P08 LAL vs SAC Game Thread

How will Jeremy Lin respond to this uncertainty being a starting PG? Now it’s clear that whoever starts will get the most minutes so it is very important for Jeremy to start.

It looks like Magic and Kobe support the idea but Byron Scott for some odd reason talked highly about Price despite the mediocre stats.

Again, let’s use the Disqus comments as the only option for Preseason Game 8 so we can benchmark our experience of using CHAT and DISQUS for Game Thread.

The game will tip off around 7pm PT @ MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV


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  1. i know why everyone is upset. why not wait till first game? maybe scott is trying not to give houston any clue

  2. That’d be some awesome trolling by Scott at the Rox expense.

  3. That would be a great trolling 😛

  4. that’s a small possibility. coaches have definitely done that before (especially in football, being coy about which QB to name the starter). But I don’t think it’s likely in this case.

  5. We could learn a page or two from Scotts book of trolling.

  6. Davis is starting and Boozer is resting

  7. will be v interesting to see how Davis and Ronnie do hoo hoo …

  8. ok, twitter is broken. What did you do, Lin fans? 😀

  9. We get to compare how well they connect

  10. yep … no idea how LAL will play thing thing. I almost don’t care because Lin is playing so well with his minutes. For me, it’s just a year of stats, great plays, great press, fun on youtube … and then, FA status. LAL or GSW, or any good team will do.

  11. yup, nothing can keep Jeremy down :]

  12. anyone watching the game?

  13. uh oh, Price is hurt

  14. Ronnie Price is down on knee collision

  15. ouch! knee to knee, he is still playing?

  16. Everyone smiling now.

  17. Lin coming in at 9:13 with Ronnie limping. Raucous crowd greeting!

  18. ouch, he bump that knee again

  19. There goes the PG depth…

  20. Sacre is #$(#&$*^

  21. I’m not here so I won’t jinx anything.

  22. nice Lin, just needs 3″ gap to get through.

  23. yeah, that was nice

  24. Price don’t have guaranteed contract, it is kind of bad that he got hurt at this moment.

  25. nice 3

  26. clutch 3!

  27. Lin doing week on my screen, Sergio Romo pitching SF out of a pinch on TV. Nice Friday night, I’d say.

  28. 4 fouls for Sacre aleady? not even finished the 1Q.

  29. Sacre looks solid.

  30. and Davis with 3 fouls…

  31. hurt?

  32. That was Nash-esque pass.

  33. Lin with the Nash-like leave … huzzah.

  34. Should play with Jeremy here so he’ll know how to anticpate his passes.

  35. Darn that off the dribble shot!

  36. Scott talking to Lin, wondering what was it, must be the final defense sequence

  37. I thought he was doing really good

  38. He was, in general

  39. Lin 2 nice Ds.

  40. Byron not happy on that call against Jeremy..

  41. Another injury and to Price… that sucks. I hope it is not serious.

  42. Announcers talking about Jeremy’s triple double and praising JEremy. Love it 😉

  43. Lin at-will !

  44. nice…i want more!!!!!

  45. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked in and saw that Price was hurt. WOW!

  46. Lin is gassed already, if I am the coach, I will call someone else to run the play

  47. the .net trolls got their wish.

  48. Not a good thing at all. a team with virtually only ONE PG

  49. I feel he is still not 100% yet….

  50. Which makes the thing even worse

  51. yep, this is too much usage too early in the game. Did you notice he was just low keying it and only took that missed 3 because it was pretty open and had to. Then people just went back and forth, and then he turned it on?

    Don’t forget, Lin’s friends stay he always look gassed …

  52. Clarkson don’t pass, he can create, but not for others.

  53. yep … how can a person be a bball or sports fan wishing anyone to be injured idk.

  54. 2 things that still need to be worked on…till Q1

    1) PF are racing up, need tobuck up there
    2) Team was not cohesive enough during the start, getting slightly better as the quarter ends

  55. Time to let JC runs the play

  56. nice calm announcers explaining … who wants Clyde?

  57. dont tell me all the starters are going to foul out, by end if Q3!

  58. Actually their voice is making me lull.. but really way better than Clyde.They know what their talking about.

  59. nice fast breaks

  60. Randle…is balling…nice

  61. old school … really calm, factual. Not selling or changing the perception on us …

  62. i thought some wanted him to play 40-48 minutes!!! not you?!!!! LOL…just kiddin mate

  63. Lakers guard Ronnie Price has a sore right knee. He will not return and will be reevaluated tomorrow— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) October 25, 2014

  64. i too think the same…

    1) ankle, doesnt recover that quick to 100%
    2) he is working had to make the team play cohesively

  65. TO win, has to even the minutes

  66. DMC is schooling Randle…lol

  67. This had better be a ploy. I want to give Scott the benefit of the doubt, but if Lin doesn’t start than either he’s a bad coach or there’s some locker room issues.

  68. I feel Lin plays more and more like Nash.

  69. This is truly scary. Anytime someone stands in the way of Lin starting, something bad happens to them. Remember Rox game 1 last year? Bev went down in 1Q.

  70. On defense?

  71. LOL nice you troll

  72. you have the button …

  73. The more I troll the better he plays.

  74. Troll on…

  75. IJ is probably launching a nuclear strike on my house.

  76. WOW……it hurts

  77. Agree that is the reminder. Hope Scott learns the lesson from his stupid stipulation lately. God restores my sanity of what has happened lately.

  78. No you have Brent’s blessing to troll. You’re our resident troll here.

    Now let me go to the other site and do some trolling myself.

  79. aw, crap, SF down by 1 3 outs left.

  80. Wow what’s up with these injuries? Now Rudy went back to locker room. Too bad. Regular season is coming up!

  81. Injuries suck…

  82. LAL are exposed on small details.

  83. We might see LAL running out of players…what is the rule, I can not remember.

  84. That’s the possibility. Scott will dress up and play.

  85. Magic Johnson too.

  86. together with Magic?!

  87. Worthy?

  88. Kareem?

  89. LOL with the other coach. What is his name??? The white guy who roots for JLin? Mark something.

  90. Wilt?

  91. That would be neat, if @psalm234:disqus creates a Resident Troll list! Those who are authorize to troll here!!


  92. XD this is like all the statues outside Staples Center coming in to play.

  93. yeah…suit up guys!

  94. just in time for Halloween.

  95. ok ok…lets include Michael as well, since he is plays in dream

  96. naah…everyone gets hurt….Price havent done anything bad to Lin. It will hurt Lin more, if Price is not there.

  97. I believe all the mods are authorized to troll? lol.

  98. @psalm234:disqus is just waiting for every to show their true color…then kill at once.

  99. Who will be last one standing?

  100. This is the right way to run an op.

  101. depends on who will start

  102. We don’t wish for anyone to get hurt.
    However Jeremy is Jeremy, and he has a special destiny.

  103. All a setup for Linsanity 2.0?

  104. Truth

  105. Probably that’s why Scott hasn’t announced his starters yet. He wants to know how Nash is health wise until that finding yesterday.

  106. Nop I don’t and never want anyone to get hurt. Didn’t anticipate this but it happens!!!!

  107. This came from Nathan Gottlieb (NY-based writer / former sports reporter) on twitter, today:

    How can I say this more clearly: Kobe knows this [is] his final roundup. He ain’t going to go out riding a 3rd string horse named Price. Lin starts.

  108. this guy was arguing that Lin should stay at bench till Young come back. But he changed his mind.

  109. Neither did Bev. Just too many such coincidences.

  110. Like he said, it was b4 the NASH news.

  111. I think that was me.

  112. Forget about Houston, it was a messed up organization…

    Really happy he is out of the those hole

  113. ALways u

  114. no, that was after the Nash news.

  115. Well…then…..he has changed bro….lol


  117. you mean ladies on our site?

  118. obviously…whatelse you thought?!

  119. Behave you two. lol

  120. Well…..just making sure 😛

  121. we cant beat them, might as well join them!

  122. Gentlemen 🙂

  123. Double double tonite?!

  124. Jeremy’s finally getting some calls.

  125. Randle seems to hit the basket better than wesley

  126. I still say Randle is better than Parsons. Lin with D!!!

  127. good defense by lin

  128. Double Double Lin?

  129. lin need to hit those shots

  130. He’s tired.

  131. He is too tired

  132. good excuse

  133. No more Jeremy?

  134. good reason

  135. good troll.

  136. at most 6 more minutes…

  137. Thanks Gentlegal! 🙂

  138. good self-admission

  139. Through three quarters in Las Vegas it's Lakrs 76, Kings 64. Four Lakers in double figures led by @JLin7's 13. pic.twitter.com/w9o6aNaVk5— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) October 25, 2014

  140. bad….

  141. I would still wanna see him taking more shot, especially when the Key starters are not in. 7 FGA aint enough

  142. ooops!

  143. I feel in this 8 preseason games, I already saw more Ally oops then the total I saw from the past 2 years.

  144. Clarkson learned from Jeremy how to throw an alley.

  145. I almost forgot what ally oops look like… darn Houston.

  146. Thats the positive, influential player like Jeremy brings to the team

  147. Jeremy coming in.

  148. final 6 minutes……

  149. He can get double double like his buddy Davis 🙂

  150. Anybody who says Jeremy can’t go left REALLY deserves a slap in the face.

  151. 3!!!!!

  152. He is officially a left hander now!

  153. More smiles 🙂

  154. sweet rainbow~!

  155. no more injuries, please.

  156. Lin can’t go right..(booommm)

  157. did he just draw 4 defenders?

  158. oh! my

  159. In all seriousness Lin is ridiculously good this year.

  160. that’s a lot of blood … like boxing.

  161. Now it’s concussion?

  162. every yr! you troll

  163. was that our Jeremy with a hospital pass?

  164. so he just got good now…and sucked all this years?!

  165. You got me.

  166. So JL is killin all his team players…so he can play 1 till 5?!

    jlnet wishes coming true…i guess

  167. You are this site’s number 1 troll and we’ll make sure no one will challenge your spot.

  168. not sure … that wasn’t a great pass so late in a preseason game. Maybe he didn’t see McE.

  169. that has some truth…65% of the time

  170. *gasp*

  171. Because everyone is trying to force him to his left. You get what I meant.

  172. Brent disagrees.

  173. are we 1 or 2 from double double?

  174. You are on number 1 too. The list goes as

    1. Brent, Michael,Blubell….

  175. Me.. a troll? you’re trolling.

  176. That would have been an EPIC alley…

  177. kings catching up

  178. I’m trolling the troll because the troll isn’t trolling…

    That’s a mouthful.

  179. 3 more assists

  180. lol

  181. rats …

  182. Everybody is fighting for a spot in their respective teams.

  183. bad alley!

  184. yes, v sloppy endgame.

  185. This Roscoe guy is playing like he’s about to be cut, fighting for a spot. If he maintains this intensity in the regular season, I’ll cheer for him.

  186. Lin has the ball at the end – I love it.

  187. I think Byron will draw a play for Jeremy. PnR with Davis?

  188. wow….

  189. wow that was…..

  190. preseason… 🙁

  191. Sacramento all over again.

  192. bummer … Missed 2 FT, Missed dunk, Jer missed one. Too tired? Troll city for a few days, I guess.

  193. uggg

  194. Reggie Evans pushed Lin down which is why McCallum was free.

  195. Oh well. Lakers did well considering the circumstances.

  196. Its all in the game…very sloppy towards the end of Q…this is where LAL need to pick more insights in closing game.

    They will learn…BScott is good

  197. This is why Lin has to play with the second unit…is what a troll would say.

  198. Well that was a bummer. But I comfort myself this way…none of the stats counted and Jeremy is healthy for Game 1 of the regular season.

  199. they lost a 12 pt lead…..

    looks like none could hit anything. And Clarkson still need more time to learn.

  200. Come to think of it, I wonder if it is because Lin has progressed a lot as a Point Guard or is it just because he was iced out in Houston. You can feel his control on the game. It’s not just the nice passes and scoring anymore.

  201. One of the two Sacre shots going in, or the Davis alley going in, a FT in by Roscoe Smith or another FT by Jeremy and the game would be different. So it was just not meant to be.

  202. Did Lin play under control or sloppy?

  203. Hope he is ok.

    Wayne Ellington has a concussion and is seeing a neurologist tomorrow.— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) October 25, 2014

  204. That was one serious head collision out there.

  205. i would say both

  206. Jeremy is Subway’s Player of the Game. I’d like to have a Jeremy Sub please. On wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, no meat, and Thousand Island dressing.

    I just hope he won’t be too hard on himself for missing that FT.

  207. under control

  208. Tuna…my favorite!

  209. Byron: “I told them they looked scared. The last 20 minutes they played not to lose instead of playing to win.“— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) October 25, 2014

  210. I’ll have the same without the pickles 🙂
    He’ll be fine… he’s been through worse. This is only the preseason.

  211. Yeah they do. Lost some composure out there.

  212. I don’t like Sacre!

    Also, what happened to Hill? I don’t like him either, I hope Davis start over him.

  213. He’s probably more concerned about Ellington and Price at the moment, from his personality.

  214. Neither of them crash the boards, a bit disappointed in them.

  215. TWC on Jeremy’s performance tonight.

  216. He should be a good rotation player, but not a starter

  217. Depends on who are on the second unit. If Swaggy, R.Kelly, Davis and Xavier are there…


  218. Jordan Hill gave me the thumbs up when I asked if he's playing Tuesday— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) October 25, 2014

  219. it is really nice and so different from Houston.

  220. If he gets the freedom like today, I dont mind if its 2nd unit with proper rotation minutes . Obviously I would like him to start!

  221. In that case he should lead the third….even I have to stop.

  222. Jeremy Lin on having to carry load at PG: "Same mindset. I feel like since the very start of everything, I've been in attack mode." (on TWC)— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) October 25, 2014

  223. Jeremy’s post game interview

  224. I want to remind him he’s carrying the WHOLE team, not just the load.

  225. He’s disappointed but have to shift to regular season mode.Hun, I love the way you said Rockets are OFFENSIVELY EXPLOSIVE. Underlying though is “but they’re defensively poor”

  226. Which is why he is a winner.

  227. Especially the announcers

  228. LOL…you’re merciless at piling on the pressure.

  229. Oh he’s not carrying the team. He’s carrying the TEAM and the LAKER’S FRANCHISE AND LEGACY.

  230. The future of all Asians playing professional basketball. No biggie.

  231. PFV – short

  232. It’s not like he is chopping lumber!

  233. Last play, Lin got pushed, but overall very bad defense

  234. Well that’s what ball watching will do to you

  235. There were some moments that Jeremy is ball watching, though usually it’s when he’s playing with the rookies.

  236. i didnt watch the game. do you mean Jlin didnt play good defense or the team didnt play good defense?

  237. He used to ball watch a lot. Already much better.

  238. Cheap shot…

  239. Future of humanity while he’s at it.

  240. Who knows. Maybe he’s chopping wood, preparing for the winter.

  241. Reggie Evans just waltzes in an grabs the rebound from 2 Lakers, and he is not an athletic player. Lin did stay on the floor a bit too long.

  242. Evans is a very dirty player. I think the only reason he is still in the NBA is because of his inflated rebound stats. Don’t know why those GM’s can’t see that he grabs rebounds from his own teammates, and off of his own misses.

  243. I didn’t get to watch the rest of the game after Lin checked in 🙁
    But it looked like Worthy and Jamison were impressed with what Lin can do? “Jeremy Lin of the old, being confident, scoring, assists and only 3 TOs”

    What is Lin’s grade? Compared to the Suns game maybe?

  244. A- to me. He has impressed.

  245. B+ and very close to A-

  246. You are too generous, you have to grade him according to the Lin-scale.

  247. So now what?

    Wayne Ellington was on the roster bubble but with concussion – Lakers can't cut him while hurt – else they would owe him full salary— Eric Pincus (@EricPincus) October 25, 2014

  248. would be A+ then

  249. Thanks

  250. and under pressure.

  251. Nice! :] These injuries are tough but Lin will be ready for Rockets!
    I hope he spills all the deep, dark defensive secrets of detonating the Rockets :>

  252. great :>


  254. Oh! man…how could you missed JLin’s best game in preseason and the team’s best game as well. Its just hard luck, the rookies/new comers who dont have closing experience, was lost towards the end they they had taken the 12 point lead.

    Overall great effort from the team. B+ for the team as well. Randle and Davis would hit B+ as well

  255. Highlights by Dawk Ins

  256. Its gonna be hard decision time over the weekend! And with so many players down on injuries….its tough

  257. wow, the announcers are giving Love-Fest for Lin 🙂
    “Lin making it happen”, “Great All-Around game”

    Lin looked fully under-control in running the offense and see the angles, passes and directed his teammates well. Reminiscent to the Knicks years (at least from the highlights haha..)

  258. Partial of the reason, they played scared was b’coz they didnt want to foulout. They should not be scared to foul out. Thats what BScott need to instill into them…

  259. They mentioned Jeremy’s 3D off the bench so they did their homework 🙂

  260. Yeah with Price out they really don’t know who to start at the Point Guard position now.

  261. ABJ of course

  262. Er…that was not what I was aiming at.

  263. You went waaay overboard.

  264. Sorry, which 3D?

  265. TWCSN Highlights. Looked like Randle did quite well in being aggressive? And Clarkson not too shabby?


  266. The one and only. lol

  267. He was much better. But we will see what he will do in real NBA games.

  268. Lakers warm up gear looks way better than Houston’s!

  269. Clarkson, duh.

  270. The one in your avatar.

  271. Strange, coming from a top troll…

  272. 1. Randle played a little bit more disciplined
    2. Clarkson tried his best to execute alleys like Jeremy does.

  273. Ellington is so smart. He saw his chance with that bad pass, and rammed his head into Macklemore. Then he put on that acting to look dazed and confused, and even got his teammates to help him walk.
    Voila! Now he can’t be cut and he’s on the team!

  274. lol .. he’s got a good head on his shoulders :]

  275. You have potential.

  276. Learn from you.

  277. They should add a ‘Best Answer’ choice.

  278. Come on!

  279. LOL he got one in D-League too haha..

  280. The guy who pushed Lin on the last play, he bent his body so Davis could not finish the alley oop. Very dirty play.

  281. 4 players injured between the two teams, 2 each? Rough. Frankly, I think Lin did very well considering he was the only real reliable triple threat. Then again, this game reminded me of times last year when Rockets would lead the entire game and lose at the end. The difference though being Lin was playing with rookies and bench players today whereas Rockets lost with the entire team.

  282. You are up one notch to Michael now!

  283. Is that a compliment?

  284. Obviously you were looking for a F

  285. Then I want to change my answer to Randle.

  286. Not sure, but I’ll upvote anyway.

  287. That’s why I love these forums … you get the fans who see everything …

  288. Reggie Evans. Textbook fake hustle selfish player. He has been like that his whole career.

  289. All righty now … some rest for everyone and next game is Rox ha ha, right?

  290. Obviously, I didn’t do my homework 😛

  291. Thats the biggest compliment on board…no one had gone above Michael!

  292. I’m crossing my fingers, legs…eyes. that the Lakers win that one.

  293. 4 days of warming up.

  294. The bar is set too high. It is now at Jedi…

  295. Darn…its gonna be 4 long long day to wait! 🙁

  296. Just put Rox in your cross hair and pull the trigger….

  297. Yeah….Jedi Jedi Jedi…while @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus is at sleep!

  298. Will be even worse if price magically recovered and started..

  299. Wolverine.

  300. So 2 questions:
    1. If Ronnie Price is ready by Tuesday, does he come off the bench since he’s coming back from injury?
    2. If not, which PG will Byron choose to facilitate for the starters since Jeremy is needed to develop the 2nd team? *sarcasm mode turned on*

  301. Oh come on…I’m sure everyone thought of it. I was the only one who wrote it down…

  302. There can only be 1 Wolverine.

  303. What happen to Price? I missed the game.

  304. nah…i’m not worried…as long as JL bring his “A” game and proves everyone….things should work out as he/we desire

  305. Most likely a knee contusion

  306. He took a Collison to the knee.

  307. Lin will lead the 3rd team I think……if there is a third team

  308. Beverly?

  309. Randle, obviously.

  310. 1. I don’t think Price will be back by Tuesday. He’ll probably be out for a week or two.
    2. Magic Johnson and his tweet. Suit him up!

  311. Michael!!!

  312. Best Answer.

  313. Everyone on the injured list?

  314. Well if Byron starts Price…I’m pretty sure he’ll hear it from most of the media, especially if they get trashed. Most of the media are already assuming it’s Lin.
    And if not Price, Byron can call on Jabari Brown.

  315. Ellington played hard, although shots were not falling. The entire team played well

  316. Makes you wonder if some random Lin fan stumbles on this site, will he/she think this is a Lin Hater Forum?

  317. Hugh Jackman.

  318. debating whether I should go back to jlin.net to see trolls, or stay here and troll with you guys. 🙂

  319. This just happened.

  320. Khannnn!!!

  321. sniper … yet another way of trolling, Brent lol.

  322. This is THE ONLY place where you get upvote for trolling! Choice is yours!

  323. Can’t debate that one. Irreplaceable.

  324. Linjured ist :]

  325. worth going like I went to CF all the time last year. Only, I like the mods at .net … did not like DHardisty enough to register or post. Lots of good posts on .net.

  326. I wanna see JLin double double that one, dime them out!

  327. Hey, this was a nice bit of news, and also Amber Vinson is ok too. A super nice speech … should we introduce her to Lin?


  328. Stop trolling me with your Lin puns… its… Lintolerable 😛

  329. ok, approved :] along with 4 other pending ones

  330. Hahaha you actually approved it. You have a huge heart.

  331. Enjoy the moment while we’re still not yet doing our “jobs”

  332. Thanks. What on earth is happening to the Lakers?

    Remind me of your favorite buttcontusion troll.

  333. Thanks

  334. Arent we?…I thought the good trolls keep the bad trolls at bay

  335. That only apply to Lin only Lin.

  336. Enjoy the moment while we’re not doing some Warcraft-like, “good troll vs bad troll” work…

  337. Our job is to troll… no? Someone explain to me what mods are suppose to do here. lol

  338. Nop for q1. ABJ on q2.

  339. Our job is troll one another lol

  340. There is only one thing I don’t get. I am under impression that Lin is coming into this training camp with great condition. With 10 days inactive, it seems he is so out of shape. I don’t think you lose Cardio this fast? do you? This is actually the most important thing for him. Can he play 36 MPG regularly without losing focuses..

  341. calling @psalm234:disqus to prepare R&R (rule n regulation) for the trolls…ops mods

  342. Disappointed it didn’t mean Rest & Relaxation.. lol

  343. you do…especially at elite levels. Been there!

    even say, if you are gym goer, trying taking off 10 offs, your lifting sucks

    Thats the reason BScott been pushing NYoung to join the condition training.

  344. I guess….I needed very little conditioning when I play. So….Or say I usually get it back pretty quickly.

  345. I don’t think he’s as gassed as everyone thinks … he says so, but that’s part of his Christian vernacular. Remember all his high school ballers say … Lin always looks gassed, and then he turns it on. Today, when he got pushed over in the end, I don’t think he was so impotent. It was the last preseason game, the LAL momentum was gone, and it didn’t matter so he took the fall. If it was playoffs, unless he has hands on hips on the sidelines, he’d have boxed out and gotten the re.

    But ya, if I had 2 taped ankles, I’d be a step down and also saying I’m tired, just to reflect I’m not a peak. It’s a lazy way to say it. His cardio cannot regress that fast, and I refuse to believe Lin took the summer off.

  346. 36 minutes of almost zero coasting I think only Jordan played like that and still looked ok, and if you train for half a year (such as running) and then take a break for 3 days, you’ll be out of breath coming back, so 10 days takes a lot out of you. Nothing you can do about it.

  347. The fact that he needs to turn it on is exactly my point.

  348. That gassing is different, because he plays hard up and down, and remember the dunk he did during that time, those are hard runs.

    The way he get gassed now is different

  349. I don’t agree. I ran cross country and track. You don’t lose your cardio that quickly.

  350. I don’t think so either

  351. That you Jordan? Maybe it’s just me then XD.

  352. lol, no, just an old warrior who like to remember to the upside ha ha.

  353. The Mods

  354. well, if you are right, Lin had better eat right, rest right, and get in shape fast.

  355. That’s what I call Yen-sanity! :]

    Perhaps NBA conditioning level is harder to adjust? Especially if Lin expends a lot of energy on defense. Maybe that’s why superstars like Melo and Harden focus on offense so they can coast on defense

  356. what do you mean, your points are so poignant but subtle …

  357. It means when tired, he can rack up 3 TOVs in 90 seconds without even trying anything risky.

  358. Ah, I see. If you are measuring his loss of focus this preseason, I get it. Hmmm … then the only thing I can say to sooth that worry is that Lin has a big part of his floor brain devoted to holding the team together. So, with all the jumphouse kids running around, and no ‘Jer, you’re my starting PG so get a hold of your team!” directive, his brain was pretty full and he did ok overall. Maybe it’s conditioning, you have a good point.

  359. Could be…But I am comparing with him last yr and the 1st yr in HOU. His 1st yr was coming back from injuries…..

  360. Maybe Lin has a smaller tank, but good recovery time. So he would be better doing 4 nine minute runs, vs say 3 12 minute runs. Does that make any sense?

  361. That could be the case yes. He pretty much did not need his brain when play for HOU.

  362. I do run full marathon at least one or twice a year and halves and 10s the rest of he year. They are monotonous, and the condition regime is totally different.

    High cardio games like badminton/basketball/indoor soccer are different animal at pro/elite level SInce it s mix of sprint, movement and marathon combined

  363. When you get older it smells different too.

  364. Mental fatigue takes more out of you than physical fatigue.

  365. I agree….not sure what was really happening tho.

  366. LOL…running and standing in a corner!?!

  367. Not sure about the running part….more sitting I think…:P

  368. I hope all LAL games are played in EC……signing off~~ lol buy gals and guys

  369. Following your lead master troll.

  370. Heart recovery is a sign of great fitness.

    Hmmm … All I know is, if Lin wants to cover more intense minutes, it’s not just those lines they run (suicides). You need to run track intervals to build long term oxygen starvation capability. Like 1320s (not 440s). Crank a few of those in a day, for time, and then come back and do them again. Over a training period, you build a base like cyclists do over preseason, and you can then offer a higher cruise mode.

    When I used to play soccer, for the 90 minutes (but in amateur, you get your bench rest, yet a lot of games you play the whole way), to get in shape, you really need to be running 5 miles for time for awhile. One day off (no time, just run for run), one day on (for time). Then even if you do and are outdoor fit, you go indoor with the 3 minute sprints and you can throw up for the oxygen starvation.

    So, not sure if I’m making sense, but yes, there is anaerobic and aerobic fitness, and I hope Lin is all set because if he’s not, they’ll lose Tues against the Rox. He’s got trainers, so I think he just says he’s tired but really, he’s probably in shape.

  371. HA HA … very good one!

  372. nite nite

  373. Yo, my respects! Yeah, so it’s LSD (long slow distance) vs intervals. I’ve only ever made it past 10 miles and century bike rides.

    Outdoor soccer is a mix of that because you have to cover a lot of ground in cruise mode for a long period, and yet, you also have to sprint and sustain it as long as you have a chance to score or are being challenged. Indoor is much harder in my experience, and an indoor team does way better if everyone is disciplined and self-rotates out every 3 mins and the team maintains a v high sprint cycle. You win with overwhelming force. I don’t think bball is like that, because there’s a lot of cat-mouse esp with the iso game.

  374. Paul Villarreal @CNM_JLin_Vids 1 minute ago
    [LONG VIDEO] ====> “10.24.14 — Jeremy Lin & LA Lakers Fall To Sacramento Kings In Las Vegas — Report” http://bit.ly/1nDMFw9 #Lakers #NBA

  375. Highlights from Blayian… slightly longer.

  376. Ido did a great job with the stats comparison.
    We need to get ready to keep track the tweetable stats


  377. My guess is Scott is two-face guy and not treats JLin as the starter as he supposes to. Hence, rookies don’t really respect JLin esp JR. The uncertainty definitely gets you. Have to guess what coach wants. Really dislike/disgust what BS does to JLin. Mental game will take a toll on JLin. What Scott does to JLin pretty much the same as what M & M did to JLin last year but more subtle and “politically” correct. Lost my respect on BS now. Will continue to observe.

    One good thing is JLin is in a much better place. He is dealing this much better but I can see it begins to eat him up. Look at his face in the last few days. Lost the smile and seemed like not sleeping too well. That’s my guess.

    Have no desire for any player to hurt but God definitely takes care of JLin in His own way. Now probably BS has no chocie to play JLin as a starter on 28 Oct unless he wants his head off by JLin fans as well as Lakers fans even the media. I can see the tune in Twitter. 95% of the tweets that I read called for JLin to be the starter. Somehow BS wants to get his own way–to win games by benching JLin.

  378. My dibs on the blue troll in the upper picture!

  379. Take it cool my dear, rotation had not been fixed and season not started yet 🙂

    The problem here, as an outsider view on JL brings

    1) ALL the positive hype, that he can playmake, facilitates well, makes his teammates involved, he can drive to basket at will, hit jumpers, cant go left, not a good defensive player
    – status…thus far, he had proven he can do it

    2) All the negative hype he brings, he is not consistent, looses focus, bad handle (recently he was ranking 15th in handles!), high TOV, etc
    – these are the perception created, and Lin need to constantly brush this away from views, NBA and coach’s thought; work in progress, pretty sure by all star there would be people who saying right opposite of those

    When a new coach takes over, the expectation really builds up, foremost when one coaches huge organization such as Lakers. They tend to go with safer approach with known variables and slowly build the roster with proving from game to game.

    That was even my own experience coaching soccer and birdie at mid school level

    Hence, I would give time for the plate to turn, and JL needs to keep up his game, like today’s

  380. Not to be fussy but how can you say that Jeremy is in a better place right now if you said that his coach BS is treating him unjustly?

  381. Just saw the news that Lakers was trying out Toney Douglas. What do u think about him playing with JLin again?

  382. I see no issue. Most likely the replacement is because of Nash going down for the season (I blame Kupchak for this). Seriously, any guard who’ll be associated with the Lakers now will be seen as competition or something like that.

  383. Not concern about whether he will take over starter position or not. I just can’t remember how he was when he played with JLin at R. Knew that one of the players was dealt that JLin was pretty upset in his first year in R. Wonder whether it is TD. That’s it!

  384. It will be difficult if I say you can check old Knicks videos so I’ll make it a bit easier. He plays like Aaron Brooks – not a good playmaker but a decent shooter.

  385. I can’t find a Toney Douglas as a Rocket video so here instead, as a King:

  386. Ok Thanks! Appreciate it! How good is his defense?

  387. B-A-D 🙂

  388. I think it would be great. I think Douglas really does respect Lin and will actually listen to him because he experienced Linsanity first hand.

  389. No issues in terms of threat to Lin starting. But he doesn’t have game anymore. He’s pretty much a stand at the 3 pt line shooter now… except he can’t shoot 3s anymore.

  390. Even the announcers said more than once that Lin played well and under control

  391. So close! Still a great effort!

  392. The announcers continuously praised Lin throughout the game. Rightfully so, because Lin was having a great game. Houston announcers just remain silent when Lin makes a great play, then bash him as soon as he makes a mistake.

  393. I want to give Scott the benefit of the doubt right now. That he was only saying these things to manage egos and also to build a team spirit.

    The reason I say this is because the LA media has been VERY GOOD to Lin. And as you know, a lot of times the local media is influenced by the organization.

    So maybe Scott is doing a bit of “tough love” and wants to challenge Lin.

    However, that being said, I’ll see how this next month plays out. In the end, we know the “real” coach is Kobe and as long as Kobe is good on Lin, he’ll be fine.

  394. uh, Lin checked in less than 3 minutes into the game!

  395. I still hate Randle’s game. It’s basically he hogs the ball and goes solo. Like a Carmelo. He has talent and potential, but no team aspect whatsoever.

  396. WOW! Seem like JLin is doing very well. Pray for staying healthy and continues to improve.

  397. Stat sheet missing “energy” category… /s

  398. mmmh. Not very good news for him then.

  399. mmmh Not a good news for TD then. Hopefully he will pick up his game soon.

  400. Yep I mainly remember him from Knicks but never paid attention to his game as I wasn’t able to watch games when he was in Houston.

  401. With Price and Nash out of the way, Coach BS has no excuse not to start JLin. It is so amazing how JLin was reinstated as the genuine starting point guard. The lie that was started by Houston propaganda machine almost ruined JLin from starting here in LA. The myth that JLin is only good for the bench is now broken. The lies from Houston is exposed for good.

  402. wish Jlin has a healthy and productive season as a starter of the LA Lakers

  403. yeah 🙁 exactly .. got a meeting I had to go to
    Good thing there is BallStreams!

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