Preseason Game 2: Atlanta Hawks vs Memphis Grizzlies


In the first preseason game, Jeremy Lin finished with 4 points/3 assists/3 rebounds with 2-4 shooting (50% FG) in 16 minutes of action coming off the bench as part of his return to play protocol. He played quite well trying to get back to NBA form after a year recovering from injury. He had a bit of a scare when he was fouled hard during his first layup but thankfully he got back up immediately. As usual, the referee did not call foul although it was an obvious foul. It has become an alarming norm that happened with Lin over the years.

In the second game, Coach Pierce plans to experiment having Lin and Trae Young together on the court for the first time after alternating them in the first preseason game. It’s not likely as starters.

The Atlanta Hawks also visited the National Civil Rights Museum at Memphis.

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  3. 🙁 sob sob

  4. No doubt Adam Silver wants Joe Tsai’s help to expand NBA China by having him join the NBA directors board. I hope they both realize JLin is voted #1 most popular NBA player in China.

  5. Omari Spellman will play tonight. Tyler Dorsey will start in place of Taurean Prince.

    The Hawks’ injury report is:

    Justin Anderson (rehab from left tibial stress syndrome) is out.
    Dewayne Dedmon (avulsion fracture, left ankle) is out.
    Daniel Hamilton (rehab from right rotator cuff tear) is out.
    Taurean Prince (flu-like symptoms) is out.

    I guess we’ll see Chandler Parsons tonight.

  6. With Prince out, it’s likely that Lin will get to run plays more often. Lin is still the best playmaker on the team.

  7. Coming out of the shadow of LeBron James, the Cavs seems to be an interesting team to watch.

    NBA Daily: Cavaliers Doing Things By Committee

  8. you’re welcome 🙂 but now @1mtoldman:disqus wondered about a conspiracy theory

  9. What is the Atlanta official stream?

  10. modgate! LOL

  11. Another “Thank You” for the write up from me!

    I enjoyed the “comic relief” from him. 🙂

  12. That is just the game thread. Sorry.
    I too am looking for a live stream for the game.

  13. gaaaah bembry takes everything haha

  14. lol

  15. If Trae gets 35-38 min per game. Lin is back to being a low usage player like with the Lakers.

  16. jeremy needs to request for a trade

  17. Looks like not fun to watch bball lol

  18. its going to be a long year for jeremy

  19. Lin need to stop passing it off. your not gonna get it back

  20. Ridiculous officiating for the third foul of Lin.

  21. Lin and Trae together.

  22. OK, good drive by Lin.

  23. Lin just not involved in the offense yet

  24. that was BS call

  25. true that

  26. kinda like rookie season with Golden state…and his haircut too

  27. wow Lins plus minus. i will calm down . Lin is knocking some rust off and trusting his body again. It will take some time

  28. He does look a little faster today. He does seem to trust his body a little more

  29. Lin has to stay healthy. He’s going to be up and down and this is his second game back after 1year. Robeson had a setback and he won’t play for 2 months. Lin is playing. That’s what he needs to do and then he’ll see where his body is in time.

  30. yea. Its frustrating know where he was a year ago. Players coming from injury look like this. It sucks his on a new team and on a contract year but it is what it is

  31. i need a d antoni jlin reunion again. i hate motion offense lol

  32. The only thing I like about this team so far is Lin, Trae and Vince Carter. And looks like Len can hit the 3. Otherwise, it’s a raw team that doesn’t pass the ball well and is lost on defense.

  33. yea agree. Lins game hindered by all the movement that often leads to iso

  34. i need to remind myself this is preseason. bembry is pissing me off lol

  35. That pass was a beauty.

  36. and Spellman

  37. YIKES! Lin +/- of -14? Just turned on game. Lin’s on!

    Just checked tweets, no Collins. What happened to him?

  38. This Hawks team is playing like they have tunnel vision. So many reckless drives going nowhere

  39. Lin’s shots look good leaving his hands, just aren’t falling yet.

  40. JLin only took 5 shots? 0 for 3 from 3?

    He’s not looking too happy…..hope he’s okay physically.

    Hey, old “friends” from Rockets – BJ Bickerstaff, Parsons and Casspi…..

  41. nice drive by LIN

  42. That drive looked like vintage Lin.

  43. bembry is a crazy dude, thinks he’s MJ

  44. hopefully he can get a jumper to go this game!

  45. Lin looking even faster the second haif. his legs are starting to come back.

  46. That will come

  47. He has no concept of teamball. He’s horrible.

  48. Watching on NBA-TV.

    Carter is dribbling down court, not passing to Lin. WTH is that?

    Bad feed last game, couldn’t see much of the defense. Looks like there is some effort. But giving up 90 points through 3 quarters?

  49. Lin looks comfortable and has a veteran calmness around him. And his 3pt shot hasn’t connected but his shot looks good and natural. I enjoy watching Lin on the court again.

  50. Anyone know what happened to John Collins? (Kevin Chouinard said he’s okay.)

  51. to be fair Carter was the only one passing to Lin

  52. guys I hope another team will trade for Lin

  53. this team is junk

  54. Lin can’t get into any kind of rhythm. Not shooting with confidence.

    Playing as a team and playing the right way starts from the top-down. Hope Pierce steps up.

  55. jeremy is done huh?

  56. Okay, thanks for info.

  57. This is a horrible blowout for the Hawks but hopefully we could see Watanabe with the Grizzlies.

  58. Looks like it. 16 mins.

    Darn – turned on game too late. Missed most of his time on court.

  59. you didn’t miss much

  60. signing out…..hope he gets traded to a good team

  61. What an ugly game for the Hawks. Terrible refereeing too. They kept calling stupid fouls that weren’t even fouls, on both teams, but more against the Hawks than Grizzlies.

    Lin shot like crap, but had 2 good layups. He didn’t even look like a point guard out there, with how Hawks always run the motion offense and they drive to the basket too much.

  62. hard to watch him on second team and still not allowed to run the team

  63. Watanabe is in!

    Where’s @sport?

  64. 🙁

  65. Get used to it. He won’t even be able to close games in garbage time. Will let other rookies close out during regular season and there are going to be a lot of blowouts with Hawks losing.

  66. Lloyd Pierce looks like he’s going to be coaching like Byron Scott. How can I get this team to lose?

  67. Would we feel better, or feel worse? Lin dominating the Grizzlies 2 years ago, and the Nets started winning more games.

  68. Lin and Parsons, courtesy greeting.
    Lin and Casspi, smiles and brief chat.
    Lin and WATANABE, smiles and brief chat.

  69. Don’t think I will rewatch this game, Lin barely got any minutes and Watanabe only got 7mins with 2FGA and 0pts.

    Lin is treated like any old bench player. Well once back at 100% he can always ask to be traded mid season. For now it’s a nice transition back from injury.

  70. another laker season guys, team wants to tank, and Lin is not allowed to play…..

  71. 24 turnovers, giving up 29 points. 36 fouls. On the other end, missed 12 free throws. Not a recipe for winning.

  72. Not going to be tuning in to watch many games if its like this..

  73. it was a 13 man rotation…and preseason…I dont think Hawks would drop him in right into the game minutes, most likely they are gonna take it slow

  74. Same here, Preseason translates to regular season so it’s obvious Hawks are tanking or doesn’t see Lin any more than just a bench player.

    Sure he’s coming back from injury but these minutes are ridiculously low.

  75. YW will have to thank the Hawks. LOL. The blowout allowed him to see some minutes.

    I’m still focused on just being glad Lin’s healthy and playing. Hope his minutes will slowly ramp up.

  76. yes….likely so. I hope zhou qi will do good this year

  77. Disagree, watching preseason for many years, on every Lin team they all translate to what they will do regular season. It’s going to be a very bad team with everyone for themselves. Lin is in trouble, injuries, contract year and no chance to start with bench minutes.

  78. Don’t let your money flow to a tanking team.

  79. Not too fond of China players who barely speak English. How the heck are your teammates supposed to communicate with you and how are you going to assimilate into the team and society?!

    Players like Lin and Watanabe who played US college basketball with decent English are far more relatable and likable.

  80. Yeah, and with Pierce as rookie coach.

    First game, not a blowout, no injuries to Prince and Collins, and Pierce still played 15 guys.

  81. yep….i think Lin is just being used for ticket sales

  82. what do they have in common?

  83. Asians who played 4 years of university basketball in the US! Not only that but Watanabe played for a Division 1 college, which Lin unfortunately didn’t get a scholarship/off for.

  84. yep remember lin lit it up in china with the hornets? he ended up have a nice year. preseason wins and loses dont matter, but what happens on the court does. you have to watch and know what to look out for.

  85. Or to give them some attention. Hawks don’t care about ticket sales at this point. An injured Lin for 2 season playing bench won’t entice fans to watch. They are tanking/stealth tanking for development and high draft picks.

  86. Never spent a dime on Lin NBA merchandise. Almost did for Nets, so glad I didn’t.

  87. They want China’s money only, could care less if there are more Asian players in the NBA. If not Lin wouldn’t have been treated so horribly on every team and continuously pushed aside.

  88. Did they ever said Lin will start with Young? I don’t recall them saying that.

  89. Lin said they plan on starting/playing him along side Trae Young. Forgot if Lin said starting or not.

    Lin did say he has to go through injury protocol and come off the bench so I will give them benefit of the doubt. Few more games to regular season.

  90. Also thank Nets for not wanting him lol. So glad Watanabe isn’t as stubborn as goes for his own shots more while still making the open man pass. Lin force feeds his teammates and passes too much even when nothing is there or it’s obvious they won’t pass back to him.

  91. Come on guys, did you all really have high expectations so soon? I’m not saying it will necessarily get much better, but I sure as heck wasn’t expecting all that much.

    Just really glad Lin is even on the court. Look at Andre Roberson, just had a setback and now won’t be back until at least November/December. (Too unfortunate, I won’t even post the link.)

    I probably won’t be exhaling until March. My new mantra: ONE HEALTHY GAME AT A TIME.

  92. You’re right. It’s too early right now. Let’s wait until the first few regular season games are done.

  93. I sure like your positive attitude!

  94. Not start, just play alongside him for some time.

  95. Notes from game 2 of preseason:

    1st Q:
    -dorsey gets the start. my guess is that LP didnt want to disrupt the bench lineup and also wanted to see dorsey play. he did good. good for him.
    -when trae is the pg, they run motion offense WAY less. much more pnr with collins.
    -spellman was 1st sub
    -once lin enters, he and the bench play motion offense. of course lin gets iced out cuz once it leaves his hands no one passes back to him, even if wide open.
    -vince REALLY chucked this quarter. whole first half really. i get it, former team, wants to show them he can still do it.

    2nd Q:
    -all the starters start the 2nd Q.
    -trae continues to play high pnr and not so much motion offense. i dont know if this is by design or trae is doing his own thing. a lot less structured, but also a lot more dynamic…
    -there seemed to be a lot more kick out 3’s this game. len with 2 corner 3’s was nice.
    -the grizz had a mix of starters and bench and they played very sloppy. a lot of TO’s which led to the hawks keeping up.
    -lin came in very late this Q. perhaps LP wanted to see tare play with the bench and/or lessen lin’s minutes for health reasons, or tank reasons…
    -interestingly lin played his minutes with baze, and then in the last minute of the 1st half we finally see lin and trae together (with baze).
    -all i have to say is that “stand in the corner lin” is back in full force…

    3rd Q:
    -no collins for the rest of the game
    -starters (with poythress instead of collins) stink it up and the lead balloons..
    -this team is not fun to watch. very chaotic. all they seem to do is attack the basket with no plan. drives that lead to attempted dump offs, bad layups, blocks, TO’s, etc. very bad bball all around. some teams tank by chucking 50 3’s (cough cough nets cough) and others drive into traffic with no plan (this team with bembry the mvp tank commander)
    -bembry didnt ball hog in 1st half, VC did, so naturally he starts to hog in the 3rd Q
    -lin still completely iced out. no one even looks his way. hands up all alone behind 3pt line means nothing i guess…
    -still interesting lin gets minutes with baze again.
    -tons of fouls both way. very bad game all around. NOT fun to watch AT ALL…

    4th Q:
    -no more lin
    -trae (wth bembry) plays vs the grizz’s end of bench
    -yuta comes in and immediately gets posterized

    all in all i was very bored and all the zeal i had in the beginning of the summer has been killed. i feared this team was going to be bad and will naturally development tank but this is HORRIBLE to even watch. i’d rather see trae chuck 30 footers than every other play some knucklehead drive aimlessly to the rim. one play that stood out was bembry driving relentlessly to the rim. no effs were given and he has a one track mind to get to the basket. pass? never heard of it. tries a close in shot over conley and then jamychal green comes and rejects the hell out of him. literal volleyball spike block. THAT is what this tank team looks like this season.

    lin needs off this team asap. lord help us all. this is worse than the lakers year. at least he was healthy and played. one this team he’s just a backup pg. told to run the plays and spot up. stand there watching insanity as player after player drive into the paint with no plan… ugly basketball…

  96. the 2 games have been ugly. the brand of ball they are playing is just bad. at least on the nets, they shot tons of 3’s. on this team every one drives into traffic trying to force something. it’s insane just watching this crap. i can only imagine what lin feels…

  97. literally only played together for 1 minute in 2 preseason games. too early to tell or was lin straight up lied to by schlenk/pierce???

  98. The Hawks do care enough about some ticket sales from Lin. just announced “Asian Community Night”. How can they resist?

  99. every away game is “asian heritage night”

    it’s downright patronizing.

    lin has even mentioned/joked about this…

  100. It was dreadful basketball. It’s preseason but anything but organized.

  101. Nope

  102. Going with the latter until I see otherwise

  103. Is Watanabe a halfer?

  104. I agree. Give it time. One Healthy Game at a Time!

  105. Didn’t Lin also light it up in Philippines and Taiwan pre-season with Rockets? Then McHale started Beverley after that.

  106. You guys act like Lin chose to be there. And that he had hundred of options. He was TRADED there, while recovering from a devastating injury.

    What were you expecting? Did you really think the Hawks were going to be all that great? Maybe….IF Lin was at 100%.

  107. I do agree the 2 games were ugly. But that’s all I will agree with for now.

  108. NBA exploitation at its best.

    On the other hand, Lin has grown to accept it. I’m glad for those fans who can participate and get a chance to meet him.

    And the NBA do all kinds of stuff like that. Latin night. Ukrainian night (something like that). The Nets also has “gay pride night”.

  109. yes, that’s why we hate mchale. in hindsight lin never played that bad in houston. it’s just expectations after linsanity was too high given his role next to harden, and then behind bev. it is what it is.

  110. Missed first half. Thanks for summary.

  111. Man, the PTSD is strong. And I thought I was bad. Too depressing. What good is it to keep wallowing in it?

    Lin is probably still recovering mentally too. I think when he gets more healthy games under his belt, he’ll be able to regain his confidence and assert himself.

    Look, at least he’s getting a chance here with the Hawks. The freaking Nets didn’t even give him that.

    If the Hawks isn’t the right team for him, hopefully he and his agent will be able to figure something out. Whether it’s buyout, find another team that will use him properly. BUT HE HAS TO BE HEALTHY FIRST, even if in limited minutes.

  112. can’t blame it on “it’s preseason” when at no point during both games did any lineup look structured. it was chaos throughout. does NOT bode well for lin. bodes VERY WELL in the zion sweepstakes….

  113. Trying to…not much choice…it is what it is. Just want to keep cheering for Lin! 🙂

  114. he doesn’t get to touch the ball. healthy or not, it’s the worse situation he’s ever been in.

    us lin fans are neck deep. wallowing is the stark reality of the situation. that doesnt mean we dont look forward, just that we acknowledge the predicament.

    alls im saying is dont get your hopes up. yes we are glad he’s healthy, but the next step is actually doing something with that health. standing in the corner is bad when you have to watch harden or kobe or kemba… but standing in the corner watching deandre bembry? AW HELL NAW!!!!

    i guess the best case scenario right now is that he slowly gets back to full health and schlenk trades him to a playoff contender that needs a bench pg, or miraculously a starting pg (like if a player was out for the season and the team wanted to salvage the season)…

  115. I don’t understand why you keep thinking we’ve got our hopes up. WE’RE FULLY AWARE OF WHAT LIN’S SITUATION IS.

    At the moment, I’d rather he stand in the corner until he gets back into the rhythm of things. Sure don’t want him to go driving to the hoop into 4 defenders. LOL. Just (half)-kidding…

    Okay, AGREE with last paragraph! We can definitely “hope” for that!

  116. Please post Lin highlights and lowlights. Following Hawks games not a compelling things to do on my list.

  117. That’s why I hate Daryl Morey. McHale was just a tool for Morey’s agenda. Lin is where he is now because they literally ruined Lin’s reputation and career. Yeah, unfortunately, it is what it is.

  118. Atlanta Hawks vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game Highlights | 05.10.2018, NBA Preseason

  119. Grizzlies vs Hawks 1st Quarter Highlights | October 5, 2018 | NBA Preseason

  120. no one seems to be upset. it’s like…

    you call it wallowing, but im just voicing my displeasure…

  121. Too many players of Atlanta missed their defense assignment especially the rookies.

  122. I originally thought there was nothing to be gained from Lin playing one second of any pre-season game with the Hawks, but after watching how well Lin started to move in third quarter I’ve changed my mind.

    In addition to slowly loading his knee with greater realistic game situation stresses, I think he may be regaining trust in that knee, too.

    (play that scared me was how aggressively he went after loose ball in first quarter, not just because of great strain it might put on knee so early in game, but also because that is how all of Lin’s hamstring strains occurred too (early in third quarter of games when he tried to be too aggressive before his body had loosened up again after half time)

    Liked how he seemed to be just going through the motions and not really trying in second quarter. Explosiveness starting to return in third quarter surprised me, though still think he shouldn’t be solo slashing ( ) to the rim for any team unless a championship is on the line)

  123. Bembry boy will get hurt and out for a long time, again. The style he plays won’t match his body structure. I stay patient with Lin’s performance. All I want to see is a healthy Lin. We shall see what will happen after the first two months.

  124. Everyone is upset! You’re not making it any easier by keep hammering in the same point. Lol. Lin may be only on his last sip of NBA life so let us at lease enjoy that last taste of it without you telling us how doom and gloomy that last taste is. Just remember how you felt when a certain someone else on this board constantly repeats the same point over and over again. Now you are doing exactly that!

  125. Andre Robertson suffered his knee injury in January about 3 months later than Jeremy. He is suffering a setback now. That means 3 months ago, Jeremy would have faced the same danger but Jeremy overcomes it until now. CHEERS!

    I would attribute the success of Lin’s recovery to his surgery, his rehab program in Fortius, his patience and discipline, and specially the divine blessing.

    According to his recovery protocol, Lin has less than a month before he should be playing in regular season games. We shouldn’t blame Lloyd Pierce for bringing Lin on slowly. Perhaps, we should set our expectation of Lin’s full recovery to Nov which is about time to rescue the Hawks from a disastrous season.

    Lin’s recovery will definitely help the medical treatment of the injury of ruptured patellar tendon in the future. Andre Robertson’s setback may allow Lin more time for a thorough rehab. Thank God.

  126. I had high hopes but that’s just me. Even with rookies and no system, Lin can make them play like a team. That’s the kind of leader he is. At the same time, I’ve learned to temper my hopes with reality. That reality will be reveal by the end of the 3rd week of the season…maybe longer. We have no idea what the brain trust of this team is trying to accomplish, what their agenda is and how Lin will fit into the scheme of things.

    When Lin took over MDA’s Knicks team, all of sudden everything clicked. WHY? MDA already had 2 or more seasons with the Knicks and could not get them to play like a team. No amount of coaching and screaming can get people to do things in real time that’s not to their own strengths. Most like Melo, would rather lose by playing his own way. Somehow Lin did it and it’s becuase Lin has the ability to lead people by feeding them piecemeal towards the process by the rewards of scoring. To me Lin has the ability to make people play comfortably in their own best strengths while leading them to process naturally towards a new system. That’s why he’s coach Lin. I still believe in Lin.

    The question then isn’t how good this team can be or how lousy this team can be. It’s how much of an agenda the coach and GM has that may or may not aligne with what Lin can bring to the team. Like I said, we,lol know soon enough by how they play Lin.

    There’s a less than 1in 1000000% chance that just maybe they are letting the fans see how bad this team is before starting Lin and placing Trae on the bench to learn how it’s done. The salary dump idea for Lin seems kind of an expensive way to use up salary to me. There’s not much hope of this happening but at least there’s a chance I can win the lottery!

  127. How does the coach allow Bembry to play so selfishly?

  128. Let’s be careful. He hasn’t played one regular season game yet. 2 no-injury preseason games does not indicate “recovery”.

  129. these games are for coaching staff to see how the team goes…lin having less time doesn’t really define that hawk will be in a tank mode, but maybe to see early how their rookie pg responds to an nba games. we already see how lin play on the 2 games for the hawk and i saw, he still needs time to heal well but not pushing himself more on these non bearing game. Lin is known to have no flashy moves especially during non bearing games, but when the chip is down, one can see his ability to make teams go super saiyan!!!

  130. Jeremy is right on schedule. He has recovered most of his strength and skill. Just like any NBA player, he needs time to reach the top level of fitness.

    The training and medical staff in Atlanta have a better credential and experience than that of Brooklyn, The trade to Atlanta actually helps Lin’s recovery.

    Atlanta has no reason to rush Lin back to court now.

    Everything seems to work in Lin’s favor. It’s just a matter of time for Jeremy to come back to his top form. I have careful optimism that he will get back soon. His moves look good and he seems to need only a little fine tuning.

  131. Andre Robertson suffered his knee injury in January about 3 months later than Jeremy. He is suffering a setback now. That means 3 months ago, Jeremy would have faced the same danger but Jeremy overcomes it until now. CHEERS!

    I would attribute the success of Lin’s recovery to his surgery, his rehab program in Fortius, his patience and discipline, and specially the divine blessing.

    According to his recovery protocol, Lin has less than a month before he should be playing in regular season games. We shouldn’t blame Lloyd Pierce for bringing Lin on slowly. Perhaps, we should set our expectation of Lin’s full recovery to Nov which is about time to rescue the Hawks from a disastrous season.

    Lin’s recovery will definitely help the medical treatment of the injury of ruptured patellar tendon in the future. Andre Robertson’s setback may allow Lin more time for a thorough rehab. Thank God.

  132. Honestly I think this time Lin has finally smarten up. Take a seat back and jist go through with the motions. His health is in no shape to be the leader nor do they want him to be.

  133. Hawks’ Jeremy Lin: Out for rest Sunday

    I think it is good to rest for one preseason game, but still hope this is nothing but just rest…

  134. “Coach Lloyd Pierce is giving the veteran the day off. Through 32 preseason minutes, Lin has totaled 10 points, seven rebounds and six assists.”

    I, too, hope it’s just for rest. 🙏

  135. Lin is removed from injury list but still under minutes restriction. I like his defense.

  136. Boo no Lin on Sunday really?!
    On a positive note I’m glad it’s a close game and Watanabe got to play towards end of 3rd quarter and just got the reb for coast to coast layup! Tune in if you’re interested. So happy he’s getting minutes even with the two-way contract and it’s not garbage time! If only Lin was on Memphis they got Parsons, Casspi, and Watanabe! Even from the bench it’d be more exciting compared to the tanking Hawks! Not to mention they have a great defensive allstar in Marc Gasol! Memphis needs a PG to team up with Marc and Lin would be perfect as a starting PG, if only. 🙁

    I hope Lin asks for a trade to Memphis!

  137. I’m all for Lin to think of himself first, however, what about next year? I’d like him to wait till November and then he should be okay to take his game to the next level and make himself attractive to his next team.

  138. Thanks, I’m interested.

  139. Woohoo! Watanabe with the two handed throw down!!!! haha Jaren Jackson JR his buddy screamed the loadest! You the man!! News flash peeps Yuta 6’9″ PF that’s not Lin 6’3″ out there idiots! You can’t guard him like you do Lin! Dudes are already double teaming Yuta Watanabe but they continue to be embarrassed by him haha! No way you can guard a 6’9″ PF with plays like a guard!

  140. Maybe we’ll have another Asian to follow from now on.

  141. Honestly the way Lin is treated I was really worried Yuta will rot on the bench but they are giving him meaningful minutes during preseason! He plays like a veteran and fits in Memphis’ style so well! Lin would fit in too, they need a PG to bring them over the hump. Who is there PG rigth now? Any chance for Lin to win the starting PG role?

    Honestly if Lin has to play bench for this season at least it’d be fun at Memphis with Parsons, Casspi, and Watanabe! I hope the “rest” is a front for a trade, please!

  142. I like it. That would be so great if they can get together again.

  143. Yes but Watanabe is being iced out now even when he moves to get open. Being the only Asian player a Black dominated league isn’t fun. :/ Unless Watanabe gets the rebound or gets to control the ball it’s going to be tough.

  144. OMGOMGOMGOMGOM Watanabe with the :13second 3 point tie to save the team!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG

    omgomg they went to the Watanabe for the last shot, as I dreaming?! Linsanity vibes! See I’ve been saying Yuta Watanabe would’ve been 1st round draft if not for the racisim! so glad the coach went to him after botching the 1st time out!

    Lin to Memphis asap please!!!

  145. You guys need to tune it if this goes to overtime! They need to play and go to Watanabe to the end baby!

  146. That’s clutch! So Lin like.

  147. I’m not lying. I swear, I literally just switched to Memphis game from Yankees game, just in time to see Watanabe drill the 3pointer off the backboard to TIE the game with 6 (?) seconds left.

    HIGH FIVE @disqus_4jumOZJTCI:disqus ! Good for YW! This should be a great highlight! (To make up for being dunked on by Plumlee last night). Haha, like you said, glad the Nets didn’t get him.

    And now he gets to play in OT too!

    Sigh. But not sure how much time Lin will get playing behind Conley. (And not sure about a reunion with Parsons.)

  148. haha Watananbe went 1 against 4 and made a dunk!!! haha love it love it! He’s going to be famous!!!! Star in the making!!! Putting on a show right now!!! This is the style I’ve always wanted Lin to play, go for his own shots instead of forcing passes to teammates! If you got it, go for it cause teammates will ice you out if you don’t!

  149. And another great move to the basket, 2 more by YW! Good handles!

    And 2 more! YW balling….

  150. Even better than Lin cause he’s 6’9″ PF who plays like a guard and was top10 for division1 defense! He’s unique!

  151. Another mid range 2 pointer swooch at the free throw line for Yuta Watananbe! omg He’s a refined version of Lin with the height advantage! He plays like Kevin Durant! If given the start and chance to develop he can certainly reach KD’s level some day.

  152. Can’t wait to see the highlights. I wonder if theirs a Japanese sight that follows him.

  153. I’ve been trying to find one but none that I know of. If anyone knows do let me know so I don’t have to keep posting it here 🙁 I hope someone can make site for Yuta soon.

  154. For sure. Hope it really is just for rest! If so, it’s good to know the Hawks don’t want to push too fast. Especially having to travel and be on the road.

    Will have to wait for Wednesday for next game HOME vs Spurs.

  155. HaHa. Okay, let’s not get carried away. Better than Lin?

  156. Conley is not a star, doesn’t help make the team better in any way. Sad that Lin is the better PG but no team is willing to let him start!

  157. I’m serious! You need to watch the highlights! Dunks, 3pointers, mid range, and defense/blocks, passing, height advantage! He’s like Kevin Durant but unrefined still!

    Memphis can be much better if they were willing to let Watanabe lead the bench, he’s got handles and great passing. Can totally play as SG/PG if given the chance not just PF just like KD does for GSW.

    Yuta will help Marc Gasol more than Conley can!

  158. Hey, I’m enjoying this as much as you are!

    But, Lin plays point guard, supposed to help set up his teammates. And LIN’S GREAT AT IT. (If allowed to play his way.) Different position, different role. Let’s not compare the two.

  159. Grizzlies win! WATANABE THE HERO!

  160. Baz, Lin, Carter, Dedmon, Len, Plumlee; the veterans aren’t bad at all!
    Len can shot 3 but his work inside the paint needs to work on.
    Spellman probably is more NBA ready than his peers.
    Dorsey, Bembry don’t play much defense.
    Prince, Colins are overrated but will get lots of minutes.

    For this team to mean anything, Lin and Dedmon have to be healthy. There is going to be lots of work to be done on the rookies and sophomores on defense.

  161. I already paid for my League Pass. Ouch! Anyway, I am as disappointed as anyone else here about the TEAM. However Jeremy is moving well and not driving recklessly. That is probably a good thing. Hope he gets into rhythm for his 3 point shot soon. Just gonna enjoy whatever I can get this season. In previous seasons Jeremy would always figure out this team mates and gradually coax everyone to move the ball, play more effectively and eventually win. Not sure if it will happen this year but we will just wait and see.

  162. He got the end of game interview too, but his English needs work still lol. Won’t lie, I wanted to get Watanabe’s jersey even before his first preseason game but they are not available.
    haha he mentioned last game was the worst way to enter the NBA, got dunke don in 10seconds. It’s ok he stayed positive and came back with amazing 3 pointer. Feels like how Linsanity started. Hope he gets the start for regular season, Memphis would be dumb not to!
    Put him at the SF/SG spot if they need to since he’s a PF who plays like a SF/guard anyway!

  163. I agree about Conley. He’s good but haven’t gotten the Grizzlies anything. Lin is definitely better!

    Funny how no one says he’s old, or injury prone. And still gets the max contract. And still part of face of franchise. NBA politics.

  164. Well Marc Gasol is the franchise, not Conley but he’s seen as a start even though he doesn’t play like one, NBA is so unfair and racist!

    Just look at Yuta, I’ve been saying with his skills he should’ve be 1st round draft and will explode into the league just like Lin and I was right! NBA, Nets included continues to be embarrassed and Memphis GM is looking like a genius!

    Sean Marks will be in trouble and he deserves it for not signing Yuta even though he was the best player on their summer league team!!

  165. Wow, just goes to show how “great” Marks is as a GM. Got rid of Lin, kuzma, Brooks and now Watanabe.

  166. NIIICE. Long sleeves too. Not on Hawks’ website. Customized from NBA store?

    Was hoping to finally get a Lin Nets T-shirt on the cheap now. (Add to collection.) But they haven’t been marked down all that much.

  167. There you go with the traditional PG mindset! It’s modern times of shoot 1st PGs like Curry! No one cares about looking for teammates and assists! If that were the case Rajon Rondo wouldn’t have fallen from grace even with his amazing assists and dribbling!

    NBA only cares if you can score, look at all the no defense players like Harden, Melo, and Walker!

    Tradtional PGs are outdated! Harden, Curry, Westbrook are all shoot first PG/SGs!
    Even Nash said he regrets not being shoot 1st PG and taking more 3s! Lin needs to get out of his stubbornness, that’s what’s been holding him back and now he needs he need time to get back his health.

    Just go out there and make shots that’s what’s most fun about basketball, not force feeding teammates that wastes your assists and possessions! Only pass when there’s an open man.

  168. LOL. HaHa. I guess maybe it’s because some of us don’t think it’s on fire. YET.

    I mean, I know you fully support Lin. You’re right. This is a forum for discussion. To voice opinions. You have the right to vent. (Just kinda don’t hit us over the head with it so much.)

  169. Marks is another GM who NEEDS TO BE FIRED! Traded draft pick that could’ve gotten Kuzma, traded Lin, and didn’t sign Watanabe who was on their summer league! LOL So happy Watananbe didn’t go to the Nets, would’ve ruined his career! Also shows he has a smart agent.

  170. Watanabe’s 11 pt highlights! with the clutch 3 pointer to save the team.
    Basketball is fun again! Hero of the game! So happy my eye for talent was right! First time started following a player even before he played a single NBA game.

  171. AGREE WITH ALL. That’s why I even bothered to start following Lin’s career in the first place.

    The only reasons why I had low expectations. Schlenk openly admitted that trading for Lin was attractive because of the valuable expiring contract. And how much he thinks Lin will help mentor Young through ups and downs of fame. Business reasons, not basketball reasons.

    And then, JLin also revealed that even though the knee has healed completely. He still will need some more time to get his rhythm and his speed back. So, that won’t be these first few games.

    So, yes to what you said: “It’s how much of an agenda the coach and GM has that may or may not align with what Lin can bring to the team. Like I said, we’ll know soon enough by how they play Lin.”

  172. LOL. Same here, already paid for LP. But, it’s okay, as long as Lin is healthy, we’ll get to see him get minutes and play to his best, as always.

  173. Yeah, actually, I liked what I saw of Spellman. Seems smart. For a rookie’s first game. Didn’t make bad mistakes. He passed the ball to Lin, set screens. Didn’t shoot well, but hustled after loose balls. And good rebounder. I think he can play well with Lin.

    Len looks like he can be a stretch 5, 2 nice corner-3 makes. Plumlee has pretty good post-moves.

    Didn’t like Vince this game though. Was chucking too many 3’s early in shot clock. Even the commentator laughed and said “Vince is on the volume plan”… haha.

  174. I will hate rooting against Kenny, Joe Harris, RHJ, and Caris LeVert.

    But I will be rooting for the Nets (Marks) to FAIL big time.

  175. And the reason Curry, Harden, Melo, Walker, Westbrook scores a lot of points is because they get to shoot all they want. They get to chuck volume. How good is their efficiency? (maybe Curry is ok) It’s because they are anointed! Everything their teams do (or did) is built around them and to make it easy for them to succeed. They have the green light to go out and shoot and score as much as they want!

    How much leeway or leash has Lin gotten? But, whenever Lin got the chance, EVERYTIME he has gotten the chance (such as injuries to other players), HE HAS BALLED OUT! HE SCORES PLENTY! And what happens when he does? He gets less time on the court.

    My original point was yes, I like Watanabe. I’m glad he’s playing well, and hope he gets to shine even more. But why keep comparing Lin to Watanabe?

    We’ll have to disagree on this.

  176. Great! My League Pass might not be a waste of money after all.

  177. If you can access You-Tube and set up account. Can make comments there, no?

  178. Someone will probably start one after tonight!

  179. Lin won’t play tomorrow. Rest day.

  180. for real?

  181. Yeah, rest is good. But can’t help being just a little bit concerned here. Hope we hear or see positives soon, like maybe just shooting or working out.

  182. Before their road trip. Hawks have interesting workout gym. Opens to outdoors. Sunlight and fresh air. Different than what we’ve seen of other teams. (No Lin in video though.)

  183. I know Maknusia has already posted much longer highlights. But Lin looked really good here, movement wise.

  184. Great pic of Lin pre-game in game 1 vs Pelicans.

  185. One more Highlight of Highlights. This was another pretty play. (Was it a designed play?) Commentator (btw, an ex-point guard) “Lin…playing around screens, almost looked like Steve Nash with the basketball”.

    Young passes ball to Lin, Spellman sets screen, floor is spaced, Spellman gets out of the way, Lin hesitation move, fakes out Conley, beats Conley and SCORES!

  186. Baz, Lin, Carter, Dedmon, Len, Plumlee; the veterans aren’t bad at all!
    Len can shot 3 but his work inside the paint needs to work on.
    Spellman probably is more NBA ready than his peers.
    Dorsey, Bembry don’t play much defense.
    Prince, Colins are overrated but will get lots of minutes.

    For this team to mean anything, Lin and Dedmon have to be healthy. There is going to be lots of work to be done on the rookies and sophomores on defense.

  187. Watanabe was not the appointed one either and in fact started getting iced out after he made that two handed dunk. Teammates gets jealous easily and doesn’t want the Asian player to shine but Watanabe doesn’t care and continues to move and takes shots when he gets the chance. The Lin of Linsanity used to play like that without a care in the world. Lin insists on passing to teammates way too much when he doesn’t have to and majority wastes his assists or continuously chucks shots while ignoring him.

    If anything I hope Lin watches Watanabe’s highlights and change his mindset about the way he plays. Even Nash have said he regrets not taking more 3s and being a shoot first player.

  188. He has sold himself off making that disastrous trade for DLo, there is no saving for him.

  189. Watanabe a bona fide player. Pretty good for a rookie. Left handed player who can shoot and drive. Got potential. Just might end up with better stats than Lin. He’s not afraid to shoot and probably a more natural shooter than Lin.

  190. Lin is one of a kind. No comparison!

  191. Double standard but there are always shameless people with Infinite biases trying to justify this. Lin has proved them wrong several times in his career. Charlotte fans will never forget Lin’s games against the Spurs, the Raptors, the Cavs with LeBron and Kyrie, the Celtics, the Heat with Dragic and Wade etc.

  192. Awesome, another believer! 🙂 Yes he’s listed as Guard/Forward for his college stats. A rising star indeed! He’s also not afraid to shoot and keeps moving to get open on his own account!

    Lin gets sad and plays poorly when teammates ignore him and ices him out yet he continues to pass to them. If they aren’t passing back, when you get the ball, look for open space and shoot. Repeat that until they “can’t” ignore you anymore. Lin fans keep saying but they will bench him, lol they will bench him either way, nothing to lose there! At least if he’s scoring, fans and media will force the coach to play him cause of all the attention.

    Watanabe doesn’t just stand there, he keeps moving to get an open shot and keeps scoring. Sure they still do fancy passes just to ice him but when he gets the rebound or gets the ball you bet he’s going coast to coast or looking for his own shot if he finds a space. Memphis almost lost the game because teammates were playing keep away from Watanabe! And coach was dumb enough not to draw a play for him for their 1st time out! The player chucked a contest 3 trying to be the hero and failed. They were lucky to get a 2nd chance and ciacg finally drew a 3 pointer play for Watanabe which surprised me. Goes to show that the coach wanted to win.

  193. There will be more keep coming to offset the dominance of the black athletes in NBA. Like Doncic, Jokic, Porzingis, Yue Ming, Lin, Dragic, the recently retired Ginobili etc. There can be no stopping against that. The international team is getting stronger and stronger.

  194. Bembry and Dorsey are playing to stay on the roster. I would assume one of the guaranteed could be put on waiver after the preseason.

  195. On that play where Watanabe dunked, Lin would have passed to his teammate but Yuta drove to the rim and dunked the ball himself. I like that. But he doesn’t seem to be a good passer.

  196. Same here! I liked how when Watanabe gets to the rim he isn’t wrapping around and passing it back out to teammates he’s going for it and throwing it down if he has to! Again it’s helps to be 6’9″ which is why i laughed when Watanabe did that 2 handed dunk and posterized that Pacers player trying to defend with 1 hand! Unlike Lin, these dirty players won’t be able to hit Watanabe as easily with the refs turning a blind eye!

  197. Although not super strong, seems he will not wilt physically like some Chinese players from China. He hustles and is opportunistic. It would be great to see him do well.

  198. JLin has already fought his battle and exceeded Andre Robertson on his way to recovery. Why should we be unhappy with his progress. Didn’t we hear that Lin looks good? All good!

  199. Bingo! Too many players from China are scrawny and short guards who won’t survive nor make an impact. Either that or lack English fluency to fully immerse into the NBA and communicate with teammates!

    Watanabe’s English still needs work with heavy accent but he went to Prep school and George Washington Division 1 basketball that helped improve his English and basketball skills! At least we can understand him.

  200. Ahh, he’s the kid who went to GW. I read about him several years ago. How did he do in college? Yes, he is not cowed by NBA players; he plays as if he belongs. Although a more natural shooter than Lin, he doesn’t seem as if he can shoot like Durant.

  201. He was just as amazing in college, his highlights on youtube goes all the way back to to 3 years ago! His 21 pt game as a freshman, the one where he was hot from the 3 point line and couldn’t miss was awesome! Yet he went undrafted due to racism and bias. Comparing Yuta and Young, Yuta should’ve been the one drafted! Young is no where near NBA ready! In fact he looks like a bust!

  202. What was his college stats aside from one great shooting game.

  203. here you go. don’t forget you can be the best college player but still disappear and not be a star in the NBA. He was defensive player of the year for his conference during college.

  204. He played lots of minutes Junior abd Senior, and improved every year, while scoring over 16 points per game. Not bad.

  205. It only takes a few more games to see Lin’s added value to this team and getting upset before that is so unnecessary.

    For people indulging themselves to make sorrowful predictions, they are very likely to be disappointed. The training and medical team have already got Spellman back to be active on the court. Soon or at most a little later, the others will be ready.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Hawks at full strength with Lin leading the way.

  206. Lin has shown his impact on or off the court. There is no reason for us to be upset.

  207. Did they say Young will start forever? I don’t recall them saying that too.

  208. Again, there is no telling because the regular season hasn’t even started. Preseason is just for team building and decision makings on whom to keep for the regular season.

  209. Lin is worthy of his minutes for many reasons. I’m happy that the team is helping the promotion of Lin in NBA.

  210. Same old, same old

  211. JLin’s 3 pointers weren’t going in and he has a bad habit of dribbling in place when defended closely. What he should do is continuously move to an open spot to get open and get rebounds for transition plays.

  212. Come to read this again. Agree 100%). It’s like comparing an apple with an orange. They are so different.

  213. The match of Lin and the Hawks seems to be a win-win situation. There is no reason to believe the otherwise.

    We will see this soon enough.

  214. Vince Carter can score lots of points when he’s open.

  215. Lin is not a natural shooter; wish he was. He needs the ball in his hands and make decisions.

  216. Lin keeps fighting his battle from being the undrafted to starting, from being waived to being a restricted free agent with a big contract. He has earned more than a normal 2nd rounder. He was then traded away as a salary dump. That year he was put to the bench for players called Ronnie Price and Jordan Jackson. Byron Scott publicly dissed him an then put him on DNP. Then Lin was signed by the Hornets with ML exception at a bargain price for the team Lin then revived his career by establishing milestones for the teams by beating the teams they never did. The Hornets were given new life with him playing for them. Then the Hornets lost big after Lin left and missed the playoff ever since while Lin got his biggest contract from Brooklyn. Lin was plagued by injury; his teammate too. I’m so glad left Brooklyn and go to a team with much better training staff. Lin was hit by the worst injury in his life. People had countedvhim before rehab. He believes he can come back and he does.

    In short, Lin has fought many battles in NBA and has won, improving year after years. We are cheering for a hero that wins his game in life time after times. So when someone comes to this Lin fan website to tell us to give up on Lin, the only logical response is to tell him to get lost.

    Trolls like these couldn’t be real Lin fans. Lin is fighting his battle now and I aint see him giving up. These self proclaimed Lin fans have already given up with his infinite wisdom over Lin’s finite but true wisdom. Whom should I bet on, my hero or the trolls?

    I have never had an easier choice in my life? My hero who has been winning will win again. There should be no arguement; not in this website.

  217. There shouldn’t be any hurry for Lin.

  218. JLIN’s 3s weren’t missing by much; shot release is as quick as it’s ever been, had a few gone in – we’d all be singing a different tune; just keep shooting – they will fall.

    JLIN drove with speed; his first step quickness looks like it’s returning, every time he took it to the hoop, he did it with purpose and either scored or got fouled.

  219. sore ankle

  220. Yes, from NBA store. They offered free shipping and a discount last week.

  221. Let’s be not compare Lin to Yuta. For one Yuta hasn’t yet become a starter or play even one game as one. Until Yuta sets a record for points as a rookie starter, he’ll never be as good as Lin.

    When comparing Lin’s situation to Yuta, lest not forget that Yuta follows in the footsteps that Lin has put down as an Asian pioneer. What Lin has endured has indeed change the perception of what Asians are capable of. The history of how Lin got to where he is has cast a huge shadow over his career. The jealousy and hatred that followed Linsanity remains as a blockade to any chance for Lin to be a legit starter. Have you not seen what everyone has done to make sure Lin doesn’t succeed?

    Are you so angry about what others have done to Lin that you’d go as far as to blame the victim? LIN IS A VICTIM OF AN ENTIRE LEAGUES JEALOUSY TO ERASE THE RECORD HE HAS SET. They want to remake history to make it seem that Linsanity was a fluke. Don’t let them make you believe their story line. If Lin was even given half a chance like he was in Charlotte or anywhere else for that matter, he was taken down the best teams and players in the league.

  222. 3s, mid range, and dunks? That’s very versatile and Durant like to me! Even the height and physiques are similar.

  223. NO WAY. Unless you have NBA expertise, it’s just your opinion as a fan. As another fan, I disagree.

  224. Yes, this was a good vid. Agree. Second look at his missed 3’s. Any of them could have gone in, except for the one that went a little right.

  225. KD is a freak physically compared to what he can do. Yuta is not a freak physically — just a versatile player.

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