Preseason1 Brooklyn Nets vs NY Knicks

Brooklyn Nets will start the first of their four preseason games of 2017-18 season on the road against the New York Knicks.

Allen Crabbe and Caris LeVert will be out due to sprained ankle but the Nets are expected to have a starting lineup of Jeremy Lin, D’Angelo Russell, DeMarre Carroll, Rondae-Hollis Jefferson, and Timofey Mozgov. The same starting lineup have been playing together at the end of training camp and recent practices.

If Crabbe were healthy to play at the Small Forward (SF) position, DeMarre and RHJ are expected to compete for the starting Power Forward (PF) position but for now both players will start together.

Without Brook Lopez, the spotlight will be on the backcourt duo of Lin and Russell (DLo) as the main playmakers for the Nets team. Both can play point guards but with DLo’s preference to play shooting guard and Lin’s natural tendency as a point guard, they can work very well. The opposing defense will certainly need to pick their poison when both are on the floor.

It will be interesting to see how natural Lin/DLo duo will play off each other in actual NBA games. Coach Atkinson commended DLo’s on-the-ball defense but advised him to not relax on the off-the-ball defense.

“His off-the-ball stuff, he’s still got to clean up. He relaxes sometimes. [We’re] still working on that. But pleasantly surprised so far overall, and especially his defense has been pretty good. I’m going to keep on him about it.” Russell’s vision, passing and scoring aren’t in question. It’s his defense and consistency that must improve.

Let’s hope and pray the Nets can build their chemistry playing together in their first preseason game and be healthy throughout the season. Let’s go, JLIN!


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  1. 1st?

  2. Welcome back everyone! Hope Lin will have a great season!

  3. 1st Mod! 1st LinNets win for the season! 🙂

  4. Jeremy Lin popularity in China just below Kobe, Steph

    Bryant was the big winner in the competition, according to the Mailman calculation. He garnered 119 points, ahead of Curry (103), Lin (99), Dwayne Wade (86) and ex-Net Stephon Marbury (76). Bryant hasn’t played in the NBA since the 2015-16 season, Marbury since 2009, but has been a major star in the China Basketball Association in the years since.

  5. Yes!!!!!! All in for Win!!!!!

  6. I became a priest after being fired for racist Jeremy Lin headline

    “Everyone thinking of me as a bad person, an evil person — it was the worst 30 days of my life,” Federico, who is becoming a Catholic priest, told the Washington Post. “To think I could be in a place now where I’m genuinely happy with my life and excited about serving the people of God — if you told me that then, I wouldn’t have believed it. I think the thing that Jesus does best is second chances.”

    Jesus wasn’t the only one to give Federico a second chance. He met with Lin over lunch shortly after the headline fiasco and apologized for the gaffe, explaining he didn’t mean to use it with a racial connotation.

    “We talked more about matters of faith [and] reconciliation. We talked about our shared Christian values and what we’re both trying do with this situation. … We didn’t talk about the headline for more than three minutes,” Federico said at the time.

    As it turned out, getting fired by ESPN was a blessing in disguise.

    “Looking back, I think God allowed this to happen to me to put me on a path to being a priest, a path that I was avoiding,” Federico said.

  7. Wow! What an incredible story it is!

  8. So happy to see the first (preseason) game thread of the new season!

    Finally after six long months, we will see Lin in action on court!
    Hope for a great season for Lin and Nets. “Go Hard”, get W’s, and stay healthy!

  9. Putting lin out of the nba top 100 players by espn was another form of smarter racism by espn.

  10. Let’s go!!!

  11. @windowsofangels
    We’re halfway there, folks! Seems Lin’s look suggests that he means business.GO PLAY HARD @JLin7 @BrooklynNets @nba @Loveforlife0323

  12. I like it. Looks good to me. Haha!

  13. I got a feeling tonight the Nets will rain some 3s .. Lin/DLo will attack the rim mercilessly and find open shooters!

    Booker and Zeller have been practicing their 3s

  14. The HairGame is strong here! lol

  15. Here’s the beautiful play leading to Lin’s game winner in the final game of Training Camp again.

    We can appreciate the fluid ball movement starting from DLo’s penetration with the help of Mozgov’s screen drawing multiple defenders, timely pass to DC drawing Lin’s defender (IW), and finding a wide-open JLin to make the deep 3 (a lot of space behind the 3-pt line).

    Note: also glad to see JLin’s “safe” game-winner celebration lol

  16. Better than the recent one.

  17. ?
    The @BrooklynNets took a tour of the Academy last week. Take a look at their day here!

  18. That was quite a statement. Only those with supreme confidence can wear them ?

  19. Doesn’t change the fact that the top looked frizzy and puffy lol. He had cornrows last season and they looked much better. Hopefully the hair will look neater and better today.

  20. I just hope lin can stay healthy. Hes had great preseasons in the past, but they didnt always translate over to his regular season success because on injuries and coaches messinng with his minutes

  21. Jeremy is quoted as saying : “We just had a discussion, but we feel like at this point we probably won’t do anything … Not that we don’t believe in anything, but a lot of what we had wanted to say has been said. So I feel like we’re just going to stand and at the same time figure out off the court – as individuals, as an organization, as a team – what we can do. But that’s an ongoing discussion.”

  22. Behold the power of The Jeremy Lin Effect

  23. So Jeremy Lin penned an article about his hair ..
    Now I understand why he needed to do it

    Let’s talk about my hair…

  24. I didn’t realize the NBA made some major rule changes this season.

    I think that the biggest difference is that there are just 75 second timeouts instead of the full and 20 second timeouts plus a team can only call 2 timeouts in the last 2 minutes.

    Years ago, I wrote on this forum that I wanted rule changes. One of them was having only one timeout per quarter, and it would only be a 20 second timeout. 75 seconds is still too long in my opinion, especially since more than one timeout can be called per quarter by a single team.

    Other rules changes I’d suggest are:

    1) No 3 second violation
    2) No halfcourt violation
    3) 3 second free throw timer
    4) all shooting fouls are 1 and 1 free throws, or 1 and 1 and 1
    5) all flagrant fouls mean instant ejection
    6) ball stays in play after bouncing off the side of the backboard

    and the biggest rule change that is not truly a rule change and will never happen: all rules are enforced FAIRLY with NO SUPERSTAR CALLS

  25. Before Lin’s Charlotte regular season, I wrote on this forum that Lin would
    get more media attention for his hair than for his race or game.


  26. that guy “got religion”

  27. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but was wondering whether it’s now official who will be the PG?..DLo or Lin?.

    Also, who will start at PF?…Carroll or RHJ?…My preference is for Carroll wince he can shoot and open up space for Lin and DLo drive to the basket.

  28. Was just thinking that I look toward this season like I did back in 1980 and was hoping to see Dr. J and the 76ers. Lin is one of the few players in the NBA today that can envoke this feeling! Enjoy!!

  29. All good ideas.

  30. I just learned that it is considered “cultural appropriation” by many for a non-black person to wear dreads a.k.a. dreadlocks.

  31. True. If Lin wants his hairslyle – it is ok!

  32. There are 2 fascinating aspects for me:
    1. his hairstyle metamorphosis also helped him to develop the “no worries about what people think” mentality.
    2. his “hair camaraderie” with RHJ and LeVert also helped to create stronger bond with his teammates

    People will worry if he will lose his identity or not but I believe he’s strong enough to keep his identity but also have fun with his hairstyles. I remember JJ Redick’s article saying that he needed to get tattoos to prove that he “belongs” in the NBA to gain street-cred.

    I think in Lin’s case, his hairstyle helps him to be stronger mentally, have fun, and build camaraderie with his teammates. I believe JLin possesses underrated EQ that is equally as high as his IQ in order to succeed in the NBA.

  33. Knicks featured post with Lin’s close-up shot. lol×1196:1297×1559/920×613/filters:focal(852×1071:1208×1427):format(webp)/

  34. Not a fan of some of his hair preferences (and a fan of others) – BUT WHO CARES what a millionaire does with his hair??? (at least I don’t think anyone should, unless it’s unsafe or terribly inappropriate in some way).

    Like his new predator look.

  35. Interesting. Great insight

  36. As expected, #Nets starters are: Lin, Russell, Carroll, RHJ, Mozgov
    Good balance of Offense and Defense ?

  37. Great piece of writing. I’d enjoyed reading it thoroughly.

  38. KA said more time for starters in this game than regular preseason games.
    Maybe 20-25 min?

  39. Tyler Hansbrough just pulled a MOSES MALONE on the powerful Washington Wizards yesterday:

    29 points, 11 rebounds!

  40. 30 minutes I’m guessing

  41. I took a look at the Knicks scrimmages this morning.

    They are playing much better without their fake superstars like Anthony dragging them down.

    Jeff Hornacek has the Knicks playing fast unselfish solid basketball. They are completely different from last season.

    The Knick backcourt is weak, but the Knicks frontcount is very good.

  42. ESPN ranked Nets 22nd in the league but fans might not notice that it is actually the 9th team in the Eastern Conference. There is only 1 team to beat for playoff. Guess what?

  43. Do I need League Pass to watch tonight’s game?
    LP has gone up so much. It is almost $30/month now…

  44. That will be good to build strong chemistry.
    8-9 min to start in Q1 and Q3
    6-7 min to close in Q2 and Q4

  45. Let the games begin !
    I expect Allen Crabbe to replace RHJ when healthy

  46. Usually they have free trial during preseason?

    I plan to resubscribe to (similar to old ballstream) but it’s closed to new subscribers. Otherwise links to free streams are in the article.

  47. Looking sharp! He got the co-sign from his teammates and his hair stylist…so all good.

  48. Its his hair so, he can do what he wants with it. Didn’t need a co-sign. I’m black btw.

  49. LP feed up now.

  50. Players look happy too

  51. They want to win this game.

  52. I don’t like it but as long as he can play …. it’s not matter which hair style he wants….. haha!

  53. ????

  54. they dont look great so far..

  55. come on lin

  56. understatment. iso all day dlo

  57. so far lin is not the PG

  58. meh he and russell are sharing the ball.. the spacing is poor

  59. Nope. Looks bad.

  60. Rusty. DLo Chuck all the shots. Team still has chemistry to build.

  61. i hope crabbe starts

  62. there’s no PG, it’s Lin or DLo sharing PG.

  63. khuang might have been right about their defense..

  64. lin is a way better floor general than d lo.. if anything he should move to the 2 spot

  65. demarre carrol is bringing up the ball.

  66. lin is barely touching the ball. hopefully this changes soon

  67. Lin seems to be pointless out there. He might as well not be on the court.

    Stat like 0-0-0

  68. actualy the team seems to be running a bit better with lin

  69. lets not get too negative.. theres still chemistry issues that need to be worked out

  70. He’s fine, looks a little rusty, short on the shot and a little slow on D. He’ll get in the groove.

  71. He’s not getting the touches!

  72. Team playing better. They still don’t know how to play with dlo yet. He just went iso every play

  73. Kenny sat Dload to see how the offense goes with Lin being the general. So far, it looks good

  74. Right now he is the floor general

  75. Nets D is terrible…hopefuly they will make improvements lol

  76. lol way better..

  77. That’s what he used to in Lakers…. need more time …. Hope so.

  78. Acy in for DLo at 6:33
    Harris/Booker in for DC/RHJ at 5:07

  79. the paint is packed.. Lin needs crabbe for better spacing

  80. Lin sits.

  81. way more organized 🙂

  82. Lin or Dlo will always be on

  83. I’m not worried. Want Lin healthy. Just play enough to get a read on teammates. That’s what pre-season is for.

  84. nice pass by booker!

  85. lol

  86. oh yeah! we’re going to playoff.

  87. behind-the-back pass to coaches on the bench lol

  88. what happened to paul f villareal?

  89. 1st preseason. everyone rusty

  90. not booker! he got game

  91. Speed of Lin should be able to make highlights of this game in a second.

  92. Lin needs to score. Russel is a SG. Theres no doubt about it

  93. Unlike the last 2 years, Lin doesn’t need to prove himself in preseason.

    He can start slowly. Good for his health.

  94. Thats what I’m saying. He just needs to get used to everyone

  95. interestingly Kilpatrick has not played yet

  96. So it looks like coaches want to stagger DLo and Lin starting from Q1
    DLo out at 6:33 and back in at 3:31 for Lin

  97. Well….it would be nice if they pass him the ball once in a while

  98. Right, don’t go all out in the pre-season. It’s for team chemistry on both O and D. But there are only 4 games to do so.

  99. thats chemistry and spacing. they don’t know each other yet. it looked worst last year in the 1st preseason game.

  100. The heck is this, Lin zero points and Russel with 10?!

  101. nice pass dlo

  102. not a big deal its preseason.. also russell has shot the ball a lot more and been more aggressive. lin is trying to distribute more

  103. Kilpatrick in. He may not play much. especially with crabbe here

  104. But Lin’s also off the floor right now ><"

  105. Lin or dlo will always be on

  106. i wonder when lin will come back in

  107. 8 minute mark

  108. lol idk?

  109. Hope Lin can show more at second half and close this game.

  110. I like how strong mosgov is

  111. What did I tell you guys? Lin is listed as SG on NBA scoreboard. Yet as SG he hardly got touches to shoot for 8 minutes in 1st quarter.

  112. Kanter got Mozgov-ed

  113. The ball moves through DLo thus far…

  114. Missed the entire 1st quarter was Lin iced out?! 8 minutes with 0 points doesn’t look good at all!

  115. There is no 4Qtr for 5starters in pre season.

  116. From the past, Lin always took more shots in 2nd half… Hope this will be the same for this season.

  117. Yes he did, Mozgov is looking awesome out there, will give guards who want to drive a a hard time.

  118. J.Lin – a man of true, timely substance and style. In 20 years, J.Lin for political office, anywhere, USA!

  119. Nope. Not good at all! I’ve been fearing this scenario since the summer and it’s happening now. Albeit, it’s the 1st preseason game, but we now can see that Lin’s being relegated to playing Dlo 2nd fiddle…

  120. Lin in next

  121. get lin back in

  122. I’ve had it up to here what the Russel show, if Lin isn’t coming in after this timeout I’d be very mad.

  123. The ultimate fear is Lin moves to the second unit. Charlotte all over!

  124. he was at the scorers table. tussle is 3-10 for 10 points so its no show

  125. Guys, no need to worry about Lin’s score, it’s only a pre season game, regular season games are what counts.

  126. Yea and JLin is 0 points so he’s not even there! Ugh!!

  127. 10 shots. Kind of lot of shots.

  128. 2 shots.

  129. This excuse again? What next , “Coach is trying to rest him” BS again?!

  130. That’s how many Lin shoots on an “open season” day…

  131. I’ll confess it now so my post make sense for the rest of the season.

    I want Lin running the show like he did with Dantoni during linsanity.

    Any other system: Houston read and react, Lakers iso, Nets motion offense will the subpar to me and be open to criticize by me.

  132. Lin’s game speed is off. He has to get it back.

  133. i think we are all a little worried, because lin has been in the position hes in now many times before..

  134. If that is the case, Lin should leave. Let SM and KA fail miserably. They’re failing Lin right now!

  135. DLo is very aggressive shooting 4-11 (3-3 FT) in 12min so far. Other Nets had max of 4 FGAs
    I hope Lin is also aggressive when he checks back in.

  136. yes. sooner rather than later or else he might get benched

  137. More like Rockets all over again. Harden came, Lin eventually benched and loss his so called “franchise/leader’ spot.

  138. He’s not getting benched. We don’t need to worry about that. Everybody on the team knows how good Lin is.

  139. Lin in at 6:50 mark in Q2

  140. DLo took too many shots….

  141. Agreed, Lin just need to get his stats, get to playoffs and then take his job elsewhere! Nets will fail miserably without him guaranteed!

  142. Lin can’t seem to find his rhythm

  143. Did KHuang predict Lin might come off the bench this season? Don’t remember.

  144. Any free streaming for this game???

  145. Benched for long minutes, of course he’s ice cold!

  146. did lin not practice this offseason lol


  148. Yes, he forced some of his shots.

  149. Thanks! Will give it a try

  150. Somehow I doubt Atkinson will criticize him for not passing enough.

  151. Lin needs to shoot, man! Stop passing. Get yourself in rhythm first! Dlo did it, you must too! Forget about protocol!

  152. Just got home. Lin has all 0’s on the scoreboard at 2Q 4:15?? What happened?

  153. Lanes are clogged

  154. That’s the way Lin always did in the past for 1st half…. don’t worry. He will…

  155. Can you see he is just taking it easy? why should you play hard in preseason and risk injury? He is playing the right way.

  156. Lin looking awful.

  157. try gentti’s stream. it’s awesome

  158. 1st game

  159. Carroll needs to let Lin bring the ball down and set up the play.

  160. Like the rookie

  161. Lin is trying a bit too hard to facilitate.
    He can try to score and avoid that TO

  162. Lin looks very sluggish and tentative.

  163. come on lin.

  164. extremely tentative.

  165. 33333333

  166. Lin’s being guarded very tight, double teamed with the lane clogged by defenders.

  167. Awful is the word for Lin right now. Good thing all that awfulness is happening in preseason

  168. he’s back!!!!

  169. Speed, but should have shot the layout. But looked really fast.

  170. Finally!!!! thankyou whoever passed to Lin for the open shot!

  171. 333333333333

  172. LOL Lin makes the 3 and now everyone’s making their shots including RHJ!

  173. Nice Lin drive to penetrate and assist to DC

  174. lol Your feed is a bit late, was thinking he made the 2nd 3 attempt ;/

  175. Same here lol

  176. Whitehead’s assist

  177. I don’t care if he misses just that he has a rhythm and his spots to get off the shot. We all know he will make it when it counts

  178. LOL, no LP yet

  179. Lin is just having a bad night. not worried,

  180. lin needs to explode like he just did

  181. not really a bad night just rusty.

  182. thats the explosion that lin needs to continue to show.. reason for linsanity

  183. very rusty

  184. He looked quick on the drive. He’s just off-rhythm. There are glimpses of it here and there.

  185. Lin always goes cold after being benched for long periods of time, KA should know that and allow him to be on the floor more!

  186. lol

  187. Why is the whole team in the paint when Lin drives to the rim? There’s no spacing!

  188. 2 ft

  189. it will get better

  190. Maybe Lin needs to get his hair loose. The braids are suffocating his blood flow or just have a man bun instead. Braids don’t suit him. Sorry Lin.

  191. No need for live streaming, I just wait for Alaingrvis’s 2222222222222 or 333333333

  192. lol

  193. too much threes lol

  194. Yeesh. Ugly play.

  195. That last layup would be a score in the regular season

  196. yep. explosion looked good tho.

  197. I think this is the effect of the MO offense. It is horrible! No one seems to be in rhythm.

  198. Lin’s speed and explosion look good, he’ll get his rhythm. If not in this game, then the next one.

  199. Can’t be helped, Knicks clogging the paint like mad they did their game plan well.

  200. disagree.. they just need time to jel

  201. yep.

  202. it got better over time.

  203. I think they are just rusty, after Lin made that 3, everyone took their shots and made them at their fav spot. RHJ even made a stop and pop mid jumper. It’s preseason so it should get better.

  204. I’m hoping Lin will get a bit better with the iso, pull-up three this season. That’ll give him another real chance to score

  205. not to worry .. the ball was flowing better in the 2nd quarter
    Whitehead, DC were passing to Lin and open man

    It’s a new team so it’ll get better as they get to know one another

  206. Agreed, just bring back the Mohawk!

  207. Lin and Dlo will split the time of the court. Thats a good idea. All the units had multiple scoring option. J.allen could be the next Ed Davis for Lin

  208. FGA: Lin 7 in 15:09, in contrast Russell 11 in 14:08

  209. Good to see Lin tried that floater before being fouled by KP.
    And he didn’t hesitate with his 3s in the 2nd quarter.
    Just need to finish scoring on drives and not overpassing

  210. Russell is a sg

  211. Was it a foul? refs counted it as a block for KP! ><"

  212. yes that has been his problem.. over passing.. a missed shot is 100 percent better than a turnover

  213. Russell got to play through the 1st quarter and 2nd while Lin got benched and went cold.

  214. I’ve been impressed with Booker’s hustle; he gets a lot of rebounds. I liked this last year too.

  215. Also 7 FGAs for Lin, 11 FGAs for DLo

    Other Nets with next highest FGA at 5 would be DC and SKil

  216. Lin was cold from the get-go. Hopefully, he can get into a better rhythm in the 2nd half.

  217. The bench is playing well

  218. you start sounding like McHale 🙂
    but yeah, this is true about no-fancy passing

  219. haha well i hope i sound like player mchale and not coach mchale :).

  220. that was for Lin 2 FTs so another shot

  221. that was actually Coach McHale so he had a few wisdom after all lol

  222. Can’t tell was Lin playing with the bench unit? When will he get to play with the starting unit?

  223. Booker always brings that energy.
    As long as he doesn’t do that behind-the-back passes to coaches, we’re good 🙂

  224. Lin and Dlo splitting time. so one will away be on.

  225. In a real game yes, but the fastest way to feel out your new teammates and combat unfamiliar defensive coverages is to experiment and study the film afterwards. Gotta invest in that early in the season, and it’ll pay off down the road. It’s how to get the feel and instincts

  226. smart. they havent played great together. hopefully they will jel like lin and kemba did

  227. Sure but right now Lin is getting the shorter end of the stick playing with bench players.

  228. I wouldn’t say that but its the preseason so I’m sure some people won’t be playing but looking at who play idk who that will be. I liked all the units personally

  229. Ok I feel better, Lin is now with starting unit again pheew.

  230. porzingis is a great shot blocker

  231. yea he is

  232. Lin’s hockey assist not counted but RHJ got 2 FTs

  233. Lin got to handle the ball with Russel. Lin passed to Russel after half court and Russel passed it right back to an open Lin! I like what I’m seeing and feel less worried now!

  234. russel on fire

  235. They didn’t show the no-look by Lin.

  236. he gets the ball

  237. Yup Russel is looking good out there, making shots and the right passes no ball hogging so far.

  238. he loves being an SG.. it’s good for him

  239. it was so quick camera wasn’t ready

  240. Not just that but he’s also passing back to Lin and teammates it’s a good sign. He’d be the 1st SG willing to work and share the limelight with Lin if this duo can continue after this season.

  241. Are you there?

  242. Lin is a great QB with long-pass

  243. true.. he buys into the system, very good sign

  244. Team already look like a unit. Russell shot is on. Lins shot will come.

  245. They’re better when Lin is playing PG and initiating. Frees Russell up for better shots.

  246. i think this back court is going to work out

  247. The game’s win will be sealed once Lin catches fire. I’m liking what I’m seeing with this starting unit. Lin passes to Russel after half court who’s willing to pass it right back which is a 1st I’d say! Smart player hope this can continue and he won’t turn into Walker or worst Harden.

  248. I agree

  249. yep then lin can attack once pressure is off

  250. dLo on fire. JLin with the football pass. I have a good feeling for the reg season

  251. The difference is he gets a lot of touches. Everyone passes to him.

  252. Lin’s D is beginning to get to Sessions, now.

  253. 33333

  254. Lin is a great QB to keep the offense flowing, finding the right people.
    DLo is like the lethal WR

    Good team chemistry!

  255. you beat me 2 it lol

  256. vamos. vamos!

  257. how do u say lets go or come on in chinese?

  258. Lin with a 3 after a screen! WOOT WOOT!!

  259. Great pull-up 3 by JLin!
    No hesitation whatsoever

  260. Was that RHJ who got trapped and made a TO? tsk tsk tsk :/

  261. Lin with the 3, off the pick…. he’ll hit that 50% all season

  262. so tonight is finished.

  263. Lin sits.

  264. I doubt it

  265. Man knicks will be bad

  266. Lin just needs to keep the fire for 4th quarter to seal it!

  267. KA said starters will play longer than usual in preseason.

    I think he might want to see them close the game, unless it’s a blowout

  268. We don’t really say it that way. We say “Jia Yo” which directly translate to “add oil”…

  269. I think they will regardless. just need the reps

  270. and everyone said carmelo was the problem in NY. lol

  271. lol Porzingis with 3 fouls, lane will be open if he sits.

  272. No reason to play Lin. The Nets is leading

  273. Great hustle by Acy.
    I really like his game

  274. let’s hope so.. they can use more PT together

  275. Went to get some work done. Come back and Nets up by 16.

    What happened?

  276. Please get more work done??

  277. LOL

  278. Lin finally got going with bench and the points piled up when Lin was reunited with starting unit. Russel is on fire, all teammates are also making their shots and defending well!

  279. ?. Fine. I’ll just wait for the highlights. I’ll be productive and be a happy fan.

  280. Lin or dlo not in it looks messy

  281. dinwiddie with a smart play

  282. Looks good enough for me. Here’s my annual 50+ win season prediction, on the condition that Lin remains healthy and no drama.

  283. What was the “expert” power ranking of these 2 teams again? Anyone remember?

  284. Heck yes! If this continues Nets will be a serious contender!!

  285. WHo was the sleepy head that used to get the same treatment from the gang? Haven’t seen him for a while. Maybe you need to take his place as our lucky charm. Lol

  286. gotcha lol

  287. Lin is team-first as always. I think he wants to get teammates going and win the first game though it is preseason.

    W over cross-town rival Knicks is especially sweet! 🙂

  288. Michael. Someone please slip him a sleeping pill before every game…

  289. Looks like Lin is done for the night.

  290. One thing we can take away from this game, Lin is not PG no more.

  291. Knicks have no PG or leader to lead the team, they are doomed. Won’t be surprised if Porzingis leaves when his contract is up.

  292. I don’t agree. First of all, he was playing off-ball a lot last year. And in the 3Q Lin initiated a lot of the offense. It’s a MO, and in this system, the PG isn’t like it is in a traditional system. He had more touches in the 3Q and found his rhythm more.

  293. And to think Levert and Crabbe is not there yet. man I’m excited

  294. Wrong he still is PG even when playing with Russel both getting to lead the team as PG when minutes are staggered.

  295. think lin is done?

  296. It doesn’t look it. DLo always came out to get the ball but not Lin. He played off ball as a SG. The only time he led was with the second unit.

  297. From what Atkinson said no but idk

  298. The bench’s passing has been very impressive… they’re playing like a team.

  299. After that buzzer beater by Knicks lol I think Lin will definitely close the game.

  300. Its great to see the team get the rust off. Also all the player are blending easily. It doesn’t look clunky like it did with Lopez

  301. Lin handled the ball more than DLo in the 2nd half, 3Q. We really need to see more games before determining how much Lin vs. DLo will touch the ball. It’s something they are feeling out now in real game. It’s way too quick to come to any determinations, but Lin ran the show in the 3Q, and that’s when the team looked its best.

  302. Starting unit with Lin also playing very well. Defense has also improved tremendously, Russel trying hard to impress KA with his defense and it was actually working LMAO.

  303. i dont see dLo on the bench? he injured or something?

  304. Booker 12 reb, Mozgov 2.. both 16 min mark.

  305. He really needs to get a few more minutes, get some of the rust off. But, we will see.

  306. intersting

  307. Booker playing as bench player, Mozgov is the better defender and scorer though.

  308. O.O don’t scare us! DLo was on fire this entire game maybe just went to bathroom? Nets need Lin and Russel to be a contender!

  309. This unit should be thrown away

  310. Ok time to bring starting unit back in now! Knicks making a comeback!!

  311. I think that has some to do with the 3 pts shootings. Rebounds are longer.

  312. This unit is mostly third unit right? Shouldn’t even be left on the court!

  313. bring lin back in

  314. 3rd or 4th

  315. Bring Lin, DLo, and the whole starting unit back now!

  316. I don’t think they are going to bring the starters back in.

  317. It look like your right

  318. Knicks are making a come back and will win if they don’t!

  319. yeah lol.. hopefully idk since its preseason game tho lol

  320. Can’t see Lin play more than 20 mins in pre-season. He’s done for the night. So is DLo.

  321. Preseason determines regular season. If KA does this it means he doesn’t care about winning and is no different from worst record of the NBA last season!

  322. 93-88 with 10 minutes left, Nets can still lose. No reason why starters shouldn’t come back in! All teams try to win preseason games to make a point.

  323. Knicks thought Booker was Lebron, triple teamed him LMAO! Booker = Lebron JR lol

  324. The starters are done

  325. dlo but not lin?

  326. 92-101 7:26 Nets lead

  327. I don’t think W and Ls are that important in preseason.

  328. starters are most certainly done.

  329. thats Dinwiddie

  330. LOL my feed is bad quality

  331. lol

  332. Lin and DLo staggered minutes means there’s none left for Dinwiddie poor guy.

  333. with Crabbe back where does skilpatrick play

  334. he’s played 17 minutes so far.

  335. He played ~18 minutes so far, Lin ~21.

  336. Regular season will be different when game is on the line.

  337. Wish Lin played better, 8 points went 2-9. DLo had 19 points went 7-14.

  338. Kenny the Commie is up to his old tricks. He plays the entire roster, NOBODY gets more than 20 minutes playing time, and winning? Not important.

  339. its a preseason game so i wouldnt worry about it bro

  340. ban -_-

  341. Lin started the preseason very strong and the beginning of reg. seasons didn’t went well almost every year.

    I wish he start it slower and see what will happen. He is not going to lose his position anyway.

  342. Wow that 3 by Dinwiddie definitely sealed the game and ended for Nets!

  343. How did he do?

  344. Lin was benched in 1st up too 2nd quarter while DLo was playing PG. We all had a deja vu of his spot being taken!

  345. started slow.. shook off some rust and played well towards th end

  346. Thanks!

  347. that was staggered minutes

  348. Not that great 8 points, bit nervous and rusty. Made 2 3s and 2 FTs.

  349. Except he was benched way too long. By the time he was back in mid/late 2nd quarter he’s ice cold! Doesn’t help that DLo was controlling the offense at the beginning which wasted his 8 mins.

  350. whens the next game boys?

  351. 115-107 Nets beat Knicks!

  352. Yup and they didn’t even break a sweat. Just hope Lin bounces back next game.

  353. This Thursday Oct 5th vs Heat

  354. Thanks! Why cant he just say f it and gun it?? Always nervous and deferential…

  355. Booker has 13 rebs in 21 mins. If he can hit 3s, I like him to play 5, not RHJ.
    Mozgov didn’t play well. Maybe he need time to fit in.

  356. He played only 21 minutes. I think in regular games, he will be on the court for at least 30 minutes.

  357. Booker was the best rebounder in the Nets last season, even better than Lopez.

  358. Did it appear jlin is still the man?

  359. Nope. He’s a SG now, not PG.

  360. He did get better towards the end. I heard DLo was controlling the offense at the beginning so his 1st 8minutes was wasted since he didn’t get to touch the ball much. I started watching from 2nd quarter and when Lin was reunited with starting lineup he was the one controlling the offense and bringing the ball up.

  361. I missed 1st quarter so not sure. I heard DLo was PG at the beginning then after 2nd quarter when reunited with starters Lin got to control the offense and was bringing the ball up. Their minutes are staggered so both Lin and DLo get to lead the team as PG but DLo got to play with starting unit more when their minutes were staggered. Hopefully it’s the other way around for next game.

  362. Lin was more the PG in the 3rd. Not to worry. All of the games will take on their own look.

  363. I don’t think so. If anything he was a combo guard at times, but never really an SG. He did play off-ball, but he did last year as well. But in the 3rd, Lin controlled the ball more than he did in the first half while playing with DLo.

  364. Lin played pretty good just his shot was off and he was really rusty in the beginning

  365. His D improved a lot in the 2nd half. That got his O going. He played alright, like you said, his shot was off.

  366. He was getting hot in 3rd Qtr. Kenny benched him after he made the 3.

    It’s fine in preseason. I will be pissed if he does that in reg. season.

  367. I don’t think anything improve but the chemistry. 1st time he has played with some of these guys. Luckily it the chemistry and or adjustment KA made was good. Lanes where clogged for Lin as well. Knicks made sure he couldn’t drive

  368. I thought today I was watching the Rockets in 2012-2013 all over again.

  369. My thoughts exactly and I only saw the highlights. Haven’t even watched the game yet. Atkinson is a joke!

  370. in the beginning . it was dlo and carollo and offense was only going through those two… I think because ka saw that..he pulled both of them out early. Then the offense start moving with the ball sharing almost equally.
    that’s why the 2nd qtr, you see dlo stopped doing that. Hopefully KA use action to show that it’s not a one man show.

  371. NO! Unfortunately, he is already being pushed into the shooting guard role. No wonder we didn’t hear much from Lin this offseason.

  372. The first qtr wwas horrible.
    Dlo was like trying to do too much to make an impact.. and same with carollo. So both of them got benched early because it’s only dlo bringing up and shooter and carollo passing only to dlo when lin was like wide open.. smh. So 2nd qtr we didn’t see much of that which is good for ka to use action to say stop .. it’s 5 man team not a 2 man team.

  373. We’ve seen nothing yet, just wait until Sean Marks’ other 2 most favorite young franchise players return, LaVert and Crabbe.

  374. Im done with this crep

  375. I’ve been preaching the same thing last year and during preseason when I saw how Atkinson was going to treat Lin. Without Lin last year, the Nets record pretty much sums up Atkinson’s coaching ability. Because of Lin, this year will be fine, just like when he was the shooting guard for Hornets and Rockets, but Russell and Atkinson will get all the accolades.

  376. Bs crep again weve seen year after year

  377. Again? Ka stinks

  378. The Knicks is tanking this year.

    The Heat game can be a real test. The Nets rested their starters last season and hurt the Heat’s opportunity to make into the playoffs.

  379. As we’ve all seen the game plan today, Dlo is the Nets franchise PG, period. The Nets will do everything in their power to accommodate him to the highest success and a happy long term.

  380. Unfortunately, i think ur right… i wont waste time watching these boring players

  381. Up in the air?? Way to instill confidence in the proven clutch player

  382. Lin was allowed to return late of the season (no reason) to save faces of the Nets because their keep on losing seemed like never end, nothing more.

  383. It’s just 1 game. And the Knicks is one of the worst teams this year.
    How they distribute the ball in 4th Qtr clutch situation will decide who are the franchise PG.

  384. I’m already done with all other sports, NBA will be the last one, once Lin is done or I see him not motivating himself to fight for what is rightfully his role due to skill and ability to lead a team.

  385. because D-Lo’s defense is still doubtful.

  386. I haven’t seen the game or highlights yet because of work.

    But this is what I perceived from the distribution of the boxscore:

    1) the Knicks focused defensively on Lin and dared Lin’s teammates to win the game – and they DID. Lin probably wasn’t allowed to cross the 3 point line without attracting the focus of the Knicks defense, given how many Nets had a big scoring game.

    2) The Knicks are indeed what I said: a team with a good solid frontcourt and a horrible untalented backcourt

    3) Lin probably struggled with new teammates not being used to his crisp midseason intensity, hence the turnovers.

    4) I have no problem with Lin having an “off” night if his teammates are left unguarded and can win the game. I’ll have a problem if Lin has an off night AND the game is lost

  387. Thanks Atkinson. I won’t get my hopes up. We’ve been down this road before. Lin will play for the whole teams success. Then be underused even though he is the difference maker. Finally you will lose more games then was necessary.

  388. It’s not about winning to save the season as SM and KA have announced, NO playoff yet and winning won’t come until the next 2, 3 years. So it does not matter if even he plays so bad later on.

  389. I’d actually be fine with that because Lin started, averaged an excellent 13.1 ppg on the lowest touches of starting guards, played a whopping 31 mpg, and made the playoffs!

  390. Lin will most likely end the game with dlo. my guess is they can’t keep staggering minute or both will play like 35 minutes. This tweet is a bit misleading

  391. SMH, not surprised that DLo and Carroll were playing a two man game since they used to be on the same team. That explains why Lin didn’t play that well at the beginning and had 0pts in 8 minutes. So KA benched both or just 1 of them? When I tuned into 2nd quarter I saw DLo with starters without Lin. KA sould’ve benched DLo more to make a bigger statement.

    I hope next game Lin will be listed as PG and start the game as PG. It will NOT work with DLo as PG and Lin as SG, he will just be another Harden.

    I also hope KA understands after this game that unless Lin is PG he will be iced out as SG when another is controlling the offense. He needs to make adjustments and make sure Lin is always PG when playing with Russell

  392. Not really, there was some pressure on Lin but Lin just looked rusty and his shots were short. He still hit 2 3s and made a nice football pass to Mozgov. Teammates shot the ball well. There was too much DLo and Carroll at the beginning of the game, the 1st Q. If this was a regular season game, however, I think Lin would have been quite a bit more assertive in the 4Q.

  393. 16-17 eFG% Time Left in Quarter< 3 minutes
    Lin: 61.7% , 36.7%ast'd
    D-Lo: 47%, 39.8%ast'd
    Getting into clutch time, D-Lo FG% drops and Lin FG% rises
    That's one of reasons the LAL lost games last year

  394. It’s an unfortunate thing for Lin and me as his big fan too. I would hate to be right like this but I can’t comment anything opposite with what I have seen long ago. I was so hype and happy when he signed with the Nets last year but as time went by…..I had second thought, he took a bargain contract for a bad team.

  395. I think it is up in the air who will finish with them.

  396. what he mean?

  397. That he’s getting old.

  398. Jlin, stop being the nice guy please… get a sack and gey nasty

  399. ???

    Rookies often feel this way too!

  400. it sucks but i think i am accepting of how this will turn out. Even though it’s only one game, it’s very telling based on past experiences. Lin won’t have enough touches to be as dominate as he should be. It’s super sucky as a lin fan, but at least I am assured that Lin will be the most impactful in how many mins they give him, plus, no lin, no win. it’s been true and will still be true. So if nets want to lose, don’t play lin

  401. The issue is not if DLo and Lin will play backcourt together and stagger the minutes. The issue is they’ve already anointed DLo as their starting point guard.

  402. 16-17 4thQtr FG%
    D-Lo 38.5%, 3pt 30.8%

    Lin 44.7%, 3pt 38.7%
    Big difference.

  403. Lin struggled and shot just 2-of-9 from the field with three turnovers.

    “It felt like everything was a little faster than it has been. My body was getting used to the game again and the bright lights of the arena. I felt like I was sloppy… I don’t even know how to describe it,” Lin said after

  404. Ill stop watching

  405. No Lin no win –

    that is ULTIMATE domination in the NBA!!!

  406. There was too much DLo and Carroll at the beginning of the game
    thats why they both got benched early and nets was getting slaughters becasue of that.

  407. he barley played pg in the game. Lin controlled the tempo

  408. Lin said he play more basketball then he ever this this off season yet he looked nervous and rusty out there? So odd, hope he bounces back soon.

  409. just rusty.

  410. Exactly. LIke lin’s article on why he changes his hairstyle, because he doesnt care what others think, I am now the same way. I can care less if other nba fans think lin sucks bc he avg less points or isn’t on espn or highlighted. I know for a fact that lin is the most important player on team and will create wins if given the chance to.

  411. I know. I don’t get all of the Lin is SG posts. Lin controlled the ball and facilitated more.

  412. When you become ok with it, then you no longer see Lin as a starter and have delegated him as just a mediocre player.

  413. so much that he was playing against non nba players and thought everything was easy!!!

  414. And LIN won again.

    Onto the next game

  415. ..and LaVert and Crabbe have not even played yet.

  416. There are many possessions D-Lo bring the ball to the halfcourt and pass the ball to a teammate then pass to Lin on the other sides.

  417. I am okay with it not because I see him as mediocre, far from it. Bc i know how the nba works, it’s like realizing that life isn’t all roses.

  418. You can think that, but the crushing NBA defenses on Lin that open the court up for Lin’s nonscorer teammates won’t go away whether Lin shoots poorly or well!

  419. It’s just 1 game and they both got to play PG with staggered minutes. Minus Russell and Carroll’s two man game at the beginning which I heard got 1 or both of them benched; Lin got to play PG with Russell as SG for 3rd quarter. It could be better if Lin got more playing time with starter unit with the staggered minutes instead.

  420. exactly. there’s only one ball and i know these egos want to prove themselves.

  421. well, they are suppose to.. it’s like they have 2 pgs on the floor… one on each side.

  422. but others ppl can’t see what you see..esp da media and gms.
    they only see one thing.. scoring.

  423. Idk why some people are doom and gloom. Nets looked good. Lin and dlo looked ok together. They are the two best player on the team so why wouldn’t they finish the game. Nets looked better when Lin controlled the tempo. Dlo was the PG in the beginning and it looked horrible with Dlo going iso just about everytime. Dlo wasn’t shooting well until Lin helped build the momentum in the third. All that being said its the preseason and its against the lowly Knicks. It all meant nothing. Lin getting the rust off

  424. I feel the same way. The team was clearly better when Lin facilitated vs. DLo. Lin helped DLo get easy points as well. And it is a preseason game, the games that are played in the season may look a lot different.

  425. Then they’re not seeing the game properly.

  426. All the nets issue are good. Number one they have a lot of talent. Especially with crabbe and levers coming back. They just have to figure out how and when to bring Lin and slow in or out. Skillpatrick will likely lose minutes but the team should be consistently good.

  427. He played so much injured last year, he probably got discombulated from playing in a HEALTHY body for once!

  428. First preseason game!

    Lin got a little screwed tonight. it started out wild. dlo and whoever touched the ball was chucking. everything was chaotic. then dlo subbed out and lin played most of the 1st quarter. here is where lin got a little screwed. there was no consistency in the lineups when lin played. then he subbed out and dlo subbed in and played with the bench. then lin came back in to close out the half.

    the 2nd half things slowed down. lin got the ball more and things were a lot more structured. and whaddaya know, we went on a run and blew them out.

    LIN: let’s be honest, he didnt play that well. to begin the game he was very passive and over passed which led to TO’s. he also missed his shots which were relatively open. however we must realize that he was being doubled and tripled all the time. the chemistry isnt there yet and people were just standing there looking as the defense collapsed on him. i’d rather he just pull up and shoot instead of looking for open teammates. once the chemistry is there, then we’ll see people cutting, rolling, etc. he wasnt great tonight but im not worried. he righted the ship and things will work itself out.

    DLO: he looked good on both offense and defense. he hit his shots, he went to the rim, he passed, he played off ball, he played on ball, he tried on defense. 19 pts in 19 mins. he will be our leading scorer no doubt.

    DMC: he looked good out there. looked healthy. played d, hit his shots, moved the ball. he’s the vet that we need. makes good plays and doesnt need the ball in his hands.

    RHJ: he also played well, a LOT less erratic. he finished well at the rim, his shot looks improved. having said that i need to see more. i dont like the spacing with both him and moz.

    MOZ: he was ok, i dont know why he was on o’quinn and not kp. instead rhj got destroyed by kp… go figure…

    ALLEN: love his defensive presence. needs to be better on offense.

    ACY: he played really well. hit some 3’s, competed.

    HARRIS: wow. i wasnt really a fan last year, but if he can continue to shoot 3s like that then he’ll get time. i think more talent on this team will draw defenses away and he can just spot up.

    WHITEHEAD: meh… barely nba level. a home town feel good story.

    SKIL: instant offense. except we dont really need that anymore? we have so many guards/wings that are better…

    DINWID: still solid.

    ZELLER: meh…

    BOOKER: loved his hustle and energy but he’s still the odd man out. way overpaid for the amount of minutes we’ll likely play him. unless he plays a small ball 5 which may prove to be disastrous…

    the takeaway message is this: the 3rd quarter is a sneak peek at our potential. when things slowed down and lin commanded the floor, things clicked and we looked good. and to think crabbe and levert didnt even play! once preseason is over and we dont have to “evaluate” players anymore, we can tighten the rotation and just play. im excited, good things to come…

  429. agreed.

  430. Me neither, maybe it’s cause I missed the horrible 1st quarter. I just want to know is it true that KA benched both DLo and Carroll when they were icing everyone out (including Lin) and paying their 2 man game? It happened because DLo was PG and controlling the offense. I hope this game is enough to show KA that Russell should NEVER be PG when Lin is on the court with him!

    I tuned into 2nd quarter seeing Russell having 10 pts while Lin had 8 minutes with 0 pts.
    Not fair that in the end Russell was playing selfish at 1st quarter yet still go his 19 stats at the end.

    Besides that what I saw from 2nd quarter was pretty fair and even. Lin also got to be PG with Russell as SG afterwards. Just that Russell got to play with starters more due to the staggering minutes which is unfair to Lin.

    Again I will wait for the next game to see whether KA is that dense and will still leave Russell to start as PG while Lin is listed as SG.

  431. Kenny’s preseason is IDENTICAL to regular season. Fact.

  432. It’s NOT a bad game if a guy who’s getting doubled and tripled ends up opening up the court for less talented teammates to run wild unguarded.

    GOOD game by Lin, opening up the court for others to WIN!

  433. stop the silliness. look at the 3rd quarter. lin commanded the floor and everything clicked. clearly kenny settled them down at halftime. it started wild, but we finished strong. lin was very much a part of that. going forward, we’ll see more of the 3rd quarter style and not the wild 1st half….

  434. it was a good game by Lin. he controlled the tempo. just a lil rusty to start.

  435. It seem like all Lin fans are in regular season form lol. I missed this. This season will be fun undoubtedly

  436. Sounded like a typical Lin game to me:

    defenses key on Lin, Lin’s teammates are left unguarded to win the game if they can.

    At this point in Lin’s career, I actually view Lin’s individual stats as secondary compared to the actual impact he has on the SCORE DIFFERENTIAL.

  437. Not a good game, even Lin himself said he felt everything was a lot faster. Lin was rusty and it didn’t help when his 1st 8mins had 0 points with Russell and Carroll playing their 2 man game icing everyone out!

  438. Silly wishful thinking that contradicts Lin’s treatment for the last 5 years. Including last season.

  439. you didnt watch the game. he didnt open up anything because there was no chemistry. people ball watched so he was forced to shoot or make a risky pass. that’s why so many TO’s. things will get better with more shooters (crabbe and levert didnt play) and with more familiarity/chemistry.

    like i said once things slowed down in the 3rd Q he was in his element. the drive and dish was there. in the 1st and 2nd it was wild and chaotic with multiple teammates subbing in and out. things will get better.

  440. If Lin opened things up for his teammates and WON THE DAMN GAME, then he had a GOOD GAME.

    It’s not “Lin vs Knicks”, it’s “Lin and his TEAMMATES vs knicks”.

  441. Yea. Dlo will likely lead the team in scoring. Thats just what he is good at. Lin will score a lot him self but he will be more of the PG. The team hads a ton of good SF. Wonder who misses out. Carrol played good and RHj. Crabbe will likely start.Kill Patrick might not get minutes until the third when both Lin and dlo will sit.

  442. STILL WON



  443. InfiniteWisdom thanks that was a great summary! Help take out the doom and gloom from everyone! 3rd quarter with Lin as PG with starters was the best indeed! Russell was willing to pass the ball right back to an open Lin which was great.

  444. So true, Lin’s the vet with security now. Lin doesn’t need to fighting for a job like the other guys. They need to prove themselves and show they belong. Lin not so much.

    Preseason is all about getting guys some play time, getting the rust out, getting some chemistry….and then assess the subs and second or third unit. Those guys are the ones that needs to play hard and strut their stuff.

    Lin is already a known quantity and IMO, his role is set in stone. Only way Lin sits is if he gets injured again.

  445. As long as NBA defenses keep loading up on Lin defensively and leaving Lin’s teammates unguarded to WIN, I don’t care if Lin is a 1 or a 2 or even if he starts or doesn’t.

  446. in the 3rd Q, YES! leading scorer? no. DLO will be that guy. but the floor general? it’s lin. things clicked only when lin commanded the offense.

  447. He didn’t have a good game because he didn’t play with his usual impact. He did enough right in the game, yes, but he had a fair game. He looked rusty. Good results, but for Lin’s capabilities, only fair.

  448. Different fans have different standards of what “good” for Lin is.

  449. No it isn’t, he went 2-9 with only 8pts in comparison DLo went 7-14 with 19pts. That’s not unacceptable for a starting Guard. he should be getting at least 18 points per game.

  450. That’s YOUR opinion.

    But Lin STILL WON – and the tale of teammates and game action shows that.

  451. NO! he was trying to stagger lin and dlo’s minutes so there’s always one on the floor at all times. the difference tonight is that once dlo subs out lin was supposed to play with levert. since he didnt play things got messed up.

    we havent seen anything yet. maybe next game levert and crabbe are ready to go…

  452. Except Russell got more minutes with starting unit than Lin. He also started the game as PG with Lin as SG which was disastrous supposedly forcing KA to bench him and Carroll.

  453. I have to say watching the game today. I think Lin and Dlo complement each other. Dlo is more of a shooter while Lin love to control the tempo. Dlo adjusted to that and got rewarded as oppose to the first where he was holding the ball

  454. I did see that too and i’m hoping that is exactly what KA was doing.

  455. Newsflash: Kenny’s regular season looks identical to his preseason which is some bizarre communist agenda to promote development of the young guys rather than trying to win.

  456. Yes they do complement each other but I hope we don’t ever see DLo as PG with Lin as SG in the lineup anymore! Lin will just get iced out when DLo is PG.

    When Lin and Russel are both on the floor, Lin should always be the designated PG. I hope Lin will be listed and start the game as PG for the game on Thursday.

  457. thanks. im here to talk BALL, NOT DRAMA!

    i will be doing these kind of summaries for all games. i want to talk BALL with guys like you. NO DRAMA! who cares if dlo went iso crazy to start the game? after halftime he played within the system with lin leading… and guess what? we blew them out! coincidence? hell naw!

  458. That would sound good, but the Nets DID WIN.

  459. good 3rd quarter. you will see what i mean when you see the tape…

  460. If you read the article, he got their blessing.

  461. The development last year worked. A lot of no name guys are playing well. obviously I think he like to play 10 players. we can probably play 12 with the talent of this team. All that being said we will likely see Lin and Russell then everyone else will depend on the matchup

  462. Yup I saw that too just hope KA isn’t dense enough to continue allowing DLo to be PG whenever Lin is on the floor. It has never worked and never will. Lin just gets iced out by the other PG and teammates when that happens.

  463. You can hear it from the coach, Lin held the ball too long.

  464. No matter who Lin plays with, there will be games where opponents load up defensively on Lin and whatever other marquee player is on the court.

    Then it’s up to Lin’s TEAMMATES to step up and win – which they did tonight.

  465. I kinda wanna see Lin get to shoot as well. Dlo was passing more as the game went on. Lin wasn’t really looking to shoot just to get the rust off.

  466. Once a schmuck always a schmuck.

  467. That I don’t agree with. It’s not about 18 points or not. Lin scoring 12 or 13 but making big plays on both ends is him having a good game. He’ll score in the 20s in some games, in the low teens in other games. And Lin stepping up in the 4th, something you won’t see in the preseason, is also him having a good game.

    And I hope we don’t say in every game DLo scored more so it is time to worry. DLo may be the number one scorer. So what? So was Lopez. Lin has to do Lin stuff well, hustle, play D, make a few big passes leading to dunks that lead to time outs, draw fouls, get blocks, etc. He also draws defenses to create easy shots for his teammates. It’s way more than scoring.

  468. He said they have the tendency but he lets it go so they’re can do there thing

  469. dlo is a passing SG not a pg. he shot too much. leads to everyone being iced out, ball watching. this makes them uninterested in defense.

    in the 3rd? he played within the system and everyone flourished…

  470. I know. Lin was rusty, said he wasn’t at game speed in the post-game. He’ll likely be way better on Thursday. Lin is often better when going against a quality point guard. So I think we’ll see Lin play a good game on Thursday, even if it isn’t a high scoring game for him.

  471. because it’s preseason and guess what? we’ll hear more from him.

  472. He said “They” held the ball too long but you have to give them space to probe and get going.” He ended with a positive saying he allows them freedom to do their things. Stop spreading animosity! KA is not Lin’s enemy!

  473. yea he is the coach so probably.

  474. Kenny will always get a pass no mater what he says or does.

  475. thank you

  476. i think kenny allowed it as long as he was hot. once he started pressing he started missing and at that point we need to revert back to the system. lin steadied the ship in the 3rd. lin also didnt shoot much. most of his shots came in the 2nd Q playing with a rag tag bunch of guys being evaluated…

  477. unfortunately, negative things about Lin you’ll hear.

  478. It’s Jeremy he said.

  479. it wasn’t negative. like when someone say but it eliminates what was said before the word. he said…. they have a tendency to hold the ball but….. it allows them to prob and get going.

  480. No he doesn’t, but you’re trying to make KA as some hater and bring Lin fans against him creating a riff between KA and Lin! Fans make constructive criticisms about KA’s offense, minutes or lineups when they’re off. He’s doesn’t get a pass.

  481. The question was asked about Dlo holding the ball

  482. I wasn’t trying, i was speaking the true.

  483. No it wasn’t….to you.

  484. He did say, “it’s Jeremy’s thing too”, at least he is coaching Lin. Trying to stay positive.

  485. So to throw Lin in to excuse his young star.

  486. A convenience to use Lin.

  487. Oh please. Who GAS about the development of this POS team or lack thereof? Lin will opt out or be traded and this team will continue to be a bottom feeder for the next decade.

  488. Imma make a prediction. I don’t think Lin will play for another coach after atkinson. maybe when he is 35. I like what they are doing in Brooklyn. Lin like New York. Ka and Lin get each other. KA;s system is coming together. All that is because he has a great leader in Lin. This year maybe the first great year of a great partner ship. Honestly I even saw Dlo buying in and playing defense. This is just coming together. For those afraid of Dlo. Theres a lot of basketball to go around. He could average 30 and Lin would still have a lot of shots.

  489. Lin and Dlo are you main stars. They dominate the ball and the success of the team

  490. well to each his own

  491. I agree if Lin retires after next season.

  492. So long as DLo doesn’t play PG with Lin as SG when together I’m all good. DLo is no Harden he’s will to pass back to Lin and play defense to try to win the coach over. DLo is coach-able for sure.

  493. KHuang u got a good point

  494. ME.

    I wrote all that, that’s right!

    Right now, the Nets are a bad team amongst a whole bunch of other bad Eastern teams. Their actual record might actually be decent if the other bad teams are worse.

    Preseason or regular season, the NBA is a fluid league. Things can go up or down or even sideways for anyone, Lin included.

  495. yes! the more dlo scores, the more they will guard him and lin will be open. the way it is now, they are keying in on lin’s drives. coaches arent stupid, they know who to defend to win a game, and it aint dlo…

  496. He is. not to mention there skill just complement. If dlo tries to play PG the team will lost like the first quarter.

  497. Yes, Knicks were clogging the paint, allowing zero space for Lin to drive. KA will need to find a solution to those game plans.

  498. notice that he say ‘Jeremy too’.. So basically he was saying dlo was hogging the ball before this excerpt. Trying spread fake news.

  499. Agreed. Knicks seem focused on Lin. The better Dlo is the easier things will be for Lin

  500. You might the only one and a few here say last season development worked well.

  501. I’m from Phoenix, so I’ve seen Coach Jeff Hornacek employ that exact tactic against Lin to good success when Lin’s teammates did not step up.

  502. Who cares if Lin is a gonner?

  503. we don’t know that yet. Sure after 2nd quarter Lin was PG with DLo as SG but that doesn’t mean KA would try his little experiments again next game. You know he is a stubborn person and who knows it might (knock wood) take him 20 games before he gives up on that idea. =.=

    If Lin starts next game as PG and Russell doesn’t play any PG when Lin’s on the court then I will believe this.

  504. more spacing and better chemistry. i still think the plan was to start lin-dlo- crabbe-dmc-moz

    with crabbe anf levert getting hurt it was obvious to put dmc at the 3 and start rhj.

  505. I think he did. Dlo had a ton of open threes. as well as other players. This team fit with each other. Stop Lin Drives get killed by everyone else threes. Not to mention Lin threes

  506. Well said. Looks like someone was banned by the other Lin site, so this is a new ground to spew animosity and negativity.

  507. If everyone buys into the system of passing the ball around then I have no worries.

  508. Lin looked a step slow out there. Hope he didn’t lose a step because he needs his explosive first step to get by guys and to hit the small gaps in the PnR offense. Let’s see what the rest of the pre-season games bring. He needs to find his jumpshot if in fact, he’s lost a step. I also didn’t like the spacing of the offense tonight.

  509. If he does then he does. I will follow. Lets stick to today. because that is all we know

  510. The problem is, Dlo can’t score more without shooting more and Lavert and Crabbe have not even played yet. It will be the LESS Lin will touch the ball no matter how open he is.

  511. He wasn’t slow. Just picking and choosing when to use his full speed. Lin has hit his prime. I notice Lin didn’t add anything but just honing his skill. Thats good news.

  512. Levert won’t play much. crabbe a three shooter not a ball handler. he will eat some of carols minutes. We have a ton of SF. I wonder who plays

  513. Hey Joy, you seem to like personal attack and to start a fight. This is basketball not life or death, have some fun or feel free to block me. But you love and enjoy reading my comments even not here.

    BTW, this is not my new ground.

  514. Actually we have too many SG/PG. Levert was PG turned SF and Crabbe is also SG turned SF.

  515. Non of them are true Pg. Lever wasn’t really a good passer. crabbe average 1 assist last year. hair of his shots are threes. He is strictly off ball.

  516. Seem like you know more than tonight game already. You must have attended in team training camp.

  517. Yes but they were both guards moved to play Small Forward instead once signed to Nets. Not that I’m complaining since Nets have better SG in Russell as starter just that description wise they are listed as guards.

  518. people have to stop jumping to conclusions. did dlo start the game wild and chucking? YES! did he end the game that way? NO! what do you think happened at halftime? kenny said good job continue to do what you are doing? NO! once the 2nd half started it was lin with the ball on every inbounds. he ran the plays, he ran the system and everyone played well. this isnt by coincidence. dlo didnt just decide to stop chucking. it was kenny! he laid down the law and the STARK difference between the 1st and 2nd halves is your proof. i expect things to get BETTER from this 3rd Q forward. they will look at film and dlo will see the futility of his heroball. kenny isnt mchale. he wont let heroball supersede his system, and lin is the guy that will enforce it on the floor.

    once crabbe and levert play, things will get even better with more talent, more spacing…

  519. that i dont agree on. levert will get heavy minutes. he’s very talented and a 2 way player. his only weakness is shooting consistency. a good shooter in college, not so much in the nba… yet.

  520. what’s fun about reading all your negative posts? stay positive!

  521. Someone noticed this on Reddit. Lin’s middle to pinky fingers on his left hand are taped.

  522. probably jammed a finger in practice/scrimmage and taped it as a precaution.

  523. Yes the starting lineup played well in the 3rd. Just that I find it odd how Russell was listed and started as PG with Lin listed as SG. Truly hope that changes next game.

  524. what’s in a name? a winner by any other name will be just as sweet!

  525. I posted about his fingers being taped yesterday when I saw a clip showing his teammates mauled him driving to the basket in practice. Yet, they defended Dlo with less force. I saw a very determined looks in his eyes. I suspected that he knew he has to adjust his game as SG instead of PG and will not be the man of the team. IMO, he can try to lead but will his teammates follow bc they know that management has given the reign to Dlo.

  526. Maybe it is why his shooting was off. Probably, as InfiniteWisdom said, jammed a finger.

  527. It’s going to be a long season for me as a Lin’s fan. So disheartened!

  528. How did he get fingers jammed? I suspected he got hit pretty hard.

  529. In practice, could happen a lot of different ways.

  530. Then you don’t understand how human brain and feeling work. Like how some R love to watch MSNBC and some Dem love to watch Foxnews. Exactly the same as HVJoy loves to read my comments no matter where I posted them.

    I’d prefer to stay truthful to what I believe regardless of positive or negative.

  531. The only way to unclog the middle is making teams pay. The Nets have the ability now to play small and have the roster to shoot on any given night with many options. If someone goes cold, someone else will step up.

    This team is IMO built around Lin to take advantage of his strengths.

  532. Dlo can’t be Harden because Harden was created by M&M. They empowered Harden and made a bad dream into a nightmare. KA and Marks have said so many times now that no one is the star on this team….meaning, everyone is empowered.

    It always starts from the top and Dlo either gets inline with it or he’s gone.

  533. Yes, it could. We won’t know if a reporter asks or if he volunteers the info. In that practice clip, Lin even yelled out when he got mauled going to the rim. Whenever we heard him yelling in past games, we could guess that Lin got hit hard illegally somehow and bc he was hurt and tried to get the referee attention. That’s why my suspicion was heightened when I heard him yelled after he made that basket in practice. Anyway, hope his fingers get healed soon.

  534. everyone gets nervous during game time…thats normal….thats the reason we have preseason games, to get players accustomed to the floor, the flow of game and the chemistry.

  535. I recommend the “Klingon discommendation” button on the far right below the post. It works wonders to help your sanity.

  536. From the practice clips, Lin is still fast. He is just not fast all the time like linsanity. I recall Jason Kidd saying in an interview that Lin would need to learn this skill of pacing himself.

  537. In the 1Q, Dlo controlled the point and tempo bc that’s the order of Nets game plan. Dlo got himself into rhythm early while Lin barely got touches. Everyone was off rhythm except for Dlo with the ball in his hands. Lin usually is slow to heat up. Knowing this why didn’t KA let Lin have control of the rock early? What happens to knowing your players? Lin then got subbed out before Dlo and sat for a while before he could get going in 3Q when he took control as pg. He then got everyone going including himself and got a big lead for the team IIRC. IMO, Lin got the worse half of the stick bc mgmt does not allow him to play to his strengths early in the game. Lin is making adjustment on his own to defer for the new kid in town. This situation reminds me of Houston where Harden was the new kid in town and became the man of the team. Lin appears to being pushed aside, IMO.

  538. I also thought he looked a tad slower than his usual self. I also don’t see that much joy in his being on the court. You would think you would be psyched for your first preseason game against other NBA players.

  539. Blaiyan highlights for Preseason Game 1

    Preseason1 Nets vs Knicks (10/3/17)
    JLin: 8p/3r/3a/1b/3to 21min (2/9 FG, 2/5 3FG, 2/2 FT)

  540. So who handled the ball more Lin or DLo when they played together?

  541. It’s a meaningless preseason game. He’ll probably have a great game on Thursday as usual…and it won’t matter either. I’m encouraged to see him play the most minutes anyway. Kenny gets it.

    Honestly, I just want to see him stay healthy and watch the ball move. He could shoot 10/10 next preseason game and it doesn’t matter at all. This is all glorified scrimmage/practice.

  542. Watched the game (after missing it when it aired) and D-Lo handled it during the 1Q, but Lin had plenty of touches anyway. He just had an off-game. Whatever…yawn. Warriors looked like a D-League team in their first preseason game. Brick, brick, brick…brick.

  543. true,kenny has spoken it… but you forgot to hear(or say also) what he said after that, (KA) knew that a pg must be given enough time to hold the ball and probe to create a play much as KA wants the ball to move (because of his system), there are times that a coach know when to give his player freedom to create, specially his Point guard…

  544. Lin knows when to put his mark on the line…as he had mentioned before (forgot the proof), Lin knew that when the stake is low, his (jeremy) plays a little loose and a bit relax (relax as in a bit out of focus)

  545. doesn’t matter for we know that KA likes multiple ball handlers, as well as moving the ball..

  546. Its a long article by JLIN,so its hard to post it here.

    Do visit and read em

    So … About My Hair

    By JLIN

  547. LOL

  548. Context. Context. Do we have the question asked in full context? It is only one pre-season game.

  549. Thank you. I will take your advice. It’s important to keep my sanity to follow Linsanity. 🙂

  550. Lin fans have eagle eyes. 🙂

  551. The Lin-Carroll connection appears strong already.

  552. This video by Speed of Lin is more inclusive (of Lin’s assists):

  553. It was 50/50 DLo in 1st quarter which supposedly got him and Carroll benched before closing 1st and leading up to 2nd quarter. Lin lead bench from 2nd to 3rd until reunited with starters as ball handler with DLo as SG. Bottomline DLo was a disaster as PG with Lin as SG when him and Carroll was playing their 2 man game. Glad KA reigned them in, lets hope we will see Lin as PG for majority of the time when playing with Russell from now on.

  554. Mozgov is not Brook Lopez offensively. Lin needs time to adjust without Lopez.

  555. I’m concerned about DLo from a media/fan standpoint and he probably will be the face of the franchise. But I also thought LeVert could be the face of the franchise in a year or two. If that’s the case, Lin still has to be the leader and captain, and the glue/motor of the team. Without Lin, the team still lacks focus and direction, even with DLo on it.

    As you said, the 1Q DLo controlled the tempo and played more point than Lin did. But only in the 1Q. It changed in the 3Q. Had it been the other way, Lin started off as point than KA went to DLo to control things, then I’d be more concerned. And, when Lin controlled more the point in the 3Q, the lead went way up, and the team looked more composed, more players were involved, the defense looked better, everything looked better, and still DLo got his point but without having to created them as much and took fewer shots. I think a lot of Lin not touching the ball so much was adjusting to DLo, and you’ll see some of that in preseason.

    So I’m not so pessimistic. KA isn’t McHale where he never liked or trusted Jeremy’s game, he’s not Byron Scott either. And Lin is 29, just like Curry, Durand, and a bunch of other great players and younger than Chris Paul or even Dragic and Kyle Lowry, so I don’t see him being pushed out anytime soon. DLo isn’t experienced enough to lead a team like Lin is even with Lin’s obvious rust and at times tentativeness last night. There are 4 preseasons games, this one was the first, and at the end of the 4 we should see closer to the progression of how KA will use the whole team including Lin’s minutes with DLo and Carrell, how Lin plays with LaVert and Crabbe (I’m assuming they’ll be back), and so forth. I don’t look for Lin to be the scorer for the team, especially if DLo has it going or others. But I do expect him to assert his will on the game, like he did in the 3Q last night. So, that’s my view on it.

  556. I agreee. LeVert is a future potential star on the team. He’s also long and a tough defender with a knack for getting steals. He’ll play a lot.

  557. In that case, Lin just needs to take the short jumper. He did one but missed it. Take more of those, don’t go all the way to the basket. DLo did several short jumpers in the paint and it worked for him. If I have a problem with Lin last night is when he got inside he looked to force passes a few times, leading to TO. That’s easily avoided by just taking a shot. If you miss you miss, but you give a chance for a tip-in or offensive rebound. Teams will pack the paint against Lin, and if he makes that adjustment, it opens the lane for him and others, because they’ll start to look to guard and contest that jumper.

  558. The most trouble Lin has is when Jarrett Allen is on the floor with him.

  559. Great post as usual

  560. This is from Lakersnation. Some may find it interesting:

    Over the course of a difficult season, rookie head coach Luke Walton experimented with different lineups, though Russell spent nearly the entire season as the team’s primary ball handler. It wasn’t until Walton controversially shifted Russell to the bench and Jordan Clarkson to the starting point guard position that he may have stumbled upon Russell’s true role in the NBA: shooting guard.
    Russell broke out with a whopping 40 points (including seven threes) and six assists in 41 minutes. The Lakers lost a close game, but Russell’s success in his new role was far more important than the final score. With the team long eliminated from playoff contention, Walton is gladly continuing the experiment with Russell as the team’s shooting guard. After all, when the Lakers drafted Russell, the hope was that he and Clarkson would form a dynamic duo in the team’s backcourt, albeit with Russell as the point guard and Clarkson as the off-ball shooting guard.

  561. Let’s not forget this:

    Lin’s team beat the Knicks again.

    Since Lin was ejected off the Knicks, he’s been murdering them every year since 2012.

    Hats off to Lin for another beatdown of the Knicks. Too bad the Knicks don’t have a Jeremy Lin of their own!

    Lin and the Nets did more damage to the Knicks than anybody realized.

    Right now Kristaps Porzingis is moaning about how he doesn’t want to play center because he “gets beat up”.

    The dude is 7’3″ and coddled, and he doesn’t want to take a beating inside to win???

    Yesterday, Knicks coach Hornacek tried Porzingis at center in the 3rd quarter. But Lin and the Nets ran Porzingis’s Knicks off the court in that span.

    Porzingis has become the NEW MELO. The Knicks are done.

  562. Not just about his hair…

    “…on hair, race, cultural appropriation and understanding”

  563. Very interesting indeed.

    We Lin fans were aware of this all last season. After all, Lin fans were rejoicing in how not one but TWO race replacements for Lin were dragging the Lakers down.

    See, the Lakers race replaced Lin with Clarkson and then drafted Russell to race replace Lin even more. Both moves have FAILED MISERABLY for the Lakers.

  564. Before that Charlotte season started, I wrote on this forum that “Lin will get more attention for his hair than his game” and “This is a skillful way that Lin gets the racist media to write something positive about him instead of constantly bashing him for being Asian”.

  565. I haven’t agreed with anything ex Knicks President Phil Jackson did, particularly when he leaked to the press that “The Knicks don’t want to sign Lin because of Lin’s ‘porous’ defense”.

    But after seeing Porzingis get manhandled by wimpy little RHJ who is nearly a foot shorter, now I know why Jackson wanted Porzingis gone.

    Porzingis picked up some terrible loser habits from
    Melo. Porzingis skipped his exit interviews, refused to talk to the Knicks all summer, and is now CRYING that he’s “too soft to play center”.

    It is impossible to win with a FAKE SUPERSTAR who is soft like Porzingis. I agree with Phil Jackson trying to rid the Knicks of this young CANCER.

    Unlike any other NBA fan, I have not fallen for the Porzingis hype that exists solely because he’s LIN’S RACE REPLACEMENT in the eyes of the racist New York media. But this latest “race savior” won’t save the Knicks any more than their other anti Lin race replacements have.

  566. As long as the team stays unselfish, that’s good enough for me.

  567. Yes. It got more that way as the game progressed. We’ll see if the coming games show the same trend. If so, then KA has them playing unselfishly.

  568. And when DLo handeld the ball more, the Nets were behind. When they took the big lead in the 3Q, Lin was handling it more. I think KA notices that.

  569. As a Knicks fan I would say he is more of a number two option and you need a strong rugged rebounder who can grab boards such as a robin lopez I think prozingis will be ok but I don’t expect superstar he will be a solid player. He is more of the realm of a better version of rik smits. He won’t ever be a great rebounder he will be a 7 to 8 career rebounder avg. It will take a few years before Knicks are decent.

  570. Interesting. Not all teams get the same amount of preseason games. Brooklyn has 4. Seems like the max for a team is 5.

  571. Hornets got 8 preseason games when Lin played for them.

  572. Nets provide first clue on how they’ll use Russell and Lin – Brian Lewis, NYPost

    ‘For those wondering how Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell will coexist, the Nets’ preseason opening 115-107 win over the Knicks offered a glimpse: A point guard platoon. …

    “I think you’ll see that, I’d like to have one of those guys at the point the whole game. That’d be pretty nice,” Atkinson said. “I’m not going to say definitely that’s how it’s going to play out, but that’s in my mind, keeping D’Angelo or Jeremy at the point the whole game.”’

  573. This season is the first where the NBA decreased the number of preseason games and started the regular season early.

  574. LeVert and Crabbe not at practice today (Wednesday) …

  575. Why?

  576. Nets has taken all precautions need to enable them to heal their sprained ankles before regular seasons.

  577. Lin likes to play close to the basket and that’s his style. He drives to the basket and he takes risks. Preseason games is for him to experiment involving his teammates. Note both Knicks and Nets did not play their first unit to close this game. Both teams are experimenting.

    Yes Lin were too relaxed in this game and so what. This is mere the first preseason game.

  578. I agree it’s just one preseason game, but Lin was definitely not relaxed this game. He said how he felt during the game.

  579. I didn’t watch 2nd half yesterday but his 3 point shooting does look smoother.

  580. Kmartin said on a video that JLin wants to be black. But he’s getting support for his hair from other black people, esp. those that read his article.

  581. It doesn’t matter what position he played in Los Angeles, C, PF, or SG. At the end of the say, he’s the Nets starting frachise PG as it’s been written in the Sports Media and yesterday game.

  582. I was a Rik Smits fan when he was drafted in 1988.

    Smits was actually less physically talented than Porzingis is. Smits wasn’t mobile like Porzingis is, Porzingis runs the courts and changes direction like a 6’3″ guard.

    But Smits had one thing Porzingis has never had: legitimate NBA inside beast toughness.

    Smits was a top center, underrated for much of his career. Porzingis has a lot way to go before he becomes anywhere close to “The Dunking Dutchman”.

  583. This is a controversial biology thing that will likely offend many people, but many Pacific Islanders have black DNA in their ancestry.

    Taiwanese people like Lin fall under that genomic category.

    So him identifying with a black look, I as a Pacific Islander myself see that as Lin properly embracing that side of his ancestry.

  584. That’s fine if Lin starts.

    But if Lin is ejected out of the starting lineup by Crabbe and or Levert, then we Lin fans have a right to get mad because the starting lineup won’t win games.

  585. Yes, but Kmart isn’t too bright. Lin isn’t trying to be black. He’s a very proud Asian man.

  586. Lin’s a proud PACIFIC ISLANDER man with both black AND Asian genes.

    He should be proud of those genetic markers.

  587. Lin putting up shots at practice [hits 2 for 4]…

    From the Nets : Injury Report for tomorrow’s game vs MIA: Allen Crabbe (sprained left ankle), Caris LeVert (sprained right ankle) are out.

  588. Is the video posted online ? ESPN is it ?

  589. left fingers are still taped up.

  590. Lol, these haters are running out of negative things to say about Lin. They just can’t stand the fact that Lin is so good AND ASIAN. Does this mean he thinks that Lin wishes to be black in order to be so good at basketball? Did they forget that Lin also wore the Chinese man bun as well?


  591. I saw it on twitter, but in a response to a tweet. I’m not sure if it is Kmart’s IG or something else.

  592. he has to make those during da game..not just practice

  593. levert should be on the bench.. he hasn’t pay his big dues yet.

    lin, dlo, rhj, crabbe, mosgov

  594. He is one of the few who consider non-black people wearing dreadlocks a “cultural appropriation”. I am sure there are many black BB fans who would disagree with him and welcome Lin’s new hairdo.

    Desperate move of haters, as you said. Since when has there been a racial monopoly on hair styles?

  595. Yes because Allen is a rookie. No doubt he has potential but the dude missed a point blank put back dunk. It will take 1 season before he’s NBA ready and comfortable with MO system.

  596. Missed two jumpers, somethings not right are his fingers hurt? Somehow JLin doesn’t look too happy.

  597. Lin is a super star because he tends to shine at the moment when the pressure is highest, not at cheap stat-padding garbage times or meaningless preseason games. A lot of people tend to over-analyze trivial things in unimportant events and let them take over the important memories in their brains.

  598. It’s a good thing. They don’t need to waste energy on meaningless games.

  599. for those concerned that russell was the “star” of this ONE PRESEASON GAME and lin was not: here’s a list of some of the players who have been the “stars” for their team in the 1 or 2 preseason games they have played so far: brandan wright, sheldon mack, daniel theis, jarrell martin, jonothan issac, rashad vaughn, gian cavell, perry ellis (i think i have one of his jackets), jarian grant, john collins, well u get the idea.

    its probably a safe bet assuming the star for the entire regular season based on one or two pre-season games is not a good bet.

  600. And even in this pre-season opener, Lin played well overall as the “engine” — as a facilitator, good D, rebounds, even a block. He will continue to be impactful as the season progresses. But I’m sure the wariness comes from Lin’s mis-treatments (and attempted replacements) in the past. As long as D’Angelo maintains a team-first-win attitude, I’m looking forward to their collaboration.

  601. Like McHale and Clifford did when Lin would always bring them back from behind. Sounds like that is Atkinson’s plan. Use Lin just in case but develop the real stars of the team.
    It’s crazy to think Atkinson will allow Russell to be point guard and throw up lots of shots, but when Lin does it, he’s shooting too much and he needs to learn how to be a point guard and distribute the ball. Double Standards for every team Lin has been on.

  602. Hmmm… I don’t know. Never considered the Islanders to be the same as the Africans. I really don’t care what hairstyle Lin dons, hairstyles shouldn’t be monopolised to a certain racial group just like what HVJoy said. If Lin really wants to tap into his Taiwanese aboriginal ancestry side, he also has the option of forming some off court bond with Steve Adams perhaps…

  603. Atkinson is not McHale and Lin had a different role on Charlotte than he has on the Nets. Let’s not get PTSD based on the past and just see how things develop. Kenny likes the idea of Lillard and McCullum, and they are seen as a dynamic back court.

    Yes Kenny is developing the young players but they are all still young players. They don’t develop without veterans mentoring and Lin is not a dinosaur, he’s the same age as Steff, Westbrook, Durant, and a number of other top players.

  604. Lin is American with DNA of 100% Asian Chinese. He has no connection with black except want to be black.

  605. Lin has zero black gene unless something we do not know about his grand or great grand parents but I doubt that.

  606. I would like to be wrong come regular season, but as of now and last year Atkinson has shown how he’s going to use Lin and I HIGHLY doubt Lin thought that he would be playing the roles that Atkinson has wanted him to do thus far. I think that’s the reason why Lin seems less “energetic” about his role on the team.

  607. He uses Lin in the motion offense. Lin and Atkinson have a pretty strong relationship. Lin can talk to him. This is unlike the other coaches.

    And I don’t want to read into on why Lin was less energetic. It may have to do with a reason that we have no idea of.

  608. Lin should stay true to who he is. From braiding to whatever that is? It’s silly and ridiculous.

    By the way, people have opinion and they are not haters.

  609. “I think you’ll see that, I’d like to have one of those guys at the point the whole game. That’d be pretty nice,” Atkinson said. “I’m not going to say definitely that’s how it’s going to play out, but that’s in my mind, keeping D’Angelo or Jeremy at the point the whole game.”

  610. Jared Jeffries praises Jeremy for his Players Tribune article

  611. I think we should rewatch the game. This is the full game. This is it around the start of the 3Q where I find Lin to be handling the ball as PG more than Russell.

  612. With Crabbe healthy, RHJ would not start over Carroll.

  613. The Nets played decently against a Knicks team that was actually better without No-D Melo.

    Anyway, let me explain why I believe Khuang will not be entirely accurate with his predictions (though his concerns are valid).

    I previously said that you can never predict chemistry. But with Jeremy it goes a bit further than that.

    One reason a player may seem really bad is because he is playing selfishly. Selfish players force plays and look terrible as a result.

    We all know RHJ looks good when he plays within himself. Using his speed and quickness to score instead of trying plays he does not have the finesse or footwork to carry out.

    Basically, if you know you can get the ball back later after you pass it, you are less likely to force plays.

    So if Lin-ball prevails everyone will play better.

    Also defence is not just about anticipation and athleticism, it is also about effort and coaching. If a star like Jeremy puts in the defensive effort, the rest will follow suit.

    Atkinson may be a “communist” but he should prevent cancerous ball hogging from taking root and at the same time encourage everyone to play tough defence.

    Whatever happens Jeremy will get his. He is simply that good.

  614. That would be just fine – the Taiwanese and Maori are currently in a cultural agreement where they acknowledge shared genetics, language, and culture.

  615. You are 100% wrong, genomically speaking.

    Taiwanese people are 85% aboriginal, and that is genetically a mix of black and Mongol.

    You can dispute the DNA all you want, but that’s like a mom on Maury claiming a guy is the father when he says “He’s not the father”.

  616. It’s just that you’re not Taiwanese or Pacific Iander, so you aren’t aware of how the ancient black voyagers sailed up and down the Pacific especially in Southeast Asia.

  617. What exactly were my predictions?

    The chemistry with Lin will be “better” than I claimed it would be, not because the Nets are so great but because the entire East is so weak.

    For example, the Knicks. They traded away Melo, but they now have a new Melo in Porzingis who is crying that NBA centers are too physically tough for him to compete against. So even though the rest of the Knicks frontcourt performed well, Porzingis by himself is dragging down the entire team. Porzingis learned bad habits from Melo.

    Through the entire East, all but like 4 top teams are badly flawed like that. In my years of watching the NBA, I haven’t seen the East this weak.

    The Nets can be a bad team and STILL win. I’ve been saying all offseason that the Nets record won’t necessarily reflect how good they actually are.

  618. Braiding hair is Lin not being who he is?

    How come white and Latino Americans can braid hair but Lin can’t?

  619. By the way, Kristaps Porzingis is the next Ralph Sampson.

    I’m not talking about the 20 ppg Houston Rocket Sampson that teamed up with Akeem Olajuwon as the 80s Houston Twin Towers, I’m talking about the broken down hobbled Sampson for the Kings who couldn’t play because of bad knees.

    The difference is that Sampson had bad knees, Porzingis is perfectly fine but is MARSH-MELO SOFT!

  620. Original gangster.
    Mostly referring to an older veteran player or someone with more experience than you. Slang

  621. Lol, I wonder if his black friends think KMart has sold out by wearing a suit and tie? Maybe it’s Kmart who wants to be white and is jealous of Lin being able to express his inner blackness, lol.

    Look, no one wants to stand out when “acceptable dress codes” identifies you with the group. Maybe Lin is fed up with security guards that stop him from entering arenas because he doesn’t look like a player.

    None of us wants to wear a suit and tie but we do because that’s what work requires. It’s just part of the deal!

  622. KMart is dopey. Always has been. He says Lin couldn’t play on his squad because of his hair. Hair is a priority to play on a squad? And I haven’t seen it, but some are saying KMart has Chinese characters tattooed onto his arm. LOL.

  623. Agreed prozingis is more mobile he kinda has some small forward skills in a big man body which makes his somewhat unique I think prozingis is tougher than you think but durability is an issue. I don’t view prozingis as a superstar I think he has a chance to be a star player Knicks will need some more pieces around him and the Knicks should be ok in a few years

  624. I wasn’t a fan, but I respected Smits. I’m higher on Porz than you are. He has a lot of talent and ball-handling skills and mobility for a guy so big. He has to work on some things, but he really hasn’t been in the league that long.

  625. I think LeVert with LIn and DLo has too many ball handlers in the lineup. That’s the only reason he goes to the bench for me. But he should get starters or near-starters’ minutes.

  626. You made lots of predictions. I do have plenty of respect for your breadth of knowledge. And so, yes the chemistry will be better than you initially predicted. I am not so sure if that is purely because the East is weak.

  627. Pretty much the entire earth population can trace their mtDNA to Africa 🙂

  628. Team play or chemistry is almost a certainly if you have a guy like Lin executing plays while having the coach and GM mandate to back him up.

    I had absolutely no doubt this or any team with Lin will have great chemistry as long as he has the mandate and directives from the top. It’s when you have propped up fake stars like Melo, Harden, Walker and a toothless, one legged Kobe that no chemistry can ever happen.

  629. It’s totally delusional to believe that Lin still “has the mandate and directives from the top.”

  630. Thanks very much!

  631. Except in the case of the Nets, DLo becoming the star while Lin is marginalized into obscurity, is written in the script.

    Actually it’s not even specific to the Nets. By now all should realize it’s an NBA-wide agenda to keep Lin as no more than a role player.

    That’s why the Nets cannot even showcase Lin for a trade. No NBA team can use Lin according to his true potential. So showcasing is futile.

    I don’t think it’s as simple as an anti-Asian bias. It’s specific to Jeremy Lin and Linsanity.

  632. He hasn’t really try much to put up points on the score board. He simply experimented with his moves on Knicks and passing to his teammates. He’s lax and not competitive enough on the court.
    By the way, he did play defense with intensity. Just wish he would put in the same intensity in playing offense.

  633. Don’t get too excited about “proving me wrong” yet.

    Allen Crabbe and Caris Levert are still injured. Those two players are valued by the Nets as highly as Russell is – and NOT because any of them are better than Lin.

    Until those two return from injury, Lin’s living on borrowed time. We all know that the Nets want to eventually start both Crabbe and Levert, likely at Lin’s expense. So don’t get overly thrilled about “great chemistry” when the Nets haven’t even had 2 of their 3 chosen players on the court yet.

  634. Of the ethnic Taiwanese like myself and Lin’s father, 85% of us have aboriginal genetics.

    Today, Taiwan is primarily Han Chinese dominated because of all the “foreigners” that immigrated to Taiwan from China over the last 300 years. But there is a lot of genetic intermingling.

    My Taiwanese uncle had a saying: “Chinese father, aboriginal mother”.

  635. Hey, I’m high on Porzingis’s skills too.

    What I’m not high on is his HORRIBLE MELO ATTITUDE.

    Once a young player develops that attitude, the rest of his game goes to waste.

    Porzingis isn’t willing to sacrifice his body to win. That right there completely negates his physical talent.

  636. Porzingis is tougher than HE thinks.

    The problem is that he doesn’t think he’s tough enough to withstand the NBA beatings inside.

    With such a soft pansy attitude, Porzingis with all those skills is being BULLIED by smaller weaker but tougher players like RHJ!

  637. Well said !

  638. true enough..agreed

  639. I don’t. It’s preseason. Again, Lin needs to stay healthy. I don’t want him going all-out in really what are meaningless games. Let him warm his body up slowly due to getting it back into game conditioning and build chemistry with his teammates. Really, that’s all the preseason is for. It’s tune up. These are not regular season games. When the real season begins, that’s when I want him to turn up the intensity.

  640. ok

  641. For now, Lin is enjoying his borrowed time as a starter.

    Once Allen Crabbe and Caris Levert come back, things will change.

    Lin’s best bet is to embrace the starting role while Crabbe and Levert are out with injury.

    If Lin somehow can lead the Nets to wins, then Crabbe and Levert’s returns won’t automatically remove Lin from the starting lineup.

  642. “If Lin somehow can lead the Nets to wins…”

    The Nets have 0 interest in winning based on Lin’s contribution.

  643. I’m trying to figure out DLo’s mentality. I think Melo, Harden and Kobe, esp. Kobe, had a I’m the man attitude, the team revolves around me. I liked Walker, I thought he was a good guy. Sometimes selfish on the court, but, just judging by what Lin has said about him, he’s a good guy. They ended up playing well together toward the end of the season. I won’t include him.

    However, I just get a sense of DLo trying to take over on the Nets and a lot of people have already anointed the Nets as “his team.” So, not now, but when the regular season begins, Lin may just have to assert himself as the captain during game time, wave DLo off, get the ball from him late games and orchestrate the offense, etc. I don’t think Lin can depend on KA or SM proclaiming this and telling DLo to follow Lin’s lead. I think last year, the Nets had no one like that. This year, maybe DLo is someone to watch. We’ll see as the season progresses.

  644. Of course lin can, so can criticism.

  645. Mongo Is also Asian.

  646. I don’t know. I see Lin as a main starter but I can’t predict what a coach may decide. Nobody on that team can do what Lin does. Crabbe is a shooter. LeVert is building his game, but he’s not there yet. Russell hasn’t shown he excels at point guard. Luke Walton tried him but then moved him over to shooting guard, where he did much better.

    If Lin is healthy and doing Lin stuff like throwing football passes to Mozgov and finding RHJ inside for easy baskets, and can get DMC and Crabbe going from behind the arc, plus defend well against Westbrook, Steff, the better guards in the league, then it’s very hard to justify him not being in the mix. Next season, I don’t know. But this one hasn’t even begun yet.

  647. All of them are Asian.

  648. Taiwan is an island belong to China, you’re confused with other pacific islanders like Hawaii or the Philippines.

  649. Not entirely.

    Aboriginal genes in Taiwan are mixed with nonAsian races.

  650. NO.

    I am 100% Taiwanese, you don’t know more about my Taiwan thank I do.

    Taiwan is NOT pure Chinese in nationality or genes.

    Over the centuries, many nonChinese people have settled and intermingled with the original aboriginal population. Those include Portuguese, Dutch, and especially dark skinned frizzy haired African looking Pacific Islanders who are absolutely NOT 100% Han Chinese in ethnicity. And yes, there are A TON of Filipinos living in Taiwan and that’s always been that way long before the 20th century.

    Lin is one of those ethnically mixed Taiwanese, as am I.

  651. Even if Lin doesn’t have the mandate from the top, he still does great team chemistry and GETS HIS anyway.

    The only way to prevent that is to not play Lin at all, not even allow him onto the court.

  652. MJ doesn’t like to see his major bet on Walker turn into a failure. This is the main constraint preventing Hornets from improving. I actually like Walker, just don’t think he makes his team better as the first option.

  653. I highly doubt that Lin will ever be on the bench behind any of these guys. I just don’t see it. This is one point we’ll have to agree to disagree on until the season is over. Till then I’m going to remain the optimist and believe in the team culture the Nets keep talking about.

  654. I couldn’t stand Kemba Walker, long before Lin joined the Nets.

    When a player like him selfishly shoots horrible percentages AND refuses to play defense, it results in the lottery losing that the Hornets have historically done when Lin wasn’t a Hornet.

  655. I agree.

  656. Sure, but NBA teams generally don’t like to break up teams that WIN – which the Nets are entirely capable of doing if Lin keeps starting.

  657. If $19 million Crabbe and “the future” Levert hadn’t gone down this preseason, the Nets would be a completely different (and not better) team.

    But because those players are out indefinitely, it gives Lin a chance to really solidify himself as a starter.

    This is very similar to how Lin was slated to be the 3rd string Hornets point guard until MKG got injured. Lin in preseason was a backup SG while 2nd string PG Brian Roberts was beside him. By the end of the preseason, Lin had played so DOMINANTLY that even Clifford couldn’t afford to send Lin back to the 3rd string without endangering the guys that had swiftly become reliant on Lin protecting them.

  658. Honestly that is quite racist… Hair braiding and Locks are not an african thing… the ancient greeks did it, Native Americans did it… etc… this is just plain ignorant and racist…

  659. Agree

    In the NBA, the very white Chris Andersen braids his hair with nobody complaining about it.

    If a white NBA can braid his hair, why can’t an Asian NBA player?

    Oh right, I “forgot” that so many people don’t think Lin deserves to be in the NBA because he’s the “wrong race”.

  660. I think Russell genuinely wants to put his past behind him and become a better player and person.

    However, it’s one thing doing it against failed Charlotte backup PG Ramon Sessions (Lin’s RACE REPLACEMENT in Charlotte and NYK), it’s another doing it against actual NBA starting PGs once the season actually starts.

    We’ll see what Russell is really made of once opponents get into him and start seriously gameplanning against him.

  661. There’s no way Levert and Crabbe are both starting. Crabbe is slated to play SF and Levert will be backup SF with lots of minutes. There’s no reason to believe Lin isn’t starting this entire season when GM has said he’s the leader.

  662. That would mean that $16 million
    Atkinson favorite Carroll doesn’t get to play his natural SF position at all, and Atkinson won’t do that to Carroll.

  663. 5 takeaways from Brooklyn Nets’ victory in preseason opener

    1. D’Angelo Russell is ready to rise

    2. Quincy Acy will be a key bench piece

    3. Jeremy Lin needs to adjust; he will

    4. Spencer Dinwiddie and Joe Harris could be the backup backcourt

    5. Isaiah Whitehead needs to play better to keep his job

  664. new game thread for the Heat game

    Preseason2 Miami Heat vs Brooklyn Nets

  665. I don’t see any similarities. Lin is the starting PG on the Nets and performed great and took on pretty much the captain role on the team last season. That’s nothing like the Hornets where he went in to come off the bench and to be a kind of auxiliary PnR player with Kemba or Batum at times and lead the 2nd unit.

    Now Lin is slated as starter in a multi-facilitator system, but still as the starting PG and, as far as I know, the captain of the team. Yes, at some point Lin may go to the bench when the younger players develop and his skills start to diminish. But, right now, he’s a dominant player and should be for a few more years.

  666. @psalm234:disqus Thanks

  667. Lin would not even have been the 2nd Charlotte player had MKG not gone down. The original Charlotte plan was to make Lin the 3rd string backup PG behind 2nd string Brian Roberts who was paid more than Lin.

    Similarly, I seriously doubt Lin would be a starter had Crabbe and Levert not gone down.

  668. There’s this whole idea by some black people that the hair stands for black oppression and other BS. It’s a hairstyle worn by some black people and not making any political statement if you ask them. It’s just people with an agenda, IMO. Kenyon is getting mostly negative responses.

  669. Lin responded to KMart on instagram.

  670. Agree, good post.

  671. Mostly – they’re Asian with a bit of Turkish genes.

  672. Classic!!!

  673. you’re welcome 🙂
    no technical difficulty this time

  674. I’ll put this one here since it doesn’t pertain to the game. KMart’s new comment on Lin’s hair.

  675. What does Lin “need to adjust” to?

    I get tired of these hater anti Lin websites constantly bashing Lin because they’re angry that an Asian guy is doing well in the NBA.

  676. you missed the “he will”

    anyways. everyone entitled to their opinion…lets move on

  677. and Lin responded in the comments section there

  678. Adjust to his new teammates.

  679. Carroll is obviously starting but Levert will have to play backup SF instead of starting like last season. You keep thinking what you think but of the lineup has always been Lin, Russell, Carroll, Mosgov, Crabbe.

  680. Maybe Kenyon Martin doesn’t like Lin’s hair because Martin gets more of a “rise” out of Lin’s other haircuts!

  681. Kenyon is really coming off as a clown here.

  682. You’re the only one who thinks that. Lin was never slated to be benched. Stop spreading negativity. GM, coach both said Lin is going to lead the team and both Lin and Russel will play PG.

  683. And you’re no different from those haters when you’re constantly saying Lin will be benched when Crabbe and Levert and are healthy.

    Lin needed to adjust because he wasn’t used to the speed and was rusty last game.

  684. No sense of humor? LOL. See if those black has sense of humor if they are called N#$#@%.

  685. Starting is good, at least symbolically. But the way the Nets limit Lin’s role, he will not be able to create wins.

  686. Kmart is absolutely right, you don’t have to like everything lin does to be his fan or when people don’t like something lin does, doesn’t mean they are haters or racists.

  687. JLin7 on SC on cultural appropriation & race relations

  688. Wow, such a comeback! This is a classic end play that leaves no way out for Kmart.

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  690. Allen can’t roll and receives Lin’s pass now

  691. I guess it would take time if it even clicks

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