / Foye / Hamilton / Bog / RHJ

    Negative Impact:
    Skil / Whitehead / CMC

  207. he did not get much open look like the first game. He will be fine.

  208. they really just need to go all lin ball lol

  209. lins pnr makes players so much better

  210. He’s overreacting because its preseason. If the Nets look like this in Game 20, then I’ll stop watching night after night. Until then, the team deserves a shot to figure things out. The low level of overall talent means they really have to tighten up their D by a lot.

  211. wow lopez….just awful

  212. skilpatrick needs to be on the starting 5

  213. Nice ast !

  214. All preseason he’s been totally off on both ends.

  215. His overreacting is a bit irritating at times

  216. beautiful layup by lin

  217. The rookies will NOT be playing in the regular season except garbage min. Greivis – take 10min from JLin7 (NEEDS to play 35-40m) in order for this team to thrive!

  218. Ever heard of hesitation drive? Hehehe.

  219. “he’s a clever player…” 🙂 yes he is

  220. Unstoppable at the rim. Biggest obstacle to improving his jumper — he can always fall back on the drive.

  221. nice nice nice

  222. Worried about Brook. The only time he has looked good so far is as a spot-up jump-shooter.

  223. Trevor Booker is their best rebounder and he’s out tonight.

  224. I don’t think Lin will play the 4th. He willingly picked up his 4th foul after Brook’s TO and IT looks done for the night.

  225. Give him time. Not saying he’ll be ideal in this O, but too early to reach conclusions, IMO.

  226. YES, it’s preseason – it’s TIME for experimenting – so we’ll be more prepared in regular.

  227. 3!! I wasn’t expecting it to go in but happy it did lol

  228. 33333333

  229. Worst case scenario is that Nets win 30-35 while Lin gets to stat-pad 20/6 on the regular.

  230. my stream says offline… anyone else having this problem?

  231. Just tuning in guys… any quick recap over the TOs? Also are those fouls phantom fouls?

  232. LOL! After watching these pre season games im not sure that anyone here is expecting 30-35 wins. UNLESS the rookies start gelling FAST

  233. yeah had to switch streams.

  234. 1 maybe, but calls have been fair both ways. Just a messy game for both teams (look at Celtics and IT’s TOs!).

  235. You forget about Sixers, Knicks, Lakers, Magic, Kings…

    Celtics are a projected Top 3 team in the East.

  236. Ok great at least IT got some Tos too lol

  237. Lin break

  238. hmm you’re right! LOL…but all those teams got better in some way, they aren’t the same as they were last season

  239. Issue is what do the nets do when Lin goes to the bench

  240. Wonder if he’ll come back in. Probably should with such a confused offense, but who knows.

  241. 8 point game already

  242. Did you hear PnR play??? That’s why Lin and Lopez need to play pnr in these preseason games.

  243. Wow – Budinger, Scola, CMC, Bog, and Gutz.

    KA is giving them a second look huh?

  244. Are they playing lin style offense or motion my stream stopped working

  245. lin sits and the celtics go on a run

  246. Well, they weren’t very good last year, so I’m not worried! And injuries to key guys like Middleton, Hayward and Reggie Jackson make other teams vulnerable.

  247. Mcc just not prepared at all

  248. Nets fans don’t want to hear this, but LIN IS THE TEAM. It’s “All Lin” or nothing.

  249. yeah as soon as lin sits… but the bench is trying with efforts on D and they are trying to pass to the open man

  250. bos bench having it easy out there

  251. Save some for the regular season

  252. Word

  253. It was just a 2 point game

  254. i more and more convinced that Lopez isn’t going to be a very good PNR player. bring on Ham-Lin!!

  255. Brook is like a rich man’s David Lee. He’s super talented offensively, but his style is just outdated. I thought they could make it work, but Brook looks totally uncomfortable out there. Missing shots doesn’t matter in preseason, but comfort/fit does.

    Offense must run through Lin, and Lin should have a “hall pass” on defense if he’s in foul trouble. Can’t afford to take him off the court!

  256. omg #8 cannot shoot, cannot defend, cannot pass

  257. Nets 2nd unit is destroyed by BOS 2/3 unit. Where is the defense?

  258. With lin in the game this team can compete. Can atkinson conjure up a decent 2nd unit. Otherwise he is gonna have to play lin like 40mins . Lol that is not good

  259. celtics 3rd unit killing nets 2nd unit

  260. Don’t think too much about this. The lineup right now has more players that will be dleague/cut than in the real second unit.

  261. Was kenny setting picks for lin during the game?

  262. I agree it’s a bad team.

  263. Yes. This is just to rest the rotation guys haha

  264. it’s 93:76 at the end of 3q

  265. a rich man Big Al, too

  266. we need some bigs who can play defense. Can we still trade and acquire someone?

  267. Some. They weren’t very good though. Brook didn’t roll well and Scola got whistled on a moving screen that hurt Lin more than IT, ha.

  268. who is #8? i cannot find #8 on Nets’ roster

  269. We need you Ed Davis!

  270. Not much – no booker to set picks.

    Did some PnR with Brook but was not the right spacing.

    They don’t have good screeners outside of Booker. Scola, Hamilton, Brook are not the roll men you want to rely on.

  271. we only have 1 preseason game left

  272. skil

  273. we need defense like bigs who can play D. Let Lin do all the scoring.

  274. Final shot for them to show what they’re worth.

  275. Please dont put lin back

  276. listen man….the problem with the nets and I think we can all agree is that without lin, they collapse hard. Yes, bogdonavic, Scola skilpatrick and lopez can step up, but they are disorganized without lin. Soon as Lin sits, and the other team starts recking us. At least on the hornets, it wasn’t THIS bad. The 1st unit would dig us into holes of 3-6 points most nights, but never 20 points like were seeing with the nets

  277. We know what they are already

  278. That’s probably a better analogy. I thought of David Lee since he got benched despite his All-Star track record. He just didn’t fit in today’s top NBA lineups (GSW or BOS).

  279. Kenny doesn’t set picks as a coach. He’s on the sideline.

    But to answer your Q, there were a decent amount of ball screens for Lin in this game. Correct Spacing and chemistry are issues that need to be worked on, though.

  280. Doesn’t matter if it’s Lopez or Hamilton or whoever, KA needs to have them play a variety of offensive schemes in real games so they can get chemistry and be more creative. You don’t just use part of the schemes in real game, unless that is the main offensive scheme. Specific scheme is practiced at your own training center. Did you see Celtics guys even bench guys play pnrs?

  281. these nets second unit can’t say that they were hurdling big margin when they came in… they just trail by 2 when they were subbed and the least they could do somehow is to manage it to at least 5 point to make a semblance of winning. MCulloughs fumble on a fast break is somewhat ominous of what can this bench brings in to the team come regular season. Hope kenny finds the suitable combination to adjust this discrepancies…

  282. Brook Lopez has been a no show the whole preseason so far. If he continues to be a non factor after season opens (which is likely going to be the case), it’s going to be hard for the Nets to get any wins. The motion offense the Nets are running now is really looks mediocre. Just moving the ball around to find the open man is too simple and doesn’t work because the defense won’t react. They’ve got to let someone attack to force the defense to react before finding the open man. The Celtics are doing a better job at this.

  283. spacing is the big problem with the nets

  284. A beau beech sighting

  285. We are doing the same thing and expecting a different result

  286. Only offense needed from today’s centers are PnR dunks and putbacks.

  287. Budinger knows this is likely his last game to shine. I hope he plays well.

  288. Darb cuz lin han 13 and 5 must have been playing well cuz offense isnt his forte

  289. This is just ugly…..

  290. Ed Davis??

  291. This team needs a lot of work. just when they started stopping the bleeding.

  292. he is dong well

  293. Lin done for the night, I guess. Season opener is against the Celtics, so why show them more Lin?

    Good news is that Lin-led lineups were never overwhelmed in either BOS game — it was about even.

  294. Budinger is just a victim of the numbers game. There’s really no spot for him on this team. He’s a shooting and scoring specialist, but so are Bog and Kilpatrick.

  295. These rookies are not at an NBA level stop putting them out there. The team gets nothing from these blow outs

  296. Now to find a good bench…

  297. He’s a great PnR big, athletic finisher with good hands. And a mobile rim protector on D.

  298. Thats not good. Its still a blow out unless Lin plays 40 minutes

  299. Calm down. This game means nothing.

  300. Could use Anthony Bennett in this rotation. No rebounds!

  301. it’s a given that without Lin, his team usually collapse. that applies to all of his previous teams too

  302. Ya. I wouldnt want lin to play 40 mins.

  303. thats what KA is doing now..find a suitable bench for at least 10 minutes ..

  304. He might against the Celtics. Luckily, most teams aren’t as good as BOS.

    Play 40 against top teams. Play only 25 after blowing out the Sixers, Lakers, Knicks, Magic…

  305. Trying to find excuse for KA, not wanted to show all forces in preseason? Opener one week away?

  306. anyone know jlins stats?

  307. He doesn’t rebound well, unfortunately. It’s Booker that the Nets are missing. Best rebounding/D option at the PF spot that they have.

  308. is ED available?

  309. Booker with 30 mins? and Lopez still restricted with only 19min? I didn’t know Booker was the start of the team?! *Rolls Eyes. Lin 27 mins and Lopez with only 19min only wonder the team lost and with lower scoring! If this transfers to regular season I’d be glad I didn’t get league pass again.

  310. Lin was just on the lakers. The blow outs wasnt a fluke. The preseason shpows you your flaws. Our flaws are too much to overcome

  311. ummm….the celtics are VERY knowledgeable on Lin’s game. There is no other reason to sit Lin, except that the coach wants the 2nd and 3rd unit to get some experience in time for the regular season. Unfortunately our 2nd unit is getting beaten by the celtics 3rd unit LOL.

  312. What is a good minutes per game for lin without hurting his effectiveness

  313. Beech is now out there.

  314. To be fair – it took someone to let Lin play significant minutes before he broke out. You need to give these rookies a chance to show it.

  315. Put lin in

  316. Booker won’t be playing in this garbage time.

  317. No . Do not.

  318. What you’re talking about..? It’s not the real rotation. Plus, JLin7 need to play 35+ min in order for this team’s success. The backup pg is weak but he only play 10m.

  319. That was hitting gold. Doesnt happen alot

  320. 36 minutes tops.

  321. LED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  322. The Hornets won almost every preseason game last year, but did that mean they were a great team?

  323. Ed Davis, Awww YEah

  324. Our big “should” be Lopez but he only play 19 mins without any PnR or system tailoring to him or JLin!

  325. Isaiah Thomas has 19pts w/ Zero assist today. And he has talents surrounding him. I bet you BStevens won’t give him a hard time about his Zero assist!

  326. Lin’s done for the night. No lin no win…

  327. If Lin plays the 4 quarter he kills Celtics!

  328. tyler zeller looks alot like cody

  329. Lin’s updated shooting splits: 61% FG / 47% 3pt / 78% FT

  330. I dont understand lopez is supposed to be a 20 and 10 guy know. Known for his pnr

  331. They really dont need him to pass. Other players can get there own. On the nets well…….Its clearly a different story

  332. Dude doesn’t even want to play Lopez 20+ mins in preseason let alone give Lin 40mins. I’d be happy with 30 or more at the rate preseason is going.

  333. The Brook-Lin duo has been non existent and besides Lin, the Nets have been bad at motion offense and bad at defense. At this rate, the 20-wins-only prediction may actually become true.

  334. So deflating and tired of watching your own team lose each game. If Lin is not on this team, I’d turn the TV off long ago…

  335. I wouldn’t call it nothing. Only one week left.

  336. Not alot of PNR at all

  337. Kenny walked back his comment! He said he looked at the game footage and saw that Lin made the right passes — just didn’t get dimes in the boxscore. Atkinson is a good guy like that!

  338. I expect about 34 mpg, depending on what Vazquez gives them.

  339. Yes the lin factor only works if the coach allows it

  340. Players would get much betrer looks if they let lin play pnr

  341. good thing is we know Lin will play 30mins / game this season as starter

  342. Only Lin’s FTs need to get to 85-90%
    I’m happy with the rest if he can maintain 50% FG & 40% 3FG

  343. did you forget that the hornets were a 50 win team last season?

  344. I’m sure he will when the regular season starts 🙂

  345. I’m sure pnr will be there in regular season

  346. Yeah im still optimistic

  347. Great minds think alike!

  348. LOL!! Celtics making fun of the knicks hard!

  349. I’m confused by his FT%. I’m totally confident Lin will shoot 37-40% this season from 3. But I highly doubt he’ll break 84% from the line. *shrug*

  350. Ya. I think 34min he will still be effective

  351. We all know how efficient he can be. He’ll need to perform at an MVP-level for this Nets team to be competitive.

  352. I’m happy Lin’s finally the designated starting PG but KA seems to be playing games with him and Brook Lopez because this offense doesn’t work with their strengths. I’ll still give him the benefit of the doubt since it’s preseason. But if this continues to regular season it’s going to be rough.

  353. Pnr is the most exciting type of offense to me. I want to see some alley oop action!!

  354. Both Lin & Brook Lopez would if KA drew more PnR plays for them.

  355. so true…im going to turn it off. Lin should just head to locker room early and head back home in the maserati to play some Dota.

  356. … is a hellava drug.

  357. guys. i understand whhy the panic and worry is arising, but its still preseason. give kenny a chance. its his first time as a head coach lol. as we all know, he doesnt have much to work with other than jeremy and brook. hes trying his best to see how he can get others involved. im pretty sure he will resort to the brook-lin pick and roll pretty quickly into the regular season

  358. I guess motion offense involves passing ball to perimeter and letting anyone shoot. Defenses will let them shoot three’s all night.

  359. Only the 3rd-4th team is playing on the floor now.
    This is the last chance they need to impress enough to find a way to make a roster or the 1st one to be called.

    IMO Coach Atkinson has seen enough that his starters can go toe-to-toes with BOS starters but the 2nd team still needs a lot of work

  360. PNR will be there. Pick but no roll due to miscommunication and not having enough time to build chemistry. You guys saw the PNR Brook to Lin turnover = (

  361. This is the problem with having a player development coach as HC. He is overly concerned with developing rookies rather than his first unit’s chemistry.

  362. indeed it is!

  363. ya i am with you. …so missing these actions


  364. Brook is not even Lin’s best option in the PnR. Lopez is a post up player. Finding a way to incorporate that and Lin PnR with Booker (most likely) is the challenge. It’ll take time to accomplish.

  365. I’m sure everyone wants to see BrookLin play PnR on the last preseason game.

  366. Still have no idea what to think about these Nets. We haven’t seen optimal lineups during preseason. I hope they play a good lineup in the last preseason game.

    For next game, i want this minute distribution:

    Lin – 32 min
    Booker – 34 min
    Lopez – 32 min
    RHJ – 30 min
    Bog – 22 min
    Skil – 20 min
    Scola – 20 min
    Foye – 16 min
    Hamilton – 14 min

  367. That has been in my mind too. Unfortunately we don’t have too many preseason games for him to experiment.

  368. I think we can all appreciate how skillful Lins hornets team mates really were at this point.

  369. right i agree with you there. booker and lin seem to click better. but my hope in brook and lin isnt gone yet

  370. Lin + Brook players same time for 20 mins

  371. The 1st unit is all positive with evenly distributed shots. This is a good sign for me because there is no egotistic cancer there.

  372. Yea we should be happy and grateful that Lin is a starting point guard and that God has given him this opportunity after years of struggle. I didn’t watch the game but we should be more positive!

  373. at least

  374. You mean Kemba the ball hog?

  375. amen haha!

  376. He should not have uttered it in the media though. Nets won and Lin shot well that night. Lin knew and explained why he didn’t have that many assists that night and we fans knew why too, but why didn’t KA? Thought KA knew Lin better than that! That shows inexperience which can affect a player’s shooting mentality…

  377. yes kemba, but more marvin williams, frank kaminsky, big Al, spencer hawes. I don’t like batum but he was really helpful too.

  378. Lol but I agreed. KW is way better, Al, Lamb, Lee, Cody….

  379. Oh yeah and MW.

  380. DIdnt forget that at all. But that’s more “good” than “great.”


  381. Yeah but Lin’s the man now. He’s no more bench!

  382. well, we are the ones who asked for lin to go to the nets, so we can’t complain now. I am one of the ones who said Lin should go to rockets, or 76ers instead.

  383. man this team has talent, coach just needs to find the right lineup… bog should be starting npt rhj

  384. just wait till they play starters minutes. they’ll be in EVERY game. im not panicking just yet. kenny isnt showing his cards in preseason…

  385. Bogdanovic -32, how???

  386. Lin in the man of a D-league team?? That is comforting.

  387. Didn’t know it was possible to go -30 lol

  388. horrible defense probably.

  389. im convinced bogs just there for practice. nothing to learn playing with d leagers….

  390. We were down by 2 then 3 minutes later it was down by 15 now its 20

  391. at least he has the ball to say that he was wrong and being a young coach has its own growing pains too!..LOL!

  392. He’s been playing with trash players. And he is not a player that makes other players better.

  393. Reading these comments, it seems like a lot of fans here don’t understand the purpose of preseason.

    This is a chance for the coach to test out strange lineups and see who works best with one another.

    He already knows how good Lin is. He already knows the PNR is going to be their bread and butter. But with 82 games, he can’t rely on it all the time and Lin can’t play for 48 minutes a night.

    There’s no point in trying to win preseason games and then lose in the regular season because you didn’t get enough chances to try different things when it didn’t count.

    These are basically practice games.

    And the worst would be if Lin plays too much during preseason and gets injured… I would even prefer he skip the last game and only play when it counts.

  394. Nets all white to close the game?

  395. brothers

  396. It would make sense if you focus on NBA ready players. Also it would Help to play the starter more since all of them are new. Getting blown out by 20 every game does nothing for the team. Its insanity to do the same thing and expect a different result. Rookies are not Nba ready idc how much they play they wont be ready

  397. all understand the meaning of pre season games.Its just that we are all observing players development as well coaching ..its not that critical but just venting some thing others though should be done other than whats happening…

    i am just chilling and waiting for the regular season to begin with Lin at the Helm!

  398. Removing your best two player from doing what they do best is lunacy

  399. very well-said

    With 2 preseason games against BOS Celtics, Coach Atkinson would prefer stealing Game 1 vs the Celtics on Oct 26.
    He is better off not showing all his cards during the preseason. A deep bench is very important for a long 82-season.

    We don’t want Coach to ride Lin with 37+ min like Coach Clifford did with Kemba last season then ending up with knee surgery in the off-season

  400. Deciding not to PNr Brook and Lin is crazy. Thats what
    they do best. They should be building chemistry. If they dont we wont
    win 10 games

    Nets daily

    The Nets have averaged just about 34 3-point attempts in
    the first four preseason games. Monday, they hit 11 on 32 attempts. The
    motion offense is necessary for the fast-paced NBA style nowadays, but
    at the same time you need to play to your strengths. With that being
    said, where has the pick and roll been between Brook Lopez and Jeremy

    I know, I know. It’s preseason. But Lopez hasn’t found
    much of a groove in the preseason… at all. He’s camped out on the
    3-point line and rarely sets and picks to free up neither the ball
    handler nor himself. In 19 minutes of action, he finished with six
    points on 2-of-8 shooting. This is worth keeping an eye on as the season

  401. +1,000,000

  402. that’s stubbornness on the part of clifford for he had the best bench PG then whom can make walkers play easy but didn’t use. Now they will see the effect of that!

  403. nets have been competitive whenever the nba ready guys have played. the only problem is minutes. they havent played enough to win these meaningless preseason games. brook gets no minutes. lin gets 20-something. bog plays garbage minutes. this isnt what the reg season is going to look like… have faith….

  404. All NBA teams play deep bench players or likely roster cuts in the preseason. The Nets getting blown out just means they lack depth.

  405. This all depends on how much Lin plays.

  406. I’m pretty sure Atkinson have already a 9-10 man rotation and a set line up.It seems he intended to lose every game to go under the radar.

  407. yeah, was wondering if he is doing this on purpose!

  408. So here my prediction for the regular season….. If lin doenst play more then 35 minutes a game it will be a long season. Him playing a ton is the only way we win maybe 30 games which would be amazing on this team. We have zero depth.

  409. To piggy back off of this – We really need depth much more than we need teamwork. A lot of our good players are not 2 way players.

    You need the right combinations of D and O in a lineup, and 2 way players are great because you can throw them in pretty much any lineup and ask them to contribute on D or O. But we can’t expect defense from Brook, Bogs, or Skil and offense from Booker and RHJ. Not to mention of rebounding, ball handling, passing, speed, or strength.

    This is really limiting, so ideally we should be looking for specialists who can come in and compete (especially defensively and rebounding) against the difficult mismatches throughout the year. Unfortunately, none of the rookies seem ready to fill in that roll. Hopefully they surprise us with their growth and we will see them later this year.

    Finally, I very much respect KA’s playing Beech and Budinger. It shows respect to these athletes who have worked really hard to get there. It also shows the fans good reasons as to why they are going to be cut. 🙂

  410. We shall see in the first 10 games of regular season. I am good if they are 4-6.

  411. lol

  412. Lopez is a post up player. He’s actually not that great in the PnR at all. He’s decent, but not anything close to a Tyson Chandler or prime Amar’e Stoudemire.

  413. I agree that BrookLin PnR needs time to develop chemistry. That’s what I hope for the last Preseason Game 1.

    But at the same time, I understand what Coach Atkinson is trying to do on the motion offense with less talented guys or rookies. The 2nd or 3rd team needs to be comfortable with the motion offense so they can at least compete with the opposing 2nd team and give the starters some rest.

    This is a very difficult challenge. If Coach Atkinson doesn’t want to burn out the starters and hopes to contend for the playoff, he needs to find out who can form a reliable 2nd team.

  414. or Ed Davis.

  415. You know me Kauai I’m one of the harshest critique in terms of coaches and players,I just feel ATK has a lot of magic tricks on his sleeves.

  416. I think the ‘this is just preseason’ thinking is becoming wishful thinking. Sure win/lose is not all important for preseason, but starters match-up is. And the Nets starters are not matching up well. Their starter offense looks meek and so is their defense. This is not going to transform well into the regular season.

  417. That’s a pretty good achievement if they will

  418. Highlights for tonight by JLin.

  419. Yea this is all planned out by the mastermind Kenny haha

  420. Ok, then tell coach MDA that it’s preseason and that the rockets shouldn’t be winning because Preseason. We weren’t complaint when Hornets won their preseason games even though there were a lot of new players on the team.

    Winning is just as important to a new team, unless you have been a proven team like GSW and Cleveland, testing out new players and not risking injury. Kenny Atkinson is determined to show his system is going to work. It will only work if he uses the mention offense to get his best shooters in position and the ball to shoot, which he will make adjustments by December to let that happen.

    Otherwise, were going to get what we see.

  421. yes! lol

  422. Ty!

  423. We all understand the purpose of the preseason. There’s been stressed by many fans here already. We trust KA and his experiment but it’s normal to get worry when we don’t see the veteran players (or the starters) get to play enough min to develop their chemistry etc. By saying that we’re still optimistic about the Nets’ coming season!

  424. yes, and I got a feeling Clifford allowed Kemba who wanted to play a lot of min to shoot for the All-Star (and also fend off Lin). I remember Kemba wanted to come back to start when Lin led the Hornets to beat the Cavs in his 1-game absence

  425. i trust your instincts cd!

  426. You and I feel the same way. I said it before I was hopeful when I heard KA said the “roster determines the system”, but it seems like a reverse now. Thought he knew Lin’s strengths and be building around it w/ Brook and others, but it’s like Lin and Lopez have to fit into his system w/ other less talented players….

  427. FT% could be lack of ritual/concentration.
    Having something like Steve Nash’s FT ritual should help

  428. Sorry to burst your bubble but Brook-Lin PnR is not going to be as effective as you think.

    Brook is a post player. Look at all his highlights. He gets the ball and takes a second to judge the situation. Then he uses his STRENGTH and TOUCH to muscle a shot in with very high finishing percents.

    Lopez as the roll man is a waste because he needs to collect himself before he makes his move. When he collects himself, the defense resets, and it’s a waste of an opportunity. Booker will be a much better roll man because he sets hard picks and rolls hard.

    I can see them using the PnR to get good positioning for Lopez. It’s a more motion oriented post feed that is designed to get Brook the ball free throw distance without a body on him. But Lopez doesn’t roll hard to the basket, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing lobs or free layups from him.

  429. Jeremy, stop taking charges!

  430. I’m still sticking to my take: 45-55 wins for this Nets team! It hasn’t even begun and we lose some hope ….uh.. C’mon, it’s the rookies out there. JLin7 will get his 35-40min – We are running for playoffs.

  431. If ATK will find some contributions from Hamilton,Scola and Harris 30 games is very possible and they might have a shot for 8 spot.

  432. part of the motion offense is that you can plug in different players and the system will take care of itself. that’s why the spurs are so beastly every year. guys like gary neal and belinelli look great on the spurs then when they play elsewhere look terrible. sure if you have high bbiq players they can execute the system better, and this is where kenny is trying to go. once we get regular rotations, things will naturally fall into place. we may not win, but we’ll play hard and try to win. the fact that the starters have looked pretty good only means that we’ll be competitive. the system is there to help other guys who are far less talented. this will get guys like harris open for 3’s. get RHJ open for cuts. etc….

    all in all i’ve LIKED what i saw in this preseason. once i see guys like whitehead, cmc, or budinger play that’s game over. kenny is waving the white flag. dont expect a win. but the start of the quarters where the rotation players have played? we’ve either led or were down marginally. we’re competitive and im excited to see the real games. every game vs every opponent will be competitive. i have faith…

  433. Lin played like a superstar without breaking a sweat.

  434. Also keep in mind Booker, Bennett, Harris, nor Vasquez played tonight. As much flack as Vasquez gets here, he’s still better than Whitehead and Jorge Gutierrez.

    But even with the entire lineup available, it’s tough to beat a defensive-minded Celtics with Horford, Crowder, Bradley, Johnson and then a deep bench of hungry guys.

  435. No, 7-3 . Mark it!

  436. Another practice/trial games to get everyone some rotation minutes, that would lack for them during regular season. I’m fine with it to run the test now rather than later.

    We had 16 players into the rotation today, that clearly means KA is still trying out players and rotations. Will leave the preseason games as it is…

    I trust once the season starts we would see better refinement on plays and rotations

  437. I’m glad we played twice with the Celtics at preseason. Hope they learned lots of lessons from the games.

  438. Thanks for your speed, @SpeedofLin:disqus ! ⚡️

    Yes, Vasquez is still the best backup PG in the Nets. We just need to hope for a quick recovery sooner than later.
    I’m still confident that the Nets can steal Game 1 on Oct 26 in Boston. Coach Atkinson hasn’t shown many cards and he knew what BOS will do. If the team plays good defense and hit some 3s, we could be celebrating in 9 days 😀

  439. There’s definitely some gamesmanship going on. I just don’t think Brook looks comfortable.

    Lin looks superb every game. And I’m not worried about RHJ, Booker, Hamilton or Kilpatrick, make or miss they’re looking comfortable. Even Vazquez should be fine once he has his leg strength back.

    But Lopez…I don’t know. Strange to see a vet All-Star looking so off-kilter.

  440. I agree. I see no chemistry on court between Brook-Lin. They look awkward in the PNR. Lopez doesn’t roll well. Brook likes it in the post and Lin actually doesn’t like throwing it into the post very well. There is no Brook-Lin. There is Lopez and Jeremy.

  441. i think lopez just cannot run and can’t keep up at all. the speed is too fast for him

  442. evidently, Jlin plays casually without pressure and not minding a loss…he knew what the coach is looking at the team now and he’s cooperating just like making Kill and all of his teammates gets their confidence.

  443. That’s what it looks like right now. Would love to know what Marks is thinking…

  444. I really don’t want to see Lin play heavy minutes in every game as he’ll carry a huge responsibility on him. Plus the schedule looks pretty scary to me. I want to see him play 82 games and stay completely healthy!

  445. nets has an option of winning this game by playing the starters more, but KA has agenda and priority that’s why a loss is just part of his experimenting the preseason

  446. I’m not worry about it.
    I was MORE worried LAST season with the Hornets but I still predicted them to grab top 5 EC. Look at the Hornets… This Nets team with JL7 CAN compete with that Hornets team.

  447. He’s in total control. I like how he missed his first 2 threes and then made the 3rd with no hesitation.

  448. I’m thinking the best way to use Lopez and Jeremy is to separate them. I agree, Lopez wants to post. Lin wants to PNR. Lopez posting stops Lin’s penetration. But Lin’s high pick and roll still keeps Lopez too far from the basket for his comfort. These two do not look good together. Lin with Hamilton was solid. Those two should lead a starting unit to run up the score. Lopez and Foye should run the second unit to slow the ball down and kill the clock.

    Of course I said the same thing about Lin and big Al but toward the end those guys were in rhythm together.

  449. yes, I’m not worried since the starters have all + in the +/- department.
    BOS still can’t stop Lin’s penetration. He just needs to watch the foul trouble

    And the 1st preseason game was a lot closer with Booker, Bennet, Harris and Vasquez.
    We’ll definitely can get a surprise road win on Oct 26 with some good D and timely 3s.

    I’m also pleasantly surprised with RHJ’s slashing ability to finish better and draw fouls.
    He will provide the much-needed athleticism. Kilpatrick is also playing better tonight.

  450. Honestly, I’m happy just to see Lin prove himself as a top PG — he’ll easily be able to put up 20/6 on this team. But even when it comes to wins, there are many bad and mediocre teams they can beat to win 30+ games.

  451. I know we’re all upset at the losses.. But I feel like too many people are overreacting to a bunch of preseason games. Yes, the offense and defense looks bad. Yes, we aren’t exactly playing Brook and Lin to their strengths. But c’mon now guys.. just because we lose a couple of preseason games doesn’t mean we should stop doing what we’re working on and go back to what works.

    Just think about it this way. Lin changed his shooting mechanics last season. He didn’t shoot very well. Does that mean he should just ditch what he worked on and revert back to his old shooting form? No. These things take time before they pay out. It’s literally only been 4 preseason game losses. That’s nothing.

    Kenny has also said he’s still unsure of what the lineups should be. That’s understandable because we had the highest number of changes to our roster in the league. He has a handful of people to decide who should be cut and who should be in what lineup. We’ve had key players missing today and for the majority of the games. Booker and Harris. Both are important pieces to our roster.

    I’d only be worried if by the time January comes along and we’re still playing this bad.

  452. outside of lin and brooks, other players needs to learn the system because it will be their 2nd wind come regular season. Lin will dictate the system when he’s in but during rest, other players playing need to play the system well to cope without Jlin’s presence. That is my take on all of this.

  453. one thing to look out for: kenny all preseason has played his starters at the start of each quarter (minus the 4th of course). this means in the 2nd quarter, the nets starters are up against the opponets bench. and then the opponents starters go up against our bench to close the half. this is NOT normal. i totally believe kenny is “tanking” in the preseason to evaluate lineups. NO WAY he lets their starters beat up on our bench in real games. or at least i hope so. that’d be highly unconventional….

    the main message is this. we lost a lot in preseason, but kenny isnt trying to win. there is NO evidence that he is. the only time he tried was when we had our rotation guys going up against boston’s 3rd stringers at home. fratello said on the broadcast that it was a statement that we wont lose at home easy. look for a competitive lineup vs the knicks on thurs. we’re home and we’ll defend it till the final buzzer.

  454. Why doesn’t Budinger get more time. He seems decisive, smart, and productive.

  455. I like your attitude!

  456. That’s the “very” reason people are low on him. They think he cannot carry the team for an entire season… Are other elite PGs have more endurance than Lin ? I don’t think so. He will get tired but so will the opposing PGs.

  457. Wow! That’d be amazing!

  458. I know that it is pre season etc but I hope that kenny is as good a coach as we all think that he is otherwise it will be another wasted season for lin. He deserves better than that more than anyone else. either kenny discards the deadwood sooner rather than later – he needs to make the tough decisions so perhaps we can actually win 1 game in pre season. He should have a better idea of his team now. I will continue to support lin and the nets no matter what but if the aim is to tank then that is definitely unfair. good luck to the nets cos right now lin is the only one doing his job

  459. Nice insight! I’m still positive about this Nets team despite Kenny Atkinson raising a lot of noise amongst the JLin fan community.

  460. There is no way the Nets are tanking. There’s no draft pick incentive to tank and the Celtics (who are in the Nets division) would get a high 1st rounder.

  461. Kemba Walker is closing to try and win preseason game. While Lin and Brook sit yet again without developing in-game chemistry.

  462. No point worrying about it 🙂 Either way, we just need to ride the wave. JL will still prove his worthiness…no worries there…cheers

  463. Team is thin at SF…I would take him over Bennett. He’s been solid in the past but he’s had 2 knee surgeries.

  464. thats how meniscus tears happen LOL…

  465. Kenny coach these preseason games very similarly in style to the summer league games. Meaning, he doesn’t place his best players in the game to win. Kenny could have won more summer league games too if he played his best line up more. In the large scheme of things, these are exhibition games. Kenny obviously doesn’t hold value in winning them. Lin looked good, but Nets isn’t deep enough as a team. They need to trade for at least 1 piece before the deadline. I can see Kenny being a great coach with a deep roster, but he will struggle for wins with the current roster because his habit of being too loose with his prospects.

  466. if he wants to do that good luck to him.

  467. meniscus tears happen during regular season too.

  468. what exactly are you trying to do or say? if the hornets are doing their own thing then good luck to them – this is the Brooklyn nets not the charlotte hornets – what walker does you sd discuss in the relevant thread not here.

  469. different strokes for different folks….its totally different environment and coaching staff from top to bottom, obviously I’m not gonna see/compare on how other teams run their preseason games

  470. Kemba took a good shot, got blocked. Batum had a really easy shot after a steal to avoid OT. He missed it. Now Charlotte 3rd stringers play Chicago 3rd stringers.

  471. I watched Budinger since he played in the U of Arizona.

    He is very gifted physically being a basketball/volleyball player but for some reason he lacked the passion recently and his shooting % was only so-so. Maybe his knee injuries made him a bit tentative.
    The way he can elevate and dunk easily in the game was very impressive

  472. brooklin pnr and brook post ups WILL happen, but only off of set plays (time outs, in bounds, etc) or when the motion offense breaks down. they dont need to run this in preseason because in a perfect world, they wouldnt need to. the ball would zip around and end up with a good open shot. that’s the ideal. when things break down, then they’ll play pnr to force something. the fact that brook and lin practiced together before training camp means they will run it. but kenny doesnt want to run it to start a possession. it doesnt get everyone involved. motion offense is meant to help the role players… ROLE PLAY! if things break down look for the stars to pnr or brook to post up.

  473. He seem to lack confidence and his 3pt shooting got worse. His defense is poor at the wing position.

  474. I feel like he can do 22/8/5.

  475. I like Lin, Hamilton, Harris, Scola, Budinger, Kilpatrick, Booker, Bog, Foye, and Bennett = 10.

    I actually, to my surprise do not like Lopez. Slow on defending. Slow on the PNR. And does not rebound well.

  476. i know but i really wanted to win this game

  477. when lin has that look, that fire…. watch out. linsanity time. but these games were all so casual. taking a back seat for sure….

  478. They think he cannot carry the team for an entire season by playing heavy minutes in every game? If that’s the reason then Tony Parker or Steph Curry wont be considered as an elite PG then. Anyway, I trust KA knows the best in terms of how long to play Lin.

  479. Beating Boston on the 26th would be sweet (to lose both preseason games only to win 1st regular season opener)

  480. this game was meaningless. next game? we’re at home, vs cross town rivals, last preseason game, national tv broadcast…. oh it’s on like donkey kong…..

  481. It’s one thing to be a Nets, Lin fan. But it’s good to be objective on the coach’s decision making for the team while developing the players in preseason. To say it’s just preseason is like saying it doesn’t matter what we saw for 5 preseason games because in regular season, they are going to play completely different.

    I’m all in on the Nets and Lin, but it’s ok to have a healthy, objective opinion when you see the two supposed top players not finding real chemistry together yet. Like the Netsdaily mention.


  482. Don’t worry, head up. I still have strong confidence things will get better as the season progresses along.

  483. I wish lin could be the leader of charlottes roster from last year minus kemba

  484. I wonder if Lopez’s plantar fascitis is acting up

  485. no thanks. don’t ever want Lin to play for a coach with no backbone again…

  486. Im saying if he let lin play like he did in games 3-5 of the playoffs

  487. Yup. Coach played politics and it prevented the team from being better.

  488. Say no to the rockets. Lin needs the label of starting pg. Even if it is on a less talented team. If he stays on the bench during this prime years then he has already written the narrative that I am a bench player.

    Lin is a starting pg and will show it this season. He is better then half the pgs in this league and this is a pg driven league. So even though I’m down and critical of the flaws on the Nets, I still think they will have a winning record because the Nets have a top 15 point guard.

  489. lopez doesnt roll to the rim hard. he never has. what will happen instead is that lin will draw 2 defenders then pass it back out to brook. if he shoots, then lin gets the assist. if he drives then lin wont. BUT lopez driving on a big that just helped guard lin and has to recover to guard lopez? that’s a good play. brook is surprisingly good driving. he’ll draw a lot of fouls and can straight up beat many big men face up. lin wont get assists with this type of “pnr” (if you even want to call it that), but he’ll be setting up efficient plays….

  490. batum was hurt. he didnt LET anything happen…

  491. I’m watchful of seeing if KA already knows how to be a head coach or will he grow into it. Sometimes people get stuck in their thing and do not expand to become more. I hear over and over again that he is good at development. But does he know what to do with a player that is already developed, like Lin.

    Is KA like my kids teacher that knows how to bring those students who are struggling to the mean but ignores the kid that already knows the “state requirement.”

  492. lin ALONE can beat teams. we’ve seen it for years. he beat lebron and kyrie. he beat the spurs. why does everybody have no faith?

  493. While I’m not going to say “alone”, he’s the rare player that has the ability to will his teams to compete at his level. The issue is whether the Nets have guys that can help him. While it doesn’t look pretty now, maybe it’s different in a couple of weeks.

  494. That’s the doubt I have had in mind. We should see if he’s switching his mindset from an “assistant coach’ to “head coach” soon!

  495. The Motion offense should be used to set up the top players on the team. Not for Role Players to dominate the shooting. Wins and Losses is not what concerns me, but the lack of Lin and Brook chemistry for the times they are out on the floor together, not getting Brook-Lin going to a certain degree of efficiency before the regular season and being 1-4 for preseason. Like I said, I believe Kenny will adjust so it will be more Brook-Lin Centric by December. But what were seeing is not a great sign.

  496. Only if he is allowed to dominate and play his game.. He can’t lead the team when the ball doesn’t get back to him, as we’ve seen before on previous teams. Player usage is just as important as playing time and how they let him play.

  497. bogs is a good shooter/scorer
    RHJ is a good cutter/transition
    booker is a good hustler
    brook is a great scorer
    skil is a good attacker/scorer
    harris is a good shooter
    hamilton is a good shooter

    lin just needs each guy to do what they’re good at for one game, one quarter, one possession to help him win…. the talent on this team is underrated…

  498. yes of course. but we need to see what happens in the reg season first. this preseason to me it looks like he took a back seat. kenny knows what lin and brook can do. no reason to let them dominate the plays. how can he evaluate the others if lin and brook take up all the possessions? good for winning, bad for evaluating talent…

  499. That’s an MDA run point guard centric team. Lin gets them the ball when they are open but also when they have the upper hand in match up due to poor defense rotations. But this motion offense takes the ball out the Lin’s hands too much. Again, I think Atkinson will adjust because he will realize he has to let Lin lead, instead of everyone touches and shoots.

  500. if they’re open, shoot. if not, swing it back to your stars to make something happen. i dont want to see lin with the ball, few secs left on clock, 2 defenders draped all over him, and people wide open afraid to shoot…

  501. We’ll see how many games it takes Atkinson to adjust. Like Clifford, finally letting Lin be more of a playmaker after starting the season off worse than their preseason, because he didn’t stick to what was winning games. Lin playmaking! Regardless of preseason or regular season. We’ll see.

  502. An MDA offense has no posting up. The 5 (center) is the main ball screener with 3 other players (shooters) spaced at the 3 point line. The Nets don’t have the personnel to do that on every play. Brook Lopez is a 20 ppg scorer, mostly as a low post threat. You don’t eliminate his highest efficiency play.

    For similar reasons, Carmelo Anthony, a very efficient post up player, did not fit in MDA’s system.

    The challenge is incorporating the strengths of your two main players along with involving the other players.

    Perhaps the motion may not suit this team with it’s personnel, but coming from the Hawks and Spurs, Atkinson believes in the system, which has been proven to be very efficient. It’s worth a shot at trying to establish.

  503. I’m not knocking what you’re saying. But Lin has a knack of knowing who to get the ball to, or how to get that player open when they are hot. This shoot-when-open mentality is going to lose more games than win, if Brook-Lin is not the main focus. It’s obvious the team is lacking depth.

  504. depends. i have no problem with harris shooting open 3s. he’s a good shooter. an open 3 for him is a good shot. RHJ going iso? NO no no no no……

  505. Exactly! We are not seeing the Brook-Lin combo within the motion offense as much as we should. I’m not convinced of the efficiency and chemistry they have due to lack of playing time and plays together within the motion offense system in against tough opponents. It would have been great for them to test it against a proven team like the Celtics.

  506. you dont have enough faith in his teammates. i do. he will draw defenders and he will create opportunities for them. will they miss some? sure, but more often than not, it’ll be a good shot. this will eventually lead to buckets, and buckets leads to wins. have faith. lin cant do it all. he has to delegate.

  507. This is going to be a long season.
    I have the feelings that KA wants to develop role players, he does not want to only rely on Lin and Lopez. He is a new coach, Nets will give him couple years to experiment. Therefore, we will probably see Lin has less control of the ball. If Lopez is not good at PnR as some of us suggested, it is going to be a terrible season for Lin fans.
    I do not care they lost tonight, but it showed how bad those role players are. They did not look like NBA players to be honest.

  508. Look what happened each time Lin is off the floor. The lead swelled up and no time out or strategy changes made by the coaches. The current system is too bland and is not tailored to the strengths of the roster. Every player is required to execute similar duty, but the result is the same. It’s partly due to irregular substitutions, different lineups, undefined roles, lack of bb iq, or court vision, etc. There were many possessions that I thought they had open lane and should drive, yet they passed instead or vice versa. And game pace control is at the mercy of any player instead of the focal point pg. The coaching is also part of the exercise in preseason games too not just for filling out the roster. Hopefully, we’ll see changes and improvement in the regular season or it’s going to be a long season…I’m happy for Lin, but I also want his team to win too. Losing or winning does have an impact on your psyche.

  509. It works beautifully when you have top tier players in each position. Too early to see if other players can match up against NBA teams.

  510. agree!

  511. Its definitely not gonna be a rosy ride, thats for sure…as long as they are putting all the effort and making good plays both X and O, I’m happy……there are alot needed strong pieces are missing for the team to perform at high level. The only way for them to move forward to play cohesively and do have the can win attitude.

  512. You have too much faith that Atkinson will play in a system to give Lin the chance to do that. He can’t do what you say he can do in the Motion offense if he doesn’t get the ball back. Deep down you think Atkinson will go to the MDA offense so Lin can do all of the above you mentioned. It’s the coach’s decision. Not Lin’s inability to do what you say he can do. Lin will get his no matter what because of his ability to play off ball. But for the Nets to be successful, he has to give the ball to Lin & Lopez. Period!

  513. Remember, Lin CHOSE to join the Nets, and the Nets also WANTED him as their guy. Jeremy has said himself that he believes in Atkinson, so if we honestly want to support Lin, we have to support his decisions as well. That means trusting KA’s system.

    It’s not Atkinson’s fault the Nets don’t have legitimate talent, he’s not the GM and Sean Marks only inherited this team recently anyways. He’s doing the best he can with the personnel available, and I can fully understand the decision to implement the motion offense when your team has nobody other than Jeremy Lin who can consistently penetrate.

  514. jlin7 IG
    Preseason or not…its a blessing to play this game everyday!! #Brooklynstagram

  515. For a moment, I thought this is Lin’s twitter. Lol

  516. agreed

  517. I’m glad Lopez is hitting his 3’s, but to be honest, anyone can pass him the 3 ball if he is open. But not everyone can do what Lin can do to make Lin & Lopez dominate regardless of his teammates. Right now Lopez is not looking good in this offense and we are in preseason game 5 and Kenny hasn’t been able to integrate his strengths in the Motion Offense.

  518. i trust Kenny and the system. i’m just not convinced that Lopez can run the PNR effectively with Lin

  519. need to support both the nets and lin

  520. I will always support Lin no matter what.
    None of Lin’s previous team had “talents” (maybe except JHarden lol), but Lin was able to use his strengths to carry the team. Nets is a different story. They want Lin to carry the team, but does not want him to use his strength. That is the problem. Lin can carry the team, if they let him use his strength. I fully understand where KA is coming from to avoid relying on star players only. The team KA wants to build, will take a long time. In the mean time, we Lin fan will have to wait again if the team ever succeeds.

  521. And to play HIS game every day.

    No matter how many games the Nets win, Lin will put up ~20/6 and establish himself as a top PG. That’s Step 1. And then after the season, they can reevaluate the roster to take the next step.

  522. Truth. Imagine Lin going full blast 30-40mpg instead of 20mpg because it’s preseason.

  523. Jeremy will have a nice Harvard/college cheering section every Boston game. Tons of Asians/Asian-Americans at top schools, several of which are in the area.

  524. Again, agree! How many preseason highlights do we have with Lopez and Lin combo? ….

  525. Their using him as a shooting guard more than a point guard.

  526. Sure. When Lin chose the Nets, we chose them too. Lin’s proved he’s an elite player. I just hope while KA’s developing the younger players he’ll find the best way to use Lin’s strength. I guess we will find out as the season progress.

  527. I see no coaching progress this game from the last nonDetroit preseason games.

  528. The motion offense should be built around Lin and Lopez, not Role Players, then clutch situations use Lin & Lopez combo (utilizing motion offense). Should be the other way.

  529. Even better, ABANDON the motion offense that has never worked for ANY winning team in the NBA.

    Institute standard NBA offensive sets that get the ball to Lopez in his standard scoring spots, let the NBA’s best center go to work for 30+ minutes a game!!!

  530. Lin holds whatever four other players he has on the court with him. There is no back-up pg. You said Jimmer isn’t available until march. How about Steve Blake. I see he is available. They just need a pg that has court vision and could be an honest threat from outside to run the team while Lin sits.

  531. 100% agree. I’m not liking what I’m seeing at all! When we know what Lin can do with this team. Kenny will adjust by December, like Clifford had to. It’s fine to use Motion Offense, but it should be built around the two top players. Lin & Lopez, and I’m not seeing that.

  532. But the Hawks and Spurs, they run their offenses directly through their big men like Duncan and Horford.

    They don’t station them at the 3 point line and run no plays for them like the Nets do.

  533. Blake ABSOLUTELY would tremendously help.

    He’d be a gigantic improvement over Vasquez’s lazy disinterested brick shooting strolls on both ends of the court.

  534. I predicted before this game that there would be no change.

    There will be no change next game either.

  535. Were 5 games into preseason. I’m 100% Lin fan. And i’m not seeing any signs of that either. So Sad!

  536. KHuang, I am so concerned. i feel KA does not have the win now mentality, he is looking at the LONG TERM…

  537. What Lin did with old Al Jefferson. How Lin would pass to Al, and Al pop it back to Lin for a quick reset, and Lin dishing it back into Al in the best place so Al could create a great Post up Move! Loved it. That’s what I wish for Lin Lopez combo including PnR sets. You don’t see other players in the league playing like that and the Decision making it takes for Lin to quickly reset the post player’s position. Magical! Lin is a Beast! Give him the ball!

  538. YEP. 🙂 so true!

  539. Lin rejuvenated Al’s career!

  540. Lin’s actually playing less as a preseason starter for the Nets than he did as a preseason reserve last season for Charlotte.

    I’ve not lost sight of that.

  541. Agreed. Well said.

  542. He will once the regular season starts.

  543. Now you know why I am FREAKING OUT.

    I get flamed as a “troll” for feeling the same way you do.

    By the way, there won’t be a “long term” for Atkinson if he doesn’t start utilizing his stars.

  544. And Lopez is WAY MORE TALENTED than Al Jefferson!!!

    Plow the ball into Lopez, let him be the max contract 20 ppg superstar he’s been the last 8 years!!!

    If the Nets are gonna lose, lose with Lin and Lopez firing tons of good shots.

    Don’t lose with the Nets new franchise player in Luis Scola and the Nets new franchise PG in Greivis Vasquez playing star roles and hucking bricks while Lin and Lopez helplessly sit on the bench as Atkinson scowls at them for shooting too much!!!

  545. Motion offense DOES NOT WORK in the NBA.

    I’ve been watching the NBA for decades and that’s been the case, every single time.

    Bad teams use motion offense because the coaches lack the coaching skill to install actual plays. Winning teams don’t use motion offense.

  546. I think KA will have a longer leash 1) the GM is from Spurs system 2) Nets owner is too cheap to fire coach before term ends.

  547. what do you suggest more pnr with brook and lopez?

  548. That’s how I’m seeing it. I’m not content with Lin just being a starter on a Losing team. Even in preseason. If other teams are playing their 2nd or 3rd team vs our 2nd or 3rd team, and were losing preseason games. That’s coaching. Everyone here says we have the talent. So then, it’s about coaching!

  549. what about the hawks and the spurs then?

  550. yes its the lineups and the plays they are trying to use.. they cant shoot as many 3s as they are doing with rhj, booker, lopez and foye on the floor with jlin

  551. atleast kenny set some screens for lin this game lol

  552. I copied from KHuang below:
    “But the Hawks and Spurs, they run their offenses directly through their big men like Duncan and Horford.

    They don’t station them at the 3 point line and run no plays for them like the Nets do.”

  553. lol the nets run NO plays for their players you are very correct.. and the spurs and hawks do I agree 100

  554. Can’t agree with you more. We are not set up as a three point dominant team, especially if we don’t have any other plays perfected, which takes practice to run those plays just like practicing the motion offense. How much more practice does it take to take open three’s and miss regardless of what system it is. They are taking way too many three’s without top tier three point shooters. If it wasn’t for Lin’s individual drives into the pain; without the motion offense, this team is a disaster!

  555. Egoless, teammates also means letting the top players play their game because it’s best for the team. Not so they can take as many bad, inefficient shots.

  556. bog would be nice to have in starting line up to space the floor a little bit

  557. Can’t agree with you more.

  558. My thoughts on the situation:

    Right now I highly agree with what Kenny is doing. He’s scouting for potential lineups to start/rotate as well as lineups in case someone is injured. All those guys on Twitter are probably bashing on KA and how he isn’t using Brook and Lin with their bread and butter PnR but that’s because they don’t understand that this is BIGGER than that.
    Like you said, this team doesn’t have a lot of talent. The way to fix that is to give others a chance to get more involved and to develop/improve themselves with more playing time/opportunities. This system is also good because we don’t rely on one specific technique. We’re working on all parts of the game so that we can hit a team in just about any way. Obviously this is going to require players to get outside of their comfort zone, but it’s to help elevate the skill of the less talented and it’s going to take some time and probably some adjustments. It also won’t rely on Brook and Lin so heavily which can be very physically and mentally taxing for them.
    People are complaining that oh, we don’t have the personnel to run the motion offense because no one can hit the 3 or drive or whatever. But just imagine that all of these guys keep committing to the plan and keep working on their game and they DO start nailing the boards. The system Kenny developed has just become twice as deadly as any pure Brook-Lin PnR.

  559. at least we didnt lose like the clippers did –

  560. It’s one thing to work on the Motion Offense to get players acclimated, but when your not integrating the, BrookLin Engine which is the core of the team, then their not going anywhere. I’m not opposed to Kenny scouting potential lineups, but to do that without the BrookLin team, is going nowhere. When the season starts off slow, people will wonder why it’s not working, until Atkinson starts integrating Lin and Lopez in the beginning, like he should have been doing in the Pre Season! Get off the fact we are being objective. It’s not a bash on KA and not using Brook & Lin in PnR, but their not using them together at all! Right now Lin is using Lopez as an unexpected screen to drive to the pain, which Lin can do with anyone! Quit saying we are bashing Atkinson because he is not using Lopez and Lin in PnR only! That is not what we are saying!

  561. I pray the peace of Christ is still with Lin as it was last season. No matter the outcome, may he still enjoy his time according the plan God has designed for him. May the new element of being a starter be a blessing and not place unnecessary stress that would take away the joy he found again as a NBA player.

  562. We wanted Lin on this Team because he is an All Star player that can lead the team. Not just a cog in a system and occasionally use him in clutch situations. Bogus argument.

  563. Anybody know if Lin will play the last preseason game or not?

  564. My mistake, but that’s just the majority of what I’ve gotten from a mix of all the comments bashing on KA from Reddit and other social media sites. With that aside, I do think that Kenny will begin to use the Brook-Lin PnR soon enough. But right now I’m not too worried because the PnR shouldn’t really be too hard of a thing to establish/build chemistry off of. I know for a fact that Lin and Lopez have already talked about it and tried getting to know each other’s spots/playstyles. It’s much harder to get used to the motion offense and the motion offense a more important building block.

  565. if lin is allowed to play 48 minutes a game then maybe you would be right. Obviously thats not the case. If he plays 32mpg, that leaves 16 minutes to the 2nd/3rd unit to manage. I don’t have that much faith in the nets.

    Not to mention some of the awful misses where lin passed it to a player 2 ft from the net and the player misses an easy layup. Another really really bad point about this team is the defense. Celtics scored 120 points on the nets tonight, while playing their 3rd unit for most of the night!!

  566. There is more ways to use Brook-Lin that PnR. That is all I’m saying. Lopez is an All-Star center. Any other team in the NBA uses their All-Star player in preseason! Lin is an All-Star player. He is only getting his because of his ability to play off ball right now. But not truly as a point guard.

  567. From what I read below, Lopez is a post up guy, he is not even good at PnR 🙁

  568. Yes, but remember that KA is trying to get both Lin and Brook to learn the system. He probably already knows that Brook and Lin can dominate in their respective ways. I think once the season actually starts, we’ll see a more adjusted system.

  569. Not if other players can’t play correctly around them. Especially when it comes to spacing. 5 players are on the floor, not just Lin and Lopez. I’m confident in Lins and the Nets ability as a team, only if they are coached correctly. Like Lin says, they are very small room for errors. That means playing to their strengths. Other teammates have to see how they will work together so they can make them better, not get in the way and clog the paint or make errant passes because they can’t play make.

  570. He’s not necessarily not good at the PnR, I think he can still execute the PnR but will probably need some adjustments.

  571. Lin is playing like Lin. This is Lin now. It’s not MDA era where Lin had the ball so much. Lin now is very comfortable playing off-ball, and sharing handling responsibilities with other players. That’s now his style of point guard. There are times when Lin will control the ball more, but other times he won’t. I don’t think it’s KA doing anything with Lin more than the player he’s developed into. This is Lin, 2016.

    It’s very early. It’s not even the regular season yet. This team will take time to get to learn each other as players. The process has to proceed, it can’t be rushed. It’ll take the amount of time necessary for this to occur.

  572. Teammates will have to see how they work together, but Kenny has already mentioned that right now he doesn’t even know what the finalized lineups will be. One step at a time.

  573. Kenny hasn’t rested anyone for more than 1 game, so I think it’s safe to assume he’ll play.

  574. Yes I agree. This is 2016 Lin. Lin seems to have improved his shot, so he can be effective without being as ball-dominant as during Linsanity. It might not be as fun to watch for some people but Lin can still take over a game, just in a different fashion.

  575. Missing the point totally! But for now we will see.

  576. Right. He’s not going to roll hard all the way to the rim like some guys. He’ll set picks and find a place to do give and go’s or his own moves. The aim is to execute the offense to get the ball in the bucket and have him be a threat. Lin is a threat to hit anyone on the court, or score himself. The baskets should come out of judicious and sensible ball movement. Not much of that is going on, that’s why there are preseason games. But there are only 6 of them, probably not enough to get this complex offense in gear.

  577. Lin will close out games, and guess what, he’ll be winning and Not Because of the Motion Offense!

  578. Whatever the challenges lie ahead, I’m sure Lin’s ready to face it because he’s set his mindset on the right direction. Cheers.

  579. Yea, I still have faith but I’ll join you guys if by January we’re still playing like this.

  580. Good. I look forward to see him play with the Knicks.

  581. truer words have never been spoken. we’ve seen the non postup guys play great pnr with Lin right off the gate (even during preseason).. Tyson, Ed Davis, Hamilton. and then there’s those postup guys that just can’t get it right.. Howard, Big Al, Kaminsky, Lopez

  582. I must agree that that is a worrisome trend though..

  583. The Clippers didn’t play Paul, Griffin, or Jordan.

  584. He has indeed one strong mindset!

  585. They can’t be good if they can’t practice it. Lopez has potential to be be a great PnR player. Just don’t think he had an effective guard as a partner who can beat double teams, and traps.
    And I know it’s preseason blah blah., but to not even see one successful ally oop or PnR, very disappointing. Teams know how to defend it because other teams do it. So to say he is hiding PnR until regular season is ridiculous!

  586. Deron Williams and Devon Harris are known to be good pnr point guards..

  587. I certainly understand Coach Atkinson’s emphasis on building a team identify through the motion offense because of the lack of talent surrounding Brook Lopez and JLin. Noone knows how successful it will be but one thing for sure is it will help the starters to be injured because of overuse.

    While Lin fans and Nets fans share a valid concern that we want the dynamics of Brook-Lin PnR to be practiced and executed to build chemistry, we can only hope that Coach Atkinson will do what is right to incorporate them later in the early season because it is the most lethal weapon in late-game situation. Perhaps there is not enough time in 6 preseason games to accomplish all the objectives to practice motion offense, defense, PnR while evaluating who will make the final 15-man roster.

    JLin chose the Nets because of his close relationship with Coach Atkinson so I would trust him on his judgment. He chose the Hornets last season and it paid off for him to find his own team. I’ll definitely do the same this season. I hope most Lin fans would do the same because there isn’t a better situation around the league who will trust Lin as the main leader(s) of the team.

    It’s definitely hard to be patient as all Lin fans all want JLin to succeed so desperately after experiencing tough 4 seasons.

  588. And I’ve seen highlights of them giving Lopez Alley Oops! Lopez is a 7ft athletic center. Maybe a little slow footed, but Lin can get him the ball where he needs it. But they still have to practice it for chemistry and timing.

  589. Look at Asik and his success. Lopez is way more athletic than Asik. That’s why I’m so hopeful, but not if Kenny keeps this up.

  590. i know its pre-season but after watching all their games and their players up till now I can conclude that the Nets’ starters could barely compete with the average teams but the bench players would be one of the worst of all teams.

  591. I certainly understand Coach Atkinson’s emphasis on building a team identify through the motion offense because of the lack of talent surrounding Brook Lopez and JLin. Noone knows how successful it will be but one thing for sure is it will help prevent the starters from being injured because of overuse.

    While Lin fans and Nets fans share a valid concern that we want the dynamics of Brook-Lin PnR to be practiced and executed to build chemistry, we can only hope that Coach Atkinson will do what is right to incorporate them later in the early season because it is the most lethal weapon in late-game situation. Perhaps there is not enough time in 6 preseason games to accomplish all the objectives to practice motion offense, defense, PnR while evaluating who will make the final 15-man roster.

    JLin chose the Nets because of his close relationship with Coach Atkinson so I would trust him on his judgment. He chose the Hornets last season and it paid off for him to find his own team. I’ll definitely do the same this season. I hope most Lin fans would do the same because there isn’t a better situation around the league who will trust Lin as the main leader(s) of the team.

    It’s definitely hard to be patient as all Lin fans all want JLin to succeed so desperately after experiencing tough 4 seasons.

  592. pretty much every big can alley-oop. playing pnr effectively is a whole different thing. sure, Lopez may get it someday but it’s gonna be a looong way to go and he’s just gonna revert to his back to the basket postup moves most of the time. if and when that happens, the Nets will be just like Nets of previous years. Lin’s strong point (pnr) will be wasted

  593. Very good point. I think it’s highly likely there just is not enough time to establish everything. Worse case is we’ll have to sacrifice some season games to get everything settled, but that’s fine if we see improved gameplay for every game onwards. Don’t forget, Lin is at the very least on a two year contract, so he’ll be profiting from the work he put in in the next season as well.

  594. i would suggest (i know, ain’t gonna happen) moving Lopez to the bench and let him play post up all he want. Hamilton pnr with Lin in the 1st unit. problem solved

  595. LOL they were leading boston in the 1st half of the first preseason game. boston the supposed 2nd or 3rd best team in the east. obviously they lost when they didnt start lin with the starters in the 3rd quarter….

  596. ‏@dartboard_trade
    JLin through 4 preseason games:
    15.5 PPG (21.8 mins)
    60.6% FG%
    47.1% 3PT%
    86.7% FT% (4.5 FTA/gm)
    4.5 APG
    2.5 RPG
    1.25 SPG
    2.5 TOPG

  597. if the role players dont get touches, then the defense will just key in on lopez and lin. 2 vs 5 every possession. cmon guys this is unrealistic…. like i said before, lin looks to be taking a backseat this preseason. even when he does get the ball back he’s been moving the ball around. he could easily attack, call a pick, etc. but he hasnt. im sure kenny has told him to let the others get a chance. how else to evaluate the role players when you dont give them a role to play?

  598. I dont think we could compare 2 different play set players into a formula and say, obviously player B should play better given the same play.

    Sometimes, its easy to teach a less talented player compared to an established player

  599. RHJ, your role is to grab all the rebounds and play excellent defense. don’t do what Durant suggest

  600. Well said….just to add from my perspective….when I put up a new team with fresh and novice players, I would just do that during practice, leave the key players out and give a clean sheet to the rest of the group to catch and grab the available spot. It gives them confidence that its up to them to perform and as the coach, I dont give preference one against the other.

    Add on to it, it also do give better perspective, to know each other well. They need to play as a team to gain the spot. Giving a clean sheet to start over to these players is very important to gain trust with coach staff and each other

  601. rhj needs to attack and shoot open mid range shots. cutting with out the ball will be his major strength imo. lin will find him if he moves. look at tonight after the big dunk, rhj hustled down the court and lin found him for the return dunk. THAT’S what i want to see. lin will do his job if rhj does his… role players having roles and doing them…

  602. those too. i just don’t want him to go one on one like he did in previous games

  603. yeah those isos were…ugh… and it wasnt just once or twice…. im sure kenny told him to stop that cuz he played much better the next game. attacked in non iso situations and drew some fouls.

  604. To be very fair, I think KA is focusing his efforts on developing motion defense more than motion offense…

  605. Too early to say, but Lopez may literally be flat-footed

  606. In watching Kenny Atkinson’s lineup experiments, do you think he has accomplished those objectives to give equal opportunities to the non-key players to compete within the established motion offense system so it’s clear who should make it to the final 15-man roster and who should go to the D-League?

    I’m curious how and when Coach Atkinson will determine the final roster.
    IMO he certainly has given plenty of PT to most players

  607. Notes and observations on the Nets after the game:

    1 – The biggest hole is a mobile shot blocker and rebounder, by far. CMC may have the tools one day but that’s a long way off.
    2 – If RHJ develops some sort of offense, he will be really fun to root for. He can have high impact in a game with his tenacity.
    3 – Skil is surprisingly raw. He plays like a rookie. This is GOOD because he can improve a lot in a short amount of time. He got burned defending the 2 and was the main weak link on defense in the first quarter. However, he did show some offensive ability tonight.
    4 – Bog – I have no idea what the KA is doing with Bog. Throwing him with 3rd stringers? I think maybe it’s just to let him play ball and get used to being out on the court. He did not practice much with the main team, I’m kind of worried about his usage during regular season.
    5 – I think Brook needs to be more deliberate and get into his action quicker. This whole team needs this.
    6 – I missed seeing Harris and Booker play. That’s a good sign.
    7 – I didn’t miss Vasquez playing, haha.

  608. skl is 27 yrs old. he’s hardly young anymore. his biggest weakness besides being a not-good finisher, is that he doesnt know how to cut. harris and RHJ are both much better at cutting. skil will remain a below-average player until he learns to cut, especially since he has to play besides bogs who will have the ball a lot.

    RHJ is growing on me. he is a good slasher, and has the tools to get separation in the paint and finish. his jumpers mostly come up short instead of being off to the side, so there is hope for his outside shot. (i think the main problem with his shot is that his hips and knees contract much earlier than his release, so his jumpshot loses the power coming from his legs. the situation with his jumper is probably related to his unusally long wingspan. he should model himself on kawhi who also has really long arms.)

    as for bogs, asking him to create by himself from the wing really is not his forte. he cannot get all the way to the rim on a layup and will at best stop halfway for a pull-up jumper. he’s a good player, but it’s not easy hitting that shot efficiently. they need to be running bogs around screens, not dump the ball to him at the wing.

  609. Phew, it’s ‘Pace’.
    For a second, I thought it was ‘Pain’ as in growing pain ?

    My prediction is Coach Atkinson would be forced to put the ball in JLin’s hands in the last 5 min of the game and have him call whatever plays he likes in order to win. The young players would find more difficulty to make proper read at crunch time

    It made Thaddeus Young expendable, and it’s making Lopez adjust. It’s also taken the ball out of the hands of Lopez and point guard Jeremy Lin (13 points and five assists), who have yet to run many pick-and-rolls as the Nets install their new system and put more onus on the other players to make quick reads and decisions on the fly.

    It hasn’t kicked in yet. Sean Kilpatrick was the leading scorer with 15 points but Scola and Isaiah Whitehead shot just 1 of 6 each while Bojan Bogdanovic was minus-35 in just 21 minutes.

    “Definitely. That motion offense, it’s going to be a lot of reads [by others],” Lin said. “If they don’t stop me and I have the ball in my hands I’m going to shoot it; I’m going to go. And if they do, I’m getting it out to hopefully the open man and from there it just flows.”

  610. Remember he sis mention prior to preseason, there are positions to be grabbed and it applies to all (except BrookLin); and there was a followup interview from the players who were brought from the D-League; were they mentioned this players are showing improvement and out there to prove themselves.

    The problem here is, it aint easy for any coach, before players do not perform consistently hence at times coaches had to rely on gut feelings based on how they perceived these players based on work ethics and player background (historical)….I’m pretty sure there are alot of discussion going behind the door and tape reviews.

    The coaching staff have limited time and games they they can throw these players in to decide. I dont know who will be cut at this point, because we really dont know, what the coaching staff is looking for in specific for the system in place.

    So far, I have only seen the good things that Kenny is trying to instill…so lets see if it bare fruits once the season starts….obviously there are going to be some adjustments here and there…thats given

  611. Haha, ‘pain’ is definitely part of it too when one wants to be better and stronger. I look forward to see this mutual-trust between Lin and KA grow as the season continues. And when KA doesn’t know what to do, give the ball to Lin is absolutely the best strategy! Lol

  612. When asked about what he (Lin) would want others to say about the Nets when the season is over, the 6-foot-3 guard was succinct in his response.
    “In a perfect world, they would say we play hard; that’s number one,” Lin said. “They (Nets) play unselfish. That to me would be the ultimate compliment.” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3d6f71466257241a495f219c67fac4c24e520a3453dd960dcc22ff4090ecb5fb.png


  613. True skil is not young. He is not going to get any tools he doesn’t already have, but I think he a lot of his tendencies on the court can be more efficient. That’s the improvement I’m looking for.

  614. too much Naruto?!!! The Pain character!

  615. Motion offense is a lot about reading what the defense gives you.

    There was this one play where Lin/Brook did PnR and Lin got double teamed. He looked to Brook but then ended up passing it to Hamilton, who swished a 3. Lin knows how to read and react appropriately to what the defense is giving. He’s been playing that way for quite some time. No one else on the Nets has much practice on it, and it shows.

    Read and react is really difficult and is not beginner friendly. This is because if you don’t read correctly or if you don’t react quickly, you “reset” – you lose your offensive advantage. Speed, strength, size, and length are permanent offensive advantages, and can’t be lost. But neither can they be created. An open corner 3, however, can be created, but can also be lost by a slow play or bad pass.

    Timings and coordination is also not easy to pull off. Cuts need good timing from the players as well as good read from the ball handler in order to succeed.

    It will take a lot of time for our players (think Brook, RHJ, Skil, Bog, Harris) to learn read and react. I think the next 30 games will be really tough to watch. Lin needs to play very, very well for the Nets – not only for them to remain competitive, but to give everyone else plenty of tape to study and learn from.

  616. he has nice arc on his jumper. problem is that with the 2nd unit and vasquez, i dont think they are going to be generating many open looks for him.

    he is listed as 6′ 4” but he looks smaller than that to me. he’s on the small side for a SG.
    i hope he can finish better. it’s worth nothing that thus far, nets have played against good rim protectors in drummond and whiteside and porzingis, and boston team D is very good. so skil will probably look better against other teams.

    he lost a lot of mass compared to last year. i hope it translates to better finishing.

  617. Thanks for your comments. Those are very good points. I’m educated.
    This season is going to test everyone’s patience indeed. Lin needs more God’s grace and his fans support for sure.

  618. Thanks for the insight. Looks like what you’re saying aligns directly with my assessment that we should wait until January to truly judge the games.

  619. they can’t depend too much on Lin (though I am happy for LIN). Lin had never been a starter before and I worry about his consistency for the whole long season…

  620. I think everyone still getting a feel on things that Kenny is preaching….pretty sure they will get the hang of it as the season progress on how to move, when to cut, where to move, and bait move as well to draw defenders.

    Lin would be helping them directing on the shuffle, he is really good at it.

  621. Both him and Foye looks shorter than Lin to me. Was wondering whether Lin looks taller with his ponytail or not.

  622. he was the starting PG during Linsanity, a starter his first year with houston, starter with lakers, start somehow with hornets when KW is out…..? so when is that ” LIN had never been a starter before” statement coming from?

    and again, consistency? hope all players in the NBA plays consistently great for the whole season…

    and as follower of JLIN, i believe, that the Nets MUST DEPEND on Lin because he is one of the pillars of this team.

    just curious.LOL!

  623. and when lin left the court the 3rd, boston lead dwindled just 2 points where coach of Boston sound the panic button by calling 2 quick time outs to break what seeming impending run by the nets .

  624. My respect to Lin deepens with each word he says.

  625. agree skil looks shorter than lin.
    with foye, i think his proportions make him look shorter than he really is.

  626. Can’t say that better!

  627. oops my bad

  628. will see…they arent wrong, thats how it looks on paper…..but we know that is a Sanity factor that many are missing

  629. my updated preseason to date (minimum 4 games played) “scoring efficiency quotient” top 10 overall: cousins, lin, klay thompson, durant, mike conley, harden, hassan whiteside, blake griffin, jusif nurkic, kawhi leonard (in that order 1 to 10)

    front court top 5: cousins, durant, whiteside, griffin, nurkic
    backcourt top 5: lin, thompson, conley, harden, devin booker

    3rd rating thru preseason as has progressed lin has been #1 among backcourt players every time.

    its a measure of points as function of minues and fga’s (more or less) including for consideration only the leading points per game scorers.

    seems a useful tool.

    even if preseason is considered “meaningless” it would be instructive i would think to see where lin fits in thus far with some of the considered “stars”.

    based on this info i would look for good seasons from as well as lin: conley (who tho perhaps incidentally overpaid at the moment has been still under-rated historically), nurkic (who showed a lot last year) and booker (pre-season scoring leader, tho his efficiency is still not great tho improving).

    along with the more “assumed stars” listed herein.

  630. correct. lin has actually started almost half of the games hes played in his career and has played 28 minutes or more (ie. spurs starter minutes) for more than two full seasons of nba games in his time in the league.

    only someone who has actually not followed lins career and is just repeating the “false narrative” that lin has never been a starter would….well state that “lin had never been a starter before”.

    and as to yer other point: anyone who watched the preseason games so far based on just the eyeball evidence of those games would have to concur that the nets “must depend” on lin. because when lin is not in. it generally not pretty thus far.

  631. Lol

  632. I thought Lin was brilliant on that play bc he passed to the open Hamilton instead of Brook who was defended tightly even though that “motion play” was meant for Brook. Even the commentator mentioned that pass was meant for Brook IIRC. It starts out w/ high bb iq and court vision, but Not everyone on the the court have them to make the right play/pass. Perhaps some of them are being asked to do too much but lack the talents to carry out… So many times I saw open lane that they could drive straight for a basket, but instead they turn around and pass right into traffic. It’s like an old habit that they can’t break bc they’re stuck in the pattern of the system… Passing non-stop burns up the clock and when the pass ends up w/ a player who has not anticipate your pass… Sigh!!!

  633. One more to go… so on Thu vs NYK, coach finally will play his real lineup then….?

  634. KA should have done this sooner to get stable roster rotation and consistent PT for core players…

  635. PTSD is rampant on this site. Complaining about losing is so shortsighted. Do you all remember how Lin played a lot in preseason last year for Hornets and they won 7-1? What happened was that we were predicting that Hornets would win 8 out of the first 10 games. Lol, Lin never started even when injuries hit and PJ Hairston started ( where’s he now?).

    Only fools win for the sake of winning. Good poker players love fools like that. They get sucked in soooo easily. Pop did that to Mchale by losing all 4 regular season games to the Rox. Then stomped on them in playoffs 4 straight. Pop uses regular season almost like preseason. He only cares about positioning himself for playoff runs and not records. WHAT HAPPENED TO GSW WARRIORS LAST YEAR IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF THE STUPIDITY OF WINNING EVERYTHING IN REGUKAR SEASON. THEY WON THE BATTLE AND LOST THE WAR. GUYS LIKE CURRY AND BOGAT GOT INJURE CHASING MEANINGLESS WINS. NO ONE REMEMBERS REGULAR SEASON RECORDS AND EVEN LESS PRESEASON RECORDS.

  636. Agreed

  637. But the Hornets ABANDONED their winning rotation from preseason after Clifford got sick of Lin outplaying Kemba Walker.

    I doubt that Atkinson changes anything come the regular season.

  638. Budinger is the one guy I’m not sure is a good waiver cut, but so be it.

  639. Also remember that motion offense DOES NOT WIN in the NBA.

  640. Great post.

    Kilpatrick is essentially a rookie, he is new to the NBA having arrived to the Nets less than a year ago. But he has a lot of positivity in his game and his defense will tighten up with more minutes.

  641. That’s not working either.

  642. I suggested a day ago that Atkinson install traditional sets that run their offense through the center, similar to what the Hawks and spurs used.

  643. Not necessarily.

    A pissed off Brook Lopez could get a whole lot of people fired.

  644. Thanks!!

  645. At least Yogi is not waived yet.

    The Nets really need to retain Yogi as insurance for when Greivis Vasquez goes down due to a season ending injury.

  646. I do like the Hamilton Lopez starting lineup – it gave the starters a fighting chance inside.

    Too bad they only played 18 minutes.

  647. either we support lin and the nets or we don’t . i know that it is tough as heck but I vote for sticking with lin etc

  648. but i do understand what you all mean.

  649. Lin wasn’t the starter because the dirty politic kicked in not Cliff’s strategy.

  650. This is Budinger’s eighth year in the league, 3 years with Houston, 3 with Minnesota, and then he bounced around last year (Indianapolis and Phoenix). He had 3 decent years (salary-wise) with Minnesota ($5 M/year). He’s had knee problems (see: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/timberwolves-chase-budinger-indefinitely-following-surgery-remove-torn-172514091–nba.html ).

  651. I STILL support Atkinson and the Nets.

    Until the regular season begins, I can voice my disagreement but my support remains unchanged.

    As long as Atkinson gets the players to play to the maximum of their abilities, I’m good. That’s what I am looking forward to seeing soon.

  652. If Draymond Green hadn’t kicked himself out by throwing that suicidal macho punch, the Warriors would EASILY have won the title over that badly overmatched Cleveland team.

  653. The front office decides that type of thing with some input from the coach.

  654. So many stupid fans on these Lin sites. Makes it unreadable. It’s as if they’ve only been following the sport very recently.

  655. yeah i just started watching the matches yesterday how did you know?

  656. Lol interesting how things work right. Lin badly outplayed walker and is benched for that. Beverley doesnt play better than lin but has “better stats in playoffs of 2013 than lin cuz lin was injured and he gets to start over him. Seems fair

  657. Of course. Everything has to run through management.

  658. Also add Bogut injury too. He was their defensive anchor inside.

  659. To make it clear, I am not “BASHING” Atkinson as you have suggested and it’s not “PURE STUPIDITY” by using critical thinking and making my voice/opinion heard! Pointing out my concerns SHOULD NOT BE DEEMED AS NOT supporting Atkinson or players or management! It’s not ONE or The Other. I want to see Nets as a team get better for Lin’s sake and that include the Coaching by Atkinson!

  660. Please Understand: Giving opinions or pointing out concerns or analyzing the current situation SHOULD NOT BE DEEMED AS “BASHING” or NOT supporting Atkinson, management or players, like some have suggested!

  661. I’m reading the biggest complaint here is KA not building the Lopez/Lin chemistry. Last season had 8 preseason games, this preseason only has 6 games. So, it’s pretty much done. And the team looked worse last night than they did in previous games. In a way, that’s ok. Because it was against Boston who prepared more for this game than the previous and are one of the best teams in the east and it was mostly 3rd stringers who Boston took advantage of. KA was definitely still experimenting and seeing who makes the cut and who doesn’t. I thought Lin played his worse game of the preseason, but played pretty well. Just not as composed, mostly in the first quarter, as he’s been. But after the first quarter he played well. However, I don’t think Lopez has really played well in any game. I’m hoping he flicks a switch next week in the regular season opener and onward, because he’s looked so-so. I also want to see some Lin football passes and lobs, the teams needs to run because if someone is open ahead of their defender, Lin will get the ball to them. Overall, RHJ and others have a long way to go offensively and defensively, as much as RHJ’s defense is touted. It’ll take time.

  662. OMG, Cavs lost lots of these matches, does it mean they’ll barely reach the playoff?

    C’mon, let’s wait the 1st game without worrying too much. I think lots of you will be surprised then.

  663. Folks, stop obsessing over the offense deficiency. It’s the defense and rebound that is the major problem. Through 5 games, Nets are 28th in defense just above Pelicans and Houston. They are allowing 110 points per game with 47.8% allowed from 2 and 34.5% from 3’s. Just by contrast, Hawks are 5th with 95.0 points, 41.6% and 22.8%. KA came from the Hawks organization. You know where I am getting at. As for rebounding, Nets are the worst with a -10.4 margin. All the great teams play good defense, and that should be their focus. Stop obsessing over offense. With Jeremy as a bailout option when they need points, I am sure they will do well offensively. Nets desperately need to play better individual and team defense.

  664. It’s not time to press the panic button yet. We should temper our expectations and have lots of patience for the team. This is the opportunity JLin was supposed to have when he signed onto the rockets as a leader of a bunch of newbies before the signing of harden. The only important factor is him having a coach and front office that truly believes in him. JLin will figure out a way to win with the personnel he is dealt with.

  665. Don’t forget the number in preseason is skewed toward teams experimenting lineups and playing with non-rotations players. But I agree that defense and rebound should be 2 main focus that Nets should address.

    Yet, I believe it will get better as more games played.

  666. Yes and No. I think more so with Nets because there are more new faces, but other teams are experimenting with different lineups as well. The familiar suspects that we think are good defensive teams like Spurs, Hawks, Boston and Utah are at the top of the list. As we have seen with Boston the last 2 games, they also went very deep into their bench as well, so that can’t be an excuse for Nets either.

  667. Nets to Jeremy : “You’ll get a chance to be you” …

  668. The only reason I’m not worried, is because Atkinson will Lean on Lin & Lopez, eventually after the failed experiments with this roster, like all NBA coaches do when they want to win.

  669. Lin P5 postgame interview – Note: the video has a misleading title 🙂

  670. Exactly. The offense will improve as the team gets more familiar with each other. People forget that this is essentially a brand new team. Only Lopez and Bog played significant minutes last season. It takes time to build chemistry.

    The defense will be okay with the starters, IMO. Atkinson will start their best defensive lineup, which includes Booker, who is the best fit on this roster next to Lopez.

  671. @mark 2:00, the reporter asked Lin: “…Talking to team before you signed…How did they proposed how they’d want to utilize you on the offense?”
    Lin replied: “They just want to let me go… I was not looking for anything complicated… I just want to be myself…trust in my instincts…trust in my talents…basically that was the pitch was about.”
    — So, please let Lin play to his strengths and let him be himself! Let him play his ‘brand of basket ball’!

  672. Most NBA players are listed 2-3 inches taller than they actually measure as.

    The craziest overestimation of a player’s height I saw was Byron Houston in the 90s – he was listed at 6’9″ but measured out at 6’3″!

    Lin himself should be listed at 6’4″, as he was combine measured at 6’3 1/2″ without shoes.

  673. Excellent post, and I isagree respectfully.

    The Nets bench is not putting enough pressure on teams offensively, and it’s causing opponents to rest defensively so that they can score wildly.

    Other than Lopez not playing enough, I have no issues with the starters as long as Lin is out there protecting them. But the bench PG situation has been a disaster.

    I accept Whitehead playing like the clueless rookie that he is, no complaint there.

    But Vasquez? He’s gotta raise his game dramatically from what it has been all preseason. Strolling up and down the court lazily without dribble penetrating, without playing defense, without hitting shots, not holding the score against opponents, that will drag the Nets down no matter how much Lin carries the starters.

    If Vasquez can somehow magically heal from that bad ankle that has severely limited him for the last few years, then the glaring bench deficits will disappear and the Nets will appear hypercompetitive the way Lin already has the starters looking.

  674. Terrific post.

    Even I as a Booker hater will happily defer to you on this.

  675. Lopez just needs COURT TIME.

    He and Lin will figure it out if they are allowed to play together for long minutes per game.

  676. now the roster is 16. Who is the last cut?

  677. It’s important to note that Brook already excelled in scoring (PnR,post-up,cut) w/o pass-first PG as of Feb 2016.
    Being ranked 3rd as the PnR Roll-man, 2nd in post-up, 2nd in cuts was impressive. And we know JLin will make him even better!

    It’s too bad that we couldn’t see it much of the duo in the preseason due to limited time but they are experienced vets and I have no doubt that we’ll see a lot of Brook-Lin PnR, pick-and-pop, cuts in the early season because it will bring them wins. We might even see it in the 1st game vs Boston Celtics as a ‘surprise gift’

    Check out the excellent article “How Valuable Is Brook?” by @TheBKGame

  678. Probably Yogi – and I have a suspicion once Yogi is cut he will be instantly snatched up by another NBA team and plugged into the reserve lineup right away.

  679. Yogi, unfortunately.

    He’s a nonguaranteed contract, just like Jeremy Lin was in Houston when they had the underperforming Jonny Flynn who was a waste of cap and court space.

  680. I will be very unhappy if Atkinson plays Lin just 24 mpg so that Vasquez can play 24 mpg, and I will go from very unhappy to ENRAGED if Atkinson starts Vasquez over Lin because it’s a “better basketball fit!”

  681. It’s a dilemma since Yogi has been outplaying Whitehead as a PG who has the bigger contract (4yr, late 1st round deal).

    I see Yogi has a 1yr (100K partially guaranteed) contract with the Nets so their plan was to send him to the LI Nets D-League team. But not sure if other teams can easily sign players under contract.

  682. I doubt we’ll see this alleged “secret” Lin Lopez pick and roll superweapon in the early regular season, but I’m just a jaded old cynical NBA watcher that Click Click CORRECTLY taunted as “KHarangue” (I LOVE that name!)

  683. Probably makes it EASIER, as they can offer him a smaller contract since the Nets are already guaranteed to pay him.

    They should cut Vasquez, he likely will retire sometime during the season due to injury anyway!

  684. I don’t get the sense Kenny wants to win by utilizing his best players too much…It seems to me Kenny wants to spread the offense in a way where everyone gets equal amount of shot and I’m not sure Kenny has the players for this.

    This is exactly what the motion offense does..it puts as much responsibility on guys like Booker/RHJ to make decisions and plays, as oppose to Lin/Lopez…and this is exactly my problem with the motion offense..This is not Spurs or Atlant…Kenny will have to properly mix in enough plays for Lin/Lopez

    It will be interesting to see how heavy this motion offense will be run…The fact tha Kenny doesn’t think it’s important to let Lin/Lopez get into some chemistry, bothers me a bit, but I’m willing to wait and see how things pan out.

    As for Lin, the good news is that even under the motion offense which doesn’t keep the ball in his hand to make the decision, he’s looked good..I’m sure Lin has looked for way within the system to take his chance..

  685. Personally, I don’t think Atkinson tried to secretly hide Brook-Lin pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop as much as he wants to give ample time to the inexperienced players to get used to the motion offense. Pairing SKilpatrick (who’s been struggling to master the motion offense) with Lin yesterday was another example of Atkinson wants to get all players comfortable in the new offense.

    Coach Atkinson is quite smart; he would clearly knows Brook was ranked so high at 2nd or 3rd in cuts, post-up and a PnR roll man with OK PGs like Shane Larkin and Donald Sloan last season. When the regular season starts, it doesn’t make sense not to incorporate PnR and post-up just to solely focus on the motion offense.

    As for the preseason, I can see him looking at the schedule and said, “Wait, we face the Celtics 3 times in 11 days and the last one is Game 1 of the season?” Judging on how Coach Atkinson wanted so much to win the preseason opener vs the Pistons to build his team’s confidence, I can see he wants to desperately steal a win on the road against the Celtics on Oct 26.

    Can you imagine the headline if the lowly Nets beat the projected #2 seed in the Eastern conference? That will be one interesting game for sure if Brad Stevens is making constant adjustment on what the Nets tries to do 🙂

    But we’ll get to wait impatiently for Oct 26 ?

  686. Yet, some people want him to be benched instead of letting him and the rest of the team build chemistry. I’m sorry, but it’s borderline ridiculous.

  687. I liked budinger. I remember him in Houston. He is a good player. More useful to me then some guys they are keeping.

  688. @JLin7 haha had a great time working with @ComedyCentral and scaring the crap out of #Nets fans — watch full version here http://bit.ly/2eeAO8k https://twitter.com/JLin7/status/788440136371564548

  689. As I recall, Bogut would not have gotten injured if Green didn’t go full stupid mode allowing the game 6 where Bogut got injured.

  690. This is a surprising to me. If I was Ainge I would pounce on this with his Brooklyn Net picks before Lin makes those picks worthless.

  691. Absolutely agree!
    We will see “everything” once the regular season starts. There’ll be No giveaway games. We cannot afford to go in with “half offense” only. Coach KA is saving it all for regular season.

  692. I wish you are right but I’m starting to get a bit nervous about Kenny and his insistance on motion offense

    I’m not really a fan of this motion offense simply because it treats every players the same and give guys like Booker/RHJ as many touches and decision making as Lin/Lopez.

    I’m hoping when season began, we will see the proper balance…At the end of the day, Kenny need to accept that Lin/Lopez are his best players and they will need as many touches as possible to win games.

    I do not want to constantly see Lin giving the ball away at half court on most plays just so that everybody touches the ball and having RHJ/Booker being forced to take a shot while shot-clock is expiring.

    I’ll wait until the first 5 games of the season to form my opinion on Kenny, but I don’t like what I’m seeing.

    I started getting a bit nervous about Kenny when I first heard him state that they don’t want to run the D’Antoni system….I just hope he understand that Booker/RHJ/Foye should not be given same amount of opportunity on the ball than Lin/Lopez.

  693. You’re not alone here…It looks like Kenny wants to win his way and it’s by creating a system that puts everyone on equal footing.

    Every coaches dreams is to win with average players with no one being too big of a scorer or a big star..that allows the coach to take all the credit…I’m hoping this is not Kenny’s intention here.

    Lin MOST average about 32-33 minute per game…Lin is clearly the best player on this team

  694. The Spurs won’t be anywhere near as good without Duncan as their defensive anchor. Aldridge can be an FA soon and if the Spurs disappoint, they could get some good value for him.

  695. I think you’re thinking of Booker. Psalm is talking about Brook Lopez.

  696. This was the writing on the walls when we saw them in the game last night. I think KA putting them in the game was very honorable. It put a lot of shame on the Nets (they got blown out instantly with that lineup), but it allowed these guys to compete one more time on the big stage even though their careers are ending.

  697. Charles Barkley: “The Linsanity run was one of the best runs we’ve ever had in NBA history.”

  698. No, I’m talking about Lopez. Some people have suggested that Hamilton start over him.

  699. Isaiah Thomas’ preseason, 5 games:
    0.475 fg%, 0.500 3p%, 0.850 ft%
    Game average:
    17.8 min, 1.4 reb, 2.2 ast, 0.4 stl, 1.8 to, 12.4 pts
    Per 36 minutes:
    36.0 min, 2.8 reb, 4.4 ast, 0.8 stl, 3.6 to, 25.1 pts

    JLin’s preseason, 4 games:
    0.606 fg%, 0.471 3p%, 0.778 ft%
    Game average:
    21.8 min, 2.5 reb, 4.5 ast, 1.3 stl, 2.5 to, 15.5 pts
    Per 36 minutes:
    36.0 min, 4.1 reb, 7.4 ast, 2.1 stl, 4.1 to, 25.7 pts

  700. I kinda cringed throughout the whole thing -_-

  701. Haha! Love it. He should make more YouTube videos. I miss those!

  702. No comparison! He can outplay any PGs with or WITHOUT proper minutes.

  703. I highly doubt he would do that. No worries ?
    Only Byron Scott would do something like that 🙂

  704. And IT has talents around him with a proven coach. OTOH, Lin’s strengths have not been utilized much and has to play w/in the new system w/ lesser talents and a 1st year NBA coach…

  705. We’re praying that would not be the case. But the motion offense that KA is installing from Hawks/Spurs have each player PT average at 22-27min, unless OT, injury or match up in certain games but not all games…Like KA said PG is not dominant in ‘his system’. That is why the concern… We’ll see how things turn out…

  706. I’m pretty sure it’s a skit but it’s definitely dark humor.

    It’s weird that they only collected the bad reaction. There were clips with harmless reactions a few weeks ago

  707. I think you are missing the point of the skit. Those were all actors with the bad reactions (esp. the last one).

  708. Where did you get those numbers from? Are you implying that the Hawks starters average less than 30 minutes per game? Because that’s simply false.

  709. What was Hawks players PT average? Someone recently posted Teague from Hawks in recent years PT avg around there. His stats in earlier years might be higher, but taper off in recent years. And from watching their games.

  710. he’s just hedging his bet that Lin blows up this season and he wont’ have to eat crow.

  711. Emphasis is on the word STARTERS. Because even on the Spurs, the starters typically avg at least 32 minutes per game. “22-27 min” are alarmist numbers.

  712. That makes more sense.

    Some Lin fans were a bit confused because a few weeks ago there were clips with real people with genuine reactions. All these people are definitely actors :]

  713. I think it’s cultural issue. Spurs is basically a Euroleague team in the NBA. His play style probably doesn’t fit that well.

  714. I think Lin already make more YT videos than any other NBA or Pro athletes. That Asian youtuber connection is working well for him.

  715. yeah everything is a joke… people do not act that way to Lin IRL. LOL

  716. I don’t want to be alarmed or alarm anyone. Don’t accuse me of that! That was straight out from the stats I saw! I’d be more than happy if Lin gets more than 30 minutes. KA is combining both Hawks & Spurs system, so who knows how he will distribute the minutes. We are in discussion of our concerns. Why call names??? But we’ll wait and see.

  717. Link to “the stats I saw!” please…

  718. search down some page. I saw Teague minutes were higher a few years higher and then taper off.

  719. Is that how you arrived at 22-27?

  720. Why?

  721. a·larm·ist
    1.someone who is considered to be exaggerating a danger and so causing needless worry or panic.
    synonyms: scaremonger, fearmonger, doomster, doomsayer, Cassandra, Chicken Little
    “until I saw the map and radar photos of the hurricane, I thought he was being an alarmist”

  722. Noo! The spurs must not part with aldridge

  723. incorrect. 3 years ago the spurs did not have a single player average even 30 minutes. and in the last 3 years only 3 times has a player averaged 30 minutes or more for the spurs; leonard twice and aldridge once.

  724. Tim Duncan was a Spur for 19 seasons. During that time he averaged 34 mpg. Of course in his later years his minutes were reduced. Tony Parker has been a Spur for 15 years averaging 32 mpg. When he passed age 32 his minutes started to drop to just under 30 minutes. And for the Hawks, there is even less emphasis on spreading the minutes over the entire roster. So yes 22-27 minutes are fictitious, alarmist numbers.

  725. You’re basing this off of preseason?

  726. Millsap, Horford, and Korver all averaged over 30 mpg last season for the Hawks.

    Teague averaged between 30 to 33 mpg for 4 seasons before last season, when he played 28.5 mpg. The Hawks plan was to groom Dennis Schroeder into their PG and trade Teague, which is why they cut into Teague’s minutes. Both are set to become FA’s after this season and the Hawks chose to keep the younger guy.

  727. Those are total points though, not efficiency. His efficiency wasn’t very good.

    I think Brook-Lin could be great…but it’s not looking good in this fast motion offense. Lin can thrive in any system as long as he gets touches/minutes. But Lopez has looked totally uncomfortable.

  728. Personally I don’t even think 5 games is enough. You have to be patient, these sort of things don’t pay out immediately.

  729. Lin and Lopez have played limited minutes in 3 games together. Not fair to expect them to look like they’ve been playing together for years.

  730. I can see any one of Yogi/Whitehead/McCullough being cut.

  731. They’re not cutting McCullough. There would be a long line of teams waiting to sign him if the Nets were that stupid, which they’re not.

  732. Yogi can get claimed by another team, which doesn’t make him a sure thing for Long Island. That’s likely why the Nets have held him out–so they don’t showcase him to other teams.

  733. They’ve been practicing plenty according to Lopez and Lin. Lin doesn’t need a lot of time to play PnR with anyone. Chandler and Ed Davis got it right away. Asik and Hornets bigs…not so much.

  734. Sorry not cut, but more like being sent to the D-League. But I must warn you I’m not too sure how the D-League situation works and if other teams can pick up McCullough if he were sent to the D-League.

  735. With all due respect, I think you shouldn’t worry so much about Atkinson and what he will do. I know things look bad right now and Atkinson’s coaching has gotten a lot of people riled up at the moment, but give the man some time. I’ve said this many times, but these changes need time to see results. Come January/February, I think we’ll see a much improved Nets. Just trust in Atkinson and trust in Lin’s decision to sign with him. I’m so confident that Atkinson will make this Nets team much better than what we’re currently seeing that I even bet you when January comes along, you can look back at this comment and I’ll say I told you so.

  736. i stand behind my statement; im not nor were you talking about the career #s of duncan or parker. but all spurs starters in current times.. and to me a three year recent sample is a solid sample and indicative of current reality.

    . and the fact remains in recent times it is incorrect to say that “spurs starters typically average 32 minutes per game”. they do not.

    assuming 5 starters per season thru 3 seasons; thats 15 starters only 3 averaging even 30 minutes per game.

    and i never adddressed the 22-27 as alarmist issue; i simply and correctly pointed out that based on recent history it is incorrect to state that spurs starters average 32 mpg. in fact they do not.

  737. Thanks for the info. Every season, teams adjust differently based on their roster w/ the system they want to install. Understand this Nets team need Lin to play more minutes than that to be successful. But we’ll wait and see how KA distributes his minutes and rotate his players. We all hope that things will work out sooner than later. The interpretation was from the past stats saw posted, and the concerns grew after each game bc of the uncertainty. It’s Not only me but some other posters also. This is why we as Lin fans thank Psalm for this forum to give a place to show support for Lin and/or to air our concerns and opinions.

  738. good point. I don’t know what the efficiency number is

    I’m thinking at some point of time, Atkinson has to tailor to what works best for Brook and Lin as their best players. If Brook is not comfortable in the motion offense after 15-20 games, Coach would need to draw some plays for him, especially at end-game situation.

    Even if they want to trade Brook at some point (which I don’t think they would), they have to showcase him by running a lot of plays.

  739. “Practicing plenty” is nice, but they’ve only been at it for less than a month. Not talking just about PnR. There were several plays where Lin and Lopez were not on the same page. In particular, the very first play of the game, Lin got a TO, because Lopez didn’t expect as pass. The first play or so of the 2nd half, Lopez tried to hit Lin on a backdoor, but Lin wasn’t cutting hard and it was a TO. I expect those TO’s to be eliminated once they have more experience with each other.

  740. Not a surprise to me.

    I wrote before last season on this forum that Aldridge would not do well on the Spurs because he lacked fundamentals.

  741. Aldridge is not a difference maker for the Spurs.

  742. I can voice my concerns AND still be optimistic that Atkinson will improve.

  743. It’s THE BEST run ever in NBA history, nothing comes close.

  744. Is there audio of his interview with the press ?

  745. Def not as funny as his own produced ones … who wrote this lol.

  746. yo psalm … dark humor is ok but this one didn’t have any twist just same until the guy got a heart attack. Dark humor normally has a bite at something in the end.

  747. yo JoeTeam, welcome back 🙂
    are you ready for the season?

    it was a little too real to be a dark comedy, I guess.
    It needs to be more comical

  748. 5 games so I can see how heavy he wants to run motion offense instead of mixing in a good doze of PnR.

    The motion offense is best when you have a good balance of talent…Brooklyn have quite a few guys who can’t score and are liability of the offensive side of the ball…You will have these guys getting caught with the ball, having to shoot.

  749. Yup same thing Mchale is doing.

  750. who do they have if he leaves then? lol they lost diaw duncan. parker looks older than ever, green hasnt been as good and ginobili is like 50 now lol.. the only players they have is gasol and leonard then

  751. I’ve already stated I’m willing to wait until the regular start to see whether Lin’s strength is being utilized.

    We haven’t seen it much in preseason, so let’s see whether it’ll happen when regular season start.

  752. Thanks for the reminder.

  753. yo…happy to see you pop up again

  754. People… Coach KA’s system is based on Spurs/Hawks but doesn’t that there will be nothing new or changes due to personnel. IF the Nets really want to win games then JLin will get his 35+ min. and his playing style. Simple. Bottom line: winning games. If they can win with what works then there’ll be no changes.

  755. With most of the plays cut done to 16, will we finally see the real lineup this Thursday, last game before the regular season?

  756. I hope so…

  757. What is Jlin’s FT %?

  758. There are some pretty good and hopeful young PGs @ SA.

  759. Not that impressed.

  760. 0.778 ft%

  761. it’s ‘one of…’ :p

  762. I doubt if those people are Lin fans. They’re way too serious. True Lin fans will be scared with laughs and hug Lin then gladly take the free gift. haha

  763. Touche.

  764. I think these things will get better with time. It’s a process, and I think we’ll make adjustments along the way.

  765. I have a feeling Lin will play closer to 30 mins. Probably average 32 or 33 minutes. Nets seem to be very cautious of injuries and minutes.

  766. Haven’t seen it yet. Will post if there is one

  767. Miami is absolutely drilling Orlando, and this is without Whiteside. Orlando is missing Gordon (who they are trying to play at SF, which won’t work) and Biyombo. The Magic are supposed to be improved, but I don’t see it. Serge Ibaka is their best player. Would have been a nice fit next to Lopez and he’ll be a FA this summer. Magic gave up Oladipo, Sabonis, and Ilyasova for him.

  768. The article is ok but let’s not post politics since things escalate out of control quickly.
    Please edit and remove the political reference.

    I’ll repost the reminder for those who haven’t seen it yet

    Fellow JLin fans, let’s refrain from posting politics or religion issues because it’s such a divisive topic and against the forum rules. There are already other proper forums to discuss them.

    Let this place be a Lin-related basketball forum to create togetherness and unity, especially in the next month nearing to the US election. IMHO we can all benefit from having a peaceful sanctuary since most social media are already saturated with conflicts and fights. Thank you for your understanding.

  769. noted and thanks. Have a good day.

  770. thank you for your understanding

  771. Rewatched the game highlights. A small split second gesture I enjoyed watching was repeated by the Nets consistently. That is the pointing to the passer. About 40 years ago Legendary Coaches Dean Smith and John Wooden discussed about “thanking the passer” being an important gesture to create togetherness and unity within a team.

    This was so important to Dean Smith that the players would have to run if they forgot to thank the passer. What Wooden said stuck with me whenever I play. Wooden said, that after you score on an assist, when you look up, the first person who will be looking at you is the person who passed you the ball. (That is so true.) Be sure to point to him like Lin and his teammates to “thank the passer.”

  772. ICYMI
    “Jeremy Lin received votes as one of most underrated player acquisitions from http://NBA.com 2016-17 GM Survey.”

  773. i think that inside the plan of KA about “Motion Offense” is the review from among the players the beauty of passing the ball to an open and better position player, but with a hint that if one has a shot and its open, he should take it. In the NBA, its so hard to take away the ball from players that’s why the “sticky” term arise. Kenny tries to reinvent and instill in the minds of his players including JLIN and Brooks, that passing first and not scoring needs to be thought of when playing the right brand of basketball.

    i continue that i can see that after this pre season, though short experimentation, his players needs to put it in their heart so they can sustain whatever advantage they may have in the long run. KA knew that Jlin and Brooks will do their parts, but most of the new players and rooks can’t right now and most of them needs to be disciplined on their skills if not developed.

  774. this is the best trade miami will ever commit if its true. and i thought Goran found a home at miami. not good for him.

  775. he will play more minutes if they can’t find a suitable back up Pg..Foye can be a back up, but i am still wavering about vasquez.

  776. they will be playing offense that starts with either JLIN or Brooks..aka modifies motion offense. i can see it even the last game where after Jlin move to rest, motion offense by the bench starts. but when Jlin’s in, plays starts from him (though not yet a full bloom plays through out the last game against boston.)

  777. Lin’s game is still being controlled and limited right now because Coach Lin focused himself on looking for the dev of other players, just like his coach KA..LOL!

  778. Yes, it’s good that injury-free is practiced. We don’t know but my guess is that situation dictates actions. If JLin is needed to seal the win then I hope Coach will play him 40min. If other elite point guards in the league can do it so can Lin. This is one of the knocks on him – that he’s not legit to carry the team for an entire game or season. His endurance is questioned by “all” coaches not named MDA and perhaps KA.

  779. can see that he’s not fit to be a spurs too! he act and move like duncan but without the BBIQ

  780. Sometimes, the team just need his leadership on the floor. Like a CP3. Not some heavy lifting… So, I think he’s capable to sustain heavy minutes in a long season.

  781. Exactly. Since merger, nobody has done what Jeremy Lin did. It’s THE BEST run EVER, not “One of the Best”.

  782. He looks out of sorts with Spurs. Unfortunately, like Lopez with Brooklyn Nets due to the coaching and style.

  783. Jeremy Lin Determines Nets' Success https://t.co/KZJN95vM7F— Jean-Paul Valley (@JeanPaulValley8) October 19, 2016

  784. You are so right… Thanks for letting me see it that way…

  785. dragic’s career will go down the tubes in sacramento. yes, cousins is there but they are so mis-managed. i guess it doesnt matter anyway, since his current contract is the biggest he will ever have, regardless of the team.

  786. its clear from the survey that GMs really value g. hill and teague. lin is more like an honorable mention instead of a top vote.

  787. I checked GHill’s and Teague’s salary to be $8M in 2016 so the GMs might factor in the bang for the buck.
    Personally I think Teague is better than GHill.

    It’s good to know that some GMs think Lin is also underrated at $12M/yr

  788. Yea it really depends on the game but I hope if he’s really needed he’ll play over 35.

  789. A little bit disappointed that survey didn’t vote anyone on the Nets other than Lin. I personally think Kenny Atkinson should have won the new coach one.

  790. You mean 30 minutes in the next preseason games or during the regular season?

    For the regular season, I expect Lin to play 32+ minutes per game, at the very least.

  791. A tour of the new Sacramento Kings’ arena …

  792. Nets are very underrated at the moment and only Lin has been the most accomplished acquisition in the offseason. I got a feeling after the season we’ll hear a lot about Brook, Joe Harris, Booker, Bojan simply because Lin gives them more wide-open shots.

  793. it could be just one GM vote by a single GM.

    if many GMs valued Lin, he wouldnt have been totally shafted last year when many teams wouldnt even sign him for the vet minimum.

  794. ICYMI Brooklyn Nets 2016-2017 Season Preview video truly conveys what they’re trying to build in the new Nets: high-character guys, hard-working players. Interesting that players describe Coach Atkinson with the ‘humble’, ‘respectful’, ‘a guy I go to war any days’ words [starting at 3:56]

    Whether the Nets win 25 Wins or 45 Wins this season, this is definitely a high-character team that we can root for.
    And being the only team that trusts JLin as the floor general, I hope Lin fans will be patient with them when they experience growing pains. That much we can do to support the franchise that chose Lin as the leader.

    courtesy of @Click Click

  795. A little is very under stated.

  796. got this news from other site:
    “After Gutierrez, Beech, Budinger and Mockevicius were waived earlier today, Yogi Ferrell
    remains the only player with an unguaranteed contract on the roster. He
    might get a shot against the Knicks, but the odds of him making the
    final team aren’t great.”
    so were talking here of an almost complete roster now, rotation will definitely be the last task before the regular season comes.

  797. LOL, the GMs are not ready to eat crows carcasses yet after not valuing JL for the last 4years. The haters will not admit their ineptness in evaluating bbiq and talents as GM of ‘professional’ bb teams. For the not so hard headed ones they will own up by all stars break this year. Haha cheers.

  798. these were surely staged to make it funnier even though i didn’t think it was very funny at all

  799. …to create togetherness and unity within a team.

    These two strong words (togetherness and unity) to me are exactly the same meaning as Jeremy’s humble answer to CSNNE reporter of what he wants others say about the Nets when the season is over — “they would say we play hard; that’s number one,” Lin said. “They (Nets) play unselfish. That to me would be the ultimate compliment.”

  800. they sd create a new category for jeremy tbh. ” why every other nba player needs to comment on him or his salary?” !!!!

  801. it is just bias – the nets are so under the radar that they have forgotten that the nets exist. suits me fine – who wants fakeness

  802. Yogi Ferrell reminds me of a 1970s ABA superstar with the exact same game: Mack Calvin.

    Mack Calvin as a rookie was in the same position as Yogi – a no hope training camp player to be cut. But his coach threw him into a game and he went crazy with like 30 points! Then Calvin went on to be one of the ABA’s greatest superstars.

    Hopefully Yogi has a breakout game and makes the NBA, though I seriously doubt that Atkinson chooses him over Vasquez.

  803. If the slow unathletic George Hill is the lead votegetter, then the entire study has NO CREDIBILITY.

  804. i hope that yogi stays though

  805. Mods : I have a routine post waiting for approval. Please release it. Thanks.

  806. Nothing I can see in the moderation queue…really weird

  807. I see no messages in mod queue, not sure what has happened….yet..

  808. updated preseason scoring notes:

    lin still leading backcourt players in my “scoring efficiency quotient” ratings, now 2nd overall only to danillo galinari (back in ratings after playing again last nite to reach minimum games played level). had galinari remained out lin would be #1 overall for first time

    lin also: the highest field goal % of any backcourt player, 3rd highest 3 pt % behind only klay thompson and evan fournier, fewest fga’s of any backcourt player, 2nd overall to gallinari, 3rd fewest minutes played behind only thompson and demarcus cousins. (among top 25 scorers in points per game).

    devin booker leading in scoring per game and fga’s per game. (he who takes the most shots scores the most points). dangelo russell second most prolific chucker ( fga’s per game) and tobias harris (a bit of surprise i would say) third most.

    poorest shooting % among leading scorers: in no particular order, harden, russell, lillard, westbrook, kawhi leonard, carmelo anthony

    poorest 3 pt shooting %: in no particular order, booker, harden, russell, cousins, lillard, wiggins, griffin

    backcourt scoring efficiency ratings top 5 in order: lin, thompson, mike conley, harden, booker
    frontcourt: gallinari, cousins, durant, whiteside, leonard
    overall: gallinari, lin, cousins, thompson, durant, conley, harden, whiteside, leonard, booker

  809. Brent, when I log out of the site I can see the post. So, maybe the problem has resolved itself. Thanks.

  810. harden, westbrook, conely, russell, lin and lillard are the only 6 players in top 20 in both points and assists per game in preseason.

    i believe enes kanter is the only player in top twenty in both rebounds and points.

  811. SO….basically …you banned yourself? so you can only see it when you are not you….LOL jk

  812. Of that top 20, Lin has to be in last place for minutes.

  813. That would be the “Let’s be racist against the Asian guy” category!

  814. Terrific post.

    I wrote this summer on this forum that the Oladipo Ibaka trade would help OKC and hurt Orlando.

  815. Stupid NY post calls these guys “scrubs”.

    That’s so UNPROFESSIONAL of a major media tabloid.

    We fans can do it because we are NOT professional. A newspaper should know better.

  816. I have no idea what to expect.

    My initial guess was that Lin and Lopez would play about 24 mpg while RHJ Booker Foye play 30+ mpg, that Vasquez gets up to about 24 mpg while Lin sits, that Yogi gets cut, that there’s no Lin Lopez two man action. But I don’t even feel that any of this is certain.

    The way Atkinson has said things but done the opposite, I have no clue what he is going to do.

  817. Agreed

  818. Hope so….

  819. I agree. That term doesn’t appear in the story. The problem is with the headline writer.

  820. “I think we’ll keep figuring out minutes and getting closer to what we’re going to see,’’ Lopez said. “Obviously guys are gone, it’s going to be different in that regard.”

    And yes, Lin will play. He was held out of the first Nets-Knicks preseason game at the Garden on October 9. He’ll start Thursday.

  821. Reminder for those near NYC:
    Jeremy will be at Bloomingdales tonight from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm for Tag Heuer.

  822. Wow, Charles Barkley is right on this time, haha: “The Nets are the second best team in New York,” said Barkley. “That’s the best I can give you.”

  823. Khuang, no offense but are you 70 years old?

  824. Nope- he is wrong. Nets are the best team in New York. Better than the Knicks.

  825. which reminds me – is rose or noah actually playing for the knicks or still awol?

  826. Why are you asking this question? Is that okay to assume just because someone has knowledge that is farther back in history, must mean they are of that era. If you have to preface your statement with “no offense” or “no disrespect”, often times that means that you do, or, you know it can be offensive or disrespectful. So best just not to ask or say it.

  827. Lin on Boomer & Carton show this morning:

  828. His ponytail is so long now …

  829. I wonder if @JLin7 new ponytail helps w/ #balance & feedback to improve his 3pt shooting (47%)
    #LinstantFeedback ? ?

  830. good one
    or “who’s the most likely player to get hit without any refs blowing a whistle?’

  831. Thank you for sharing. The audio (13:00) below contains the complete conversation.


  832. No offense taken.

    As far as my NBA (or ABA) watching experience is concerned, YES.

  833. Thanks!

    It’s so good that JLin diplomatically offered a well-thought out answer that he never confirmed with JR when the question was asked if JR gave him a racist treatment. In a way, he did not deny or confirm it to let others draw their own conclusion.

    But he did say there were negative and positive aspects of his race so the racial issues are very real. That’s JLin always taking the high road

  834. I actually know much less about the 2000s than I do the 1970s because the entire NBA really struggled with playing decent basketball after the hated illegal defense rule was mercifully dropped!

    The basketball played last decade was ATROCIOUS, even by champions like the Lakers or Spurs or Celtics. The whole NBA was struggling with the massive rule change, and it resulted in a terrible mix of clumsy isolation inefficiency and poorly executed wannabe team defense.

    This decade is much better, especially now that iso players like Kobe from before the rule change have mercifully retired.

  835. Been there. Beautiful building!!

  836. Of course I don’t agree. But Barkley gives great quotes. LOL.

  837. http://www.netsdaily.com/2016/10/19/13334410/boomer-carton-ask-was-j-r-smith-racist-towards-jeremy-lin

    Sound like JR heard about his name mentioned about him being racist and had responded.

  838. things to look out for tonight: BBall Breakdown did a video of the Knicks offense and their sets.

  839. What is this about?

  840. The Knicks has a back-to-back road game vs Celtics tonight and vs Nets tomorrow.
    It will help the Nets to get a win tomorrow before starting a regular season game in 6 days

  841. Unfortunately, a lot of people who are “racist” don’t know they are racist. JR might be thinking, “I thought Jeremy’s contract was ridiculous not because he is Asian but because I don’t think he’s a good player.” What JR doesn’t know is that unconsciously, Jeremy’s race may be a reason why JR doesn’t think he’s a good player.

  842. I think Brooke really enjoys having Lin as his teammate. You can see it in his face.

  843. Near time he and Lin put it together in regular season.
    I’d like to see him dominate and make his partnership worthwhile

  844. Agree with JR Smith.

    NOT racist.

    I actually didn’t have a problem saying that other players might resent Lin’s sudden huge pay raise after just 25 games. I felt it was TRUE and was completely understandable.

    I loved the way JR Smith played with Lin on the Knicks, and I don’t see him as being racist toward Lin.

  845. Former coaches and refs have mistreated Lin more than anyone ever could

  846. LOL, they have to bring up Melo each time.

  847. Yes, THOSE guys have been VERY RACIST.

  848. actually 3rd fewest (see post directly below); with only cousins and klay thompson fewer.

  849. yeah people dont get it; non-“newspaper” people that almost always the headline is not written by the writer of the article. its tacked on later by someone else (usually assigned to try to make up something controversial or exotic to attract attention).

  850. rose not expected back till after nets game; no recent update info on noah that im aware of if find any will post up top of the page.

  851. in answer to a query below: noah played in knicks last game the 15th 19 minutes and there is no new info to suggest he would not be available for tomorrows game; porzingis however is (lastest info i have seen) still listed as day to day with groin issue.

  852. Wow. I wonder how much was paid off.

  853. Wait who is accusing him of this? Is it Lin fans because that would totally put Lin in an awkward position with JR.

  854. follow links below it was an interviewer posed the question to lin: the interviewer (not lin or a lin fan) that listed jr smith by name as someone “suggested” as being racist towards lin in the interview.

  855. Honestly, yes, maybe JR was a little jealous. Maybe he was shocked that this “Asian” kid could play any basketball AND win games after the losing streak. After all, it is true that Lin is the only Asian American basketball player in the NBA (correct me if I’m wrong). Of course these Egotistic black NBA players aren’t going to be all happy and supportive. Its all about who is better than who! This is nonsense. I don’t think he’s racist at all.

  856. This is the view from the rooftop of the Nets’ practice facility …

  857. Jeremy Lin to make the All-Star Game!

  858. Or JR may have been jealous because this unknown player came out of nowhere and lit up NY and the NBA landscape. Race may have had a hand in Linsanity being born, but I serious doubt it had anything to do with any conflict in the Knicks locker room.

  859. yes—hopefully a good game…we got tickets 🙂 🙂

  860. I just love how Brook is embracing this Lin/Lopez or Brook-Lin connection. I really hope it translates onto the court

  861. Greivis has been grievous. I hope he’s able to turn it around soon

  862. Not bold at all.
    Only hate will prevent him from all-star game

  863. More evidence Sacramento is looking for a new point guard …

  864. So no Heat deal….?

  865. Jeremy at the TAG Heuer event …

  866. At the TAG Heuer event at Bloomingdale’s. An everyday hero …

  867. No one paid anyone off. This was another case of a girl trying to score easy $$$ against a rich man by falsely claiming rape. I’m not a fan of Rose, but I feel sorry for what he had to go through, having his name dragged through the dirt. These kinds of cases should be thrown out after a preliminary check. If the girl has a history of doing drugs, heavy drinker, no steady job, and a girl like that is claiming rape against a rich and famous man, obviously this case is bogus and should be thrown out immediately.

  868. “(though the prediction here is that Lin will make it is because he’ll be voted into the game as a starter) ”
    what he was saying that …Lin will make it not by his bb merit but being voted in by fans. ?

  869. Welcome back man

  870. So RHJ like short hair girls, good taste!

  871. We won’t know until KA allow PnR and enough starter minutes for both besides together!

  872. It’s a popularity contest so long as he gets a enough fan votes you cares? Either way in order to get in JLin will have to lead his team to playoffs and top seed. I would prefer them to beat Raptors and Celtics to win the division but everything is still a mystery.

  873. That’s called bias, just cause the girl “had history” doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

  874. Come JR Smith is the last person you would call racist, jealous sure, racist no.

  875. We’re all looking forward for some legit Brooklin Pick and Pop or PnR whatever you want to call it with heavy minutes of playing time. Enough of these rookies taking ugly shots and minutes away! These 2 should have 30 or more minutes every game!

  876. Bias or beyond reasonable doubt. If this were a true criminal case instead of civil, then it would have been thrown out before even heading to trial. Admit it.

  877. You were generalizing all girls with history are just making false claims. There are true stories out there where dumb girls have a history of partying that ended being killed and raped so I don’t think it’s right to generalize all of them as false claim. Though for this one I have no doubt it was the girl trying to get easy money.

  878. OMG finally! geez been waiting for this, hope KA will finally unleash BrookLin!!! Lets Go!!

  879. Was CB making a joke? Nets are miles better than Knicks who are not going to make playoffs unless DRose miraculously returned to his before injury form and kicked Melo off the team.

  880. And here we thought Lin’s minutes were low, didn’t know Klay had even fewer minutes. I wonder if he’s losing minutes due to the addition of Durant.

  881. thanks –

  882. Not really you still got volume shooters like Harden, Melo, Walker chucking away just to show they are a “star” when they are not.

  883. is there an issue between scola and grievis – they don’t seem to like each other judging from body language

  884. I bet that this whole jr smith will blow up even more – it’s been picked up the bleacher report now – let’s hope that people don’t start blaming lin for it

  885. There is always an exception to the rule, the 1 in a million case that you are talking about. 99% of the time when a rich and famous man gets in trouble with rape claims, it is due to a gold digger who is taking the once in a life time opportunity to get rich and never work in life again. Am I over generalizing this woman and placing blame on ALL of them? Perhaps I am from a moral stand point, but statistically speaking I am not.

    The rich guys who step out of a nice car, or into a bar, no matter how ugly they are will attract almost every single girl nearby. If he is rich, famous, young AND good looking in the case of DRose, the girls will line up for him in single file all the way around the block LOL. Lin is also dealing with this issue..fortunately for him he relieves his stress through DOTA and his faith in Jesus.

  886. The radio host should not have name dropped JR Smith like that though. This “controversy” is not necessary and there might be some backlash towards Lin because of it.

  887. These cases happen more often than you think around the world. There are privileged spoiled rich kids who are so used to like you said, people lining up for them that they can’t accept no as an answer. Or think daddy’s going to take care of it if he’s in trouble.

  888. I respect your opinion, but I am a bit more cynical about life in general because I know how the real world works. Your scenario may happen, but it is more common in tv dramas than it is in real life.

    Even in DRose’s case, the victim who claimed rape was not the only woman present, there were 2 other girls in the room as well.

  889. Technically Lin could’ve just said no I don’t JR Smith is racist. But leaving it for your opinion makes it seem like he thinks so.

  890. is rose ” good looking” ? i guess my hotness radar never picked up on that . ewww

  891. As a man, I can only speak objectively LOL! I believe he is good looking. Tall, dark, decent looking face, physically fit. He isn’t hot like those kpop stars (that look like women), but as a man he looks decent. Again Im speaking objectively.

  892. LOL. IMO you are generalising without realising that you are bias towards people with a history of bad behaviour which may not be their own doing. Taking advantage of someone who are not able to defend themselves or say no is depicable. Putting oneself in a position of vice is irresponsible taking into consideration that you have an image to project and role model to play in the professional sport you are in. The jury and judge projected a bad image too being photographed or joked during the proccedings or after the judgement. This is USA culture anyway, a bad example claiming to be the most civilised nation!. Haha cheers.

  893. Ya, I agree there . He could have made a more assertive statement.

  894. I mentioned this below, but I am not over generalising IF what I am saying is STATISTICALLY true. In this case there were 3 girls in the room together…there was no “taking advantage”. I agree with you about the responsibility DRose has as a role model and falling to vice. It is a moral failing on his part and I feel sorry for the parents of the kids who look up to DRose.

    The Jury were taking pictures because everyone could see that the trial was a sham in the first place. USA is a democracy, everyone has personal freedom. Cheers.

  895. Yes, and the radio host presented himself as a “friend” of Jeremy’s. Jeremy doesn’t need friends like that.

  896. LOL. IMO such cases just show the notion of Democracy in US borders on being a failed democracy. Too much impropriety and inappropriate action by people with perceived role model to project, including but not limiting to the jury, judge, ‘celebrity’ etc..sorry for posting as such. If inappropriate on this JL fan site please delete. Thx. Haha cheers

  897. Yeah, it’s becoming another style. Am sure he’ll cut it short when the regular season starts.

  898. The last 2 games…should be close to the real season games

  899. You are right, in some ways the Democracy in US is a failure, I strongly believe the Chinese have a more functional government. However, personal freedoms is something that we westerners greatly enjoy even if we take it for granted everyday.

  900. I agree, on management level seems that possibility needs to be played out so 1% has to be left out unfortunately; yet on human level no one is a mere number and needs to be cherished. So many stories of 2nd chances being given and rebirth. After all, we all have sinned before or behind the scene..

  901. There may have been stuff going on with Smith behind the scenes that had Lin wondering – or maybe not.

  902. The Wolves should get rid of this guy for BIG assets – he’s the NBA’s 2nd most overrated player behind Patrick Beverley.

    While Rubio is definitely the 2nd best PG defender in the NBA behind Jeremy Lin, Rubio’s offense is so bad that he’ll bring down any team he joins.

    Everybody looks at Rubio and thinks “Steve Nash in waiting” when in fact he’s JUST RICKY RUBIO!!!

  903. Cool, I was WRONG.

    When I’m wrong, I’m wrong!

  904. Sooner or later (definitely sooner as opposed to later), Lin’s gonna pull the Nets together.

    When this TALENTED Nets team fuly comes together under the happy guidance of Linstructor and Atkinson, LOOK OUT NBA.

    This Nets team shows serious signs of competitiveness, even despite some glaring problems with veteran players.

    It’ll be a sudden reversal in fortune when the Nets fully get in game shape and rally behind their leader Lin. And there will be no turning back once the winning begins.

  905. LOL. IMO personal freedom in a democracy like the current form in the US is perceived freedom but anyways better than either ‘kleptocracy’ or like in a ‘political theodocracy’. Haha cheers.

  906. new york is ready for linsanity 2.0!

  907. Hmmm not sure.
    Maybe scola’s saying “get your act together” and greivis is saying “it’s gonna take a while” and scola’s saying “season will be over by then”

  908. Let it blow up. JR absolutely was racist in knocking Lin’s contract while not saying a word about anyone else’s much more “ridiculous” contract. He probably doesn’t even realize his bias. Time for this casual racism to be exposed.

    Lin handled it perfectly with total class. Didn’t accuse or deny. Just said that race has been a factor in his career and left it to others to decide. When they play the Knicks, this type of controversy can only get into the JR and Melo’s heads — Lin isn’t the one questioning those guys contracts or acting like a weasel. He’s clean, he’s the good guy.

  909. He already has them playing great basketball when he’s out there. It’s only when he subs out or lets others have a crack at making plays that the Nets start getting crushed. I’ll definitely be watching how much Kenny will push this motion offense early in the season…could cost them some winnable games the first few weeks.

  910. so did he make it?

  911. don’t know. Wish there will be a video for this later. 🙂

  912. Every season, Lin goes through this painful learning process with his team early in the season.

    The difference between this season and previous ones is that the Nets are actually gelling much faster than Lin’s previous teams. That’s because they are way more talented than Lin’s previous teams, more so than even Lin’s 2013 Houston team with Harden and Howard getting badly outplayed in scrimmages by Lin.

    It’s not just the players that have to raise their game with Lin. The coaches need to learn from Linstructor too.

  913. gag ewww

  914. Melo didn’t play vs Celtics today. NYK beat Celtics today (No IT). Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game.

  915. Marcus Smart looks to be out 2 weeks because of the ankle sprain. If that’s the case he will be out vs the Nets opener.

  916. It looks like Coach Atkinson wants to see more regular-season rotations tomorrow, although he wants to see Jeremy plays with different guys. Also, Lin relishes the motion offense so he doesn’t have to play PnR everytime

    [NYPost] First signs Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez are developing chemistry

    Playing together more often with Lin in Thursday’s preseason finale against the Knicks seems like a must.
    “I’d think so,’’ Lopez said.
    While Atkinson still is tinkering, he also wants to get things settled.

    “I think I’m going to look more at our regular-season rotations. I still want to get some other guys some time … but I definitely want to see our regular rotation for longer stretches,’’ Atkinson said. “We obviously want those guys playing together a lot, but we also want to see Jeremy with different guys.”

    The motion offense appears to have agreed with Lin so far. He’s averaging 15.5 points on torrid .606 shooting and .471 from 3-point range, with a team-high 18 assists.

    “I’m much better than where I was in training camp last year in terms of my shot,” Lin said. “I’m more confident in it.

    “A lot of times you’d see me passing it up or hesitating; but here I’m shooting every open 3, and that gives me more space to be able to drive the ball. It allows me to be able to play where I don’t have to be the one playing pick-and-roll every time. I can find space on the weak side and be a threat in a different way.

  917. The difference is that Lin isn’t standing in the corner for 25mpg once the season begins. Lin is the one in charge, so he doesn’t have to stand around and watch Kobe chuck 30 times or Kemba/Batum do a second-rate job as primary ballhandlers.

  918. …we also want to see Jeremy with different guys…..

    Message sent.

  919. man, I hope Lin doesn’t average 37+mpg this season.
    I’m rooting for Vasquez speedy recovery just for that reason

  920. I’m riding him like Secretariat…

  921. As long as they win I don’t mind to see him play long minutes for half of the season.

  922. That would be Harden this season 40mpg lol
    but he only plays half-court so it’s fine

  923. Plus he doesn’t do defense. 🙂

  924. 37 min does not seem a lot but since lin plays hard nose defense it would be tough for sure.

  925. exactly 🙂

  926. Not to mention he’s the floor general, carries a huge responsibility!

  927. as long as he doesn’t overextend himself
    I remember Kemba with a string of 40+min games that eventually resulted in the torn meniscus on the left knee.

  928. yup, we know Lin won’t stop taking charges and chasing people around on D

  929. I certainly don’t want to see that happen on Lin. A lot of his fans on his facebook have been reminding him that staying healthy is vital. I hope KA will eventually find a reliable back-up pg for Lin (someone like Livingston who back-up to Curry) and before that he’ll use Lin wisely and properly!

  930. i would be happy with 33-35 min a game max

  931. Regarding JLin and race. I respect Lin for being very careful in acknowleding how race was an issue even as a child playing basketball. He downplays his talents still, because He says Linsanity would not have happened if it wasn’t the fact he was asian, because that’s they way people viewed him and to respect his Asian fanbase. In some ways I believe that Linsanity would have happened regardless. What he did during that time with the Knicks, he BROKE RECORDS, and that had nothing to do with him being Asian, except for not getting an opportunity until then!
    Even if it wasn’t an Asian fanbase, imagine if he was African American and doing the same thing. He would have developed maybe a different fanbase, but then he would have also been labeled the next Allen Iverson, Chris Paul, Russel Westbrook, or dare I say Michael Jordan after lighting up the Most popular NBA player at that time Kobe Bryant with the run that he had.

  932. Ya. Close to 40 is too much. Injuries and his efficiency will go down

  933. that is one ugly watch.

  934. Yes
    After 2 or 3 attempts

  935. This ought to be one of the smartest duos in NBA.

  936. yup…i mentioned that yesterday…the last 2 games should be closer to the actual season rotations

  937. i see Atkinson giving JLIN all the tools needed to succeed (given the situation at hand)

  938. Nice. Can’t wait!

  939. i just don’t think that vasquez sd even be on the roster – he has had months off already and still seems uncertain on the court – if he is supposed to be lin’s backup somehow i just dont’ see it

  940. I don’t know too much about Vasquez but it is concerning that he still hasn’t fully recovered throughout preseason. Makes me question how much longer he will need to recover :/ hope he gets it together soon 🙂

  941. it is been months – and still zip – like chandler parsons from the grizzlies still hasn’t played a pre season game and they paid 94 million for him – and he is still on the bench with no fixed date as to when he is supposed to play

  942. any ideas as to who wd be a good pg backup to lin cos i really have a feeling that the nets will need it

  943. it is so cute with his name on it.

  944. i was googling and apparently jr smith did say in 2012 that his “contract” would become a locker room issue – that and carmelo’s “ridiculous” comment – i wonder what wd have happened if people had said the same abt jr’s new contract with the cavs ? talk abt double standard

  945. maybe he felt that he couldnt “defend” jr so totally either. he cd have been more assertive i guess but sometimes during interviews hard to say

  946. i think ( unpopular opinion ) that we forget that lin is a human being – he isn’t a “saint” though he comes close imho – i think we need to remember that when the knicks didn’t match the contract he lost everything he had in new york. he lost playing in a team which treated him well/he lost all his team mates who genuinely cared abt him/ he basically lost his “home” which after being waived by golden state must have been tough. to listen to people like carmelo and yes even jr smith and so many other commentators and dolan bad mouthing him must have really been painful to read or listen to – so i do understand why he wasn’t that assertive in the interview. He must have known how some people /team mates had felt about him so yeah i can understand why he wasnt’ that assertive in the interview and besides we don’t really know what actually was going on behind the scenes – i think it was like coach mike said there were 2 cliques in the team and they couldnt make it work

  947. summary update pre season stat notes

    after big games last nite kat (karl anthony towns) and steph curry vault into the ranks
    kat joins enes kanter as only 2 top 20 in both rebounding and scoring and curry joins, lin, russell, westbrook and harden as only players top 20 in both assists and scoring
    (conley falls out on scoring, lillard on assists)

    and with gallinari falling out again on lack of games played
    for the first time in preseason going into his final preseason game lin is #1 overall (has been #1 among backcourt players all preseason) in my “scoring efficiency quotient” (top 20 scorers ranked on simple formula utilizing playing time and fgas in relations to points per game)

    top five overall in order: lin, cousins, durant, klay thompson, and harden,
    backcourt in order: lin, thompson, harden, devin booker (#1 still in ppg and improving in efficiency) and curry
    frontcourt in order: cousins, durant, kawhi leonard, kat, and kanter

  948. JLin took a long time as well….when he moved from NYto Houston. When the season started he was not fully recovered, he was better by end of Dec, and come Jan he had a blast!

  949. game today?
    wheres da zamm thread

  950. Mod has full time job and family.

  951. JIMMER by far, but he won’t be available till March.

    Yogi would absolutely be a major improvement over Vasquez, as Yogi simply plays harder and faster and smarter.

  952. If Atkinson is thinking of using Lin to improve Greivis Vasquez’s terrible lazy disinterested play, I’m all for it.

  953. so do I

  954. gracias senor

  955. @psalm234:disqus maybe you an merge delete the other thread…I have created one as well

  956. I just did. Thank you 🙂
    You get to be the author since you released it first

  957. yours was nicer, you could paste your headings on mine…and for some reason my editing didnt appear as wanted, could you help out on the image. Thanks

  958. ok cool…you had freezed the other thread..

  959. yes, I put it in draft mode & merged your content as intro to the current thread

  960. Assertive to a false statement? Lin said he honestly couldn’t speculate on what JR, was thinking.

  961. He has the most experience being a backup PG and his 3PT used to be his weapon. I think Coach KA will be more patient with him to recover because Yogi/Whitehead simply can’t be expected to run the 2nd team as rookies.

    But until then, I also don’t know who can run the 2nd team well other than Lin. Time to clone him maybe 🙂

  962. Hey psalm, glad to be watching lin and posting again. This year there will be fewer controversies. Nice to see JLin have the ball. I probably will post less because of work.

    Yes, JLin’s vids are much more funny. We need a few laughs with this election.

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