Preseason Game 4: San Antonio Spurs vs Atlanta Hawks

After missing the previous game due to rest in the Return To Play protocol, Jeremy Lin is scheduled to play in the home game against the San Antonio Spurs.

Lin does not appear in the injury list released on Tuesday.

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  1. 0th

  2. It’s interesting to see the Hawks promoted Lin’s tough reverse layup for the Hawks vs Knicks matchup (2nd regular season game) in 7 days. They should press the ref to call the foul next time

  3. Go Lin!!

  4. A foul for sure!

  5. Take your time, Lin.

  6. FYI. Anyone who has NBA TV. After the game tonight, they are re-playing the Atlanta Hawks Team Preview. Posted a clip yesterday. Don’t know if it’s worth watching the entire show. 10:30 EST.

  7. It’s not

  8. hope someone will post a link to a free stream soon. thanks!

  9. link please….

  10. GOT LINKS?

  11. Dominque can’t compliment Lin. What’s up with that?

  12. Lin looking lke lin.

  13. so relieved

  14. Yes, progressively looking like Lin.

  15. Hey, is it just me or Lin really looking to impress Popovich (two no look passes in a preseason game!)

  16. Ha ha, I don’t think so. I think Lin is getting back his mojo.

  17. Lin definitely looking more confident and stronger. Like hes trusting his body more.

  18. Please Pop has prasied Lin before but words are cheap. Spurs had several seasons to get Lin but didn’t. Spurs are on their way to tanking and rebuilding, no way are they getting a championship again with GSW’s All Star team.

  19. not sure about that. One thing I am sure – Pop is nervous even in the preseason game. The way how he sent his player to guard Lin looked embarrassing to me:)

  20. Injury Protocol is obviously an excuse. Lin will not even get to start along side Trae Young ridiculous. Just look at Memphis, started all their regular lineup this game.

  21. Exactly when Lin isn’t even 6th man on this tanking Hawks team! Maybe Pop got burned too many times by Lin.

  22. MO is so boring without combinjng PnR and Triangle like GSW! It’s no different from iso offense, pass, player quickly chucks a shot.

  23. Yea, you’re all probably right. Hope Lin shoots a bit more and enjoy the time on the floor…. who knows if this season is his last (not to be a downer)

  24. your comment made me nervous, you are saying they are tanking??? please tell me you are joking. I don’t know this team at all.

  25. Sad, only 18 comments? Seems like many fans have jumped ship. 7 seasons of mistreatment will do it.

    Lin just checked in.

  26. Monster block by lin haha

  27. Wow, Lin with the block… looking sprightly !

  28. MEAN block by LIN

  29. Omg Lin wth the block baby! Woot woot! Haha Pop angry now! Go Lin go Lin

  30. he didn’t know who he is messing around with

  31. only the true fans here!!!!

  32. That’s what Atlanta fans will learn about Lin. He’s a shot blocking guard.

  33. he smiled to one of the staff while going to the bench. I really hope he’s enjoying the game again!

  34. Look at that hop! Very vintage Linsanity Lin! So happy lin is looking to score more! F the passing just score! Watch some Watanabe clips and get a wake up call (I’m sure Lin has!). Show people you’re a star so they can’t bench you!

  35. Making shots and made a block of course he’s happy! Is he unhappy coming off the bench? You bet!


  37. So how’s JLin’s audition for the Spurs Idol 🙂
    Can’t watch the game yet but there’s a lot of Lin’s activity in the boxscore play-to-play (blocks, assists, points, etc.)

  38. 6 pts, one block, not sure on assists (2?), but looking real good (smooth mid-range shots)

  39. Lin looks like his body is getting there. Everygame he has looked better

  40. thanks, Lin always plays well against the Spurs for some reason ..
    so glad he’s getting into playing form quickly

  41. This is BS! Lin was on fire and they benched him already?

  42. Tre looks pretty good on the assists. Has got some pizzaz

  43. Tre is pretty good. He’s not bad at all.

  44. Lin knows their weakness too well. The only one who could Lin was Kawhi Leonard because of his long arms and athleticism! Who those 2 can team up they will be unstoppable. But I bet Kawhi would rather team up with Lebron.

  45. You bet! through thick and thin unless Lin is injured and out! 🙂

  46. I think you’re right. Lin understands their defensive scheme and can exploit the weakness. Pop better makes up his mind quick and call Schlenk for the asking price =)

  47. It’s preseason who knows, so far it doesn’t seem like it though. But starting Trae as PG is a mistake and will lead to many losing games either way.

  48. Come on Pop, you know you want Lin’s help, make the the call give him the starting PG spot! Lin x Rudy x Aldridge!

  49. oh thanks. I am a little relieved. I am okay he comes off the bench for now. If I am not a Lin fan, to be honest, I will not start Lin to jeopardize his heath as an asset (biz view from NBA). As a Lin fan, I don’t want him to start now. His health is No. 1 priority right now, starting slow is better than anything else IMO. I hope he uses half season to get himself into the shape.

  50. So after the 1st half, JLin’s stats is 6pts/3rebs/1ast/1stl/1blk in 10 min with 3-5 shooting although the +/- is -11

    That’s pretty good filling up the stats like his old self.

  51. Health is most important. Not real games. Too early to determine anything. Things change as the season progress. Lin looks really good. Keep fingers, toes, everything crossed that he stays healthy. Pray that he does.

  52. Array index starts with 0. Computer Science?

  53. pad the stat baby. Ignore the -.

  54. He’s squad is disorganized and he doesn’t even have Vince Carter on it tonight. I think of it this way. If Lin wasn’t in the mix, the squad would be -22.

  55. that makes sense. Lin might need to stand out individually first as the best player so the others will follow him

  56. That’s legit thinking

  57. Weve seen this movie a thousand times. Im sick of it. He needs to speak up, but he wont… looking back, I see jlin is partly at fault for not saying anything… not pulling his weight around when he had the world in his hands… sacrificing, being such a “good teammate” and team player when he was treated so poorly…

  58. yeah, he might need to pull a Jamal Crawford being the best scorer off the bench so the ball will go through him and only then he can distribute

  59. Trae does get blocked… a lot

  60. Since Hawks is in training and modeling mode, Lin provides his service while look for the next contract. Score, score, score

  61. Too small.

  62. 4 preseason games in, I don’t see how this offense scheme can win games.

  63. Vince with the D on DeRozan.

  64. Young has shown improvement this game. Pierce needs to play him with Lin.

  65. Trae is going to be a bust, these preseason games already shows it. He can’t create separation like Curry nor have his handles and dribble skills to get to the rim. For college and summer league sure but NBA, lack of height? Not a chance! Trae Young is listed at 6’2″ while Curry is 6’3″ and who knows if that’s Trae’s actual height since he looks much shorter than Steph Curry and Lin!

    Honestly I’d take Seth Curry over Trae Young right now.

  66. Lin needs to pad his sats for another big contract! Need to show case himself and regain the media and fans’ attention!

  67. The positive is that Lin gets to lead the bench and the ball does go back to him for another pass. Lin isn’t wasting time looking for teammates he’s looking to score right away or scoring after the 2nd pass back to him. Good job he needs to play like this for the rest of the season! Grab every opportunity to score like how Yuta Watanabe does because if not majority of the time you will be iced!

  68. Lin’s mid-range jumper is falling. His cut to the rim looked good.

  69. Last thing to see is the 3 shot

  70. Just needs that first one to fall.

  71. Woot Lin back in and with 10 pts, keep scoring and get 20-30 pts! Prove who’s the starter and embarass Trae Young!

  72. Lin dunks?? Lol

  73. Just get bdy back to 100 percent. He is getting there. Ths is a rental anyways.

  74. really?

  75. I’ll take whatever the defender gives him, so long as Lin makes them! Just no risky drives!

  76. No dunk please, not yet.

  77. Watching this game I agree with Infinite Wisdom. Start Lin and Trae together and sit Bazemore.

    I like Trae. He’s a rookie but he’s showing flashes of being a good player. He and Lin could do good things together.

  78. What? Dunk when? it’s commercial break.

  79. Yea but he still needs to make a point for a starting spot and minutes! That is if coach doesn’t play politics and bench Lin to not overshadow Trae. Coach is fair enough, maybe the Nash connection helps too.

  80. 100 pts end of 3rd.

  81. Score play by play said he dunked when checked in

  82. Getting caught up. Thought Wilkens just said something like beautiful setup by Jeremy Lin……nah, probably something wrong with my hearing….

  83. Is that it?

  84. Exactly. Show he can play the game again. Stay healthy. First priority. the points will come in time.

  85. think so

  86. Giving up almost as many points as makes?

  87. hope not… few more minutes?

  88. First compliment of the night comes in the 3rd quarter, lol.

  89. Can see why Lin is staying with Hawk for this 1 year rental. Coach Pierce is fair and giving him minutes to do his thing! Sure he might not get the start but that’s not what Lin needs this season. If he can start for regular season even better though. Maybe coach Pierce will surprise us, a friend of Steve Nash can’t be that bad even though he will have to play some politics for the Gm (every coach is forced to more or less).

  90. Probably. He played well.

  91. I like it – positive vibes!!!!!

  92. XD haha yea finally, if this keeps up, Lin’s games will be worth watching again!

  93. Out already? Dang

  94. As long as he plays Friday. Makes sense. Lin is coming back still, so he’s probably limited in minutes for the preseason and maybe into the regular season as well.

  95. I must’ve missed that cause I’m pretty sure he made mid range 2 pointer after checking in, unless that was after. Need to rewatch highlights then. Hawks announcers were generous said Lin was playing very well (then Lin fumbles the ball =.=) Good thing it didn’t go off of his hands and was still Hawks ball.

  96. Will Lin come back in to close?

  97. agreed

  98. The only thing I will criticize Lin for.
    STOP taking those heaves at half-court! When was the last time he made one from there? DON’T do it in real games! 0-2 for tonight. Could have been 5 of 6 instead!
    Ok, I know pre-season.

  99. Honestly I’m glad Lin play with Trae! Trae will get jealous and ball hog. Either Lin starts and Trae is benched or Lin starts and 1 of them sits early with staggered minutes!

  100. Its aobvius by the small showing of Lin he is leagues ahead of trae. Trae can pass really well though but thats about it. He is still a few years away

  101. Would be great if he came in and put away the spurs lol

  102. Hard to imagine the rotation is going to be any different as the season starts. Play 18 – 20 minutes, 12pts, 4 asts, 2 reb./game, traded before deadline for a winning team.

  103. Yeah, would love to see him play all 48 minutes!!! 🙂

  104. Wilkins makes me laugh. I know from previous years he is not a Lin fan. His commentary is comical on how he talks around anything Lin does well. I find his difficulty praising Lin in a strange way entertaining.

  105. OK!

  106. Better talk around Lin than dissing Lin like Rockets’ announcers, Clyde anyone?

  107. I’m okay with Lin not starting. Have enjoyed many seasons watching Lin come off the bench. Didn’t enjoy him off the court at all.

  108. True.

  109. Will the Skins come back and beat the Saints on Monday night? … that’s water under the bridge

  110. I think much better than DRussell.

  111. Trae is not just a few years away, he’s not even starter/star material. Talent is either there or not. You see glimpses of greatness but Trae doesn’t have that at all. Can’t even compare to Seth Curry let alone Steph Curry.

  112. This is exactly what the regular season will look like. Using Lin’s injury is always an excuse, or it’s development, or we need to better round out the team so he should play from bench. It’s all BS when it’s about Lin.

  113. No, I’d enjoy the games more if Lin got the start with staggered minutes with Trae and both close together! Lin deserves the respect! Benching him is an insult either way.

  114. idk. but yea i dont see him scoring 20 plus a game. i can seee him make high percentage of threes but thats about it.

  115. Yeah, he was strangely just plain old silent. In the past, he would have found something negative to say.

  116. I like that young is unselfish. selfishness has been the most damning trait to ruin any enjoyment of watching Lin’s past teams.

  117. Even Caris Levert looks better and has more potential without the height disadvantage. Maybe not star material of starter SF material at least.

  118. I know part of Wilkins was dying inside but he couldn’t say anything because now Lin is a Hawk. 😂

  119. Put Lin next to him and I bet Trae will start being selfish and ice out Lin very quick they all do. Only PFs aren’t jealous of Lin.

  120. Ha ha.. He did come off as trying a bit too hard to talk around Lin

  121. Atlanta resting their star player Jeremy Lin for the regular season

  122. yea. He does have a green light. Much mre then chris had. This is a good shooting game for him but is it really 5-14 15 points.

  123. Haha I’m hoping for that as well, either way just don’t play Lin with Trae as much as possible. starting and closing games together will be fine, other times should all be staggered minutes with Lin taking turn leading the starters or bench players.

  124. I think Trae looks pretty good tonight. Had a few nice passes and actually ran something resembling and offense tonight as opposed to a free-for-all. Lin, truly healthy, is a no-brainer of course for starting PG.

  125. LIN IS BACK! – arrrgh – turnover bad pass

  126. More Lin!

  127. Lin’s back in!!! haha yay he gets to close!! hah Pierce might seriously start Lin! lets hope so!

  128. Lin and Len are both in it 6min lefts! I hope they close with them!!

  129. Uh oh – Len pass to Lin too predictable

  130. I’ll say it now, Pierce is way better than Kenny Atkinson! Lin has way better substution and plays!

  131. yikes those turnovers

  132. haha i wouldn’t be too sure about that yet. wonder why he put Lin back tho

  133. they want our star player to take the blame

  134. I dont like centers being passers

  135. Darn it did Lin lose the ball and Spurs got a buck? Now Hawks are timeout.

  136. he didnt lose it

  137. Yes, I only like PFs as passers.

  138. I guess I should check the Skins v. Saints score again … cause Lin is in! Let’s get a few clutch Lin closing minutes.

  139. no. bigs passing turnovers

  140. Not at all. It was painful.

  141. Popovich knows what Lin can do. Turns up the defense on Lin.

  142. oh he did lose it lol

  143. and yanked out

  144. Come on, coach is giving Lin minutes, and it’s preseason so no one cares. Lin got yanked because of that TO, BS.

  145. coach is so fair. .

  146. Oh well, Lin sits. Just don’t want Lin to get any flak.

  147. 1 of the 4 in a row

  148. Well it was good while it lasted ;/

  149. On the other hand. Shows Pierce cares about Lin? Don’t want him to overdo it?
    Also, it’s a good thing that Pierce is trying to win.

  150. no he didn’t, it was a bad pass from Len, Coach pulled him. Like all coaches do when Lin plays off the Bench.

  151. Please, gtfo out with that…

  152. Don’t know how ur reading that lol

  153. Popovich forced some turnovers. Who cares about pre-season?

  154. thats a stretch

  155. Why don’t you chill!

  156. I find it disheartening that Vince is getting more min. Than Jeremy. .probably will also during regular season.. But I hope I’m wrong

  157. If you think it will be any different regular season, you’re crazy!

  158. Not a real game. Let the kid try to preserve the win. This is not a real game.

  159. They have Bazemore and Trae. Lin won’t see the floor.

  160. If you can’t cheer for Lin, maybe you should GTFO.

  161. Looking at the box score, Lin only got 17minutes while Young got 30mins. Taurean Prince is an efficient starter 9of11.

  162. Trae’s 3s are better way beyond the arc

  163. Trae Young clutch? That was not a well-advised shot to take that 3. But it fell.

  164. That was a great shot. Not taking anything away from Trae this game.

  165. I don’t have a problem with that. Lin had a great game. We should all celebrate that.

  166. Shot a ton to get there but yea he ended up with good stats

  167. Isn’t it good that Pierce wants to win?
    I thought everybody wanted Lin to get off a TANKING Hawks team.

  168. wow great shot. they totally forgot about his range

  169. They celebrate like they never won a real game before…. right, they’ve never won a real game before, together

  170. The way Trae was playing, no doubt they would’ve forgotten to guard him closely. Pop too worried about Lin and didn’t guard Trae enough.

  171. I have to say.. Listening to tray talk. Is cringe worthy o. O I mean wow ahah

  172. The Hawks looked much better tonight and they handled themselves well down the stretch. That’s a nice win and Trae was clutch at the end. The last shot was way long but somehow it fell.

  173. Maybe a little too many shots. Most on the team. Let’s see if he improves shot selections. But, so far, doesn’t seem unnecessarily selfish….

  174. Haha. 🙂

  175. O.o they didn’t even play together lol

  176. Hawks are better then the Nets. The Hawks actually have some talent. The Nets were difficult to watch they were so void of talent. Hoping for a fun season maybe if lucky, a winning season.

  177. I am. And he’s not injured. Turns out the kid did well.

  178. You kidding right? Pierce totally gave Trae the chance to prove his worth and he passed with beyond the arc 3. Lin didn’t really celebrate that 3 cause he knows he’s not going to get the start nor minutes this season with that.

  179. They lost again with dlo shooting them lights out of the game haha

  180. thats a stretch

  181. It’s good for morale. Especially a young team with rookies. Better than losing.

  182. Bottom Line, Hawks has a better coach. We won’t mention the other man we don’t say his name.

  183. This is not a real game. Both Lin and Trae played well. But Lin played like a veteran and played much better defense.

  184. A stretch that they finish .500? Yes. But not a stretch to say they are more fun to watch then the Nets.

  185. I don’t agree. I think the Nets are a better team overall when you count both the starters and the bench.

  186. Hawks have better 3 point shooters, center, talent, and better coach than the Nets

  187. Lin had the most chance back then to play 30 minutes and should’ve gone for his own shots during his Rockets’ days, now he’s looking to score but he’s only getting 17 minutes while this team is rebuilding around Trae Young as their franchise. Look at these new teammates and his own teammates does anyone cares what happens to him? No. Wasted so much time to get accepted by his teammates and passing to selfish players when he should’ve looked to score and show he’s a star!

    Well it only took 7 seasons for Lin to finally wake up but will he ever get a starting chance again? I hope he finally learns to never sacrifice his game for coaches dumb offense again!

  188. It’s okay. Lin just got back from a few days off.
    His 17 minutes were gold. 5 of 6 (I don’t count the 2 heaves), 2 assists (more if teammates made a couple more), a vintage Lin block, a steal (and 2 turnovers).

  189. im kind telling y’all now. trae will be gassed up to be the guy. this is his team. hell shoot a ton. just get used to it. He will likely close games. Lins best shot is to end with him. Hell take ridiculous shot and probably the last shot. We will lose alot.

  190. Hawks has a better coach that’s the biggest difference.

  191. Yea, it’s hard to see Lin trying but not feeling the bond with his new (and likely temporary) teammates. Can’t imagine the emotional turmoil that Lin is experiencing, once again, on his epic NBA journey. There is a story to be told and a message of hope for the next generation that he will share, later, we hope, than sooner.

  192. My priority for Lin is to stay healthy this season. Whatever happens with the Hawks will happen. It’s a rebuilding team and they’ll play their young players. Lin’s full role is yet to be determined and is not being determined in a preseason game. I think somewhere down the road in a regular season close game, Lloyd Pierce will finish with Lin and Trae together. But that may not be in October or November, it may happen in December or January. I’m hoping the Hawks are putting Lin’s health first, as they should.

  193. On a positive note Lin looked much better. Hell continue to mke strides. This is a rehab season.

  194. I don’t know. He’ll take some shots. But I think he’ll play team ball also. He has some confidence and that’s what a rookie needs. The Hawks will lose a lot. I agree.

  195. Agreed. He will simply have to do the best with his 17-20 minutes per game. Trae will get to finish every game whether Lin is playing well or not.
    I’m hoping for like 8ppg, 4 assist with 43%FG and 36% 3PTFG.

    Is that too high?

  196. Tho I root for Lin.. but this trae young kid is hard to dislike. Hope Lin will have a healthy and productive season!

  197. But Pop double teammed Lin and was telling his player to guard Lin while ignoring Trae. Lets see what happens when teams start double teaming and game plaining for him.

  198. Maybe or maybe not. Lin may not quite be ready yet. so its better it not yet. Im not sure he gets the chance. He should start in place of vince but the hawks will find that soon enough

  199. it’s different when you have the green light to shoot

  200. I have no illusion that Lin will start or be the leader of this team. He was given his chance with the Nets. The injuries ruined that. But as Lin’s favorite quote goes “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.” I am enjoying watching Lin play again. In pray Lin is enjoying himself to and not worry about his future.

  201. Call me crazy.

    I dare you to say which other team will use him any better at this point in time.

    You want to buy an NBA team and make Lin the star? Lin had Kenny and Joe Tsai and it didn’t get him anywhere.

  202. No, not too high. I think Lin may start out with those minutes. But if Lin looks like Lin can look further into the season, he’ll play 26-27 or more minutes in many games.

  203. this is Trae’s team no doubt. Jlin is just passing by

  204. No i thiink Lin at full tilt maybe by january will get up to 26-28 minutes a game. Just too good and its not like the haws are full with talent.

  205. you and i are like minded lol

  206. Yup. Agree with that!

  207. AMEN!

  208. highlights

  209. Im sorry but im sitting here thinking. why did nets trade him?

  210. I like him too. He was given the keys but is unselfish. Seems like a good young man.

  211. because he didn’t play much for the last 2 years

  212. but it is still a pre season game…coach had to see what these rookies are made of…of course we can’t deny coach also knew lin is in rehab right now and a little caution can be of help in the future. Season is long and lots of player can be injured (hoping not) and maybe that will be the time Lin can assert himself…

  213. And 30mins vs 17mins. Lin had many seasons of 30 minutes but he always insisted on being unselfish even when benched which was his biggest mistake. Only scoring and media attention will force the coach to start him.

    At the end of the day he was traded and without the star acknowledgment and max contract there was guarantee for his minuets and role! A player needs a 4 year or max contract to really secure their leadership role. Lin as the only Asian player in the NBA really needed to look out for himself and score more. Hope it’s not too late for him to find another starting PG role next season. Just needs to smarten up.

  214. so didnt there other pgs current and before. im pretty sure the nets was the jinx

  215. but Jeremy is stubborn as you know…so he won’t change

  216. If you watched the game you will know he has changed, looked for his own shot every chance he got and very decisive.

  217. Given how devastating his injury was, I think seeing Lin play like this is a miracle.

  218. In the 4th quarter Of this game.. did Lin have a turnover that led to a fast break dunk by the spurs.. then Lin was sent to the bench.. did I get it right? Anyone cautious of Coach Loyd of having a short leash on Lin?! Share ur observations

  219. I agree with this wholeheartedly.
    None of us have a crystal ball. Give Lin some more time and he will find a way to shine.

  220. seriously? we have have to wish for injury just so Lin can start when he should be a starter regardless? How about everyone healthy and Lin gets to start along side Trae?

  221. I disagree. I saw the same old Lin. He shoots, passes, defends rebounds. Lin is no ball hog. The one thing I didn’t enjoy Lin doing in the past was overthink. I thankfully did not see any of that.

  222. Dinwiddie anyone?

  223. idk. he probably wanted trae to get those reps

  224. Bad pass by big to Lin for a TO that lead to Spurs getting a basket to get the game close. Then Coach asked for timeout and Lin was out and starters were in. That was a confidence killer for sure. Hope Lin knows it wasn’t because of that TO just coach being bias.

  225. I think it was just about momentum. Lin and the bench just didn’t have anything when they came in the fourth so just went back with the starters to finish.

  226. Thing is.. only Lin was subbed out.. the rest other players stayed in..

  227. highlights pls

  228. Not worried. Maybe he sensed that Lin was getting tired. Turnovers (and missed shots) also result of being tired.

  229. Ok. Hope Lin gets freedom to do his magic this season!

  230. Taurean Prince was a starter though. Was he in before Lin left?

  231. man if Lin was with the Spurs whole game would be different

  232. I think it was more about a teaching moment for Trae, a close game against a good team, even without 2 of their starters.

  233. No, just coach going with his starters and trusting Trae and Taurean Prince to close the game.

  234. Cuz Lin needs freedom and trust from his coach so.. hope he will have that in Lloyd

  235. Lin is slowly improving.

  236. Jeremy needs his swag back…

  237. No.. but guess Len was the only one stayed in. And rest bench guys were subbed out.

  238. The way Lin was yanked at the end, it doesn’t look likely. Lin needs to really brush up his 3 point shooting that was always his greatest weakness. His 3s need to be automatic like Klay and Curry to really take his game to the next level.

    With that efficient 3 his offense will always bee limited.

  239. You keep saying that. With Aldridge, DeRozan, and Rudy Gay out there. How often do you think Lin will get to touch the ball? Once he gives the ball to those guys, he’ll never get it back.

  240. did i NOT mentioned also that i hope it doesn’t happen, but we know how NBA goes (just being realistic because we are talking here chances right now for a player, liken jeremy’s injury that mark the chance for Dinwiddie to be the P of nets) Its an ideal chance that JLIN gets to play with Trae , but we aren’t sure yet how the coach will do that or if the coach sees it also. I am waiting still for whats going to happen because we still don’t know for sure unless it already happened. just chill for we are now seeking and waiting on how JLIn can have the time on the floor to play longer minutes.

  241. a lot cuz he is going to be the starting PG and running the team

  242. Lin is more old school system player. To throw up threes at will is not coded in his genes. But guess this is how the league is going. So he gotta try. He’s got a good shot too just don’t throw it up enough.

  243. WOW what a game! This is a COMPLETELY different hawks team. COMPLETELY!

    first things first, on defense they are FINALLY switching on the perimeter. this is SUCH a big change. defense looked not bad tonight. spurs shot and made a lot of 3’s that kept them in the game.

    on offense they have cleaned it up a LOT. no more aimless drives. a LOT more passing. if you drive and there’s nothing but traffic, pass out and reorganize, dont force anything. a LOT of that tonight. more shooting, more open shots, more cuts/movement without ball, way less contested layup attempts… way less drive, jump and try to dump off to a big. much more passing OUT for 3’s.

    Lin: played well tonight. he was 5/8 with 2 of those being buzzer beater 3’s. he didnt get many minutes so… it is what it is… he was taken out late in the 4th after what looks like a drive TO. LP put the rest of the starters back in. we must accept lin wont close out games this season.

    Trae: now this is why they drafted him. he passed very well tonight, shot ok, and of course made the game winner. the big difference tonight vs those other nights? he had a second ball handler in prince.

    Prince: guy looks like an all star tonight. it’s very obvious that he has FINALLY been given the chance o be the second ball handler. HE was the one coming off screens in the motion offense, HE was the one getting side pnr, etc.

    Baze: he is now officially a role player. did some nice things defensively. made some late baskets on drives. solid player. but he’s no prince. not tonight…

    Len: wow. i must admit, he’s growing on me. he’s not as much of a stiff as i remember from phx. DAT DUNK! those 3’s! plays defense too! is dedmon going to start or is len the new guy?

    Bembry: 4 TO’s tonight and generally he’s still too erratic.i like his energy, like his hustle. he DOES do the little things but he’s also way too aggressive for his own good. one the bright side he made a couple of 3’s so hopefully his shooting is improving.

    Vince: invisible tonight.

    Huerter: heading to the g league? he looks bad out there…. bad…

    Spellman: i’m not convinced yet. need to see more. i think most of the minutes at PF should go to collins and VC

    Dorsey: may just get some minutes the way he’s been shooting the 3

    Poythress: i like his inside presence. can’t shoot 3’s enough to get a lot of minutes. dedmon and len will get most of the minutes at C so i dont know if he’ll get much run in the reg season.

  244. Exactly so coach mainly closed with his starters.
    Good news is that Hawks has a good coach and Trae does have 3 point talent and some passing (but star? not really.)

    Bad news, Lin mostly likely won’t start with only 17mins per game, though I hope I’m wrong.

  245. And will have to pass it to them. Popovich will make sure of it. They’re the highly paid free agents. Spurs gave up KLeonard for DeRozan.

  246. maybe not trusting more, but want to see these starters how to finish a game.

  247. I think Lin only took one 3 this entire game? That’s not enough but with 17 mins he has to go with his most efficient shots for stats I guess.

    Lin’s 3 pointer used to be much better, it got broken after he went through the change to lower the angle and I don’t think he ever fully got it back. He also lacks the ability to create separation for a defended 3.

  248. we are talking about touching the ball not shooting the ball lol

  249. Thanks for the obs. So u also noticed Lin was pulled out at the end of the quarter.. Maybe this is how the season will be.. hope Lin and Trae will at least finish the game together. Hope LP trusts Lin more!

  250. exactly what happened. the spurs had gay, gasol, and demar out there. lead was dwindling. lin made a mistake that lead to an and1 and so LP decides to bring starters back in to match the spurs’ starters.

    i always said on this team lin is just a backup pg and we saw that tonight. not even 6th man cuz bembry stayed in after that for a possession or 2 before prince came back in. we need to just accept it and root for lin as the best backup in the nba.

    “be a star in your role” we need to support lin with this mantra.

  251. Lin has to earn it, unlike the rookie automatic first team

  252. Lin only took two 3’s. Both of them were half court heaves at the buzzer. Like I said, that’s my only criticism of him. Don’t heave those.

  253. OK wise guy! LOL.

  254. And Trae doesn’t? Last time I checked many players like DRussell also didn’t earn their starting spot.

  255. they dont need to….

  256. i need some highlights

  257. did he make them though? I’m fine as long as they go in. If Trae can heave beyond the arc no way Lin can’t. Lin needs improve his 3s, been saying that for many seasons now.

  258. Here are general highlights (all players on both teams) of the game. Jeremy’s block is shown at around the 3:18 mark.

  259. at that point lin was in with bembry, baze, len, and poythress. after the lin TO he took out lin and poythress for trae and vince. bembry was still out there for a possession or 2 then was subbed for prince.

    lin is not seen as anything other than a back up pg. we have seen only 1 minute of him playing with trae ALL preseason. suffice it so say, LP will not play them together for much if at all…

  260. played only 17 minutes. was “rested” last game. cmon bruh… he was punished…

  261. he was open all night. people dont pass to him. look at the tape. always hands up all alone…

  262. And Lin probably thought there was a chance for him and Trae starting together, unfortunately that won’t happen because having the keys to the team is the fastest way to develop a player. Having Lin there will hamper the development of their designated stars. That’s why Nets traded Lin away.

  263. Open for 3s and ignored yes. Most of Lin’s points were gotten by himself through his own talent. Because of Rockets, they made Lin a spot up 3 point shooter more than a off dribble 3 point shooter that he was before.

  264. effectively he was 5 of 6 missing only his first shot. he made a ton of nice passes that didnt lead to an assist but scoring opportunities. no look passes to spellman but no score = no ast

  265. he will play more if/when trae gets in foul trouble. otherwise i dont think LP sees lin as a wing of any kind DESPITE what lin said in the summer about how they told him he’ll play WITH trae… it is what it is…

    You don’t want the Hawks to tank? Then Pierce was trying to win. Or teach guys how to win. I don’t see it as “punishment”.
    You said yourself this is Trae’s team. The why are you surprised Trae closed out the game?
    Can’t have it both ways.

  267. he’s short so no pressure from getting blocked.

  268. No. Lin missed both. He shouldn’t bother with those.

  269. I still say wait until Lin is back 100%. Hold off on the panic until then. I may even join you at that point.

  270. yes. it’s understandable from the team’s perspective. we as lin fans obviously hate it

  271. it wouldnt matter at that point. unless you presume the hawks will be in the playoff race and they need lin at 100%

    otherwise they are doing just fine with trae hitting game winners on sportscenter.

  272. im not surprised at all. just stating the facts. lin after a time out made a TO that lead to an and1 then he and poythress get benched.

    to me this is very mchale-like. no faith in lin to close out a worthless preseason game.

    yes LP wanted to win. that’s cool. but at the expense of lin. this is to be expected all season. i’m ready for it. are you?


    JLIN HAD A FANTASTIC GAME. He made his 17 minutes count. Went 5 of 6 (forget the 0 for 2 heaves from 3), 2 assists, 3 rebounds, a steal, one HIGHLIGHT BLOCK. He didn’t get hurt. He looked more confident.

    Only his THIRD game back. A couple of miscues. New teammates. He sat. So what!

    Can’t believe that instead of celebrating and happy to see him play. Too many of you are whining and complaining and just focusing on the negatives. MAN, YOU GUYS ARE REAL DOWNERS.

    At least Pierce is giving Lin good minutes! How many times do I have to remind you that the Nets wouldn’t even give Lin the chance. (Remember when the Nets also gave Lin limited minutes, when he was just coming back from hamstrings, not a patella tendon rupture?)

  274. Agree with most of this. Especially the take on Len and Bembry.

    I like Spellman too. Let’s see what Dedmon looks like when he gets back.

    Yeah, I’m a little disappointed in Bazemore. I think he has skills, but not sure if the feel for the flow of the game is always there.

    Of course, I disagree with the DIRE prediction on Lin not closing out games. We’ll see.

  275. Nope. Going to enjoy seeing Lin play.
    If that’s how you feel, why do you bother watching the games and writing these nice long analyses? Why waste your time?

  276. the hierarchy is starting to form on this team.

    TRAE>COLLINS>PRINCE>anyone else on the starters

    LIN>BEMBRY>anyone else on the bench

    even though they are supposed to play fast, lin DOES get the ball going up the court on most possessions. if he’s aggressive looking for his own shot like tonight, he can play very well. he was effectively 5 of 6 in 17 minutes of play. sweet passes too that unfortunately didnt get the assist.

    trae is the de facto star. collins the de facto big. prince the de facto wing. as the preseason games have gone on, baze’s role gets smaller and smaller. tonight was prince’s welcoming party. he played lights out.

    on the bench bembry’s selfishness is a problem, but as the preseason games went on he’s becoming less of a ball hog. tonight lin lead the bench. had the ball he most and more importantly IT CAME BACK to him when he passed out of the motion offense.

    all in all i’m feeling much better about this season in terms of wins. once LP shortens the rotation, we may see a pretty good team.

    starters: trae, baze, prince, collins, len
    rotation bench: lin, bembry, VC, dedmon
    sub bench: huerter, spellman, dorsey, anderson
    end of bench: everyone else

  277. And if that’s the Hawks’ agenda, what do you want Lin to do?

  278. lin will do nothing and wait till free agency. he’s not that kinda player or person. remember, demanding a trade or buyout is ALSO GIVING UP ON YOUR TEAMMATES… lin would never…

  279. Oh, and BTW, McHale destroying Lin’s confidence when Lin was essentially a rookie-and-a-half is very different.
    Lin has been around the block now. He knows what he brings. His confidence won’t be affected now.

  280. If Baze is going to be traded with limited minutes, there’s no reason why he can’t be benched for Lin if coach was serious about winning.

    We all knew Trae was going to be designated PG but there’s no reason why Lin can’t start along side him with staggered minutes.

  281. EXACTLY! Lin is who he is. Actually, I admire that part of him.
    So, I just want to have fun watching him out on the court. He will make the most of his minutes.
    And he will do what’s right for his career when the right opportunity comes along.

  282. i expect lin to play, but not close out games. i was disappointed in a PRESEASON game LP ALREADY gave up on lin. to be expected in a REAL game but PRESEASON??? damn how low on the totem pole is lin? and are we really gonna talk about his injury again? who knows if LP really is concerned about that or if it’s LP being like all the other coaches and having no faith in lin.

    call it PTSD but i’m inclined to believe the latter… he JUST sat out a game. played only 17 minutes total. if he needs “rest” then he shouldn’t be playing at all…

  283. if he cant even close out a preseason game, what makes you think he has a chance when the games count? obviously if he is lighting it up that night any coach will play the hot hand. but what about a so-so, mediocre night like tonight? no chance…

    VERY mchale-like. we NEVER knew when lin would stay in. this season will be JUST like that…. wait and see…

  284. I can see this.
    But I think when the other guys get back, Pierce will have to choose Len or Dedmon. I’m not sure if VC will see as many minutes.
    Given Pierce’s reputation, I think whoever plays better defense will also get more chances.
    Again, assuming the Hawks want to win, or at least win-develop (not tank-develop).

  285. I don’t really agree with you on Lin’s spot on the roster yet. I see it more as Lin is coming off an injury, 3rd game back, Pop started putting some pressure on it, let the kid come in and see what he has. The game means absolutely nothing, but if Lin is straining some that means everything.

    I just think it is too early right now to say anything is cast in stone, especially considering Lin’s injury. I hope he plays Friday.

  286. So you would rather be right? Or would you rather be wrong?

    And did you just say Lin had a mediocre night tonight? Now, who’s kidding who?

  287. Okay, do it your way. Have fun.

  288. i think len will take over eventually. dedmon is prime trade bait anyways.
    i think VC sees minutes as a back up 4 with collins taking most of those minutes. with spellman sprinkled in there a bit.

    win-develop is best case scenario, but again it HAS to be from the young guys. if lin made that 3 tonight, most hawks fans wouldnt be as excited, that’s the DAMN truth. but trae? they are going nuts… i just want lin along for the ride and contribute where and when he can just like the hornets playoffs. he came alive when the lights are brightest.

    if hawks somehow make the playoffs, they play to win 1000%

  289. it’s because LP doesnt see lin as a wing, only a pg. unlike kenny and some other coaches, LP seems to still believe in the 5 position basketball saying collins is a PF not a C.

    on the nets it was guards, wings and bigs.

    i dont think we will see much small ball when dedmon comes back…

  290. tiger fans still want him to close games as sixth man but it looks like LP doesnt see lin as a wing so we’re not going to see that this year i think….

  291. I remember when Lin hit the game winner in Toronto, in a real game. Even Raptors fans were cheering. Remember when Lin was unselfish and gave up the ball to Courtney Lee to hit the game-winning 3.

    YUP, Lin has no problem with making the right plays. Especially with the bright lights. He knows how to win.

  292. he’s not made of glass… is dorsey also coming off a blown patellar tendon? he plays so little as well. must rest dorsey. and huerter, he is a weak rookie, must rest him. NO!

    it’s quite obvious, THIS GAME at least, that lin was ready to close out the game. then the lead went away. LP wanted to win and benched lin. how is that having faith in lin? why “rest” him NOW and why not just dont play him the entire 4th Q? all these are excuses.

    like i said previously, how many more signs do you need that lin is a second class citizen on this team? consider the totality of it all… not much more needs to be said. this benching was the final straw. LP made his intentions known right then and there… JUST like clifford starting PJ hairston, nothing more needs to be said…

  293. of course i want to be wrong, but we’ve all seen this movie before….

  294. i also remember mchale taking lin out of the game only for dame to hit a game winner over parsons. you see, lin has to be on the floor to have an impact.

    on a night where he got only 17 minutes, AFTER SITTING OUT A GAME, there is only so much to be happy about.

  295. tbh, a lot of us were surprised Lin came back for a bit in the 4th. We thought his night was over in 3rd.

    I’m just not going to be that upset over a preseason game and I am happy to see Lin play well, not get injured, and we’ll see what happens on Friday. To me, preseason does not mean what will happen well into the season. I’ve watched basketball a long time. What is true of now may be very different in November or December, or later into the season.

    He’s played 3 games now and maybe he’s on minutes restrictions. I don’t really know. I know I don’t really care that much about a preseason game and care much more than Lin will play another game plus he’s looking more like himself. I’ll reserve judgment about Lloyd until well into the season. You may be right, or not. I have no idea at this present time to have any sense of anything. And Lloyd is a rookie coach. He’ll learn as he goes along.

  296. confidence doesnt make the coach give you more minutes. that’s all i care about, playing time. because i have faith that lin will play winning basketball with that time. the worst thing you can do to lin is not play him. that’s why he wanted assurance from the front office after the trade that he will get minutes on this team.

  297. Maybe his minutes are being ramped up. It’s only the 3rd game after a really serious injury and Lin not playing for a year.

  298. the point is you get a glimpse of his thought process. of course things can change, but we’ll deal with that if it happens. if nothing changes, then lin is nothing more than a backup pg on this team. ALL SIGNS POINT TO THIS.

    lin is made to look like a fool once again, telling chinese media that he will play WITH trae. keeps on bringing up it’ll be “like with kemba”… but then in actuality LP only does this for literally 1 minute to close out a 1st half….

    so if there is a plan to play them together, then why haven’t we seen it ALL PRESEASON LONG???? is LP all of a sudden gonna use this in the regular season without experimenting in the preseason at all? cmon man that’s a stretch…

    people accuse me of being negative, but maybe i’m just WOKE…

  299. again, not this game. he was clearly taken out when they started to lose the lead and then the TO. this argument works in general, but tonight it was a mchale move.

    the problem is the hawks feed DIDNT SHOW THE PLAY! it was playing a clip of a trae interview instead. we only got to see the replay where lin obviously got mugged 3 on 1. after that he was benched.

  300. I think you’re maybe coming to conclusions too early. Lloyd may be forced to play Lin if Lin plays on his super-agressive level like he can. But I don’t want to see that yet. I like how Lin is playing right now. Measured and sensibly. That’s what matters the most to me. I like that he’s coming along progressively in how aggressively he plays. The aggressive Lin may force Lloyd’s hand. But it can’t at this stage. It’s too early. We want Lin on the floor more than anything. I’m confident we all agree to that.

  301. I’m not worried about today’s game. It’s still just a preseason game and I’m fine with letting the kid show what he has and work with the team he’s with for now. I really am.

  302. i disagree. i honestly dont think LP cares too much about lin. remember at media day? how both him and schlenk never said one word about lin unless ASKED by the media? yeah, sure sounds like a guy dying for “aggressive lin” to come back… /s

  303. Well, we’ll see. I’m not saying you’re right or wrong. But I never come to conclusions until a few weeks into the regular season. He’ll have plenty of time to answer questions about Lin and we’ll see how he responds.

  304. well if you’re like me and want to see lin play plenty of minutes (that count) then you should be worried. all signs point to the opposite.

    after the trade i was very open minded about the whole situation. as things went on it just didnt add up. if lin WAS as valuable to them as i thought, then why is this or that happening? why is this or that NOT happening?

    things just don’t add up. schlenk and LP are just very sly about it. instead of lying like marks, they just dont say anything at all…

  305. again, if lin was important, he wouldnt have to respond. he’d just talk about him without being asked. he sure does for their shiny new toy trae…

    the signs are everywhere man…

  306. the truth is the truth, some just take longer to see it.

  307. JLin Postgame Interview. 0- :35 talked about Young’s shot.

    After that. Talked about not having really played for 2 years tough coming back. Talked about being tired. (And the heavy legs.) He is just grateful to be healthy. WE SHOULD BE TOO.

  308. Don’t want to be negative. But again, just a reminder. Andre Roberson had a set back on his rehab. Won’t be back until December. Gordon Hayward played 22 mins in his first game back (I was surprised at that), then 21 mins game 2, then 15 mins game 3. He is now dealing with back pain.

    Let’s not take Lin’s health for granted. Let’s appreciate it and don’t expect too much from him too soon. He is coming back the right way.

  309. ChristineCheng60 is BACK! She just posted Lin highlights from the Hawks Grizzlies game.
    I posted it in the Grizzlies thread. Please go check it out there.

  310. see how JLIN feels coming from his self assessments of his body…..its about him that limits his minutes right now and not because of any agenda..lets wait for Jeremy to become at least 95% healthy so we can surely see how the hawk team will use him as part of a winning(maybe tanking ?) team. lets put aside first our notion that hawk has political agenda against lin…just saying

  311. Agree totally. Limited minutes for Lin now is good. So far, so good. Haven’t heard of any health-related problems. Keep fingers crossed.

  312. Well, this certainly puts things into perspective. Lin says some days he doesn’t even want to walk, that the rehab is hard. Said he couldn’t make that block last week. It’s ALL about his health, now. Nothing else. And yes, Lin was tired. Maybe he plays even less minutes on Friday. That’s fine with me.

  313. lol It was still an awesome block though. Lin downgrading his block saying he thought he was at the rim but he was at the bottom of the backboard after watching replay. Glad he’s healthy. Was only cleared to play 5 on 5 by preseason games. For now I’ll give coach the benefit of the doubt and if healthy starting alongside Trae is still possible.

    Mean time, lets hope Trae is a legit star but I have my doubts. He can shoot the 3 but everything else including his height is mediocre. He will be even more of a defensive liability than Steph Curry.

  314. Christine always had the best offense & defense highlights. Glad she’s back. 🙂

    Jeremy Lin’s Offense & Defense Highlights 2018-10-06 Hawks VS Grazzlies

  315. You are right, after hearing what Lin said about having heavy legs and grateful for health. I guess we shouldn’t be complaining until he’s fully 100%. Honestly if Trae is legit at least he’s not a ball hog (yet) and is much better as a teammate than Harden, Walker, and DRussell.

  316. To be honest, I’m so glad Lin is out of the Nets. Kenny Atkinson is such a horrible and boring coach. Their offense and poor training staff cause Lin to have too many injuries. Hawks doesn’t just use motion offense but they’re actually moving the ball around for open looks and has some PnR and fast paced offense. Not to mention Lin actually got to control as PG when he’s on the court and is used properly while allowed to play his style of basketball. 1 more preseason game before 1st regular season game against the Knicks.

  317. Since when was SG a wing? SG is still a guard and modern basketball is all about having 2 ball handlers. I’m sure Lin would be a much better 2nd ball handler than Taurean Prince who’s more of a SF scorer that needs setting up.

  318. But that game winner was years ago and pales compared to Trae’s almost half court game winner today. Curry pioneered a different style of basketball and now all the young player will be trying to copy him and end up with crazy extended ranges. Rebuilding teams would rather draft Curry 2.0s. Sadly I don’t think any team would give Lin the keys to the team again besides MDA. Nets didn’t really give Lin the keys either, KA forced Lin to sacrifice his game to accommodate his solo motion offense while developing young players.

    On this team I like how Lin isn’t asked to be a mentor or anything and just allowed to play his style of basketball which we sorely miss since joining the Nets.

  319. This is Lin. He does the right thing and doesn’t care about the stats. He plays for wins as a team.

    We are Lin fans for a reason.

  320. I think preseason games are just warm up exercises. So there is no pong 8n making a big deal of it. Lin is playing for the third game. Others have played for many more. Lin needs time to get used to the new situation and his new body at game time. Before Lin gets his minutes back, I don’t think I would care much otherwise.

  321. We need yo be more patience. There is no point to compare Lin with his teammates. I just enjoy seeing him getting back in game shape. It is a long season anyway. He hasn’t played as many games as others. Just wait and see.

  322. Vince doesn’t come back from an injury. He could afford to be pushed a little more.

    Again Lin is not 100% but some of his teammates are pretty close to be 100%. Again, It makes no sense to extrapolate regular season from preseason. Time will tell.

  323. Lin and his teammates are not starting at the same point. Lin is working himself back. I believe he has a much higher ceiling but it is important not to rush him back.

    We should reserve some of our comments until we see the best of Lin on the court in a few months. When the competition gets tougher, the importance of a better player will be disclosed.

  324. did anyone see the nets vs raptors game? they lost by 20 points i think

  325. sorry about roberson though – hard luck

  326. Did wilkins say anything nice about our boy?

  327. Missed the game. Happy to see this video (3 times so far).
    Lin was fantastic!

  328. Lin was articulate as usual in the interview. I too am grateful that he is healthy and on the court.

  329. There is always, Director’s cut (alternative ending) 🙂

  330. Frankly, anytime JLIN played regular minutes (not limited mins injury-recovery) Kenny allowed JLIN to lead Nets to a greater than .500 record.

    You can like or dislike KA’s offense, but you cannot dispute that KA trusted a healthy JLIN to be the decision maker anytime JLIN was on the floor, finish games even when JLIN had 5 fouls.

    Kenny knows what JLIN can do and trusted him with no power. Power of Marks/Tsai failed JLIN.

    Personally, I don’t like KA’s offense and believe Nets will suffer because their starting backcourt doesn’t have JLIN’s BBIQ which enabled KA to allow JLIN to do as he saw fit in critical situtations.

  331. 25 turnovers by the Nets, 2nd half disaster – Nets be lucky to win 20 gms this season

  332. Worth a million clicks!
    I am so happy to see that the head coach knows the fundamentals (not fad) well and provide Lin with enough screens. Had Nets done better on the fundamentals Lin would not have worn out so early.

  333. Allen had a strong game. Russell has been at least not as shot crazy as he used to be, so I’ll credit KA for getting him to play more like a team player. CLV is exciting, but still raw. They don’t have RHJ, I think he makes a difference. I think they’re better with Dinwiddie playing more, he’s more careful with the ball.

    They lack direction and the ability to win games late and not give up big runs without Lin. It showed last year and the year before. And it’ll show this year. Eventually, they may figure it out, but it’ll probably take a lot of time.

  334. Lin is making plays and catching difficult passes that was missed; (developing better chemistry). His 1-1 moves at the last shooting seconds shows that his athleticism is back.

    Better team work and reaction in defense. Lin makes up for teammates lapses in defenses as usual and breaks up plays from the Spurs. Veterans uses their eyes in defense and breaking up would-be- passes.

  335. The impact of Chelsea Lane on this team will begin to show. Hopefully Dedmon will come back soon.

  336. Those political agendas are garbage. Lin just concentrates on what he can do rather than what he can’t control. Lin is a game changer. Nobody is taking this away from him. His high IQ play will be there when the team needs him.

  337. Regular season hasn’t started. Preseason games are just for experimentation. Lin is helping his teammates a great deal. No other on the roster can do as much.

    Lin will stay on playing basketball rather than garbage mind games. He will thrive and be mind blowing while some trolls here erode with their sick minds.

  338. A crowded back court.
    Sean Mark’s future has been tied with dlo since his trade with Magic Johnson.

  339. It’s disgusting to have people holding their crytal balls in front of us time after time telling the future that they don’t have control. What are they? Fortune tellers! Dumb political agenda means nothing when nobody can predict who could still be healthy in the next minute.

    We are watching Lin one game at a time and enjoy more with more games Lin played at his potential.

    Let’s stay away from those fortune tellers. They aren’t basketball gods. They live in hallucination. Let them dream away.

  340. KA didn’t trust Lin enough to play his PnR game. Instead KA forced Lin to not play with any PnR limiting his effectiveness while allowing anyone to handle the ball as PG for almost the entire season.

  341. What we have seen are just preseason games. How could anyone make valid predictions based on that?

  342. Another fortune teller here!

  343. Fortune telling again!

  344. NO, no, I don’t want to see Lin on the injury list.

  345. A shoot out.

  346. It’s more likely that KA wanted to prove his system.

  347. That’s what I think. He trusted Lin to play in his system. And Lin did well in it, but best when he had Brook Lopez. Every coach has their own system, some cater and tweak it to personnel more than others.

  348. MDA is a genius in using Lin and Harden so well,

  349. Raptors is a very mature team and absolutely a true contender with Kawhi Leonard & Danny Green.

  350. He builds a lot around the PG. That helps Lin. Also a PnR center is great for his system. But a post-up center wouldn’t like his system that much.

  351. Was there a race of recovery?
    Again, Lin should take as much time as he needs in his rehab which hasn’t finished yet.

  352. Slow motion capture of Jeremy shooting a 3 …

  353. At Lin’s expense no less that’s not trust.

  354. The ball leaves hands right at the peak, perfect timing.

  355. The thing is , in game time, you don’t have that much opportunity to fully set and release.

  356. SG & SF are your wings.

    imo LP doesnt see lin as a wing. maybe due to size…

  357. Hope JLin feels even better with another day of rest before Friday’s last preseason game. Hope coach will try to start Lin and test the lineup before regular season. Pretty much the same except staggered minutes with both Lin and Trae starting and closing together.

  358. That’s why Lin went through great lengths to change his shooting form during his Hornets season to lower the arc and jumping for faster release and less tired legs. but his release is still not quick enough. Maybe he can learn some dribbles that can create separation like how Curry does it. Off dribble 3s are very important in the league especially for Lin when teammates often ice him out or doesn’t pass to him for open 3s.

  359. Before the Spurs game, JLin shared with his fans that he will slowly improve every day, by the week because he’s rusty not playing the game for a long time. The speed will come back eventually.

    We should expect there will be ups and downs in the first 20-30 games. What’s important is Lin staying healthy and playing every game. His contract next year will heavily depends on his ability to stay on the court.

    @JLin7 said to fans after G4 morning’s shootaround: May be a bit rusty, but I will improve every day and every week. #RE7URN #betterandbetter

  360. I still see some of his teammates standing around waiting for the ball too long. I expect them moving and cutting and screening.

  361. That block is an absolutely beauty to watch!

  362. Injury bug has started biting on the Hawks again. John Collins is going to be out in the last preseason game against Miami because of sore ankle. Plus Jeremy is not 100%. On their 15 players roster, 4 players are out; John Collins & Dedmon are out. (2 out of 5 starters)

    A very serious blow to the team indeed!

  363. true…i watched it couple of times…lol

  364. weren’t these 2 player already injured? Dedmon and Collin?

  365. IMO, KA wanted to install the motion offence so that the offence doesn’t always need a great PG/QB to direct traffic. The system creates offence out of the motion and not be reliant on bbiq and experience to make the correct decisions. I can’t blame KA for trying to build a foundation first from which the offence can create multiple layers of variables.

    I also believe that learning the offence means the team can also defend better. Since most teams now play some sort of motion offence, the team can anticipate the reverse knowledge and anticipate where the pass will be for set plays.

    MDA’s off can predicates on having a great PG. when CP3 got injured last year in the playoffs, the Rockets was basically done. AT least with a system in place, they could get by a bit better.

  366. Is it just me or Lin has changed? No doubt, hair style, release form, court playing (more mid range, less attacking rim, more scoring)

    But most of all, I think, his attitude towards games changes. No pressure, take one game at a time, no expectation, just play the best. And if you watched the interview after pre-season, his eyes shine in a way like a baby. (In Chinese term, it is a positive thing)

    Well, just my read, haha.

  367. An article of trade rumor of Dragan Bender for JLin to Phoenix Suns.
    IMO it’s unlikely but we’ve been wrong before about the ATL trade. Only if we have more NBA writers talk about it that this rumor has legs.

  368. From the video, I believe Lin is just happy playing on the court. He’s a smart guy, he also knows this is a contract year so he’ll do his best to stay on the court throughout the season. Contribute while rehabbing his body but not overdo it.

    Honestly, I was a little surprised that he said some days he didn’t have legs and can barely walk but it makes sense when he said he hasn’t been playing in a year. Fans should be elated every game (or even every play) he finishes healthy and finding joy in playing.

    This is such an important year for him. If I were in JLin Team, I’d say, “Relax bro, play 80% capacity for the first 30+games to regain NBA form and trust your body … outlast the other players, keep staying on the floor and then show what you can really do” 🙂

    But yeah, I recognize what you said about he’s not feeling the pressure, just so happy to be playing. It’s very good for him. A lot of times, he put so much pressure on him that he can’t play freely.

  369. A fan’s view on JLin’s sharp cut to the rim

  370. I think if LIn was completely healthy, that’s good. But he needs time to work up to starting minutes. I don’t know much about Phoenix at all, now. I think we’ll hear about all sorts of trades with Lin. The ones we don’t hear about are the ones that tend to happen.

  371. FOR SURE!

  372. OF COURSE NOT! Just kidding…..:-)

  373. Yeah. Would never wish injury on ANY player.

  374. AGREE!!!

  375. I agree with normal plays in the game. Lin always plays the right way, and doesn’t pad his stats.

    But, have to disagree here. Unless he’s Steph Curry. Those half-court heaves at the end of clocks are very very low odds.

    For this particular scenario ONLY, this doesn’t contribute to anything. Has nothing to do with doing the right thing. Just hurts his stats, UNNESSARILY.

  376. What was even more awesome about that block. Is the fact that he must be getting back into the rhythm of the game (great timing to make that block). And that he must be feeling more comfortable and confident about how he’s moving.

  377. I’m splitting hairs but I agree that he’s still a little slow in his release. A few videos ago, there was one with Lin and Trae and someone else on the left corner taking turns shooting 3s. Trae was so much quicker and his release was so much lower, almost a full ball lower.

    We can see it….but I know from experience how hard it is to do this. In tennis, just moving a contact point a mere inch is incredibly hard to do. The service motion has some of the same kinetics. Too many people serve by reaching too high to hit down. They should instead throw the ball a couple of inches shorter and hit up through the ball with legs pushing up.

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